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Archives: September 9, 2004

LA Daily News - Major cities left shortchanged

Blumenthal: Now it's Bush's turn to squirm

No sense of humor

Apocalypse Bush! Why care for the planet when the End Times are almost her

Salon: Hiding the Bodies (US Casualties)

Chinese presence in Haiti a threat

WSWS: The anatomy of a right-wing provocation in US election campaign

Salon: Stung! (swarm of new media stories on *)

Dowd - Cheney Spits Toads

After bannishing the word "negative" from the lexicon for the past month

New York Times has proof Bush broke law - was AWOL,, had a cover-up

Ben Barnes On 60 Minutes - Video

Jon Stewart: Independent, Liberal and Funny

U.S. Airways deadline approaching?

Presidential Office leak discovered - TW

Forum says China might rethink its policy on Taiwan

The UK is a great place to be a gun owner

what should be more regulated, handguns or 'assault weapons'?

4 Days until Assault Weapons Ban Sunsets

Mike Malloy is on until 1:00AM . He returned to his normal

do threads automatically get locked after a certain time period?

FL folks - protest at Cargill tomorrow re 60million gal toxic waste spill

Ivan Group Therapy

Dayton: Petty anti-Kerry vandalism at Lexis-Nexis.

is anyone else pissed that the shepherd endorsed flynn over gwen moore?

Most Wanted List

Lois Romano - Washington Post - What a dumbass !

I am sick of the mindset that protesting the war is tantamount to spitting

I am sick of the mindset that protesting the war is tantamount to spitting

More stupid Bill O'Reilly hypocrisy

Headline: "Tens of Thousands of Iraqis Killed" Rating: 1.67

Holy shit, Rather is ripping Dubya a new one regarding TANG

60 Minutes 2 not being shown in Baton Rouge

Bill Maher will be on Conan O'Brien tonight

Why does Dan Rather hate freedom?

Freeper email

what is this "Form 180" that Kerry apparently "won't sign"

Oklahoma DUers thank all of you who called KWTV re: 60 minutes

OK. will anyone post a video of the 60 Minutes II piece?


Reaction from the vanpool (Woodbridge, VA)

No CBS in Richmond

Do the fledgling MSNBC groupies now see why some were cynical?

The bu$h fascist enablers are censoring the truth! re: 60 minutes

What to do???

My son

The 9/11 Commission Report - A Special on History Channel 9/8 10pm EST

Get your Daddy

I'm shocked...Norville's actually asking tough questions...possibly

IT IS TIME=boycott TV-we need


Thought I'd share a good link with you

Bush "Leadership" a "Catastrophic Success"

It's A War, Stupid! Now, they tell us???? (Must read...)

George Bush Has a Good Excuse for Not Serving in Viet-Nam

Does WH spokesman Dan Bartlett remind you of Nathan Thurm too?

Costa Rica's highest Court : Support for Iraq war unconstitutional


Novak sees no connection between him and his own son.

Do you guys understand how brilliant kerry has played the AWOL issue?

Rodney Paige is on a radio ad pushing "No child left behind"

I need sites/info on the bad parts of the Patriot Act

New group after Kerry

I am listening to Mike Malloy for the very first time: Holy FREAKIN' MOLY!

Outsourcing - Jobs Moving Abroad

They are not media whores...they are traitors to the people

Check in here if CBS 60 Minutes not available in your area tonight

Has anyone ever had a post 'go missing' here on DU?

I need the pdf file address

Post with a letter from a US solidier in Iraq re Halliburton?

Anyone else depressed ?

Cardinal ordered to release files on accused priests

If the admin wins the election

OK. So at least two of my 35 co-workers are liberals.

Just sent an Email to my undecided Dad.

operation oil is not free

Help in FL?

i <3 jimmy carter

Three years ago, I proposed sit-ins & protests at mass media affilliates

Saw Big Ed on MSNBC

University Tuitions......OMG!

Old Vets, help out my memory about "Honorable Discharge"

Mike Malloy ..Calling Truthseekers

It's not 1,000 deaths...

Awol Counter attack - Before you fall for Dems’ spin, here are the Facts

Couldn't any of the reserves who don't want to go to Iraq use Bush's TANG

GRANNY D --- on Last Call w/Carson Daly TONIGHT

Things just aren't going too well for Florida this year

Question about Army reserve

Should people with "high risk" genes suffer genocide?

Iraq Situation - PBS News Hour !!! - Did You Guys See This ???

Bill Maher on Conan O'Brien tonight

Did anyone watch the "Al Franken" tv show tonight?

Kerry comes from a world of loyalty,courage,honor and friendship.

People who know exactly where "W" was

60 minutes on CBS in Oregon

How many points will Obama win by?

Next question to ask... Did Poppy get aWol an honorable discharge?

Aron Brown did a nice interview with the BG reporter.

From James Wolcott's blog....

If Kerry wins, how much do you want to bet the repugs will become anti-war

Possible grocery strike in Denver...........

Maybe we all should buy assault weapons.?

O'Leilly gets hat handed to him

AOL poll--some interesting results so far--"Kerry more right on Iraq"

Howard Stern Says Bush Has Created a Mess in Iraq

TOONS: Bush Bumbling Failure

CBS 60 Minutes affiliate check in thread: What did difff. affiliates show

Well, the plot thickens in Russian hostage incident.

Article involving DU...

Attack on Kerry's Silver Star

All Things Must Pass: Beyond Plame

Team Canada remains unbeaten in World Cup.

Breaking - Explosion at Australian Embassy in Jakarta (Indonesia)

Frank’s Nursery & Crafts declares bankruptcy (2800 jobs)

Bush LIED...

Rand Beers

GOP mayor may use Electoral College to lodge protest against Bush

Democrats say Bush lied on Guard service (AP via Yahoo)

Senate blocks outsourcing of some federal jobs (ignores WH veto threat)

Guantanamo Interpreter Want Charges Tossed

Former National Guard Pilot From Memphis Doesn't Remember Bush

Gorbachev Calls for Russia School Probe

Russia, Others Worry Over Iraq Scrap Metal

North Korea :Seoul's Nuclear Experiments Stoke Arms Race

Ivan strengthens to 145 MPH monster, NHC says will increase further

NYT: Documents Suggest Special Treatment for Bush in Guard


Kilgore Letter Concedes Vital Fight for Bush in Va. (WP)

House Panel OKs Fines for Frivolous Lawsuits...... Reuters

WP/Pincus/Milbank: Proposal Draws on Advice of 9/11 Panel (Intel. Dir.)

20% of Germans want the Wall back


AP: Thousands of Iraqis Estimated Killed

Iran's nuclear program still a threat: Sharon

U.S. Army Captain Claims Killing Of Iraqi Was Act Of Mercy

White House Threatens Veto Over Overtime

Hall of Fame Bengals tackle to head Bush-Cheney campaign in southwest Ohio

Rumsfeld defends 1000 Iraq deaths

AdWatch: Kerry Accuses Bush on Iraq Money

Kerry rips Cheney statement.

Kerry, Democrats borrow page from GOP in new offensive

CNN Breaking...12 fully equiped Humvees stolen in Iraq.... no link yet...

3rd Federal Judge Finds Abortion Ban Unconstitutional

Australian embassy 'bombed' (Jakarta)

Party Split on Policy Widens (poll-Europe would approve troops for Iraq)

U.S. troops use new tactics to hunt down a resurgent Taliban

Democrats accuse Bush of lying about his Air National Guard service

Army set to injure goats for training (then kill them!)

WP: Records Say Bush Balked at Order

Move On organising vigils for 1000 dead American soldiers

Memos Show Bush Suspended From Flying (WH releases new docs)

Frist Defends Refusal To Extend Weapons Ban

UK sets Iran deadline to end nuclear bomb work

Fewer foreigners enrolling in grad school

Sharon Bush Denies Being Kelley Source (WP)

If Marcel Luske were a woman I would make love to him... ask me anything!

Do PUR/ Brita filters recycle after use?

Life flashes before your eyes.....a rant

Question for those with gym memberships

Spineless from the Start

Dallas family injects healthy kid with synthetic growth

Pro-Choice hypothetical condom

Hurricane Ivan is a BEAST

Hurricane Ivan is a BREAST

people who would have sex with me if I let em? population 0

Instead of showing all posts from all forums...

"The Limey" Starting on IFC

i'm talking to this guy from brasil...

Canada triumphs 5-0 over Slovakia!

Hurricane Ivan is a fucktard

New Kerry commercial with edie falco

Rockin' Kitties ..... *Warning. ... Explicit Lyrics*

Has it ever occurred to you that Bush seems to follow these hurricanes?

I have just been asked to try pneumonia with Salman Rushdie!

save some bandwidth for me, folks. JEEZUS!

Yo! Colin Powell Raps For The Black Vote

Aryan Nations Founder Richard Butler Dies

OMG the freepers are full of sh*t

all this talk of sex is making me wish i had a girlfriend right now!

I keep accidentally ignoring people...

Never Forget - This is what we're up against

where are the online guides on folding clothes???!!!???!?!?!?

Any fans of "The Lionel Show" in these forums?

Do you have a room to go to where you feel pretty?

Since Cheney threatened me today and you and the entire country

Mike Barnicle is...

Can I just say: To Hell With Kitty Kelly !

11pm NHC update. Hurricane Ivan hits Florida 8:00pm Monday

While hanging out at a polling place yesterday

So far, two co-workers have complimented my bumper stickers.

Can I just say: To Hell with Kimmy Gibbler !

Yay! I'm a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar

Need Firefox help!

Is the DU server having problems..

Johan Santana...Is there any doubt

Time for popcorn...

Any RSS/XML users out there?


Anyone else depressed ?

Salman Rushdie on pornography

Tried to get home - our house is completely cut off (flooding)

Do you have a room with no windows and a metal door?

My work is bloody hopeless

Banner day with magnetic stickers... 26 in an afternoon.

how many hosts do you have under my hosts?

Do you really laugh "my" ass off when you LMAO

This thread...ROCKS!!!

This thread...SUCKS!!!

How many posts does * have on his Crawford "ranch"

Any advice on a wedding speech?

so long, pat! your club grows smaller in my rearview mirror.

Hry There Georgy Girl!

Best Mike Patton Band/Side Project?

Just watched Battlestar Gallactica (the new show).

After watching CSI: INvestigation for three daze straight...

Hey , I'm looking for Ahhhnold's Dad's Nazi picture

So, who's gonna win the World Cup of Hockey?

It was such a joy to watch $260 Million slam into the earth!!

Has anyone suggested all these hurricanes are "god's wrath"

Why does Germany make wheat beer so delicous?

Ivan Update

Bill Maher on Conan O'Brien tonight

life doesn't get much better than this...

Any nightowls out tonight?

I wonder if the "Fox News Toolbar" is spyware...

Do you really laugh out loud when you type 'LOL'?

finally, number 500.

To be fair we should hear from some Bush supporters

So I hear from a DU'er that y'all are looking for something fun to do

How many posts do you have under 'My Posts'?

I admit I'm watching O'Reilly Factor

I'm in a really happy mood! Not unusual! Feel like being flattered?

On a scale of 1 - 10, how evil is Dick Cheney?

I'm in a really bitchy mood. Unusual for me. Feel like being abused?

Mr Beastman and I had crappy days...ask us anything

Alan Keyes Creeps Me Out: Even pretending to be him in jest

How did you know that you found " the one " ?

OHH F*UCK!! I just realized I'm targeted for a hit by the BCF saturday

John Kerry Caricatures (or Kerry-catures, if you will).

Which musical performer is the worst of the last 6 years?

How many total posts do you have?

I just finished a pilot script for a sitcom. Ask me anything.

Time for 20 questions

Campaign volunteers check-in

Red Sox you beliiiiiiiieve?????

Hey, this Sealab 2021 program is awfully funny.

R.I.P. Louie my ferret

Uh Oh..Bush visits the NHC in Miami today

now that bush is in deepshit, let's not waste our time on this distraction

Did anyone see Bill Cosby on cnbc? I saw tail end he was saying

The "tone" on DU seems to be a little different tonight

The terrible desperate irony and why bush must go.

watch Ben barnes on CBS

The terrible desperate irony and why bush must go.

The terrible desperate irony and why bush must go.

I'm calling out the Republicans in my hometown!

Tulsa CBS (KOTV) carrying 60 Mins, Barnes now

Terrible desperate irony and why bush must go.

There is much more "substance" and facts to this story than SBVT ads...

Tweety: It's OVER for Kerry if Cheney's statement stands

Protest Panties

Rand Beers

History Channel

Just heard on MSNBC...Kerry Heckler connected to SBV

Statement by Sen Coleman on Bumper Stickers Comparing Bush to Hitler 49% say "no effect" on "terror" if Bush re-selected

Other countries' get to' vote' for * or JFK>>>>

Seems a few people are having a tiff now that tables are turned. LMAO

SHOCKING!!!! For SURE this will get boosh booted!!!

Terry Mac kicking ass!!

Sorry Tweety - I've been kicked in the balls enough

AWOL AWOL EVERYWHERE ... and on Drudge,

It's so hard when you know someones a fraud

Yippee!!! The saddest page on the Net is updated!

Get that slimey, creepy, lazy JERK out of the White House. I hate him

Why is Nader Hurting Bush?

2 Dems on C-Span Now

If Kerry Responds Everytime Cheney Says Something He Will

I'd rather be on OUR team ...then the repugs with their worthless puppet

Tweety & Dobbs now are incensed and we should just move on from 'Nam!

Deborah Norville asking if Iraq is winnable....

Cheney said that elections are unamerican!

Shrub now says intel commisioner should have full authority. Flip flop

MOB: Mothers Opposed to Bush

Too strong a bumper sticker?

Did you write a letter today?

Malloy is back tonight!

the upside......everyOne is saying the swiftboat was crap

Tweety: It's OVER for Kerry if Cheney's statement stands

If Tweety Was So Smart Jimmy Carter Would Have Been Re- Elected

Kerry to Address National Guard Association Conference

Bush/Cheney doing damage control through emails

"If the terrorists weren't killing people in Russia, they'd be

I love it! When the Not-So-Swifties are the story, its about their claims

World Wants Bush Out of the White House (Actual Reuters Headline)

A vote for Kerry/Edwards is a vote for:

Zogby Analysis?

Stung! stories on young George W. Bush

Was it a planned effort by the Boston Globe

CNN - Trying to change the story

Frustrated about *news*- about HALF this country DOES NOT

Dan Bartlett ''misspoke'' in 1999: Walter Robinson on CNN

Another AWOL post

Kerry is back in the race, says latest poll

Most common marching order Karl Rove tells his shills

Gallup over sampling Republicans too???( their internal numbers)

Cheney's remarks, "Bring it on!" all over again.

The TANG/AWOL story goes to the heart of the Bush message.

Check out how papers across the country play the Guard story

Somehow I don't think Texans for Truth will get as much coverage.

NYT: Documents Suggest Special Treatment for Bush in Guard

Graham said he would testify to Saudi conections to 9/11?

Mr Bush, can you do one thing right before you leave office ?

All of this 527 stuff needs to be outlawed.

Republican boycott of Heinz ketchup harmful to Pennsylvania economy

Only Kerry has to have an Iraq plan?

Does anybody know what Scott McLellan's mothers name is?

In his autobiography, Bush calls Jerry Killian a friend

Bush didn't respect the National Guard then and he doesn't respect it now,

Hey Aaron, It's not you. n/t

Greg Palast new Bush Documentary

I got an e-mail from Texans for Truth that said

Tang/AWOL Will Clip 2-3% From Bush Putting Kerry Back Out Front

Cheney: "Osama bin Laden DETERMINED to attack inside the U.S.

Does the WH still deny that Bush got "strings pulled" for TANG?

Should We Question How Bush Lost His Wings At The Champagne Unit?

There is no fourth estate. A free press is dead in the United States

Confession of a Flip Flopper....

Bush is Losing the War on Terror

The picture of shrub's TANG history comes together neatly

Al Franken show on Sundace - now

History Channell: 9/11 report: Clarke just on slamming Shrub

Democrats have taken control of C-Span

Weapons for those that want to use them adversely...

Long LTTE & Short op/ed. Take your pick, but pick one!

A vote for Bush is a vote for the DRAFT

Olbermann, Elizabeth Edwards & "every bit of the will to protect us"

LMAO - Freepers donating to DNC

Bush and Cheney ---Riding the storm out ?

Pennsylvanians: Teresa discussing health issues on PCN now

ESPN again...

ROFLMAO !!! - Freeps Accusing O'Reilly Of Being A Liberal !!!

Ban A Republican

Didn't Bab's teach Schrub that "what goes around comes around"

My LETTER to the KERRY campaign

Another example of the *ification of CNN - current web site headline link

Okay, maybe its paranoia but doesn't Cheney always

I don't have a problem with Edwards addressing Cheney's remarks

I noticed that we lost some energy today at DU.

Flip-flopper in Chief

If Gay GOP Group Won't Back Shrub, Where Does That Leave Drudge?

Deceit by Time and Newsweek: It Is Not An 11 Point Race

if you're awake watch kerry on c-span from cinncinatti


Anyone else un-impressed by Graham on Hardball tonight?

Express Lane to Heaven.................

Take a break....Smoke 'em if you got 'em...

You have GOT to read this whacked out letter to the editor about Zell Miller

To Whom it May Concern (recieved in email)


Get ready to be buried by 911 memorials

The 60 mins episode

Does Bush really have a 7 point lead?

"Records say Bush Balked at Orders"

CNN Afraid White House Will Pull Bush Campaign Ads? BULLSHIT.

I agree with Dick Cheney!

Nader in the debates

"Texans for Truth" AD will run!!

What will be Bush's excuse for not winning on November 2nd?

Kerry calls Cheney's remarks outrageous and shameful

Thread for those who were prevented from seeing CBS expose on Smirk.

What message do you want Kerry to get out...

Fox: Economists say "realistic" National Sales Tax would have to be 40-50%

CNN's afraid of being blackballed by the White House if they report AWOL

White House releases Killian memos

What Zell Miller truly thinks about John might be surprised!

Link to Rather on the Killian Memos (incriminates Bush big time)

Rasmussen Florida Poll: Bush 47 % Kerry 47 %

CNN Throws Up its Hands, Shrugs on National Guard Story

The Countdown replay is delicious

I don't like this AWOL story one bit

Is Scarborough sounding more like "us"?

Olberman: if you're going to heckle don't sit next to a sheet metal worker

Woodruff fell for Bush spin about honorable discharge

9/8 Election Model update: Kerry 296 EV, 88% win prob. ICR poll included.

Thank you, Martin Heldt (Iowa farmer who originated AWOL story)

Navy vet says Kerry fit to lead

'Texans for Truth' ad challenges Bush on Guard service

Somehow I don't think Texans for Truth will get as much coverage.

It took 200 years for our country to go into debt by $500 billion dollars.

Bush’s Wrong Choices in Iraq Have Left Us Without Resources We Need

Pentagon: There are more chimp records not yet released

I'm fairly new to this forum, but..

DAMN cable company knocked off CBS as the interview was ready to start!

Josh Marshall thinks Rather's TANG story piece was lame

Great news at

Kerry at the forefront against terrorists. Before 9-11, he followed the $$

Susan Rice kicking ass on CNN - Transcript:

Today's hero: DAVID GREGORY (NBC)

Kerry To Hold Town Hall Meeting on Health Care in Des Moines Thurs.

Why Elizabeth Edwards is a big Olberman fan

Tweety: who cares what happened 30 years ago?

Tomorrow in PA, Bush plans to unveil his "comprehensive economic plan"

Am I wrong, or did the Bush crew take a pretty sound beating today?

Just emailed hardball

60 Minutes Barnes thread - post here

Edwards Rally at University of Maine/Orono today.

The real race started today--Kerry is like Seabiscuit

I got to call Bush* a "Flight suit Chicken Boy" on the radio today!

The opening CNN segment - Walter Rogers from Iraq - was as damning

9/11 Report quote about "no evidence of WH action between 8/6 and 9/11"

Wingers Are Weeping Over Democratic Assault on Bush's Guard Record

WSJ - Beyond the Bounce

The Poorman:Bush revelations more shocking than Kelley book!

Before I head off to bed

"No blood on our headscarf" [Der Spiegel]

"Now its Bushe's Turn to Squirm".... Blumenthal/The Guardian

Kitty Kelley’s “The Family”– The Inside Scoop, Part 1

Animal rights 'activists'? No, terrorists

Hucksters on the Hustings (GOP ignores real needs to pass flag/same sex)

November Surprise BBV

Red Scare, Updated

My letter to local NBC television station

Dowd, NYTimes-Cheney Spits Toads


Alabama 1972: Dirty Tricks/Failure of Duty/Privileged Son

Kerry position in sharper focus

Greg Palast: How the Grinch Stole Veterans' Overtime Pay

The Unbearable Costs of Empire

Bush team's pitch: Vote for us or die

Troops deserve to know the goal of the Iraq war

NY Times: Book Unflattering to Bush Draws His Campaign's Fire

The Weeping Gardener, A 9/11 Remembrance

A Dissenter on Outsourcing States His Case (US loses in outsourcing)

The Politics of Jesus

Mark Fiore | A Nation Remembers III

Bush's Convention Bounce Worst Ever for Incumbent President

Molly Ivins: Forget Bush

Can a Vietnamese-American be Heard? by Tiana Thi Thanh Nga

Stop whinning and read this!

UNITED BY GRIEF - N. CA Families Televised Encounter

Chris Herz: Follow the money (also Halliburton losing no-bid status)

PROOF, * is NOT serious about the war on terror

FIRST HAND ACCOUNT OF RNC DETENTION - "Guantanamo on the Hudson"

Bush Can't Afford Inaction on Iran

In honor of 9/11, a day of dialogue

Joe Bageant "Brings It" one more time: "Karaoke Night in Bush's America"

A Disgraceful CampaignSpeech(GOP should spend on Security-not on tax cut

He's Ohio's Howard Dean -- minus the "Yeaaaghh!"

Global Eye Friday, September 10, 2004.

The Chechens' American friends (or Neocons for Terra)

If I ever get you to read anything let it be this...

Anti Bush Rally in NE PA

Get involved locally *now*, use DU's State Forums, etc....

need help with letters to the editor in swing states

Protest John O'Neill in L.A.!

anyone going to the moveon candlelight vigil tonight (9/9/03)?

Robert Greenwald's "Unconstitutional" screening in 25 states

New Kerry ads:"Johnstown on Medicare"&"Philadelphia -health care and wage

GOP has media go to" 'Nam body count reporting"-Dozens dead in Iraq fighti

Condit, tabloid publisher settle libel suit in Levy's case

Pundits have no incentive to tell the truth

Race Inquiry for Debates Upsets Reporters

need help with letters to the editor in swing states

Debate Draws Distinctions in Candidates' Trade Policies

Self-Depreciating Remarks

Excellent Birth/death jobs creation analysis shows"seasonal"-not political

rescind social security totalization agreement w/ Mexico

Victoria fails sewage test, again

Locusts Devastate Key Farm Regions In Mauritania - Reuters

Women Near Twin Towers Had Smaller Babies, Study Finds

Global Warming in National Geographic

former Republican Governor of Delaware: Bush declared war on environment

New ring discovered around Saturn

Colorado's Number of SUVs Zooms Up

Earth in quiet period for hurricanes

Global climate change: a load of poo?

Grand Bahama Submerged By Frances - Claims May Be "Astronomical" - Reuters

Japan Breaks 50-Year Record For Number Of Typhoons - IHT

In Bold Move, White House Orders Better Environmental Data Sharing

Florida Hurricanes: "Sewage Crisis Threatens County" waterways/beaches

Ford Says Gas Prices Hurting Large SUV Sales - Gee, ya think?

"Large Radiation Release a Major Health Risk for 20 Million in NY area"

Smog Harms Children's Lungs for Life, Study Finds

World largest's solar power plant opens in Germany

Expand Scope of 'No-Fly' List, 9/11 Panel's Staff Says

Puppy Shot Man Trying To Kill Dogs

Even puppies use guns for self defense

The political party that most represents me and my concerns is:

So, who's going to go out and buy an assault rifle as soon as they're


Rifle Makers Settle in DC "Sniper" Case

A section for fliers, bumperstickers, etc.?

How do you insert pictures in posts?

cant load gd2004

gd2004 won't load for me; a kind of black line appears across

Bug report id number: 71497 and i keep getting bug report "id # 70632"....

Thanks for the DU bumper sticker. Never did get one from Kerry, so this

Democrats Aboard Forum--excellent idea.

has you ever had a member that

I am crying, I am crying, I am crying...I have a star!!!!

Shalom says Arafat’s expulsion “closer than ever”

Toward a True Democratic State in the Middle East

On edit. Dupe.

The next bombshell... will the media touch this?

Alan Keys speaking for Jesus!

Was Keyes sent here by the NeoCon Conspiracy...

Kerry in Madison, WI 9/15

Fla. Congressman Claims Libel, Sues Foe

need help with letters to the editor

Check in here so we know that you're safe from the hurricane.

Protest John O'Neill in Los Angeles!

Letter Writing Luncheon - 49th CD-Sat. Sept. 11

Parents say church trying to recruit kids

Question about proposition 68, about gambling.

Mass is 40th in tax burden

Kerry has to win Michigan

need help with letters to the editor

Kerry needs to go to Central Pennsylvania !!!

need help with letters to the editor

Hoeffel supporters:

Dallas: Phone banking TONIGHT (9/9) WITH MEDIA! 9/11 phone bank cancelled

Dallas: Sept. 10, 11: "Take Back Democracy Film Festival"

Dallas: Sunday. September 12, 6pm Advance Screening: Bush Family Fortunes.

Austin, Friday Sept. 10th - Rock for Dems Benefit

how many people work with local Dem party versus other Dem organization?

Kerry and Nader in Madison, same day

Go Cheney yourself coming to Sheboygan

Tinfoil idea - Genesis sabotaged

Ideas for new anti-Bush soundbites (a la "flip-flop"):

Josh Marshall has posted a remarkable 1973 AWOL memo

Forget the "/" from now on it's "9 Iraq 11"

New Europe? Old Europe? Serbian Ed Minister Bans Darwin from Schools

Kerry's coming Sunday, Ivan's coming Monday

Scathing editorial from Denver Post on Saudis

Double Standard Drugs / Labor

LBN: Memos Show Bush Suspended From Flying (WH releases new docs)

Where can I find Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly all in one room...

Remember the spy story?

Before I head off to bed

Bush can't even be nice to his supporters (and sort of tells the truth)

Real Time

Washington/Chechen Terrorist Connection

There is a Tropical Depression 10 in the Far Eastern Atlantic

Are people that STUPID. The polls indicate bush has momentum

Where can I find copies of Bush's Tang records

Ask Bush*: What should the "Iraq Memorial" look like?

Dems need to reach out to suburban poor

Should we change the name of Ivan to Shrub?


Canada to honor US draft dodgers

Can anyone give me Crashcarts exact quote?

Will News of Bush's Cowardice/Mendacity Sway His Faithful?

Thanks for answering my TANG question last night

Soldier, statesman ... rocker? Old Kerry album gets second look

A new Catholic opinion making the rounds: May be OK to vote for Kerry

Hannity thinks it still works

Why did Bush skip his Flight exam?

I'm ashamed to be an American!

what do you think about this article on oil prices?? its right biased...

I have a new respect for Katherine Lanpher.

Broder links declines of prog. politics, lib. legislation, organized labor

How is Zell Miller being received

The Freepers Catch the White House releasing FAKE MEMOs

Anybody notice that if you post bitching or catastrophe on DU

Jobless claims fell to 319,000

The "Ownership Society".....what exactly

Here are 2 pics of Killian's signature

Weak, Weary Residents Worry Whats Next

Dubya's whole life is "Strings to get in and Strings to get out"....

Tonight on HBO !!!! Rory Kennedy's documentary

Our Ballooning Deficit! Explanations, please....

Why are some people obsessed with creating an American monarchy?

Question about FOIA and Bush Records

I need help

My letter to the times about the "war on terror"

Some Florida evacuations ordered ahead of Ivan

Florida Keeps Cautious Eye On Ivan

IMUS - Doris Kearns Goodwin "the Kelly book could be Explosive"

What do you want Kerry to say in his Inaugural Address?

I hate Randi, Carville, Begala, J Stew, Oberman, Franken, Malloy, Janeane!

"W stands for Wrong", say it again, and again, and again...

"Hit Again"...starring Kindly ol' Dick Cheney.................cartoon

Today's Boondocks

NY DUers: Howard Dean book signing

Brazil does not like us ( I know what's new :)

Bob Graham's notebooks

Hurricane Jean on the way...

Bush zombies do not respect civility and decency

I'm Having a FRUSTRATED Moment.

Carville is coming up on The View at 10:00 a.m. central. n/t

I knew guys who got out early and still got an Honorable Discharge

My wife told me yesterday that her school, K-4,...

my video of Tuesday's 250 PROTEST Bush in Missouri

Cheney's Capitalism OR Deals with Iran

How many people were unable to see 60 Minutes last night

W is for WTF?!?

Big Brother Censorship...this is bigger than repug vs Dem

Some historical perspective on the military

Dr. Cornell West was just on AAR - it was truely great.

My observation about the polls

response from J/J re: Band-Aids and Purple Hearts

CNN pinning Guard attacks on Kerry.

New Mexicans....Dominici needs a call!

Dan Bartlett on "60 Minutes" last night.

Air America reporting mysterious blackout of Direct TV during Barnes piece

Bill Moyers to do show on 911 Unanswered Q's...tomorrow

Didn't one of the religious wackos suggest that a natural disaster

What passes for journalism these days?

The View: Juicy tidbits please....

Funny! When Diebold Controls the Votes

KYW in Philadelphia needs to get DU'ed.

Pg A-11 of the Pittsburgh P-G had story of Bush*'s guard service.

Hey guys - I need your feedback

Wenders' Paranoid Post-9/11 America Hits Screens

Muslims stayed silent about Saddam’s brutal rule: Anwar Ibrahim

No matter what the Right says about the Republican Con's ratings...

Why don't babies like Bush*?

Hundreds Of Republicans ________ In Rush To Discredit Kerry

Go Sam Shane! (MSNBC) Take no prisoners!

Name some Repuke *conspiracy theories*...


Anyone else locked out of GD:C2004?

Us Casualties- scattered resistance?

What happened to GD: Campaign 2004 forum ?

If we were like Freepers we'd say that Ivan's timing is suspicious.

Go Sam Shane! (MSNBC) Take no prisoners!

"White House Puts Off Logging Decision"

Kitty: More support for Bush coke use

I listen to liberal talk radio via the net all the time. Why do some

New Game: Guess the late Friday document dump.

CNN reporter just described right now as "Terror Season"

Bush Backs Out of MO debate!!??

There's only 1 road out of the Keys

HELP! Total Dead In Iraq - Including Foreigners We Promised Citizenship?

"Health Care Premiums Jump 11.2 Percent, 4th year of double-digit growth"

Kerry is coming to my town... and I CAN'T GO!

What is so bad about the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council)? nt

Thank God Our Beloved President Did Not Go To Vietnam

"Tabasco Crops Too Hot for Bunnies"

Tom DeLay screwing with the Boy Scouts!!

I wonder who did George's duty for him???

"U.S. Jets Bomb Insurgent-Held Iraq Cities"

Justice Department Censors Supreme Court Quote

85 Years Before 9-11 ... Manhattan Was Blasted in a Now Forgotten Act

"Bush Makes the Dictionary"

HHS Awards $2 Million to YMCA

Mark Fiore illustrates terror versus Iraq

PHOTO: bush* breaks down in laura's he leaves for PA

Florida Hurricaines....Are they A Curse upon Florida

Reuters is reporting...

Today in NYT, a full two-page pull out w/photos of all the 1000 KIA.

MSNBC Poll-Does Bush's military service matter to you?

MsNBC Say Bush To Speak at Natl Gard Conv.

That guy Franken interviewes shows very well who we're up against - idiots

Nader is off the ticket in VA

Should He Resign

Another Michael "Richard Ramirez" BS cartoon....

Franken's show: asshole freeper mocking vietnam vets

Any good Howard Stern rants on * lately?

moveon vigil + billionaires for bush tonight in dc + "uncovered"

I wish someone infiltrating a Bush Fascist Rally would yell out....

The Democratic "Willie Horton" Ad for W.rong

Franken: Who was the "Rob Stein" (sp) guy? (got distracted at work)

For G_j and others contemplating leaving US

SLUDGE: '60 Minutes' Documents on Bush Might Be Fake

Any progress on any

1 in 4 Amercain casualties in Iraq were non-hostile - Today's NYT

Possible LTTE: Comments ??

This is what's going on in Florida.......not good.

When is the last time Virginia went Blue?

The Miami Herald: "Cowardice in the newsrooms"

2 toons in 1: AWOL Bush meets 1000 military dead --- 5 stars

SLUDGE: '60 Minutes' Documents on Bush Might Be Fake

The Hunting of John Kerry

3rd Strongest Hurricane in History to Direct Hit Florida-MAJOR NEW UPDATE!

TPM reports two major news media probing * 1973 story

Randi Rhodes just laid out Republican/Bush failures

Bigots and Racists are all against Kerry

Tips for watching FAUX NEWS

This dude on Al Franken is NOT a Dem.. Will Al figure it out?

"More Than 10,000 Iraqis Die in Baghdad"

Bush's AWOL - Will It Have Legs?

Parent companies of news orgs

Oy yoy yoy.!!! That Eric guy Franken just spoke with was...

CNN: Just showed protesters at Bush rally WOW...........

bush actually said this last saturday......what the fuck is he ON?

Read this repug babble..

ALL Veterans - Thank you!

Debunk this

How in the fuck is this Administration doing anything to keep us safe?

Angry letter to the editor on the Diebold scandal.........

Al Zawahiri: We have control over most of Afghanistan!

TANG docs produce circular firing squad for Bush camp

4th Consecutive Year, Double-Digit Growth (Health Care Premium Increases)

Ignorance moment - Why do we call Cheney "Crashcart"?

The Money Changers are in the "Temple" - Some "churches" should be taxed.

Aryan Nation founder is DEAD! (Richard Butler at 86)

Why Does Bush Still Say Nook-yoo-lar?

Ed Schultz saying Dems have to keep on AWOL...don't let up. He says

Looking for a debunk, Did the French, Germans and Russians

I think of the lying Bush AWOL story as...

Pics of ReThuglican pulling hair of female protester

Arnold - The $600,000 Man

Race Inquiry for Debates Upsets Reporters

Please define 'likely' voters included in polls

Frivolous Lawsuits- DEBUNKED!!!

Local Madison, WI AM radio station DUMPS Hannity for Ed Schultz

Old movie with humorous ending

hahahahahahaa.........they have no shame, do they?

Ivan 5pm projection - tracking west, heading for the Panhandle now...

This creeps me out.

AAARGH...Sticker bumperstickers peel off easily

Help Debating Kerry's Service Record

Bush loves his allies - Check out this comment on Australia Embassy Bomb

If you "ignore" a DUer, and that DUer starts a thread, do you see the

I am 3 posts away from 1000, ravage me with your Praise!

BBV: Ask Gov Schwarzenegger to Sign SB1438 Into Law

i just watched outfoxed and i can't quit crying

Dean speaks in RI today at 4:00 at Brown University. Open to public.

Need help finding

Dual Loyalties [Juan Cole on Likudnik influence]

BBV - November Surprise

The next bombshell... will the media touch this?

Lee County Democrats

Even More Lawsuits Debunked...

I don't get along with pukes. Can someone explain why?

SCarolina - 2000 primary - seeking docmt "McCain the fag candidate"

Hard News with Wolf Blitzer

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Source of CBS faked docs runs Conservatives for Victory

Christian Family Values Dude Attacks Veterans For Peace ???

*IF* there really is an Osama "October surprise", are you more likely to:

Does anyone have the video for the Cincinnati freeper...

Greenspan talks up the "good" economy as an excuse

Kitty Kelly Today Show Email Campaign...

"The Coalition of the Willing"

Carville: Here's a commander in chief ordering men to storm machine gun

Bumper sticker help, please

delete (moved to GD2004)

If service in Viet Nam was important for Clinton, why is it not important

Lou Colasuonno, former publicist for Ms. Bush-says Kitty Kelly tells truth

Penn. CBS affiliate drops 60 MINUTES; "Busted transmitter"

Repub Policies Hurt Repub States

Who picks up the tab for Bush campaign Stops?

Vietnam, Iraq, Black and White thinking, and the failure of ideology.

Do you remember John O'Neill?

Can you tell me what this freeper is referring to?

Nader is off the ballot in Florida

Help Save Yellowstone! New BioGems alert!

Free voice-mail helps the homeless.

Had two people registering people to vote at the Super Market today.

Hey Arnold, release the HAVA funds

If you were a Fighter pilot, would you give it up to Party?

4 Days until Assault Weapons Ban Sunsets

The smear continues on Ben Barnes- "daughter" calls him a liar

A conversation about wording Re: Taxes

Rupert "Joseph Goebbels" Murdoch

How Independent Progressive's Can Successfully Use the Democratic Party

Article on Randi Rhodes

God Dammitt!!!

Vetrans: Were you ever disrespected for having served?

Ok, how bad does it look, with a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker

Uncovered- Iraq war documentary coming on Sundance NOW

Money, the root of good?

Today, the media received their talking points.

The pdf of the Bush commander's Flight Review Board order is below

Is There A Timeline of Bush's 1972-1973 Activities?

Can we acknowledge a big victory today for working people?

aWol* Worked "Inner-City Poverty Program" in 1973?

Family "thanks" Bush for son's death in Ohio (picture)

Liberals need to destroy the CNN brand name

Kerry WIDENS Lead in battleground states!!

This morning Kitty Kelley's book was #2371 on Amazon

Kitty: It's Official. Larry KING Is a B.F.E.E. Toady.

Lou Dobbs Poll...please vote...

Cheney examined by Maureen Dowd in op-ed

Has anyone successfully sued Kitty Kelley for liable?

Freepers say CBS used forgeries

It must almost be 9/11, Tom Ridge is firing up the terra attack codes!!


I like Conservatives!

Vote in this poll! :)

Kelley on Today Show Sep 13-15, book extensively vetted

"Okay, Republicans, Play nice now..."

was 9/11 even possible?

You don't have to but you can DU this poll:

Nation's largest lawn & garden chain to close, 2800 to lose jobs

Local TV in Johnstown and Altoona/State College just went crazy over

Howie Carr: Boston blowhard

How long do we let this Freeper thread run? (RE: TANG memos)

Are the hurricanes in Florida an act of divine intervention

I desperately need help locating someone in Florida

Look what came in my google news alerts..................


Matthews - Donald Trump .......

Remember the DUer who was fired because a freeper ratted him out?

This web site answers the freeper lie Ref: bush documents

Peking: 36.000+ protesters arrested

I hate Joe Scarborough, but I agree with him tonight.


Jim Hightower's daily 1 minute commentaries:

Memo to Bush: Bin Laden determined to attack in the US

Bush's idiotic Flypaper Theory

Candlelight vigils held at 8:00 P.M. tonight

What Views Of Yours Make you Politically Un-Electable??

Unbelievable: "Entire Ala. Family Enlists in the Navy" !!

FIRST HAND ACCOUNT OF RNC DETENTION - "Guantanamo on the Hudson"

The Faces of 1,000 Soldiers

"It's not about his cowardice...

On leaving the country

So I missed 60 Minutes...will there be a repeat?

Don't You Feel Safer? Look Who The US Bombed in Fallujah Today.....

PHOTOS of WH Cabinet room - with CRUCIFIXES......OMG !!!

Will Ferrell - Bush Spoof

Something I've wondered about (and please be honest)

Who is the most evil figure in the Bush administration?

The War on Inquisittorial Terrorism

For those who suspect Cheney did 9-11, read this.

Third time a Freeper says we are not a Democracy

Andrea Mitchell is a whore

Life and Choice

NPR blatantly biased towards bush

LOL! Freep heckler put in headlock by fed-up democrats!

What this war really looks like, because THEY won't show you...(graphic)

Anyone ever gotten Death Threats?

MOYERS one hour documentary, "9/11: For the Record." Was it preventable?

look to your inner cities, America.

Republicans abuse another woman who dissents at bush speech - PIX

Most of Dean's book is a guide, but there are some things of interest.

A day in the life of an ordinary Canadian

5 psychologists undergrads to every chemistry undergrad

Huge explosion in Jakarta.

WaPost: "U.S. Troops' Death Rate Rising in Iraq."

Rifle Makers Settle in D.C. Sniper Case

Bush Suspended From Flying

Breaking - Memos Show Bush Suspended From Flying

WV Republican Elector May Not Cast Ballot For Bush


Barnes Upset About Helping Bush Avoid War

Bush puts off Logging Decision

Sept. 11-Related Cancers May Take Years

9/11 Panel Wants to Expand 'No-Fly' List

Frist: Drug Import Vote Won't Happen Soon

GOP House Leaders Confident of Tax Cuts

Retired Pentagon Brass Seek Abuse Probe

White House Caught in Cover Up

Documents Suggest Special Treatment for Bush in Guard: NYT

Man Guilty in Desecration of Byrd Grave (black man dragged to his death)

Children Among 8 Dead in U.S. Air Strikes on Falluja

Colo. (Republican) Governor Disputes Tribes' Land Claim

No Reinstatement for Tulsa Race Riot Suit

Judge OKs New Calif. Domestic Partner Law

WorldCom's Ebbers seeks dismissal of case


BBC: Massive blast at Jakarta embassy

Recovery Is Progressing for Clinton

Book Unflattering to Bush Draws His Campaign's Fire (Blacklist Kelley)

No First Amendment protection for church in priest abuse probe

Need Ice? Cereal? The Bush Brothers Are on the Way!

Muslim girls flout French ban on headscarves

DNA fingerprinting 'no longer foolproof' (says DNA fingerprinting father)

Stem cell breakthrough on cystic fibrosis

Iraq war revelations leave most people mistrusting ministers

Bush Envoy to Join Ulster Peace Talks

Obama Says Voters, God Should Judge Him (Not Keyes)

Ivan Pummels Caribbean, Kills at Least 15 - AP

2 Covington (Va) teachers fired for showing video of beheading

Nearly all protesters arrested during GOP convention face prosecution

Senate deals Bush setback with vote on federal immigration jobs

Dems:Minority biz needs contracts, capital

"Now its Bushe's Turn to Squirm".... Blumenthal/The Guardian

Sharon Bush Denies Kitty Kelley Account

Third judge strikes down partial-birth abortion ban

NYT: (Russian) Massacre Draws Self-Criticism in Muslim Press

Department of Homeland Security Visa Program Slammed By Inspector

Pakistan bombs "terrorist camp"

NYT: (Greenspan) Sees More Traction in Expansion

The Chechens' American friends (or Neocons for Terra)

U.S. troops' death rate rising in Iraq

Private eye checks on Schweitzer (Demo Candidate for Governor in Montana)

NYT: United in Grief, but Divided on Election Day (families of Iraq dead)

Nader has spot on ballot in Maine

Memos Show Bush Suspended From Flying (Yahoo -- RATE IT!)

Jobless claims fell to 319,000

White supremacist leader Richard Butler is dead.

GOP protests the revolving door between 527s and Kerry campaign

LAT: Medicare Hike Ruffles Retirees (may send seniors to polls)

Pounded by the competition, Frank's Nursery set to close (2.800 jobs)

NYT: Elder (Nobel econ. Paul Samuelson) Challenges Outsourcing's Orthodoxy

White House Draws Fire From Congress, Offical Over Leak of FBI Probe

'Six killed' in UK military crash

Retired Pentagon Brass Seek Abuse Probe

US bombing kills more Falluja civilians

Graft fuels Africa nation's oil boom

Equatorial Guinea a risky magnet for migrants

Thatcher faces probing day in court

Memos Show Bush Suspended From Flying

New Economist Poll: Bush 46 Kerry 45

Terror Act "Foiled " in Russia

Most uninsured Texans work full-time

Saddam's former generals work as U.S. consultants: Al Jazeera

U.S. jets pound insurgent-held cities in Iraq

A change of heart for Gov?: McGreevey hasn’t filed resignation letter

Explosives find in Russian cinema

Move to license S African healers

Ambassador Tries to Spur U.N. to Act on Sudan

Poll: Bush cuts Kerry lead to 4 percentage points (in New Jersey)

Edwards raps Bush on war's cost (on visit to Maine)

Americans worry about their image in the world

3rd Strongest Hurricane in History to Direct Hit Florida-MAJOR NEW UPDATE!

World Wants Bush Out of the White House: Poll (Reuters/Yahoo!)

delete thread

Judge delays certification of Nader on Florida ballot

NYT: When An Explosive Charge Is Not Handled w/ Care(Cheney's "hit again")

Illiteracy shockingly high in L.A. []

Please Delete

New state budget plan gives wealthy schools more money

Russian 'Suicide Bomber' Show Called Off (A 9/11 "Terror Concert")

New ring discovered around Saturn | BBC

Report: Iraq exported missile components (as scrap, says UNMOVIC)

Seoul admits extracting plutonium (new) | BBC

Burn center restoring wounded troops' lives

Russia Warns of Preemptive Strikes(bomb aUSA location of terror training?)

9/11 Panel: TSA Needs a Plan for Attacks

UK Guardian: Bush under pressure over military record

DJ 35-Nation Poll: 30 Prefer Kerry, 3 Bush -Press Release

NASA to try to salvage data (from Genesis) | Denver Post

Maverick running for president under 'Christian Freedom Party' banner

Dad Allegedly Attempts Son's Circumcision

Fingers pointed at Malaysian bombers (Jakarta embassy) | SMH

Board to hear concerns over Bush stop

Heinz Kerry: Opponents of health care plan are 'idiots'

New take on AQ Khan nuclear ‘whodunit’

Asian-American activists work to improve voter turnout

Iran given deadline on nuclear program

CBS Poll: Bush Gains In Post-Convention Poll (* 7 Point Lead)

Gore: Cheney 'Wrong Choice' Remark Sleazy

Hurricane Ivan Roars Toward Jamaica

Tennessee's largest Guard unit leaves for Iraq in November

Wall-to-Wall Supporters: It Sure Is Crowded in Here -- or Is It? -WP

Court refuses to stay order keeping Nader off ballot (Pennsylvania)

SLUDGE: '60 Minutes' Documents on Bush Might Be Fake

High fertility rates are playing a role in presidential politics

Health Care Premiums Jump 11.2 Percent

Kerry-Edwards... Announces Mike McCurry to Join Debate Negotiation Team

GOP House members add "anti-smut" provision to piracy bill

Duncan (R) says he hopes Bush withdraws troops from Iraq

Has Ken Jennings' 'Jeopardy!' Run Ended?

Bin Ladin #2 man on Al Jazeera

Drudgereport says new National Guard docs might be fake. /NT

Serbs in Dispute Over Darwin Vs. Divine (evolution dropped for creationism

Another Scandal Brewing?

This time, bobblehead of governor wears pumps | Sacramento Bee

Gore calls Cheney remarks despicable

Neocons Blast Bush's Inaction On 'Spy' Affair

Black farmers sue Ag. Dept.

Pup shoots man, saves litter mates

Children Among 8 Dead in U.S. Air Strikes on Falluja

Qaeda's Zawahri Appears in New Tape on Al Jazeera

Dog Wiggles Paw Free to Shoot Florida Man

LATimes-Ellsberg Urges Insiders to Leak Iraq Info

Whistleblowers Call for Disclosure of Gov't's Iraq Deceit (Ellsberg & Co.)

Heinz Kerry criticizes Bush attitude toward science

Kerry Blames Bush for Aiding Drug Price Rises

Bush Campaign Loses (Chief) Spokesman ("reporters scum of the earth")

Rice apologizes for omission in ally roster (Korea by * in RNC speech)

Germany to deliver 2 submarines to Israel

Health Care Premiums Jump 11.2 Percent...($10,000/yr/family)

Cheney defends U.S. invasion of Iraq ( still connecting to 9/11 )

Powell Says Genocide Has Occurred in Darfur

On Eve Of 9/11 Anniversary, Al- Qaeda Vows US Defeat

Edwards surprises truck stop patrons before leaving Maine

Journalists covering debates are asked for racial data

Lou Dobbs Poll...please vote...

Nader off the ballot in Florida

Study: Bush Judges Most Conservative on Rights

Germany honors long-forgotten WWII spy

Saddam's generals working as US military consultants

House Votes to Block New Overtime Rules

House Rebukes White House

DoD Identifies Army Casualty # 1005

Al Qaeda No. 2 Official Appears in New Tape

9/11 Workers Find High Rates of Respiratory, Mental Health Problems

Advantage Bush New ABC Poll Shows Bush in Lead (27-point margin)

Bush administration accuses Saudi charity of financing terrorism

Bush is no Good Samaritan, Kerry tells religious convention

EADS describes Boeing subsidies as a problem for Airbus

Military Loses Key Evidence in Iraqi Death

Kerry: Bush Is Running Campaign of Fear

House Dems Move to Block Overtime Rules

Caymans hit by 6.1 earthquake one day ahead of Ivan

Holy war declared against Kurds, Americans, Israelis (Imam in Mosul)

U.S. Congresswoman Waters Assails Canada for Criminal Role in Haiti

Rasmussen Just Released Bush 47.5 Kerry 46.8

'Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry' Worldwide Premiere on Tuesday

FBI whistleblower says agency suffers from info overload (Coleen Rowley)

New FOX NEWS poll of likely voters (Tues and Wed) Bush 47, Kerry 45

FEC Says Group Can't Use Media Exemption (The Right Loses One!)

EDS: 20,000 Job Cuts Over Next 2 Years (20,000 jobs!!!!)

Aid agencies say they may pull out of Iraq ("The flights are full")

California Joins Suit Over Voting Machines

Bush Twins In Iowa

Republicans "stuck" with candidate accused of sexual harassment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 9 September

Bush Warns of 'Hidden Kerry Tax Plan' (protester "pulled out by her hair")

Senators Fault CIA Over 'Ghost Detainees'

Costa Rica Wants to Be Off Coalition List

A 'record number' lose their homes (Philadelphia)

FERC faulted for failing to order refunds for California power overcharges

Reuters: Jobless Claims Drop Sharply Last Week (claims fell to 319,000)

RNC: Peggy Noonan to Join RNC as Senior Advisor to the Chairman

At Least 57 Iraqis Killed In US-led Assaults On Insurgents

Watchdog group says plutonium waste missing from Hanford

Some lawmakers question 9/11 resolution

US economic outlook downgraded: WSJ survey

Couple tries to mobilize Amish vote for Bush

Extinction May Have Trickle-Down Effect

Feinstein pushes Bush on assault weapon ban | Sacramento Bee

Kerry Speech to Baptists Slams Bush 'Compassion'

Draft Dodger Memorial to be Built in British Columbia Canada........

BBC: Al Qaeda claims they control most of Afghanistan

WP ABC Poll: Bush Gains Solid Lead, Poll Shows

White House Accuses Kerry, Surrogates of Guard Attacks

New holes in Bush military record

US Hid Dozens of Iraqi Prisoners, Investigators Say

Second Amendment Foundation Condemns ABC News Fraud in Report

S.Africa arrests two on WMD charges(Abdul Qadeer Khan link)

Son of Late Officer Questions Bush Memos

Text of memos on Bush's Guard service

Ivan Cat 5 Hurricane; Florida at risk, Evacuation Ordered

Nader on Oregon Ballot, For Now

New TV Ad Hits Bush's Failure to Support Assault Weapons Ban in Congress

Cheney: Economic Stats Miss EBay Sales

Pinochet Avoids Comment on Disappearances

What's a good price for an external dvd-r drive?

What does the 'com' in .com mean?

new Oxyrush advertiser Humana

Is it wrong to have nostalgia for a cold sore case?

Hurricane Ivan has evil thoughts

I am an idiot.


Are there any fans of Big Brother here?

Funny bawdy story about Jenna Bush and Prague.

I am about to listen to Eric Clapton's 'From the Cradle'. Ask me anything

bored, lonley, studying spanish.

if a post is short enough, it looks just like a strip of bacon

Who more resembles Chris Matthews: Tweety or Barney Rubble?

Is it normal for a finger under a ring to become smooth and shiny?

Swede's snowmobile gets parking ticket -- in England

Is It Wrong To Have Nostalgia For The Cold War Days?

Hey was I listed in the thread

Not just an empty suit, he's an empty podium, too.

KGO has the runs tonight

He who lives by the lie also dies by the lie

Please help!

Latest attempt at trolling the Free Republic

Should we change the name of Ivan to Shrub?

Has anyone done the math

I'm starting a pot of coffee..

Man Charged With Trying To Sell 200 Year Old Skull On Ebay

I'm Listening to the Brand New Elvis Costello Tune

National Lampoon Flashback '77 Learn Electoral Engineering At Home!

Average Lifespan To Soar To 120

Howard Stern smacking his freeper E! producer


Man Sentenced For Swinging Alligator At Girlfriend

Man Who Was Trying To Kill Dogs, Shot By A Puppy

Seven inches!

i want your skull

GOPisEvil - Coleridge is your favorite too?

Robot Eats Flies To Make Power

Blind Man To Drive Racing Car

Yellow Tomato Thrown At Schroeder Could Carry Tougher Penalty (Than A Red)

Donald Leslie, creator of the Leslie keyboard speaker, dies at 93

Average Air-Speed Velocity Of An Unladen Swallow To Soar to 120

One of my best friends wrote this - what do you think?

How Does One Know When a Cannibal Is Ripe?

So, what is Kerry supposed to do as President? Order a nuclear strike?

Is * Really Afraid Of Horses?

Microsoft owns the patent for Tab-based dowsing...

CAPTION the yellow America (n)

Now listen up, you Commie Pinkos!

Firefighters Rescue 661 Pound Corpse From Apartment

YIKES! Hurricane Ivan DAMAGED 90% of homes in Grenada

"Axis Of Evil" Makes The Oxford Dictionary


Spraying Crops With Tabasco Sauce Sends Rabbits "Three Feet In The Air"

Evacuating the Keys this morning. Here we go again.

Virtue is it's own reward! Or is it?

Mythical Lake Monster Can Now Be Hunted Legally

Kerry Odds Lengthening

Eight things with two meanings:

Asia, 22 years later: one original member (Geoff Downes) and a new CD

The Mountain Goats...


Everybody Get Together...

"Honeymoon In Vegas" is a friggin awesome movie...

Heart attack killed Diana

Iffn the car don't breakdown, or, we don't git kilt

"Dubya" Whipped, Nipple Pinched, In New Fetish Video (In The Oval Office)

Thatcher coup plot latest: Hippo on the run in South Africa

Any DUers on XBox Live (esp. NCAA Football 2005)?

astrologers - Bush strings for getting into and out of things

Man Charged With Selling Skull on EBayt(upto five years in prison possible

Georgie helps out in Florida-my cartoon

My daughter turns 10 today, not a baby anymore :-(

If I hear one more puke say "Bush stayed in the classroom so he wouldn't..

Is it wrong that the photo on the front page gives me nostalgia?

We should do something to help organize swing state supporters

Did anyone else not like "Open Water?"

Caption: new presidential dog to replace "Spot"?

Caption: looter strikes hurricane-hit sunshine state

This Day in Rock N Roll History

I have a bad case of arachnaphobia...Do you have any phobias?

American Idiot...

Caption: JP2's new cellphone world's tiniest?

Is Mildred Pierce "the best lesbian recruitment movie ever?"

Worst catchphrase: "Everything happens for a reason."

I live in a 7 cat household

I play in a 7 cat Jazz Ensemble

What was the last film that kept you on the edge of your seat?

Caption: Pentagon delivers cannibal feed, cautions not to maltreat

Move to license S African healers

Potter film hope for disabled dog

I live in a 7 room household

Playboy Wants "McBunnies" - Women Of McDonald's Issue

THE ONION - Hundreds Of Republicans Injured In Rush To Discredit Kerry

Today's Mutts: Belly Rubs for Peace

At last! A decent earworm!

Boy, am I dense. I just noticed that DU has 50,000+ members!

Florida: Lost Dogs Find their Way Home..

Microsoft owns the patent for tab based browsing

2004 Christian Coalition Voters Guide

A Higher Standard.

PJ Harvey for beginners

Anyone in the medical field?

I'm gonna defend Tom Cruise as an actor

When you're lost in the rain in Juarez and it's Eastertime too

Cheerleader-loving transvestite busted near locker room

N*Sync Member to Wed (First in group to marry)

If we're gonna have actor apprec. threads, two words. BEN KINGSLEY.

A Day Without a Mexican (movie trailer and more)

'The Motorcycle Diaries' - Tell me this flick doesn't look AWESOME.

"Tater Tots, a two-year-old Pomeranian"

Feeling the weather

I Love Air America-But "Unfiltered" is a very weak show

Recommend a funny book.

Medical Intern Injects Patient With Olive Oil

Where will Osama be "found" next month?

Played Africa by Toto backwards - the damn thing said "WhoIsAlHedges"!

Today has now become a totally grossed out pukefest day

My company cafeteria has the worst "cheese" ravioli EVER.

Today is a very very very sad sad day for me today

We are truly gobsmacked. It's fantastic. We feel very chuffed, ...

Which freedoms do you hate?

Its over for bush, Kerry gets the Canned Meat Lovers vote

What's your "swift-boat"-style encounter with George Bush?

Hit-and-run driver asks police for directions

A great story about Kharma and an especially heinous teacher.

OK!! Who broke GD 2004?????

You libruls are cracking me up today!

how does one know when a canibis is ripe?

Where can I download a "final solution" pop up destroyer? (free).

1st openLy gay hurricane a possibiLity

Best mafia movie: Godfather, Godfather II, or Goodfellas?

I'm finally done with the September issue! Ask me anything...

Dude - that was some good shit!

Would it be bad of me to skip class and take a nap?

Bob Dylan fans: Play "If Dogs Run Free" backwards. Seriously.

Attn: Flash Artists

Best NFL preview article I've read anywhere

LynneSin, your posts.......

School zone sex club: Outrage over wild parties across from junior high

For my 4000 post

holy hell! kc royals up by 3 touchdowns over the tigers..

Anyone else having trouble linking to the GD forum?

Don't call Kidman a legend - she's just a beginner, snaps Bacall

Who remembers "Aeon Flux"?

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary!

Could this technology be adapted to strip-mined areas?

And now, the good news... It's the first day of football season!!!!

Techies - help with security

Flyin' that plane, high on cocaine...

Boy!...Do I know Buxh quiz

I am leaving in less than 4 hours to go to Kansas City.

Recommendations Virius Protection --- Not McAffee ???

New DU "Foot in bucket of ice" record!!

Can we get a massive Karmic Push from DUers

new Oxyrush advertiser Medical Hair Restoration (also a Hannity advertiser

Another gruesome picture of chimpy to add to your photoshop

Britain: Still the leader in nude rollercoaster enthusiasts (with PICS)

Has Ken Jennings' 'Jeopardy!' Run Ended?

WHATEVER you do, for the next ten minutes

Jazzophiles & disciples of Monk - Check my new avatar

GAAAAH. . . Conservatives are driving me insane . . .

FINALLY! Tony Danza gets a talk show

I just got back from 5 straight hours of politics and gov, ask me anything

What's in the case?

Caption: Ivan the Terrible?

Anyone have the 'moran' pic handy?

My Sports/Basketball analogy with the 2004 race, in GD 2004:

Does anyone want to see GW tied up and whipped?

Where do trolls go when they've been tombstoned?

CAPTION-well it LOOKS like a plan for peace it has lots of words

Bush Campaign Wants You to Tell them What "W" Stands For!

What's Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger doing in a hot pink dress

"Luke, at that speed will you be able to pull out in time?"

Please join me in a drink: I'm moving out today.

Going to my first DNC meeting in a few hours

Uh-Oh! The Prohibition Party is split

Dammit, I just smoked a cigarette.

sweet jesus i hate bill o'reilly

The Laminated List

In some secluded rendezvous, that overlooks the avenue....

What will you do when Bush dies (of old age or natural causes)?

just thought I would share this story...

Another Scandal Brewing?

THIS is what Bush supporters look like

Anyone ever been to New Orleans for Halloween?

FED UP with the "Florida's cursed/karmic payback" etc. on hurricanes

Caption: now he's looting pickles

i just shoved GUM in my KITTEN'S EYE!

Hey! Where the Eff's my Stereo??????

I have a kitten with an eye that gums shut

I Just Destroyed One Of My Smoke Alarms

I just wasted 30 seconds stealing a piece of sh*t 8 track car stereo!

Sometimes, you're the windshield,

Long-eared dog makes it into record book

I just sold my car stereo!

I want to lie in wait for the SOB that keeps....

A freeper in my neighborhood has a secret crush on me...

I'm going to go to the first Young Republicans meeting at my college today

I just shoved kitten in my gum!

Question: is there anywhere I can get an Electoral Map?

It's true! Comedy Central has cancelled reruns of Conan!

Our Freeper friends say '911 Changed Everything'. What if they're wrong?

Dad allegedly tries to circumcise son, 8

Is Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffitti one of the greatest albums or what?

Bizarre sighting today on a Chevy Tahoe

For the first time in 8 years, I'm alone.

By George, a girl from uncle

WooHoo... I 've got my Star!! Finally a paying member of the best

A Nigerian Prince wants to send me $25M

Just for Tedoll78!

Are you a "finished product" or a "work in progress"?

Taco Bell worker helps foil Burger King robbery

Wanna buy an iPod. Friend of mine is going to the US of A.

I am 3 posts away from 1000, ravage me with your Praise!

some guy just sold me a very expensive car stereo...dirt cheap

Man OK After Being Run Over by Train

Do those suction cup dent removers work?

Police Issue Thank-You Notes

Fellow DUers, I need help! (kids/drugs)

It's White Russian time

Who is the person on the left of Jesus in DaVinci's The Last Supper

My electrician asked me if I blew a fuse.

Hey rbnyc!

Whoisalhedges I have a present for you

Best food made fresh from scratch vs. pre-made or store bought

Fans, Players Complain About Strange Bites

Paris Hilton supports Kerry... I think

If a guy dates two 9-year olds...

Another Thursday nyuck nyuck

Aww man......don't it bring a tear to your eye?

Has anyone seen 'A Home at the End of the World'?

Careful, Big Dog: bypass surgery makes you horny.

Worst Strom you have ever witnessed.

OK, y'all! This guy's skin is gonna give me nightmares!

Guy here at work wears the same cologne as my first boyfriend.

Check out the Customer Reviews on "The Little Goat" (Amazon)

If a guy dates two 18-year olds...

My mechanic asked me if I blew a seal.

worst storm you have ever witnessed?

Hurricane Ivan pic from Aruba...check out the waves

Tucson AZ Duers

I am SHOCKED -- SHOCKED I tell you!

5 years ago today, it was 9/9/99.

John Lennon's Jukebox

I'm rocking out to 'i' by the Magnetic Fields.

Freeper Madness!

food safety ? - cooked rice in fridge

Point me to a good time-waster website.

Saved by the witness!!!

Puerto Rico visible satellite of Ivan....yeow!!



Compassionate conservatism

What's your favorite flower?

Kerry/Edwards earrings on eBay

Just had another car stereo stolen

Did I remember to tell you all that I just got married?

What hoofball team are you going for?

Vandalism(?) at trof's house

My fur hat just bit me. Ask me anything!

Mrs Matcom Is Cancer FREE Today - The 5 Year Anniversary!!

When Searching Google Goes Wrong

What's your favorite flour?

I have a code and I can't breed

Old guy stuff.....good news and bad news.

I'm very saddened. I can't go to the vigil in my area tonight.


Puppy Shoots Man. There is a god for puppies.

Any MD's here and can I smack you around a bit

A little bible quote for freepers and even Bush himself

Ebay: Question about deadbeats.

McDonalds may soon outsource jobs???

What can heart attack patients eat?

best rock group of the 90's?


Don't you hate it when you hear about a troll

The one job offer that my husband gets is in Alaska

Computer help needed

Can someone explain difference in DVD-R vs DVD+R

I don't like what just happened

Computer geeks: Need to resize/combine partitions in XP - best way to do?

If horizontal stripes make you look fatter,

George Bush sings Sunday Bloody Sunday

Do you participate in a Fantasy Football League?

Drudge flips 60 Minutes, Raw Story flips Drudge

My daughter's school is ODing on the jingoism

Does Gregg Palast still have a website?

I weather two hurricanes, lose the internet until today and come back

"Whatevere Happened To Baby Jane" on HBO Signature Tonight at 8 EST

Johnny Knoxville and Sean William Scott cast as Luke and Bo Duke

Hello dears, it's time for: "Ask Sister Rosa" !

My cat just bit me. Ask me anything!


Question for Drummers

The Hairy Hurricane of all CAPTIONS!!

American Society Class: FREEPED!

Mr. Moonbeam insists I park my Kerry stickered van in the garage

I lost all patience with my sister tonight...(long soapy vent)

Best movie soundtrack from a rock group?

Best Rock album of all time

Tell us all what your bizarro-world self is doing?

Woo Hoo! I just reamed out a local far-right radio talk show host!

Who will Steinbrenner hire when he fires Torre?

~ "Liberal" bad a**es-Billy Jack vs. Kung Fu

Yikes! My Indian alarm clock is going off!

Anyone wanna move to Canada

Anyone else watch "Lingo"?

I burned my face and the inside of my nose. "Freebasing?" you ask. No...

MoveLeft Media now has RSS feed.

Does my new bumper sticker suck or is it ok?

Lucas Butchers Return of the Jedi yet again

Jenna and Little Bar Note "Awesome" Convention Week.

Latest on Ivan

Could someone help me?

NFL Season Starts Tonight, What team(s) will you be rooting for this year?

My High School Report 9/9

IVAN!-NFL may move Titans-Dolphins game to Saturday

Kitten Pics from LionTamer & LionessPriyanka

Good places to eat in DC?

Knee update... torn meniscus!

It is time for better names for Hurricanes

Is Nightline any good tonight?

I see Tony Blaire on C-span, Is he doing Ok after apoligizing ?If you like

Can Election Probabilities Be Established at This Point?

Why won't Kerry hit harder on Iraq?

WH forced to release Killian memos: COVERUP

CBS Posts 4 TANG Memos - Military DU'ers please dissect!

I knew it. I just knew it. The world prefers Kerry.

Texans for Truth website and commercials

Kerry still can take control of presidential race - Dallas News

Local LTTE from my conservative home town

White House Withheld Documents - COVERUP!

Who was this twit on Lou Dobbs tonight - Bush and Colorado National Guard

Remember Condi: "terrorists only have to succeed once"

Bernie Ward talking Bush* military record tonight

Media: Kerry Probably Hero, Bush Probably AWOL, Let's Call it Even


Click & Rate it 5.....

Sure going to take a long time for Kerry's to get the smell out of WH

Proposal - K/E campaign slogan: Strength and Honor

I feel great about this election

Kitty Kelley's publisher stand behind the book

WTF - Rather asked Bartlett off air about his "Scrubbing the Records"

Listen Up - Any Attack Kerry Does Now Will Be Considered A "Response"

Anyone got video of the Bush agent disrupting the Kerry rally?

"George puts the 'W' into 'AWOL'!!"

Scott McClellan slips: "Each life" lost in Iraq is worth it for the cause.

ROFL - Freepers Still Trying To Debunk Killian Memos

Didn't Take Long For the Kitty Kelly book to fall apart

Please Rate these Yahoo Articles...

How many people do you think vote on image?

I like one aspect of AWOL2 a great deal

Did things turn on a dime?


Sad thing about today's Bush AWOL revelations...

Josh Marshall posts all of Rather with Bartlett transcript

Cheney is the real terrorist...he is attempting to

White House Caught in Cover Up

Homeland Security Pop-up - More Bushit

The Economist poll: Kerry only behind by 1%

We are responsible for keeping the AWOL story in the headlines...

Mo Dowd: "Vote for us or we'll kill you."

Interesting Rumsfeld quote and commentary about it, from Tapped.

My prediction....

Why isn't the Kerry Campaign all over the threatened

Anyone Getting The Franken Show???

Bush, be a man for once in your life and own your mistakes.

"Reporting for Duty" Please become a Poll Moniter!

A new anti-Kerry scandal brewing.

Let us all note that most rare and wonderful of events:

CNN / Schneider - economy vote goes to Kerry - terror #1 issue = Shrub

My message to Kerry and all Dems today: "Stop whispering, start shouting!"

Florida Voters - Hurricane Candidates

Lloyd Grove: Kelley suggests not on King show because Larry "Bush toady"

Simple question: Mr.President,why didn't you follow a direct order

Blumenthal: Now it's Bush's turn to squirm

Will News of Bush's Cowardice/Mendacity Sway His Faithful?

Global Poll shows overwhelming Bush defeat

Dems need to reach out to suburban poor

Senator Lieberman! It's an election year. You're a Dem! Fight back!

Carville to Tucker Eskew on Today show....

The Kerry Surge; Gallup poll

*w consultant on Iraq "Fix" - "get it off of the newspapers"

Way to Go, Terry!!!!! WP Article

Bush must be prosecuted for violating military law!

Time to flood Larry king with emails

You know the Kelly book is true : Larry King and IMUS are running from it

in regards to the relevance of *'s service..

Choose Bush (nifty poster)

ChiTrib: "Late night" release of memos re * service

HA! Did you hear the Faux Spin on Smirks AWOL?

The WP's AWOL story translated from mediawhore-speak into English.

John Q Citizen and the one-two punch

So Did the White House Release The Killian Memos Last Night?

"John Kerry received an honorable discharge."

john kerry advisor ben barnes.

It's official, the world prefers Kerry...

Fake vote totals created with secret two digit code on Diebold

I just finished listening to John Kerry on "The Tom Joyner Show"

I'm crushed... Why can't even our own tell the truth?

How does * have a 8% lead in Ohio?

White House disavow's Cheney's comment (kinda)

DU Truth Squads

When America learns of Shrub's coke habit - how many votes will it cost?

Quote Of The Day

50,000 reservist in Iraq coming home

ABC's Terry Moran says most serious aspect is "backdating" because

A new Catholic opinion making the rounds: May be OK to vote for Kerry

Why did Bush skip his Flight exam?

Tweety thinks its over, says Cheney's message "the kill"

So, is Bush protected by statue of limitations?

**DU Effort! Complain to a Local Affiliate that Censored 60Mins/Barnes**

Caller on C-Span

Saving Lieutenant Bush

Anyone have a VIDEO link to Chimp's

Huzzah to Bush for lining our pockets

NO respect for the military.............

Oh Good God, did he say "Sergy" instead of Serge?

Bush family wounds America below the belt line

what happens if...

Freedom Of Information Act Question

This morning Imus critized Kerry for saying

World Opinion Favors Kerry... WHY?

Powell angry politically connected sons got Guard slots during Vietnam

Let's boot the US military AND bushCartel...

Bush Is Turning U.S. Politics Into a Pep Rally

Why does no one find a way to publicize ...

anyone know how Fox News is dealing with the Bush Guard story ?

Having a tinfoil moment -- searched Amazon for "Graham," nothing....

THE ONION: "Bush Campaign More Thought Out Than Iraq War"

CBS hits triple, then thrown out at home

DU this Freepy News Paper Poll

THE AWOL PROJECT.....very thorough examination of Bush's files

Repug Convention-any count on mention Osama, Saddam, Kerry

How many men does it take to do what Bush won't do?

Kerry Says Bush Makes Wrong Choices on Health Care

Why doesn't Kerry take apart Bush's war rationale? SOMEBODY has to!

Sam Wang's message: TURNOUT! Kerry win prob now 47%

C-Span 2: Lautenberg listing Bush's FLIP/FLOPS!!!

Kerry Says Bush Broke His Word in Pursuing War on Iraq

It's the cover up stupid

"Failure to perform"--working that line into Kerry's stump speech

Bush's Convention Bounce Worst Ever for Incumbent President

Red Alert - (Homeland Security relegated to obscurity)

Kerry Says War Siphoning Billions From Home Front

Here is why bush and co keep pushing fear:

Carville very good on morning news today

Murdoch censored '60 Minutes' on Direct TV network...

Wall-to-Wall Supporters-- or Is It?( & Shrinking Battleground)

White House coverup?

Here comes Daddy again

The AWOL story may not matter much to the public at large--

Bush AWOL - Here are the latest documents

CBS(NYT?) Poll taken when?) Bush Gains In Post-Convention Poll

Rush&Malloy: "unimpeachable source" was present at Kitty/Sharon lunch

Bush AWOL investigation conducted wrong....

DU this MSNBC poll!

Did anyone see Carville beat down Tucker Askew on TODAY

Is another republican politician about to be outed??

Hehehe, I managed to make a Freeper concede!

Carville on The View now.

Why do Dems always have to prove a negative - why not ask * to prove

CNBC Powerpoll - email your comments now, please!

Sorry, but if the NRA wants to brag about getting Bush elected to office

The media really pissed me off last night...

Stupid CNBC Powerpoll, but please email your comments

The question should be: Why is GE,Time Warner and other's afraid of truth?

"Dubya" doesn't stand for women

Know any undecided mothers of teenagers? send them this....

James Carville on The View, on ABC, re: Kerry campaign ...

Gillespie memo says brace yourself (Kitty Kelly)

Ruy Teixeira points out historical polling trends favoring Kerry

Newsmax giving away 'Unfit For Command" for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daily Show Scores Again with Convention Coverage

All Bush Twin "campaign events" are closed to the press.

How will you honor the memory of 9/11 victims this Saturday?

Shrub scandal top news in Army Times

Cheney Spits Toads

"....failure to meet annual physical examination" ?????????

How was Gore doing in the polls at this point in 2000?

Book Unflattering to Bush Draws His Campaign's Fire

His moral cowardice has guided him all along

*snicker* Wingnutz pushing National Review writer Bushit

How to respond to: why is this coming out now?

Third party says Sharon Bush is lying

Bush poll numbers in other countries.....BWHAHAHAHAHA

USA Today is a useless rag

I'm worried about the debates

Rasmussen continues to be positive--daily tracking poll for Thursday

Texans For Truth vs. Swift Boat Liars

Franken - sharing how "the cowards father" attacked Loyd Benson for

Bush* pattern of LIES continues with AWOL story

Raw Story: DirectTV, Local CBS Affiliates Censor Bush 60 Mins Expose

Ad showing the The DC sniper getting dishorable discharge

Three words that must be used whenever we talk about *

DAN BARTLETT: It's impossible for anybody to read the mind of a dead man

Heckler shoved out of Bush event in PA...

DU research machine: Carlton Sherwood is your topic

Next Bush desperation strategy: dump Cheney

Does MSNBC have a phone number to call?

Just watched MSNBC

With a 3rd hurricane heading for FL, why can't Kerry get photo ops there?

Two days until the 9/11 anniversary...Where's Tom Ridge?

'Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry'; Kerry Documentary

CBS is reporting that * now has a 7 point lead over Kerry

The Effect of Charley, Fraces, and Ivan on Florida

What part of respective Military records Kerry/Bush unreleased?


Gore Calls Cheney Remark 'Sleazy'

"Soft Affirmative Action" - Andrew Sullivan page

Kerry needs to be in the NEWS today, he needs to stay on OFFENSE,

HELP WANTED: Turd polishers, minimum 4 years experience.

Kerry should hold third debate whether w* shows up or not.

Soldiers Overseas Hope Their Vote Will Count

Are the new revelations taking a toll on Bush? PIX

In your heart, you know he's wrong

What is this form that Hannity wants Kerry to sign?

"I was for soldiers disobeying direct orders before I was against it"

Will Nader be in the debates???????

Andrew Sullivan has (honest) updates on AWOL. "Devastating" to *

A report calling bush leadership a failure:

those 9 steps smirk stood on at the conv. ..............

I've been out of the loop for a few days. How are we doing?


Northbound on highway 101

bushgang busy stuffing their pockets with Fl. storm money

"Fill this CRITICAL billet with a pilot rotated from VIETNAM!"

Why the National Guard story matters

Only white male Christian landowners can vote and more than once.

NYT: United in grief but divided who to vote for

How many Cheneying Number 2 guys can there possibly be?

An issue for Kerry to gain ground

Now this is a HOOT!!!!!!!!

"How Many Times Have You Been Arrested, Mr. President?"


So to recap.... Bush disregarded not 1 but 2 direct orders?!

When a People of a Nation allows itself to get Conned/Scammed

Paul Lukasiak's "AWOL Project"...a detailed run-down of Bush's cowardice

WH Footnotes Reporter's ? about "Direct Order"

Start a buzz about Bush's lapdog press. Refer to them as Georgie Girls.

SLUDGE: '60 Minutes' Documents on Bush Might Be Fake

SLUDGE: '60 Minutes' Documents on Bush Might Be Fake

Time for Kerry to refocus "War on Terror" to Afghanistan

Bush's self destruct: “I don’t think you can win the war on terror”

need help with letters to the editor in swing states

"I like him. But I would take what he says with a big grain of salt,"

Bush* poll numbers going down, bad news in the press.

Josh Marshall on AWOL...something else is going to happen.

Fox News poll has Kerry down by just 2 w/o Nader

My brother just sent me this.

MUST READ: Economist Article about Bush's "Bounce"

The media signed the loyalty oath!

this might be very good....

Next time you see a sizeable * lead in the polls . . .

Washington Dispatch Poll

New Talking Point: War Theorism (Bush) vs. War Realism (Kerry)

Bob Bennett Ohio GOP Head on MSNBC Now

Teresa: "ONLY AN IDIOT" wouldn't like health plan; no "RICH WITCH" ...

The Hunting of John Kerry

Bush Backs Out of MO debate!!??

Is it just me...

isn`t Kerry`s wife named

bush 1973 inner city: sentenced by judge to do it?

DU'ers protesting Bush at Columbia MO rally--question?

So since when do soldiers give the orders and...

Snopes published piece on 'four years of George W. Bush double standards.'

With all that is in B*'s past,why didn't the Repugs go with Jeb

Donna Brazille Bay Buchanon on CNN

The White House Response

Forget the popular vote polls, how are we doing in EC projections

Is (or was) Karl Rove a Mormon?

I'm Increasingly Convinced That Bush Gained Ground

Public Service: Beware WashPost Poll Tonight.

Any hotel workers here? Second-hand gossip I just heard -

"Cheney spits toads"

Bush's AWOL - Will It Have Legs?

Latest news from the League of Conservation Voters

To Colorado DUers Specifically, but all are welcome for their imput.

Roger Altman is really good.

Please respond to our Repub gov's anti-Kerry PROPAGANDA LIES

Judy is actually doing a great job on AWOL

al Queda tape airs

Help! Bushbot friend...but maybe with some gentle prodding...?

Why isn't Kerry holding press conferences?

Sports Fans: Campaign 2004 analogy

I actually found out what's worse than Bush's acceptance speech

Ugh! Salem judge puts Nader on ballot in Oregon

Missouri: Bush 55, Kerry 41 (Gallup) - WTF?

Debates: When? Where? How many?


Kerry goes one month without a news conference despite criticism of Bush

Bush is losing southern Oregon

Hate to say I told you so but...


Why won't Bush personally respond to the damaging uncovered reports?

News orgs "actively at work" on why Bush was having probs in Guard in '73

"..greatest spin job I have ever seen..."

WashPo-ABC Aug 30 poll had race dead even - today's poll says what?

Wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place.

Charlie Black (R) on Crossfire lying his ass off....

Bush Campaign loses spokesman - Terry Holt

Rate this please

Online video of Kerry's Cincinnati Speech?

Former Republican governor of Delaware speaks out

Frustrated with voters

1st debate between Smirk and Kerry is Sept. 30. The polls 1 week after

Deleted message

Comments I do not want to hear 4 years from now....

Fox has * up by just 2 now.

Making It Personal...

Why is Kerry not taking questions from reporters?

A question about polls ?

If John Kerry can't satisfy the NBA, who the hell can?

Holy Crap! AP, Memos: Bush refused order while in Guard.

CNN suddenly taking the AWOL stuff seriously.

Funny Line I just saw on MSNBC!

I think of the lying Bush AWOL story as...

Which is the best newspaper in the country...

Poppy had Sununu attack Lloyd Bentsen for getting his son in NGuard

Election Protection Volunteer's Needed

Anyone have the article where the WH admits it has the same AWOL papers?

Bush Records.....

Bad News on WAshPost poll:

this is incredibly important ...they want to drug our kids

Polls: the positive side.

Memo forgeries?

Defying Bush, Congress just voted to block new overtime rules!!!!

I am going to play Devil's advocate about Bush's "guard duties"

Crybaby alert: "W.House Accuses Kerry, Surrogates of Guard Attacks"

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Nader thrown off Florida ballot

Log Cabin Republicans Refuse To Back Bush

If * wins, who will meet me to DC on inauguration day

Al-Qaeda 's number 2 taunts USA, says we're hiding from them

Hearing two freepers argue is funny...check this out...

Anyone know where the new CBS poll internals are?

Philadelphia Inquirer Column...Grogan

Help does anyone know of a undecided forum?

Debunk: Christmas in Cambodia ...

Me, ranting: "WHERE IS OUR PRESS?" My kid: "Uhhh, humping Rush Limbaugh?"

Come on in, George. Sit down.

Nader is off the ballot in Florida

527s should be required to show documents/data supporting their charges.

Zogby: Kerry leads Bush by ten points in Oregon

The corporate polls are having their effect: Depress us

Kerry gave a GREAT speech in New Orleans today

This is VERY encouraging!

HUD Secretary booed at Black Baptist convention

I can see into the future Alan Keyes cries next to BC04 sign-pic included

George W. Bush: False Attacks to Cover up Wrong Choices on Taxes, Economy

Kerry in WI next week....need info, please!!!

Corner Grocery store: Kerry leads Bush 63-37

Where is Dean? Where is Clark?

Bob Graham coming on Lou Dobbs

People at the Salazar campaign HQ think Kerry won't win.

How are you associated with working the Dem vote?

republican 4-step program

Make sure you inform RW radio hosts of Bush's gouging of OUR social securi

Nader is off the ballot in Florida

Why doesn't Kerry talk about Iran-Contra and BCCI more often?

Bush:Habitually AWOL


Bob Graham will be on Lou Dobbs (CNN) "Ripping Up" Bush

If Bush Wins, Do We Say Goodbye to a Free America?

Does anyone know if the exit poll problem has been fixed?

Guess what? ABC poll oversampled Repukes!

CBS News - Prescription Drugs - Kerry vs Shruya ..... Kerry hands down !

You knew this was coming....

Where is Bob Graham??

Hey, MEDIA - do we have to EVERYTHING around here?!

Harsh words for perilous times

Matthews leading with interview about Kerry's testimony

Tweey - LOL what a whore....going back to Kerry bashing w/Vietnam

Anyone watching Hardball???????????

Who's watching Hardball - Tweety is at it again

Will Bush be allowed to wear an earpiece during the debates

Polling Hysteria-obvious flaws

CBS news poll weighted incorrectly...

The idea of bush appointing Supreme Court justices makes me sick

Do you have great ad ideas for the Kerry campaign?

I gotta admit I like the looks of this...

I think all should read this. It is how the other side sees it.

My son just signed up with Young Dems to register voters!

BEST link to "911 Sit With Goat" video !!!!

I really dislike armchair campaign quarterbacks but I must say..

ABC News/Washington Post survey, Bush has 52 to Kerry 43

Bush Forced to Own Up to Broken Promises as New Ad Airs in Ohio on Friday

A question about the AWOL 'memos'

bush actually said this last saturday......what the fuck is he ON?

Post on CBS Boards!

Turn Tweety off. AND LEAVE IT OFF.

John Kerry please show up for the debates in the "Show me State"

TruthOut, William River Pitt says it all:

CNN just showed * getting BOOED at a campaign stop!!!!

IF bush is re-selected, are impeachment proceedings likely?

Do Not Read Arizona Papers Today.....

Heartening news

Are You Holding Your Breath??

US News Poll: Who can keep America safer?

Need a new topical forum ...

Just talked to Boston Globe reporter.

Folks don't ignore this snippet about ABC/WP Poll

Wingnut Talkshow: Lobbyist Ben BARNES Cutting Self off from TX Repukes

Was Teresa Heinz-Kerry in ABC-WashPost Poll?

An issue of character - Bush lies

Thank God Tweety's interviewing Scarborough about his new book

Thanks, Dick, You've given us a new slogan

Trumps hair looks like a non surfing wave, his views are a snooze.

Fox News Poll shows Bush 47%, Kerry 45%...

GE is scum & msnbc is complicit

Who picks up the tab for Bush campaign Stops?

Rasmussen Daily Tracker (States) (GOOD NEWS!!!)

House Votes to Block Bush Overtime Regulations

Bush Warns of 'Hidden Kerry Tax Plan'

The answer to the Kerry smears on Viet Nam is if they had listened to

Does anyone know if Carville is on the Kerry team on not?

Take the poll at CNN

Using Children in Protests/Campaigns

Imus just said bringing up Bush's record is a bad idea..

Go vote who has been more truthful

Cheney Again Links Saddam to Al Qaeda

Your rebuttal to the *Let's get 'em over there before they come here*


Kerry AND Nader in Madison, WI on 9/15

I think the Kerry campaign is onto something,

How do we account for Bush's lead in the polls?

Vietnam era service IS relevant.

Did Dubya use cocaine and was he busted?

Cheney was covering up for terrorists by trying to end BCCI investigations

Let's see . . . Bush gets caught in a bald-faced lie AND shown to have

Turn Tweety off!!!

My niece just called me and said a woman driving in front of her

Cheney: Stats Overlook Money From EBay (AP)

How long before we see Osama?

More on alleged Bush cocaine arrest and community service (**1972**)

Is there a DUer out there that has managed to get "Fortunate Son"?

NYT: White House pressures media to ignore Kelley's book

Bush Request to Move to Alabama was Denied

About that campaign in Alabama that Dubya was to work on.....

Help!! W stands for WEAK!! America loves WRONG & STRONG.

Just how did *Bush get his commission?

Bush Disobeyed Direct Order to Attend Military Physical

ATTENTION ALL VETS: Prepare to Return Your Medals to the AWOL Coward in C

MSNBC Question Of The Day: Does Bush's Military Record matter to you?

Is Bush a Good Leader?? Well, from what I see, he let the "Rats" in to do

Cheney: Blame CLINTON (2 days out of surgery) for terror, economy

WH Intimidating Media not to book Kitty Kelley

Democrats limit advertising to 14 states

Carville beatdown of Askew (On TODAY) is online at WATCH IT!

Al Gore Totally Rips Bush better than Kitty Kelley – Excellent Read!

If the terrorists hit us again before Nov 2...

Good News from Rasmussen Polls

Apparently, we lost Vietnam because Smirk wasn't there....

CBS reporting on poll neglected to mention ...

This could be big...HUGE

LA Weekly: Democratic Doldrums: How Kerry Has Emerged Before

"Praise Jesus! The Democrats are back!"....beautiful story from SC.

Heh - Freepers arguing about fonts and abbreviations on TANG memos

Has anyone seriously looked into relocating?

The White House has released *another* document!!!!!

NPR is now a full-fledged spin-center for Bush! Disgusting.

Kitty Kelley’s “The Family”– The Inside Scoop & Dirt, Part 1

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We have to flood the media re: Project P.U.L.L.

Reason why Bush's military service record matters

Why are we down so far in Ohio?

Dean is furious at GOP for "Daschle Retirement Party"! His email to us.

Just sent this to NYTimes, USAToday, Washington post.