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Archives: October 21, 2005

Meet Mr. Valerie Plame

FBI Works on Its Image on College Campuses

Conason: Fitzgerald is no Ken Starr

WP: After the Home Run, a White House Balk? (handling of Mires nomination)

Recently Declassified Notes Reveal Brutal Treatment of Hunger Striking Det

Analysis: Despite setbacks, long term trends may favor GOP

Fox News Channel's political agenda is coming to a local television statio

So much for the House that Rove Built:

Global Eye: Flop Sweat

Legal lynching of Saddam Hussein begins in Iraq

Antarctic species feel the warmth

Why is Diesel so damn expensive?

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant should not be relicensed

I am NEVER going to talk about Israel Ever AGAIN on DU!!

Okay, DUers. . .why is Israel such a target of scorn here?

LA: nWhy won't FEMA support absentee voting efforts in Louisiana?

Monkey Business: A look at vote-counting mischief

Steve Freeman Summary of Debate

Oakland DUers...I smell smoke....what the %$#*'s on fire?

Athens Ohio?? Can someone give me some info?

World Series Game 1 at John Coby's house! Directions and details

Distraction coming!

Is the US Public really this dense?

The US can't win the war in Iraq. After 3 years they have yet to

The best way to debate with Freepers...

Does Keith have the birthday tie on?

"Hey, Keith, Want Me to Opine a Little Bit?" -Harwood on Countdown

blivet** calls it chatter and background noise but let's not forget that

NATO to meet after calls for huge quake airlift

The religiously insane should do the weather during hurricane season

Attn: Nurses, What do you think of a Democratic Nurses Caucus?

Why so many references to Gannon/Guckert re: Plamegate?

The Aspens are Opining (photo)

White House Woes? White House Mess?

Are they (Rove, Miller, et al) going to claim that Miller told Novak about

Secret Service Records FORCED MataHori Judy to remember June meeting

Help me find...

Fitzgerald: An Appeal,....

Why are we all of a sudden hearing about the secret investigation?

Which looks more like a mugshot?

AIDS drugs made by Serano - won't be covered by Medicaid!!!!

Why Saddam trial skips big atrocities (Gwynne Dyer)

Does anyone have a list of all the troubles plaguing the WH?

Think Bush is talking to the pictures on the wall yet? I think he's

Howard Dean's scream speech number 18 on TV Crazy Moments

Rove didn't rat out Libby

Holy crap - K.O is showing the burnings n/t!

I wonder if any of those guys are going to take the gas pipe?

Olympia Snowe & her neo-con response to Davis-Bacon (large image warning)

U.S. Criminal Code - Section 2441. War crimes

torture photos?

Somebody needs to make a movie about the PNAC.

I'm Curious... Why Is CNN Advertising The Situation Room On MSNBC??

If the indicted persons plead innocent, then we'll have a big ol' TRIAL!

The Lesson Is....BJ's Get You In Trouble.

Okay, DUers. . .why is Israel such a target of scorn here?

Cool ! DU is about to break 79,000 registered users...!

Could we be more vulnerable to a terror attack than we are right now?

DU is almost at 80,000

The Perfect Storm... Think you're gonna like this one.

Anyone have any video of Bush mishandling that hammer on Today Show

Paper Stands by Columnist in O'Reilly Fued

Who is "Scooter" Libby and is he more powerful than Rove?

Cindy Sheehan is on Alan Colmes on Fox Radio Now (10:30 pm)

Man Bursts Into Flames After Speeding From Cumberland Deputy

So why is chim-chim ignoring Arnie in Los Angeles tonight?

When is Fitzmas? (POLL)

If we fined each troll $1.00, would we still need fund drives?

I am NEVER going to talk about Israel Ever AGAIN on DU!!

Morality Test

VIDEO-Jerks and Smirks # 8 - Background Noise Editioni

Was it a crime to out Valerie Plame? Need a definitive answer

What the Freepy Frawlies are (and are not) talking about

VIDEO- CIA Leak Latest

Would Bush try to plant WMD to stop Plame story?

Bush admin blocks public commment from public land

LA Times: More Sellers of High-End Homes Find They Must Cut Asking Prices

"Plame indictments ... expect some soon" (Powerslime)

Harriet Miers: A Freeper poll. And a surprise.

Dr. Fetzer sums it all up (Re: FEMA,Military)

Cheney's Staff Cooperating...

Will Karen Hughes address the burning of the Taliban?

Strange sometimes,

Fitzmas Appetizer -- Kentucky Fried Republicans

Amusing Letter From Edward Jones Investments on the PAST FIVE YEARS

I'm going to be really upset if they indict Rove and Libby

Right wing Blogs now admitting Indictments are coming

strange how Judy didn't mention the Secret Service logs in her "tell-all"

That mean ol' DNC--posting a mugshot of Tom Delay....SIX MONTHS TOO EARLY!

Well, I think we can DEFINITELY expect indictments some time next week


Fitzmas Day falling close to Halloween...what does it mean???

What do you want to bet, The Clinton's Have Delays pic on their fridge

Afghanistan, Iraq among most corrupt countries in world

Mug shot comparison DeLay vs. Capone

How Does the RICO Act Work?

Has Fitz Questioned the OTHER MILLER, Colin's firewall?

A tale of 2 prosecutors: let's compare

How to carve a pumpkin


Turning Tricky Dick

Another Harriet Miers "review"...

These goddamned Virginia repubullshit ads suck big ones

Colbert Report: "Why do Israeli papers always put the most important

Funny toon !!!!

One year earlier, or one year later, and the GOP would be FINISHED

CNN, this is lousy journalism.

Bush is the CEO of WorldCom and Enron...

When Karl Rove gets convicted of treason can we resurrect Thomas Jefferson

Firefox Hits 100 Million Mark

Was there anything preventing the people from the WH from

Free Republic has found WMD's!

CIA leak case spills into Iraq, Congress, media

Fox and family values--the true Republican philosophy

The next big story will be :

BREAKING: JUDY LIED TO GRAND JURY (Scooter meeting on June 23)

new leak article in NYT

Lawrence O'Donnell made such an ass out of Tucker Carlson tonight

Who's more Christ like?

How many Bastards will be indicted?

Happy Birthday Viggo Haiku Thread

I've got the FUNK, Listen in!!

Hmm don't know what to make of this:

Plamegate, Miers, et al: Let's look at the "smart money"

Jason Jones, the new Daily Show correspondent...

Former Republican House Majority Leader DeLay Arrested, Charged In Texas

If Abortion goes back to the States to decide on, how bad will that be?

Tom Delay's Mugshot - Is this Harris County's standard issue?

Say "cheese!!!!!!!!"

Did anyone else get this letter from Target?

Interesting article from unlikely source -- Indicting a Sitting President by Richard Mathews


Are you for or against State and National Lotteries?

CSPAN Live coverage of DeLay in Texas Court (seeking dismissal?)


Those anti-marijuana ads on Air America are insulting to my intelligence.

I don't think ANYTHING will happen to Rove & Libby!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Today's "Blame-a-Clinton" thread.

"I don't belive it, * is turning into Nixon"

Does anyone know the status of the agents that Valarie Plame worked with?

Fiscal responsibility is a progressive WHAT THE FUCK?!?

Reliant Energy Sucks! Electric Bill just doubled. I am so angry

WP/Milbank: Colonel (Larry Wilkerson) Finally Saw Whites of Their Eyes

Larry Johnson on AAR, talking about CIA Damage Assessment

From a soldier I know in Iraq

Fitzgerald has interviewed the Italian officials re the Niger-Yellowcake

Blown-up Yahoo Delay Mugshot

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

Ah, Now it Makes Sense to me Why the Admin is Invading Syria

The Aspens have turned. They turned in clusters because they share

On having money --

Remember the Cynthia McKinney wars?

Millionaire Republican Senator plays powerball, wins over $850,000.

Top this: google freeper images

FEMA's Michael Brown: "Needed More Time to Eat Dinner"

Just released second mugshot of DeLay!

Do you think a citizen should be able to buy more than1 handgun a month?

Meet Mr. Valerie Plame

U.S. Gives Florida a Sweeping Right to Curb Medicaid

Hicks will get fair trial, US insists

Chile's Bachelet leads president race after debate

Lawmakers blast US Army delay in fielding Humvees

(Special Counsel) Bloch to be probed on anti-gay bias

Short tries to give MPs power to veto war plans

Wars leave National Guard short on critical equipment

Canadians taking part in Iraqi insurgency

Sr. French, Canadian Officials Warn Iraq "Faculty for Terrorism"-DailyStar

Congress proves itself unable to cut back on pork

Quiet negotiations could lead to softwood deal

Senate Votes to End Cisneros Probe Funding

Spain issues arrest warrants for US soldiers over killing of journalist

Lawmaker Seeks Review of Cruise Ship Deal

Plamegate, Miers, et al: Let's look at the "smart money"

Police on full alert for Friday's anti-Arroyo protest

A Shot To the Heart In Baghdad

Report: FEMA overpaid at least $174 million to Katrina victims

Report: Lilly tied strings to Ga. offer

White House Backs Ban on Some Abortions

Bush Flies to California to Raise Money

DeLay's co-defendants denounce prosecutor as ruthless, vindictive

Fresh bird flu outbreak in China

Cancun Evacuates As Wilma Grows, Nears

US, UK teams search quake rubble for Osama Bin Laden

Illegal workers allegedly hired for recovery work at naval base

Abuse Charges at Bad Time for White House

Senate Comes to Halt in Battle of Bridges

Cover-Up Issue Is Seen as Focus in Leak Inquiry

Bush backs away from timetable for setting up Palestinian state

WP: Post-Rove Thinking Underway (Effects of Leak Case Being Deliberated)

Here's the new FL licence plate.

Who has a great political Halloween costume idea?

this week in god

Don't give a harp about overpaid egocentric toddlers? Respond here!

So help me, I bought a coffee maker today.

I saw Edwards again and I have pics!

Nation State players - if anyone is interested - we could have some fun

For Post 1000

I am in the doghouse

purity test (by

What the hell am I watching on ABC right now?

Judy's Turn to Cry

Does anyone else have adelphia internet?

Clenis wrote the Niger letter!

There is hope

How about when Potsie used to sing?

Hey everybody, How dey hanging?

Damn...tonight's CSI was heartbreaking.

The Clenis drank all the orange juice and put the empty container back!

An Old Song About Bush and Poppy? Uncanny!

Is it just me, or is DU a bit slow tonight?

Reminder that my show is coming on at 11 eastern

I am confused. If not ambivalent.

I just had a smoke.........

What would be the best internet site to download movies...

What the hell am I watching on FX right now?

Why do the Europeans think we're so dumb?

I think it's so groovy now

The Clenis gave Adam Corolla another show!

Is there anyone interested in compiling stupid fucking quotes about the

Halloween Costume Advice Needed!

Leeching bandwidth

Page Laurie

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Jerry Kilgore is a slimey piece of nut-encrusted shit

Making it worse?! How could it be worse?! Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah!

I'm a crazy bottom dweller! Ask me anything!

Help Fitzgerald and have Fun, NEW GAME: Six Degrees of Enron

TDS: "Jesus+Fetus=Scotus"

Thank you, DUers, for helping me keep my sanity!

If Hemingway were alive, he'd singlehandedly hand Wilma its hat

kewl, i saw a bear go over the mountain today

FEMA prepares for Wilma - "Where'd we put the f'in ICE?"

So when you see lots of splattered roadkill, what first comes to mind?

General Zod for President 2008!

Greetings to Mr. Scorpio!

Men without Hats

79,001 DUers! I saw it first!

Time to play : "Blame the Clenis".

Be a Manners Police Recruit...

My company posted 51 percent increase in 3Q profits ...

I've got some good funk - Radio show on in five minutes

Please tell my why I laughed maniacally at the McMansion neighborhoods?


Does bright light make you sneeze?

"Dear sexy knickers,

Today I am from Kyrgyzstan

Are you REALLY allergic to smoke?

I 've had entirely too much wine

Please Good Thoughts, Blessings, Prayers...

Twelve Annoying Things At Christmas

Are the mods engaged in humorous one-upmanship?

I'm Attorney General Tom DeLay. Ask me anything.

Seeing a chiropractor? Please DON'T:

Due to the graphic nature of this post, viewer discretion is advised.

If its not one thing . . .

I just got back from meeting Robert Krulwich!


Replace one word of any TV show with "Clenis"

Wanna see a picture I drew of Cassandra Uprising?

Don't be scammed!! Companies collecting old debts...

Any Buddhists Here?

Replace any word in a TV show title or movie name with "Clenis"

Family Guy/American Dad among shows cited as "worst for families"

The Scar Thread

In honor of my 1,000 post, please tell us 3 of YOUR positive attributes..

Post your fun memories from biology class here!

Boo on margarine.

Most Over-rated Rock Band?

Atheism in liberation theology

Gay rights group told it can't protest at U.S. Naval Academy

Undefeated Predators draw only 12,058 tonight....

As much as I want Fitzmas Day to arrive,

Starting the weekend pic thread 1 day early, only becuz I found one

Kerry: Children Are the Most Tragic Victims of Government’s Indifference

Sent KO a news story about Five Toes, a black cat with five toes...

Dear BerryBush,

Conyers: Recovered Memories

International Comission of Inquiry/Crimes against humanity - NYC

Wilkerson talk at Steve Clemons' New America Foundation

If it seems confusing and difficult to understand, it is because...

Voting with your feet.....

Piece by the great George Packer

The Power of Blogs

Why does the American public let the world fall down around

"Two Days in October"

Rove and Libby have been advised that they may be in serious legal jeopard

Fitzgerald gossip straight from my inbox

Who Are the Republicans? (Revised)

When I need a laugh, I listen to Bush!

Who else thinks Poppy has the EMS Trucks tanked up and read to Roll?

Who In The WH Is The Following Quote Attributed To?.....

Open Message to Fitzgerald: Why Did WH Invade Iraq 3-20-03?

Sean Hannity....LIAR.

Anyone Ready To Call For Rove and Libbys

Piece by the great George Packer

Alberto Gonzales working his skanky ass off right now?

President Bush's Approval Rating Highest In Utah

Sludge says NYT to drop a BOMB tomorrow: Rove / Libby have been warned

Fitzgerald: his experience with the snooty rich shaped his worldview

How long will it be before we really do have dead people in the streets?

1,992 dead so far...for what?

Kerry: Children Are the Most Tragic Victims of Government’s Indifference

Is now the time?

Clark fans need some help for informaton

Vote this story up on yahoo 'Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal' hijacked US foreign ..

CSPAN Live coverage of DeLay in Texas Court (seeking dismissal?)

Time of desperation?

Conyers: Another embarrassing day on the floor today..

The son of a doorman and the son of a president - an American story

A course of leeches

Your thoughts on '08 Prez Candidate Karl W.B. Schwarz?

Psycho Freeper plan to harass Ronnie Earle at church

The GOP cannot be Trusted to make decisions...They went with Bush/Cheney

Tom Delay and his love of money over forced abortions in the Marianas.

Edwards Pushes Anti-Poverty Effort

Why do so many people vote Republican ?

The Most Important Criminal Case in American History (Very Good Read)

Condi Rice in today's paper refuses to rule out attacking Syria/Iran

What do we do when Bush fires Fitzgerald?

Salon: Blumenthal - Cons Rage On Bush to Hide Failure of their Ideology

O'Connor Calls for Clearer Detainee Rules

GM and Ford in need of a big overhaul

Oil firm admits larceny

Insider Condemns FEMA Response

Ted Rall NAILS Judy

David Gergen: "Wheels are coming off" the Bush Admin.

New Yorker: Bush crackup, and a plan for Democrats

Exit strategy? Honor our troops — bring them home:Lynn Woolsey

Dana Milbanks scathing article--

LAT: The timeless art of flattery(Miers' best gov'na ever comment)

The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedoms

Name That War

Ohio's 'Christocrats' Take Center Stage

Death Watch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Withdrawal the only redemption for UK

NYT Bombshell from Bill Keller re Judy

"A Long Overdue Frog-March" by Ray McGovern CIA retired

Miers: The only Exit Strategy

Extinctions Big Payoff-Richard Pombo: Tom Delay in Cowboy Boots

John Dean: Waiting For The Valerie Plame Wilson Grand Jury

Study: 911 dust causing serious health problems

NZ: Progress made on geothermal environmental compliance.

Overview of "weather warfare" history.

Christian leanings at the Jerusalem Post

bean bags are army's latest weapon?

Top Syrian Seen as Prime Suspect in Assassination - NY Times 10/21

Israel accused of 'road apartheid' in West Bank

Study: 9/11 Dust Causing Health Problems

To the LIHOP MIHOP people, what's your case? I think so too.

We NEED Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate 9-11

New Hampshire Ballot Order Lawsuit Loses

So how did it go in Cuyahoga on Monday?

OMG! Vermont--> New voter registration system is bad news

Bush confidante makes blunder on Saddam - Karen Hughes

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 10/21/05

How Your Parents' Votes Were Counted

GAO issues report on voting machines

Do any of youse guys subscribe to Mother Jones?

Freeman letter to editor re Mullane article on stolen election

Vote in this poll in GD if eleciton reform is your primary issue

Bradblog: Breaking: New GAO report confirms e-voting security concerns

There's a difference between HACKING and RIGGING.

Lies & Distortions on Election Fraud–Backdoor to Voter Disenfranchisement?

I just canceled Mount Shasta water service.

Special Election...WHERE IS THE OPPOSITION??

Why voting NO on Prop 74, 75 and 76 is so important!!!

Vitale Suspect Discussed Satan at School

Arnold Breaks Law: Illegal Mail, Fake Union Bug

Just saw a Condi Rice for President in 08 ad on TV here in Iowa

Nov. 2 - Support the student walk-outs. Drive out the Bush Regime

Why is this?

the wonders of the internet...

Firefox extensions are locked up.

Joe Wilson on Ed Schultz show in Columbus next Friday the 28th

Bloggers supporting Sherrod Brown for Senate

Ohio - November issues 2,3,4,5

Any World Series watching parties in Austin?

Lynne Cheney in Dallas for booksigning RIGHT NOW

Texas GOP offering church bulletin inserts to vote for Prop 2.

Anybody See That Little Puke Mercurio on Wash. Journal This Morning? (Doyl

Jim Hightower is on Kathleen Dunn's program now.

Who wants a Sowa for Congress Bumper Sticker?????

I Hear Voices, I Hear Voices

WHERE is Ted Olson!!!!

Fundie meltdown?

"Bush outed CIA agents so he could lie about Iraq, and then covered it up"

sssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnAP! Jim Cramer on Bush Jr.

Who the hell was Novaks source??

My Political Poem

Dick Cheney is not a good man. This is not a good man.

Mexicopat is in the path of the hurricane,

Stripes: (need) More diversity in American Forces Network

Has Bush found "Bianca" yet?

Bush Diagnosed With Attention-To-Deficit Disorder

Foreign Troops in New York's Time Square PICS

When can we look forward to mug shots of KKKarl and Libby?

Art relieves constipation, says study

A random thought....

Kucinich demands WHIG documents

Satellite Radio for Iraq.... we need Air America on there...

AP: Russert vs. Libby

Bush Supporters Protest Kanye West

the perfect storm

Report: Rove may face 'serious' jeopardy

I just had a freeper say people are jealous of O'Lielly

Charlie Rose Thurs: George Packer ('The Assassin's Gate')

Has Anyone Heard From Al-CIAda?????

So what if Rove, Cheney & Bush go down... the billions that have been

Is anyone watching Letterman?

Guy got 24 months for role to smuggle shoulder-fired missiles into USA?

I want a 3 inch book out of all of this...

A thought.. If Bush hands out pardons, he'll have to explain himself..

Am I the only one who really, really, really hates hurricanes?

I'm listening to Doug Basham...He's good

45 years ago--Oct 20 1960 the Lady Chatterly's Lover obscenity trial

Why doesn't Rita Cosby ever report on this missing beautiful young woman?

GOP Activist paid homeless people to rally

Average Age by Service Branch of US troops killed in Iraq for bushit;

The media is still feeding the public a lot of

Smile along with Tom

Medical Warning: Gonorrhea Lectim

Steve Bell: Shrub and Harriet Miers

Lawyers to Scooter and The Brain, "You're FUCKED!" - I love this shit!

i pose one question

Imus is looking for Nic Nolte - Tom Delay mug shot

Mining companies still paying 19th century prices for public lands

Anybody having trouble getting either CSPAN or AAR?

US policy and the 'Oval Office cabal'

tom delay in court on c-span at 10am today!

Anyone having trouble with streaming CSPAN or AAR this morning?

clifford may on c-span....

Questions arise about Bush money paid to Miers firm

Brian Lamb thinks Clifford May was a liberal before he went to the RNC?

Post-Rove thinking under way at White House

WashPost doesn't print LTTEs about Plamegate.

Hey May...

I am coming up on Cspan...

If there is any indictment, this must happen:

The Numbers Bush Should Have Been Very Afraid Of...

Cover-Up Issue Is Seen as Focus in Leak Inquiry - NYT

Lady from North Carolina just mentioned my CSPAN CALL!

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

Stephanie Miller reading Fitzmas Carols from the KOEB!!!!

WP op-ed: "Right-wing" Congressional staffers running things at CIA!

Two things that have helped Bush the most?


The empire never rests

Ho Hum---God this Plame shit is so yesterday!!!

Cspan has Republican only call in!!!

last major hurricane to hit Cancun was Gilbert in 88... (pics)

Proposed constitutional amendment:

wtf? "better shape then we have been in, in years"

Reeps: Proudly appeasin' treason for 5 years and counting...

Loyality in a democracy is to the country

Delay's court room on CSPAN1

Defend cheap unskilled labor - Vote Republican

"Protect Our Borders - Vote Republican"

So, Fits spent 70 minutes talking to bush...

Couldn't Tom DeLay and spouse get a better set of dentures?

Prayer Request...

Wanna see a stupid blog?

Smoke coming from NY subway station

CSPAN will carry Delay's court appearance LIVE today at 10 am EST

Let America be America Again.

DeLay smiling mug shot.

Miers's fawning over Bush is subject of LAT article on art of flattery

EFF exposes laser printers' hidden secret code

I'll take a coupla questions, but we've got to "Move ON."

FEMA's Website has a small (Alaska-sized) problem

Presidential Scandals

I am SOOOO GLAAAAADDD AAR put Jerry Springer on the air!

Puke Alert: Cliff May On WJ - C-SPAN

DeLay pal John Colyandro speaking on C-SPAN now

John Dean: 'Waiting For The Grand Jury: The Big Question...

Is the Tom Delay court session online anywhere!?!? nt.

OMG Who's watching the Texans for a Republican Majority speakers on cspan?

MSNBC has Delay Live in courtroom, tune in...

Find out who is (free)

Picture of the Year 2005

Tom Delay's lawyer is a legendary dem Dick DeGuerin.

Keeerist!! RW caller just wanted Brazile to run for president.

replay of wj on c-span starting

Hurricane Wilma is really beginning to make me ill.

Is Today the day the shit storm cometh? Or can I clean my house?

Have you seen this site, Franklingate vs Plamegate time lines

Let's have one official thread for DELAY ARRAIGNMENT -

Watching Sen Chuck Grassley on C-SPAN2, reading a letter from a hurricane

The Climate Mash

I'll take a coupla questions, but we've got to "Move ON."

Scott Ritter on "Democracy Now" today!

And for my 1,000th post... "Dear Valerie"

A Basic Question about Hurricanes

I really respect Fitzgerald

Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight, 10pmCT, HBO. Arianna , Spike Lee.

The 1967 March on the Pentagon

White House Awaits Grand Jury News (CBS)

Allowing Tom Delay one more moment of free

Brian Lamb = POS

I cried for America

Brazilians to vote on gun ban

Scumbag Delay - "democratic process" vs "Democrat Party"

Did Anybody See That Little Mercurio Puke On C-Span This Morning?

Tom Delay's lawyer is a legendary dem Dick DeGuerin.

CBS's Bill Plante Ace Reporter. Is it Fitzmas?

Film shows US soldiers burning Taliban corpses (WARNING)

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied For Delay

What is AIPAC? (sorry for the ignorance)

Miers told to stop dropping in on senators. She makes things worse.

Is it time to poll Bush's resignation?

Wilma's Rage Suggests New Hurricane Categories Needed

I am George Bush's lower intestine.

READ THIS about Fitzgerald!

so it turns out in the end that Powell is nothing but a coward

George Allen (R-VA) may be the most dangerous man in America.

Found one Cozumel webcam that seems to be still working

Another terror alert timed for Bush bad news

2 NEW Air America stations!!!

Will * Resign on the DAY OF THE ANNOUNCMENTS?...

Death Watch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

CNN said they've shut down some street near Capitol Hill

Terra.. Terra.. Terra in the Capitol

Would someone please crucify Michael Brown?

Fitzgerald Apparently Ready to Indict Rove, Libby, Hadley

I just lost respect for Springer...

CNN: Suspicious package in DC? Streets closed

Know anything re: Ellensburg(Kittitas Valley), WA? The Good, Bad, & Ugly

A Course of Leeches (commentary on Tom Ashbrook's "On Point"

"Bi-partisan" Democrats always compromise with Republicans...

Miers-about purging records-noticed the other day in

Anyone else very anxious today?

terra threats 3 weeks in a row since Bush's approval in 30's

VIDEO- DeLay hearing this morning-Compilation two sources

Bernie Sanders on Thom Hartmann's radio show now!

County takes custody of newborn (Father is convicted sex offender)

OPPINIONS NEEDED: What brand Champagne should I celebrate Indictments with

Would these guys be ballsy enough to shut down the Capitol for the week?

Lamb had 2 hrs. devoted to the Found. for the Defense of Democracies

US official heads to France for talks on UNESCO convention

Let's assume for a moment

Senators clash over "Bridge to Nowhere"

If DeLay get's his motion for a Dem judge removed then...

Conservative Group producing Anti-Ann Coulter documentary

Hey DeLay, Welcome to Waterloo. - Photo...

Feel Free...............

Latest Blog on Wilma from Wunderground - Says Models R Wrong

Thom Hartmann's email appeal for signatures -- please look

I Topped the Google Challenge: Google "DUer" for images

A smile and a winning ticket. Coincidence?

University of iPod

Second Declaration of Independence -- Republicans working on this?

Will someone please clue Delay: It's the DemocraTIC party

VERY clever comment in my local paper's "Speakout" column! PLEASE read!

Let's start with the Premise that this Administration is a Failure

poor duckies!

What if the Republicans shut down debates/ filibusters and confirm Miers?

I propose a flower fund for Fitz after the Indictments are announced.

Wow, Stephanie Miller just SANG THE FITZMAS SONG

Bush and Cheney would have been impeached if they were Dems.

Developing story on CNN .....

I told my brother in early Sept., "B*sh is a lucky, lucky man."

Wonder if Scooter would like to trot back down to the jury room again now

Oh GEEZ! Brazile ADMIRES KKKRove. What a

Well, it happened. My friend's credit card bill doubled.

All SMTB members post here

You know, if Whitewater has taught us anything, it has taught us

Press Conference by Capitol Hill Police

Senate Nixes Boost in Heating Assistance

A "Faith and Values Correspondent" on CNN...Is this appropriate?

M.I.L. lost her job because "the parish can't afford yr health insur"

Judy Miller's Security Clearance

self-delete (dupe)

What's happened at Guantanamo with hunger strike (Link)

Dick DeGuerin political contributions...

"Christmas Mornning when your parents WON'T GET UP"

Tom DeLay appears in court how would you caption it?

another Repub double standard?

ANOTHER Suspicious Package In Washington DC

Request to Tweety to Retract false claim from last night...

Unsigned editorials use exact same words in various newspapers today

DeLay: "I have been charged for defeating Democrats"

How many times do you think the cabal has refreshed the screen

NATO to send troops to help quake-hit Pakistan

FCC says internet phones must be buggable


CNN Poll: Should convicted criminals be allowed

Better than a car chase! Bombs exploding on TV!!!

Have you paid a visit to the election forum lately?

Lord, I love autumn in the Midwest!!

Texas Senate cuts off funding for probe of Cisneros

What is your minimum satisfactory outcome in the CIA leak investigation?

The waiting is the hardest part

Syria... the war drum pounds for thee...

Mama Hughes in action in Indonesia. She has photo-ops too!

ACLU: Rio Rancho teachers can refuse to teach intelligent design


LEGAL: What if a third party released Abu Ghraib pics? Illegal?

Cable Pre$$titues OD'ing On Terror Alerts

So please tell me, who is the looter?

VP's Office Denied Access to Press for Unfavorable Coverage

Al Franken

DeLay's legal team couldn't go 2 minutes in court without lieing...

Question about US casualties in Iraq. If the troops were receiving

Bush using the Reagan library speech to sell the war--again.

Can someone tell me what "ban is going to be stripped" means?

OH-Sen: Who will you support for Ohio Senator?

Just heard on CNN,many Republicans upset at the Shrub's fundraiser tonight

Fitzgerald has set up a website!!!!

How Fitzgerald could end the suspence. ....He should call Staples.

What the RW is saying about Barbara Boxer for standing up to them.

The suspicious package has been "disrupted"

10/2002: "...U.S. dominance in all aspects of global influence" (Link)

Sign: "Don't FOX with local news" Petition

Pentagon Appealing the ACLU's FOIA request ?

Link to "Damning FEMA Emails" posted by Malkin

Wilma website from MX-some power still on

Mr. Coke-Jaw Is Speaking.... DAMN That's Distracting...

Anybody else's IRA suffer losses over the last couple of weeks?

I swear, I'm gonna make up a certificate to send to AL...

Ohio Gubernatorial Challenger's wife arrested for DUI -- .271 BAL

Want some Pork ?????.. Send this to some repubs ...see how they like it !

Need A Doctor? Head To Wal-Mart

Breaking: Bush Paid Miers' Firm $163,00 in Legal fees (TX)

I thought repukes were against the lottery?

ROFLMAO "C'mon Harriet" (bounce 'em)

Karen Hughes got her ass blasted again! "Who's the terrorist? Bush or us?"

Marty Bahamonde is my new hero (FEMA/Katrina - Washington Post)

* is giving a speech

Texas Judges who donate to the GOP/RW out pimping for Miers

Powell Aide Blasts Rice, Cheney- Rumsfeld 'Cabal'

DeLay does the perp walk (pics linked)

why hasn't it crossed the mind of these RW spinners that the more

S'pose Fitzgerald would file the documents

What's the difference between Bush hearing voices and the woman that threw

The ultimate distraction from the indictments? Finding Bin Laden..

14 defining characteristics of fascism

Gambling Gregg

Malloy fan in Iraq

European perspective - video of Taliban burning - mostly english.

Could perjury charges be bought in DC so that Shrub can't pardon?

Selling Short on Miers?

It's not all about YOU. (tongue-in-cheek)

How many times have you hit refresh on Fitz's new website?

Tin Foil Hats Donned? A Theory the Size of Mars.

Judy Miller apart of the WHIG?

How much, do you think, the announcement of Plame's civil suit (link)

Doppler weather radar from Cancun, Mexico (looks bad) .. WILMA.

Presidential Pardons?

Will the DeLay Trial be Televised?

Are you a smoker? (Follow up to would you support a smoking ...)

I can't stand this suspense and the 200+ new registered DUers in the last

I haven't see Jack Cafferty on The situation Room. Where is he?

Why aren't any celebrity trials dominating the news?

bushco Has Dishonored The USA

Judge B.B. Schraub gets to decide if Delay gets to choose

Is there anything going on today in Treasongate? What's new?

Freeps call for Pardon & PROMOTION of All Indicted BA Staff

Okay, so just help me recall...what was so bad about the Clinton admin?

there's another FDR on the way...

BBC: Iraq constitution result delayed

Delay's Lawyer Asked Judge to Recuse Himself, and He is Going to send...

"This is OUR Country NOT Dubya's personal property" can be used re: Miers

Moore (*'s Brain) says Plame outing & Franklin (AIPAC) spy case connected

The calm before the storm

O'LOOFAH Harrassing The Dallas Morning News

Is it Fitzmas yet?

Great DeLay theme shot/chaser in today's Hotline Last Call

Just asking: bush wants the UN to convene for

You're an a-hole - Anti-bush humor & Great song! forward to everyone!!

DU Lawyers: When indictments come out, how long before the "frivolous

Say cheese, Tom (Caption this photo)

Heads up: Ambassador Wilson will be on Big Ed's show

This is it ! Bush is going *down* !!

"Cheney 'cabal' hijacked foreign policy", Financial Times 20 Oct 2005

Senate Commerce Committee Backs Legislation To End Undocumented Propaganda

1992 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Holy Cow

A Fitzmas Song by Larry King Cole

DeLay’s Lawyer Lies About MoveOn

Military Data Collection Damned as Huge Threat to Privacy

Join in a vigil for peace: Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar

is there anything more ugly and vile than Tom Delay ?

They are Fugged

I'm not seeing "W" bumber stickers anymore. Are you?

need a pic wizard...superimpose delay's face over nolte mug shot...

Just Got Some Funny Freep Reaction To One Of My Recent Graphics.

I certainly hope Fitz is not planning on playing the "blame game" --

PICTURES from the Bush Protest today at Reagan Library

Ye gods. Texas GOP offering "bulletin inserts" for Prop 2.

Randi just said Cindy Sheehan will be co-hosting with her at the top of

I feel the tectonic plates under Wash D.C. moving

Is Chalibi the FORGER of the NIGER DOCUMENTS!!!

Bush to pardon 22 indictees (& himself) ?

Dynamite Report on Hardball

On Tweety's "Hairball" , Fitzgerald has a Website?

On Delay's Request For a New Judge:

"Have you read Ronald Reagan?" What the eff did Ronald Reagan ever write?

so are we attacking Syria now?

Delay's attorney just insulted journalists! Baaaad move on his part! IMCPO

Can somebody debunk these two pro-Iraq War talking points?

Bahamonde: "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!" (re: Brownie)

Now that we're gonna reach 2,000 dead in Iraq, we gotta move on to SYRIA??

So Tom DeLay dies and goes to wherever. Can he ask for a different judge?

So who's gonna smudge the White House when the Residents

1993 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Any way to find out WX & conditions in Cozumel area?

Cheney song...

who will rule on whether there's a new judge in the DeLay case?

screwing America's poor and dispossessed for Iraq....

Oh-Gov--Mike Coleman has the best campaign poster ever!

UN report says Syria involved in the assignation. How come the UN

I can think of two incredibly sad facts about Bushevik Indictments

NPR Interview tonight @ Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Could nonviolent intervention do better job of bringing democracy to Iraq

Only a few more shopping days left until Fitzmas

I'm a convicted child pornographer.

freeper posts Democrats launch Tom Delay Mug Shot Ad Campaign

Amy Goodman is coming up on Hardball! Yeah!!!!!! eom

NYT Keller Memo to Colleagues - Regrets on WMD, Miller, etc

Happy 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar

It Just Occurred to Me!

Next on Tweety: Melanie Morgan v. Amy Goodman

Stupid Cuba: They evacuate people AND pets AND belongings.

Bill Moyers on Link TV tonight.

Amy Goodman on MSNBC "Hardball" now.

13-Y.O. Singers Lamb and Lynx Gaede Spread White Nationalist, Racist Hate

Bush publication ban lifted (Canucks to Prosecute GWB?)

On JD Mullane- Was election 2004 stolen? -> debunked

Chavez warns U.S. against invasion

Gay paper outs Fox News anchor?

What political groups did Ken Starr's rePUKE judges contribute to?

Imagine you are George W Bush or Dick Cheney

Prosecutor in CIA leak: 'Totally organized mind'

WHY don't people stand up for themselves?

Just saw Ronnie Earle on NBC Nightly news...didn't hear it

Is only Rove and Libby enough...?

OMG - Cindy Sheehan plans to chain herself to WH fence

Cindy Sheehan is on AAR for an hour starting now.

Mr & Mrs DELAY's Arrogant Smiles Will Backfire on Them

What is Karl Rove doing right now?

I say we erect a statue of George W. Bush in Washington, D.C.!

ABC & KWTX: Liberal Group (Moveon) Denies Selling DeLay T-Shirts

Thank You Donald Wildmon: I'm Going to Shop at Walgreens Today

Seven Days: Twenty-Eight US troops dead

I lost all my data on my hard drive. Can you help me with something?

Video of US soldiers burning Taliban corpses now online

Red state Frat boys mistake hetrosexual man as gay and beat him


What will be the best GOP campaign strategy for 2006?

Freeper says Plame investigation will lead to impeachment

I'm curious,does any one know of any links for...

Let's sing..

Is this too extreme, or are there parallels with this administration?

Shepherd Smith outed by WashingtonBlade's Naff

NEW MEME: "Tom DeLay has gone judge shopping"

any poll numbers on California special election ?

I Am Feelin' Gooooood

Now i just want fitzmas so that Randi stops singing that song.

THEORY: The Intelligent Designer is so complex that there is no way

clean up congress

Now I'm curious. Is any Dem running against DiFi for her Senate seat?

Shame on Washington Blade and Kevin Naff!

The beginnings of the unprecedented: "Hurricane Alpha" coming soon?

If Rove is indicted 2005 will be the best year for Democrats since 1998

DALLAS DUERS: Lynne Cheney at Borders book signing NOW

Et tu, Dick Morris? (video)


Burt Bucharach sings out against the neo-cons war

Do You Prefer "O'Lielly" or "Oh, Really?"

"Fitzmas"? Yes! But I've still got butterflies. Statement on False Statement by DeLay's Lawyer

Smirky: "Maybe I'll look good next to Ronnie"

DU This Poll!!

Anybody else gonna randomly refresh Fitzgerald's site?

Fitzgerald has a website!!!!!

Who wants a FITZMAS blog?

Does Bush have an Excuse to Invade Syria with your Kids?

The Mystery Man

An update on my horrible day in Language Arts (L.A)

Are We Heading For a New Winter of Discontent?

DeLay looks strikingly like Bundy in his mug shot.

I need to question the questions on the questionnaire before

Joan Rivers unleashes torrent of abuse in racism row on Radio 4

So Now the Swifties Are Going After Miers? What Gives?

Code Pink says Cindy to spend Thanksgiving outside Bush ranch in Crawford

Is there a Simi Valley in Texas?

Einstein's writes an equation on Bush

I hope "Fitzmas" comes October 25th...

C&L BREAKING: Check out this memo from Bill Keller at The NYT to his staff

The real Delay mug shots (purported)

More lawmakers back US control of internet

Was Plame Outed by a Foreign Spy? (Justin Raimondo)

what an asshole delay's attorney is, starts out casting aspersion...

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay. Bush's Ace in the Hole-- The Pardon Power (link)

Who is the best-looking politician in the U.S.?

Amy Goodman coming up on Chris Matthews - MSNBC n/t

INDICTMENTS! KARL ROVE's and others' may expose fake war causes.

They are plotting, you guys

CA DUers: Why did Lashaun Harris quit taking her meds?

Why does Bush need Card at Camp David this weekend?

Oh my gosh, is this a slow news day or what? I know it's Friday

Stephie discussing KOEB

Duane Clarridge and Alan Wolf forged Iraq-Niger-uranium docs for Ledeen?

Cop shot an innocent guy in the back twice and then claimed self defense

Anyone Else Notice What Utter Liars the "Religious Rightwingers" Are?

Why does God hate Cancun?????

We DIDN'T "all" think Iraq had WMDs! Remember "Bush must know something"?

We. Told. You. So.

Doesn't anyone in the White House have the sense to call an exorcist?

Fitzgerald set up a web site to discuss the investigation

DU Theatre - Darth Cheney * The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Okay, here's my Wilma projection

LMFAO!!! "Judith Miller Exonerates Bush Officials " HAHAHAHA!!!

Tonights lineup on Real Time with Bill Maher

Chris Matthews reading new GOP memo handed to him by staffer

Tweety just said it AGAIN!! (Joe Wilson being "sent" by Cheney)

What is a "Permalink?" -- do you know?

Bush Reaches New Low in Rasmussen, 42% to 56% (Minus 14%)

Potential Detonation on Hardball -- Any Goodman vs. Melanie Morgan

'Democrat'/'Democratic' - Repubs Manipulate Language, Media, Dems Silent

If this administration get its comeuppance, will you be glad Kerry lost?

200 years ago today

Amazing article in The American Conservative

Why are AAR affiliates allowed to air commercials from radical RW?

Chalabi; KNOWN FORGER. Of course he's involved in the forged Niger docs

George Buxh is going to grab Bolton and storm into the UN,

Is there a difference between Intelligent Design and Creationism?

Meet Condi's tough-talkin' "lefty" cousin, Connie Rice

Oh my God, has anybody

YES, if wounded troops die outside Iraq THEY ARE COUNTED.

UN Gives Green Light for Israel, Syria, US War


Okay, so wait a minute...who thought the package was "suspicious?"

What happens on Nov. 2

A Message To You And George Bush From John And Yoko! (Animated Gif)

Cafferty file: Can things get any worse for the Republican Party?

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ... (Harriet Miers Edition)

Newsweek and HuffPo: "Secrets, Evasions and Classified Reports"

a peek into the future? things to come? new toon 10/21

Bring back the mug shot!

Economics question

Wag The Dog Time for bush**! He Is Going to Attack Syria! Really!

Tweety: "Fear and Loathing in the White House"

Sealed Indictments

Don't kick Republicans when they're down...

Michael Brown is STILL on the FEMA payroll, and got a 30-day extension

msnbc -no correction of move story about Delays lawyer

Scowcroft "lets it rip" like Larry Wilkerson (in Monday's New Yorker)

I can't stand it anymore! Did Wilson's report actually say that Iraq was

Is Syria next?

The Starbucks Challenge: South Weymouth, MA store # 07374 redeemed!

Will RW play the Race Card if Grand Jury Indicts(Over 75% are AfricanAmer)

RenFaire for Dominionists--Get your supplies here:

Gordon Lee, (Porky from the "Little Rascals" ) died.

Names of the Dead

Plamegate grand jury is over 75% black!.. (Oh, sorry chimpco)

Is Al Franken helping or hurting AAR?

Harriet Miers has a new blog!!!

I feel inspired to write a poem

Why do radio commercials have to be so freaking loud?

Red state Frat boys mistake hetrosexual man as gay and beat him

Help!! I am a Morning Sedition junkie.

My question to the Doomsdayers out there

A Wal-Mart Moment.... What would you do?

XM Radio Joins with 'Report it Now' .. call for Citizen Journalists...

Official Joe Wilson WAS sent by Cheney's OFFICE thread

Anyone Watch Primetime Last Night? (Effing Disgusting, Sick, and SCARY)!!

Did Miers Give Bush's TANG Documents To Rove? Was Her Law Firm Paid Off?

You won't believe who gets Bill Schneider's "Political Play Of The Week"

May I take this moment to offer love & support to any "freeper" .....

I Demand a Freaking Answer!!

Irate Judge Throws The Book At Tom DeLay! (Gif Animation)

Is PETA guilty of extremism in going after Missouri puppy mill?

KS School Board Member to FSM-ites: "It is a serious OFFENSE to Mock GOD"

Is everyone ready?

Meet Robert Wesley Tucker....

Keep talking to me please.. (Thread 2)

Please read this email, and don't get pissed at ME, It was sent to me!

Tom Delay's mugshot photo was mobster-esque

Cindy Sheehan: Dianne Feinstein is a "Republican white man in a dress"

Invasion of Iraq; ILLEGAL? OF COURSE it's ILLEGAL.

what is your priority, number one issue?

California Here I Come ---pix->>>

Any news from Binka?

I am a smoker

LAT: "Insider Condemns FEMA Response" -- Stunning revelations of LIES

Identical, Bush-backing Editorials Appear Nationwide

Fitzgerald Knew About Meeting With Times Reporter Before Miller Testified

Comprehensive TruthIsAll Resource--DUer "DrDebug" Put it Together

What are you doing to take the edge off of your stress awaiting Fitzmas?

Like it or not, Saddam is the legitimate head of state in Iraq

Spur of the moment company coming! Help

HOT DAMN! Feds reviewing Kinder Morgan deal!

Kinda quiet in Canada today.

Identity Cards Bill passed Third Reading in Commons

WP: Baghdad Kidnappers Free Reporter (UK Guardian's Rory Carroll)

WP: After the Home Run, a White House Balk? (handling of Mires nomination)

Miers: The only Exit Strategy

Report: Rove may face 'serious' jeopardy (no decision til next week)

Schwarzenegger Asked to Meet With Bush

FEMA: Official says pleas for aid were ignored

I've got a job to do, asserts Bush

Israeli, Irishman among foreign fighters in Iraq-US

Amazon Indians say Texaco left damage

Aides warned they are in legal jeopardy

WSJ: CIA Leak Queries Look at Disclosure

Blair heads for rebate row at EU summit

RAF officer faces jail for refusing return to Iraq

Md. Marine, a Newlywed, Is Killed in Iraq

Blogs will key Hackett's ability to compete with Brown

CNN: FBI slammed (by 9/11 commission) for fighting 9/11 reforms

Teen Arrested in Slaying of California Attorney's Wife

Crude Oil Prices Fall Below $60 a Barrel

Smoke coming from New York subway station

Japan looks to MI6 for spy model

Billionaire jailed for fraud sent to Siberian colony

Lawyer for Saddam Co-Defendant Found Dead

Sport-loving president has his sights on the UN

Lawyer For Saddam Hussein Co-Defendant Found Dead

WP/Milbank: Colonel (Larry Wilkerson) Finally Saw Whites of Their Eyes

I'll take a coupla questions, but we've got to "Move ON."

CBS:White House Awaits Grand Jury News (Says could be today)

Hospital refuses to give baby to officials

LAT: Tutu, Havel Ask U.N. Intervention in Myanmar

Joan Rivers unleashes torrent of abuse in racism row on Radio 4

DeLay to Make First Court Appearance

Puerto Rico's Governor Meets With Venezuelan Ambassador for Oil Talks

Extensive damage to Amazon

LAT: The timeless art of flattery(Miers' best gov'na ever comment)

County takes custody of newborn (Father is convicted sex offender)

Chertoff Vows New Link (rep in NYC after mixed-message subway threat)

Syrian minister says Hariri report 'not truth'

Embryonic Stem Cell Bill Postponed

Police blotter: Closed-source breathalyzer on trial

Wal-Mart Nudges Foreign Suppliers(on environmental, social responsibility)

Cornellians Engage Crowd at Debate on Intelligent Design

Miers Firm Received Bush Campaign Payments

U.S. General: Iraqi Army Needs More Time (as long as two years)

CNN: Man in car near Capital Building claims to have a bomb (DC)

Real ID: Huge Challenges for States

Miers Will Keep Visiting Senators (despite calls from some conservatives)

Pelosi Calls for Investigation into Ney Dealings with Wireless Firm

Rasmussen: Bush Approval 42% (Lowest Ever For This Poll)

CIA Leak Queries Look at Disclosure Of Classified Data (ROVE!!)

Gambling Gregg

Bush getting ready to invade Syria?!?!? Statement on False Statement by DeLay's Lawyer

Possible cover-up a focus in CIA leak case

Amnesty Intl. Activists at Philly Weekend Meeting; Human Rights

Pakistan aid 'totally inadequate'

Abductors have killed lawyer in Saddam’s trial

Syria says arrests Islamic militants who planned attacks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 21 October

Bush to pardon 22 indictees (& himself) ?

Lawmakers question Army brass on idle armored humvees (842 Sit Unused)

Subway Fire Wreaking Havoc for Commuters

Gore Honored by Harvard For Steadfast Enviromental Advocacy

Red state Frat boys mistake hetrosexual man as gay and beat him

Religious group brands Fox TV shows as vulgar

DeLay’s Lawyer Lies About MoveOn

McCain Provides Mirth at Charity Dinner

Brevard sheriff agrees not to keep files on anti-Bush protesters

Gold Star and Military Families Mourn and Speak Out

White House Defense Shaky in CIA Leak Case

A Palpable Silence at the White House

Rice: Syria Must Be Held Accountable

Four US Troops Killed In Iraq (# 1992)

NYT/Reuters: Indonesian Students Challenge U.S. Envoy (Karen Hughes)

Earthquake Worse Than Tsunami Says UN- Over 3 Million Homeless

Court Rules Kansas Can't Single Out Gay Sex

Russian MP Calls Bird Flu “American Provocation”

Guilty will be punished over Afghan desecration: US envoy Hughes

Dillard's Accused of Racial Profiling

Cornell President Says "Intelligent Design" Religion, Not Science

Bush Wants U.N. to Deal With Syria Report

CNN/AP: Drug halves breast cancer relapse rate for some

Amazon Rainforest Vanishing at Twice Rate of Previous Estimates

Katrina cut employment in La., Miss. by 310,700 (LA unempl @ 11.5%)

DeLay seeks new judge in money-laundering case

NYT: Arctic Map Vanishes (mysteriously, in 2003), and Oil Area Expands

NY Times: Miller Misled Paper About Role ("dramatic" e-mail to employees)

Karzai Condemns Alleged Body Desecration

US On Attack Over Taiwan's Defence

U.S. troop strength in Korea to dip below 30,000 by year's end, commander

Fitzgerald Launches Web Site

Texas oilman and two Swiss executives charged in oil-for-food probe

Bush Critic Became Target of Libby, Former Aides Say (LAT)

DeLay lawyers ask judge to step aside because of Democratic contributions

DeLay Smile May Foil Democrat Campaign Ads

Dallas Diocese: Miers Not a Catholic (another lie?)

Goodwill Envoy Hughes Claims Saddam Gassed 'Hundreds of Thousands'

Iraqi Factions Want U.S. Forces to Remain, Levin Says

LAT: More Sellers of High-End Homes Find They Must Cut Asking Prices

Irish reporter tells of his 36-hour Baghdad abduction, fears of grisly out

Parrot that died in UK Quarrantine tests positive for Bird Flu

Electronic voting systems aren't likely to be sufficiently secure by 2006

Old Bush vs. new (Bracing for attack from Brent Scowcroft)

Wife of Ohio gubernatorial candidate charged with DWI

Ford plans 'significant' closings, layoffs

Qwest SUCKS!

Landlord named roper did a show at the copa, when I finish with this,

Chicago sports has a powerful aura (or signal at least)

South Park was lame last night.

It's French, BITCH.

Wow, man... hea-veeee!

A friend of mine opened a clothing shop

How well would an Ernst Röhm Fan Club go over?

Wanna see a picture I drew of ChavezSpeaksTheTruth?

Want to see progress?

On a smoky Thursday night....

Any New Yorkers know why

Did you hear about the two silkworms that got into a race?

Today is the 126th birthday of the lightbulb

I am the richest man on Earth:

WTF is up with these websites where the whole site is random words?

Is Photobucket down?

Tom Delay's nostrils. Among other things.

"My Curse"- Afghan Wigs (featuring Marcy Mays)

25 yrs ago, the greatest acoustic album ever was recorded

"Bullshit" from

AVG users

Can someone tell me if our site can be accessed?

To those who don't believe me when I say I play everything

I sprained my ankle!

This thing on Leno is killing me.

I had a bad day at work.

It's too quiet out there

Now that I finally got AVG to update

The word "Clenis" makes me feel dirty!

We are amazed but not amused

You know you're screwed when Burt Bacharach is writing protest songs.

14 Year Old Girl Brings Gun And Bags Of Pot To School

Man Robs Bank With Demand Note - Written On His Pay Stub

Motorist, 93, Drives 3 Miles With Body Lodged In His Windshield

I playedwith an Xbox 360 yesterday

Republican State Senator WINS POWERBALL!!!...

China Set To Buy The Moon

Is anyone else having problems with the internet tonight? On Edit:

Do you use viagra? Expect prices to go up soon; gov't subsidy is cut.

Island In Lake Breaks Free - Ends Up In Woman's Back Yard

It is Friday - No Flame Wars in the Lounge!

Omg I killed the lounge!

LBN!!!!----Aniston and Vaughn Photographed Kissing

Best. Amazon. Review. Ever

Officials try to seize sex offender's baby

No Mess Pumpkin carving.

Squidbillies = lame!

Where are all the good movies at

All These Things That I've Done

Some stress relief for the lounge...

Astrologer wrong on the big prediction

Man Drops His Pants After Telling Police "I Am An American"

Why do tourists stay in Mexico when they have warnings for days about

Bullet Found In Pork Loin

Should drivers have to retake a driving test after a certain age?

I know you folks think the panda cub is yesterday's news,

DU musicians-please explain the rockstar sweatband thing

TELEVISION REVIEW Comedy Central's 'The Colbert Report

Is this for real? (Tom DeLay-CNN)

Help-resources against spanking.

TDS, Jon Stewart, and a BFG. My day has begun.

Is it just me or are the Houston Astros the most homogenized team ever?

Anyone heard the group The Go! Team?

Okay, who else is letting the house go to hell?

Good Friday Morning, Everyone!

Ninth Grader Wins Science Prize For Cloning Potatoes

Chicago will be DESTROYED in the World Series

Sometimes people just make no sense

Recipient Of "Extreme Home Makeover" A Convicted Robber

ten commandments--texas style

Need advice on high speed internet in an apartment complex

Among the stupidest posts on Freerepublic, ever

my new song is a homage to van morrison and tom waits

BIG BOX MART - JibJab satirists are back

I've got a bike

I'm going to lunch now

Behold...the MONOLITH...

I'm going to lurch now

My Dora kitty wishes she was a Mommy again

(Michael) Jackson Finds a New Home in Bahrain (fate of Neverland?)

What if you deaf, dumb, and blind....

Can I be excused from jury duty because I contributed to DU?

Seattle DUers, see you this weekend!

James Thurber on dogs:

My Yahoo Instant Messenger isn't working.

The Holidays are upon us!!!

"The Nation" magazine called me last nite for a $500.00 donation

ok everyone, i'm going to bed

I may have to wait 14 months to graduate from college.

We need a new smilie. And I propose this one:

What's all this talk I hear about VP Cheney going down and

Bad News Must Be Coming Soon. Media Full Of Terror Story From DC

Man Put Nude Photos Of Himself On Women's Cars - Arrested

Hey everyone.... I am going away for the weekend....

I have a question the answer to which is probably gross - can you help?

Will it ever end? Now there's a suspicious car near the capitol building

I just had a person from PFAW call me from Austin Texas

George Lucas is a very cool guy

anyone else's Hotmail acting freakY?


The Border Film Project (an art project worth following)

You know, my son was 12 days over due

How did Matcom break his arm raking leaves?

Last Friday, my daughter wrote herself a note

Easy way to carve a cool pumpkin this year.

Amex Sues CEO Over $241,000 Topless Bill

The Mother of all "Intelligent Design" debates

New Kate Bush release early November (Double CD - 'Aerial')

What's your favorite Marx Bros. line/scene/gag

i wanna know who rules on the change of judge motion in DeLay's case

Now here's a mugshot ...

I've got a thug.

So, I saw U2 last night (MCI Center, DC)

Ooooh maaaatcom - Come out and RAAAA-EEE-AAKE!

I've got a slug.

I've got a nug

I've got a Rug

I've got a bug

I've got a clue

All right, All you Russian, BushCo,Japanese Mafia

The funniest photo I've ever received via e-mail chatter:

It's Westminster, not West Minister ya MORAN

I've got a pug

I've got a hug!

I've got a "rug"

I need the perfect bumper sticker to express my feelings

Letterman: "They shut down Pennsylvania Avenue because of a suspicious


heee-hee. photshopped Delay mugshot...

I just drank from the well of the lowest common denominator.Ask me anythin


A dilemma I need your help with (Wal-MArt)...

Word for the weekend: tenebrous

Have You Signed Up On The National ''Do-Not-Call'' Registry?

The Astros are not Tom Delay, George Bush Sr. or Jr.

This Just In: NRA Seeks New Law Allowing Saw Killers Saws for Self-Defense

Self-obsessed navel-gazers, check in here

It's Friday, ya bastaids!

y'alls a bunch of assholes

"Kiss me, Hardy." Trafalgar, Oct. 21, 1805

Fitzgerald probe widening to include Ronald Reagan and Joseph Stalin

I saw Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit yesterday

i really hope none of the du'ers who aren't here right now have been

one 5 page paper finished...time for the second...

How about we start with an umlaut fan club, and work our way up.

Lord, I love autumn in the Midwest!!

Has anyone come up with their "own" version of the OSC webpage?

Arrrrgh what a shitty morning

Remember the LED keyboard?

Bagwell or Thomas?

I wish The Critic was still on

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Ever work so hard...

Daddy Dearest: Tom Delay's Daughter writes a book. What's its title?

Tom DeLay Haiku Thread

I don't know nuthin about cell phones

To celebrate quitting smoking ......

I smell pizza!

All assholes post in here please!

Tucker Carlson family bio posted by someone on Huffpo

Low-Fat and No-Fat DON'T Rhyme!

Why did the "I smell pizza" thread get locked?

The famous links posted in The Lounge.

Lizards, check out EarlG's poem in GD.

Okay, goodnight everyone!

the 22nd amendment & randi rhodes

why does the word "bus" apply to restaurant operations?

how long does ice last in a cooler?

Easy-to-use program to record streaming audio from online radio stations?

Who's getting ripped tonight?

DU Deadheads: For your Friday: 5-7-77 Boston Garden

Official DU World Series Poll

Have you started your Christmas shopping, yet?

How are you going to relax

MSNBC/CNBC Online Poll (10/21 5:00edt): Democrats Win Congress in 2006?

an NFL phone # for Chiefs outside of range KCTV's signal to complain to

Why is everyone drinking?

I'm a convicted child pornographer.

Paid vacation days, how many do you receive?

I'm tired of the snarkiness/pop culture referencing in animated comedy

I pet a donkey for good luck today!!!

I just got invited to my 10 year reunion

"Beyond the Da Vinci Code" and WMDs

Do you believe in the...

$30k for Annthrax Coulter to speak - someone needs a refund....

Any sadako fans?

"Get paid to take surveys" Anyone ever done this?

Share your stories,...

Any Sedaka fans?

How's the load time on this (graphic for dial up)?

Boy, do I feel dumb..... Went to a Gore Fest

Are we done with the attitude? Or do you want to clean the bathroom too?

Cindy Sheehan is going to be on ARR in the next hour!

My girl's mad at me

Look into my eyes!!

If Bush doesn't step down I'm going to chain myself to...

Who has the best, creamiest butter in the US of A?!


*Anybody ever seen this webtoon?*

How observant are you? (WARNING. don't do if you have weak heart.)

One of humanity's most annoying traits:


Warren Thomas, In Memorium

Post your parody of the MAJORITY REPORT opening sequence here!

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Become a Republican animation?

Fitzmas Haiku thread

funny halloween costume

I Like Food

A-Rod getting treated unfairly by this news item?

Now I ain't sayin' she's a Gold Digger...

Sign zee papers, old man.

I'm so excited for tonight, it just can't get here fast enough!

This is well uh... you figure out what to call it!!!!

my laptop crashed

Today is THE day!

I love my mom!

Matcom is doing Rachel Ray's...

Pizza: Thin Crust, Deep Dish, or Sicilian?

My son just got ripped off.....I think

Phrases We Hate

Word of the day:immure

Could someone please shove a steel pipe through my ribs?

I found a dozen puffballs in my woodlot, anyone know a recipe?

We've been invited to a Halloween party tonight...

If you "log on" before your first cup of coffee..........

could somebody please give me a hug

Now You Can Head To Walmart To See A Doctor

Any Sudoku fans?

Are the mods slackers?

So, Sundog is a Drama Queen, DS1 LIKES Dogs, Your Daughter's Are With ME

I'm Addicted To DU - Is There A Group I Can Join Or Something?

Why do people have to come home and pick fights?

Sleep paralysis and "The Old Hag"

I love astronomy pictures

Why are there no chocolate flavored vegetables?

The Greatest Acting Performance Ever On Screen

Ok lounge, I have decided it's time to come clean and out myself as a fre

The Olsen Twins of the White Elitist Movement (wow)

Look what I found at my local smoke shop!

What is your favorite line from Inherit the Wind?

My daughter is angry with me...

Hurricane Wilma

Couple of good-looking guys!!!

is it a parent's responsibility

Best Bloody Mary Mix?

What was your favorite Kool-Aid flavor as a kid?

I woke up this morning and one of my cichlids was dead..........

Remind me to steer clear of coffee.

Hip geeks, what can you tell me about this "Machinima" phenomenon? (links)

Nighthawks XXIII (dial-up warning)

Ok....this website is just too much fun not to share. Lots of funny .gifs

Whover did this up has too much time on their hands.

I just got "Age of Empires III"

Post a picture of something you want someone to buy you...

I'm sorry but the news of a dead British parrot can only mean...


I got the job!

DU vocation poll:

Any currency experts on D.U? Q. about thousand dollar bill...

the breast cancer site needs you to click!

What is everyone drinking?

Dear Loungers, please pray / send positive energy to DUer mexicoxpat

hey kids... tempted as you may be...

How o-old are you? (different approach)

Post here if you've never been Photoshopped by a fellow DUer...

Don't crush that dwarf,__________________

Recommend a band/album for my current playlist

Film scenes that piss you off!

The Olsen Twins of the White Supremacist Movement (wow)

We see dead people?

Town Will Pay Lawyer Fees Of Wiccan Woman Who Sued

It just never ends...

Is "God" a projection of human being?

Acetone as a fuel additive?

I'll be teaching my oldest son to do proofs from number theory

Medical research lost because of Katrina

Of Behe and mammary glands

Peru finds headless mummy predating Incas in Lima

Village People performer sought in drug case

Calling on conservatives to come out

Methodist Divisions Over Gays Intensify

Gay couples set for defence rights win (Australia)

Fake hate crimes frustrate activists

Pikesville, Md., high school students hold gay rights rally

Wilma A Drag For Gay Popular Key West Festival

Gay foster kids in Ga. difficult to place in homes

Kansas high court rules gay underage sex can't have harsher penalty

More than meets the eye.

New Jersey man charged with bumperstickering

Bi-national couple separated by politics

'Rehabilitated' Gay Politician Seeks Comeback (Canada)

Here's a GLBT-for-dummies etiquette question.

NJ Supreme Court Told Gay Marriage Ban Dehumanizing

Study Highlights Widespread Gay Bias In Maine

LTTE .... ID and GLBT....... rofl

High School Cheerleader Quits Over Gay Taunts

San Antonio Cop Indicted on Federal Charges In Assault On Transsexual

Should Catholic university allow gay student group?

Question from a Straight Guy

Ron Artest wants to box Ben Wallace

Deputy Allegedly Pulls Gun on Slow Golfers

Your thoughts on this:

The NBA's New Dress Code: An Example of Racism??

(David) Wells requests a trade

another foster kitten question...

What kind of bastard delcaws their cats and then throws them out!

IMPORTANT thread on Election Reform. GAO Report. MUST SEE.

Conyers: GAO Election machine report is in

A report of Kerry in Arlingon VA last Monday

Last call for entries

Since it's almost halloween....spirit photos

KOEB Meeting 10/21-- Friday Night Hoedown (Hi, Steph!)

New story about Tularemia being released in DC during peace march...

Hey KOEBabes - Steph Miller just called you biotches!!

the rise of the machines? too flipping scary.....

NYT: Blaming Media in Leak Case Not Working

Scared little deer in the headlights: "Bush pauses during remarks" (photo)

NYT: Fitzgerald considers perjury, obstruction of justice, false statement

The waiting is'll see

The Real Democratic Contract w/ America. (Check it out)

Our image in Old Europe is very tarnished !

Patrick Fitzgerald And The Neocons (Richard Perle)

Moore (*'s Brain) says Plame outing & Franklin (AIPAC) spy case connected

Please read this Summary by Steve Freeman



What do you guys think of Rahm Emmanuel?

What do you guys think of Ernst Röhm?

WH strategists on Team Miers ready to commit Hari-Kiri

How Your Parents' Votes Were Counted (+ post)

Plot to fly airplane into the WH foiled: 2/22/1974

Put Saddam Dopes On Trial

What did Bush know and when did he know it?

The Emergency Indictment Service is now LIVE!!!

What can be done about BAD bills/laws that are already in effect?

Woah. Tweety blog, and it's not bad!

** Dems to Force Vote on Gulf Coast Wage Cut **

DeLay to Make First Court Appearance: welcome to the circus!

If the whole PNAC cabal is charged with treason, including Rove & Libby,

Scientists attack 'intelligent design' (Aust)

MICHAEL BROWN should be prosecuted and jailed

Who is more belligerent about their trials: Saddam or DeLay?

Bork, a scary guy.

Looks like the strategy is clear

Miers doing so badly they are stopping visits to the Senate

Lowest ever recorded by Rasmussen

What are the chances there will be no indictments?

The Hitler Linkage

Sen. George Allen and Xybernaut Corp. (a Fristian or Harkenian situation?)

I just heard that the govenator dissed shrub in California

Humvees in Texas Parking lot - bush stays the course

Makeup test: A questionnaire Harriet Miers can answer

Miers's nomination is the right's excuse to divorce Bush?

rove indictment to bump delay off front page ?!?

Did they get target letters? That was my sense from reading

I Just Finished Watching The Pilot Episode of "The Lone Gunmen"....

In our gloating over DeLay, Rove, Libby - Don't forget FRIST

Fitzgerald gossip

Do you think Rove will smile as large as Delay on his Mugshot?

CBS:White House Awaits Grand Jury News (Says could be today)

G.E. brings good things to K Street

Terry McAuliffe writes a book — an inside look at Democratic politics

MSNBC Breaking: "A suspicious package in a van parked near Capitol"

No Scotty WH briefing today? Not listed on C-SPAN or

tomorrow's my Bday: I want Bushco hoisted on their own petards. please?

Afghanistan - Poppy Growing - Question....

My God!!! The fundies are right. We're living in the end times.

C-SPAN Caller: unfair to Okay Clinton's Jewish judge, but not Bush's Xian

Market Alert: Futures on Miers's Confirmation Plummeting!

"Suspicious Package"

One of the biggest, most serious issues for our party...trusted bloggers.

Today's Headlines - bush's legacy

an email from Barb. Boxer

Are we facing the end of sock-stuffed Presidential flight suit crotches?

Nervous war hawks, facing perp walks,

Buy the T-Shirt from Tom DeLay's lawyer advertised on C-SPAN!

Shh-hhhh....Pass the word...It's time to vote.

A Palpable Silence at the White House

GOP: Soft on Crime

Possible Invisible Dick sighting!

Brownie, You're a Heckuva Ring Tone (Get your anti-Bush ringtone!)

Fitzgerald Launches Web Site

Who was Novak's FIRST source on Plame? Rove was his second.

so if you are a Democratic judge

I'm disgusted. Bush is in Calif. at the Reagan Library.

Republican Congressman Alleges 9/11 Cover-Up By Pentagon

Bush Critic Became Target of Libby, Former Aides Say

the invasion of IRAN

Pelosi Urges Hastert: Support Investigation b/w Ney & Abramoff

What is the argument that Bush can't fire Fitzgerald?

Ted Kennedy: What questions do you have for Harriet Miers?

Oil prices are down about $11.00 per barrell,yet still seeing $2.80 prices

Pelosi Slams GOP Plan to Increase Private $ in Pres. elections

Earle signals he might contest

Delay's history of "dancing and painting buildings green."

I am inclined to agree that DeLay's judge should recuse himself

Can Judy Miller be indicted for her "forgetfulness"

Interesting article in support of Paul Hackett and against Brown

Your President On Drugs

John Dean sees anti-climax for Plame Affair

Kerry, Landrieu Press GOP Leadership to Help Hurricane...

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: Bush 2005 vs. Matthew 19:24

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines & Airmen have died due to Treasonous Acts

If you missed them, Frontline/Torture + American Experience repeat tonight

Well, proof positive that Donna Brazile is not one of us. I really

Rove and Libby have been advised they may be in serious legal jeopardy

Joe Wilson is coming on Schultz

The All-New Devil's Dictionary! ...........for the Neo-Age


What we can do to win Natioally, what we have to do.

Are you ready for "Fitzmas"?

CNN Breaking: President Bush calls for United Nations to

So Why Does Fitz Need a Website?

If Delay manages to get off

Are DeLay (R-Arrogance) and his lawyer off their rocker, or what?

"It is very important that time is allowed for Mr. Brown to eat dinner"...

Did you SEE "Tweety's" Red and White Shirt and the Blue Starred Tie?

To the LIHOP MIHOP people, what's your case? I think so too.

God bless Perth Amboy, NJ, ancestral home of Bugs Bunny.

Watching Brooks on Newshour

Harriet Miers' review on Amazon of Supreme Court for Dummies

What is that crappy Sherrod Brown ad doing here?

Judy Miller has a past history of contribuing to disinformation.

DeLay wants a new Judge.

Someone please explain the War Powers Act and whether or not

Will the Right Wing Noise Machine falter if Rove is indicted?

DeLay's attorney asks Judge to recuse himself (ties to MoveOn)

If Bu$hco and Plamegate were a chess game ...

Two reasons to NOT watch Rita Cosby tonight

Joe Conason must read: Fitzgerald Is No Ken Starr

New Re-Puke T-shirt


Death Watch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp (by Valhal)

"We are not helpless before that task or hopeless of its success."

Cindy Sheehan is going to tie herself to the White House fnce after #2000!

Gore Honored by Harvard For Steadfast Enviromental Advocacy

MSN/CNBC Online Poll (10/21/05): Will Democrats Win Congress in 2006?

Become A Republican

A crucial, yet often overlooked issue (I think should be part of 06/08)...

great article by Friedman

C&L Video Clip: Gary Hart refuses to put up with Hannity's punk-ass CRAP

Rawstory: Gay paper outs Fox News anchor

Fitzgeralds new website- Verrrry Interesting

If the Democrats win both Houses of Congress what is the order of business

Fucking HARDBALL, twisting the truth AGAIN.

Conyers:Nonpartisan GAO Confirms Security Flaws in Voting Machines

Australia: Leaked “Anti-Terrorism” Bill details draconian plans

It's hit MSM! Matthews discussed "broader" investigation, forged

And here we have it: Delay's booking record

Charge michael brown with negligent homicide

AlterNet blog: Dem House staffer e-mail on Fitz indictments

DeLay Smiled During Booking Because He Felt “Peace and Joy”

JFK quote about war and peace...and Christianity.

Sen. Bill Nelson...Trying To Usurp FEMA!! And Perhaps JEBBY!

shaking my head

Raimondo on the Larry Franklin-Plame connection (w/Judy Miller, too)

They aren't all Bastards. Let's build consensus and GET OUR COUNTRY BACK.

The #1 Most Buried Story: Halliburton Pumping Oil That's Not Even Metered

National Debt Hits Record-High $8 Trillion...

Exploding heads over in freeperland!

"Issues developing at the Superdome"..."It was sad, it was inhumane"

many Americans views well left of almost any national Dem politician

Question: What do we do about Syria?

$1.5 Billion per week for just being in Iraq.

DU Weekend Activity - Counter doom & gloom, use your energy