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Archives: October 16, 2005

Iraq: The state we're in

Bush to Blair: First Iraq, then Saudi

China Daily: It's time to take seriously a US-led global recession

Karl Rove's Consigliere (a flamboyant Democrat )

Freeh's Self-Whitewash - John Podesta makes the record clear

Time: Contingency plan (Rove's plan to resign if indicted)

Karl Rove's Consigliere (Newsweek)

Treasongate: Miller and the NYT Fail to Come Clean

Keller Must Fire Miller, and Apologize to Readers

Bush poised for ironic step of instituting martial law (Athens GA)

(John Pilger) Man of Peace: Harold Pinter

Rupert Cornwell: Bush has dug himself into a hole, and he just can't leave

E+P: First Reactions to Miller Opus: Many Questions Remain

Local black columnist shills for Bush RE: Katrina. very disturbing

Red Cross War Crimes Portfolio on Bush-Cheney?

Joseph Nocera: A powerful 'tool' for controlling labor costs (bankruptcy)

Jeb, Jesus, a new movie, a book, Fla schoolkids, and a big GOP donor

Playing chicken with avian flu- Government took years to rouse itself

Fisk: How the world was duped

Karl Rove reads the Downing Street memo.

Dick Morris: Hillary vs Condi

Truthout: "It's Bush-Cheney, Not Rove-Libby"

The Right Note (Miers re-packaged)

At Public Universities, Warnings of Privatization- NY Times October 16 200

Big Girls Don't Cry (NYT - shouldn't cry in the corporate world)

Cindy Sheehan: (Not) Supporting Hillary

Bankruptcy Law Affects Debtors of All Ages

Insanity, offshore insource to "balance budget"

Is your job at risk (IT)?

Irish bog oaks give clues about global warming (not due to solar activity)

Solar Reaction Mixed to Union Stance

China ramping up for thermophotovoltaics program.

A muted fall (global warming affecting foliage season in NH)

We must adapt to climate change - or die (South African Independent)

Russian officers train PA forces

Court won't let Temple Mount group lay 'cornerstone' of Third Temple

Three Israelis killed in Gush Etzion shooting attack

former A.F. member claims U.S. Military Coordinated the 9/11 Attacks

"Who Gets Power?" Guess = Only Those Who Keep Secrets Of 9-11.

Many Media on site at WTC reported exlosions before the towers fell

Did Condi warn Willie Brown not to fly on 9/11?

Diebold investigated -- possible class action suit by investors

Senior aide to then-Majority Whip Tom DeLay scuttles Gambling Prohibition

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 10/16/05

need some help in GD guys

Did y'all see the FULL PAGE AD in NYT?

Election reform: get up, stand up, show up, speak up -- or be silenced.

Diebold critics keep up protest of voting machine pick

Plausible deniability & Election eTheft

CA-77: Why shouldn't I vote for redistricting?


Howard Zinn speaking in Iowa City on October 26th

DUers w/Kids: Group visit to "Amazing Castle" @ Boston Children's Museum?

Man on life support after arrest in Duluth

How do I find out the right adblock filter to unblock?

If there a way a PC can read a CD burned on a MAC?

Ohio Democrat sets sights on party's nod for governor

Greg Mitchell; Keller MUST fire Miller

Bowing down to the American flag

Do you think the grand jurors have protection?

So, how is SNL tonight? NBC affiliate not playing it tonight.

Bodies still arrive daily at morgue for Katrina victims

FNC Covers "Racial War" In Toledo While CNN & MSNBC Air Reruns/Wait For Fa

Can we get our "I told you so.. 2008 is too late" shirts yet?

"Let's hope Wilma comes our way, Dave!"

"Mercy Killing" Soldier faces new charges

Chinese channel on Dish Network, I just now discovered it.

Is this a minor objection? Delivery driver bumper sticker.

c-span headsup - Kurt Vonnegut, Paul Krassner etc.

I actually saw some ethnic diversity!!!

The one thing that protects George Bush is.....

Judy Miller not popular in Times Newsroom.......

Arianna Huffington cutting Judy Miller apart:

DirectTV, HBO2: Real Time w/Bill Maher. I didn't know it was on

Who would you think is the leading threat to South Korea?

Anyone know the proper spelling of "quardened" as in"Military quarden"?

self delete

Ever wondered why people like Rice and Rumsfeld are so relaxed on MTP?

Hurricane Season not over yet, Tropical Depression 24 has formed

FAA extends restrictions on O'Hare flights to April

I heard the same Bullshit about Vietnam thirty five years ago.

DU this CNN Wolf Blitzer poll

Got $600 out of an ATM. Are there new, higher limits now?

Googled sycophant just for the hell of it... guess what came up

Kurt Vonnegut on now: C-SPAN.

self delete - wrong thread.

(VIDEO) Real Time on Iraq and terror

Australia to double spy personnel

Minutmen Forced Out Of Vermont Town - Get Lost Trying To Find Canada

Rove & Libby to resign if indicted--Breaking on CNN

In defense of "gold candlesticks"?

LAT: Warning: Turbulence ahead (in air travel)

Has Dianne Feinstein lost her mind? (Harriet Miers)

"Rove's Brilliant Plan" (Could this be another Rathergate?)

What would you rather have?

ODD--There is an *aspen institute* ("aspens will already be turning)

I want to create an organization

Farrakan and the "crazy" creation myths of Nation of Islam

Wife of ... Daniel Horowitz Found Dead in Couple's Home

The Ministry of Misinformation.

Who wants to Petition the NYTimes to Fire Miller and Demand Transparency?

Do you think this will become a fashion statement this winter?

New Orleans tactic - same in iraq - same around the globe and in our homes

DU this poll please!

Here is a Halloween Treat and some food for thought..

When will the MSM come to grips with the fact that falsehoods are behind

License To Torture..... free when you vote neocon, no boxtops

We need a Sam Ervin.....

Good Morning Starshine!

It all started with the Supreme Court and the election of 2000...

Dumbya Cee Dumbo seeeeeez..."Off the Wagon agaaaaain"

Miers = Accumulation of Power

Who is Jesse Lee Peterson?

If Miller, Libby, Rove et al all have conflicting testimony, or "I forgot"

At border, Minutemen keep low profile, protesters don't

Hey Powerball players..... $340 million Wednesday

With Miers, Bush "has delivered on his promise of another Clarence Thomas"

N.Y. Times Breaks Silence on Jailed Writer

CBS: "Last Best Chance" Anyone see that story?

Maddening thing about Roveco: if they put 1/10 the energy into GOVERNING

Memo alleges plan to fight beyond Iraq

Novak column contradicted by the facts! LOL

We not only export our "democracy" but also our twisted thinking.

Paul Hackett--""I'm in. I'm not going anywhere."

'Probably, appears, belief....Condi Rice spews bullshit.

UGH; Condoleeza Rice's Face Now on Every Morning News Station! + SYRIA??

Lyin' Louis Freeh next on MTP (9:00 EST): "Bill Clinton ate my homework!"

Uhg Help Me, Diebold Taking Over my City

Democracy's Abu Ghraib If they can disable an election, what's coming next

fascArt: Bush celebrates popularity in black community

What is the Secret?

Steve Bell on Harold Pinter's Nobel win

The Passion of The KKKarl (parody)

Rove likes bald-headed men,, too

First, they came for the poor. I did not speak out because I was not poor.

The sub-text of Freeh's new anti-Clinton tome; IRAN

Miller should be fired!

The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.

What facts do we know about the Grand Jury?

Why are the socialists telling the truth about the Iraqi constitution?

Heads up! George Galloway debating Christopher Hitchins on C-SPAN 2

Tracking Cell Phones: More big brother?

ATTN: book/art/history lovers -MUST SEE website... take my word for it

Judith Miller as Freeper? YOU make the call ...

What does this mean ?

Timmy v. LiarCondi on MTP--a little levity on a Sunday morning

Can you *envision* enduring a (US-generated) bird flu pandemic...

The World In Seven Pictures. Who can post this on DU?

Democratic Party week-end activities in Oregon and Alaska.

Is he really she? Hoax riddle of cult US novels

Here's the Shrub take on the Iraqi constitution vote.....JUST IN.

Media Monday

DU rating of this Yahoo story: "DeLay Uses Website to Attack Prosecutor"

Iraq & New Orleans - The ABCs of Police Lawlessness

(Enron) Lay's defense lawyers : "pervasive freeze-up of witnesses"

why haven't M$MWs said how every american put in DANGER due to PLAMEGATE

Daughters of the Revolution

Any Thoughts On "The Teaching Company"?

Military types and Legal Eagles: Questions for you...

New Category in the Demopedia

An article that should be written: PLAME smear tactic, Swiftboats...etc

Need help finding an old post about European cars.....

Abraham Lincoln and US Grant were anti-war America haters !

Is anybody else having difficulty accessing Crooks and Liars?

Our biggest lost to the Hurricane

Libby's Defense Could Be -----

Please, Lord of the Light, tell me it's not just Rove and Libby!

Who can tell me what Libby meant by the following?

Does anyone remember Fitz was supposed to have wrapped up 18 months ago?

Finally! Decent Coverage of Million More March - Al Jazeera

How are we doing?

if you havent read this you need victim's story....

At this point, Judith Miller SHOULD be issued a "subject" letter

Neocons like rodeos?

Mark Shields: "David Brooks is not a woman"

"'God Bloggers' Head to National Conference"

"Colorado Team Wins 2005 Solar Decathlon"

A Fizmas season question. When Rove is indicted will he quit or be fired?

"Poll: Bush Presidency Judged Unsuccessful"

(VIDEO) Bill Maher: Fox Facts

"Russians Seek Release of Relatives' Bodies"

Rove's Contingency Plan - Time Magazine

The son of my brother’s ex-wife was badly hurt in Iraq.

Want to bring the country "to the middle"? Support the left!

1975 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Late last night there were stories that Judy was finally fired...

Beam me up, Scottie! 'Star Trek' actor's remains to be blasted into space

More! Probe of Armstrong Williams Widens ("illegal 'covert propaganda'")

What is crippled and quacks?

My conversation with a judge..... at a bar RE: the poor.

Arrests made at Christian Liberty Academy during Minutemen meeting

Question: Was Harriet Miers involved in Plame-gate?

Tshirt idea: "Was it God or a 6-pack of Lone Star that told Bush to invade

An article by Freeh back in 2003

Miers' writing on same level as Bush's. No wonder she thinks Bush

What do you think of "Buy Blue?"

How many students are on financial aid?

Michael Dyson on Democracy Now!

Caption *

'This president has an extraordinary record with African Americans"

Pakistani People Stepping Up to Provide Relief

HEy freepers quit whining you got what you voted for

Podesta blasts "shameless" Freeh in WP op-ed, "Freeh's Self-Whitewash"

Why is DU so concerned about Louis Farrahkan's "Starship Connection"?

Would 2008 have been John Jr's time to run ?

Is Judy Miller really "Alice Otter?"

What if everyone but BUSH is indicted?

"Blair Warns Labour Against Far-Left Shift"

Judith Miller is the Harriet Miers of journalism ?

DeLay Raised $1.2MILLION right before Indictments

"but underground, it's already on fire" ... check out this quote

What would you pay more for........

Army Recruitment Woes - and the Four-Letter Explanation

when bush says,

"Afghan Election Staffers Fired for Fraud"

Shame of the Nation: Jonathan Kozol and America's apartheid schools

White and/or other supremest are guilty of over-reaching for more

Hey Neil Boortz, about your comment about saving the rich...

calling all wonks! How do I get rid of the Trojan Virus?

KARL ROVE- THE INFORMANT? ... by all the top cartoonists!

What can be done if President is incompetent to perform his duties?

How To Attend A March - For Democratic Politicians

Why Is Faux Running Ads For CNN?

Get Ready: Karl Rove is about to launch the MOTHER OF ALL SWIFT BOATS

If Dems don't step up, we could be looking at a McCain presidency in '09

Louis Freeh is a low-life POS. What's with that haircut?

Losers with too much time and money on their hands?

'Hidden Scandal' in Miller Story - Miller had DoD Clearance???

Signs that a RW'er is not worth debating

Fraud again: Wall Street faces multimillion class action - Observer

Sending Letters to Newspapers

Hey..WHERE did the links to the radio shows go again?

Japan PM Koizumi to pay homage where war criminals are enshrined

Why can't Democrats package and market their agenda as effectively as

iFilm posts the Jon Stewart - Tucker Carlson clip on its 1 yr Anniversary

MLK would only be 76 if he were still alive.

Great DU quote!

Can a governor order NG troops home?

Something interesting regarding "Kingdom of Heaven"...

Flame Plame

I can't resist...Enjoy the dueling articles...It will MAKE your day!!!

OOoo OOoo OOoo I think I figured something out: Plamegate

Mommy Are We There Yet? When Are The Indictments Coming?

And Now... A Few Words For Republicans From Sir Walter Scott !!!

I just got done doing yard work

How do you argue against the RW talking point that

The Truth about Al Qaeda

Fiancial Times on Scotty McClellan: No One Laughed

I would support Belafonte/Glover in 2008, let me tell you why...

Top Bush aides facing possible charges in leak of CIA agent's name

How many had the Swine Flu Shot, when they were giving them out?

Republicans that actually believe FOX isn't biased

Georgey Provokes Repuke Fits Over Pickles' Pick

Qs: Rawstory headline Rove...will resign if indicted

Bill Bennett wants us to talk about issues but to talk better

fill me in please?

How do you have a Beatles Sticker right next to a * one?

Now that Libby knows he's up the creek, will he work out a deal?

Just finished my OB/GYN rotation here in Upstate NY, and I don't think...

DU this poll

If any US/UK soldiers need defense info; IRAQ = ILLEGAL WAR

Not even people who like Bush would say that he is "the most

Whaaaaa? Judith Miller

Is it just me or do viruses of epidemic portions seem to appear

Fitzgerald cannot do it alone....


Where is the thread with the list of Katrina charities?

I'm not a praying man, but I prayed the other day...

Bush's panic on NBC

Why do people like Farrakhan?

Judith Miller ended her story with this:

Kristol : "Rove and Libby will be INDICTED"

Anderson Cooper - "My brother's death"

Give me a quote which describes a repug......

Here comes TD #24

This "Judicial Philosophy" thing is still bothering me

Will trying Saddam absolve America for helping him slaughter Iraqis?

Freeh, is he lying now, or was he lying in 2002?

Smallpox outbreak - what ever happened with that I wonder?

Careers I'd like to see outlawed:

Ohio riots! They got sick of that white supremacy BS

Did anyone happen to catch Chris Matthews' review of...

Hilarious Bush flash animation...

GET YOUR SCORECARD HERE for the indictments.

'Hidden Scandal' in Miller Story, Charges Former CBS Newsman

Imagine a society where no one hit their child and violence was non

"The Normalization of Treason, the repubs gift to America....please read!

Do republicans actually want people to remain uneducated? When I was in

Remember when Judy Miller received a fake "anthrax" letter in 2001...

PRESS SHOULD ASK BUSH: Why are you afraid of unscripted questions?

Spanking kids as Discipline

Just why did they go after Joe Wilson and his wife ?


Judith Miller and Fitz have tangled before.

Read this only if you want to have a sickening feeling.

We gave "W" our special salute today

Rove would coordinate a massive pre-emptive political attack on TV,

Novak, "knows who it is—and it's not someone at the White House."

A battle we CAN win, a victory that Katrina victims desperately NEED.

MUST READ: Plame In The Courtroom

A few Bird Flu facts. Not time to panic, but...

Tired of Those High Paid Teachers!

How much you wanna bet that this WOMAN voted for BUSH....

German court declares Iraq war violated international law

Two Days in October - A Look Back to 1967


Wah-Wah-Wah about abuse photos and you MISS this thread?

New account suggests dissident faction inside CIA

Help create a list of things THAT HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED

The Far Right's Scam

Farrakhan is a whack job just like Pat Robertson

With the bankruptcy law 'reformed' and minimum payments doubled,

Original leaker in Plamegate: Senate Reject and Asshole John Bolton

Terrific Bush slap-down by DUer on Huffington Post

If we invade Iran, would you support a divestment campaign targeting PNAC

"America may be at peak of 'materialistic' cycle"

The Heart of the Matter

Know your BFEE: WHIG (White House Iraq Group) Made Phony Case for War

Clinton, Gore, and Carter were all here in Nashville today!!!!

About Louis Farrakhan........

Absurdly easy flan

Pumpkin recipes!

i bought a Rosemary, a Basil and an Italian Parsley plant today.

Who else has a 16,500BTU burner on their stove?

Hot links

Cooking for Engineers

To: Country:Canada, You guys gotta read this

Nelson planned to use submarines and mines

Met boss: I may be forced to quit

Thatcher could get ‘royal’ funeral

Irish bog oaks give clues about global warming (not due to solar activity)

China Daily: It's time to take seriously a US-led global recession

Big Girls Don't Cry (NYT - shouldn't cry in the corporate world)

Lobbyist used DeLay aide to defeat anti-gambling bill

No FBI Charges for Defense Official in Iraq Case

Rove Cancels Appearance at Fundraiser for Kilgore

Ethics Lands on Ballots

'God Bloggers' Head to National Conference

European Farmers Ordered to Keep Poultry Indoors

Rice: Iraq Constitution Probably Approved

Man on life support after arrest in Duluth

Carter's Son Aims Barbs at Bush

Two RAF Harriers damaged in Afghan rocket strike

US troops clashed with Syrian soldiers along border: report

Hempstead Dems up: Hope to take town away from the GOP

Revealed: IRA bombs killed eight British soldiers in Iraq

Karl Rove's Consigliere (Newsweek)

Wife of ... Daniel Horowitz Found Dead in Couple's Home

A muted fall (global warming affecting foliage season in NH)

Rove Will Resign If Indicted

Rice: I don't want to run for president

Britain's captured soldiers allegedly spying on Iraqi prison torturer

Iraqi Civil War Started: Allawi

Carter's son considering political campaign (despite marijuana discharge)

Banks hit by Refco backlash

Westboro Baptist Church poster protesting Judy Shepard mentions explosives

Scandals Becoming an Issue in State Races (LA Times)

Police investigator found dead

Student's Father Says Son Left Suicide Message

Cheap labor flows to Iraq

Governor's support for drilling off Florida's coast draws fire

The Right Note (Miers re-packaged)

Number of Latino Muslims growing

Court martial for British officer who rejected 'illegal' Iraq war

Many migrants flocking to Gulf Coast are exploited, advocates say

Cheney aide a key focus in CIA leak probe

Iran Issues Charges Against U.K., U.S.

NYT: At Public Universities, Warnings of Privatization

Joseph Nocera: A powerful 'tool' for controlling labor costs (bankruptcy)

Afghan Election Staffers Fired for Fraud

Police: Wife of TV legal analyst found killed (Wife of Daniel Horowitz)

Cheney aide a key focus in CIA leak probe-lawyers (Reuters)

Extremists Fill Aid Chasm After Quake

Damascus denies making ‘painful concessions’ in bid to end isolation

Military investigating contractor kickbacks in special forces

LIVE Coverage: China's Shenzhou 6 Astronauts Land Safely

Time: Contingency plan (Rove's plan to resign if indicted)

NYT/IHT: Rancor Between Freeh and Clinton Over Terrorism Continues

Chances slim for Bush's proposed 'opportunity zones'

4.6 Quake Hits About 70 Miles off San Diego Coast (Faux News)

7 National Guard members jailed for abuse

Bush Hails Iraq Vote As Victory

Illinois Republicans souring on president (6/10 disapprove)

Initial Results From Iraq's Referendum

Rice praises Miers as having 'probing intellect'

PETA workers face 25 felony counts in North Carolina

Administration mobilizes to prepare U.S. for possible pandemic

Ku Klux Klan Coming to Midland Public Television (Midland, TX)

Britain denies Iranian bomb claims

Staff for (Calif.) governor's wife costing taxpayers $500,000 a year

US firms 'misuse' tax break windfalls

Cell Phone Use Changes Life in Africa

Afghan president: Palestinian state precedes ties with Israel

New Questions Arise in CIA Leak Probe

Carter's son aims barbs at Bush (Might run for U.S.Senator,Nevada)

US bombs Iraq city amid fighting, 25 dead: doctor

Britain carried out Khuzestan attacks- Iran (The Mall Bombing yesterday)

& Tropical Depression 24 (Soon to be Hurricane Wilma) Is Florida Bound

"Naked Photographer" Released From Jail (Republican Caucus Lawyer)

Christian Exodus has 10-year goal for state power

We'll bring Iran into line, insist Blair and Rice

Five U.S. soldiers killed in bombing during Iraqi referendum

Abramoff investigation has GOP holding its breath

PBS battle: Republican plan to cut funding could shoot down Big Bird

CIA leak prosecutor (Fitz) asked (Miller) about any Cheney role

'Hidden Scandal' in Miller Story, Charges Former CBS Newsman

I'm watching "Left of the Dial."

Being drunk truly shows you how to appreciate life!

I have gargoyles guarding my couch

My basement flooded last night!

this should be the last day football is played. ever.

iTunes is the best DJ

The new CD I bought tonight had a thick label and nearly ruined my player

WOW! According to a Ph.D certified IQ test my IQ is 138!

Newsweek's obits are called "Transition"---Transition to what?

What is your problem?

male lesbians - is there an equivalent?

Kindred spirits: Teddy or Dean?

Do you know what a levigator is?

Where is progmom tonight?

I finally bought Goodfella's

i need cat advice!!!!!!!!!!!

Should I be serious around here?

I'm stalking southlandshari out

About those gas prices....

Should you go to a Cabin with a friend, make sure he's a chef

Anyone else sometimes feel they are approaching insanity?

You know, customers are stupid

Late night DUers - check in

Shit, Lounge threads come out of a holster for HEyHEY, you know?

JP gray should change his name to "JP Gary"

My wife bought some Bailey's

Maybe it's my inner facist talking - but I respect matches

Gateway: A Rant for their documentation - Praise for their online help des

I'm in awful shape tonight

I will now go kick up 10 threads on the last page of the lounge.

I'm going to grout southlandshari's bathroom.

What music is popular tonight, give me some feedback?

i'm asking southlandshari out

Is HEyHEY's bear/penguins the new "Squirrel"?

I'm taking southlandshari out...

Where the Penn State fans at?

For Shari! Go Auburn???

We took KWdaughter to see the Wallace and Gromit movie

Well, I'd stay up later.....

A bad explanation to explain soemthing bad as a teenager? post er here

I know it is cheesy

Welcome to DU Fight Club. And if it's your first night at Fight Club...

ROFL! Pizza delivery guy has not only a big-ass * '04 sticker on his car,

Good Morning Starshine!

Do you think a person is a loser if he can't even get a pickup at a bar?

Oh my goddess! :-(

Rage Against the Machine on a Sunday Morning...

Trigger words thread

Joanne Linville and Aretha Franklin - separated at birth?

Cult member fears jail for voyeurism, commits suicide by eating leaves

You just can have too many green onions on a nacho


to ramona ~

If I posted anything

Should I petition the Admins for a screenname change

Spam I keep getting...

Hey Powerball players..... $340 million Wednesday

Gen. Tommy Franks Sounds JUST LIKE Reverend Lovejoy On The Simpson's

Why didn't someone tell me that Soylent Green was made out of people?

Once upon a time there was an engineer

Who's up?

Good Sunday Morning, Folks!

Are Americans smart?

Aretha Franklin - eternal Queen of Soul?

A 5 month old kitten, a white wall, and a laser pointer. Wish I had pics.

Google drunk, lying cokehead chickenhawk idiot son brush clearer...

Is it okay to like a character who is playedb ya conservative actor?

For the first time since 1968...I will be rooting against the Vikings!!!


Like, OMG, that's the White House?LOL!!1 - Our next leaders!

For 1,200,000 €, this little slice of paradise is yours

Baileys over peach ice cream

What does this smilie represent?

Bush’s sacred cows: Miers & Rove. Hamburger this week?

VERY cool music video............

Folks. I just GOTTA Cross-Post This Story!

Is he really she? Hoax riddle of cult US novels

Reviving Antoine's

GUN SHOT - last night

Marky Ramone appreciation thread

The shakers are here! The shakers are here!

anyone use that memory foam mattress topper?

I'm watching "The American President"

Which Pie?

Markie Post appreciation thread.


Is there a product (dye?) to treat slighly sun-faded vinyl?

Is Hell really for Children?

What bra are you currently burning?

self deleted

How I reset my check engine light, read the data, and sleep


Just what King John would NOT have wanted:

Beam me up, Scottie! 'Star Trek' actor's remains to be blasted into space

Job Question - found one, but prefer another. What do you say?

Who Else Is HOOKED On SuDoku? (link if you are)

I apologize if I said anything

Favorite Time Travel Type Show

Am I nuts!? I spent way too much $$ on Halloween decorations yesterday

She Is a God Warrior - Video

Just when you thought you had seen it all....

"speak thou jaded cod"

George W. Bush sees balding white man, has immaculate emission

Markie Post appreciation thread

so i watched 'haute tension' last night

donna fargo appreciation thread

Did anyone win the $340 MILLION Powerball?

Bliss attained! Just bought Kate Bush' new single "King Of The Mountain"!

Is Love really a Battlefield?

"Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit": who else has seen it?

Congratulations, Bears Fans!

Behold the Goddess Bunny!

Biz Markie appreciation thread

OMG, it's Jayne from Firefly!

It's chilly and windy outside...

Has 'Serenity' dipped off the charts yet?

What book are you currently eating?

Only served five guys at the soup kitchen today

Has anybody seen CHRIS ANGEL--MINDFREAK?

Krusteaz Appreciation Thread

Pumpkin Cookies with Whipped Cream Cheese Icing....

In all seriousness, should I start exercising?

Breakthrough in the war on fruit flies.

Have you ever had a celebrity return an email or fan letter if so who?

Okay, let's name outrageously over-the-top actors who should play Bond:

So my 14-year old is in JROTC

Someone please PM me the plot for the last half hour of Contact...

Is Target a good company to work for?

Does anyone have a premium photobucket account?

Home Run By Go-To Guy, Bob Boudelang Tells It To Youse Guys..

Lard appreciation thread.

On being TV less - I'm not!! I tried. I really tried, but I missed it so

Just saw DSOBOTV* on CNN.

Greatest Jazz Album:

Dog people: We have a logistical 911!

guess what

Katie Holmes says X$. The media care.

Where's the Broncos/Patriots game thread?

Now THAT's a lot of Baby Pandas!!!

Charlene Tilton appreciation thread

These are some talented guys

If you imagined a flaming gay Jewish Gary U.S. Bonds who would it be?

LaDainian Tomlinson has ran, passed for and received for TDs. All 1st half

And now... a pointless Poll....

Anyone see who's sitting behing home plate at the NLCS? Poppy & Babs.

No visuals. Do you know what the bi pride bumper sticker/flag looks like?

Dear Mark Brunell, please don't hold the ball like a crumbly muffin.

What's worse than getting flamed?

Congrats 'Stros fans! You're going to the World Series!

Daylight Savings Time Question

Bisquick appreciation thread!

Malicious Kids!!!!!!! Pine cone throwing broke a window

Thread this copycat!

Copycat this thread

Fuck Rove. And Fuck American Narcissism.

Imagine a Jewish James Bond. Who would it be?

My Neighbor Had 5 FEET Of Water In His Basement Friday Night

Extreme Home Makeover is bullshit

Astros Win!!!

I love dada spam

"Batman Begins" will be released on DVD on Tuesday

Lamb appreciation thread

The movers are here! The movers are here!

Who buys old LPs just for the groovy covers? I hate estate sales because

Splenda cannot be good for you, right?

Tom Cruise Paternity episode on Maury

Another question about Seattle.

Copycat this dread

Fun with Mick Jagger and photoshop!

Pick a song title with field "man's name" in it, and substitute "Lard Ass"

Stros vs Cards anytime now n/t

video iPod question

Did Eagles fans hate the Patriots always, or are they just bitter

When you8 are told by mgmt you're fired, what do you say in return?

Larb appreciation thread

couLd you direct me to the sports forum

Copycat this Fred

Gimme a quick up-down on my latest bumper sticker suggestion

Since it has to be done - Imagine a DUer James Bond -who would it be?

Man, I just ate some really bad gourmet cheese......

If pot makes you so smart,

I'm outing southlandshari . . .

here come the warm jets

What book are you currently burning?

If flirting were an Olympic sport

Yo-Yo Ma fans check in here!

Lil' Markie appreciation thread.


Marky Mark appreciation thread.

Imagine a red head or a bald headed James Bond. Who would it be?

A short rant - about handicapped parking spaces

Has there ever been a worse time to be a Minn. sports fan?

If I win the Powerball on Wednesday

Bible. (Please respond.)

Who would win a no-holds-barred Battle of the Deities?

Katie Holmes says she's 3 months pregnant, and I'm no expert, BUT...

One-hit Wonders!

We need a middle name for our unborn child.....

Question for Firefly/Serenity fans

Beware the Brando Man

I have just solved the voting problem in this country!

As much as I might not hanker Texas, I dis-hanker Saint Louis WAY more

Replace one word in Arwalden's name with any other word

MSNBC on "People walking up on the street demanding GIVE ME YOUR iPOD"

I saw Elizabethtown last night...with the exception of Orlando being

Advice on dealing w/ a Repub college roommate?

What kind of people would wear wedding rings like this?

Time for another "ronnykmarshall meets a celb"!!

What's for breakfast?

I'm pathetic.

I'm outing Matcom.

Do you think my Cat "Flea Taxi" will come home after this?

I could really use a hug.

Go blue!!!!

The Official "Why is this Person a Movie Star?" thread.

My Halloween card from Mr. Heidi.

I have a funny college story

POLL: What is your favorite APPLE?

Toss your camera up in the air after giving it a long exposure time!

The Official "Underrated Movie Star" Thread.

If You Imagined A Flaming Gay James Bond, Who Would It Be?

Kewl, I saw a bear on the way down the mountain today

I love you DU!!!( Who else loves DU? post here)

Replace One Word Of Any TV Show Title With -- "Lesbian"

How Can God "Want" Anything?

Get your anti-church right here!

Academia Embraces Spooky Studies

Do most Jews believe that the OT is literal fact,

God, the Alpha Male

Check your insulin

N.J. woman to fight for partner's estate

"Thoughts on Cowboys"

Appeals court says student expelled for being gay can't sue Xian school

Phelps poster protesting Judy Shepard mentions explosive devices

Did I ever get lucky today

Sharia on the Field: A Frivolous Fatwa?

Anybody give me the Saints and 15 points (Mercy bet??)

I didd not want to see Pen lose?



FEMA hired the officials in the Saints-Falcons game.


UT Professors - be easy on the students this week

Where's the Pats Lose thread?

where's the steeLers' thread?

Oh joy...I get to hear from Eagles fans about how much the Patriots suck

Heh heh heh heh heh heh. Hoo.


Sox vs. Astros

SO. What's the deal with Danica?

Hate to dwell on the negative...but

The Atlanta Falcons; The Atlanta Braves of the NFL

Granholm's U-M beats Rendell's Penn State at the last second

I knew when Jason Marquis relieved Jeff Suppan that it would be over

Guess what? The Vikings Suck!

So who are the NICEST college football fans out there?

Oh man. Tommy Maddox. Ouch.

Turning Pro Young

After UT loses to Tech next week who will be the frontrunner for

Charlotte the Harlot (stray kitty in heat)

How do you deal with gloom?

Checking in!

Here is a great WW1 website from the NL

Could someone get this newbie a star?

A Reality Check for Joan Vennochi

A reality check for Kerry - a nearly objective article by Joan Vennochi

Who else just watched Road To The White House?

If you saw a digital camera, on clearance for 20$ off, BUT

KO sighting in Dan Froomkin's column!

Something Wicked This Way Comes


The NEW Political Compass.........who ARE the Progressives?

"a star from mosul" tale of voting in iraq

Should all elected & congressional Dems demand our troops be brought home

Are we being poisoned?

Whatever became of American hostage Jeffrey Ake?

Libby discussed Plame CIA role with Miller "well BEFORE" Wilson's article

Need a good Bush smirk photo

(Bill) Clinton and Freeh next on Press the Meat! n/t

The Fallen Legion: Casualties of the Bush Administration

Anyone who thinks we don't have Ministries of Propaganda...

Google, the new political satirism engine

Moby: Bush "out of touch, inept, ill-informed, nut job, delusional fool"

Will Rove/Libby be indicted? Don't answer what you just WANT or

Distance from Bush seems key to '08 race

If Rove Walks... But is Implicated, Will He Step Down?

UN warns of rising hunger deaths

Carter's son considering political campaign (despite marijuana discharge)

US Inst. of Peace (a product of Congress)

Galloway vs. Hitchens, Goodman moderator on C-SPAN2

WP: WP: Sparring Between McClellan and Reporters Escalates

So if 33% of Iraqis voted to approve then it passes...?


Bill Kristal's hilarious sun. newspaper article

If you want to move the country to the center, support the left!


DU this CNN Poll - it's being Freeped!

If Rove resigns, who will take his place ?

Freeh on MTP did not have much credibility

Impressed with Durbin...

Bono incensed as Hillary plays politics at U2 gig

Added September 2 to's photographic timeline.

We won't run from Iraq, as we did from VietNam.....did dubya really say?

Karl "Chuckie Doll" Rove - my photoshop pic

"They Hate Us For Our Freedom" NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio

I Loved Durbin's Smakdown Of Chrissy WallASS On Faux Today

Please let us know about the good news too!

RAW STORY:Leave of Absence for Miller

These former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justices that Bush is bringing in

Rove to resign if indicted: Just heard on news break of Late Edition

First Lady dragged into turmoil over judge's nomination

"2 years!" The new mantra of Tweety and ilk as they try to derail Fitz

I think we should sue Shrub for using our tax dollars to wage

Iraq and the midterms ...

What Part of Roman History Are We Parodying?

Bush picked the best sycophant he could

Bob Schieffer on Scotti

Even if Rove publically resigns, he will still be bush's brain


A Strategy of Lies: How White House Fed Public Steady Diet of Falsehoods

Granny Bee - Dang Proud!

Tancredo on Bush "Tax Reform"..."Strike three, and his presidency is out"

Media Whore's Don't Report on Fitz because of Fear of Indictments ?

FRIST'S "investigator"??

'Unfit for Command' coauthor eyes Senate run against Kerry

Condi Rice on MTP: "Tim, it's an argument I don't understand"

I'm so sick of all the "Hillary 2008" musings

Santorum (Again) Distances Himself From Bush

Oklahoma City news website poll..chimp gets "F" grade

National Park managers now required to pass political test

Novak's second source...Colin?

A counter-recruiter got bloodied up on my campus last week

Did Anyone Else Catch What Condi Admitted?

If Miers is not confirmed for the SC, will Bush not then nominate somebody

Wayne Madsen has dumped DU?

Juan Cole; "The ground troops must come out. Now."

Lynne Cheney: Woodward Wrong That Husband Will Be 2008 Nominee

Which Dem contender for 2008 prez nom most likely to get us OUT of Iraq?

Morris last night: Hillary "SHOE IN" for nomination. Only Condi beats

a few polling numbers (may may you smile this morning)

Bill Kristol says on FauxNews Sunday that he expects

DU and DKos - co-conspirators

Are credit cards

hmmmm ... another Gulf hurricane ??

Absence of the American Dems Opinion Internationally

As a Democrat, I want to hear a progressive agenda from our next nominee

These two men are experts on rendition: one invented it, the other has see

Before Miers, Hughes (Palm Beach Post Editorial)

NYT Magazine: Bush's Ancestors

Bush to Blair: First Iraq, then Saudi

9-11 "crash" victim found in Europe with millions in fake Lira currency?

The Sorrow of Haiti

Harry Reid, Bush’s Bestest Buddy?

The FEMA response failed here, too (Mississippi)


Man Will 'Wipe Out' Rare Creatures of the Deep

Indigenous groups demand more say in mining

Cities bet flood-prone areas can become safe

Northeasterners: How many of you had hydroelectric downspouts this week?

"Still the one: Why Californians are still rooting for Arnold"?

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Question about "extended DSL"

OH-15 -- Mark Losey Endorses Reform Ohio Now Amendments

Bush to Blair: First Iraq, then Saudi

I'm having a great time watching the Leafs - Montreal hockey game

UN Accuses US of Human Rights Abuses: Starving Civilians in Iraq

Laura Flanders talking about MM march snubbing GLBTs

Teamsters urge St. Louis to boycott Anheuser-Busch beer

The * economic miracle rolls on

psychodelic frogs from costa rica

Mother Nature has another (tropical) present brewing....

Iraq, As I Understand It

Anybody watching the Discovery Channel?

D.C. paparazzi hungry at the Harry and Harriet show

moral/ethical debate

Does anyone like Judith Miller?

You load sixteen tons . . . what do you get?

Was the Million More March a Flop or Success?

"Why 2 mid-Michigan communities are saying no to 'always low prices'"

3 arrested protesting Minutemen in Chicago suburb!

On CNN just now-did anyone catch it? Callers responding to question

No wonder Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, and Andrea Mitchell are twitching .

Help locating heating registers.


Anybody wonder, like me, whether Scooter nailed Judy

Victims of Identity Theft: Tell your story


The Mardi Gras Mask Auction deadline fast approaching

Hey Tweety, "biopic" does NOT rhyme with "myopic"!

In Judith Miller's testimony,

TD #24 - probably "Wilma" this time tomorrow

last chance to bid in ***The Mardi Gras Mask Auction!***

Regardless of the Iraqi vote, Iraqi women lose

CIA Report slams Bush for ignoring Iraq intelligence

Why out Plame BEFORE the Wilson op-ed?

Rightwing Exploding Heads, Judith Miller, & The "Liberal" New York Times

Forget it.

New York Times: Regrets, Confusion Over Miller and Her Source

Sunday Talk Shows

Catholic Church no longer trusts the Bible

I'm part of the 50% of America that wants freedom FROM religion

Aside from many other questions that the NYT Article and

Just got back from "Good Night, and Good Luck".

Poetic Justice - W's elelction & the repubs trying for 1-party rule

"Etheridge: I Used Medicinal Marijuana"

Who will be indicted?

Wikipedia link on Bill O'Reilly

Friend Robbed for Gas Money at L.A. station

I am SICK of advertising.

America, In Case You Haven't Noticed, Stealing Iraq's Oil Isn't Working!

Saw a car at a redlight today with a rectangle of missing paint

A Very Scary Week Coming Up

"Current TV" opinion

Are we beyond the letter writing stage? Written ad-nauseum

Should the fact that someone is religious disqualify them from public ser


I Had No Idea Roadside Bombs Were This Bad!

Molly Ivins on torture: This is OUR country, not Bush's personal property!

Even though she played games...didn't Miller nail Scooter?

NYT Writes its Story, and Miller Buries Libby (Ace perspective at KOS)

Poverty here.

Whose view on the war do you most agree with:

Perle and Goebbels on Total War...1943 and 2001

Help. I need input from wise sage types here, DU elders would

DU ladies!!! See yourselves through the eyes of a Fundie...if you dare>>

Kos : FRANK RICH: It's Bush-Cheney, Not Rove-Libby

AOL Allows Dept. of Homeland Security to Spy On Millions of AOL Customers

Would a Liberal vote for Bush? My Day with the Freeper Family.

How do you counter the "what if none of it happens?" people in

Is America Dead?

Clooney On Charlie Rose: "I'd never question Ann Coulter's . . .

What will they use to distract the American People this week?

Adults were standing in front of my son's school handing out Bibles

Simple question- why hasn't minimum wage been tied/indexed to

Ribs, ribs, gotta have ribs

From separatist to federalist and back again

Davis pressures Cameron to come clean about drug use

Scottish Parliament building wins Stirling Prize...noooo

BREAKING: JUDY'S A LIAR (move to general discussion please, thnx)

Counsel Probed Miller on Classified Info

Bush to Blair: First Iraq, then Saudi

Split on Right a Chance, Choice for Democrats (Miers Vote)

D.C. paparazzi hungry at the Harry and Harriet show

Cheney aide gave Times reporter details in CIA case

Man Will 'Wipe Out' Rare Creatures of the Deep

Gunman Kidnapped Election Commission Members in Iraq


U.S. Military Role Far From 'Invisible'

U.S. tells Israel: Leave Syria to Washington

British high-flyer held in $430m US fraud inquiry

Amazon drought emergency widens

Study Ranks Homeland Security Dept. Lowest in Morale

Kuwait News: 60 Ballot Stations Not Opened in Anbar

First Lady dragged into turmoil over judge's nomination

Louisiana Governor Blanco Requests FEMA To Use Locals As Prime Contractors

US pushing for more open markets in China (China Daily)

Tariq Aziz to testify against Saddam

WP: Conservative Split Could Give Democrats Key to Miers Vote

Rove Cancels Appearance at Fundraiser for Kilgore

Countdown to Mehlis report: T - 6 and counting

'They had it coming' Cops provoked to fire water cannons—Palace

(Judith) Miller Presents Award to 'Deep Throat'

DNC's Dean targets two seats: Democrats target two Minnesota seats

Blot on Miers’ image (weeds, debris, failure to respond to property liens)

Mayor Blames Gangs for Anti-Nazi Violence

'Arms smugglers' seized in Kabul (US & Brits)

WP: How a Lobbyist Stacked the Deck (Abramoff Used DeLay Aide)

Schools to close and sport banned if bird flu hits

Go Mountaineers!!!!

The "Warriors" movie is now a Video Game - by Rockstar Games

"Wonderful Tonight" and "Thunderstruck," alternating.

Questions for musicians re harmonica


Don't feel bad, sportsfans. Nobody's school has a worse team than mine.

Scratch lottery tickets...

I'm having a great time watching the Leafs - Montreal hockey game

Any Lou Pineilla fans here?

Want to have some fun at Google?

Want to buy a used car?

Is it me or are the FOX announcers rooting for the Angels over the Sox?


For the Bears-Vikings game tommorow!

I've been gone for a while-anyone miss me?

Ok I'm done with my temper tamtrum. So sorry

Why is Ashley Smith treated like some kind of hero

Badgers bury the Gophers!

Darth Kitten named as Bond Girl!!!!!!

hoooly crap

Interested if anyone has bought a new car lately

psychodelic frogs from costa rica

Did you ever notice

Celebrity baby plastic surgery

Should the Lounge be divided into "flamebait" and "no-flamebait" sections?

Larry King just asked Rod Stewart if he followed up on "Maggie May"

Website Builders take note!!!!!

How did Superman survive the jouney from Krypton to Earth?

The greatest song ever writtin mine is Whats yours

Need Karma, positive vibes, and prayers

I'm having a great time watching the Leafs - Montreal hockey game

Ok I will admit it. I am a female democrat who lived in the

Photoshoppers, can we update this photo?

Billy Joel

Greatest Undead Film

QueensRyche Appreciation Thread


Started new job on thursday and SICK as a dog! Help!

You know you've spent too much time in history class when (big pic)

Dear Gil Scot Heron:

Does anyone else remember the movie "Miracle Mile?"

OK, then what's the BEST butter

Blood turning black, the change has begun

Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo

I had three Amish chicks for breakfast three weeks ago on a train.

Are you a Diva?

question from a newbie

This is embarassing FOX announcers lobbying for Guillen to use his bullpen

One for the ladies (pic)

Time for Lady Freedom to sign off!

Oh it will be SOOOO sweet when SNL is trumped by NASCAR!

"i don't know"

Masters of War

Have we done this yet? Which Shrek character are you?

The sig filter appears to be off....


Since we're in a newspaper clipping mood

self-delete wrong forum...DOH

Hey all you single, male DUers!

shel silverstein and david allan coe

tuck your jeans in yer boots

beautiful cocaine zombie

Wow, June Foray (Rocky the Flying Squirrel) is still alive AND working!

I am a 'Nole fan, but hell if UVA didn't deserve to win that game.

"Commander-In-Chief" Cast


Generally female dogs and male cats make the better companions

worst trend of the 21st century


The crappiest 5-1 team in Division 1

How would you vote?

Guess What? I'm a Diva, Multi-Million air, Real Estate Mogal or Politician

saw the movie Crash

The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys: Great DVD--Traffic '94

i had breakfast with three amish chicks on an amtrak train two weeks ago

Thinking of trying Campbell's Roadhouse Chili?

My Wahoos just knocked off FSU!!!!!!!!

Scouting for "Camel Toads" at Pool..... (ROTFLMAO)

Seattle DUers!! I need some info on Seattle!!

I found a *bush smilie!


Do not push the red button

The red pill or the blue pill?

I love Scissor Sisters ... but why did they have to cover Floyd?!?!

Are you a thought criminal?

Have we done this yet? Which Trek character are you.

And speaking of Camel Toads for all you single DU men out there

Absurdly easy fudge!

Has anyone seen "Kingdom of Heaven"?

Mobile Hospital a Lifesaver After Katrina

How about this for gay pride?

My God, is that stupid animation on Fox baseball annoying or what?


Virginia Upsets #4 Florida State

Man...this is getting BORING...White Sox win AGAIN!!!

Rudy, I thought God would help ND today?

Yipes...3-0 Sox already, top of the 1st.

Should the 'Horns be #1?

Were the Green Jerseys Lucky for Notre Dame today?

The great thing about College Football, on TV,

What are your thoughts on hypnotherapy?

Kerry. give us a sunny Sunday!!!

Compare & Contrast Convention Kissing Styles (Warning: * Photo)

Nice Kerry/Vets story in MetroWest (Boston) paper.

So, what did we learn from the NYT/Judy Miller articles?

Is Fitzgerald's deadline REALLY the end of October?

I think Miller will be indicted as well.

Has Novak testified to Fritz?

Results of AP-Ipsos domestic issues poll

Great analysis of the Kaine/Kilgore Governors race in VA

25% in IL approve of Bush's handling of the economy...WOW! A MANDATE!

Desperate Confusion in the Oval office drags in help.....Laura

Our Holy-Roller-in-Chief

What do I pray for?

WP: Times Reporter Presents Her Account of CIA Leak

Former congressman not felon in legal sense (Bill Janklow)

If Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans organize quietly to do just

Iraq; "What would happen if we withdrew?"

"Million More Movement" in Washington on CSPAN Now! WTF?

Connected At The Roots? (Miller a member of Office of Special Plans?)

BBC: Some guy named "Jose" to head CIA's new Spy service...

Why don't repugs care about vets? Kerry tries to fix GI Bill

Two conflicting views of swing voters

Karl Rove: Brilliant Political Strategist or Worthless Amoral Effing PIG?

The THREAD you DREAD: The OFFICIAL "Bush Sucking Face" Kiss Gallery

The Young Chickenhawks

Being fair about what Dean said on getting out of Iraq.

Where are the outraged black leaders?

MUST READ - What God forgot to tell Bush