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Dispersed and Unequal

WP: 9th Ward: History, Yes, but a Future?

WP: Analysis - DeLay's Influence Transcends His Title

Shock and Awe:The Night Baghdad Burned-Extract from Robert Fisk's New Book

Just the tip of a corrupt iceberg

Still an Angel? (Ashley Smith was sainted by conservatives)

GOP Candidate Distances Self From Bush

'08 Mass Senate nominee

Is this the best we can do ?

Erdogan challenges EU to be “world player", not “Christian club”

We are getting through.

A Message to the Sunni Insurgents

Anyone foiling over the Niner-Cardinal Sunday Night game in Mexico City?

The Daily DeLay

(VIDEO) SNL Funhouse with Judge John Roberts

Not only do they think they are above the law, but....

Perfect example of Bush "yes men" endangering the troops....

U.S. soldiers get off easy for crimes against Iraqis, review finds

The Simpsons slams * again .....

You want to see what I'm up against ?

Question about MSNBC "Comics"...

Clinton/Larry King, on now...

Transcript of Bugbitch Delay's Interview on Faux News Sunday

Ike Was Right About War Machine

Check this video out from a soldier...

Hey Democratics! "There comes a time when silence is betrayal."

I hope that all the Presidential wannabes watched the West Wing

Discrimination in Head Start

Once the assault ends, the militants usually come back...

Boy I don't envy the authors of the top 10 list this week

Today We Celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi-October 2, 1859

Feingold speech next on C-span

Question about The New Republic journal

Did anyone see '60 Minutes' re: Chalabi

AAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAHHHhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhh

Antiwar basketball player

what does this bumper sticker mean?

So I log onto Ebay and get a recruiting pop up add!

Can I Get CD's Of Mike Malloy's Shows?

Okay Jeb's shoot first policy and religion question

Is Rush Limbaugh a traitor? Discuss.

Bill Maher

A good laugh. Tony auth Cartoon

Should I get this cop fired?

Crossfire scares me

Feingold making me laugh "The Roach Motel Plan"

I LOVE GREENPEACE! ..... Toilets In The Street! LOL!

Chile re-evaluates Pinochet, Allende

"...and I thank god I have no son...."

Katrina death toll: 935 LA, 221 MS

It only took one lady to start the bus boycott that resulted in Great thin

Demoted DeLay Vows to Stay Active in House

Economist: 60,000 of 115,000 New Orleans small businesses may disappear

Can We Get Rid of A Supreme Court Judge?

Anonymizer or GhostSurf or...?

NYT: If You Can't Take the Heat Get Out of the West Wing

I Remember Democrats

Generals Are Upbeat on Iraq (but...)

Friends suddenly lost their 26 year old son-How can we help them? you believe in the worst of people and not the best?

Dogs used as shark bait

Sunday's Doonesbury: The D.C. Protest

Ex-Republican? WHY?

DeLay and Margaret Thatcher??? WTF???

An important petition re: get rid of the pork to pay for katrina

John Roberts is the Judge who has received the 2nd lowest amount of votes.

Electronic voting is NY ready

Fort Carson, mayor won’t back counseling program for veterans

Right Wing having an art attack over nude sculpture

Who is Scooter Libby (as in past history, career, jobs, etc.)?

SIXTH Most Emailed Yahoo Photo? bush** "Left Behind"!!!

PHOTO: class & Hurricane Rita (metaphor for Bush years)

Funny combination of bumper stickers that I saw yesterday.

"What do we tell them about this war that their country inflicted on them

Today I was berated by the DNC

So who thinks Judy Miller was the mouthpiece and megaphone

When did the NFL start frisking every fan before going into the game?

Secret report reveals Iraq War caused catastrophe of New Orleans response

Help diminish racist Wm Bennett's power & influence through researching

U.S. Launches AIDS-Awareness Campaign In Botswana (Onion) ;)

Can Bush Be Ousted? (you bet)

ABC Poll: "Most Say God Was Not Factor in Hurricanes"

Time to Go? Top U.S. Generals in Iraq Want Withdrawals, 'L.A. Times' Says

Elian at 11

The numbers are not in the "dead' but the "missing'

As Clearly revealed by stats, the Humvee was never intended to

An Electric Lawn Mower (not gas powered) . . . .

Do you suppose Bush may pull out of Iraq?

5 Count 'Em 5 Democratic Ideas: Rohm Emanuel on Meet The Press

Encouraging visit with my Republican parents this weekend....

FYI - It's "Pro Life" Month + a movie ban - from a fundie news letter

Video - CBS: Andy Rooney Rails Against Iraq War & Military Spending

Donald Sutherland is my hero.

IRAQ: Thousands of civilians flee military offensive near Syrian border

Here's a new Riverbend entry.

Lt. Mark Dooley's letter to his family in case of his death

Cracks in Iraq Government Emerge...Al Jaazera Reports

OMG! "SHOOT FIRST" Policy in Florida?? WTF??

does anyone else here religiously make stock...?

Trader Joe's yummy Greek dumpling thingies

Fun with milk.

Young Liberals take their clothes off to promote national unity

Seattle Considers Banning Lap Dances

Iraqi Minister Lashes Out at Saudia Arabia over Rumors--Daily Star

Chavez Defends Brazilian President From Corruption Scandal

Students, Unions Mark ‘68 Mexico Massacre

Venezuela sends US barrels of gasoline

Iraq insurgents committing war crimes, rights group says

Iraq war delayed Katrina relief effort, inquiry finds

Miller Attorney Says He Tried to Cut a Deal a Year Ago

Israeli vessel tied to collision that killed 7

Over 600 held under terror act at Labour conference (UK)

Opium Farmers Sell Daughters to Cover Debts to Traffickers

Iraq insurgents guilty of war crimes -rights group

Iraq war delayed Katrina relief effort, inquiry finds

Airport hassles spur rise of private flights

Times reporter tried to cut earlier CIA leak deal

Parish president: FEMA still fumbling (despite personal note from *Co)

Vermont lawmaker (Democrat) helps to rescue woman from a burning wreck

'Civil unions' makes updated Merriam-Webster dictionary

Monitors Find Significant Fraud in Afghan Elections

Explosive: US probes DeLay, Secret paper links Thatcher to freebies probe!

what the heck is up with this?

anyone play with Droogle?

Fuzzy-headed liberals!!

ATTENTION! I have an important announcement!

I had two guys clean my ducks Friday and I'm not even Mickey or Minnie

You want to see what I'm up against ?

What happened to Vincent D'onfrio on Criminal Intent....

Imagine seeing HER when you look out your window:

I had two guys clean my ducts Friday and I'm not even gay or a female

Warning: Bacardi Big Apple and Ginger ale is dangerous

"SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YO MAMA!" -- Fun bumper sticker for 10/02

Post songs the Brady Bunch used to sing here.

"American Dad" thread

Ultimate cast of the SURREAL LIFE - post your nominations

Anybody order from the UK lately? (and live in the US)

9:46 pm- In the Police Log- Injured Squirrel on Elm St.

How many more weeks before Fox cancels "War at Home"

Football widows? Hell, I'm a "Lesson Plan" widower....Teachers' lives

Show me kitties.

Imagine seeing HIM when you look out your window:


The world conspires to keep us humble

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

How many posts have you made in the last 48 hours?

Tonight's simpsons theme sees homer doing a parody of Get Smart's theme.

That kicker for the Cardinals is fantasy gold to someone.

A Word To The Wise

self delete

List foods that you've been drinking.

If someone says "I'm at my wits' end"

The houses on both sides are vacant: it's time to CRANK UP THE SUBWOOFERS!

Which would you prefer in the New Order:

Teriyaki chicken stir fry and vegetable fried rice


Where can I find American Idiot music videos that don't bleep out

Woo-hoo! The Steelers didn't lose today!


List women that only look good if you've been drinking.

How come the San Diego Chargers do not get more respect from the Eastern .

I just watched the most amazing medical documentary on TLC

Could Santorum 2008 happen? I'm afraid it could.

Help! Fleas!

Post your best/favorite one-liners here.

Texas Roadhouse Grill

Are there any better Defragmenter utilities?

Bell's Special Double Cream Stout. Perplexing.


Self Delete....

Hurry, check the Latest Threads page.

AAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAHHHhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhh

How 'bout them Astros???

WTF??? What's with these ads on Adult Swim?

Crisis of faith.

I'm looking for a good, free SSH client for Windows

The "Ever So Ready DU Players" weekly play presents:

It's Venom and Sandman for Spiderman 3!

Vikings fans - Petititon thread

In praise of Macaroni and Cheese

Standing between me & my dream job: a neocon who hates my guts.

So I won a wager with WillPitt...



Neil Cavuto officially has the worst conservative book cover known to man!

I don't care if he has a "big nose," Adrien Brody is beautiful!

GB vs. Carolina Panthers tomorrow night.

I am going to go loot the refrigerator

A question for any "Law & Order Criminal Intent" fans:

YES, someone HAS registered ""...

Curb you Enthusiasm is too embarrassing I have to get

List foods that are only good if you've been drinking.

Help! Flea!

oh dear god, the lounge better amuse me tonight

What are the odds of two women standing you up on one day.

Dating a single mom....

OMG! What a TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!


Mysterious red lights appear over Southland

You are Bush's tour guide for an hour, where would you bring him

I cant find a home for my cats

So, the dems have nominated a gay presidential candidate in the West wing

Please tell me stories of good dates you have been on

Sunday Movie Report (Sept. 30 - Oct. 2) (FINALS LATER)

pics of baby "yes I have my days and nights mixed up, why do you ask?"

List men who are only good if you've been drinking

Mmm. Peanut butter/vinegar/soy sauce salad dressing.

I just got a new puppy!!

What should the topic of my 30,000th DU post be?

Most disastrous wedding. Ever.

Jokes and catch-phrases that were funny once but aren't now.

save me from being saved

A new religious toy for christmas.

Anyone foiling over the Niner-Cardinal Sunday Night game in Mexico City?

Anybody know what MLB player Mike Laga did 9-15-87 ...

Show me your lightning bolt!!

An early Birthday post

Where's Elshiva?

Not serious at all: Sox are in the playoffs, anyone from IL

Concert Photos (Steve Earle & Others, Bluegrass Fest)

How I spent my weekend...

Sparky's in the Doghouse.

Frog March song - Rove, Cheney, W, et al! Link to listen to it

Will Bill Bennett give us the odds on Rove/Scooter indictments?

How many pardons do you think Bush is going to have to give...

Outlawing dissent It's all here

Feingold on CSPAN now.

Protest Awaits Bennett Visit (Cincinnati/Tuesday)

Isikoff: Fitz planned on impaneling new GJ if Miller wouldn't talk

"Even a pompous president with a divine mission must recognize a disaster"

Time Warner hires Tom DeLay's Chief of Staff to Shack up with K-Street

Gee; how long is it going to take for the American MSM to report this:

DU msnbc polls


Help - Bush Radio Address Says "100" battalion...

If progressives can win in Utah, they can win anywhere (Guardian)

Secret paper links Thatcher to freebies probe (& DeLay / Mirror - UK)

The only thing sweeter than winning the presidency would be

Andy Rooney rant good--Big name Dem rant would be better.

"We couldn't possibly get a better choice from Bush...

5 Democratic Ideas: Rep. Rohm Emanuel on Meet The Press

The Sodom and Gomorrah church was hit by Rita!!!!

When Colorado Dems attack, an LTTE:

Thanks Andy

Gen. Clark made a major move tonight on Geraldo....

Carteret (NC) waits for FEMA (Ophelia)

How not to win the war on terror

Number of evacuees living in housing at state parks doubles (AL)

Cross/Post: NYT "Exploiting Katrina"- Neocons using excuse to wreak havoc

CSM: If oil was the question, war wasn't the answer

Dowd: A Wolfie in Sheep's Clothing

Leaving 19.5 Million Children Behind

The Guardian: If progressives can win in Utah, they can win anywhere

City approves Arnold triangle redevelopment, use of imminent domain

Locked Away Forever After Crimes as Teenagers

Healthcare Crisis Goes Untreated, (and the Frist stock case).

Carnahan (D-MO) on Katrina Relief


[JR} --Ignoring Putin's 'Reforms'

FBI to get Veto Power over PC Software?

Making Faux Martyrdom Pay -- Arianna on Judy's 1.2M Book Deal

Krugman: Miserable by Design

What's Wrong With Cutting and Running?

Wanted: Media skeptics ( re rumors and lies printed in wake of Katrina)

WSJ: Bloggers Debate Miers (implies Scalia anti-abortion "originalist")

US health-care system increases the dangers of an epidemic

Axis of Evil Speechwriter on Miers (calls her a toady)

Praise the Lord and get past the indictment

Philly Daily News: Meir's ties to Bush's National Guard scandal

Chávez calls the tune on Venezuela charts

Venezuelan Strongman's New Gig: National Disc Jockey (NYT)

Sources Say Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

the eyes of Harriet Miers

Funny caller on Randi

Capital repatriation , to the tune of $350 Billion, keeps economy afloat

Article summarizing China's energy situation.

Two stories

Oil companies preparing for global warming?

CONSERVE-so says the government

Secret report reveals catalogue of blunders at Sellafield (UK)

Great Lakes States Battle Fish Farms

High Oil Prices Met with Anger Worldwide

Plan for Coastal (and Rocky Mountain)Drilling Emerges w/o clean air/EPA

Palestinian police storm parliament

Palestinian council forces cabinet reshuffle

Israel halts air raids, assassinations

Palestinian police clash with Hamas

Is Israel planning Iran strike?

Hamburg Cell Member and Pakistani Air Force Pilot Atif bin Mansour

Could Use Some Support For This Action Petition in GD:

Ed Schultz on Election Fraud

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Monday 10/03/05

The Portland Summit to Save Our Elections -- If you were there, speak up!

If Diebold was rigged for Bush then "THEY" also picked Kerry as Opponent

The Importance of Election Reform AND Exposing the 2004 Election

CD-ROM task force: Our first operation

Schultz replaced Rhodes in Sacramento 1240 AM...

In the 48, all people need to support Steve Young, who is likely to win.

California Democratic Party Stabs Volunteers in the Back

DemocracyFest 2006 - SAN DIEGO

Hey guys, what's going on in CA-48????

The Buzz: Two write-ins add color to monochromatic race (CD-48)

Bay Area Legend: Kepler's Bookstore preparing to reopen Saturday, 10/8/05

Democrats agree to recommend early primaries with more diversity

FCC meeting in Iowa City Wenesday Oct. 5 at 7PM

Harkin won't pick gubernatorial favorite, pushes Vilsack

Well ladies and gents, I just emailed Harkin and Grassley

ARRRRGH! Cyclones blow chance to beat Nebraska!!!

Heard today that Iowa was +5 degrees F on average for Sept.

Kerry coming to Cedar Rapids

Anti recruitment rally at HCC gets student maced and kicked off campus

Drag Theatre! Here ye, here ye!

gay marriage talking points

Coleman wavering on ANWR vote

"Becky Lourey will be seeking the DFL endorsement for Governor

My hard drive died in my Dell Inpsiron

Is it just me?

did the price of ram go up or what?

I want a laptop primarily for wordprocessor and internet.....suggestions?

Dayton: Take a Stand for Choice

Is Democracy University dead? (DemocracyFest 2005)

If I organize an anti-war protest in Lubbock (the red heart of) Tx:

DeLay indicted on money laundering charge

DeLay Scandal Will Affect Only DeLay, Texans Say

Ok, Texans, can we find some good scuttlebutt on Miers?

Gas prices: don't blame the victims

State Senator Stepp (R-Racine) announces she will not for re-election

Do we have any clergy here?

Vrakas or Dwyer, one Republican and one non-partisan

My pick for toon-of-the-week: Tom Toles lamenting an "Iwo Jima moment"

get up stand up - time to do a concert for fair elections and media

When the power of love overcomes the love of power...

WSJ: A Brother's Survey Touches a Nerve In Abortion Fight

Latest: Bush resiging at noon tomorrow...!

Don't forget the 16 words.... ***Bush Knew***

had another local candidate visit me today . . .

Deadly bio-terror agent detected in US capital during anti-war march

Didn't anyone watch the movie Mayday tonight?

Have any DU DC protesters died recently?

Bicycle sales boom in US amid rising gas prices

Einstein and faith?

Quiz Time! Who said this?

Alabama State Senator Gets Smacked Down By The People

Sep 30 Katrina Officially missing 10,417; Officially dead 935 LA, 221 MS

Please fast this Thursday

*'s approval at 33% percent. . .saw it on CNN as well

Get into an argument in Florida, get shot -- New Law says its legal.

Fweeper SlimeRoaches Bored With Drudge: "250-ish posts. Slow news night"?

PA newspaper editor joins Kenyon for body recovery ; good or bad news?

WBZCBSTV Boston reporting this morning that 1/3 of necessary # of signatur

Bush To Announce SCOTUS Pick at 8am EST

Bush To Announce SCOTUS Pick at 8am EST

Finding Krugman on net--where?

Guardian: Police stun-gun may be lethal, firm admits

Tangled backdrop to cop hearing

dick Cheney to get cannon salute,Secret Service to kill alarming cars

Did Bill Bennett reveal the Republican's strategy of destroy & replace?

"Deadly infection remains a mystery" (Tularemia related?)

AP reports that Harriet Miers is the new SC nominee according

The shrub is nominating a WH councel for the Supreme Crt. Harriet Miers.

"We Are Not Descended From Fearful Men" - Words of Wisdom, Edward R Murrow

University of Cincinnati Cancels Bennets appearance

The War Within reviews...Anyone seen the movie yet?

No Blank Slates! No Cronies!

Bill Bennett wanted Bush to "go all in" on SC nominee

Is the monkey in the Oval Office?

fake Mexican endorses Bill Bennett's ideas on race

Hey, George, Pick ME!

Republican Governor Of Ohio Sees Record Low Approval Ratings.

Who Is Harriet Miers?

Frist Sold Stock During 'Blackout' Period. (If it WALKS like a duck...)

The way things are going...

OK. I want to know if Harriet Miers is pro-choice or anti-choice, pro-gay

Back to "old" news; isn't the Bennet remark controversy a smokescreen?

Who left the cap off the "Gungeon"?


Harriet Miers was Pres of Locke Purnell Rain & Harrell- tort reform

Legalities of teaching "Intelligent Design"

Well, we all know about the quality of Bush's picks for anything...

Who else thinks the jig is up on this Iraq scam for Bush and his minions?

Who breaks a TIE on the SCOTUS?

The flawed premise of Bill Bennett

Reaction to Bush's High Court Nomination

My disgust with Bush rises each week - Free Republic

Ohio STILL ripe for the taking in 2006 - Taft at all time low - 15%!!

Do us all a favor: Give the "Red States" a freaking BREAK!

Democrats need to stand up now and say, "If she will not answer

Individual Rights Versus the Public Good

Freepers and the RR are learning that * is a user and abuser.

Why is anyone surprised by Bill Bennett's statement

So the chances that Meier will be a good judge...

Interesting . . . Harriet Miers has donated to the DNC and to Al Gore's

Toon from my local paper

So, What Does Judy Know That She Still Doesn't Want to Reveal?

Miers: Exodus Ministries?

Harriet Miers slept at Governor Bush's Mansion for $23,628.00

Miers absolute loyalty to Bush;

Is the fix in, or wd she recuse herself in cases involving the Bush Admin?

New Supreme Court nominee's ties to Bush's National Guard scandal

But, who will replace Harriet ?

Why I No Longer Support the Troops - Explained

Ask Yourself: With Jeb President-in-Waiting are they really going to

Would you doubt that * admin is setting it up so when indictements

I think Harriet is Eminently Qualified

sorry but please no more presidents or judges from Texas

Maybe They're Not Interested in Overturning Roe v. Wade?

First - Tammy Faye...Second - Katherine Harris...Now - Harriet Miers

What happened to the "media blitz" thread?

First Impressions Of The Harriet Miers Nomination

ON MIERS: If you loved Brownie at FEMA, you'll one on Supreme Court

Freepers React To Miers (They Ain't Happy)

Now, the Repubs will unanimously blame Democrats of "partisanship"...

Well, if John Cornyn says Harriet Miers is OK

The Daily DeLay web site

Peak Oil, impending doom, pessimism, etc.

"Will the Dims derail the President's next pick?" - Fox News bumper

Step back and ask is this really only about pro-choice and gay rights?

Introducing Ms. Brownie Miers for the SC !

Harriet Miers could be a feminist and or a lesbian

I don't know about the rest of you, but Rachel Dratch is sooooo


Single, 60 years old, never been married

Will these picks have any bearing on impeachment proceedings if

Promo for Frontline fall season last night

The murder of New Orleans

CNN just showed Iraqi Civilians wounded by US Marines

Harriet Miers donated to the DNC, to Al Gore and to Lloyd Bentsen...

DU This Poll on Meirs

I'm disappointed...I thought Too Stupid would nominate Brownie

DeLay Keeps Spinning Partisan Politcs, But Grand Jury Foreman Disagrees

O'LOOFAH Giving His Insights on "Bullying"

"harriet miers is a fine example of the type of men "

Bush Taps Miers -

Reid has been scaring me lately

IMPORTANT QUESTION (hence the screaming)

Outcry Prompts Bennett to Delay Talk

MSNBC Survey: Harriet Miers: Does it matter that she was never a judge?

It's about MORE THAN cronyism.

Why is the dollar going up? Venezuela is dropping it's dollars. I

Right-Wing Peanut Gallery Hits Miers Hard


Miers would be the only one on the SC to not have attended Harvard, Yale..

Reid says he likes Miers. Does it bother anyone that she has no

Miers is a diversion....

cnn showing Cheney issuing Purple Hearts to many troops.

Great "spin" on Miers on Buzzflash and an article from Phil Daily News

'Everyone every day' welcome (gay days at Disneyland)

Bush Picks A Winner!

C-SPAN 1 replaying a speech by Meirs from April 22, '05

With great trepidation, I have decided to leave DU...

NPR swoons over Miers...

Do you think republicans know this about their president....

"a female trailbrazer", cnn saying 'from the Pres. on down'-Miers is

No evidence backs up reports of rescue helicopters being fired upon (N.O.)

If Bush is going to pick a female, Texas, non-judge, why not Molly Ivins?

Rock Musician Claims White House Has Banned His Song

Harriet Miers: "these very most hardest issues"

Countries converting to Euros -- I've always heard this was partly

What do you think of abstinence only sex education?

Drudge has link to Streisand's website on his site!

Miers or Gonzales upon reflection

DNC: Conservatives red-faced over Miers. Quotes conservative blogs.

the take on Miers from hate radio in a red state

Miers Gave to GOP Candidates, Democrats Gore, Bentsen

News on Judith ....

Separated at birth: Miers and Jerri Blank

Know you just know that some really great legal minds, both male and

Can Congress write laws that overrule SCOTUS decisions?

WP's achenblog: Bush Nominates Totally Random Person for Court

She's never been a judge so let's make her a judge on the highest court

When did they open a tacky Greek restaurant in the White House?

bulldozing the 9th Ward

Everyone's favorite NewsMax: "Harry Reid Urged Miers Selection"

Another sign the economy is not doing well

Senate Switchboard Jammed.

Miers' official bio at -- Will they revise it? Does THIS

Questions in re Harriet Miers

Is it possible we dodged a bullet with the SC nominee?

Remind me - why did the mainstream media sell out to the right wing?

Dana Bash contributes to Miers Astroturf: "Trailblazer."

Sister just slamed Dems says we shouldn't be allowed to pray

Buying of News by Bush's Aids Ruled Illegal

More On Pre$$titutes And Polls: Terrorist Strike A Plus For Bush?

My letter to Senator Kerry

It's been a rough old time for the Repugs lately.

Don't like spineless, cojone-less dems? Quit bitching

Bush picked Meirs for Bush... No one else

Just conjecture but perhaps Miers, Roberts, and Browne are all part

Are there any jobs that aren't game-playing, team-playing, & cheerleading?

Glance at weapons' programs rising cost.

95-10... an Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Lurking Fweepers, neoconns, and other ne'er-do-wells, y'all.

Is anyone else here keeping way LESS than ever?

My Response As Senate Majority Leader

I know some here want us all to agree here

Iraq War Delayed Katrina Relief Effort, Inquiry Finds

I know a Dr. Don Miers in Dallas

Miers as S.C. Justice

Was Meiers working for Gonzales

From Buzzflash, say sit all!

I weep for humanity sometimes

Think Progress: Right-Wing Peanut Gallery Hits Miers Hard

Miers makes sense if you consider that pretty soon

Gas Surcharges for Deliveries

Damn! Just got a phone call from the Repuke National Committee

Can anyone image if Pres. Clinton had nominated his personal attorney?!

LEAK: website exposes presidential bid... Developing

Bill Kristol: Conservatives Demoralized over Miers


Did BushInc target KnightRidder for payback on their DSM/Iraq reporting?

Reason for Gore donation from nominee

Personal Experience: Unqualified people on the job

Reid is coming up on CSPAN..

Why that friggin Gallup poll went up for the CHIMP!

How About "Corruption Central" To Describe * & The RW?

Miers, promoter of "curing" homosexuality...

The first question I want asked

If Miers has been *'s "constant companion", why have I never heard of her?

Caption this * pic

Harry Reid. Like? Don't Like?

Beat the Rpublicans over the head with this new meme

Frist gloats: "That sucka got indicted first"

High Oil Prices Met With Anger Worldwide

Miers isn't the ONLY nomination the country needs to worry about!

For a good laugh, check out "Pro-Bush" on Myspcae.

WTF is going on with Reid re: Miers?!

"The price of diesel has gone crazy...biggest 1-day increases we've seen"

Why doesn't Jeff Gannon allow comments on his blog anymore?

Did Cheney go on Limpballs show to calm the rightwing?

You couldn't pick two bigger duds for SCOTUS.

The Dirt On Harriet Miers

Did anyone hear of a "rabbit flu" being present in the air at

Larry Johnson: "Just like a doomed relationship between a wife beater

AL MVP: ARod or Ortiz?

Mier's and abortion

PIX: Harriet Miers presides over a meeting of the Texas Lottery Commission

William Kristol: Conservatives "demoralized" over pick

Thoughts on maternity and sick leave

Mier's Like or not?

GOP #3 Leader Roy Blunt - Shameless Tobacco Whore

# of terrorist attacks on US soil during Bush's tenure?

Delay seemingly more determined......

If a Democrat would grow some balls

Hey Freepers! Here is Your GOOD NEWS Story From Iraq!

Reid isn't exactly liberal or progressive!!

A man with a bomb in Tucson? WTF?!?!

GEE, I haven't heard any comments from Pat Robertson, or

Is Miers our one turndown?

Let's drive the Fundies nuts...

Could we get Scalia to want retribution for being passed over

Is Meirs just a sacrifice?

Just heard that Harriet contributed to both Clinton and Gore campaigns---

Looking for the "Judge Harriet" skeletons ???

More NewsMax fun - Rush Limbaugh: Miers Pick 'Disappointing'

Another example of the right-wing Master Plan

The Norquist-Abramoff Circle

C&L : "source close to this told me...."

Give me strength folks, I'm going to listen to Limbaugh today to hear him

Is there a one-stop post for DC Peace Rally pics? I've been away

DU this Poll

The bountiful Bush harvest

Someone can be SC Justice without ever having been a judge

Could Miers be blackmailing Bush on the TANG scandal?

How to punk a wingnut, in three easy steps.

What does Bush & Co. want to distract from now?

Forget Katherine Harris. Have you guys seen Bush's new makeover?

Texas Lottery Commission (Harriet Miers) (Thanks for Fridays Child)

Who is Judy Miller Kidding?

In spite of $3-a-gallon gas, carmakers are still betting big on SUVs

Harriet Miers was the fixer for Bush's National Guard records purge

Let's just state the obvious

By the end of the week, Harriet will be a Heroine to the RW

Bush nominees: The Costanza theory

The impossibility of a representative nine member court

What specifically did Guiliani do that made him an exceptional leader

Miers being single doesn't match the image requirement for

She looks kind of like actress Betty White

Thought for a bumper sticker.

Biggest question about Harriet Miers unrelated to her qualifications

Is the GOP getting a "cranky wing" like us? Their version of "the left"?

Miers political contributions

Would Bush choose her to be his personal physician?

How the right will get rid of reproductive rights

Follow the money

Who are the people that bring us cable news?

Chrysler Group acheives 18 consecutive months of sales gains

"I guess for you freedom is free!"

Nationwide flu vaccine shortage? Have you heard anything about this?

Dear DU Pollyanna: on Miers


Compile info here about bodies buried in the Texas Lottery please

Telecommuting: a simple solution to a major problem

Anti-Bush rap song downloaded more than 1 million times to date

Fantasy World Government.....

Nothing from Falwell and Robertson yet regarding Meiers?

Wasn't there a unit Charles could've ducked into a la our Boy-King?

If we killed all of the little babies born with silver spoons in mouth

Scarriet Miers ---> photo

Why didn't Bush nominate Bill Bennett for the Supreme Court?

Doesn't Miers cut against the GOP's "Marriage and Families" mania?

The "Bushwastika"

Iraq war delayed Katrina relief effort, inquiry finds

IT Folks....if you were going to advise a career switch

The one and ONLY reason Miers isn't qualified to be on SCOTUS

Thom Hartmann talking about Miers........

Anti war protest in.... Lubbock Friggin Texas?

1936 Reasons why the DSM is Important

daily kos claims meirs a victory for dems

Harriet Miers said the Bush is the most brilliant man she had ever met!!!

Has the BIRD FLU come to North America???

MIERS - a Bible literalist? That's not too good...

What do you do for a living?

Miers : Something FISHY - I think Conservatives protest a bit too much...

Gay Barney joke ----- from

These People Just Creep Me Out!

So, Bush put Miers in to cover his butt legally, and it pits Right & Left

"Where does this paranoia (Shrub's) come from?"

Is Miers anti-choice?

The word of the day is schadenfreude

Anti-choice nuts are protesting outside SC. Why are they protesting??????

Was Haley Barbour asked to "Federalize the troops"?

Miers' remark about W

Any official 10th-Anniversary of the OJ verdict planned?

God. Damn. Freepers. Are. Stupid.

Is Parlimentary warfare the right response for Miers?

Check Out this Hate Mail I Just Got Forwarded To Me

Something I mentioned earlier: Bush's Stay out of Jail Card

Digby: "Harriet Miers is the official machine justice, a made woman,..."

Anyone else having a problem with the capital switchboard?

People a classic at Poor Man Institute

Listening to Old Zappa today, talk about a prediction!!!

Do you think the NO-FEMA cluster F#@K, * Pirates, Bennet, Media trying to.

59% on Wall Street Journal Poll says Miers is not qualified:

Does the GOP really want Roe v. Wade overturned?

Miers was an integral part of the "Guard cover-up"

Heaviest element discovered: Governmentium

US Marine Dies from Wounds

Far Right extremism is the cause of terrorism

The fed has raised mileage for gov't workers from 40 to 48 cents per mile

Anyone have that ariel photo of the DC protest?

Anti-Defamation League to honor Harriet Miers with award

Follow ups I received for my chain e-mail respose

Was Miller's source herself?

How to clear the Supreme Court and start over without impeachment.

Does * have the first idea of how our government works?

SALON: Rome's latest witch hunt won't stop with gays

Ed Schultz had a interesting comment about Miers

My husband got a letter from the White House!

Letter writer to the L.A. Times calls money launderer DeLay "The Hamper"

Interesting analysis of Miers by Daily Kos

MOVE ON asking for internet help re Miers

George Went to Court Today >>>

The reaction by the Right to Miers is a smokescreen

Roberts involved in 2000 election hit squad?

How scary is this? Which of these Bush appointees has judicial experience?

Let Bush have his nominees. We'll take care of it later.

Miers on Bush : the most brilliant man I have ever met

Randi on AAR: If anyone has gotten a notice to be on the local draft

DICK ---pix->>>

A little payback letter. (my LTTE) (Tom Delay)

PHOTO: Bu$h has more make-up on than Miers! Binge at Camp David over wknd?

Miers. Bush's protection from impeachment. She knows.....

Self-Delete Duplicate

Flip Flop: cReeps Hate Trial Lawyers HOW much?

If Fitz indicts Rove and Libby, will Miers' nomination fall apart?

Bush cartel 'Post-Katrina' so called 'energy policy' felt in Puget Sound!

Who is Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers?

Has anyone seen this? Primate Social Behavior on PBS . . .

Wasn't this Miers woman a board member of the ex-gay ministries?

Brit Hume knows more about minorities than Juan Williams

Updated career timeline of Miers

I will pray for Dick Cheney's health

CNN this morning on Frist.

Wow, the RWgers are producing so much (happy for us) news that if it

Clooney to bring McCarthy vs. Murrow to the big screen

Judiciary Cmte Q for Miers: "Is it true you once said that G.W. Bush was


So, how long before DeLay joins all the other big right-wing criminals and

So, will Tom Delay shut the fuck up now

On yahoo: Grand Jury Indicts DeLay on New Charge

?? about 2nd Delay indictment

Miers: it isn't ideology its about POWER

Homeless shelter has run out of food

Start Calling your Congress Critters - Demand Delay be EXPELLED...

Someone forwarded this email to me today..........what do you think?

A student a Holyoke Community College maced by police during antirecruit

BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA! Withdrawing from Iraq = BIG terror in USA!

If you want to know about where Miers stands on issues...

Racism in Action on Fox News - how do these disgusting people have jobs

An old lady who MIGHT be okay

Has there ever been a Supreme Court Justice who hadn't been a judge before

Limbaugh is Whining..Somone call the Whaaambulance

What if Harriet Miers is a decoy?

Little Havana - Terrorist Haven?

Tweety on "loosey goosey" liberal approach to Constitution

Agent Mike--

Wanna know why dems always "cave?"

I think many of you give Rove too much credit

Miers on The "war on terror" and 9/11

religious wrong radio: Kerry would have appointed HClinton as chief justic

One good thing came out of the Miers nom:

Fess up. Which one of you just said "Puffy McMoonface" on Ed Schultz?

Bush is cruel to name Miers to the court. She's being roasted by everyone.

BREAKING: DeLay just indicted on "money laundering"

Does anyone actually do the homework Randi assigns?

Why Nominate a Time Bomb? Why Confirm One??

FYI: Other SCOTUS justices w/o experience

3 Haitian Journalists Assaulted by DynCorp Thugs Hired By USA

Is this just poetic justice?

Have you ever heard...

WOO HOO!!!!!

Re: Harriet Miers, this TANG-AWOL connection needs looking at...

U.S. soldier dies in western Iraq

"Counties Switch to Biodiesel School Buses"

Cheney dropping the purple heart...

I wonder if anyone has been collecting the dirt on Miers? Single,

Have you heard?! DeLay, Frist to wed!

My Response to "YES, I'M A BAD AMERICAN" email

Democratic Undeground disparaged again....Washington Monthly's blog

Thom Hartmann Subbing for Sam Seder and Janeane Garafolo NOW

Reuters: "Bush pick for high court outrages conservatives"

Lynndie England: The Perfect Soldier (really fucking stupid)

Interested repubs - possible family conversion

Ms. Miers reminds me of Mrs. Meers in Thoroughly Modern Millie

Ann "Locomotive" Coulter WIMPS OUT ON DEBATE!

Ed Schultz on election fraud...

Can the folks at Moveon not navigate the internets??

Bush recoils from greatness (Pat Buchanan)

Rate His Performance !!! RATE IT UP-AOL

DU veterans/Forty Years Ago -Viet Nam (re: PTSD)

Experience of Clinton Supreme Court Appointees vs. Dubya Appointees

WOW. Even A.P. implies Miers is a Brownie!!

Miers has a boyfriend who is a judge (Hecht)

Hardball - Repuke pundits on verge of tears over Miers!

I think Kos has the right idea.

Tweetie just said

Two former * Bush lawyers who have protected him in the past

A Christmas Carol for Delay, Frist and others .... add your own verses...

All of DeLay's assets should be seized under the RICO Act, since he is

I have one thing to say about Harriet Meirs nomination

Thank you Liberal Judges, for nothing.

Okay, Liberals and Progressives in here. Now!

Caller gets past OxyLimbaugh's screeners, tells Rush "I'm done with you!"

E-Mail Response I Got From Selective Service Today

Ann Coulter: Miers a 'Complete Mediocrity' (Newsmax link)

General Odom argues FOR "cutting and running"....

All these activist Grand Juries are destroying the America!

If Meiers is confirmed and a Bush case comes before the court...

gay marriage talking points

DUer Rateyes figures out the real reason Bush appointed Miers

The third thing about Miers.

Why 20 seniors drowned on Lake George (NY) yesterday,

caption miers bush photos

If Bush has any kind of virtue to him, it's his brain-dead loyalty to

THREE WORDS you'll hear more and more in the Miers nomination debate

Don'f forget John Edwards is going to be on The Daily Show Tonight!

Question: If we are so short of Natural Gas, why do they " Flair off"...

Interesting poll number

Putting the HAMMER in the SLAMMER

New Poll Shows Wholesale Rejection of Ohio Culture of Corruption

Ladies and Gentlemen, your reading assignment for the eveing...

Star Jones: 'We have the freedoms we have because of what those guys do'

Come on folks, DU this poll....

What is the actual Bush body count in New Orleans and...

Rep Rush Holt's H.Res 363: Plame investigation bill -- please support

Harriet Miers was behind asserting *'s Const priv secrecy on Roberts recs

Does anyone have Jesse Jackson's email address?

A little more on OU explosion: "Cache" of explosive material removed from

Bo Dietl (big bush fan) ripped junior apart on Imus this morning.

"George W. Bush is the most brilliant man I've ever met."

I'm looking for articles that warned the govt that the NO levees were weak

Catholic the purges...

George Bush Is UGLIER Than a Junkyard Dog >>>

Freeper About to Be Bounced off School Board

Miers equals Kenny Boy

OMG! Check this out.

Why DIDN'T Bush nominate a hard right judge to the SC?

Delay, Abramoff, Scanlon, and Thatcher (Scandals-R-Us)

History Channel tonight @ 9 p.m. Skulls and Bones and Secret Societies.

Haley Barbour resigned from leadership at Va. education business.

This just made my day....

It's Harriet Miers own blog!

Harry Reid - Go to hell!

BREAKING MSNBC: Tom DeLay indicted for money-laundering!

Flashback: Scooter Libby on Larry King 2002

Senator Schumer (NY) lumps Lefty Progressives with Right Winger/Extremists

Futhermore, Miers is wearing too much 'flair' a TGIF waitress

Here's Why Robert Fisk was Banned from the Country

Puerto Rico under water with more heading

BRAD BLOG: Brad Debates Ann Coulter On Air, She Cuts and Runs...

The smell of exploding freeper heads in the morning

Look at what the Right Wing is saying about Miers

Fed up Repubs using Meirs Nom. as an excuse to save face while giving up

Everything anybody needs to know about Roy Blunt (R-MO)

1-877-SOB-USOB *disconnected* here is an alternate number!!!

Does the Bush Administration have a foot fetish? Research finds...

Can anyone tell me if under Saddam Iraqis could:

If FRAUD proven in 2004 , what about the illegal SCOTUS appointments?

What's the point of bashing somebody's appearance?

Here she is ---pix->>>

Congrats, Australia! (Nobel in Medicine)

As I said until Dems call out Diebold and ES&S they are wasting our time

Couldn't the Delay indictments fall apart?

I'm suspicious as hell about Miers, but what's so terrible about her?

ROFL. Barney Frank on why Dreier got passed over for maj leader

OMG OMG OMG I KNOW WHY the Righties panties are in a knot

Protect Organic Standards for Food.

Scooter-gate by Justin Raimondo

Order of Presidential Succession -- Learn it DUers!!

serious question: can you impeach Supreme Court Justices?

Stop equating single females with lesbianism. This is really getting

Texas Lottery pages being scrubbed as we speak

Locke Liddell & Sapp linked to TRMPAC and questionable donations

Cars - and "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

Cool Holland thing -- three-way marriage!

Constitution 101 For Disgruntled Lefties

TOONS: March of the Penguins Edition

Can we have a moratorium

Caption Rummy & His Petulancy -

GOP true agenda to ban stem cell research - Wisconsin

Anyone see this weeks Newsweek cover?

Harriet Miers Nomination: "Let's Get Some Spine!" ---------->

Bush Appoints His Own Counsel to SC the SAME WEEK He's Implicated in Plame

Miers dated "radical right" supreme court judge... but.....

People Are You Feeling It

Thank you Harry Reid for your weak endorsement of Miers which

What's The Most Important Story Being Ignored By MSM Right Now?

NYT Editorial: "Exploiting Katrina" - Neocons using excuse to wreak havoc

NYT/Krugman: “Miserable by Design” – Bad aid policies for Katrina evacuees

Whew! Did Harry Reid just put the kiss of death on the Miers nomination?

VIDEO- Cheney drops purple heart

Randi: "What did Mike (Malloy) do to his show on Friday?"

GOPer David Frum on Miers: What he DELETED from his blog

Did Bush Just Expose Himself with Miers!?!?!

PETITION: Nov. 2nd Ann. Coming Up; Election Security Remains Nonexistent

WaPo: "Race and Class Frame Debate on Rebuilding New Orleans District"

This is why Democrats lose...(Miers)

David Schuster rips Faux - Confirms they wouldn't go after Bush

Schwarzenegger Recall Drive Started

Has Your Opinion Of George W. Bush Changed Since Katrina?

Should convicted felons be allowed to vote?

Are there any other pacifists here at DU?

Remember John O'Neil's briefcase? THEY'RE DOING IT AGAIN(ABLE DANGER)

So, what do we know about Harriett Miers?

Does anyone cook foolproof crab cakes?

Applesauce ice cream!

CBC, Canadian Media Guild reach tentative agreement

Canada Rules!

Subsidizing Boosh And Buddies

Best admitted to intensive care

Tory Party Conference opens with Thatcher/Delay sleaze row allegations:

Poland's new right-wing government is vehemently anti-gay.

Britain in the dock for human rights failures

Government 'feared rise of lesbians'

Parlour games for the Tories in Blackpool.

Dispersed and Unequal

Chile re-evaluates Pinochet, Allende

Warning: A site where US soldiers post gory photos

NYT: If You Can't Take the Heat Get Out of the West Wing

NYT: (Equipment) Reimbursement Program for Troops Stalls

WP: 9th Ward: History, Yes, but a Future?

Iraq oil minister survives bomb attack

BREAKING: Bush to announce Supreme Court TODAY at 8:01 A.M.

Bush To Announce SCOTUS Pick at 8am EST

"Deadly infection remains a mystery" (Tularemia related?)

BBREAKING: Bush to announce Supreme Court TODAY at 8:00 A.M

Harriet Myers CHOSEN BY BUSH

Bush to Announce Supreme Court Nominee

Opium farmers sell daughters to cover debts to traffickers

Iraqi court confirms Oct 19 Saddam trial date

Rock Musician Claims White House Has Banned His Song

Miers, promoter of "curing" homosexuality...

WP: Miers Donated to Democrats

Playwright August Wilson dead at 60.

U.S. soldier dies in western Iraq

Bush to push Americans to cut energy use

LAT: U.S. Rushes to Finish Influenza Pandemic Plan

Top US court OKs Bible use death penalty rejection

Delay seemingly more determined......

Bennet forced to postpone speech

Chávez calls the tune on Venezuela charts

NYT: In New Book Ex-Chaplain at Guantánamo Tells of Abuses

UK Times: New York firefighters' imam forced to quit over 9/11 outburst

Pentagon report linksKatrina, Iraq problems(failure to train/plan-need NG)

Bennett cancels school visit, feels the heat.

NJ senators pleased Bush nominates woman to Supreme Court

Iraq Qaeda says kills 2 seized U.S. Marines - Web (US denies claim)

LAT: Plan for Coastal Drilling Emerges (rampant exploitation everywhere)

Cianchette Drops Out Of Governor’s Race (Maine)

Miers Donated to Gore, Democrats

Survey: The Majority Supports Allawi's Appointment as Head of Government

Miers urged legal group to adopt neutral abortion stance

Arab World Jittery of Attacks Before Ramadan

Govs to Bush: Relief our job

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 3 October

FBI Criminal Cases Down by Nearly Half

The 2005 energy crunch feels a lot like the 1970s

Armstrong Williams May Return Some DOE Money

Possible link between Meningitis vaccine and Guillain Barre disease

Bush's pick to topple Sen. Robert Byrd chickens out

Bush to push Americans to cut energy use as costs soar

Expert says PM's wrong on Bali motivation

Generals upgrade assessment of Iraq

Europe's EADS signs up Sikorsky for US Army helicopter bid

Al Qaeda posts ‘help wanted’ ad on website: report

(E.coli) Warning about some Dole salads

Delay indicted AGAIN - this time for money laundering.

Documents taken from hospitals where patients died after Katrina

Tuition loss a peril for black colleges (LA)

Venezuela and Brazil reach agreement to invest US$3.5 billion in energy pr

Book Deal for Judith Miller? (Huffington believes $1.2 mill deal)

Energy bill triggers oil-spill fears in Puget Sound

Military Defends Shooting of Knight Ridder Reporter in Iraq

Miers Had Stormy Tenure at Texas Lottery

EU reaches deal on Turkey talks


Five detained over threat to national security. (Britain)

Bush pick for high court outrages conservatives

Gas prices put brakes on auto sales

Vice president: NY's senior congressman is `losing it'(Cheney re: Rangel)

Bush Prepared to Tap Heating Oil Reserve ("to do whatever it takes")

Be ready to face consequences: Iran to US

Hispanic groups upset that Bush passed chance to put Hispanic on high cour

Ulcer bug Australians win Nobel medicine prize

Rep. Capito Won't Challenge Senator Byrd

'Worse things took place at Abu Ghraib' (Lyndie England)

Cheney warns against early pullout from Iraq

US govt unveils Energy Hog to promote conservation (cartoon mascot)

Bennett RESIGNS from K12 board over racist remarks

Florida city considers eminent domain (6000 low income for Yacht moorings)

Shots at helicopters shrouded in a `fog'

CDC locks up flu data

Sunni anger at Iraq vote change

Reid Urged Miers Selection

Search for Katrina bodies ends in La.; state's death toll at 964

Former judge Roy Moore to run for Alabama governor

Bush to nominate Harriett Miers to the Supreme Court

Breaking - Texas grand jury indicts DeLay on charge of money laundering

US Army leaders say "no crisis" in recruitment

Catholic churches lead signature drive for ban on gay marriage

Two more seniors die in 'garden variety' outbreak of mystery flu-like illn

Police Kill Suspect Who Fatally Shot Police Dog("Ranger," in line of duty)

Cheney to welcome home battered Marine battalion at Camp Lejeune

Finally, the Democrats have a plan

Has anyone else watched the Bob Dylan documentary?

Cat owners (AKA owned by cats)

Anyone ever heard of a corn stove? My neighbor just bought one...

Fweeper SlimeRoaches Bored With Drudge: "250-ish posts. Slow news night"?

I don't care if Ethel Murmann has a big nose.....

Okay: this is the most lounge-ish poll I could come up with,

I am up late working on a Democratic Newsletter

the Tom Delay mugshot t-shirt

I don't care if he has a big...oh never mind!

I am mourning the end of baseball season

Since when do the monthly emergency warnings last

Someone apparently thought this was a brilliant idea.

Mood music!

Sorry if this sounds like I'm bitching,

I can't sleep either. The bagpipers are playing!

I do not care if Larry "Bud" Melman is NBC's "intellectual property"

to the oops! bin . . . my photography prowess

I wrote this to Buzzflash on 8 Apr 2003 - I saw it coming

I have cleaned my registry

Fax machines spew out junk ads, not covered under "Do Not Call" law

A friendly reminder to the Lounge - Check your PM


Today's ZINGS!

Leaving on a jet plane

Pitt-Aniston mansion lists for $28 mil (they bought it for $13.5 in 2001)

Caption this photo.

Group advocates Raining Men

Doctors need to stop prescribing the crap that Pharmacy force on them


Ladies, would you ape this man?

Pious Canine Wins Buddhist Hearts

What's a ho?

I'm sick of being sick!

This coming Sunday would have been John Lennon's 65th birthday

Jesus drives a cab

Mr. Blue is dead?

They left me in charge!

A great breakfast!

Had another freaky dream last night.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - That was a classic last night (SPOILERS)

Anyone here know anything about BEER? this kind of BEER?

A cool political cartoon for monday morning

Football Is A Violent Sport

Boeing apologizes for ad showing troops rappelling onto a mosque roof

You Silly Canadians

I don't know about the rest of you, but Rachel Dratch is sooooo

I got an email from the "Foreigner Remittance Dept."

one of the funniest videos ever

I'm only gonna say this one time.....

There is no way this could be real.

Harriet Miers: A Rant From a Lawyer...

CNN to talk about Hair Net Miers...

Will the dates for Day Light Savings Time be different this year?

1929 Model A Ford Still Has Original Owner (He Bought It For $10)

So who was the leaker on the West Wing?

*cough* 3-0 *cough*

Americans Plan Record Spending For Helloween

Man Breaks Display Case To Read Rare Book - Arrested

With great trepidation, I have decided to leave DU...

Americans Plan Record Spending For Halloween

i wonder why "boston market" didn't incLude these Lyrics

Mike Myers and Kayne West Meet Again (video)



Stewie Live -- type in a command, and tell him what to do

Currywurst mit Pommes

Today's dinner menu is....

Dueling Movie....

how do you clean a DVD...

"How do you introduce yourself to a girl," so asketh the socially awkward

Aliens want to destroy us, explain why humanity must be saved

Dayquill makes me feel kinda...happy...hehe

leftofthedial is a classless idealist

Dammit, I fell off the wagon again.

If you said you were going to leave and nobody responded...

Mike Myers on drums in Keith Moon biopic

$10,141,000.00 for Serenity opening weekend...

I LOVE my new kitten knives :) (yes I get excited over such things)


That's it...I'm outta here!

I made it to Boulder!

So, CatNiece came to visit me yesterday, and brought along

I LOVE my new kitchen knives :) (yes I get excited over such things)

Good Morning, Everybody!

Ann Coulter Breaks Her Computer In Serious Accident

So my 13yo was assaulted at school.

Best bread-like substance...

Chimp no longer has monkey on his back

What's for lunch in the lounge?

Separated at birth: Miers and...

What did Tornadoes sound like before Freight Trains

A Brazilian's NASCAR-WTF moment.

Help select the name of Mrs. XNASA's new office goldfish.

Who is this Mier person and what belongs to her?

I'm outta the 700 club! In honor of P-Robbie......

"Is there any ice cream you don't like?" "I don't like tree ice cream."

Week #4 in Fantasy Football and I'm STILL on top!

Does anyone else think Miers looks like this "woman?"

I want to marry Harry Connick Jr.

I got tickets to see Lewis Black

Anybody see "Crash"

Post here if you really love good six.

Wegman's anyone? Are they blue?...

Favorite liberal book

Your political quote of the day:

My pets are coming!

My vision is strangely distorted

Anyone recall the post some months ago about a Costco matress pad

Three Texans (joke)

Bananas and Blow

Brad Swanson (and his Whispering Organ) Goes Hawaiian

Mayor Says Birthday Card Is Offensive (Kansas)

"You'll Never Be Younger"

Jokes and catch-phrases that were never funny...

"Holiday in South America!"

Goddammit, I'm mad!

It is time for a "what are you listening to?" post

Any firefox experts out there?

OUtrage! There are 2 Thread stating "Ladies would you date this man"

DUers... does my site upgrade cause problems for your browser?

Attention LOST fanatics

look what GD has done to Ozzie Guillen

Ladies: Would you date this man?

Thought screen helmet - your tinfoil hat is obsolete, upgrade today

NFL: Denver vs. Washington - who is gonna win


Time for a where did you get bailed out of jail thread

RW to Dems: Why do you hate America!? (humor)

Hockey Fans, write to th NHL

open a Pepsi, win a Supreme Court nomination

Grrrr....B&^% on CNN talking about abortion.

Listening to OLD Zappa today, talk about ahead of his time!

Report:A sense of humor is a strong male quality, a sign of good intellect

Ozzie Guillen is a classless asshole.

I wanna be sedated.

Newsmax: Ann Coulter Breaks Her Silence

You've got to WORK for love.

XTC Fans Hold Gathering in Swindon Last Weekend.....

Separated at birth???

CONFESS!!!!! Reality TV Shows you're addicted to watching

Who DON'T you want to win the World Series?

I have sustained an unspeakably painful injury

Anyone see that "Rome" thing last night

Favorite hard candies?

More about Mongolian Clan names

And now, for your entertainment, I present . . . THE JUGGLER

ladies/gentlemen: would you eat these dates?

Urban Dwellers - anyone else have their city lit in pink for October?

Milgram's 37

So, how badly will one failed college class hurt me in the long run?

Would your dogs date my dogs?

Dole Romaine, American Blend, Greener Selection salads: E. coli recall

Apparently the Newark sky train is out of order

"My Yahoo" is cool

Why do I keep losing my wireless connection?

I have to go back to work tomorrow.

I'm going now.

I like to skip.

BTW, today is 10 years since OJ was acquited

Bush devours live baby on TV

Ethel Merman.... discuss

From The Onion: (Picture might be Not safe for Lunch)

With 'Hooters Under Control' Tara Reid Blasts Media (Actual Headline)

Bush's Plunge - This is Fun - Enjoy!

Good Point. ("new" Bush Joke)

Some philosophy for you....

Who knows Republicans who can't stand Bush?

Field Trip to Fire Island.

What do Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones and Michael Jackson have in common?

Caption: "Oh....the indignity...!"

Tech help

Dubya... checking out all the ladies

IT Folks....if you were going to advise a career switch

GD's a little bit scary today.

Help! Philosophy buffs!

Psst, Loungers and Loungettes, check this out from GD: Politics

I can't sleep and I am totally stressed out.

Who dislikes baseball until the playoffs?

Is it just me or...

How old were you when you first started stalking?

Ladies: Would you date this man?

You know you live on the Gulf Coast when:

Nicolas Cage Names Son After Superman

Cooking question.

Don't you hate it when you get food stuck in your teeth, way in the back?

FLASH NEWS! Delay, Frist to Wed!

Newsmax: Ann Coulter Breaks Down And Admits To Being A Man.

------> SEATTLE DUers

It is a bad idea to send potentially confrontational emails

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon (warning...cute cat picture)

Who do you want to win the World Series?

Rant: The college students I teach can't pick the right form of 'there'

Help I need talking points; I want another dog, spouse doesn't


Anyone have a working link to the "George Bush doesn't care about black

CaliforniaPeggy is a "SWEETHEART" and I don't care what Caty says

James Dean - A picture is worth a thousand words

I'm 10 (OK, make that 9) posts away from 2000. ASK ME ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Clooney to bring McCarthy vs. Murrow to the big screen

Uh-oh...I threw up a little bit when I saw FR's equivalent of GrovelBot...

Post your Pat Robertson predictions here re: Meirs nominee

I will walk alone, by the black muddy river . . . .

Ladies, would you date this man?


MOTHER'S D*Y!!!!!!!!!

1, 2 tie your shoe

Play Plinko with Bush; It's not what you think, but fun.

So. Why do YOU hate America?

Someone hold me tight please and tell me it's ok

How I became Little Clarkie

2000 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies, would you date this cock?

Delores Umbridge....Harriet Miers



nostamj's 6-month anniversary was Oct. 2

So I had a maple in my grandma's yard cut down...and this prick neighbour

Rock. Paper. Scissors. --- Which one do you usually pick?

Are mothers meant to drive you nuts when you're my age

DU For Congress in 2006 and 2008

My chicken turned out quite boring

If a chimp can quit smoking after 16 years, SO CAN YOU

Goodnight gang!

I can't stop weeping

What's The Name Of Your Favorite Night Club Or Bar?

So I'm driving on the freeway tonight with my family...

If Harriet Miers was a rock band, what would the band be?

Better still..... Run for Precinct Committee Person

Chinese chimp quits smoking after 16 years

Go Eagles!

I'm 1607 (OK, make that 1606) posts away from 2000. ASK ME ANYTHING!!!!!!

I'm 84 posts away from 10,000. Should I try to make it today or

Shirley Temple and Shirley MacLaine blast Paris Hilton

I now believe this is all a bad reality show

What's the greatest thing before sliced bread?

Ladies:How do you feel about men you don't know calling you "sweetheart"?

So I got a blog

It's 9:20 EST...and Mike Tice is STILL the Vikings coach...

Is there a DU chat room somewhere?

i set up the cemetery in my front yard this weekend

Blues Brothers - where they a mere parody or pure genius

What's the best quote from the Blues Brothers movie?

advice... I'm having a problem with a friend

My blood got rejected

Rechargable AAA batteries


Hey, how's the weather where you are?

Love--Ain't it a punch in the gut?

listening to jethro tull ~ dharma for

Serenity is the shiniest movie of the year

nipsey russell dies

Why can't I keep my eyes open?

When someone has the wrong number - is it necessary

OMG! I am not a lesbian!

What's the greatest vampire film ever made?

What do you do for a living?

I can throat sing like a buddhist monk

Name your 5 favorite all-time Saturday Night Live skits

Seattle Considers Lap Dance Ban

Where's the fucking money, Shithead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gloom and doom today on the way home from college classes.

Ladies: Share your hormonal miseries, please

Photo Thread Time!!!!

What's your favorite city in the world?

Ladies/Gentlemen Would you Date this Woman?

My "ChavezSpeakstheTruth's Wedding" Diary:

TJ is ignoring me again

Time for a where did you go to college thread

Help me decide on a sig-pic

What's your favorite rock album?

Gas Toons.

KATRINA: Medical Records and Proof of Insurance Coverage

Holographic Universe. If atoms are made up primarily of nothing with...

Oxygen Increase Caused Mammals To Triumph

Tomb of Odysseus found

Newly discovered '10th planet' also has a moon

Michigan To Battle Gay Benefits Ruling

Harriet Miers - Homophobic bigot?

Lesbian Wins In-Vitro Suit

Knoxville mayor declines proclamation for gay rally

Vatican Considering Barring Gay-Friendly Politicians From Sacrament

Supreme Court nominee met with Dallas gay activists

pass it on . . . vote "NO" on 1 on November 8 . . . in Maine

Homosexuality 'Unnatural' New Polish Leader Declares

25,000 Churchgoers Sign On To Mass. Anti-Gay Amendment

RIP Alan Trammell's managerial career: 2002-2005

Mike Tice must be fired during this bi-week....

MLB Playoffs

Green Bay (+7.5) at Carolina. A good wager? Give me your thoughts

Anyone think pro sports are fixed?

The Return Match!

AL MVP: ARod or Ortiz?

I know what my dog is now!!

Our adoption weekend results

Need ideas/ suggestions for misbehaving F1 savannah cat

So, new moon. Are ya doing anything?

natural remedy for gastric reflux?

Dragging Bush's Skeletons Out of the Closet

Cam Kerry OpEd in Boston Globe: 10/3/05: Voting Made Easy

John Kerry on the Miers Nomination for Supreme Court

Good grief, Huffington printed my replies

Some stuff I found that I'd written during the campaign

Bets: Bush consulted with 80 Sens about Miers.

Happy Rosh Hashanah, everyone

Kerry in Iowa for Free Event 10/0/05

West of the Mississippi birthday card thread

East of the Mississippi birthday card thread

Pente pieces

Tripping at the end of the world -- Norway, far above the Arctic Circle

I have some good news...sorta

KOEB 10/3/05 (another SCOTUS edition)

Countdown Newsletter: 10/3/05 -- Supreme Stealth

Rummy's DoD holds "hard-hitting" inquiry that exonerates Bush

Scandals not many beyond the "Choir" seem to care about....

John Fund: The GOP Could Lose in '06

5 Key Resources Documenting Bush's Culpability in Katrina Disaster

The Media STOLE my DU POLL !!!!!

Imus: Bush to announce Supreme Court nominee today, 8:00 AM (Eastern)

Did anyone watch Mayday on CBS tonight?

"Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal" {Plame}

Some people will say anything to get appointed to the Supreme Court.

Dems will be able to block Miers with charges of cronyism

Miers is a trap

I love his walk, it's so goofy (like an unfunky George Jefferson)...

Did you check out that GIANT cross on Harriet Miers' neck?

OK, DUers. What are the questions that Miers should be asked

Stasi spied on 'critical' Pope for two decades

David Gregory says new SC nominee is: Harriet Miers

It is inappropriate and just plain wrong for W to nominate

Some info on Harriet Miers

*** DOD report finds: Iraq War delayed Katrina relief effort

NBC News - Today - David Gregory confirms Harriet Meiers is SCOTUS nominee

Harriet Miers and Exodus Ministries

Will Brown's failure (FEMA) hurt the Miers nomination?

Question for radio listeners this morning re: supreme court nominee

What is a legitimate objection to a nominee?

Toon addresses the enforced dumbing-down of the media (must see)

LMAO, look at this Right Wing response to the Harriet Mier nomination!

Bennett: Aborting potential talk-show hosts reduces idiocy (humor)

Delay editorial: Requiem for a Congressman

DeLay Keeps Spinning Partisan Politics, But Grand Jury Foreman Disagrees

Are Democrats the winged monkeys on the Wizard of Oz?

Miers - steered group aimed at deprogramming gays

Harriett Miers' nomination is another example of cronyism, right? I

Miers: The Michael Brown of the USSC?

KATRINA: follow the money (power), what is REALLY going on.

Idea for new Dem slogan: No American Left Behind

1st Google result for Harriet Miers: "H. Miers hosts Ask the White House"

Sirotablog: Meir's ties to Bush National Guard /Texas Lottery Scandals

Meirs tied to Bush' National Guard Scandal

Miers Will be Confirmed With 90+ Votes in the Senate

Question about SC appointments

Constitutional flaw RE: no impeachment of administrations & an amendmment

Threee questions Miers should be asked:

the Bushes now have THREE STOOGES on the SC

Fitzgerald = Revolution? Billmon says "probably not". (Parallels w/ Italy)

Democrats can -- and should -- become the Party of Active Optimism.

What's Wrong With This Picture? Scotty Says * Picked Harriet...

dKos CALL TO ACTION: "Strong Families, Strong Communities, Strong Nation"

fat cat Sen. Ted Stevens has to listen to Judge Greg Mathis ha ha

"Katrina Commission Now!" campaigns, online activism? wtf?

Cheney has assured Limpballs that he will be happy with Miers

Harriett Miers and Bushco's slop-bucket of scandal

Cons are in an uproar, but from what I've heard so far, Miers worries me

"A very fine (Liar or Lawyer)" What did Reid say?

*WOW* Mondays come early huh?

Recent Republican appointees to SC

Hartmann has a valid point.

Chimpy should have learned NOT to nominate people with no experience...

Bush: "I consulted with eighty senators."

Please DU rhis poll on Bennett

Anyone see West Wing last night?

John Kerry on the Miers Nomination for Supreme Court

Heard about this website on Air America! No School or Work Nov.2nd

Right Wing News ( "Disaster, Thy Name Is Harriet Miers"

Debunking certain SCOTUS myths

If Miers takes out Roe V. Wade, no abortion is the least of our worries...

Press Hammers McClellan over Bush's Nomination of Miers

BushWatch's DemWatch: Only 52% Sen. Dems Have Passing Grades as Dems

Today's Chuckle: Freepers debate "how to tell a patrician from a non"

we DO know two things about Miers

Kennedy & Feinstein Statements on Miers Nomination


Donald Sutherland interview BBC --video link

Miers led effort to get the American Bar Association to

Question on supreme court and impeachment

"Ask the White House" --Miers 10/29/04 see what she "thinks"

If Harriet Miers was a rock band, what would the band be?

Powell 'toon is spot on (Bartcop)!

Conservative Voice: "Harriet Miers Nomination = Bush's Abdication"

Wingnut group: "Supreme Court Reform Does Not Come in a Brown Paper Bag"

Repubs on Miers: "Karl Rove should go to jail for this, not Plamegate."

Harriet Miers is to SCOTUS as Michael Brown was to FEMA

Transcript: Tweety & Ben Ginsberg service BushCo on Hardball (9/30/05)


Is Miers just a decoy?

Warning: A site where US soldiers post gory photos

Richard Bruce Cheney - leak

Before the Miers story hit, someone posted that Bush's numbers had hit 33%

My take on the game plan around the Miers nomination

CNN: Miers donated to anti-abortion group

News today about "superb" progress in Iraq - NOT Cheney lies

Cheney warns against early pullout from Iraq (making "superb" progress)

Any Bob Novak sightings?

DNC Research on DeLay and House Republicans

Just how Rovian is Rove? In trying to guess what he might be up to next

The Wrath of Khan

an architecture question

Why is FU! referring to himself in the third person?

Focus groups prefer DEMs with "Dry Powder." NO WET POWDERS!!!

Miers, 8/11/04: "Metal horseshoes are too heavy for Barney to lift"

Dean Sends Rosh Hashanah Greetings

Anyone else see the Harriett Miers nomination as a bogus/1st nom?

Father Pavone, Priests for Life, of Schiavo fame, supports Miers.

Bitter fruits of the "Republican Revolution"

Some big religious right organizations aren't angry about Miers at all....

It's "Say Something Nice About Michael Brown" Day!

What Are The Odds Bush Gets Kickbacks?

Look what's keeping the economy afloat this year !

MIERS is a bush whore and soon to be the michael brown of the SC

WOW. Even A.P. implies Miers is a Brownie!!

Miers Hearing Should Include Plame Questions!!!!!


A contrarian view - allow Miers to be confirmed.

Delay indicted again.


Blogger scumbag Assrocket suggests * caved to Dems demands with Miers

How can I be a conservative?

Tom DeLays' Top Ten Stupid Comments

Question: What Was Randi Referring to About Mike Malloy's Friday.....

From here on out - Demo talking point - "Republicans are Corrupt"

Bush-Miers photo that's creepy on several a creepy parfait.

So, today is only Monday, I thought BushCo wanted to hold off

Energy Dept puts out wanted poster for the Energy HOG

lawyers, help a clueless layperson: unindicted co-conspirators...

The Mahablog: --excellent overview of Miers commentary--I really

Miers on gay adoption.....

Delay "Earle called a do-over"

CNN Poll: Should S.C. justices have previous experience on the bench?

Frist Turns His Back When Reporters Ask Him About Stock Sale

US Rep. Steve King (R) Hails Joe McCarthy as "a great American hero"

Will Miers be confirmed?

Harriet Miers -- her pastor's view

are Democrats "the gang that couldn't shoot straight" ???

From Time Magazine article - More Delay troubles ahead?

Once again, who did you guys think Bush was going to pick for SCOTUS?

Some Thoughts on the Miers Nomination

Should the SCOTUS be expanded to 11+ members when Dems regain power?

Insiders dish on Miers: an Evangelical w/views consistent with her Church

What do we make of Miers? She donated to Gore?

Per Criminal Novak: "Dems Have Criminalized Politics"

The DFA billboard on DeLay prominent at top of NYT article.

Clark will be on Fox at 8p.m. EST - O'Reilly Factor, tonight.

How did New England actually become Liberal?

Check out this link to Jack (Abramoff) in the House - Mucho Info

The freepers are flipping out, Harriet Miers must be a good....

George Will slams liberals on TABOR in Colorado ! What gall !

It cost $122 to fill my husband's truck this morning....

I could see Miers withdrawing her nomination

Something that harms the Dem Party, but shows our goodness...

Tom Delay indicted on money laundering - NEW INDICTMENT

What the HELL is going on with Junior's fake-ass Texas accent?

Reid just "out-Roved" Karl Rove with Miers...