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Archives: October 5, 2005

Dems/Iraq = Bush/Vietnam = AWOL

Behind Barbed Wire in Guantanamo-"We Are Dying a Slow Death in Here"

Asia's Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq

AVN: News Analysis: Miers is Bush's Nominee for High Court

CENK UYGUR: The Real Lesson of Bork

U.S. generals shifting ground on Iraq

Move the Underground!

To Keep Post, DeLay May Need Quick Justice

With or Without Passion

WP: Storms Show A System Out Of Balance ( Congress Neglects Oversight)

Basra Shadowlands

Quin Hillyer: Why this nominee is a supremely bad choice

New law will require marriage as a legal condition of motherhood

Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight

Letter from Fitzgerald- He thought Libby left Miller hanging on purpose

The Power of Nightmares

Breaking NEWS : : NJ AG staffer claims Avante DRE fails ITA testing

On Diebold, ignore this at your peril...

--Sequoia signed deal with Diasability group-ICDRI-- who is that group?

Election Rigging Debate thread in GD - please educate

OMG!!!!!11 Lindsay Lohan has BEEN In AN ACCIDENT!!!!11 This is HUGH!!!11

Olberman will discuss Bush, Miers and the August Bin Laden Memo

So shrubby says "She aint gonna change her views, i promise!"

Katrina's Real Name

Anyone here know Sonali Kolhatkar from KPFK in Los Angeles

A question about voter registration

EYEWITNESS: Iraq’s children die of curable kala azar

Good news about brother-in-law!!

Do the Republicans stand for anything?

Anybody hear about the US having "direct" talks with N. Korea?

Poorest Country In The Americas Impoverished Haiti Offers U.S. Katrina Aid

Bush's Stock Market Crash

O'Connor to serve as College of William and Mary Chancellor

Our class had an interesting discussion today

You know...."We" outnumber "Them." But, "WE" have to get together.

Miers is confirmed, what does Roberts and the Supremes have in store for

LMAO. You Gotta See Billmon >>>>

Bush on Miers : we are so close


"HUGH!!11!!"? "SERIESLEE"?

Commander in Chief is on

'Judith Miller and the myth of the ‘liberal media establishment’'

While I was traveling - I picked up the Newsweek magazine

O'LOOFAH About to Name "Smear Sites" (Bloggers He Hates)

DeLay - not exactly a Democratic plot is it?

New R&B song angers Bush Administration?: "The Hurricane Song"

The fact that * keeps choosing people close to him

Editor of Afghan Women's Magazine Arrested for 'unIslamic' Articles

wages going up in gno area after katrina

Who wears more makeup? Bush, or you/someone you know?

Polish conservative taps less educated Catholic right before vote

Day 10 After DC Protest: Any confirmed Tularemia cases?

VIDEO- Countdown- Too Few Good Men

what does

Why I feel Harriet Miers is the wrong choice.

Miers political contributions from 1990 to 2000 (corrected)

My favorite lines from Mr.bush's press conference

Does anyone watch Boston Legal??

"Operation Iron Fist": What, is the US Cobra now?

Argh, I was wrong

So we get mad when we think people are forcing us to follow the flock

If I had a congressman, I'd be writing them a letter right about now.

So let me get this right... Believe this way, have an "awakening" and

VIDEO- Olbermann on Edward R Murrow

You've gotta hear this!

Anyone else think Miers is being offered up as a sacrificial lamb?

Do you think the Plame Grand Jury will will come in this week?

How much is Red Cross's advertising budget?

Did I hear this right?

The Big Dawg is on the Fuax network

Sick fuck of the week.

Commander In Chief is this to prime the usa for a Senator Clinton Run?

Minority Firms Getting Few Katrina Pacts

"Yew have to trust me. Ah know her heart"

FYI: The Daily Show. Jon Stewart. 10pmCT.

Quiz hints at nominee's views on gay rights

Just heard something really bad about Tim Kaine (Dem VA Gov. candidate)

Did you see Countdown tonight? Compared 1 Iraqi Batt. to the lie

Jesse Ventura on CNBC just said something that made me think

FEMA suspends Phoenix's rescue team over firearms rule

Whatever happened to the color coded terrorist threat levels?

For those who are worried about bird flu...

John Stewart OH SNAP!

U.S. poverty: chronic ill, little hope for cure

Has anybody thought

How much is enough??

Jon Stewart on Letterman this Thursday.

HELLO!!! George W. Bush IS NOT "conservative"!!!! He's a POLITICO-

So, why hasn't the NYT fired Judy Miller? She by way of the NYT

Ten people dead as mystery virus hits Toronto home

Would my Golden Retriever make a good Supreme Court justice?

Interesting information on the new Supreme Court nominee ..

Just reminiscing a little...

Stripes letters: Guard leaders fall short/Maintenance center lost

Delay Grand Jury Foreman on Aaron Brown Now (CNN)

Just heard a judge say Harriet Mires doesn't have good experience.

N.H. officials training for possible flu pandemic


Rev. Al Sharpton, posing with an unidentified man...

flyer for local church sent home from school

The truth (I think) about The Daily Show's Contributor, Bob Wiltfong

ANIMATION: Bush underpants dance


NYT (on Miers): "In Midcareer, a Turn to Faith to Fill a Void"

Why is Bush worried about avian flu?

Has the other side blinked?

Are we kidding ourselves?

The voting machines are rigged, a conspiracy theory.

Seriously...what is a "strict constructionist?"

Was the story about Reid's recommendation of Miers for SC just a rumor?

Y'all are just fucking crazy if you believe a civil war will take place,..

Fitzgerald investigated Miller for tipping off charity w/ties to Al Qaeda

CNN poll on law enforcement by military during domestic emergencies

bird flu and the military option

Miers...This is too beautiful

Mayor Nagin: New Orleans must lay off 3,000 workers

Did anyone notice that * never ONCE said whether Miers

Bill Clinton on with Greta tonight

Another unborn child will never know its father.

60 deaths and Bush wants right to use military if bird flu hits. Feck him!

VIDEO- Jerks and Smirks # 2 -from the Press Conf today

It's working! Send a message to the soldiers and KEEP them coming!!!

Anyone who becomes "born again" is a follower and does not deserve to lead

How much longer can the destruction of the middle class continue for?

"We have the best ____ in the world"

What kind of user features does a donation to DU activate?

My open letter to Bill O' Reilly

One-Play-Only DVD

My President

Anti-War Students Attacked by Campus Police and Young Republicans

Ready to see where you stand? Liberal, Anarchist, Left-leaning

And then it hit me: Katrina, Rita, a failing Republican Prez, and DENIAL

The President Meets With New Orleans Katrina Survivors ---pix->>>

Commander in Chief: Gen. Warren Keaton = Gen. Wesley Clark?

Great article: Growing Gulf Between Rich and Rest of US

WTF is "born again?" I never heard of it before the 70's...

I saw an interesting bumper sticker on an SUV today

I think there is a very good possibilty that Judith Miller has turned>>>>>

Why haven't the heroic pilots of the Jet Blue airliner with the bent

Anybody think we could have a 2nd Civil War due to the division

Best country for human rights?

Who is Ayn Rand?

Commander in Chief

Put in YOUR two cents for Voter Verified Paper Ballots

What We Believe at Valley View Christian Church (Meirs 30yr church)

Why must we pillory Hillary?

Okay, I don't want Democrats to "grow balls."

Return to New Orleans..Ch4..."Floodwalls vs. Levees" ***(Dial up Warning)

Fitzgerald's Letter to Scooter Libby's Lawyer

Jim 'Doris Day' Gray shot dead in loyalist feud

Iraq Violence Leaves 5 U.S. Soldiers Dead

Hurricanes leave behind £4bn ($7.5 billion) bill for oil giants

US Considering $2 BLN in Military Sales to Saudis--Daily Star

Nine Charged With Stealing Katrina Funds

Blunt seeks surer footing (Blunt begs Hastert for job)

Judge Rules Publisher Must Turn Over Data

Iraq poll monitors throw out bid to favour Yes side

Plan Would Limit Reproduction Options For Gays, Singles

Widows of Fallen Army Soldiers Sue Defense Contractor (Blackwater)

Times reporter defends herself in CIA probe case (Judith Miller)

Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight

Draconian new law aimed at crushing resistance, passed by Iraq legislature

Miers Briefed Bush on Bin Laden PDB, But Papers Handle Photo From That Day

DoJ Grounds Katrina Relief Web Site

Sen. Nelson: Americans fed up with GOP

Iran to invest $50 billion in oil sector

Ousting Assad Without a Backup Plan--A Times

Londoners think Iraq contributed to terror (62% want UK out of Iraq)

DeLay conspiracy charge uses uncommon law (New GJ heard new evidence)

President, Citing Executive Privilege, Indicates He'll Reject Requests...

WP: Test Results Delayed Bacterium Alert, CDC Says (DC protest)

Hugo Chavez Denies Seeking Dictatorship (M$M PUKE ALERT)

Indiana bill would limit reproduction procedures for gays, singles

NYT: Weeks Later, Most Storm Victims Lie Unnamed

Is it possible to change one's personality in 5 months?

How come eating stops me sweating?

Randi's a traitor, Schumer's a hater and Harry Reid is Darth Vader

I missed the Sox game because I had to be in lecture. What did I miss?

Keeping in mind I'm a guy, should I wear the red outfit pictured below?

Firefox advocacy site hacked again

"She Demons," "Missile to the Moon" director Rick Cunha dies at 83

Alright, enuf's enuf. I am sick of this existence, and want a better life.

"I'm the moderator, and I'm locking this thread!"

Are you sure your computer has the right amount of porn? Check now!

how many of you have spent your tax cut on hurricane relief?

My kitten is sitting in my lap. Ask me Anything!

Please post your favorite (legal) things to do to cheer yourself up when

"Cream Live at the Royal Albert Hall, 2005"...3 sixty-somethings jamming

Advice for lower back pain, please!

Rolling Stones get Political and conservatives get shattered

I have a cold, and nothing good is on the channels I pick up. What to do?

Damn! The thread got locked! I wanted that limerick, Nancy!

I'm posting a pic of myself and my pliers-faced friend just for the hell

I paid 67 cents a gallon for gas today...

Apartment living is way-cool. Guess what I saw in the trash bin today?

OMG!!! THIS IS HUGH!!!1!!!!1111111

Lists, lists, and more lists...

Anyone here attend OA meetings?

Joan_A call me NOW (or at least before 10pm)

I'm ZombieNixon! BORE ME!

I'M BORED!! Entertain me!!

if you are doing nothing, and someone says "stop what you are doing"

Want someone who is REALLY interested in you and cares about what you do?

People come up to me...concerned...that I might...

The new Fiona Apple album is so good.

Experiences with online DVD rental?

Never buy a house..

How many of you here REALLY love your pet?

A Message from John Cleese to the Citizens of the United States of America

Where is the message from John Kleeb to America?

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles" is on AMC right now

Post here if you are wearing socks with no shoes.

I have 6 months to live, ask me anything!

Rant. Balls to every DUer who thinks that just because I don't post

Scarborough announced a prominent repub may break ranks against Delay

Wacky weather here

Culture Club

Is there anything worse than the team of...

Did a search of "DU" on Truthlaidbear.... they have a traffic graph and

Is there a "people finder" website...

Strike a pose!

Harold Robbins....Trash, soft porn or great?

Ahh...going to the gym hurts so good.

Inspired by the message from an unknown Brit to the USA.

I just realized I have enough frequent flyer miles to fly to australia!

I just spent 14 hours packing

Cheese battle

Dick Fucking Cheney

Mickey Mantle only had 100 RBI's or more four times in an 18 year career.

Ha ha ha! Khash wins!

Get out the rally monkeys!

I have 6 months to get my house cleaned. Ask me anything.

I must know: what is "eagles up"?

Woo hoo! "Commander in Chief" is on.

RANT: Local drug store had a flu shot clinic this afternoon

Techies! I bought a laptop, does it look good?

Dogie Halloween party at the cancer clinic. Need dogie costume ideas.

Do these toys arouse you?

My fav song at the moment: Queens of the Stone Age - Tangled up in Plaid

Sports: Do you root FOR or AGAINST teams more?

is mac os x on intel for real?

Lawnmower dispute update!

The Onion: "Please Stop Screaming At Me", by GE Model 19GT270

Why did you resign?

Dave Reynolds, your sister's a jerk, the dog is fine.

My son wants to be a Merman.

Game time kids: name these quotes:

FRONTLINE: The O.J. Verdict 10 years later just starting on PBS

we need a new DU Glossary thread, for the newbies....

This just in..... Joani, Mrs. WCGreen and I are getting together

Yankees Win

I didn't go to work today because I am so stressed out.

I saved a baby Sea Turtle today.

I love stoopid people.

Holy Crap!! Anyone else watching Boston Legal?

So, my son wants to be a Mom...

Judge Judy is more qualified to sit on the Supreme Court than Harriet Mier

Campbell, California: "A man and woman met at a bar..."

My other post reminded me of this story

But, but, I didn't get a chance to say "thank you" to OKNancy.

Sinead O'Connor on Jay Leno

My Name is Earl was pretty good again tonight.

Progmom says it's all about her.

Anyone else watching Amazing Race?

Do you have a favorite film-biopic?

This is my original laptop... does it look okay?

I am fairly new but I must ask the following question

Cell phones - progress or distraction?


Finally! 10,000 is done and over!

I suck at fantasy football

Let's have some fun..Did anyone watch Dr. Phil?

Metallica's "Fade to Black" best metal song ever?

Nicolas Cage naming his fucking kid Kal-el Coppola Cage

You might be a shop rat if: (three per contestant, please)

I need some life-changing advice from an unbiased source.

Nighthawks XVIII (dial-up warning)

so, my son wants to be a Mormon

Ah, the joys of waiting for MRI results

I'm finally back from my summer in Yellowstone! Ask me anything!

Do any of you watch Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Brittany Spears to sell her bra for Katrina victims.

Excellent resource site dealing with Avian Flu(H5N1)

Pads Peavey out rest of season with broken rib.

Dog Flu?

Resident dog is "grooming" the new dog -- problem ?

More Church and State

Just randomly venting...

Have you read this, RE: Holyoke?

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance

KOEB Meeting 10/4/05

Many justices have been judicial novices

"Bush is Bad," the Musical. Really. Great anti-Bush songs

Where are the new pictures/video from Abu Ghraib?

Before `08....could we advertise on milk cartons?

Is Bird Flu the new al Qaeda?

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Asia's Poor Build US Bases in Iraq

Suppose William Rehnquist had died on 1 October,

Malloy is right! Indiana State Senator Mengele IS Mr. Hyde in drag!!!

Republican are Crazy

Reminiscing a little.

Not only...

"It isn't a silly smile or a smirk, but a sense of optimism..."

Comic Relief for ALL DU'rs!! - This is da nooze we really want, mon!

Public Advocate: "We'd have fought for an Ann Coulter SCOTUS nomination"

Biological Weapon Used Against Anti-War Demonstrators?

My fourth grader just brought home a note from the school today.

Get a load of Dennis Prager on Bennett. Attn all "decent" progressives...

Bird flu is important, and it is NOT something to dismiss

CNN poll on law enforcement by military during domestic emergencies?

Congressional Dems approval down, R's recover

The Democratic "Ground Hog Day"

Lookit: Sick Repiglican Freaks Giggle About Possible Chemical Attack

"Frist: A Man of Character Playing by the Rules"...a REAL headline! LMAO!

Three cheers for John Conyers. Hip Hip Hooray. Yeah Conyers.

"George Will Is Not A Happy Camper" from Daily Kos - wow

Does Miers's Financial Situation Compute?

Sunnis considering boycott of referendum on Constitution ...

Cheney threatened Democrats on Rush's show

Just her lack of judicial experience qualifies Miers for the filibuster.

Cheney calls Pigboy Limbaugh to assure "base" that Miers is A-OK

Cheney calls Limbaugh AND Hannity to complain about Charlie Rangel

O.K. all you "Don't spoil The Daily Show..." whiners, here's a non-spoiler

How many in the GOP know that their party has been hijacked?

What Hurts More, Healthcare Costs or High Gas Prices?

The exceeding brightness of military glory

Who here has bushies in the family? How do you deal with them?

Destination Cairo: human rights fears over CIA flights

Storms Show A System Out Of Balance

In Midcareer, a Turn to Faith to Fill a Void

That was then, this is now - DeLay's own words

On What Planet Has Richard Cohen of the WaPo Been Living?

Campaign finance in age of DeLay

Army Moves to Recruit More High School Dropouts

Western-trained, Western-armed, enemies

The Right's Dissed Intellectuals - Meyerson

A Pick That Blurs Party Lines and Stalls 'Rapid Response'

Breaking the silence: Saudi abuse of women

Western-trained, Western-armed, enemies

(FEMA Related) Storms Show A System Out Of Balance - Washington Post

Recruiter on trial for selling IDs to enlist illegals

European elites can't ignore the views of their peoples

18% of US children live in poverty

With Miers, Bush Gets Fifth Vote Against Roe: Margaret Carlson

Lies and Folly....

Gene Lyons on Judith Miller

Orange County (CA) Register: Time to give up on national Republicans

(Franklin) Plea May Affect Aipac Lobbyists' Cases

Clooney Film Connects McCarthy to Today

Can This Nomination Be Justified? (George Will) - Sorry!

Robert Parry: How Rotten Are These Guys?

Why it's so hard to have a constitutional revolution-- Part I

LINSAY LOHAN IN ACCIDENT! (Oh, and CDC withholding info for flu vaccines.)

Only LA Times notes the fiscal lies in yesterday's Bush speech.

At the Very Top(the top tenth of 1 percent) , a Surge in Income in '03

The erosion of environmental policy - GOP "modernize"/guts NEPA

Oh No--o-o-o Mr. Bill PSAs EXCELLENT!

Is now the time to switch to an electric water heater?

Gulf Warm-water Eddies Intensify Hurricane Changes

Does anyone know about portable alternative fuel heaters?

Tropical Storm Tammy Forms Off the Coast of Florida.

A polite request

I'm giving a speech on alternative fuels,

Talking Points Aside, Bush Stance on Palestinian State Is Not a First

Pro-Palestinian Kuwait looks at easing up on Israel

Franklin: I gave Israel secret material

Has Anyone Read This Report by Wayne Madsen?

Can a jet fuel/hydrocarbon fire collapse a steel structure? An experiment.

Election Fraud Talking Point #237

2006: where will the post-poll swing happen? (a look back; 2002)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 10/04/05

Portland Election Summit Photos & exclusive Brad Show audio up!


This is what Thom Hartmann says needs to be our sound bite:

Rep. Feeney (R-FL) Introduces New Elections Bill

Portland OR National Summit to Save Our Elections - AUDIO!

Scoop/Autorank: The National Summit to Save Our Elections - Days 2-3

What is your prescription for fair elections?

Did These Firefighters Truly Stand by the Gov.?

Bush official may run for CA state attorney general

Steve's in the runoff for the 48th. Everyone get behind him.

Newsom offers to help schools labor talks

My latest letter to Senator Boxer

Arnold in Fresno on Wednesday 10/5 -- county fair opening

The DeLay Rankings, State View

Vilsack: Local sex offender provisions 'justifiable reaction'

Sat Oct 8, State-wide organizing for National Guard Petition

Gov. candidate Patrick going against the grain

Anti-gay-marriage petition drive fraud

LOST fans, E-mail WCVB and tell them NOT to pre-empt LOST for Baseball

Deval Patrick's blog is up and running

See who has received $$$ From DeLay...

Hey! Do you see Patty Wetterling's ad on the homepage??!!

OK, so now I think I screwed up

Privatization hasn't resulted in predicted savings for Texas

I need help

No wonder some people get down on Texas! Harriet Miers.

David Van Os on the DeLay Indictment

Conservative idiot and AG candidate Bucher has partisan cow

Okay the weather can get colder now

WI activists-time to confront the Lobbyists' Legislature - October 27

My son will not go down that road with Casey...

The Dems on the Judicial Committee should take a new tact

Let's frame things & toss some MEMEs (euww) around:

Franklin: I gave Israel secret material

Scientists resurrected 1918 flu (Military brought virus back to life)

Randi Rhodes to be on C-Span.

Bush on rumours of 12 Plame Indictments:

Updated: Sorry, I honestly didn't know it was a joke article.

PeopleSoft founder's monster home plans

Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks (in Iraq)

Fruit of a poison tree

Delay and Blunt swap wifes er....donations

Where Was Bush Yesterday Afternoon??

FRanklin Pleads Guilty

Forget about 08 for now...think '06.

Targeted questioning: a proposal

Tweety tried to claim Bush doesn't even know any of his staff

DeLay & Blunt swapped donations...

"... satanic worship in New Orleans. ... sexual perversion."

Missing pretty blonde white girl found just in time for BushCo!

Missing Va coed's remains found....

Are we going to run out of fuel before we wreck


Key Events in DeLay-Blunt Donation Swaps


Danger - Bush could react violently to Fitzgerald's action

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Dis-appointment and War on Terra

ABC: Spy found in White House

A FISH with a cross for an eye, a sticker that said "God bless America"

If the Supreme Court overturns Oregon's Physician assisted

Daily Show Reminder

Raw Story about to publish something about ROVE

If All The Bad News IS Getting You Down, There's Still Hope!

Even if you hate Gore you have to listen to this

I miss President Clinton

All these rumors of indictments, & Drudge is suddenly offline all day?

President Hastert

Spy at White House. Plame indictment soon. Wait....something stinks here

CNN Poll: Should New Orleans be rebuilt?

BREAKING: Chimp spotted yesterday at White House press conference PHOTO...

What will it take to break the republican stranglehold on power in the US?

"The sights, sounds and threat of violence are a constant in Baghdad"

Thank You from Sen.Biden

Howard Dean on Tweety's Hardball

To whom it may concern: I don't belong to anyone, except myself.

How the heck does someone like Jeff Sessions graduate from

US General speaks out:: must read!

Does St. Sen Patricia Miller of Indiana want to be 'Aunt Lydia'?

Two DC protesters may have contracted TULAREMIA....

Byrd's on: Talking about the Torture amendment to the

Pro - Miers Commercial (PFA): Man... Was THAT Quick !!!

Religious Rightwing Bill: Ban Doctors From Helping Singles/Gays Conceive

Rawstory: Rove told he's target of federal probe

Caption this...........Rove and Bush

ABCNEWS: Spy in the White House!

Rove gets 'target letter'...buys white Bronco...

Bill Clinton on CNN NOW

Best strategy to set up the nomination of extremist Janice Rogers Brown

Analyst admits giving secrets to Israel (Larry Franklin)

Here's a real laugh I just received it and had to share!

RS: "Word on Capitol Hill is that Rove has received a "target letter," "


Congress Seeks to Cut Food Aid for Poor

Why Harriet Miers should NOT be confirmed

Bush Joke.......I hope it is a new one!

"'s burlesque that isn't funny anymore..."

Harriet Miers - the anti Steinem?

Credit card delinquencies hit record

Goss won't seek reveiw for Tenet, others

Bush Aides Scrubbed Guard Records - Meir paid $19,000 in 1998

FRANKLIN TESTIFIES is the real story. The rest is a Rovian distraction.

I am so sick of this shit

NOAM CHOMSKY: Wanted a leader for America

Is there a person of Filippino descent who is involved in espionage?

Pending Rove indictments. HEY LOOK OVER THERE! BIRD FLU!

Has Larry Franklin pleaded guilty yet? Wasn't it this week?


About all those dead microbiologists... Kestrel? Anyone?

Faith in Jesus has shaped court pick’s thinking and personal values

Old cartoon from the election got to me

Jon Stewart at his finest: Oct 3rd 2005

FRONTLINE: The O.J. Verdict 10 years later just starting on PBS

Music vid for Kanye West's "George Bush" song

Rep Shays says that DeLay will not be welcome back even if beats

Sons and daughters of Abraham......

University of Oklahoma bombing incident gets more interesting

No Time For Despair

On a much lighter note... HBO - Real Time with Bill Maher

"Bush's Guard service may affect Mier's nomination"

A Take on Lincoln's Presidency (from a bookseller forum)

Has anyone actually been diagnosed with tularemia?

Judicial Philosophy, idealism or protective coloration?

A Humorous E-Mail

Has anyone here ever been or known someone who was suicidal or...

FEMA did what it was actually designed to do

Can we get a DU Group for Trial Lawyers?

Tips 1 and 2 for winter -- new toonS 10/5/05

The Republican War on Science - Chris Mooney

You know, I think it would be much easier to live with the DINOs if

A Repubs's thoughts on air america in his town.........

New Orleans death toll at 972

It's our school not your church

MS Coroner's numbers

Peter Jennings replacement?

Regarding Bird Flu......Another Trifecta?

Vote Count Complete in Afghan Election; Warlords Faring Well

Just saw a TV report about the Pierre Salinger museum in France

FDA Unveils Proposal to Fight Mad Cow

Bush visibly shaken by the news.

Yahoo: Hey everyone - Martin Garbus on Attorney-Client Privilege -- Vote!!

Henry Fucking Rollins...YEAH!

This is a pretty good summation of Harriet Miers time in TX

Positive Democratic Tactic question; or

cspan discussion on assisted suicide

Poll Question On Supreme Court Case Oregon Sucide Starting Today

VIDEO Rehash- Ben Barnes on getting Bush into National Guard

Republicans' 2006 Senate prospects sour

Imus plays Elton John's Alice after they talk about Condi Rice's

Rush Limbaugh coming up on Bill Bennett's radio show

Cell phones - progress or distraction?

Pre-emptive strike on Bill O'Reilly and "Christmas is under attack!"

Cover-up deep in the heart of Texas

A political quiz

A Simple Way To Help Prevent Common Colds/Flu Many May Have Overlooked

CSPAN Caller: Islam is not a religion, it's a fundamentalism.

G.E.'s Andrea Mitchell on NPR call-in talk show 11:07 AM Eastern today-

So if life begins at conception, as Miers seems to think,

Imus has John McCain on now. Imus- Miers making googley eyes

What's up with the forged Niger docs investigation?

Yahoo: Another Brit Nat'l arrested with terrorists in Iraq.

So who do you think "President" Mackenzie Allen's VP pick is?


The conservatives have defeated America in another battle

Bush Nominates Political Cronies To Key State Department, Homeland Securit

Mysterious Package Found At White House? ?

Bush likes dominant women, e.g. Hughes, Rice, and Miers. Barbara Bush

Roberts for Rehnquist and Miers for O'Connor or ?

On What Planet Has Richard Cohen of the WaPo Been Living?

Could the Republicans kick Miers?

E-mail to a friend re: Miers

Miers' 'Anti-Choice' stance outlined by this article-

Republicans' 2006 Senate prospects sour

Church Polling Places and accuracy in count

Breaking News: Republicans' 2006 Senate prospects sour. (op/ed)

Miers is the best candidate for the Supreme Court

Does not the Democratic Party have a moral responsibility to oppose....

Republicans' 2006 Senate prospects sour

NEED HELP!! Need good link that outlines all of Delays ethics violations?

FEMA did what it was actually designed to do

He iz my boyfriend! Bob Kur just said that Hecht was her "boyfriend".

Al Franken's new book (from email)

WalMart . . . Always watching you -- Always

Now on MSNBC Propagandabureau... Bush and the Strong Women

The Coward plays the "quality control" excuse re. Iraqi fight readiness,

Indiana bans the Virgin Mary!

Conservatives Leading The Charge Against Miers

Democracy Now, 10amCT, Link TV: Studs Terkel for the hour. nt

Jr talking to press again on msnbc

Hypothetical -Given The Choice

Jack Carter to run for Senate in NV

Federalist Papers: Alexander Hamilton on judicial nominees and cronys

Wraps Come Off Cold War SpySat Program

Miers and Roberts: The consequences Americans refused to believe

Ex-aide: Miers "..on the extreme end of the anti-choice movement,"


Safety-schmafety. Has the 9/11 attack been avenged?

Christian fundamentalists are not qualified for judgeships

Question about US citizenship.

DUers: Rate This Story HIGH!

"A smart chimpanzee and a dim-witted human are not as indistinguishable

I think all the DEMS should vote for Miers if she makes it out of committee

'Let me prove I'm Peron daughter'

Miers has done pro bono work for her church

the signs of change are coming.

Miers Ushers in Age of Aquarius (hilarious from Michael Berube)

How do we convince our Democratic leaders to become Anti-War?

Miers backed gay rights but not repeal of sodomy law

Togo schoolgirls get heads shaved

Miers left the Valley View Church 3 weeks ago

Tropical Storm Tammy now off the East Coast of Florida

FEMA pay puzzles landlord

Should politicians running for office or nominated for appointments

KR: The sights, sounds and threat of violence are a constant in Baghdad

Monetary Trends - Daily Forex Commentary (the Fred/Fan (s) )

How do YOU think a born-again evangelical Christian will vote on abortion?

neighborhood wants to incorporate....good idea or bad?

Bono and Bob Geldof coming up next on CNN -- ON NOW

Hypothetical: Given the choice...

Bush* Advocates Legislating From The Bench

There are too many contentious threads on DU.

The neural basis of human moral cognition (Nature Neuroscience)

Harriet Miers is simply another tool of Bushco

Here's one Brit that knows ...

Any Links to Shrub's press debacle that don't use RealPlayer?

A small point ....

Son of former president (Carter) to challenge Ensign in 2006 (NV-Senate)

Excellent resource site dealing with Avian Flu(H5N1)

Bush ran on "restoring honor and dignity" to the White House

Katrina debtors catch break, won't have to get credit counseling!!

What if?

The Discrepancy Between Missing People & Confirmed Fatalities in Ms.

Look at the email forward I got...what would you say?

Gen. Petraeus in training Iraqui troops - live on CSPAN2

Need help INRE: Clinton, Sudan, Bin Laden and rightwing lies(?)

Opinion: Miers is Faking "Born Again" Christianity JUST LIKE * DID

States rights and federalism--help me out.

Signing Bonuses to work at Burger King? (In New Orleans)

In Oregon, BushCo opposes "Death With Dignity" says CNN

Delay refused to testify under oath

C-SPAN: Senators discussing the torture ammendment to this years' defense

Tom-Tom 2008!

Scumbag Jeb Bush seizes opportunity to reverse position on offshore drill

Freeper Andy Rooney email being passed as real

Correct me if I'm wrong: But isn't "changing" a good thing?

Half a million tax $ to paint an airplane to look like a fish?

They Aren't 'Just Resting', The Democratic Party is Dead

US Poverty: Chronic Ill, Little Hope for Cure

Posse and Harriet: The real reason that Bush picked Miers

High Gas Prices and ANWAR...what they won't say.

ACTION INFO: Indiana's "Unauthorized Reproduction Bill"

Pentagon Pushed Able Danger Hearing Behind Closed Doors

An easy way to help Hurricane Victims

WSJ : Researchers Report High Success Rate For Kidney Swaps

Video: O'Reilly whines about blogging and Media Matters.

Non-judge to Receive Crash Course in Judging, President Says

Bush's Failures: 'The Note' Mistakes Reality For "Press Themes"

IN lawmakers propose criminalizing unwed motherhood.

Academic Bill of Rights........

Trent Lott Must Be Really Pissed At Bush....

What's up with AAR's Philly station?

Strange CDC Survey

Wal-Mart Turns in Student’s Anti-Bush Photo,

Your tax dollars at work -- to the tune of $500,000

Gang of 14 Meets on Miers

Press On

DU this Newsday Poll

Thinking out loud on the use of torture and Rumsfeld

FOX Caught Editing Factor Transcript (Again)

Bush's 1 "battle ready" Iraqi battalion spin.

It Was in the Nat'l Enquirer - Last Night, Dave's Top 10 List

"invasion of Iraq was not wise after all" Dutch foreign

Time to play Scotty bingo!

TX DA Ronnie Earle defends motivations for newest charges against Delay

Why I think the rw outrage over Miers is sincere.

New Avian Flu Coordinator Grossly Overstates Possible Death Toll...

Can someone give this kid a hand.......?

Please help College Dems in Alabama

It's all smoke & mirrors, people.. Roberts, Miers, etc..

Vilsack: Local sex offender provisions 'justifiable reaction'

I wonder how Aaron Brown likes sharing the spotlight.

Miers speaks about the patriot act - April 2005

Scum Sentinel poll needs DUing!!!!

Face-off at Wells Fargo headquarters: San Francisco Today

Am I being Paranoid? I Just Picked Up My DC Protest Photos and

Have you read the Rolling Stone article on Katrina?

First "Sweet Neocon", and now this!!

Lesbian newage crystal herbal wiccan diet freaks bother me...

I really don't think Bush is gonna last another 3 years

1942 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Senate Democrats Look Good for 2006

Anybody see Studs Terkel on Democracy Now.....

100-150 Homes Not Searched In NOLA...And Won't Be.

BRAD BLOG: Ann Coulter Lies Again!

Would you take Nelson Rockefeller for President?

why there should be no filibuster of miers (with one caveat)


Need Info On Indictability of the President/V.P.

"Nothing is sadder than watching someone sell their soul when nobody’s ...

what's *ush talking about tomorrow?

Finders fees - a chance for troops to earn $1000 bonus!

Gol Dangit!!!! Will SOMEONE talk to me about Plame?????????

Pending Law Requires Marriage As Legal Condition Of Motherhood

I think Reid suckered Bush into making a fool of himself.

D.R. Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor - Somebody please critique this

What is your prescription for fair elections?

12 Indictments Fantasy Thread

The Rich think they can get along without MOST of us.

rope-a-dope or GOP split?

Did you know that James Dobson is a member of a secretive RW Cabal?

October 5 - Dine For America

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes expecting baby

O’Reilly Lied about having trouble booking guests for last night's show

MOGAMBO GURU: Hard Times Are Coming For Us All

KOS: Unauthorized Reproduction bill in Indiana.... LICENSE TO PROCREATE?!

Reminder - Dean on Hardball with Tweety tonight. nt.

Who is watching the Senate on Cspan? Shenanigans going on

Find the cheapest gas in your area...

When Rove is indicted who will take over as "Bush's Brain"?

Having a senior moment so need some info.

Hey! Suddenly the options at the bottom of threads & posts changed!

I'm finally pissed off

To the Bushies please Let me live or let me Die !

CIA not to pursue 9/11 disciplinary action

Is Bush Exaggerating the Threat of Avian Flu for Political Purposes?

More Miers Badness: she helped develop Patriot Act

Why would returning guardsmen from Louisiana need debriefed?

POLL: Outcome of Harriet Miers confirmation?

MSNBC Hardball...Anyone else loose Cable connection with Dean's

Where is Jack Cafferty?

AMERICAblog: The WH is hiding Karl Rove - they know something's coming...

According to TPM- Sherrod Brown to Challenge DeWine.

Plame - Why give Rove the responsibility of Katrina cleanup /w indictments

Mainstream Press Not Focusing On Rising Death Toll In Iraq

Should we be wondering or worrying

if (that's IF) this flue is as bad as they say:

VIDEO- White House Press Conf from today-Edited down

Hannity just had delay's lawyer on and said the indictments are wrong

Is America it's own Enemy?

The NeoCons have the White House and apparently controls the Congress

My cousin asked me if I just hate republicans.

POLL: for Supreme Court, corrupt crony or pure ideologue

Endless War?

Plamegate Noose Tightens at the White House: Remember the Memo

How dare they let Dobson access secret information!

Notice Bush says be scared of bird flu and the media runs with it?

¿Tecumseh-Hero/ Traitor/ Other ?

Is religious fundamentalism compatible with modern democracy?

Hardball is hilarious today. Howard Dean says "hide the salami"

Frugal & Energy Effecient Living Group

What do you think of America being run by only two families?

Democrats need to take time and listen to Miers answers...

Howard Dean is on Hardball now.

What do you think * will do to keep us from playing the PLAME game?

AMAZING: Fundie Pastor Criticizes * for Militarizing Disaster Response!

The 'single' Ms.Miers wears a wedding ring

Of all people dangerous & divisive, I think Limbaugh tops the list

Can Miers confirmation be denied for conflict of interest?

Tinfoil Theory posted in a semi-serious fashion: Bush Appointments

What is a liberal? -- JFK's answer (and mine)

How many "W '04" stickers are there in your area now?

My old boss got reprimanded by the Tx Bar.

Boeing Boeing: "it unleashes hell" on a mosque

Fyi reminder John Edwards on Daily Show tonight (nt)

Most Recommended Photos from Yahoo!

Bush got Dobson's approval beforehand on Miers

Newdow Wants To Change Entire Pledge Of Allegiance

Ronald Reagan was a blathering dolt.

Jimmy Carter's son is going to run for US Senator

New CNN Online Poll: Should NOLA Be Rebuilt? 58% - No!

The Free Republic called my website "treasonous"

"Bush military bird flu role slammed"

***Please Read if Union*** RE: last years UFCW strike in California.

Shameless self-promotion!

Does anyone have a link to the "Lay Down" peace video?

Lets take a look at the last 3 avian flu pandemics in the USA

WalMart Consistently Overcharges Me: Anyone Else Having Same Problem?

Delay's (Armpac) Rankings by State (interesting)

A religious question for Christians that has always confused me

The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

The Church Lady & Harriet Miers: Coincidence?

Trooper's killer awaits execution (Texas)

Want to Donate to Deaf Hurricane Relief?

A bundle of sticks and fascism

Reminder: Fitzgerald has until Oct. 28th to hand down

A Few Questions for Intelligent Design Proponents.

AAR welcomes Chattanooga, TN: 1310 WDOD!!!!

A Soldier In Iraq cheers for Cindy Sheehan

Howard Dean and John Edwards on TV today and Gore gave

Fired CBSer Cries Foul (Mary Mapes discovers vermin at FR)

So am I the only person who simultaneously thinks that...

I was upset about the students of Cesar Chavez Elementary School

O'Reilly on Media Matters: "assassins" "the worst, most vicious"

What if all of the TVs went blank?

Ode to America...

Are people like Howard Stern Liberals? Or parasites of the liberal party?

Maureen Dowd: All the President's Women (10/5 column)

Leftist libertarians--it appears that there are a number of us.

Donald Rumsfeld's history with Flu vaccines

Ok, be honest-- Anyone here who is the same person today..

Get Robert Parry on TV campaign - PLEASE HELP.

Bush sees pandemic as a means to power, not a disaster to be prevented

Some tips on discussing the threat religion presents

POLL: What was Bush's main reason for picking Miers for Supreme Court?

Heard on the news: the WH is in lockdown, due to a mysterious package

Design a National Public Grade School Curriculum

Do you agree with the decision to keep the USS Iowa out of San Francisco?

Best photo ever (doggy airlift)!

Democratic Underground has new moderators!

'Tis the season to be INDICTED

Plame Indictments? TIME FOR A "TERRA" ALERT!

Charity gap divides catastrophes

Rove being distanced from President (indictments coming)

A dying sparrow

newyawker99 has retired as a mod?!?!

Bush's Guard Service May Affect Miers Nomination

Republicans Support Birth Control

3500 Christians embrace Hinduism in Etah

Dobson, suddenly supporting Miers, says he can't talk about why


I'm a liberal, I use the word fuck and I'll be flying Southwest...

21 Administration Officials Involved in Plame Leak

10 photos from the 9th ward (dial up warning, no gore or grue)

DeLay's New Defense: 'I Mispoke'

"Bush pushes Congress to renew the Patriot Act"

New meme; 9th Ward shouldn't be rebuilt (but wealthy sections okay)

My conservative friends will not talk politics anymore

Examine how the RWs are attacking the Meirs nomination for pointers:

Boozer Bush (Salt Lake City Weekly)

people cheat -- but would they STEAL ELECTIONS?

Major rumors in D.C.: Over a dozen indictments in Plame case imminent

The Tide Is Not Turning.

New Windows version will block HD playback on OLDER monitors.

WTF is with these baby boomers?

My plea to Congressman Conyers posted at Daily Kos

On German Shepherds and the Berlin Wall

Gore on the Threat to American Democracy--Today's Speech Transcript!!

How do you deal with the door to door Latter Day Saints?

People it is time.

We should all be defending conspiracy theorists

Avian Flu and 1918 Virus - What's the real story? Research or Development?

Why Are Silicone Breast Implants about to Be Approved by the FDA?

Buffalo ...... Discuss

Ick. Burnt Sesame oil. Burnt in the bottle.


Duh! Appetizers are a perfect lunch!

what the heck.. this should not be happening..

Canadian soldiers injured in suicide blast

Great photoshop contest on Canada

As the US lowers the nuclear threshold, debate is stifled

Don't trash past, Fox tells Tories

How Euro are you?

Muslim Chaplain Recalls Guantanamo Deal

Ten people dead as mystery virus hits Toronto home

Fla. Panhandle Company Denies It Contributed To Levee Break

Quiz hints at Miers' views on gay rights

New Orleans sacks 3,000 workers

Valery's grandma wants her

Clinton Lends His Expertise and an Ear in Louisiana

In Midcareer, a Turn to Faith to Fill a Void

Rains, Mudslides Kill 65 in Central America

Bush Says Social Security Overhaul Is Stalled

Suicide blast hits Canadian convoy in Afghanistan, child killed

Iraq Parliament Reverses Vote Rule Change

Editor of Afghan Women's Magazine Arrested

New Orleans Is Battered by Layoffs

Much of US fighting gear stocked in S. Korea found in disrepair

Senate to Engage in Debate Over Detainees

Al Arabiya calls on US forces to free its reporter in Baghdad

(CNN) Poll: Support for Miers not as high as that for Roberts

Western-trained, Western-armed, enemies

Indiana Lawmakers Seek to Ban, Control Assisted Impregnation

Re: LA Times: Change Sought to Cover Losses

Baghdad Districts' Security Handed to Iraq, U.S. Says

Slowing Is Seen in Housing Prices in Hot Markets

Texas Prosecutor Cites New Input on DeLay

Lott: 'Not comfortable' with Miers' nomination

Iraqi border guards arrest British national in desert

Soldier Reports More (Iraq prisoners)Abuses to Senator (MCain)

US will hit Syria with sanctions, says Israel

Language Teachers at Fort Bragg Arrested

Bush says Iraqi troops playing bigger role

The Times: Catholic Church No Longer Swears By Truth Of The Bible

Tests find N.O. water less toxic than feared

Former Miami judge charged in embezzlement scheme

Army to return Saddam palace complex to Iraq

'God's banker' trial set to open

High Court Weighs in on Assisted Suicide

White House Entrances Briefly Closed

Dems Pursue Ohio Election System Overhaul

Gore, Watchdog Groups Criticize Bloomberg For Snubbing Apollo Debate

Religious conversion redefined nominee's worldview

Protesters enter Bennett's recording studio

Tropical storm Tammy forms off the coast of Florida

(Franklin) Plea May Affect Aipac Lobbyists' Cases

Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks (in Iraq)

Texas appeals court overturns killer's death sentence for third time

Scientists resurrected 1918 flu (Military brought virus back to life)

Judge Strikes Down Part of Calif. Law (restricts banks from selling data)

No disciplinary review for 9/11 failures of Tenet

Anti-gay-marriage petition drive fraud

Detainee dies at Camp Bucca (Iraq)

Franklin: I gave Israel secret material

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 5 October

Saddam's former number two urges escalation of insurgency

Fear of Flu Outbreak Rattles Washington ... NYT

CIA will not pursue disciplinary action for Sept 11 (failures)

Storms Show A System Out Of Balance (Lack of Congressional Oversight)

Assisted-reproduction Bill Would Bar Singles and Gays

Alaska Threatens to Yank N. Slope Leases

High Court Clashes Over Assisted Suicide (Roberts aggressive)

Business Groups Want to Limit Patriot Act

Miers Joins Dallas Church Breakaway Group

Old South Debate Is Revived in the West

First Grand Jury Declined to Indict DeLay

Privatization has yet to save state money /Houston Chronicle

U.S. energy future rests with development of Canadian oil sands

Internet Critic of Delaware Politician Has Right to Anonymity, Court Rules

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (#1942)

Flood-damaged New Orleans hospitals to be closed

New California Law Prohibits Discrimination: Organ Transplants for HIV

Bush to visit Latin America in November

Congress Seeks to Slash Food Aid for Poor

Dems Pursue Ohio Election System Overhaul

Bomber kills 13 in Iraq as Shi'ites start Ramadan

Cheney Urges Patience in War on Terror

Iran 'behind attacks on British'

Filmmaker sues Kerry, campaign aide over Vietnam documentary

High Court Weighs in on Assisted Suicide (Oregon's Death with Dignity Law)

Gov. Jeb Bush reverses on Gulf drilling

U.S. general in Iraq: Growing disconnect with Washington

Son of former president to challenge Ensign in 2006

Spain may judge Guatemala (civil war) abuses (BBC News)

Bush plans 'major speech' on Iraq, terrorism

Goss Won't Seek Review for Tenet, Others

Rangel Blasts Cheney For Age Remark (``ought to be ashamed of himself'')

Former Bush Official (David Safavian) Indicted in (Abramoff) Probe

"Bush's Guard service may affect Mier's nomination"

AP: DeLay, Successor Blunt Swapped Donations (Must Read)

US car theft rings probed for ties to Iraq bombings

Pentagon Analyst Pleads Guility in Spy Case

Europe Braces for al-Qaeda Strikes

Chavez's allegation of planned invasion based on war game (More M$M PUKE)

GM, UAW near deal on health care: report

ABC BREAKING: Spy in the Whitehouse

Poll: Bush approval rating hits all-time low in New York (29% approval)

Wal-Mart Turns in Student’s Anti-Bush Photo, Secret Service Investigates

Dutch minister questions Iraq war

Bank of England vows to fight £850m BCCI case to the finish

FDA Unveils Proposal to Fight Mad Cow

(Canadian) MPs want to see solicitation legalized

Deadly 1918 Epidemic Linked to Bird Flu, Scientists Say

Animal Rights Group Sneaks Onto Chicken Farms, Makes Video

Young women lead the way in tearing down sex taboos: new US survey

Woman kicked off SW Airlines flight for wearing anti Bush shirt

With Lenin's Ideas Dead, Russia Weighs What to Do With Body

United American Technologies - I'm pissed.

Had it not been for the song "Soul man" by Sam and Dave

OMG.. back from Drinking Liberally. A bit buzzed.

The Church Lady & Harriet Miers: Could it be...

Hook 'em, Horns!

I Know This Smudges, Drew.

It appears that dubya is not the only person to suffer from.....

I'm at work last night and one of our project managers comes in

Who's the leader of the

Now it's time to

Bondage Martha Stewart

A son wants to be a Mod.

Tell us about a good local small business...

Angels are Bowling

There has to be more to this world...

Dane Cook could very well be the worst comic on the face of the earth

Historic Toilet Will Cost $24,000

Bush visibly shaken by the news.

Bush visibly shaken by the news.

Never eat the pink M&M

I shaved a baby sea turtle today

Norm the Poodle for President!

Ramadan Mubarak to my fellow Muslim DUers!

'Bootie Beer' Goes On Sale In Boston This Week

Too much love not enoug touch

Football player's dad jailed for hitting kid who ran onto field

Old gay fashion maven dogs

Today I am mourning the Diva Duck

Jagger Denies Reports of Stones Rift

Good Morning Everyone!!!!!

Cell phones - progress or distraction?

Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Oliveri.

Happy Birtdhay ... .. Nikki Hilton!! (pic)

All you World War II experts answer this question for me

I'm having a bad day....

guess who`s a white sox fan? -- hugo chavez!

Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Riviera


Good collection of Jon Stewart shows:

Good Morning, Folks!

Lindsay Lohan in auto accident

Why does FOX insist on producing and airing filthier shows every year?

Button, button, who's got the button???

Bush visibly shaken by the news.

Liberty University Marching Band

Childhood illusions shattered.

another crazy fundy story

What's Wrong with My PhotoBuckets?

He iz my boyfriend! Bob Kur just said that Hecht was her "boyfriend".

I'm leaving for Vegas early tomorrow morning. Going to the Sumo wrestling

ELECTION '08! Who should win the Dem nomination?

Cheney and his little doggy

Honda Designs Car Friendly for Dogs

Back from the dentist

Anyone else on the DU a Cluster Headache sufferer?

UFO-Spotters Tell Tales of the Extra-Terrestrial

Bwahahaha! I just won a week in Fantasy Football (3-1) without my starter

Demos Gain Control Of Congress in 2007? Sometimes I Dream The Future

I'm one post away from

Caption, caption, who's got a caption???

All you trek fans seen the finnish parody yet?

The smell of the bakery on my block is a force to strong to deny.

Nuetered dog question???

Question about National Guard and veterans

My dog wants to go to the beach

Stereotypes and prejudices you once held that DU helped dispel.

Time to leave work.

Take a look at these hands....

Trapped for 40 minutes in a septic tank or havin' a beer with George Bush

Dog friendly Honda check it out...

It's a beautiful day, and I feel great!

White sweater + pink, sticky lipgloss


Neighborhood wants to incorporate...........

If you wake up with a death metal earworm, are you a bad person?

I'm becoming Ween.

Sitcom Trivia...Can You List What Cities These Sitcoms Took Place In....

What is your favorite SF/F movie trilogy?

I LOVE this guy!

Does Dish network have GOL TV?

Anyone else part of the DU Cluster Fuck instigators?

best site for the best cake recipes?

Anyone else having trouble seeing the Latest page?

I am so sick of my "friends" sending me bigotted trash!

I'm becoming lean.

had a pretty wild night last night, lots of shirtless girls, loud music...

Excuse me for a few

Oh Boy! Waiting on the Fed-Ex lady!

Anyone know what makes up the Moo Goo Gai Pan white sauce?

And another reason to go Digital: No Secret Service knocking at your door

Favorite Galactica Character

Dangerously approaching the 700 club

I just Hired a Lesbain Mailing Firm....

OK, what does the buddy list actually DO?

I have finally bought and plugged in my optical mouse! Ask me anything!

Are questions going to be answered on Lost?

Marvin became a hunter last night.

Keith O. doing the Religion/Damage to Society story tonight w/Fr. Sarducci

Favorite female rock band or single artist?

Pointed sticks?!

Does anyone here use Apple Cider Vinegar regularly?

Just my effin' luck. GIRLS GONE WILD just set up cameras in my house.

Do you ever get the feeling it's all "1 step forward, 2 steps back"?

Hey, Guy Outside, I know that YOU love cranking Billy Idol out of your

The Gravity vs. "Intelligent Weight" Controversy

Squeaky-Clean Mormom Boy Band's DVD Replaced by Soft-Porn Flick

I can hear the noontime test sirens from my house.

Don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

"Big Forums?"

Ladies -- the little black dress of the 21st Century?

My cat is trying to post on DU with his ass

Bartcop has some excellent titles for "worlds thinnest book"

Just a headsup. If you don't hear from me tomorrow......

I'm Thankful for ....taxes?

I sold the lady the Anti-Bush shirt that got her kicked off the plane!

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I love this pic! (digustingly cute kid pic)

Another C.G. computer poll. High speed or Dialup?

Help CatWoman Find Her Peanuts and whipped cream....Where do you think

What else can I bitch about?

Why doesn't WannaJumpMyScooter not like me


Remember when your Mom told you your eyes were bigger than...

NHL season starts tonight!

Post A Pic That Screams.....1970's!

People who hated High School with 10 yr reunions coming up - DON'T GO!!!!!

So, this PYTHON and ALLIGATOR meet in the swamps....


No good deed goes unpunished. A rant.

In honor of the debut of the new NHL tonight, who is your favorite hockey

Bush Briefing from Rummie - How Many Is a Brazillion

Fashion industry pet peeves

Today's my last day at work. Ask me anything...


Clooney Planning Another Live Drama - this time a remake of Network

Hockey schmockey!

I hate being bored and am thinking of splitting.

So, if I wanted to get on a Southwest flight, bottomless and clean-shaven

I HATE THIS BOARD... I am thinking of quitting...

I'M BORED WITH THESE BOARD THREADS... I am thinking of knitting...

I've lost my voice, and now everyone is laughing at me

I HATE THIS BEARD...I'm thinking of cutting

I HATE THIS BOARD... I am thinking of quitting...


I HATE THIS GOURD... I am thinking of knitting...

First impression on Braves/Astros: Braves red jerseys suck.

Sigh...and OF COURSE no "hide thread".

Tom Cruise kills Oprah!

Did I say that?

I HATE THIS BOARD... I am thinking of quitting...

Immaculate Conception? Katie Holmes is Pregnant

Ever run into some ass from school that hit the skids & wasn't amused?

So, Rummy is briefing Tom Cruise....

Things are not what they seem...scroll not click


Goodnight y'all!

High School classmates--do you ever want to see them again?

I've got my first job interview in a long time. Wish me luck!

I HATE LITTLE KIDS... I am thinking of pulling out...

I'm #1 with a bullet on the freeper charts.

Progmom's dingo ate my gator

I just had a tooth pulled-ask me anything!

Yes! Media won!

I'm becoming mean.

UGH! Spent all day intalling over 50 VOIP phones!

Can you feel it?

Is anyone else really freaked out by spiders?

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes burst after trying to eat a gator

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes expecting baby

This thread is all about BATS!!

I ATE THIS SWORD - I am thinking of sh*tting

Evian flu??

I HATE THIS FJORD ... I am thinking of quitting...

I HATE THIS BARD...I am thinking of jotting...

Post something you are really proud of...

Is there a limit to all you can eat??

Go Astros! They've never been to the World Series.

Baby got back!

the Jehovahs Witnesses are back!

I HATE THIS BOARD... I am thinking of quitting...

How to invade Canada

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes expecting to take baby to grocery store.

So, I am off to the republican Country Club for Clams...

Looks like they found Taylor (the missing college coed)



Any DUers' thoughts on moving to NYC? Done it? Wanted to do it? Should I?

The new Journey CD "Generations"...I'm not ashamed to say it's good...

NCAAF Top 25 Weekend Schedule

"Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes expecting to eat baby??"

This is the first time in years...where everything in my life is wrong

Weekend Football Schedule !!!!

I can't get a thread locked in this town!


this thread is all about HATS!

I Have Bird FLU!

Harriet Miers - Fun with Photoshop, much?

I have the bird flu, nanna nanna boo boo!

Can an employer cite issues on an employee that are due to a condition?

Jeez, now even lighting a cigar makes me feel bad

Does anyone know what station will show the Phoenix Coyotes game?

Stupid Thoughts and Free Association Thread

Boston DUers, whom do you hate more?

Sodomy, the unhappy results in the everglades

Python Bursts After One Little Dinner Mint


what does it mean when you dream about ....

Wow . . . a real live two headed tortoise . . . Neat :)

Build your own .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

Short money? Is a kid's meal on the menu?

Is this the sign of the apocalypse? TomKat is pregnant...

gimme a fuckin' break

Talk about a deserving winner....

Either I am catching bird flu or my annual cold

Looking for someone who understands Latin rhythmns

Looking for someone who understands logger rhythms.

Python Explodes After Eating Alligator

Who's Skypin here? You know Skype. Tell me about it...

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Expecting a Baby

We haven't had a Tom Kitten thread in awhile

Plywood womb / custom gimp box.

Who wants my kid?

Time to 'school' the new Lounge mods

it's splitsville for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachay

Words ending the suffix "ate" which describe the * administration.

Maddy says I get to control the tombstone button

Club Gitmo t-shirts are a good sign that people you know are dittoheads

I, for one, welcome our alien lizard overlords


I HATE THIS BOARD... I am thinking of quitting...

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base...... snicker......

Entertainment Tonight is going to do a re-enactment of the Lohan crash

Python Bursts Onto Broadway Stage

It's all YOUR fault

You know. I think we should take some time and praise the DLC.

What does it mean when you dream about your parents having sex?

Cocoa hasn't come home since yesterday

Help CatWoman Find Her Voice... Where Do You Think She Lost It?

Meet Tex, our new family member. (Pic)

Blonde Repair Job - Audio File

Python Bursts After Trying to Eat Gator

RIP Hamilton Camp, 1934-2005

I, for one, can't wait until the DU Journals are in place

gimme a buckin' fake

DAMN! Jasmine rice smells GOOD when it's cooking :)

I LOVE THIS BOARD ....I am thinking of posting more.....

I miss the Meeting Room.

I was appointed anonymous mod.

Um..Miss Lohan..

I'm on jury duty ......... don't ask me anything.

WOO HOO! The BEST mod locking messages EVAH are BACK!

Today's ZINGS!

Battle of the Soxes episode 2 game thread

I HATE DS1... I am thinking of Pulling Out....

For you U2 fans out there

Unbearable cuteness

What does "hide the salami" mean as attributed to H. Dean on Tweety's show

the history of violence was HORRIBLE.

Does This Ring Look Like An Engagement Ring?

Is 'All in the Family' a politically incorrect show?

Which Star Trek movie is your guilty pleasure?

Looking for someone who understands logarithms

Which US State Has The Best-Looking Flag?

************ MILESTONE ************

Post something you find embarrassing about yourself.

"Scotty" to have ashes launched into space

GAME ON - Hockey starts tonight

I feel it's time to hibernate... like them. Look!

I had a big salad with a cold beer for dinner - what did you have

Why Wal-Mart is good


Does anyone know how much adult braces cost?

CONFESS!!!!! Girls - did you ever stuff your bra (guys, same w/ pants)

Marine Purity

I've got a cold

generic self-serving, attention seeking thread.

This ain't right.... (short soap opera warning)

aaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa AH! Kitten Vikings!

O'Reilly shall, from this point forward , be known as...

So I get my stitches out today... and my doctor...

What jewelry do you routinely wear?

What the hell is wrong with G.W. Bush (sarcasm)?

What are your current top 5 TV shows?

Karma ROCKS!


What's for lunch today?

Create your own Superhero!

Democratic Underground has new moderators!


I have a bruised kidney....ask me anything!

I think I have Avian Flue

Funny Firefly fan film (Mosquito)

A rant against people who don't have kids in grocery stores!!!

Classic Rock Songs that have not been adapted to commercials yet

I can't sleep! The Martians are after me!

Who wants a kid?

Been singing this one to my son at's been stuck in my head.

26 random alphabet questions!


Who's weirder? Sarahbelle or me?

I just exercised consumer power!

Would you have been a Nazi?

The Times: Catholic Church No Longer Swears By Truth Of The Bible

Help Me To Understand How People Can Ignore BIGOTRY And HATRED...

DU got mentioned at FSTDT!!!

Satellite images confirm mystery glow in ocean

This Laser Trick's a Quantum Leap

Earth Sinks Three Inches Under Weight Of Flooded Amazon

Poppy - the cold war spy satellite system snooping on USSR

The Chimpanzee Genome

Injunction Sought To Protect Gay Teen Inmates

Military Recruiters Met With Protests Over Anti-Gay Policy

Houston Politicians Oppose Anti-Gay Amendment

Anti-gay-marriage petition drive fraud

Calif. Adoption Agency Agrees To End Discrimination Against Gays

Gay Movie Switch Has Mormons Fuming

Presidential(Chavez) greeting for Oz


Tigers hire Jim Leyland as new manager

Anyone here familiar with Catahoula Leopard Dogs?

re: " PlaqueOff Animal " for tartar and doggy breath

A question about out of state adoptions

No homework on Wednesdays?

So, riddle me this...

Independants for Kerry still kicking and one other Kerry 2008 site.

Kerry Joins Dems Questioning FTC Oil Refinery Approvals

Kerry Plans 3 Stops On Sunday

Senate Democrats Call For Energy Independence by 2020

Historical note for WEL: great vote statistic

Kerry Fights to Keep the Heat on for Low Income Families This Winter

What do you all think of Reid "recommending" Meirs?

* is giving a 'major speech' on Iraq tomorrow

I'm dizzy - up seems to be down today

Teddy's email on Miers

Possible Senate Committee Hearings this week

Kerry speaking now on C-Span 2

Exclusive Photo Flash: John and Teresa Kerry Visit The Odd Couple

Happy Birthday Mama T! (A photo thread in her honor)

This is the saddest thing I have ever seen .......

Is anyone having trouble getting into their photobucket account? I've

If you haven't seen Harriet Miers' blog....

Countdown Newsletter: 10/05/05 -- Conservative Backlash Continues

If you see this on Jossip today, you'll know where it came from.

Bohemian Grove post...why did it just go away? Not wanting to

Who was last to go from Senate directly to the White House?

Don't be overly-sensitive and make unrealistic demands of the Democrats.

Miers will be a Scalia clone, count on it!

Can Miers be questioned about her sexual orientation?

Conservative vs. Bush Cult civil war over Miers is very evident at FR

Miers opposed repeal of law outlawing sodomy. sorry if dupe

Republicans' 2006 Senate prospects sour

Lest we forget - The anti-war voices in Washington

Dems Challenge FTC Oil Refinery Merger Approvals

Senate Democrats Renew Call For Energy Independence by 2020

dupe delete

FEMA Asks Floridians to Give Back Aid

Part II for Non-Sequitur Fans: "I'm not for pointing any fingers, but..."

More on Miers - hints of unethical practices in her law firm

The right code name for *

Question; Why doesn't Homeland Security ORDER testing for tularemia?

Apeing the Tories - a warning from history

Even the Little Things Offend Me

Iran implicated in British deaths..

This was once a sweet young boy from Denmark

Bush Nominates Political Cronies To Key State Department, Homeland Securit

Speculation: Could Harriet Miers conversion have had to do with Abortion?

Repukes really trying to screw us over on Miers!!

Self examination

I Must Be A Progressive - Rant II

Conservatives Leading The Charge Against Miers

Is Miers a throw-away nomination?

Which political group confuses you the most?

Zogby: Bush approval 43% ..disapproval 57%... approval up 3 points

What numerical grade do you give to the Democratic Party?

If you haven't seen it, watch it. The President in the Rose Garden on C-S

Will Bush sit on Lott's new porch if he's "not comfortable" with Miers?

The creepiest and most insulting comments made in the press conference

‘Born Again’ Miers or Cronies in Christ

“That’s right, I said I’m a hooker. " - Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL)

Require Constitutional law on the Bar Exam - and as part of annual CLE

Republican Congress Seeks to Slash Food Aid for Poor

Not sure about this one:

Are our Democratic Leaders preparing for a coming Constitutional crisis

Republicans Continue Dangerous Fiscal Policy

David Van Os on the DeLay Indictment

Ted Kennedy wants information..

Miers a ‘Tough Cookie’, Who Packed a Smith & Wesson

The Worst President of the Modern Era

Robert Parry -- How about a campaign to get Robert Parry on TV?

Miers Nomination a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card for Republicans

Great Diary at dailykos - Republican Civil War

Received through email....some important links and groups

Help me please!

Miers rewarded for masking Bush's Vietnam dodging?

My campaign web site

Dean Commemorates the Start of Ramadan

Box Turtles frozen out of Supreme Court nomination

bumper sticker "America demands an ind. Katrina Com.Why wont Rep. listen?"

Who started this "Opposition Party" BS?

Bush: Use the Military to Enforce Avian Flu Quarantine? No thanks.

"This President and his Administration must be held accountable"

GOP not that brilliant-cheap labor busted unions, which busted Dems.

Louisiana's nameless dead remain in bureaucratic limbo

What the *#$%? Harriet Miers Quotes on just 1

Subject: Bird Flu Distraction in the Making (I agree)

In other news


Bush using "Bird Flu" as an excuse to repeal POSSE COMITATUS

Waxman: "It's Your Money" Documents Contracting Waste, Fraud & Abuse


Chimp to make "major" speech tomorrow on Iraq

Let the Freepers fight.

great show on LinkTV now (5 pm edt) ... (directTV channel 375)

The Axis of Evil, having a nice lunch meeting.

Poll: Bush approval rating hits all-time low in N.Y. (29% Favorable. 29%!)

As The Noose Tightens At The White House

Has Anyone Read This Report by Wayne Madsen?

Mapes Publishes Her Side Of 60-Minutes Document Forgery Story

War-Hawk Rs and Anti-War Ds: What's the Difference? by Cindy Sheehan

John Edwards on Daily Show tonight (Weds,10-5)

My 800th post- Re elect Al Gore!

Is Miers Evangelical or a Fundamentalist (or both)

Could anyone really be any worse than Miers?

why does Judith Miller sound like a girl when she talks?

Buchanan: Miers is an unqualified crony

Why vote?

Re: Recall Process of Public Officials Need History/Legal Help

I think we are falling for the newest talking points...

if there are 12 indictments who do people think some of them will be

Frugal & Energy Effecient Living Group

IC Barrett Continues to Spend Millions Despite Court Order to Close Inv.

The time for real campaign funding reform is nigh

BushCo: Want 10, 20, 30 more years?

ALERT: Unauthorized Reproduction bill (Indiana)

DNC: Bush Payoffs Deemed Illegal

What's the latest on the $50 billion for Iraq?

The Salmon-Forty-Salmon - Good marketing or bad idea?

It's get out the votes, stupid

The Plan - Here it is, straight from the Dem leadership (Clinton) to you.

How bad is it going to get?

We need a new Barbara Jordan, can you think of any viable candidates?

Kerry Fights to Keep the Heat on for Low Income Families This Winter

"Pull out NOW"...what does that mean, exactly?

Rethugs split over McCain's amend to military appropriations bill(torture)

McCain's amendment on torture policy

What does a 'big tent party' really mean?

Mainstream Press Not Focusing On Rising Death Toll In Iraq

Bush Doesn't Need Military For Avian Flu

The Hill: Republicans' 2006 Senate prospects sour

Espionage case breaches White House!

About that weird jaw jutting thing with *

How many times are we going to be suckered?

Is Barack Obama still our rising star?

Anne Coulter calls for Bush impeachment over Miers.

What Hillary fans have to remember.

What does James Dobson know?

Paul Hackett Lays In to Harry Reid (can anyone confirm this?)

It seems Bushies Base is not upset he babbles incoherently .....WTF?

Lou Dobbs to Judy Miller: "I will not forgive Fitzgerald for what he did"

Alright so which senate seats are most ripe for the taking?

Name *ONE* thing you are for and *ONE* thing you're against

An idea: Reforming the way Democrats elect their leaders

Some Liberals just WANT to COMPLAIN !

Studs Turkle Was On Democracy Now Today... And He

Anyone know what's up with

Would you support a mediocre "caretaker" Democratic administration in 08?

Alaska Airlines uses $500K in Federal Grants to paint jet like a fish

What is wrong with the Democrats today? Really. This is a serious post

Here's how we should proceed re: Miers

I Must Be A Progressive - My Rant

I listened to Hannity today...delay's lawyer: wasn't a crime when he did

Buzzflash Op Ed: Draft Al Gore

DUer Blazes The "Be The Media" Trail To Portland, Oregon Election Summit