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Archives: September 8, 2004

Gwynne Dyer: "De-contextualising" Chechnya

WSWS: The US sinks deeper into the Iraqi quagmire

The first casualty at Beslan

Boston Globe's James Carroll: The unwinnable war

Dick, The Man Who is President the very unauthorized bio.

Privatization will sabotage Wall Street

A Presidental Shopping Spree

Preznit StrangeBush, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love....

Salon: Sen. Graham: Bush covered up Saudi involvement in 9/11

The Chechens' American friends (neocon ties to Chechen terrorists)

1000 Points of Light

Do you subscribe to The Atlantic Monthly? Osama, Bush, Spitzer, Pakistan

Can Enough Ketchup Kill The Taste? (Cory M. Marshall,

Deficit indicates asset mismanagement (Atlanta Journal fries *Co)

Knock Down Cisco, and Intel?

Major Book Bombs: Anti-Bush/Cheney Books Released after Labor Day

Missing in Action (Kristof NYT - re: AWOL in Alabama)

The media has decided that Bush has won

A Presidential Shopping Spree

Knock Down Cisco, and Intel?

Assault weapon ban expires Sept 13 stop this by going here

Paul Thompson's book announcement gets moved from GD?

Donations to help the Belsan families. . .

Please move my thread back to the General Forum!

Moving 9/11 topics from GD

Israeli fire wounds Palestinian girl in UN school in Gaza Strip

MY ONLY 9/11 QUESTION!!! (This is a MAJOR hole in the story)

Al Franken was supposed to have been on the Sundance channel at 10:30

Kerry in Allentown PA!

Not politics related but...

Force Tom Petri to debate Jef Hall!

Anybody got a quote on shrub's latest "bushism"

Where can one just vent?

sorry, wrong forum. Delete.

A Question, If bush* did cocaine in the 70's and 80's would that have made

Need help with Time poll


Has anyone used the term "Quisling"..........................

Judges' conflict of interest

California to give SS to Illegal Immigrants?

Is anyone listening to Majority Report on AAR??

Whispering campaigns

"Results Matter" :;giggle giggle:: $442 Billion Federal Deficit Projected emailed me with request to sign an emergency petition

Did anyone else notice Scott McClellan's WH response re: 1000 deaths?

Where were you, George?

Does anyone have a good 'No Plane Hit the Pentagon' debunker link?

My 9/11 book - The Terror Timeline - is released today!

MY ONLY 9/11 QUESTION!!! (This is a MAJOR hole in the story)

Goddess I've Missed MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "other" election under an occupying force.

Out of the mouths of babes ...

Projection - How Rove uses Psych 101 to manipulate the public.

Nightline Tuesday: The Marines of Fox 2/5 are going back to Iraq

CNN: Bob Graham is on now

Bush Family Fortunes - 9/12/04 Dallas

Dumb question if I may?

Hillarious, and scary, fundementalist quotes from the web!

O'Reilly talking about U.S. Senate run? Save us, God!

Family wasn't ready for this: Dad recalled (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Two of the journalists who were arrested at the RNC protests

Why our 1000 soldiers died....

Can Bush really protect us from the Terrorists?

Ignore this post

If Bush Only Had A Brain! (Sing at House parties and rallies!!) - short

Don't forget - Al Franken on Sundance tonight and

1,000 Dead. 1,000 Lies?

Update from Palm Beach County, FLorida

President Carter's letter to Zell Miller

Bill O'rieley (R) U.S.

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today: (may be dupe

Help me debunk this shit

New Yorker scores!

Has anybody else asked why Clinton's doctors didn't know before now

I would like to have an honest debate about snopes and it's debunking

The Passion of the 1000 Soldiers and Dead Iraqis

Clinton has been eating junk food for years so that Kerry will lose

I wonder what Laura Rozen knows about the morning papers (FBI/Spy)

I almost came to blows with a freeper at the gas station....

freecycling - a great way to recycle and reduce waste

Tomorrow is the day...hubby and I travel to Mayo Clinic.

The new smiles are great. Try out the puke one... and kick

OMG! Listen to what Bill Hemmer just said with a straight face!

For 1000 Americans dead in Iraq: There died a myriad by Ezra Pound

Who Is Funding The Insurgency In Iraq?

Mrs. Obama...

Did Zell Miller's Head Do a 360 degree turn during his speech?

Stop the draft!

Ok, who exactly is Kitty Kelley, and how does she have so much info?

Fourteen minutes till MALLOY The "official" Tuesday Thread

Pollardites in the Pentagon?

Does anyone know if the release of bush records supports

Ok when we keep hearing "insurgents" being killed daily..

The Ultimate Question of 2004 for the electorate.......

Apparently Pakistan does not want to play the "we almost have Osama" game

Will you help me make a list?

AIPAC Spy Case involves Intelligence on Iranian WMD

RadioLeft does 15 minutes on Kitty Kelley's book -- link

FREEPER ALERT Yahoo news about passing 1000 needs higher ratings

Ok People... Help me with this email... What is the correct response?

WOW: Bob Grahm: Bush-Saudi 911 COVERUP - CNN now. = BOOM!

Poppy Bush: WWII Hero? Or like father like son?

An oldie from Wallace Shawn

Bush's house of cards...

I agree with Joe Scarborough?????

they're coming for your kids, people (pig army recruiter at gas station)

Cable TEEEEVEEEE: You guys are right...

What's Bushs' game with Russia?...

Kitty Kelley is a disgusting filth monger.

Caption Called For ...

Lou Dobbs Poll: 99% to 1% Can you guess the topic?

Al Franken's TV Show starts in 30minutes!

Cheney's terror crud can be countered: Read and give out

Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) calls for Iraq memorial in the Capitol

Ben Barnes on 60 Minutes TOMORROW night

What is wrong with Dee Dee Meyers?

I know there are many gay Du'ers. But, are there any Log Cabin Du'ers?

Does anyone else sense that home-grown violence is about to break out?

Neoconservatism and Espionage AIPAC Spy Scandal: Crimes of the 'Clean Brea

Mission Accomplished, Huh ???

50% of American students read at a below-average level

Fahrenheit 9/11includes 100 minutes of extras on the DVD

Every Issue is Going Our Way

Everybody sing! Where Have all the Freepers Gone?

My Conversation with Fred (from Arianna's Board)

What do you think of the New Democratic Network?

How do you rebut: A Kerry repeal of the tax cuts is a tax increase

Terrorists were White and Russian!?

JUS has learned that 47, not 7, US soldiers were killed in car blast.

George H. W. Bush likens his son to a Christian persecuted by lions

Swift Boat Author John O'Neil is the guest of admitted traitor

It's About Their Money (Taking $$ To Prescribe Drugs For Off Label Use)

Spy-scandal lobby blitz

Horseplay May Have Killed U.S. Soldier

Calif. to Sue Diebold Over False Claims

Nev. 1st Touch-Screen, Paper- Trail Voters (Nation's First)

U.S. Conceding Rebels Control Regions of Iraq

George Shultz Endorses Stem Cell Issue

Israelis Mount New Gaza Raid After Strike on Hamas

Toll in Iraq War a Grim Milestone - AP

Bush nominates new federal judge for N.Y.'s Southern District

Oklahoma Bomb Plant Stops Manufacturing Bunker-Busters Over Health Concern

FEATURE-Equatorial Guinea's oil boom leaves poor behind

Sadr's Men Set Booby Traps as Slum Erupts/Jordan Times--New WMW

Lawsuit Uncovers New Bush Guard Records

AP: Lawsuit Gets Bush Guard Papers Out

Cheney retracts his statement about Kerry and a terrorist attack

Democrats Seek Tribute to Fallen Troops

U.S. Air, Artillery Strikes Pound Iraqi Rebel City Of Fallujah

US Marines Say Up To 100 Insurgents Killed In Fallujah Air Strikes

Maryland's top elections official fights attempt to suspend her (BBV)

Sharon Denies Israel Is Spying in United States

Marijuana Plants Found Outside Courthouse

Kerry notes one-thousandth U-S death in Iraq

Scientists: Extreme weather will kill millions

Ford to end second shift at suburban St. Louis plant (800 jobs)

Lobbyists Take Leave to Advise Kerry Campaign (WP)

BBC plans privatisation of commercial units: report

DEA Whistleblower Case Exposes “War on Drugs” as “War of Pretense"

U.S. Conceding Rebels Control Regions of Iraq

Guatemalan Peasants Seize Hydroelectric Plant, Threaten to Shut off Power

The Polls Come Back to Earth (Report)

Catholics allowed pro-choice vote

Putin Lashes Out at the U.S.

Wash. State Court Says Gay Marriage Is Legal

Malaria drug links elite soldier suicides


WP/Kurtz: Media View Kitty Kelley's Bush Book With Caution

Kerry is back in the race, says latest poll (Guardian)

Britons Want Bush Out, Poll Reveals

Gun makers already marketing assault weapons, study finds

AIPAC Says U.S.-Israel Ties Are Under Attack

Chile begins probe into Pinochet's bank account

NYT: Pentagon Releases Bush's Long-Sought Military Records

Bush Fell Short On Duty At Guard (The Boston Globe Story)

Voter's sharp question to Edwards was rare

Kit-Kats are delicious.

new artwork

out of the mouths of babes

Okay, which shoes should I buy?

WHAT'S Love Got To Do With It?

1st Game - Indianapolis at New England on Thurs. Sept. 9 - Who wins?

Can someone post a link to Bush's OBGYN speech?

A terrible thing happened today.

What will happen UNLESS Bush and Dick steals the White House again?

Can someone give me link to Bush's obgyn video clip?

i'm chillin with pat robertson and that sidekick of his

Back on line here in West Palm Beach

The Ghastly Shoe Thread

My wife just sampled my nuts

Randi Rhodes just sampled my penis size...

fresh, delicious Eels,.....mmmmmMMMMMMMM!!!

Playboy to Feature Video Game Characters

i kknow its' thrsday, but damnd if it don'tt feel like friiday

Who's got the funnier "What will happen unless..." Poll?

Did I mention I *HATE* cybersquatters?

Prisoners Breed Spiders for Venom High

Bring back "That's My Bush?"

Look at this big girl (spider)

i'm a happy drunk

Anyone watching Sam Seder from AAR on TV right now?

Entire Ala. Family Enlists in the Navy

Goofy cat reacts to the tape - Funny Video

Ivan and Charley sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G! Fuck!


"Dude, don't you get it? You drank Kenny!"

Depressed over media treatment of Kerry tonight--can anyone cheer me up?


"Detachable Penis"

Why own man's best friend, or a kitty when you could own . . .

I've been seeing this decal on 4X trucks. Shaped like a handgun

Here Comes "Joey"!

Boy, I hate all these copycat threads in here.

Boy I love all these copycat threads

Girl, I love all these copycat threads in here

I hate sliders too

I'm seeing posts about GWB having a fall, video?

German film shows Hitler's tender side

I'm tired. Is tonights episode of the Daily Show w/ Robert Smith a repeat

TELL ME this man is not drinking and I'll respond in a suitable manner.

Oh my--- ( goes to pictures)

Hey Dallas/Fort Worth DU'ers... PLEASE HELP

Hermaphrodite, I am ambivalent about all these copycat threads in here.

Rocky and the "Lying King" check it out

Boy I love all these Krazy Kat threads



I have been hit below the belt

Apple fixes 15 flaws in Mac OS X

I'm in the worst place ever for left-over "Frances."

How about these for prophetic lyrics from Crass in 1982?

Spoonbills and Ibis in the Ladies Room

WOOOOO! I sold my house!!

Bonds HR #698.....

If Bush wins by a landslide I'm moving to Toronto


Have it YOUR way...

Anyone know what Dan Brown has up his sleeve next?

Hello. Is it me you're looking for?


Is "Gobs of Genitals" any good or not?

Young Republicans resorting to stealing from Young Democrats

Is tonight's Daily Show new or a repeat?

I've Got Big Nuts

I expect a personal letter from Pat Robertson

Why, oh WHY must they forbid me to scaver here?

I have to hear this song NOW!!!

"In The Event That The Cabin Should Suddenly Depressurize..."


Give your favorite Chickenhawk a rank!

Solidarity Forever

Hurricane Ivan forecast to go to 150mph

Clinton is already hitting on the chubby nurse

Caption the Cluster F*ck

Al Franken's TV Show starts in 30minutes!

anybody read newtype magazine?

OMG! Look at her BUTT! It is so BIG!

sam adams octoberfest is out

Coroner Shoots himself whiel teaching gun safety.

Which of these three bands is the best?

David Allen Sent Me a Thank You Note and a Democracy Underground

Forget the Paris Hiltons of the world...

Matthew McConaughey as Dirk Pitt (images)

If you didn't have a passport and had no plans for needing one anytime soo

Great sloshed songs-what are some of your favorites?

I want to fight Larry Holmes

I want to write bohemian poems!

Why did I connect Alan Colmes to Ken Rosenburg in the way they look?

From now on I declare I will not engage in posting copycat threads.

I want to smite bohemian poets!

I want a bohemian rhapsody

OMG! Turn off your television!!

I want a bohemian girl

Queen of Soul Aretha is going to sing at the Big Dog Library

You tiny scared shitless cowering wimp - Mue MACHO!

So, I called in sick tomorrow

Wind From Hurricane for Sale on eBay (yahoo)

I've had it. I'm quitting my job.

i'm convinced that CCR's "looking out my back door" is about an acid trip

"White Chicks": Racist Movie???

Why would anyone own a cat when you could own MAN'S BEST FRIEND

From Post on, I declare I will not post derivative threads

Tomorrow is the day...hubby and I travel to Mayo Clinic.

I don't care what JibJab says, MORE KITTY PICS!!!

Serena just got JOBBED. She shouldn't play the Open again.

You're invited to come and join some very naughty DUers

I want to ride bohemian poets!

"Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" should have been Burns JOINING Kraftwerk

I want to fight Alan Colmes.

Best Hardcore Band?

One reason they may restrict attendance at Bush rallies

From Post on, I declare I will not post derivative threads

Back to school

Strike a Pose -- Chimpy goes voguing

Does reverse racism exist?

favorite kind of fart

hail the Bohemian Grove!

At this point in my life, I feel truly blessed.

Which one of you is tickling my toes???

1000 shoes now stand empty, 1000 coffins will now come home

Airliner's toilet ice crashes a garden party

Make a government ANY way you want it...HERE...


YeHa, Kerry is kicking ass on the Missouri Poll

Rush's "Dean Attack" on Kerry (transcript) (for your amusement and anger)

Ashcroft and Rumsfeld: Anyone have any theories....

NeoConservative Pat Buchanan Blasts Bush-Cheney on TV Circuit This Week

Olbermann opens with Cheney comment

Olbermann almost makes up for Tweety ....

Want to know who's donated to political campaigns and how much?

Cheney Warns Against Vote for Kerry

Newsflash for Cheney: We are getting hit EVERY DAY in Iraq

Vote for the next media slogan as they ramp up their war on the Dems.

PLEASE talk up Olbermann around the watercooler

When will Dems start whup Repug ass 4 halting antiterror efforts pre 9/11?

Countdown with Keith - calling out FU Cheney --- Exploitation

Todays email to my republican contacts:

damn New Bush ANG Records uncovered by AP

G.W. Bush = David Koresh

You can find Dick Cheney here

What if Lt.Bush had been assigned duty 9/11?

Dumbya is a serial liar and that needs to be pointed out.

I love my emails from John Kerry!

List of Bush's qualifications for President

Olberman said that Oreilly is considering a run for senate and

Bull O"Really may run against Hillary for senate. LMAO

MO Vote Poll has changed to 40% Bush & 52% for Kerry

Oh, the hypocrisy! New Video

Olbermann says Cheney's spokesperson backing down

Officials:City violated protesters rights

Lots of complaints about ABC and NBC tonight - and that CBS did a good job

Electoral votes; Kerry 301, bush 231

Olbermann's leading with Cheney's attack - good

Texas for truth ad out Fri. on MSNBC

Why Does Anybody Watch Hardball? Self Flagellation

Wow, Kitty Kelley Book Took FIVE YEARS To Write

Bumper sticker blues

A lot of polls here:

What (if anything) has happened to Linda Allison's story - Salon.

Kittypalooza is about to begin (Today Show next Monday)

Ammunition for Edwards to blast Cheney on litigation reform

"No Show Bush"

He's on a rampage, it seems: "Bush Blames 'Junk Lawsuits' for Job Woes"

The jokes about Bush's OB-GYN remark are funny, but downplay the

Lehrer News Hour - M. Albright superb; the cadaver (Kissinger) pathetic

What is poopy bush whining about with ball less Hannity?

Thank you Newsweek! Thank you Time!

Is this Drier guy on Olbermann the one who's about to be outed?

Did you see this Bush campaign video during the convention?

Have you contributed to Texans For Truth?

Huge News - Calif. to Sue Diebold Over False Claims

The feigned "bounce" was shortsighted.

"Given a level playing field, this election is Kerry's to lose"

Dems: wear a chicken suit to Bush rallies

Bush Apparently Mixes Up Words in Speech

How can Bush protect us from Terraists if he's afraid of a measley DEBATE?


Don't let the Bush Administration Give Away our National Forests

I get the feeling that Bush and Cheney were running a little scared today

Article about Cheney in Rolling Stone a MUST READ!

Sen. Bob Graham on Faux now.

In 2000 Bush carried independents by 3 points

Zogby: Sept. 7 Kerry holds narrow lead in Presidential Battleground Poll

SF DUers!! John O'Neill SBV is coming to town!

I Am Sick and Tired of the Freaking Whininggggg on this board..

Dem talkers - Where were Repubs when Kerry was closing terrorist banks?

AZ State Democratic Primary TODAY

Cheney is not much brighter than Bush.

So what the hell is has gone wrong with Kerry's campaign?

Cheney's statement today was also terrorism

Sounds like the Bush team is negotiating the debates thru the media ?

Please explain why the media is so pro-Bush.

Troops voting at risk (Operation Truth)

Kerry needs to remind Cheney that 911 happened on his watch

HOMELAND SECURITY - Kerry's "Big" Issue

Olbermann reporting O'Reilly may run for Hillary's seat in 2006!

Sending this around. Moveon emailed me with a request.

Letter Former President Carter sent to Zell Miller over the weekend!

The AMC Project: Republicans in Hollywood (Sept. 14)

What do the Democratic internal polls show?

Texans for truth ad mentioned in Chicago Tribune

Texans for truth ad mentioned in Chicago Tribune

Texans for truth ad mentioned in Chicag Tribune

What Is (or should be) Kerry's Position on Russia/Chechnya?

Has * said anything in regards to the 1000th dead soldier

A Rocking Alternative To Rock The Vote

I declare a guerilla war against Bush!

Kerry will Destroy Bush in the Presidential Debates. LET'S DEMAND THEM!

DEBATES - Don't Let Bush Dodge Arizona


Boston Globe: Bush Didn't Meet Guard Commitments

Where is Ann Richards?

Subject: Projection - How Rove uses Psych 101 to manipulate the public.

Josh Marshall: Coincidences are the strangest things ...

Why I Love Elizabeth -- Mrs. Vice President (As of next Jan) On Countdown

To get back the individual investors who Kerry has lost in polling

I just called Kerry HQ and I got a message saying: All circuits are busy!

Why defeat of Bush is a must for Labor

Great website with articulate reasons to dump Bush

AWOL "trifecta" -- Barnes story (60 Min), AWOL story wed-graham & saudis

Best description of Repug Convention

General Hoar and Clinton OMB Dir. to Preview Wed. Kerry Iraq Speech

Will we win back the house and the Senate?


A Debate Question...

Name a President in your lifetime other than Dubya who hasn't raised taxes

Kerry MUST demand retraction and apology NOW


Kerry finally can make the character case against Bush

Just monitoring Josh Marshall on Barnes interview...

AP lawsuit gets SOME Chimp AWOL records

Shrub fell on his face today at the Lee Summit HS speech, but

Kerry will flip the flip flop issue during the debates

Why Does NEWSWEEK Pass On Running Story On Kitty Kelley Book?

So what was the "war of words" between Edwards & the dick today?

Speaking of the debates, remember Kerry's SECRET WEAPON!

The siren's up: Bush wants to skip 2nd debate (Missouri Town Meeting 10/8)

Ever think maybe people want an ASSHOLE for president?


"Roms wasn't burnt in a day" on Scarborough (MSNBC)

Jeff Greenfield and Aaron Brown struggling to find a favorable spin of

Any mention of election reform from Kerry and Edwards recently?

Just saw a good pro-Kerry ad in Louisiana

Any Gene Burns fans here?

How Kerry can beat bush.

More drip drip drip - NY Times

Franken on Sundance Channel with Amber the stripper

Are the Trial Lawyers

Campaign Finance Reform Group To Run Ads Critical of Bush/Cheney/Halliburt

Softball for Kerry: Bush wants only two debates

2004: It Is Not An 11 Point Race - by John Zogby

Cutting The Balls Off Of Bush=Strength

*THIS* is the ONE issue Kerry needs to hit Bush* hard on in order to win

Drip (BUSH) Drip Drip (AWOL) Drip Drip Drip (NATIONAL GUARD)

Deficit Dubya and his low expectations

Mothers Opposing Bush - MOB - starring Edie Falco

Predict the popular and electoral vote

Missouri Debate Idea: Kerry vs. Bush/Cheney

USA Today has picked up the Bush deserter story

Log Cabin Republicans may shun Bush

Oooh!...Just saw the 'Mothers Opposing Bush' ad....

Kerry Needs To Say Something SHOCKING and CONTROVERSIAL!!

Zogby Poll Out Today - Kerry Leads - Is The Media Covering It?

From the WSJ - Zogby poll of battleground states for Sept. 7

Weeeellll, the Freepers are defending Bush's hiding from 3rd debate

I want a Constitutional Amendment!!

Expect a terror attack on September 14 - to kill the Kitty Kelley news events THIS WEEK

Nader has 4000 signatures in Wisconsin (2000 needed) reviewable by Friday

It's like a train wreck - gotta look: O'Reilly to interview O'Neill

First debate ques. to AWOL - "why no prescription drug negot. by US govt"?

Why shouldn't Pundits laugh at us? We have been HAD. MBeth is a Joke.

What's it going to take to get Dem talkers to stay on message?

Does everyone here know who their precinct captain is? Have you

It is time to Stop the Texans for Truth!

My neo-con neighbor thinks he's an environmentalist

Hee! Check out what a freeper coworker of my husband gave him as "proof"

CHICKEN GEORGE! Bush is a COWARD!!! From 9/11 to Vietnam to Kerry....

Report from the front -- politics getting violent in my home town.

Bush May Skip One Debate

Junta shipped equip. used to produce WMD's out of Iraq 3mos. into invasion

Enjoy 'trashing' George W Bush daily!

Media Views Kitty Kelly Bush Book with Caution

"Don't ever take sides with anyone against the family again, ever."

OK, Folks, We've got an election to win!

Cheney backpedaling! - "What he REALLY meant was . . ."

No, no, no! Bad Kerry...

I've seen posts to DU a poll

shrub used cocaine AFTER he found jesus

Bush's Unit Tasked To Protect Southern U.S. Just As Bush Went Missing!

Get your kiddies to vote: who should be president?

Congrats to our very own Elizabeth Rogers (DorkTV)


1000 Points of Light

Kerry Widens Lead in Battleground States

Can Kerry use the "Your Republican Party has been hijacked" meme?

Boston Globe Story's Out: Bush fell short on duty at Guard-DEVASTATING!

Cheney retracts his statement about Kerry and a terrorist attack

Proof (?) that Bush's convention 'bounce' is over (screen shot)

Elizabeth Edwards on Olbermann MSNBC Now

32-Page Analysis of Bush's {lack of} National Guard Service

Kerry's NO-DRAFT PLAN, Wes Clark book reveals NEO-CON 5-year plan: 7 WARS

What Cheney meant: "Vote for us or we'll kill you!" - ALERT - DONATE FUNDS TO TEXANS FOR TRUTH

Cutting The Balls Off Of Bush=Strength

Paul Roberts: A Shabby and Sinister Case for War

Perfect Bush Ad. Spread the word!

Putin's security promises are unlikely to be fulfilled

Cheney's loyalty oath disloyal to democracy

The West continues to ignore the cult of death at its own risk


BBC: Farish Noor about Progressive Islam in Indonesia

Gene Lyons calls Zell Anybody's Dog

The war on terror is being lost

Strib: Gay marriage 'Truth Truck' sent to impound lot

Congress has a long to-do list (Stalemates pile up )

Sifting for Truth as Bush and Kerry Wage a War of Words Over Iraq Policy

IntelligenceReform Can't wait(3y post911 we had another intel failure-Iraq

Eat Your Heart Out, Enron (GOP's Pearl shows how to steal)

Medicare's Sickly Reforms

Thomas Powers: "How Bush Got It Wrong" (Essential reading!)

Kerry Comments in August Have Him Playing Into GOP Hands(must get off Iraq

Boston Globe "Bush fell short on Guard Duty"

Daily Mislead: Report shows Bush was AWOL

Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11

Liberal vs. Conservative from a Free Market/Freedom Perspective

Graydon Carter book: " tiresome tirade of recycled Bush bashes"???

Zell Miller: Certifiably Insane

Chechnya: Russia's Second Afghanistan

Needed: a global strategy to reduce, not increase, terror

Russian School Siege Bears Hallmarks of Potential Staged Psy-Op

Time: Tearing Kerry Down

Simply Shady: My Family Ties With Black Ops

U.S. Puppet Govt. in Iraq=Farce

Bernard Weiner: 'Gleeful Shallow Throat reveals 'Rehnquist's Defeat-Bush '

AWESOME letter to Dallas Morning News

President George W. Bullsh*t

Guesting for Joe Conason: Hank Sheinkopf

Texans for Truth; Bush AWOL in Alabama

144,000 is a number the religiously insane adore

Bill Maher-New Rules (9/11)

Why I'm Black, Not African American

Why does God hate Florida?



Call KWTV in Oklahoma City!

Will Media now say: "Bush brought this on himself!"?

Look how Reuters tiptoes around AWOL issue

NYT coverage of the Campaign

Reminder: Tonight 60 Minutes covers Bush's TX National Guard Duty

It's got legs! AP, Boston Globe, 60 Minutes focus on AWOL Bush

Media View Kitty Kelley's Bush Book With Caution

Political Blog Central index web site! - for those that need more than DU!

Top US light beer import spurned at home

Bush's Game of Risk (with the economy)

Business Week: Can this man save labor? (Andy Stern of SEIU)


Some Economists See Risk of a Downturn

Deep Shade of Red Seen in Deficit (4.5 trillion additional deficit if Bush

Paul Samuelson, Economics icon, dissents on outsourcing/WTO

Do Not Believe American Economists by Robert B. Gordon, Sc. D.

Scientists - Florida May Face Long-Term Change In Hurricane Cycle

Indonesia's Forests Falling At Six Soccer Fields Per Minute - AP

Senior Interior Official Flees Into Grand Canyon To Avoid Testifying

What is killing Uganda's hippos?

Muck Runs Amok

Frances *still* has structure

Three Gorges Dam on alert as flooding torments Sichuan

Terrorists behead three in Kashmir (Indian part)

Has anyone heard of this group?

Yesterday Rumsfeld said things are just great in Iraq

Enthusiasts Eye Assault Rifles as Ban Nears End (gun makers taking orders

AWB flatlining and I don't see any ER personel

Man Shoots Himself in leg during gun safety demonstration...

George Bush supports extending the assault weapons ban

Hanguns account for 76% of Murders

Democrat gun owners show off your collections

Moveon branching out into anti-gun hysteria?

Wayne LaPierre: "NRA is one of the largest police organizations in the

Restricted Access

I think I accidentally hit the

I can't get my profile to take--

Why is DU so slow today?

I thought that the upgrades would prevent the horrible lag that DU

Can DU start a link for donations to campaign ads for Kerry?

How about a "Comfort Food" forum?

why was this thread locked?

The 911 Forum. Again.

IDF launches large-scale operation in Gaza

How Are You, Non-Violence?

My 9/11 book - The Terror Timeline - is released today!

Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11

Simply Shady: My Family Ties With Black Ops

What sites do you find to be the best to understand Geopolitics and 911?

where WAS our air defense on 9/11?

Has anyone seen this internet short about the plane that hit the Pentagon?

Obama proposes health insurance plan; Keyes questions Obama's language

Dick Cheney and Dennis Hastert will be in Dekalb Sept 18

another Gropenfuher story buried by the media

Bush Twins at UNI

Tom Vilsack has to go

This person needs to find his/her precinct chair. Can you help, please?

I got in to see Kerry today at Union Terminal

The President (Al Gore) will be in Pittsburgh Thursday.

Westmoreland County Kerry Campaign Meeting for volunteers

Republicans will likely remain the majority in PA Assembly

Vote Fraud Alert -- Bush campaign soliciting absentee ballot apps!

Austin DUers - Its time to shoot this cat

Heads Up - Dallas Area DU'ers. Vigil at City Hall, 7:00pm

Glenn Smith at BookPeople on 09/10/04

What ever happened with Bush state records?

International Day of Peace Celebration in Wauwatosa.

Milwaukee area radio listeners...

public service announcement for KIRO radio listeners....

Citizens to Elect Mark B. Polin

Anybody know the truth yet about THIS guy?

Memorial to the soldiers killed in Iraq in the Capitol Rotunda

CNN's "Newsnight" Will Commemorate the 1,000 Tonight

Is it normal???

Does Pat Robertson operate free of taxes???? He's a freaking politician.

NBC News just showed a clip from the 1988 Republican Convention

Did NASA go to same flight school as hijackers?

New article about "Diplomats & Military Commanders for Change"

OBSTRUCTINIST! Tom DeLay (Assault Weapons Ban)

Oh, so now Lou Dobbs wants to talk current issues...

Bob Graham is on Harball NOW...

Here's how we can end the electoral college forever:

George W. Bush Finally Has a Valid Excuse for Not Serving in Viet-Nam

If you or parents are on Medicare and have to deal with cancer:

HISTORY CHANNEL Tonight -- 9/11 Commission Report Special 9 PM CT

Cancer drug payments being cut for Medicare patients. Time to get mad.

Bush released Saudi Terror Suspects to gain approval for Iraq Invasion

Floridians - Check out the "State & Country Forums" FOR.......

The Triumph of the Knife

Where's Daryn Kagan?

Letter from Gloria Steinem

We hire only the best and brightest to handle our airport security.

pat buchanan on bill maher...made some sense

New Bush nickname - "22 of 53"

Perfect Ad to hurt Bush's campaign. What do you think?

Bush Taps Baker for Debate Team

pResident Stupid says Iraq is coming along swimmingly.

Homey didn't play National Guardsman

Has anyone noticed

Sneaky G strikes again-Texas judicial nominee confirmed

FreeRepublic threads on Bush falling short of Guard duty story

Christian Bush supporter attacks pro-Kerry veterans.............

real estate and the patriot act

Do we have any videos of some of bushs flip flops?

Screenings of "Bush Family Fortunes" Greg Palast Documentary

Dem Convention: multiple terror alerts. GOP CONvention, NONE

c-span 7:30 am colleen rowley fbi whistle-blower

Have yall seen this video?? chimp tries to answer a question at the MO State Fair

Has anyone seen this internet short about the plane that hit the Pentagon?

Who owns the New York Post?

Cindy Adams: Big Dog "doing great," on phone w/ associates night of op

New Ted Rall Cartoon -- Terror Whores

I need help with facts on Veteran's entitlements

OK, so how in the f&*k can anyone just sit back and do..

c-span open phones on war dead 8;10am

Texans for Truth mentioned on NPR this morning

What would happen if Russia attacked Saudi Arabia?

Need some help from Union friendly Democrats in Scranton Pa area

Homeless Tracking Program Set to Debut in Berkeley

Fox&Friends guest author suggests 911 could have been stopped by Bush41

WP: The Reliable Source says Kelley counterattack is on

Wow! Susan Rice taking calls on CSPAN: very impressive antidote to Condi.

Pat Buchanan is actually making SENSE

Congress Returns To Gay Marriage Amendment

Chickasaw, Choctaw highlight economic development

Finally on NPR : the Chimp being AWOL from the TANG

1,000 Heroes have died in vain, but bush doesn't give a shit

Legal issues in CURRENT Bush AWOL coverup

Time to write letters...

C=Span doing great this morning. They've already covered:

I took a four day break from the news & DU because I was

Well its happened: The cubicle-mate of mine is voting Kerry

Kerry speech live now on cnn!

They printed my LTTE.

".Get that guy out of my sight. He creeps me out"--- Richard Nixon

Kristin Gore has a book out


PIctures from Richard Morrison bus tour in District 22

Corrupt far-right pro-China "Taiwanese" legislator at GOP Convention...

It's a creepy time of year.

Hell Freezes Over: More Clear Channel Stations Going Liberal!

Ok all you OB-GYN's

One Thousand dead soldiers later: What are you thoughts now!

Salon: "Sen. Graham: Bush covered up Saudi involvement in 9/11"

Presidential Debates 1996 vs 2004

Me & Dubya both snorted Coke & drank like fools in the 70's

"Fiscal child abuse"

Possible Future Idea for DU Forums: Ad/Slogan/Poster Idea Forums

DeLay Gives Self Made-Up Boy Scout Award!

Wait a minute! Didn't Russia fight George W. Bush when he asked

Interesting article on Chechnya

Terror threat - another coincidence

The best way for Kerry to explain his 87 billion vote on Iraq

It is "Miller Time" for Zany Cheney!

what if evil men used your religion to control you?

Washington neocons, The Chechens' American Friends (wow)


If Usama bin Laden said ...

Need the URL of the campaign contributions site

I suggest that Kerry and the Democrats hold a prayer vigil for the

help in locating a F 911 clip

I am afraid that making it legal to import drugs from Canada,

ah, here we go...Russia has embraced the Bush Doctrine.

Editing letters to the editor: a moral dilemma

25% of all threads here are started by Papau

Guess what...Tora Bora Mountains

I Love You DU

Govt bans Trudeau infomercials- can Faux News survive new standard?

Of which of these four "CITIES" is the admin. guiltiest of building?

Queen City Terror: Cincinnati's links to the Oklahoma City bombing

Genesis spacecraft just SMACKED into the ground!!

Protest Warrior dead?

Boston Globe story about AWOL Bush* was on pg A-10 of Pittsburgh

Would'nt IT Be Nice If The Media Would

So i make the mistake on stopping over at O'Lielly last night

Bush's handed out fake Texas Rangers Baseball Cards with HIS face

Found the OBGYN Gaffe VIDEO

NYT Aticle on Bob Graham's new book

The term "Democrat Party" is really pissing me off.

Juan Cole on Why Cheney Wanted War in Iraq

Franken hit a home run with this one!!

I can't believe SF doesn't have an Air America Affiliate!


CNN/Wolf just showed the texans for truth ad and is discussing the new

Dick Cheney is a damned liar: ... The Bush WH was in power on 9-11...

So Bush wants to skip a debate? Kerry should attend anyway!

Lawyers "100 percent confident" in Kitty Kelley's Bush book


Watch the "Texans For Truth" Bush AWOL Ad: QuickTime & Windows Media

A Point On The Statistics Of The Newsweek Survey

Bush "miscalculate" Iraq? He LIED - Big-time! Office of Special Plans!

1000 deaths in Iraq. Meanwhile, Karl, Karen & Andy share a laugh with Bush

Franken is murdering Shwarzenegger and Rush

Job creation - Bush vs Clinton

Is there a link to the numbers from the Randi Rhodes show?

Ron Kessler on NPR just now: "Gore voter" voting for Bush

Are we supporting the Chechyens?

US army captain claims killing of Iraqi was act of mercy

First Congressional Medal of Honor award (War in Iraq) nominee

How About an Enterprising Young, Democratic Congressman

An accomplished leftist challenges "Peak Oil"-- a myth by the Right

remember when Gen. Franks said: "We don't do body counts."

GW BUSH the executioner!

W Ketchup and Bush Country Ketchup

"John Kerry and I will keep America safe, and we will not divide..."

What is the big deal with this stupid capsule falling out of the sky?

"Has religious right hijacked American flag and Jesus?"

Kerry Says Bush Miscalculations in Iraq Cost $200 Bln

Gay Republican Group Won't Endorse Bush

Don't you just love the smell of AWOL in the morning?

Colin Powell sums it all up

#30 out of several dozen street signs= Christians in favor of Killing?

We will gather to honor ALL of those who have died in Bush's War today.

Genesis Probe Crashes

What is it with CNN quick polls?!

Is Winning at any cost an American thing, not just a George Bush

When did our mission statement change?

Delta slashes presence at D/FW - from 254 daily flights to only 21

CNN Asia poll - Is Putin right that Bush is undermining war on terror?

Do you think the U.S. economy is getting better? CNN poll

look at this picture and tell me he isn't a f***ing moron

Dan Bartlett has now been proven to be a flat-out liar.

Randi compared Cheney to an abusive spouse - BRILLIANT!

Hawai'i (R) governor takes food out of hungry kids' mouths

Help me with my compilation CD for George Bush

A song About AL Gore it at this link from the New Yorker


Iraq Watch tonight

Flat Tax

Serious question about new Federalism and education

WHITE HOUSE COVER-UP tonight on Hardballs!!

Funniest pic yet of George Bush

I read somewhere that Lynne Cheney is the brains behind the

May 9 2001: "Cheney to Oversee Domestic Counterterrorism Efforts"

Fwd'ed e-mail re: Rumor Heard on Alex Jones - Martial Law in TX 11/1

Best seller lists-I notice that the Unfit to command book has a

HELP! Un Freep this survey!!! (what do you think of "w")

BBV: In Nevada, touchscreen voting leaves paper trail


Only 8 days into Sept and already 26 soldiers are dead...

For Cheney to be certain elect Kerry=terror attack, Cheney must control

Semi-annual 'Props to Buzzflash' thread

Terrorism or fascism - Cheney's threat

Bush LIE of the day... Home Ownership

Kitty KELLEY to Be Nominated for Peace Prize!

The Liar Sleeps Tonight

I was published under a different name, does that make me a writer?

MSNBC Question of the Day:

Who Cares About the Truth?

Global survey shows 30 of 35 countries want Kerry in White House

Need info on federal education budget & bush admin lies.

I couldn't get through this election without you

Fistfight over Veterans - Colorado FamilyLife Marriage Conference

the attacks on KERRY'S patriotism are just getting started

HELP! Repub. publishing on my site -> I need ammo

Was the "official" Iraq casualty count kept low for the RNC?

Bush has coined a new acronym: MAAFU

What is wrong with this Bushit?

Was I just too stupid to get Bush's "practice their love" speech?

Do you think America noticed that Dick Cheney just threatened us?

Anyone know where I can donate money to Texans for Truth?

Oh my gosh, another * flip flop.....

What did Bush say yesterday about women and OBGYNs? Anyone know?


Please help us expand the Al Gore Support Center's base!

They cite Bush's Hon. Discharge as proof of his service, but in reality it

Ed Henry...who is this twit?

"This morning I signed legislation..."

Biden going after Cheney right now on CNN

Cheney just guaranteed we will NOT be attacked prior to the election.

DU this poll and annoy the neocon nitwits!

Are Dems going to become endangered due to the media and Amercan apathy?

When Tucker,Novak or Dennis Miller pretend not to understand

A freeper e-mail. And my earnest replies (somewhat lengthy)

Anybody have the link to the "Penis frenise" quote by *

Jeeebus...Bush looks totally like shit!

FReepers revealed! Secret photo shows FRs at work!

Humor wins all battles

DUers: I need your help at the forums!

There's gonna' be a whole lot of spinnin' goin' on, goin' on!

Discovering Muslim Sufi Liberation Theology in Indonesia

Apparently, tonight's 60 minutes expose "delayed" in OKC market area

New US Army strategy to find Osama: taunt him from Humvee, call him a bitc

Is it just my imagination or are all democratic women a

Remove 'Pro Homosexual Judges' From Gay Marriage Case Arkansas Gov. Told

Did anyone watch Scarborough last night?

Have you seen the Bush/Cheney bumper sticker

"But he got an honorable discharge."

Labor Day has passed, and I'm seeing a fine crop of Kerry/Edwards signs...

Please Nail The Lou Dobbs Poll Tonight

A True Christian Speaks: American Empire

Russia to use pre-emptive strike against radical islamists

Lou Dobbs on Insourcing- sick!

I live in a battleground state...Yesterday, FIRST poll Kerry LEADS!!!

Crossfire on. That Carlson is losing it.

No streaming Scotty for a MONTH, now!

Bush is our Greatest Security Risk

Justice Department Censors Supreme Court Quote

An e-mail from someone I know (Very Long)

Farenheit 911 to air on TV! Before November election!

Richard Clarke: War against terror is a failure

Someone please photo shop Bush in his little National Guard hat

Kucinich interviewed in Tricycle

Is there some place to get hourly updates on Big Dog?

Wow! A Must Read Feb 2004 New Yorker article re: Cheney, Halliburton, and

60 Minutes II tonight will not be shown in Oklahoma City

Pre-emptive strikes are terrorist strikes....

Who sold Saddam his weapons?

Howard Dean in Dubai debate on Sept. 22. Sununu for Republicans.

"The Democratic Party is a coastal, secular party."

wahashteni means "I miss you"

Anyone have a link to video of Bush saying "good doctors can't practice

Anyone read "Unfit for Command"?

Mediator: Assault By Russian Forces On School Was Not Premeditated

Wow !!! - DU Is Officially A News Source !!! - Looky What I Found !!!

So what happened to Limbaugh's drug charges?

Born again landlord saw my Kerry bumper sticker

Would a draft humanize our military, or militarize our humanity?

Stock Experts (Question)

Is Randi's claim of being black disrespectful?

Bush makes Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

CBS nightly news just stuck it to

Imagine... Mondale won 1980.. then Dukakis won 2 terms... then Clinton...

What does "born again" really mean?

My boss sent me this e-mail today...

Florida....looks like Ivan headed your way......

Simply Shady: My Family Ties With Black Ops

You've just been elected President of the United States...

"Burned by the Spotlight." CJR interview with Dean about the media.

Tempers are showing in Florida. I can understand.

How to Address the Insurance and Malpractice Crises Facing the Nation

Fox News doing their part to disenfranchise college voters (PLEASE READ)

Which foreign government or corporation is Blair an agent for?

Pollardites in the Pentagon?

Swift Boat Author John O'Neil is the guest of admitted traitor

AIPAC Spy Case involves Intelligence on Iranian WMD

Neoconservatism and Espionage AIPAC Spy Scandal: Crimes of the 'Clean Brea

Sharon Demands Syria Curb Militants Before Talks

Corrupt PFP veteran sentenced to jail - (but at GOP convention)

Policeman admits spying for Saudis

In a secret Paris cavern, the real underground cinema

Jiang quits post as top PLA leader

New Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi a Longtime CIA Source

U.S. Soldier Killed in Convoy Attack in Iraq

Tubbs snowshoes leaving Vermont as new owner plans Chinese plant

A Deepening Debate on Soldiers and Their Insurers "Sen. Graham: Bush covered up Saudi involvement in 9/11"

Texas judicial nominee confirmed:Bush second only to Clinton in putting im

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 264 Bush 222

South Africa seizes uranium enrichment materials

NYT: A Deepening Debate on Soldiers and Their Insurers

Explosions rock militant stronghold of Fallujah

Sudan arrests 14 Islamists for sabotage plot

Attorney General Bill Lockyer to Sue Diebold

New Iraqi prime minister longtime trusted source for CIA, Britain's MI-6

South African court postpones nuclear smuggling ring case

Gay Republican group (Log Cabin Republicans) won’t endorse Bush

Most Foreign NGOs Expected To Pull Out Of Iraq

Mercenary Set to Trade Glamorous Lifestyle for Notorious Jail

McCain set the record straight after being misquoted by conservatives

Kerry: Bush set wrong course in Iraq

UK Pc 'was paid to spy for Saudi diplomat'

UK Envoy in Saudi 'collusion' claim

Coup plot inquiry moves to Guernsey bank

Guess what...Tora Bora Mountains

Senate Gets Legislation on Sept. 11 Panel's Reforms

Va. Bars Nader From Presidential Ballot. Wash. Post. 9/8/04

Man Testifies in U.S. Soldier's Hearing


Genesis spacecraft CRASHED - DELETE - Dupe

Genesis Space Capsule Crashes Into Desert

Proposed Program Would Remodel Foreign Aid

ADL Asking the FBI to Investigate Leak in Pentagon Case

Bush is backing out of second debate!!!!

Delta to Cut Up to 7,000 Jobs in 18 Months

'Bounty hunter' produces new tape

Foreign Aid Agencies Consider Iraq Exit

Bush LIKELY to miss one debate.


Growth slows, Fed's Beige Book says

Albright calls Cheney charge on terror "irresponsible

Russians Demand a Strong Hand(ReactionTo terror is demandfor strong leader

Bush missed training in reserves

Kerry attacks Bush over Iraq war.

US threatens sanctions on Sudanese oil

Kerry blasts war

Luzerne County (PA) puts hold on absentee ballots

Russia: Accidental Blast Led to Siege End

Book criticial of White House hits stores

One in Five Germans Wants the Berlin Wall Back

Quattrone to Face 15 to 21 Months in Prison

Cheney Warns of Terror Risk if Kerry Wins


Gay Republican Group Won't Endorse Bush

Hurricane spilled 41million gallons of acidic waste in Tampa-area waterway

U.S. Deaths in Iraq Top 1,000; Aid Groups Eye Exit

Two more presidential candidates make Idaho ballot

WTO Rules Against EU Sugar, U.S. Cotton Support, Backing Brazil

DoD Identifies Army Casualty # 1004

Nuclear Weapons Charges Against South African Man Dropped

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 8 September

Delta Air to Cut as Many as 7,000 Jobs to Shave Costs

White House Won't Echo Cheney Warning

AP via Yahoo! News: Edwards Calls Cheney Remark Dishonorable

BBC: Solar capsule impacts Earth

'They want money for his body ( Dyncorp Mercenary)

Bush Cites Progress in Iraq Despite Mounting Death Toll

FBI investigates suspected Pentagon security breaches

Bill Clinton Leaves Intensive Care


In Nevada, Democrats take aim at Rep. Jon Porter's seat; GOP sets sights o

'Texans for Truth' ad challenges Bush on Guard service

Bush Now Would Give Intelligence Chief More Power.....(FLIP FLOP)

Bush administration puts off roadless rule changes

Russia prepared for pre-emptive strikes on 'terror bases' worldwide

(W.VA. Elector) Robb's vote may not go to Bush

ADL Asking the FBI to Investigate Leak in Pentagon Case

CEO: Wal-Mart Faces 'Challenging' Environment

Bush gets a whipping in fetish lingerie video (AFP)

Polish city of Krakow to name square after Ronald Reagan

Gun Dean of America Hits Brady Campaign for Deceptive Advertising

Democrats Move to Limit Record Medicare Rise (WebMD Medical News)


NYT: Filmmakers Examining the 'What Ifs' of Nuclear Power

WP: Catholic Voters Given Leeway (by Vatican) on Abortion Rights Issue

Bobby Fischer wins injunction against deportation order

US Military Tribunal Releases Guantanamo Detainee

Police: Heckler at Kerry speech says he was assaulted

"Private war" soldiers appeal for U.S. embassy help

Kissinger says Bush was correct

(PPAF): 'Three strikes - Bush, Ashcroft and Their Allies Should Be Out'

Dems' ad buys show a race narrowing to 14 states; Arizona not included

House Panel OKs Fines for Frivolous Lawsuits

USA TODAY/CNN/GALLUP Poll Shows Bush Leading Kerry in Ohio

NRA plans anti-Kerry ad buy in Wisconsin

Exclusive Interview: Ben Barnes

Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler dies

Judge Finds Abortion Ban Unconstitutional

Global poll shows a Kerry landslide

Senator Accuses Bush of Cover-Up

Rasmussen too close to call - Bush 48.2 Kerry 46.5

Family 'thanks' Bush for death of son

Panel: Cuba Detainee Wrongly Named Enemy

Saddam’s generals working as US military consultants

New Questions On Bush Guard Duty (CBS has new memos)

Bob Dole Joins Vietnam POWs to Unveil Documentary

U.S. Report Finds Sudan Promoted Killings

RNC on Kerry's DFL Party's Sticker Comparing Bush to Adolf Hitler

Kerry, Sharpening Criticism of Bush, Lists Costs of Iraq War (NYT)

War in Iraq Not About Oil, Says (rw) National Center for Policy Analysis

Media Matters Exposes Conservative Radio Commentary on Clinton's Surgery

Money from Iran Fuels Iraq Insurgency -Rumsfeld

Republicans Seek to Tout Positive Side of Iraq War

Former (Republican) US Policy Analyst Testifies in (for) Milosevic Trial

Russia prepared for pre-emptive strikes on 'terror bases' worldwide

Robb's vote may not go to Bush (WV Republican Elector)

I want a cold bohemian

happy day!

Oh no, Hef and Stan Lee team up.

Anybody else having no luck with Blogger?

In defense of "Einstein On the Beach"

Which is most likely to happen in the NFL this year

Anybody got a boat that I can borrow ? Darn rain .

Thieves, mail thieves at your doorbox:day of month ss checks?

I have one of those sunburns...

Help me name my new Kitty.

Are there any Hockey fans out there???????

People will sell (and buy) anything!

Rat terriers catch rats?

Do freepers have lips?

I have the hiccups

wow, the sea lions are loud tonight

How can someone be this stupid?

If cats could read your mind, would you want one?

Insomniac Thread

Someone shoulda handed Oreilly a kleenex

Funny / Cute - Images

The Post-RNC conversation with delegate cubemate

Women Angry Over 'Bikini Test For Jobs'

Man (Drunk) Wants To Visit Neighbors - Attacked With Spade

Marijuana Found Growing In Planter Outside Courthouse

I give good post!

I'm finally considered 'cool'?

Funniest ad I've heard on the radio this year!

Wiating for the Dish Network guy...entertain me.

More misunderstood lyrics.

I don't care what JibJab says, MORE KITTY KELLEY PICS!!!

For my 18,000th post, I'd like to say

How late should I go to work?

I think there may be a bear outside

Teenager Caught Selling Drugs - At A Police Party

What's this about Bush falling down recently..

Today in History

Anyone speak/read Arabic?

Man, that picture on the front page is creeping me out

Just cheer people up, another example of sound Republican reasoning....

What kind of kid doesn't like a substitute teacher?

If it wasn't for the SwiftIdiots for Lying, I would have never bought....

A truly depressing front page in todays paper.

Good Lord look where Ivan is headed

If You saw Congressman Harold Ford on Imus this morning.

Man Uses Rusty Pitchfork To Rob Bank

Study Says Redheads Are Sexier Than Blondes

Study Says GOPisEvil & Zombywoof Are Sexier Than Matcom

Restaurants Try Predicting Orders - by what you drive

What if I wanted to change my userID to "shadowy527"? How could

Chicken Strips, Not Stripping Chicks, At Restaurant

Help! I can't get my profile to take---

Anyone watch 'Father of the Pride'?

Porn Presentation Remains Mystery

I want to fight Sean Combs


Study says Truthspeaker too sexy for his shirt.

OK. This is genius. You have to see this.

Ay YO!!!

I want to fight Alan Parsons

I want to fight Alan Keyes,

So which Bushie do you think ratted Shrubya out??

f the vote

I Want To Fight Skittles

Do you have a web cam ?

Somebody just shoot me already and get it over with quickly.

Study Says stinky old cowboy boots whoisalhedges bought at the Goodwill...

Bring back streaking: Pros and Cons.

My theory: High School should last until you are 25...discuss...

The Computer Age Old-Timers Poll

Usually I am not a big fan of plastic surgery(NO WARNING)

I am hung over. This wouldn't be a problem, except...

Music to Soothe Dogs With

An interesting way to quit your job, old chap

So this Dutch guy pulls up to a stoplight.........

Zell Miller Should Challenge Alan Keyes to a Duel

Can we please intervene for GOPisEvil - he has a daily 2-drink minimum

Things I've found in my bookmarks: 5 levels of a hangover

Booyakasha! I is telling you to buy Da Ali G Show DVD! Respeck!

Don't forget to watch tonight: CBS's 60 Minutes II

slashdot ... W is for wrong...

So throw those hands up high, (Come on) Shake your body,

Stop the insanity!

Stop the inanity!

Stop Sean Hannity!

What would be hilarious - re: the Ketchup thing

Start the colostomy!

Stop the manatees!

Today--Life is OK

Today's Thought

On The Implausibility of the Death Star's Trash Compactor

Stop whoisalhedges

I Need a link to Dean hacking a Diebold machine!!!

I Expose The Beatles As The Terrorist Cell They Truly Are.

Stop the urbanity!

Need some good vibes today. Mom's having a cardiac cath.

Got a job interview on Friday

Stop the sean hannity!!!

Hey ChavezSpeaksTheTruth-Thanks for the Gling-Glo reccom.

Hey WhoIsAlHedges-Thanks for the Orleans reccom.

Bush Camp names Debate Replacement

"what are you - afraid of a fLip fLop?"

Hey ChavezspeakstheTruth- thanks for the John Paar recom.

I'm cold


Stop the profanity!

BUSTon Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Peter Sellers.

Stop the presses!

No! I'm not Gellin!


And You Thought YOU Were Having A Bad Day! (Pic)

That pic of the guy's flexed bicep on the home page got my attention!

Walking through the woods, I saw evidence of an invasive species . . .

Study Says Liberals are just sexier AND smarter that repukes

Anyone watch Real World Philadelphia last night???

Wow... now you can get drunk without even drinking!

Musical Condoms: Would you use one? What music? Why?

Ok- I want to build a wedding website for my Fiancée and I - I need advice

Stop the Dangle Berries!

star wars fanatics - what's a sarLacc?

I just got a new laptop! ask me anything!

I am 1/2 hour into a 2 hour call, and I feel like I am going to vomit.

Quick Etiquette Question --

QUICK! I need some jokes for a 10-year-old, who just

CAPTION the highway robbers

*SNIF* - My Stepson Is Making Me SO Proud At College!

Are we all REALLY horny today?

Was that guy on Franken real?

Serena was robbed last night...Pat McEnroe is a liar...

*SNIF* - My Stepmom Is Making Me SO Proud At the strip club.

Stupid Statistics Test...

CAPTION the water boys

Edwards coming to Tucson! At Noon on a Monday???!!!

why is my real player DSL connection working at 28.8 Kbps

Flying saucer crashes in Utah!

CAPTION-Fifty bucks says he picks it

Top 25 weirdest things you can buy on

And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords

PolitiCAT Thread ...My Pro-Choice Kitty and Stray Pregnant Kitty

Get your flame throwers! Someone emptied the gungeon out in GD.

Dog breed most affectionate? Scientifically, not just personal opinion.

How about a game of "Name That Tune"

Bush Yoga -- Have you all seen this?

CIA guy:About 3 yrs ago did anyone try to buy a dialysis machine from you?

It's a fine line, between...

OMG! My big laugh of the day! Alan Keyes again...

I am George W. Bush. Don't ask me anything..

Caption (MUST SEE)-the most accurate photograph of this pResidency EVER!

Do you ever wish that DU polls had more than 10 options?

regional disaster rant

meisje !!!

Do You Wait For The Other Person To Hang Up First?

I'm Zell Miller. Ask me anything.

the best part of math can be the aftersex

I am sober, don't ask me anything!

I'm scared of loud ass military planes, ask me anything

*SNIF* - My Stepmom Is Making A Poisonous Cloud Out Of Strychnine.

Any humorous (or strange) run-ins with the Cops?

My secretary is MIHOP, I am LIHOP, ask me anything.

Q: Why Does Bush* Wear Neckties?

I need to think of something to say to all of you.

Did Ron & Nancy just not show any love to their son Michael?

Breaking News from Iraq!!!!!

I am drunk, ask me anything

Musicians who you'd have sex with only because you like their music.

Argh! I have been brainwashed by Minnesota nice!

I'm on the 9th floor of a building in Arlington, VA

I am Spartacus! I led you here! Ask me anything!

Now that we got Mike Malloy on AAR, We need to get Harry Shearer's show on

Update on my mom's cardiac cath.

where can I download an Enlistment Form to give to college repukes?

Advice to the parents of an eight-year-old (based on a real column)


This is what comes up when you google IHOP.

My Experience at Burning Man

I wanna fight Tucker Carlson . Ask me anything .


I think I need to say something to all of you

The Panic Thread.... Post your fears.. real or imagined

It's a bird! No, It's a plane!....No, it's a....CAT???!!!???

Those crazy cats

Greedo doesn`t shoot first anymore (And other DVD changes)

Use your Gmail account as a mountable Linux filesystem.

Bush's face shows the unbearable strain of carrying a small bag of ICE

Latest bush ad?

I gotta pee, ask me anything but make it damn snappy

The Brain-Fart of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Worst Hair Ever?

Bush UNDERCOVER IN CIA During Missing Five Months

Where's the clutch? Where's the CAPTION?

I am Alan Keyes. Ask Me Anything.

What DU has done for me (I won't get too sappy)

Got a favorite typo?? I made a new one, and I kind of like it

This picture needs a caption

Anyone else not see what the big deal is about Wilco?

Proof! Bush* could not have been "born again"

How late is Savers open?

How do you feel when OJ's witnesses come to your door?

Thugs pick wrong target: karate instructor

Train to the Convention

What are your fav comments on DU?

Something You Really Don't Want to Happen... (Dutchman covered in shit)

Holidays and Wal-Mart *******A RANT********

Bush gets a whipping in fetish lingerie video

Intern MD Injects Patient With Olive Oil

Army post (Ft. Carson) to deliberately injure animals -experiment

Intern MD Injects Olive Oil with Popeye

formal apology to another DU writer

Norwegian Sexologists Unveil "Penis Atlas"

I'm Looking For Someone To Re-Post An Article

Summer Olympic goofs - these are so funny!

baseball fans: andy ashby on the hill for the first time this season..

Popeye injects self into Olive Oil.

Top 10 Reasons I Write for Democratic Underground

Anti-Bush (pro-Kerry?) coffee mug for sale at Free Republic!

Today's Thought

Damn -- that must be one HUGE Singapore Sling

You like him, no? You want to kiss him, yes or not?


Who Has The Most Posts On DU.

Stop the Dingleberries!

Smelly robot eats flies to power itself

My mother, an early advocate of gay marriage

Defense Dept. looking into lethal effect of Bush OBGYN Gaffe.

Skinners you'd have sex with, if they'd just let you!

crap-invited to another wedding/WITH NO BOOZE

Genders you would like to have sex with, if they would let you.

Pleasure Boat Captains For Truth

Vancouver Mayor 'amazed' by pot cafe

I go back to school tonight.

Kitty Alarm -

Hookers in journalist clothing

How So Many Conveniently Use Jesus..........

Happy Birthday, David! 500 years old!

Bush cabinet members you'd have sex with if they'd just let you

Is DU running slow for anyone else?

Ninny here...needs help explaining something

FReepers revealed! Secret photo shows FRs at work!

The worst part of sex can be the aftermath.

Khalil Green will be the NL Rookie Of The Year.

I wrestled with this idea for a while because I had to waller in filth

Bowling League starts tonight!!! WooHooo....:-)

Sick Sick Flash Video Idea.

Of all the frigging nights for Indy's CBS channel to celebrate 50 years!!!

Heh - Dr. Seuss' Lesser Known Books

Kucinich interviewed on tricycle.

Du'ers you'd better not have sex with or I'll give ya 4 flats

Vote is this poll

How do you feel when Jehovah's Witnesses come at your door?

Supers you'd have sex with if they'd just let you!

DUers that you would have sex with if they would just let you?

LOL!!!! Caption the invisible man...

Why are sci-fi/film/comics fans mocked in America, but sports is not?!?!

The newest computer models for Ivans track! "Shit" "Shit" and "Shit"

Ok, I have to ask...does Bush have a unibrow?

CAPTION the worst movie remake...EVER!!

I am drunk as we speak...

CAPTION this drunk pilot



It's my 1000th post. Show me anything!

Freeper Smack-down Report

What will your kitty be for Halloween?

DU Teachers - I have a question

Stop the Cranberries!

Freepers you'd have sex with if they'd just let you

Can someone post the Laura Bush/Joker pics?

Took my five-year-old along to my annual gyne exam

Damnit, why didn't I posted something more constructive for my 20k post...

Singers you'd have sex with, if they'd just let you!

Singers you would have sex with, but whose music repels you.

Study Says Pagerbear and Lionesspriyanka are the Sexy Du'ers

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Official DU Thread-Jacking Squad

Kerry can win Idaho!

I've just been asked to try marijuana!

10th grader in trouble over 'Juicy' skirt

Height Does Not Equal Popularity

Favorite Underrated Beach Boys tunes

Was your mother a hamster and did your father smell of elderberries?

When you have pneumonia...

Pro-Choice hypothetical conundrum

Assault weapon ban expires Sept 13 stop this by going here

Where's Walt Starr's Medals Story (hello media hello)???

The Medals Bush Earned

Reframe * Decisiveness as stupidity and make America Laugh!

Live by the Sword - Die by the Sword...

How's my impression of Dr. Strangelove?

Salazar now up by 6 points over Coors.

Rate the Bush OBGYN Gaffe

Let's see..sinking Bush poll ALERT!!!

Should Kerry buy 30 minutes on network TV...

Bush AWOL we need a Pentagon Investigation

Pro-Bush 527 MoveOnForAmerica.Org caught in a resume lie

Come on everyone

I just gave away three Kerry buttons!

Perfect Bush Ad. Spread the word!

Why is Bush afraid to tell the truth?

Madison Square Garden Irony?


Now I can see why Carville and Begala are not joining the campaign.

Hit them for their gaffs.

Hammer Bush with this!!! Nail that cowardly punk!!

Exclusive Interview: Ben Barnes -- will be broadcast Wednesday, Sept. 8

Bush gaffes are not funny - they are dangerous!

Great Quote from the Bill Maher show this week about *

Bad news from Arizona!

Whats up with Scarborough?

Bush's Youth Under Scrutiny - Washington Post

Carville coming up on Imus.

Larry King and Newsweek turn down Kitty Kelly ......(On Imus)

Jay Leno jokes about * doing cocaine on 'Tonight Show'

Kerry Widens Lead in Battleground States!

Kerry/Graham 2004?

Evan Thomas (Newsweak) is on Imus making excuses for *.

Joe Lockhart needs to take on the press head-on!

Does anyone know someone that decided to vote for Bush after the RNC?

Is Barnes on 60 Minutes Wednesday or this coming Sunday?

Text of a a letter former President Carter sent to Zell Miller....

NYT: Deficit Analysis and Bush Differ (big time)

somebody has mentioned to JK, the quandary in Iowa

Re: Bush AWOL developments. Any vet groups planning on running ads?

Even LA Times joins Bush campaign today: Brownstein on W and Truman

Sydney H. Schanberg, "Convention of Hate"

So, is it, or is it not going to be on? I am referring to the 60 minutes

It's time for a Kerry ad defining "Chickenhawks."

Kerry campaign should not address Kitty Kelly's drug charges

It all comes down to

Did Bush use coke while Texas governor?

Medicare Rates to Jump 17%

Excerpts from Sen. John Kerry's speech today on Iraq (as prepared)

Newsday: "Media ownership limits depend on election".......

On Fox: Sen Hutchinson just said France Still selling weapons to Iraq Kerry leading, but Ohio is strongly favoring Bush

Cheney really chaps my azz!

Hey GOP: America is not the Soviet Union!

Bush Budget Projections for 2004

another flip flop of bush, budgetary power for person

How does "liberty promote peace"? (Bush)

Cheeseburger Boy is right, we will be attacked after Kerry

WP piles on -- Analysis: Kerry Playing into GOP Hands

1000 dead - scotty says remember those who died on 9-11

Here comes Carville.

NY,pg1: "Deficits have soared under Bush," "sobering report"

More than 1000 U.S. soldier deaths in the War on Terror

My letter to the Kerry campaign

Kerry To Outline Plan For Iraq At Union Terminal

W stands for "Where in the hell was he?" n/t

Get out of Ohio! Park your Arse in MO, FL, CO, AZ, NV, AR, + VA

Scheduled campaign stops?

"the truth can kick a lie's ass any day"....

Why does not Kerry...?

George W. Bush did NOT protect America ....

Global warming as terrorism

What happened to REGGIE the registration rig?

Finally on NPR : the Chimp being AWOL from the TANG

Missing in Action : NYTimes on bush*

On Bush National Guard Service and the TV Media

***George W. Bush - AWOL in Alabama...Texans for***

Contrast between print and tv media couldn't be more obvious than today

well, well, well...........look what's back in the news............

Two LTE to share from my local paper: (Good ones)

This IS the map we will be watching on the evening of Nov 2

Fantastic Article to Convince Fiscal Conservatives to Vote Kerry!

Well its happened: The cubicle-mate of mine is voting Kerry

Media View Kitty Kelley's Bush Book With Caution

Kerry Widens Lead in Battleground States!


Quick! Live video of Kerry Iraq speech

Dead soldiers don't matter

One last "'W' stands for".....

Been reading Thomas Barnett's book...

NPR:McClellan made statement on 1,000 deaths as W......

MSNBC still talking up bs poll results

PIctures from Richard Morrison bus tour in District 22

Lou Dobbs said on radio this morn. the Unemployment rate is 9.5%

And the aftermath of Kerry's speech? Bush stories.

Kerry hitting AWOL on the "war as a last resort".... relentless !

NYTimes: Kristof on Chimp's AWOL

OK. I'll beat the dead horse again - Death By 1000 Cuts


Bush spokesman lied - oops, "misspoke" - to the Washington Post

Truth Out - Issues gives latest polls their perpective...

Catholic Voters Given Leeway on Abortion Rights Issue

Catholic Voters Given Leeway on Abortion Rights Issue

Links to articles about Tom Duh-lay and a kick ass site:

Kerry's Iraq policy

You know, the thing about Bush is that he just seems to be bad luck.

Kerry on now live....excellent!

NEW electoral status...............more important than polls

That's my man! Kerry looks good on CNN and MSNBC now!

Job creation - Bush vs Clinton

Dem talkers: PLEASE respond to cheney

"W" is not for 'wrong' or for 'worst'... It should be for 'WHY?'

C-Span now.... Dem's blasting fat-boy... eom

My LTTE: Comments? Suggestions?

After Kerry speech - we ARE on the offensive - AWOL has his scandals

UB professor says Bush has it in the bag

Publisher says Kelley book legally airtight . . .

How the "Left" is reclaiming "Right"...

‘Texans for Truth' ad challenges Bush on Guard service

MEME: Bush is a afraid to answer questions from real people

how the world would vote in November ! ( not good for Bush)

HAHA! Global poll shows a Kerry landslide

I saw a nauseating sig line on another web site

On Sept. 15, Kerry should call for the banning of ALL books.

Gay Republican Group Won't Endorse Bush

Who's in charge of the Kerry campaign?

Folks, I think the Bush AWOL story is about to hit BIGTIME.

Albright has been representing Kerry well


HERE'S a way to WAKE UP the apathetic!!

W is for Wanker, he's been strokin' us for 4 years

My new name for * - Snorty McWrongway.....

Here's how I think the debate question should be handled.

MSNBC Poll: Did Cheney go too far?

George W. Bush is afraid to face questions from the voters

Bush* should be very proud of his achievements..he has many

Deficit Analysis and Bush Differ (Bush plan WON'T cut deficit 50% in 5 y)

Will Ferrell does Bush.

Cheney Warns of Terror Risk if Kerry Wins

Win more than $500!!! Ask "One Simple Question"

"Bush reveals his courage by skipping debate"

Just in!! Repukes "applauded Senator Kerry Republican convention"

Yay F9/11 DVD + 100 minutes of recent footage

Google News: Bush Fell Short of Military Obligation

Latest Rasmussen Tracking Poll: Bush 48% Kerry 46%

TODAY Show to do THREE DAYS on Bush Book next week!

E-mail thanks to CNN and MSNBC for running Kerry's speech

Tomorrow's Repub Talking Point....

We need a GWB Infomercial!

Rasmussen poll today is GREAT news for Kerry

A time for trouble.....

Polls, I know some hate them but just for cheer


MSNBC: "Bush likely to bow out of one debate"

We need talking points people..

Dick Cheney is a damned liar: ... The Bush WH was in power on 9-11...

Does anyone know what night this week Seymour Hersh is on Tweeties show?

What I Find Interesting About Cheney's Iowa Remarks

Watch the "Texans For Truth" Bush AWOL Ad: QuickTime & Windows Media

Bush AWOL Talking Point

Susan Rice (Kerry) kicking but on Wolf...

Edwards response to Cheney scare tactics....

How should the Kerry camp Make Hay out of Bush wimping out of the debate?

Here's the list of Midland, Texas boys who died in Nam in place of AWOL

Did shrubya "manage a budget in Texas"....?

"Pig Boy Caller" - US was attacked on 911 & the Dems. did nothing" ..WTF

Update: Repugs are all out of Pampers...too much shit coming down

Wolf Blitzer just played part of the Texans for Truth Bush AWOL ad!

Is it just me or is anyone else frustrated by the

if Bush had time for "underwater survival training" for carrier photo-op

Big Surprise: RNC slime machine now trained on Ben Barnes . . .

CNN talking about AWOL

Spoil the October Surprise...

CORRECTED STORY Kerry Clings To A Narrow Labor Day Lead, Zogby

OK, how did the Bush campaign manage to get Genesis to crash?

Nev. Touch-Screen Voting Has Paper Trail

A Non-Political Observer of W.rong Says...

Where are the new polls? Need to send around to Nervous Nellies.

1000 deaths in Iraq. Meanwhile, Karl, Karen & Andy share a laugh with Bush

Bush "miscalculate" Iraq? He LIED - Big-time! Office of Special Plans!

Kerry is saying 2 hundred billion for Iraq but 0 for America

AAR NYers went to Penns. More people were voting for Kerry.

Missed Bob Graham's recent TV interviews, how's it playing?

Log Cabin Repub Group Withholds Endorsement of Bush

Kerry: Bush Broke Promises on Path to War

Did anyone catch that bit with Wolfie and Brownstein?

Bush is playing follow the leader again.

Bush says that Kerry claims "The heart of America is in Hollywood"

GW BUSH the executioner!

"Bush Laments Loss of U.S. Troops in Iraq"

Why "releasing all the personnel records" still won't tell the whole story

Revealed! First draft of *'s convention miss-speech!

Just saw Kerry's new ad! EXCELLENT!

Kerry Says Bush Miscalculations in Iraq Cost $200 Bln

Gay Republican Group Won't Endorse Bush

Off to see John Edwards in Orono, ME

Use a Picture of an EMPTY PODIUM to illustrate the COURAGE

There was a lot of anger, despair, and consternation here last night

What's Scaring Bush In These Swing States

When does the Texans for Truth ad begin?

Ben Barnes donor to Scott Mcclellan mother's campaign

What Else Should the W Stand For?

Is there a transcript of Kerry's speech this morning...

Hit Cheney back hard: w/ DU's Plame Indictment / American Judas

No CBS promos for Ben Barnes' "60 Minutes" interview tonite?

Ad idea: Bush vs. the facts

anyone see the heckler at Kerry's speech?

Global survey shows 30 of 35 countries want Kerry in White House

Wanted: Tough Questions for Presidential Debates

Bush handing out ice in Florida (CNN)

Bush is to debates as...

Kerry's anti-bush argument on Iraq is too weak

BC04' "You're Screwed and There's Nothing You Can Do About It!"

MSNBC shows Kerry's speech today and protester. Kerry looked worried

Actually, the quote about the wrong war should not be attributed to Dean.

DU this Newsweeks survey...

WTF? According to todays WP. the CNN/Gallup poll

colorado proportional vote question

Hysterical Register to Vote Commercial w/Ben Affleck

Why is Bob Barr on CNN telling Kerry how to run his

Texans for truth ad talk on Faux

James Carville Denies He’s Involved in K-E Campaign

Kerry Goes on the Attack in New Ads

Todays GOP-CNN talking point

Click Yes.

Debate: Man to Man

Who really thinks they now have all of Bush's military records ?

Iraq Watch

Please everyone forward the Young Repug kicking that women

Seymour Hersh on HardBall with Chris Matthews Tomorrow Night

Force Bull O'Reilly To Promote Kitty Book

McCain set the record straight after being misquoted by conservatives

Bush loves debates

Oh, get real!

Zogby says Newsweek poll was skewed

a pic of dick

Very neat and concise...

Ice, Ice, Baby

Once again - Don't bother taxing the rich - they'll just get out of it!!

Bush's emotional Achilles heel..

So Bush wants to skip a debate? Kerry should attend anyway!

Picture request of * and Kerry in action!

Best Counter For "Kerry Hasn't Done Anything in Mass.?"

Have you seen the poll?

Log Cabin Republicans vote 22-2 to NOT endorse Bush

Right now, Kerry is doing BETTER than GORE ( latest state polls).

FOX News attempting to give Kerry more favorable coverage?

Bush is the Credit Card President

What's wrong with Bush? His 11 point bump has vanished!

"Bush fell short of meeting military obligations and was not punished"

Kerry Press Release: Wrong Choices in Iraq Hurt Us At Home

Help me understand this poll on fear of terror attacks.

Repubs going to focus on the "flip-flop" label.....

Were the attacks on Kerry's service record a blessing in disguise?

The right is VERY afraid of the Bush/AWOL story

Reporters Legal Hotline Drew 9 Calls during GOP Convention

New ICR Poll - Kerry 46 - Bush 46 - Nader 4

Kerry "Wrong Choices" ad rocks!

Bush wants only 2 debates (a seated format with no town hall-style questio

Woodruff on CNN to look at AWOL charges.

Memo from McAuliffe Regarding RNC Smear Machine Attacking Ben Barnes

Sen Graham on CNN now

Confessions of a Flip Flopper

Bush won't debate town hall forum because he's scared they will ask him

Dick Cheney plays politics with terror!

Kerry enlists political brawler

Global survey shows 30 of 35 countries want Kerry in White House

Today's Kerry remark on Bush line about soft bigotry of low expectations

What happend to non-Bush guys who skipped guard obligations

Is it possible that CNN is being paid off by the RNC ??

Now I just saw the MOB commercial with Edie Falco-ROCKS!!!

Kerry will win

I am trying to upload pictures into my sig line.

An endorsement we could do without...

Smirk's "honorable discharge" needs to be investigated! It was NOT earned

Can the lying, alcoholic cokehead, deserter really call off a debate with

Does anyone here post on Craigs list?

Paula Zahn reporting a huge lead for * in Ohio

Deadheart Dick's a Terrorist, According to Patriot Act....

I just wanna know if Bush's honorable discharge was self-inflicted

Anyone got a copy of the Loyalty Oath?

Salazar criticizes Record deficit.

Heckler tossed from Kerry's Cincy speech

Republicans Cry Foul Over Bumper Stickers - AP\Miami Herald

Tell CNN "likely voters" includes ZERO newly registered voters!

OK totally off issue. Cops are all over my neigbors house today

Begala is chewing up Tucker!

The Moron in the WH loses Gay votes, AAR news

Just saw "Wrong Ad" on CNN

DNC, please run this ad OVER and OVER

Did I hear right Kemp said that "The Poor & Middle Class" get 40 acres?

author of "Bush's Brain" Wayne Slater on Fresh Air w/Terry Gross today:

Amazon-Kitty #6 - Bob Graham #14

What's the story on this Red Blount guy in the '72 Alabama senate race?

Why did Bush just stare at the reporter who asked

Why did the Pentagon release the new records?

Did you know that Kerry used to own a Bakery?

We are tied again New ICR poll Kerry 47- Bush 46

MSNBC will cover the AWOL charges shortly.

MSNBC Reports AWOL Story on Front Page of Web site..must see!

Texans for Truth AD BUY

Response to Cheney, "Draft"...

2000 Article that includes Gov Bush's environmental policy

More thoughts on *'s the rich don't pay taxes mantra

We are tied again New ICR poll Kerry 47- Bush 46

Woo! Hoo! Look at the latest Electorial College Predictor map.

Bush Is Not Looking Well - PIX

This whole "Flip-Flop" topic is starting to sound really CHILDISH!!

Good indicator on all these polls- the Registered Voter margin.

Tune in MSNBC !!!! Dave Nyhan just let Bush have it. . . . . .

Let's fix Dubya's official bio

"Bush Campaign More Thought Out Than Iraq War"

So can Bush still be held to the document

I need Wolfie's email address

If the deficit simply grew incrementally during Bush's second term...

New Electoral Vote Count

List the Media WHORES who a Kerry Administration MUST shut out!

LOVING the new DNC TV ad about jobs

When you're ready to Rumble Big Dawg.....

Zig Zag Zell

so funny lester holt talking to boston globe news nyhan

Can someone kindly explain to me......

Ben Ginsberg is an MF.

Here is my email to Wolf Blitzer

Old album made by Kerry's band selling for thousands!

Wolf Blister is kneepadding for Dumbya against the

Sam Brownback sez Clinton gave North Korea "Whitewater Reactors"

BUSH's debate excuse is WEAK

Blitzer, again, completely off base on Military Service debates

Hey Ginsberg Answer the friggin Question

Full-On ASSAULT by Kerry Camp


Win Without War

who's this assh*le Calhoun?

Shouldn't dems be making a HUGE deal out of the debA(WOL)tes?

Leslie Blitzer to Have on Someone who "served" with * in Alabama!

Randi Rhodes asks: "Where are the antiwar songs for Iraq?"

Vote in this poll, please

lou dobbs poll/ cheney should retract

KOS: Some stations Pre-empting 60 Minutes tonight

LTTE: Retired Navy Commander (Repub) & entire family to vote Kerry

Should Cheney retract his statement re voting for Kerry equals more terra?

righties are reaching again...

OMG - CNNI just aired "Bush meeting with congressional leaders ..."

Cindy Adams: Big Dog on phone with "associates" night of surgery

What ever happened in the Schoedinger vs Bush Texas case?

Kerry needs to RAIL on W for not doing the townhall debate!!!!

If the Boston Globe is correct about Bush not fulfilling his obligations

AWOL is everywhere!!!!!!

CNN: OHIO TIED! Bush 48%, Kerry 47% Registered voters

So Bush wants to go AWOL on one of the debates?

Don't you have to have a DD214 to PROVE you were honorably discharged?

Carm Soprano (Edie Falco) tears into Bush in new independent ad

kerry stands up and says

CBS Evening News: Leading off with AWOL

60 Minutes II preemption--my e-mail

Oh what a bad night on the Networks for Bush

Constitution and Libertarian on VA ballot, Nader NOT

Lou Dobbs CNN

Dick Cheney's Warning Quote

We have them on there heels

Jennings and ABC news - pretty good tonight

CNBC "Whine and Chesse" group just got done mocking shrub...

Sometimes a Tie Isn't Really a Tie - Undecided voters will go for Kerry

Kitty Kelley's Shocking Revelations (the list is out!)

Notice How the Repubs are Prepared to Counterattack?

The Message - Bush Is A Liar


Another day, another photo-op

Not a good day for shrubbie in the St Louis media

Who's A Bigger Coward?

Is there a level of shame and disgust you can feel about Bush?

Lou Dobbs: we're through with the war stories -- no AWOL

Thank You Thread - Bob Mintz: Soldier and Patriot

I'd cry too

Bush's Sept. Schedule/Get Local Media to cover protests & get pics

What did you think of Kerry's speech today?

Yet another Bush campaign lie identified:

If Ginsburg is the best rethugs can do to discredit Texans for Truth,


Dirty Politics In New Hampshire

Hardball tonight - which side does Tweety sing from?

1,002 soldiers did not die in the "war on terror."

Will Clinton's Surgery Impact the Election?

Lou Dobbs Poll~~~93% yes. Click on YES

Heartbroken family "thanks" Bush for death of their son

Anatomy of Good Leadership: What are the Qualities, What does it take??

I live in a battleground state...Yesterday, FIRST poll Kerry LEADS!!!

Newsweek: Bush has captured a "meaningless 75%" of Al-Qaeda

"Economy weak + getting weaker"-Retort 2 bush "strong + getting stronger"

World Wants Bush Out of the White House: Poll

TV Guide Channel shows F911trailer and Moore clip!!! During their

Rowley (FBI whistleblower) on CNBC now.

Texans for Truth coming up on Wolf CNN

Bush wasn't really needed in Ala. campaign. What WAS he good for?

My brother-in-law's LTTE. Funny.

"After Hubris Comes Nemesis"

The movie "Gladiator" as a metaphor for this election?

WHOA Bush said if N Guard was called up we would have done better in Nam

A one hour MSNBC show on Lacy and Kobie daily - 5 minutes with Bob Graham

Just got a call from local Kerry campaign (Ohio)

Kerry Protestor - Look, He still has all his teeth.

Texans for Truth up next on Tweety!!!

Tweety not having a soft night..

Is there anyone more smarmy than Dan Bartlett?

'Shag the Vote' Launches;

I give a RAT's BUTT!

Smirky's in a sh1tstorm

DU this poll

Just got this from my local Dem Party about Zell

supreme court changes

GOP mayor may use Electoral College to lodge protest against Bush

Kerry's $200 billion rant against the Iraq War is not the best argument...

RNC Talking Point to all news shows -Let's Move on, this is just

LOL!! Kitty Kelley's Shocking Revelations!!

found this at freerepublic

Notice how Bush's 'counterattacks' are just weak lies? Who's buying them?

Why The Newsweek and Time Polls Scared Me

Glenn Smith (Texans for Truth) on with Tweet now.

Has anyone got the video of BUSH FALLING ON HIS FACE??

Sen. Bob Graham on Hardball Tonight-READ!!

CBS leads with AWOL, NBC runs it second...nothing on ABC

OutFoxed: Who was the CNN Producer who's husband was an atty for Gore

Smack that ass and call him Edna

grrrrrrr-I was LULLED by Tweety temporarily when he was blackballed

Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth

OMG Bob Graham!!

REMINDER: Ben Barnes\Bush AWOL Story On 60 Minutes II TONIGHT !!!

If "Its the Economy, Stupid ..."

Reuters inquiring about story; Photo of Bush wearing false award

OHIO: Kerry 48%, Bush 46%(more good news in PA and FL)

"Body Parts"... MFG !!!

HELP create a concise statement for Kerry to use against $87 FLIPFLOPcharg

Did You All Get To Check This Out ???

Let's Seriously Talk About Bushisms...

Need button slogans

Some text from bushie's interview with Connie Chung in 1988

Okay, I've got a secret and I have to let you all know.

Bushco. Responds to Texas for Truth

Will we get a knockout tonight? A one-two from 60 Minutes and Hardball?

GOP effort to arrest Democratic voters FAILS

My list of Kerry administration hoped-for goals

Susan Rice--- where have they been hiding her?

DU This Poll

CBS 60 Minutes (Wed) Exclusive Interview: Ben Barnes

Will Alan Keyes get 30% of the vote vs. Obama?

What's Kerry doing to shut up Cheney?

How many DU members can spare $5.00 for our campaign?

Dang those Freepers are hard to keep up with (DU THIS POLL)

If Kerry gets 2/3 of the undecided, he's home free! The Incumbent Rule. has Kerry up again.

Volunteer locally, make full use of your state forums, etc....

MSNBC: Bush "simply stared at a reporter" who asked about Cheney "threat"

Message into Tweety's earpiece - "kill the interview, kill it now"!

So does anybody else think the lid is about to blow off Bushco?

Is Bush off the wagon again ?

It's Time for, TERRA 'LERT LOTTO!!!!!! When do we go ORANGE?

Need an example of Bush racism

Poll Spinners and Whiners: Enough Already!

Judy Woodruff interviewing BG reporter about missing docs.

If John Kerry can't satisfy the NRA, who the hell can?

I'm going to dinner with the "Governator" tonite...