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Archives: October 28, 2005

For Whom They Toll- Kathy Kelly

U.S. Public Opinion Never Sided with Harriet Miers

Bush's October Surprise

Global Eye - Future Perfect - By Chris Floyd


Curse of the second term leaves US presidents as lame ducks

The Loss of Utopia

It's Not up to the Court

Franken: Chavez should not be assassinated but Rove and Libby should

WH plan for tomorrrow--insulate Bush.

A Long, Rocky Road, With 39 Months to Go

WP: Nomination Was Plagued By Missteps From the Start

Bush Opposes Torture Ban (Jim Hightower)

My newspaper column this week: a little politics, a lot of memories

Err America

Ever heard of the "Green Cross"?

Europe wind industry sees growth offshore

So Iran has threatened Israel

Israeli ambassador to UN asks world body to expel Iran

HUMAN TRAFFICKING..Will be shown again Saturday night

Maynard High radio station fights losing its frequency (to a christian group)

Wellstone! On channel 17 right now!

!@#$%^& MN SSDI Judge ruled my sister disabled but poor so no SSDI

Just got back from county Dem dinner where Mayor Coleman spoke

An email message from Paul Hackett.

Ohio Issue 1 - Read the descriptions and benefits

The latest from South Florida (very bad, getting worse)....

Any Audible members here? Can you help me?


Countdown now about the LEAKY leak.

Olbermann leads with "Perjury charge expected for Rove"

Woodward piece in tomorrow's Washington Post re: Fleitz?

My 300th post...finally

O'Reilly said Donner was the guy stranded in the snow in Colorado.

Dick Cheney voted for the law he is now in jeopardy of being charged with

"Hey, guys, I don't think it's working..."

My email to Lou Dobbs, re: coverage of Miers withdrawal

O'LOOFAH Just Won Himself another Man-Date (plus lies about Election)

Guess who? -- largest quarterly profit ever for U.S. company

Good orgs to join that require no donation?

Syria Ill-Equipped to Combat Sanctions--Daily Star

US Wounded in Iraq is exceptionally high!

Kieth stole my post....

Computer age pet peeve

A Question To DU Parents

international expert on torture to speak at Univ of Tulsa 11/2 at 7:30pm

John Dean on Countdown to discuss Plamegate

Give examples of how republicans violated each of the Ten Commandments.

Dennis Hastert Blog

All it takes is one indictment...

Steve Bell: On Sacrifice

Freeper on Majority Report right now....

Withdrawal Means O'Connor Still Unretired

More pictures of Cindy from the WH today - courtesy of kansasblue

Kevin Costner must play Fitzgerald in the movie.

Where the F are those Abu Ghraib photos?

it's not about the iraq war lie -- it's about sheer and utter incompetence

Charlie Rangel coming up on Hannity show.-next segment.

My son is considering entering the natl. oratorical contest

Where are these documents?

Who here thinks "Fitzie" is doing a heck of a job? Even though he lacks

AIPAC lobbyists ask Israeli diplomats to testify

This will not do...

Have newspapers been hard to find in your area for a week or so?

Florida Needs Help- Many without food, water, medical help, etc.

Why is diesel so expensive all of a sudden?

Oil Companies Book Record 3rd Quarter

Is this a good reason to vote...(R)?

This MUST be repeated!! Over and over....

I found audio of Fitzgerald!

Reform Ohio Now. how can i get my dad to support it? he doesnt understand

Tomorrow Is The Day! (A Thursday Edition)

Last Chance Poll - indictments tomorrow or have we been had? nt

DU'er Knew, Back On Oct. 7, Miers Would Withdraw... Just Giving Credit!

Franken: Chavez should not be assassinated but Rove and Libby should

CSMONITOR summary of Plamegate

Down with Corporations and their Fraud Tactics

Why is everyone here so upset over Bob Woodward? All he ever was

If Fitzgerald's Grand Jury issues indictments

I need to ask a question, that I think is important (it's a short one)

Deep breath everyone-i'm waiting for Fitzgerald to speak

Can we get the special CIA Leak forum now? Puhleez?

What is that goddamned honking on the Malloy show?

Is Prior To An Indictment The Only Opportunity To Cop-A-Plea Or...

Mr. Sulu (George Takei) comes out

Fitzmas Cards

Patience! It's like a basketball game...

How do YOU complain about rightwing media coverage? POLL

I guess the new DU function has gone unnoticed.

Richard Sale is reporting Rove turned down plea agreement...

So....Any New Reports From The NY Times? nt

Libby To Be Indicted... The Investigation Of Rove Continues

is any body paying attention - rove gets off

NYT: Aide to Cheney Appears Likely to Be Indicted

Is Jeb more of a "true believer" than his brother

Could one of the charges against Libby be witness tampering?

NY TIMES: Libby to be indicted, Rove to be investigated further

Rove will NOT be indicted because...

The right got their way. Now what?

Are they giving Rove time to bow out gracefully?

Libby's source for Plame information wasn't Cheney?

Jebus on a paper plate.

Why I'm not ashamed to celebrate Fitzmas.

Anyone think Libby and Rove have turned on each other?

Odd Prophecy: Vice Chairman Cheney scolds Reaganauts on Iran-Contra

Paging OldLeftieLawyer

email from Paul Hackett I just got (with links)

Stupid Repukes killed their own talking point: "fair up or down vote"


Whatever the verdict, it doesn't appear to be over...

from Congressman Conyers Blog/Leak Case

Be patient. Look at the Watergate timeline

I hope Rove is NOT indicted (yet)

Houston Astros have no American Black players

Tomorrow, remember what Churchill said:

Are there health risks to using electric heating pads excessively?

So what happened to the Italian story on the Niger document fraud?

I think the media is behaving irresponsibly right now!

barely nine more hours 'til the Grand Jury meets

Saddam Hussien to be indicted in CIA leak investigation

Rove got immunity in return for testifying against someone . . . BUT

MSNBC Nora O'Donnell broke in and verified Rove and Libby

Thank you for the one Fitzmas Eve present: A new forum name

Is It Blasphemous To Pray For BFEE Indictments ?

Times story seems no better sourced than any other rumor

Where Are The Indictment Pool Threads? I Forgot My Pic For I-Day

As long as I hear the words espionage or conspiracy

expect to hear this from all the rw talking heads.. If perjury is a charge

Kay Bailey Hutchison is at it again.

How Crazed are You going the be until the (Leak) Press Conference?

Who leaked to the NYTimes?

LA Times: Fitz is keeping the WH guessing "to the bitter end"

My bet: Rove made a deal to keep his...

Can we please drop the hyper "Fitzmas" posts?

NYT: Aide to Cheney Appears Likely to Be Indicted in C.I.A. Leak Case

WP reporting no GJ extension, BOTH Rove & Libby worried about indictments

Patrick Fitzgerald, if he had the time to read this forum

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down

Drudge Report: ROVE NOT TO BE CHARGED (viewer discretion advised)

Fitzgerald is slipping. No update on his website.

Someone will or won't be indicted sometime about something, or not

Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers To Senate Intelligence Panel

Indictments tomorrow or an extension?

The Adventures of Batrick Fitzgerald [dialup warning]

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Is that a song?

Woodward on Larry King Live..."Plamegate is innocent gossip with NO

Slow dancing with the death of America.

Legal analyst on Faux says that grand jury can be extended to 36 months

Capitalism... Is it good or bad?

Okay, I'll say it.

NYT Reporting Rove to not be charged

Which is your favorite Progressive News outlet?

Have you heard ----listen for yourself, but pray first.

Grand Jury #1 Investigated Plame, What Will Grand Jury #2 Investigate?

Miers withdrawal.....the last nail

Has anyone listened to Air America for extended periods of time and

Are Patrick Fitzgerald and Rove's lawyer old friends?

Did Rove cop a "secret" deal? Did he squeal like the pig he is?

Bush To Nominate Next Person Who Walks Through Door

You know, at times the hysteria around here is a pain in the ass

Which President had the most successful 2nd term?

Does anyone else think this could be the next SCOTUS nom?

Oh, NO! The RW'ers have their dirt on Fitz now! (from Daily Kos)

if everyone in the White House starts loathing Rove now, 'cause

Chicago Daily Tribune: Dewey Defeats Truman... developing

Bush MELTDOWN: Plamegate, Coingate, Miers, Iraq,Torture Photos, SS Plan...

"It is slowly dawning on the American people that the Bush Administration

Allow me to dissent: Fitzmas is a tragic and sad day for America.

Sign recently seen in Washington, DC

AAR caller says Memphis affiliate replaced Randi with gay bashing

If Rove isn't indicted I WILL MARCH to WH to join the revolt

Congress Rams Through OTA Sneak Attack on Organic Standards Despite Massiv

US forces in Iraq reach 161,000, highest level of the war

MSNBC Nora O'Donnell broke in and verified Rove and Libby

Guardian: White House crisis grows as Miers quits (Bush at 37%!)

Curse of the second term leaves US presidents as lame ducks

AP: GOP renews push to split 9th Circuit in half

Canada to open Baghdad embassy in mid-2006

Franken: Chavez should not be assassinated but Rove and Libby should

Rove Not To Be Charged...

Poll results: Eliminating poverty should be No. 1 U.S. priority

Libby's source for Plame information wasn't Cheney?

Rove, Libby Assemble Team to Handle Possible CIA Leak Indictments

Arar tortured in Syria, report determines


(AP) White House Fears Indictment for Libby

Padilla Takes His Case to Supreme Court

Schwarzenegger trails on Calif. ballot measures-poll

Humiliated Bush Forced to Retreat as Moral Right Turns Its Guns On Him

Three Venezuelan Officers 27 Colombians Sentenced for Assassination Plot

Seven killed in Gaza air strike

Uproar over Iran call for destruction of Israel

Alaska natural resource chief removed from job

Senate votes to make Parks 1st woman to lie in state in capitol Rotunda

NY Times: Aide to Cheney Appears Likely to Be Indicted

Galloway given 18m barrels of oil

Poll results: Eliminating poverty should be No. 1 U.S. priority

Yet another gas price thread.

Oh my back!

Hey!(hey): Polar bear alert

Other Biblical names for Fitzmas or Pat Fitzgerald.

My husband has a crush on Kate Beckinsale should I worry?

City with the best Italian Food?

Interview with an Honest Boss

Transcript of when "God" appeared on "To Tell the Truth" in 1958

I noticed something weird about "scared straight" programs.

OMG I had a dream- Walkin' with Dale Jr. in color too, just now

Well, I did it - I donated.

Bikini Cats

My 300th post...finally

Kieth stole my post....

Computer age pet peeve

Grrr... someone swiped my Jeep's doors, winch, and stereo.

Someone here has a signature with a graph of DJIA, NASDAQ and Oil index

Fitz arrests Cheney!! Pic ==>

Speaking of milfs, is there such a thing as a filf?

Fuck Citibank

How do you dress for your "day job"?

"You may ask yourself, 'Well, how did I get here?'"

Eureka! I figured out why no indictments yet....

I have an unhealthy addiction to Dr. Who.

Great album came out this summer

Ambien thread, part "the first"

How observant are you????

Here we go...the forums names have changed

What should I have for a late dinner?

"Watch the monkey get hurt, monkey..."

I think ROFL is hyperventilating!

I have been sullied.

Check this out... DU should buy some pixels.

I'm also thinking pool cue chalk might be a source of bird flu.

Elective organ removal: spleen, tonsils, maybe bile duct (?)

The cat came back the very next day

Head Lamp

Watch the movie "Fail-Safe."

I feel like shredding bumper stickers. Anyone else?

I know you guys have seen this before but one more time.

City with the best Druid rabbit hair gruel?

I AM SO INSULTED: my cats... they like the mix of "cheese & turkey".

There is something exploding in my kitchen

Bride of Frankenstein VS Elvira

I'm gonna watch The Thing now

Has anyone else seen the Trading Spouses video yet?

Check out the Hottest Sounds with MrScorpio in 10 Minutes

Ann Coulter must have been wearing an asbestos turtleneck, tonight.

The liberals at work make life bearable

Ah-Ah Olives (pic heavy)

Wanna see something goofy, gooey, and surreal? (pic heavy)

Rule of Law...Rule o' Law...Ru-Law...Rula...RULA LENSKA!

Anyone have Vonage?

Worst American Bear

Why does there have to be so much moral absolutism out there?

Are people decorating more for Halloween these days?

Stephen Colbert is on fire tonight...

This is my 5000th post, and

Its my midlife crisis and I'm buying a Mustang. Shelby or Mustang GT?

I just want to say that in terms of Fitzmas tomorrow, that if the possible

I don't liked to be judged when I pee!

NY Times story suggest that Walt Starr will be my Punk for a month

Dudes... I am so bored and procrastinating....

Garage sale tomorrow at my house

It's my 10th anniversary, and I'm drunk

George Takei, Star Trek's Mr. Sulu, comes out

Describe a life-changing event or experience

I can't wait to fly my American Flag again....

10 reasons why GOPisEvil should pack it up and.......

The newest model of the Palm Pilot has been released!

The guy who played "Wyatt" in Weird Science is a professor

Anyone ever see the movie 'Frailty' ??

Where do you stand on POPCORN?

I adopted a kitten will be here on nov 2nd need name

Who kept you company in the dark times?

Sick Dog, All he wants to do is drink water, lost some weight the last

Start an unfounded rumor about another DUer.

So a freeper took issue with my rescuing Christianity post...

pyramid of monumental size found in Bosnia

Researchers light up 'dark' spins in diamond

Duquesne Student Sanctioned For Comments On Homosexuality

Gay students face hostile environment, report says

LGBT Community Responds to Miers Withdrawal, concerned over next nominee

Is there a middle road? (Bisexuality)

Highly recommended, Today's Caroline Casey show

Feingold statement on an amendment calling for a timetable for Iraq

It's Fritzmas Eve (maybe). How about a photo thread to celebrate

JK email & petition: Stop Bush's cutting and running from the truth

Newbies thread: Really, we have had more good folks check in

pumpkin picking

CONGRATS to the winners of the October contest.

GD just got turned into GD : CIA Leak Case.

Should we focus on Paul Hackett as the figurehead of our 2006 campaign,

Did AAR Stream Go Down

Would Fritz meet with the chief judge if they were not going to...

For those who keep savaging Raw Story

Religious zealots, you ask, we give: Behold the Raptor

The evening crossword puzzle

I have to go throw up now!!

What will be the right-wing spin if Fitzgerald indicts ?

Clinton vs Coulter: Any clips available?

Hannity leading off with the RNC Talking Points

Despite the investigations, indictments, & bad performance of repubs

CIA leak probe climax to come Friday

Does Tony Blair live near a sporting goods store?

If the POTUS is a slave of the religiously insane


Is This Legal

Gen. Clark on Ed Schultz 10/28 (Friday) ....details

Carl Bernstein---excellent tonight on Rita Cosby, whom I never have

My Dad: "Let him nominate Owens and then we'll go to war."

Why I'm not ashamed to celebrate Fitzmas.

NY TIMES: Libby to be indicted, Rove to be investigated further

DeLay grand jury issues new subpoenas

Hey y'all.

The Miers nomination went down because the likes of Kristol and

Pro-war people dishonor this country and the troops

Whatever happened to the idea of setting up an "Adults" forum at DU?

Step right up and vote in this AOSmell poll!

Keeping America's Promise

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

An average citizens says "I don't recall" when faced with a crime

I have begun to debate a Bush supporter online,

MrScorpio's Hottest Sounds on in 15 minutes

The Daily Show: New Show Tonight - Not Rerun

I can't help but think that the whole Miers thing is a ruse!

AWW Shucks! ** supporters in SW Florida are pissed he didn't visit here

Need Help Refreshing My Memory, re: Miers

They're hoping for a REAL winger now, on SCOTUS.

Can I Just Say, That GD Switch Maneuver Was AMAZINGLY SEAMLESS

Post Your Note to George Bush ---pix->>>

MexiPat - where are you?????

Happy halloween CoOl PiX ------- > 5th post of this thread! PIX>>>

Ahhh It's the bushbeasty

How long will it be before the Rethugs wear hand-cuff lapel pins

The pub Senate decided to force the poor to choose between heat and food

What is our plan to win back the working class vote?

Ha Ha Ha Celebrity Poker Showdown slams bush

The first thing I do when I hear confirmation on indictments..

To (soldier's ) mom, death more than statistic

Americans Displeased with White House on CIA Leak

If you became President tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do?

do not miss jon stewarts interveiw with

Why I don't think Bush will succeed in putting an extreme RW on the SC...

Harry Reid For Prez in 2008

Poor Potty Training

no school prayer and no public schools....this is what 1 person said

Colbert just laid the smackdown on Meirs.

Anyone just see Pat Robertson on with Aaron Brown?

Nightline: Miers

Woohooo Check out the size of this baby!

TX school: "Thug Day":Dress as gang members, rap stars, maids,yard workers

Clocks in Heaven

Thank you Grover Norquist!

Woodward is just brutal

WAIT...Bob Woodward just said that there was little to no damage...

Ok, uh did fromm just say on nightline that the president

O M G! Colbert report!

Who will be the new SCOTUS nominee?

CNN:House Republicans chop several programs

George Bush's Halloween Mask ---pix->>>

Lott: Any Man, Woman, or Minority can be on the supreme court...

How bout this GD everything else but the CIA leak! LOL

A story my Dad used to tell me about the White House.

Congress Rams Through OTA Sneak Attack on Organic Standards Despite Massiv

Too Many Liberals? Olbermann says MSNBC bosses upset by liberal guests

Suicide mistaken for Halloween decoration

Wal-Mart's dirty tricks

Word from Guy James about his show.

Mr. Sulu (George Takei) comes out

771 Wounded in one week!

If Roe v. Wade overturned, what do they plan to do with unwanted babies?

How do YOU complain about rightwing media coverage? POLL

"Yaaaaay," a lone woman in the audience yelled.

How or why should I vote if the system is such a mess?

The myth of the business exodus (from CA)

Rove, Libby Prepare for Possible Indictments (WaPo)

15,220 Live with the Wounds of War

Asia Times: Where chaos is king Bush Will Repent for His Comments About Islam

A Departure's Lasting Damage (fallout of Miers resignation)

A Long, Rocky Road With 39 Months to Go

Noe driven to be national GOP power player

Democrats warn on next pick (Boston Globe)

All the vice president's men .... Juan Cole

Wal-Mart compares personal health records with productivity, implies memo.

ETHICS--The Forgery Fiasco (I wish the Dems would jump on this)

10 Lessons From the Toilet Presidency of George W. Bush

La Repubblica's Scoop, Confirmed (Hadley met with Italy intel).

DOJ page with Libby Indictment on 5 counts below

He knew his Time was Up (Mother of 2,000th Soldier-Blasts *)

Navy distances itself from whale beaching

Today's Neil Lisst - concluding Plame Game week

Watergate-style money laundering indictments stoke Ohio's stolen election

Will indictment shatter GOP security image? (Like Alger Hiss Case?)

[John Nichols] Patrick Fitzgerald: It's Not Over

The Borking Of Miers

Humiliated Bush Forced to Retreat as Moral Right Turns its Guns on Him

Erosion in core [Bush] support `deeper than one mistake'

Chicago Tribune editorial: THE HUMAN SACRIFICE (2000 dead in Iraq)

The more they met her, the less they liked [Miers]

U.S. Rep. Ed Case: Democrat in name only?

The Criminalization of Criminals

For Bush, A Term For The Worse

Asia Times: In for the long haul

Who told Bush what in leak case, and when was he told?

THE DARK HEART OF DICK CHENEY by Geyer, rate it up on yahoo

Exxon-Mobil Employees Given Fake Flu Shots

John Pilger: Applauding a military refusenik

The Predators Who Rule the World

Obstruction of discourse. Cole and Cockburn on withdrawal from Iraq

How did the economy grow 3.8% last quarter?

Even evil WalMart gets in on commercial efficiency/solar.

SDG&E plans aggressive renewable projects.

Web site takes musical aim at Bush, Cheney as polluters

Metal Producers Feel Pinch Of Rising Fuel Costs

Inorganic organic PV (nanocrystal) solution...

Mediterranean Likely To Bear Brunt Of European Climate Breakdown - Reuters

ESA, EU Finalize Agreement For Earth Observation Systems - AFP

Beta Likely To Reach Hurricane Strength By 10/30 PM - AFP

Tom Carper (D-Del) Slams Bush On "Clear Skies"

Howard Rejects Climate Pacts, But Gvn Claims "World Leadership" On Climate

Oz Marine Parks' Legal Status Pointless If Warmig Continues - SMH

WA Ski Industry Frets W. Cascades Snowpack Off 35% Since 1950

EPA Studies Ways to Cut Warming Pollution (First real plan analysis!)

2005 Will LIkely Become Hottest Year On Record

WCU Report - Half Of Planet's Reefs May Go In 40 Years Or Less - ENN

ExxonMobil - No Plans To Invest Record Profits In Renewables, Alternatives

Thousands join Gaza Strip funeral

Israel Official Derides Abbas' Influence

Rafsanjani praises Palestinians' brave resistance

Iran stands firm on Israel remark

"Where Chaos Is King"

The subconscious of anti-Semitism

GAO Report on Voter Registration

NM: ACLU Challenging ABQ Voter ID Ordinance

Noe's county GOP can't account for $190,000 in donations

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 10/28/05 (Granny D's new project).

Noe's wife set off Noe probe by charging Diebold bribed elections chief

AL: Marijuana Party Head (Pot Head) Seeks Governor's Office

What to do with the GAO report findings.

Why can't the left face the Stolen Elections of 2004 & 2008?

Tom Noe indicted in Ohio money laundering to * campaign

Please help us rate this thread up.

Governor's ballot not faring well

Volunteers Needed For Humboldt Parallel Election

Arnold's Neighborhood

KPFA, Pacifica Radio song this am: "Monster Stash" Who heard it?

Emergency rally for Lashaun Harris


A reminder from the CA Democratic Party - Vote!... (Art Torres email)

What the hell is Chuck Grassley's (R-IA) problem?

I am so ill!

More than 100 attend Brockton mayor debate

Death of Dedham marine found dead in North Carolina being investigated

Don't they know Frankenstein and Dracula are literary character?


Suddenly, area's housing market favors the buyers

Ted Kennedy: White House Weakness

What did the right-wing bloggers predict about the Plame Affair?

Camilo Mejia here Nov. 4-5

Poor sad Timmy

Not everyone wants to reform Ohio - Top Dems oppose election issues

Earle seeks records on campaign donations by GOP judges

David Van Os - No more corporate government

BBBRRRRRRRRRR 28 degrees this A.M

Everyone acts like they know what's going on


Fox is breaking news that Libby indicted or is this a joke because I

Now That It's Breaking, Who Is Leaking To NYT and Faux?

Conflicting New Reports

Anyone else beside Libby to be Indicted tomorrow?


Even if the reports are true, this thing isn't over.

CNN International has reported Libby will be indicted

Fitz may keep Rove under investigation sparing him from immediate charges

Rove may go FREE!!

Only under one scenario could the Times story be true about Rove

I don't have a fucking clue and neither do you

Double, double, toil and trouble!

News sources: "We know what Santa will bring on Christmas Day!"

It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

5 charges were delivered to the White House today! so smile!

Why does there have to be so much moral absolutism out there?

If Libby goes...something is up with Cheeny. IOW Libby didn't

I Hope They Turned in Their Card Keys & Emptied Their Lockers ---pix->>>

If Rove turns (snitches) but Libby doesn't turn which one is the Aspen?

NY Times story suggest that Walt Starr will be my Punk for a month

WSJ reporting Rove indictment is up in the air ....


What would be the advantage of Turd's lawyer leaking he's getting off

Woodward on Larry King really annoying me

The most important paragraph in the NYT article.

What is a "source close to the investigation"?

Rove Informed He May Not Be Charged Today But Remains In Jepardy

The freepers response

Have a little faith in Fitz. Sources don't know everything. Here's proof.

Election 2004 WAS Stolen!

A.P. Photo of Scooter Libby ..... looks like Fitz has got him good


What network/cable is your tv going to be on to wait for indictment

What is wrong with Bob Woodward?

Button Men to be indicted, Capos named un-indicted co-conspirators.

It had better really be today because I am all ready!

Prediction: Plamegate will lead to Condi as incumbent POTUS!

Tin foil hat time...

At Root of Leak Probe Is Prewar Dispute

Thank you very much.

NYT: Libby to be INDICTED, Investigation continuing on Rove

rove to people, "happy, happy . . . joy, joy!"

Please Fitz Crow! (to the tune of "Let it Snow")

What if we don't get what we want for Fitzmas?

Democrats need to continue the job that Fitzgerald has started

Well, time for a terror alert.

so this is just Fitzgiving day? I still think Fitzmas is coming soon!

On CNN: Coulter says indictments no big deal, except to indictees

And the hope for today is:

Ann Coulter: Bad news for White House that investigation is continuing

Who will survive?

Will Cheney be indicted along with Libby ?

New brief on Fitz site under Legal Proceedings? (ie, someone updating?)


Rove not being indicted TODAY

Where's the url for an English translation of this website?

Woodward drank the kool-aid

Just announced on CNN; Fitzgerald announcement coming soon

Dutch TV banner: "Rove escapes charges"

Steve Bell (Guardian) - Hitting Nail on Head (Toon)

For the people looking for everything today - remember Watergate?

What time will Fitz make his announcement ?

Let 'Em Bleed

People - what part of "the investigation is continuing" did you miss?

Bush** To Give Another Terra Speech at 10:00AM Today??

Why do the talking heads keep saying that Rove isn't being indicted?

Could this be related to the "terror" diversion which we all expect?

How can the probe continue

92.1 FM, Madison WI: THE MIC

Frankly, I'd rather have Hadley indicted than Rove

CNN: Rove confirms he's been told he won't be indicted

As tough news is about to hit ..... * leaves town

CBS reporting Libby is being indicted...Rove investigation to end in days

F***ing nauseating

How many already have their "BREAKING" post composed and

Tom Brokaw on Imus just said he thinks Iran Contra bigger than this

Where is everyone watching for the Bomb to drop?

GOP - Don't you DARE talk to us about criminalization....

FitzG 2pm New Conference

AP - Timeline in Probe Into Leak of CIA Officer's Identity

NBC reports Noon release in writing by Fitzgerald n/t

2pm news conference by Fitz n/t

Wouldn't it Be A Hoot?

Fitzgerald just arrived

Rove twisting in the wind is NOT GOOD for the White House.

2:00 PM Press Conference-Fitzsgerald!

Roves nuts roasting on an open fire......

Why are WE calling it a "leak"?

12:00 - Fitz releasing papers

Do we know anything for sure yet?

Oh no! Time Warner Cable having "system problems" in Columbus!

MSNBC Sucks!!!

Wait. Let me get this straight. Is Bush STILL going to present his...

Pic of Rove and unknown woman celebrating "victory"

Fitzgerald news conference at 2 pm EDT

If Rove isn't indicted TODAY...

Noon today, release papers. 2 hours later Fitzgerald will speak!

FAUXNEWS : "Rove has been all but cleared and the WH is very relieved"

Did Scooter come to work today? Has anyone heard?

Coulter appearing with Libby?

Who is the grand jury?

Maybe Fitz is going after a bigger crime with Rove

F.B.I. Is Still Seeking Source of Forged Uranium Reports

Please explain thought process. Why paper release 2 hours before

Hehe. DeFazio just got up in the House and said that Libby

George W. Bush - Flight Risk?

A Positive side....Rove et al has to be careful with attack

How can anyone NOT be interested in this stuff? Do you still have


Is anyone listening to Russert and Imus?

The "West" (West Wing -Rove) is turning (on Libby)

Information available at NOON. News conference

Why is the ticker still ticking?

This is just the beginning, folks!

W. to play with Terra Doll on Indictment Day


Does this mean that Rove is making a deal?

Just read from Roves Lawyer "May still be indicted" just not today

"Fitzgerald wants to broaden scope of investigation" Faux News

Will Cheney now resign ?

Scorecard -Joseph Wilson -One BFEE-Zero

If Rove does go down (in the case, not in prison . . . yet);

2:00 PM News Conference

"On the first day of Fitzmas, the grand jury gave to me...

AP: Rove Won't Be Indicted Today; WH Fears Cheney Aide Libby May Be

Another site to look at if Fitzgeralds can't handle the traffic

Indictment or not, Rove has been effectively neutered.

Fitz to speak at 2PM Eastern time

"no comment" from Fitz as he and his deputies enter the courthouse -on

Why Would Someone Be Dumb Enough To Lie To A Grand Jury?

Fitzmas Wish List

MSNBC: Rove's lawyer: Fitz says Rove is still under investigation

I guess this means it's Fitzukkah instead of Fitzmas right?

If Libby resigns...

Ok, remember the purpose of indictments are trials......

David Addington to replace Libby?

Statement from Rove's lawyer

It's not Fitzmas folks--as fun as that is--it is JUSTICE for Valerie Plame

Let's talk about Libby...

Oooh it's a big day- the Situation Room is open!

Bush giving speech, CNN is talking over him about the leak case...

I want to know if lower status people will also be indicted

BREAKING: DOJ page just updated with Schedule for Press Conference

VIDEO- CNN Dana Bash with Rove Attny Statement at 9:00 CST

Isn't it a little unusual ?

TUUUUUUURD Blossom!!!!!!!!

let's remember (if only to help me get by)...

Picture of LIBBY Going to Work Today

If both Scooter and Rove had been indicted today couldn't...

it is no longer an 'if' as the gj forman will appear in a special court-

Indictment day is a sad day for America

Breaking on FOX - Announcement in an hour!!!

My Gawd- Give The Man A Chance to Explain His War!

Which is worse(for WH): Rove indicment today, or investigation still open?

I like this wording in the AP story "not completed their probe" (of Rove)

Struggling to remain optimistic but I fear that Rove is escaping the noose

"The best political outcome the White House could hope for"

Bush and Rove will look at this as an opportunity to destroy Fitzgerald


For those of us who won't be near a TV with cable...

Nicknames for Karl.

Couldn't Bush, Cheney, Rove, etc. all be brought in for Scooters trial...

rOVER says He's Going To Have A Great Friday & Weekend(CNN) (Ques:

So indictments today, Oct 28th. I called it on the I get a prize?

MSNBC: Grand jury returning to open court at 12N Eastern

LOL! I can't find bush's speech on ANY channel on cable right now.

Freepers assuming KKKarl must be a saint if a GJ of mostly

If the jury term has not expired today, would we have had

Hope Fitzgerald has a remedy for jingoistic madmen.

Can People Wait until Fitzgerald speaks

Judy:The Unnamed Woman In AIPAC Scandal

Well, at least we know now how Rove got away...

I just got this email from ABC

Even If Rove Isn't Indicted But The Investigation Is Continued.....

WP's Jim Vandehei calls Rove "Karl"

John Meacham Of Newsweek Slams The New "Rove's Good News" Talking Point

Are the repugs SURE They DON'T Want rOVER Indicted Today?

Here's the press advisory from Fitz's office--2pm press conf.

7th set of documents are on Fitzgerald's web site now

Who Will Get Indicted Today?

the term Fitzmas

NPR just reported....

Question: Can the GJ decide to indict Rove without...

Not a Champaign Moment, afterall...

If the gj is meeting at noon--can the documents be posted

Fitzgerald's media advisory: "...the status of...criminal investigations."

LOL! My cable cut off when Candy started speaking!

The Twelve Days of Fitzmas....

FUCK!! Level 1 - now all the idiotic threads I hid are back.

Take a good look Scooter....this is HOME!!!

David Schuster is talking about conspiracy....

If no indictmas today, one undeniably good thing will come of it.

Considering that right wingers predicted the Plame case would blow over...

KKKarl is a patiah now

If no indictments today, one undeniably good thing will come of it.

When is a press conference?

Remember: One indictment can name several people, have several counts.

"And it's still a building. And, uh, it's still made of these bricks or

Pat Buchanan got SHOT DOWN on MSNBC

Stop Saying "Indictments" - George Wants to Talk About TERROR ---pix->>>

Bob Barr is ripping the administration?

CNN- Bob Barr saying National Security Council may be involved

Which is worse for Rove and the WH

Anybody Think Libby Will Stay Quiet?

Turn on MSNBC - Bush heckler caught on film! Up next!


Bush "calm, showing no signs of strain Friday, smiling and joking"

Can we please stop using his infantile nickname "Scooter"

All The News - Before it's Happened

MSNBC: Bush heckler wearing a "dump Bush T shirt"

Which Channel Will You Watch at Noon for Analysis of Released Docs?

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys, bad boys

Did anyone hear Stephanie Miller today-Rove--"Tubby McTreason"

Anybody Think The bu$h Crime Family Has Threatened Fitzgerald?

nothin' more powerful than a man who is in the right and keeps on a comin

Will Libby Resign, Be Fired, Stay On at the WH, or...

Pat Buchanan is full of sh**

Does the Candy woman just sit there?

Here's what I'm having for lunch today ---->

I think Fitzmas is turning into Fitzaa or Channufitz.

If they extend the GJ, will Fitzgerald's tenure be extended too?

TWO Things That Could Make Today MUCH Better

Why weren't Bush*/Cheney sworn?

Bob Woodward, Pre$$titute Extraordinaire, on Plame scandal

Fitzgerald is being very smart in not indicting Rove

The investigation may be ongoing in 2006 for Elections

Even if Rove isn't indicted today, we still a line of victories

Matthews on MSNBC:

I don't want Rove indicted today. (My first rant)

FYI: Wolf just said to Dana Bash, "Tell our viewers around the world..."

Bob Franken, CNN, says he'll be surprised if there are NO surprises.

What if... Rove flipped (no indictment) and

David Gergen Says bu$h Is In A World Of Shit Whatever Happens

some new things added to Fitz's website

will we find out Novak's source in the released docs today?

Fitzgerald Sets News Conference for (2pm EDT) in Plame Case (NPR)

Sometimes some indictments are issued and see who comes out of the bushes.

So what do we know about David Addington??

Woah, PNAC just mentioned on CNN (Re: Libby)


Is Dick Going Home to Watch It on CNN? ---pix->>>

God, I'm refreshing Fitz's

Any websites covering the live announcements?

tweety is elitist--'outside of the beltway"-or outside of DC--he keeps

Wolfie blitzer has been kinda fair today

The time is now

Coordinated repuke spin this morning: "Nobody knows who Scooter Libby is"

Here we Go!!!!!!!!! 12 Noon!!!!

Cookoo clocks and timers going off all around me!

Congratulations *! You've given us a new Vietnam and Watergate!

so Libby got what or more exactly so what?

I think Pat Buchanan was correct in his argument...

Will the media finally cover the other part of Joe Wilson's...

Popcorn, anyone?

Will Rove resign even if he isn't indicted today? It would seem that if

What time is is McClellan chatting with the WH Press Corps?

I have a Fitzmas Present for all of you - enjoy

Cue the Handel to 11 and let the flinging commence!!!!

Blitzer, "A Truly Historic Moment"

So explain this to me please. Why hasn't Libby resigned, or

Questions about this war and how it started must be answered

-5 minutes and counting!!

How does the Press Know Rove Will Not be Indicted today?

Don't let the Republicans forget. Fitzgerald indicted Osama bin Laden too

This is like the SCOTUS Bush v Gore decision...

It Isn't Going To Happen EXACTLY At Noon

It Isn't Going To Happen EXACTLY At Noon

Americablog reporting Wilson's attorney to hold press conference at

I'm sorry but ONE indictment is not going to do it...

RW spin machine: It's just Libby, No big deal..


Joe DiGenova on the phone with Blitzer now....what a jackass!

Faux News' Neil Cavuto -- A man with no sense of irony

Cube there a way to watch announcement/press conference

It's a good day in republican world when the headline is the following...

The Rove Death Watch - Still Time to Play America's favorite Home Game!

Jay Rockefeller demands White House turn over docs(Libby/Cheney)

Is there someplace where I can video-screen the announcements live?

15 minutes and counting

While we wait: My limerick in honor of the Special Prosecutor

Taking a deep and out...relaxing...

Did I Just Hear Wolfie Caompare bu$hCo To Al Capone?

ABCNews is stating that Libby will be stepping down...

CNN Breaking: Libby Informed he will Be Indicted

5 Minutes...


GJ leaving the Courtroom!

Grand jury is leaving the courthouse. business is done. msnbc.

Matthews and Mitchel are such jerks

Rove: "I am going to have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend...

MSNBC: Jurors just left the courthouse....n/t

DU at level 3 - I would guess most of them are in this forum.

"Worst Week Ever" (w/ Pictures!)

Reminds me of La Femme Nikita movie where she's watching out

OMG! MSNBC breaks live to Cheney!

Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC reading letter to Dems


Fox has cut away from Fitz Doc Watch to VP Dick in Savannah, GA

To listen online, with progressive commentators

Does The Fifth Amendment Protect Someone Who Refuses To Cooperate...

It has to be Cheney! (last minute prediction)

Fitzmas song (if it has not been said)

Remember = Joe Wilson's report was not the ONLY report on Niger...

Carl Bernstein Finds Plame Parallels To Watergate

Breaking MSNBC


NYDN: Counsel David Addington to Replace Libby

NO report to Dems!

official note of press conf now on Fitz site:

Fitz Has Arrived at the Court House ---pix->>>

Joe DeGenova just said Wilson wasn't very smart to write an editorial

Why isn't Novak being indicted?

Today we are seeing "Fair and Balanced" coverage taken to the extreme

Wolf: Did the CIA authorize Wilson to write that op-ed?

Why do folks think legal documents will be released prior to 2pm EDT?

I can't take Joe's lies anymore!!!

Happy Fitzanukah!

Oh Look ! I got a Red Ryder BB gun!

MSNBC-Karl Rove has hired a PR guy

Wilson and his wife will make a statement at 3PM MSNBC

Fox is breaking news that Libby indicted or is this a joke because I

per Fitgerald website Public info to be released at 2:00 Eastern not 12:00

Rove's mistress says " she's sick of it,"

I wonder how many RW'ers are just now...

Most painful foreplay...EVER!

Stupidhead Andrea MITCHELL Mis-Read NO-public-report to Dems on the Air

Should have stayed home today. Missing all of the BREAKING FOOTAGE

Fitzgerald Office Media advisory

DU this CNN poll. Do you think indictments are warranted in the CIA leak

It's at the clerk's office now


CBS tv now reporting Libby has been indicted.

Playing Solitaire to keep from cracking......

Breaking on Network News now! ABC and NBC covering it!

Breaking CNN

ok let's all way whee and get back t o work.

What is this Breaking thing on Yahoo?

Fitz to do a public report-per andrea mitchell on msnbc


Reuters and AP: Libby Indicted Obstruction of Justice

Watergate 2005 begins. BE PATIENT. (n/t)

when this thing starts can someone start a thread for us cube rats

Deborah Robinson handing up actual indictment per CNN describes how the media don't really know

Bush in the Oval Office now

While the WH implodes DU is exploding, I'm surprised I could

HEY WAIT, I thought it was WILSON that was gonna get indicted!

Yesterday Plame's neighbors were being interviewed to see if they knew


Joe DiGenova now says the charges are "very serious"--

ABC discussing indictment of Libby... Steph commenting...

Faux News: Libby Indicted - Resigning

and about continuing the investigation

Joe Wilson's Attorney's To Make a Statement at 3:00 PM Today!

NBc Reports, five counts for libby obstruction

Houston We Have a Trial!!!!

What happened during the 12 hour "advance notice" Libby had of GJ

"conduct related to testimony during investigation, not for leak itself"

I hate my co-workers

WH is "Huddling" Right Now: CNN

All 3 of the Chicago stations NOT covering it.

WHAT ABOUT ROVE????????????

Delete - dupe

Tim Russett on NBC now

Where is the video link of BBC coverage, again???

CNN: This is the FIRST of the indictments

Why does the Republican Right get DiGenova on CNN, and we...

Every network in special coverage. HUGE!

Libby: False statements and obstruction of Justice! (cube rat edition)

No need to fret yet: In 1 hour, we'll know if the investigation continues

Libby told of Plame's CIA employment proves Cheney lied, at least

Oh goody! Dick gets to testify at Scooter's trial.

Libby,Libby,Libby Label... a word game I made......enjoy

Leak coverage for Cube Rats - Get your coverage here....

Libby faces 25 years in jail.

If convicted, can Libby be given a pardon?

It's official: LIARS in the White House. Tell your Repuke friends.

Someone just tell me: Did they extend the investigation?

One cannot have a conspiracy w/o fellow conspirators

freeper claims this is "political persecution"!

here we go.....drum roll please

So, if Libby had told the truth (he got the info from Cheney), there

Rove must be "Official A"

What about any FURTHER investigation??? This is SO important!

Is Rove the new Henry Hill?

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fitzmas

WSJ: At Root of Leak Probe Is Prewar Dispute

Faux: Libby to Resign

Libby resigns

Fleischer helped bust Libby

MSNBC: Libby resigned and it's been accepted

Breaking News: Libby resigned. n/t

Freeper lurkers--I thought Wilson and Plame would be indicted?

I wonder why Mr. Cheney didn't tell us about this a long time ago

Aren't you just so happy that WH people have worked out plans for all

CNN just mentioned Scooter resigning, though not official yet. nt

Just purely pulling this out of my ass ..........

On the first day of Fitzmas...

So has Shrubery pardoned Scooter?

MSNBC: Libby has resigned

We need to prepare some mirror sites for Fitz's documents.

Where is Tenent?

This is what up to thirty years in prison looks like (pic):

ABRAMS: You can lie to the press

DU this poll on indictment...

more important than the leaking of a CIA agent

Can the Wilson's now file a suit against Libby or the administration?

With Libby out of the WH- focus now is on DICK CHENEY -

My predictions:

Now that Russert knows for sure Libby tried to blame him

Libby Indicted!

Whos this fat pig on CNN right now bringing up Clinton?

BREAKING: DOJ page just updated with Indictment

Who is Official A?

Fred Barnes is says WH is gleeful--no big crimes (no leaking charges).

Here's what I find interesting


JUST WOODAMNHOOO! Worst case scenario! Just

When talking with the Christian Right today

White House violation of the Hatch Act - Partisan Political Activity

Indictment now on Fitzgerald's site (nt)

What does Bush have to say? (Caption needed)

Think Progress has mirror of indictment doc

Libby Resigned and * Accepted It! (CNN)

Wolf reads: Fitz confirms Plame covert, exposure endangered natl security

VIDEO-Tim Russert talks about his role in plame case

Are the indictment documents available yet?

More on Rove...

Ok so now there is going to be a trial... how bad will this be for bush??

DU indictment poll on CNN

So why indictments at 12 about only Libby, then a press conference

Bush's deputy chief of staff brilliantly effective at destroying Democrats

My theory on the turning Aspens

Is it possible that Libby has already copped a plea bargain...

If Cheney is found to be at the center of an....

Criminal number 05-394. Now that's a lot better than Scooter.

Who Is Mr. X?

Can't wait for Bill Maher tonight (Richard Clarke is a guest)

Fitzgerald: Full Report on Investigation Will Not Be Made Public

So Scooter's got a law degree? He needs extra time tacked on

Still protecting Novak's source.

Bob Franken is reading indictment that says Scooter got info from CHENEY!

On the first day of Fitzmas my true love gave to me

I doubt Libby is up for 30 years. Who will he squeal on?

DoJ Press Release:

We know the role of Russert, Miller, Cooper. What about Tweety, Novak,

Text of Libby Indictments

Does anyone think this White House indictment story has "legs"?

PRINT!!!! *slams fist on palm*

Libby now should surrender his law license.

Please keep this going with your recollections of lies by famous

Cheney must become transparent, today, tomorrow or immediately

Conyers asks: What Did the President and Vice President

From Fitz's press release, Libby knew, and intentionally outed Plame.

Sometimes one man can make a difference

Wow -- Libby indicted, resigns -- and markets are UP!

The CIA has, from time to time, sent people on assignments who were NOT

Is Rove Singing? (fat boy sings)

Does Scotter Libby have a bright future in politics and show biz?

Limpball's reaction : "these are the indictments...but who broke the law?"

Here are the indictments...pdf files

3rd rate burglury....ametuer forgery.....

Cheney Adviser Resigns After Indictment

Page 6, para 13 sounds like Scooter KNEW Plame's indentity was classified

Indictment is up on Fitzgerald's website

"Official A" in the Indictment = Rove?

I now firmly believe Fitz is going to pursue broad conspiracy charges.

Looks like ilt will be Scooter that will be missing the seasons of aspen

For our legal Gurus.. What happens now?

What will Fitz say at the Conference at 2?

Fox says Rove Turned

POINT FOR THE DEM LEADERS: "Why did it take so long for Libby to Resign"

Does this mean that NO CRIME was committed against Plame?

Nuggets/Qs from the docs

CNN's King: WH won't attack Fitz, will continue attacking Wilson

How Many Timers Do You Think You Will Post On GD; CIA Leak Case Forum

A few post-indictment pics for your viewing pleasure :)

Presidential Pardons....where do they fit in??

BREAKING: Leader of the Chickens Confirms "We have come home to roost."

I do solemnly swear

"criminalization of politics"

MSNBC: No crime occurred until the prosecutor came to town

Mel Goodman: FITZ IS A HERO....

Joe Degenva on CNN is married to Victoria Toesning

"Libby first learned about Joseph Wilson's C.I.A. wife from his boss"

Libby could serve 35 years!!

According to fibrillations in my left gonad, and confirmed by sources

Begala is nailing these guys.

Libby did did Rove.

Libby's going to fall on the sword...

Joe DiGenova is saying Fitz did not state in the indictment that ANYONE

The Spin Game Has Begun

Talking point about continuing investigation

Rove had to cut a deal - will squeal

title 18, section 793?

whole matter no more than footnote to sorry history of Bush-Cheney era?

I am a bad person

The RW's Shock to Libby being Indicted Thread

Will Tubby McClellan be speaking today??

self delete

What are our Fitzmas gifts today?

I know this guy is getting nervous:


Libby was just a dupe in this leak...

Who is this "Honor About"? (my regular Joe buddy called me)

MSNBC: Libby would not be going to a "country club prison" if convicted

"Meet the Press" will have record ratings this Sunday

LOL - NYT Headline - Rove "Apparently" Not Indicted "Today"

Byron Dorgan discussing Brewster Jennings damage done!

why is Libby on crutches?

Paragraph 21 = Rove

Crackpot Joe DiGenova is talking to Wolf on the phone now... CNN

hard to get a jury of your peers (afro americans 2% like bush)--says

Anyone else hear the asshat on CNN this morning

Breaking News Bar its written Libby recieved the information from


Is there an HTML version of the indictment?


So when will the big TERRA distraction start?

Merry Fitzmas Everyone!

Please tell me Libby isnt it.

Libby squeeled on Cheney!!! He's not going quietly!!!

On CNN: Dorgan asking for a "damage assessment" in regard to Plame outing

When Wolf Blitzer says "Libby has been charged with 'potential' crimes"

In case you're not getting this: Cheney was THE SOURCE!!!

Don't lose sight of what's really at stake

Publisher: NYT Slow in Correcting Coverage

Andrea Mitchell looks like she's about to burst into tears over Libby's

Check this developing Raw Story...State Dept cut deal with Fitz

Norah O'Donnell: Rush Limbaugh calling this Fitzmas


Rush limpballs using Fitzmas

Norah O'Donnel just said Rush is calling it "Fitzmas"

Conspiracy! That's the charge that would blow the roof off.


I know you all already know, but NPR is giving their take on it

I feel like I have been here before.....It has a

Fitz's press release on line here...

Republican Coworker: "Any Criminals in the Admin Should Go To Jail"

Is the Press Conference postponed until 2:15??

So Who Is "Official A"??

A Jury of their Peers?

Okay liberals what are we going to criminalize next?

Can Fitz continue to lay charges against 'Scooter'...

Prediction...after reading indictment...Libby pleads guilty...

Most promising is the EXTENDED investigation -

Let's not play the blame game. But if you do blame Wilson, then Clinton

Paul Begala just said Clinton was about cheating on his wife

which CSPAN will air it?

Did Dana Bash just call Libby Cheney's altered ego?

Please people please - hoaxes are not funny today!

Is "Official A" Mr. X?


Undersecretary of State gives him Wilson and Plame's name

Since Libby obstructed justice, what was he covering up?

Cheney's defense should be "late mid-life crisis"...

on AAR Howard Fineman just said prosecutor to extend grand jury

I think Fitz is holding off on all charges related to Outing Plame until..

To all those who think the buck stops at Libby...

For those without TV: BBC will have the Fitz press conference live online

Cheney accepts Scooter's resignation with regret.

Here's some of who Fitz has prosecuted....

So, there will be a new Grand Jury, right?

CNN: Fitz has agreed to take as many questions as can be asked...

Paragraph 22 of the indictment -- remember it

Do you feel devastated that Libby is the only indictment? Rush thinks so

It's on - everywhere n/t

Dammit! I have to go to a meeting!

Just one question... why Libby and not also Cheney? As Cheney's employee,

DU this poll

let's send scooter to a third party country......

Remember all that "so help me God" theatrics that * pulled

DU this poll...

For those interested, some freeper perspectives

I LOVE YOU FITZ!!! I don't investigate a STATUTE I investigate the FACTS

FauxNews : Fitz told Rove's lawyer that he would be indicted this week.

Fitzgerald up on CSpan2

Fitzie on AAR now.

Where's the press conference thread?

Question for ANY lawyer:

Breaking...Lewis Libby seen shopping for wheelchairs in DC area.

Instead of a cushy upscale prison, let's send Scooter to fight in Iraq...



Rush LImbaugh and The Indictment

"Scooter" Libby will become a conservative folk hero.

Giving background...

Merry Fitzmas?

Why no TREASON indictments??? n/t

Fox News Hilarity - Chris Wallace

Since Reid's fantastic statement... President Reid? Think about this...

MAN O MAN! FREEPERS Swarming C-Span while I wait for Press Conf.

MSNBC: Sol Wisenberg: Libby faces 97-121 months in prison.

Get yer CAPS of Fitz's Press Conference here!!

Fitz on NBC; CNN Headline News cut him off more than 5 minutes ago.

Watch the Stock market react to the Fitz News (with about a 15 min delay)

It's not Fitzmas, it's Fitzmukah!!!

Offical Patrick Fitzgerald Press Conference - Thread #1 (locked)

Fitzgerald speaks! Quote from his Press Release:

Let Scooter serve his time in ABU GRAHAB


Someone please start an info thread on the Press Conf. for Cube Rats!

So is Fitz continuing his investigation or is this it?

Okay, so what happened to KR's indictment? What did his attorney

Next Commissioner of Baseball, LOL

We should thank John Ashcroft

Five more Americans Who will never know they died for a lie

We need to put pressure on Alan Combes

Fitz debunks so many repuke lies. How long before the swift boating?

Offical Patrick Fitzgerald Press Conference - Thread #2 (locked)

Is that it!!!?

Follow the yellow cake road!

Difference between "classified" and "covert"

I wouldn't worry about Fitz sounding nervous.

David Addington Cheney's new Chief of Staff from

Key answer by Fitz: NO, he can't answer the ? about what DANGER

It's about perjury, obstruction of justice and the rule of law

MSM should be LIVID

Russert on on CNN now ... is it just me or ...

Comical - Scooted was using the "Everybody knows . . . don't you?"

So, now that Scooter has scooted from gainful employment

My head is spinning!!!

Fitz just said that if anyone in the Grand Jury leaked information,

Cheney hiding behind the troops during presser ! wow the nerve n/a

Has the Grand Jury been 'extended'? If so, for how long?

BBC went down - where else is it playing?

PIC: I wonder if they told Cheney yet?

Harriett who? - Now everyone knows why her withdrawal was done yesterday

Rawstory: Fitzgerald expands probe, believes he can get Rove


Offical Patrick Fitzgerald Press Conference - Thread #3 (locked)

Man, Fitz is probably damn good at Poker!

What about Europe? UK? International DUers please opine and describe

To DU:I was wrong in summer for stating that Fitzgerald wouldn't indict.

NBC: Libby has officially resigned, White House accepts

Damn, Joe Wilson is fine. (video on CNN of him leaving house)

NY Times still covered in the STENCH of Judy Miller

vice president cheney says he accepts libby's resignation 'with deep regre

I may know the identity of the "senior C.I.A official"

Begala: "This puts Cheney right at the center of this thing."

Fitzgerald "The Case is still open"

Jesus Christ, would SOMEONE ...

Offical Patrick Fitzgerald Press Conference - Thread #4 (locked)

Nothing is over.

Could the Reason Libby Isn't Being Charged With Leaking...

Like I said quite some time just. don't. mess. with. the. CIA.

Cheney statement on CNN: Libby is capable, intelligent, and trusted

They can't think Bush and Cheney sharing a screen with Fitz is helpful!

Help please !!! Just gor back in office

I want to marry Fitz.

Does anyone have pictures of Scooter taken YESTERDAY? (Important)

Fitz = THEE MOST succinct use of baseball analogy in the history...

Lookit all the talking point post headlines suddenly

"The obstruction is shielding us from the truth"--plain and simple,

Anyone know when Bush/Scotty will be commenting on this?

Fitz may have just saved us from more wars in..

White House traitors go down, the markets go up. Coincidence?

So for all you legals out there - Which part of Fitz's comments help Joe &

Just Woken up, is Libby the only person who got charged?

Fitz keeps emphasizing perjury/obstruction in NATIONAL SECURITY breach

There is no Fitzmas...

What's the timetable?

Coulter: "I never heard of Scooter Libby until 10 minutes ago"

So Did GWB KNOW Libby Was Involved?



Hey, folks, remember, Repukes LOVE torture!

Fitz stays mum

Do you think Libby is "The Bad Guy" and now that they "got him" all is OK?

Listening to Randi - she's disappointed

Offical Patrick Fitzgerald Press Conference - Thread #5 (locked)

All I can say is

The one-time strength, now achilles heal of the Bush Administration

Why Are The Plamegate Criminals Allowed to Pick SCOTUS Justice?

Because I like the word "NIxonian" -- Kerry's statement re: indictments

Sorry Libby, your aspens have Root Rot. Because you lied, your statements

Now they have Scooter - They can hook electrodes up

The Trial!!! To prove Libby lied, you have to prove the Truth

No perp walk for Libby? He's just going to have arrangements made

Will Libby receive a pardon with the "Lame Duck" Resident leaves office?

No more Independent Blogs for me!

WP: With Career Derailed, Plame Likely to Leave CIA

Repubs are saying that the indictments don't deal w/

Watching Fitz, I just realized one of BushCo's biggest sins

Skinner, may we have a fixed thread at the top for media

Politics of Truth web site link

Fitzgerald is a class act!!

The case keeps the "yellow cake" lies out in front of the public.

30 sec Indictment Video PSA

Offical Patrick Fitzgerald Press Conference - Thread #6 (locked)

Patrick Fitzgerald is the ANTI-George Bush.

I just got back from the RFK Justice Building

MSNBC Wilson's atty speaking now! nt

Call C-Span 2 NOW! C'mon DU'ers!

Libby is a PNAC signatory.

What were you expecting today with the indictments ?

Does this mean Libby will go to trial? Will a lot of the ** junta's dirty

Bloomberg - On Libby indictment and bush's* war support

Patrick Fitzgerald sounds so much more intelligent than POTUS

We should divide this forum into "doom & gloom" and "estatic joy" sections

Rep Conyers: What Did The President and Vice President Know and When Did

Fitzgerald Expands Probe

Freepers said that Plame AND/OR Wilson would get indicted.

The Libby Indictment: It's About the War - Time for Congress to Uncover

Notice the wake of Fitzgerald on the MSM hacks

Bush* coming on in half hour to "react".

Cheney accepts Scooter's resignation.

Ya think Tim Russert will be on MTP This Sunday?

Wolf: "a remarkable performance" by Fitz

Tweety said: "Fitzgerald likes to squeeze number twos"

I hope no one *really* thought Rove would be indicted.

Can someone explain the Tim Russert angle to me?

What is Libby's first name?

Bizarre-the callers that call in to support Bush don't seem to comment

Why I believe there will be no leak charge

Correct me if I'm wrong, but by issuing this indictment today...

That talking point won't fly

If Fitzgerald was planning on bringing 20 more indictments he would...

meet Scooter's replacement (ugh!)

WHY did nobody ask about CHENEY???

Patrick Fitzgerald, I want to personally thank you

Disappointed with Libby only?

Goofy Pat Buchanan makes two big points on Hardball

Isn't disgusting that * would PRAISE this guy??

Joe Digenova sucks. (on CNN)

Did you know that Scoot-Scoot is presumed innocent

Wilson/Plame lawyer making statement today at 3pm Eastern

Fitz for SCOTUS!

The Coward about to speak.

TIME magazine special leak edition ----->

Bush put on his mean "bulldog" face.

Bush is on

Numerology for Irving Lewis "Scooter" Libby

Do we get to watch the trial on Court TV??

Look at this funny screen-grab from

Fitz is keeping the grand jury OPEN!!!

The funniest leak-related joke you will see today

Did you just see that, on NBC?

Fitz said only witnesses can talk about what happened in the grand jury...

What will Scooter's Nickname be in prison?

"Bush praises Libby for his sacrifice"---yes the sacrifice indeed

Candy Crawley (hearts) Karl Rove

Indictment rocks Bush administration (BBC)

Well, MY glass is half FULL.

3 for 1 ethical count.

The Fox Legal Expert... the judge, says the Libby indictment is...

The reaction of the media gasbags is reminiscent of impeachment, isn't it?

REJOICE! It's a classic "Squeeze Play"!

Do The Rs Realize That Their Very Party Hangs In The Balance?

MSNBC all repug's Tweety, Buchanan, Andrea, Tucker and Gergen.

Now this is what I'd call a Friday news dump!

LOL Freeper about * "He didn't look like a poodle to day."

Monday's headline: New Supreme Court Nominee Announced

How many indictments does this make for the GOP now?

So what do you think Rove's attorney said to or gave Fitz that kept Rove

Blaming the Leak on the Press Was a Big Mistake ---pix->>>

Typical Bush Reaction: Trouble sets in and he runs to where media can't go

Fitz pre-empted any news dump this week

Can a CIA-type help me here, re: Covert vs. Classified

"Opening A Can Of Libby's" Just Took On A (W)hole New Meaning

Scooter did not have to lie or obstruct justice to protect himself....

Spose Scottie is off today getting a prescription for Xanax?

Rove: "I am going to have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend"

I'm not happy...... I wanted Karl Rove

Is it me or did Bush praise Cheney & Cheney praised Scooter!!!

The administrations day just got worse.

The administrations day just got worse.

Can someone make me feel better about all this please?

Correct me if I'm wrong but the (R) meme about innocence

Conyers: What did the President and Vice President know?

Post Fitzgerald Pow-wow @ Camp David. Chumpy and cohorts

Fitz Smiles ---pix->>>

Can someone put together a post of : what we learned today,

The Spin Begins... Hannity's Opening Line:

Things called scooter.

Transcript of Fitz conference via the NYtimes

WHY COVERUP? If nothing was done wrong, why obstruct the investigation?

Hey freeps, you need to come up with a higher standard.

When is the Second Coming of Fitz?

If someone said 6 months ago that a senior WH official would be indicted..

"If A Person Is Innocent Of A Crime, Then He's Not A Suspect."

Andrea Mitchell announces that there was "no real damage"

What are they hiding? Why are they hiding it? Why the need to

BFEE won.

BFEE won.

Scooter & his attorney are easily "dismayed".

WHY FITZ IS A BAD MAN, by a Freeper. Enjoy!!!

Bush on Libby: presumed innocent and entitled to due process

Fitgerald coverage

I got a Scooter for Fitzmas!!!

An Important Question that never got asked of Fitzgerald during Press Conf

Re: "Strategy for Victory" banner behind * in Indictment day photo

Notice Bush wasn't reading Billy the Goat today!!! He surrounded

Celebratory dinner anyone? In honor of Scootergate, we're having...

Libby Will Plead To One of the Counts. Case Over. Nothing Else To See

HELP Re: Wilson's statement, will it be on TV? Anyone know?

It's called a *difference of opinion*

Orrin Hatch impugning Wilsons' "truthfulness" and saying he

Bush to Make Statement at 3:50 pm!

Here's another baseball saying:It isn't over till its over

Questions about Rove?

Josh Marshall: Libby indictment is "devastating" to White House

Fitzmas - The Movie


When * comes on to "react" will he take 1 1/2 hrs worth of ?s -

This calls for a song. " I Fought the Law and the Law Won."

Orin Hatch is a lying s.o.s.

Caption this * running from the press pic:

Thanks Skinner and Admins for doing a great job handling the indictments


Fitz going for more serious charges on Rove? Conspiracy/civil rights??

Freepers on CSPAN praising Bush

meanwhile...."5 U.S. service members killed in Iraq attacks"

It's over: Libby is the Fall Guy / No one else will be Indicted

Headlines from around the world

wow...fitzgerald is real....his voice is even shaking a bit!!

George Doesn't Let Indictments Interfere with his VACATION Time ---pix->>>

Now we need someone like Barbara Jordan in Congress.

"The bulk of this investigation is done"

What is the difference between perjury and false statements?

Begala brought up a good point on CNN

Coulter---"this is the worst possible senario"---video

Why did Libby lie?

I know I'm in the minority, but I hope Scooter doesn't go to prison...

To All The Nay-Sayers: You Don't Really Think This Will Disappear

KKKarl Rover is SO NOT OFF THE HOOK...I can't wait to see

Scooter Libby issues statement through new attorney, Tom Hagen

How in the world can you find 12 impartial people for the jury...

CSPAN calls running 2:1 in support of Fitzgerald. nt

Fitz just put a hell of a lot more pressure on Libby to come

Earth to Fox: Valerie Plame Wilson Was Covert

"Official A"

Who is Official A?

Disappointed? Take a look at the Watergate Time-line

FItz: "The truth is the engine of our justice system"... beautiful.

So only Libby is going down today? I am so disappointed

Memo to right wing assholes: Lying isn't a crime.

Okay. . .so what happens now?

Did Cheney break the law by telling Scooter about Plame

Joe Wilson's assessment of a "sad day" is simply not true for many

Andrea Mitchell just on MSNBC saying it's "not as big a case as we

Will Libby cop a plea deal?

I Want The Entire BushCo In Prison For Life - But This Stuff Is Disturbing

My very good psychologist friend is concerned about how * will react.

Fitzgerald expands probe, believes he can get Rove on more serious charges

Just take it all in for a sec...

His Name Is Irv. The "I" In I. Lewis Libby Stands For Irv. I'm Using Irv!

What's the legal penalty for perjury in a case like this?

Replay of Fitzgerald news conference on CSPAN now.

Bush is saddened!

James Moore: the Criminalization of Criminals

DU this poll:

Re: Plamegate - The Aspens all turn at once because they are


Will somebody please *slap* Orrin Hatch across the face?

Odd Juxtaposition: WH Official Libby on trial same time as Saddam Hussein

This news A) points to Cheney B) leads to ongoing investigation

Fitzgerald expands probe, believes he can get Rove on more serious charges

I do not care if Rove is Indicted or not

If I hear this one more time from a Republican my head is going to explode

Why does Andrea Mitchell protect the Administration despite the truth?

Why a Libby Indictment is Crucial (by Steve Gilliard)

All these RW fools are bringing up Clinton again

What's Scotty gonna' say now?

Hannity crying: "He lied about a crime he didn't commit."

EX TV news junkie-I decided to watch CNN today for the first time...

CNN and the average person on the street - WE NEED TO EDUCATE

Well, all I got for Fitzmas was a Scooter!


CNN Public Interviews: 2 of 7 said Libby scenario not important, claiming

The Confirmed Conspirators - Tenet, Bolton, Cheney and Wurmser

Frist said Senate will not investigate the CIA leak.

It all goes back to Oil, which means (almost) all of us.

Political Capital? ....... Gone. ....... It's ours now.

For those upset about Rove not getting indicted today.

rw talking point: Nobody even knows who this libby guy is!

Bob Woodward---you were wrong

Fitzgerald gave a lesson on how much Ken Starr broke the law.

Taking the Pulse


Who believes that Libby would do this leak without Cheney's approval? (nt)

The squirrely-drop press conference by *


I'm amazed at the level of misinformation being posted here

Remember when the talking heads said nothing would come of Plamegate?

Rockefeller demands WH give up materials re: Libby intel distortions

I'm amazed @ the level of INFORMATION being posted here

Why didn't Scooter resign yesterday??? It would have been the honorable

I wonder if Lynne Cheney will announce that her husband chief of staff

Libby-"VP aide", "advisor".

Breaking News/ Picture of unindicted co-conspirator

Helen Thomas will be on Real Time tonight

Andrea Mitchell should be shot

Just FYI -- Richard Clarke coming up on CNN w/Wolf


Cases can go on and on. In Gov Ryan case, he was the 66TH person indicted!

The Fall Of The House of Libby

Fitzgerald discredited Bush and Cheney's bin Laden/Iraq connection claim


Freepers are trying to freep this poll. Lets DU them in. 80%-20%

CHENEY - unindicted co-conspirator still possible ?

Michael Ledeen: "I think the indictment stinks."

Anyone going to stop buying Libby's canned meats now?

Thanks to all of you at DU, it's like I was THERE today!

KEY Dem. 2008 SENATORS, RE: Libby


reassuring words from Digby: Ryan the 66th person indicted

MSNBC Survey: Do you expect Karl Rove to be indicted as well?

Didn't Karl Rove deny he mentioned anything about Plame to Cooper?

For those upset with it being "only one indictment"...remember

Now that the GJ has expired can they speak?

Bye Scooter....

CNN: Richard Clarke coming up!

Informal Poll: Will "Scooter" cut a DEAL to finger VP Dick?

"I think the truth will be a defense for Scooter"

For the few of you who said you're disappointed, don't be. CELEBRATE!

The Rude One speaks wisdom

Not Indicting Rove, But Keeping Under Investigation Is Great For Our Side

Handelsman on NBC: "This is about the best news the WH could hope for"

Apparently libby knew he was guilty of leaking the name

Pat Buchanan on Hardball, on the indictment: a master of disgusting irony

Why a new GJ if "substantial bulk" of investigation is "concluded"?

Who else here thinks Rover wasn't indicted because he's already turned?

OK - ok this sucks. I thought something good might happen.

Strange twist - were there not 2 more indictments today?

This trial is NOT about the validity of the war and will not seek to prove

Dana Milbank ... Oh barf. The Sultan of Smarm n/t

Please STOP for ONE minute

AP: Assorted Reactions from US leaders

If you were one of the people who testified in the Fitzgerald grand jury...

Former U.S. Attorney: What to Expect Now That Libby Has Been Indicted.

Salon: What comes next for Karl Rove? (his"status" hasn't changed)

The undersecretary referred to is Marc Grossman.

"Better the momentum of a freight train than a bottle rocket...."

Liberal versus fundy believers... we need help!

F*cker Carlson owes Rachel Maddow a car

Toensing (DiGenova's wife) on CNN now.

Someone e-mail Hatch and ask him to state a lie by Joe Wilson.

Did anyone else notice the date? Is it in any way relevant?

How much money from DU should libby expect to get for his legal

Toobin Says rOVER Is Safe

I am getting the impression that Fitz is NOT going to get involved

Is everyone on the same page? Is Rove "off the hook?"

Isn't the Fitzgerald press conference scheduled for 1pm CST (2pm EST)?

Libby is only the first???

post reaction to BBC on indictments...(freepers have been there)

Why is Rove left twisting in the wind?

Official "toast" to each other thread

It's all about 2006.

Why Libby, and why him only?

Investigation to continue with a new grand jury!

Some bitch on CNN is arguing that Scooter could not disclose

Will Fitz's press conference be rebroadcast?

Libby Resigns, But Was His Replacement Involved in the Leak?

OSPREY..... Office of Special Plans Recklessly Exaggerated

("Official A") - This ain't over folks!

Apres indictment, what will BushLaden do to our country next?

Gergen and Begala on CNN Lou Dobbs NOW.....

MSNBC: Tweety Salutes Bush for Not Taking Any Cheap Shots at Fitz

"The administration was paying careful attention to Iraq war critics"

Plame's CIA status: she was covert

What happens if Libby is pardoned?

Rove is off the hook (says Jeff Toobin, CNN)

Seperated at Birth--Patrick Fitzgerald-John Diehl from Miami Vice

At Least 7 Administration Officials Knew of Plame's Identity

On the first day of Fitzmas

An indictment is not a conviction.

Can Repub Legislature and Neo Court changes laws/rules to

Will Cheney have to testify if there is a trial? I say if because

CNN legal experts are spinning bullshit!!

I think Mr. A is Rove and his name will be filled in when

Fitzmas: A perfect example of why Democrats lose

Patients People, this is going to take a while

FITZMAS: A perfect example of why Dems will never lose again

Reacting to today's events, Bush dreams of a special Halloween. (graphic)

So, how long until the next big terra alert?

DNC: President Bush Needs to Address the Fitzgerald Investigation

Worrying about Repug "Snooze Alarm." Nothing There...with Fitz!

Will "Scooter" cut a DEAL to shift blame to VP Dick?

Remember 2004 election?

Freepers on Bush's 90-second leak speech: "God Blass the President"

Footprint of the American Chickenhawk

"The unmistakeable touch of the gutter" Tweety on Fitz after comparing

I'm no lawyer, but isnt Obstruction of Justice pretty vague

Dubya's uh-oh moment

I used to be angry. Now it is funny as hell.

The DC echo chamber are trying to shut this down.


DU Legal minds ..... Just because Fitz charges Libby now does not

Opinions and %#&Holes

Most important part of the Fitz press conference, right here.

The Big Poker Game

Can Libby be a reliable witness against Rove?

WH staff told not to talk to Scooter any more

Libby not an Aide....his is the Chief of Staff

So they "Martha'ed" him it seems

Has There Ever Been A More Fundamentally Corrupt Administration ?

Dick Morris: Cheney in the Cross hairs?

Smoking Guns and Red Herrings. A must read.

If Fitzgerald was Ken Starr would we have some REAL results?

RW Talking points on the Scooter leak

David Gergen on Lou Dobbs

When Will Libby's Trial Begin?

This is the BIG question I need an answer to?

The President & Vice President owe the Nation apology and explanation.


Did Joe Wilson or his attorney hold a press conference today?

Statement of Ambassador Joseph Wilson with Respect to the Indictment

Lou Dobbs just announced the results of that poll

The clues that jumped out at me today...

Bush: " 'Scooter' sacrificed much in the service to this country."

Fitz exposing lies that lead to Iraq - Dems MUST win back congress in 06

Reporters To * : "Are You Embarassed By This?"


Bush is now more dangerous than ever

another person talking of 'body language' on PSB news Jim Lehrer

Third time I've heard this tonight...Fitz as AG or SCOTUS. I'm worried.

VIDEO – White House Indictments

CNN Program 'Dead Wrong' to air tonight @ 11:00 pm e.t. Don't Miss!!

You know why it's not over?

So, will Libby commit suicide?

Where's the tie-in to the WAR!!!

Here is a historic chance

All these clowns voted for Whitewater hearings...

A Ray of Sunshine - Honest, Diligent, Intelligent Public 'Servants'

Hey did anyone see this on RawStory?

People shouldn't delude themselves

Libby to be charged later today

FITZ SAYS: Remaining Investigation is to DETERMINE INTENT

Look, Rove knows what he did and he knows how he can be

David Boies Advocates Sweeping it Under the Rug

Shame on all of you sick political vultures!

SMILE - We are up - they are down!!!

After Plamegate culminates, who would the GOP want as prez?

Has anyone noticed Bush's lack of empathy for Libby?

Crappy New Year Scooter, you UNPATRIOTIC LYING CROOK...

NYT: F.B.I. Is Still Seeking Source of Forged Uranium Reports

Fitzgerald is lame and corrupt

theory based on pretty much nothing: here's why Libby lied ...

bulk of the work in this investigation is concluded

Libby is enough for today

NBC: Rove told he won't be indicted at this time, still under investigatio


(Story up now) Rawstory: ROVE SAID TO BE 'OFFICIAL A,' NOVAK'S SOURCE...

The Time... is Now... the Day... Is HERE!!!

Judge Reggie Walton to try the case

Suddenly, the presumption of innocence is the most important law

Indictments to judge Wednesday, to be made public Friday

At least 7 in Cabinet knew of Plame's ID

Kerry statement -- "Corruption at highest levels"

To the post-Nixon folks on here today - PATIENCE

Dean Statement on the Libby Indictment and Fitzgerald Investigation

Kos: Rove's Lawyer Confirms Rove Remains Under Investigation

By jove, I think I've got it. Cheney still the target

Fitzmas Dud...


Norah O'Donnel on MSNBC

It's unlikely that 'Official A' (Rove) will be indicted.

VOTE in Lou Dobbs poll: Do you believe investigation is justified?


Carl Bernstein: press beginning to document the implosion of a presidency

Just got done watching Fitzgerald's press conference

837 days without Republicans investigating the CIA leak case (live clock)

Fitzgerald is HONORABLE and Uncorruptable...

My theory: Rove is getting off the hook cause he set up Libby...

Indictment now online

Total BWAHAHAAAAA over at Freeperville (laughing at, not with, btw)

David Addington set to replace Libby

tin foil hat question. Can we call the prosecutors office and find out if

Rove just fucked himself

VIDEO- CNN- Bush's statements on the leaks from past 2 years

Why any indictment screws Bush.

Take a deep breath. Today's deadline was really just artificial.

David Boies on Lou Dobbs-no wonder Gore tossed in the hat.

"First time in 135 years that a senior WH official is indicted."

Paleocons & Liberitarians also declare FITZMAS(time)!!!

We Were Right! Bolton! Bolton! Bolton!

Do you guys think Libby thought Russert...

The Criminalization of Politics" Ha ha ha - what utter Bullshit

CNN's reporting on Plamegate while Bush is speaking

Luntz Suggests White House Will Retaliate After Indictments

Scooter Libby 1972 Yale Graduate- Acolyte of Professor Wolfowitz

John Kerry on the Libby Indictments in CIA Leak Case

"Clinton betrayed his wife -- Bush administration betrayed the country"

Any trial would shine a spotlight on the secret deliberations of Bush team

CNN just reported that Bush

The most beautiful things about FITZMAS are:

Pelosi Statement on Indictment

For the first time in 6 years.....

Ishikoff and Brokaw say this is the end of it

Ohhh! Ohhhh! Yes! Yes!!! YES!!!

This Fitzgerald case began with 1 indictment. 66 indicted people later...

#9, p.5: "On or about June 12, 2003, LIBBY was advised by the Vice ...


we already know.........

Why didn't Cheney fire Libby?

State told Libby of agent's identity_ Richard Sale on Bolton, Fleitz,Wurms

Rove was fired by Poppy Bush

Rove still under investigation is not bad news...

Watergate did not start with an indictment of Nixon. Merry Fitzmas.(rant)

Can we get a Fitzgerald avatar?

The Reason Rove won't be indicted today...

People, Remember The DeLay Grand Juries? Remember the Indictment SEQUENCE?

Rather than fret over indictments, remember the Waas

Libby case will never go to trial.....

"The president is leaving town early for a weekend at Camp David"

Third time I've heard this tonight...Fitz as AG or SCOTUS. I'm worried.

Official MEDIA REACTION thread

As a Jesuit-trained attorney, I'd just like to say this:

Happy Indictment Day, George! PIX of the Heckler! ---->>>


OK, now Libby goes before a's out of Fitz's hands, right?

I BELIEVE!!!!!! This is far from over.....In Fitzy's own words:

Begala: Thank God there were no blow jobs. They really are Better People."

GREAT VIDEO - Callers to CSPAN DEMOLISH GOP talking points on Plamegate!

***VIDEO of Fitzgerald PRESS CONFERENCE (and Bush's response)***

This feels like the morning after the 2004 election.

US policy, the AEI, and Iran (story in context)...It's Ledeen again

Reid Statment on Indictment

Bolton in the clear. It is Marc Grossman


I feel like crying.


Today's Copper Score

George Takei, Star Trek's Mr. Sulu, comes out

Ex-teacher accused of outrageous remarks

WP: Nomination Was Plagued By Missteps From the Start

Halloween Too Scary for Some Kids, Study Finds

House Panel Approves Medicaid Cuts

Governor's Sole Supporter is Attacked at (anti-Schwarzenegger) Rally

More Virginians Applying to Cast Absentee Ballots

WP: Rove, Libby Prepare for Possible Indictments

US begins switch to RFID passports

Rewrite of National Park Political Appointee...

Swiss helped SA make nuclear weapons

Farmworker Sex Abuse Often Goes UnnoticedFarmworker Sex Abuse Often Goes U

Iran stands firm on Israel remark

DeLay decries 'politics of personal destruction'

Elizabeth Edwards to write a book!

THE FALL OF ENRON:For 400 potential jurors, long questionnaire looms

Republican Kilgore Shuns Bush in Tight Virginia Governor's Race

Dems, GOP Must Detail Credit Card Spending

NJ governor hopeful Forrester cleared of criminal wrongdoing over contribu

Probe of lobbyist turns to Interior chief (Gale Norton)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 28 October

Israeli ambassador to UN asks world body to expel Iran

Shiites to Stay Together to Contest Ballot

China Clamps Down On Environmental Monitoring Group

Record Heat Raises Climate Fears

NYT: F.B.I. Is Still Seeking Source of Forged Uranium Reports

Breaking on FOX - Announcement in an hour!!!


MSNBC online headlines

Chiron Hired to Produce Bird Flu Vaccine (goal: 20M vaccine,20M antiviral)

Bribe Inquiry Looks at Sale of Field Gear to Military

The more they met her, the less they liked [Miers]

CNN Breaking: Libby Informed he will Be Indicted

Berlusconi TV fraud hearing starts in Italy court

Australian Wheat Board paid $290 million to Saddam Hussein

Sources: Rove Won't Be Indicted Today

U.S. Economy Expanded at a 3.8% Annual Rate in Third Quarter

Saudi Arabia gets nod for early WTO entry

Fresh Katrina relief no impact on deficit -W.House

Poll favors Miers' withdrawal

George's speech interrupted by protester! (Now on CNN)

House Mulls Cuts to Subsidies, Food Stamps (deficit reduction - GOP style)

LAT: Wal-Mart Memo May Raise Litigation Risk ("cesspool of violations")

Fed Memos Put Katrina Body Blame on Blanco

GOP donor charged with illegal campaign contributions surrenders

WP,pg1: Red Cross Borrowing Funds for Storm Aid: Draws New Scrutiny

Watergate-style money laundering indictments stoke Ohio's stolen election

I will lead anti-Bush march, says Maradona

President On Aid: 'Some Things Don't Happen Instantly'

Seeks to rally support on Iraq; relieved to be "out of Washington"

Soldier laid to rest

Suddenly, area's housing market favors the buyers

White House Braces for Indictment; Rove Said to Be Spared for Now

Source: Prosecutor to seek Libby indictment

Two Top Directors Leave Colombia's Secret Police as Scandal Mounts

CNN: Sources: Rove will not receive indictment Friday

Cuba to Let U.S. Officials Visit Country

CORRECTED: Europe condemns Iran's call to wipe out Israel

French Judge Tells of Alleged Terror Plot

Bomb attacks kill three US soldiers in Iraq (2009)

South Korea plans to cut troops in Iraq

NYT: Even Among DemVoters, Poll Finds Ferrer Well Behind (Bloomberg)

Voter ID Law Is Overturned (Georgia)

Executives Sentenced In Lincoln Park Bribery Case

Syria accuses Iraq, coalition of border failures

Beirut tightens siege on armed groups

US forces leave some bases in north Iraq: general

Patrick J. Fitzgerald: New Papers Released & Up on website

Oil Industry Under Fire As It Posts Billions in Profits

Fitzgerald expands probe, believes he can get Rove on more serious charges

Indictment Adds to White House's Woes

As a Jesuit-trained attorney, I'd just like to say this:

Publisher talks about New York Times coverage of W-M-D's and Iraq

Illegal donations to Bush alleged

Rasmussen: VA: Kaine 46% Kilgore 44% (Kaine Takes Lead)

Statement of Ambassador Joseph Wilson with Respect to the Indictment

Bush heckled as he sets out war on terror policies

AP: 5 U.S. Service Members Killed

Reaction to Indictment of Cheney Adviser AP

AOL hit by IM virus

Top Cheney aide Libby indicted

Fitz News Conferance at 2pm today(MSNBC)

Hutchison decries leaks

NYT: Big Rise in Profit Places Oil Giants on the Defensive

NYT: Bush Is Not Expected to Feel Need to Pick Woman Again

Hey did anyone see this on RawStory?

Church plans Bedford protest (Fred Phelps to appear in Indiana)

Democrats call CIA leak case evidence of corruption

NYT Publisher: Paper Slow In Correcting WMD Coverage; Many Share Blame

Pope Condemns Human Trafficking for Sex

(BBC News) Indictment rocks Bush administration

ABC Breaking: President Bush to Speak on Libby Indictment at 3:50 pm et

Kilgore sees GOP woes erode lead for governor (corruption fallout!)

President's Remarks on the Resignation of Scooter Libby (text and video)

Rove lawyer says he'll be cleared

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval 40% (Lowest Ever For This Poll)

WP: With Career Derailed, Plame Likely to Leave CIA

Clinton comes to New England to raise money for two governors

CNN Breaking: Libby Resigns

Profits Likely Won't Mean New Oil Refineries

Russia Calls Evidence in Oil-for-Food Report Forged

Al-Sistani said to weigh pullout demand

Libby says he believes he will be exonerated

Abortion doesn't raise depression risk: study

Dean Statement on the Libby Indictment and Fitzgerald Investigation

Republicans turn against Lewis Libby

House panel votes $844 mln cut in food stamps

New Orleans Police Fire 51 for Desertion

LAT: Schwarzenegger Tone Is Humble in New Ad

Alaska High Court Backs Partner Benefits

Saddam lawyer wants trial moved to The Hague

AP Interview: Schwarzenegger says unions "want to destroy me"

Iran fires 3 ambassadors, recalls 18 envoys after row over Israel

AP: Delta to Eliminate Discount Carrier Song

Bush pledges to win war on terrorism (warns Syria & Iran)

Mexico Ratifies War Crimes Tribunal Treaty

EU offers to cut farming tariffs

Investigation to continue with new grand jury - Fitzgerald spokesman

Senior US Republican (Gregg) says oil tax may be needed

Carl Bernstein Finds Plame Parallels To Watergate (E&P)

Iranians Hold Anti-Israel Demonstrations

Galloway allegation 'based on lies'(Aziz lawyers comment)

Military shares public's declining support for Bush, war(53% disapprove *)

Births to Unmarried U.S. Women Set Record (the cause of worry for the

Exxon-Mobil Employees Given Fake Flu Shots

NYT/AP: (anti-HIV) Vaginal Gel Trials Start in South Africa

Rosa Parks to lie in honor in Capitol Rotunda

Has anyone seen Elshiva lately?

I'm bored. Someone tell me a funny Halloween story.

What is the big deal with the C.I.A leak case?


Click and relax

Oooh, Swiss Army Knives go all hi-tech!

Do your part!

Enigmatic and all new music experts:

Post your favorite Jack O Lantern here...

Post your favorite Halloween images here!

What happened here?

Anyone seen xmas? Lately?

Has anyone seen this?? GWB in freefall

Good night DU.

I am setting out some cookies and milk for Fitzmas Eve

How did tonight's show sound?

Shoes built to look like human feet - what do you think?

Is the HUFU guy on the Daily Show for real?

When your boss acts like the shrub, what can you do?

Tell me

Dupes warning...

Caption this photo!

Has anyone seen this yet? On Edit: It's not the Brazillion joke.

Bible trivia poll

What should I be for halloween

did anybody else know that robert smith recorded a song with blink 182

Who kept you company in the Dark Ages?

Ay yo Scorpio! I picked up DangerDoom!

A house music session in my garage

What's the best way to record a Real Player Stream?

Check this shit out!

Bush will down this way today, fucking things up as usual

Matt Stoller is right.

Pro wrestling and Fitzmas...

Cats and Dogs! Sleeping together!

Pedestrian Run Over After Allegedly Trying To Kick Moving Semi's Tire

Bon Voyage: Wisconsin Cat Sails to France

Is there an English translated url for this Italian website?

Happy Fitzmas Everybody!!!!


Suicide Mistaken for Halloween Decoration

Man Breaks Into Seminary, Urinates On Chair

'Star Trek' Actor George Takei Comes Out

Guillen, Fitz, Venezuela and the Bushes

Computer Industry vs Auto Industry - FUNNY!

Like Nation States - you'll love Earth 2025 (another free game)

Pro-EGG or Pro-CHICKEN ?

What kind of MAN does it take to run a $100 Billion business?

Plamegate bumper sticker ideas

Oh no! Time Warner Cable having "system problems" in Columbus!

Is it true - will the Fitzmas celebration begin at 2:00 Eastern Time?

i had a thread removed last night

Anyone in San Fran!?!? What's with the lights in the sky....

I have an overwhelming urge

Blixa Bargeld is breaking my brain.

Start an unfounded murmur about yourself!

George Takei---Rovian Puppet?


I love debating Freepers

Screw Fitzmas. Who wants to go to a Ticker Tape Parade today??

Shakespeare portrait is a fake

Priest battled with Satan

I love dating Freepers

And the winners are

The Onion's Revenge?

Can someone please explain who / what this creature is?

Suicide Mistaken for Halloween Decoration

Greeks check in here

Anyone else a Geek, a frat boy, AND a Jock?

Bush's Speech in a nutshell

In 1973, Genesee Creme Ale was 89 cents a six pack.

Milk Duds Sues Nursing Mom Clothing Line Milkdudz

Anyone else a user, a loser, AND a boozer?

Who Controls The TV's Remote Control In Your House?

Cast the Looney Tunes Version of Plamegate

Yee Haw!!!!

Happy Birthday DAPHNE ZUNIGA!! oh yeah and Jonas Salk too

A Saying Goes Out Of Style The Minute It's Uttered by Katie Couric

The chat-room on Fitzgerald's webpage is down again

To go to the party, or not to go to the party....

"Robocop" is a professor of Literature and fine arts at Syracuse

Oh LADIES!! what are you going to do for Charlie Daniels *69*th birthday?

How do I find out when my donor star expires?

What I did on my vacation.

BTW - don't get your hopes up, they're saying Rove probably won't be today

Caption the asshole Oil CEO

Can some one find out where Trump and diGenova buy/grow their

Must be Fitzmas

Geese check in here

(fill in the blank) is a (fill in the blank) (blankety blanking) (blank)

Do you know what is wrong with political jokes?

Do you abhor vacuums as much as I do?

Suicide Body hanging from tree mistaken for Halloween decoration

Anyone else a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker?

Good morning, my dear Lounge Lizards! Which network has the BEST

Poll: What level will we get up to before today is over?

Tickets for the OSU Texas game

Fuck......I'm fucking pissed

Happy happy joy joy


Kanye West

Who was looking for cowbell music?

Don't Mess with The Onion.

Your Fitzmas Present...

Who did it?

All you folks copying my sig line right now, cut it out!!

Grocery Store Won't Stock Vagina Owner's Manual

'Fess up -- Who's gotten into the Halloween Trick-or-Treat stash?

Anyone ever get this spam? This one is funny as hell

Shit!!! I accidentally posted in GD LEAK. Somebody hose me off!

Oh Look ! I got a Red Ryder BB gun!

In honor of Indictment Day-- an "I'm Not Sorry!" pic. (from my gal.)

New "car" to be built in Oregon.

Level 4 is here!!!

We should start a pool-- what time will we hit Level 4?

Another Pool: When do we go to level Orange?

Libby? Liddy? OMG Deja Vu all over again.

I'm fucking avoiding the phrase "Traitorgate"

I miss "My Posts"

Why the heck are we at level 4 anyways?

I completely agree with DS1, but have to post my own thread

OMG!!!!! BREAKING!!!!!!!

The Fitzmas Song

I think they should close GD so we can have "my posts" back

"For ages 6 years and over."

I just wanna slay

How many posts can they pin at the top of GD:CIA?

Sulu comes out at full impulse!

Well now that baseball season is over...... it's time to...HOOK 'EM!

Remember Josh Strong?

Breaking...Lewis Libby seen shopping for wheelchairs in DC area.

Sorry, Irv Lewis "Scooter" Libby has lost enough integrity and

Could someone post the full text of the Indictment?

Special October/November Suprise? Could Cheney Resign? Rumors Flying!

Need some help please.

Ahnuld's Neighborhood....

Why am I so silly?

I just wanna Slayer.

Can't you just feel the freepers all around

Wierd thing

Who wants to move to Moran, Wyoming?

Who's your favorite dinosaur?

Scooter should memorize this song...

Holy Shit - the pinned threads in GD-CIA are nearly half a page!

I just wanna say

Atlanta Airport boasts full WiFi coverage all 5.8 million square feet

Hey Scooter! I Do Have Some Good News!

So, what's one to do while at Level 4?

The eagle is talking in Fitz's ear


How can I glower at my cholesterol?


Anyone see that commercial for the credit card that promises no late fees

Tempted by the fruit of another

One thing I gotta say about the press conference:

I have been spanked by CalifoniaPeggy

Okay, I admit it. I'm shocked. Hear me out...

I can't wait to hear Randi bouncing her boobies today.

Anything big happen today in the news?

You've WON $1 MILLION!! Oops, no you didn't. You're BUSTED!!

so I hear co-workers talking about Harry Potters car stolen

I Wonder If Laura Bush Goes Outside The White House To Smoke Cigarettes...

Is it Fitzmas yet? Is it Fitzmas yet? Is it Fitzmas yet?

I just walked down my childhood memory lane: Poprocks

Hilarious freeper post

Ya know

OMG! Is this the Friday news dump?

So, who here is actually using the "Dupe thread" feature?

I know what you're all thinking: What's does Gannon have to say about this

Still no My Posts

So, who here is actually using the "Dupe thread" feature?

The funniest Fitz-related joke you will see today

Geeks check in here

Anyone else having trouble getting a flu shot?

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

Eagles Up everyone!

Romantic Rhyme competition

Bye Y'all! I am gone for the day!

Tonight I will celebrate. I will drink beers & eat foods...

I hate to shop

Apparently in the Bush WH, when the going gets tough

Cheers to the Admins and Mods!! They have done an incredible job

You may be at Level 3, but I am at Level 9

Fucking post office!

Anyone else not having a Happy Fitzmas?

NL MVP Poll. Who will win it?

The Level just went down!

How Many Times Will You Post Today?

Yeah, you LAUGHED at MY 'scooter'

Its time to Celebrate Indictment Friday

*Sigh* anyone else really hate slow news days?

OMG! Karl Rove is white!!! This is HUGH!!11!!!


So, I was riding my SCOOTER and I got hungry for some Libby's pumpkin pie!

ER last night....

Republican Indictments 2005 - awesome banner i just made

My conservative cubicle mate has discovered DU!

Merry Fitzmas! Digital drinks on me!

Here I sit all brokenhearted.......

What's a good 'learn Spanish' software?

Woman Bought $1 Million Lottery Ticket With Stolen Credit Card

I saw the WEIRDEST license plate this morning: GOD WON

space photo ~ hurricane wilma...

AL MVP Poll. Who will win it?

Inttordoocing: Serieisware, by Freepshirts: THis is @Hoouhgh!!1!

Dinner will be 15min take a look

I miss "My Yout"

Top 100 Progressive Albums of all time: You agree with the top 10?

You know...for Fitzmas

Goodnight everyone, and merry Fitzmas!

You know what's fucking sweet?


Halloween costumes

Best/Most disturbing Steven King book.

Who was that DU'er I saw this afternoon around 5 PM on


Start an unfounded rumor about JimmyJazz!

A question....

Do you know MR. ROBERT PAYNE?

What's Better than a Fitzmas roll in the hay?

I spent all day slaving over a hot CNN.

Drat! This was supposed to be my 6,000th post.

How does one become a Notary Public?

A Halloween Card for you... (Graphic)

GD: CIA Leak Case has manic depression.

The reason we have not being attacked by terrorists...

Is it wrong that I'm buzzed on champagne over the indictment

I miss my “Ute”.

Gibberish thread.

Nighthawks XXVII (dial-up warning)

On the first day of Fitzmas my true Fitz gave to me......

Anna Nicole Smith's Dogs Boycott Iams...

When will this Fitz fellow open his mouth?

May I dazzle you for a moment?

The New Job Begins MONDAY!

headed to Amsterdam

Hello, I'm Scooter Libby. Please let me explain.

So let's get the Horror Movie Lineup for tonite. Pls post Network Time

What are you reading at the moment?

The ZombyBar is OPEN!!! Friday Fitzmas Specials!

the hurdy gurdy man

Post a compliment you've recently received

The King of Chicago

I guess I can't wear a costume to work on Monday ...

I need a good idea for a costume...

An HTML question....

Traitorgate!! What do you think?

Pillsbury doughboy is dead...

Ever ratted on someone?

Does anyone else troll "Craigslist Rants & Raves"?

I'm getting married today!! Oh my GOD!

Gah. I'm nervous. Off I go!

It's my birthday! bring on the indictment birthday presents!

I miss "My Youth"

Favorite current Prog Rock group? Mine's Porcupine Tree. What's yours?

I'm 40 today!!

Is anyone else having problems with

A photo of my latest crush!

My mom sent me this cool visual intelligence test.

Laura Bush: I just wish I could stop....

what month is this??

Am jonesing for chat banned for life from AOL...DAMN!

It's 46F outside and it isn't even November yet

Post here what happens when DU hits Level #5

"Hey, remember when Gore said he invented the Internet? Wasn't it funny?"

The Polyphonic Spree: Am I the only person freaked out about these guys?

That new war film "Jarhead" I think, recruiting propaganda?

Call Me Wesley!!!!!!

Keep in mind

I'm bored. Somebody fight Az to the death.

Stupid LTTE in the Green Bay Paper...

So, New Yorkers, tell me about the NYPD

I'm a superstar, in a Superstar Machine... (with pictures!)

The "How Random Can You Be?" Thread.

Has anyone had *this* experience with a small dog? Is it normal?

Do the "Slim Cafe" advertisements on AAR annoy anyone else?

How do you write text with a line written through it?

Do you abhor spaces in file names as much as I do?

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.

There Is No More Baseball - Winter Is Here

I'm really disappointed in the LIEbruls and DEMONrats today

My wife is out of the state for 10 days

Get a room! Part Deux

Do You Think Hillary Has HONESTLY Forgiven Bill For His Adultery? Or..

Suckiest-ass "classic rock" radio standard EVER

Should we do a Tori Amos appreciation thread?

Some kids should be kept away from jewelry shops.

You know you're a college student when...

The "Mr. Sulu" Distraction

OK, as flag as it is today on the front of my home.......

My favorite investment ever--XM Satellite Radio

Start an unfounded rumor about yourself!

I'm eating sushi - all is well with the world

How can I lower my cholesterol?

I'm tired, I'm once again drunk, and once again laid off.

The best bathroom ever....

Have you ever been repelled by one's 'religious fervor'....?



Post free advice here

Is your state red or blue?

DU Norm Tryouts: Post your pics here to audition for DU's own "Norm"

now the world dont move, to the beat of just one drum...

Post your picture, anyone?

The subconscious of anti-Semitism

NBC/Brokaw Fri 8pmET "In God They Trust" - Evangelicals

atheism vs. new age

On why religious people can't just leave everyone else alone

Christianity vs. Fundamentalism

Where do you fit in on the religion scale? (I'm an atheist.)

Is it possible to be Christian and not be evangelist?

Quantum Prayer Systems & Technology LOL

Potential Conflicts Cited in Process for New Drugs

Frog sweat may kill HIV


Is U.S. becoming hostile to science?

Pyramid found - in the heart of Bosnia!!

Sweden's' Biggest Protestant Denomination Approves Gay Union Ceremonies

Pediatricians debunk right-wing rhetoric about LGBT parents

Suit accuses Siegfried of abusing Roy

Singapore Clamps Down On Gay Web Sites

Poll shows majority of Spokane residents would vote to oust mayor

Mass Attorney General intercedes in gay-bashing case

Federal Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment- Activity NOVEMBER 2ND!

Stoles tell tale of ostracism in the church

Students learn what it means to be intersexual

Changes AOL users can expect to see now that AOL has hired Mary Cheney

Heavy Police Presence Expected For SF Halloween

Gay Groups Angered At Schwarzenegger's Dr Laura Invitation

Marcavage (Repent America) files suit against Lansdowne

College Student Refuses To Retract Gays Are 'Subhuman' Web Posting

Is a Chaplain’s Betrayal Actionable?

The case against political outing (whining from man-whore Gannon)

AAA Club South won't treat partners as spouses

Gay men in sports keep quiet

Marcus Vick is not Michael Vick.

Duke tops preseason coaches' poll

Question For Chicago Baseball Fans? (Cubs or Sox)

Cozumel Humane Society needs food.

Finally! Some photos of the "problem" Savannah cat

My 6 yr old spayed dog has started humping stuffed animals

Hi y'all

DU atheists "not very popular" on new "progressive" site

John Kerry on Bush’s Terrorism Speech Today

I am convinced that Kerry could cure cancer

I can't wait for the Kerry response to today's news.

Happy Fitzmas Day!

SUSA poll s - Kerry, Kennedy stable - Romney takes a fall

John Kerry on the Libby Indictments in CIA Leak Case

Am I the only one who thinks we have been had by the Rove machine today

Next month's photo contest

The sun made an appearance during

More thoughts on the next contest....

An example of an EDVs running wild. Estro Blogging.

So what did everyone think about today?

Valerie Plame will be on 60 Minutes on Sunday

Merry Fitzmas to you to. AP photo of Libby 10/27

Scooter's indicted, and has resigned!

Franken going to sing "Fitznukah, Oh Fitznukah"

Another Fitzmas poem for tonight in my absence

So Iran has threatened Israel

Lott on Miers' withdrawal: ""It says the Senate is going to do its job."

Is everyone aware that there's an afternoon repeat of the DailyShow/Colbe

Arianna Huffington next on Mike Webb Show (10PM Pacific)

Company Hired Illegals to Make MREs ($47 million Defense contract)

Abu Ghraib - Speigel Online Article

Will the last one out please turn off the lights....

"The Criminalization of Politics" (GOP talking point #1001.2)

Jay Suckalow on Charlie Rose:

Mexican state of Guanajuato launches campaign against war toys

Janet Karpinski on The Daily Show tore Rummy and Gonzales apart

New CBS News Boss Donated to Bush Re-Election Bid in 2004

Barbara Ehrenreich on Tavis Smiley's show tonight PBS

Is Franken going off Sundance Channel??? I thought I just heard

I need some server space to host a video of a repub perp walk.

It's Almost Halloween


my brother

Two good gay friends.

I have a question about Jimmy Carter and social security...

Ted Koppel REALLY pissed me off on

Did anyone else see Samantha Bee's Daily Show interview tonight?

Next Week's 'Doonesbury' Pulled Because of Miers Withdrawal

This is about the most awful thing I've ever heard.

In honor of 'fed-up': LEAVE MY CHILD ALONE!!!

"The religious Taliban in the Republican Party have had their way."

Final IIC report on United Nations Oil-for-food programme

Why not the worst? Turd Blossom for SCOTUS!

Five win 2005 Courage in Student Journalism Awards

Steve Gilliard is BLACK

Pickering for SCOTUS....

Wilma and mom-in-law

Elizabeth Edwards to write a book!

Harriet Miers: A person people can feel sorry for...

anybody know this guy? Eric Hoplin?

Dean's National Organizing Kickoff: Over 250 events and counting

Iraq is sovereign...

Brian Lamb chooses Harriet Miers as topic for call-in ?

self delete for Dupe. . .


The Strange Racism Of Scott Stantis

NJ Gov Candidate Forrester (R) won't be charged, state says

Bush Just Cannot Catch A Break This Week;

Steve Bell (Guardian) - Hitting Nail on Head (Toon)

Bush Pissed Off At RW Obstructionists Nominates Clinton For Supreme Court

Suddenly, area's housing market favors the buyers

Can someone help me find info on tax havens...?

Next Up for SCOTUS? John Ashcroft?

I just vomited in horror:

What exactly does it mean to be a Judeo-Christian nation?

Several people in trouble w/ the Law and connected to the ** Maladmin

Rasmussen -- lowest ever - dropping like a rock....

"We are witnessing the criminalization of conservative politics."

National Day of Resistance and Nov 2nd

I keep seeing a picture of Rosa Parks sitting in the front of a bus

MSNBC online headlines

Help! Looking for the chart that shows the exit polls vs. actual

Well... I now own some of those evil oil and gas stocks....

Miers was "Borked" by the Right because she wasn't "Borkish" enough

Happy Birthday Statue of Liberty

I think the Miers nomination was a well-planned diversion

RW operative responsible for tanking Miers' nomination was

I have dropped trou


Extra long and chunky Friday News dump?

Cindy's going to be on C-SPAN Radio shortly

Florida wants to curb violent video games, but it's okay to shoot people

OMG: Evolution and Hitler


Concerned Women of America given $313,000 in Federal Grants

There is hope......

Who will we endure as Supreme Court Justice Next?

The tough talkin' Cowbaby...

Will DeLay beat the rap?

Bush's Miers choice shouldn't be the mystery it was, & now he's up a creek

What a difference a year makes

Bush to speak in VA today on Iraq, to a "mostly military" audience

Terra Speech

Will DeLay beat the rap?

Jay Rockefeller demands White House turn over docs(Libby/Cheney)

Speech Disruption....?

Sound file/clip request!

Welcome to Ahnulds Neighborhood with Rover & Cheney Monster

Oh, don't worry, George. We take you seriously. You ARE the fanatic.

The best Dem candidates vs. these possible GOP candidates

Did Tweety make a freudian slip last night

Tensions must be REALLY high in California. You have to see this...

On the Daily Show next week: Senator Barbara Boxer!

I just noticed something, every time I hear * give a speech

George's speech interrupted by protester! (Now on CNN)

My Letter to CNN!

Jet with jelly beans: Reagan's plane goes public

Wow, check out these results from a current AOL poll on Bush

Harry Potter's "flying" car is stolen

US museums to sell off art treasures

Bush to spend long weekend at Camp David with Rove's replacement--

Sex confessions of 'living saint' shock France

BREAKING:Pre-war Saddam Zarqawi links questioned (Newsweek-yesterday!!!)

Fed Memos Put Katrina Body Blame on Blanco

Liar is on terra again live on msnbc

Yuck! Shrub is going to be in my backyard today

Interesting bit from a Che Guevara biography I'm reading

Ok, I am pissed. Please stop confusing Christians with...

The Dems are getting it. A single song sheet on Miers

White House photos of Bush in Florida proving he CARES about stuff

Karpinski, Abu Graib general, on the Daily Show

Did I just hear our President,

The VRWC Exposed

Photos from today: "Bush pauses while delivering a speech about the war"

AAR; What was that call-in thing about this morning?

The Official DU-I am willing to be nominated for the Supreme Court thread

What If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History?

Juicy Post article follows the Bushists' bumbling during the Miers fiasco

Rasmussen: Bush at new poll low and Dem now leads for VA. Gov

Why do we always underestimate our political enemies?

George's speech interrupted by protester! (Now on CNN)

I don't know about anyone else, but I found this cartoon

Reminder: Gen. Clark on Ed Schultz TODAY at 5:05 ET

OMG: Bush might announce SCOTUS nominee TODAY!!!

Krugman: Bernanke choice is "just weird"

'Bird flu- threat or hoax '? article -The Rock River Times

“War is terrorism. War is terrorism. Step down now Mr President. ...."

Abrams thinks Bush should pick Ted Olson....


Have you seen the "What 2000 looks like" site yet?


Why do they hate the French?

Defcon 4? YES!

deleted dupe

Ras Gives Bush New Low: 40%!

Babs Boxer coming up on Frrranken

Ever wonder how the government views the anti-war movement? Look >

Should Bush Care

We evacuated from Wilma destruction

Schultz today: Clark, Paul Hackett but Wilson not on Schedule

With all that's going on, this is pretty tame, but...

A question about press-releases:

War criminal bushie/Iraq policy tried in absentia?

Katrina uncovers money robbed from a bank 26 years ago

Ir Rove and Libby are

I find it very annoying when Al takes his show on the road

What are the 7 words?

Skinner a way to save room on the Latest page...


Cheney had two DWIs

If FOX News had been around throughout history

Miers proves just how dangerous the GOP has become

Walmart Weave

Two 13 year olds famous for being white supremacist singers.


John Kerry on Bush’s Terrorism Speech Today

Who is Victor David Hanson?

Microsoft to take Windows from South Korea

Oil comps are gouging us, Oil comps are Gouging us!

2011 Reasons why the DSM is Important

"Is U.S. becoming hostile to science?"

Ex-Ala. governor pleads not guilty in graft

Former Alabama Governor Predicts He'll Be Found Innocent

This is the face of G.R.E.E.D.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson can kiss my ass!

Helen Thomas on Real time with Bill Maher tonight!!!

"Indictment fever" postponing "Iran fever"'s events...BBC

Breaking news: Republicans discover that there are not enough scientific

AOL hit by IM virus

Lott: Bush should pick the best "man, woman or minority" for the Court

Cheesburger bill - did anyone realize?

"Criminalizing Conservatives" -- Tom DeLay

Cindy Sheehan on CSPAN2 now, Nat'l Press Club. nt

the bush administration is aiding the terrorists. OH MY GOD

Joe Wilson and Paul Hackett Good News

Cindy Sheehan on C-Span2 now (2:55 central)

I am so brokenhearted.

Blitzer: "Spy-roh Agnew".

Does anyone have the republican lightbulb joke?

I have a dream

GOP SCANDAL SCORECARD - (Oct 28, 2005 Update)

Fox througout history

from metafilter: Hetracil: the most widely prescribed anti-effeminate rx

Rice hails Muslims’ generosity

"I Hate Liberals": new bumper sticker sighting

Which of these Senators are vulnerable in '06 on minimum wage votes?

So when a Repub Prez, nominates a Repub for SCOTUS

War Powers Act of 1973 requires truthful 'situations' and 'circumstances'

Will Bush name Karl Rove as next SCOTUS nominee?

Clark coming up on Ed Shultz in the 5 o'clock hour ET

Pelosi's official statement on indictment

A video on Ann Coulter. It outlines her hypocrisy, it's brutal.

Citizens vs. Plamejob

Monsanto's Propaganda Machine Exposed

Stupid, corporatist comment by Denny Hastert

Why was Rove never prosecuted in the Texas gubernatorial...

George Will on ABC News Now 10/28/05:

Self-Delete (wrong forum)

NYT Publisher: What? "Seperates Best of Mainstream Media from Bloggers"

Clay County (TN) bars demonstrations near funerals, Fred Phelps PROTESTS.

Why can't religious people just leave everyone else the f*** alone?

George W. Bush on military intervention, Campaign 2000

What do you think * is thinking here - photo

THE WARS: Who do you know stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan?

From the freepers on SCOTUS Appointment

I would guess we are probably safe from bogus preemptive wars

The Truth Laid Bear

Former lawmaker, consultant, subpoenaed in campaign probe

Who is on Bill Maher tonight?

tom brokaw special on evangelical christians

Proposed billboard slogans for 2006

Republican Rasmussen Poll: Bush at 40% (all time low in this poll)

Jack Abramoff

Romney uses bully pulpit to wring concessions from Democrats

OUTRAGE: House votes $844 million cut in food stamps

Tradesports has huge jump for Samuel Alito for Supreme Court today

Why did the radical right deny Harriet a fair up or down vote.

Marijuana links to cancer going up in smoke

VA gov race: Kaine D 46%; Kilgore R 44%; Potts 4%

Textbook committee rejects elementary books on evolution

Secret Plot between Disney Animatronics shop and WH Revealed

Craddock Comments Elicit Both Outrage, Denials

What's Better than a Fitzmas roll in the hay?

They have usually kept the hecklers AWAY from Bush. What is going on?

So what happens at Defcon 5?

How do you feel right now?

again: we will not improve schools until we help the communities

White House vs. The Onion...

Pay attention!!!

Feel frustrated?

After all is said an done...we need "ROBIN HOOD!" Let's Go Back

What did bush say in his statement about Libby?

I just heard David Brooks say "wing nuts" in referring to

My letter to the editor was published :)

If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History...

Watergate-style money laundering indictments stoke Ohio's stolen....

If Congress Gives NOE Immunity Will He Tell All On ELECTION OHIO 2004?

The ACLU and Liberals everywhere should offer their support for this

I'm tired of the same talking heads on these tv pundit shows

Public View of GOP is "Shattered" ("collapse of confidence" in the GOP)

RANT: I just walked out on a Bushevik guest speaker at my Uni.


Leaks at Ford?

NBC at 8:00 (EDT) is doing a piece on "Evangelical Xistians in America!"

Tropical Storm BETA just East of Nicaragua, another unusual location

Vote, Voter Wasted

Open Question: Is the Bush regime cooking GDP and other economic numbers?

How the hell are oil companies making record profits???!!!!

Democrats always get in trouble for SEX!

Poll: Have you ever lied about sex?

Loony Lou Dobbs report,,,

2012 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Bird Flu in Iraq - Something for our GIs to bring home along with PTSD.

Question about an epithet.

Senior US Republican says oil tax may be needed (windfall profit tax!)

Dean rallying today with CA healthworkers on strike...I say kudos to him.


Another document, dripping with blood, surfaces in House of Death case

Big Rise in Profit Puts Oil Giants on Defensive ~

The main reason to stonewall/hide/deny seems to be Bush is INVOLVED

Bill Maher tonight... Richard Clarke, Billy Connolly and HELEN THOMAS!

What do you think of Cindy focusing on Hillary?

New on Snopes: Costco owned by the Chinese.

* looking a little "tipsy" today - more photos

On television bandwidth-who understands the Digital TV issues

Bullshit. Dobbs just said naming our enemy is important

OMG -video slamming Schwarzenegger - You GOTTA see this --------->

MSNBC Poll on Oil company Profits

Support for Kerry’s Speech

And the work of the GOP goes on.....screw the poor!

Virginia Gas $2.17 this morning

*** Friday TOONs: Harriet Aborted Edition ***

BREAKING: HUGH!!!! 5:50 p.m. EST. BUSH Names 3 Possible USSC Nominees:

PCs or Macs???? (cartoon)

Let's face it ....some of us have a "Nose Dive" with today's FITZ's/Result

Government needs to control big oil?

Corzine Pulls Away from Forrester (Corzine 50% v. Forrester 40%)

Bush & Rove, Happy Dance == == >>

(Insert name) deserves an up or down vote

Election 2004 WAS Stolen!

We busted a Republican sign thief last night. Perp walk pictures and all.

Funny reactions from Farqers on the Onion rebuttal

Fox News scroll: "Terror Threat Level Raised"

Kucinich: Oil companies "just stealing from" Americans. Will leading Dems

Heckler at Today's Bush pro-war speech

GJ Diversion - Really bad Jokes thread

Is somebody messing with Dubya's head?

I swear there are more moles on this board

We Really do need a Strong and Viable Third Party in America....

Where the heck is the poltical anger in black urban music?

Recruits Sought for Porn Squad

"People who don't believe in God shouldn't live in the USA"

I'm going say to it again. Those anti-marijuana ads on AAR are a joke!

'Sweet smell' wafts through lower Manhattan

Important update on "The Guy James Show" Please keep kicked

Full disclosure: Are you a paid political operative?

Retired Air Force Col: They lied to us about the war and about 9/11 itself

DUer in Local Election Appears Headed for Photo Finish

How many people here personally know someone who is openly gay?

Join Zogby Polling

Clark on Schultz NOW!!!! (step toward Civil War....)

Racism in America: "Color of Fear"

Pharma hires novelist to write horror bk. on Canadian drugs

I badly need moral support.

Neocon-Artist Economy

The MinuteMAN Sneaked into South TX (Were Run Out of Vermont)

Fundamentalist Christianity is JUST AS BAD as Fundamentalist Islam