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Archives: October 14, 2005

Sectarian resentment extends to Iraq's army

The Supreme Court keeps putting off Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

Randall Robinson Interview

Prize-winners have proposition for you! (Ig-Nobels)

Bush Abandonment Watch

Hunger is mass killer far more lethal than headline-grabbing disasters ..

Iraq has descended into anarchy, says Fisk

Pinter: We have brought torture and misery in the name of freedom

'CIA leak scandal: Rove defied Bush's command?'-um...

Zbigniew Brzezinski: A sorry foreign policy

Pinter: We have brought torture and misery in the name of freedom

Paramilitary .. at .. Medical Center .. Assault Caregivers (CA)

FTW is asking for help.

Richard Pombo needs to be taken out

Palestinian Judge Quits Over New Law

Divestment campaign losing steam among U.S. churches - Haaretz 10/13/05

But Do Jews Drive Out Arabs?

Wed., Nov 2, 2005 (1st anniversary of the 2nd stolen election).

Daily Pilot: Democrats have a chance for a steal (CA-48)

Interesting Voice of Sandiego OpEd about UnionTrib's RW biases

Equality California: Veto Arnold!

Read this if you are gathering signatures for ballot initiatives

4 kids with polio now in central Minnesota

The Feds have an email and wirretap on Madsen

Coming up Oct 19: big anti-indictment distractor

Lawyer for cops with the NOPD is a Slimeball!

I saw Ashleigh Banfield on Court tv today.

Is Anyone Watching Primetime Live on ABC??

OMG... They're the same person!!!

Not only has the American Press found some courage, they've remembered

CNN reporting that AlQuada says letter is a fake

AP: States to provide a buffer from cold

Scotty's press conference on Olbermann --

Where Do I E-Mail Kieth And Ask Him To Have Helen Thomas On?

The Ridicule Factor-it's been clear that a Republican tactic has

Notice McLellan was trying to BAIT reporters into saying the soldiers were

Heard today that NOAA has already declared 2005 as the hottest

Go Gerhard!! (Kiss A$s quote from Schroder)

chavez sends fuel oil for school buses and non profits to-------

I need some help

"Coming out for one of their own"....Church backs gay Oklahoma teen...

"President Bush" on Jay Leno

New fun from the ACLU

studs turkel on Nightline right now

Okay, I know I am a little behind but what happend with AF show on AAR????

I just *love* the way it's all hitting them at one time!

I'm feeling that when the first domino falls, they're all going to follow

Yahoo Post of the Day

How the right wing made me an ACLU-supporting liberal Democrat

GWB???.....Just resign and give your throne back to Gore!!!!

Seeking nominations for the 2006 Ron Ridenhour Awards

Beautiful Screen Caputure

A few words from Nobel Prize Laureate Harold Pinter....

"Who Is A Partiot Today" - my daughter's school report

The Business Week Miers Indicator

Faux news headline "Bush Teleconference With Soldiers Staged

Juan Cole: Judy Miller and the Neocons

Toyota Recalls 75,000 Prius Hybrids for Stalling Engines

US National Clandestine Service created 10/13/05 WTF?

Why Patrick Fitzgerald Gets It

Accident,Great Loss or Tragedy ?

Just curious, how many of you think Jeb is going to run?

Ann Coulter: They're treating us like liberals, lying to us

Prosecutor Subpoenas Records for Phones of DeLay, Daughter, Campaign

DU and Check Out Great AOL Poll! Is Bush In Trouble???!!!!!

So where are all the Plame-addicts? What are you talking about

South America Goes Nationalist With Its Oil and Gas Amid High World Prices

Soldier Arrested After Shooting at Fort Campbell

Eight dolphins seen in Lake Pontchartrain

Political newbies: Elections you never thought you'd give a damn about

VIDEO- Jerks and Smirks # 6- Earpiece and Leg Swingin' Edition

Does it matter if Bush is "in trouble"?

"There’s Something About Cindy"

Conservative press: Did the White House/FOX/Hume Smear Batchelder?

The new guy in the WH press corps.

AP: Will New Orleans abandon its poor?

What's Left of Our "Coalition of the Willing"

Now is the time for People of Reason to stand up and fight back

"Military Recruiting" on steroids????

Jim Lobe--Rice Bowls Them Over (Rice holding back more Bush aggression??)

McClellen grilling replay on CSPAN right now...(nt)

The Terror Spin Cycle Is Getting Dangerously Short (For Bush)

Wonder what 2000 looks like? Flash movie.. soldiers who have been killed.

So these Republicans walk into a bar...

The Idiot's press conference is on local Cleveland news!

So What Did boooosh Mean When He Said......

Did you see this obituary?

CSPAN.ORG had the entire press conference from today!

DU This AOL Poll....AOL Front Page says...

An excellent example of forming progressive alliances!

Omigosh-Olbermann is a HOOT! Bush dropped his friggin earpiece!

* * * U N R A V E L L I N G * * *

I am pleased to announce I flunked the The Republican Loyalty Quiz

Caption Rummy

Did the MSM DELIBERATELY let the 'warmup show' get out on the feed??

Can Anyone Give Me A Rundown Of The "Goodnight, Good Luck" Movie (again)?

Whore Media "Shocked" by Staged Media Event???????

Who does this sound like? (hint: last name starts with B & ends with USH)

Worst president ever: a historic competition

LOL... Caption This !!!

Urgent request. "DU" Terry Harper. Demand retraction of Miller's award.


"Contraception is not a traditional value."

OMG! OMG! I.P.#2436

Bush's Administration Becoming a Laughingstock

"God? Is that You again? Bianca?" - Bush PHOTO

Air America

S-o-o-o-o-o what time do they announce

See who is giving money to California propositions ->

73% of 131,772 people rated *'s performance "Poor" on AOL

So who is on a one-way trip to Gitmo

Want to see a Scotty press conference w/o the BS? Check out liveoaktx's

Has Rove been out of the Whitehouse?

KO is BY FAR my favorite after today's show

Puffy McMoonface press conference on Crooks and Liars!!!

U2's Bono Dissociates Himself From Political Fundraising at Concerts

Scotty's Bloodbath To Re-Air On C-Span 10:36 EDT

Update on Georgia slaughter, “Sixth victim dies in Tifton slayings”

We let you decide: What is more fake?

Keith Olbermann asks Dana Milbank.................LOL

Good, relatively cheap petsitters in the DFW area?

The DeLay anti-Earle commercials

Prop 2 is going down! Even Repugs are disgusted.

A New Blog in DeLays district by Johncoby

4 kids with polio now in central Minnesota

Read this if you are gathering signatures for ballot initiatives

Equality California: Veto Arnold!

Interesting Voice of Sandiego OpEd about UnionTrib's RW biases

Daily Pilot: Democrats have a chance for a steal (CA-48)

Wed., Nov 2, 2005 (1st anniversary of the 2nd stolen election).

But Do Jews Drive Out Arabs?

Palestinian Judge Quits Over New Law

Richard Pombo needs to be taken out

Paramilitary .. at .. Medical Center .. Assault Caregivers (CA)

Pinter: We have brought torture and misery in the name of freedom

Zbigniew Brzezinski: A sorry foreign policy

'CIA leak scandal: Rove defied Bush's command?'-um...

Pinter: We have brought torture and misery in the name of freedom

Iraq has descended into anarchy, says Fisk

Hunger is mass killer far more lethal than headline-grabbing disasters ..

Bush Abandonment Watch

Prize-winners have proposition for you! (Ig-Nobels)

Randall Robinson Interview

The Supreme Court keeps putting off Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

Sectarian resentment extends to Iraq's army

ABC PrimeTime tonight - Nuclear Reactors on college campuses - wide open

freeper, "you don't understand the difference between choreography and

Dana Milbank mentioned the blinking and jaw grinding on Olberman 2nite.

Olbermann: *'s rating among blacks 2% with a 3% margin of error

Venezuela's Vice President Defends Decision to Expel U.S. Missionary Group

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down... Yee Haw!

Heating Costs

Who is Tweety? And other questions from a Cable Newbie

CSPAN Schedule Friday October 14

a freeper sent this: "How Iraq happened"

Don't sing the praises of the press too soon...

Was the Scripting fuck-up the Revenge of the Loas for New Orleans?

Another Hard hitting "Larry King Live"..."Addicted to Plastic Surgery"

Does anyone on DU remember 6-12 months ago and

U.S. News: Don't Count Al Gore Out

PSALM 112:1-10 New International version of the BIBLE

The Bridge connecting New Orleans and Slidell opens tomorrow

The Swift-boating of Jesus Christ

Bono distances himself from santorum, hillary

personally I hope Helen Thomas DOES oppose "the war on terror...."

AOL Poll on * and how he is doing

Mike Malloy is going to get yanked tonight

VIDEOS- Olbermann bits in 4 sections on the SCRIPTED Press Conf today

Lets all sing along! Ohhhh When the Frogs Come Marchin' In!

Care To Predict In Points, The Next * Drop In A Major Poll ???

Democracy on the March

The Aspins are turning. Libby hinting at Iranian bioterror attack on US?

Media coverage of Bird Flu has just been awful...

PLEASE join the World March of Women on monday the 17th at noon!!

Million Phone March:Tell Your Rep.- Impeach President Bush Now!

Fish ethics.

I'm pissed at Canada right now

BC Teachers to get no strike pay

OK, fellow Canadians. Our turn to get active now.

US setting up new spying agency

Foreign Ministers Urge End to Cuba Embargo

John Edwards Hits the Street (joins investment group)

Possible subway tipoff probed (USA Today)

Saddam's Trial may be Televised

Financial Times: Powerful US business lobby group under the spotlight

Delta files order to stop payment on LAX facilities

Norway's coalition to pull troops from Iraq

Pew Poll: Bush approval at 39 percent (article says 38%)

Waterlogged Guatemalans Slam President Berger

A U.S. Democrat to Go to North Korea for Nuclear Talks

British QC for Saddam

WP: For Injured U.S. Troops, 'Financial Friendly Fire'

Coast Guard: Child Dies When Smugglers' Boat Capsizes (Cuban smugglers)

Musharraf admits slow army response

Bill would divide 9th Circuit Court

Mugabe guards 'held US envoy'

(Australian) Troops may return soon: PM

WP: Storms Alter Louisiana Politics

FM Shalom: Syrians feel 'noose tightening' over UN report

Thatcher reveals her doubts over basis for Iraq war

WP: Scandals Take Toll On Bush's 2nd Term

Repair U.S. image, ad chief says

Poll: Bush Presidency Judged Unsuccessful (Pew)

Polio Outbreak Occurs Among Amish Families In Minnesota

NY Times: Jitters at the White House Over the Leak Inquiry

85-Year-Old Seattle Woman Recruited By Marines

A Homage to the TRUE Daughters of the Revolution...

Bad bush or GOP jokes... list em here:

I can relate to Goldilocks.

Eh heh heh, yeah

The informational content of this post is the word "Wow" and a link.

Saigon. Shit, I'm still only in Saigon.

Hey, MATCOM, ya bastid! Yer sister's waiting fer ya

Anyone here raise chickens? I'm thinking about laying hens

On Survivor....what do the women do about

Survivor is on

Barry White's "I’m Gonna Love You..." in a Pillsbury biscuit commercial

A question for any bankers- double withdrawl from account?

why do biLL coLLectors think i won't hang up on them

the next person who teLLs the braziLLion joke

Scary movies. Who else likes them?

Shittiest Bear?


The First Emoticon..

OMG! OMG! I.P.#2436

Prediction for tonight's episode of THE APPRENTICE

wow, i never realized cleaning could be so emotional!!

Somebody ought to remake Cyndi Lauper's Goonies Theme

DU parents, if your child needed a kidney, and you were a match,

What should the penalty be for people who wear noisy clothing?

Am I Part Freeper?

On Spike TV right now: The Warriors! CAN...YOU...DIG...IT??

Phone numbers

Who is the woman spokesmodel in the 2006 Mercury TV ads?

I'm bored, someone throw out a few quips and witticisms


Iggy's timeless wisdom.....

Surprise! Another admits to 'roid usage!

An inspiring obituary.

anyone up for a quick "free association" thread?

Am I the only one who hates this?

share your company's trade secrets and financial records!

Do you think TV theme songs are dead?

Should I use this for my new avatar?

Mom Who Delivered 16th Child Earlier This Week Delivers 17th Child.

Lets try this again

Somebody pour me a drink.

Businesses that put people before profits

I hate WordPerfect - help me so I can go home and have a Martini!!

Fuck. And now it's cold in the office cuz I'm here later than I should


Officall Cards-'Stros game thread!

What's the appeal of A&F clothing?

I want to go as the Burger King for Halloween. Where can I get a big head?

Ooooh, she was a hot teenager!!

3 kids in MN have polio...

I made JibJab's new video!

OMG, you can put SKINNER on ignore!

Favourite MSM News Anchor?

I saw the best window sticker today on a truck in Houston

Just bought a digital camera...

Tonite's show at 11pm Eastern - Check it out

How many rooms are in your house, what are their measurements, . . .

A Song for Progmom on her Birthday, In Spanish no less....

Look at the top post on the greatest page

I seem to have become "geekier" as I've aged.

'Stros Fans, Check In!!!

USA World Cup soccer!

My knees hurt....

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show was in reruns again

Who else among us adores the magnificent Egg Cream?

"It's" versus "Its"

How many people are on your ignore list?

What will your autobiography be called?

This is a Pink Thread

The "Burger King" Ads freak me out.

need pet advice, quick

No more virgin sacrifices - Ah, those were the good old days

What did you have for supper tonight?

Any smart DU'er know anything about Fresnel Lenses?

Are you my mother?

how many bathrooms in your house?


it's either max headroom or billyskank on a post it

Survivor Spoilers

Any great ideas on how to beat a speeding ticket?

Please raise a toast a dear and good friend here....

What's the best route for the upcoming US invasion of Canada?

Okay, then what's the BEST beer?

Someone make me stop procrastinating...

Is Anyone Else Watching "COSMOS" On The Science Channel?

4,000-Year-Old Noodle Dish Found in China

Report dashes hopes for (quake) early warning system

Officials say story of Polk fire a lie

Is the prevalence of gays overestimated? Does it matter?

Why is being transsexual used in name calling on AAR?

The End of Gay Culture (Andrew Sullivan from The New Republic)

Kerry coming to Arlington, VA on Monday

Just got back from the Democratic Comedy Night

John Kerry Campaigns Against Prop. 75 in Los Angeles

Intern Wendy Strikes Again!

Frontline: The Torture Question (airs October 18)

Keith Doing Scripted Iraq Soldier Meeting

bush @ co are a minority

Dean and Franken in Minnesota Saturday.

McNerney To Challenge Pombo And "Species Extinction Act"

Do You Think If Bush & Co. go down

Brian Williams Slams the Dress Rehersal

Photo: Argentina prepares a little visual welcome for Lord Bunnypants

Oct 6th Article: CIA /French Intel Kill 4 Arrest 5 In NY Subway Attack

Freeper Reaction...Staged Interview

Generation DFA and Foo post and picture.

Mike May Blow A Gasket

The REPUG/Neo-Cons are Destroying our Youth's

The final nail in his coffin will be if he vetoes the anti-torture

Did the White House Smear Batchelder?

Arnie Vinnick summed it up very nicely

Sorry If RP But I feel it is very important.

Colin Powell.......what a waste.

Fitzgerald's investigation into Plame-CIA leak connecting to 9/11

How did Fitzgerald get this gig?

WP: one of the stranger and most awkwardly staged publicity events

Miers' Faith in Spotlight (evangelical Christianity)

About Al Gore's comment Re: run for Pres. - "won't rule out any

When do you think the White House staff with give up on

Can anyone direct me toward information on how small businesses are taxed?

video of NBC Nightly News trashing White House propaganda

Jitters at the White House Over the Leak Inquiry

The Department of Defense goes on the defense...

All I Have to Say About Today Is:

Flashback: Bush campaign turns away people at Bush rally (video)

CSPAN Schedule Friday October 14

CNN: Letter to al-Zarqawi a fake?

America's disappearing middle class

LA Weekly George can count on Harriet to overturn Roe v. Wade

The reason the right is abandoning Bush

John Kerry Campaigns Against Prop. 75 in Los Angeles

I think the "pitbull in size 6 shoes" is just infatuated with Shrub..

Dana Milbank credits White House "loss of Mojo" to Cindy Sheehan!

DNC: Double Your Contribution

Appropriate impeachment charges

Bush is starting to act Nixonesque

Why I am a Plame-aholic...

If this isn’t the best reason to DENY Miers, I don’t know what is.

How the right wing made me an ACLU-supporting liberal Democrat!


Why the Court Should Hear Hamdan

Taking Iraq apart

Satire Article Lampooning Cheney

NYT OpEd : Questions of Character (Krugman)

Miers' Legal Thinking in the 1990s Reflects a Glint of Liberalism -LAT

GREAT Luckovich-Karl Rove Cartoon!

Joan Ryan: TV's political talk shows shun women

Forbes's Cure for the Federal Tax Code: Slay It and Start Over

Commander in Geena - why can't George be more like Geena?

Borlaug and Carter on WSJ: Food for Thought

Militarizing Health Care

NO indictments?! - what if?

Facing up to the flu, San Jose Mercury, Friday, October 14, 2005

Filmmakers spent two years with Earle on Delay case

Using War as an Excuse for More War - Srebrenica Revisited

21 Players

What Doomed Dreier's Rise to the Top

Rice bowls them over

Lou Dubose - George can count on Harriet to overturn Roe v. Wade

George Will (!) Slams DeLay and other Faux Conservatives

October Surprise (madsen d. c. update)

Morford: "How To Endure Disaster Fatigue"

Scandals Take Toll On Bush's 2nd Term (WaPo)

The Myth of Peak Oil (a scam to drive up prices?)

Suvivor's Guide to the Energy Crisis

Judy Miller and the neocons

Should I refi?

phony offshore outsourcing report

FTW is asking for help.

As Of 10/14, NYC's Wettest October On Record - NYT

New Push By Bush Admin. To Weaken Coal-Fired Power Plant Rules - Reuters

Wolfowitz "Concerned" By China's Pollution, Emissions, Praises Its Economy

Link Between Tropical Ocean Warming, GHGs Stronger Than Ever - UCSB

2005 Warmest September on Record

New look at energy option (cogeneration Maine)

Justices to Measure Clean Water Act's Reach (Bush unprotects wetlands)

Yellow Dragon Disease Newest Threat To FL Citrus - Worse Than Canker - NYT

No worries! Wolfowitz & World Bank Will Lead New Climate Initiative!

After Fines On 88 Pesticide Violations In FL, NC Takes Action Vs. Ag-Mart

National Parks For Sale

Forest Service Faking Crisis To Generate Anger Against Judge's Ruling

Political Screening for all Park Service Managers

Invasive Loosestrife Arrives In AK, Threatens Marshes, Ducks, Salmon Runs

Intense Chinese Interest In Albertan Tar Sands - Globe & Mail

"Global Warming is a lie" ....what would the motive be?

Big Renewables cannot replace Big Oil.

Northeastern Flooding Enters Eighth Day - USA Today

bogie at 4 o'clock? *Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook*

Fatah gangs run rampant in Gaza

Divestment campaign losing steam among U.S. churches - Haaretz 10/13/05

International investors hope for visible returns in Gaza

IDF commander attacked at Western Wall

Biliin: Masked troops threw stones at IDF

Israel says Syria regime change in world's interest

9/11 Truth Bigots

1976 Government Funded Study to Topple The Twin Towers

What Happened at the Old Executive Office Building on 9/11?

I Heard twice on TV today that 9-11 was an inside job

Jeb Bush Picks Familiar Face For New Court Position (Ballot Squinter)

In honor of Andy's birthday....

NYT: Slot Machines Are More Trustworthy Than Electronic Voting 6/13/04

Exit Poll Debate Friday Oct 14 at Penn--Media Coverage???

MoveOn wants "the unvarnished truth" on how we think they're doing !

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 10/14/05

Framing the Election Privatization Debate

Must Read: Lifelong Republican Observed Election Fraud

I have a question about vote by mail

Hackett Ends the Rumors

Scandal Convergence: DeLay and NH phone jamming

All TV adverts and no action

Another Endorsement for Braley

Holy Cow! A gay man is running for city council in my city

Boston Mayoral election debate (?) tonight on WBZ 1030 AM

Any Pats fans here?

Alot of Massachusetts raised celebrities are hitting it big this year

I think it's time to send Normie a few letters to honor the memory

Minnesota Helpers working on relocating Katrina families

Has anyone heard from bvar?

Do you want taxpayer money to pay for any part of a new stadium? *

Great parting shot from a 30-year state employee

Ho do I get rid of the "New Programs Installed" msg every time I hit

FYI: Novell Suse Linux 10.0 has been released

Paul Hackett says he is staying in the race for Senate

Radical Clerics Rallying at Statehouse

David Van Os is going to try to call in to Thom Hartmann

Window sticker seen on truck in Houston, Texas

Catlett considers run for Congress

CIA analysis of post-Saddam era revealed

Impeaching Bush polls higher than Clinton

Ex-Iraqi Officials Sought in $1B Theft

D'oh! Millionaire Greg Olsen left his camera on the space station!

this will fall off the page but it is my shout out to DU

Even The Today Show is going to cover The Photo-Op! To use an

t. friedman: Still an Idiot

Does anyone know if the Aflac Duck is ok or not w/ the Bird Flu Crisis?N

LOL, Brian Lamb is begging for "support the President" callers today.

Fascist Friday: Brian begging for Repub callers to support Andy Card & *.

Freeper/Neo Con logic is amazing (here's one bashing the troops)

Can't we find just 1 Matt Santos?

conversation with conserv. per Plame

Yeehaww!! Some caller just addressed the myth that

Paul Hackett: "The Democratic Party is...addicted to failure."

The Lie Clock

Planet Waves (Chris Floyd)

Corps of Engineers money in N.O. - allocation messup question

Happy one year anniversary, O'Reilly (falafel/loofah)

Broward racetrack owner pays $50,000 for lawmakers' trip to Canada

bernie dealing with the ahem, photo op today

Even the bookies are betting KKKarl gets the boot! LMAO

Parents Sell Ad Space On Baby's Head (To help pay for operation)

I expect this post will fall off the page BUT here is my shout out to DU

Best ever war lie synopsis and timeline FREE to download!

Latest Krugman just posted....Question of Character.

New Mexico Gov Bill Richardson to visit North Korea

One year ago .... (Your Opinion, Please).....

Can anyone remember a US leader who repeatedly uses such...

How much would you donate?

freeper logic 101: Do not judge bush now...

Surviving the Bird Flu

John Derbyshire On C-Span

The Police State is Closer Than You Think

Anyone else personally witnessing bush supporters jumping ship?

AOL poll, smile folks

Verdict Reached In Trial Of Clerk Charged With Selling Sex Toys

Read NY Times On-Line Legally (from Dailykos)

Bush Teleconference With Soldiers Staged

Does anybody have a link for Randi Rhodes/Church Lady Smackdown?


The Lion of the Left...Bernie Ward... picking up where Malloy left off...

Getting giddy high might expand your head.

Chavez orders New Tribes missionaries to leave Venezuela

NBC/Wall Street Poll: Bush's aproval rating with Blacks at ONLY 2%

I love that "homosexualagenda" is one of the top keywords at Free Republic

They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them.

OK. So Who Ordered The Soldiers To Lie?

to defend and protect the Constitution of the US

Are all of the people in this photo traitors?


George Bush made a movie for posterity yesterday.

If Not Miers, Who?

Dupe, delete

Boston Globe Front Page This Morning RANT.....

VIDEO - funny mash up of Randi Rhodes/CSPAN/Outkast

It's enough to make a girl wonder if we even need indictments.

Harriet Miers - gone with the spin?

(FIORE) Reuse, Recycle, Repeat

Army tried to recruit an 85 yr. old grandmother from Seattle, WA.

newt to run for pres in 2008 - unless

(VIDEO) Premiere of the latest JibJab on Leno

WaPo: Scandals Take Their Toll on Bush's Second Term

I think we need an exterminator at the WH to rid it of the roaches

Spike Lee Makes Documentary About Katrina

The U.S. class divide deepens under Bush

Today while pumping gas

'Chewbacca' to become an American-- but read his comments on America

Who's missing from the hot tub party? Photo ---->>

What percentage of the US military approved bush's Iraq war in 2004?

CNN Poll this morning....are you fucking serious????

John Lennon: The Political and the Personal, 1981

Is It Bush Or The System?

Monica Crowley this AM on Imus...It's not a stretch

The collapse of a marriage of convenience??

Rove's testifying now

Question on Bird Flu - Is there a vaccine as yet?

Maggie's 80 today. I'd like to dedicate some songs to her:

I was anti-bush when anti-bush wasn't cool . . . I hope it's not a fad

I'm not a real doctor, but I play one on T.V. ......and I say

OMG -- NYRB article on "Torture in Iraq" (Human Rights Watch report)

Has Paul Hackett weighed in on electronic voting yet?

Heads up! Falwell opines: Is God mad at us? CBS Early Show

Bush, Condi, and the plan for a War on Arizona

PBS:NOW this week: Halliburton whistleblower talks

MUST READ: Knight Ridder article on Iraqi army being ready for civil war

Question about Grand Jurys'.....

Are US troops in Iraq still listening to Limbaugh over Armed Forces Radio?

Pinter: Torture and misery in the name of freedom

Karl Has Another Very Bad Day ---pix->>>

when are the new abu ghraib photos coming out?

AP: Airplanes: Spreading disease at jet speed

Saw Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Social security will get biggest increase in decades. Most will go to

We can all sit back and wait for the gifts the Republicans will be giving

Bar Owners VS Police in New Orleans

PBS:FRONTLINE this week: The Torture Question -

Glastris on WJ--Here's a good example of what I was addressing

Why Bush's handlers must hand-select their military stage props

The Nexus of Politics and Terror (Keith Olbermann)

Ya thought the US military was mostly republican? WRONG.

OH NO! The bird flu is coming to get me!

The time has come to prevent the next Bush catstrophe.

Big Box Mart

Bush's ratings sink amid public pessimism

He's resolute and steadfast in his decisions... new toon 10/14/05

What's the best credit card deal these days ?

What is up with all the disasters lately?

Purple fingers.... another photo op

The Just World Theory

When will evil liberals stop taking poor limbaugh out of context?

A couple possible sound bites for Dems

Just saw the "Boondocks" teaser on Cartoon Network

Two misdemeanors, one high crime

Krugman obliquely addresses the Times's Miller problem

Anyone else love these guys? "More Flores 'Hobbits' described "

Teachers' snowball fight leads to paddling claim

And Here's My Man! Fitz Arrives at the Courthouse ---pix->>>

A C-span listing today

has Karl gotten out yet?

Happy birthday to the best activist in DU history

Wingers "discovering" Rove et al. are only too happy to eat their own

Psychic Hot Line Call Leads To Missing Woman's Body

Allison Barber-PR person- 9/11 Pentagon Walk, Rush Limbaugh, P-Channel

Chinook Helicopters are loud

Earle and Fitzgerald

The Right's claim that the MSM were accusing our soldiers of being stupid

Click At Your Own Risk ---pix->>>

Heads Up! Keith O's on Springer in a minute

Bush names guy he met at mall to replace Greenspan...

Bernie Sanders talking Delphi on Thom Hartmann now

George Will: Tom DeLay's faux conservatism

Psst. The administration lies. Pass it on... nt

People, the GOP tripping up * now doesn't mean that a more

You Think Republicans Are Falling Off The Tree?

If you don't think Miller deserves the 1st Amend. Award follow this thread

Is this a conflict of interest?

ROFLMAO. Reply to letter from my Congressman.

AOL - Gropenator vs. Beatty or vs. Reiner

Is Bush Headed for Another Drop in His "Numbers"?

C-Span -Liberals And National Security-Coming Up

Pottyheadz unveils new Bush Bathroom Break doll

Your opinion of Al Franken's pal, the ditto head, please

Become a Republican!

Any NYers want tickets for James McMurtry 10/23

a touch of good news

Godly Tourist Travel Package (N. Israel has unemployed prob.)

Scotty McLellan Longevity Pool:

Brian Lamb Begs For Repugnican Callers...

I wonder how the Conservative Businessmen are holding up

TvNewsLIES Radio is Back! - 1st Guest: Brad Friedman

MSNBC poll "Is media making too much of scripted conference"

"Rove Has Left The Building" Hearing Reporters On The WH Feed Talking....

Don't panic over bird flu, UN says

Brunch with Bernie

SCOTTY BINGO time! [dialup warning]

In honor of Andy, can DU declare today Election Reform Day?

Photo of Staffer Rehearsing the Troops for the Photo-OP ---->>>

When bush (again) touts the election in Iraq, remember his OWN WORDS...

Funny Link E-Mailed From A Friend

WSJ: New Bankruptcy Rules Limit Advice From Lawyers

Jan Hall: Former Orange County Teacher. (FL) Is she one of the

Melissa Etheridge: I Used Medicinal Marijuana-is now cancer-free.

Millions More March! On C-SPAN Jackson, Smiley, West - Katrina & Beyond

Who's Laughing Now, Karl? >>>

hartmann with proponent of getting rid of roe

Rove Condoms ---pix->>>

Anyone thought about President Rice? Could be soon.

Church Marquee in a Hurricane Damaged Area

Hannity caller yesterday, said...

Iraq...Contractors pulling the plug

Minuteman co-founder says group hounded by "domestic terrorists"

Mexican Immigrants Not Burdening ERs, Study Says

Read what Nobel Lit Prize winner Harold Pinter has to say about Iraq

The Middle East has actually become less free

My Brothers and Sisters on the GJ ~ KKKKarl is in your hands!

buy some shares in vaccine manufacturing companies...

Afghan Women's Rights Editor on Trial for Blasphemy

"Doonesbury," once again, brings the war (and war crimes) home.

For Pre$$titutes, The "Bush Is Likable" Meme Won't Die

Bush: "God inspired me to hit Al Queda...and...Saddam...": FASCISM

See where your tax dollars go (By State and City)

Punxsutawney Karl emerged from the Grand Jury and saw his shadow

More Trouble re: Armstrong Williams - Justice Dept.

Woman tries to steal unborn child

If Biddie-Harriet Withdraws, EVERYBODY Loses--Us, Wingnuts, Shrub

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing coming up (says 1:00 est)

Remember when the Video of Clinton's Deposition was released?

PHOTO: "Toodle-oo!! I am off for another break!"

'Some People Say' Sister Harriet carries a Hello Kitty Purse.

Dove Foundation Telephone Poll_WTF

Transmetropolitan: Warren Ellis' nightmarish political future.

World's Smallest Political Quiz...

Those ballot boxes in Iraq look a lot like a paper shredder

WOW, we have just seen how to terrorize America without much effort

A Hidden Film is Coming Out....Please be advised...

Karl Rove is IN HELL RIGHT NOW!!! It Must Be EXCRUCIATING For Him!!!!

What is happening in the RW blogosphere?

"Scenes We'd Like To See" (with props to MAD Magazine)

Dear RWers - Forget Clinton. The REAL Comparison To * Is NIXON

"You’d have to be the reincarnation of Jefferson Davis running on ...

National Parks FOR SALE To The Highest Bidder. Respond here >

Any Mike Luckovich fans here? Check out his new blog

Police: Men planned to kill Jaguars cheerleader

RE: The Satirical Comment Pulled on Amazon RE:Miers

O'Lielly: I very rarely discuss the Clintons with Dick Morris...

Despite what's said..Clinton's troubles in office DO NOT parallel Bush's

Happy 44th, Andy. Let's donate $44 to our favorite organizations working

Spoke with an Iraq War II vet today

If this doesn't put a smile on your face, nothing will

OMG! ANOTHER "suspicious package" found! HUGH!

George Is Going To Need A Vacation Soon (photo heavy)

John Derbyshire, professional nitwit

1970 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Should we rebuild New Jersey? (sarcasm)

* Breaking * Suspicious package in B*sh's pants... it's Harriet's salami!

DU this MSNBC Poll

Interesting article on Iraq's #1 and only brigade

#14 in the Nexus of Terror?

My LTTE regarding my boob of a Congressman!

Reuters: Rove spends hours at CIA leak grand jury

VIDEO-White House Press Conf from today-Heavily edited

Please DU This Poll

Well, guess Fitz is going to keep us in suspense one more weekend.

Love This WH Talking Point On The "Scripted" Teleconference Yesterday...

Times reporter in leak probe to be given award.....

O'Reilly Sexual Story Mea Culpa (Damn that Raw Story RSS Feed!)

First Baby Born in a Hospital in New Orleans since the Hurricane

This week in JOKES--Supreme Court edition

Hitler's Death Ray

"...and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Well...DUers knew this BULLSHIT was coming...

Skinner one thing I miss, very much so

What Iraqis Really Think about the Occupation

This sunday on Meet the Press

Iraq: The state we're in (extremely long but good read)

What will be this weeks TERRA to keep KKKarl Rove from being the news main

Does Not Compute, Mr Luskin.

Randi Rhodes says we weren't suppose to see the STAGED meeting

Great New Animation From JibJab

Cartoon about Bush, Rice and McCain

Huge Power Cut in Iraq

What? No late Friday Data Dump yet?

Juan Cole: The Judy Miller --John Bolton connection

When Wingnuts call in to Air America Radio...

CNN Having a Full report on the CI A Leak Story NOW

Possible further actions by the FEC against ARMPAC

Help with Boss's e-mail

Here's to you, KKKarl... (photos)

"Terror tip for rich "NYC last wk

Fill in the blank: When Karl Rove is indicted I will_____________________

Did i miss the Friday news dump?

Need ideas for a politically current Halloween costume...

Are any of you participating in this massive protest on Nov. 2nd?

Guess this HANGMAN

WaPost: Storms Alter Louisiana Politics, Reduce Influence of Black Voters

Being a Liberal won't let you win, but it's the right thing to do.


Republicans keep saying Bush's low poll numbers

Minister Takes Role in Miers' Nomination

Suspicious Package In L.A.?

If Judy resigns does she get to keep the blowhard award for

Join the Army! See the World ! Meet Interesting and Exciting People

FOX News calls CIA Leak the "criminalization of politics"...

Guess CNN has new orders from WH to focus on Iraq and Terra

I have been away since early AM, what's the news about Rover?

ANSWER rally

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher fits the republican mold to a "T"

A conservative Christian told me vegetarians can eat eggs

Should Fitz' subpoena Mier to appear before the GJ?

Republicans are against affirmative action, but

Scott Ritter on CNN now.

'Coalition' Troops caught working as Insurgents, AGAIN

HHS Hires Firm That Assisted With Propaganda Last Year

How big is your loathing of *?

Great bumper on Randi

Hmmmm, a Wayne Madsen thread seems to have mysteriously....

Want to take a crack at deciphering this correction from today's NY Times?

Is C-SPAN covering Freeman v. Mitofsky tonight? Anyone know

Breaking; Insurgency destroys electric in Baghdad

Check out these insane New Orleans real estate prices!

Everybody knows Rove is a dickhead but here is the proof

What does Condi think now as she represents

Help me out with this freeper logic

Rove Testifies Again in CIA Leak Probe

New Curfew Hours in the French Quarter

Is anyone here exploring the AIPAC - PNAC connection? I have

Cspan-reply of White House Briefing from today-NOW


question for any DUer who might be in the know...

The Republican Party is looking pretty dirty today in the St. Pete Times:

Is the mission of every government entity now solely to implement a RW

Was John F. Kennedy a Liberal by today's standards?

Kanye now helping recruit troops!

THERE'S A TERRA ALERT, PEOPLE! Why aren't you ascared? Seriesly!

Experts Decry Decline of Good Etiquette

Who watched "Tweety" and who found it Bizarre?

Any thoughts on why the Democrats have such low poll numbers in Congress?

Don Wildmon vs. "Girls, Inc."

'US can withdraw from Iraq while Army is being created'--Melvin Laird

MSNBC - Michael Wolf said indictment(s) against Rove seem inevitable!

Good Night, and Good Luck is playing... where?

les fritures de liberté sont sur le menu.

Will Bush Flip Flop

GAO investigation of Armstrong Williams article...

fear mongering by krauthammer

50% of Americans agree with Viggo: Impeach Bush

Lights out in Baghdad. What do you think?

Jimmy Carter is to blame for the terrorism in the world

Girls Inc: A worthwhile program being unfairly targeted

Dobbs on CNN is pulling no punches

The bottom line on why the MSM is reporting truthfully

Lou Dobbs: "Immense Respect" for Judith Miller

juan cole on pbs news hour now...

Thinking of starting to regularly donate to the DNC, need some help

What are the Fundamental Must-Haves for a Democratic Nation?

Should not Democrat think-tanks now be working around the clock rewriting

Problem: White House In Crisis... Solution: Keep Reporters Away...

If Judy Miller writes a book on the Plame case, will you buy it?

Any PROOF Congressional Democrats Are Low In The Polls? Anyone???

Straightforward political slogans needed.

Why I will not be donating to the DNC, the DSCC or any other party fund

Everyone, everyone must read these song lyrics

Is it time to Media Blast the MSM on coverage of Treasongate?

EBay founder is producer of "Good Night and Good Luck"

Don't forget....Bush's winkie is RIGHT in the vice.

Anyone watching Tweety?

MSM Moment of the DAY: Today Show Reporter Canoes in ANKLE DEEP Water

Dobbs: The Plame investigation has now lasted twice as long as Watergate!

Enlisting Now = Lifetime of Indentured Service.

U.S. Denies Venezuelan Allegations That Missionary Group Has CIA Links

We need to Americanize America

Bush is the best (Republican) President ever

Ted Rall has done it again

Painkillers Understocked in Minority Areas, Study Says

Caption this photo

Can you help identify the people in this photo taken at the 9/24 march?

My 11 year old daughter on the Yellow "Ribbons"...

Thank You St George County Residents

Kaption the Kriminal

This article REALLY pisses me off!

What a difference a year makes for the GOP... (photo) --->

Fitz Leaves Court ---pix->>>

Sharpton 08?

Can Freepers handle it emotionally?

Randi Rhodes vs the Crazy Lady >> MUSIC VIDEO (must see)!

Rasmussen has Chimp at 47% approval!!!!!

What's with the deal with the distribution on the Clooney movie

I know why KKKarl looked so happy, coming out of the courthouse, today.

Farrakan is no crazier than Pat Robertson

GEORGE CLOONEY on Charlie Rose Friday night - "Good Night, And Good Luck"

Police/Civilian relations -how to improve?

Seems Judy may resign from the NYT, speculation by KOS

Minister: Canada Needs More Immigrants

How confident are you that Rove will be indicted?

Ohio Police Arrest Woman For $1 In Unpaid Taxes

How Did A Man As Smart As Bob Shrum Lose Three Presidential Elections?

Anyone watching this trainwreck called Karen Hughes on the SPAN

2000 Americans dead...for an ISLAMIC STATE of repressed women in IRAQ.

Bush continues to undermine the International Criminal Court

School cancels Halloween festivities: Agree or disagree

"Why liberals are incapable of defending America"

What do you want?

Karl looked scared SHITLESS through his fake smile today

Just did it. Filed Chapter 13. Got it in under the wire.

Freepers and halloween....

Bush Feared 'Looking Weak' on Iraq -

"Good Night, and Good Luck" is at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes

I'm reading "No Logo" and watched "The Corporation" yesterday.

And This Little Piggy Ran WEE WEE WEE WEE All the Way Home ---karl pix->>>

A Lifelong Republican Speaks Out (IWT News) *** Outstanding Interview***

Republicans; big flock of CHICKENhawks.

Here's a funny

Some great halloween pumpkins...(pic heavy)

Lawyer Exposed 'Bush Boys' Corruption --Now Faces Jail

TOONs to end the week

Punxsutawney Karl

Can anyone explain for me the Fundie dress code/hair style guidelines?

LUCKY Iraqi women! STONING FOR ADULTERY coming soon!

Cafe Du Monde on Decatur Street to open next week


How's It Going Today, George? Nervous? ---pix->>>

Clinton/Murray petition to FDA on Plan B - Sign it!

Homeland Security now has unlimited surveillance millions AOL members

Are modern Americans a rude, boorish lot? (AP poll)

Plame case solved

Not only are you people evil, but none of you have any Morels

How do we _know_ Fitz. investigation isn't a whitewash?

Huey Long sinner or saint?

What are some good blogs? I'm stupid about which are decent 'cause

Was the Miers nomination a RESULT of Plamegate?

Is Suppression of a Coming Revolution the Reason * Wants to Repeal Posse

Bushco is falling apart, but WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATS?!#X%#???

WHO should be President in these Strident and Troubling Times?

great way to boost economy: cancel all credit card debt . . .

Newsday: West (tv)Wing article re: Ron Silver (gag)

M. Ventura: Coming soon -- "Yard Sale Nation"

DU'ERS we need you important!

Does Bushie need a pacifier for his hula jaw?

Barbara Boxer coming up on Randi

Blair’s personal secretary's notes: Bush Feared 'Looking Weak' on Iraq

For a genius, Karl Rove talks too damned much.

Security, Opportunity, and Responsibility: the Democratic Agenda

what is worse for Rove? knowing now or later?

Deadline For Appeal Or Handover Of Abu Ghraib Photos Is Fast Approaching.

An explanation of Fundamentaism: where the RW goes atray.

Ipsos Poll: Majority of Americans Favor Impeachment of Bush

Iraq Constitution -- Wondering why it is so critical?

Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain

The Iraqi Constitution: A Referendum for Disaster

Boortz: "Informing the rich about terror threat correct. Poor are a drag"

It's official. Louis Farrakan is batshit crazy!

U.S. News & World Report online 2008 Dem primary poll - - please vote!

I'm making shrimp scampi tomorrow and need advice

in praise of porridge....

Where is that HUGE food store?

I'm looking for a good Mexican shredded beef recipe.

hacho miso soup for dinner tonight....

Relevant post in another thread: Book recommendations

Minister: Canada Needs More Immigrants

Defeat for Railtrack shareholders

Info about "British Business Forum"?

Newt Gingrich Considers Run for President

Woman Accused of Torturing Mom With Stun Gun

Kerry says Prop. 75 would slant system in corporations' favor

Man dies after shock from Taser at Ft. Myers mental health center

Republican National Committee debuts online news program

Life News: Conservatives Ask President Bush to Withdraw Harriet Miers Pick

Indian Company to Make Generic Version of Flu Drug Tamiflu - NYTimes

Haiti panel to decide candidate nationality

Indian Co. Eyes Generic Tamiflu for 2006 - Associated Press

(Jack) Carter admits drug use

Pentagon Denies Talk With Troops Was Staged

Bush Thanks Soldiers in Rehearsed Talk (ABC)

Group Seeks Expanded Probe Into DeLay Trip

Imam who defends wife-beating loses in court

Bankruptcy lite - AG: Law sends credit lambs to slaughter

White House: Iraq vote would defy insurgency

Rove Testifies Again in CIA Leak Probe

Office Contacted About Williams Contract

Laura Bush Campaigns for Forrester in Newark

Court upholds dismissal of judge's libel suit over TV report

Rumsfeld to make key trip to China next week

UN reform to take longer than a year: Bolton

Bush confident Fed can tackle inflation

Afghan, Iraqi insurgents collaborating in fight against Americans

Atlanta mayor: In resettling evacuees, FEMA no help

U.N. food envoy says coalition breaking law in Iraq (depriving food/water)

White House says Rove probe not a distraction

2005 set to be second hottest year on record

After Katrina, two economies

How big is your loathing of *?

Three US Soldiers Killed in Traffic Accident near Baghdad

Trailer Park Proposals Draw Resistance

(New Australian) Terrorist laws to lock up objectors (up to SEVEN YEARS)

U.S. gives up on upgrading missile defense

(Karen) Hughes spells out ways to win hearts (in Middle East)

O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit

Creditors' suit accuses LTV former execs of self-dealing

Decision not yet made on whether to indict Karl Rove

Federal Deficit Below Last Year's Record

Richardson Heads to North Korea for Talks

Raw Story: Concern pervades New York Times newsroom over Judith Miller

DeLay Associates Freed on Personal Bonds

U.S. to Deal `Seriously' With Syria Link to Killing (Bolton)

Window Into Miers' Legal Thinking in the 1990s Reflects a Glint of Liberal

Minister: Canada Needs More Immigrants

Suspicious Package Found at Calif. Station (terra alert)

Power failure hits Baghdad, Basra

Washington Post article "Let the (Plame) Leak go"

Reuters: Prosecutor to Rove: no decisions yet on charges

Three Placer County residents plead guilty in eco-terrorism case

US rejects Chavez missionary spy charges

Teacher who led gay group says school discriminated

U.S. rejects Katrina meals, offers them to others

Bush Sought Miers' Expertise for Lawsuit

Breaking on CNN--Baghdad Blackout d/t insurgent attack

Minister Takes Role in Miers' Nomination

Fox News: Pentagon Denies Talk With Troops Was Staged

Nixon son-in-law pulls out of US Senate race against Hillary Clinton

U.S.: No Outside Contact for Detainees

Experts Decry Decline of Good Etiquette

Cheney Talks About Iraq, Miers With FNC (Rove too)

Crowds Race to File Bankruptcy Petitions

Iraqi voters hunt for polling sites (areas where 'No' vote expected)

Fortress Investment Hires John Edwards

Reid, local business, labor leaders push for immigration reform

Mo. Prison Overruled on Inmate Abortion

2 DeLay Associates in No Hurry for Trial--AP

FRI: Baghdad Blackout Caused by Sabotage

Iran in 18-year weapons plan - US (Bolton)

Bolton: U.N. Council Expansion Will Fail

CNN: Armstrong Williams contract referred to U.S. attorney

Janklow Asks Court to Restore Law License

Groups threaten to boycott American Girl

Popular doll-maker American Girl becomes target of conservative protest

U.S. envoy urges Venezuela to reconsider decision to expel American missio

AP:3,663 Iraqis Killed in Past 6 Months

Terrorist laws to lock up objectors

U2 and the Senators

ALA Joins Amicus in FBI Whistleblower Case (Sibel Edmonds)

Since Sept. 11, investigators have been bedeviled by fake terror threats

White House Asks Judges to Vouch for Miers

Chilling Effects of Climate Change in the Antarctic

Pinter: We have brought torture and misery in the name of freedom

Drudge Report Breaking: Hidden Testimony Reignites Miers Fire

Poll: Bush Presidency Judged Unsuccessful (AP report on PEW poll)

Child Hoping to Catch Bug in Jar Shot Dead

newt to run for pres in 2008 - unless

Papers: DeLay Group Used $100K for Races

Jeb Bush Picks Familiar Face For New Court Position (Ballot Squinter)

N.M. Governor Heads to N. Korea Nuke Talks

The Right's claim that the MSM were accusing our soldiers of being stupid

U.S. attorney eyes Education Department deal (NCLB and A. Williams)

US elite tipped off about terror alert

Civil Rights Pioneer Vivian Jones Dies

Scandals Take Toll On Bush's 2nd Term

Papers: DeLay Group Used $100K for Races

New Organism Caught in the Act of Kidnapping Plan

Anti-American Sentiment May Hurt US Firms

Iraq has descended into anarchy, says Fisk

Forest Service Wants Project Ruling Lifted

Vice President's role in outing of CIA agent under examination

Security alert grips Dutch city [The Hague governmental district]

Consumer Prices Up; Retail Sales Rise

Plan B pill was stalled by politics

Rove Faces Fourth Grand Jury Appearance

New Laws May Let Power Plants Pollute More

Woman charged with cutting open pregnant neighbor to steal baby

Minuteman co-founder says group hounded by "domestic terrorists"

Ousted Ecuadorian president Gutierrez wants to go home

Man charged with murder in 2004 slaying

Teachers' snowball fight leads to paddling claim

$48,000 trip? GOP picks up tab

AP: Bomb Destroys 8 Tankers in Afghanistan

Kerry Criticizes Calif. Union Dues Proposal

As China Plans Moon Landing, Millions Still Struggle to Survive

Plan for Amtrak's N.E. Corridor raises questions

White House backs plan to shut energy office in Boston

U.S. Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Falls; Michigan Index Slips to 75.4

Social Security Benefits to Increase 4.1 Percent Next Year (Medicare up)

Private companies own human gene patents

Historic Unit Reactivated for Iraq Mission

Saudi King: Terror Is Work of the Devil

S. America Goes Nationalist With Oil, Gas

Israel says Syria regime change in world's interest

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 14 October

Prosecutors looking into DeLay vehicle purchase

Iraq: Change of Strategy by Baathist Armed Groups

Brussels chief says EU has failed to connect with voters

Sunni party office attacked in Iraq

COLONEL'S TOUGHEST DUTY (Vietnam all over again)

Norway Government to Okay Oil Drilling in Arctic - Reports

Bush looked past Iraq on spread of weapons (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia)

Reuters: US officials cannot explain suspicious Zawahri letter passage

U2 sing out against Republican's plans to bolster fighting fund

Anyone here raise chickens? Thinking of getting laid with some hens

I get to see him tomorrow!

How many bathrooms are ignored in your house?

Fantasy Football thread - I'm predicting a loss this week.

Adrienne Barbeau ("The Fog" on Sci Fi now) - this is too weird.

So, has anyone seen the Bouncy Ball lately?

Someone should tell netzero--

Would you live in an old Nuclear missile silo?

Kan U Spel?

Gimme all your love, support, forgiveness, understanding . . .

PDF Mileage Tracker form

Mods - Floogeldy is not making sense

How many people here can dispute the theory of pixies based on science?

Who here wants M & M s?

Check out this silliness!

Cats doing amazing things

Is it my browser or DU?

Anyone have the link

"Great, another thing I'm not good at"

What would chairs look like if our knees where put on backwards?

New words from the Mensa Invitational:

Any great ideas for avoiding jury duty?

I am taking my sick and twisted mind to bed

The Boss took a jab at Dubya tonight

we have a DU ladies tattoo thread,now the rest of your in ink!!

Mr. Vippie, shadow-systems administrator, shade-tree ENRON CEO

Man Released From Jail For Bank Robbery - Robbs Bank 5 Days Later

The Lie Clock

How to feel old... (1975 and 2005)

Just yesterday morning....

How much would you donate?

Walt was LOST ......but they found him.....pic.

I like it when people agree in disagreeable ways!

Fight Over Heating Soup In Microwave Leads To Stabbing

Does anyone know if the Aflac Duck is ok or not w/ the Bird Flu Crisis?N

Phew I made it OUT...

8 days of rain! HELP!!!!!!!

Worst beer

Cat Born With 2 Tongues

Watching Oprah.. Eva Mendez makes Naomi Campbell look like Pee Wee Herman

Lounge is again under 4,000,000 posts!

OMG the bird flu might kill us! Duck for cover and buy lots of Forumla409!

Job opportunities available

What's all this I hear about Bird Fu

Hey there

FGKP - Friday Gratuitous Kitty Post!

My old elementary school allegedly has 60% poverty rate

fun site- text to speech program demo...


D'oh! Millionaire Greg Olsen left his camera on the space station!

Okay, yesterday I post maybe ten times... All died...

100 Turn Out For Annual Underpants Run

Woman Arrested For $1.16 In Unpaid Taxes

My parents 42nd anniversary coming soon. Is this gift nice?

Anyone Heard from California Peggy or NV Whino ?

I like Kelly Clarkson's new song!! Is there something wrong with me?

GASP! We forgot to wish Margaret Thatcher a happy birthday yesterday!

Top All-Time MUZAK moments

World's longest nipple hair?

Caption Karl Rove

It's a miracle!!! Image of pope seen in pancake

Are You Familiar with this Maryland City?

Man coughs up screw after operation

Magic watches 'protect from traffic'

"We, the People"

A Silent Scientologist Birth for TomKitten?

Tell us about the best waiter/waitress you've ever had

Arab 'The Simpson's' Show Not Funny (Viewers Prefer Tony Danza)

Men, if you break off the engagement, do you keep the remote?

My prediction: Morels is the new Moran. (Explanation inside).

LOST fans - don't you wonder what happened to Jack's father?

Beethoven score worth more than $2 million discovered

All replies to this post have been staged


I think there's going to be problems at work. I did it.

So, you're saying I shouldn't name my next daughter Laptop Concubine?

Mama dog nurses orphaned baby squirrel

If you could give your child a crazy celebrity name, what would it be?

Awesome lyrics

Um, . . .

Gangs of New York. Good movie or not?

Tom Cruise is "old-fashioned"


Official: "moving in with your lover makes you fat" - obesity expert

I don't think I've ever been lonelier

Anyone know much about Melaleuca

BREAKING!! Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn Spotted MAKING OUT!

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!

Jury Awards No Damages To Man Who Lost Testicle

DU'ers... How many of you are teenagers now?

So just who has donated to Tricky Rick Santorum

Bush To Appoint Someone To Be In Charge Of Country

Charles Emerson Winchester: Democrat!!!!

Paris Hilton caught screwing by the pool!

So does anyone miss me?

East Tennesseeans?

It's Friday, peasants! Have some ZombyCoffee

Cafe Du Monde to reopen Wednesday (if you know what it is, you're excited)

Want to hear some awful music?

My cat is cuter than the baby panda.

Movies where the title words all start with the same letter?

Will Ozzie tinker with the line-up tonight?

Bank account information.

Good Friday Morning, Folks!

Got my DIAMOND LANE sticker today!!!!!

The OTHER pandas:

You know what smilie I want?

Battle Hymn of the Republicans

Name things that are soooo good, but so very, very wrong to eat, drink, or

Why is the Southeast called "Dixieland" ?

Viable Proposition

Watched the 1st Alien movie again last night...

When you were a kid....Did your Mother make you wear bread bags

A good patent docketing application?

How much do you tip?

I may live in _____, but my home will always be...

Schadenfreude and Karma.

What should I have for breakfast?

Pan Handlers - how do you deal with them?

My brother almost got electrocuted today

Shittiest Bear

Help! I am overrun with a housefly infestation-any tips?

Air Force One - a joke I just received.

What do you wear to protest a dick?

Disgusted that Clarence Thomas put a pubic hair on a coke can?

Things I observed on my move from FL to CO

Signs that you live on the US Gulf Coast

Halloween is near: Anyone have a personal ghost story?

I leave it to you, Lounge. Should I....

I'll be an uncle soon!

What's with the "This is HUGH!!!111" ? Is this mocking some freeper?

Holy Toledo! I posted in GD and the thread hasn't died!

A Week in the NH Woods (essay in pictures, dialup warning)

DU' many here were teen-agers during the 1420's?

Need help with cat allergies

What's up with all the kids walking around the office today?

Any plans for the weekend?

If you could have ANY talent, what would you pick?

Allenberg 1, PA National Guard 0

The Colbert Report: Starts this Monday?

so how many Brazillionaires do you know?

Stern Sirius Channel Off To A Good Fart

Poll Number Response

Only 13 days until Mr. Scorpio's birthday!!!

FGKP OMG Friday Gratuitous Kitty Porn!!!

Jack Thompson- Bat Shit Insane Person

Daniel Craig Unveiled As New James Bond

Favorite Paper Lace hit

Ants!!! WTF? Help!

Snappy comeback contest #1

* Breaking * Suspicious package in B*sh's pants... it's Harriet's salami!

OMG! ANOTHER "suspicious package" found! HUGH!

Did anyone hear this? That woman said she used faith to talk that killer

Theologians weigh in on natural disasters

I seems I do indeed have a Pittsburghese accent...


Kiss me, I voted today

DU' many here were teen-agers during the 1980's?

I just LOVE little children at formal weddings eating at the grownup table

Silly willy me!

When you were a kid....Did your Father make you wear bread?

21 minutes to end of my workday YIPEE! (4:30)

Young DUers! This old woman needs your opinion...

Partial M.A.T.C.O.M. Convergence Predicted for December!

Seagulls up!

How many here were teens during the 50s?

My LTTE was published today

Anyone listening to Randi Rhodes? Check in here.

McDonald's Offering Newest Menu Item - The McShrimp Burger

Just got home from work and am ready for a drink. What should it be?

healing and hopeful thoughts please...

The Vikings Finally Scored!....

I just beat my boss at rock, paper, scissors...


Thread picture!

Which is more annoying in a restaurant: Loud kids or Obnoxious Cell phone

DU' many here were teen-agers during the 1990's?

Any Raul Malo fans here?

What is this? (Do not cheat!)

The End of the World (cartoon)

I just beat my boss with a rock and scissored him up like paper

ARRRGGGG! Major rant about people...

Minor Miner Minor poll

The deluge continues on Long Island.


*gasp* OMG-- Children of Eden costumes--

It's Friday night. I'm going to bed!

Pitcher thread!

Describe your favorite Halloween costume, either for yourself or

Guess this HANGMAN

Any TNA Wrestling fans in the lounge?

Woo hoo woo hoo hoo!

My little princess called 'Grammy" today and told me she

Help me with a non-relationship that just ended, or didn't

"I was in no mood to trifle, I took down my trusty rifle ..."

Guess what came in the mail today?

Picture thread!

Are you a'skeered of me? I ain't a'skeered of you!

Any Egyptologists in the house...?

Strange encounter with a Bush supporter today

DU' many here were teen-agers during the 1970's?

Is it "happy hour" yet in the Lounge?

A Fun Fact for Friday:

Here's some useful information in smiley format

My "troubled" son had a brilliant stroke of good luck..

What was senior week at your HS?

Just because it deserves its own thread --- Sniffa's car

How many teeth in your head?

wow----- it`s 79 degrees in northern illinois----

ok, try this!


I watched all 6 Star Wars movies over the past month and I realized...

Should restraints be divided into "kids" and "no kids" sizes?

How long are unopened granola bars good for?


so my company didn't pay me

Aunts!!! WTF? Help!

Overplayed songs that you're still always glad to hear?

Last night I had the strangest dream...

What's your favorite halloween candy?

First it was the bird flu, now it's the dog flu


OMG!! OASIS RIPPED OFF "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing"!!

I want a beer..

Best Feeling Ever

Young and older Warrior1

There was guy impersonating Bush on Leno last night

List 8 Boobs That You Own


late breaking Plamegate analysis

CA Peggy's excellent adventure day three>>> pix heavy

cameron crowe's elizabethtown 28% at rotten tomatoes

I just found out my GF's ex still has his wedding ring...

when I was young, I thought this poem was so deep

Anyone interested in

When you were a kid, did you parents make you wear a brown bag?

Well, I'm at 999 posts...what should I do now?

Duplicate please lock

Why do people with cell phones like to yell in my ear?

Has Anyone Ever Given You A Surprise Party?

Help! I just noticed I'm in the 700 Club.

wifi question. If I use an open, unsecure connect., is it really likely th

Come, Lounge, let us cool off from these Friday Flamewars!

Story: Pot growers have become purveyors of taste and enablers of style

I'm getting a promotion at work.

DH knows all the words to The Night Chicago Died


Testing, testing....

Damn. The MRIs came back 100% normal.

I am bummed

Moving Companies: A RANT

"You never know what your womb could be the receptacle for."

les fritures de liberté sont sur le menu.

In honor of my escape from the 700 Club, here's my favorite bush* joke:

A BLONDE James Bond? What is the world coming to?

Don't you just hate...

During what season do you feel at your best?

How come I never get to see "all these kids running around screaming"

Take The Redneck/Yankee Test!!

Looking for creative bd party ideas for my soon-to-be 12 yr old boy

Anthrax scare at Ravens Stadium

Once again it's: "I'm Scott McClellen - ask me anything" time

DU Techies - How hard/expensive would it be to build my own computer?

Recommend an album for me to buy or download

I wanna take you to the Gay Bar

And the hits just keep on coming - Vikings related


Root for the Blue Team, go White Sox!!

When you were a kid....Did your Mother make you wear bread bags


I like it when people disagree in agreeable ways!

All my kids are crying and I find it funny. Am I evil?

Shout out to Generic Other!!!

Anybody bored & good at Photoshop? Need help w/Halloween costume

My happy news


Does anyone believe this illustration is from 1975?

A conservative Christian told me vegetarians can eat eggs

Crazy, Thoughtless Names Celebrities Give Their Children


What famous tricky guitar riffs/hooks can you play?

Conventional weddings. Who else is appalled by them?

Daniel Craig takes on 007 mantle

Should restaraunts be divided into "kids" and "no kids" sections?

Yuck!!!! Daniel Craig To Play James Bond

Crowd Ties Truck Thief Up With Garden Hose

FIGHT ON STATE: Official Penn State's Going to Kick Michigan Ass Thread

(In booming announcer voice) SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!

Where is area code 512?

Nighthawks XXI (dial-up warning)

Funniest things you see on DU.

I need prayers for strength and clarity of thought...

List 8 Books That You Own

Technical difficulties.

If they teach intelligent design should it then be on the science test?

Gay Bishop's Partner Provides Strength In Trying Times

Religion comes to Ohio statehouse with rally

When you take the measure of a man/woman, what matters most?

Theologians weigh in on natural disasters

Indian Company to Make Generic Version of Flu Drug Tamiflu

Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain

For The First Time, A Five-fold Bond

Creationist PSA on Pittsburgh-area radio just now

New Organism Caught in the Act of Kidnapping Plan

Gay Activist Boykin To Speak At Millions More Rally

Sweden's State Church Prepares To Bless Gay Unions

NY Appeals Court: Gay Cannot Sue For Partner's Death

Gays More Worried Than Straights About Retirement

Judge Orders Child Removed From Lesbian Couple

Barney Frank: Dreier's orientation cost him the House leadership

Judge Releases Some Of Mayor's Gay Chats

Vatican's tolerance of gay priests moves toward strict oversight

Killing Has Vancouver Gays On Edge

Repent America files lawsuit

Was this offensive? Did over I react?

This doesn't suprise me!

Fight on State! Fight on State!

Who wants to bet.....

Party attended by Vikings players under investigation for lewd acts

Angels' fans, move on... don't let this be your "Bartman"

Weekend wagers. Placing 50 on each.

Why everyone at DU should support the Chicago White Sox

Kitties in the Lounge!:-)

A lesson I learned: Don't screw around with picasso jasper.

Edwards joins Wall Street firm

Anybody listen to Ed Shultz today??

Kerry Requests $720 Million for Small Business Hurricane Relief


Attention sane folks: Could somebody explain the Chavez love to me

John Kerry Statement on Passing of Vivian Malone Jones

Corsi, who doesn't live in MA, may still run for Senate in '08.

I have a film SLR lens question.

Decisions, decisions

I am going to leave the Oct. contest submission

KOEB 10/14/05 .... Early start ..... I shant be here for the Estro.

KOEB 10/14/05 (Friday Night Party Time)

OT - for the cat lovers in the house!

Anyone listening to Keith