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Archives: October 17, 2005

My column for the UL Lafayette newspaper

Wal-Mart's shady labor practices get an Idaho face

Schoolyard Bully Diplomacy

Reporter, Times Are Criticized for Missteps - WaPo

NewsMax Columnist: Republicans could lose in 2006

Indecent proposals (Gasoline for America’s Security Act of 2005)

Pipelineistan's Biggest Game Begins

Katrina uncovers the forgotten queues at America's soup kitchens

Bush against Israel

Firemen had Gag Order to not talk about the bombs in WTC buildings

Witness at WTC says she witnessed WTC6 explode before WTC2 fell

Excel Interactive Election Model - User Survey (TruthIsAll)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY, 10/17/05

CEO of Smartmatic Denied a Visitor Visa

How is the Air America Radio station doing in the Quad Cities?

Nazi riot

Dallas Law firm (Winstead) gives DeLay $125,000 in last three months

Iraq bomb kills five US soldiers

White House, CIA play blame game on Iraq (Bush runs both of them)

links to texts of the march speeches, esp of Farrakhan????????

Afghanistan's Poppy business on 60 Minutes

Rival Ky. bourbon barons ready to unite

Two interesting articles from Hinduiism Today on Spanking

My new indictment prediction: Wednesday, October 19 @ 8:45 AM EDT

andrew card on c-span Q & A

1976 Reasons why the DSM is Important

CNN presents the Iraq War..showing Cindy & Anti-war Rally now.

The best thing ever written by a Bush.

implications for Miers in Plamegate??? she's W's lawyer???

D.C. press co-opted by war lies

Jeff Gannon: The left loves Helen Thomas, bin Laden & al Qaeda!

25 die as US bombs Ramadi

I saw Good Night and Good Luck today

Advice: BE the advocate for basic human principles. SCREW RW "talking,...

Found a bunch of amusing Bush cartoons.

Did Rove and Libby leak to Fox News?

Judy Miller as Marlene Dietrich in "Witness for the Prosecution"

Suggestion for Voter Registration

TOON : Toles on Miers

Lots of great articles here.

Indictments come down when? Pick a day

Only 4 votes

Judy Miller and the damage done (Salon)

What do you think about John McCain's acting career?

SO - Has Mattttt PUDGE "Reported" Any Repuke Scandle BREAKING?

Where the Hell is the Moon Today?

Just how powerful is Diebold, anyway?!

Gov't's Earthquake Aid Failure Fuels Calls for Holy War (Pakistan)

Could it be that DU provided any interesting info for Pat?

Was there a story about Andy Card disagreeing w/ Rove on Miers?

Mugabe sparks controversy at UN food meeting

New account suggests dissident faction inside CIA

Now for something really disgusting

PLEASE Everyone - go to this site and vote for the GUY JAMES SHOW

Buried clause could tag films, TV shows as porn

No Comment ---pix->>>

cnn headline news doing good report on eminat domain.

Question: Thread on which congressman are 'owned' by Delay?

Are DUers still "progressive"?

Marijuana Advocate Joins Race For Governor

Great progressive stuff at this site. Check out this poster:

Help me: How do White House officials know who the covert CIA agents are?

Did Hitchens have a stroke?

i'm sorry, i hate to be a pain but does anyone have a Frank Rich link

In anticipation of indictments in Plamegate, should

Prince Bandar to Head National Security Council

If I Were A Fitz Man, Yada, Yada, Yada, Yada...

Plame investigation initially prompted by CIA?

If Bush is an undicted co-conspirator,

Senate backs more Defense R&D than Bush sought

Woo-hoo Chuck D ON RANT - people who got fixated on Farrakhan

If the Cards aren't in the World Series, Go Sox!

What is society's worst problem right now? Lazy people on welfare?

saw this twice now...DeLay's prosecutors lack a key document

Judy's lawyer (Abrams) trashes blogs for attacking Judy

Question for parents who spank.

Let's start an Indictment Day pool!!

JFK Murder Mystery on Discovery Channel

cheney and bush...Photo demanding a caption.

Conservative Talk Show Host Will Blog for Change

National Strikes.

Another reason to detest Barbara Bush

Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of Mel Carnahan's death

Bush-Unidicted Co-conspirator, Cheney-Multiple Count Indictment

List the names of pols and pundits who have been relegated to the great...

Man faces murder charge after victim dies 30 years later

Why don't Dems ever publicly call the RW on deficits ...

Question about the "Get a brain Morans" guy

Remember Norma Rae's "Union Now" moment when they were

My Position May Be Changing on Capital Punishment

If Rove is Bush’s Brain, does that make Gonzales Bush’s Spleen?

For your history of Judith Miller's headline lies bringing us to war.

Fitzgerald's Case: Clues Suggest This is Much Bigger Than We Know

A different kind of pit bull story

Duty to Country and the Grand unprecedented responsibility

Santos or Vinick

Army's Top Abuse Cop Kills Himself in Iraq

Prince Nayef Says Saudis Still Waiting for Iraqi Security Team

Judith Miller: The 'Classified' Angle

Tobacco Firm Has Secret North Korea Plant

White House Prepares for Possible Indictments

Venezuela to Join South America's Mercosur Group

PARLAMAZ Leader Calls to Fight Globalization

WP: Miller's Lawyer Says Aide Faces 'Problem' in CIA Probe

Chavez Seeks to Broaden Energy Ties With Russia

Challenge to Bush in new stem cell breakthrough

Miller Story Shows White House-CIA Tension

Rise of deadly disease is a cultural thing

White House Prepares for Possible Indictments

Hundreds protest Chicago Minutemen Project meeting

Miller's Lawyer Says Aide Faces 'Problem' in CIA Probe

Sunni group disputes reports of constitution's likely passage

Yo Ma Ma fans check in HERE

How many different companies did you interview with....

Most infamous killer cereal

Johnnie's cheatin' cookin' re: peppers

Watching ESPN Classic... Tyson was a monster

Wife fired a gun for the first time in 30 years

HBO's Rome - Historically Accurate?

My niece will be in London covering the "Broken Flowers" premiere

Dear Boss of the Internets or the Internets God

OMG My but Cleopatra is HOT

Has anyone actually ever eaten shit and died?

Harvest moon tomorrow night ..

Tell them off in 169 languages!

You ever have days where you just don't care if you die?

Is Mazzio's pizza any good?

Anyone watching the ALCS, the ESPN scoreboard is acting strangely.

I'm fuck. I sorried up.

Chicago DU Post-Gathering Check-in Thread

HBO's Rome: Catwoman Is MaWoman!!!!! n/t

HBO's Rome - Cleopatra is incredibly hot

ropyrat this red

I want to look at the information on a car - if it has been wrecked, etc.

New sci-fi series to be made. It's called "Torchwood" & it's gay friendly!

Are Freepers just the Whiniest critters, or what?

"Christian Rock Band" episode of South Park on now

Pic: Judith Miller's one-legged lawyer hops along next to his client

West Wing Thread

PIX from Hi-JinX! (4 pix)

Computer help? Sound probs.. (Windows XP)

Ever watch VH-1's 101 one-hit wonders?

Advice please...My son hurt his leg at the park 2 weeks ago & still limps

Our campus chapter of the College republicans claims to have 50 members...


Rival Ky. bourbon barons ready to unite

Check your change!

Come on, no one of any value cares about the post-game bullshit

I had to go get a tetanus shot today...due to THOUGHTLESS PEOPLE

Here comes Dumb George

I am Ricky Martin. And fame leaves me...

Take a foliage tour!

Hey, y'all! Let's have a "cutest pet" contest.

Marijuana Advocate Joins Race for Governor

Heidi will be awakening soon . . .

I'm sorry. I fucked up.

B52's Roam - Historically Accurate?

Zod for President in 2008!!!

Really funny sacreligious game for bored people

Go Sox!!

You know, "I am waiting" by the Rolling Stones is a great tune ......

Is DU Scripted?

Is this ok for a halloween costume?

good night everyone.

West Wing question - spoiler alert

A Gift For Matcom...

Sunday Evening Check In: Who's Happy?

Hey Bengals fans, it's time to CELEBRATE!!

How does a person clean and iron ties without destroying them?

Would you keep living w/someone under these circumstances?


We have a World Series in CHICAGO!!!!

Check out GD, 300 post spanking thread and no deletions!

Is Lennox Lewis the last great heavyweight?


How do you dispose of dead pets?

What's your favorite one-hit wonder?

Judith Miller appreciation thread

Alex Rodriguez, call the WAAAAAAAAmbulance!

I found out today that my car will go 95 MPH

What a great weekend!

Don't eat raw active yeast. Who knew?

Thoughts, prayers, good karma, and good wishes needed

Where is BikeWriter?

What is the Worst "Local" Commercial in Your Area?

For my 1,000th post ...

Whose speaking voice could you listen to all day?

I went to the zoo yesterday and some of the BIRDS were OFF DISPLAY

Flagellate might be study in evolution-New organism caught in the act of

Amazing "Nature" on PBS Now! "Shark Mountain" (plus lots of cool fish too)

Well...Sox in the lead...again.

Congratulations to the White Sox

Fan who caught two HR balls going into Hall of Fame


The umps finally get one right.

"The God Who Wasn't There"

Not to be a downer,

question about Kerry and 1996 election, especially Mass people

Boulder Falls

Show I leave the October Contest thread open a couple more days?

What exactly did the WHIG (White House Iraq Group) discuss ?

2 Pigs (my apologies to pigs)

Patrick Fitzgerald and Eliot Spitzer are my heroes

All Things Reconsidered By Bruce Burch coming up at 10pm

So, will the Republicans stop playing Victim yet?

It isn't a deficit, it's "government borrowing."

The Bush plan to defeat the Plame indictments!!!!

Tammy Bruce Lies To America!

WP: Attorney for Reporter Cites Possibility of Conflicting Testimony

"Cheney will not run for president, wife says"...NO! OH, DEAR GOD, NOOOOO!

"New" tactic: an "Oval Office pageant of praise" for "Harriet Miers 2.0"

Want to see a Bushbot racist site?

WP: Reporter, Times Are Criticized for Missteps

Anyone catch Arianna's reply to the Bush hack on Howie's show?

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

She looks like she's about to "kackle"

Arianna Huffington: 2008: Will Al Gore Be the Anti-Hillary?

Re-Post: Larisa (lala-rawraw) Spanks Bad Boy Bush on Huffington

Bush now takes a 30-second pause after every three words?

Has there been a Dem response to the pictures of Repubs v. Dems?

McCain is going staight to hell!

Miller and the Times blow it!!

NY Observer: Miller's Delays Made Story Miss Deadline


Is John McCain running for President in 2008 (yes or no)?

"The Young Chickenhawks "

ok.......Cheney Has Resigned......

Arianna Huffington: 2008: Will Al Gore Be the Anti-Hillary?

PUKE ALERT... Top Ten Repub Senators...

Clearly the War Powers Act has been violated

'Scooter' packs lot of power but runs quietly

Air Force Academy ignoring Constitution

Arianna Huffington: Russert Watch: Let Me Count the Ways

An Angry America

10/17/05 Insane GOPUSA Propaganda: Judith Miller Exonerates Bush Officials

NPR -John Bogle: "The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism"

Casualties of the Bush Administration

Israel, Iran, and the US: Nuclear War, Here We Come

Non Sequitur -- "Better Late Than Never" (GIF download)

Manufacturing High Anxiety

Good argument against the anti-science bunch: Theology Out of Place

No Sputnik this time, but a crisis just as great - San Jose Merc 10/17/05


Miers' stint with lottery full of strife

Power failure hits CDC germ lab Fort Collins Oct 10th

The Death of the Virtual Economy and the Middle Class

Which is worse?

Rush Limbaugh tries to mend Repugnik Rift

Hastert's House plan picks pockets of poor

Go protest, but know who is using you (Chairman Mao wants you Nov.2?)

Some of Us are in First Class, but the Plane is in Trouble

WSJ: Judgment Call (Miers Will Overturn Roe)

The Big Squeeze - Krugman - NY Times - Oct 17 2005

...Aides to Kucinich, Nader, Dean bought supplies from Wal-Mart

James Carroll: All God, All the Time

Planet Waves, By Chris Floyd

Jennifer Moses: Losing hope in hurricane-ravaged Louisiana

The Mindless American: A Tragedy in the Making

Bird Flu Kills Aflac Duck

What Is The "Character" Of The Bush Administration?

This is a classic freeper rant, published in my local, HILARIOUS/SCARY

Selling our national parks is like selling your wedding ring for heroin.

Super-capitalist John Bogle : Battle for the Soul of Capitalism

Venture firms power up alternative energy

CA: Geesman pulls no punches on energy

In Amazon Basin, Nothing Stops Illegal Logging - NYT

Australia Still Unwilling To Start Even Domestic Carbon-Trading System

Watchdog group questions plan to transport bombs across Nevada

Ski Industry Starting To Brace For Climate Breakdown As Snowpacks Shrink

Inuit Subsistence Hunters No Longer Able To Predict Weather Conditions

Wyo customers don't get break from state's gas production

Mining companies paying 19th century prices for public lands

Drug use on rigs driving oil prices up

NOAA - Last Month Warmest September Ever Recorded - ENN

2005 Likely 2nd or 3rd Hottest Year On Record - UK Met - Reuters

Dying FL Reef Traced To Partially-Treated Sewage Outflow Pipe (No!)

Do you want to operate your own 1 MW nuclear reactor?

State Dept. Gives Mixed Message to Israel

New 9/11 Timeline update, with new Able Danger page

Panel Supports Renewal of Voting Rights Act

urgent - help pass Pennsylvania's paper ballot bill

Help Reform Ohio's election Processes

Help stop Santa Cruz County, CA from choosing DREs this week!

Democratic media rigged the exit polls

Hmong Clan: Cemetery Insulted Customs

CA State Sen. Deborah Ortiz to run for Sec. of State

We got thunder, lightening....

Howard Dean urges voters to reject measures governor supports

AP: Man sent to prison for raping his wife

Steve Young is looking for input (for CA-48)

Progressive Democrats of San Diego meeting this week

Help stop Santa Cruz County, CA from choosing DREs this week!

Saw that Loebsack nearly equaled Leach in fundraising!

First District Fund Raising

Petition to bring progressive radio to CR/IC area

Getting ready for this winter

Everyone get this Message from John Bonifaz?

Help stop ATV/OHV abuse of state forests

Nightline Tuesday - Story about Wisconsin Soldier killed in Iraq

My Op-Ed Piece in the Minnesota Daily

Advice on choosing a laptop computer

My Fellow Ohioans. It's time to team up.

Meeting on voting changes / Diebold critics protest of voting machines

John Hill is not a real Democrat

DeLay will likely be booked in a Texas county jail this week

In the heart of Bush country


Nightline Tuesday - Story about Wisconsin Soldier killed in Iraq

Time to put the Captain of the Ship of Fools in Madison overboard.

Obey to endorse Wall for Congress

Doyle on Nursing Homes...

AP: Couple end backpacking adventure at Pacific

What happened to NewsBank Infoweb?

Go Sox!!

Miller to take leave of absence IMMEDIATELY

Please take a minute and vote

ok, help me to 2000 before I fall asleep

Remember the Bin Laden tape released a few days before 2004 election?

For the night gang......SUPERB bookmark for cast of players in indictments

Spanking is the liberal nuclear option...

Libby = Marc Rich's lawyer; Clinton's pardon of Rich infuriated republican

VIDEO- Bob Bennett (Miller's Attny) on This Week

Site that summarizes the Sunday political talk shows?

I know alot of people are giddy with excitement for what may be upcoming

Is Rover holed up in his den picking his poison or will he show

John Fund: Fundies rec'd info that Miers would overturn Roe vs Wade

CBCnews is baaack! Repug scandal dots connected -- viewing link

Just War Theory: The argument my uncle used to support the war

Ms. Wilson and Fitz: Did she get authorization from the CIA to help him?

YAYYY Ray Taliaferro is back LIVE on radio!

Ray says Bush is going to re-introduce Harriet!

LA Times: "Bush is in no hurry on Katrina Recovery" Meanwhile, people

Democracy by the acre: Iraq vs. U.S.

Bush against Israel

Doonesbury today -Sweet

The Pardon Question

Puke alert: Arnie special election ad seen in LAT and on Drudge

Please look at this list.

Who is deserving enough for some of you to speak for the people?

Dear Tony the bLiar; your people hate you. Angus-Reid Poll

Mugabe rails against Bush, Blair at U.N. event

Giant waves hit North coast Trinidad

The Iraq myth

U.S. warns Iran over Iraq bomb attacks, Rice says

Moronic Republican C-Span Caller

Bird flu and asthma

Saddam’s trial a double-edged sword for the United States

Miller Brouhaha - 2003 article in AJR (U.S. media failed test)

Atheists who do not claim there is no god do not have an "atheist faith".

Iraq constitution and possible civil war

The perfect answer to the intelligent design group.

Does anyone here watch 24?

Congress is Back in Town! Cuts on the Table! Guard the women and children!

Is our buddy William Saffire involved in any of this mess?

U.S. says kills 70 militants in west Iraq clashes

Tropical Storm Wilma becomes the 21st Named Storm of 2005 Atlantic Season

Good morning in the new bush for the rich world...GM cutting benefits

Mr. 2%'s Condoleeza to tour civil rights sites w/Brit VIP next weekend?

That Republican Attitude

The World Oil Crisis: Implications for Global Security and the Middle East

3rd try - now that this is on TruthOut will DU FINALLY discuss it?

Ok, this has been bugging me. Judy and Libby

WSJ: Judgment Call (2 Friends of Miers say she will overturn Roe)

Bush is "re-launching" the nomination of Harriet Miers??????

Want to make a TV show for ABC? Here's how.

Having fun at the expense of Scientology and Tom Cruise

What about Chalabi and the missing money?

Blanco announcing new task force

'Flame' Plame Blame Game by Justin Raimondo

Today show "reporter" in canoe, reporting on floods.....

General Motors.. doing well.. or not?

Just saw breaking news from Cleveland, Ohio but missed the story.

Remember Bhopal India and the killer Union Carbide leak?

So what's the story with

List the Corporate Excuses to Rape their Employees of Benefits

Aren't Treason and Espionage both punishable by death?

Bush wins Nobel Swagger Prize!

Does anyone have a link to the latest Poverty report (up under Bush?)

Paying for NYT Op-ed, is this new?

Did anyone read Colby Buzzel's blog about the Iraq war?

Fake punditry, almost daily (Colbert Report)

DU Special Thread - The Far Right and the Italian Mafia

Was something "romantic" going on between Libby and Miller ?

_This week's first DUMB QUESTION_

How did you discover DU?

Former Hill staffer to be indicted with former college Republican

Thoughts on Miller's piece: First, there's >1 source she "couldn't recall"

Why shoud you care?

Looks like big tobacco is getting a pass

Jack Thompson is an uncharitable, reneging cockbite.

Is one-upmanship worse in the US?

The stupidest theory on Plame I've heard yet.

A general question about LBN, GD, and GDP ?


Robert Chapman "Train Wreck of the Week" Oct. 16!!!!!

What will be the outcome of Fitzgerald's investigation this week?

Good lord...

Scooter's threat: "Aspens turning in clusters" = "I go down, you go down."

1,976 reasons the truth is important

Great Googely Moogely - O'Reilly and Louis Freeh on The Daily Show!

The poster child for Psychotherapy

Bush...the son-of-a-bitch sits there with that smug face, lecturing others

Connecticut apologizes for W! Check out this welcome sign...

Hey! It's Cronys on Parade!

Attention Hurricane Survivors - Another one creeping into the Gulf

Rightwinger Dobson Brags About Beating His Dachshund With a Belt

Don't forget..C-Span3 ...daylong panel discussion of media & politics

"Group Starts Move to Get Converts, Voters"

CNN July 27, 2004: Some Iraq suicide bombers 'forced'

I just did some pro-choice counter-terrorism

Did Condi warn Willie Brown not to fly on 9/11?

Brad Friedman on TV News LIES Radio...Starting at 12 ET

MSNBC Homepage: "Tough Times?" (Stormy week for Bush)

Bush powerless as CIA leak probe unfolds

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing coming (it's now 12:09 est)

RW Spin: "Judith Miller Exonerates Bush Officials"

WTF? Rove "would go on upaid leave.." GW SAID HE'D FIRE PLAME OUTER!

I have learned to expect the worst and never be disappointed

82% of 1st ID 's Wounded Soldiers pay screwed up & one was labelled AWOL.

According to the King Dubya Version of the Bible.

Were big fish named as unindicted co-conspirators, the Repuke Congress

Need Help: Post Concussion Syndrome and getting discharged from Gaurd

Bush doing Dog and Pony Show on CSPAN

The 'christian' Right was very openly sinister back in the 80's

General Motors to cut 25,000 jobs by 2008, reports $1.6bn 3rd qtr loss

Cheney Involved in Plamegate? No way, Think again!

Cheney May Be Entangled in Investigation, Wilson To Sue in Civil Court

Why does Castro allow US occupation of his island?

When Will The Plame/Leak Indictments Come?

What would be good dishes to serve at an indictment party?

Who is Norah O'Donnel (MSNBC)

I watched the movie Cold Mountain last night.

George W. Bush is a creature of Karl Rove's imagination.." If he Goes?

Bill O'Reilly on Daily Show on Tuesday!!!

You say Cheney, I say Chalabi - lets call the whole thing treason

GAS Bill Wouldn't Lower Prices, Just Raise Profits

Even if there are no indictments we already won

The Catch-22 of the Iraqi Constitutional Process

So What's the WH 'Message of the Week' Going to Be? >

us taxpayers have paid Maria Shriver $500,000 a year - yep

Who said this?

Tropical Storm Wilma new models--watch out Florida west coast

"20 civilians killed in the recent airstrike - CNN

Ex-'SNL' player Charles Rocket (the "F-bomb" guy) commits suicide

to the DUer looking for names of US soldier casualtiesin iraq

More Spin: "Rice Explains How Iraq Fits in Terror War"

Arianna Huffington on MSNBC

LOL! Funny Pic, But Somewhat Disturbing!

Military reverses plan to add Ed Schultz show to Armed Forces Radio

Scooter's given name is Irving. Irving Lewis Libby.

WJ-CSPAN this morning...Peter Slen begged for Rs to call in.

Administration Coached Troops On What To Say To Bush, Then Lied About It

1st School in New Orleans Eastbank reopened today

Bush Refuses to Discuss CIA Leak Investigation

Ran across this editorial on the GOPUSA.COM site:


Scotty refuses to answer "W has confidence in Karl Rove?"

Ed Shultz’s Debut on Armed Forces Radio Canceled (Rush still on)

Thanks Skinner for adding the AA Link.

i need photos of the Phelep"s kids carrying ugly picket signs...

great show on the new journalism now - CSPAN3

Three Defendants Reach Plea Deals in ELF Arson Attacks

Cars stolen in US used in (Iraq) suicide attacks

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count; they wrote an entire article about us!

It is the most wonderful time of the year. La La La

Mother Jones cover story- "Paul Hackett, the Democrat who fought" t

Millions More March? No gays allowed though...

Please enjoy this poetry from a thread on this page, right now --

Looking for info on Nov 2nd strike

Once posted that DU was a soap opera -- anybody else glued to their "set"?

Woman wants Aflac to pay for husband's infidelity

UPDATE: Leak Scandal Continues To Grow (Thinkprogress)

How did Fitzgerald know about Miller et al in the first place?

What if Scotty "too Slobby" McClellen hosted a press conference and Nobody

Why is Fitz independent when other investigations have been whitewashs?

Any word on the Rush Limbaugh investigation?

Army is Broken...

My Oh My, I do believe the 1st hour or so of Big Eddie will be more than..

Since When Do Judges Campaign for a SC Justice? ---pix->>>

Excellent Synopsis of B** War Lies - 72% Dems support impeachment

George to Press: Don't Go There! ---pix->>>

Gephardt seeks redemption

Reasonable Americans would consider 265% profit margins as price-gouging.

Has ANYBODY on TV or print news, ASKED what's up with the "Aspens turning"

once again will thank you

49 days since Katrina - 44 days left in Hurricane Season

Mt. Diablo Keeps Name Despite Religious Objection

"Mr. President, why should America believe anything you have to say?"

Now no question that televangelist Pat Robertson is a front man for G.W. B

Has anybody got a link for some other liberal radio stream for this time

FYI: The CDC updated many of its Avian Flu pages Friday and today

Got some work for y'all to do re: some Robin-Hood-in-Reverse stuff

I must confess I'm amazed l'affaire Plame is still alive!

How many of you wish Kerry could have got McCain to be his running mate?

So I just heard from the MSM that perhaps Judy Miller's reporting

Libby sure did a lot of complaining about the CIA

Winning Bids from the Mardi Gras Mask Auction & Instructions for payment

What Were They Thinking? ---pix->>>

What's gonna happen if indictments come down?

Someone told my 9yo daughter that American Girl pays for abortions

Frog March! ---> PIX


LOL! Bush And Big Dog IM Session

Jim Miklaszewski: Judy didn't have security clearance

OMG - Hurry and do this before google fixes it! LOL

BC DUers - Gordon Campbell is right; Teachers MUST respect the law

Dobbs Claims "Fair and Balanced" Claim Is "Ridiculous"

Bush is just giddy with happiness that so many Sunni Arabs voted

Great John Pilger piece.

Mugabe compares Bush, Blair to Hitler and Mussolini

How short is Delay?

Chumpy's NEW exec order 10/14/05 & the release of Abu Ghraib

Anyone wonder if Mieirs is a "first pick" ploy to help a "second pick"?

Fitzgerald to make announcement in DC

Those lucrative E-bay careers that Cheney was talking about

Spider's Web: The Secret History of How the WH Secretly Armed Iraq

Cheney May Be Entangled in CIA Leak Investigation, People Say"

Dumb Question--Did Gonzales recuse himself from The leak investigation?

This Freetard quote...sad, yet incredibly funny!

IF Fitz's has evidence of election fraud in 2000+04 and if

We're gonna need special indictment DU edition T-shirts & Stickers

why fitz's case is so big

Anybody Have Info On "Good Night, and Good Luck's" Receipts This Weekend?

Judy Miller's past NYT news articles

Caption this * pic >>>

cnbc poll quick!

"Heart of the Matter" article & the importance of Executive Orders

Pardon me, which way to today's Tweety thread? n/t

Biden just stated Hillary was the overwhelming pick

Simple Democratic slogan for '06: "Had Enough?"

Do go see "Good Night, and Good Luck."

Could it be the corporate...

CIA Leak probe NOW includes how intelligence WAS used!

OK you golf nuts. Did the SI writer single out Michelle Wie for the

I think Miller story can open up the DSM inquiry Conyers and Kerry sought.

Who can tell me about Miller's att'y's? Bennett (bro. to racist, gambling

The Repukes use the Fundamentalists to get elected. Does the

Wolfie (Leslie): No Deal For DeLay

My response to a "Christian" about this country being a "Christian Nation"

Walked out of a McDonald's today because they had Fox news on

These MADA Fokers can run but can't hide - Cancelling big Eddy

Don't Do It, George !!!

Is it just my imagination or do Harriet Miers and Pope Benedict

Do we at DU focus too heavily on national matters?

UN: Wars around world less frequent, less deadly now than 15 years ago

Helpful Campaign Hints 101

Congratulations Bronx Boy/DU - nearly 200 responses

Question about the Windfall Profit Tax Act of about 1980

Amy Goodman is on with Tweety right now

Opinions on 'Victims of Communism Memorial'?

amy goodman of Hardball, Tweety is out of his league.

GOP learns nothing from security failures of 9/11

We're bonobos, they're chimps (new book Our Inner Ape)

Will we actually end up thanking Ken Starr for Bush's ultimate demise?

Karl Rove's Garage Proves to Be Typical

Does the Grand Jury get to see the REDACTED PAGES or just

The Secret - strange TV Trailer-Anyone seen this?

Dick and Condi rule out '08 !!

Randi Rhodes is on!

AP: Karl Rove's garage proves to be typical (yes this is a real headline)

Who died?

Miers lovefest on MSNBC now...

Cafferty's on to Rove! Needs to be fitted for an XL orange jumpsuit?

Mugabe likens Bush and Blair to fascists

Kennedy and some friends tried to save some guys from drowning?

Armstrong Williams got paid. What was in it for Judy?

So Judy Miller goes to jail to protect a source who she doesn't remember?

Drive out BUSH and Drive out WAR, important MUST READ and Act now!

Ed Schultz is on ..... Oh fish All Thread

Bush braces for a stormy week

What did the president know, and when did he know it?

Schumer: Miers wouldn't say if she discussed leak investigation w/ Rove?

Is the Scotty BBQ being held today?

Cafferty Freudian slip? Calls White House "Vice House"

CNN/Gallup poll: * at 39%

I'm looking for "before" and "after" pictures of drug abusers.

Employee Rights Question

Tee hee hee. I helped sell an illegal war in Iraq....

The "secret elite gang prison fighting system"

Flat Earthers, katrina, the bird flu and global warming

If Fitzgerald was going to ask for an extension

CNN just said * poll numbers are 39% at Gallup.

Where did the idea that corporations are entitled to profit

Freeper asks about Bird die-offs prior to 1918 flu pandemic:

Scientists say they have found Tamiflu-resistant strain of H5N1 bird flu

9 cases of brain-wasting disease in Idaho

How do you stand?

Contact Armed Forces Radio here and demand they air Ed Schultz!

Rove's Garage ---pix->>>

Isn't this the ultimate deer caught in the headlights look?

Pentagon/CIA officials say they're unaware of Miller's security clearance

Supreme Court Declines to Block Abortion for Missouri Inmate - Unanimous

Soldier from Photo Op has Blog Entry on Event

Stupid things people say in regard to sports-politics

Jack Abramoff on LexisNexis

So I was s trolling through the hospital today, and ran into

Question about Grand Juries

Miller ...maybe follow the money on her?

Miers TOON: "We're releasing all her recent prayers."

Can you vote for pro-life Democrats?

Q for RW: What is the difference between "punishing" and "discrediting?"

Isn't the proof that Intelligent Design is Creationism by another name

Ted Kennedy helped to save some fishermen

Anyone want to play, "Whose Indictment is it Anyway?"

CNN reporting Bush approval at 39%...58% disapprove. CNN/ Gallup/USA Today

C-SPAN edited Millions More footage to make square look empty

A 'Christian' Nation does not mean a Christian run government

CNN: recount possible in Mosul, more votes than voters

Boston Globe: "All God All the Time!"

I finally saw "Bush's Brain" ...I didn't know how evil Rove really was

CNN: "Is Cheney involved in the CIA leak?

SAN ANTONIO - Hands off the Saints

How Republicans Will Handle 'Plame Game' (Satire)

AP: Pro-war votes may haunt Democrats

Guess who is speaking at Clark Univ. tonight in Worcester MA?

Did Valerie Wilson-Plame appear before GJ or speak with Fitzgerald?

Mom Wants School-Assigned 'Porn' Novel Banned

Story of a town in 1918......

Interesting And Thought Provoking Quotes on Religion

Conyers to Rumsfeld: Did Judy Miller have security clearance?

AP: Investments can be in line with your values

Investigative Reporter SUDDENLY turns Fear Monger - Why?

Bus driver charged in 23 deaths during evacuation (Hurricane Rita)

HUGE!!! Katrina Cleanup Problem Looming!

"All God, All the Time"

WSJ: Years of Short-Term Strategy Create a Crunch in Natural Gas

DeLay lawyer asks dismissal of 2nd (money laundering) charge

So on my way to work this morning I am behind this woman in an

Give me your best ammunition against the "Fair Tax"

"GAS Bill Wouldn't Lower Prices, Just Raise Profits, Say Green Groups"

Hahaha, freepers need to freep their own poll!

Understatement of the week: "This is an unusal crowd."

Judy Miller in miltary uniform giving orders in Iraq???

"The Mindless American: A Tragedy In The Making"

How they doing over at Freeperville today?

Get ready for the DeLay mug shot, should be coming before Friday...

Freeper conniptions over Delay judge's contributions to, DU(?)

Republican Etiquette Question: There's a wounded homeless person on the

An Unpleasant Surprise

Tis the Season.

I need a political education

Yo San Antonio, If a Hurricane hits Miami are you going to swoop in

I just had lunch with MARK WARNER!

Bush Countdown Clock

The Source of the Trouble - Judith Miller

Words from the trenches

Ralph Reed denies seeking ouster of 10 House gambling foes

Slaying the Bullhorn Myth - Bush's "Magic Moment"

Rove Cancels a Second Scheduled Fundraiser Appearance

When do you think Chimpy will have his "I'm not a crook" moment?

Just reminded those who normally turn the TV off at 10:30 PM...

Allegations of fraud in the Iraqi constitution vote

Who Forged Letter Saying Al Qaeda NEEDS Control of Iraq to Crush Isreal?

How did Tweety get a job?

SF 312 and How Intelligence was used. What does it mean in

Inaccurate Information About CIA Operative in Reporter's Notes

High Schools using National Anthem to recruit you kids to die for Bush!

Fitzgerald Tells Where He'll Make Announcement of Any Indictments

What are some negative consequences of the national debt?

'Spider-Man' star Dunst plays slain aid worker in Iraq war movie

Peace mom slips from public stage - plans to return to crawford

Pay Back is Going to be a B*tch!

Why is Sherrod Brown smiling at me from the DU sidebar

I saw the most idiotic bumper sticker ever...

Is our long national nightmare really almost over? Or do we have

Miles OBrian is such a vapid smiling himbo I cant stand to put CNN on

Did KKKarl Rover show his face today? Is he still in hiding?

30,000 Children Under 5 Years Old Will Die Needlessly Today And Every Day

A serious question to those who defend association with Farrakhan

I'm proud of my limerick. This is the first one I've ever written.

W's cronies seem to come from '50s sitcoms

Where's Judy's Memory -- Sing along with me!

Bush braces for a stormy week (MSNBC)

raw story: paper to break 'huge story' on treasongate

Rove canceled fundraising appearance yesterday

This Ed Schultz / Armed Forces Radio fiasco is a disgrace to our nation.

Did DeLay pass GO ? Is he really going to JAIL?

Just saw this bumper sticker five minutes ago. LOVE IT!

Biden say Hil is the overwhelming, overwhelming favorite for 08 nomination

GM looking to sell GMAC - my hypothesis as to why.

Hurricane Preps - a full time job

Who is the most popular liberal talk show host?

Lou Dobbs poll for tonight

Posted on another message board...I had to share it

Debate brews: Has oil production peaked?

Our Mocking Birds are Drunk (again)

What is it with Republicans and Sex?

Congressman Conyers responds to the question "Why Blog?"

FRONTLINE This Week: "The Torture Question "

Tropical Storm Wilma (is this a first tropical storm with a "w")?

Oh, Judy, maybe it was John Poindexter who told you the name

An almost deafening "chomp, chomp, chomp" now pervades the Beltway ...

They are NOT "pro-life," they are anti-choice! DAMMIT!

How can US planes indiscriminatingly drop bombs on Iraqi villages & people

Back On My Horse. With A Guy Like This Keeping Us Safe Who Needs Enemies?

Does anybody know what group reconstituted the 1918 Spanish flu virus?

Massive vote fraud in Iraq?

If rising tides lift all boats, what are those 90s investors so Proud of?

DOD Reneges on Putting Ed Schultz on Armed Forces Radio (Alison Barber)

What will happen to Patrick Fitzgerald after indictments are handed down?

O'Liilly calls Media Matters "paid assassins", won't be on Fox...

EFF: Secret Code in Color Printers Lets Government Track You

Nightline Tuesday - Story about Wisconsin Soldier killed in Iraq

How stupid is Bush? This stupid.

Bird flu and regular flu

Juicy juicy juicy:Wilson may take Bush/Cheney to court & It's CHENEY

The Lie Factory !

Well don't that beat all. KKKarl Rover LIED. PERJURY. HE LIED

Harriet Miers' Minimal Makeover ---pix->>>

Should the KKK be outlawed?

Sen. Boxer asks what to ask Bolton & my response

Bankruptcy Law??? My credit card APR just went up 4.75%!!!!

Halliburton's New Low in Treachery

Rs move to cut up to $50 billiion health care for the poor, food stamps

Rove Off To Jail Already? Pics!

Howie Kurtz says Judy story so HOT he runs blog comments before column!

***URGENT*** Morally Bankrupt - Call Congress Now (Oct 17-18 call-in days)

Seems the world has changed in the last 24 hours

What exactly was this bird flu expert on CNN trying to say today here?

Please stop calling the US Invasion of Iraq War the Iraq War

Suggestion for recommending threads.

Abramoff Scandal Links GOP to Islamic Banks and Tyco Scandal

Why are there so many posters on this board looking for fights?

Can you vote for segregationist Democrats?

Condi says"George Bush Likes Black People" Huum

Bunny Greenhouse on NOW this past Friday

Etiquette: a worthy art or an elitist filtering device?

TOON: President Bush "supports" our troops

Baby boomers - Wreck of the Edmund Fitgerald....anyone know what cargo

Neocon Bingo: A DU Contest

WHO IS Judy Miller?

Who would Jesus save ? the Rich or the Poor

Bob Schieffer: "Is It The Beginning Of The End?" (CIA Leak - Watergate)

Cheney, Libby & Miller - all in Jackson Hole, August 2003

What do you know about the Knights Templar ?

Poppy Bush was once CIA Director

PHOTO: Karma.

Journalism community turns on NY Times, Judy Miller - AP

HISTORIC VICTORY NEARS: DU closing in on FR in daily traffic rank!

beans, beans.......

I'm in a cooking mood today.....I'm already cooking dinner

Dr Who Spinoff

Recession 'boosted murder rates'

Officer faces action over lost gun

Clarke plans to privatise probation board services

British American Tobacco has secret North Korea plant

Strong Undersea Earthquakes Shake Turkey

Bush braces for a stormy week

Mugabe compares Bush, Blair to Hitler at UN event

Bush to Blair: First Iraq, then Saudi Arabia!

Officer faces action over lost gun

Ex-'SNL' player Charles Rocket a suicide

Senator: Charges possible over Armstrong Williams contract

Greece says has detected one case of birdflu

Bill to prevent invasive species languishes

At Border, Minutemen Keep A Low Profile; Protesters Don't

Bush Refuses to Discuss CIA Leak Probe

Supreme Court declines to block abortion for Missouri inmate

Iran Hails Iraq's Turnout in Constitution Referendum

NYT: Administration's Tone Signals a Longer, Broader Iraq Conflict

Cheney May Be Entangled in CIA Leak Investigation, People Say

AP: Man sent to prison for raping his wife

Torch Passed at House of Luce (new TIME ed. backs Cooper's testifying)

Tropical Storm Wilma becomes the 21st Named Storm of 2005 Atlantic Season

Reporter, Times Are Criticized for Missteps - WaPo

NYT: At Microsoft, Interlopers Sound Off on Security ("Blue Hat" briefing)

WP: Miller's Lawyer Says Aide May Face 'Problem' in Probe

WP: House GOP Leaders Set to Cut Spending

NYT: Administration's Tone Signals a Longer, Broader Iraq Conflict

White House prepares for possible indictments

France arrests Syrian witness in UN probe of Hariri killing

House GOP to push for $50 billion in federal budget cuts

DeLay hustles to replenish his voter pool

WSJ: Judgment Call (Miers Will Overturn Roe)

Forrester contracts tied to entities that aided his candidacy

No Embryos Lost to New Stem Cells

Democrats criticize president for citing court pick's religion

Dean blasts Schwarzenegger for catering to special interests

Venezuelan Troops Assert Claim in Dispute

LAT: (2006) Storm Clouds Hanging Over Republicans

Miers Looked Close to Home for Free Cases

Mass. gov. hires joke writer for breakfast

Every D.C. Scandal Has Its Memory Lapses (Valerie Flame, Victoria Wilson)

Sen. Edward Kennedy Helps Rescue Fishermen

Nuclear irony finds French power company ads in Nevada

Krispy Kreme files for Chapter 11 (CNBC)

U.S. rejects Katrina meals, offers them to others

Karl Rove's Garage Proves to Be Typical

Storm Worries Send Oil Prices Higher

DeLay fundraising sets new record

US military captures al-Qaida ‘tech’ leader

U.S.: 70 Iraqis Killed in Airstrikes

Hmong Clan: Cemetery Insulted Customs

Supreme Court Won't Block Missouri Inmate Abortion

Iraq to audit 'unusually high' referendum results

Senate Democrat leader says tap US heatoil reserve

Officials unaware of reporter's special status

MO Inmate Wins Right to Have Abortion

La. looks into 215 Katrina deaths

Most of oil spilled in Cuyahoga River removed.

Constitution will not end violence in Iraq -Annan

Revealed: Blair's nuclear bombshell

GM announces deal on health care, $1.1 billion loss

Iraq Electoral Division to Audit Results

GM to slash retiree costs, establish contribution fund - cuts 25,000 jobs

Iraq Al-Qaeda shows execution despite 'Zawahiri letter'

Vote Totals Under Inquiry in 12 Iraqi Provinces

LAT: Conference Call Claiming Miers Is Anti-Roe Sparks Debate

Senator Urges Lawmakers to Reject Raises

Bush's Tax Commission Rejects Overhaul

Inaccurate Info May Help CIA Leak Probe

Santorum remains confident despite underdog status

Driver of bus that caught fire carrying Rita evacuees charged in deaths

GOP's early endorsement brings criticism

AP: $1 Out of $5 in 9/11 Loans in Default

ABC to Use 3-Anchor Team on 'Nightline' (on 11/28)

WP: House GOP Leaders Set to Cut Spending (Delay ridiculed? yes!)

Poll: How Much Is Too Much for Gasoline?

Documents Reveal Abuse at Ranch for Boys

DeLay Offered Deal Before Indictment

CIA leak prosecutor to make any announcement in DC

Bush optimistic after Iraq poll, analysts skeptical

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 17 October

U.S. Military Interpreter Charged As Fraud

New Orleans dotted with the graffiti of disaster (Reuters)

Malawi Parliament seeks to impeach president

Report: Katrina spending lacked controls

Allawi: Presence of foreigners in Iraq source of insecurity (slams Bremer)

Other Issues Sideline Immigration Laws

Feds Want Banks to Strengthen Web Log-Ons

Congress to Consider Voting Rights Act

President Bush to visit China-November

Organic Law in Danger of Being Weakened without Public Input

FYI: The CDC updated many of its Avian Flu pages Friday and today

(Lynne Cheney) Wife: Cheney not running for president

Mining companies paying 19th century prices (Bushco 155 acres for $900)

Cheney May Be Entangled in CIA Leak Investigation, People Say

DeLay Offered Deal Before Indictment

LAT/AP: Inaccurate Info (Plame working for WINPAC) May Help CIA Leak Probe

AP: $1 Out of $5 in 9/11 Loans in Default

Some in Journalism Turn on Miller, Times

Officials unaware of reporter's special status

FEMA hampered with internal chaos as Katrina hit, memos show

9 Case of Suspected Sporadic CJD in Idaho

CIA leak probe 'widening to include use of intelligence'

HUD bulldozes homes (of poor Mississippians) in the Bay

Raw: Senior Democrats call for explanation of reporter's 'WMD clearance'

Toledo Mayor: Neo-Nazis Had Right to March

Senior White House Officials Face Prospect of Life in Prison

AP: Murder rate hits 40-year low

Bush in No Hurry on Katrina Recovery (even GOPers slam Darwinian approach)

'Intelligent Design' Advocate Testifies

Bush approval hits 39%, lowest of his presidency (USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup)

NYT: Vote Totals Under Inquiry in 12 Iraqi Provinces, Panel Says

US slowdown may 'feel like recession' but won't be: Conference Board

Long Island principal cancels prom (Over Flaunting of Financial Decadence)

Military reverses plan to add Ed Schultz show to Armed Forces Radio

DeLay Will Likely Be Booked This Week

Tropical Storm WILMA Forms in the Caribbean

Pro-War Votes May Haunt Democrats

Big cuts in U.S. defense programs seen looming

My Halloween costume: The Spirit of Mardi Gras

An Important Message from Rev. Pat Robertson...

Has everyone carved their pumpkin?

I could really use a mug.

OK, Squidbillies sucks.

Okay, sports fans . . .

Imagine a DUer James Bond - Who would it be?

Why did the city explode at the end of "Logan's Run"?

Is enigmatic around tonight?

Imagine a plushie or furry James Bond. Who would it be?

Cooking experiement is a rousing success!

I can't see images with the '' tag

In a Jimmy Cliff kind of mood this morning

Jokes! Great jokes!

A rock star James Bond who would it be?

I could really use a rug.

Is spanking your parents bad?

I could really use a tug.

Good news for MrsGrumpy, Rev Cheesehead and all Packer fans

Teen addicted to text messaging gets fired, then receives treatment

[IMAGE] This is one of the most disturbing things I've seen in a while.


How I reset my body clock, and achieved better

Happiness is a healthy pineal gland

How much are radio announcers being paid to Gush about "Desparate



Does anyone know about the Harvard Extension School?

Fantasy Football Team Members: Corey Dillon is available for trade!!

I want to thank you Lounge Lizards for your support today

Hey, look my birthday is in TEN days...

"What do you do for recreation?"

I found out today that my planet will go 67000MPH

Presented without (much) comment

Rant: the vending machine ate my money AGAIN!

Good Monday Morning, Everyone!

UGH!!! How I spent my Sunday Night: Cleaning candlewax out of the sink

Prisoner sues God for failing to save him from the Devil

David Robert Hayward Stenton Jones

Here is Stephanie Miller conducting the Los Angeles No-Men Orchestra...

Who else is glad the Los Angeles Angels of Reaganaheim lost?

Happy Black Poetry Day!!!

Is Judith Miller's "Valery Flame" a Dick Armey Barney "Fag" moment?

This is ridiculous, the Hate Mailbag hasn't been updated in five months

Is Annie Lennox the last great Eurythmic?

What's your favorite brand of coffee in your area?

Great Joke to start off your Monday on the right foot

What's your favorite episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

"Walker:Texas Ranger" movie last night-How did it END?? Anyone?

Who here does United Way? I love this group

Ex-'SNL' player Charles Rocket a suicide

Okay, Call me crazy but...

Check out this swell tom cruise/scientology web site!

FivFive Toes-Two Tongued Cat

This has to be a photoshop.


Cute joke from my nephew (no Brazillians mentioned AT ALL)

Well I'm walking through town as the evening comes down

Career change: Have you done it? Is it possible? Need advice

Admit it: we love Tom Cruise

Ok, I know that I've been lax with this the last few days.........

Booyah! Here it is.

BARF Can Make Your Dog Healthier

Trance encounter with bank robber

Anyone here on My Space?

Anybody here remember the "Whatever You Want" TV ads for Mandee's?

my cell mate is in Paris - her temp has been on the phone for 2.75 hours

Pic: Jennifer Aniston kisses Vince Vaughn "exactly how Rachel kissed Ross"

I love Martha Stewart and I find her inspiring

For those of you that have never heard Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction,

Gulu Walk - October 22nd

People who converse in Movie Theaters: a persecuted minority?

How did you discover DU?

Need bridesmaid advice URGENT

Dont laugh- I have to teach a client how to masturbate

So a co-worker comes down the hall & asks, "What're your thoughts about...

And people still insist that spelling is unimportant


I hate it when people run their leaf blowers at the movie

Don't eat radioactive beasts. Who knew?

I hate it when people run a 5k at the movies

I hate it when people run their sprinklers at the movie

I hate it when parents of yowling babies bring their pit bulls to movies.

FreeBSD Gurus - Is there a new command for Xwindows in 5.2?

"Serenity" or "Wallace & Gromit" tonight?

Post you monday morning blues here:

How does a person clean tire irons without destroying them?

Fantastic headine in today's Guardian

Can we break the 4,000,000 barrier again today?

Pot lovers - Time for a "How did you end up with your pots" thread

Tedy Bruschi to return to the Patriots

Curb Your Enthusiasm fans check in!

I hate it when young women show their breasts at movies

Question re NIC card for ethernet line that I need


Once again I had to deal with "quieters" during a movie

Arrested Development fans check in!

Karl Rove Resigns!

You know, I could get to like the new "Battlestar Galactica"

Once again I had to deal with asshole talkers during a movie

Is this weird or what: my new kitten wants to lick my teeth.

Well, today has no place to go from here, but up ...

I hate it when people post copycat threads at the movies

nsma, have you seen my car keys?

Who here saw "Goodnight and Good Luck"? Whadja think?

When the hell did Johann Gutenberg "invent" the printing press?

"Pretty Vegas" INXS's highest debut ever-On "Las Vegas" TV show

Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonder drug and I can't shut up about it.

Anyone else in a ridiculously good mood?

Big Lebowski fans - new issue in stores tomorrow!

ARGH!!!! "Hello"---"Who is this?"

Help me pick which STD to get...

Am very frightened for my kitty

Did God write "Valerie Flame" in Judy Miller's notebook? I am surprised

This is definitely a Skee-Lo moment.

Spielberg Patenting 3D Movie Technology Without Need For Special Glasses

My mom just had to put her dog to sleep

I hate it when people bring Zuni, whoisalhedges & Rabrrrrrr to the movies

I am very frightened for my titty

Are there any Blue check printing companies?

The official "Why is this person a Porn Star" thread.

have you ever beheaded someone too quickly and found that they're

America's #1 Website for Hamster Attack Prevention

have you ever beheaded someone too quickly and found that they're

Yay. I'm on Hold so I can pay someone $80...Isn't that Grand?

The moon, the big beautiful moon!

I ate sooo much at lunch that now I need a nap!

If Rocky VI was an inflight movie, I'd walk out on it.

Need the name of a book...where the kids stuck pig heads on sticks

Help!!!! A question about something on Randi's show.

Powerball is now at $340million - I'm gonna play the Lost numbers!!

Lazy British Police Dog Relieved of Duties

Should I Buy World Series Tickets???

My immense penis will not decrease the speed of my car.

Pet lovers - Time for a "How did you end up with your pets' thread

A request for all absent-minded Loungers.

I too have a trivial physical ailment that could elicit Lounge sympathy

What is jpgray trivial physical ailment?

I have a new avatar

. . . and god dammit, my head hurts!!

Hey SoCal DUer's, how about that rain?

Running poll. What's the fastest 5K you've ever run?

Resort Owner Beans Children With Guests' Dogs

I could really use a drug.

Lose weight the Christian way

I'm out of shape....

I saw The Interpreter this weekend!

WTF is up with AutoCAD and 'fatal errors' ???

I'm going to puke

What's a King's X?

Word of the day: Abjure

New Bush Crony Hack Game.

"Maybe if we just ignore them, they won't take away the goat."

Judging by his hat, this guy ain't gonna make it....

Ricky Martin Says Fame Is 'Boring'

Just found a nice C&W playlist...yeehaw

Misadventures in Moving, Vol 1

Monday afternoon DU sing-along!!

Now...Don't Forget...Today We Hear the Baby Panda in DC's name!

How's your day going?

Bush Ten Years After

My Doctor Is Gonna LOVE Me!

LOL . . . It would appear that now Freeper types think that

This stuff is great for relief from colds and sore throats...

WOW! Look At This Guy's TATTOO!

In need SNL character costume ideas

OMGs! I'm wearing size 14 jeans again!

Anyone else just NEED Suicidal Tendencies?

Goodnight y'all!

How do you dispose of dead poets?

Today Lil Linc is 4 yrs old. Any idea what I should get him for gifts?

Let's all pledge to donate $1mill to DU if we win Powerball

it`s 75 right now in northern illinois

Actor Charles Rocket committed suicide

What's better than roasted chicken?

I want Michael to read this on DU before he finds out in person:

David Carr Appreciation Thread!

So, my birthday is in less than a month.

Why does this season have 2 names & all the rest just one?

This bird flu thing killed the Aflac duck. No, seriously.

Who's enjoying the crazy thunderstorm in Los Angeles?


Speaking of burial

Paris Hilton screwing in the pool!

It's time for Hockey!

All the helicopters lately...

Scary Mixtape of Love

Who's enjoying the Crazy Guggenheim in The Lounge?

How do you like this kitty pumpkin?

Student Ambassador Program

"I ONLY want to offer my service to a celebrity clientele..."

Speaking of tattoos, which is better: color or black?

CONFESS!!!!!!! Clothing purchase mistakes you have made!!

OK. Judge me on my "Desperate Housewives" problem


BEHOLD! Leather pants BABY!


i just knocked myself up while spanking

A thread for my friend Lionesspriyanka.

Going out for Chinese tonight. Can I order you anything?

If you sang in the choir...

Gah! My son is only 3 years old, and I've already ruined him!!!

Ok, who else if feeling....meh...?

Ex-SNL member kills himself by cutting his own throat

Exclusive photos of Karl Rove


Your lousy, aggressive driving will not increase the size of your penis.

Great poster from rally

I hate it when people _________________ at the movies

Don't Date Him Girl!

please keep me up for a couple of hours

I hate it when Lockheed Martin tests their engines at the movie

Yet another reason not to date/marry a co-worker!

I just put my mother's voice on my iPod

I just knocked myself out while raking.

Ok. I pretty much have the HOTS for ALL the Women on CSI these days

I have an unusual earworm this morning: Golddigger by Kayne West

Ok, who else if

Lutefisk is to fish as...

ScienTOMogy: The Passion of the Cruise

Resort Owner Bans Children From Hotel But Allows Dogs

whoa! just felt an earthquake here in costa rica

A request for all positively-minded Loungers.

"I threw up in my mouth a little..."

How come no one ever goes apeshit over my spanking threads?

Has anyone else noticed...

OK - why aren't you sleeping yet?

Library Book Sale - how did I do?

This kitty snapped after posing for so many cutesy pics......

I may suck at fantasy football, but I rock the picks

Anybody See "Hitler's Managers" On History Channel?

A picture of me - at 53

I'm making okonomiyaki for dinner

Pumpkin Carving

Do you like Sloppy Joe's?

My favorite weasel Trane

Why would someone who supposedly loved you...

Dalziel and Pascoe

Which halloween outfit should I buy?

DU Group proposal: LBC's (Little British Cars) or Classic Foreign Cars

shameless baby Panda thread

I just had a JW visit. First time in a long time.

Misunderestimator/redqueen and fleabert

Can someone please post a photo of Charles Rocket?

I wonder how many people (like me) filed Bankruptcy before the deadline?

How to write CCC (contemporary Christian crap) hits

Who else sings along with the theme for THE WEST WING?


'Devil Went Down To Georgia' Pulled From Band Playlist - C. Daniels Speaks

I wish I had Netflix buddies

French Onion Soup - The most savory substance on earth!

What's For Dinner At Your House Tonight?


I. Am. PATHETIC. Seriously.

have you ever befriended someone too quickly and found that they're

Ex-'SNL' Comedian's Death Ruled a Suicide

What movie scenes always make you cry?

Oh dear God! I'm going to jail!

name a DUer and describe their personal hell.

What movie scenes always make you laugh?

Help me pick which CD to get.

What cd are you currently listening to right now?

Holy Shit! How come no one ever told me about World War II?!

Atheists who do not claim there is no god do not have an "atheist faith".

The Biblical Preamble (Or, What Has Come Before¡K.)

Atheists who do not claim there is no god do not have an "atheist faith".

AIDS Funds Wrongly Diverted

Marijuana may live up to be “the elixir of life” for brain cells

Freedom of the Owner of the Press

Researchers claim to have found an ethical way to harvest embryonic stem c

Police fear anti-gay killers may strike again (UK)

Alberta pastor to face human rights panel

Mass. Anti-Gay Petition Supporter Arrested

Canadian Commission Investigates Anti-Gay Pastor

Appeal Begins Today In 2nd NY Gay Marriage Case

Methodist High Court Sets Date For Gay Cases

National Transgender Day of Remembrance

War Of Words Over 'Lesbian Baiting Coach' Intensifies

Gay Leader Barred From Speaking At Millions More March

Mass. Anti-Gay Petition Supporter Arrested

Utah student quotes on gay/straight alliance club

Best Sports Acroymns?

Can someone please tell Rachel Nichols of ESPN

Let's go Buffalo!!!

I hope the Houston Astros play as well as the Houston Texans

Chris Carpenter is in for tonight (Card's)...I wish the game was at home

After watching the Houston Texans tonight....

So here's my question (re: the White Sox)

OK you golf nuts. Did the SI writer single out Michelle Wie for the


DU Fantasy Hockey Week 2

BCS Rankings:

A happy ending for a Katrina doggy survivor

Cute adoptable kitty in D.C. area (cross-posted)

Celestial Weather

What's your favorite subscription astrology site?

Will Bush go down with the indictments?

Time to share my dream last night

Our Conscience Blog: My "Heckler's Veto" (On the Pledge)

God Warrior.

The United States: A Country founded on Paganism

Balloon Jesii???

Anybody gonna root for the White Sox with me?

Sen. Boxer letter on Bolton tomorrow (and Condi Wed.)

Don't miss American Experience tonight--Mon, Oct 17th

Seems to me that the fundraising is going well.

Dem '08 hopefuls and IWR vote at

Partisan War Syndrome by David Sirota

I will not ignore RW lies about Kerry on DU

Kerry Basher alert ! I just went to our Nucleus Club Luncheon, fundraising

Kodak "High Definition" 400

Anyone here post to PhotoSig?

KOEB 10/17

Countdown Newletter: 10/17/05 -- Under Pressure

A disastrous comment by Santos and then a great comeback

Which is Going to Have The Most Drama This Week

Biden and Hagel on Iraq elections... drawdown/U.N.

Edie Sellers is on

Ray Taliaferro is back

How to defeat TWO of the Repug's top talking points...

New News Media Station: (New video trailer)

New Mob Link in Abramoff Scandal - Rep Party Connections?

Koizumi is more like scrub than many people thought

Coming up on C-SPAN; discussion of Judith Miller...

Dobson and Miers: The Other Shoe Drops

Libby Obstructed Justice (in writting and through his attorney)

What goes around...

Okay I admit it. I agree with scrub that all the problems are Clinton's

HELP PLEASE! Someone at my work has put an article...

Nixon v Bush

Administration Coached Troops On What To Say To Bush, Then Lied About It

DeLay hustles to replenish his voter pool

Bush braces for a stormy week

Andrew Sullivan: "Bush and his favourite Brain are drifting apart"

the prosecutor did it - the press didn't do it; the Democrats didn't do it

Senator: Charges possible over Armstrong Williams contract

Who is getting RICH in Iraq? Troops? Iraqis?

Note to Randi Rhodes (regarding Impeachment) by David Swanson

WSJ talked to Miller who "grew agitated"

HELP NEEDED: My comment to MoveOn RE: Katrina Commission (cross-posted)

Rice & Straw to do 3 day photo ops in Alabama

Subject: Who were responsible or the roots of terrorism in America?

On our Home Page this morning is a piece on Louis

I find myself thinking about Mary Matalin.

Congrats, lebkutchen, on your Huffington Post mention!

The Daily Press endorses Tim Kaine for governor of Virginia.

Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI): Iraqi constitution "A DIVIDER, not a UNIFIER"...

Dems For, By & Of the People, and Otherwise...Handy Guide:

oops - please ignore

Limbaugh on the pills again

CNN reports 70 'suspected' insurgents killed near Ramadi

Thom Hartmann's conspiracy theory re: Frist's SEC problems

One minutes on C-span!

Judy Does Vegas: Homecoming for Miller, In Town To Pick Up SPJ Award

No Scotty WH briefing today?

The mysterious deaths of top microbiologists (re: bird flu)

The New York Times endorses Senator Jon Corzine for governor of New Jersey

Armed Forces Radio Nixes Plans to Add Ed Schultz!

Questions re: Judith Miller

Sen. Boxer letter on Bolton Testimony before SFRC on Tuesday

Bush gets a mulligan : "Re-launches" Miers nomination...

GOP lawmakers to cut as much as$50 billion for health care for the poor...

New Able Danger timeline

MSNBC: Former TX justices line up, faithfully recite Miers talking points

Is Cheney hiding because of Plamegate?

Rice said: “We Could Decide the Proximate Cause Was Al Qaeda"

Separation Church/State - Question

Judy Miller can't remember. Isn't this a jaw dropper?

Photos: Axis of Weasels, 10/17/05 Edition. Weasel Level: ELEVATED.

Civics Student...or Enemy of America?

Why Blog? by Congressman John Conyers, Jr.

Why does DU have a campaign ad for Sherod Brown on their site

New Blood

Need a Lobbyist? Try

Sherrod Brown Changes Mind

What is I. Lewis Libby's real first name, and why does he hide it?

Justice Thomas Blocks Inmate's Abortion Request

I finally get it, Judy went to jail to protect her friend (Scooter)....

Cafferty: "Rove want to get measured for one of those orange jump suits"

Hey DUers....How about a Million Jumpsuit March?

Cancer patient arrested at Canadian hospital, turned over to US

I'm ignorant about Clinton -- please help!

Forest for the trees

Amy Goodman on Hardball!!

Here's the original list of PNAC signatories; how many will get indicted?

WSJ's John Fund: Judgment Call

RW Desperation Files: Exhibit 3F-463/J2 David Corn Exposed Plame!

everything you need to know about the grand jury

DeLay et al claim Earle offered a guilty plea to misdemeanor

Cartoon about media ownership

"Fascism is liberal"

Is Miers firm under criminal investigation?

Rethugs in Congress milking the poor to support the ultra-rich

Partisan War Syndrome

The Diddly Awards

SCOTUS refuses to hear abortion case, thus ratifying appeals

Harriet Miers is an insult (even) to conservatives

Did Bush really refuse to take a drug test?

Here's something that concerns me about Fitzgerald's investigation

Fitzgerald expected to say something soon:Terra alerts all week?

How Fucked is Scooter Libby?

Kaine to be up by 2 in new poll

The Bush Legacy - Wishful Thinking

My Sunday With Judith:

"Administration's Tone Signals a Longer, Broader Iraq Conflict "

Mr. Fitzgerald, meet the Downing Street Minutes. DSM, meet Mr. Fitzgerald

What would you ask John Bolton?

DNC: Too Hot to Handle; Rove Cancels Appearances with Embarrassed GOP

New CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll has Bush approval at 39%, lowest ever.

How on earth can Bush still have supporters?

DNC: The GOP's Despicable Budget Cuts

The Other Shoe Is About To Drop

Does Bush represent the military-industrial complex Ike warned about?

Why does DU have a link to Ed Schultz? I prefer Al Franken

Lyndon Johnson on Vietnam...The Dream of World Order. Sad to look back.

Who killed JFK???

Tweety Matthews is Pumping Biden for Hillary VP...along with all the

What are some consequences of the national debt?

Governor Dean being thrifty riding subways and els. Pics.

WSJ and John Fund reveal promise on Roe vote by Miers....

There must be a unified non-Hillary Primary Bloc

Open letter to DU Admins

Support Our Troops, MUST READ

Question about the Former TX justices.

Dear Judy: Out west, where I vacation, the trout are being caught in

Lou Dobbs did excellent report on bankruptcy bill. Vote in his poll!

Indictments: the Democratic reaction

Bush Talked About Invading Saudi Arabia with Tony Blair!

Has Colin Powell been asked to testify in the Plame leak?

Big Eddie Schultz sodomized by Armed Forces Radio


This is so important! Taking food from the poor to give to the cronys

Who ran a better campaign in 1912: Roosevelt, Taft or Wilson?

Hillary Clinton & the "Citigroup Caucus" - No to Hillary in 2008

Wanna be a slave? Go to jail.

The election is Iraq will make matters worse - not better...

Serious ? - How will Kerry frame 2004 if he runs in 2008?