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Archives: October 20, 2005

Republican race card (silly R. tries to smear D. city council candidate)

Interesting transcript- talk by Col. Wilkerson (former Powell Staff Chief)

Chickens Come Home to Roost on Cheney/ Ray McGovern

Saddam will not be able to reveal US accomplices (LTTE / The Herald / UK)

Giving Democracy The Bird (Ted Rall)

Temptation to Gamble Is Near for Troops Overseas

Lies, Damn Lies, and Oil Production Statistics: Venezuela Files SEC Report

Bush Panel Set to Propose Perm. Huge Deficits& Major Tax Shift onto Wage-

Our duplicity robs us of the moral high ground over Iran

Dick Cheney's Covert Action

Knocking the Vote:Diebold says its voting machines are bulletproof.Hack-

Corporate Piracy Runs Amok

All the President's Men -Meet the biggest predatory lender in Cleveland --

Greenpeace blockades British ministry in PNG timber protest

Control of Hurricanes? Weather war underway?

Mercer Co, NJ - Create your own exit polls!!

Knocking the Vote:Diebold says its voting machines are bulletproof.Hack-

LA Times Opposes Prop 79!!

Any good comedians coming to the Tri-state area?

The World Series is coming to Texas for the first time ever!

The end just may be near, WARNING-Disturbing!

Maybe rush has been giving shrub too much oxycotin...

Does Anyone Know Where Someone Can Buy A Copy Of The Chavez Movie?

If You Missed It Last Night, See O'Reilly Get Ripped On The Daily Show!

how many criminal indictments equal one bj?..n/t

If progressives hate guns so much, why are they so stubbornly

Business Roundtable Brainwashers of America

Wouldn't it be cool?

Need help finding a cartoon

Is Delay complying with the warrant??

Thank Koresh for Crooks and Liars

Is anyone watching Kurt Weldon on Cspan???

DU law experts--a question

What do we know about ""

Is there any kind of time limit on indictments vs. empanel new Grand Jury?

Did anybody just hear CNN radio report on Air America?

1983 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Prison Nickname time yet?

VIDEO- Hardball/David Schuster on the Leak

Has Keith Olbermann ever enjoyed Countdown more than he has this week?

Countdown/KO leads with "IF... THEN... Bush Knew... White House Lied"

Bush's arrest warrant!

VIDEO- Saddam Puppet Theatre-Countdown

In case you don't already have a mad case of HAPPY FEET!!

Election 2004 - A quick Glance in the Rear view Mirror

do grand jury votes have to be unanimous??? nt

VIDEO-Carlsons on Hardball about Leak

Louis Freeh on The Daily Show tonight

My New Bumper Sticker of the Week.

There's something big coming in this city. - Chris Matthews link

The game of decimation started with reagan. They won. What did they win?

"Are you voting for conviction or acquital?" (Caller to Sam Sedar)


Republican Hubris (deleted)

If Bush new about Karl -- could that be obstruction of justice?

Eight indictments have already been prepared, with possibility of ten more

Pre$$titution Primer - Tom Curry On Condi Rice's "Grace Under Pressure"

USDA attempting to water down Organic

* picks guy he met at mall as Greenspan's replacement

Blog rumor: Powell fingers Cheney; VP likely to plea-bargain, resign

Anyone else saving a lot more videoclips for posterity?

Who has that graph?

does anyone remember the email thread about email be run through

Gotta do it: Jon Stewart up @ 10pmCT, Comedy Central, for

"You bombed the WTC so I'm gonna establish a new Islamofascist country"

Landreau on cnn-saying WH more interested in building Irag than NO

The aspens have turned...

" Bush is throwing grenades around in the cockpit of the world economy"

I got to meet Michael Parenti today!!

Is Hotmail down?

Republican Vindictiveness and Hubris

Soldiers Burn Taliban soldiers and use it for propoganda

"You can fool some of the people all of the time...

EU approves talks with Bosnia, "blame Clinton"

If you felt Bill Gates was a philanthropist before, what say you now?

Any DUers win the Power Ball? N/T.

sam sarrha, TahitiNut, LSK, ayeshahaqqiqa,Vincardog,

I watch TV and read the newspapers more for what ISN'T being reported than

"Mental Map of the USA"

A sad note from a shrimper

Aaron Brown doing segment on Chertoff now on cnn

If you were a Grand Juror, how pissed would you be that you've

Anyone else remember how sure the Repubs were that Clinton was

Maybe I'm A Dreamer...

There are fireworks going off in my neighborhood. Astros

"The Kooks of Hazzard" - have a laugh or two while we wait

Damn! Another new, tantalizing Plame headline on Raw Story

Louis Freeh on Daily Show now! Interview.

Rice a portrait of "Grace under Pressure". This is MSNBC journalism?

Colber(t) Repor(t): Teen pregnacy: why a solution may be at hand..or mouth

Microsoft Permatemp Suit: Money Gained, Labor Lost?

Baghdad Mayor Killed - Interfax (Anybody Know If These Guys Are Reliable)

Dick Cheney Fan Club

What! Rice Says (Cspan) that Bush retains powers for War on Terrorism

What "one" book best characterizes this failed administration ?

Cordry's got "This Week in God"

Concerning the scope of Fitzgerald's investigation...

New AP article about the Leak... lots of inside details...

Play With George Bush! Move him with your mouse!*****

Cheney:...Top ten list of rules to remember while I'm in prison.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Hoe Down

Imagine this scenario

You have to love the creativity of our troops in Iraq...A MUST-WATCH!

Is Fitzgerald under any kind of "protection"?

Let me get this straight. Bush lied and appointed cronies to key positions

Here we go again. Neocons in trouble, let's start the Clinton bashing.

Iraq is God's war

Juan Cole Changes His Mind and Calls for US Troop Withdrawal

Planet Sees Warmest September On Record

VIDEO-Latest on the Leak - Olbermann

As things continue to fall apart... will someone crack on the VOTER FRAUD?

The 2005 gubernatorial races are very close. Help if you can.

Rick Ben Veniste (9/11 Commission Guiliani Friend) says NO INDICTMENTS

Do we have the guts of our parents and/or grandparents?

YA authors stand up to "Son of Swift Boat"

There was a whole bunch of anti-gay graffiti scrawled all over my school

A democratic Republic in the grips of a single political party

No Link Between Pot Smoking, Cancer

Ain't this purty?

The Mad Tea Party

The Sheeple are awake....and questioning...and ANGRY.

Bill Gates Dumps Dollar for Euro

Dick Cheney

What's the best way for Fitz to stay alive through the next week?

The Night Before Fitzmas (An Epic Poem)

When the US economy collapses, how will this affect the world economy?

We'll vindicate you, our brave heroes! Justice is coming, swiftly>>>

Anyone else finding South Park extremely un-funny tonight? n/t

I think this Saddam trial is a ruse to get him out of the way

Fuck South Park.,Trey Parker and Matt Stone

UK Shares Suffer Biggest Fall for 17 Months

So much more to do

Senate RollVote Minimum Wage (I am shocked Richie S is worried :)

Calls for UN Sanctions on Syria Over Hariri Killing

All the President's Men -Meet the biggest predatory lender in Cleveland --

Did anybody just hear CNN radio report on Air America?

Senators Say Miers' Answers Inadequate

Sheehan thrashing 'war hawk' Hillary

Shoot-to-kill plans aren't new, PM says(Australia)

Williams may meet gay US bishop in UK trip

Iraq terror grew in run-up to referendum (30 GIs injured per day)

Law enforcement group issues Taser guide

Cheney Cabal Hijacked Foreign Policy

Anbar deputy governor shot dead in Iraq

China's Economy Grew 9.4% in Third Quarter, More Than Expected

NYT: U.S. Gives Florida a Sweeping Right to Curb Medicaid

WP: Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been His Source In Leak Case

Top Aides Talked Before Plame's Name Was Public

LA Times: Chertoff says FEMA's lack of Planning to Blame

WP: Bush's Faith Plan Faces Judgment (of Courts)

Chavez and Chirac affirm 'common vision', deeper ties

Oil guru says crude could hit $190 this winter

U.S. Navy Sued to Block Mid-frequency Sonar Harmful to Whales

WP,pg1: Indonesia Ignored Bird Flu Until Too Late, Experts Say

Frist Donated to Campaign After HCA Sale

Delay's arrest warrant is online!

Wal-Mart heiress in cheat probe returns diploma

UK considering Hicks citizenship bid: lawyer

Feds OK Fla. plan to move Medicaid clients

26 Iraqis and 5 G.I.'s Killed; Reporter Missing

LAT: Cosby bringing his issues to Compton

Cheney 'cabal' hijacked foreign policy..(Powell's former chief of staff)

American visits to Canada at 25-year low

Sales of this CD are about to nose dive

how do i send a post

Watching Carlos Santana Supernatural LIve DVD

A good, unknown movie you should watch: "The Music Of Chance"

Boy, is O'Reilly a dick.

So what kind of Ramen noodles should I make?

Can you name this sitcom?

How in the hell did he do this?

I want a happy pill!

It's time for the Wednesday night earworm!

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball

I can't Believe I just Got this Email

Which Keith Olbermann Puppet Theater are you most looking forward to?

the greatest job evaluation ever

Who wants to see Chewbacca dance?

Is there NO ONE to challenge me? Bring it on!

I'm enjoying a nice cool "DeLay's Gonna Get Arrested" smoothie

Gratuitous poppy picture thread

So tonight my living room carpet got shampooed and my yard

To make everyone even happier, a Star Wars parody

Who's Thanksgiving is going to be VERY different this year?

I need another cat

What's your favorite Fitzmas Carol?

I'm Watching "Elizabeth" I Mean "Commander in Chief"

Let Them Eat Condi-Mima YELLOW CAKE!

Is LOST worth watching on broadcast

i just turned on o'reilly

Jack O' Lantern Carving

Why call it 'cappuccino'?

Question about quoting in MLA style! HELP!

What smilies do not exist, but need to be invented?

when is the proper time to take down Fitzmas decorations?

We all know the end is near, so why do we fear it?

WHY is there ALWAYS

This blows....

So... will the indictments come down tomorrow? (and... I BOUGHT A CAR!)

Photo: A city council candidate whose lawn signs KEEP...GETTING...STOLEN.

I want the Cardinals to win this playoff series, because

This has probably already been mentioned today...

OMG, I'm so glad to be back. Kiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug, everybody.

Ah SHIT!!!

"bone-eating snot flower"

anyone know how to find the powerball numbers?

I got three numbers in the powerball drawing.

Great, now I gotta look at Barbara *'s eerie disembodied head at the WS

The earth has shifted!! LoZoccolo and I agree on something!!!

Ever fallen in love with someone?

Go White Sox!!!

Anyone here get treated with acupuncture?

Grrrrrrr.....please someone...Keep me from putting a pillow over MrG's

Any DUers win the Power Ball? N/T.

Astros are headed to the WORLD SERIES!!!

Good drama show that has gone on too long and should be canceled.

Why is the Pentagon a...pentagon?

Is Hotmail down?

There are fireworks going off in my neighborhood. Astros

Well...congratulations to the Astros.

What's the latest chain e-mail you've received? THEY ARE ANNOYING!!!!!!!!

Fiona Apple's New CD "Extraordinary Machine"

Meet Jack, the feline lounge lizzard.

Congratulate me for a month of stable blood sugar readings. :)

Please provide ideas: I am dressing as a Japanese person in pajamas

2006 World Series: Which will YOU pull for??!?!?!

My Dearest matcom, This new 'worst photoshop ever' is for you, buddy

Too much hating on Rachael Ray goin' on here.

colon blow

Do you get annoyed by people asking "what are you doing on ___"?

What's your favorite gross Halloween recipe?

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I know why "Elvira" shows up every Halloween...

The outfit

I just went over 1000 posts

Amuse me, peasants!

Okay all you Pastafarians out there .. I have a complaint.

Flintstones Winston cigarette ad

where is khashka?

PA/NJ DUers! I'm playing at Harrah's in Atlantic City this Friday night!

Okay, I broke down - I bought Powerball tickets

What's your very favorite "feel good NOW" song?

Control of Hurricanes? Weather war underway?

The 2005 Fairness Project Summit this weekend in Kansas City

Academy warns gay rights activists

Bruschi practices for first time since stroke


Will Chimpy have a "photo op" in Houston during the Series?

Astros win

The Great Lakes to the Gulf World Series

Astros-No Bats

baseball trivia ?- why the sox will win

Another dream symbol--

My unusual dream of last night

So I'm cooking dinner at the local shelter

How to debate an IDer

Today's MA pics

Sinclair Broadcasting Group

For the Geek Table: Breaux on Health Care, vs. Kerry?

Hold on to this one - my daughter came home with a permission slip

There's a G*d Damn Dustmite in my film camera!

Link exchange, anyone?

Its a good thing kkkarl or scooter didn't get a blow job

If any Democrat ever has to answer again the pivotal question


Bozell Boos Bummer Broadcasts

Last month: Child mortality is on the rise in US/UN report

Great commericial for Jon Corzine - NJ Gov race

Rep. John Conyers: When Was the President Told?

So, who else is (politically) blissfully happy?

I've been away this week.

What's the Difference Between a Liberal and a Progressive?

When can we see Delay's Mug Shot?

no indictments till next week

What would happen if you banned generic terms like "Liberal"

Dems say no lawsuit crisis for gun industry; bill shows NRA influence

Be sure to tell your friends...

Rice;no prediction when US forces could withdraw or spread to syria & Iran

Attn: Nurses, What do you think of a Democratic Nurses Caucus?

the biggest unanswered question is one that is NEVER discussed

Dean, Xavier Becerra CA 31, Raul Grijalva AZ-7, comment on trip to Mexico

Gag Order Lifted On Canadian Torture Charges Against Bush

Fact or Rumor: "Has US really taken military into Syria?"

How Many Times Have You Been Called To Donate To....

"Frist personally paid off $72,000 debt on campaign, records show "

I Still Say Friday (10/21/05) Indictements

DeLay's judge is on board! Donated to MoveOn, Kerry, DNC

"Senate fails to raise minimum wage, probably dead for the year "

In 1974 when Nixon resigned I though we finally ended the corruption

Cindy Sheehan will become Hillary Clinton's "Sista Soulja"

Fun Video, right on target! "THE TOWER" (fight media power)!

Expanding Iraq War into Syria is lunacy

PINR: Intelligence Report: Iran

Newsview: Strategy on Miers Backfiring

Bush Sets Up Lemonade Stand on White House Lawn

Senate Intel. chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence, (talks with Cheney)

The Trouble With Harriet [NY Times Editorial]

War on Global Poverty Should Be Fixed, Not Ended: Gene Sperling

Dan Simpson: Invade Syria? Insane-U.S. forces have started fighting Syria

Miers could be political mole in court

‘Cheney cabal hijacked US foreign policy’, Financial Times + Wa Post

Transition to digital must protect interests of American public

Rice won't rule out attack against Syria

Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been His Source In Leak Case

This Foxx isn't found behind Bush (future? Pres.Jamie wants to fix wrongs)

Molly Ivins: Let's fix this mess

Please See "The Lie Factory" For Information About David Wurmser

The (really scary) soldier of the future

Who`s that Man , they say it`s Saddam

Gay Corporate Texas

FBI mulls easing up on tokers

My newspaper column for this week: Watergate/Plamegate

"Pretoria Calling" - Op-Ed by Dennis Ross in NY Times, 10/20/2005

Chickens Come Home to Roost on Cheney

Bush Education Law Shows Mixed Results in First Test

The Very Bad Idea by Tom Tomorrow

MONKEY BUSINESS-A look at vote-counting mischief & potential for more

UN chief warns of new 'massive wave of death' in Pakistan

US policy and the 'Oval Office cabal'

James Moore - The Most Important Criminal Case in American History

Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved?

Bob (Ney) and Jack (Abramoff)-Congressman Ney's cozy relationship ...

U.S. 'Planned Attack On Taleban'.(.................. in spring, 2001)

There is No God - and You Know It

Astros vs.Sox is more than baseball!

Separate and Unequal: Residential Segregation . . . and Cancer Risks

Long Yucca fight frustrates both side

Reid argues to cut funds

Wilma: nightmare for Mexico

Surprise!!! Rain-Forest Damage Much Worse Than Thought

Act to protect Forest Roadless areas -- Easy online petition

Retailer's fear high energy costs...

No control over the trigger finger

1976 U.S air safety travel:-

DU Diebold share holders: check in please.

Registration of low-income voters to be punished

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, 10/20/05

Paper Ballots --vs-- Voter Verified Paper Ballots (x-post)

DUI case may set black box voting precedent.

Moles in the Polls--Post Tips for Pollworkers/inspectors here

Free Press to hold Election Anniversary Event:

Howard Dean in Los Angeles Oct 27th

Protest Bush at the Reagan Library on Friday, October 21st

Great Steve Breen cartoon that sums up Aguirre nicely....

Linn County Hog Roast 10/22/05

"Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar"

Good Morning MA residents, I need advice please.

Rep. Knuuttila to resign 10/23

Timmy the Tool (Pawlenty) going down with the ship

American Indian man dies after fight with Duluth police

Constitutional amendment to ban Vikings sex parties?

And then there is KSTP channel 5

setting up wireless security

Copying images with Firefox: am I missing something?

Ohio State Senate Caucus Energy policy

Strickland encouraged Brown to enter Senate race in Ohio

Taft will sign 'attempt to take away the voice of the people of state.'

Drinking Liberally in Houston tonight!

Has anyone been paying attention to the Hunt/Mayor Miller controversy?

Strategic Planning- Same Sex Marriage - Glen Maxey email

Anybody going to the Renaissance Festival this year?

Texans gird up your loins more bashing on the way.

In Tom Craddick News Letter

Astros game at John Coby's on HUGE screen outside!

Still trying to recover from Rita

Todd Baxter resigns!

The Governor is Coming, the Governor is Coming!

Evolution Trials

The Importance of the Plame Affair

I am really angered by Condi's performance yesterday at the Senate

DUers from Tennesee--How the heck could you let a train wreck

Incredible OP about how Bush is in disfavor with the Ruling Elite>>>>

Royal Chinese treasure discovered

Why don't Pharmacists refuse to fill Viagra prescriptions?

Pitts (R-PA) just felt compelled to remind us that

“Republican Responsibility” is the Ultimate Oxymoron.

The Reason for the Recent Criminalization of Politics…..


World War II Airman Found Frozen in Glacier

What Are You Smiling About, Dick? ---pix>>>

World War II Airman Found Frozen in Glacier

There's Only Way for Bush to Avoid Indictments...

If Fitzgerald does not indict--how will he be treated here?

Be the Media! Write a heart felt essay to your friends and family!

More images from the burnings in Afghanistan.

Starbucks stirs things up with a God quote on cups

Rice won't rule out attack against Syria

You know what they say: Dick Cheney before he dicks you!

"Let's Make a Deal: The Legalese of PlameGate" (What's going on now)

The Tom Delay Arrest warrant was taken down

Tom Delay's Arrest Papers

Check this Harris poll on Health Practices

Funny, Cheney's been at the WH every day this week.

Survival Song! Make sure, you turn on the sound. :-)

Would someon please explain why Bill Clinton

Hey PJ Comix Troll!

Time to protect unions (from activist judges)

Grandmas knew Iraq score early (cost of war)


I say elimination of Mortgage Credit is A TAX INCREASE!

Caption - Condi

Being rich automatically makes you a bad person

Nazi photos reveal war's lost treasures

PLEASE sign petition to EXTEND FEMA DEADLINES for Katrina Survivors!

Funniest thing I have seen in a week...

Capture Delay

O'Reilly's picture from the Today Show...LOL..."NO SPINE ZONE"

$1m tax sting as agents try to tackle tide of corruption

Anybody got a photoshop of Delay doin' a perp walk?

Astros are headed to the WORLD SERIES!!!

Did you ever wonder what 2000 looks like?

Entrapping Schemas, Gore, and the Internet

Okay folks I know what 2000 looks like

If in Cancun, it's time to RUN AWAY!

Pentagon Reneges Pledge To Pay Bonuses To National Guard and Army Reserve

Bumper I saw the other day

Can we hire Homeland Security to find Tom Delay ?

Wacky Blog "For Salty Christians" Lists 1000 DeLay Excuses, ha!

Notice how the leak story is framed to exclude W?

Is Bush guilty of Obstruction of Justice?

why cronyism makes perfect sense to shrub

A word about Delay and Judge Perkins of the 331st in Travis County, Tx.

Have you seen the Defend Delay site?

The Republicans proved with Bill Clinton that no one is above the law...

Danger Danger House Republicans? Hopefully.

well I wandered over to the dark side

How could they have been so foolish ?

Bernie is on folks

I have always been troubled ...

Had they ignored J Wilson would it have been this bad?

I don't know about you, but all in all

remember -fitzgerald has nothing to do with the indictments

B'day is near and I have been repeatedly asked

1986 Reasons why the DSM is Important

What would it take to Monica-ize the upcoming indictments?

Do you think Plamegate derailed Cheney's plans to Nuke Iran?

Why was Miers' law license suspended?

need therapy? . . . hit the seventh button . . .

50 US Troops have already been Killed in October in Iraq

Got your Fitzmas decorations up yet?

WSJ: College Tuition Costs Increase At Twice the Rate of Inflation

TV shows US soldiers burning Taleban fighters


How many people have gotten "The Republicans are all Corrupt!"

Enjoy the Silence

David Brooks: "Democrats are the Palestinians of American politics."

Bush's Closet Heterosexuals...

Getting ready for more deployments at Ft Hood, Texas *sigh*

Coming to a state near you, folks...US gives FLA rights to curb Medicaid

There are Fitzmas carol threads all over DU

Tweety (Chris Matthews - hardball) -- ooops?

A Personal Theory Regarding Wealth and Privilege

Are * and the neocons tree guys masquerading as foresters?

Does France have a strong socialist orientation?

"No More Public Scatology" --Bush

What's for the best?

Sen. Coburn, R-Okla. "Republicans let the next generation pay for it."

So...With all the news I've wanted to jump around saying "I TOLD YOU SO! I

Did Judy mislead sources with bogus security clearance?

Caption Rove's shoutout to the 2% of AA's who support Bush

Michelle Malkin turns 35 today

Bill Gates dumps dollar for euro ... ?

FEMA Official Says Boss (Brown) Ignored Warnings

Question: Did Bush lie to federal prosecutors about...

If looks could kill, (fill in the blank)

DimSon on Meirs: "She shares the same judicial philosophy that I share."

Have You Wondered What Karl Rove Has Been Up While Not Testifying?

How does a physician or anyone in the helping professions

We Deserve Better

Fineman: If Fitzie Issues .. ChargesCheney will beTarget ?

Bob Herbert: Rain Forest Jekyll and Hyde? (10/20 column, on Chevron)

The Whistle-Blower v Haliburton et al

Nixon: "that process of healing which is so desperately needed in

Sometimes I wonder

Frist Paid off $72,000 Debt on Campaign 2 months after stock sale

Rumsfeld voices concern over Chinese nuclear arsenal

Report:US Soldiers Desecrated Bodies of Taliban Fighters, Taunted Villagers

1986 KIA-Iraq today.

"I did not have leakual relations with that man, Mr.Rove." Come on

Greedy lawyer hits NEW LOW: Makes $$ forcing online sales tax collection

Cheney's Chickens Come Home to Roost (Ray McGovern)

Mediocrity Is Getting Expensive These Days:

Cindy Sheehan is on AAR right now! n/t

rep. john spratt(d) on c-span...

Secret tracking codes in laser printers cracked

My Repuke friend trusts me to run his business........

LIke a cornered hurt animal, the Admin has become dangerous

The Right Wing wants American girls to be spineless and weak

Maybe the rich DO deserve their wealth.

How far with the Bush Administration go to distract us from Treasongate?

FYI - not only did BushCo suspend Davis Bacon, they also suspended

VIDEO-Rice with Lincoln Chafee on Bush's Power to Wage War

Face it America -You’ve been punk'd.

Well, I must say our front page looks delicious today! But if

Wayne Madsen says indictments today!

assu ME....Wayne Madsen... my bad

It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas

I want to thank the Republican Party!

RW'ers and Apartheid

Atheism Sucks! - "Here to expose atheists and theophobes alike!"

Libby is claiming it was Russert? How would Tim know B4 Libby?

Did Ronnie Earle "bully" the Grand Jury?

Twas The Night Before The Indictments....

how many du'ers

If you missed Barbara Boxer grilling Condi yesterday turn on cspan2 now.


Job losses due to Gulf Coast storms hit 478,000 (40K LAST WEEK)

Larisa! You did a great job this AM on Air America!!! We love you!


Remember this?

Freepers and Bush bots in denial to the bitter end...

O'LIElly on NBC Today Show bloviating and kissing * ass!

Bush preps for WiLLLLLmAAAAAAA (new toon 10/20)

This just on Stephanie Miller on Plame!

LTTE: Stop overplaying U.S. war deaths

Beware Bogus info: Re Powell speaking to McCain about Cheney seeing Memo

If Harriet cannot adequately complete routine forms...

Terrorist 12 year old

Rob Corddry on "this week with god" was a riot

Cancel your Cozumel Vacation now! Wilma forecast to hit Cozumel at Cat. 5!

Why Bush administration wants to bankrupt Amtrak

Indictment Time (adaptation of Silver Bells)

Tonight's Colbert Report

Larry Johnson coming up on Jerry Springer next. 9:19 am EDT

What laws need to be enacted to prevent another BushCo from happening?

"Hurricane Anything" by Fiore:

MONKEY BUSINESS - A look at vote-counting mischief and the potential for

John Dingell on Charlie Rose? Is anyone watching?

A twist on an old morality question

Do we have any DUer's from the Big Cypress or Miccosukee Reservations...

miers chastized; given second chance on her questionaire

Matt Dowd And The NBA Dress Code...


DeLay Mugshots Today!

The Aspens have all turned

They are finally talking about 10+ years of Iraq now.

How long before NYT dumps the TimesSelect program?

Ironic, the best argument for democracy that the Bush admin sends to the

Go To Google, Type The Word Failure, Hit "I'm Feeling Lucky"

Va. McDonnell running for state AG hires convicted pedophile to run

Is today the day?

Anyone else listening to Cindy on Morning Sedition?

I just watched a VILE Kilgore ad on TV!!


Attn: Nurses, What do you think of a Democratic Nurses Caucus?

Governor wary of federal assistance

"elections are rigged, but boy, let's kick the GOP's ass at the polls"

1 in 4 Iraq vets ailing on return

Anyone Listening Thom Hartmann?

More War, Chavez says (another WTF????)

wondering about D. Rep. John Spratt's answer on Asia buying US debt

Rasmussen: 56% disapprove of *

The Grey Lady that did not bark in the night (NYT never mentioned WHIG!)

Today's "PEACEFUL" day in Iraq... PROGRESS!!!

I should be happy

Dumb question re: oil in Iraq:

RW CSPAN caller: "Plame outed herself by recommending her husband"

Daniel Horowitz

Those Godless Liberals. Then AND Now.

Caption *

Walking in their orange underwear.

I am looking for links for H. Wilma forecast models, I currently

A laugh--robber attacked by 30 women with curling irons

Crossing the Cabal

The First Pitch of the World Series in Houston will look something like...

Fitzgerald prosecuted Al-Qaida for 1993 World Trade Center bombing

Gun Makers: Can't Touch Us

Miers- How do you expect to get the job with a half done resume?

Is Dick Cheney the new Spiro T. Agnew? Possible scenario......

Chris Matthews advertising tonite's show as "Now that CIA leak story OVER"

Brown needed more time to finish dinner, ie New Orleans

Government Wins Custody of Sex Offender's Newborn Boy

Which will be first with the news?

Outing Valerie Plame is the tape on the Watergate doors (Lambert, 2Oct 05)

Does Scotty have the day off?

OPM investigator launches probe of Office of Special Counsel chief

The 2% approval by African Americans + the make-up of the Grand Jury =

Please See "The Lie Factory" For Information About David Wurmser

Miers provided misleading information...

With the powers that Fitzgerald has,

Copy of Delay Arrest Warrant

McDermott on the House floor taking the Rs to task for jumpin' ship

DeLay gets ready for his mugshot

Isn't it awfully quiet on the Plame front today?

VIDEO- Lynn Woolsey on the Iraq War Floor Speech today

What do you think the chances that Cheney will resign are?

Fitzgerald Convicted Sheik Rahman & Is An Authority On Osama

Is Chimpy Now Running His Own Show????

If Harriet Liars withdraws, what fresh hell will the next Nominee bring?

Email from US rescues Swedish girl

VIDEO-George Miller on College Tuition-YOUR DEMOCRATS IN ACTION

Kendric Meek chewin' billionaires out for not stepping forward

I sent the following to another forum and got this response...

What is this with the right-wing being against Women's Rights?

Report from the 'Red State, Ohio'

MUST see! two films.

About Independent Commissions -Weldon vs Dems

I Feel Like Fitzgerald Is Holding the Nation's Future in His Hands..

Finally! The 'christian' Right questions a Gay Parenting Study

let's not forget how the iran-contra scandal played out

Delay avoids the "perp walk"

Bill & Bob Bennett (abort white male Harvard Business School babies?)

Ryan: Every Cut by Repubs that are being made is to a program

I'd like to recommend another good real news site

It doesn't matter a whit who sent Wilson to Niger or if he is a liar

Limbaugh says better if Democrats shoot down Miers...

Mean people suck

Josh Marshall thinks WH damage control may lack direction

this is a good one...

Red State letter

LOL... General Honore on CNN, rolling eyes as a Toby Keith song plays...

VIDEO- Jim McDermott on the Budget and What Repubs REALLY Do

Bush calls domestic problems "Background Noise"

Iran seeking new ways to censor the Internet and track dissidents

I Work Too Hard To Vote Republican

When will the MSM smucks ask the military heads about Ab u Gharib?

Oh, fer Christsake!!! What did you people expect?

Bob Simpson is cool

The Truth with Jokes

1988 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Why Is It that Everytime You Call a Company, You Get a MASSIVE RUNAROUND!!

Any idea if Novak talked to the GJ and if so what did he say?

The Scandalous History of the Red Cross (racist & corp. lovers)

It Wasn't A Crime. Now Go Back To Sleep.

16-Year Old Arrested in Vitale Slaying Case

anyone know how to find TV show ratings?

VIDEO-Diane Watson on the Budget-Mental Health cuts

I just know

Chavez and Chirac affirm 'common vision', deeper ties

Chimpy Can You Hear Me? ---pix->>>

While we might be on the verge of a great day...

Kyra, oh Kyra, could you possibly be any more of an ass kisser?

Limbaugh is apopleptic over the Plame situation!!

What happens if O'Connor's husband dies?

When White House spin spins out of control

Horrid Union Busting Ad In CA Feature Screeching Freeper Woman

He needs a new vice president

On Air America, they're doing a spoof on Tom Delay

More Abramoff-Kidan-Mafia-Al Qaeda Ties

Somebody's Slashdot sig. Too good to pass.

A question for you lurking Freeps

Harriet (Oopsie) Liars forgot ONE MORE thing on her resume:

Dick DeGuerin , Delay's lawyer (Rober Durst case-remember this?)

looks like we hit 2000 casualties next week & with indictments looming

Horowitz murder a DIRECT result of rePUKE marijuana policy

Sexual assault victim puts suspect in hospital

Slow news day, developing...conservatives turn on Coulter

Was there a Snotty press conference today? Did I miss the post.

Delay mugshot on CNN

Emergency Request - Rove Arrest Pic!

Breaking: a Saddam lawyer has been kidnapped

"There was no reason for this. It was pure retaliation."

Sen Schumer's Letter to Dubya

Mom Kills Children in S.F.

Veteran: Don’t trust recruiters

Cheney V. the CIA

Candidate Conditions

Nervous war hawks, facing perp walks,

Bush shrugs off woes as 'background noise' (South Africa paper)

Bush to start doing his job!

5 students arrested at Hunter College protesting tortur ... (link: PICS)

Anyone seen a bullshit supposed e-mail from Iraq, insurgents kids?

Amusement: Transcript of Harriet Miers Senate Confirmation Hearings

The Idiotic vs. The Incompetent

You know how to tell the repugs are in trouble?

How do you summarize Plame/Treasongate to explain it?

One of Saddam's defense attorney's kidnapped!


WP: Seeing Right Through The Times's Transparency

Vote Republican

Democracy Now - Interview with Robert Fisk

I've been gone for about 6 hours did I miss anything? What are

Walter Cronkite and Andy Rooney talk about "GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK"

Holy crap you gotta see this!

Bono says Bush is the one who better be afraid. He WILL be held accountable

Cooper on Hardball today --- should really be interesting.

Humor Alert: Thank you, Hurricane Anything!!!

*This* is what a mug shot is supposed to look like ----->

VIDEO-Serrano on House Floor earlier about budget

I want Delay's official booking sheet.

A Comparison of Saddam, Milosevic Trials

No liberals on Rush's show? No problem, as he presents the "liberal" view

breaking defence attorney for saddam kidnapped

The mug shot is up at Yahoo! if you want to rate it.

Amazon on Al Franken's new book "The Truth" (coming Oct. 25th)

Olbermann did a segment on Fitzgerald last night...

Remember, Bolton visited Miller in jail.

Broadband to be only for the affluent?

My name is Tom DeLay

VIDEO- Holmes Norton Floor Speech from morning-Pay Go/Budget

Googled Bush Impeached - close to a million hits

Harriet Miers, by the (financial) numbers

what ever happened to those photos from Abu Ghraib?

Photo: DeGeurin holding up Delay's booking sheet....


Alert: .."Real estate market topping out and ready for a major fall"

Judith Miller is trying to land a book contract - Help her with the title!

Congress set to eliminate liability for vaccine injuries (Action alert!)

Profiles in Cowardice -- caption the brothers in "alms"

Poll Shows Strong Public Support for Medicare, Medicaid, Stem Cell Researc

Tim Russert and the CIA leak case.

The War On Christmas - (Good LORD! Is this screed serious?!)

Caption * - Swatting at flies maybe?

CNN Poll: Dems 52% approval, GOP 40%

Chimpco's Total Disconnect On Iraq Realities (CBS reporter)

Vote up Delay pic of his inmate card!

BREAKING NEWS! This just in!

Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven on Randi! Called to say he loves her...nt

Press release/petition on teaching I.D. Email I just got, FYI

Xerocracy can be tracked by government

Mug Shot Funtime! Separated at birth: Tom DeLay and...

Anyone have the link about Plame NOT recommending Joe?

anybody just see Tweet and Matt Cooper? Nauseating....

When's Fitzmas going to get here?? I'm tired of waiting!

World Can't Wait/November 2nd - any info? thoughts?

Anyone besides me wearing out the refresh button

Scott Ritter on with Randi right now

Do you think Rove cut a deal to save his skin?

Could not happen to a nicer company - Pfizer

Skewed"personal responsibility"

PHOTO: Heh heh heh! We GET it Jeb!!! Ha ha ha!

A minor sidelight: The Niger documents, whatever their source,

Weisberg on Plamegate: "Hold the schadenfreude, blue-staters"

Bush Publication Ban lifted

Quick! anybody know how to seal/repair terracotta drain pipe...I hit some

The Miers Support Team: Gloomy and Demoralized

White House Defense Crumbling in Leak Case

Tweety talking of the 'cabal' article on msnbc now.

no states think the U.S. is moving in the right direction

Heads up! Repukes about to screw us again

rush...Mr. Wilson may have been a 60's child but you are a druggie

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ... (Katrina Blame Edition)

How do you hide money from a Young Republican?

U.S. Out in Cold in UNESCO Diversity Pact

I don't normally sing praises to any talk show hosts, but...

news from the yucatan.

Today's topical anagrams 10/20

Millionaire Senator Wins $850K in Powerball Lottery-Judd Greeg(R)

New York Daily News confirms identities [of turncoats]

Another Great Bumper Sticker

VIDEO- Dorgan on Cuba Travel today

if this is their attitude, then Delphi deserves what it gets...

Why did Joe Wilson admit to doing drugs ???

Rove Squeals on Libby!

Blaming Media in Leak Case Not Working

My beloved freeptards, a run on sentence............

Is the US Military using the British SAS to bomb civilians?

YAMG (Yet Another Missing Girl) - this one's black, though. Still pretty.

"Saddam Co-Defendant's Lawyer Kidnapped"

My Local Fox 5 "Could land the Hammer in the Slammer"

FEMA Official Says Boss Ignored Warnings

Lou Dobbs talking about the BOOKING of DeLay!

Bush and Cheney: The Hippie Kings!

AAR: Keeps adding stations but still stuck at 70?

James Moore: "The Most Important Criminal Case in American History" >

Randi has this song stuck in my head -- Tribute to Judy Miller

In case anyone doesn't believe the fed govt would torture foreigners...

Apply for Bush Crony Jobs!

Why do you think Fitzy's investigation has taken two years?


In case Harriet doesn't work out, here are *'s three alternate choices....

Wal-Mart Heiress Accused of Cheating Gives Back USC Degree

'Raging Granny' Gets Marine Recruitment Letter

Alright. Enough. Quit being bossy and telling others what to watch


ABLE DANGER Curt Weldon on CNN now

The fanatical right doesn't need to overturn Roe v Wade..

Countries turn backs on Hollywood

WSJ: In Texas Suburbs, Conserving Energy Doesn't Come Easy

Ford Posts Massive Loss ($284m), to Announce 'Significant' Layoffs (10K)

When Fitz comes with the Indictments

Slow news day spam: What does DU think about UFOs?

to DUer Lawyers: Please explain the mugshot thing. Seems we expected

Treasongate. We should call it "Treasongate." nt

For those under the illusion that Miers was not picked to protect Bush

Bradblog: Church Ann Coulter claims Membership never heard of her

Do you think Bill O'Rielly was serious about quiting "The... Factor"???

here's one to make you smile

Monkey Business: A look at vote-counting mischief (my article)

can someone debunk or not a rumor for me?

'Amarillo' video crashes MoD PCs (rotflmao!!!)

OMG! Here's the Delay mug shot we've been looking for!

HELL YES I'm HAPPY. But as a Liberal, I'm human enough to also be sad

Lying sacks of shit...that is NOT a "mug shot"

How out of touch are our fellow Merikans?

Prediction: 8-member Supreme Court until 2009

Help Answer a Wingnut about PLAME's "already out"

Suggest campaign commercials for Dems in '06

LOOK at this pic!

Dick Morris

saw a new bumpersticker today...

Could tomorrow be Fitzmas?

This isn't about Dems Vrs Rep anymore,

Developing: "Secret Agent Plame" to be played on AAR

Great review on the "Colbert Report"

Why there are so many illegal immigrants

If you had to pick just ONE for indictment....who do you want the most?

The "Blame Game" and my nauseating phone call with my mom

Why are there no fox reporters involved in the plame affair?

HEy bush...the fruitcake lady would be a better judge!@!...ask leno

Fox shows top list of worst family viewing

Funny video...."The Truth..With Jokes" (Al's new book)

Talk about a far-out theory !

Has Bush Been Stopped Dead In His Tracks?

Tom Delay turns himself in Harris County per CNN

Help me out here...What is "Able Danger"??

Tweety reveals all...he visited Miller in Jail and asked Matt Cooper...

"Criminalization of Politics" crowd are those who frothed over Whitewater

Let loose, Powell's right-hand man rages against "Cheney-Rumsfeld" cabal


Is there a Democratic equivalent to this Republican voter fraud website?

Did you hear about the "No Spine Zone" HHAA HHAAA!!!

My opinion on the whole South Park ordeal

DU LAWYERS Please, What does this mean?

Is there a list of all the incidents of this Congress going against


Next time someone says"immigrants should be forced to learn English"...

For the MORANS who think Iraq's "insurgents" are all "foreign fighters"

The REAL Delay Mugshot For Those Disappointed By That Released Earlier!!!

*Snarf* Condi heckled by former US diplomat during yesterday's testimony

Porn tax may draw legislative scrutiny (Kansas)

NEWSCASTERS! Sorry If My Compulsion Is Showing & This Is Probably

Cheney on the ropes, Bush looking at replacement Veeps?

The Wallace v. Bush Lawsuit... How to stop the PNAC.


You're in Good Hands - Not

Where has Libertarian philosophy ever been put into practice?

So if those tax cuts for the rich created millions of jobs, what's with

CNN Curt Weldon on next 911 cover up??

How did Reagan support the troops when they were caught in a Civil War?

Just out of curiosity....

What did Regan do right to make the value of the dollar

Bradblog: Conservative Group Denounces Ann Coulter

Some Yahoo just tried to blame the 'response' to Katrina on KERRY!

Give us your pick for 2008!

Anybody hear Gergen on Lou Dobbs? WOW!

UPI Picks up Salon story: Plame plans to sue WH officials

OK I have given it some time and now think Hillary would make a fine prez

Sen. Schumer's letter to shrubito re Plamegate

A question for the Admins re: the new layout of DU

Contest! SEIU offering big prizes for suggestions on the economy

CNN's Faith & Values Correspondent - WTF?

Poor people stopped from checking out homes in NOLA

Nothing Like Looming Indictments To Kill Religious Flame Wars @ DU!

George is Off to CA for a Fat Cat Fundraiser ---pix->>>

Protest Bush at the Reagan Library on Friday, October 21st

Symbolman is on Malloy!

If you've never seen Joseph Wilson in action...

James Moore: Fitzgerald has reportedly asked for Niger Forgery Info

TREASONGATE: A Sitting President Can Be Indicted

Harriet Liars FORGOT another position (which she held for 20 YEARS) Oopsie

My Fitzmas Dinner

More Grist for the TreasonGate Rumor Mill

People who smile for Mugshots

Ha! Richard Perle Is Going Down BIG TIME!

Scooter claims Tim Russert was his source. Russert says Scooter is lying

I just finished watching the four-DVD set, 500 Nations.

2006 Election Results (prediction)

The 10 Most Evil People affecting America today

What do you think of this website?

Was 2004 presidential election stolen? Bucks County Courier Times


Tom Delay helped us even more

My 63 yr old mothers letter to the House and Senate

I'm reading a lot lately about cheney going down

" tell her I just ate an MRE and CRAPPED in the hallway of the Superdome"

Winning hearts and minds: Film shows US soldiers burning Taliban corpses

The embarassment of America

Top 275 corporations received 1.75 trillion in Tax breaks/3 years

WW II (U.S.): Dec 1941-Sep1945...War On Terror(tm): Sep 2001-?

The best part of the indictments will be

Question for Middle Aged DUers about the Third Time Around

Delay's lawyer and the mug shot

Did we invade Syria? WTF?

Non-Swimmer Jailed for Not Rescuing Toddler in Rain-Swollen Creek

J. Moore, author of "Bush's Brain" proclaims - "Most Important Criminal

Fitz's TWO wintesses... EPIPHANY TIME

Murray Waas: Secret Service Records Prompted Key Miller Testimony

DU's mexicopat & many 100s of thousands others are in deep trouble (Wilma)

Is it Corporation Appreciation Day on DU?

GREAT source re: gun lawsuits

Something big coming up ......

Keep talking to me please..

Democracy Now! Amy Goodman's interview with Robert Fisk an Absolute Must!

Rep Nadler calls for expansion of Fitzgerald's investigation - WMD lies.

House OKs "cheeseburger" bill

Hilarious article about those people with 16 kids...

VIDEO- DeFazio (OR) from the Floor-YOUR DEMOCRATS calling out BS

Did Andrea Michell Say * & Laura picked Miers without help?

Blacks "who curse America are cursing God" because God created slavery to

Need some stats to support National Health Insurance

Sheehan: “nonviolent civil disobedience is the way we have to go”

Psychological Warriors Go Too Far

Don't FOX with local news!

The time is now

Anyone obtain DeLay's mugshots yet?

Barbara Boxer on new gun legislation.

ATTENTION! Here's one----Gov't Wins Custody of Sex Offender's Baby

I wonder if my Freeper neighbors will argue with me because of my call in

Do you trust the Pentagon War Death Count?

TOONs, JHB's vacation volume deux

"IF"... and this is a BIG "IF"...

I think it's officially no longer PLAMEGATE. It's PLAME/AIPACGATE!


Calling All Artists! Post Your Delay Photoshops Here!

THE HOMEBOY REVOLUTION: families as economic units instead of sexual units

Man busted for Japanese Manga (cartoons) -- cited as "child porn"

Would you support a smoking ban in bars?

Curt Weldon's House floor speech on ABLE DANGER

It's almost Thanksgiving

For those with digital TV: new episodes of The Thick of It from tonight

Cameron 90, Davis 57, Fox 51

The "Official" Conservative Leadership Second Ballot Results Thread

Man charged over hoax Yorkshire Ripper tape

Bush's Faith Plan Faces Judgment

Knocking the Vote:Diebold says its voting machines are bulletproof.Hack-

Expanding Iraq War into Syria is lunacy

Killings Go On As Insurgents Target Shiites -

US, Japan, Australia to hold talks on trilateral strategic issues

Mom Kills Children in S.F.

Top scientific group warns of growing natural disasters

U.S. Gives Florida a Sweeping Right to Curb Medicaid

Bomb explodes in Argentina prior to Bush's visit

Colin Powell: 'We're not doing bad at all'

Schwarzenegger endorses Ohio redistricting

Cheney, CIA Long at Odds


(Louisiana) Death toll from Katrina rises to 1,053

Panel attaches drilling in (ANRW) refuge to budget bill

DeLay Mugshots Today!

Online sales of flu drugs soar (Denver Post)

Gov. Spurns Bush in Spat Over Money

Initial Unemployment claims at 355,000 (down from revised 390,000)

Khodorkovsky associate Lebedev sent to prison in Russian Arctic

Remember this?

Ney denies link in award - Lawmaker: No ties between contract, lobbyist

The (really scary) soldier of the future

4 New Soldier Deaths Announced in Iraq

(DeLay) Judge has had political cases before

More images from the burnings in Afghanistan.

Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been His Source WP

(The actual DeLay) Arrest Warrant

Iraqi forces arrest Saddam's nephew in Tikrit

Watchdog group seeks Abramoff records

Refco court documents reveal huge discrepancy

Jordanian veterinarians to work in Israeli lab to combat avian flu

DeLay could avoid public 'perp walk' (Austin American-Statesman)

Pentagon discriminates against Christians, lawmakers say -The Hill

NYT: In California, a Fierce Battle Is Joined Over Teachers

Rumsfeld's visit paves way for Bush's impending China tour

Judge warns of Iraq 'black hole' (flypaper not working..terrorism spreadin

Senators demand details from Miers

Iran bans US films

Please See "The Lie Factory" For Information About David Wurmser

Congress gives gun industry a lawsuit shield

Powell: 'U.S. Is Not Doing Bad at All'

Reed Defies Gambling Claims..( "voter's don't care about this")

Former CIA contractor says he is scapegoat (for the Bush administration)

Is Beatty California's latest political hopeful?

Stasi row derails German Left party leader

Soldier dies from non-hostile gunshot wound (FOB Mosul, Iraq)

Raw Story: Miers provided misleading information to Judiciary Committee

Smoking Gun Post Tom Delay Mug Show

Tom DeLay fingerprinted and released (mugshot)

Tom Delay surrenders, is released (includes mugshot)

16-Year Old Arrested in Vitale Slaying Case

Army Guard short of equipment at home (Katrina work 'more complicated')

Tom DeLay Mug Shot ( you are not going to be happy

CNN Breaking: Lawyer in Saddam Hussein's Defense Team Kidnapped

Lawyers in Saddam Hussein trial kidnapped.

American Indian man dies after fight with Duluth police

Movies sound call to action

Iraqi police infiltrated by militia -- UK Army

Lawyer on Saddam's Defense Team Abducted in Baghdad

Dangerous bugs found in water on US planes

Pirro's Jab at the Assembly Infuriates State Democrats

LAT/AP: House Votes to Ban Obesity Blame Lawsuits

Iraq now a terror training center-Canada spy boss

AP: White House Defense Crumbling in Leak Case

Democratic National Committee: Fletcher's Dirty Baker's Dozen

DNC: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall!

Hastert Countdown to Halloween: Dems Are Haunting the House

Chavez Warns if U.S. Invades, Oil Goes Up

Leg. for Add'l Fed Judges, Realignment of 9th Court of Appeals

Virginia oil firm admits kickbacks to Iraq (oil-for-food)

Lawmakers move to raise caps, fees on high-tech visas

Senate Republicans agree on health cuts (for the old and poor), aide says

DeLay Puts Legal Fate in Democrat's Hands

Republican senator has harsh criticisms of party

(Ohio CoinGate) Coin-fund worker raised auditor’s suspicions

Activist Paid Homeless People to Rally

Nonprofits get Federal Anti-Terror Funding (surveillance cameras, etc.)

U.N. Probe Links Syria to Hariri Killing

White House Defense Crumbling in Leak Case

Blaming Media in Leak Case Not Working


Ultraconservative Christian New Tribes linked to Pat Robertson (Venezuela)

U.S. House Puts Off Vote Seeking $50 Billion in Spending Cuts

American Psychological Association calls for retirement of American Indian

Top Syrian officials named in report on Hariri killing

Feds stick state with the tab for Medicare

Still no plan for housing Katrina evacuees (1 million homeless people)

Supreme Court property ruling spurs Ensign

Rumsfeld Orders Independent Levee Probe

Miller Clarifies Security Clearance Issue

LAT: Cheney, CIA Long at Odds

Va. Firm Pleads in Oil-For-Food Scandal

Insurgents Torch Iraq's Main Oil Pipeline (Kirkuk to Beiji)

Secret Service Records Prompted Key Miller Testimony (about June 23 mtg)

Bush Says Miers Lack of Judicial Background an Asset for Court

Senate Nixes Boost in Heating Assistance

GOP Holds Onto 2-1 Fund-Raising Advantage

Schwarzenegger 'snub' (of chimp) prompts criticism

FEMA Official Says Boss Ignored Warnings

Fess up on leak, Chuck prods Bush (confirms Hannah, Wurmser)

Guardian's Rory Carroll FREE!

Search on for 2 Kids in San Francisco Bay

Baxter to resign Texas House seat

Congress Pulls Plug on Viagra Subsidies

Hussein challenges authority of court

Iran 'has proof' of British role in bombings

US national among 376 foreigners captured in Iraq (as insurgents)

Report: U.S. troops burned Taliban bodies

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 20 October

Judd Gregg(R)NH wins powerball (5 #'s) maybe $800k

Chavez Believes U.S. Planning Invasion

Culture shock for Hollywood

Kentucky GOP Official Indicted in Probe

CNN Breaking: Rep. Tom Delay turns himself in in Harris County, Texas

Bush calls recent woes 'background noise'

Democrat forces US House vote on Bush wage order

Reid floats Democrats' 2006 slogan: 'America Can Do Better' phrase appeari

College gender gap widens: 57% are women

27 Detainee Homicides in US Custody; Lax Policies, Inadequate

US regret over diversity convention

S 397, Gun Industry Protection Bill Passes House 283-144

This is wrong: * in Drag Playing Cards (from the UK - Graphic Warning!)

Everybody's goin' Smurfin, Smurfin USA

I'm the Peter Piper of the nineteen-eighties.

Well, my computer seems to be possessed!

How do you embed a link on a post on DU?


Yes, Mermaid, There IS A Santa Claus!! 'Stros versus White Sox in W.S!!!!



Just sent to me, a discription of a new postal stamp!

1 person won the Powerball.

Yeah, uh! Get up, now! Ow! Knock out this!

The DU Hidebot

We hear you're leaving, that's OK

I received my DVD from Symbolman TBTM, "Rove's War" today

I know what got into ZombyWoof tonight

There's no damned World in the World Series.

Tonight's South Park...? Anyone?

Do you allow your wrench backwards the pool?

Colbert Report needs work



I just saw "Crash"

So, who have seen Cleopatra in Rome on HBO?

When the Devil is too busy, And Death's a bit too much,

The "Say 'Good night!' to Enigmatic" thread!

Peppermint Patty, Gay or Straight?

The incredibly great, Bill King, has passed on...

The official "Seattle Girl Good Night" thread.

The Body Snacher on TCM right now.

"Dazed and Confused" on AMC right now

The new season of South Park...

Why, oh why, oh why, do people

What Happens If Your Car Fails Emission Test?

Picture and imagine Ray Charles performing "Whiter Shade Of Pale"

OW! I broke my finger at work today and now I can't sleep!

I feel like I've read all the news that exists

who should play the Joker in the next Batman movie

Curse of the Cat People.

Bob Saget's Character is a Raging Ass on Quantum Leap

Another scene in a movie that makes me cry

"Hurricane Anything" (The new Mark Fiore Animation)

Best 90s Seattle Grunge Band

Don't you wanna ride in my survival car?

Beatles - Obladi Oblada Lyrics---Obladi Oblada life goes on bra

So who's up right now?

1000th post shortly, and I quit smoking on August 29th.

Dog Diagnosed With Narcolepsy

I just squirted a mess of chocolate syrup in my mouth...

a propos of the hai karate thread

Sinus Headache...

Bridal Party Of Circus Performers (Including Bride) Arrested At Strip Club

yikes! sent us the wrong receipt!

World Series - Who is winning it?

Coming to a Church Basement near you: Left Behind World at War

Good Thursday Morning, Everyone!

I cannot believe the PB winner is from Oregon.

Parking Ticket Hell

This is just THE BEST video of the year! A definite MUST SEE!

Just Came Home To Find My Kitchen Flooded

attn. agent Mike: able dork cranberry litmess unzip corvette

What should I do with the next two hours?

Day #2 of my vigil....

There's been an accident. (LOOK! I'M JESUS!)

Only 16 Hours Of Life Spent Having Orgasms (4 Months Playing Video Games)

'Mr. Floatie' Backs Out Of Mayoral Race (Dresses Up In Feces Costume)

It's time to DU another poll just because we can.

Do republicans all go to the same barber or what? (lots of pics & puke)

MatcomNews Update: Indiana Jail Gets Enough Funding For Toilet Paper

Your lights are on

Do disruptors, infiltrators ever contribute $ to DU? Just to have a star?

Moose attacked moose statue

Sig line of the month:

how many protests have you participated in

Astrology is scientific theory, courtroom told

Axe... This generations Hi Karate....

Moor sheep 'killed by occultists'

What will the mayors of Chicago and Houston be wagering??

What should I say "DVD" stands for?

$340m jackpot up for grabs in lottery

Has Tom Delay been cuffed and stuffed into a police car yet?

Thursday morning LOST thread....

How Do I Drain My Flooded Kitchen???


This is frightening and sickening at the same time

Rabrrrrrr's TotalBastard(tm) System of Education

Has anyone seen "Name Not Needed"?

Parents: Would you buy this book for your kid

Don't mess with the elderly.

Who has the funnier Lucky charms thread?

I am a White Sox Fan as of last night

I'm taking tomorrow off! Woo hoo!

how many protests have you participated in

Is there a bounty on Delay's head yet?

Five winning Powerball tickets sold in Oregon

I just couldn't take it anymore at work.

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham spends $44,000 to get her teeth whitened

I hate intercoms!!!!!

You know your from Texas when....


Post here if you have a mandate.

The Lucky Charms are going to dominate the Re-Used Postage stamps

God, I can't stand the idiot in the next office!!!!

omg i ate lucky charms for breakfast what did you eat?!?!?!!!11

Do bats make peas act weird?

Bush meets with ABBA???

Rate Adam Carolla's level of talent

I seem to have misplaced your Underpants

Just a reminder folks: be careful on the internets.

Cheerio, Lounge!

Americans--what level of housing do you think you can achieve?

Is this a global social problem? Or is it just me?

HOLY SHIT! The 'Stros are goin' to the Big Dance!

I haven't laughed so hard in years.

Grammar help needed

Advise to minutemen on how to stop is great....

The curse of ecclectic musical taste: More earworms

The only person I hate more than Adam Carolla, is

I really want some spaghetti for lunch!

I am here. :(

Ahhhh, Chairman Mao will lead us

Anheuser-Bush Pulls 'Water' Drinking Game (Some were playing with BEER!)

Lousy Democrats

Would you take it as a sign if a hurricane hit your wedding location twice

What's an appropriate indoor temperature?

Man, Gore Vidal on Radio Nation right now is speaking TRUTH!

What do I do if shirt sleeves are too short? Is there a "tall" designation

The polar bear is waking up! No kidding...he's been pretty immobile

What should I get for lunch?

Wacko Jacko called for jury duty


Alien v. Predator

Does anyone else watch Invasion?

Whatever happened to Arthur Treacher's restaurants?

Question on internet providers

Mother of God. I just looked at the list of pronouns in Latin I have to

Author of penalties for dangerous dog owners attacked by own pooch

Three Weeks Later: LynneSin back to her old ways

omg i ate lucky charms for breakfast what did you eat?!?!?!!!11

Happy Birthday Sir Christopher Wren

What team will eventually knockoff the USCheaters?

Reliable online Mac outlet with no tax in NY?

The *official* Hurricane XemaSab thread!

Car-washing cheerleaders busted for prostitution?

What should you be doing that you're not because you're on acid?

Argh! I'm So Absent-Minded!! Sometimes I Forget To Do Something As Simple

Check out this poll...

does anyone know of a free streaming news banner software to


Hockey sucks now.

What happened to all of those new "DUers" from after Katrina?

The Onion: "Study: Pittsburgh Unprepared For Full-Scale Zombie Attack"

Does anyone know how I can get a copy of MY mug shot?

HeY!!!!!!....Anyone From Wichata KS

I'm going away this weekend!

The Gop Rock

Here's my entry for the DU Tom Delay Photoshop contest: Hope you like it

Don't you hate it when you squirt Redi-Whip into your mouth

Is James Brown a martian?

So now you CAN get bird flu from eating chicken??? Just heard


A feel-good song for you to sing!

Laptop reports its own theft

Hi loungers! Please take a look.

FOX News's John Gibson has a new book: The War on Christmas

Honk If You Love Jesus!

What's New Pussycat?

Need help finding Tall Women's Casual Shirts

Movies sound call to action

Adam Carolla poll round two

Chiefs and/or Dolphins fans: Game moved to this Friday night!

Just when you thought criminals couldn't get any more stupid...

Name your favorite body of water

dont you love it when

'The Shining' in the style of a CBS Sunday Night Movie

I need to know how to make a hot toddy...

Goodnight y'all

I am insouciant about the lounge.

Check out my "George & Bono" cartoon

So who's Photo-shopping Bug Man's mugshot?

Any lounge types in the Newark, NJ area? Wanna have a beer?

Favorite Thing to Eat at the Fair:

BREAKING NEWS! This just in!

My Firefox is acting up...

What stereotypes do you NOT go against?

Any inexpensive ideas for a Halloween party for a bunch of 13 year olds?


I hate the lounge.

Do fleas make cats act weird?

How do you motivate yourself?

Why do I know a million Cubs fans but no White Sox fans?

Ever notice how

bumpkin beer - yes or no?

I have a job interview!

I took my kid to see The Curse of the Were-rabbit

Just a funny little picture.

I ate the lounge.

I just pre-ordered Kate Bush's new record, ask me anything.

Family friend, Arthur "Dutch" Shultz, Normandy Vet, Died Yesterday

question about last night's South Park

Incredible! Your Driver's License in viewable on-line

Interview this afternoon

Skinner implicated in killing of Canadian child-porn thread

"Flopping" now a foul in the NBA. (Yup, its basketball season)

How often are you refered to as "A cynical bastard"?

October 20, 1977

You think YOU'RE having a bad day?

A Question About An E-Bay Purchase

Whats your favorite perfume?

Convict requests longer sentence to honor Larry Bird

take me to your leader

The Bengals are going to dominate the Steelers

What non-stereotypes do you not go not against?

I love to lounge.

Finnfan is sick. He needs attention.

Stop being so funny!

Talk about clueless.

The painters...polished the hard wood floors in my house

Doggie medical questions:

Damn cool illusion!

Man Stops Carjacking With Hot Coffee

Quick! anybody know how to seal/repair terracotta drain pipe...I hit some

Legendary New Orleans music station WWOZ is back on the air!

I love the lounge.

Did everyone here light up a cigerette after Delay went to jail?

Some picts from Utah

Dumb lyrics

Need a new t-shirt?

Hello Everyone!!

The Other State Quarters

Time for 7 random questions....

I Finally Made 1000 after 3+ years (Don't ask me anything) n/t

AOL people are really fucking dumb


THE TEA PARTY have broken up (apparently)! Thoughts?

What is a good discount travel website?

Least Talented

Men in Kilts

Stephen Colbert takeoff on "We report, you decide."

NBA Fans: What do YOU think about the new Dress Code?

Adam Carolla poll round three

Auto parts company demands 60% pay cut from employees

Who's worse than Adam Carolla? DANNY BONNADUCE!

Three Weeks Later: Brittney back to her old ways

*alert* a potential thread-killer is leaving the Lounge

Is there anything you can't eat with bacon wrapped around it?

Hey. I cannot see DULounge on DU's "latest thread" page . . .

Child stars who've negotiated a path to success as an adult?

What do you do to shake off a funk?

What the fucking shit!

My Gratitude for DU

I guess cancun and cozumel are going to be hit really really hard...

Share a memory you have of the 70s.

93 y.o. man drives 3 miles w/ body stuck in windshield

If convicted and imprisioned. Who will Tom Delay (T-Bone) align with?

What are America's least popular churches? (humor)


Abbey Road

Harry should probably have a claw removed. Tell your weird pet med tales.

How did you meet # 2 - inspired by Shine's question

Changed my avatar until after the World Series (GOPisEvil, do not look)

Is It Unlawful To Re-Use A Postage Stamp That Has Not Been Cancelled?

You're going to the coolest Halloween party: What are you going as??

simple rule...

All the Vice President's Men....Cast the movie.

What year did you turn Sweet 16 and what was your favorite album/CD?

Eating Crayons.

My skin feels and looks terrible

I'm stuffing my face with candy corn...

I Survived Katrina, but I am a victim of BUREAUCRACY

Replace One Word Of Any TV Show Title With -- "Arwalden"

Who has seen "Good Night and Good luck"? What did you think?

pool with peeing and non-peeing sections?

Replace one word in a movie or song title with "Gin-fueled Flamewar"

Chicago will DESTROY Houston in the World Series

pumpkin beer - yes or no?

What should you be doing that you're not because you're on DU?

What is the OFFICIAL term for a native of Massachusetts?

How did you meet?

Can I get some good vibes flowin' this way, pretty please?

How much money would be "enough"?

The Ferengi Alliance and the freepers

A photo thread - Autumn

Mean people suck

Words We Hate. (for other reasons than definition)

Please choose some X names for hurricanes.

The belated Happy Birthday Khash thread

Happy Birthday Viggo!

DU Group launch attempt: Motorsport

What should senators do to make watching C-span more interesting

So...should we start another "post your pic" thread?

What stereotypes do you go against?

Quaker Open House in NJ

How dare religion...

Why bother?

MIT scientist shows that Archimedes death ray in 200 BC was possible.

CLG's Flu 'Oddities' page:

As Evolution is to Intelligent Design ...

Secrets of Saturn moon revealed

Blogging on Avian Flu

US company plans to sell land on the moon to Chinese

Traditional way of estimating planetary ages may be flawed

Royal Chinese treasure discovered

'Lesbian Baiting' Coach Case Heads To Court

No Trial For Mass. Dad In Gay Book Flap

Report: Anglican Leader To Hold Historic Meeting With Gay Bishop

Special Counsel inquiry to begin

Both Republicans and Democrats have a problem with Miers

Democracy in action?

Ties that don't bind

Gay Protestors Barred From US Naval Academy

Conservatives angry at Norquist for Log Cabin speech

Remember the legislator that wanted to ban LGBT artificial insemination?

Congress Begins Work On New Attempt To Pass Federal Anti-Gay Amendment


An American in F1 after 13 years - Scott Speed will drive for RBR

I'm trying to launch a Motorsports group.

is the Ken Lay brick still at Enron Field?

Friday night NFL:Fins and Chiefs move game to Friday night

so the World Series is in town

This is one devoted fan

Patriots have more problems than Bruschi can solve

Houston, we have a pennant

Choke Bird Fans, mourn here

Weekend Wagers for Oct. 21- 23

OKAY, I Am GAWD DA pissed NOT only did they change the chiefs game,

Vikings vs. Packers

Faithful guard dog rescued from Iraq by wounded soldier in US

Hi Everyone

I just got back from a memorial service for an 8 year old.

Stand up for Ed Schultz re Armed Forces Radio

Hey, check this out - I got an email from Cam Kerry this morning!

Kerry Continues Fight for Heating Help for Families this Winter

Kerry Speech On Kids Today

Check this out: Let's blame Kerry for Katrina!

cspan 2 NOW

Morning Sedition questions

Kerry's speaking now. n/t

No More Covert Propaganda - Kerry/Lautenberg Bill Alert - Webcast 2:00 est

Did anyone else hear our Larissa on 'Morning Sedition?'

Congratulations !!! Island Blue

Got any good jokes?

SFRC hearing 10/19/05 Some testimony excerpts

Coburn amendment - why did our guys (and gals) vote no?

Swings and Slides

Think DU has trolls and flamewars?

My Camera Toss Photos

Here are a few photos I took yesterday

KOEB - Thursday, 10/20

Countdown Newsletter: 10/20/05 -- Unmasking Plame

Who does Fitzgerald answer to ??

Bush's trashing the environment for his globalists buddies in Oil

WSJ: How a Victorious Bush Fumbled Plan to Revamp Social Security

John Dingell on with Charlie Rose.

Paper Ballots --vs-- Voter Verified Paper Ballots

If there are no indictments now, will there ever be even another attempt a

LTTE advice

Ronnie Please! Ronnie Please! Ronnie Please!

O'LIElly on NBC Today Show bloviating and kissing * ass!

Some honest soul-searching on the left concerning the election fraud issue

BIG PICTURE:: Where is the Prosperous America the Pubs promised?

Judy Miller a "charter member of the White House Iraq Group"

"I'm ProsecutorMan"

amazing courtroom photos: Saddam and his co-conspirators

It's about shutting down Brewster-Jennings....stupid

Hugo Chavez: Charming provocateur

Contra Costa Times: Bush Advisory Panel offers tax reforms favoring rich

Caption this pic of Tom Delay.

Transcript: Colonel Wilkerson on US foreign policy

DNC: The GOP's Immoral Spending Priorities

Malkin not convinced that Bush's video conference with troops was "staged"

GOP talking pts=Criminalizing Politics. RESPONSE: They politicize crime

Political Action Request: Email Reps to stop horrible Medicaid Cuts

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ... (Katrina Blame Edition)

Watergate and Plamegate: Deja Vu of a "Tipping Point" to Mass Indictments

What would you do if you were shrub right now?

Do think supporting illegal wars is OK to advance political careers?

The No Spine Zone

Cheney cabal hijacked US foreign policy’

WHO SAID Brit troops can't dance??? A MUST WATCH!

The new West Wing - Mike Luckovich

Rice: U.S. May Still Be in Iraq in 10 Years, Iran & Syria next?

Delete sorry wrong area "Republican Fissures Imperil Bush Agenda"

NewsHour: Zbigniew Brzezinski "A prolonged engagement" in Iraq

NBC 4: Schwarzenegger Irritated Over Bush's Fundraising In Southland

Questions re Harry Reid's "support" for Meirs

The Republican "Base"

Sheehan vs. Clinton: no doy!

Pending Indictments - Excellent news for bush

James Moore: Fitzgerald asked for copy of Niger forgery investigation

I really, really, despise O'Reilly - who is he to speak for the people?

Beware Bogus Info: that Powell told McCain that Cheney had seen Memo

ok, so the impromptu meeting of Bush/abbas the big distraction?

Radar Online: "Golden Boy" Santorum may not make it back to the Senate

spinster harriet forgot got something

I know how to use Google but still looking for entire Chertoff transcript

Please Bookmark for 2006: Ammunition against RICK SANTORUM

How a Victorious Bush Fumbled Plan to Revamp Social Security (WSJ)

20 October - Another Great Day in Republican Party History

Miers' brevity fails to impress: Specter, Leahy find answers inadequate

Giving O' Reilly Credibility

DNC: Condoleeza Rice and the White House Iraq Group (Long)

Vice President's Aide Draws Spotlight (WSJ)

Georgie With the Bottle Picture - College Photo!

Could bush fire Fitz before he drops the bomb?

Panel criticizes FEMA's handling of flood insurance program

Is Beatty California's latest political hopeful?

Quinnipiac - Corzine leads 50-43 over Forrester, NJ gov race

Firebrand swaps Marxism for quiet life in a convent

Hill Dems Review of Clooney's “Good Night. And, Good Luck.”

funds for operations in Iraq/Afghanistan might be depleted by mid-November

Alice Paul Was Arrested at the White House 88 Years Ago Today

Bush Calls Recent Woes "Background Noise"

Pat Buchanan: my guess is that there are multiple indictments coming

Right now on CNN - W press conference

Spanish Judge Orders Arrest & Extradition of U.S. Soldiers

Treasongate question about bush

the Chinese arm of the bushgang

Democrats should go to the mat on these latest taxcuts and spending cuts..

Does anyone honestly believe we are fighting for democracy in Iraq?

Say hi to the poster boy for criminality in gov't


Yet another Democratic Party money begging survey (Iraq? What's Iraq?)

Question for DUers around during Vietnam War coverage

I love this, papers from court, Delay processed ealier today

The GOP Plan is gregicide, slaughter of the common people.

If both Miers and Roberts are on the SC, and a case comes up -

Tom Delay and the charges sticking

Punk ass Delay on Smoking Gun - ENJOY!!!

Bill Nelson finally wrote me back, re: John Roberts... get this tripe:

Kiss Me Scotty

Jeb Bush on Hurricane Wilma: "Why us?"

FITZ list of those who testified

Anyone Who Has Access, Don't Miss Democracy NOW Today!!

BARTCOP to delay - "Don't let em take you alive buddy!"

Sheehan to challenge Hillary (Libertarian party candidate?)

Steepest declines in support for * are among Evangelicals, Southerners

Rove Rats Out Libby At The Grand Jury: What Does It Mean ?

I have a Constitutional question

FEMA's Brown needed more time for dinner

Kentucky GOP official indicted in probe

Is there a bigger whore for the RW than Hannity?

Democratic National Committee: Fletcher's Dirty Baker's Dozen

More great photos from the Delay case

DNC: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall!

Does Anybody Know If George Tenet Was Called Before Fitz's GJ?...n/t

Leg. for Add'l Fed Judges, Realignment of 9th Court of Appeals

Tweety: The Leak Story is Category 5

LOL! Another goofy pic of Bush

Yes, you should be afraid (avian flu)

No More Covert Propaganda - Kerry/Lautenberg Truth in Broadcasting Act

Bush's word of the week: Opining

Hastert Countdown to Halloween: Dems Are Haunting the House

How long can NBC allow Russert to host MTP,

Number of US Soldiers returning home...?

Worst Nightmare Dept: Will Bush get credit for Middle East Peace?

Americas Sad State of Affairs is due to BushCo and The Pub Party who Put

DeLay Puts Legal Fate in Democrat's Hands


Today's Must-See TV: Rice-Obama, Rice-Boxer (Senate Hearing Oct 19 05)

Would the CIA leak trial be held in D.C.???

Cut all PBS funding, Republicans urge

Maybe Franklin Roosevelt had it right for us

When will the Senate Anti-Torture bill will be reconciled w/House

Libby said he was told by Tim Russert - Russert says no way....

Exclusive: John Amato interviews Lawrence O'Donnell On CIA LEAK

Time to fight back in this class war...

WTF? The asshole calls a senator "Nellie"...

for those dissapointed in the Delay mug shot...

FReeper response to Delay's indictment: Its Clinton's fault! :)

Ruinous financial penalties for conspirators

"She was not a covert agent." Rush

Harriet Miers gave false answers to the Senate?? (RawStory)

Millionaire Rep. Senator Votes Against LIHEAP and Wins $850K in Lottery

We have to decide soon, divisive factions or one voice for 2008

Indictments: Will Bush play it cool, or will he resort to desperate acts?

Things that make you go hmmm....

On this date 32 years ago

Do we have a '72-hour Plan' like the GOP? If not, we need one.

Dennis Kucinich for Vice President!!

Unka Dick's looking a bit peaked, pallid ---> PIX

Holy SHIT! MAJOR slap at the administration by Powell aide!

Cindy Sheehan's gift to Hillary

Claiming God's Support, Conservatives Push Massive Budget Cuts

"His Army life insurance made his dream come true."

delay said he smiled so Democrats couldn't use the picture

So what was the "Saturday Night Massacre" in Watergate? I see

Conservatives won't have Joe Wilson to kick around tomorrow

Is Hillary Clinton out to get Cindy Sheehan?

Is this an OMG moment? Bigger than plame?

scary conspiracy theory re: Dick Cheney !

DNC: Where is Armstrong Williams When You Need Him?

I wish

SurveyUSA: All 50 States Agree: "America Headed In Wrong Direction"

A brave high-school kid speaks up (and my response)

The Fitzpatrick "Indictment Pool" Thread -- Make a Prediction

Dems to Force House to Vote on Pres's Gulf Coast Wage Cut

Fred Barnes admits the "establishment view" in DC is that B*sh is a "dope"

Judge in Tom Delay's case is democratic contributor...

The place to be regarding Tom DeLay

50 State Strategy: ID, NM, NV directors in DC for training..

U.S. Invaded Syria? Where's the MSM on this??

Governor Dean on ABC's "This Week" - Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tweety visited Judith Miller in jail

"I'll be taken out of here on a stretcher" Ted Stevens, "Bridge to Nowhere

Kucinich introduces Resolution of Inquiry to demand documents from WHIG


Wes Clark Calls on Pentagon to honor commitment to Ed Schultz

Honest Question: How do we get rid of the DLC??