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Cornell president condemns intelligent design

They Are Not Numbers: Cindy Sheehan

Fed nominee likely to steer bank away from political debate

New Iraq Patent Law Will Make Traditional Farmers Seed Saving Illegal

Israel considers W. Bank apartheid roads

Dead Jews Aren't News

Frustrated With Shrub? Watch him in Freefall, getting knocked around

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 10/25/05

Election Center Job Board Allows VENDORS to list job openings!

What's the matter arnie...

Attention SF/San Jose area DUers

Wellstone! documentary on Twin Cities Television Tues, Wed

I just got a cheap MP3 player and I know now why it was cheap

Hello Fellow Texans!

Is there some sort of law or regulation

People's Legislature to rally Thursday, Oct. 27

Will The NYT Mods Tombstone Freeper Troll Judy Miller?

KO: White House in Crisis! With a Flash back ! lol!

Billionaires R Us

Patrick Fitzgerald's press conference

Self deleted dupe, sorry

Ack Alert: Terry Holt, unctuous Bushcreep on with KO

Most obnoxious piece of Freeper spin you've ever seen?

This explains why my electric bill has been so high

PHOTO: Barkeep (hic) jusht one murr lil longneck (BURRRRP)!

"This President has brought honor and dignity back to the White House"

The shortest "Greatest" post EVER!

What about the ghost of Fitzmas future?

Faith/family/politics poll: "Family values? Depends on whose family"

New repub talking points: Mr X and "miscarriage of justice"....

Marketing to teens, tweens & toddlers

"Human Traffiking" - Important movie on important subject on Lifetime

FLASHBACK: 9/24/05 Billionairesforbush... Give Greed a Chance and More!

Rape victim: 'Morning after' pill denied

Happy Halloween!

David Gregory's Email Address

Why did the chickenhawk cross the country.....

Condi gettin face time on TV by Photo op with MWG Mom?

Allende, Nixon, Kissinger and the CIA: Never Again!

Tenent--Cheney--Libby....... Per Scar

Contact Charles Schumer about his comments on Meet the Press, here

Anyone know if Tenet testified?

New RW spin: this will turn leaks into crimes

So is Cheney the ham in a Tenet-Libby sandwich?

John Dean on Fitz

The War in iraq hasn't been bad for everyone

The new Green Day video is out- Jesus of Suburbia.

Please help me with my list of people who are linked to Plame

Sen Bailey Hutchinson: any potential perjury charge a "technicality"

Do Ya Think Freeperz Have Realized Yet...

Help me with zip code 37600 and FOB New York address.....

on the first day of fitzmas....

What 2000 dead US soldiers looks like. Powerful Video.

Will the Miers nomination be withdrawn?

Has your annual income gone up or down in the last 4 years?

There are only two possibilities if there are a lot of indictments

Is there a local weekly war protest in your area?

Who is going to win the election on The West Wing?

Was it Cheney who revealed the name to Libby or was the name

What Samuel L. Jackson has to say to the chimp...

Rank the Charges For Us Please...Let's Get The Party Started!

Was there any evidence that the Plame leak caused any harm to

US KIA in Iraq will probably stay under 2000 until after....

Det Free Press has opened a memorial forum, "Remembering Mrs. Parks"

Scarborough is going nuts! Lawrence O'Donnell is on, too!

I call on Bush to step down

Well, it's Cheney!

So, if our wishes come true, and there are a bunch of high level ...

Indict Ledeen

So can a VICE President be impeached?

Newest Wingnut Talking Point: Shrub Is OVER!1

Al Franken Video? His book is almost here!

Ahhh, freeps whining about Cheney involvement...


Sister Rosa Parks by The Neville Brothers

Hey I haven't seen too many people linking Drudge's site lately! What, has

Libby fingers Cheney...

Is the NYT being set up like CBS? I am wondering......nt/

Does anyone know who are the people that are authorized

Jon Stewart Daily Show ...

Is there a foreign equivalent to DU?

Please take a minute and take this poll

Letterman intro shows how much important Fitzmas is becoming!

Jon Stewart says to Bill Kristol, "You were wrong about

So guess what story is getting play time on FOX

OnStar Commercials

Lou Dobbs was actually interesting!

Who was in Aspen?

Unlike elections, smearing Fitz will not affect Grand Jury or indictment.

Senate accuses Galloway of perjury and obstruction of justice...

cobert report---give me a god starts next.

Torquemada- Bring Him Back? or Leave Him Dead?

Cheney told top aide of CIA officer (Reuters - RATE IT UP)

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow (sung to & by FDR)

Forged documents about Nigerian uranium? Bye bye Bush

A question about ECHELON.

Since the charge of Espionage has been bantered about ...

Here come the anti abortion commercials

Anybody else getting tired of these leaks?

Iraqi Civilian Deaths - Can someone help me out?

Wolf & SCHNEIDER-aei Promoting Jeb Crow Shrub for Dictator Already

Accesory to Murder or Murder could that be on the Indictments

Stephen Colbert asks Lou Dobbs, "Why don't we ....

With all of this Cheney news tonight...

Ohh just a real happy thought "what if" Cheney fingers Dubya

So now it's all Wilson's Fault WP

Has anyone seen "Goodnight and Goodluck" yet?

The Plame Affair -- Venezuelan Style

So, if I'm reading this right, neocons think religion is for chumps...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

Canada Cozying up to China

Another example of how the corporations loot, pillage...

CNN is already promoting theme graphics and music for

Breaking: Wurmser ordered by VP's office to out Plame

U.S. Ranks 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index

David Brin on Hurricane Response

Bill Kristol TOTALLY SHAKEN on The Daily Show

Can I ask... what are some of your favorite websites to view videos from?

Dems meet to plan 'indictment' strategy: Developing...Raw Story

What Scarboro DIDN'T say is most important

Nauseating Republican creep on Countdown --

1997 US Casualties in Iraq- Candlelight Vigils at 2000

Focus on the Family's latest anti woman screed...Leon Kass

Bill Krystol on the Daily Show: "Harriet Miers will withdraw."

Are you folks still refreshing Fitzgerald's website?

A single word - R.I.P., Miss Parks

Desperate FR Scare: Obama Supports Pro-Abortion American Girl Dolls!

WARNING - Liberals have completely hijacked the intellectual elite!

I am SEETHING right now!!!!


Today's Worst Person in the World: Bill O'Reilly!

Apologies to Will Shakespeare

Oh no! Rosa Parks just died!

John Dean to Aaron Brown: Cheney said he knew nothing of Wilson

Please don't be misled into thinking that Bush was misled

David Gregory: Bush has occasional outbursts of temper 'all the time'

Wilma--wasn't this a strange hurricane?


Hey RUSH>>>how is your house?

Camp David Consensus: Let's all blame Cheney...okay. Is that it,

Halloween Costume? Which RWer to go as?

Whatcha gonna say if Fitz don't indite nobody?


WP: Sony Pictures Opens Film in Church

stunning article about Vietnam in Life magazines found at the dump

How Many Others Feel Like This is 1973-1974 All Over Again?

Latest RW talking point

Am Prospect: "The Yes Man" - How Porter Goss has all but destroyed the CIA

Rosa Parks - A tribute in pictures (lots of photos)

Paul and Sheila Wellstone, 3 years since their tragic deaths 10-25-2002

Colin Powell: "We're not doing bad at all diplomatically!"

At a moment like this, why not state the obvious. Bush Lied. Cheney Lied.

Bill Kristol: "We All Thought He Had Weapons of Mass Destruction"

Solar Power -- Think Hot, not Watt.

Rosa PARKS Respect/Commeroration Thread

Majority of Americans reject the theory of Evolution.

Perfect Storm Week !!! (Pic Heavy)

I think it is going to be tomorrow

Shooting death leaves city shaken

*Greens oppose DoD recruiting database*

Contract leaves Pentagon with poorly armored cars, little recourse

Bush: Baghdad Still Safe for Saddam Trial

Capuano (D-8th) dismayed after visiting Iraq

Judge Rejects Bush Plot Suspect's Request

GOP´s David Emery joins gubernatorial race (Maine)

Iran nuclear game too close for comfort

Well, it's Cheney!

Syria Organizes Rally Against U.N. Assassination Report

Cornell president condemns intelligent design

U.S. Ranks 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index

U.S. Army MASH unit rolls into Muzaffarabad, but lacking vital equipment

ACLU Files Lawsuit Against State Over Youth Prison

U.S. Continues to Block Venezuelan Defense Development

ACLU Reports 21 Homicides in U.S. Custody

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues a Video Depicting the Execution of an Iraqi

Venezuela's Chavez in for the long haul

Polish leader's anti-gay stance threatens EU voting rights

Schwarzenegger: Special Election Crucial

Trial begins for Christian prison program (participants get early parole)

WP: CIA Leak Linked to Dispute Over Iraq Policy

Clear Channel profit falls, radio revs down

Northeast braces for Superstorm 2005

Exception Sought in Detainee Abuse Ban (WH 'insisting' a CIA exemption)

Rescue Teams Pull Nearly 250 to Safety in Flooded Havana Neighborhoods

Civil Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks Dead At 92

In New Orleans, landlords to begin evicting absent tenants

No Escape: Thaw Gains Momentum (NYT)

NYT: Cheney Told Aide of C.I.A. Officer, Notes Show

Galloway lied over Iraqi oil payments, says Congress report

Size of Bankruptcy Bubble Surprises Banks (NYT - Bwa-ha-ha-ha)

Helping girls is 'an American idea,' says Obama

Excuse me for a moment, I have to go downstairs and kill my neighbour.

DUers, what non-english languages do you speak?

A really quick and useless piece of trivia

Which do you prefer: gargiles or slykicks?

One of the all time great blues/rocker...R.I.P.

Iraq War Co-Conspirators Form Sumo Team

where is sir nose'd?

i'm bloated

Who is the "Anti-Cheney"

Yeehaw! It's out tomorrow on DVD!

Clooney will be on Leno tonight

Anyone use Microsoft Project 2000?

Rosa Parks Dies

Six degrees of separation -- the Valerie Plame version.

The shortest "Greatest" post EVER!

For 4 minutes tommorrow, I am a Bushbot...Weeeeee!

Which NFL coaches are likely to be on the chopping block at this point?

Lounge Lizards: Rosa Parks has passed.

Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me.

Introducing the Islama-fecta and W-suction spider hole!

It's always when the hide thread function is gone you need it...

What did Toby Zeigler know about the BFEE

Random Movie Trivia Quote: "Tell it to call you 'Billie'!"

There is always one more thing.

just saying hello to any friends who may be here

Am I the only one getting that "Sprinters in their blocks" feeling?

Who watched The Ten Commandments?

Stargate news :-)

ATTN: Albuquerque residents

I feel

Did that ugly Delay have a face lift?? Nothing would help that mug

The only debate on Intelligent Design

Been offline most of the day, did I miss anything good?


Great joke, even if you've heard it before

John Barleycorn died for you!

Epitaphs of the War - Rudyard Kipling

anal glaucoma


"Jarhead" The Movie

The Best Commercial on TV (really)

Now soliciting suggestions for Landscape/Aquascape company name...



Look there daddy, do you see?

The Banana: Natures perfect food.

"like, you neiw, whatever!"

Dammit all, I have to have surgery on my broken finger Thursday

Subhumans "From the Cradle to the Grave"

Had my eyes checked last week. There is good news

How about some good ol' republican movie quotes...

Delete -- oops

Fitzmas cookies?

meaningful epiphany?

what does this smell like

Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out...

And I, hate everything about you!

I hate to admit it, but I love the "encounter with a freeper" stories

You know what really grinds my gears? Full Screen!

Canada has been there for the U.S. Will the U.S. be there for Canada?

Count me down to 3,000!

Okay, I won't say ANYTHING about Queen

Does anyone else here hate sirloin?

What do you think * is doing tonight?

Rosa Parks passed away today at 7pm.

If George Bush were the most intelligent man you'd ever met


Would you post a completely unflattering pic of yourself?


My Cat Trixie Wants To Know What You're Going To Be F/Halloween (Photo)

How fast can you spank the monkey?

Rock songs with unusual or offbeat instruments.

What is the Zig-zag rolling paper man

I just ate two bowls of soup!

My husband received a disturbing phone call about an hour ago.

New toilet seat design just for women

Have you ever chose to learn from or study with a repub?

Favorite movie cliches?

TERRIBLE movies you still watch...

OK, I've broken down and decided to post a picture of myself.

Why do Christians worship a God who is less moral than they are?

The only debate on Intelligent Design

(Audio) Interview with Tracey Brown of 'Sense About Science'

The Atlantis Mexican Riviera Cruise


Mark Twain on the Bible.

Here's a strategy the Dems could use to win

We Need Your Help!!

Anyone watch the CBS news this evening

ESP Wonder; Newspapers Channel Bush

Howie "the 'ho" Kurtz strikes again; smears Joe Wilson

Imagine you're I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. I know, it's not easy.

Great analysis of the anti-populist law "reforms" in Texas -- must read

Scarborough says (brand new on the wire): Libby got info from Cheney.

Who watched The West Wing last night?

Saturday Nite Live



Hindsight is 20/20: WH Should Have Been Smearing Fitz Months Ago!

Freepers pay homage to Rosa Parks

Post Katrina: Using the "I" word - Impeachment & the 64 Mil $ ?

Bush could use a couple gallons of my mother`s home brew.

Fitzgerald Launches Web Site

"The FBI has conducted clandestine surveillance on some U.S. residents"

On Letterman, Al Franken Jokes About Execution for Treason of Rove...Bush

Ohio War Veteran Running for Senate

Hey, anyone here give a rat's ass about *'s confidentiality? He

who else will be indicted?

Looking for a MTP clip- Cheney says he doesn't know Wilson!

Sy Hersh: "We're Fucked." What does Sy know that we don't know?

Impeachment in a Nutshell.

A question

How can they NOT impeach?

You will LOVE this - from this month's Vanity Fair:

Frist was given considerable info about his stake in his family's hospital

Daddy Bush's buddies turn on jr.

Scarborough on Rita Foghorn: Cheney told Libby, and Tenent told Cheney

"Islamists and Mujahedeen Secure Victory in Afghan Vote "

The freepers are hurting so badly...

What angers you most about Rush Limbaugh vis a vis Ed Shultz?

Conyers:Sign the Letter to the President to Demand No Pardons ...


Bush's personal reasons for taking us into the Iraq War

Critics on Iraq Policy Come Out of the Woodwork Too Late

(LA Times Editorial) On message, under fire

Why Bush won in Nevada: they made Kerry look anti-mining like the NYT

Ray McGovern - Chickens Come Home to Roost on Cheney

Let the Rule of Law Prevail (WaPo)

What Rice Can't See (great op-ed from WaPo)

Two Republicans harshly criticize Bush foreign policy

Maureen O'Dowd on Judith Miller. "Woman of Mass Destruction"

Miami U. applauds Gorbachev- Ex-Soviet leader calls for new vision

It Wasn't Just Miller's Story

Zawahiri 'Letter' Draws Increasing Skepticism

GOP's comical defense

Fitzgerald Must Broaden Investigation--The Nation

What Should Progressives Demand From Candidates - Sizzle or Substance?

Bush can't change direction despite this grim milestone

San Diego Union Tribune toon: Bush's Choice

"The White House Cabal" (Lawrence Wilkerson, LA Times)

Let the Rule of Law Prevail (GOP now decides to rethink Rule of Law)

Plame Game - parts one and two

San Diego Union Tribune: Miers' stumbles are hurting her prospects

NYT Ed on Frist's trust: "A Very Loose Blindfold"

Unseen dollars/ Taxpayers need more oversight on war spending

(Robert Parry) The Dangerously Incomplete Hariri Report

Cheney plan to exempt CIA from anti torture legeslation.

Raise My Taxes, Please!

U.S. blows $1 million on 7 lemon cars in Iraq

The Top Nine Plamegate Lies

Oh, Moonbat---When will you start living in the Real World?

Let the Rule of Law Prevail

The White House Cabal (Lawrence B.Wilkerson-LAT)

Bushies Take Aim at Probe

Syria: The Next Iraq

Iraq 'Constitution rejected': Another Democracy Farce?

MSNBC: "Washington waits on Fitzgerald"

Prosecutor in CIA leak case known for his intellect, relentlessness

Guardian: "Report links Cheney to CIA leak investigation"

Larry Johnson - It Is About Death, Not Sex (new info on Plame?)

Houston Chronicle Editorial: DOUBLE STANDARD

Newsweek's Tom Masland "fighting for his life" in NY

How to Protect the Presidential Seal: Threaten *The Onion*

Money for Nothing (CPA corruption in Iraq)

It Starts With Cheney

Miller: "I didn't know it was coming"

WP: Husband Is Conspicuous in Leak Case


A Nation Stands on Trial

US stocks: The visible hand of Uncle Sam

Warmest Summer Ever Recorded In Alaska - 11 June Days 70F+ In Anchorage

SeaTemps May Kill 80-90% Of Some Carribean Reefs - Biggest Bleaching Ever

China Debates New Dam Project To Generate More Power Than 3 Gorges

Known Arctic Gone As Melt Accelerates Beyond Projections, Control - NYT

TS Alpha Kills 11 In Haiti - Reuters

Snowdrops Blossom, Frogs Spawn, Wasps Throng - Late October In England

Scientists Probe Collapse Of CA Delta Fish Species

Brazil to Reach Oil Self-Sufficiency Next Year, Explores Other Sources

Voluntary Green Power Purchasing Up 1000 Percent in 5 Years

Anyone have a link to Hillary Clinton's major Speech on Energy Today?

505KpW Solar Tracking System Installed in New Jersey

Gore In Michigan - Climate Now Moral, Not Scientific Policy Issue

Dirty diesel

Israel mounts new strikes in Gaza after attacks

Israel, U.S. at odds over timing of disarming Palestinians

Quartet envoy: Israel acting as if disengagement never happened

Enough Palestinian cars

"Able Danger" as Public Service.

WTC7 damage according to NIST Investigator Shyam Sunder

Possible Motives Of The Bush Administration By Dr. David Ray Griffin

Any news on the PUT options on UA & AA?

Marvelous critical review of WTC "no plane" theories by Eric Salter

The USS Cole Incident was LIHOP!

"Protocols of Zion" - New 9/11-Related Documentary

Verify your Registration Ahead of Time

BradBlog Grills Monterey Co. CA Registrar RE: faith-based voting

The Voting Machine Jackpot

Brad: CA Registrar Admits New E-Voting Machine Technology Faith Based!

Obscure CA Election Code Text May Allow Parties to View E-voting Software

Code Red: CA Special Election Recommendations

How to Have Fun With Elections; A Primer for Screwing Democrats

My union just called; *vote NO on all of these faux propositions!*

L.A. judge signs death warrant for Crips co-founder

why NO tv ads linking arnold to bush and the culture of corruption?

Lawsuit Targeting Bible Based Prison Program

Utilities Board Asks Iowans To Conserve

Blouin, Culver jockey for position in primary - WCF Courier

Yepsen: Iowa Democrats don't all follow Vilack's Values Fund

Hey, Seth, this was posted elsewhere on DU but I thought you'd like it

Brian Kennedy Iowa Repub 4 congress: Iris and Thumb Prints for Immigrants

Mayor Candidate Harrinhgton's brochure-- 4 pages glossy with no black ink

Tuesday, 10/25 7:30 p.m. Astros and City Council Candidates

Ten Senators join Dem Senate Challenger (KBH foe)

KKK has arrived on Prop 2! Pic

Heads-Up for anyone paying Federal Student Loans

window sign for admendment 2 - pdf file for printing

Anyone know of a Dallas vigil for the 2,000 dead?

John Edwards will be in Madison Wed Oct 26

Wisconsin Candlelight Vigils for 2000 Killed in Iraq

VIDEO- Schuster on What Did Cheney Know

FBI Breaks Law, Blames Ignorant Agents

A new great anti-war song

Could someone tell me a bedtime story about the spaghetti monster?

They even kill Horses......evil....pure evil

So who are the lawyers sticking up for the Administration in front of the

Does Judith Miller hold Haliburton or Blackwater stock? Is that why she

"The deeper the darkness, the brighter this filament of faith glows"

The glass is half full!

The Culture of Corruption is not immune to THE RULE OF LAW!!!

Ben Livingston on C2C

Even IF people thought Iraq had WMDs, the RUSH TO WAR was

Alec Baldwin "Why are contemporary Republicans so full of shit?

Conservatives support Fitzgerald's apolitical prosecutorial integrity

DU computer people question about motherboard and case connection

Teaser: Wilkerson OpEd in tomorrow's LA Times (Clemons)

Sibel Edmonds: Whistleblower Has Elite Interests Running Scared

I am re-reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X for the first time

Question for Skinner or other Admins (or anyone else in the know)

Freepers are smearing all who take Plamegate seriously

Bush: "This is a very serious investigation"

winning souls in the confederate army

Well, at least DUers and the Freaks at FreeRepublic agree on Rosa Parks

Do you suppose Plame's outing had anything

Rape victim: 'Morning after' pill denied in Tucson Arizona

Duck Dodgers takes a shot a Republicans...

PROGRESS IN VIETRAQ; It was a very busy day today...

The same story twice in the popular stories on Yahoo!

Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau

Fixing and Forging (antiwar)

Critics on Iraq Policy Come Out of the Woodwork Too Late

So we're going to know Delay's fate tommorow??

Who will Cheney rat out ?

About the new announcement on posting about indictments

The Rude Pundit -- Great Post!

Cheney Plan Exempts CIA From Bill Barring Abuse of Detainees

SLEEPLESS CHECKIN: If we stay up, Will Fitz-Santa still come?

Here is to indictments tomorrow!

Now I know why Eisenhower left his warning

Critics on Iraq Policy Come Out of the Woodwork Too Late (antiwar)

Time to Help Mexico

Need help with creep claiming to be military...

Cheney Was Libby's Source - Timeline of Events

so what's the conventional wisdom on indictments?

Is it just me or do the words " Whitehouse in Crisis"

Thank you Mrs Parks

Tom Delay Approves

Hey! You! Lynne Cheney! Who's "NOT a good man" now?

Contract leaves Pentagon with poorly armored cars, little recourse

Dear Ghods... can you imagine what's going thru Fitz's mind tonight?

Without getting ahead of ourselves...but HAPPY FITZMAS,

Tom Toles reads Bush's mind

LA Times: "The White House cabal"

Plame Game ... the plot thickens

May I be the first to wish Uncle Dick a Happy Indictment Ceremony?

Judy Miller and Sulzberger of the NYT...

I am asking the House to rescind the Clinton impeachment articles

What is an unindicted co-conspirator, exactly?

Freepers and Rosa Parks? Anybody brave enough to look?

I was called by an Army recruiter today

My smackdown of a freeper.

Bushism and Buddhism: Dalai Lama discusses

Nursing hopes that Fitz will take down "Big Time" Dick?

Bernie's been talking Rovegate - laying it out like an investigative piece

Is the CIA coercing the WH to shield CIA employees.....

Upcoming Faux News story:

So Whats Wrong With Me?

So is it OK if I cut off just little tiny slice of your clitoris?

How many of you refer to all RWers/Republicans as Freepers now?

Is it Possible for Fitz to Indict Every Single Freaking Idiot

they take coupons don't they? new toon 10/25

The Gaede Twins. Like the Olson Twins, only Nazis.

Shit, meet fan: Fitzmas (So excited, a 10mg Ambien couldn't put me down)

"all roads lead to the VP" news now on cnn about leak story.

Bush nightmare - 2,000 deaths & Plame indictments same day?

When the GOP attacks Fitzgerald, they provide aid and comfort to Al Qaeda!

Dumbest wingut statement on the Plame story, ever.

Anyone read this: Eight indictments prepared...another ten possible

Mass Residents, please consider being active in this petition.

NYT ArticleCIA Leak on c-span noww

Al From (DLC) on 7:45 EDT on CSPAN WJ

2000 soldiers sacrificed to create an Islamofascist terror breeding ground

Syria - Here comes the bu$h regime

Let the Distraction begin: Iraq constitutional vote results just in!!!!

The Cheney story? no big deal--it's page 7 stuff in Milwaukee

The Ultimate Leak Cause...The Clenis (Join The List)


Iraq war forces Western military rethink - Idiots forgot about Vietnam

The Last Reunion: Enjoy these last-ever pics of Bush's cabinet from Monday

Disturbing Analysis: "Another grim milestone fails to stir U.S. public"

CNN Reporting Dreaded Milestone: 2,000th US Serviceman Killed

WJ callers this morning are having a contest...

OMG! Cheney might be the Source who outed Plame!

Looking at our foreign policy and all the lawmakers

Listening to all the caller on Cspan WJ

"Will Numbers Wake America Up,Think of Dr. & Mrs. Death (Donny and Condi)"

Cheney in '04: dem candidate lacks "convictions about right and wrong"

CNN just did a glowing Bio of Fitzgerald

Question for CIA buffs: Have they ever been wrong?

Remember the Lennon/Ono "Hair Peace, Bed Peace" 'Bed-in'?

Cheney under oath or not under oath?

Coulter Admits She's 'Not a Big Fan of the First Amendment'

Here's one to celebrate Fitz enjoy

Valerie Plum, Valerie Flame, Scooter must be living in his novel.

C-SPAN host apologized to viewers for some guy that got through.

Rove's defense: (author unknown)

Al From, DLC founder and CEO, on CSPAN Journal

I wonder

Forget partisanship and your desires for a second. Did Dick Cheney know

What amazes me!

Here's my worry about this whole mess....

Voter Tax for poor blacks-Republican Shame

If Cheney ordered the leak then he is the head of the conspiracy:

They left out the crucial modifier: "exploding."

Not so much the article, but the picture. Cheney may be the source.

2 things: If I lose my power today in New England OF ALL DAYS

Why do we have a WJ host asking the head of a Syrian political

Is it Fitzmas yet.....!?!?!?

Two interesting headlines together on...(drudge)

Pakistan? Earthquake? Was bad, but all's OK now. Really. Forget about it.

Any DUers run an Ebay Drop Off Consignment Shop?...Thinking about opening1

Al Queda step up attacks in US - Fitz will screw their Enlistment Numbers.

new Battleground poll: "Negative Environment" for * & GOP, hope for Dems

Pharmacists who refuse to fill RX should be personally legally liable

PLAMEGATE Leakers Guilty of TERRORISM as defined in U.S. Code?

"Former Secretary of State to head panel investigating BP blast"

Alabama’s Montgomery Advertiser special articles about Rosa Parks

VIDEOS- Misc from the crypt


G. Gordon Liddy >>>>>>>>>> I. Lewis Libby

Is Fitzy stepping up to a podium somewhere?

Who else is having trouble focusing today?

Grasping at straws(Freeps regarding the indictments)

the future of greedy credit card companies

U.S. Subcommittee is after George Galloway again--accuses him of perjury

JFK didn't vote to censure McCarthy?

Galloway's challenge to Senate Committee: On his own website

Radar as Death Ray?

Lot's of elderly could be stuck in those Florida Highrisers.

Rosa Parks, Mother of the Civil rights movement?

20 bucks for a Condi bobble-head?

Here is the crime in outing of CIA agent

Burglary is a real crime! :sarcasm:

Rove Drives to the Frog March ---pix->>>

Lest We Forget, The Plame Scandal DOES ALSO INCLUDE A "BJ"!!!!

Al From coming up on C-spn

WP article from day of Libby/Cheney conversation

Last secrets of Nazi terror - an underground labour camp

On DeLay. You know if you are absolutely 100% innocent you can't say

President George W. Bush, you are a f*cking moron.

The Republicans really need to use this disclaimer

"non-specific, non-credible" bomb threat in California

The headline of your local paper this morning?

BULL SHIT -- NY Times you still suck!!!

If 65% of Iraqis voted NO to the constitution it still could have passed.


From today's Washington Post - "Christian" health insurance, anyone?

An original 1956 Rosa Parks interview!

OBIT: Former Vatican finances chief, Cardinal Giuseppe Caprio

Folks, Professor Juan Cole reads DU from time to time

National Parks Under Siege

Jeb Bush is one lucky dude. CNN yesterday was pontificating

The Syrian "Chalabi" on WJ. What do you think about him?

DU this poll

Explosion at Madison and 42nd?

Follow the Yellowcake Road! OH MY!

Here is a thread that people can update for Wilma ravaged areas

I...can't .....stand.....the....suspense

CBS: 'Imperfect Storm' For Bush?

It's not going to be today....

Tenet says he doesn't remember it that way

Oh! Oh Yes. Ooooh Baby! That's It! INDICT ME! INDICT ME HARD!

Why waiting for Fitz isn't so bad....

Jonathan Chait: GOP's Comical Defense

What's Fitzgerald's history?

Don't Go There, Democrats Warn Republicans

Those poor persecuted Christians (Not directed at average Christians)

Why should anyone on Bush staff and inner circle fear his wrath?

is early Christmas advertising a plot by BushCo to divert attention

Was that MSNBC shot of Fitz

With all the great indictments coming soon here's an early

CNN's "Breaking News" Melody will give me a panic attack!

White House braces for jury indictments

A Case For Perjury Against Cheney?

Some good Democrats in Missouri.

Freeper Morale Must Be at an All-Time Low

did anyone see David Shuster's report?

Idiot rightie quote of the day

Salon Interview with Paul Hackett: Reporting for duty

Even Howie Kurtz is shocked at pooh-poohing of perjury....

The Bushies have NEVER convicted a terrorist, not 1! But Fitzgerald has!

Will Bush order flags flown at half staff for Rosa Parks?

Does DU do the Webby Awards? Just asking....n/t

I'm about to mess with the minds of the RW'ers.

lets put our words here into action....

Cindy walking in Rosa's footsteps.

Joe Wilson was different from every other person Rove tried to screw over

RW'ers - Army Ants in a human disguise

strib: A film premieres in church basements

And Now to Take Your Mind off of the Fitz Wait...

Bush Spokesman Refuses To Answer Whether Cheney Passed Info About CIA Agent

Venezuela police scramble to squash pumpkin threat

condi press conference on c-span

Wal-Mart donates $5,000 to Delay 2 days after his Indictment

Air America Radio Cruise/Conference/Retreat?

Bush wants to unite Iraq when he can't even unite his own country...

I think Daryn Kagan's head is going to pop right off her shoulders

House Democratic leaders privately planning 'indictment strategy

Want to see real D.E.L.U.S.I.O.N in process?

A restraining order from Congress prohibiting military action against any

Dick at Last Night's Fundraiser ---pix->>>

The Progressive Blogosphere Gives me Real HOPE

"Christian group wants to 'redeem' US states"

Alan Colmes OFF of Sirius

Sam Seder will be on "The Al Franken Show" today (nt)

Twas the night before Fitzmas

Feds file complaint against anti-wolf activist

Rush blaming Clinton for group sex

Yellowstone bison find no room to roam

2000 Heroes Lost

* on CNN now, speaking at officers' wives' luncheon

Is it Fitzmas eve, or already Fitzmas today???!!! nt

What happened to Katherine Lanpher? (Franken's co-host)

How will we know?

Can you imagine what the right would have done to Rosa Parks today?

* Talked about Rosa Park ..... in his speech today.

CNN The Situation Room "A political perfect storm"

Why is Bush on TV for so long this morning..??

I swear that Chimp Boy is looking more like Hitler every day

Poll Of The Day - Capital News

Warning: just walked by TV. The Chimp is speaking.

Bush says "Osama is a child of privilege sending young men off to die

Intelligent Design : what should I believe ?

Where do these guys think they are going?

CNN's Bill Schneider: their damage control is backward

Is anyone's refresh button wearing out on Raw Story's homepage?

This is Your Story - The Progressive Story of America. Pass It On.

2,000 - wow, the timing is impeccable...

Kucinich vs. Bush: Debate on the economy

Note to China for when they invade us:

Is this the moment of reckoning for the MSM?

Anyone hear the caller on Randi's show yesterday say "Merry

Anti-Earle commercial just aired!!!

"Rove's War" the DVD set

Bush Approval Rating Remains Dismal at Rasmussen Tracking (minus 15%)

How many times can you refresh in 1 hour?

Cheney Task Force Had Eyes on Iraq Oil (in 2001)

DON'T FORGET NYDN 10/19: Bush knew Karl was leaker 2 yrs ago, and lied

Hadley met head of Italian SISMI on 9/9/02 re: yellowcake forgeries!

The next time a presidential candidate picks VP candidate

George's Subliminal Suggestion ---pix->>>

A tragic milestone. 2,000 dead. Watch this powerful video.

Warning: We are slipping into Defcon 3

Cheney's Energy Task Force Papers were AQUIRED!!!!!!!

AOL Poll on the leak investigation and on the "Media"

When are the indictments coming....I'm tired of waiting....

We need to remind the Religeous Right

Raw Story's "developing" story on indictments now online:

"Plausible deniability" will soon be re-entering the lexicon.

Fitzgerald has decided to seek indictments,---Story is up

RW'ers blame Bill Clinton for outing Valerie Plame.

Bush just used the "Crusades" word in his live speech just now...

Why ??

LOL! CokeJaw's speech got too boring...CNN just added screen graphics

New Rule: No More Broadcasters Are Allowed To Use Phrase "Perfect Storm"!

Blonde Bimbo on with Reagan on MSNBC just said - with a straight face

Galloway challenges US senators (More "Plaming" of those who dissent)

Richard Clarke on Franken's show NOW! NT

Kind of sad - NO hurricane survivors hit in Florida by Wilma

CNN Poll - Do you Shop at Wal-Mart?

Italian Intel Chief, rebuffed by CIA, took Niger story to WH (Hadley)

I want to say this before anything happens:

NY Daily News: WH defense will be that aides "simply got tripped up"

Bush team plans leak strategy: Aides got 'tripped up'

Hoax or reality?

Is the Scotty Show on today, or has it been called till

new Dem slogan (not quite the same as one posted earlier)

Question about Fitzgerald's website and the BIG announcement:

Turn on Franken!

I'm Worried-Can Bush Resurrect/Save His Presidency??

WH Admits Hillary Clinton Is Source Of Valerie Plame Leak.

What was George Tenet's Role in the Plame/Franklin Cases?

Franken calling today's show "The Night Before Fitzmas Edition"

The Appalachian Times: Indictments possible today, Condi to assume VP

Great pic of Fitz --

Bev Harris on Thom Hartmann

What is the most outlandish lie you have caught someone in

Three new CDs released by BushCo! photo ---->>

Female firefighters find they can take the heat

With the distinct possibility that there will be indictments

The bank was flying a CHRISTIAN flag today alongside the

Clarke "Whole Iraq thing ginned up in Veep's office and Pentagon

Scotty bingo!!

I'm (almost sort of) glad that Shrub was sworn in a 2nd time

photos of Wilma aftermath in Cozumel...

"If the Times is right, you MUST indict"

LMFAO Just ordered Franken's book after watching video

C-SPAN now: House members discussing 2000 dead.

Chilean on Yahoo Message Board talking about Pinochet Regime.

Is it possible that once indictments are made and the trial

What kind of champagne goes with fried chimp?

Interesting role switch

Wilkerson loads and fires again, in LAT op-ed, "The White House Cabal"

Where can I find information regarding the terroristic bomb threat

Outing Plame was illegal, people. HELLO!

Is it my imagination or is

Sky News secretly filmed Fred Phelps praising London bombings

An American newspaper that's worth saving (mine!)

Brad Blog on Hartmann

Please Fritzgerald, I don't want to Cry!

If this GJ does not indict can another one be called?

Official Scotty Grilling thread.

Bigger Than Plame!!! -- Other Shoe About to Drop...

Governor Schwarzenegger, kicks ass in Walnut Creek...

**BUSH Dismantels Habitat Housing in N.O. (Frist Hand Account)

I'm glad that Bush won in 2004...

Nominees for the "Didley Awards"

Why hasn't Robert Novak been indicted?

Where it all began: Cheney's secret energy meetings -- maps of IRAQ!!

raw story clarification

"Able Danger" as Public Service.

All the different talking points = a bowl of spaghetti thrown at the wall

Wonder What The Wilson's Are Thinking These Days?

It is About Death Not Sex (Larry Johnson)

Please think of all Southern Fla. and New England DUer's today

I wish it would hurry up

Everyone sign the Conyers "No Pardons" petition?

Cindy Sheehan was just live on Fox News

RIP NY Times. Long live Washington Post?

Words/Phrases in the Republican Lexicon that REALLY chap your ass.

When I was in the Army (89-92)

OK - Who is the Grinch that stole Fitzmas?

Cabal News Network officially onboard BushCo indictment spin

They can't kill us all. "If I tell you, I'll have to kill you" ?

Last call to nominate a non-fiction title for the DECEMBER book club.

AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGHHHHH!!! Marsha Blackburn again!

Frustrated Scowcroft Assails Neo-Cons, Cheney

Bush knew Rove outed Plame

one more scenerio... a lot of hype and misinformation


UK TV secretly films Fred Phelps, a KKKristian minister...

Stephanie Miller or Jerry Springer?

Will * replace Cheney with Rove? And then resign?

"Rove simply got tripped up on his recollections of whom he talked to"

To everyone fretting about the "two indictments" story

Condi gets an ear full from Canadian PM.

Fitzmas cookies, White House style . . .

Lying to Congress is a crime

caption this * and dick pic....

Good post on HuffPo from Gary Hart.

Fitzgerald calling more witnesses and announcement on THURSDAY?

My psychic channeled Bush's dreams last night....

Thoughts and memories of Paul Wellstone


Seeking Divine Protection--WaPo

If it's only perjury and obstruction,

Will you still love me, tomorrow?

No Army, no yearbook photo

Josh Marshall on with Al Franken right now

And then there is "Grey's Anatomy"

Whenver I See Bill Krystol on TV, I Think of Mao's Re-Education Camps

How will the GOP spin the indictments? It has already started...

"Karl Rove is a One-trick Pony"

Somebody tell Will Pitt to cue the Handel.....

Bumper Sticker idea

Rush needs more oxycontin, stat!!!!

1999 Reasons why the DSM is Important


The White House declares war on the Onion?

Franken's 'Truth': Politics can be serious business

So, to pass the time, let's come up with a list of True Democrats.

Wow; how long has Conyers been in politics?

McClellan Throws Rove & Scooter Under The Bus

Top Nine Planegate Lies

Bush Uses the word "Sacrifice" 10 times in today's speech

So when are they saying the indictments will be handed down?

See the NEW G.O.P. Moniker!

Tweety Matthews: Bush "glimmers" with "sunny nobility"

limbaugh: wilson is a publicity whore

Area where Wilma formed bears watching - here is a link from NOAA

Tenet says he didn't tell Cheney anything!

Military: 2,000 Dead an Artificial Mark

so powell cleaned dog shit off the carpet

President Bush Thrilled With Iran's Gift Of Giant Wooden Camel


MSNBC Question of the Day

If It's Only "Perjury" then the Ball's in the Dem's Court.

Wolf: probably tomorrow

Pakistan said re-thinking U.S. F-16 deal

Did Libby have clearance to receive information on Plame?

The Car That Makes Its Own Fuel...and it's Zero Emission...Cool!

I just heard wolfie say something like * numbers are up slightly

Randi is tying Cheney's CIA visits to the leak case

2000 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Fitzgerald, Raw story and a question to DU Moderators

Can Bush name Jeb as VP if Cheney is indicted?

L.A. judge signs death warrant for Crips co-founder

'The Waiting is the Hardest Part' Tom Petty

2000. Dammit.

Thank you, Joe Wilson.

Statement of the day

Cheney and Libby seem to be at odds - link on Rawstory

Clinton, Rangel, Jesse, Kennedy et al on Rosa Parks

Could Bush have Gonzalez fire Fitzgerald? OOJ

Please tell me I'm wrong....

Caption arnie...

Evolution Poll. where does DU Stand

CNN Poll: * 42%, but only 39% would pick him over generic Dem

while thinking about Rosa Parks today, it occured to me...

An inspiring story about grassroots efforts post-Katrina

I still say that Raw Story is the Drudge of the left.

Did you ever wonder what 2000 looks like?

Fitz recalling witnesses?

If Cheney and Rove are indicted, Bush will...

Rawstory: Fitzgerald has decided to seek indictments, those near inquiry

George Is Showing the Strain ---pix->>>

CNN not stating entire facts about Iraqi Constitution Vote.

What will Fitzmas Bring?

Will Congress begin investigations into Plame

FR thinks George Tenet leaked Plames identity. What a bunch of freaks!

America Blog: MSM omits the essential: "BUSH LIED" (16 words?)

Cheney told Libby on June 13? When did Libby meet Judy? Same

Is this a joke?

wolfie has "new" information on the CIA Leak Case

Good article re: Wilson

Nation Wide Vigils for the 2000 dead.

Can Fitzgerald continue to investigate the Italian forgeries?

Why doesn't TSA just hang up the phone and chill out?

Here's why cheney is NOT in trouble:

Who Is Ben Bernanke........replacement for Greenspan?

C. Uygur: If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong

Bomb Threats Shuts Down Two Airports - Bush Supporters Gone Wild!

What's happened to Jack Cafferty

VIDEO-The Daily Show with Bill Krystol

Bush called Rosa Parks Rosa Park ????

The White House cabal - by Lawrence B. Wilkerson

I am alive . . . Thank God

2000 fallen, on Oct. 25th, St. Crispin's and reflect

Fitzgerald has decided to seek indictments, those near inquiry say

I have no answer to this. (stumped)...Can anyone here on DU help me?

Official Plasma Screen thread

Bush's "Guest Worker" plan - What we're NOT being told.

Destruction of evidence charges, I think.

Condi blows smoke up Canada's ass RE: Gun control

I Suspect the 21/22 indictment figure is mis-info from Rove.

Democrats Question State Department Nominee's (Lack of) Experience

Do You Agree with Evolution?

Hey hey hey! We don't know anything at all. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

You think we are anxious about Fitz? Think of the White House right now.

Conservative Icon Says "The Days Of The Blank Check Have Ended." Now What?

2000 dead is not a milestone.

Bush says military action against Syria "last resort"

Fitzgerald has decided to seek indictments

PERSPECTIVE: Less than 1/5 of ONE PERCENT of Americans are watching CNN

Is Free Speech a progressive Ideal?

Ok its an 80-20 split pro evolution

Question 4 Coulter: 2000 DEAD - Has Enuff Hair Been Mussed?

What's up with all the Fitzgerald pessimism today on the DU??

A good list on Election Fraud

Hey! McCain gets to wear the halo today. pic...

I think Cheney is toast

I Stand By What I Said Back In The Clinton Impeachment Days.

Talk about hurting America. How can the oil companies rake in record

Rape victim: 'Morning after' pill denied

2 soldiers died friday, Brings the total to 2000?


Man I love The Onion: Onion bites back at White House

It was nice of Drudge to give Franken free advertising 2 days in a row

OK, why are at Level 2?

Sign John Conyers letter!

Cspan (1) White House Press Conf repeat just started again

Caption *

Time for Hardball on the East Coast. Who can tell us what is going on?

VIDEO-WH Press Conf from today-heavily edited

Extremely moving interactive photo essay of 27 funerals of soldiers killed

Not to get your hopes up about the indictments...

Want to vomit? The FReepers are being respectful in their respect. . .

VP stopped at airport trying to leave the country, passport confiscated!


Okay, seriously, how many times today did you hit 'refresh' at DU

Grand Jury Resource Thread

LOL - THe 'IED' bomb materials that closed San Diego airport was a COOKIE!

David Gergen (sp) just said that this is much worse than Watergate

Interesting article on yellowcake story, “La Repubblica's Scoop, Confirmed

As the BushCo. regime falls, how to hold the Press accountable?

Cheney, seated, awaiting processing at a federal penitentiary(SATIRE)

Wolf Blitzer just publicly shot down one of the new Republican

What 2000 American citizens are DEAD for...

DU this poll!!!

Official Primal Scream thread

Do You Agree or Disagree

Newsweek: Prelude to Leak - How Cheney... (conspiracy mainstreamed)

Jeff Masters ( thinks hurricane season for the US is over

won't indictments cast a bright light on B*sh's (in)competence?

" 'Left Behind' Screened in 3,200 Churches"

A great American Hero!

I wonder if her mouth was dry as she stood there waiting for the bus....

Does the Earth Revolve Around the Sun?

If Fitzgerald extends the grand jury 9 months Rove, Scooter, and Cheney...

When did putting your hands all over little children become diplomacy?

Just another innocent thread by ck4829

anyone seen tuesday's toons?

Handbook for Federal Grand Jurors

How would you handle the leak of a CIA operatives' name?

The new "C" word -- "Coulter"

Has anyone noticed that all stories about the 2,000th troop killed...?

McClennan deserting the sinking ship?

10 years from now, will you remember where you were this Thursday?

Tom Delay's Mug featured on "Awful Plastic Surgery" website

Who was hoping for indictments tomorrow because he/she has the day off?

Roy Blunt thrown in the wash with DeLay

"America is the richest nation in the world" and "America is the

Question about candle light vigils.....can anyone help?

Looks like Mary Cheney is bailing out

So now that we officially have 2000 dead soldiers in Iraq...

The First of December: Some thoughts about Rosa Parks

Bush will be in hiding

Revenge is sweet, sometimes, but this time I feel sorry for the Idiots.

I think the stress is getting to us...

Another good episode of Hardball

*** TUESDAY TOONS: A little of everything ***


BREAKING: McClellan Throws Rove & Scooter Under The Bus

From the CBS Evening News, to air at 6:30PM:Fitzgerald

Treat level high. Looks like it's going orange.

All We Are Saying... is Give Fitz a Chance!

Lou Dobbs just nailed the GOP/Big Oil nexus

Americablog: CIA - "Yes, There Was Damage" From Plame Outting

Favorite Fitzmas carols (your own creation please)

Uh...sorry 'bout this...Italians I got some bad news.

LouDobbsPoll: Do you feel ripped off by the Oil Companies?

Did George Tenet break any laws when he told Cheney

What a rant from Rush today. Indictments coming.

Can someone explain conservative white Republicans reaction to Katrina?

Is It Fitzmas...Or Early Thanksgiving?

If you go to Fitz's website,

What is the suspense doing to you?

Props to my dad!

US Iraq toll hits 2 000

Calling All Parents: Advice Needed on Disciplining Little Squirt

Al Franken will be on Countdown tonite!!!!

Interview with Harriet Miers

Cheney: "I never met Joe Wilson" in 2003

Manner's question - how badly did I frack up - lunch with fundies.

Can A Sitting President Or Vice-President Be Indicted?

In the next day or so, we will know just how really powerful they are

The indictments HAVE to come out tomorrow (irony alert)

The Wit and Wisdom of... Barry Goldwater!

Self delete

Goodboy plugged DU with Randi!

The United States is Now the Third Most Unequal Industrialized Society

How can we get Dems to run on passing Jefferson & Madison's 11th Amendment?

Recent Results: Smart States (2002 - 2005)

Do you remember when * said it was easier to be a dictator ?

What I'm really afraid of

Randi has a freeper now!

What does "ONE" indictment mean??? (from Dailykos)

A Triple Amputee At Walter Reed.....Reminds me of another War

Randi shouts out to DU!


20 minutes until Head On with Bob Kincaid!

Iraq/ Vietnam: Compare..

Pentagon public affairs nominee wants a catapult

Heads Up- WH Press Briefing coming up on Cspan shortly

I, (insert your username here) do hereby resign from speculating.....


ACLU-Autopsy Reports Reveal Homicides of Detainees in U.S. Custody

evictions in NO to start today?

Do you care if soldiers lose their arms and legs?

Ahh.... since you can sue a sitting president in CIVIL court... how about

The Washington Note: Target Letters Sent For Indictments...

Where is the Subliminal Message in this photo?

New series of questioning was conducted TODAY!! David Gregory

Fitzmas Eve


Is Bush having a lost year?

Goodboy on Randi! Randi is a fan of DU! n/t

The Top Nine Plamegate Lies - And Who In The Media Keeps Parroting The Lies

Has Cheney said anything about Miers?

ABC News' Terry Moran says "THIS IS HUGE!!!!"

George Tenet should have been charged with crimes.

Who is Mr. X Speculation Thread

Rush Limbaugh drug charges?

The Law of Treason

Head On Radio with Bob Kincaid

If the indictments do not include crimes beyond perjury

To Raw Story People:

help roll back the forest fee scam

How must the soldier in Iraq feel ?

Progressive Dems agree the WORLD CAN'T WAIT! THANKYOU!!!

Photo of sealed indictments.

Greatest civil rights figure

Whose Indictment Do You MOST Want For Fitzmas?

BOOK: "How to be a Lady: Useful hints on formation of a woman's character"

Who said, "She's fair game?" (referring to Valarie Plame)

What is with Condi meeting with lost girl of Aruba family?

I think Hillary should come out and say she was wrong to support the war

Did you sign up for the candlelight vigil tomorrow night? Oct. 26th

coulter beats out the dub for "Stupidest Man of the Year" award

Last Shopping Day until Fitzmas!

another totally unsupported rumor to chew on:

NO I am not taking back all these gifts! Let the Fitzivities continue!

Indictments Coming Tomorrow; Targets Received Letters Today

RS: ABC News denies that any reporter called White House on Libby

Implications of Indictments: The Unleashing of the CIA upon the WH

CanOFun has today's WH press conference

Did you ever wonder what 2000 looks like?

Is Fitzmas like Festivus...

Good Boy told Randi

Solutions for Freepers who don't like taxes

Here's what 2,000 looks like.

You are going to have to pry the power out of their cold, dead hands

Tweety: FBI Agents in Wilson's Neighborhood Today

We can`t loose site of the electronic voting issue.

Just got a call from the U.S. Navy wanting to speak to my son.

Ha! I Just Got A Great Visual In My Mind About Plamegate

Best Toon of the day.

Damn, YOU KNOW THIS IS BIG when reporters report on reporting!

Why are humans the only beings with a conscience?

Kerry/Edwards signs are being put up in my neighborhood. I saw

Why are we all so happy?

Who is Mr. X?

Rove/Libby/Cheney -Suddenly this seems just to easy - are we being set up?

If the Creator Was a Tad Better Designer

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you

Military: 2,000 Dead an "Artificial Mark"

Ron Christie (Cheney Advisor) on MSNBC with Tweety ...

Tenet = Mr. X?

I need the Bush with bald guys montage

So, if I take my kids on a flight soon I'll trigger a terror alert? COOL!

MSNBC Poll: Do you care about the CIA leak investigation?

Right Wingers force the Guy James show to be taken off the air!

Katrina vanden Heuvel on with Tweety ...

*CLASSIC PHOTO* -Rosa Parks mugshot

Did I Just Hear Peter (WJ) Say That Keller Said Judy & Scooter Had/Have

Heads Up - Join Nationwide Protest Wednesday - 2000 Too Many!

Who here really thinks that Cheney will be indicted?

"Many liberal bloggers are referring to the day that Fitzgerald announces

3 reason's why 85% of republicans will always accept the Bush/Cheney lies

Condi Rice: Civil Rights Icon?

NYT's Tom Friedman explains why he was a Bush bootlicker on the Iraq War

DU this poll, please!!

DU this MSNBC poll

Once the Indictments are handed down, isn't that when all hell breaks lose?

Page 130, of "Winning Modern Wars"

Who is "BJ" and how does he tie into the Plame scandal?

One federal indictment; five counts; three defendents

Fitz seeking indictments - TERROR ALERT RED, PRONTO!

Fitzgerald needs to ask for an extension to this investigation...

Ldotters "celebrate" Rosa Parks (only as they can)

Byrd up on CSPAN2, talking about 2000 soldiers. nt

Should I be worried that some might try to "influence" Fitzgerald ?

Ohhhh. It's all the fault of the French.


The *Bushco "38% Of America Supports You" Tour in photos

My LTTE on the occasion of 2000 US combat dead in Iraq:

Libby Indicted?

One DUer has been consistently right about the Plame investigation

Richard Clarke: Forgotten? Not by me.


Lou Dobbs,CNN-this soldier's mom thanks you...

So ... what do you think the big diversion will be tomorrow?

How do I look up a list of radio talk shows in Dallas?

Secret DoD "Office of Strategic Influence" and Judy Judy Judas?

Speaking of Evidence & Indictments, Any Info on Gov Appeal to AG Photos ?

It's HEAD ON time!!!!

Why did Scooter write that note?

The Silence of the Dems

They Look Like They Just Got Out of the Clown Car ---pix->>>

AOL Poll: "Do you prefer TDS and The Colbert Report to 'Real' News?"

Al Franken on as Olbermann's guest tonight-show will include Cheney & leak

Cheney's Energy Task Force...will this be available for Fitz? Tenet...why

All I want for Fitzmas.........

Didn't Cheney go to the CIA

GoodBoy on Randi! Mentioned DU!!!

Some (mostly unsung) American Heroes

Syria is Being Set Up- A Leaked Letter from Washington

States Ranked: Smart to Dumb

...and just in time... ANOTHER BOMB THREAT

Kristof: Campaign against Wilson was backstabbing politics, not crime

Wal-Mart unveils ambitious environmental plan

CNN is still sticking to their story that 2,000 troops are dead.

Time for rapid response for the Wilsons - Milbank started the shitstorm

Who Told Dick Cheney?

you is easy to be a "conservative" when you make millions ala

Hannity pulling out all the stops...bashing clinton AND praising Reagan

Why's Bush doing another Iraq speech today? Kerry speech on Iraq tomorrow.

Time To Play Along W/ America's Favorite Gameshow SERIOUS LEGAL JEOPARDY!

Sen. Bird on CSPAN2 now!!'d I do? (nt)

GoodBoy from DU was just on AAR, also gave us a "shout out!"

1956 Rosa Parks interview!

Josh Marshall: SISMI Attempted to Bypass CIA w Niger Doc - Hadley Involved


Lawsuit Targets (Bible Based) Prison Program Funded by State

Twin pop stars with angelic looks are new face of racism

U.S. soldiers cleaned their boots with Qur’an pages

Josh Marshall: Very EXPLOSIVE news out of Italy

A delay of justice is injustice its self

A question about Trolls

The best way to honor the 2000 dead is to stay the course in Iraq

Is it really "treason"?

Expose the WHIG

Read this exclusive with photos!

CNN reporting on their website

We need to remind people, it wasn't JUST Plame they outed.

If you were stranded in Cancun as a tourist should US Govt. Get you Out?

The recent report stating that the insurgency is mostly Sunni?

Hardball on MSNBC

Sealed Indictments. So the new spin will be: "Stop all speculation...



Bono on the religious right-from new RS interview

HELP! need a SNAPPY comeback to a FREEPER comment on my BLOG

My Indictment Prediction (with a Challenge)

Is Rawstory.Com A Legitimate News Source? Or...

heads up CBS talking about Cheney

Can't wait to send out my FITZMAS CARDS!!!

U.S. troops not leaving Iraq; "large numbers for years". DRAFT TIME!

Indictments coming tomorrow

FYI: Geomon666 is okay

bush can't even pronounce Rosa Parks' last name correctly.

NYT reviewer: Colbert proves SNL " has outlived its usefulness"


Name 5 living Progressive Democrats you respect

Train Wreck of the Week - October 23 2005

can we please knock off this Fitzmas nonsense? . . .

"Former homosexual" to host Biblical "straight talk" radio show

Isn't it odd that Rosa Parks dies right in the middle of the Traitorgate?

Male circumcision reduces HIV risk by 60%, says study

Majority of Americans Reject Theory of Evolution

CIA Leak Linked to Dispute Over Iraq Policy

WP: Presidents Past Inspire Bush's Damage Control

Cheney, Libby May Be at Odds Over CIA Leak-Case Investigation

USATODAY: Cheney cited as source of Plame Leak!!!!!

Rosa Parks dead at age 92.

WP: Cheney Plan Exempts CIA From Bill Barring Abuse of Detainees

Venezuela's Foreign Min: EU Can Oversee Upcoming Election

Hearing is set for request by DeLay to remove judge

GOP Contenders Pass on Ariz. Governor Spot

Russia Pledges Support to Iran Nuclear Program

Voter Tax for poor blacks-Republican Shame

Bush names Bernanke to succeed Greenspan

Cheney Plan Exempts CIA From Bill Barring Abuse of Detainees

Secret UK Ministry of Defense Poll shows opposition to occupation

White House Gamble Pays for a Princeton Professor (no one knows his

Criticism of Miller Could Complicate Case Against Libby

BBC Breaking: Iraqis approve constitution

Suicide Car Bombings Kill 9 in Iraq

Galloway hits back at US Iraqi oil fraud claims (asks for perjury chg to

Bomb Misses U.S. Troops, Kills Young Child

US death toll in Iraq hits 2,000 (AFP reporting on CNN)

Two Republicans harshly criticize Bush foreign policy

Final Tally Shows Iraqi Voters Approved Constitution

Size of Bankruptcy Bubble Surprises Banks

Four foreigners killed by roadside bomb in western Iraq

Seeking Divine Protection--WaPo

Storms Raised the Dead in Louisiana (1000 coffins floating in Gulf/marsh)

US death toll in Iraq hits 2,000

Fitzgerald Must Broaden Investigation--The Nation

PRIDE chief defends pay

Lebanon's pro-Syria president vows to stay on

WP: Conservatives Escalate Opposition to Miers

WP: Husband Is Conspicuous in Leak Case

Threat prompts closure of Long Beach Airport

Cheney, Libby May Be at Odds Over CIA Leak-Case Investigation

Home sales stay high; confidence dips (sales would've fallen w/o Katrina)

White House braces for jury indictments

self delete

U.S. Operatives Killed Detainees During Interrogations in Afghanistan and

US death toll in Iraq hits 2,000

Bush: Military action against Syria 'last option'

2000 Dead American Soldiers In Iraq

L.A. judge signs death warrant for Crips co-founder

Bravest fume at FDNY

US govt hails Iraq charter ("a landmark day")

CBS NEWS Breaking: Bomb Threats Close Calif. Airports

SBA hurricane program still moving slowly has Fitzgerald Story Up Now

Sunni leaders reject Iraq charter

Fitzgerald has decided to seek indictments, those near inquiry say

Military: 2,000 Dead an Artificial Mark ("Celebrate the daily milestones")

Prisoner sent back by US is held over Russian raid

Fitzgerald has decided to seek indictments

Bushies take aim at probe(war room offensive against possible indictments)

Sale or Spinoff of KBR Said Not Imminent

Cindy Sheehan: Don't Support Clinton Unless She Flips On War

PORTER CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISER: Cheney raises $200,000

Raw: Fitzgerald has decided to seek indictments, those near inquiry say

Toy car, cookie shut down Lindbergh Field's commuter terminal

Sen. Bird on CSPAN2 now!!

Death toll for U.S. troops in Iraq reaches 2,000

Death toll for U.S. troops in Iraq reaches 2,000

Activists to 'Die' Outside White House (Cindy)

Rawstory: Fitzgerald has decided to seek indictments, those near inquiry

U.S. blows $1 million on 7 lemon cars in Iraq

Energy 'on table' with U.S.

Toy, Cookie Are Mistaken for Bomb Parts (San Diego Airport)

Napolitano outpolls Bush among state Republicans

US Senate 'finds Iraq oil cash in Galloway's wife's bank account'

Bush's Pick for State Post Criticized ( Ellen Sauerbrey, a GOP loyalist)

White House Sidesteps Cheney Questions (Scotty: he is doing a "great job")

Bush Nominee for Refugee Issues Draws Heat

NYT: Wal-Mart to Seek Savings in Energy("parsed support" from env. groups)

Newton Grove Labor Camp Owner Indicted

BREAKING: McClellan Throws Rove & Scooter Under The Bus

Indictments Coming Tomorrow; Targets Received Letters Today

Galloway rejects senate perjury claims

Good Boy told Randi

The Washington Note: Target Letters Sent For Indictments...

Bush in PR blitz amid leak probe(D's-WhiteHousecleaning if indictments)

Last secrets of Nazi terror - an underground labour camp

Raw Story: Libby Indicted

AP: Judge says Pinochet will not be tried

BBC: 7 July bomber 'filmed last year' (by intelligence services)

Inditements confirmed by ABC

Iraq Qaeda says holding 2 Morocco embassy staff

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 25 October

Orange Co. (CA) Register: Activists kept from intervening in suit

Public Giving Gov't, Business Lower Marks

CNN/Reuters: Plenty of flu vaccine expected this year

US military says attack at Palestine Hotel was a 'signature al-Qaida attac

Iraqis approve new constitution

Roadside Bombs Kills Sailor, 2 Marines (2000 Have Died)

ABC News denies that any reporter called White House on Libby

Bush Warns on Higher Iraq Casualties

(Maurice) Hinchey Asks For Expansion Of White House Probe

Law would curb funeral protests (Westboro Baptist Church)

UK academic gives evidence in intelligent design case

Almost 60 pilot whales die in Australian mass stranding

Bush salutes Rosa Parks for courage that "transformed" America

Heinz air crash death suit (was) settled for $15 million

Quarter of Dead Are National Guard Troops

Haiti becoming Canada's Iraq

Bush Says War in Iraq Isn't Cause of Rising Terrorism

US anti-war groups prepare to mark 2000th Iraq death (300+ events)

WP: Presidents Past Inspire Bush's Damage Control

Wilma Leaves 6M Without Power in Florida

Think tank: U.S. likely to stay in Iraq after Bush's term

Senate panel backs $10 billion in health care cuts

Tobin seeks dismissal of charges (GOP phone jamming)

Security Council 'split on Syria'

Political surprise brews in Kansas (repub DA to switch to Dem, run for AG)

Bush says military action against Syria "last resort"

"Pollari went to the White House to offer its truth on the Iraq"

Poll: Bush would lose an election if held this year (CNN)

US Judge Sets December Date to Execute Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

CNN: Poll: Few doubt wrongdoing in CIA leak

BREAKING: CBS To Report Fitzgerald Will Make His Decision Known Tomorrow


AP: Activists to 'Die' Outside White House

(Joe) Wilson says ``conspiracy'' is falling apart (for * administration)

Bomb parts found at San Diego Airport (CBS Radio News)

20 fined for using letters W and Q

LAT: Fitzgerald Focuses Again on Rove (new!)

Majority of Americans Reject Theory of Evolution

GW-Battleground 2006 Poll Reveals Negative Environment for President Bush

Mormon Church Cancels Missions To Venezuela

Polygamous Community Defies State Crackdown

Majority of Americans Say Military Action in Iraq Was Wrong, Poll Finds

computer question HELP!

Is it true that drinking a lot of cough syrup give you a cool buzz.

Oreo cookies...


Anyone catching Phil & Friends on the upcomming tour? NYE?

What's on your keyring?

Could someone tell me a bedtime story about the spaghetti monster?

the many sides of the christ

Golf Course homes; has anyone ever heard of a study done on the toxicity

What exactly does "ping" mean?

The ONE time something got lost in the mail....

what's your favorite ep?

I Wish They All Could Be CaliforniaPeggy

Tell all your friends!

Happy Thanksgiving And Merry Christmas!


Irreverent childhood meanderings. Footsteps in the Sand

Robert Jordan fans.

Philosophy: Is moderation in ALL things good?

Morbid curiosity?

We just had a blackout.

Condolences to all Uncle Floyd fans: R.I.P, Mugsy

I got my VERY carnivorous, hunter, meat and potatoes "sorta SO" -

My husband's freeper cousin is living in a storage unit, in his car.

Woo hoo!

Well, night all!

I'm making pizza breads at 2:45 in the morning

If Anne Rice can find God, so can I. So here he is:

Where's the hate mail?!?!

Good night - See you at the meltdown

It's my baby bro's birthday today

I am finally back in my bedroom that was burned by an Arsonist(2nd aug.)

Nighthawks XXV (dial-up warning)

Viagra may help reduce stress in more ways than previously imagined

Bible website teaches adherents how to recognize sex talk w/ youths.

Questions and Answers about Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume

Prof. Ken Brown puts stake thru heart of Intel Design on C-Span 2

Proof positive that dissent is alive and well in the UK

Loma Prieta earthquake in Jell-o

Does anyone have a Fitzmas Tree?

Please nominate these threads...

PETA caused 9/11, Fitzmas reveals.

Damn my employer rocks

Ahh, Quaint, Peaceful Fall In Sleepy New England

Good Tuesday Morning, Everybody!

The Incredibly Delusional are really calling in to C-Span this morning

self delete

On a rainy day do you prefer Miles, Trane, Monk or Mingus?

The stars on DU

C.C. DeVille (Poison Guitarist) JAILED For DWI


New England is neither "New", nor is it "England"

Halloween candy confessional: I ate a whole bag of....

I'm finally going to bed. Good night DU!

TIme to play-Rap artist, Athlete, or Frat boy joke????

Wots fer breakfast? Pancakes, of course...

Former In-Law Claims Janet Jackson Has Secret 18 YO Daughter

*YAWN* Good Morning - FYI: Cut vs Uncut Wars In GD Already This Morning

The Ink in my HP Printer smells bad....

Happy Birthday James Carville


Now it's time to play: Random Scrabble tiles or Canadian Health Minister?

87 Y.O. Plows Car Into Medical Center - 6 Injured


Tributes left for a dead chicken

Is Kristol always that pensive and stuttering?


Revolution Rock

When told he needed to make a statement on Rosa Parks, Dubya replied...


Lennon's 'Peace' Lyrics Up for Auction

Get ready to say AWWWWW - Dogs and wallabies can be friends

what are 3 things you want to do, but haven't done yet

Would you sell a kidney for $90,000.00?

How many here just vegetate in front of the the computer...

I've never been in a "cabal"

how many here play poker?

Alright I have a kind of perverted question (Not a Sex Thread)...

Best Ray Harryhausen film?

a WTF moment

Greetings from the 4th Dimension.....

Is furniture patented??

Bono: Yoko said I'm John's son

Every single time I used Internet Explorer I get this message:

Anyone have the time and skills to do a e-commerce web site?

Naked Man Wades In Niagara Falls Rapids - Arrested

Okay, I just teared up at ER.

It's nice to see one of the GOOD guys live more than 90 years for a change

What kind of fish do they have in Heaven...?

Well dog my cats--I just hit 6000 posts and didn't even notice it.

We have to put our cat down

Why did you make Jesus cry?

I was a Bushbot for 4 whole minutes today!! Go me!!

Why did Jesus make you cry?

I can no longer post

Who else got rocked by Hurricane Wilma? Just got online Power still out.

Necrophilia On The Rise

Bleachers7 appreciation thread

I was reading through Even Cowgirls get the Blues last night

Rosa Parks quotes........

Dreams I'll Never See - - Allmans or Molly Hatchet?

Movie quotes that have made it into the culture

The GD forum will be renamed

"You're a smelly pirate hooker!"

We need a Lounge thread Bomb Factor predictor!

Great New for Key West...The Hog Cam is back online..

Best. Protest sign. Ever.

Breaking - Bush resigns. Cheney begins prison term

How many times can you refresh in 1 hour?

How many times can you refresh in 1 hour?

how many RPG players are here on DU?

great "vanity" license plates

Proud Mary ---- CCR or Tina Turner?

How did you decide on your DU username?

Dressergate: Rove stole half my socks.

Bush boy- You are going down next year

How many here play chess?

Bill Murray, Janine Garofalo, Matthew McConaghey in "Larger than Life".

Do we need a womanly thread for balance?

play the cosmic nuber game. post any number and I will show why it is 4

Fitzmas eve traditions

Rat's nest for sale on eBay - for real

Be nice to me.

Honestly... you should buy the first two seasons of Arrested Development


where can I get a Chickenhawk costume?

Saw a black ribbon car magnet today

Whats your bmi?

MUST READ new book: "Tulia: Race, Cocaine, and Corruption"

This is the Gender Neutral, I'm Okay...You're Okay Thread....

I miss aviators

BitTorrent user convicted over movie sharing

I hate my back

Why does WilliamPitt hate me?

Someone please let me know when it is Fitzmas!

I miss avatars

as just heard on Randi, Bush said Rosa Park


Watch British Public Education Films

Tia Shan gets to sleep all afternoon

Perjury / Smerjury

How many times can you refresh in 1 hour?

Is Tonight Fitzmas Eve?

Not to make anyone nervous but How many days til...

I haven't seen any moon pies here this morning

This is not good :(

I just do not feel...refreshed

My Dad's out of surgery. They found the hemorrhage, isolated it,

The hits just keep on comin'...

51% = > 1/2

I have a sexy new avatar!

"The DUers' Song (Fitzmas Don't Be Late)"

So I decided to go as Marilyn Munster for Halloween.

help me decide what vanity plate to put on the new car

This is a manly thread. Grrrrr. Hello men!

Most anticipated Song of the Season.

Lyrics for the day - I bring you, from Los Angeles CA, THE DOORS!

Good morning, everybody! My god, the sun is out today......

What is the worst part about being stuck in really bad traffic (driving)?

This morning, I watched "Fox and Friends" for the first time.

Anyone else here like New Age music?

Anyone have a bushy (as in bush fan) as a roomate before

Wholly SHITE New England DUers BE CAREFUL!

Worst part of the rapture

arwalden has brass ones -- look at this question he posted in GD

Elmo Arrested For Harassing Tourists For Tips

Goodnight y'all

Worst fast food restaurant.

DU computer people question about motherboard and case connection

What kinds of statements are told by Scott McClellan?

Pass The Time With Trivia Thread . . . Question # 1:

Robber Flees - Hit By 2 Cars (INCLUDING Getaway Car) & SHOOTS Himself!!

Is Patrick Fitzgerald married?

Want to tease yourself?

This is bitchy gender non specific thread

My dear Lounge Lizards! WHERE IS THE LOVE?

Don't you HATE it when you think you're in the Lounge and you're not?

Post here if you are sick of "God Warrior" then let's be done with it.

"It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown" is on tonight on abc

Ha ha ha!!

Bummer. An ex-teacher who was nice to me as a kid is a Bushite.

Alleged Potty Prowler Pleads No Contest

cats and dogs, democrats and republicans

VP stopped at airport trying to leave the country, passport confiscated!

have a good evening all

WS Game 3 in Houston. Roof open or closed?

Never a dull moment - nothing like an old time angry mob in the street!

Does the Earth Revolve Around the Sun?

Just another innocent thread by ck4829

Ack!!! I need computer help!!!!

Most feared "Christmas Classic"?

So I decided to go as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween...

More proof that the theory of Intelligent Design was written in the 1200s.

OMG if this isn't a Bush voter I'll eat my shoe.

And then there is "Grey's Anatomy"

Lady vs lady..... no comp.

I had my dog anesthetised so they

Closed Captioning

I don't trust anyone who....

Andy Kauffman Appreciation thread

Pictures Of Things I would Rather Be Doing

I have finally decided

Holy crap, it is 34 degrees outside!!

Remote Control Device 'Controls' Humans

Seriously. Does anyone have more range than Patrick Swayze?

I am so good that two of my professors said they read my blog....

Don't drink, don't smoke

Has DU started a Lost forum?

It's official women yak wayyy more

There is no such thing...

Has anyone heard from our Florida, Cancun,: Yucatan Peninsula DU'ers?

Ionic Breeze - turning ozone into oxygen - URGHHHH!!!!

Tony Clifton appreciation thread

My new wallpaper (LARGE PICTURE ALERT!)

That poor woman--Gretchen Bonaduce...

I hate my bank


I'm frickin' freezing--and I really want some buffalo wings, damn it!

Anyone else here use Facebook?

I'm home!!!!!!

anybody need a thesis topic?

I never did hear the answer,

I finally found it!!!


I Am Going To Take The Night Off From The Computer

My 15,000th post

I miss avatars

All-name college basketball team

Uh...sorry 'bout this...Italians I got some bad news.


It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is on tonight.


There once was a man from Nantucket.

Anybody else from the Northeast feel moldy and soggy in their soul?

What Kind Of Coffee Does Dracula Drink?

Sniffa just "pegged" his jeans...

Intel Storage Driver problem on my PC - what is it?

it's... circumcision TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY

Is it time for NBC to cancel "Saturday Night Live"

It's snowing!!!

Get a room!

I'm straight!!!!!! (still)

Help I need Funny Epithets

My Fair Brady pisses me off!

Job interview at 11 a.m. CDT; wish me luck!

Wait a freakin' minute! I have over 1000 posts! How did that happen?!

anyone else think life would be more fun if it were a musical

PiL on American Bandstand, 1980

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This is a semi-manly thread for men who cook. Grrrrr. Hello semi-men!

Curious: How few hours of sleep can you get by on?

No offense, but New Age spiritualism seems dreadfully boring

Attention! Loungers! (thanks to yibbehobba's post just now in GD):

Hey Mister. A warning to dads with daughters.

I'm not asking for medical advice,


Ahhh, the irony: "Study: Viagra reduces heart stress."

Names Begging Questions -- does Dick Buttkiss???


Should I shed my California skin for some Texas grass?

My cat just died.

Are you grumpier in the morning or do you wait until the day

How do you "make" smilies?


The khashka bashing must stop now!

White Sox fans should not be allowed in public

Things you have never said to Shelly Winters.

BOOK: "How to be a Lady: Useful hints on formation of a woman's character"

I'm playing with my

so, who play Joe and Valerie in the movie?

Single greatest name ever; there is no argument.

How many here sit around and copycat yourself on DU?

Favourite film/tv clown

How do I look up my "old" DU stats?

this is a girly thread...giggle...giggle

Words of wisdom from a 7 year old:

Say a little prayer for me or what ever it is you do

What's your favorite animal?

Philly area DUers! Come see me play at Brownie's 38th St. this Saturday!

Post your favorite albums of 2005 so far

Damn, I'm flying to the east coast tomorrow.

October Photography Contest - Final Round

Awwwww wot da 'ell....PICTURE POST THREAD

My Husband was just a little boy on a bus with his mother....

This post is for Butchy women

So. I put my right foot in,

Best Steven King book?

The Great Lakes DU meetup is coming!

Old-timers, check in.

A poll and some questions for believers: Jesus or Barabbas

Have any Christian groups ever rejected the Bible's Old Testament?

What do do think happens to consciousness when you die

Seeking Divine Protection

Cows make fuel for biogas train

Fired in Maine for being gay

New Hampshire Gay Marriage Commission Returns To Work

Poll: Maine Gay Rights Opponents Headed For Defeat

Alberta Delays Gay Marriage Exclusion Bill

Law Would Ban Phelps Followers From Funerals But Not Gay Protests

Law School Digs In On Gay Military Ban

Law would curb funeral protests (Westboro Baptist Church)

Gay Club Advisor 'Harassed Into Resigning' Teaching Job

Kansas Lawmakers Threaten Revenge Over Gay Prisoner Ruling

"Ex-gay" (yeah, right!) gets own radio show

Mary Cheney takes job with AOL.

What an asshole

Ooooh, Noooo! They made them open the roof!

Giants Owner Wellington Mara Has Died -

Now Los Angeles is also trying to get the Saints

warning: very very long...

Take the quiz: What dog are you?

Anyone know anything about magnified healing?

Had a really wierd dream last night.

Think like a Fundy

Heinz Kerry settled suit for $15 million

Is JK a "Liberal Hawk"?

John Kerry Urges Administration to Re-Open Miami Disaster Assistance Cente

OK, it's freaking SNOWING in Pittsburgh.

Gore Will Run, His Backers Say

Interesting thread on GDP.

Al From of the DLC on C-Span this morning.

* Giving speech non Iraq today. Hmmmmm.

Cute mention of JK in The Note

A very cool story - not Kerry related.

Need help - for defending Kerry.

John Kerry on the Loss of the 2,000th American Service Member in Iraq

John Kerry Statement on Passing of Rosa Parks

Rangel on Kerry and tomorrow's speech

One (large shot)

Yes Virginia.......F' does LANDSCAPE snapshots

The Final round of October contest is up

Agfa near the end

Has anybody heard from RagingInMiami?

KOEB 10/25 -- Merry Fitzmas everybody!

To may Fav EDVs it is FITZMAS!

Anybody heard from Patsela? I'm worried.

Ooooo...... (everybody sing!)

KOEB 10/25/05 (Is It Finally Fitzmas Eve?)

10/25 Newsletter: "Cheney and the Leak" AL FRANKEN will be Keith's guest!

Fitzgerald & GAO (election fraud report) Appreciation

Tragedies jog GOP shift on stem cells

Atheists file FOIA action to demand release of "Dobsongate" materials

The Code of the West.

can we verify this story? Or dispute it with facts?

Cheney story is 4.3 on Yahoo news. Rate it up folks.

The Cheney energy meetings that the Supreme Court wouldn't allow

Proof positive that dissent is alive and well...

TIme-Out on the CIA leak affair....

Excellent Point About Cheney, Courtesy of Jane Hamsher

Honest... is anybody the least bit surprised Cheney gave up Plame to Libby

Tighter and tighter

LATimes op-ed blast: "White House cabal" by Powell chief of staff

1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act

"He isn't a bush crony, he's highly competent"

Bush's culpability

Redstate web - criticizing the slurring of Fitz???

IF Cheney lied to Fitzgerald and the Grand Jury

So where will the terra alert be this week? is a New National Campaign to end the war in Iraq

Al From, DLC founder, on C-Span, 8:15AM EST.


Bush is happy for India to have nukes

Pro-jec-tion (n)

Pushing Rice

Does Tenet need to go back to the grand jury?

WHeeeeeeeeeeere's Scotty? No WH press conference scheduled?

Hannity started the attack on Fitzgerald yesterday afternoon

the Washington Post begins it's attack on Wilson

Lest forget, amid the swirl of criminality, that today's number is 1999

Current news on bill frist, another republican hero

As We Reach 2000 American Deaths In Iraq - * Says The Way To Honor....

WH Lawyers go after The Onion for unauthorized use of Prez Seal

42% to 42% - Rasmussen Reports milestone.

Guardian: Galloway rejects senate perjury claims

David Gergen-"Bush needs to clean house"--But they'll all write books...

If Rove is indicted and resigns, what will change?

RE:BushCo Troubles: Have ya ever wondered how its never about

Doesn't Harriet Miers deserve an 'up or down vote?'

The WP article that started the Plame Affair

You know Bush is bad when people wax philosophic about the Reagan era...

When I Listen To * Talk About The Terrorists or the Islamist...

A wish for the DU Admins

Is this rascist or is it just me ...... ?

How long before Bush acknowledges the death of Rosa Parks?

Gordon Liddy carrying on: Why, oh why, did Bush nominate Miers?

Any idea who the prominent Neo-Con with links to SISME (Italy's CIA) is?

when death toll hits 2,000, Bush to use same old line; fight them there...

Should Rove Resign? DU This Poll!

Imagine what the world would be like today...

The Dems will always support this war no matter how bad it gets

Should we call the Fair Tax the "French Tax"?

pic of my bumper after spontaneous stop at Home Depot: 2000 TOO MANY FUGW

What's the latest with DeLay's hearing today? Judge shopping

Anybody else not like the phrase: "Culture of Corruption"?

Alex Bennett: Wants Bush to become suicidal

Who would you vote for Paul Hackett or Sherrod Brown?

My email to Nicholas Kristoff re his Stupid editorial in today's NYT

hey Hutchison, remember Bill Clinton?


I talked to my Freeper Mother last night

My Future Vote

the latest from "a star from mosul"

Dan Rather or BushCo - who's better at spotting forgeries?

Josh Marshall reporting "Very explosive news" coming out of Italy today

So, if "lying to Congress" and "perjury" are no longer real crimes

2,000 Americans dead in Iraq and your conservative neighbors don't care

Bradblog: CA registrar admits e-voting technology "faith based"!

Laura Rosen, American Prospect La Repubblica's Scoop, Confirmed

You're doin a heckofajob Dick - TPM

* keeps handing out something that resembles in likeness the Medal of

Steve Clemmons (Wahington Note): Skids greased under Cheney.

So if it turns out that there are only a couple of indictments

Check Out This Ras Poll! The Pro-War Movement Is DEAD!!!

Kay Bailey Hutchinson Hypocrisy

angelides 2006 puts out a great cartoon on Gov Arnold

The freepers are all in denial

Please DU the MSNBC Question of the Day, which is:

Rush is all wound up - talking like a man in a state of panic

Poll Of The Day - Capital News

Follow the Yellowcake Road! OH MY!

Harry Reid asking us to contribute directly to candidates thru ActBlue.

Steve Clemons, Washington Note, reports indictments coming tomorrow...

Bush would lose election if held this year

How Do You Fire a New York Times reporter?

Here comes Fitzmas Clause!

I hope Bush pardons all of them...

Sweet confirms misogyny at heart of attack of lib Dem Cegelis (by Dems!)

Question: Plamegate & Downing Street

Free Republic's Next Goal - 3,000 dead Americans due to Iraq War

2000 dead in Iraq: Kucinich & Kerry got it right, but sadly Dean didn't

Democrats: don't fear the tax issue!

Steve Clemons sez the indictments will be sealed.

If the DNC called you for money RIGHT NOW, what would you do?

Note to MSNBC: It's not a "sad milestone," it's a FUCKING OUTRAGE.

C&L asks if "tomorrow is the day," posts a "Santa Fitz" Fitzmas pic

coming soon . . . the 1st indictment of a white house inner circle

The GOP's Second African American Senate Candidate

So, by chance that Rove and Cheney are deposed

Attacks on our Democrats grow as the culture of corruption is exposed.

Plamegate: Bu$h Regime's "possible ethical breach." (Tweety)

NBC News reporting 100 attacks per day in Iraq, up from 60 a year ago.

I Don't Think I Agree With Randi About * Not Knowing What Cheney....

Fitzgerald is already disappointg me

Poll: Few doubt wrongdoing in CIA leak- CNN

Anyone here bracing themselves for an anticlimactic Fitzmas?

Headsup! Al Franken with Olbermann on Countdown tonight on MSNBC

Imagine all that is happening in our world today, and add to that

A message to Ben Burch: can you fill us in on radio ?

How can we get Dems to run on passing Jefferson & Madison's 11th Amendment

Congressman Conyers blogs: Rosa Parks, 1913-2005

Dean: Bush today failed to acknowledge the 2000 dead soldiers in Iraq.

AOL poll: 72 percent say Bush a major failure this year

Katrina Survivors Storm Capitol

If someone wants to compare Fitzgerald to Ken Starr

Cindy Sheehan: Don't Support Clinton Unless She Flips On War

A moment please for the fallen 2000 Soldiers

New Kansas Group To Push For Civil Rights

Just when you think Tweety CAN'T GET ANY WORSE...any more DELUSIONAL...

Who is the dumbest member of Congress?

Today... October 25, 2005... Paul Wellstone Died - Rosa Parks Died

Iraq: "If you knew then, what you know now,...

Honestly, is Bush the Best we can do? I think there are thousands + WAY

Dean: It's Not About Rove, It's About Bush's Dishonesty

Coleman says Brit lawmaker, Galloway gave false testimony to congress

Soon it will be time for us to go after John McCain.

FReeper exile home lamented as becoming too much a DU II

Kerry on the Loss of the 2,000th American Service Member in Iraq

Kucinich On The Sad Milestone Of 2,000 US Troops Killed In Iraq

Boortz suggested that Katrina victim turn to prostitution

Co-president of Maine College Democrats being deployed to Iraq


Rumsfeld used to run drug company that invented bird-flu medicine