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Archives: October 1, 2005

Ethical abyss (St Petersburg Times)

Morning in America: a bully is indicted

‘Hurricane Hughes’ leaves Arab world unimpressed

Dancing in the dark


The "American Street" Speaks: Will the Democratic Party Listen?

Pentagon, Congress Resist New Military Disaster Role (Update1)

Democrats hope for traction against scandal-plagued Republicans

Democrats Wishful Thinking Won't Beat Republicans

The eye of the storm & Meltdown in progress

Lewis 'Scooter' Libby

Miller Walks: The Plot Thickens

'Are we prepared to lose a major city every year?'

Notes From Underground: Exposing the Maw of Bush's Gulag

* Cooking Up Two New Wars: Paul Craig Roberts

The politics of fear are blinding us to the humanity of others

Karen Hughes, Stateswoman (Gulp)

The Real Threat of Fascism

The GOP's spreading plague

Cross Link to API-PAC and AIPAC

Diebold elects new member to board of directors

What you've all been waiting for: My talk with Normie's Aide

Is there a challenger for Kay Granger? 12 CD

PLEASE DU this poll

Have you ever driven a vehicle while under the influence?

Here's What Those Leftist Whacko's Want

Advice needed..... problem with friend's treatment of kid...

HUD Chief Foresees a 'Whiter' Big Easy...


Tom DeLay's use of Homeland Security to track down Dems

PBS' NOW With David Broncoccio On NOW (CST)

Harry Shearer coming up at 7:34 CDT on AAR

Accounts of N.Orleans violence questioned

The Political Ad of My Dreams

A repub told me he'd buy me a one-way ticket if I'd leave the country

One word that identifies subconscious or latent racism in my opinion

excellent roundup of the Judy Mysteries....

Fun with HATE can too!

Just on my local news, Gropenfuher's fundraising is way down

Right vs. Left Talk Radio

Obsessive Stalkers

John Edwards to be on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart on Monday

Ventura leaving? Wasn't he a seal?

well, smack my rosy-fingered dawn.....

Your lost loved ones can become jewels for Christ's crown!

"The Lionel Show" What do you think of it?

In the U. S. House of Represenatives what does "Held at Desk" mean?

Trailer Nation.... Nomad Nation... Third World Superpower....

Joke is old

Attn: Freeper Fuckwads!..In Bush's world, dogs eat corpses in the streets.

If you abort white people greed will go away

Bill Bennett Outrageous in Vegas

Who's running the "Take Bill Bennett off XM and Sirius" petition?

Dr. Bennett was named by focus groups the "Best Communicator of 2002"

Opinions wanted: Is this legal? (browser popup question)

MoveOn. Org: Thank Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer for voting no.

Breaking news about Limbaugh

Cleveland clinging to life....

Remember when Judith Miller said she wouldn't testify even with a waiver?

Nice little point from John Pike

Right Wing Media Gets Desperate. Positive Air America Radio news for once

*'s summer reading list is somewhat disturbing

About Katrina and Rita

Someone needed to ask Judy what she meant by "they're too powerful"

Where does the POTUS get the power

Army ends year with the biggest numerical recruiting shortfall since 1979

We need to all write LTTE's asking why there are no death/missing tolls

California housing market at 'tipping point': UCLA

Gibson: Why Don't Liberals Want Black People to Think About Abortion?

CSPAN Schedule Saturday October 1

You know, I think we really could roll with this Bennett thing...

Condoleezza Rice leads solitary life

Bennett works for Fox and therefore could not appeared?

"Was this a charade on her part for martyrdom, or a real principle?"

Freeper cannot see how Bennets remark is wrong.

How to leak a name

ID backers insist evolution is a fraud because it can't be "proven"...

CNN, MSNBC parroted DeLay's allegation that Earle is a "partisan zealot"

New spin on Ronnie Earle: He wants to be in movies...

Hey, East Coast...anything good on Bill Maher tonight?

Jesse Ventura is leaving the country

Did anyone see Hannity and Colmes?

78,000 DUERS!! :-)))))))))))))

Thinking of Taking a Florida Vacation? Think again...

Buying of News by Bush's Aides Is Ruled Illegal

Illegal FReeper song, They can't HELP but break the law!

Loose Lips, Pink Slips!

uh-oh... Bush's next Supreme Court choice?

We need to be careful how we address the Bennett comment

A simple suggestion: It's not about Democrat or Republican....

Google Search Tips 2005

Kiss of Death

John Edwards to visit 10 colleges for poverty group

Help Me, I'm Dying (by Andrew Wahl)

Bush Admin. caught breaking the LAW again.

What would you put into the Democratic Party platform ?

Scandals Aside, General Winter will Sink the Repugs !

LA Daily News: Rescuers round up frightened pets

On 9/11, Kerry did nothing for 45 minutes...

Where's the Iraqi Oil? Halliburton f*cked it up. Maybe permanently

I am afraid the Republicans will come and take my guns away

Arianna Huffington: "Proclamations of principle are like unwanted pets."

Does Justice Thomas really interpret the First Amendment

Make my day. DU this poll just for fun.

Walter Cronkite on Larry King; talking

Nightline: School Lunch?

if you abort all the rich white repuke babies, the cumulative global

Man Found In Stolen Ambulance With Dead Deer

Rice defends the use of force to advance democracy

I Long for Mankind to come together, and act in the best interests of ALL

Everyone at the CIA hates Porter Goss

The McLaughlin Group

A yard full of firemen and TWO trucks at 4AM, and yet

Who "died" so that I could state my opinions and beliefs?

Bushie and The Big O

The freeper rock album gives me an idea...

Any Image of the "Irak" signs of the Freepers?

Coming Home on the Sundance Channel right now...

states make push tomorrow toward taxing Internet sales

Poll: Should companies be allowed to explore for OIL off the NC coast?

Please give examples of how greed kills.

Welcome to FEMAville

Do the repukes make you wanna' move to Iceland?

How many economic classes are there in the United States?

The Right-Wing goal is to destroy everything America has created....

Do we even want to coexist with the GOP any more?

Rush: My Drugs are Red, White and Blue

Have you ever done anything of particular merit?

If you aborted every "white baby" wouldn't crime go down also?

We are a divided nation, but how can you tell who is on your side?

While I was stopped at a red light today

Can they get Delay out of being Frog Marched?

WTF, this is really, really bizarre...

Rare Germ Found in D.C., but No Terror Fears (Tularemia - during protests)

Biological Weapon Attack-DC 9/24/05-MUST READ

Stripes letter: Cheering for Sheehan

DeLay/Bennett 08 - What % of Americans would support this ticket?

Get a load of Mrs. (Bill) Bennett's website

A song dedication to the lurking Freepers . . .

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers check in please

Judy Miller is a not a REAL journalist. She is a rouge CIA agent.

*** Friday Night TOONs: A Variety of Topics ***

NYT: Fed auditors say Bush admin broke the law buying news coverage, PR

Just so you know, the Atlantic Ocean might be brewing another present

I need help with my Brother-in-law's deployment

"Sweet Susan"

Bay hideous turd.

I dont want to hate Bush voters but the judges have got me thinking

78,000 DU registrations....

why Chimp started drinking again

Air America Radio dumped in Philly

Great "Boozer Bush" graphic!!!

I need screen name suggestions for a 14 year old girl.

The GOP Contract with America - has anyone ever read it? (vomit inducing)

Gr. jury foreman: Stacks and stacks of paper, phonecalls from Delay

Rep Conyers: "if Members ... can't speak the truth to these wingnuts ..."

what is the appeal of SUVs ?

Read and share: Wash Post GRAPHIC comparing KATRINA & CHERNOBYL:

I don't like ___________, therefore, he's a big fat HOMO.

If you educate all American babies, the crime rate will go down

Minimum wage increasing to £5.05

WP: Libby Is to Cheney What Cheney Is to Bush

Life for farmer who threw man to lions (Black man in S. Africa killed)

Ex-Ill. Gov. Says He Won't Run Again

Reuters: Sony Pulls "Jesus" Ad for Playstation Console

Haiti May Delay Key National Election

Grand jury foreman defends DeLay indictment

(Reuters) Lennar added to S&P 500, Google still out

Cheney aide under new scrutiny in CIA leak probe

NYT...Audit Assails the White House for Public Relations Spending

FEMA troubles no shock to previous chief (Joe Allbaugh)

Biohazard Sensors Triggered (found in area - DC anti-war protest)

U.S. Commander Doubts Iraq Troop Cutbacks

(UK) Barclaycard raises interest rates

NYT: Buying of News by Bush's Aides Is Ruled Illegal

Turkey's intention to join EU creates political dilemma

Putin firmly defends Russia's sovereignty for Kurile Islands, Japan insist

US waives sanctions on Saudis over religious rights

Feingold Blasts Administration's Iraq Policy

New Orleans's Black Colleges Hit Hard

Church may penalize PM for same-sex marriage law (might refuse communion)

AP: Controller blamed after jets nearly collide on runway

AP: Oregon strikes down 2 sex-oriented laws

NYT: Call w/ Source, Deal Led Miller to Testify (even NYT has questions)

Schwarzenegger Keeps Low Approval in California (Public Policy Institute)

Jesuit Official Rips Expected Ban on Gays

FBI admits to wiretapping wrong numbers

Amazon Dries Out as Worst Ever Drought Hits Rainforest

Venezuela Denounces Bush Family Ties with Terrorists

Overthrowing Hussein Not Enough for War, Say Americans (Knowledge Networks

Bush administration to examine new measures against Syria

Supertyphoon Longwang Nears Taiwan With 227 kph Winds (Update1)

On world stage, France's role is audience favorite

Fla. Wal-Mart Workers Start to Organize

Boeing, Bell apologize for mosque attack ad

Rare Germ Found in D.C., but No Terror Fears (Tularemia - during protests)

It's a Brazil themed kid-picture thread!

"Eat steak eat steak eat a big old steer, eat steak eat steak......"

Serenity --- Warning (loaded with spoiler )

That i-pod/cell phone ad with that girl walking down the street

Just got back from an indian restaurant...

Brazil nuts, anyone?

Is there a baseball game or something on tonight that I

Cowboy Bob Orton is wrestling right now.

might as weLL jump

Wouldn't it be great if Germany ran the USA?

77,999 Registered Users Right NOW.........nope...80,000!

Just saw Batman Begins...AGAIN

File-sharing network?

Raise your hand if you've meted a Brazillian!

Serenity, The Movie!

Just completed a studio production course! Ask me anything!


When did the 'DU Needs Moderators' pinned post disappear?

Should you stalk William Shatner?

Do you consider this racist?

Sounds of pasta

Kung Fu Hustle...I hate to say it...but...I liked it!

From now on when you meet people tell them "My friends call me corn pone."

You know what is cramped......

Post your favorite animated character here.

Am I the only one who thinks Jorge Posada looks like David Schwimmer from

Fema Disaster Survival Tips.

Is LP drunk?

The Travel Channel is at its best on Friday nights.

Post a picture of yourself, plus a quote from you.

If you could move to another country, which would it be?

Your favorite song, at this moment

SHould i go out now

Bottom of the 11th -Tied game bases loaded. Indians/Sox

That lady on Inconceivable kinda looks like Ali McGraw.

For my 400th post, I give you one of my personal favorites,


That lady on Inconceivable kinda looks like Ali McGraw.

That lady on Inconceivable kinda looks like Ali Baba.

THE COPYCAT THREAD: If we aborted all the [........] babies, We'd [......]

Chewbacca, Major League Pitcher.

Should lioness go to bed and sleep it off?

I just saw Flightplan - It was AWESOME

I am declaring a religious war


Operation X check-in here.

A Little Joke for the Lounge

Cleveland clinging to life....

A Little Poke for the Lounge

Are the Russians still after our Precious Bodily Fluids?


For meganmonkey and all the rest arrested on Monday

Just performed surgery on the laptop computer...

I am declaring an egregious war .

lionesspriyanka is....

If anybody is interested in viewing more photos from the DC protest

Larry King's interviewing Dolly Parton

Just saw that Viggo Mortenson (??) movie......

By all rights, I should be drunk.

Cleveland struggling to maintain..

Barclay forever!

Go through life hurting the people you love without paying the price.

This bar is a real brrrrrr....

One Brazillion more threads


Know a good place to buy MP3s?

Do you think LionessPriyanka could be Bunnypriyanka?

Post a Movie Quote.

Grover Cleveland clinging to life

Christ, so now we have "the call to the bullpen," "brought to you by

the back of my neck itches---should I start a thread?

My dupe was FIRST - rofl

Remember the joys of Zuniweek?

If one goes around causing people hurt and treating them badly....


If you post faster than the speed of light, is it possible to kick a


A fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine Friday evening to you

My dupe was WORST - omfg!

i want to post a thread tonight, should i post a thread about it?

No more losing seasons!

I'm turning in early ...........

Hey Cleveland Indian fans

If I go to the store, should I post a thread about it?

What TV shows did you originally like, but upon reviewing seem lame now?

RED SOX WIN!! - Pitching EXCELLENT Tonight

If jpgray goes to the store, what should he pick up for all of us?


One more Brazillian thread

10 random questions.....

I don't like "flip-flops". Period. Don't like them one damned bit!

Karma Question: what if it's broken?

MODS! Is there a be mean to Khash rule I didn't know about?

IS Lionesspriyanka Single?

What band is the next Oasis?

OK - two orange female tabbies (kittens) still available!

Bacharach teams up with Dre for protest album

What the shit is this "Serenity" everyone's talking about?

Name your favorite Star Trek The Next Generation story!

"Some things are just God's will"

is this normal for Firefox???

POKER QUESTION: I need a ruling

Tonight is DU's official be nice to khashka night!

Flirting is now officially reinstated

If I made a bumper sticker re: gas shortage/prices and NASCAR,

If you felt nobody liked you, would you feel nervous in social situations?

How long have you "been online"?

Late night music thread: What are you all listening to tonight??

So what is your Halloween Costumes?

secrets of a happy marriage ~

Warning - Spoiler in C_eh_N_eh_D_eh's "Serenity" thread

Miss me? Had a great time in CA; first time back on DU since

Vampire Myth thread.

Feeling a bit lonely tonight...

My department is having a freaking bake sale on monday!

don't forget, according to the AP....looter dude original

If there was a one "God"

Astounding Cassini picture of Hyperion (warning dial up)

Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling'

Researcher says immigration laws a road block for gay couples

Where can you hear Sox-Yanks on internet(s) radio?

nice fielding, A-Rod

Okay, Timlin, that was a beautiful pitch!

Please complete this sentence:

Sox - Yankees tied for first

When Are The Yankees Gonna Learn How To Field?

Congrats to White Sox fans. AL Central Champs 2005.

Who are the MOST ANNOYING College Football fans out there?

OK - two orange female tabbies (kittens) still available!

So, has there been like some obscure planetary re-alignment?

2 references to Kerry in First Read today.

Cute story: I met another Kerry volunteer in Boston today

This month’s (Oct.) contest

Let me join this smackdown!

A Silver Lining for the GOP by Rick Horwowitz

Tony Trupiano (D) to run for Michigan's 11th Congressional District Seat

Senator Ken Salazar says Bush "acts like a king".

Can we just get rid of these rat bastards? PLEASE????

My prediction for Sup. Ct. pick and Plame stuff

Feingold speech in N.H.-excellent-but can't somebody call Bush a S.O.B.

Is Beer Hog Gus gonna nuke NK and Iran??

Games that people play for keeps (Krugman)

"Senate Space" - Tom Delay's version of Office Space - VIDEO

Freed reporter names Cheney aide

Freed reporter names Cheney aide

CHART: % in Poverty during the Clinton/* Years >>>>

John Edwards to be on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart on Monday

You know, not much as changed since Spiro Agnew's time....


CSPAN Schedule Saturday October 1

End the Incompetence -

My husband sat in first class with Bill Bennett: BB rude to stewardess

Ben Ginsberg faithfully recites Rove talking points on "Hardball"

Fat ass Limbaugh whining

Binary Fitzgerald Investigation Poll

Is there a difference between a Progressive and a Liberal?

In a list of historical failures, GWB will go down in the top 5 along

Should Walt Starr run for Congress

Bush Nominates Bork!

We libs need OUR version of Rove

My brother's DeLay Cartoon...

Calendar of US Military Dead during Iraq War

FEMA used EMTs for body recovery in Biloxi

IL Fire Chief says expect more fires as power is restored in the Gulf

British troops in Iraq, time to get out? British editorial briefs....

Must Read Essay: There is No Iraq

"Bali Bomb Blasts"

Middle Class Sees Daily Life Wither in Iraq

Prosecutor Quiet After Miller's Testimony

A true story about Bill Bennett (& his values)

Venezuela Denounces Bush Family Ties with Terrorists

Censored - major news stories still underreported

More scandal for the Bush Admin - GAO says its"covert proppagand" illegal

The post-Katrina leadership gap (Robert Kuttner)

RW supporter says it's time for Rummy to move on ...haha!!!

Hugo Chavez: A Bolivarian Socialist at the United Nations

ANTI-WAR FRAMING: Talk about OIL MOTIVE for Iraq war and FAILURE

Antisocial neoconservative

Katherine Harris -- Will Age Old "Liberal" Smear Work Here???

Gutless, Spineless and Clueless

Ted Rall has it right, do we listen?

Bushco Gets Away with Another Crime!

Demand For Home Energy Audits Jumps - Louisville Courier Journal

US Confronts Vital Question - How Can We Make Energy Conservation Stylish?

Nearly 1,000 Dead As Dengue Fever Epidemic Sweeps Asia - NYT

Forced Marsh

Max Planck Institute - Climate Changes In Next 100 Years Sweeping, Rapid

Dutch Solar Car Wins Australian Outback Race

Experts: Future of Big Hurricanes Looms

Hurricane Otis (Pacific) aiming at Baja, CA

Bicycles Outsell Cars In US Over Trailing 12 Months - AFP

Vermont produced just 17 tons of CO2 for electrical generation in 2003.

Palestinian writer nominates Sami Michael for Nobel Prize

Investigation into shooting (of) French reporter reactivated

In chaplain follow-up Newsday acknowledges 9/11 skepticism!

Newsday: "Sept. 11 conspiracy theories abound" (follow-up on chaplain)

An exit polling idea for NJ gov. race - please help brainstorm!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 10/01/05

Are there any DUer's familiar with Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles?

Rep. Jane Harman's blog/ her trip to ME

Natural gas bills expected to rise 71%, PG&E says

Air America leaves, but KSAC won't turn right

Western MA (valley): possible stray cat.

Flu shot clinics scheduled at Snyder Drug Stores

Importing Video / Audio question

OH Freeway Blogging group seeks members!

Hagan suit to stand; Republicans must open calendars, campaign data

Just hosted my first House Party. And I'm pissed!!!!

Third candidate in Republican Primary to unseat Edwards

About this Texas special election

Proof you can dress us up AND take us out

What do you think of using UW Milwaukee as

Which kind of Republican is worse?

California Connected.. Child POV:Uninsured

If we abort the drug laws, we'll have far less crime.

Just home from D.C. And do I have some aching feet and some stories

Is that Mollie Ivans on with Mike Webb? -- listen link

For anyone interested in good new music...check this out


GOP caught Push Polling in Vermont 2006 Senate Race

Remember: fuel conservation is only for the little people.

70.7 percent of all arrestees in 2002 were white

A trickle of GOPle coming over to Reason and Sanity....ate some crow,

"Bird Flu" what is the purpose of all this media?

Info on voting systems in Gulf states (sorry if this is a dupe)

Holy Smoke and Mirrors Batman, EMAC!

Who has the courage of their convictions?

Right wing radio was in full spin mode for Bennett today....


bush's Inaugural Address from Jan. - scary.

The "Democrats of Iraq"--Rice using this at a speech


Homeland Security Harasses Relief Workers in Waveland, MS

NC NEMA leading reorganization of disaster telecommunications

"Culture of Corruption" - Googled

South Korea leader hints at ending US control over their own army

Homeland Security is everything we feared it would be.

Katrina Response list from people who want to be paid to rebuild NOLA

What's up with Scarborough

This is the way of peace

George W. Bush covers "White Lines" (High-larious)

Friends, has anyone got a line on Jabbar Gibson, the school bus

"...Morocco Islamist Speaks Out"

Online Media Break Gore-for-Smut Story

Are you all as tired

Ret. General calls Iraq "the greatest strategic disaster" in US history

As oil prices bite, US delays showdown with Saudis over rights

5 PA guard troops killed in Iraq Wednesday. Philadelphia Inquirer can't

DeLay struggles in new role

Will DeLay's jury be chosen from blue Travis County?

Fitz Agreed to Limit Judy's Testimony in What Way?

Steven Levitt (Freakonomics) responds to Bill Bennett

Please help

Deaths reported in Bali blasts

A couple of quotes to pass along to ID promoters

Another view of the Karen Huges "Our Constitution cites 'one nation under

China Marks 56 Years of Communist Rule

$25 and a Koran as inmates leave Iraq's Abu Ghraib

Ken Schram ....Kick William Bennett Off The Airwaves

Bush administration found involved in illegal ‘covert propaganda’

Bush administration found involved in illegal 'covert propaganda'

Audio: A. Huffington rips into Bill Frist, Judith Miller, and Brownie

CNN Breaking: Explosions in tourist areas of Bali

"Dangers of a Drunk Dubya"

Don't Go Unless Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld Send their Kids

Did Judith Miller look nervous as a mother cat with deaf kittens yesterday?

Lifestyles of the Liberal and Powerless (Rall)

Fewer Iraqi battalions can function without U.S.- No amount of spin can...

Ex-Marine critical of war, military life during talk

(VIDEO) Daily Show: I'm So Indicted!

The Democrats DO have an agenda and this is it

Disclaimer Stickers For Science Texbooks.

William Bennett claims that killing all Americans would lower cancer rates

Noticed how the "Freep-Turds" are spinning the Bill Bennett comments?

I hate it when people do this, but I'm doing it, too

C-Span Alert! DNC Commission on Presidential Nominations 10:49a.m./edt

NEW TOON - 10/1 -- lowdown on shakedown of trickledown

I'm glad the wingnuts are defending Bennett

Arrested Development

She went to jail, but for what?

RW'ers assure Dittoheads that Roberts is LYING!

perhaps Judith wanted out of prison cause she is worried about

Do we need national ballot measures?

I Believe If We Aborted All White Neo-Con Babies...

National Summit to Save Our Elections: A Call to Rescue Our Democracy

Studs Terkel's on public radio now

FREAKER TINFOIL - Damn if this isn't some of the funniest crap I've ever

My dupe thread for the day: If you aborted all women, eventually you'd

Anybody in Maryland interested in carpooling?

From the "can't make this up" dept: Typhoon Longwang threatens Okinawa

This Sunday -- DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel on NBC's Meet the Press

Need help: Question about satellite radio

New York Times’ Friedman proposes “endgame” bloodbath in Iraq


Lake Charles area under martial law and curfew ?

VIDEOS-Selected Questions from the WH Press Briefings Wed and Thurs

Try this for some tension relief - Lord knows we need it.

If you sterilized all Republicans...

Help me respond to this SHIT email - I AM TOO MAD right now.....

Did anyone see Kirk Herbstreit's jab at the president?

198 Methods of Nonviolent Resistance

Can somebody with Lexis access answer this?

VIDEO-Spoofing Bush's Terror speech this week

Al Qaeda: How Many No. 2s Are There?

The Art of War

Bill Bennett, wingnut bigotry, and good ole' American bigotry.

Eat candy, kill Iraqis

Successful Google Bomb

How are the number of delegates per state determined?

& the Swiftbotting of Ronnie EARLE Gathers Steam

Name one incident in which a 1000+ people died when Clinton was President

Breaking the Silence: Bilderberg Exposed . . .

What if we all sent a letter like this -----

Rare Germ Found in D.C., but No Terror Fears (WTF??)

Visionary Architect Could Revolutionize Housing ..(Dome Home)

Frist, DeLay, heating costs up 65% for winter, illegal payments to news

Bill Bennett "I made the abortion statement in order to win a bet. "

New Zogby Poll has 3 questions asking about plans to leave the

Mary Kay Letourneau was raised on good Republican values

If anybody is interested in seeing more photos from the DC protest

Wikipedia: Bennett agreed with caller about beheading drug dealers

Documentary being made about Delay being brought down

WSJ: Katrina, Gas Prices Knock Income Lower

I just called in to C-SPAN again

Christmas on THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS with Arlo Guthrie & Friends

to date Quagmire has cost the US $727 per capita, will double deficit

"Dick Cheney is just like Tony Soprano with an MBA."

All Project X regional team leaders please coordinate

What were they thinking?

"Some things are just God's will"

Can we balance the budget just by cutting pork?

Two words convict Bill Bennett

How is Every Tax Dollar Spent?

C-span 1..Democrats are arranging the deck chairs.. Anyone else watching?

Why do so many people buy into the right-wing bullshit?

"I don't think about class and stuff, hard work pays, I'm just blessed"

What Would Happen If Catholics Started Wearing Pink Triangles To Church?

Need advice on MP-3 service

Christmas question: where can I buy natural gas giftcards for our

Anyone know of an email comparing Texas handling Rita vs. NOLA Katrina?


once again, the OXYGEN SNUFFER wants to snuff OXYGEN out of a people he

What Martial Law REALLY means.

Did the Miltary Use DC Protest to Test Bio-weaponTularemia?

3-fer: Wingnut HollywoodLand, a Solid CLINTON Marriage, & Missing MOORE

Tropical Depression #20

Last Marine in Unit Mourns 11 Lost Friends

"it's not about morality, or values, or ethics. It's the economy, stupid."

No you can NOT"Indict a ham sandwich". That's BALONEY!

Good Night and Good Luck...How soon can we buy tickets?

C-SPAN (airing now) DNC Commission on Presidential Nomination

Standing up for "stooping"-

DC Protest Photos Collage: NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio

The problem with humanity has ALWAYS been the Far Right

Two of the most important elective offices in the land..SoS & school board

I have an idea to reduce crime!

Reality bite

OMG - My DU Post gets on Freerepublic!

I am betting Perjury and obstruction for Libby and Rove

1935 Reasons why the DSM is Important

The Right wing Is Inherently Bigoted

Yankees win! Theeeeeee Yankeeees Wiiiiiinnnnnnn!

Security incidents in Iraq, Oct 1

Article -"Ex-US Marine for Al Jazeera"

the Pass...(Pass Christian ,MS..before and after)

Why does Michigan have the right to tax internet sales?

Bush * Approval At 40% In New Newsweek Poll

Apparently CNN has no interesting footage of Rita

The newest Google Bomb Project

Bush Admin buying good ratings gets audited by Feds

Dang, if gas is costly now... wait until India and China start complaining

Mold not just a problem in NOLA

Pat Robertson wants us to pray for Tom DeLay.

Fred Phelps crowd visits Oregon

Why didn't anyone mention EMAC after nobody showed up after Katrina?

LAT: This Just in: Flops Caused Box Office Slump

Everythings just great in Iraq; well read this and literally weep.

Iran says may hold back oil sales if sent to UN

Some words to inspire, A tribute to all who march for justice

Which mental disorder does the RW seem to have as a whole?

DailyKos: Neocon Franklin pleading guilty

Katrina relief work journal and ways to still help

The most frightening thing about the Constitution Restoration Act


The Washington-Najaf axis : playing Al Qaedas game

EU gains weapon in battle over subsidies

I know reports of dog shootings in New Orleans...

$25 and a Koran as inmates leave Iraq's Abu Ghraib

Mark my words: Saddam will be "suicided" before he stands public trial.

*** Saturday Carefree TOONs ***

Hey DUers! Wanna DU this AOL Poll? About the Patriot Act!!!!

Group announces whistleblower award fund

Judith Miller: "I Am The Nelson Mandela of Journalism (Satire warning)

Is your senator or House member a Democrat? Can you adopt me?

They've already tried to execute Saddam before he could receive a trial

Okay, why is it okay to launder money in the casinos?

So I got fingerprinted by the state police today

Cheney to be indicted?

The Paper Trail Behind Tom DeLay's Indictment and Roy Blunt's 527

Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something here?

I'm surprised Delay hasn't told his supporters that he

John Edwards speaking on poverty

It's really very simple...

A 'welfare' State might actually work

Judy Miller has an obnoxious voice

Current TV

TOONS: The Finger Pointing Edition 10/1

Guess what I saw on my TV in Trölhattan

Bush Spins Self-Sufficiency of Iraqi Troops

Fuck it. Let's say it simply. America is now the bad guy of the world.

Pfizer gives Dodge the nod - "38,000 Magnums please!"

The republicans know how important it is to get

The difference between moderate Republicans and liberals in a nutshell

Marine Mourns 11 Friends Killed in Bombing

Karen Hughes, in her own garbledygook

If there's a God, it's about time he took America out.

Ok now that I scared the crap out of everyone.

Who said: Mr. Roosevelt has contributed to the end of capitalism in our

Does Delay have to leave congress if convicted?

Passion of the Christ 2 movie poster just released

History of the War Machine: PNAC's Predecessor- NSC Document 68

An Iraqi song for peace - >>>> audio link

POLL: Source of "Don't criticize Democrats" meme on DU?

The difference in comments by Dick Durbin and William Bennett ?

Is North America is on a fascist trajectory

Tom DeLay's REALLY fucked now!

Remember when some folks were clinging to the hope that a faithless

Reagan Era Army General: Iraq is a disaster.....

Such a tease (The Guardian interviews Jon Stewart)

A gaggle of unfriendly morans...

Anyone have a link for the last interview Aaron Broussard did

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Great discussion tonight-good guest too

Who would you vote for?

What's the Deal? Why does everyone want Hillary V. Condi in 08?

Katherine Harris -- Will Age Old "Liberal" Smear Work Here???

Attention DU Vets that get meds from the VA - Please read this

They assume wealthy white male christian conservative supremacy.

DRAFT ALERT: Delayed-entry now 25% down to 5%, NG recruiting minus 43%

Brazilians to vote on national gun ban - discussion on Wash. Journal

A One-Week reprive for the Guy James Show! MIRACLE NEEDED!!!

36,000 people will die in America from flu this year. Are you concerned?

5 Rules We All Must Agree To . . .

Please caption this * pic

NYT: FEMA put tons of ice on trips to nowhere, for $100 million

Ryan White Act expires (program to help with HIV medicines).

LAT op-ed: Arianna is not buying Judy Miller's "laughable" story!

God - The Greatest Abortion provider of all time

Letter to Democrats on Iraq War Truth & Lies

"RNC donation raises questions on federal monitoring"

LA Times: "Shades of FEMA's Brown in Bush Pick" Sauerbrey is another HACK

So, just how good of a diplomat was Karen Hughes?

"Bill Bennett - Worse than you could imagine"

Some of you all asked who I would give the death penalty too....

Tom Delay and the Michael Jackson defense

President Bush Sells Louisiana Back to the French

Freeper "Bill of Non-Rights"...

VIDEO- Selected Bits from the Pentagon Briefing on Thursday

Faux news finds another missing woman in the nick of time!

filled my car up with gas today

The very last Guy James Show ever is this evening.

These fucking idiots wearing cowboy hats and boots with business attire...

My treason-gate/Plame predictions.....

My response to one of those stupid chain emails..

They are still slaughtering dogs in New Orleans

Bush Administration Broke Propaganda Rules, GAO Says - Bloomberg

Proof that BushCo had plans to invade Iraq since 1992

"THE HAMMER'S PRAYER"---DU, Help lobby God on behalf of poor Tom DeLay!!

I really hate MBNA--rant, please indulge.

One Week Ago Today - D.C. street cam and a note of appreciation

Didn't mold exist before air-conditioning? WTH did people do in NO,

Judy and Scooter love letters released

PIC: My Sister and Her Belongings in New Orleans

Taxation without Representation

The Hammer's Prayer

"I loathe America, and what it has done to the rest of the world" . . .

My 17 year old son just got his first military recruitment phone call

Help me compile a list of "crazy" Howard Dean quotes.


First-hand accounts from Abu Ghraib - too important to let sink!

Taking Out the Trash: Cheney Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

A Barack Obama Moment

[Video] Cindy at PDA Grassroots Day (talking about her meeting with Dean)

Bush to appoint Gonzales to Supreme Court (to replace O'Connor)

William Bennett - longtime racist and fearmonger

Today's link for the Good Night, and Good Luck Trailer. Watch it now!

DEADHEADS: Barlow Wrote "Throwing Stones" About Cheney!

Anyone else sick a week after the protests?

Say it out loud, make it your talking point! Culture of Corruption

Very strange Bell Ad.:

Good Night Good Luck... Be the Media campaign

Was this going on when the Democrats were in power?

People with insurance have to pay FEMA back

gasoline conservation - tips ?

The story of the pic by Distressed American

Which DEMOCRATS have answered Cindy's question?

So today I hugged the neocon apologist and warmonger Congressman Tom Price

Melanie Morgan fired?

I'm making a book about the Christian Rapture

Dailykos: Libby Writes IN CODE to Miller?

I made slow simmered chicken with rice(arroz con pollo)

I'm using up the 15 pounder (no kidding) I dragged in from the garden

Is a potato ricer necessary to make potao dumplings?

Has anyone tried eggplant in chicken soup?

Mock Rabbit

Harper doesn't urge MacKay to stick with federal Tories as wooing begins

Well, I hope they're all taking lunches

Howard: "Only economic slump can save Tories"

Freed reporter names Cheney aide

Democrats hope for traction against scandal-plagued Republicans

DeLay struggles in new role

Bacharach teams up with Dre for protest album

FDNY Chaplain Resigns After 9/11 Remarks

Drug arrest

Rumsfeld touts U.S.-trained Iraqi troops

Bird flu jumps transmission barrier in humans

Newsday: "Sept. 11 conspiracy theories abound" (follow-up on chaplain)

Rice warns against quitting Iraq

Iraqi police say Danish soldier killed in Iraq (Reuters)

Nicaragua recalls ambassador from Costa Rica

US FDA head gives up cancer duties after criticism

White House Condemns Bennett; Sponsors Pulling Out

Chile's Bachelet Maintains Lead in Presidential Race, Poll Says

Plamegate Prosecutor Stays Silent (Fitzgerald)

China Marks 56 Years of Communist Rule

Princetonian: Students, community members protest Rice's visit

Eleven killed in Iraq attacks including imam, two US troops (1935)

LAT: This Just in: Flops Caused Box Office Slump

Prosecutor Quiet After Miller's Testimony

Saudis Get Another "Pass" from Bushco

Prayers for the nation’s war dead are illegal, prime minister told

EU and US clash over control of Internet

Frist pondered stock sale in April: discussed transaction in e-mail

DeLay criticizes, Earle defends filmmakers' access to DA office

Shaw takes heat from Democrats for DeLay cash

LAT: Border Crossing Deaths Set a 12-Month Record

LAT: Shades of FEMA's Brown in Bush Pick (to head refugee crisis response)

Will it ever end? Marine Mourns 11 Friends Killed in Bombing

French jets fire on Taliban

Shades of FEMA's Brown in Bush Pick (this one for Refugees)

U.S. Troops Launch 'Operation Iron Fist' in Iraq

$25 and a Koran as inmates leave Iraq's Abu Ghraib

Bush 'encouraged' despite report on Iraqi troops

Economy wobbles in wake of Katrina (negative savings for 3 months)

Air Sampler Detected Possible Disease Agent During Protests (Tularemia)

Biohazard Sensors Triggered (Tularemia bioweapon during Antiwar Protest)

Talabani: Al-Jaafari violating accord (Kurd v. Shia)

(Salem, OR) Neilsen layoffs are omen for area firms (70% cut in staff)

Reuters: CIA faces spy shortages as staffers go private

FDA Probes Vaccine's Tie to Brain Illness (meningitis vaccine)

Talibani criticizes Jaafari; Zarqawi claims Balad explosions

AP: Prosecutor Quiet After Miller's Testimony

Pakistan: Major offensive against N. Waziristan miscreants in offing

AP: Last Marine in unit mourns 11 lost friends

Bush claims progress in Iraq as scores are killed in more bombings

Chicago Sun Times: FAA OKs O'Hare expansion, court grounds it

U.S, Afghan soldiers killed in southern attack

The American Ambassador Delivers 3 Sunni Demands for Amendments

Protest awaits Bennett visit (to University of Cincinnati)

Bush administration examines new measures against Syria

Martinez warns of Chavez populism spreading

Nobel Peace Prize 2005: Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez makes the final list

Dems decry U.S. dependence on fossil fuels

Ohio suit to stand; Republicans must open calendars, campaign data

Grand juror: DeLay evidence is there

WP: GOP Senators Look to Shift Spy Management From CIA (to Negroponte)

Police: Killers target immigrants

Natural gas bills expected to rise 71%, PG&E says

Texas Mayors say FEMA didn't deliver on promise to do better

Newsweek: Finding His Floor (*'s poll up (@ 40%) despite Delay)

Gunmen abduct Iraqi interior minister's brother

Breaking: Blasts rock Bali's tourist area

Peter Jennings leaves estate of over $50 million

US launches assault in west Iraq

Bennett defends remarks on blacks, abortion and crime rate

Iran may use oil as a weapon

Senators cut funds for food and heat

Favorite portable media storage module?

MODS! Is there a be nice to prolesunited rule I didn't know about?

Your mouse is dirty (Post from your cache thread)

Here's a Bedtime Story ...

Nini and I just felt a small quake here in L.A. (or not)

Avis spot- Ithought we recently established that the Orca was my favorite

Wow, my ringtone website was popular over the last 4 years.

For anyone interested in good new music...check this out

Hip Hip Hooray.. My blinds have arrived

Anyone know anything about Canyon City, CO (Canon City, CO)?


As I listen to The Chipmunks, I have a question for all........

goodnight Nighthawks and Lizards!

Once in a lifetime. My daughter will be twenty-one on Sunday:

I crossed a bra with panties and came up with "Branties"

Best Movie Line From This Choice of Three

Before I buy the new Neil Young cd, has anyone heard it yet????


Well, this is the first time I've been really ill since my divorce...

In Honor Of Eeyore's Post: Link Your Own Music Here!

The hell with all of you

What Does Bush Think of Roe v Wade

Picture of Bush Jr. and Sr. visit to NO

Confess to your crimes...

So.....who's your alter ego?

Dutch Cops are the coolest cops on the face of the planet

President Bush Sells Louisiana Back to the French (Warning: humorous)

Get off the couch!

George W. Bush covers "White Lines"

Mister.... Kennedy............... Kennedy...

Does Paula Deen use too much butter in her cooking

Saw only the beginning of Genna Davis' show but...

What about your purse?



CNN Just NOW "Breaking" The Giant Squid Story!

Time to say goodnight

I give up. Could someone give me a hand with putting my pic

Good Morning, Everybody!

Good Morning All

It's 3:23... close enogh for rock-n-roll.....

I"m super productive this morning...

What happens when you put someone on your buddy list?

This has GOT to be the stupidest-looking car I've ever seen!

Anyone else see Flight Plan yet?

Inventor of Valium, Once the Most Often Prescribed Drug, Dies

Can we make up our farging minds about the flirting issue?

HA! Florida's "shoot first" legislation is starting to take a bite


Only 27 more DVD-Rs to go to back up White Rose...

Ideas for couples Halloween costumes.

Tonight's the night! PORCUPINE TREE and ROBERT FRIPP at Town Hall in NYC!!

I want to get a new cell phone...

There's no way that this guy CAN'T be one of this week's top 10 idiots

I can't listen to progmom today

I smell like cheese!

Little Rock, Arkansas advice needed.

Have you ever received the following as a PM ...

Forget about Dream Interpreting, what does it mean when you

Post your favorite oxymorons here

"i really enjoy a nice pair of slacks . . ."

It's time for some bone-on-bone action!

Radical idea: Pay Teachers as if

Damn, I just entered the '700 club'

The Masterpiece Society

superficial question...

Woodstock, Columbus Day Weekend meet-up question for DU ...

Who wins in a fight, Strongbad or Brak?

So I'm watching the A&M /Baylor football game, and the camera

Does anyone else think we need a Frog March icon or smiley?

Lord forgive me.

"Thumbsucker" -- cool little coming of age movie. Check it out!

She's got electric boots! A Mohair suit!

Squid Suit

"Republicans care more about the vets." BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!

Firefox Question help?

the grapes of wrath!

Good AM radio stations for traffic reports in NYC?

-.-. .... . -.-. -.- / - .... .. ... / --- ..- - .-.-.-

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here!

I'm NEVER leaving DU!!!

Soft Paws for Cats - do they work?

Generic thread

Great adopt-a-pet site includes Katrina/Rita animal victims

Who likes these...

All done with the LSATs!

They'll always have Paris (Magazine: Paris Hilton breaks off engagement)

Crappity crappity crap crap . . . I just bought the No Direction Home DVD

I found my husband's halloween costume!

Okay, Shah Rukh Khan is *still* in NYC--Would someone tell him I love him?

I keep getting a launch error when I try to open Firefox

Can anybody give me a DU summary of Lost? I've never seen it

Any Italy travel buffs here? Need info on Florence

A long haired Michigan State player just scored a TD against Michigan*

What is the answer, and why?

Bill Bennett "I made the abortion statement in order to win a bet. "

When do you usually eat dinner?

Why do people in the other forums just spout out anything...

What is the statue of limitations on tv/movie spoilers?

For everyone who went to DC last weekend... Please read this if

Who remembers the Bowman Body?

Do you believe...

Goodnight y'all!

You ever have fun spoiling the ending for someone?

Try out your pickup lines here.

Early Halloween poll - do you think your home is haunted?

picture of my namesake, Skittles

Red Sox vs Yankees Thread (The Winner Is IN)

Need advice on MP-3 service

It's October First! You know what that means...

Just so all DU men know........

My High Speed cable internet goes out at night. All night!

Why does Fox say the Yanks win the AL East if they win today?

DirecTV folks: Audioslave preview!

Firefly moves into top 10 selling DVDs on Amazon

I am now at my dorkiest

Go see "Serenity".

Mr. Peabody, my last parakeet, died last night.

A couple of questions about i-pods if you please.

Good night my beloved Lizzards.

Do you eat Lemon Pie, while watching Star Trek in the Nude?

My life sucks donkey dicks

I just came in from clearing brush.

Self Delete.

Talking about classic Sci-Fi remakes: Don't forget "Space Patrol"

I Just Bought The New Kanye West CD

This year we liberals can and must destroy Christmas

What do you recycle?

What game is on at your house? We have the Dumb Bastards vs

Would you like to be flying with this squadron?

Name your favorite Original Star Trek Episode

has anyone been to the King Tut exhibit ?

Try out your rejection lines here.

Bush question why is he still so popular


I'm bored and drinking cherry brandy...

Time for some laughs....a little comic relief

I am NOT ashamed, I like John Denver....

I finally got a job.

My Honey-do list for the weekend (what's yours?)

Liz Phair on her new CD: "If doesn't fit what you need, don't buy it."

If you were having a fancy dinner party, what would you serve?

Suggestion for DU Group: Hockey Group


Post your favorite peace or protest song...

USC just punk'd the worthless SunDevils

Just so all DU women know........

O.J. Simpson signs autographs at L.A. comic convention, 12 people show up

Have you ever crossed a diamond with a pearl...

"For my 9000 post.... I wish to express my undying love for....."

Going to a dark Homecoming Game at MSSU.

Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter!

Elvis question why is he still so popular

I love it when cooking experiments turn out really tasty :)

I am sick, and I think it may be because I kissed a DUer in DC

Excuse me, does this come in a laced with PCP for rampages variety?

Bush and the neocons figure into this great Marvel comic:

All Project X regional team leaders please coordinate

OH DEAR GOD, NO! Paris Hilton breaks off engagement! DEAR GOD, NO! GOD NO!

anyone seen or heard of "saints and soldiers?"

What's the oddest pickup/icebreaker line you've ever used that's worked?

I just watched Serenity... and it KICKED ASS!

Someone cooked fresh fish in the employee lounge yesterday. (rant)

Bob Boudelang Defends Bill Bennett...

Hairy task faces judges in world beard and moustache contest

Tell me about the worst job you have ever had.

What should I have for breakfast? No donuts though.

singing voice that just absolutely gets on your f***ing nerves

What Song Will Change Your Mood From Bad To Good? From Sullen To Happy?

I am 98 posts away from 2000!!! ¡Preguntenme algo!

Why does Missouri have as Many Churches as Wisconsin has Bars?

The Power of Makeup

What do you all think happens after we die?

Do you post in the nude?

***Attention SEATTLE DUers***

Yankees win! Theeeeeee Yankeeees Wiiiiiinnnnnnn!

OK! THIS is my 9000th post...........

Drug arrest

My new nickname is Rod Bosnia!

I'm baking a lemon meringue pie - shall I cut you a slice?

Nighthawks XVII (dial-up warning)

In case you missed it in the Texas forum...Austin gathering tonight...

What if Star Trek were "re-imagined" like BSG?


Who else here sucks with money?

Ramadan starts in a few days - ask me anything

Hey! There's no "post-a-pic-of-yo'-bad-self" thread on the front page!!

Favorite Harry Potter character?

Feel good movie suggestions - picking something up tonight

Cosmic expansion is not to blame for expanding waistlines

Wanna see dust devils swirl across the Martian desert? (dialup warning)

Teacher accused of mocking boys as gay for talking

Maine Religious Righter: "The Devil Is Campaigning Hard Here"

How pro-gay Catholics can show their support RIGHT NOW (no money involved)

Petition efforts raise eyebrows - Gay-nuptial foes hire Calif. consulting

Kids off hook in drive to end gay marriage

What is up with the SPLIT SCREEN CRAP on FOX?

Congrats to the Yankees

If I've got this right, the BoSox' magic number is ONE

Hey Gators, We just beat the hell out of you.

From a Gator fan ==> Congrats Bama!

I F***ing hate the University of Michigan!!!!!!!!!

Is Penn State that good, or are the opponents that BAD?

They are still slaughtering dogs in New Orleans

Colors of Numbers?

I'll pray hard for you

Atheist vs. atheist: What is secularism?

Yikes...People are driving me mad

Just a song

Obey God Always


I had a window visitor this morning

Anyone see the Kodak Minolta DiMage Z6 camera yet?

OT Weekend Natter thread, anyone?

Will Diebold still be in place for the midterm elections ?

Ugly picture of BlackHeart

Holt urges administration to start planning for troop pullout post 10/15

Amazing post about DNC staffers helping in storm areas.

Nuclear power pants!!! They're everywhere!!!

A Very Odd Dream About Bush Sr.'s Death

DU this poll: Should Tom DeLay resign?

Happy Birthday, President Carter!

Never Forget!!!

Diebold and election tampering could get harder for the GOP

I was listening to CRI on my shortwave radio

"Conservatives are truly a selfless lot...

Walter says

Darfur Call to Action

From one who knows; "When I was a child living in Germany in 1930s

Put Bill Bennett's EXACT words in David Duke's mouth and see what

Falwell Confidential: Defined By Your Enemies

Are 107 dead Americans just collateral damage?

Journalists concerned, puzzled over Miller case

Bayou hedge funds - interesting what happened to them

President Bush Misreads History (re: his pre-protest speech)

Don't you just get the feeling that Bushco is struggling to keep

MY PREDICTION: Based on history and my love of conspiracy....

Buying of News by Bush's Aides Is Ruled Illegal

Huff Post: "Karen Hughes Plays 'Which One Doesn't Belong'"

Karen Hughes returns after a disastrous ME trip

My $0.02 on the GOP faithful...

"Is "torment" the new euphemism for torture???"

I want a Presidential candidate who will unequivocally call for withdraw

Santorum--Blue Collar or White? Or Did the Laundry Colors Run?

Grand juror: Evidence is there (stacks of papers support DeLay indictment)

I'd be willing to bet Ronnie Earle got one of the co-conspirators to flip

John Gibson: Why don't liberals want black people to think about abortion?

Have we finally gone over the fascist cliff? Do Bill Bennett's comments

Political historian (Dem expert witness, candidate) on DeLay Indictment

US Launches Military Offensive in Iraq

Ladies, knock yourselves up! New Rules

religiously insane Ala. Sen. Hank Erwin opened his mouth on NO

52% in poll would re-elect Clinton--AP/Buffalo News

Did you know Bush has another daughter? (A Joke, I think) lol

Slate: The film about John Kerry's campaign won't tell you why he lost

Edwards' October Events, TDS, Tavis Smiley

NOW 3 PM ET Brad Friedman Vs An Coulter! on Ron Insana.Delay & Frist...

Guide Aims to Help Bloggers Beat Censors, Maintain Privacy

Remake NOLA As "Silicon Gulf"?

ACLU's orginal mission?

Bush sees progress in Iraq War Effort

Reflections from the bus; Bring Them Home Now Tour

Somebody please refresh my memory of the time between 9/11 and Iraq

DU this poll! Do U think DeLay's indictment is politically motivated?

Newsweek: "Even if 2008 doesn't come down to a Hillary-Condi showdown..."

Bush 'encouraged' despite report on Iraqi troops

The MoFo NEVER learns! Not ANOTHER crony!!!

Maine Religious Righter: "The Devil Is Campaigning Hard Here"

Letter from Louisiana, David Remnick, The New Yorker, October 3, 2005

WA Post: "What did Judith Miller accomplish by spending 85 days in jail?"

As CIA leak probe passes Rove, Cheney is eyed, lawyer says

Those who are fed to the teeth with all this Gore shite check in here.

Poll: Newsweek: Bush 40% approve...53% disapprove...7% unsure

Bush Spins Self-Sufficiency of Iraqi Troops

For those who are condemning the Democrats that voted for Roberts

Please sign Louisiana Pet Massacre Petition.

If the Insurgency Stopped All Attacks?

IRAQ is a CIVIL WAR. Cost UN 1,000,000 to truce Korean Civil War.

Faux News now saying Halloween costume spending to increase from '04

Is Judy Miller a domestic CIA media asset ?

George Allen has ZERO service record in the military!

Your help needed now!! Dobson insinuating himself into ABC

Bill O'Reilly creates another ACLU member!

Forget about Democracy in the Empire

Blackmailing Col. Shaffer ( Abel Danger Whistleblower )

"What VA? By the time this administration is done there won't be a VA."

smirk & Laura are suing a vest company - Lawsuit Hypocrite

Reminder: LeftyBlogs---great site with blogs from all states and more

All Gulf oil output shut down

Folks, you MUST READ THIS...

has anyone else seen this yet?

So, wouldn't this tularemia thing be golden for BushCo? 1. They

CSPAN NOW=DNC Commission on Presidential Nomination...

Bush Choice To Head Oversease Emergency Agency? Fmr. MD Campaign Chair

I have a feeling Freepers come here just to start arguments

Sorry to Burst the Bubble - LOL!

Christian Right / Progressive Left - Birds of a Feather?

How bad can it get .......

Pile On... NYT: "Buying of News by Bush's Aides Is Ruled Illegal "

CNBC’s Ron Insana Propaganda Exposed on Live Radio

Bush Radio: "We're hunting down deadly terrorist leaders"

Chavez takes all Venezuela money out of US & into Europe

Edwards visits Russia

I think Bill Bennett's finally, totally losing it...

Live C-Span DNC Commission on Presidential Nominations 10:44a.m./edt

number of trained Iraqi troops has DECREASED !!

Newsweek/Raw Story - "78 percent in GOP want DeLay to stay"

Dogs Killed At Katrina Evacuation Center

Could Rove end up an un-indicted co-conspirator?

Now is the time for a POSITIVE message from the Democrats.

Republican calls DNC for help in MA with a dying woman from New Orleans.