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Archives: October 27, 2005

PLEASE DELETE - DUP Helen Thomas: Rich Senators Defeat Minimum-Wage Hike

UK Independent: Bush at bay (Fitz, Miers, Iraq)

Thanks France;

Free This Priest (Haiti's Jean-Juste)

David Swanson on getting arrested in WDC ! Inspirational!

Nailing Iraq lie

Will the Bush Administration Implode? (Engelhardt / MoJo)

A Fitzmas Carol

Good Night, And Good Luck- (Edward R. Murrow)

Helen Thomas: Rich Senators Defeat Minimum-Wage Hike

Iraq Civil War could spark a larger regional war

Biomass is key solution to UK’s energy problems says task force

Stolen election confirmation(GAO report)

Mass. home prices fall in September

Please supply caption...

Richard Clarke on Majority Report with Sam Seder now. nt

Lawrence "Cheney Cabal" Wilkerson's on NPR call-in show tomorrow,

Delay and Rove - partisian jerks who hired Dem lawyers

Would someone please check this for me?

D.U. PUZZLER: How did Scooter break bone in his foot?

Wilma relief thread, anyone?!

2000 DEAD

Rawstory has an update: likely scenario according to Time Mag

Welcome to DU all you Newbies!


Another RW asshole reported that Wilson's neighbors knew Plame

Update: Abu Ghraib Torture Photos & Video : ACLU FOIA

Dem. Nadler on Fox talking of cia case

What a brother Dubya has. He is being a martyr for him now in Florida.

So, what will Bush do?

Anyone watching O'Lielly?

Open Letter to the Christian Right re Harriet Miers

If entire BushCo flees the country, what country should they go to?

Scarborough just said "The neighbors (the WH) talked to apparently said

I think "Mr. X" is John Bolton. Who do you think "Mr. X" is, and why?

What Reagan Started, Bush Is Finishing

A new chapter in American History

French To Indict Cheney?

caption these rove - cheney pics

From Raw Story and Larissa about Broward County, Florida

OK, there is something seriously wrong with W's face

I'm going to watch Hannity for the first time tonight...

Joe Wilson Outed His Wife, Media Ignores

KErry is a gentleman. He will never say "liar" but he will express his

Operation Yellow Cake w/ Indict mint icing is underway.

I think Fitz is having a beer with his pizza, kickin' back and

Stephen Colbert says to Dr. Neil Tyson........ Lol!

Is there a video of Kerry's speech today?

What is it with Christians persecuting us pagans? (used loosely)

I really think we should quit harping on Bush...he's really not that bad

Apparently, the National Review didn't get the talking points...

Well well well, looks like Fitzgerald met with the judge today!


Opposition to Bush is more intense than voters' opposition was to Clinton

I just don't know what to say. Can someone caption this pic?

Tropical Depression TWENTY-SIX Public Advisory (seeds of BETA)

Rove still trying to sleaze out of it

Prediction: Patrick Fitzgerald-Time Magazine Man of the Year.

Overall, Would You Say Bush Supporters Are Bigots?

I've been thinking about the media factor and Fitz...I am thinking

What The Fudge? Larry King has the Prince of Monaco on

Republican Rasmussen Poll: Bush at 41% (lowest ever)

A little Sondheim for DUers

I'm bored to death. Anyone got any Christians they could send me to bash?

"They CAN'T ignore the law."

I want the Astros to lose just because Bush is in the front row :)

The Blayme in Playme Stays Maynly in the Nayme

To H20Man et al.

A question ... does Mr. X really exist?

Eyeballing Judith Miller

Question: Hurricane/Tornado & power supply


Can we talk about David Kelly? >

I HATE the local power company.

Are Fundies, Bigots Trying to Hide Behind God?

Rove being offered a deal to just plead to perjury is stinky BS.

"Put down your pens, and close your workbooks" (Miers misses the deadline)

question about Kerry's speech today

A CIA report casts new doubt on links between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Merry Fitzmas Eve! (eom)

Sox take lead in 8th.....big fat Bar doesn't likey

Hey DUDQ how about a game of Clue. I think it happened in the

VIDEO- Maurice Hinchey on Countdown

Turdgate will be a major blow to Hillary Clinton's aspirations

Bob Shrum Helps Chris Matthews Peddle Pro-Bush Talking Points

Sex Offender Curfew in NJ

Guess who called Gary Hart to intercede on behalf of Richard Welch's


Gerth: Experts sound warnings on Oil Production Capacity

Colbert Report could really use a straight man

Why you should get an attorney if you are arrested.

Kay, did you forget your people tried to nail Clinton on perjury?

Could this lead to Bush's impeachment?

Babs & 41 are sitting behind home plate at the Astro game.

Arianna on Dems and Iraq

They could clear this all up; just come out and tell the American

I hate bashers!! They all always generalize!

It's a good thing federal courts don't allow cameras in courtrooms

Smoking. Circumcision. Christianity. SUV's. PETA.

'Overmatch' is Watchword for Future of War, Admiral Says

Don't miss Greta, she has an update about the Holloway case!

Dumb question-Would Rove's "She's fair game" crack be used as evidence?

It's time for Rove to Whip Out the Anthrax Again

Get Ready: Jeb Crow Shrub Is a "Scolder"

Fitzmas Dinner

Lawrence O'Donnel on SCAR Country

To All the "No Crime, No Indictment" People:

Hurricane Wilma gas lines miles long...

Descendants of European Slaveowners in Barbados to Apologize for Slavery

Breaking News from REDSTATE.ORG

When Will Valerie Plame Give An Interview?

Taser's Profit Plunges by More Than 90 Percent in First Three Quarters

Ms. Rosa Parks

Looking for a studio and studio musicians

Meet Mr. Valerie Plame

Anyone going to see Joe Wilson tonight in Seattle?

New LA Times: Rove the Target

For your halloween viewing pleasure... Climate Mash

I STILL Don't See Goodnight, and Good Luck Showing Anywhere in Wi.!

When Will Christians STOP bashing gays?

Anyone else see the Chevy HHR ad on the World Series coverage?

If we see that our values are leading us towards destruction...

Sam Seder explains Fitzmas

"Unnerved, Bush stays busy while awaiting word on indictments"

No legacy indeed and he'll see it

Tonight's obligatory Babs and Baseball photo

Bob Novak seems to be walking away unscathed...

THE 16 WORDS!!! On KO!

Did Something Happen Since 3:00 this Afternoon??

Thousands protest against Bush visit to Brazil

Kerry to be on Hannity (Fox) any time now!

New Katrina relief plan may involve no new funds

"Its a scenario everyone fears

Bush—Cheney CIA/Plame case indictments released this morning

Come join the FUN!

Miller and NY Times may be parting

While we're on the subject of Christian bashing...

Fitzmas in the Urban Dictionary! w00t! w00t!

Working on something here (re: Italian role in Niger doc)

It is a Left Wing Conspiracy.........

Please Help DU This Poll........

So they're going to do even less?

While DU'rs dreampt of Fitzmas, Halloween snuck up on us.

If Bush was a Foreign Dictator

Is GW channeling Cheney?

I didn't know Dem leaders wrote Fitz, asking to investigate WMD

Richard Clarke on AAR (Majority Report) NOW. nt

Prosecutor, Judge in CIA Leak Probe Meet

This whole sorry affair should really be called 'Shamegate'

Happy Birthday, H.R. Haldeman! Even though you're dead.

Yesterday morning's blog pics

Remember Elizabeth Edwards quoting Thomas Jefferson...

What's going on here tonight? Have we been infested or what?

Candlelight Vigil thread

2,000 Americans; 100,000 Iraqis- A Life is a Life (Difficult War Images)

I've said it before, but tonight it needs to be said again

So Chicago, IL is about to put Houston, TX to bed... Symbolic?

Fitzgerald's Office of the Special Counsel signs office lease in DC

LAT :One grand juror was overheard telling another juror

stupid question but, why dont we let the Kurds have their own country?

Is something up with AAR's Morning Sedition?

Why do we hate the Fundies so much?

Raw Story reporter in Florida says situation "extremely dire"

The Dow Jones will close below 10,000 on Friday

No Indictments? Anyone else beginning to think...

Stolen election confirmation(GAO report)

Republicans Cut Several Programs in Budget

Danforth criticizes Christian sway in GOP

Yahoo: Prosecutor, Judge in CIA Leak Probe Meet


Sheehan: Don't support Clinton unless she opposes Iraq war

Bush reinstates prevailing wages for Katrina

UK Independent: Bush at bay (Fitz, Miers, Iraq)

WSJ: Prosecutor in CIA-Leak Inquiry Meets With Grand Jury, Judge

WP: Miers's Autonomy Will Be at Issue

Mandela meets Jackson in poignant re-union

Peace activists to "die symbolically" outside White House

NYT: Doubts Raised on Saudi Vow for More Oil

Central Florida immigration agent suspended for exposing himself

CNN: Dozens subpoenaed in hospital deaths (NOLA)

WP: Negroponte Unveils Intelligence Strategy

Danforth criticizes Christian sway in GOP

NYT: In Hurricane Tax Package, a Boon for Wealthy Donors

A CIA report casts new doubt on links between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Dems try to protect hurricane voters

WP: Case Presented to Leak Grand Jury

National groups won't let Kansas use materials in science standards

The New Sunni Jihad: 'A Time for Politics'

Fertility clinic in US gets green light for sex selection trial

Where's dinner?

Will that old hag be sitting behind home plate again tonight?

Baseball fans: ESPN once again showing how dumb they are!

Oooooh! I like the "good citizens check for duplicates" feature!

Oooooh! I like the "good citizens check for duplicates" feature!

so how much trouble can an 18yr old guy get into in Winnipeg?

The bums will always lose.

World Series...who is BETTAH!

Best line from any Harry Potter movie.


If I DON'T check for duplicates am I unpatriotic?

How Did The Term "Frog March" Come To Be?

Munsters, or Addams Family?

What do you think of the Colbert Report?


Do you believe in cusses?

I'm thinking you could get bird flu from Chap Stick. Or

Look what I bought my bird, Murphee!!!!!

Blood on a cotton shirt.?

Do you believe in curses?

Greatest ever DVD extras

Fuck it. I'm getting drunk tonight!

Does "Lost" always have these fifteen minute recaps? Because it sucks.

Ghost pumpkins: Whaddaya think?

Jeez, is there anything worse than Rita Cosby's voice?

I hate bashers!! They all always generalize!


Bigfoot vs The Wolf-Man

I want one of this posters!! The Missouri one the most!!

I'm out of the 700 club!

The Bitch is BACK!

LF is signing off!!

In the name of justice I DEMAND they make a home pregancy test for men!

Poopy and Babs are staring at me

Astronauts vs Cavemen

Stereotypical "gay" speech?

A loaf of Wonder Bread vs. Michael Jackson

I want to see a well-laid Ted Turner newscast

Probably a silly question but...Star Wars / Yoda

Good (not lame) Halloween Songs.

Looking for a studio and studio musicians

When clubbing baby seals, is it okay to club with veal?

He called me William Holden Caufield

Lounge Quote of the Day:

Zack De La Rocha VS Chris Cornell: In a fight

progmom: diver?

Hey DUDQ how about a game of Clue. I think it happened in the

in praise of 2 unlimited

So when is name-change amnesty comin' back?

Truths....funny as hell

Gonna take your mama out all night

I'm a Yu-gi-oh addict!!!

Is Toby really the leak or is he protecting someone else

Sweet USENET post from the Houston Astros Newsgroup:

OKAY, this buzzing noise they are making at the baseball game

Bay Staters -> Be Informed. Be prepared. Be Safe.

Looking for a song title...

Sox take lead in 8th.....big fat Bar doesn't likey

You know you're back on DU when:

Shruggy vs. Mr. Hide

Crap, where do I find recent Bush comics?

With my apology to Jimi: FITZLE haze all in my brain

Youthful indiscretion? The most Dangerous thing you ever did.

Yo, Canucks! Did you get your lottery tickets?

Man, I'm a cheap drunk

OFFICIAL World Series Game 4 thread!

It's been so long since I've had a thread locked, so...

''Items of interest'' for certain members of the BFEE

I want the Astros to lose just because Bush is in the front row :)

Is it too late for a mod appreciation thread?


Late night humor

A Coded letter

Please don't tell me anything.

People keep telling me that it's all about southlandshari.

They're gonna play my CD on the radio Sunday night, ask me anything...

Today is my HALF B-day! ...and I look and feel like shit! Need cheers...

I'm 35 posts from 3000....time for my first

Stargate Atlantis: Who's Your Choice?

I can't stand it. My new job is like being in junior high all over again.

I just ordered Butter Chicken. .... I'm so exicited!!!

The White Sox are the Oasis of baseball teams.

progmom: driver?

Zack De La Rocha VS Chris Cornell: Musically

Mars! Eyes to the sky!

Worst band decline ever?

Define Yourself, Dammit! I dare you!

You may now enter the DU Lounge confessional where no one will absolve

Gort vs. ANYBODY, and their dogs!

Just broke down and bought a juicer...any good ideas for juice, ham seems

Anybody ever go through a sleep study to see if you have sleep apnea?

I'm gonna hit 1,000 posts sometime tonight

Your scariest movies

Fluff: Name the eight Christian feasts that match the eight Celtic Sabbats

Ok, I am pissed. Please stop confusing Christians with...

"Ex-Gays" forced to sell off Judy Garland records, "Rubyfruit Jungle," etc

I have a book chapter published ! !


One thing I don't like about this World Series...

Beachmom & FedUp - Are you going to hear * speak in Norfolk on Friday?

My day with JK at Georgetown

Help needed at dailykos

Wednesday night KOEB, 10/26/05

Oh, man - DU is flipping out tonight.

So!!!! Whats Happening Tommorow?with Fitzmas boy

Real diversity in the White House.

It Is Now Time To Manufacture OR Do It Through Pictures.... BUT

Miers 1993 Abortion Speech

Two-Thirds of Americans Say Bush Wrong on Iraq

OMG i put hannity and colms on to see kerry

Bork Supporters Crazy

Don't forget background on the memo. This seems to have changed.

Fly a flag on Fitzmas Day!

Why is Specter giving Harriet all the questions ahead of time?

D.U. PUZZLER: How did Scooter break bone in his foot?

Assuming there are indictments and then jail time .......

Miller said she knew Libby only as source; How does Libby know vacation?

don't let them gut ban on torture. Bush wants CIA to be exempt from ban!

GOP trims the fat: student loan "subsidies", child support enforcement

Libby, Rove and others might try to flee country?

Who voted against authorization of force?

WaPo via MSNBC - Charges to be filed Friday. Rove trying to weasel out

Sheehan: Don't support Clinton unless she opposes Iraq war

GOOD GOD, I'm listening to MIke Malloy and he's playing BUSH cuts...

I am tired of the "Gore won in 2000" crap.

Freeper worries that that it will be about the lies that took us to war

A lot going on all the time at the DNC...trainings and activities.

Kerry will never use the term liar. He is a gentleman

RATS!!! Tucker says that Fitz won't give out indictments till Friday.


For Whom They Toll

Paul Begala: What's It's Like (at the W.H. right about now)

In Search of Juvenile Justice

Inquiries often fuel new charges

Twas the night before Fitzmas...

White House Plans to Deflect

S. Blumenthal: Shipwrecked (no one can rescue him now)

Coin-Laundry Chyrons (Truth in advertising for cable news guests)

CINDY SHEEHAN VS. BILL KRISTOL? (They call THIS "fair & balanced"??)

TheNextHurrah: Enough Already With Calling Iraq A "Mistake"

ABC: The Man Who Could Rock the Bush Administration

Rosa Parks' struggle resonates with new generation

The land of Republican perfection (confess your sins and all is well).

Entrepreneurs -- missing link in training medical scientists - SF Chron

" the Bush administration lacks a ...strategy for winning ..on terrorism"

Citizens' Petition on Iraq

Explaining Plame, part 4: Flipping Cheney's WHIG

WP's Tina Brown: This Time, the Prosecutor's a Corker

"People had ample time to prepare," Bush said. --Jeb in the blame-game.

Google shld change to: Gobble--WiFi Bid for SF

Sex and the Single Nominee

Decision on Charges (Fitzmas) May Come Friday

John Edwards: 'Opportunity Rocks' against poverty

Gary Hart on Outing CIA

Ford's Toxiclegacy.Com

voting rights

Rove engaged in furious effort to convince Fitz...(WaPo)

Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers To Senate Intelligence Panel

Countdown to Indictment for Rove and Libby

Ann "the Man" Coulter attacks Bush over Harriet Miers



Will Anyone Pay the Bills?--David Broder

More disversionary tactics from Bush expected. (Hey! look over there! Not

How grand juries differ from trial juries and other goodies...

Don't mess with Texas? Even baseball turns against President Bush

Times (UK) Online: Goodbye, Harriet. Come on down, Attila.

Bishops warn not to rebuild Gulf Coast on backs of poor

GAO: " Efforts to Improve Security and Reliability of Electronic Voting"

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Real George W. Bush

Arianna Huffington: The Democrats Blow It On Iraq… Again!

Student use of Sec. 8 housing comes under fire

Pharmaceutical Association Pays Novelist To Write Horror Story About Impor

Carbon Loading: In-depth article on ongoing Xcel energy saga

Scientists - Pacific NW May Be Warming Faster Than Other Regions

Tropical Storm Beta forms off of Nicauraga.

Portugal: 2006 start on world's largest PV installation.

A couple more solar concentrator endeavors.

wind power links and info

People with MS, etc. often get better after amalgam replacement

Editorial against Cape Cod wind power NARNMSCBY

Abbas Must Act

Disarming Palestinians may mean civil war: Mubarak

Spare us the lectures - Jerusalem Post

CORRECTED: Europe condemns Iran's call to wipe out Israel

Hamas’ pregnant bomb maker

No Israeli Govt Has Offered Equal Rights to Palestinians

NYTimes: Investigation of Towers' Fall Is Criticized

What is the difference between Diebold Accuvote TSx & TS

Please Support Voting Reforms - Online Donations Matched This Week!

I interviewed the lawyer handling a case that might affect BBV issues:

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 10/26/05

Please Nominate both Wed & Thurs. Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News

Happy NoeL

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 10/27/05

Go Sue Yourself!

How can we improve the exit poll debate? Take the Poll!

I think all this pressure is getting to arnie... photo

Look at this: Arnold's Neighborhood

Any Sonoma Co. residents ever had severe landlord issues?

Simon drops out of race for state treasurer in '06

How did your vigil go? Some pics from our vigil in Burbank

Clinton, Edwards urge no vote on union dues initiative

Grassley votes to let Iowans Freeze to death.

New Blouin Website Up

Don't the republicans have bigger things to think about?

Will Reilly or Coakley (DLC) prosecute?

URGENT: FUND HUMAN NEEDS – NOT WAR! Rally Friday, Oct. 28, 5:00 PM

Two sidelined after protesting altar call on ban on gay marriage

Dispute over spending shakes top officials at austism center

Ken Mehlan is in Minnesota. Count the gop lies game!

Endorsements--Mike Hatch

info taken from laptop

Can't Install Java

Tom Noe is indicted for Money Laundering for bush!

Any dentists around here? Get a load of this crap...

Miers has withdrawn her nomination

Dallas Hurricane Relief Legal Clinic -- FREE.

"Democrat" takes donations from Bob Perry

Need Austin/Hill Country social worker-type!

Crawford Peace House Halloween Party

I need a rundown of just what the heck we're voting for

Grand Jury Issues New Subpoenas for DeLay

I bought three Astros t-shirts and all I got was this lousy world series

Any Madtown DU'ers see Bruce Cockburn last night?

are there any pics of the WI vigil. I was unable to attend.

First Read: Clues to Miers withdrawal...

The Harriet nomination was a plant all along to divert att. from Fitzmas.

Prediction: Gonzales is the nominee

When WILL Fitzgerald make an announcement?

WH threw Miers overboard because they'll have bigger problems soon?

Why didn't Bush wait for same day as indictment to withdraw Miers?

Why do some people think the Democratic Party cannot take criticism?


Tweety seems to be floating Ted Olson's name for Supreme Court

A voting issue

Has Miers gotten a target letter? Could that have been the reason

Cindy Sheehan saying she may be in jail until January



This line says it all re: Reid on Miers

Only 2.5 hours later and I'm already sick of hearing about Meiers

I Sure Hope A Deal Hasn't Been Cut.

Franken: Bush nominates Patrick Fitzgerald to replace Miers (NOT)

I Feel Sorry For Harriet Miers... I Pray The Indictments Come (Read Why)

Read THIS and take heart re: indictments...

The Biggest Leak In The Coming Indictments.

Gosh, where have I seen this look before? ---pix->>>

Battle of the internet Undergrounds -- response to TROLL attack

Martial Law would kill off indictment stories, wouldn't it.

Bush Re: His thought processes on next nomination.

Jane Hamsher's wonderful post

what is it with freepers and only cutting people down by saying thingslike


Good Morning, George! ---pix->>>

Fitzgerald's website?

Tell Hannity to put this in his pipe and smoke it.

Ann Coulter gloating on CNN

I've been watching CNN and I'm amazed

CIA leak announcement expected Friday

Ever notice CNN's "experts" from the right?...

everything you need to know about indictments

There is SOMETHING WEIRD ABOUT BUSHCO and his supporters

An actual suggestion for Bush on his next SCOTUS Nominee

The Strange Saga of Dick Cheney and the "Nuclear Threat"

I'm confused. Is there a reason to seal the indictments?

Dems; Please float a bill to make evacuation costs tax-deductable

First order of business when Democrats retake Congress...

prediction: new scotus nod to be announced within 1 hr. of the indictments

Why don't the Dems float a bill to make evacuation costs tax deductable?

I am suspicious of the Miers withdrawal and the delay of the indictments

Fitz Walks to the Office ---pix->>>

Conservative Base finally tells spoiled brat Prez, "NO!"

Hey, what happened to Irving?

Is anyone starting to doubt we'll see indictments?

Toobin's short list of Justices

CNN (J. King) just said Chimp is frustrated and MAD at conservative base

Now what the hell am I supposed to do with this?

Miers gone - Will Bush nominate Gonzales to stick it to the conservatives?

I don't understand single issue Democrats

After Fitzmas, then what? Questions, questions, questions

Breaking CNN: Dana Bash Reporting It Is FITZMAS EVE!!!

Could the Miers nomination/withdrawal have anything to do with sexism?

Silvio is meeting with Bush*

Nominee Take Two: Very Soon

For my 1000th post - Please let this be indictment day!

Feel the love of James

Hey Floridians, that's what happens when it's not an election year!

THIS IS SERIOUS! Poodle Blitzer has just called a special edition of "The

Rio stamps on postcards of bikini-clad women

What's this about KKKarl Rover trying to plea bargain? Does

Exxon Mobil profits soar on high prices

Buzz about a Karl plea

Will the joy of Fitzmas make up for the pain of losing the election

They can dance around the president all they want

Arghhhh.. Feinstein has been infected with Bush-itis

Pombo is at it again

Christian Communication Network: "Thank You Ms. Miers!...."

Quack up in Iraq--civil war may have broken out yesterday, if not before

Cartoon of Scooter riding his scooter. Apologies if this is a dupe!

The Today Show has gone totally to the darkside. Ann Coulter will

Fitzmas Carol--Harri the Brown-Nosed Counsel

Coulter on the Today Show this morning.

Bush will continue his legend of the great divider but the democrats

NY Daily News page one

The enemy is plotting their counterattack

Some group called "21st Century Democrats"...

Needed: Photo of Miers as a young woman


Well, remember when they went for "gravitas?" Look what they got

Breaking: Bush Nominates Tom DeLay to Supreme Court

CNN Breaking: Meirs down! Withdrawn!

So, does UberBork get an automatic pass?

I am suspicious of the Miers withdrawal and the delay of the indictments

Photoshop Brigade, report here for duty:

If there were no Clintons what would Dick Morris do with his life

Defeat of Miers is a Victory for Common Sense

"Ah'm gonna nommnate a HOARSE!"

This is so funny! Check it out!

Offered VP slot--McCain turned down the offer--Rumor

Tension Relief: bU$H in a FREEFALL:

For all the White Sox fans!

Pre$$titutes: NONE Of This Is Bush's Fault

It'll be Ted Olson -- and the presstitutes will call him "moderate"

The enemy is plotting their counterattack

florida vs Gulf South hurricane disaster preparedness.

I work in a school system, how can I check my excite mail

I wonder how Laura is reacting. I'd both hate and love to see it.

GOP game plan on SCOTUS

Smells like slowly roasting lame duck this a.m. A weakened presidency

In the End would have Meiers potentially been better than a RW Judge?

Logical Conclusions: Taking the True Measure of the Situation-Chris Floyd

The Astro's Have A Curse That They'll Have To Deal With To Win In.....

"W", upside-down, stands for "MISTAKE".

Goodbye, Harriet! It's been fun.

If bush nominates a wingnut, it will be a tremendous opportunity for Dems

Larry Wilkerson on NPR now....

Durbin : Miers "withdrawl was not about documents, it was about Dobson."

Whoever Bush nominates next, I am glad Miers is out.

Bush * White House Implosion.

The flip flop thread

Just got this breaking news email from CNN

The Iraqi War Resolution..Can you spot any LIES

Check out the Bush pic in this Yahoo article!

Did this provide the media with some cajones?

Miers' withdrawal was inevitable... but ...

The grinch that stole Fitzmas

LMFAO!!!! Oct 7th, (Idiot in Chief) "She is going to be on the bench...>>>

i FINALLY figured out what the duct tape is for!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could Kerry still sue the Swift Boat Liars for Slander and Libel?

Bernanke's (Greenspan's heir apparent) alternate universe housing bubble

Uggggg Trent Lott

By Neil Young: Tonight's the night! -Yep. The indictments come in today

Reuters: No announcement today (Thurs) in Plamegate

Harriet Miers was nominated so Bush can now appoint a white male

One more day for Fitzmas is a good is thing.

Would you like the Dem party to be seen as the Anti-War/Peace party?

Attention Democratic Party senators!

Well, well just came home from the local vigil

There is a really nice article in O Magazine this month about Cindy.

Is there a Fitzgerald press conference today?

Must see video - New World Order

"Health Care" for the "Body Politic"

The closer we get to indictments, the more attacks here on the Democrats.

Poll: partial-birth abortion efficient?

"Notes from Ann Coulter's Editor" -- BRILLIANT!

I know rude people are on all sides of every issue, BUT

Wondering about the withdrawal of Miers

Alexander Hamilton in Federalist No. 76:

CNBC Analyst

Fitzmas Morning! OH Fish ALL Party Thread

Mixed feelings in freeperland!!

Please help this poll: Do you approve of Bush re Katrina?

Please delete - topic started on another thread.

Anyone else heard repukes (RL, not TV/'net) advocate torture of detainees?

LA Attorney General Issues Subpoenas RE: Hospital Fatalities (euthanasia)

Viet Dinh on Wash. Journal: "uh uh uh uh uh..."

ABC News: The Man Who Could Rock the Bush Administration

Recommended book

Folks, y'all need to get behind your president after an election!

Repugs Turn Ire On Scientists In Global Warming Hearing

Lawrence Wilkerson is on C-Span now.

Have you ever said about ANY President "We have to support our President?"

Fitzgerald Re-Interviews Adam Levine About Rove (talkleft)

Only one way for Repubs to maintain power in '06... lie their asses off !

Christianity, Will I suffer?

Fitzgerald watch - Pics

Breaking News ..... a copy of Fitz's legal plan for Rove.

Would it be wrong of me to send Candy Crawley

We Can't Make It Here Anymore

Is Bab's starting to resemble Michael Jackson?


Is this what * will be doing next year? --->

2,000 US Killed is Not the Only Point

This nonsense about have a blessed day

Here's some funny words all strung together: George W. Bush Library.

A way out for *...Convince O'Connor to stay

CNN talks about outing of Brewster-Jennings!

I must be tired today...


NYC Anti-War Protest Photos in Times Square! And a Freeper too...

Lawrence Wilkerson on C-SPAN 8:30 AM!!

Am I imagining things or have the fonts on Fitzgerald's site gotten larger?

Hastert's staff thinks Drudge is a news source? LOL

I just got off the phone with a source....

Rare Glimpse into the Oval Office Wednesday Afternoon: A Satire

DU! Where every day is Fitzmas Eve!

When posting on DU, I will no longer use "Bush" as their family name.

I, for one, hope that Bush keeps Miers...

Rove critics again turn up the volume

"Freeze, suckers!" Senate Votes Down Heating Aid Increase

Wilkerson to be on WJ at 8:30 today

Last Nights Vigil in Cincinnati

I missed the last innings of the World Series

White House leak scandal started with a blond spy

Missouri Republican Talent Returns Abramoff Contributions

Okay, so who else isn't sleeping? How many more days of this

Fitz has leased new office space in DC

What's your vote on the Miers nomination?

PHOTO: Everything but the drool.

Okinawa governor criticises U.S.-Japan base deal

Congratulations, Chicago!!! Well done, White Sox.

Those listening to Malloy. . .how did I do?

Tropical Storm Beta forms in the Caribbean Sea

Fitzmas aftermath ?

Now it all makes sense. Daryn Kagen is looking hot.

According to Kos, Cindy was arrested today

OK tell me this question about the grand jury.

Can someone tell me how to find a topic through advance search...

Very excellent TV news coverage of local peace vigil...

My day with JK at Georgetown by LeftyLizzie

Venezuela putting the thumbscrews on foreign oil companies

Delete (double)

Is 2003 an "artificial benchmark"?

Does anybody remember the freeped poll that Robert Novak used in 2000?

Exxon Mobil posts new record for profit

WANTED: The Banana Republicans

What do you think the Republicans offered Bush

True or False?

A funny thing happened on my way to the FORUM -- response to TROLL attack

Didn't agree two weeks ago, but I do now... Dems should keep quiet!!

President Meets with Macedonian Prime Minister... did he rub his head????

Didn't agree two weeks ago, but I do now... Dems should keep quiet!!


Good review of The Colbert Report and great critique of RW pundits.

Oh No! No one is advising the President ! SOS SOS SOS !

I pledge allegiance, peace and justice for all.

Gallows humor from Atrios tonight.

The Bush Administration is a great team!

Stephanie Miller Was Uninterrupted On Sirius Left Tonight....

Twin Popeye photos on yahoo

Huge election fraud ahead

Been surfing around, have a bad feeling about Rove not being indicted.

So, Did Reid & The Dems Play The Miers Nomination Like A Violin?

Churches misconstrue Christ as "hippie Jesus"

Scooter and Judy!!! Sex forever!!! ... just heard on Mike Webb's show

Describe the atmosphere in the Oval Office tonight.

There's one advantage to a "high stress" day on DU, and it's

Don't mess with Texas? Even baseball turns against President Bush

PHOTO: "Out, Bush! Enemy Number One of Humanity!"

Hey GOODBOY .... I heard you on Rhandi Rhodes the other day

Fitz rents more space in Washington

Was Valerie Plame Really a Covert Agent?

"It is not a crime to be a conservative" ?

A Dying Woman's Regrets - a true story

Who will call Ozzie Guillen first? Chavez or Chimp?

US won't help stranded americans in Mexico - said NO help

Background to Betrayal (Justin Raimondo)

Is the power still out in Boyton Beach, FL?

30% of the USA would have backed the invasion of Iraq

Why did Condi Rice leave Ottawa early (based on phone call)?


Supporting Our Troops

Anyone have video of Olbermann tonight?

Harriet Miers Was Borked

As soon as we get a nominee they can start with

How did * lose his teeth? And where did they go to?

CNN's White House Correspondent John King: Bush is in a Box

"Boys Will Be Boys" Attitude

Fitzgerald leased office space across from the Bond Federal Building

World Series: Bush vs. Fitzgerald.

High Court May Take Up Texas Redistricting - Link

Divisive post on who we HAVE to choose between based on a hypothetical...

Jackson TN news paper.. "DeLay's defense fund had errors"

Anti American Right Wing Republicans Prove Once Again...

Framing. All future bush** SC nominee's shall be "Harriet Miers' clones."

Can you spot the real Karl Rove?

ANTI-WAR commercial just aired on CNN

powerful ad by on cnn. Lots of flagged coffins.

Bush, Insurance Industry Declare Open Season On America's Seniors

"I asked the President to withdraw my name from consideration."

* and crew have not prepared a pandemic preparedness plan

PhRMA Pays Novelist for Horror Story About Importing Drugs From Canada

Just saw the new Operation Truth ad on CNN. Very impressive.

NY Daily News Cover: FRIGHT HOUSE >

Miers nomination and withdrawal - use a song line for it

Fundraiser: Please Help...DUers in Dire Straits

A suggestion for Admins and Mods: Red and Yellow Cards

VIDEO-Viet Dinh from WJ-Selected comments

Freepers: putting 2,000 deaths into (mis)perspective

Stripes letter: Soldiers’ moms (Sheehan, etc) not stooges

A funny thing happened on my way to the FORUM -- when TROLLs attack

morning news in France : Cindy arrested at WH and Plamegate

All Day News Has Been Saying Neighbors of Ms. Plame DID NOT know - Until

Which news magazine will be the first for a Patrick Fitzgerald cover?

Random speculation; what did Libby kick to break his foot & why?

Here's The Game Plan: Dems Must Say NOTHING Of Miers

Ya like media overload?

''Items of interest'' for certain members of the BFEE

Where are the 2000 Too Many vigil pics??

I am the poster-child for Pro-lifers...

Could this be Bush's Watergate?

They took my playmate away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too fat? Medicaid might be withheld

Fitzmas decorations already? What about Fitzoween and Fitzgiving?

Driving Blind as the Deaths Pile Up by Bob Herbert

National Parks Sold to Highest Bidder

Exxon-Mobil:$10 BILLION (with a B) PROFIT in 3 MONTHS - Ready to RIOT yet?

Plame Game - Darth Cheney returns to incite evil

The Indictment Ladder (speculation)

Harriet Miers: "To Shrub, With Love"

I'm going to start a travel agency for Freepers

Miers fell on her sword like a good loyal soldier she to the King.

last-minute plea negotiations, I know, its raw story, so kick me

Ha! bushco Just "Relaunched" The Miers Nomination 10 Days Ago!

"NOW America has its own David Kelly affair. " It's called Plamegate.

A report up at DEAwatch

Did RightMarch freep your 2000 killed vigil?

Author Tom Clancy: An Alan Keyes Republican

WTF: FEMA wont go into gated communities?

Palm Beach Post editorial refers to "W hurricanes" from global warming

Alan Dershowitz on Jerry Springer: Doesn't approve of indictments

Miers & Bork? - A Freelance Anchor For MSNBC Told Me, Off the Record...

GM hit with subpoenas by SEC

What was Plame working on at the time of the leak?

Plame - Covert / Not Covert, it doesn't really matter.

I wonder why today was Iraq Day with the Dems


Stripes letter: Give him a ‘ditto head’

Its nice to know what others at work think of you! I'm politically vocal

"CIA Leak For Dummies" on Olbermann again now.

Some interesting tidbits from WaPo article on leak investigation

White House briefing, have I missed it?

Does plea bargaining connect to last minute FBI interviews?

A Coincidence Of Timing -- Or A Dog Well Wagged? (Tim Grieve - Salon)

Jason Leopold's Fitz Story updated: It's HUGH!!!

Is Fitzmas season always this grueling?

Wingnuts Win, Miers Withdraws--Kos thread on CNN!

Search Halliburton for Equal Opportunity, nothing comes up!

The Real Conservative Power: Why Fitz and shrub don’t matter.

Breaking! Fitz Leaves the Office ---pix->>>

huge conservation alert

Good Article on Huffingtonpost - hope this is not a dupe topic.

Did anyone else hear Rush say we "blow up buildings"???

Leak indictments would be 'a sad day,' Wilson says

It's time to be forward thinking, DUers

Miers withdrew? Guess Bush is NOT a strong, unwavering leader, huh?

Jr getting hugs and kisses from Boga Raton FL on cnn right now.

I think this is a sign the world is about to end.

Freepers hopes for Fitz investigation

ASME Unveils the Top 40 Magazine Covers of the Past 40 Years

MSNBC: Break down of CIA leak story for non-political junkies

Science has direct conflict with religion: Bhargava

Begala: Bush is "home alone" (surrounded by weak-kneed toadies)

"The Unusual Body of People Behind Many of George Bush's Ideas"

Male golfer threatens legal action to enter women's British Open.

If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History

Does The President Need Anyone's Approval When Appointing A New Veep?

Limpballs take on Miers withdrawal : "Pity the poor liberals”! (seriously)

When did you realize Miers was DOA as Bush's SC justice nominee?

Homeland Security's UNLIMITED surveillance of all AOL accounts

Noonan asks: are wheels coming off the trolley and trolley off the tracks?

Why would Fitzgerald interview Valerie's neighbors so late in the game?

Does * have a "base" anymore?

My family's Blue Cross premium is going up 42% in January ...

What God *Really* Told Bush

How Special! A US Soldier Patting Down a Little Iraqi Boy...

Can the grand jury be extended?

UPDATE! Fitz Returns to the Office ---pix->>>

PHOTO: Good gravy, he is cadaverous!

Hey pResident Chimpy....Where's all that Political Capital???

Here is Harriot Miers resignation letter:

Dobson flips on Miers

Republicans Gutting Student Loan Programs to Help Pay for Bushist Excess

Fresno Police Fnd. Goes Broke; Local UW Out $50k As Xtian Rock Show Fails

How likely are the Rethugs to cut/delay Medicare Rx benefit?

Breaking! Fitz wipes his mouth after eating a Doughnut!

Ah hell, do you know what Meirs withdrawing means??

well then, if it *is* Fitzmas, shouldn't we be singing "Youlied carols"

List of Bush contributors from

Iraq vigil photos & comments from Moveon

If everyone is so angry in Florida...

Rove critics again turn up the volume

Torture Permission to be Slipped into Law? - FCNL

The Fall of the Warrior King

Insurers Offer New Policies for the Wealthy

Can reporters get the records of Meirs counsel to Bush?

Limbaugh sounds like the Bandleader on the Titantic...

Remember when being a citizen of the US actually *meant* something?

So I watched Hannity & Colmes last night

Cheney a target of Fitzgerald??

Miers would have done whatever it took to help Idiot Son with his "base"

BREAKING HARD: Sources close to the investigation say...

"the gritty cop vs. the rhinestone cowboy" - Fitz (the anti-*) v. Shrub

W live on CNN now

Check out hate radio today - it's a hoot!

Where do we draw the line on respecting a person's beliefs in relation to

Consumer Reports: Most reliable cars '06- Hybrids fairing well!

Let's review: It was Golda Meir but it's Harriet Miers.

Miers' Resignation Letter -- Full Text...

CNN: Kyra is ripping Grassley a new one.....Cancun refugees

Kyra Phillips/CNN . . . GOOD FOR YOU! Sen. Grassley stops interview

George's Last Rovian Photo-OP ---pix->>>

Whoa!!! Sen. Grassley is getting into it with Kyra Phillips re: Cancun

Senator Tom Grassely on CNN...

LBN: Freepers all in a dither re: Meirs..eom.

Some thoughts on the next probable SCOTUS nominee.

Dick Doesn't Look Happy ----pix->>>

love affair is over bush/rove and cheney/libby

If Rove get's off lightly that would explain the Right Turn of the Media

Who is MR X??? Post your theories here

Outrage at pump:record oil co. profits/D Kucinich-"They're just stealing"

How to frame the next Supreme Court nomination

OK, I'm a little tired of the "Fitzmas" stuff

Babs and Pappy Bush : Losers in THE 2005 World Series

Please finish this sentence?

2006 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Fitzgerald for President

WJ CSPAN-Viet Dinh--Time to rein in the Special Prosecutor

Damn You Patrick Fitzgerald!

The Miers withdrawal is lose/lose for BushCo

Is this a coded put down or blatant for that matter?

Will Rumsfeld profit from Bird flu hoax?

Houston Chron: Possible new candidates for court vacancy

Dropping Harryette-smart move, unites base before Fitz. Report comes out

Don't kid yourself on the Meiers withdrawal, true believer coming.

"those bleeding hearts at the ACLU" --Need help with rumor thread

Was Harriet Miers a "Stalking Horse"?:

schumer going after extreme right of repug, no moderate repug opposed

DEMS: Frame the miers withdrawal this way!

Newsview: Withdrawal Shows Bush's Weakness

Florida Suffers From Lack Of Life Saving Bush Photo-Op. No Water Or Ice.

Special prosecutor is focusing on whether presidential adviser Karl Rove

Miers withdrawing is about Plamegate!

Since Christ Matthews is pushing Olsen so hard, this needs a separate

All hell breaking out between Israel and Palestinians.

I KNOW indictments were handed up yesterday, and here's why....

Kerry CSpan speech now

BREAKING NEWS! Rawstory and CNN crapping news ....Developing Hard!

Foreign workers in Iraq-non Fitz related

Larry Wilkerson is up on C-SPAN!!

Anyone worried about there being NO indictments on CIA Leak Probe ?

MUST READ: Paul Begala on Plamegate and the Bush WH:

Could the Miers nomination / withdrawal be nothing but smoke and mirrors?

The Washington Note: WH Trying to Mug Brent Scowcroft

I heard that Grand Jury could only extend one time ?


NYDailyNews: New Rove expose on the way; dish on Rove's mistress.

Cindy outside the WH today

Assuming Fitz did get indictments, shouldn't we expect a lawyer

Meet tropical depression #26, probably soon to be tropical storm Beta.

CNN: Fitzgerald says no indictments Thursday

Randi worship thread -- FUNNY bit @ beginning

Michael Ludick(sp?) - SC nominee - what do we know about him?

Here's a Thought: WHAT IF * PARDONS CINDY?

Rove tries new tactic.

Don't FALL FOR THE TRICK that we are winning on this!

John Gibson: Do Americans Want a Government Run by Spooks?

I sent it to ABC, NBC, CBS, and several other organizations

Geraldo Rivera's Brother Arrested On DUI

We passed 19 million posts today.

I heard there's going to be documentary on the 'christian' Right tonight

Able Danger chart with Atta's photo just fell apart and was destroyed?

Singing parrot regales Pennsylvania Senate, hits sour note w/GOP leader

Wilma "captured" two of my friends & now Beta is after 2 more

Its been Fitzmas Eve for a week now

Is Bill Frist wagging the Oil Companies?

What headline would you like to see tomorrow?

These indictments finally popping up much, if at all,

Poll: 34% say Rove Should Resign, 23% oppose resignation

Is the Iranian President completely insane?

What's going to be the 1 thing people remember most about the Bush Admin?

OK, here's what I sent:

About Miers becareful what you wish for .

Is America ready for an Ideological, Fillibusterin', Nuclear Option Fight?

Ed Schultz on now!

Dueling Wal-Mart documentaries coming to DVD

Prediction: Repuke Reaction to Indictments

I just saw an ad by Op Truth on CNN

Check-out this sign at Minute Maid Park in left-field.

Moron Alert on Randi Rhodes Show!!!!

A friend of mine went crazy. Joined the Army Reserves at 39

Food for Oil Scandal Over The Independent Inquiry Committee has today issu

How can the pubs be so incredulous about Plame

He is good at something...

The Dem's and the Rethug's would rather talk about Miers than this

The Conservative/Far Right Schism officially exists

Bumper stickers for the new age:

The president drowned in a vat of

Has Faux or the MSM mentioned..

Two more overused/devalued words: "folks" & "gentleman"

Trent Lott on CNN: ", women, or minority to fill the job."

Bush seems to be laugh at ...

John Stossel is an idiot.

What is FL had been hit with floods and standing water for 5 days?

Who has the list of Rupublicans currently being investigated?

Another good one on Randi: "Goodbye Yellow Snitch Rove"

how bushco is expanding the economy (cartoon from Detroit Free Press)

Bush's buddies the Saudis are going to cut off the head of a 14 year old

Could this apple have a razor blade in it?

Predict the next Weapon of Mass Distraction!

Republican strategy for indictments revealed

If Fitzgerald ran for pres as an R

Gulp! They're All "Reagan Republicans" Now.

Plame Game - part IV Darth Cheney gives orders

Help Media Matters for America if you can

Repub strategist on now with Blitzer...just made me laugh...

I knew it was over for Bush when

What's to keep Rove from "managing" Bush even after he is indicted?

Gold mine of Congressional data...check it out!

The Last Commute ---pix->>>

Do you think the "Gang of 14" will hold?

On Randi: Republicans, The Party of Convictions.

does Voinovich (R-OH) have ties to the mob? saw this mention, but..

Hey w! You got punked by your base!

Hannity attacked caller for stating that Rove was "involved" in Plame leak

The Rodney King Offensive.....

Harriet Miers: America's lost opportunity

Prediction time: the next nominee for the Supreme Court will be:

Miers withdraws nomination: EXACTLY as I reported over three weeks ago.

Another guest for this Friday's "Real Time": Billy Connolly!

It doesnt mean much when a republican switches to democrat

Bush now blaming the Senate for Miers' withdrawal.... duh.

It would be nice

News from Faux

Once again the MSM misses the point re: the Miers withdrawal

The blame game has started in Florida

Check Out Hardball!

Hannity...clinton clinton clinton.....sheesh a broken record

America needs a "Storm Coast" Commission.

Please take a look at this unmanipulated photo of Bush from today.

how to get Plamegate on the frontpage + on the pundits shows:Fitzgerald

How different the situation in Florida would be now if they had these

Online charitable fundraising done "properly"? Advice solicited.

In your opinion, the whole red-state/blue-state idea is:

Plame charges could roil markets - Plame charges could sink dollar, bonds,

Who's running against Lieberman?

Roche halts US bird flu drug supplies


The War is NOT a "single" issue

If I were a Republican

Twas The Night Before Fitzmas

"The Oil Factor:" Be aware of this movie and spread the word.

US Democrats ask oil firms to donate some profits

Is Bush's "Up or Down Vote" arguement dead?

Why wasn't the 2000 election the focus of the GAO investigation/decision?

Is the proof the WH lied to us about WMD's this easy?

There is NO way around it; Bush got his butt spanked by the Right-wing

Whadyawannabet Bush names new Supreme nominee Friday morning?

I, for one, am VERY happy our Dems are calling out the "RADICAL RW"!!!

Rush: the withdrawl of Miers shows the strength of Conservative movement

It has been over 100 yrs that a sitting WH staff got indicted. Norah

Chris Matthews : "Bush either knew or he didn't know"...

Halloween, how appropriate

Vinyl products are about to get REAL expensive

Anyone reading Franken's new book?

Puke alert: they're wearing "hammer" lapel pins on the floor of the House

Our nation's healthcare policy: Don't get sick.

Why Haven't Scooter, rOVER, etc., Resigned Yet?

A freeper I know doesn't believe that

Those people in Florida are so dumb for living next to the ocean!

Fred Phelps did another Iraq war funeral today

Send Karl Rove a letter of support

Alright cretins don't wake up and post @ 12:01 am wanting to know

CNN: "Theoretically, Fitz could extend the term of this grand jury or..."

The only real question (dial up warning)

Huh? What's that? I can't hear you with all that background noise. (pics)

Heartache Tonight -To Be Sung Tomorrow Night

Bush declares Rove and Libby enemy combatants

Fly on the wall: Last night in the Oval Office—as channeled by Frank Capra

Foundation question

One year ago, the political conventions were in full swing--and I was in

An important paycheck victory for activists (DU and others)

The yellow elephant on

Goodbye, Yellow snitch Rove

The new Business practice. Profit via public fear, aka TERRA.

Helpful DUers; Here is the story on that fundraising I just mentioned...

American Fatalities in Iraq have now reached 2006!

Just *what* does Tucker Carlson need?

I need a list of veterans groups against the war.

FAIR Media Advisory: "Too Many Liberals?"

"The ten most recent General Discussion threads are:" is a great idea

Valerie Plame has received death threats; told to call "9-11" (video)

Anyone got a good bumper sticker image for GOP Culture of Corruption?

COUPON for GE Halogen Bulbs

soon its going to be easier to list the republicans who arent criminals

What Do YOU have to Offer Paul Hackett?


Loose Lips Sink Ships

Does anyone else find this annoying and unbelievable?

Eric Blumrich flash video "Thanks for the memories"...

Will the MSM ever use the L word?

When Will We (DUers) Have The Guts To List The Iraqi Dead First?

Someone say something to make me feel better please!

ATTN anyone with kids that eat cereal!

More indictments of Bush cronies

History reserves a sad place for next Fed boss

Jeb Bush on relief efforts: "I've raised the bar probably too high"

"The earth is greener now than it was ever before."

White House: No Comment As Federal Grand Jury Indicts Top GOP Contributor

Is there a state by state president approval rate website?

The Eve of Destruction (Friday night per Tweety) talking to Ed Roberts

C&L Paul Hackett interview

Does anyone have the link to that huge list of Repug scandals?

B4 & After the Storm (Graphics Warning)

If there are no resignations tonight, is it a bad sign?

Hey, do we have to keep talking about "Ham Sandwiches"?


Was a deal made over the Miers nomination and the indictments?

The REAL reason they dumpted Harriet. . .

We need to contact hawkish Dem Senators BEFORE the weekend talk shows

What happens if the indictments go all the way up to Bush tomorrow?

Did Bush Flip-Flop on Miers?

Ignoring "Able Danger"

Mary Cheney Hired For Newly Created Position at AOL - Salary Is Hush Hush

Raw Story implies rove is trying to plea bargin

Until they atone, call it the Corruptican Party. Whatdya think?

Freeper spoted swimming in N. African river ..... De Nile

HUMAN TRAFFICKING...Will be shown again...

**Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers To Senate Intelligence Panel**

Sean Hannity believes it's okay to lie under oath (sometimes)

Why does Bob Somerby keep insisting on this point about the 16 Words?

Cindy Sheehan is on with Randi Rhodes right now.

Just want to thank everyone who's breaking the tension around here...

Photo Essay of Washington march - pretty good one too

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin said the words on air: "unindicted co-conspirator"

"Praise Loudly, Blame Softly." New right-wing church slogan?

Absolut Corruption - one picture says it all

AOL Poll on *

Do you think Karl and Scooter know yet? Will they be told before

Media keeps saying Plame was outed because JW "criticized"

YES - This is the Real Fitzmas Eve!

Fitzy Baby( Sung To The Tune Of Santa Baby)

Time for your daily HEAD!

Will there be resignations?

Anybody seen this?

CBS Bush Job Approval.... 37 percent!

I'm lunching with Hillary tomorrow and I'll miss EVERYTHING

Jeb Bush's Aggressive Hurricane Prep Plan For Florida Didn't Pan Out

Report: Noe Indicted By Federal Grand Jury - GOP going down in flames!!

"They" are DONE with Bush.

leading WV GOP figure bolts party

Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers To Senate Intelligence Panel

Back to the Franklin Cover UpMan suing Boys Town is 'tired of the secrets'

Raw Story's Larisa A. Reports from Hurricane-Ravaged Florida

It is about the "stupid"war (as I think history will come to know it),

who knows who Robert Greenwald is?

Try this

When they trash Joe Wilson as an unqualified nobody, show them these:

Attention Freeps And Bush Voters: You Bought A Lemon. A Big One!

Is George Caught in an Uncontrolled Photo-OP? ---pix->>>

A game to teach non violent resistance

I'm going to try being a freeper for one day. What do I need to do?

water company cuts off woman for her flag display!

There should be a "Rosa Parks Day"

Who thinks Cindy Sheehan will become a political prisoner?

CNN just reported that Fitz summarized the case for the GJ yesterday and

Twas the Night Before Fitzmas... (Humorous satire by MojoXN)

Wasn't Miers anti-abortion? Wasn't that the far right's entire agenda?

Reeps deny Miers Up or Down Vote! LOL

Miers withdrew so she could be counsel to Bush.

What if there are indictments and they are found NOT FUCKIN GUILTY?

A Poll For My 2000th Post! Favorite DU feature!

O'Reichly attacks Latina columnist; help her fight back!

Fillibuster Questions:

Okay, who went over to freak republic and did this?

A MFSO mom, Gilda, (Cindy Sheehan's friend) NEEDS our help.

Nothing To Be Done

Matthews posed an interesting thought: "What if they Don't Resign?"

Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen elec

Rep Nadler speaks out on his call to Fitzgerald to expand investigation

Al Gore awarded Global Environmental Citizen Award from Harvard

Get your Fitz comic relief and more at Firedoglake:"The Viagra Pen Story"

"The Empire is Finally Ending" - a little song about Rove's undoing

The Washington Note just retracted story on Fitz's office expansion plans

Great Grand Jury info at, the all-Fitz-all-the-time blog

The circular firing squad

Russ Feingold was duped on Iraq too

"suspected of laundering money into Bush’s re-election campaign" National!

Central source to summarize Treasongate (aka Plame Outing aka CIA Leak)

Inside Phelps church of hate...Video

Miller Negotiating Terms of Potential Departure

DUers: This fledgling Liberal site could use our help. .

has anyone ever crossed over a voted republican?

Never underestimate the power of make-up (COMIC RELIEF)

Treason--say it loud and often.

I have a question regarding this cat by the name of Fitzgerald

The Revolutionary Presidency versus the Bill of Rights ...

"Support for Kerry's Speech" by Tom Hayden

Lawmakers working to let Rosa Parks lie in state...

Is this how America treats soldiers families?

Former GOPers and Freepers, what finally pushed you over the edge?

What If Bush* Nominates Somebody Worse?


Get in the Halloween Spirit!!! (pic)

There's nowhere else on earth like Santa Cruz , California!

White House asks spoof Web site (THE ONION) to stop using seal

Do you like or dislike the term "Fitzmas"

They are paid $40 a day, plus $4 for transportation. (Fitz GJ)

Dear Cindy,

Oprah on now doing show about global warming!


*** Thursday TOONs: In Memory of the 2000 ***

The un-George W. Bush: the strength and silence of Patrick Fitzgerald

How come Kerry was deceived, and I wasn't?

Who went to a vigil tonight? Check in!

Where is H2O Man?

It's officially official, Republicans approve of criminal behaviour

Someone suggested Bush's next SC nominee will be: Orrin Hatch

SICK:"Requisitioning Iraqi Homes"!Sounds Like A Military OCCUPATION To Me.

44 and never married... (Fitz)

DU this Amazon Review

Electronics Repair shops closing - Another Walmartization casualty...

House passes a bill to remove lawyer's licenses for 'frivolous' lawsuits

A Week of Republican News in PITCHERS!

Car stickers you hate. win the White House...first you must WIN FREEDOM OF THE PRESS

How many Libertarians are on board here?

I stopped the military recruiters today at my son's High School

Please forgive this rare rant but I can't let this pass...

LA Times: "White House Plans to Deflect" - WH post-indictment game plans

Does anyone have a recipe for (winter) squash soup?

Got myself another Magnalite Wagner Wear pan

Anyone else think it's pathetic that NO B.C. reporter has filed an ATI

Ex-teacher accused of outrageous remarks

Scott McClellan

Bush's Canada

Mass. home prices fall in September

NYT: Ex-Head of F.D.A. or Wife Sold Stock in Regulated Area

Grand Jurors Hear Counsel on Leak Case- NYTimes

NYT: Hoarding Prompts Halt in Flu Drug (Tamiflu) Shipping (to U.S.)

Former Army Reserve doctor says Iraq war unjust

Patriot act bill would expand death penalty

Longtime Texas Democrat to decide DeLay recusal motion

Senate approves governor's health care plan amid Republican complaints

Social Security surfaces in aid talk

Dispute over spending shakes top officials at austism center

Heating aid bill fails in Senate

Rove Aide's Name Appears in Two Washington Inquiries

Officials address voter registration challenges

White House Aides Await Fate in CIA Probe

Grand Jury Hears Summary of Case On CIA Leak Probe

11 detainees dead in Dutch airport fire

New Information: First the Website, Now the New Office Space

US ordered to release Guantanamo hunger strike details

ABC: The Man Who Could Rock the Bush Administration

inintial jobless claims at 328,000 in latest week.

Iran condemned over Israel comments (heighten concerns nuclear ambitions)

Coverage of Americans wounded in Iraq war leaves US media hurting

Eight members of Congress, 22 Senators, buck the system

Critics and a Senator Raise Ante for Miers

State GOP leaders want emissions testing eliminated

CNN: No announcement today (Thurs) in Plamegate

NYT/AP: Storm Related Job Losses Top 500,000

NYT: Devastating Exodus of Doctors From Africa and Caribbean Is Found

White Sox WIN!!

LAT: Wal-Mart's Memo Blurs Its Message on Benefits

Tropical Storm Beta gathering force off Nicaragua

WP: Environmentalists Make Last Stand On Alaskan Drilling

Oil-for-Food report will name companies that bribed Saddam

NY Daily News: Buzz about a Karl plea as probers close in

Rove Aide's Name Appears in Two Washington Inquiries - NYT

LAT: White House Plans to Deflect

LAT: U.S. Officials Beseech Floridians to Be Patient

Americans Hold Vigils for Dead in Iraq

BREAKING: CNN Says Fitzgerald Will Announce Tomorrow!!!

Report: Ford plant clamping down on bathroom breaks

U.S. Durable Goods Orders Declined 2.1% in September

Al Sadr Militia in Deadly Clash With Sunnis

Special prosecutor is focusing on whether presidential adviser Karl Rove

Al-Sadr Militia, Sunnis Clash; 15 Killed

The ties that bind Cheney, Halliburton (cute picture of Protestors)

U.S. Recruits Peruvians For Security in Iraq

Companies Said Paid Illegal Surcharges to Iraq

Fox News: Patrick Fitzgerald met with Rove attorney Robert Luskin

Democrats ask Justice Dept. to look out for displaced hurricane voters

Corruption probe indicts Siegelman and Scrushy

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq (oct 27--says the military). 4 wounded

Science has direct conflict with religion: Bhargava

Student use of Sec. 8 housing comes under fire

Group Wants To Throw Party For Troops In Iraq (Operation Interdependence)

WP: Bernanke: There's No Housing Bubble to Go Bust

President to Survey Hurricane Damage (on Friday).

FCC expands Net spy rule to University of Oregon

Banker shot dead after EU warning on gang crime

Leak indictments would be 'a sad day,' Joe Wilson says

Noe Indicted by Federal Grand Jury

South Charleston Mayor Switching Parties (From GOP to Dem)

Bush to recycle $20 bln in Katrina funds: sources

U.S. states ranked on work-place quality

Two US Soldiers Killed In Baghdad - Reuters

Sen. Voinovich: conservatives didn't give court nominee fair shake

Lott is glad Miers withdrew

Texan Pleads Not Guilty in U.N. Oil Probe

Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers To Senate Intelligence Panel

WP: AOL Hires Cheney Daughter

Your silicon, please

Republicans in Congress vent as oil profits soar (late to the party?)

Brits 'looking to deny Hicks passport'

Most Americans lack confidence in leaders: poll

Independent Inquiry Committee into UN Oil-for-Food Programme

U.N.: 2,000 Firm Gave Iraq Illicit Funds

Rumsfeld orders review of special operations forces' needs

AP--Bush Stung As Miers Withdraws Nomination

Tropical Storm Beta forms in the Caribbean.

CNN Breaking - Sources: Prosecutor focusing on Rove

Ambassador says little Canada can do to stop Maine LNG terminals

Reuters: CIA leak prosecutor prepares for Friday decision

[Reuters] Bush campaign fund-raiser indicted

Exxon Profit Rises to $9.92 Bln, Oil Industry Record $101B 90 day income

Venezuelan Authorities Arrest Pakistani National

LAT/AP: Floridians Again Find Gas in Short Supply

RawStory: Prosecutor secures indictment in CIA outing case, lawyers say

Ex-Engineer (Northrop Grumman) Charged With Selling (B-2 Stealth) Secrets

FOX Poll: Bush Approval Rating Holding Steady (@ 41% approval)

Fitzgerald EXPANDs his office space in Washington

Reuters: No announcement today (Thurs) in Plamegate

Support for Bush policies falling: poll

McDonald´s reaches deal to sell organic coffee in New England

Rove legal team makes contingency plans as grand jury nears end

Harriet Miers withdraws Supreme Court nomination

Mother (Sheehan) of slain US soldier arrested in Iraq war protest - AFP

Apology Follows Christian-Themed Assembly

Newsview: Withdrawal Shows Bush's Weakness

US troops in Iraq hit record number (161,000 troops)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 27 October

Grand Jury Issues New Subpoenas for DeLay

Michigan woman fired for missing work after seeing husband off to war

Bill Would Give Rosa Parks Capitol Tribute (would lie in honor on Sunday)

Senate Leader Frist orders oil price probe,hearing

(Sen. Tom) Harkin: Miers' withdrawal shows power of right wing

Court Blocks Ga. Photo ID Requirement

Iraqis Forced to Take in Uninvited Troops

N.M. Treasurer Quits As Impeachment Looms

Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers To Senate Intelligence Panel

Blair hints at military action after Iran's 'disgraceful' taunt to Israel

Padilla Asks High Court to Intervene

N.J. Students Ordered to Take Down Blogs

Ban on horse slaughter survives Republican effort to kill it

Cuba Agrees to U.S. Offer of Hurricane Aid

Noe indicted in Bush money-laundering case

Complaint charges pro-family groups hid funding(Focus on the Family is 1)

DeLay says conservative politics being criminalized

Talent returns Abramoff contributions

Too fat? Medicaid might be withheld

I'm certainly the last one to ever wish anything positive for Chicago,

chicago TV stations going to seven second delay for celebrations


There's nothing more deliciously schadenfreude-ish than people crying

Which World Series player had you not heard about before, and liked?


Tiddlywink players - check in here!

Jarts + Clackers + Liberal amounts of Alcohol = ???

someone was waging peace in my little town tonight.

My mini-schnauzer is freaking ripped!

okay, it's 7am here, & I don't want to go to my french class today. I'm

Console me...I can't believe it's over

Thank you Houston Fan's.

My Congrats to all White Sox fans . .

True Blue Fans! Great Pic of Babs & Poppy at the big game!

Bodiddley function thread

You tie the knot...we freeze you!

Want mustard on your hot dog?

OK, I'm going to bed now

Boldily function thread

Uhm well.....

The duplicate-check-reminder in the Lounge

Quick! Make me laugh!

Musial Beast Implants

The word just in from HQ: Operation Smushing Kumquats has begun


Honey Bunches of Oates....

man I hate it when no one is around to talk

The Official Be Mean To KitchenWitch Thread

Who would have thought that the Red Sox and the White Sox

Would you think this is harrassment?

Just to show my sensitive side

Where is enigmatic tonight?

Official spank khashka thread

Where is Heidi tonight?

southlandshari stole that cat's fur

Happy Bday

How convenient

Lounge Lizards, help me, Az's mood is contagious

If Someone Cheats on You...would you prefer the other person..

Alright Lounge, you ready?

I’m your only friend

Prison Break

I think we added a definition to the word "musical" tonight

Name someone that can stand to get a dose on Daludid

I am SO confused!

The queens we use would not excite you.

The Bible Code, finding words corresponding to events...bullshit

Hey girl!

Official spank Kafka thread

I ache for the touch of your lips, dear,


If I can't sell it, darling I'm gonna sit down on it.

Blame it on the rain

Attend the tale of Sweeny Todd.

I love it when you call me names

blame it on the bossa nova...

Since we seem to be stuck in the 80's at the moment....

What can I do to stop KitchenWitch posting earworms?

Just for KitchenWitch, stupidest earworm ever!

Here's my earworm - "Go" by Moby

Well there's gonna be a freakers ball

I am really starting to hate my next door neighbor...

How did I become the Queen of the Earworm

KitchenWitch dear

Well I have caused enough damage here for one night

i like robots

Eniee Meeenie Jelly Beanie

I've been battered by life today. May I have a hug?

Ok, how about an earworm you like?

Alright, people! Enough with the PM's

Gotta Crash

Be honest. Are you laughing or are you crying at this pic.

"In Love With A View"- Mojave 3

Anyone used

I just got off the phone with a source....

Twas the night before Fitzmas...

Man Trying To Shoot Cow, Hits Motorist Instead

Yup, it's official, I can't get this song out of my head....

MatcomNews Update: Janet Jackson DENIES Being A Mother

Congratulations, Chicago!!! Well done, White Sox.

Church Agrees To Ban Goldfish-Swallowing

Icing the YellowCake

How will we know when it is Fitzmas?

Man Sprinkled Fecal Matter On Bakery Goods

I love the new EZ-copycat function

A little song, a little dance...

I just bought the CUTEST Fitzmas paper!

You knew that this was coming:

What Great Movies Have You Seen Lately?

Apology over unicycle doc

NEW JOKE-Rummy briefs W on the war....and then goes to lunch



Oh man I'm in trouble

What Happened to Common Courtesy??

You know it is true

Hoooollllly crap, I'm tired.

Bush can end all of his troubles simply

HA HA If Faux News would have been around through the years.


Alright. Who stole my nose hair clippers?

Ghost Riders, Snowballs, Luminas or Caspers =the new Orange for Pumpkins

Good Thursday Morning, Folks!

IT people - Quick question

who else has their beer and fried chicken embyos ready for

OOOO!! Just had a thought, should we send Merry Fitzmas cards

Cool/funny picture from Chicago this morning

If Fox News had been around throughout history....

Sewer crew recovers wedding ring two years after man flushed it

Tomorrow is my 1 year DU anniversary!


Carbon Dating - For, or against?

Terrible Tattoos?

Bees. Bees In My Head. LITERALLY

I am ba-ack!!!

Yes, Virginia. There is a Fitzmas Claus!

Breaking: Bush Nominates Tom DeLay to Supreme Court

What are the proper short pants for an Angus Young outfit?

Saw Bruce Cockburn in Madtown last night...

Dr. Tells Patient She Was So Fat She Would Only Be Attractive To Black Men

"Good citizens check for duplicates!" When did this start?

Ok; I am officially OLD.

Fox News throughout history.


Somehow Uwe Boll keeps getting money to make films

Everyone needs to make sure to take Halloween pics

So, how many of you saw the new LOST episode last night?

Family Finds Cat BUILT INTO THE WALL Of Their New Home


Which was the more exciting World Series?

RawStory BREAKING: There Isn't Quite Enough Sodium In Matcom's Maruchan!

What the hell am I supposed to do with this thing?


Lets give DS1 a new name. He likes the Something McSomethingsomething

People around here are confused about Halloween.

Do you think that the Beach Boys.....

it's pumpkin carve'n time punkin...

Should it really be called the "World" Series?

Ding Dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch!

Aquafina has a lip balm now!

Ford Motor Company Will Monitor & Time Worker's Bathroom Breaks

Flora Bush, the third twin...

Two unrelated World Series pictures

One line dating services suck

Fun with freeper revisionist history chain e-mail (your suggestions?)

I'm officially addicted to... SUDOKU!

Can I cut my nicotine patches in half or is that a Very Bad Idea?

Man Jailed For Tattooing 13 Year Old

For when you absolutely have to get off the phone.

psst. Resident bush something you need to know

Breaking: Fitgerald to announce indictments yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody Hates Harriet (FLASH) funny as heck!

GD moves too fast today...

heres a riddle: what has a bottom at it's top?

Anyone else ever get stuck on Mark Fiore's opening page

What's your "typo" DU name?

I too just lost my firefox bookmarks, all but ones I saved to toolbar...

*** BREAKING *** Phil Collins

Mrs. XNASA came out this morning.

Damn the shuffle!

Signature lines are currently turned off due to high traffic.

back from yahoo flameboards

OK, I'm a moron.

Yes, JimmyJazz, the Hokey Pokey really is what *it's* all about.

The Founding Fathers on Intelligent Design

Just plain..Eeeeeew

Hanging Mistaken for Halloween Decoration

monster mash pumpkin cutting...

The joy of walkin

WTF is up with the CNN sports NFL Cheerleader of the Week?

Ashlee Simpson has the number one album

ok, lets get right to the heart of the matter regarding Fitzmas

walk right in...

Single Mom Busted For Running One-Woman Brothel

Ain't he dreamy?

anyone else like

OMG! Paul Hackett Just Cursed on Jerry Springer's Show!!!

The Blame For Plame Falls Squarely on the Brain

30 something from 5000



How many times have YOU rec'd the "Penny Brown Amber Alert" email?

Either someone is surreptitiously feeding me magic mushrooms

JimmyJazz is a FAKIR

Hanging Body Mistaken for Halloween Decoration

how many mice does it take to screw in a light bulb?

When is Schlitzmas?

Has anyone experienced a "fuel surcharge" yet?

Lung Leg

the ultimate White Sox fan post

Tell me what it takes to let you go

I didn't win the lotto


Rio stamps on postcards of bikini-clad women

Did you ever hear about those guys who had hiccups for decades?

Oh no! Breaking....

Merry Fitzmas Everybody!!!!

JimmyJazz is a FAKER

my list of people who should be sedated

Need advice on Homemade documentary

Crappy day!

An illustrated prieview of a Song From Rammstein's new Album....

Positive thoughts needed here, folks

all you false alarm BREAKING people must repent

Is The Moon in "Suck" Or Something?

How to get a job in radio...the "Pearls before Swine" way

Strange lights reported all across state (CA - anyone see these lights?)

Post something truly obvious about a conservative





I woke up this morning to find that I had turned into a scaly iguana

BREAKING! (A moister kind.)



This jolted my gay-dar!

Best singers who sing songs by singing other singer's songs


Broken. (warning very sad.)

Reminder for everyone this Weekend

what is it with 6th graders and sharpening pencils??



Why I am happy Chicago won.. A purely selfish reason

Goodnight folks!



PC quest. -How to capture all search bar autocomplete sugg. in one file?

Jarhead looks like a cool war movie -- seems very Kubrick in tone.

Soooooo - tonite is Fitzmas Eve?

May I go home?

Unskinny Bop-----Or what the hell ever it says!

I need cheering up.... tell me a story!

Mmm Bebop

DUers with photoshop skills, try this out.

Does anyone else sneeze when they eat chocolate?

Breaking: Fitz drinks Starbucks coffee

ACK! Everyone On My Ignore List Is VISIBLE!!!

Does anyone else sleaze when they eat chocolate?

Signature lines are currently turned off due to high traffic.

be-bop baby

Singers who can sing.

so tired of waiting

she bop...

I just got a pair of those x-ray vision

So my dad calls me on Sunday to ask why I've been so quiet lately.

These Republicans are excessively clean with their laundry. They

Who's the milfiest soccermom on DU?

Most underrated singers (vocally)

What Songs Have Lyrics That SAY One Thing, But MEAN Something Else?

Is anyone else having problems with their "my post" feature

Is Shirley Temple the most influential child star?

I need recipes for Sunday dinner

Jesus, my new Bulldog puppy is the most stubborn thing on the planet

Do citizen's arrests really work?

Mmm Bebop

Artist Paid $11k (Taxpayer Money) To Drink 48 Beers & Fall Off A Beam

Who do you think is the most influential female comedian of all-time?

"Treason's Greetings" and "Merry Fitzmas" cards now available!

Match Game: Dick Cheney is so fat (How Fat is he?)...

It was bound to happen!

Your favorite Fitzmas Movies????

STOP IT! You know who you are, too! Cease and desist - I insist.

Sign outside local Scientology church*: "Now Hiring!"

Musical Breast Implants


The only real question (dial up warning)

Piccadilly Palare > Karl Rove

Swingers Who Can't Swing.

DUers: This new liberal site could use some help.

Check out this board

A look into the future...

Jimmy Jazz's inability to do the hokey pokey

I just hit my 1,000 post!

How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Tootsie Pop?


"Lulu" Miers to Shrub:

So....ask me how my state exam went this morning....g'head...ask

Have you ever seriously considered running for office?

So, do you think Poppy will order the Astros executed?

If you think I'm a scaly lounge lizard,

I saw a truthout sign today....


Mmm Bop!

this is too too cool. If you click on floppy george you can manuever....

Blingers who can't bling....

Bush declares Rove and Libby enemy combatants

Hooray! -- Bewitched SEASON TWO... Now Available On DVD!!

What is your outlook on life?

The White Sox have arrived back in Chicago!

Nina Simone

Myra Breckinridge is out on DVD. Yeah, and I just watched it! Anyone

Pet Peeve thread

Is there any place in San Francisco that serves Rice-a-Roni?

"Singers who CAN or could sing..."

ATTN anyone with kids that eat cereal!

The Simpsons have been on for what, 16 years?

The Fitz will come out tomorrow

Tranferring email from one computer's Outlook to another computer - help

Anyone else sick of these Axe/Tag body spray commercials?

Eating Butterscotch Cookies From My Sister-In-Law

Tom Delay's mug shot

BREAKING: Bush Hopes He's Found A Purr-fect Miers Replacement

Gunfight at the Idaho Corral

ATTN anyone with kids that eat cereal!

My earworm today...

Guess the dictator or Hollywood star

Godfather Part 2 question and answer session...

Deleted post.

Any Audible members here? Can you help me?

Worst Band Decline Ever, part II

Illegal to smoke children w/ cars inside


Is it just me or are rod stewart and manilow looking alot alike lately?

OW! WWWOOOOOWWWWW! I'm getting down! OW! Down to the

OMG, I got PM'ed on another forum - called an A$$h0L3...

"Singers who can't sing..." -- What are the qualifications?

I made my doctor blush today...

I am SOOOOO proud of my youngest brother!!

Does anyone want to sing some show tunes?

Bigfoot VS Frankenstein

11 Year Old Girl Handcuffed & Arrested For Bringing Butter Knife To School

Please choose some Y names for tropical storms and hurricanes.

I have the upper hand. My cell phone contract finally ran out

I think we should petition the hurricane-namer-people

'Futurama' Flies to Comedy Central

Any of you suckholes want to come up here and knock me off?

I have an unhealthy addiction to Dr. Pepper.

Who would win in a fight? Davros and the Daleks? or The Borg?

I want to send Fuckstick a postcard that says "HA HA HA HA!!

Just admit you listened to DeBarge... we won't make fun of you

Cab driver allegedly tainted food with feces

A trully great BigMcLargeHuge locking... I say three cheers

I just bought a new car!

What's going on in California next Tuesday?

I Keep Wanting To Say "Gerald Fitzpatrick"

What do you remember from childhood? Read on for specifics:

chicago white sox exemplify liberal values

Is anyone else doing the National Novel Writing Month 50K words challenge?

How are WH officials dealing with Fitzmas Eve anxiety?

Acronyms that polite people do not say.

Swimming is such serenity..Just look at the facial expression

Has anyone else ever read the Uni-Bombers manifesto?

When is wendtmas?

The furnace man is never going to come, is he?


John Cage's 4'33

Ouga Chaka ouga!

A Question To DU Parents

Name a song that has a sufficient amount of cowbell. I'm gonna burn a CD

Still looking for more Nation States Citizens

Question: What is the best way to eat smoked salmon?

Ah well....congratulations to the White Sox.

Karl Rove & the Condom......

Leg Lamp

Only 7.5 hours left in Mr. Scorpio's (very tasteful)birthday

If Someone Cheats on You...would you prefer the other person..

So what IS the definition of a soccer Mom, anyway?


Halloween poll:Does anyone actually LIKE Mary Jane candies??

Worst American Beer

Anyone else want Rove off clean in a sick sort of way just to watch GD?

WHITE SOX WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, god help me, i want a kitten so badly

Has anyone else had this experience with a small dog? Is it normal?

Why do new car dealerships suck so bad?

"The One on the Left is on the Right"...

I just noticed... It's my freakin' birthday!

When you die what phrase would you like on your grave stone?

City with the best Mexican food?

List the most annoying terms seen on DU:

She Bop

I hereby declare a Philly DU party this Saturday at Brownie's 38th Street!


Singers who can't sing...

Andy's dog Ballot goes to Charm School

Post a pic of your favorite big ass car!

Who remembers S & H Green Stamps?

Hello from Kyoto, Japan!

Post pics of cats & dogs living together


Father Lucifer

Step right up

My first Word Association Thread


Best Tiny Candy Bar (in the spirit of the season):

Favorite old time candy

Behold the bumper sticker I made!

Illegal to smoke in cars w/ children inside

Danforth Criticizes Christian Sway in GOP

Liberal versus fundy believers... we need help!

OK.. enough of the "No True Scotsman" B.S.

Scientists Make Human Vaccine for H7N1 Bird Flu Virus

When Health Insurance Is Not a Safeguard

2 Science Groups Say Kansas Can't Use Their Evolution Papers

First Internet-built student satellite successfully launched

Research Shows Lack of Altruism in Chimps (Chimps always vote GOP?)

Microbe and Machine Merged to Create First 'Cellborg'

Novel protein in St. John's Wort found to suppress HIV-1 gene expression

Chimps don't give a monkeys about friendship

Einstein Managed His Inbox Just Like You

State To Investigate Gay Bias Claims At Calif. School

Two sidelined after protesting altar call on ban on gay marriage

Protest "Mad Max" Burns and Dick Cheney - Savannah 10/28

Bishop Assails Gay Witch Hunt

Anti-Gay Ohio Campaign Hid $2 Million

Anti-Gay Judges On Shortlist To Replace Miers

Star Trek star George Takei comes out

6 and 2 the last two weeks in wagers. I'm hot on the picks

Houston Astros have no American Black players

ACLU accuses NM State Coach of religious discrimination

George Best on life support after health deteriorates


World Series: Why must the bu$h family show off?

Young stripped of 1,600m relay gold medal from '04

[Boxing] Mexico vs. Thailand with four titles on the line!

I poop on the National League

Ortiz wins AL Hank Aaron Award

You Know The Bushes Are A Curse

Update On The New Kitten

Kitten is going to my daughter, sniff-sniff

I need some ideas on my puppy who is limping

Got Fish?!?!?

Can I have a dog?

Message Removed by Poster.

Soldiers who die but don't move on

For the record. the Blonde is Valerie Plame. JMHO>


Well, I'm sure I'll offend somebody with this...

I have to post this pic, I can't stop laughing......

How To Spot Atheists And Report Them To The FBI

Crossposted but worth it: The Founding Fathers on Intelligent Design

So what the hell is a "blessed day"?

The Kerry speech

Kerry on CSpan now! n/t

DUPE delete

BG on Kerry

New Kerry email on Sunday's march

Kerry on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Statements on Israel

The article about Kerry's speech is very hidden on Raw Story

Kerry and Torture: Do any of you have some quotes?

Birthday Card Question: Should I get this back now?

O'Reilly releases "coward" list

Huffington Blog: Tom Hayden on Kerry speech

John Kerry Interview with Alan Colmes on Dem Daily

I'm watching JK's Georgetown speech and I'm confused about something.

In the newspapers

Statement by Senator John Kerry on the Withdrawal of Harriet Miers' Nomina

What is up with C-Span ?

Because GD pisses me off.... a Kerrycrat straw poll

Big life-changing decision to make here.....

Some from this weekend

Sorry, guys -- cant... stop... taking... pictures

Some photos I'm entering in a local contest

KOEB Meeting 10/27 -- Night Before Fitzmas Edition

All is well -- I am back online!

Countdown Newsletter, 10/27 show: "Miers Out"

Craig Crawford on the Colbert Report November 10!

Harriett Meiers Withdraws!

New Blog!

SOX Win!

two repuke co-workers must like my "socialist' mannor in the classroom

Spy Another Day: Are spooks getting purged for others' leaks?

This page made my Freeper workmate cry

I don't remember. Did Thomas have more qualifications than Miers?

I feel a need to give Fred Barnes a nasty! anyone want to join me?

GOP experts worried about '06 voting

Should Democrats call for further investigation after indictments?

Is the WH crew playing Who Do You Trust?

VA Republican Gov. Candidate skips Bush Bush speech, says its no snub....

Just admit that evolution does not exist.

A reminder why lying to start a war is wrong...

Can you name who said this?

Republicans and the Soviets

Fitz has rented a new office

Greg Palast on Harriet Miers Nomination

Propaganda Too Blantant

Paul Begala "What it's like" in the WH now, Excellent bush spanking

Doug Forrester fights back against "Carl" ad by attacking quadriplegic

Air America News just said Miers withdrew her nomination.

Attention Democratic leaders: America is ready for CHANGE

Mr Bush, Tear Down that Stone Wall! (Day 103)

DNC: Bush Plays to Base, Ignores Problems Facing Working Families

Another possible (very speculative) reason for sealed indictments?

Miers Nomination Threatened Conservative Donor Base

Jane Hamsher vivisects Shrub and Poppy

"Our Founding Fathers established America on Biblical principles"

Does anybody have this, either a link, or the actual text, of

Harry Reid is singing the praises of Miers to the point of embarrassing

Miers Summed Up By One Question:

Miers was used by this administration as a Wild Card to control whether

Could Meirs have been a "setup" ? And are we going to

Miers statement from DNC

New line of attack by right-wingers: It was wrong what we did to Clinton

Infallible Idol-President Makes Error, Cult Devotees in Mass Denial

bush nominates fred phelps for supreme court

Today's Steve Bell cartoon, the Guardian:

Did Miers withdraw on her own or did Bush ask her

What the hell is this crap?

10 lessons from the toilet presidency of George W. Bush'

I betcha CNN's play of the week is Miers withdrawal, brilliant for bush

How long can this go on?

"More than 17,000 killed and wonded there (in Iraq)"

The AJC wants your input regarding the "Why" cartoon.

"My Little Crony" trots off to the barn, who's at the starting gate now?


With the non stop Harriet Miers news,

Poll: Would you have voted for the IWR?

SCOTUS - So now we have to settle for second best?

Rove "said he was fine & he said it with gusto," one well-wisher recalled

TIME: Can the GOP Reach Black Voters?

Can You Say "Miserable Failure"...........

Another poll - surprising choices...

Kerry Interview with Alan Colmes - Video on the Dem Daily

anyone read this on

Harriet Miers was simply a stalking horse

Bush is just a figurehead...a dummy. Who is REALLY the president?

reporters banned from First Amendment Room (Brian Lamb)

Read this from Think Progress

My Rove/Libby/Rove weaslin' out of perjury theory.

BTW- Where in the hell is the 11 BILLION the rat bastards "claim"

Howard Dean / DNC Press Release on Miers Withdrawl

A Thread That Is Running Thru CIA Leak, Mier's Withdrawal, Bush Speeches

reporter tells of seeing rigged voting in Iraq

Miers, White House Surrender to Ultraconservatives - PFAW Press Release

Is the grand jury made up of "We the people" or "lawyer types" ?

Just remembered something - Rumsfeld "offered" his resignation

Is "Snotty" McClellan Having a Press Conference Today??

Must See Edition Of Democracy Now

Will Rove and Libby know if they are to be indicted the same time we do?

Check out this Yahoo headline

Poll: The scariest BushCo Hallowe'en mask

Miers' Withdrawal and the Myth of the Moderate Republican

What do you say to conservatives

Hey, what happened to the 'Up or Down Vote'

Confused about the CIA leak case? Start here. (Xian Science Monitor)

Raw Story: Fitzgerald has secured an indictment, lawyers say (developing)

Tweety on MSNBC: FBI agents sent to question Wilson's neighbors

Normie Coleman replied to my Ed Schultz e-mail!!

The Economist: A picture of incompetence and sleaze (Miers's withdrawal )

Their clout rising, blogs are courted by Washington's elite

Allen Snyder: 'America heading toward feudal fascism

I just hit my 1,000 post!

Kerry on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Statements on Israel

No, we are not going to blindly accept the next nominee

"A Ban on Voter Registration"

Miers Withdraws. Who Will Republicans Blame

Senior citizens starving in Florida following Wilma: FEMA won't

Bush is WEAK

So, if Halliburton is using illegals to clean up New Orleans,

Pearls before Swine shows how you can get a job in radio

Notice how repugs say its them when...

"In a month, who will remember the name Harriet Miers?"

Kaption Karl Time

Tommorow....Early or Late????Fitz

Is it just me or does anyone else sense great bumbling out of 1600 Penn?

Bush's choice : Moderate or Right-wing Republican ?

Smear War - O'Reilly vs Media Matters

Just on Schultz...truck driver says privatization a problem delivering aid

If you would like to read John Kerry's speech, here is the link.......

Salon: "Shipwrecked" ("no one, not even his dad, can rescue Bush now")

Fitzgerald vs. Ken Starr

Miers' purpose: Encourage conflict to downplay disaster

First Indictment in: Noe

Prescient October 13, 2003 article by Joseph Wilson

Very good interview by Boxer on MSNBC

*-Ann Coulter sighting-*

Well, does anyone want to speculate as to whom Bush will nominate now?

Sullivan proposes BudgetSmart plan

If we are the richest country in the world as the president says...

Fitzgerald will strike a balance between Democrats hope and Repug fears...

Delay whines about "the criminalization of conservative politics"

Ed Rogers on Tweety today...

NASA Chief Under Fire For Personal Shuttle Use

Hmmm... Supreme Court Justice John Cornyn?

Kendrick Meek - A guy I'm proud to say is "a democrat like me."

Brown Resigned Last Month In Disgrace. So Why Is He Still Being Paid?

MSNBC Question of the day

Are we bush bashing or bring down the country...

I should have scrolled down the page. I asked the same question.

Miers Withdrawal Timing - For Maximum Effect to Distract from Fitz Indicts?

What is best strategy for Democrats to handle next Bush nominee ?

Wake up people, Fitz is a Republican!

All DU'ers who are friends of Sandra Day O, (ha ha)

CIA Leak Investigation "chafing the already raw nerves at the White House"

DNC: Is One Man's Grand Jury Investigation Another Man's Partisan Attack?

Supreme Court nominee - Repugs in a corner...

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