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Archives: October 26, 2005

Why 2K?

The strange saga of Cheney and the "nuclear threat" (Plamegate & more...)

Dozens of Abu Ghraibs

"Silence Is The Greatest of All Crimes"

Wal-Mart Memo Suggests Ways to Cut Employee Benefit Costs, Times 10/26

Plamegate may seem arcane, but we all have a stake in the outcome

Gary Hart: Here is the Crime in Outing a CIA Agent

Abu Ghraib is heading for closure

Jay Bookman: GOP politics as usual unacceptable


Cendant to Split Into 4 Separate Companies

Solar Habitat for Humanity

The Digital Dump: The Hidden Cost Of Your New PC

Anyone here drive a hybrid?

Rocket from Gaza slams into southern Israel

Enough already with the new Email lists

The Liberty DRE- the true ? story of Ireland

GOP CA Sec of State responds to my DROP Diebold letter

Hand counting axed in Nebraska

Sec. of State McPherson answers my drop Diebold letter

SF DUers: College Not Combat March Friday 10/28 11:30 am

Fallon kicks off his "Scary Money" tour

Lourey planning her announcement for Governor

Question about the Bush tax cuts.

A distraction from the waiting...I give you an excellant piece from Fox

Non-organic milk labeled “Organic”? TAKE ACTION to close the loophole!

Katrina vanden Heuvel on Hardball: "National Security far more important

Has cheney had a stroke?

The WH fax machine now connects directly to NPR

David Schuster talking about Tenet's role in Treasongate on KO:

About a year ago, I thought it was a conclusion -

This Iraqi Child Is Just Breaking My Heart. *graphic*

CNN Poll: 9 out of 10 think Bush Administration broke law or unethical

If indictments are handed down who will be named?

You KNOW IT'S BIG when the MSM is throwing around FITZMAS

I am off tomorrow. What celebratory wine should I get?

What's Bush doing while 2000 are dead, his administration is crumbling?

A word about "Fitzmas"

What country has the best health care system in the world?

Franken coming up on Countdown

To Bush: SHUT UP, you SOB!

fitzmas is over 150,000 entries on google

White House Orders Satirical Paper 'The Onion' to Stop Using Presidential

Speaking of Katrina Vanden Heuvel, read this. Fitz must broaden investig.

My message to the Far Right

Lurking FReeps, I've got info on a "BJ" for ya.

Freeper on Majority. . .everyone makes mistakes.

Keith just quoted Ghandi "Tyrant always fall, always.."

Another Iraq war legacy: badly wounded US troops

oops! dupe

Patrick Fitzgerald was spotted Tuesday


I love it when admins start threads. Not DU-admin stuff, but political...

Rove and Libby are indicted. Then what?

Ok Ok what if nothing comes out of Fitzmas? Some have asked

What Kay Bailey Hutchinson REALLY believes about indictments ->

M$M to Cheney--Go F yourself--Nightly newscasts were devastating .....

How big of an "all mercenary" army could they put together

Requiem for George on his possible but unlikely impeachment

Ernest W. Lefever Wrote:

If libby/rove did nothing wrong, why did they lie?

Commander In Chief on NOW (east coast)

Ok, so lets say the entire Bush cabal gets toppled

Where is 41?

About Fitzmas: Humor is powerful. Joy is powerful.

An interesting page from Poppy Bush's Journal

PA's crazy lt. gov. does it again:

Paul Hackett coming up on AAR Majority Report at around 9:20ET

Get your Bush Legacy Tool Kit!

Cars? What would you buy?

What Are Rove, Libby and Cheney Being Investigated for?

When will we reach the "tipping point": when we've lost more Americans in

Not Like You Didn't Already Know... On The Latest (2000) Milestone !!!

If/when Fitz announces an indictment, will he give all the gory details o

CIA leak illustrates selective use of intelligence on Iraq

Tomorrow I'm going to see John Edwards!

I found a list of Bush Rangers.

Niger/Uranium: FACTS everyone NEEDS to know

I have a question about Ashcroft.........

Sania Mania in India

did anyone else just see garner say "f*ck you, you fat f*ck" on live tv?

are repubs brain dead? Coleman says Galloway committed perjury

Just in case you are tired of Fitzmas--just wanted to wish the ladies a

Village Voice: The 10 Ways Bush Screwed New York

Is Barb going to eat all of Chimp's peanuts at the game?

THIS is supporting the Troops? More losses to come ..

Wishing all to have a merry Fitzmas and a happy new Deal

If you want to see those 2 little racist chicks singing, tune into MSNBC

mr x = james woolsey

Check out what Jebbie's been saying in Florida. Disgusting.

poppy bush indicted!

So Peter Moran calls this HUGE

Hackett on AAR..Right Now!!!

David Brooks aborts middle-class blacks


Rice charms and chills as she warns Canada to negotiate softwood impasse

2000 Americans Dead in Iraq

I'd like to apologize to all of DU for enjoying Fitzmas

Did Cheney and the rest of the scumbags know Plame WASN'T covert?

A double scoop of HELL...Lee Greenwood coming up on Rita Cosby

It must be Fitzmas Eve because Poppy is not at World Series w/Babs!

Indictments + Dem congress takeover in 06 = Idiot Son IMPEACHMENT

Our White House is Lobbying the Senate to ALLOW TORTURE.

My E-Pumpkin: Can you guess who it is?

VIDEO- Olbermann's Plame Theory

Frist on perjury and obstruction of justice...

Americans TRAPPED in Cancun!!!

Hurricane Madness on CNN

Cindy Sheehan and the 2000th death

LOL... follow up on the Internet fake airman from last night...

What's on your wish list for Fitzmas?

The 2 symbols of the GOP

Fritzmas out of Wikipedia... but Fitzmas still there

Oh no, the Funky Butt might not be allowed to reopen

'Twas the night before Fritzmas, when all through the White House

VIDEO-Podesta on Hardball

At what point will people PLEASE STOP...

Please in their roughest hour we should reach out to the freepers

Just read the Plame threads on LBN. The more you learn about this

Caption this photo


Statement of a Senator who voted conscience over convenience...

Why do Tweety and the MSM continue to miss this BIG Cheney lie?

Come on White Sox

DU link comes up on Google "fitzgerald" search!

It won't stop until we take the money from the Republicans

Poll: Bush would lose an election if held this year

Fitz to charge for the leak itself? Reuters suggests so....

Any news about Duke Cunningham?

Paul Hackett on AAR (Majority Report) NOW. nt

Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense?

Dumb question regarding Supreme Court Justice Scalia

Our New Logo

caption this pic of dubya requiring more sacrifice

Is this for real? - "Bush orders Fitzgerald fired ... indictments quashed"

Chain 'n ball Rock (Fitzmas song)

It's cold outside. There is a magic in the air...

asshole Luskin met with Fitzgerald today

I was driving to work and heard a promo for "The Stephanie Miller

You Know THIS IS BIG when RW Media Whores Start Lying

Why is this man smiling?

Is this the bitter end of the "new right" / "Reagan revolution"? Or is it

ANTI-EARLE Commercial Just Shown on Daily Show!

Wilson/Plame Neighbor on MSNBC

Bush says Iraq war will require more sacrifice

On E television channel, documentary regarding why people become evil.

Watching scotty squirm, Oct 25 edition

When will scottie have to stop using that lame excuse?

Would you join with Conservatives to block Miers nomination?

These people really are stupid

Ronnie Earle is more like a two-headed kitten because he sees both sides!

Karl Rove was born on Christmas

Can't find that thread with the list of 2000 soldiers' names

Great read from Driftglass: "The Plametyville Horror"

Miers: An angle of her nomination we may have missed

Sit back and catch your breath for a minute.

On Fitzmas eve, there is only one thing left to do....

Think Frog March

March 2003: "a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons"

NPR's Damning Story on Senate Democrats & Iraq

"Why Patrick Fitzgerald Gets It"

What would Marshall McLuhan say about the mainstream media of today?

Riddle me this, Batman.

Pentagon nominee aims for more positive Iraq stories

Keith "O" came up with a New Excuse Tonight about how Cheney "Outed

Now, watch me determine the political ideologies of 106 reviewers!

Tucker Bowtie just said that during his show, between 10 and 11...

Cool. They just had a moment of silence for Rosa Parks

Do you hear what I hear? I hear reindeer hooves on the roof!


Have ya'll seen this video?

Has anyone seen this Halloween Card?

Please refresh my memory-In which branch of the military did Lee Greenwood

Does Anybody Else Here... Feel A Disturbance... In The Force ???

With Trembling Fingers (excellent editorial)

They are honoring Rosa Parks with a moment of silence

What do you think Karl Rove is doing right now?

Why I believe that Bush will also be indicted

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Round Up

Fitz met with Rove lawyer today - Rumor of nothing this week (RC via kos)

What if Poppy gave Dick the info? Poppy gets daily CIA briefs.

Anybody going to a vigil tomorrow nite?

Got a PalmPilot? You can download the new Franken book.

Tenet denies telling Cheney (did you see this yet?)

So, who forged the Niger docs?

Cancun looks awful. Still nothing from Mexicoxpat?

Dr. Drew is on Scarb right now. He just said, about Goths, that when...

Al From on CSPAN this morning listing DLCer likely to run for Prez

So what's the true meaning of Fitzmas?

will they roll out Bar and Poppy Wednesday?

Plamegate is a house of cards

Hilarious yet telling comment i heard on CNN re: Plame

Will they fight the charges? Or cop a plea?

Why the "They didn't know Plame was undercover" spin...


Florida--2000, Ohio--2004

If you missed Hannity and Colmes catch the repeat. Congressman

Why is Lanny Davis and Tucker Carlson rehasing this Clinton crap?

Should I wear Christmas clothes tomorrow at work to rub it in to Repugs?

Americans TRAPPED in Iraq!!!

You know what really scares me about Bush

Froomkin explains Libby's crutch in yesterday's photo

Must read! If people had understood this about yellowcake

Mel Goodman (ex CIA) says Fitz is going to the heart of the Iraq War

The Great Vindication Of The Anti-War Movement

Bill O'reilly about to attack Media Matters

If there are charges for the leak itself, it's over for the Busheviks

The outing of a covert operation and agent WAS NO ACCIDENT!

If what Olbermann said a few minutes ago is true, they're screwed

To those who say it doesn't matter

The question we should be asking about dead soldiers: Why 2K?

My DU sanctuary

Story how National Guardsman wrote his own obituary.

Folks Tomorrow IS A Happy Day - This Is The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius

Frist "Republicans are the party of physical punishment."

Can it be? Abu Ghraib Photos to be released Wednseday??

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord

DUers who consistently post threads with controversial articles/subjects

16-Year Old Anti-War Protester Arrested in Palm Harbor, Florida

Rice-cooker experiment.

Rice charms and chills as she warns Canada to negotiate softwood impasse

Latest CN derailment raises concerns

Re: Galloway: The senators scent blood

Major Coral Bleaching Event Expands Across Caribban, Severe in Puerto Rico

Indictments in CIA leak case ‘about to be handed down’ (TOMORROW!) (FT)

CIA leak investigators hold last-minute interviews (Reuters)

The strange saga of Cheney and the "nuclear threat" (Plamegate & more...)

CIA should be able to engage in torture, Cheney claims

Jeb Bush supports offshore drilling

Guantanamo inmate says guards forced feeding tubes up his nose

NYT: Leak Counsel Said To Press On Rove's Role

Poll: View Doubt Wrongdoing in CIA Leak (CNN)

Dangers of paedophile priests were ignored by Irish church

Senators in G.O.P. Voice New Doubt on Court Choice

NYT: Leak Counsel Is Said to Press on Rove's Role

U.S. drops nuclear 'bunker-buster' plans

Tenet denies telling Cheney (did you see this yet?)

White House rallies behind Cheney

Poll: Bush would lose an election if held this year (Dems preferred also)

Student protests end in violence (50000 in Italy)

NYT: Senators in G.O.P. Voice New Doubt on Court Choice

Bush, Party Faithful Gather for Fundraiser

Saddam team wants to 'try' Bush

(Gitmo) Detainee says he wishes to die

Bush Admin. Drops 'Bunker-Buster' Plan

FT: Iran opposition group seeks US legitimacy

WP:In Speeches From 1990s,Clues About Miers Views-Defended Social Activism

Iraq Death Toll Since U.S.-Led Invasion Many Times Higher Than U.S

Conservative group launches anti-Miers ad blitz

WP: Bush Aides Brace for Charges

Bigger, Stronger Homemade Bombs Now to Blame for Half of U.S. Deaths

La Repubblica's Scoop [on forged Niger docs] Confirmed [Stephen Hadley!]

WP: New Push for Miers Is in the Works (maybe a speech by Miers)

Scanners will count all ballots (entire State of Neb.)

WP: Planned GOP Budget Cuts Target Programs Such as Foster Care

China drills for gas in disputed area

Mermaids, Dinosaurs Deemed Terror Targets

Wal-Mart Memo Suggests Ways to Cut Employee Benefit Costs

BRITISH banks are banning piggy banks because they may offend some Muslims

My Fitzmas card!


Jon Stewart rejects offer to replace Howard Stern


Signs of Stress: Dick Cheney Suddenly Morphing Into Don Rickles

The Ultimate Aggie Joke

Just got home with Franken's new book

Snapped these 2 pics of Hurricane Wiilma survivors.

An interesting page from Poppy Bush's Journal

Ever seen dogs this fat?

WHIG forms sumo wrestling team

Is the bar open?

Failure Fries!


Whose your favorite "Stooge"

What does it mean when a college Republican you verbally ass-whipped

And curse Sir Walter Raleigh...

OK, I'm desperate. Need advice on cookies and butter -

two players...

So what's on the menu?

I am a fan of the "Dirty Jobs" show. Host is a great guy, I love his easy

And now a word from our sponsor, Wayne/Jayne County

Help! Grilled chocolate sandwich recipe.

"Oh, it's crying time again, you're gonna leave me.........

'trade with other countries is good for our economy, even with our debt'.

Help with avatar how do I make jpeg smaller in iphoto .

Bunch of Funny Photoshops...

Fitzmas Pic

Bunch of Furry Photoshops

Self-delete n/t

For the love of Pete: Is this thing on!?

Is Barb going to eat all of Chimp's peanuts at the game?

Something devastatingly sickening I just saw on television

Whose your choice of the "Greatest Movie Star" of all time?

American truism: every great human tragedy must spawn a truly awful song.

did anyone else just see garner say "f*ck you, you fat f*ck" on live tv?

I'm cold. And I want some chocolate.

Looking for a Babysitter? Childcare San Antonio - Google ads on the DU

Kiss my Astros (nt)

More scanners

The living daylights

Even more scanners.

the stock price of the company I left recently is at an all time low

Let's see :

Does anyone else know this album?

Should I?

UGH! That freaking Hardee's I just ate just ain't settling.

Bush Bashing Pumpkin Contest 2004

Albert Camus or Dr. Seuss?

Poodle Skirt - Check, Oxfords - Check, Mohair Sweater - Check......

Nitey - nite all.

Sinus infection. HELP!

Some Hurr. Wilma damage pix snapped by my neighbor...

Live Miami Scanners

Free medical advice

What is your favorite day of the week

So... we have to take a necessary roadtrip.

Schwarzenegger Street

Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat?

Even *more* stuff that I just don't get:

C'mon now... gotta have a SOX/Strohs thread

Babs Bush at the Ball Game?

A cat picture thread,

My son got a TATTOO!!!


Candy corn

Everybody take a minute to enjoy the new DU handpie!

poppy bush indicted!

Come on White Sox

DUers, I need your prayers

A note from my daughter--who's cat died this morning

Cars? What would you buy?

Who's done something spontaneous recently?

Am I the only one that feels like DU is just ready to explode?

Good uses for lame beer

Wanna see a cutie baby?!

Come..... let's play.

Has the expression "jumped the shark" jumped the shark?


Acceptance to The University of Alabama

My disappeared brother came to visit me unexpectedly.

Good Lord. You must see this.

Chaos is good

Advice please. My cat is under my house and won't come out.

Tattoos are idiotic, stupid, meaningless, cheap and worthless.

there's this bar in the boston area

Whose your favorite Marx Brother?

A Supernatural War Criminal

Swiss healthcare, a model for US.

Kansas Museum Opens Evolution Exhibit

Scientific American: Did Life Come from Another World?

Men Wanted In Suspected Hate Crime Beating

Homophobe Pastor Says He Wishes Terrorists Would Kill A Million People

the houston choke.....

I'm feeling ripped off!

We're all screwed now. Pic

SUSA polls for senators - if they are correct, people are stupid.

Everyone check out the Greatest Page

**MUSICAL VIDEO CLIP FOR FITZMAS - Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow**

Al Franken on KO now!

Bill O'Reilly just had someone on from a Moonie funded publication

LMAO: They can't get over Bill Clinton

Jeb: "We've got a response team that is second to none."

CREW files an additional complaint against Frist

'Twas the night before Fitzmas

So how DO we know that Plame is a covert operative?

AWWWWW, no flu shots for fatcat LOBBYISTS!!!!!!!!!!

Fitz's website please

Mr. X should be named tomorrow on Fitzmas Day.

Who Is Leaving The Bush Administration

"What's a Little Lying Between Friends?"

Need help DU'ing a local yocal poll...

Al Franken's new book, #2 at Amazon, First Day.

Rumsfeld's Mongolian Horse

When they trash Joe Wilson as an unqualified nobody, show them these:

MD Sen prediction: Cardin defeats Steele comfortably...

'Twas the night before Fitzmas, and all through the house...

Senator Pat Roberts, Traitor from Kansas

Speaking of Evidence & Indictments, Any Info on Gov Appeal to AG Photos ?

Tell Your Member of Congress to Stop Torture

How the FReepers helped kill Nick Berg, according to his father.

I Agree With Last Nights Poster

Tucker Carlson (on Scarborough): We may know while he is on the air

Most Americans lack confidence in leaders - poll

Y2K (Why 2,000 Americans Deserves An Indictment)

OMG! Did I just hear (on Air America)

Anybody get swiftboated in the last few hours?

Hackett says Brown is too liberal

Is everthing in the White House under

Bork and Limbaugh to headline national teevee ad against Miers

DNC: Bush Ignores 2,000th US Fatality in Iraq

My Body Is All Screwed Up

Excerpts from Sen. Reid speech: honors Iraqi war dead

A year ago...

We may see history made tomorrow or the next day

Olbermann talking about the indictments and Fineman agrees

Ignatius? Isaac? Ichabod? Izzy? Igor? Ibrahim?

Another good website for research

Is that Neil the aldulterer sitting with Babs behind home plate?

About time for another Bush vacation isn't it?

dick morris

In the 1990s, "rule of law" was hot. In the 2000s, not so much.

My (R) State Congressman Opposes Men's Right to choose!

"high crimes may have been committed at the highest level"

You know what sucks about the whole Plame case?

Al Gore- Would he have sent troups to Rwanda if he could have?

Duers! Need help getting facts about Clinton NOT guilty

Grand Jury. The Fourth Branch of U.S. Government?

Bill Keller: Diary of a Madman

10 Reasons Bill Moyers Should Be President

Background to Betrayal... Behind the CIA leak investigation

Guardian: (Freedland) Plamegate may seem arcane, but we all have a stake..

"...the most powerful drama ever screened on British television."

Very Funny and somewhat serious CARTOON video

Seeking Honesty in U.S. Policy by Joseph Wilson.

CIA leak illustrates selective use of intelligence on Iraq

Why I'm Getting Arrested at the White House Today by David Swanson

Panel Approves $10B Cut in Health Care

Juan Cole: Iraq requires more sacrifice: Bush (Impeachment is too good)

Order broadens surveillance of Internet users

Bush team sought to snuff CIA doubts Differences over Iraq WMD latest at

Our very own Slobodan Miloševic

A Ban on Voter Registration, NY Times, October 26, 2005

Who Are We to Pick Syria's President? Could someone recommend one for us?

Dick at the Heart of Darkness, NY Times (Dowd), Oct 26 2005

Bill Would Allow Second Attempts at Federal Death Sentence

Vice President for Torture (WPost editorial)

Allen's Alley by Fred Stembottom

The Real Price of Gold

Gene Lyons on President Dilbert

Fighting Words: Freeh's Attacks on Clinton Fuel D.C. Donnybrook

Booman: 5 will be indicted - Fitz seeks new GJ .

Is the pResident pResiding While Drunk?

P Fitzgerald's Diary: Watching Them Flop, Squirm, Flip

The limits of Bush's mind

Apparently Hannity can not read in addition to being biased.

Honduran President to Halt Child Murders

Why Bush is unimpeachable

MSNBC: Bush's "On The Ropes" Strategy

WaPo Blasts Cheney for promoting torture

Bush still in LA-LA land

Two Thousand Dead – and for What? (by Patrick J. Buchanan)


Stalking the Poor to Soothe the Affluent, NY Times, Oct 26 2005

GAO Report on Election Irregularities

Fun from James Wolcott - new meme; liberal fascism.

Plame Game - parts I, II, and III

Oil economy?

Experts expect ocean levels to rise faster (in the duh dept)


WSJ - Climate "Skeptics" Under Fire In GRL For Critique of "Hockey Stick"

Solar cell producer Daystar making news.

An interview with Dr. Charles Till

Where can I find info on genetically modified crops?

Iran Leader Calls for Israel's Destruction

Opportunity Knocks

The Carpenter's Wife

Bombing at Israeli Food Stand Kills Five

Palestinian leader refuses to disband his cabinet

BREAKING NEWS Israeli radio: Medics say at least 20 wounded in blast in Is

40-Year Manhunt Is Zeroing In on Nazi Concentration Camp Doctor

Iranian Leader: Israel Will Be Destroyed

Al Qaeda and the U.S. Establishment

Official conspiracy theory of 9/11 - full of holes

Final NIST report released today

Beyond the sorrows of empire: THE UGLY UGLY TRUTH

Voting machine maker profits fall in third quarter

Any L.A "Progressive Talkers" going to see Al Franken on November 3?

SF vigil tonite @ Ocean Beach / foot of Judah

GOP corruption additions?

Silicon Valley: Home prices up, sales down (Median Price: $733,000)

GOP corruption additions?

GOP corruption additions?

2,000 MURDERED! "Out-of-Iraq" march and rally ! ...details...

Hi! I'm from GA & I have a question about Rep. Edward Markey.

GOP corruption additions

The Great Pretenza

Randi Rhodes Will Be Heard by More Minnesotans

Vote for Issue 1 (Ohio)

The fundies are going to picket Family Planning in North Ridgville

GOP corruption additions?

Dallas Vigil TONIGHT !! 630 dealey plaza/old red courthouse- D Air America

GOP corruption additions?

Tonight at 5:30 pm tonight KPFT to report on City Council Candidates Forum

Why did Todd Baxter resign?

Kay Bailey Hutchison: Hypocrite Award

GOP corruption additions?

Need a little help

So..does everybody know about Linda Honold?

My avatar only said Wisconsin

Has anyone seen Goodnight and Good Luck yet?

question: can fitz delivery indictments AND extend the grand jury?

Has the President said a word about Rosa Parks?

the houston choke.....

Is there a news conference set up tomorrow definitely?

Pictures from liberal websites

2000 Reasons to Impeach Bush

America's Holy Men: Trent Lott

Look ashamed, George.

The Number Isn't 2,000

Let's play INDICTMENT BINGO! (Courtesy of Wonkette!)

Next week Boston Legal should be interesting

is that Babs Bush in back of home plate in Houston?

A Simple Question

Talk about spin! (from

The Walls Of The Oval Office Should Have Two Thousand 8x10 Framed Photos

What will the desperate Neo-Cons do?

One indictment can apply to several people, but can more than one

Wanna good follow-up to Malloy?

Binary poll: Do you have a positive or negative opinion of Rawstory?

Somebody's Lying...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I say the GJ must first indict even those

I have a great idea for all Gay People

If Fitz indicts, will it be in the U.S. District Ct. for DC?

Now might be a good time to ask the republicans you know to watch

The World says No

You think YOU'RE anxious for Fitzmas?

new word: bazook

cheney, rove, libby, cheney, rove, libby, cheney, rove, libby....

Faux is getting desparate...

Bush Denies Role in Plamegate

Today's MSM Articles on Plamegate are all over the place!

but they lied

Answer this Canadian a question;

Teaching children how to hate

Bush: It ought to be clear to the American people that we need more gas.

If more people had visited this site,

Bernie Ward is doing Fitzmas!!

More specs. targets received letters already

Indictments as early as tomorrow, KGO radio news


Is Libby a-scared of Darth Cheney? Is that why he would testify

Conservative group launches anti-Miers ad blitz

Oct 31Celtic Feast of Samhain (from dark silence new beginning)

NYT: U.S. Soldiers Iraq Deaths Interactive Graphic

I can't wait any longer. It's 2:31am and I am up waiting, waiting.

Stewart Nails "Fair and Balanced" Cosby For Soft DeLay Interview

I got a chance to see Al Franken in action on the Sundance Channel

Glad indictments didn't come Tuesday

I just want to rant

'twas the night before fitzmas

WaPo - Documented Intelligence Abuses (PATRIOT)

Iraqi constitution - celebrations begin (Steve Bell cartoon)

TOP TEN "Extremely Unlikely Repub PR Disasters I would like to see":

Plamegate Poll: Who's goin' down, what's gonna happen?

Hume ended his show tonight; "fair and balanced--really." LOL

Tinfoil Alert

Californian DUers, tell me a little about Arnie now.

How useless conservative pundits would have framed the 2000th death

Nuclear "bunker-buster" warhead plan...In the energy dept. bill??

BREAKING: * says "penenshula"

*'s "Ah presheeate ____" lists.

Wow! Tweedy FINALLY admits Wilson never said Cheney sent him to Niger

Miers withdraws her nomination?

Two L.A.-Area Airports Shut Down by Bomb Threats

What I think may be the worst case scenario regarding Fitzmas

WP Photo: Cindy Sheehan at White House

White House Briefing: Reporters Grill McClellan on Cheney's New Plame Prob

WN: McClellan Implies He was Lied to by Rove & Libby

We're witnessing the public sector version of Enron

When will the Iraq War death toll reach 3000?

Gun Fight at The OK Corral

What time is MoDo up on imus?

Rosa Parks - the meek shall inherit the earth

Rosa Parks - the meek shall inherit the earth

Love conquers all things...Love Wins. Think on this as we begin

Will today be Fitzmas?

It was 20 years ago today

Maureen Dowd to be on Imus MSNBC this AM around 8:29.

So what do you think the general public knows right now? We

"Casualties of a war a world away"

What time does the SH*T hit the Fan for AngryMonkeyBoy?

Cheney: I'm not a crook, just a liar

Halloween is coming: time for the fundies "Hell Houses" to open up shop

Laugh-o-the-day: "Mr. President, Snap Out of It!"

Is anyone else having trouble accessing dailykos?

Terror alert IMMINENT - Bombs in 5 major cities (snark)

"Traitorgate", Hadley and the Downing Street Minutes

Merry Fitz-mas!

The Milk Is Gone & Half The Cookies Are Eaten!

My baby brother turns 18 today.

Wilma and Jebbie

Sometimes it is simple: Wilson knew they were lying in SOTU,

July 2003- The first 5 General Discussion Threads on Traitorgate

I'd be laughing too, if ...

South Florida residents scavenge for water, food, gas


You STILL don't think bush & his Cabal LIED? Then you're a moran.

Please, about last night Hannity ...

Happy Birthday, Hillary. May your present be WH indictments galore!

can anyone access the Daily Kos

8:29 Maueen Dowd on Imus show. ET

Grand Jury is meeting today

The legal history of the finger

Reminder: Tonight is the vigil for 2,000 soldiers who have died.

can anyone access the Daily Kos

Must read: "Preparing for a Bumpy Ride"

ok, i have to ask-Is it it possible they wanted to hurt Plame herself

Anyone know the schedule for Fitzmas?

Anti-war activist Sheehan lies down in front of White House in Washington

Viguerie (Con activist) behind those ads against Miers

Al Franken just said on CNN that he's "waiting for Fitzmas"

Poppy has a black eye huh? Anyone got a picture? How on

Maureen Dowd- Dick Correctly Titled Vice

"One death is a tragedy..the deaths of 2000 is a statistic".

Just how was Florida more ready?

Washington Journal junkies join me

Why are we doing this?

World series comin´ down

Where can I find info on Vigils tonight in my area?

France Just Gave Us a FITZMAS PRESENT!

HELP! Link? WH & CIA "compromised" how to word the uranium claim in SOTU?

I warning you folks, don't celebrate too soon

A note to New Mexicans

"We all thought he had WMD...yada yada"

Lets Bring this Lady back

Climate Mash (flash done to song 'Monster Mash) Funny stuff!

(VIDEO) Merry Fitzmas Everyone!

Military's Advice to Reporters: 2,000 Dead in Iraq 'Not a Milestone'

Al Franken on CNN this morning.

If today is Fitzmas - how long before a trial for those indicted?

First 1000 died in the first 18 months....

Do other long-time DUer's feel a certain calm this morning?

Oil doesn't want focus on big profits

Richard Clarke will be on CNN in a few minutes, to discuss his novel

"Rising Civilian Toll Is the Iraq War's Silent, Sinister Pulse "

Did Howie Kurtz's winger wife write today's column?

Canceled Appearances Add Up to Indictments, Dems Suggest

Let's stop counting our chickens Re: Fitzmas

OMG! MSNBC showing clips of KO's show this a.m. They can't

Whooo those Republicans are loony on CSPAN WJ this morning.

Rove and Libby are appetizers


conoco oil 3rd qtr profits = $3.8 BILLION

Entrance to WhiteHouse now known as Treason Gate:

Friends, who has a good article to catch people up to speed?

MSNBC: Richard Clarke Writes Novel w/ Jabs at Bush WH

Maureen Dowd on Don Imus MSNBC now:

Moran gone missing- it's about to hit the fan

Finally saw different video clip of Fitzgerald!

you know what is different about the inevitable repug spin machine?


Al Franken is kicking ass on CNN American Morning right now. Fitzmas!

If Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh became disgruntled...

Vigil for 2000 Killed in Iraq (TONIGHT) - Sign up for one in your area

Kilgore says 'liberal' press is helping Kaine.

My take on the Kerry speech on Iraqi war

Here's something to speculate on while we await Fitzmas presents!

Per Ray Tal on KGO (indictments today)

Calm before the storm? Anxious? Excited?

The ice Brown wouldn't let into NOLA is being delivered in FL

Our Presidential Candidate in 08 should be a victim of the ** Admin.

I keep checking this page at the DC Court

Anti-American sentiment on the rise in Europe?

MSNBC: Reporter "Given Every Indication There Will Not Be Action Today"

Maureen Dowd's on NPR on Judith Miller situation

This suspense is killing me!

Anyone else feel a Cheney "heart attack" coming on?

So this is Fitzmas

Boortz suggests that Katrina victim turn to prostitution

“I didn't come here not to deal with major problems.”


From our good friend, Pat Buchanan--2000 dead, and for what?

Just to think, we have three more years of the stuff!

Delete -- wrong place


You think YOU'RE tense and anxious waiting for Fitzmas?

Daily Kos diary link

Fitz sending out FBI agents for last minute interviews today.

Frankin on CNN this AM called for the death penalty

Fitzy's Press Conference scheduled for TOMORROW - but

So what is Valerie Plame doing now?

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant George Thomas Alexander Jr.

Was that Binka on Stephie's show?

Judy Miller discussing severance package from the NYTimes

Mo Dowd

While you're waiting

MSNBC: Fitzgerald just entered court house a few minutes ago

Top Park Service workers told to follow President Bush’s agenda

Is "Selective Breeding" evolution or Intelligent Design?

Watergate Vs Plamegate

Anyone else think Fitzgerald looked much more tense this morning

"Bad News for Rove" (Mark Kleiman, Huffington Post)

And the Best Part--IT REALLY IS my birthday!!! For all Jon Stewart Fans

Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax

How will you feel if there are indictments but Rove's off the hook?

So we're upset with Syria's attempt to assassinate the Lebanese leader.

The Fitzgerald Tartan: A fine choice for tomorrow's festive Fitzmas outfit

CNN: Nothing coming today.

Do The Members Of Fitz's Grand Jury Need To Have Security Clearances?

A Little DU Introspection

Rove was still unsure of his status.

GOP Afraid Oil Profits Will Throw Them Out of Power in '06.

I suspect that Fitz will ask for an extension of the Grand Jury

FROG MARCH! ---pix->>>

Media won't admit Iraq war was made for Bush** election.

Move along....nothing to see here....move along.....

Why Fitzgerald may know a lot more than even we suspect.

LAT: Not in My Neighbor's Backyard


The Tombstone shoot-out at the OK Corral was Oct. 26, 1881

Dupe - already posted n/t

I need a bumper sticker that says....

self delete

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing scheduled for 12:15. I think I'll

Sealing indictments is not done without a good reason

The Uglier American

MoveOn Peace Vigils, Tonight (10/26)

Condi meets with Natalie Holloway's mom

what the heck? " How Breweth Java With Jesus "

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Relief Ditcher (Brownie/Stevens/Delay megaclip)

Fitz Arrives at the Prettyman Courthouse ---pix->>>

Paul Hackett interview - Wow, he's really telling it straight.

snotty saying they, the whitehouse are aware of what is going on

Anyone familiar with Italian politics: What kind of hack is Berlusconi?

No Announcements Today in Plame case... CNN

Get yourself in the mood

Any MMORPG Gamers in DU Land?


A Marine for just six days, Aurora man dies in training

Shot twice in a week, Marine dubbed ‘Lucky’ (????)

Clear something up for me: The GJ in the Plame case is in session, yes?

CNN reporting that we should not expect indictments today.

Opinions on Hyndai Sonata pls

How long after the indictments are announced will there be a TerrAlert?

Interesting searches made with Google.

Media warned not to make a big deal about 2000 dead soldiers in Iraq

*'s numbers still falling at Rasmussen - 59% disapprove

Help this poll please. Do you agree with Prez?

Every news story today only mentions Rove and Libby...

Chicago vs Houston = Fitzgerald vs Bush

Fitzmas eve? Indictment unnouncements?

VIDEO- Cleaver on Non-Profits Voter Registration-YOUR DEMOCRATS SPEAKING

Just think if there are indictments there will be a trial

Raw Story: WSJ saying focus on Cheney's office, maybe not Rove

"EVERYONE thought..." Ummm no...including NOT the CIA...

Others having problems accessing Daily Kos?

Scott Ritter thinks a staged terror attack is possible

Any MSM discussed the Italian reporting revelations about Plamegate?

i motion that we go from Fitzmas Eve to the 12 days of Fitzmas

Any relationship counselors here? Professional or otherwise?

VIDEO- Kanjorski on Non Profits Voter Registration YOUR DEMS SPEAKING

1,100 unidentified bodies still in Louisiana morgue.

Imagine that. The FBI is abusing the Patriot Act.

Where's a comparison between Bush's polls and other presidents?

NO QUARTER - Aides to be Indicted by Richard Sale

Exclusive preview of Kerry's Iraq speech: We were "misled into war."

No Indictments today

Floridians Want Help; FEMA Says Be Patient (we can't "wave a magic wand")

BLOOMBERG: Justice Dept. Official Says No Indictment Announcement Today

"We" pay $9/hr., and we REALLY SUCK

What's Your Favorite RW Talking Point to Minimize Treasongate?

Dolly Parton Is singing "Imagine"!

On Syria, the NYT Still Doesn't Get It

VIDEO- Maxine Waters on Non-Profits Voter Registration-DEMS SPEAKING

Let's DU the reviews of Al Franken's book on

Hastert rebuffs Pelosi on investigation request (Abramoff related)

fishermen, farmers protest gutting of endangered species act

Jury tampering?

Freep: " Maybe Wilson & Plame will be Indicted" LOL

3-fer: Ahhnuld as Dem? - and Libs Packin' Heat - and "Tomorrow/Tomorrow...

How will we know when the "mission" is over in Iraq?

Front page:number of landmarks for Parks testify to her stature as a Leader

Did I just hear Al say NO indictments today?

Two Thousand Dead – and for What? by Patrick J. Buchanan

It isn't the media saying "Indictments unlikely today." It's Fitz.


left coaster: "Treasongate: The Real Significance of the Niger Uranium ...

"Containing" Gay People and Terrorists

During this lull, did you all get to see Bill O'Reilly on Crooksandliars?

I'm a thinking that the whole bunch of criminals under suspicion

Nice try BushCO... but we're onto you now!

My guess..."The Brain" stays. The evil mastermind skulks off quietly.

Best blog on Plamegate

VIDEO- Barney Frank on Non-Profit Housing and Voter Reg

Jim Miklaszeski on MSRNC just said it! A Permanent US Presence in Iraq!

So Cheney will slide on by once again, off the hook?

Dunderheaded delusional freeps - Wilson, Plame, Miller will be indicted.

Rove thinks he is funny ----> PIC

Predict the Midterm Elections

MSNBC: Interesting Insight into the Grand Jury process (Wilson neighbors)

MSNBC Question of the Day

A reminder of how they got the big guns in Watergate

OK, it is now VACATION TIME. No more posts on Plame unless it happens

Huge power outage here in Connecticut

Newest Gallup poll has the idiot at a 42% approval rating???

Who has jpegs of the Niger forgery?

Moron vs. Moran

"Dick Cheney has been wonderful and maybe he hasnt done anything illegal."

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing at 12:15 (it's now 12:13 est)

It's 6 a.m. The sun will be coming up soon. Merry Fitzmas Morning

More musing to kill arrest warrant isn't an indictment is it?

Rawstory: Prosecutor in leak case seeks indictments against Rove, Libby

Whitehouse in Crisis

Question on indictments during Nixon, Reagan & w administrations


Bweaking News Fwom Baba Wawa!

Copy editor has pay docked, is taken off Iraq stories, for protesting war!

Americans must take government back from ideologues (Joe Wilson)

The Village Voice's No-Alternative News: Corporate Takeover

"Protecting the Presidential Seal. No Joke." NY Times.

CNN Poll: War casualites when war started?

Fitzmas just made the nationwide spotlight on MSNBC!

2,000 candle vigil to honor Iraq war dead - Oakland, Ca. photo...

Leak stuff on MSNBC now. nt

"They CAN'T ignore the law."

What's the name of that report they're saying exonerates Dubya and Blair?

Democratic National Committee: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall;

If poppy Bush could "do it over", would he have put in CIA outing laws?

Why won't CNN or MSNBC show us the White House briefing?

What Will Resonate in 2006?

Same speech from last night, same old ,same old

does indictment == arrest and arraignment ?

KAGAN: "It's entirely possible there'll be NOTHING!"

Take your time Fitz

Delusional (And Downright CREEPY) PlameGate Predictions on FR

Cracks me up that CNN can't seem to keep the camera from wobbling on Bush

Anyone else having trouble loading DKos this morning?

why does everytime bush gives a speech he has to give us a job description

The Latest DeLay Propaganda: Pat Boone calling constituents.

Chertoff Urges Patience as Frustrations Surge Among Hurricane Wilma Victims

Richard Clarke yersterday, Janice Karpinski today...Franken is on fire!

The Rude Dude with another zinger:

Anyone hear the rethuglicans utter the words "Rule of Law" Lately?

Bush: 'We Found' Banned Weapons - May 31, 2003

Holy shit! The Economic Club audience just laughed at Bush!!!

Will Schwartenegger participate in a senseless murder?

A rather dumb RW political cartoon

Rove looks like he's about to cry (pic)

Zogby has Bush approval at 45%

If Fitz's dragging this out another day or 2 is frustrating us, imagine...

Do you believe in Ghosts?

Fritz left courthouse about 20 minutes ago-per msnbc.

*Plan B* (aka, before DU Implodes :)

Graduated income tax.

As frustrating as the waiting is, this is how an investigation is supposed

Who else is watching the Cspan debate on voter reg on Cspan?

Indictments in a DC Wonderland

Update/Leak indictments

New carol: Fitzmas Don't Be Late

Can the Mods Put it in big RED letters at the top of the screen?

Here's George at Last Night's Speech ---pix->>>

"We've been giving out one MRI per person."

Raw Story appears to be pulling back a little

lots of problems with Fema in FL. no supplies, lack of communication.

Kerry Speech on anywhere? Fitzgerald: Civil Rights Charges?

Looks Like no Indictments Coming Down Today...

This is freaking maddening!

US barbarism-- Pakistan Times

can somebody post the 'hugh' and 'moran' pics - fast?

Writers! Who among you will be the first to approach

Call Your House Rep NOW to defeat the Manager's Amendment

Bush radioactive? Jerry Kilgore snubs him in Virginia.

REQUEST TO ADMINS: Please Add Fitzmas to the Spell checker

The good side of Fitzmas delayed

WH concerned about The Onion

Paul Hackett on MSNBC "Connected" now.

BETTER than the indictments---the information we get at the TRIALS.

Scotty WH Daily Briefing underway finally

So much for the "credibility" of all these "inside scoop" websites

Anyone seen Billmon's 2000?

Remember, the government is not responding on purpose.

Who do you blame for the Miers nomination

MSNBC reporting on Cindy in DC!

OK, it's Wednsday. Where are the Abu Ghraib pics?

Bwahahahaha, have fun replying to this posting...

Anyone else having trouble accessing The Onion's web site?

O'Lielly: Giving money to MoveOn is like donating to Nazi Party.

freepers are delusional

When are people going to remember.... ONE Indictment does NOT...

Barak Obama is going to be on

MOGAMBO GURU: The Velocity Of Money Is Slowing


We shouldn't celebrate indictments... Happy ThanksFitzGiving!

Anyone Can Talk the Talk; Dr. Paul Farmer Walks the Walk

White House, USFS throw a temper tantrum

Watched a great video...

Bush Reinstates Davis - Bacon Act....


It Seems Like rOVER's Name Has Been Mentioned Less Lately

White Sox forum: "Awww, The Bushes Left Early"

WP: Froomkin - "Rove's Last Campaign"

Taking a break from DU.....

Stay the course Fitz...

Okay, I'm back. Anything happen yet.

Homeland Security says Weeki Wachee mermaids in terrorists' cross hairs?

Thanks for the nifty, new feature , DU Admin

Was "The Interpreter" any good?

2001 Reasons why The DSM is Important

CNN: GJ adjourns for the day.

Hey lookee here, remember Tom Delay?

Anyone else think that the Dems need to pull a "bait-and-switch"?

What about the judge on the Plame case, Thomas Hogan? What do we know?

Is Bush going to be handing out $2000.00 Debit Cards for Wilma victims?

Caption *

FSTV showing "Oil Factor: Beyond the War on Terrorism" today

Cheney's defense - "I'm not a crook, just a liar."

Why are the people in Florida complaining. It's only been 2 days since

2000th U.S. fatality seems to be from my area. They're all sad, but...

My Fellow DU'ers: Let's show these Repuke fuckers that we are a force

Democracy Now... The best news source ever

Why Bush is unimpeachable- by Ted Rall

Has Bawbawa and Niel Bush cursed the Astros?

No indictments today

We can't compare FL to LA in disaster relief efforts this year

Aides to Be Indicted, Probe to Continue - t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Ed Meese just used the phrase "Criminalization of Politics"

Why Sealed Indictments??? To prevent a witness from fleeing

What jobs Bush!

If Fitz/GJ include charges re "violation of Wilson's civil rights"

Have you guys heard about indictments in some "Plame case"?

Can someone answer a few questions about this Grand Jury?

Did you see this ad from Moveon?

A general GJ question -- If there is an extension, do the same

Richard Sale: Indictments will be announced this afternoon

Sale: Indictments coming this afternoon!

LBN Article just now says Fitz met with Judge over lunch today.

Bush (Major league loser bigtime) Reinstating Wages for Katrina Work

Hehehehe. *'s busy day. A tale on CNN now.

ToeSucker Morris: I weep at prospect of Rove's indictment.

TDS momement of zen - spoilerish -

World 'o Crap: Unspinning Spin for Dummies

New Dance Craze: The Karl Rove "Frogmarch"

Why do the mods lock threads that cite Prison Planet as source?

those who demonstrate arrogance, greed, and foolishness will stumble...

Sen. Hutchison's Press Secretary - "Clinton committed a serious crime."

Podesta on Ed Schultz (Ed smacks down Schumer, see below)

I'll need to rethink my opposition to the draft

DeLay Admits To Accounting Irregularities

Where's Novak in all this?

A Treasongate primer

Jeff Gannon: "....and their Washington socializing was what “outed” her"

Has the bush administration and Congress used the Patriot Act...

Gore and the internet.

Indictment Watch in CIA Leak Case Puts White House on Edge

Cheney's Memoirs: What will he title it?

Is Fitzgerald waiting for the markets to close?

Not knowing is driving the WH crazy

Ok, ok, time for a little levity. This song's for Babs and Jenna...

Crap! I have to go teach a 3-hour seminar now...

Score 1 for the Good Guys. Bush backs off of the Davis-Bacon Act.

Does Quick Time really take 34 Megs....

Bob Barr on CNN: Rumors that George Tenet may be indicted too... nt

CNN: Fitzgerald met with chief judge Hogan after gj meeting today

Michelle Malkin is full of crap again

Altered Photo on Criticized, Then Revised (Condi pic)

Remind me again, who wrote the foreword in Karl Rove's political handbook?

How to identify sex offenders.....

Help w/Distraction Until Fitzmas: Tell a Republican Joke

Rethugs using the "I can't recall" BS get a free trip to tortureville


How will you react if nothing comes of the indictments?

FEMA Extends Brownies Contract - Not from the Onion

Steve Bell: Iraqi Constitution - Let The Celebrations Begin

Any hard news today? Can some one give me a quick review?

George Has Another Boo-Boo On His FACE ---pix->>>

New Trial Balloon: CIA Ran A Plot Against The President

What about the 100k+ Iraqis dead... We seem to only care

So......... Who was that sitting with the old hag behind home plate

So what TIME is the Fitz press conference tomorrow?

VIDEO-Biden's Comments on Bush's Circular Chain of Command

A century of US military interventions

Richard Clarke on Plame investigation (NPR)

Why in the Hell are They Still Debating Valerie Wilson's CIA Status?

Any notice HBO replaying "Dave" a lot recently?

"Ex"-homosexual to host 'Straight Talk Radio' (Check out the photo...)

Super Soldiers may get brain chip

Specter tells Miers to expect questions on war, Bush

Our Talking Point: Brewster Jennings Was Outed - By This Administration!

Larry Johnson on The Situation Room

Victoria Toensing on Hannity: Tinfoil Hat

Dan Froomkin (WaPo) says keep eye out for Late Night Visits at Courthouse

Hey you know what? Drudge must be out of the loop

HOW could Plame or Wilson be indicted? Seriously, not joking.

Bush reinstating wages for Katrina work.

Fitz met with judge for 45 minutes -- CNN reports

Oh Good Grief! Tweety's back testing the wind. Conservative Wednesday!

The White House to the Onion- "Stop using Presidential Seal"

OH SNAP! Big Ed puts the smack down on Schumer (formerly Kerry's) argument

I think there may be indictments tomorrow AND a grand jury extension.

Notice how everyone is skating around the fact that Bush knew...

Hannity just said "FITZMAS"

Alright people. How can a guy investigating a leak...leak his shit.

Well, the PNAC boys CAN'T be happy with Administration THESE DAYS

What jst happened on CNN?

I feel like I did on election night 00, 02, 04, but with a lot more hope.

WOMEN: be PROUD of the term "Catfight."

Tom Tomorrow Explores the Mystery of Fitz's Investigation

Sex and Violence - or the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

bewilderment as Mr. Fitzgerald returned to the grand jury area

Does George Have Pseudo-Cushing’s Syndrome? ---pix->>>

(Not yet on duplicate list) Bookmark Fitz's Official DOJ website NOW.

I Don't Know if Dick Is Going to Survive the Wait ---pix->>>

You think you're offended easily? My skin is WAY more thin than your skin!

If for Some Reason there is No Indictment or Report

2005 Congressional Pig Book Summary

AP: Grand Jury in CIA Leak Case Adjourns

2,000 troop deaths are no more significant than 1,900 or 2,100...

We have another ally in the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

You Really Must Give the Devil His Due

Sliming the Quakers, Part 2

2002 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Post by Steve Clemons - clarification

FYI: Kerry's Speech on CSPAN1 tonight.

is there anybody from the pgh, pa area that... aint got nuttin on me copper!

What's this talk of Fitzgerald supposedly having indictments and

Fitz won't let the rePUKE scum hid behind Friday night news dump so.....

Has anyone ever resigned rather than continue to work for Cheney?

Has both houses of cong. and Sr. officials in WH ever been

Sad. This is all the Bushies have left to say. Pathetic.

When they prosecuted Clinton for poppin' his pecker, did the market tank?

Is 2,002 also a "false milestone"?

Fox is giving a good overview of the Kerry speech

A "No Criticize Zone"!

Was the Plame leak mentioned at all during any of the 2004 debates?

'So help me God"--I will change the ethics in the WH--Jr at RNC accepting

Non-Fitz thread: Bush backs down on Davis-Bacon act

Tucker's show must be in trouble.

Hannity rips Republicans for spending

Don't look now Gergen doesn't have makeup on now - Lou Dobbs

John Fund of WSJ is a damned liar

Maureen Dowd on Imus this morning (video) -- talking about Miller

CBS talking of lack of Fema supplies in FL.

Hannity giving away Ruth Chris steak certificates

A different deck of cards. MOST WANTED.

Miss "Mushroom-Cloud-over-Manhattan" discourages apocalypic language

The Joy of the Grand Jury being extended... We Need New Holidays!

off "If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History"

How Scotty McClellan speaks at home! LOL

Why Tomorrow Has to Be The Day (Wednesday Edition)

Roll Call has a rumor from Rove's lawyer's firm, Patton Boggs

Talkleft, TPMCafe, Huffingtonpost, and another blog were just mentioned

Do you think Fitz knows the term "Fitzmas"?

VR: He Will Never See The 'Eyes Only' Memo That Proves His President Lied

Lou Dobbs to discuss Able Danger - coming up (6:42 EST)

Paul Hackett is Lou Dobb's guest, next after commercial.

Maureen Dowd scratches out the eyes of Judy Miller !

What if Fitz REALLY HATES being called Fitz?

We can't confirm Bush's Ambassador to Holland: He's under INVESTIGATION.

Miers made pro-abortion comments - was that before she was born again?

Question: If Fitz wants to extend the grand jury, does he need to go to

Does anyone else find Hutchinson's shoulders disconcerting?

Let's back Condi for President - think about it

Beyond the sorrows of empire: THE UGLY UGLY TRUTH

Catholic School Principal To Students: Thou Shalt Not Blog

Bill Clinton does a

CBS News Says No Extension of GJ and NBC Said Yes to Extensions

Indictment does not equal convicgtion.- Discuss

Paul Hackett and his good lookin ass is coming up on DOBBS...CNN

Rumors, Accident, Interviews

The Indictments are Coming Tomorrow!

Rove will not sit back and allow Fitz to destroy him without some under-

Bernie Ward (KGO - Lib Talk Show Host) tells the scoop on Tweety

He has the mind of a child.

Love America, Warts And All

Absence of leadership: Why isn’t the President firing Rove?

Just seen on CNN...

What is Randi Rhodes babbling about?

"Fitzgerald needs to be indicted for torture..."

John Nichols is actually on Tweet! Author of "Dick....the man"

PHOTOS: Body English, anyone??? Things not going well, "W"?

LOL! "Top reasons" Scooter's on crutches, from Wonkette

VIDEO- Olbermann last night- Two Liberals Two Nights in a Row

"On December 1, 1955, I had finished my day's work...

What's up with the Onion today?

It's time for some good HEAD!

Scooter on Crutches and marks on * 's Face.

JEB: Blame ME, not FEMA for slow hurricane aid

Air Force Coach Reprimanded After Comments About Black Athletes

"Operation Rescue Says, "This Is The Last Straw!!!"

Poll: Most suspect wrongdoings

Scooter Libby's using crutches??

Why was the FBI interviewing Valerie Plame's neighbors yesterday?

A Pre-Indictment Note To My Various Freeper Troll Admirers...

So who did they EXPECT him to nominate?

What do we do now?

I need an Indictment Toolbar

TIME TO ASK: WHAT did the President know and WHEN did he know it?

A response to torture apologists

Whiny Floridians are already blaming FEMA in 3 days for not having

My Fundie/Repug Classmate: "America is no Superpower"

Libby and Rove are JUST THE WARM UP! Fitz is going for the BIG FISH!

*** Wednesday TOONS: Indictment Edition ***

WashPo corrects error spotted by DU posters:


Stripes letters: "the current U.S. admin. is a fascist one, by definition"

Jane Hamsher: "a lot of people are going to get nailed."

Plame Game - parts I, II, and III

Rasmussen Has Bush Hitting All-Time Low Approval 41% to 59% Disapproval

Has everyone seen the Fitz-Tracker?

How do you like this?

10 Signs that you are WAY too obsessed with Plamegate.

The nuclear bomb John Kerry refused to use in the 2004 campaign:

My thanks go out to the Grand Jury in DC for sitting for 2years

Hanging? Firing squad? What's the penalty for treason these days.

Iranian Leader: Israel Will Be Destroyed

Question: What big stories were first broken by blogs or alt. journalists?

I turn 50 next Friday

Does Kerry's admitting he was duped on Iraq make you more willing

The Winning Side

US District Court jury duty? What can I expect?

Richard Sale: Indictments will be announced TODAY

Gergen: "People will ask...were we led into Iraq by criminal means?"

New Zogby poll being taken now -- link to participate

Has DU Christian Bashing Gone WAY Over the Top?

Conyers Introduces "Federal Disaster Profiteering Act"

Fitz assigned a case. Seems to be doing his job. Therefore, he's a deity?

Delphi's demand: Take $9 an hour

STEPHEN BREYER, US Supreme Court Justice, on Charlie Rose tonight

Former Security Adviser Richard Clark interview on "Fresh Air" (WHYY) now

NewStandard newsletter could use some help

Fitz Leaves the Courthouse - Emptyhanded ---pix->>>

So who here catches flak from their spouse/family for being

Hire, fire, retrain: Danish labour market model eyed by Europe

Wikipedia Has Fitzmas But May Delete It

Remember this Rove getting driven over by a plane Picture from early 2004?

Clues to look for >

C-SPAN *not* airing Kerry's speech on Iraq?!

Plame's NOC status

VIDEO-Schuster on Plame/Fitzgerald

Tenet told Cheney about Plame - CNN

A Few More Pix of the Fitz Poker Face --->>>

Only US Seeks to Justify Abuse: Human Rights Watch

Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) Sexist Pig

PIMCO's Bill Gross Nov. Investment Outlook - Bashes Bush, Praises Dean

Helen Thomas and Richard Clark on Maher's Show on Friday

SBC closing some Michigan call centers

Imagine if they had Fox News back in 1862...

Concerned Women demand Miers withdraw: She's a Streisand-lovin' MANBASHER!

Did Cheney Know Plame was Undercover or Not?

2 Possible Reasons For Sealed Indictments: From Poster At Washington Note

Kerry to be on Hannity and Colmes?!

Bush says Iraq war isn't "causing more terrorists" (Endless Stupidity)LOL

WOW! Live updates about the civil disobediance with Cindy Sheehan in DC

Another great photo of * - Please caption

Beginning of the end for Miers

The Difference between Fundamentalists and Evangelicals

Lou Dobbs blames Floridians for not "stocking up" for Wilma...Didn't they

If Watergate was a "cancer on the Presidency," what is Plamegate?

"charges of perjury and obstruction of justice"-and-OUTING A COVERT AGENT!

Morris "weeps" at prospect of Rove's indictment <>

Can grief be prevented?

Okay. . .what is going on? Are we against Miers or for her?

I have a theory about the sealed indictments and terror alerts

Target response...

Need advice about buying a Prius. . . .

Delphi makes ridiculous offer to UAW

Holy shit check out this damage control!!

Beta is trying to be born??? Storm weary people may want to stay updated

This may be sick, but...

I didn't used to like the idea of Hillary for President...

LAT: One juror to another: "See you Friday."

Woman Sees Husband Off to Iraq, Gets Fired

Hurricane relief in Florida all screwed up!!! Blame

CNN story: Walmart wants to hire healthier workers.

MSNBC /Hardball on now......Reviewing Fitz's day. n/t

Wow. I just got an advance copy of Kerry's speech coming later today.

Limbaugh called Female Officers "orificers" over Armed Forces Radio

Who here feels like you cannot rest until this whole nightmare is

Helpful advice from the First Lady...

Why Bush balked on the Gulf Coast Wage Cut - A Toast to Rep. George Miller

Uh oh. The jury must be UNANIMOUS!

You think you're offended easily? My skin is WAY more thin than your skin!


Did Kerry renounce his IWR vote ?

Gay Publication "Outs" Anchors (Shepard Smith)

News I wanted to share...from Noreen Gosch!!

The fundies are everywhere: MCI wished me a "Blessed Day"

great take on republican scandals

Larry Johnson: Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue

Violent Videogames(your opinion)

Really surprised!!! NBC just mentioned Cheney/Plame-gate...

Happy Happy Joy Joy

My son's best friend is being sent to Iraq

I. Am. Going. Outside.

Sealed vs. unsealed indictments. Need a little help here.

nominate ! - Huffington - 'Plamegate - Worse than Watergate'

FBI talking to the Wilson's neighbors == 18 USC 793 &/or IIPA indictments

Democracy Now, 10amCT, Link TV: Janice Karpinski on. nt

Rosa Parks @

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (a Fitzmas Message)

Raw Story -- Another Bush Dirty Trick...

Italy denies role in fake documents on Iraq

Remember All The "Bush Is TOAST" and "Kerry In A LANDSLIDE" Posts?

Cindy Sheehan: Resisting Hillary

grilling veggies, help please?

Mark Morford is one of us (cookware fetishist).

Iraqi Death Toll Much Higher Than U.S. Military

Psyches of Iraq's Children Caught in the Cross-Fire

WTF is it with the new Militant "Christians?"

Activists Allege Army Distorted Truth About Nerve Agent Disposal

Sen. Dorgan Calls for Inquiry into Journalists' Access(to classified info)

Leak Counsel Is Said to Press on Rove's Role

Panel Approves $10B Cut in Health Care

More specs. targets received letters already

CIA leak grand jury may hear charges Wednesday (Reuters)

Reid honors Nevada's war dead, criticizes Bush policy in Iraq

Background to Betrayal... Behind the CIA leak investigation

U.S. Drops Plan for Nuclear Bunker-Buster

Louisiana's Hurricane Death Toll Climbs

Conservatives buy airtime to oppose Miers

1993 speech reveals more about Miers

Financial Times: CIA leak charges set to be handed out

IndUK: Climate of Fear But Journalists Insist They Will Remain in Baghdad

Bush team sought to snuff CIA doubts Differences over Iraq WMD latest at

NYT - Prosecutor's Progress Is Rare for Leak Inquiries

Mood is sour on Bush, Congress (55% say - would vote for an unnamed Dem)

Prosecutor wraps up CIA leak investigation

Grand Jury is in. Fritz walked in main door.

MSNBC: Fitzgerald just entered court house a few minutes ago

Bush Pentagon Spokesman Nominee Under Attack(says networks aid terrorists)

AP: Analysts Warn of Effects of Iraq Civil War

WP: Bigger, Stronger Homemade Bombs Now To Blame for Half U.S. Deaths

Canceled Appearances Add Up to Indictments, Dems Suggest

Super Soldiers may get brain chip

Govt out of control: Opposition(Australia)

Poll: Few Doubt Wrongdoing In CIA Leak (9 in 10 Say Illegal or Unethical)

Bishops warn not to rebuild Gulf Coast on backs of poor

WP: Modern (global) Markets Shatter Model Of Fed Chairman's Power

WP: A Shrinking New Orleans (Nagin says to 1/2 population, 1/3 budget)

CBS's (News Pres) Andrew Heyward resigns; McManus pres of news, sports

Iran Leader Calls for Israel's Destruction

BREAKING NEWS Israeli radio: Medics say at least 20 wounded in blast in Is

Women accuse Sen. Burns R- MT of Sexism **NW flight attendants**

(Barbara Boxer's prescient) debut novel straight out of the blue (state)

WP: FBI Papers Indicate Intelligence Violations (Patriot Act Violations)

Gay Publication "Outs" Anchors (Shepard Smith)

Three Iraq Sunni parties form alliance

Top Park Service workers told to follow President Bush’s agenda

Brown Had Resignation Plans Before Katrina Hit

German court convicts "Zarqawi team" for bomb plans

Fitzgerald to exend Grand Jury?

No Announcements Today in Plame case... CNN

White House Braces For Charges (Good interactive link: CIA Leak Case

White House on Edge in CIA Leak Case!

CNN: Poll says Bush would lose an election held this year

Some Iraqis sympathize with U.S. as death toll tops 2,000

CIA leak charges set to be handed out

Prosecutor winding up CIA Leak Probe---ABC 1 Hour ago....


AP: Italian Faces Pre-War Intelligence Probe (re: Niger forgery) >>>

NYT: Republicans Ask Oil Industry for Help With Fuel Prices

Prosecutor in leak case seeks indictments against Rove, Libby, lawyers...

Judge got view, lost perspective

CIA leak probe has Wash. waiting (No announcements expected today)

VIDEO- Hinojosa on Non Profits Voter Reg- DEMS SPEAKING UP

LAT: Money Gushes In for U.S. Oil Companies (earnings "staggering")

Republicans appeal Colo. congressional redistricting

Five people killed in Hadera suicide bombing

Prosecutor Winding Up CIA Leak Probe(Fitz, GJ in court, Rove, Libby at WH)

Bloomberg: Grand Jury in CIA Leak Probe Plans No Announcements

Bush Administration Will Reinstate Prevailing Wages on Katrina Contracts

Italian faces pre-war intelligence probe

Iranian Leader: Israel Will Be Destroyed

Lawmakers vote to allow privatizing US food stamps

Grand Jury in CIA Leak Case Adjourns

Fitzgerald met with Chief Judge today in chambers. Nothing more yet.

Grand jury in CIA leak case adjourns(for the day)

The Baghdad Hotel Attack: The Real Targets

Kerry Calls for Pulling 20,000 Troops

Kerry: Bring troops home over Christmas

AP: Justice Dept. says no announcement today (Wednesday)

Americans' anger may threaten GOP control of Congress

Constitutional questions plague anti-terror laws(Australia)

Rasmussen: Bush Approval 41% (Lowest Ever For This Poll)

New Push for Miers Is in the Works

US may lower troop levels in Iraq next year -envoy (Zalmay Khalilzad)

US approves $280 mln missile sale to Taiwan

U.S. Soldier dies of non-combat wounds (#2001)

Arab Emirates: Hamas founder dies

Negotiated lumber deal sought (Condi in Canada)

Italy denies role in fake documents on Iraq

Arab League opposes sanctions on Syria

CNN/SI/AP: Silent No More: WNBA MVP Swoopes opens up about lesbianism

N.Y. jury decides Port Authority was negligent in 1993 World Trade Center

LAT/AP: Miers to Be Questioned on Gitmo Policy (by Senator Specter)

Pot not a major cancer risk: report

Shakeup of military bases seems certain to take effect next month

California City Approves Public Office to Sell Medical Marijuana

No Announcement from Leak Counsel as Deadline Approaches-NYT

LAT: Suspense Builds Over Leak Investigation (juror: "See you Friday.")

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 26 October

Consumers demand more morals on the menu

High Energy Prices Lift Profits at ConocoPhillips by 89%

Former Alabama governor and ex-HealthSouth chief indicted

Dollar may slide on White House staff indictments

U.S.'s Snow-extend tax breaks to boost economy

Frist outlines GOP strategy to change immigration law

Bush says open to across-the-board spending cuts

Possible fraud seen in Iraq contracts - U.S. report

Wilma-weary Floridians wait (12) hours for basic supplies (ice, 3 waters)

Skipping Bush's Va. Speech Isn't a Snub, (GOP gub. candidate) Kilgore Says

GOP Budget Will Include Spending Boosts

Politicians close ranks to protect auto plant (Dennis Kucinich summit)

Blame Florida, Not FEMA, Gov. Bush Says

EXCLUSIVE: US Soldiers Involved in Drug Smuggling Ring (ABC news)

Papers, Ignoring Pentagon Plea, Mark 2,000th U.S. Death in Iraq

GOP senator wants written evidence that Miers is conservative (Vitter)

Mass Layoffs Reach 2001 Levels After Katrina

Ex-FDA (Crawford) head held shares in regulated firms-paper (He LIED)

FEMA extends Brown's contract by 30 days

Poll: Public unhappy with GOP

WP: Measure Would Alter Federal Death Penalty System

Iran 'lets al-Qaeda roam free'

NYT: McDonald's to Add Facts on Nutrition to Packaging

Democrat to Decide DeLay's Trial Motion

US told to give data on Guantanamo hunger strikers

Wal-Mart Chief Says Customers Need Increase in Minimum Wage

Bush Reinstating Wages for Katrina Work

Bush says economy is on solid ground

BlackBerry Maker Denied High Court Appeal

U.S. defense equipment readiness declining - (GAO) report

Prosecutor Meets With Chief Judge (Fitz Seeking Extension?)

St. Paul copy editor punished for attending peace rally

BBC breaking: Lethal bird flu strain in Croatia (deadly to humans)

DeLay acknowledges failure to report money

BBC: Hariri son rejects Syria action

'Whites Only' Barber

New York Times Reporter Miller Is in Talks Over Her Job Status

Canada blasts Iran for seeking Israeli destruction

Source: No announcement in CIA leak probe today (CNN)

Iraq's top cleric won't back al-Jaafari

Delphi's demand: Take $9 an hour (headline in Det Free Press)

Air Force coach spouts off on minorities

Pot not a major cancer risk: report

Kerry urges post-election troop reduction in Iraq

Russia says will defend Syria against UN sanctions

Senate votes against increased spending for heating aid program (AGAIN)

I just talked to a Bush bashing Republican today


Any chance of 'unveilings' if there's an indictment?

Google may go after Ebay!

I say, am I to spend the entire day wallowing around in my own feces.

What's up with Stephen Colbert's ears?

Somebody get me a beer, would ya?

If you needed to make A LOT of money right away, what would you do?

Good night DU and a merry Fritzmas to you

Miss Cleo's free readin's

Esky or Cooler?

Aaarrrrrgggggh.....english lit take-home midterm hell!!!

Bigfoot vs Dracula: Who wins?

i need the puking emoticon

The Fat Guy is pitching!

Favorite horror movie actress

"Twas the night before Fitzmas and all through DU

OK, we had our first hard frost last night

Why can't the Astros finish a game in the alloted time?

Leaky Dick

The Fat Guy is itching.


Who's watching the game?

What you looking at?

Ever have one of those days?

A Love Story

Raht. I've had it. What does everybody have against Speedos?

Nighthawks XXVI (dial-up warning)

Have you ever been to a peanut boil? It's fun!

Name Quandary

Anyone know where I could find the Bush-Cheney font?

Game over, I can go to bed now

Ri-fuckin-diculous!! Why even bother?

The night's song lyrics.

I am invisible

Gettin' the f**k outta dodge.

Any magicians in the house?

This Christian mom from Trading Spouses is bat-shit crazy!

need spiritual guidance...Jesus and the Pope

Don't stand there

Happy Birthday Seth MacFarlane!

I am invincible

I am intoxicated

not my artwork...but some of my favorite....

It was 20 years ago today

Good Morning to the morning crew and Good Night from

Look at the pic this seller got away with posting on eBay! (WARNING!)

Is southlandshari Ghost Face Killah?

i`ll be higher than rush today!

My essay on outsourcing, coming soon...

Who in the hell won game three? I fell asleep bottom of the 13th.

(Dial-up warning) My gift to all the straight women, gay men and DUers of

Worldwide Adobe Photoshop Competition Launched: Winner Goes To Paris

Hey MATCOM! We had snow....

Gonna be a lot of sleepy eyes in Houston and Chicago tomorrow

My gift to all the straight/bi men and gay/bi women on DU.

Project Entropia: Anyone in this game?

Anyone in the Stockton area?

Goodbye, cruel world.

Man Claiming To Be Superman Hospitalized After Leaping From 4th Floor Wind

So I rented the movie "Saw"...

Queer Eye Team Denounces Wave Of Vigilante Homosexual Makeover Groups

Did You Get What You Wanted For Fitzmas?

Three years ago today

Joyeux Fitzmas

Tats and age

George Clooney Has Considered Suicide

Rove's nuts roasting on an open fire...

Are We Supposed to Exchange Gifts on Fitzmas?

Enough, already! Indict or get off the pot!

Watch Big McLargehuge do more Iaido forms!


OMG! My First Crush Is Having A Birthday Today! - JACLYN SMITH!

Could someone explain to me one thing about the Plame affair

It's Hillary Clintion's Birthday today

Guess who's taking over Stern's place on K-Rock radio, New York.

Breathtaking hypocrisy

So I saw the movie "Rent"


favorite quote of the moment

WAY cool bikes on Isle of Man video (22 MB)

Are you Pro-Marriage?

A little levity: Top Ten Signs Your Supreme Court Nominee Is Not Qualified

Guess what? Roasted Chestnuts really *are* good...

Surfin' NYC!!!!------ SURFS UP New YaaaaaWK

Permission to rant, please

things to do when bored

Have a peeance, freeance Fitzmas, everyone!

matcom's scooter-palooza

Serial Dog Slayer Terrorizes Pet Owners

Oops, I did it again!


Raw Story: Fitzgerald Dawns Helm of Smiting, Declares He is Second Coming

They Are Making A Muppets Reality TV Show

Woman Sees Jesus On City Tree


Damn CNN! And damn Eddie Murphy.

Jesus Christ, Game 3 SUCKED!!!



OK, this baseball game has morphed into a cricket game

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone!

Treason's Greetings--24/7 online streaming holiday music

What is the all-time funniest line from a sitcom?

why don't we have a nickname for Dick?

Any MMORPG Gamers in DU Land?

Time for a new signature pic ... wadaya think?

Sorry George Romero, but "Land of the Dead" sucked, big time.

If these indictments don't get handed down soon, I'm going to puke .......

If you have a tattoo-- What does it mean to you?

Breaking: Lunchtime

Dress your dog up for Halloween picture thread

ATTN: November/December babies

Playing hooky!

Franken just said there will be no indictments today

Things you should never say to a traffic cop

My firewood is full of Nissan Cup o Noodles.

Things you have never said to Shelley Fabares.

Brain Bogglers

Man, Level 2 sucks.

***What horror movie killer are you?***

So what's everyone bringing if it's Fitzmas ? Graphics heavy.

You Don't Own Me!

$5 charge for each use of phrase "Here we go!" after indictments come down

When might Fitz have a moment for some coffee?

I still believe that JFK, Sr. was murdered.

"the most crooked ... lying group I've ever seen."

Cat purrsons: Have you ever tried Soft Paws/Claws on your beasties?

What's your first name?

New patent turns doggie poop into briquettes

Lauren Hutton Poses Nude - She Is 61

Any relationship counselors here? Professional or otherwise?

My work colleague lost his battle with cancer

I still think Ted Kennedy was set-up.

Things you have never said to Mary Shelley

Ads from the past that you hated?



So I rented this movie "Saw"

This is my 100th post

My Nissan truck is loaded with firewood.

"You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips...."

Don't Diss Bo Diddley - say man

Does anyone else remember these saturday morning tv shows?

My Vampire jokes thread...

Sorry Wilson Pickett, but "Land of a 1000 Dances" sucked big time.

Do you believe in Ghosts?

Back from vacation in S. California

Stick a Fork in Porn - Death By Corporatization

Funny Clip from Bill Maher.

First Car???

Those are cartoons I'd like to see...

No links allowed in Signatures?

Just heard this great joke from a friend of mine.

People who surrender their posts to effing assholes should live in shelter

(GD-too busy- in the Lounge) Just talked to someone in the DoD~^~

When he finds whoever took his hair, there's gonna be trouble

People who surrender their pets to shelters are effin assholes.

Man Arrested For Sprinkling Fecal Matter On Pastries

The Fitz Situation-- I have it on GOOD authority,

I tried to join a ping-pong club.

Is DU slowing down?

So I changed my mind about my Halloween costume.


On the first day of Fitzmas, Fitzgerald gave to me

Does anyone else use Windows Movie Maker?

Rove, Libby Indicted??? Breaking from Kos and DU


Boondocks to air on Adult Swim..-WP


What was your least favorite Nickname

Four jokes that I'd like to see retired from DU

Should I move to Boston?


Randi time!!!

Word of the day: Virago

I work out nearly every day (certainly every weekday) so how come...

Indictments are like free beer

adderall and redbull.... janeane used to touch on the topic.

Propriety, ethics & freedom

Since Fitzmas is slow to arrive, I propose instead we declare this

CNN: The GJ has adjorned for the day.


Can anyone suggest hotels in NYC?

I need help

Has anyone else put up their Fitzmas Tree?

Dick Sale: Indicments to be announced 2 days before the day after tomorrow

Golf Gift

Destiny's Child Pisses me off...

Sorry Sid & Marty Krofft, but Land of the Lost sucked, big time.

Why does it say Good Citizens check for duplicates before I post?

LionessPriyanka Can Only Take Cold Showers!

Good citizens check for duplicates!

anyone know where i can set up a free message board?

what do you think peta's stance on circumcision is?

Never jump into a pile of wet suckers with leaves.

"Do They Know It's Fitzmas?" (For Fitzgerald's Team):

Question for anyone who has been watching the World Series:

Picture a guy with a mullet -

Funny Flame War - God Will Punish You.......

Coldplay steals U2's note

Do we have any south Florida members?

Tea and cake with the Vicar or DEATH!!!!!

Most cliched premise for a rock/pop song?

One of my threads was locked.

Today's official smiley is....

Researchers: Women's Brains Switch Gears Before Period Begins

Someone sprayed WAY too much Lysol or deodorizer

Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.

Who Had One Of THESE As A Kid? (and did you ever notice the sexist ad?)

70's song id help please

What to do....while you wait for Fitzmas

Taking a brick to DU...

beat me up in this thread

Loch Ness Monster

Does Quick Time really take 34 Megs....

OK, We all Know Patrick Fitzgerald...

My only decent photo of this bald eagle nest, papa with fledglings...


I think I'm gonna get some alcohol for tonight...

Todays OFFICIAL earworm: Your gonna LOVE me for this! : )

Anthony Hopkins should be the one to deliver the sentences

Who's peekin' out from under a stairway

Back from my "procedure"...

Who remembers cool toys?

I need to think of a name for my new friend.

Taking a break from DU.....

My roommate is driving me crazy!


YUM Thomas' breads is so good YUM my tummy


Goodnight all!

You think you're offended easily? My skin is WAY more thin than your skin!

Has anyone had a Spotted Dick? Yummo!

I left breakfast sausage on a counter for 24 hrs

What is the "short man syndrome"???

Where are the "Grapes of Wrath" stored?

I kinda like my new sig line

This is amusing

Steve Clemons pretty okay after auto-pedestrian accident

Was "The Interpreter" any good?

Post your best picture of Jack o lantern!

I wish Patrick Fitzgerald would put something new on his web site.

Phil collins sucks ass

"Signature lines are currently turned off due to high traffic."

The electric vacuum cleaner is 104 years old. Can someone tell

Three Vampires Walk Into A Bar And Find A Table....

Don't forget to Fall Back this weekend!

Incredible Skill

Cold sore season is here

Diva is Avid spelled backwards.

I am doing laundry and its boring...shower me with attention...

Don't forget to Fall Back this weekend!

The College Repukes are BACK!

Any *NINJAS* here? Ninjas sign in here

Don't forget to fall back this weekend...

This is funny. I remember those days

DO forget to Fall Back this weekend if you're in HI, AZ, parts of IN

George Dubya Kareoke...

I wonder if the fundamentalist will attack Sheryl Swoopes now?


Hey screeching hippies! Tired of losing elections?

Don't forget to Fall Back this weekend!


I wish Eric Clapton would hurry up and DROP ACID!

All DUer's need one of these right now:

What is your HMTI?

i'm bored. let's kick Sundog's ass

X-Files question

Things you need to know


I just made the 2000 club. Ask me anything!

Do bars in Philly stay open 1 hr. later when clocks change this weekend?

I'm bored. Let's key matcom's scooter.

Tonight: Trifecta Gumbo!

Which DU'er do you DISLIKE the MOST?

A random poll

I have 7 min. till curfew otherwise you might see me on Miami COPS.

Have you ever met a neighbor and suddenly appreciated your dog?

Do You Personally Know Anyone Named "Dick"?

Jarts and Clackers

Random: General Discussion of CIA?


Gimme a break!!

My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump. My lovely lady lumps.

Things you have never said to SouthlandShari

PHIL COLLINS is awesome

I love the new check for dupes feature!!!!! It is HUGH!!!!111!!!!

Coffee or Tea?

Okay, which one of you was watching jpgray?

I'm getting married in 2 days...Ask me ANYTHING!

Things you DONT need to know

If I DON'T check for duplicates am I unpatriotic?

I just had lunch at "Cute waitress's" restaurant....

Physical Therapist INSISTS on playing Faux News.

Don't click here. I posted a REALLY nasty earworm!

Is southlandshari a thread killah?

Who is your least favorite Bush Family member?

Feminists: is there anything I should do?

I no longer seem to be able to refresh my pages automatically.

Admit it. You've always called it "NIGH-JER" not "KNEE-ZHERE"

Is it ok to wish injury and/or death on someone

The next person who fires up his Jet SKI in my living room gets a whallop

Okay, Rabrrrrr

I love my scooter....Let us now praise our scooters!

I found bush's special bath towel.

My kid just mooned our dog.

progmom: diva?

I got blue paint! I got blue paint!

Paris Hilton proves once again that the Uber-Rich outclass the rest of us

Drinkin' Buddies

Do you believe in Ghosts?

I wish Eric Clapton would hurry up and DROP DEAD!

Is the Bush Crime Family in "Hail Mary Pass" mode?

Most Boring Pop Song Ever Made...

"Required to Like" rock groups that you dislike?


I think we should all call matcom ...

Uh oh, I didn't realize I was such a snob. Damn internet tests.

I am so freaking upset right now

I am sick and tired of the fighting.

Oh gawd my kid just totaled my car

The Parting Glass

OMG! My wife was arrested this morning!

Rate anything on a scale of one to ten

Know how you can approximate the age of a cat? By the scratches

I'm out, goodnight.

Tatu is not idiotic, stupid, meaningless, cheap or worthless.


Lamest Rock bands of all time!!!

Reclaim Hallowe'en as Lite-Nite, says bishop

faith is really a wonderful thing

WTF is it with the new Militant "Christians?"

U.S. Alters Test Policy on Psychiatric Drugs

Schizophrenics 'spot illusions'

? Large hornets nest- Will frost kill them ?

When sleep's an alien experience

DNA map("HapMap" from term haplotype) --targets genetic diseases

Gay rights activists target Ore. lawmaker

Instead of just agitating for marriage equality ...

WNBA's Swoopes Comes Out

EU Warns Poland On Gays

Michigan Voters Support Gay Benefits Despite Marriage Ban

Lesbian Pastor Prepares For Trial

Religion wars see military academies as new battlefields

Methodist council to hear gay minister's case

CNN/SI/AP: Silent No More: WNBA MVP Swoopes opens up about lesbianism

New MCC Moderator To Be Installed At National Cathedral

Ministry's on a misguided mission to scare gay teens straight

Chip-enabled ball at 2006 World Cup soccer games?

(Joe) Morgan laments makeup of ex-team (absence of black bb players)

Racial comments by AFA's DeBerry draw criticism...(link)...

WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes comes out: 'I'm tired of having to pretend'

Valentine leads Chiba Lotte to Japan title

Reasons why Houston must, and will lose tonight

Who won the game tonight?

Any Sox fans feel sorry for Frank Thomas - The Big Hurt

11 yr old cat home from emergency overnight hospital visit.

Dreams and a recent death

Has anyone seen this article before? From Dec. 3 2003?

I am looking for a speech of Kerry's from last year. Can you help

Kerry Tries To Resuscitate Capital Program

Self delete

Kerry to Pull No Punches Taking on the Bush Administration in Iraq Speech

Huffington Blog : Post on Kerry

Kerry's full text, thanks to William Pitt.

JK Letter on speech today

I posted JK's speech on DailyKos -- pray for me :)

Kerry calls for Bush to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq

Kerry on Iraq - AP.

So I'm thinking about posting on GD

LeftyLizzie: OMG! You lucky thing!

As we relive IWR in GD today, why do those who "knew" there were no WMDs

quick, turn on NPR!

DOH! Self-delete . . . .

Deja Vu all over again.

Kerry's speech tonight on CSPAN 1

Kerry on Hannity and Colmes tonight, 10/26:

Met with Tom Daschle today! He gave one of the best speeches I have ever

Almost a year. Read 'em and weep

This is really touching and awesome!

Is the struggle of black people comparable to the struggle of women

It makes my blood boil when I see RW word-twisting crap on DU


Copper Skyline

Talk to me about Film. (and) Headsup on Autumn Challenge

Countdown Newsletter for 10/26 show: "Finishing Touches?"

After Botany just called Steph, she said his tag line....

Misogyny is womens fault.... they deserve it

Corzine gains an edge with women; Forrester behind by 17 points

your printer might be spying on you ...

Excellent summary of all the "players"

Reuters article re Fitz's last-minute interviews is quite informative

Anybody got a link to Dean w/ Stephanopoulos last Sunday?

Everyone Who Supports Karl Rove

Everyone Who Supports Tom DeLay

Miers WH/Texas lottery files and Shrub's crimes: Keep the pressure on

Deja Vous all over again Vietnam, Nixon & Watergate

Can't sleep? Here's a bit of fun to watch. cartoon flick rips Arnold

I am sick and tired of

Paul Craig Roberts-- George W. Bush's nemesis

Dorgan Calls for Inquiry Into Journalists’ Access

NYT: Drumbeat of doubt from Republican senators over Miers grows louder

10/25/05 McClellan Transcript: "ongoing investigation" said 11 times

10-26-05 So Far, "All is Quiet on the AP front" .....

DNC: Mr Bush, Tear Down that Stone Wall (Day 102)

PLAME: WH spin is an inadvertant silver lining

Oct.26th 2002-"Thousands" gathered in DC

Letter from Republican Rep. to Rumsfeld re: Able Danger

Can you help post pics of Cindy at the White House?

Things I wonder about Iraq...

Defining Moral Values

Local discussion board needs sensible points of view

DNC Mourns the Passing of Civil Rights Great Rosa Parks

Dems re-thinking Iraq vote?

Kaine gets endorsement of Loudon Times-Mirror

Do we have indictments?

I keep hearing about a press conference

Imagine that. The FBI is abusing the Patriot Act.

Anybody got the Fitzgerald grand jury website?

BushCo Media Whore Response to Indictments - Predictions Anyone?

A Big Fitz Question. Indictments and Extension?

Ran across a timely LTTE I wrote, published 7/27/2004

I will be at the DC Candlelight Vigil - need DU help to post pics.

My Poster for tonight's vigil: FDNY Wives to Bush and Cheney:

'lowest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports.' Bush Approval

Is it possible (or probable) that...

Bush Administration Drop Bunker Buster Plan

Wal-Mart seeks to discourage hiring of less-healthy workers

MSNBC: "The President's agenda is unusually packed today"...

Just some late nite thoughts

Anyone with a hotline to Paul Hackett

man, I LOVE this. the freepers must be going stark raving MAD!

Probably NOT today

Congressman Conyers: Indictments Coming Tomorrow?

Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz were behind exaggerating intel in the 70s!

Kerry will be on InSannity and Colmes tonight

Raw Story now has a full story, not just a teaser

Help post differences between Patrick Fitzgerald and Kenneth Starr.

Then and Now --The National Debt

Planned GOP Budget Cuts Target Programs Such as Foster Care

"It wasn't about sex - it was about lying under oath..."

Isn't 'Plamegate' about 'playing politics?

Ken Mehlman: "Our economy remains strong!" (result of Bush's bold vision)

Bush Pardons in CIA agent outing case

White House Official: "Everybody just wants this week over"

VIDEO- Hinojosa on Non Profits Voter Reg- DEMS SPEAKING UP

Paul Hackett on MSNBC right now!

Libby on crutches...must have gotten hit by a turning aspen

the war and indictments

Bush on TV now... is he drunk? He's talking more oddly than usual.

bush is rocking his head and telling more lies

Rasmussen Records Lowest Bush Job Approval Rating EVER!!!

"Why 2K" - Very Creative Indeed

Did bush write these health plans

Nepotism: Bush apologists claim it as logical motivation for Plame

Air America News just reported no Fitzmas announcement today.

Not Attending a 2,000 Vigil Today? Please see this video

Lobbyist Karen Johnson cools Rove friendship, dates rancher Rhett Hard

When are you going to inform the public about PNAC?

Why Fitzgerald should spring the indictments unannounced...

Video: Bush, 10/15/01: "Not Only What Is Legal, But What Is Right"

When did Bush last speak with 'non-selected' Americans?

my letter to CNN re: bush's economic speech today

Reuters on Rove: "Brusque, single-minded and at times mischievous"

Blogging ban provokes a debate over cyberspace

Scooter on crutches?

What would happen if troops pulled out of Iraq tomorrow?

Do you think will be exploding anytime soon?

Everyone see the Wonderful Review of TBTM's "Rove's War" Film by H2OMan?

Governor's surprising plum for unions: Corporate political agenda

"The Plame case... illuminated the slippery morals of the Bush crowd..."

Need your help, if you know

bush doesn't understand why he is expected to tell the truth

Chris Matthews is pulling the Plame rope

Fitzgerald: Civil Rights Charges? (

The latest *Bush propaganda? This is really sick, and we're paying for it

Why Bush is IMPEACHABLE. Why he can be booted out of the

Democrats Question State Department Nominee's (Lack of) Experience

Freepers preparing themselves for indictments

If Bush had a nervous breakdown on live t.v., I mean completley bunkers...

CBS......NOW is the time to run the Niger story on the forged documents

Is John Kerry a Lying Sack O' S#!@$%???? Or What?

Dupe - please delete

Guardian Unlimited: Miers to Be Questioned on Gitmo Policy

Great stuff on mediamatters website rebutting latest MSM...


Does anyone remember a website about political donations...

Americans' anger may threaten GOP control of Congress

Smears lead to plame Disaster. GOP Reaction? More smearing.

Stem Cell Research... Our 'Gay Marriage' (wedge issue)?

Republican's fear the "Bush drag"

LBN? Rawstory: Prosecutor in leak case seeks indictments against Rove...

Gov. Bush: 'You should have listened'

Steve Clemons, The Washington Note hit by a car

Conyers:No Pardon Letter Total Approaching 10,000

Katrina evacuees moving into Tom DeLay's district

This is hot. Light bulb morning. See this article that Daily Kos is

Kerry to Pull No Punches Taking on the Bush Administration in Iraq Speech

This story is too big for Fitzgerald...

Help this poll please. Do you agree with Prez?

What's the Matter With 'What's the Matter With Kansas?'

Photo: "Karl Rove jokingly salutes, Wed, Oct. 26, 2005"...Smirking Ass

So much for the "Rove the genius" fantasy

Get Ready, My Friends.

OK, so both are perjuries. But there is a difference between lying

Bill Clinton to be indicted by Fitzgerald

Tucker Carlson: "Nepotism...that's a REAL reason to leak her name"

New talking point. "No Underlying crime"

John Kerry - “The Path Forward” Speech

Daily Show Slams Cosby's Soft Interview With DeLay

Bush Acting Like Stalin in 1953, Claiming A Foreign Cabal Is Out get Him

Gore Will Run, His Backers Say

Why Bush is unimpeachable

watching the right eating their own

Bush brought in the "B-Team" (SF Chronicle) (OfNeocons )

Bush"not versed in international relations and not much interested either"

I'm looking for a photo someone posted

the 3 remaining options in Iraq

i can't understand how educated, intelligent people

Could Fitzmas Lead To An Attack on Iran?

I'M IN S FL WITH NO POWER please read!!!

Wed. 6:30 pm all across the USA -Vigil for 2000 Killed in Iraq

DU: Please contact IMMED on Plame error

HOLY CRAP! Have you seen this?

Women ain't goin to the back of the bus