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Archives: October 6, 2005

As Ramadan begins, Reporters Without Borders calls for the release of five

Pentagon's biggest 'enemy'

Rumsfeld's ethics, policies questionable

At the Very Top, a Surge in Income in '03 ...David Cay Johnston

Reality sends chills through halls of power

They're Dying in Oregon

Blumenthal: Fall of the Rovean Empire? (Blockbuster Article)

"Impossible, Ridiculous, Repugnant" (Bob Herbert on Wm Bennett, NYT)

Towards a Democratic energy policy

What caused the extensive damage to Subway at WTC?

It Appears Established, By Default, That The Towers Had Concrete Cores.

CA: Secretary of state announces new requirements for electronic voting

GA: proposed regulations restrict private voter registration drives

NIST threat analysis papers available. Call for submissions.

Bob Koehler's new column on the Portland Election Summit: Ballot and Soul

Secretary of state announces new requirements for electronic voting machin

Info on all 3 Kerry Events Sunday October 9th

Why can't I see photographs anymore? All red X on DU in some

So I ran a recovery disk on my laptop and now I don't have Office

DU this poll and I PROMISE

HELP! Desperately need GRAPHIC DESIGN job in Dallas area.

Is tweety putting feelers out for bushes cover in upcoming indictments?

A "fundamental" problem for the US

PETA: Whatever It Takes. Poodle burgers at a dog show?

What does the Franklin plea actually mean?

Distraction.... What about Iran?

Question regarding NOLA house-by-house search

AOL Time-Warner Censors Alex Jones Websites

VIDEOS-Nathan Hecht on Miers (Hardball)

Olbermann doing New Orleans no-bid rebuilding deal story

Crooks and Liars Doesn't Have It. Where's Lott's Statements!

1943 Reasons why the DSM is Important

IRaqi constitution

Spy in the White House

"That's just the way it's always been" Is there any lamer excuse?

Ann Coulter comes down against Miers as a SCOTUS nominee



Al Gore is an evangelical, born again Christian, just like Miers.

Abortion vs. War? Which is worse? (Warning: graphic!)

Dems either playing "Possum" with Meirs or "Brer Rabbit & Tar Baby"

Iraq: The Damnation of America

These 2 cartoon nail it!

Olbermann just pointed out that Progress for America website touched up

Bird Flu: Where's the Surgeon General?

Tularemia Update: NO TRUE POSITIVES in Initial Tests on Mall, CDC says

Here in Sugar land, we practice the ancient art of "TOMIGAMI" :

VIDEO- Something about Harriet (Countdown) Repubs statements

For those who are curious about the Franklin plea, check this

What's the Matter With NYC?

McCain Amendment Passes!

Karen Hughes is raking in the dough -- and raising eyebrows....

New impeachment poll to check out

Idiot o'reilly blames 82nd Airborne for SS atrocity...

Why chief justice Roberts scares me...

Consumer Reports lists 10 most consumer friendly credit cards from cardweb

I'm glad Ashley Smith was not killed by the courthouse shooter...

Is it just me?

Conyers: More Voices Against Iraq and the Administration

Strategic Redeployment : exit of Iraq... comments ?

Kerry Amendment fails, 50-49 (needed 3/5ths)

Anyone else having trouble calling up AMERICAblog? n/t

VIDEO-Howard Dean-Hide the Salami

Stockton Barge Dweller Finally Agrees to Move

Ex administration official indicted in lobbyist probe -

Miers WILL overturn Roe vs Wade

Is there ever a transcript of Scotus arguments posted on the net?

Senate votes down Stabenow Amendment (military & vets' heath care)

Talk about hopeless - What country would you invade next???

Grrrrr. Just when I thought my repuke mother might be seeing the light,

How many wars have we not won? Korean War, Vietnam War, War on Poverty,

someone answer this?

DU lawyers, I'm confused

US officials brace for decisions in CIA leak case - WaPo

CNET: Network feud leads to Net blackout

oh the irony of...

Spread the word - these 9 Senators are pro-torture (McCain amendment)

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 109th Congress -McCain Amdt. No. 1977

Ken starr is standing up for harriet miers

The 9 idiots who voted against the McCain Amendment:

I'm fasting tomorrow!

blizzard warning for N. Dakota!!!!!

How's FR handling the 22 Indictments Rumor this evening?

The supreme abortion trial- Is the bun now in the oven?


Who was it last time that got the lying lunatic's speech ahead

Vote to Limit Debte on Defense Approps Bill (clocture) on cpan now.

Anyone else having problems loading AmericaBlog???

Senate voting to call cloture on Debate Appropriations Bill on NOW

FEAR, FEAR Be very afraid IRAQ/ TERRA and BIRD FLU...

MANDATORY MALLOY: HUMP DAY Truthseeker Rendezvous

I think the stock market knows something bad is coming!

US officials brace for decisions in CIA leak case (decision within days)

General Odom on Democracy Now

bush will not sleep before tomorrow's news conference unless he's drugged.

Just Give It All One Big Name SCANDALGATE-So many scandals so little time

Luskin not commenting on whether Karl received target papers

Here it comes!!!!

Mind of Mencia!!!! He showed Bush flipping off the camera.

Does stock market know bad news is coming?

Question: What exactly is a 'grand jury'?

The Daily Show coming on at 11 eastern w/ John Edwards as guest

Mayor Newsom..God I love this guy

THIS is really how some people think.

Hmmm. The House wants to drop the word "Nuclear" from RNEP

What exactly does "The Battle for Iraq" mean?

Activists' Home Raided by FBI

W's health report - where is it?

American History Buffs and Legal Eagles I need your input on

Wal-Mart Turns In Student's Anti-Bush Photo, Secret Service Investigates

OH FISH ALL "they" are going to fry thread ......

Am I the only one made sad by Edwards on TDS?

Malloy Talking about the Bird Flu

Venezuela's Chavez Says He's Looking Forward to Dinner With Mr. Danger

Mary Landrieu Giving Congress Hell!!!! C-Span 2 Now

Witness:Book Replaced 'creation' With 'intelligent Design' Before Publicati

Told y'all that, these days, it's delicious being a Democrat.

self delete

Would Ross Perot Have Been A Better President Than Bush*?

Michael Moore: One Month in the Gulf

Care to join me in a brief episode of hugh freeper schadenfreude?

Nero vs. Senate: McCain's game of "chicken"

April 19, 1989 ... USS Iowa

Bankruptcy Bill makes it harder for Katrina victims to file - FUCK REPUKES


Which 9 Senators voted against the detainee treatment rules?

Question: If Dimson is named as an 'un-indicted co-conspirator'...

Was Meiers a spite nominee?

when public schools are gone, where will you send your kids?

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: Anderson Cooper on the Gulf Coast

This freaked me out

Stupidity of dust

Edwards on Daily Show NOW.

Ben Burch has a wonderful website and provides a great service

SO!!!!!....Is Tommorow Indictment Day At

Rove may have received a "target letter" ... precursor to an indictment

Will you join me in a moment of silence?

Ken Lay's trial was rescheduled for January '06.

Place your bets folks... Will Fitz pop the indictments tomorrow...

Looks like crispini could be the winner

another cronyism tidbit from Michelle Malkin

A Joyous, Happy Feeling Knowing That Justice Is Not Defeated

Did the Republican Money Spigot Just Run Dry?

Political hack in charge of Fed pandemic response

Cheney warns of 'decades of war'

AOL Poll and article on Goss

Bush's FEMA is still screwing New Orleans:

Harriet Miers Donated $5,000 to Bush Election Recount

Should we punish those who deny people stem cell research.

GOOD NEWS! - Bill To Limit Reproductive Rights For Gays, Singles Dropped

Harrison County, MS- 1172 'Missing' 96 Confirmed Fatalities

Could they sail the U.S.S. IOWA to Iowa (on the Mississippi River)???

I Want George Bush To Submit To A Drug Test.

Alexander Hamilton on the Miers nomination: Bush should be "ashamed"

Nicaragua next invasion ?

Georgie & The Sacred Cow Visit Walter Reed ---pix->>>

The "No" Votes on the McCain Anti-Torture Amendment:

Looks like tomorrow DU!


Dumb question, but...


Co-Existence Between Organic & G E Crops Impossible

Ya know what the most beautiful thing about Plame indictments is?

Question: Does 22 indictments mean 22 people, each indicted once...

I'm a Dean fan but he really disappointed me tonite on Hardball

"every child should . . . get the care they need," said Blagojevich

Amazing how many stupid rightwingnut MFers STILL think Saddam did 911.

Bush would veto $440 billion for military if he can't torture Muslims

Luskin said Rove was not a target as recent as 5 days ago

Ann Coulter Slimes Bush as Boozer

DU Has Been On the Plamegate Case for Two Years Solid >>>

John Edwards for President 2008!

I'm begging for help with Hurricane Relief

I almost cried in the airport when I saw a group of soldiers on their way.

High gas prices....good for America.

Ohio town rejects Katrina victims. WTF?!

Vitamin F

The GOP Implosion Soundtrack: What will you be listening to as the

Is Clark Running Again?

more NCLB crap - how highly qualified are you to do your job?

Mystery solved: "They turn in clusters..."

Steve Bell : By The Right! (Tory leadership)

High Court Clashes Over Assisted Suicide

Bomber hits Shia mosque in Iraq

US official admits spying for Israel

Former president's son seeks Nevada Senate seat

Probe eyed of anti-gay wed petition drive

CNET: Network feud leads to Net blackout

NYT: New Questions From the Right on Court Pick (Morale Low Base)

Climate Change and Pollution are Killing Millions, Says Study (Guardian)

Minority firms get few contracts

DeLay, Successor Blunt Swapped Donations

Son of Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols arrested in Las Vegas

Computer systems at FEMA were lacking in 2004, says IG

Cheney warns of 'decades of war'

"Test Results Cited in Delay of Mall Alert" (Tularemia)

Fears mount as US opens new military installation in Paraguay

Iraqi Parliament Reverses Election Rules

Too much weight on tour boat, experts say (After Test on Sister Boat)

Army Lowers Bar For Recruits (


Senate Approves Detainee Treatment Rules

Quebec premier joins calls for U.S. government to abandon border passport

Video shows beheading of two men alleged to be U.S. spies

Refugees ordered out of shelters by Oct. 15

FEMA wants $30M back (Florida)

FEMA defends suspension of Phoenix team

Grand Jury Saw DeLay Prosecutor As Lacking

Rudolph Giuliani planning return to politics

Clone-Generated Milk, Meat May Be Approved

US officials brace for decisions in CIA leak case

Illinois To Unveil Insurance Program

WP: Conservative Revolt Intensifies

Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated-Guardian

Al Gore Addresses We Media

Chavez Looking Forward to Dinner With Bush

Climate change linked to cruise ship illness outbreaks

AVN: Max Hardcore Raided by FBI

DAMN Jasmine Smells Good When She Is Cooking!

Halliburton Given Contract To Rebuild Cheney

Python bursts after trying to eat gator

I had a very nice dream last night

Wooooohoooo! Go Leafs Go!

Deadbeat freeper/patriot warrior to be bounced from Trustee job

Pretty Vegas is 4th most downloaded song on iTunes

Angry or Happy? The new mods....

Is that python who ate that gator and exploded going to be okay?

Puck hits the top of the goal bar and bounces off

I'm concerned my sister is being knocked up by her veterinarian

Is photobucket down tonight?

I was just going to propose a group

It's SPLITSVILLE between Darth_Kitten and her ex boyfriend!

What are your favorite shows from the past?

I kind of figured I'd like it

I just gave Skip a wicked wedgie!! Ask me ANYTHING!!!!

Anyone have an ACL reconstruction?

I'm concerned my sister is being ripped off by her veterinarian

Tosca or Toscanini?

Regarding paparazzi and celebrity...

He's such a....

just made it home

We got over 4 inches of rain yesterday, ask me anything.

I love that Lost does flashbacks from different POVs

Man, hockey being back is sooo cool - I was at the corner store to buy

I'm fasting tomorrow!

1 out of 2 isn't all bad

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Expecting


Hurley has lost weight! Omigod! What a day!

Taylor and Maclaurin Series....

BIL says Air America has gone bankrupt and is closing down in 2 months

I think this season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

i'm eating many chemicals right now

I missed a critical scene of "Lost" tonight. A little help...?

I've got gator in my python

Okay, does your SO ever drink a little too much at the country

I'm watching the Avs/Oilers NHL season opener

Gatorade. Favorite color?

Merry Christmas DU!

Your Call Is Very Important To Us

This Thread May Be Recorded Or Monitored For Quality Assurance...

I'm listening to Anna Russel's Der Ring Des Nibelungen!

God am I a bundle of nerves!

What's dumber?

The Wild - they are winning!

Hurley has gained weight! Omigod! What a day!

We sucked at bowling tonight>>>>

How weird is LOST?

so, my son wants to be a moran.

I have been trying to watch the new Amityville Horror flick

Reminder - John Edwards on Jon Stewart

I've been bad - I must be scolded.

OK, DUers. In my position as steath moderator, I'm noticing that some of

The Leafs - they are getting beat in the shootout!

Hockeytown USA!! Dallas Stars beat LA Kings 5-4

Mike Malloy In Surround Sound

85 degrees on Monday, now a BLIZZARD WARNING tonight?!?!?!

When Sarek says "I will speak with you alone", you boot everyone out

I'm editing my post back in. Tomorrow's my birthday and I want

In real life do CSI really have authority over every person in the world?

Oh shit!!! BigMcLargehuge is back as a Lounge mod.

Funniest beer ad I've seen in a long time.

Congrats 'AutoRank', mentioned on

I'm calling out BigMcLargeHuge!!!! Where are you?

Nothing says "Don't evangelize me" like assault with a deadly weapon


Now THERE is a job

Is anyone besides me getting this pop-up on DU?

Help end this geek debate: Which SW film was worse: "Clones" or "Jedi"?

Who is it better to suck up to? The new Lounge mods or Skinner?

So who here is a pagan?

Peaches en Regalia

Wow, that Toronto - Ottawa game was killer

This is a dumb question but...

The wheels on the bus are falling off

ZombyWoof doesn't like me :-(

I can't sleep! The Martinis are after me!

We have spirit, yes we do.

Halos have tied the game!

Halos forfeit the game

Az is a poopy liar :-(

KitchenWitch is a poopy liar :-(

Vidi, Vici, Veni

Lost thread - - ***WARNING-SPOILERS!!!!!*****

The world don't move to the beat of just one drum

Test your internet connection speed.

G.O.P.S. (The latest Mark Fiore animation--you just have to see this!)

Ha ha ha ha HA ha! A-Rod made a boo-boo!

Nonne licet latine verba subobscaena ponere?????

I feel like "K" in "Men in Black"

Hilarious Bush State Of The Union Speech

Where is Ethel Merman when you need her

I'm going to bed, but I could use some good night hugs.

What if Life were like Musical Chairs?


Since it's too late to go for chapter 7, when I lose my job in ~3 months,

BigMcLargehuge's locking style is friggin' awesome

Those who have me on ignore, please check in!


Pathology O' the Week, part 2. WARNING: GRAPHIC!!

Update of my pathetic story of woe and desperation for

Ok, I'm Fuckin' fed up!!!! Pls help, w/advice if you can...

Who makes the best hamburger in the country?

So, I've got to write a personal statement for my law school applications.

Halos are ahead

OK, it was a very bad day for me today.

The compassionate right...NOT

Python eats Maple Leaf Gardens, NHL season postponed indefinitely

Tomorrow is BleedingHeart Patriot's birthday!

Why I hate Chicago.....Roaches!

I just had a great fucking idea!

I would just like to say Good Evening

Name a good source of meatless protein

So is Lost preempted by baseball everywhere else tonight?

Do you have a favorite concert film?

Best Bottled Water

"Star Trek is Dead. Star Gate is the next big thing"

Filet Mignon, asparagus, and Rice-a-Roni

Foliage: Anyone else at peak?

Post photo of self with quotation from literature thread.

Please hold for the next available operator.

PEAK FOLIAGE - what are you doing to prepare?

Best Comfort Food.

PA bar results out tomorrow

How many on your buddy list?

What would be your dream home?

What movies do you HAVE to see EVERY Oct. for Halloween...

Is the following phrase PC or not?

Something to cheer you up... this HAS to be the most awesome car E.V.E.R.

Ig Nobels to honour strange science

New trigonometry is a sign of the times

Bill to limit reproduction procedures for gays, singles dropped

Partner and I are about to embark on an all Gay Cruise

Text of Etan Thomas's remarkable speech at the rally in Washington on 9/24

The Wild are winning!

Topalov leads World Chess Championship at half-way point

I hate the shootout in the NHL!!!

John Edwards did a good job on TDS

Bankruptcy Bill making it hard for Katrina victims to file

KOEB Meeting 10/5/05

Huff Po's Hilary Rosen: Harriet Miers Appointed My Gay Friend

McCain is speaking now on his amendment

Spy in the White House! collecting facts about Miers

We've DONE Bush I and II and Reagan and Nixon Redux..What about Kennedys?

Does a defeat or problem mean there is something wrong with the people who

Slate: Nothing will make * fight harder than attacks from "intellectuals"

ABC-Spy in WH... Rita Cosby- Missing White Girl

How much time will Sandra

The Nasty Nine

how 'bout a Wes Clark thread?

The" Rack Nine"! I'm just saying.. They need a name.

What the fuck happened to the "last throes"?

Cheney now says it will be decades of much for the "last throes"

So where should we stand on HR 2863?

I wrote my congressman and here is his response letter.....

Dean in New Haven, CT, Oct.. 9 for fundraiser and rally. Jim, Howard both

Jimmy Carter's son thinking about an NV run...

Ex-Cheney aide probed in Philippine spy case

Let's be optimistic-does Pelosi become Madam Speaker?

Why is Tweety so hard on Dean, but softball on Delay?

I have no doubt

The Daily Show coming on at 11 eastern w/ John Edwards as guest

Cindy Sheehan- War-Hawk Republicans and Anti-War Democrats

Spy in the White House? Under Cheney? What going on???

Al Gore to speak on Global Warming in Ann Arbor Oct. 24

Dean "Hides the Salami"

'Ten Commandments' Moore announces run for governor of Alabama.

Give Biden credit, he deserves it for this:

I find Justice Roberts reasonable

How I think we should stop Harriet Miers

Sending up a 2006 prayer...

Method to this madness: Stacking the Court.

Mark my words, Roe vs. Wade will not be overturned...

Question to any lurking freeps

Pentagon able to spy on U.S. citizens... Newsweek

"Harry" Miers & Cesar Romero- Separated at Birth???

I just signed up to volunteer for the Democratic Senate campaign

The Miers appointment is going to blow up in W's face.

Free Krugman!

Campaign to Stop Roy Moore

Isn't this an easy way to de-rail Miers nomination???

Firefighters forced to stand with Arnold at press conf.

Did anyone else hear Dr. Dean say 'hide the salami' on Hardballs?

The "no difference between D's and R's" crowd shall be silent from now on.

Is it time to start a PROGRESSIVE PARTY??

Believe it or not we could actually control the Senate in 06

Conservatives Confront Bush Aides

A Bush Clone? (Miers and the enviroment)

The Democrats' new old idea

Experts Unlock Clues to Spread of 1918 Flu Virus

Big money rules in the political world

Posse and Harriet

"Fire and Rain " New Yorker - T.Turner, W. Buffet, S.Nunn, R.Lugar

Court Acquits Father Who Admitted Killing Son

Molly Ivins: Flim-flam and hoo-hah

Editorial: Government continues to add insult to injury (DelCoTimes PA)

Harriet the meek

Today... on "As Aspens Turn"

Republican aide learns hard lesson about accountability.

Miers Is The Wrong Pick (George Will Implies Shrub Is Not Smart)

Bush's brain "very involved" in decision of Miers

WSJ: Has doubts about FEMAs ability to cope.

Miers: true believer, or Bush puppet? Thomas Oliphant

Rove Suddenly Offers to Testify Again in Plame Case

Oh look! "TERRA IN NYC!"

Local weekly paper biweekly columnist jerkoff Malkin wannabe -

Salon: Best 9/11 Film (Wenders) Has No Distributor

Theatrical micro-militarism

Nichols: "A mess of Bush's own making" (analysis of Iraq, speech)

WSJ's Fund: GOP Whiffers Expand the Strike Zone

US may be forced to relinquish control of the internet to a coalition of g

Rove's return to the grand jury: A "stunning" and "ominous" sign (Salon)

Compelling article--Letters Home from Iraq: 'I've Had Enough''

GOP Senators Cut Critical Aid to Kids,Poor, Elderly

Letter from high-ranking retired ... Armed forces to .. McCain ...

Reality sends chills through halls of power

So my question is was Pat Tillman murdered? I was driving home

CNN's Darrl has got to go

Billboard Firm to Be Fined for Political Effort

Race, Lies and New Orleans (Hutchinson Report)

DUer on Stephanie Miller?

Text of Gore speech at media conference

And now on another, more obscure channel, your president

Judge to rule on Asarco charges

Strike continues at Corsica ferry group

Miserable by Design (Bush screws Katrina refugees so as to cut social serv

Where do you get your energy from? (biofuels)

need some help with this peak oil graph

"TV Tower Wires Kill 400 Birds in One Night"

Cross Posting: Stadium Site Soil Contains Arsenic

EPA, GE Strike Deal on River Dredging

Oyster Bay Listed As Endangered Refuge

Nuclear Bomb Material Removed from Czech Research Reactor

Energy Hog Lessons

U.S. Civilian Reactor Produces Tritium

Egypt warns Hamas over weapons

Gunmen kidnap Palestinian professor

Palestinian vigilante killings on the rise

God told me to invade Iraq, Bush tells Palestinian ministers

Israeli high court bans use of 'human shields'

Rec'd today, please DU: The Voter Confidence & Increased Accessiblity Act

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News THURSDAY, 10/06/05


Thought y'all might want to know, name of this forum is changing:

Cam Kerry, "Voting made easy"

Disaster planning

Arnold wants stations to pull negative ads...

LAT: O.C. Race Shapes Up as a Duel

Legislators band behind Blouin

Companies to rebid for Katrina recovery efforts

Cam Kerry: Voting made easy

Slots at Racetracks Pass Senate 26-9

Public transportation in Boston - Good or Bad?

Phone poll for Lt. Governor

Why isn't there a worldcantwait chapter in all of MA????

Romney said to postpone announcing election plans

Pawlenty AND Kelly at the Wild Season Opener

Normie stepped out of line on the torture amendment

Scott Mortensen Fall Campaign kick off.....

Bonoff to run for District 43 Senate Seat

So is there a catch to this website that sells cheap software

Is anyone being affected by the Level3/Cogent fiasco?

Stupid question

please advise am going nuts!

Well, Sherrod Brown has announced

Sherrod Brown running for DeWine's seat

Dayton International Peace Museum

Property taxes in the Houston suburbs

Texas Congressional district 6

More info I've been asked to post

I've been asked to post the following info

Explosions in Point Comfort, TX: plastics plant

Sam Malone on KTRH??? *gag*

Drinking Liberally?

My J-S LTTE Today...

Veggie Oil Powered Vehicles

Wisconsin Public Radio Fall pledge drive starts tomorrow....

Airman Convicted of Killing Couple, Wounding Another

welcome to all the new mods, and a big thank you to those retiring. n/t

'Peace Mom' Cindy Sheehan Returns Home to Hero's Welcome

WSJ: Financial Crisis Deepens in the Gulf

possibly on Thursday

Bush gives Dobson some SECRET INFORMATION about Miers

With indictments looming, let's hope no desperate moves are made

Bush military bird flu role slammed >>>

1976's Swine Flu: More people died from mass inoculations than the flu

When the Indictments Come Down

Houston GOP sources also reporting White House indictments (Madsen Report)

Take a SCOTUS poll

"The only thing this appointment could be about is self-protection from ..

Jon Stewart will be on Letterman's show Thursday night

WSJ: Agency Cancels A Housing Plan For Evacuees

Best Angus Burger: Burger King or Hardee's/Carl's Jr?


British tolerance of forced unions wanes

O'Reilly says "Smoking Gun is awful"...must be the Falafel Tapes

Place your bets! Indictment pool!

Will October 15 be another circle jerk for the neo-cons?


NATO to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan

How would the military be used in case of pandemic?

Oregon woman kicked off flight in Reno over offensive shirt

Caption *

E&P's Greg Mitchell: "As Aspens Turn: Scooter Hearts Judy, and No Wonder"

When the war is on the other foot...Repub Quotes on Bosnia

(VIDEO) Bill Maher: New Rules

Will Plame indictsments be the cover the Democrats in Congress need

This made me smile this morning sorry if dupe

Indictments will reveal the inadequacy of the American news media

Can only imagine how Plame and Wilson are holding up!!!

Looks like another RED day on Wall Street tomorrow

Bush hasn't found Osama or "anthrax" killer ...but he will have military

Bush has THREE daughters

Didn't shrubby say the same thing about Vladimir Putin "He's a good man"

What did that guy just say on Wash. Journal?

DU this poll! Needs Help!

"Let's get real. Miller isn't protecting anyone's "right to know". She's

Have DU Vets informed their groups of o'reilly slander?

Fannie Lou Hamer ...

I was just listening to a report on the Extreme Court's

Callers on WJ are hot this morning!!

Will We Have A Big Ol' DU Meetup When All The Shit Comes Down For * & Co.?

What happens if the indictments


DU this poll getting freeped!

Anybody Miss Tom Freidman? I Don't.

Anyone got a link to the MISSISSIPPI Governor's State of Emergency

A newbies take on Miers

Blunder or Rovian

No amount of money in the WORLD.....

A little diddy to start your morning

Toon from my local paper

Rightwing Bloggers Ballistic Over American Suicide Bomber

My LTTE: Bush Displays Contempt for Country

HUD boss says New Orleans "not going to be as black"

When does the house vote on the torture amendment?

Anyone have The Daily Show segment on Plame/Rove?

"Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated "

Rove played an active role in selection of Miers

WSJ: Airbus A380 Churns Up Turbulence

DHHS' Avian Flu Preparedness Leader is Inexperienced Crony

Note to Fitzgerald: Subpoena White House Philippines Spy

Why is the actual Speaker of the House rarely in the House? n/t

David Frum freakin out on C-span!!!

Economic Consequences of Roe V. Wade Overturned

I know there's no changing them,

Jihad behind OU suicide bombing?

Guess who wrote this

According to bush we are supposed to be ridding the whole Middle East

The "major speech" coming on now N/t

Anyone else scared of how a flu pandemic would be handled

Cam Kerry: Voting made easy

I Wonder If Dick F4ckFace

Bag of Tricks Not Working Anymore---Here He Goes Again!

It was the morning of the indictments and all through the house

Define "complete victory," george.

A nice wav file to play when the indictments come down ===>

South Korean Cloning Pioneer faces Catholic Critics -- AP

Anyone watching pro-torture advocate David Rivkin on CSPAN WJ?

Liar is on cnn now

Media Playing Shrub Speeches as Him Trying to Stem Tide of Failure?

Gas station owner REFUSES to raise prices...oil company says otherwise...

Beware the keywords in Bush's speech

This speech is the REAL George Bush!

Our President is Baghdad Bush

We can't wait for 2008 - Impeach Bush now

In this speech, every fucked up thing we have done is being spun to

Does God only speak to George Bush?

I want a shot of the crowd

hey, the war in Iraq is a huge success!

does it ever end?

Why is Frist called Cat Killer?

He's a Madman

remember that poster from the 60s with the flower and the words . . .

OMG Bush Speech Applause Was Taped!

typical Rove speech

The end of his speech sounded like a confession

We need a volunteer with a strong stomach to watch at 10:10 today.

CNN just turned to it's fact checker on the * speech

Little help please...

Official Shrubya thread?

this is overly-simplistic and naive but how do you donate bandwidth?

It looks like Dubya's worst nightmare is coming true--the "wimp" label

Mr President...Excuse me, DU'ers while I paraphrase Frasier.

10 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes by Tom DeLay

Freeper demonstrates ignorance of social Security System

So after that rousing round of BS, where are the numbers going to be ?

It's now a "War Against Humanity."

Yahoo News Headline: "Bush: Militants Seek to Intimidate World"

Harriet Miers tithes 12% of her salary to her church!

Stephanie Miller....To Many

Reuters: Bush warns war on terror will require more sacrifice

Dumbest CNN Poll ever

DeLay & Blunt in the Laundry Business Together

Dubya is really just John Gill, no?

Bush's speech was originally to have been given on 9/11


He really is insane. He'll be writing with his feces soon.

Don't Like George's speech-a-fying ???

1918 Pandemic That Killed 50 Million Was Bird Flu

About Bush's latest speech... One must conclude that Bush is trying...

Is Bush rattled (more than usual) by the knowledge of the indictments

CNN Headline: "Bush: Terrorists use war in Iraq as an 'excuse'"

American President Is Cartoon Character

Was this THE Thursday speech? Not at night interrupting sitcoms?

Is it me or are they now fresh out of news/announcements? Still

George, this is God, It's Time To Resign.

The bitter Fossil Fuel pill

So why are the neocons and RR suddenly objecting to

In CIA leak case "Target Letter" term is being misused in news,...

Mcveigh all over again?

The land of deliberate and determined one party rule wants to

Prediction: Terrorism is now equated with communism by all Bush flunkies

Great David Frum interview is being rerun on C-Span 1 right now.


Check out the MSM headlines for *'s propaganda terra speech:

"Islamabofascism...whatever it's called"

Seeds Of Freedom.........

Idiot boy jus linked 9/11 and Iraq

TOON: Corps Bride & DLC (this or Silence of the Lambs)

DU this poll !!!

bush* is having another hastily thrown together speech today at 9:10 AM

What are the '3 foiled attaches in the US--that Jr mentioned in this speec

Thank You DU - I feel better today

Letter to the whitehouse

New Meme- Let's fight the terrorist in Iraq so we don't have to fight

The American People are corrupt.

"God told me to invade Iraq" Bush tells Palestinian Ministers

Right Wing Hate Radio Is Ignoring Bush's Speech.

BBC: God told me to invade Iraq, Bush tells Palestinian ministers

"I don't care about Bin Laden" -2003

Post Speech round up thread

um, who "liberated more than fifty MILLION people"??

Turn out the Scotty Attack Dogs today! Hope there's a press conf

Official NANCY PEOLOSI "leader's weekly briefing" thread

they are going to do a f*in biological, don't you just know it

Homegrown USA terrorism. The list...................

ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox -- NONE of them covered Bush's speech

Boycott all potentially Fixed Elections

The similarities in rhetoric give me the creeps (re: Bush's speech)

Booga-Booga! BOOGA-BOOGA!!!

Race and Religion on college campuses:

If any Republican actually disliked Miers as Chimpy's SC justice pick...

DoD Identifies 17 Casualties - October 6

Does anyone have a link to the text of "Operation Offset"?

Randi Rhodes theory on Mier

Okay so * is out trying to sell terror and his jihad again....

Anyone Know What Happened To Bartcop And American Politics..

Also, What's Up With the DNC Blog?

The Real Reason Bush Nominated Harriet Miers

Senators Durbin & Reed live rebuttal to *'s terror speech

Ok FitzGerald

Link to Howard Den's Scream audio?

One strangely reassuring development in the Miers mess.

In the middle ages, they blamed the plague on jews.

Wake up everyone!!

Don't count on indictments happening today

Jose Padilla is one of the "foiled" Al Qaeda terrorists! NYC bridge is 2nd

Breaking, Rove,Libby,Indicted

Bush created the war on terror ?

How long has the Scottie Show been on CSPAN 3?

Anyone think that they are going to try and tie the Marine spy and Plame ?

Frum had the best Miers analogy this morning

Bill "no crime" Bennett

Molly Ivins: Flim-flam and hoo-hah (10/6 column)

Bush:Militants Seek to Intimidate World

Bush gets overwhelming positive response to speech (10/6/05)

Bill Clinton says Iraq "looks like a quagmire"

EU wants shared control of the Internet

Great outcome of roadrage!

the "WAR " on terror should never have been started.

CNN has a "faith and values" correspondent? What the ####?

Why is everyone so convinced that there will be indictments today?

Doesn't It Seem Odd That * Decided to Speak at 10:AM?

What Did * Do With the BILLIONS of $$$ Allocated for Post-Katrina Cleanup?

Most HATED man on Earth with fresh BLOOD on his hands..Still SMIRKING!

I PERSONALLY prevented 2 terrorist attacks in the US

Well...i am watching "it"

"Karen Hughes is a West Texas Girl, and So Am I" -- Gems by GWB and Others

The threat from Iran

Beware of a Pumpkin PowerPoint slideshow hijacked by a Bush butkisser

Did B&sh really say this?

I emailed CNN after viewing Kagans segment after Bush speech

the "WAR " on terror should never have been started.

WSJ's Wessel: U.S. Borrowing: All Right, Let's Talk Cures

text of Bush's odd conclusion to his speech

Fred Barnes's freudian slip

'US Preparing for Strike on Iran'- Scott Ritter Last Night

Katrina Refugees Told To Hit The Road As Hotels Return To Normal Business

Sure, why raise taxes on the wealthy if you can cut food stamps?

Here's What I Found Out About Router Wars Affecting Road Runner...

PART 1: The conquest of Southwest Asia (by bushgang)

Botanical rhetoric is all the rage

Caption the love triangle

"the so-called war on Islam"

Bush speech. Was it scheduled? Or is this a quickie? And the indictments?

"new details you never heard before"--regarding terrorist strategies

Nissan North America donates to Delay Legal Defense Fund

The CIA just visited my web site.

The most frightening website you'll visit all day....

No Child Unrecruited

*: "We caught ALMOST everyone responsible for the September 11 attack"

Re: the Torture amendment.... .. and the role of contractors..

George just doesn't get it.....

Air Force Sued Over Alleged Religious Intolerance at Academy

2 Male TX Teachers wrists slapped slightly for sleazing & drinking w/ kids

Former Marine Jimmy Massey has a new book out... "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

"It's good to see you, Dick."


Bob Herbert: Impossible, Ridiculous, Repugnant (Bennett & GOP racism)

CBS/American Prospect- Potential GOP Candidates "Running from the Running"

Clone-Generated Milk, Meat May Be Approved

Has enough time passed to now make a contrast ?

Bush Job Approval Stuck at 43%—Weak Rebound

Geldof and Bono tipped to win Nobel Peace Prize

Coke-jaw Counter!

Feingold says Condi making things up - Dems to announce Plan

Snotty Scotty's press briefing is being re-run c-span 2 10:25 PST

Franklin Graham Contaminates New Orleans

Question - any good sources for keeping track of US events these 5 years?

BRAD BLOG: 'Non-Partisan' 'Voting Rights' Group Founder Works for WH!

Joseph Wilson on Thom Hartmann. NOW!

Ha! CNN Has A Pix Of "Lunatic Jaw" * On Its Homepage!

Will Harriet Miers Vote to Overturn Bush’s Conspiracy Conviction?

Looking for AAR raitings

Puppy dog Blair is doing more of Bush's bidniz re: Iran

Why does Lt.Gen Strock wear a work uniform when addressing public in DC?

Bush: God told me to kill them.

If Dems don't step up, we're looking at a McCain presidency in '09

I have an idea to fix this corporate whoring

Democracy Now! today has an interview with Fmr. Army Chaplain James Yee

Woman bounced from plane for wearing anti-Bush T-shirt plans to sue.

Harriet Miers - take a look


(VIDEO) Daily Show: Vice-President John Edwards

1945 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Damn! It doesn't look like today is the day ------>

Winger thinks calling a 60-year-old woman "crony" is impolite

80 battalions? Who's lying - Bush or General Casey ??

Now, I ask you. Doesn't this picture just scream superior

Population Explosion due to Hurricane

Stop Taxpayer-funded Propaganda

Great cartoon re: Miers

Miers’ Church Website Altered Recently, Abortion & Homosexuality removed

Does anyone have info about the Fla republican aide who

Shrub says more sacrifice is need in the war on terror

The way health care should be

do you have a (fill in the blank) card ??

"We're fighting 'them' over there so we don't have to fight 'them' here."

Smirk adds "of" to his vocabulary.

MORE WAR!!! ---pix->>>

God told me to invade, says Bush

Caption Condi

MSNBC question of the day - "staying the course"


Bush tries to reclaim "Strong Leader" image with speech

On the Bush "Meet the Fuckers" T-Shirt.

Breaking...AP: Rove to give additional testimony

LAWYERS: Can a sitting President be tried for crimes?

Rivera wants one last hit (Geraldo) Delusional. Hall of Fame

Cheney on Iraq violence: get used to it

Those of you who aren't at work/school yet when the monkey speaketh.....

Just had the weirdest encounter with some Christian evangelicals

Indictments often come on Fridays....

Bush approval slumps to 37% in Pennsylvania; Casey Wallops Santorum

Is anyone else noticing this trend?

To all Democratic Senators and Reps: Redeem yourself on Oct 7 2005

I'm listening to clips of Bush's speech on Randi Rhodes....


Where are the GD Indictments!

Plame and the Aramco connection...

Federal courts closed October 17 (for bankruptcy)

the irony of Bush's venue just hit me like a brick

So What Happens If The Right Makes * Pull Miers & Replace Her With

New From T-Shirt Hell:

Iraq is a surrogate battleground for the "war on terrorism".

We need a leader.

More than 1,000 businesses represented in New Orleans today

Someone needs to go to jail! Don't pass go or collect $200.00!

Do you think the Right Wing will derail the Meirs nomination?

"Business groups want to limit Patriot Act"

BREAKING: Louis Freeh is still a scumbag.

Louis Freeh Unprofessionally Blasts Clinton 60 Minutes and Book

So it's pretty much official. Harriet's an evangelical pro-lifer

Gay Republicans: The Movie

Bill Clinton criticizes Bush, Bush releases the hounds

The flower will grow to become a big tree!


finally back home in beaumont tx after rita evac.

Islamo-Fascism makes no sense -it is an example of projection from


Alexander Hamilton on The Appointing Power of the Executive:

Kansans Senator Sam Brownshirt Might Vote Against Harriet Miers...

Crank accuses Mayor Nagin of racism!

Just lost transmission on CNN Situation room covering Rove...Yesterday

When a person is called to testify before a Grand Jury - are they

Indiana bill would limit reproduction procedures for gays, singles

DeLay and Blunt Traded Secret Donations - Culture of Corruption Double!

"There you go, Hillary, John, Joe -- there's your "out" door"

Bush *NY STATE!* approval: 29% !!!!!!!!!

Boxer: Let's pull out all the stops! Demand a success strategy for Iraq

James Dobson is no better than a corrupt mullah

Louis Freeh Tell-All: Clinton Closets Full of Skeletons

AP: Rove to testify again in CIA leak probe (link to story)

Question Re: PlameGate: what happens if grand jury expires

Rove's Last Minute Testimony is a STALL TACTIC

Democrats Urged to Abandon Principles - Become the Republican Party

WH would like to back up Shrub's story about stopping 3 terror attacks

Begala just absolutely destroyed some rethug over Plamegate.

So, how much coke did Bush do to get UP for this one?

About Miers' Religion and her Boyfriend

An oldie but a goodie (Rove)

Fall of the Rovean Empire

My son LOVES talking to recruiters on the phone....

The Plame/Rove Suspense is Killing Me!

Who thinks rove is gonna flip?

4 years after 9/11, and we've NEARLY caught someone! Yippee!!!

"No Immunity"

Only ONE reason to pick Miers - Bush fears future examination of his reign


Fitzie Baby .... Hurry with the perp walks tonight


Unofficial I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby Poetry Challenge

"I'm so sick of people complaining about gas prices!"

Some serious news for a change. Python vs Gator

"Dirty Like DeLay"

Malloy mentioned a web site called "the world can't wait"..

G.O.P.S. by Fiore....enjoy!

Fake Terror Alerts --> Martial Law --> No more investigations

Give me reasons why Rove would give "11th hour" testimony to grand jury?

Seeing Creation and Evolution in Grand Canyon

Bush IS playing hide the salami with the Miers nomination.

Did the Government almost end on Saturday???

How Karen Hughes earned $450K in speaking fees

On Huff Post - Lawrence O'Donnell - Plamegate: The Next Step

Boy - That did not take long! NYC raises terror alert

29% New York approval rating+KarlInChains = well, you know

Cato's Top Five Spending Presidents: It's Bush by a Mile.

Red Rover to offer 11th hour testimony before G.J.

Afteroon prose on indictments

Tweety covering the Rove GJ testimony now on MSNBC.

Hey, whatever happened to the color coded threat levels?

Catholic church condemns Christian right for "intransigent intolerance"

Katrina timeline...I have a question about mandatory evacs.

Sources: Subway threat made

On NPR just now

Hey, let's put Karl Rove on a NYC subway

Why do I DU?

There are two factions in the White House.

The White House must be screaming like kids at a Halloween Party today

Who wants to be Rove's cell-mate?

George REALLY Looks Bad Today ---pix->>>

If everyone gets indicted except Bush, what will he do?

At the NYC press conference: "The situation may be resolved in the next...

Something to remember about Federal charges brought in Wash., DC....

Anyone hear about the Formosa plant blowing up in

TERRA in NYC...just now on CNN

Pass the popcorn!!

New BartCop just posted.

VIDEO- Jerks and Smirks # 3 -from the Bush Terror Terror Speech today

Bill O'Reilly on combat (audio):

What's up with Gov. Sonny Perdue of Georgia? Heard snippet on NPR..

Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking they've gone to that terra well

If your house was broken into, what would be your response?

What do you think about this FROG MARCH?

cnn just spoke of Rove, testifying ...bush talking about terror in one

Bush* called Osama Bin Laden a 'Son of Privilege'

Karl Rove trouble...oh no terra terra...we see past this

These terror warnings are bad policy,

Lou Dobbs is NOT covering the Terragasm


WaPo: "Rove offered in July to return to the grand jury for additional

Oil and gas...

The day the wheels came off !

Prediction: Libby already "turned" on Cheney, Rove can turn on Bush

Joe Biden is well connected to the credit card industry.

Nobody Looks Bold, Resolute or Commanding When Handcuffed.

The People Rebuilding Iraq - for $1.56 /hour

What ever happened to:

The sources for the NYC threat are "classified"

Real Situation

I just heard a pro-Bloomberg campaign ad on Air America

Ano other 'old pharts' remember "Merry Minuet" from the early 60s or

Author says Harry Potter is Gay

Surprise! Surprise! NOT. Rove facing indictment & NYC terra threat.

PlameGate EndGame

Man Over Board! Flood The Media....

I'm in the Houston Airport IAH and the Kool-aid drinkers are buying

Please Help DU This Poll........

Anybody know if you can watch NBC nightly news online?

"TyRANTs and would be TyRANTs" *ush's IRONIC statement of the day...

Pop Quiz: GOP is fracturing......Only one can unite them.

When is Bloomberg up for RE-ELECTION? Have any MSM mentioned the

Is their a mouse in the presidents pocket

NBC News Leading with Rove story. ABC & CBS NYC Terror.

The 5 Stages of bush and america

Caption *

Randi has a freeper on the line

My quick response to a flame-bait email...feel free to improve my rhetoric

At the NYC press conference: "The situation may be resolved in the next...

listening to randy

Bush is on a mission from God

Interesting caption to Smirky photo

The freepers are worried

Captain Cokejaw Addresses the Nation...

I read in another thread that Rummy wanted to quit, yet I can't find

Marchin' Marchin' Marchin'...

'Green chemistry' work wins Nobel

Lawrence: at least three indicted

"Millionaires feud over parking" *roflmao*

Let's all click our heels and repeat.....

I am on belt pkwy to JFK and

Bush smokes Cigars

Will the grand jury be able to sort through Karl's lies?

Karl's going to lie again and try to use his spin skills to distort

The Bernard KERIK State of Our Security. Can Bo DIETL Be Far Behind

I live in NYC, have brown skin, and ride the subway.

Is it time to discontinue the CSPAN group?

Need help with health care debate

Dutch FM says with hindsight invasion of Iraq was 'maybe not wise'

Murray Waas' take on Rove testifying

I know you don't need any more heartbreak, but this Minnesotan's story...


Katrina victim wins $1.6 million playing slots (after praying)

Who would you nominate for the Supreme Court instead of Harriet Miers?

Terror alerts passe.., greater terror is Homeland Security competency

Southwest Airlines

"Culture of Corruption" catching on

Will the indictments include details of the damage done by the crime?

bush's speech today-couldn't agree more! times up, georgie

Read this little tale it'll make you smile at least I promise

VIDEO- David Frum (former Bush speechwriter) on Miers

Anyone know where that picture of dogs in the plane is? From Katrina...

Frist goes for the neck (courtesy of

CNN Breaking -- Subway threat in NYC

Was Today's Speech Bush's Farewell Address?

George Bush is a NUT Unfit for Duty

New legislation threatens US voting rights? Is this legit do u think?

Hey Freepers: How come it takes Rove 4 visits to the Grand Jury

Which 9 Senators voted against David Souter's confirmation? How

PBS, Tweety tiptoeing around Plame indictments

Again... so much for taking the war to them so we don't... blah,blah,blah

Is it just me, or is the rudeness factor going up around here lately?


Update on dogs shot in St. Bernard Parish

Why Did They REALLY Withdraw That Indiana Assisted Reproduction Bill?

is the floccinaucinihilipilification of GW Bush justified ?

What Do We Think Is REALLY Gonna Happen

There is nothing than can stop the fall of the Bush Administration.

CBS evening news, Chimp approval 37%

How the hell is it that whenever really bad news breaks out on Bush much more can the government takes before it collapses?

Rushy boy was just sickening today...I only listened for 30 min

Blumenthal: Fall of the Rovean empire?

last of the real journalist...Koppel to step down

Why Rove is going back before the Grand Jury

CBS News' Schieffer just said the terra threat in NY was found

Rumsfeld considering resigning, according to Knight Ridder

This couple looks thrilled with Smirky's speech this morning. (photo)

The United States going the way of the Soviet Union?

I am --SO-- Effing Sick of Salon's Day Pass Ad crap!

Silly question but... what do "freepers" call themselves?

Guess what? Someone showed me this picture from the Internet

FDA Ruling Seen as Imminent - FDA says OK to cloned food

Local NYC newsradio: Threat "specific to place, time and method" (bomb) >

freeperish sign at the car dealer

The Rove callback must be a direct result of Judy's testimony,

Am I the last person to discover this?

Rabbi Banned For Supporting Evolution

Help Needed! 225,000 More Signatures on Petition To End War In Iraq

The rumor is Fitz will indict 3. Who is the third?

Boy, he really has the hangover slur this morning.

Plane Carrying Viruses Crashes in Canada

Treason is punishable by death.

Question: Does anyone know how many ACTIVE members we really have?

Oh, Fitz Is "a 43 yr old BACHELOR, working 18 hours a day"

Were Republicans glad about 9/11?

Miers will probably be LEAST disastrous of Idiot Son's crony appointments

Yes, Georgie, I agree with you...

I Am A Terrorist

Our Prius is Coming! Our Prius is Coming!

"Why smart people defend bad ideas."

DUer in the News

Mary Landrieu back on the floor of the Senate speaking - C-span 2

Dysfunctional Nation

what is "coke jaw"?

There just may be a real terrorist attack soon ...

M. Ventura: The Coming End of Air Travel

Hastings says ethics panel won't investigate DeLay


"If you can indict a ham sandwich, is the pickle an accomplice?"

A funny & true Dialogue on "into eternal light" comment * made

I will take my Ham Sandwich on wheat, heavily toasted...

QUICK LOOK OVER THERE! New York on heightened terror alert

OUTRAGEOUS! GOP To Give Big Oil Tax Breaks To Export America's Heating Oil

Big brother is watching - wierd email from the WH

I Would Have Posted This Animation Yesterday But Road Runner Was Sucking!

it's almost time for Scotty BBQ Bingo!

The Blue Angels are in town (Fleet Week started today)

Bush's Dangerous Illusion

The Church people are at it again; Now Harry Potter is Gay.

I have a feeling...Meirs is not going to be approved. What then?

So ...How Many DU'ers REALLY buy into this "Pandemic" stuff?

If Roe v Wade Was Overturned... What Would Be The REAL Effect?

Tina Brown Wishes For Loose-Lipped Insiders To Write Books?!?

Wanna see a Democrat who still makes me feel hopeful?

A question about grand juries and Rove:

Desperate Acts from the Bunker !!

Senators Who Wouldn't Vote for Torture Ban

Rove's "defense" (or one of them) is reportedly that he did not know Plame

Freudian slip by Faux News typist during speech?

How many times did Bush say "ekshtreemishm" ? n/t

Remember when the world was offering help, support and love to America?

Take your Guess, When will Fitzgerald Indict?

What is Wes Clark's role w/ the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY?


Randi has a LIVE ONE!

Toll-free number to the capitol switchboard

The Little Chimperor ---pix->>>

Ex-Military SHitheads to Protest FOR Censorship at Library:

The 12 Days of Christmas Indictments

Does Rove have code-word Clearance

Right to lifers protest at my High School today with nasty picts and every

Clooney to remake "Network"

Karl Malone defying FEMA

So NYC goes on alert yet MSM/feds ignore the OK kid who blew himself up

Attn Chuck & Hillary: I Want an Investigation of the Fake Terror Alerts!!!

Congress needs to INVESTIGATE these fake TERRA alerts...

George Clooney to remake "Network" — LIVE on CBS

Poll: Will the Distractions ever become the Story, and if so, when?

Rove before grand jury in the morning

Jeanne Meserve on CNN is saying that sources tell her the NYC alert

Smoking Gun Memos: Delay

WOW! George confessed to a lot of sins in his speech today.

Anyone else think it's time for Bill Clinton to face his demons?

Whew!! By reporting the "alert", it may have PREVENTED

Any DU'ers in New Orleans???

Stop making fun of the NY terror alert--- it may be real

Who voted against Kerry's energy bill ? What are their names?

Just remember - DC media KNEW about Rove outing Plame ALL LAST YEAR

"Reverend" Jesse lee Peterson, African American, defends Bill Bennett

Anybody here remember DU on 11/02/04?

"Did a Reporter w/ GOP Ties Suppress Story That Could Have Cost Bush WH?"

RESUME of George W. Bush...Really quite impressive

Fweepers Fweeping Air America Poll on Fearless Leader's Speech


Why do people who make between $40-$150 grand think they're BILLIONAIRES?

O'Donnel:"Prediction: at least three high level 'Bushies indicted

CNN BREAKING!!!! Karl is playing let's make a deal!!

Stop congress from selling 15 National Parks

Link for More DC Peace Rally Pics

Freak Republic forced to defend donations - quote Skinner?

Why does the Free Masons have such a good rep in the U.S.?

Bill O'Reilly needs a history lesson.

No army contact, then no yearbook photo for your kids.

Song written & performed by Symbolman "Secret Agent Plame" for Fitz!

FYI: We're going to re-organize some of our forums soon

Chicken With 40 Cloves of Garlic

Oh yeah, Go Sens GO!!!

B.C. teachers vote in favour of job action

Covert support of violence will return to haunt us

English towns subject of covert sex survey

In Defence of Civil Liberties Conference on Monday 10 October 2005

Those evil Bush-haters at the BBC are at it again

Can you believe this shit?!

MSNBC Breaking News: New York increasing security on subway/UPDATED

Neo-Nazi group to march through Toledo neighborhood

Kennedy pulls ahead of Klobuchar in cash [MN-Sen]


Whew!! By reporting the "alert", it may have PREVENTED

Officials won't be punished for actions before Sept. 11th!

AP/Ipsos Poll: Miers Has Less Public Support Than Roberts Had

Cubans mark airplane bombing anniversary (Bush protecting bombers)

Forces' new armour-plated vehicles withstood force of fatal explosion

The day the wheels came off !

Explosion reported at Texas plastics plant


Toronto Health Officials Identify Illness (Legionnaire's)

CREW Announces New Complaint Filed Against Karl Rove

Air Force Sued Over Religion

Congressional Democrats pledge reform in Washington Breaking News: New York subway security threat

US forces bomb Iraq's Euphrates bridges (eight of them!)

Japan Ships Uranium-Contaminated Soil to U.S. for Disposal

AP: DeLay, Blunt Traded Secret Donations

Senators Accuse EPA of Minimizing Health Hazards in New Orleans

Plane Carrying Viruses Crashes in Canada

Miers Wealth Shrank During Time in D.C.

American position on softwood lumber is 'nonsense,' Martin tells Wall Stre

Oregon woman kicked off flight in Reno over offensive shirt

CIA head rejects 9/11 blame game (BBC News)

High Court Clashes Over Assisted Suicide--oh no-Roberts is for the FED.

Congress Seeks to Slash Food Aid for Poor, Conservation

Former White House staffer investigated...

NAFTA Panel Tells U.S. to Recalculate Softwood Duty

Business Groups Want to Limit Patriot

UK accuses Iran over killings of soldiers

Violence rocks Baghdad as Bush to address US on Iraq

Simmons rebuffs latest Courtney demand for return of DeLay PAC's donations

PBS hires Washington Post veteran as ombudsman

Frum freakin out on C-span!!!

Militants try talks to save Saddam’s life: president

Former White House staffer investigated (Filipino spy in Cheney's office)

WP: The Sales Calls Begin on Capitol Hill, but Some Aren't Buying

Thune to keep DeLay PAC money

Stenberg announces another attempt for U.S. Senate seat

Pentagon Analyst Admits Sharing Secret Data

New initial Unemployment at 390,000 (DOL avoids 403000 by revising prior)

Bush To Take On War Critics

US soldier killed by Baghdad bomb (#1944)


Democrats Seek Lobbying Curbs

(Burning) Bus owner contributed to Perry, Democrat says (Rita evacuation)

Iran brands British bomb claims 'fantasy'

DeLay at Issue On Homefront

Cleland critical of GOP ahead of local Vance-Aycock appearance

Focus on the Family founder questions own support for Miers

Bush Says War is Excuse for Hatred of U.S.

Katrina evacuee wins 1.6M playing slots

New Orleans hurricane victim hits the jackpot

A Former Republican Leader Is Charged With Sexually Abusing A Child

U.S. ignores energy reality, analyst says

Troops take Bolivia oil field from protesters

Survey: Governor's race is dead heat

Author (British Cleric Graham Taylor) says Harry Potter is gay

Son Of Former President Jimmy Carter May Run For Nevada Senate Seat

Bush: Militants Seek to Intimidate World

Franklin pleads guilty to spying for Israel

Dems aim to boost national security image

US may be forced to relinquish control of the internet to a coalition of g

Tancredo 1st in GOP to oppose Miers

Bush Approval Gains Two Points in U.S. (40%: Princeton/Newsweek)

Geldof and Bono tipped to win Nobel Peace Prize

Karl Malone defying FEMA

Bush Job Approval Stuck at 43%—Weak Rebound

Big lineup of small cars (foreign makers "luck out" on timing/gas prices)

Dobson Question His Support for Miers

San Francisco police officer fired for (anti-war) protest clubbing

TV Tower Wires Kill 400 Birds in One Night

Plea over Guantanamo protesters

Bill To Limit Reproductive Rights For Gays, Singles Dropped

Dr. Jerry Falwell Backing Harriet Miers For Supreme Court

Miers Is The Wrong Pick (George Will Implies Shrub Is Not Smart)

Card-check strategy on NLRB radar (Bush anti-union agenda)

Drug plan even confuses Medicare, Reid says

MSNBC: Companies to rebid for Katrina recovery efforts

Katrina work goes to officials who led Iraq effort

Court Rules in Favor of Anonymous Blogger

Rove to give new testimony to Grand Jury

AP: Karl Rove to give more testimony to Grand Jury. Prosecutors

Without protection, Rove to testify on CIA leak

Poll: Casey strengthens lead over Santorum (18 point lead)

Bush: Militants Seek to Intimidate World

FOX Poll: Rudy in 2008? Giuliani Tops 'Strong Leader' List

Frustration over Red Cross debit card grows

U.S. offers $10 million reward for Bali bomb suspect

Manila says espionage case is US business

(Delaware Supreme) Court rules in favor of anonymous blogger

Tancredo 1st in GOP to oppose Miers

FEMA to reassess Katrina contracts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 6 October

(Katherine) Harris Coffers Not Flush With Campaign Cash

Floridians help block California Republican plan to renew drilling

Landrieu chastises Senate for focusing on defense, not Katrina

Forecasters: Another hurricane could hit

IRAQ: Thousands flee US military onslaught on Haditha

GOP Doubts Build Over Court Choice (USA Today)

Venezuelan Tax Agency Orders Shutdown of IBM, Others

U.S. Democrats Lead GOP by Five Points for 2006

Bubba: Iraq war's 'a quagmire'

Bush to push for mass-produced birdflu vaccine

(Propaganda Alert) NYT: Blair Implicates Iran in Iraqi Bomb Attacks on Bri

Bush: 10 Al-Qaida Attacks Stopped (3 foiled attempts inside US)

E&P : Indictments in Plame Case Could Come Any Time

Hotel Chain Asks Katrina Evacuees to Leave

Rumsfeld cancels Japan visit due to base row-media

Rove played an active role in selection of Miers

Iraqi PM denies Iranian interference

Small bombs target US interests in Argentina (protest against Bush visit)

Democrats Urged to Abandon Election Myths

(BBC News) Nicaragua party 'outraged' by US (interference)

Ellis, Colyandro Deny Cooperation With Earle (the DeLay indictment)

Blair: Iran or Hezbollah involved in Iraq

19th storm ties a record

US back to the drawing board in Afghanistan

Anthrax Investigation Grows Old

Health secretary says no one prepared for bird flu

AP BREAKING: No Indictment - Rove to give more testimony in Plame case

God told me to invade Iraq, Bush tells Palestinian ministers-BBC exclusive

(Miers) Helped Set Up Lecture Series That Brought Leading Feminists to SMU

Effectiveness of Tax Breaks Is Questioned

Trial in Italian Banker's 1982 Death Opens (Calvi)

Oh come on, K-Rod, finish him off!

Drat! The Spankees just got a home run.

Post here if you are just reading and don't want to post.

Do you <3 hoot?

Love is . . . . . .

I love "Cheaters"

Cross your fingers for us please.

I'd like to have a nice late-night chat.

In a quandry: The Avian Flu

Nobody loves my dormice *sniff*

Am I on anybody's Buddy List or does anyone have me on ignore?

"Far Far Away"- Wilco

Evangelism is evangelism

Halos win!

'night ya'll!

Missssster Kennnnedyyyyyy.........

I am going to go eat some dead plants now

Best Angus Burger: Burger King or Hardee's/Carl's Jr?


Abortion *is* murder...

Back from GD, got blood splattered on me from PETA supporters, what now??

For those of us baseball fans!

I am going to win the Powerball and become a freeper!

You know what's good for a cold?

To hell with Metallica, I like THIS metal band!

Nobody won the Powerball

Bill O'Reilly is full of traitorous shit

this is f*cked up! 3 Adults, Baby Found Dead in Ill. Home

You're a shining star... No matter who you are...

Dealing with auto insurance company...

Python vs Alligator in the Everglades, & the gator won, ew, gross photo..

Man In Wheelchair Steals Squad Car

If Onstar unlocking someone's car saves her marriage

For breakfast, I'm going to make mac & cheese.

If Nick And Jessica Can't Survive Is There ANY HOPE?

Did any of you look back at your high school yearbook after many years?

Are they going to re-run this week's "Lost" by chance?

Quick! what can you tell me about Hesse and Rhine Westphalia

Video Sent To Schools After Boy Asks Why Jesus Is Named After A Swear Word

Find Spirituality With NEW BIBLE TEXT MESSAGING For Your Cell Phone!

ARRR!-Today's all important PIRATE thread

Go Daddy sent me a limited offer to register domain names 1.99 per....

Thank you tx_dem41 and eyesroll

Glücklicher Nationaler Deutsch-Amerikaner Tag

QUESTION FOR NEW MODS: Is it still okay to say "Tallywacker"?

If someone says I'm "out of station" instead of .........

Why is it that when I get 5 hours of sleep for 5 nights in a row,

Anyone else watch "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel?

MP3 players: Recommend something to me that ISN'T an overpriced Apple

THIS JUST IN: Pele, Ronaldo, and Anonymous Man Victims in Latest Skirmish

Marie and Pierre Curie were walking hand in hand down a Parisian street

Snake bursts after gobbling gator

Why does Zuni hate Baby Jesus?

Do not click this thread.

CAPTION the backpedaling Iraqi.

I saw the movie Serenity last night (no spoilers in OP)

Great Bush Joke

Did Michael Moore ever say this?

Help needed

What does it mean to be a "pagan?"

Dogs actually understand EVERYTHING we say to them. I have proof.

Least favorite member of Led Zeppelin

BigMcLargehuge Has Forgotten How To MOD!

A fun animal pictures slideshow . . .


The most ass kicking copycat thread for today

On behalf of all America, I apologize to the country of Brazil

Here's how most Americans watched Bush's speech today.

Do they still do the "Midnight Movie" thing?

Yo Sniffa, in here toys!

3 Plead Quilty In Zig-Zag Papers Scheme

Favorite member of Led Zeppelin

Yep, Kick Ass bob DID it.

Skipping Oprah's Daily Show Saves Woman's Life

Store's display of tiny underwear disgusts shoppers

"...You better stay away from him - he'll rip your lungs out, Jim!"

Have you ever slept with a mod?

Firefighters Let Home Burn Down Because Owner Didn't Pay $25 Fee

No . . .This is Lolly >>>


Attack of the Killer Mods.....

Favorite warmongering homicidal poet ?

6 Year Olds Fight Over Pacifier - Police Called

Lolly, lolly, lolly get your adverbs here.

Network feud leads to Net blackout

Ok. I'll confess.

anyone having problems getting into dailykos?

Post your a kid

I need a hug...please

Canucks win - I told you LF

I got two hours of sleep in the last 30 hours!

I love the nighties!

Dark Toddler of the Sith:

Oh Joani, I got your big hug right here!

I got yer drug test right here

The Official Brazilian Joke Burial Thread: Pay your condolences.

I better stay away from the Lounge

Fire is 6 miles away, and heading towards the 60 freeway

I detect the murderous hand of Bunny...


Politics on the grassroots level.....

Irish billboards of gambling Jesus pulled

Movies you want to see?

do you also wonder where your money has gone to?

Does anyone else feel hot and flushed when they eat carbolic acid?

Post your rumors about the new mods here

Check out my AWESOME new sunglasses!!!

Battle of the bands: Wire vs. Oasis

Hey ladies, when your man wanna get buck wild

I need a Halloween costume

I love the naughties!

Ig Nobel Prizes scientific achievement 'cannot or should not be reproduced

Fake news: “Bush Apologizes for Major Error”

Howard Stern's Sirius channel Douche 100 launching today at 6:30 AM EST

I always wanted to learn Glass Blowing.

Ha ha - Ahnuld got booed last night!

New Orleans hurricane victim hits the jackpot

I always wanted to learn Ass Mowing.

Let's talk about how the The Who is BADASS.

I-I-I-I'llll d-d-ddrrrrrrrink to th-hhhaattt! (hiccup!)

Have you ever slept with a mob?

I always wanted to learn ass bowling.

New Lounge Banner Now Ready!

This is a stupid question but,...

Oh MY GOD it is 10 degrees here.

LOL . . . Not only is Harry Potter evil, HE'S GAY, at least according to

Yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny.

Have you ever slept with a mod?



Second best bumper sticker I've seen this week:

In high school or college, were you the heartbreaker or heartbreakee?

There's full frontal FEMALE Nudity in "Showgirls"

Inspirational lyrics - Lauryn Hill "Forgive Them Father"

Idiotic e-mail re: Social Security

I laugh at this pumpkin EVERY YEAR.

Hey....... c'mere big boy.......

Why are the meetups in places I just can't get to?

Great new joke I just know you haven't heard!!!

Someone wrote "God Bless Dems" in the dust on the back windshield...

How to insult somebody with Cactus

Oh yeah! Life is good - No more waiting for a beer.

How to insult somebody with cat piss.

Why do you all have me on ignore again?

1 more hour left at work

I've given up on marriage.

How to insult somebody with FULL FRONTAL MALE NUDITY


OMG! The things you learn on DU! LynneSin is a *gasp* MASOCHIST!

Practicing proctology is safe again

How to insult somebody with the eighties..

Written on a gas sign at Costco in Kansas - MUST READ

How to insult sombody with Oxycodone...

HELP! How do I disable messenger service on my pc?

How to insult someone with a Mormon Boy Band.

if I Google too much, will hair grow in my palms?

I was just given a drug test!!!!!!

Congratulate store opens Monday...

The World Cup of Literature

Okay, who can name all nine Muses without Googling?

Is honesty really the best policy?

Useless Knowledge?

Terrorism law..............I am pissed

Okay, who can name all goddesses of the Ennead without Googling?

The Brazilian Joke has had a near Death Experience and is alive

Powerball is up to 205,000,000

Okay, who can name all seven Dwarfs without Googling?

How to insult somebody with Caligula

Possible names for the Cruise / Holmes love child

TRUE OR FALSE: Are Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, etc., real?

OK, who can name all seven planets of our solar system without Googling?

OK, who can name all 624 Playmates without Googling?

Carlos Santana is just a guest artist on his own damn albums.

Does anyone else listen to Neil Rogers?

Okay, who can name all 3 Stooges without Googling?


Letterman's Top Ten Signs Bush Is Drinking Again

The World Cup of Mathematics

Jew-Sponsored Stock Car Booed Off Track - The Onion

I am thinking of starting a protest service. what do you think?

Goodnight lounge, time for me to hit the sack

Unhappy Thread! I have gas, and a Winston fell in my lap.

Okay, who can name all nine circles of hell without Googling?

I'm monitoring a GED class... ask me anything

My wife and I got a call from "The Dharma Initiative" (???)

The World Cup of Science

I'm thinking of registering over in Freeperland

Just for the record, "Spike" is the best Elvis Costello album of the 80s.

It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas

actual headlines

Credit Score as a bar to employment: why?

Going to Vancouver Island to celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend.

You know about that giant glowing area in the Indian Ocean? Check this out

OK, get your day planners ready. Terror is scheduled for next week

My Parents are Leaving for 5 Weeks

Quick Help with cooking equivalents please!!

How to insult somebody with Calculus

Hey everybody!

What are we going to do with ourselves when we don't have ....


Does anyone else feel hot and flushed when they eat sugar?

Oxycodone rocks

Family Gets Porn Documentary Instead Of Mormon Boy-Band DVD

Okay, who can name all the registered DUers without Googling?

Author (British Cleric Graham Taylor) says Harry Potter is gay

One of my co-workers was killed yesterday

Anyone have Verizon Broadband?


another 80's quiz!

(Dick Cheney) Captain Capitalism teaches children about cussing,

Time to read a short story

Damn I'm tired ! Good night fellow DUers ! Lovya !

Rejoice Dear Hearts!

Mascot for LTTE writers who face overwhelming odds in red states.

30 mins in the sauna + Quck brisk shower afterwards = Feeling great.

Should very small children be allowed to observe childbirth?

Grrr... The alarm keeps going off on my watch!

Music reviewers for local scenes should have to support local scenes.

Okay, who can name all planets in our Solar Sytem without Googling?

i need a ride

Yo Sniffa, in here boy!!


Tigh vs Riker - who would win?

Welcome to my buddy ExChickenFarmer!

Can an employer give you your review and then make added remarks later?

I'm in need of a quick bit of assistance

are you dressing up tonight?

This is the time of your life, sapiens duchess

This is a cheer billyskank up thread

I love the eighties!

There's Full Frontal MALE NUDITY In HBO's "Rome"...

Largest Rodent Found Dead In Ohio

Let's say there was a Second Coming ....... Ok this is good ...... And

I'll never be able to show my face in that forum again

This is a cheer up SD1981 thread because I'm feeling very ill

Which NHL games are on cable tonight?

Who has the biggest head in politics?

I love being in love!


Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane, Carnegie Hall

What is it that makes people want to confess things?

rammstein ~ stripped

I miss my bestest friends.....

Someone left the cake out in the rain...

The best damned argument against the fundy god!

Is George Clooney toooooo good looking?

DU moms: did you eat the placenta?

Okay -for real this time - Early eighties album choices:

Favorite rock n roll hired gun

Has anyone here ever had Nutella?

US firm turns cremated remains into precious gems

Okay, who can name the gifts for each of the 12 days of Xmas..

Is my washer dead or fixable?

RPM passed the bar exam!

Favorite sense

In an all out all-Scandanavian war, who'd win?

Okay, who can name all twelve tribes of Israel without Googling?

What is your choice for the best Western motion picture ever made

Congratulations to DU's newest attorney, RPM!!

Who wants to discuss Lost? For those who didn't see it, don't look!!!

The Hanso was LOST


after this post. I am four posts away from 5000...I need four questions...

I need a fainting smiley. Oh and can we get the shocked one that shakes


Who broke the photobucket?

I had to watch this one twice...

If you could pick just one DU person to spend the day with

Another Rant From Khash

Du'er post it portraits

Is it easy to switch to yahoo DSL?

My cats are such pussies!

Happy Thread! I have electricity and Winston is sitting at my feet.

Where dah' readheads at? Post here

Name a yuppie-fied, fundie filled neighborhood that you hate the most

Good Morning, Everybody!

My wife is back East. She's eaten at White Castle, and I want some!

What sort of volunteer work do you do in your community?

Lady booted off Southwest flight for obscene Bush t-shirt

Okay, who can name all twelve signs of the zodiac without Googling?

I love the Cheat

As Newyawker has sadly abandoned her post

Anyone here ever try Kopi Luwak?

How to insult somone with Nutella...

Post a word

Torture petitions test beliefs of faithful

Networks reject second UCC ad

Is it "good" or "evil" for someone to believe the Bible is literally true?

I just read this and had to post it

Seeing Creation and Evolution in Grand Canyon

Review of new U.K. Civil Partnership law.


Poll: Should gay and lesbian couples be allowed to marry?

Author Expelled After Calling Harry Potter Gay

Fox news anchor trying to fix up Condi? Bizarre!

Television Star 'Judge Judy' Scheindlin Backs Homosexual "Marriage"

Bear fans... Orton drinks like he should be a Packer fan

The World Series

Help! Does my cat have fleas?

I Ching question

My latest dream

In Agony Over Ghosts

As everyone knows, Science is retarded.

Atheists, any past religious moments to confess.

Have DU Vets informed their groups of o'reilly slander?

Appropriate time for dress/undress/work uniforms

John Kerry's defamers sue for defamation - the title says it all

Kerry, Kennedy & Reid Statements on Bush Speech

Anyone listening to *?

Vote today - 'tis a puzzlement

Today, I don my Red Sox hat...

“Smear Boat” Veterans File Publicity Stunt Lawsuit

I LOVE Tom Oliphant (part XXXIV)

Where Democrats speak up - not that it will change something

Ok - so I'm in this picture mood -

LTTE in BG - John Kerry is not to blame

An update on the Melanoma

Maybe this is blasphemy in this group

Sorry, I have to rant - I love Kerry but ...

A poem from Gull Bay

KOEB 10/6/05 (Do They Know It's Fitzmas?)

Kudos to KO!

Ya'll have to read this post.

Anderson Cooper's premature jocularity

heads up: Keith's on Dan Patrick today (Thursday, 10/6)

Countdown Newsletter: 10/06/05 -- Spy in the White House

House passes bill to allow death of more animals

Please DU this action: The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessiblity Act

What is the political relationship b/w Israel and Saudi Arabia?

Perhaps some politicians have a bad day now and then, don't

Which of these bumperstickers do you prefer (RE Katrina Commission)?

What I Remember About The Pigs

SPY in the White House

Chomsky: Wanted a leader for America

A Tale of Two Prosecutors

Did a reporter with GOP ties suppress a story that could have cost Bush?

Have you heard this one?

Brownback Calls for Thoroughly Questioning Miers

Chimpy to reveal "new strat-e-gary" about al Qaeda's operations in Iraq!

Miers was non-legal job as Asst to Pres. until Feb 2005

Riverbed Iraqi girl blogger...Wonderful

Which Dem do you find LEAST trustworthy? And why?

Abramoff, Delay & Blunt: "Why, it's just a coincidence, your honor!"

McCain:1 Bush:0 - a military funding veto in the works?

DNC- Bush Administration's Katrina Response:Cut Programs for the Poor

Bush announces his true mission "Operation Enduring Vacation"

How do I un-disable my profile?

Did Bush pick Miers on his own, or are the RW think tanks behind this?

Damn, he's dusted off the Iraq ad campaign to use on justifying

Comment on Bush's 2002 Iraq War speech for the Cinti. Enquirer

"Tyrants and would-be tyrants..." Is he talking about himself?

Too many topics without points of reference this morning.

Bush's "FantasyLand" Speech

Fighting "every country harboring terrorists"...Saudi Arabia too, George?

More on Why Neocoms Reaction on Miers is a Hoax

Senate Finance Comm hearing: Any watching?

Men consider suit over USFS flap

GOP still wasting money investigating President Clinton

leadership reinforcing a foreign policy that has divided us from the world

DeLay's lawyer is a Dem -The Hill

Why don't politicians post here, often?

The GOP can just run a tape of that speech every six months

Casey's lead over Santorum grows in Senate matchup(* in PA 37% Approval)

DNC: Week-Old House Republican Leader Now Implicated in Culture of Corrup

ABC's GMA ignoring the Larry Franklin case & the Plamegate indictment talk

Miers right wing problem - No track record of hate

Attacks were disrupted....this will be difficult to prove beyond a doubt.

Bush gives pre-election speech to the Iraqi people

British Official Accuses Iran of Helping Insurgents in Iraq

Rove's attorney declines to comment

oh gee, the CIA has a morale problem

David Rivkin came out of his private life to advocate using torture

Senators Durbin & Reed live rebuttal to *'s terror speech

Extremely important business on House agenda today!!!!!!!

a shout out needed: ROCKS! wow. I love everything about

Why Was President Gore's Picture Shown On My Local T.V. Station, With The

The creepy, David Koresh moment of the speech, was actually gwb

IRAQIS want us OUT of THEIR country. NOW NOW NOW.

TIME: New Concerns Dog the FDA

alex jones censored by aol time-warner,....RR has website blocked?

From Miers, Telling Words - Broder - Liberals Beware Code Words

Behind the scenes, is there a move to get Miers to withdraw ?

Miers Helped Set Up Lecture Series That Brought Leading Feminists to SMU

Why can the Feds run up astronomical deficits and state/locals can't?

the Cote-Whitacre lawsuit hearing was today (prerun to challenging DOMA)

Forgotten Cabinet posts: Surgeon General

Freeps: "Mr. President, islam is the enemy, not just "militant" islam."

Is this or is this not a New Crusades he is calling on?

What earth-shattering news will 'W' have in his speech today?

From Gary Miller (R), Congress, California

they are going to kill David Frum

If an indictment, why need for "target" letter....

Bush attempts to connect the dots between 9/11 and Iraq (transcript)

I could not help but NOTICE the juxtaposition of these two articles

"Strong Grounding in the Church Could Be a Clue to Miers's Priorities"

Possible Bush quotes in future speeches

Va.- Kilgore, the candidate who runs from running (things getting weird)

Opposing Wars based on lies is not necessarily a "far left" thing is it?

Please sign Senator Boxer's petition re: Iraq

Hey Rush and Freepers: Miers is a Femi-NAZI!

Is something wrong with my Decoder ring? WTF?

Court: Bush admin can't exclude public participation in forests

Pentagon to be allowed to spy on Americans?

bushgang gives Weather Bureau orders on talking to media

(Energy) Sec. Bodman: But the Cadillac is comfier than Metrorail!

One positive sign: Negative ads linking candidate to *

New Orleans Mayor pissing off Republicans

39 Democratic Senators and 1 Independant write to Bush about Iraq

Howard Dean did a fine job on Hardball tonight, as usual. I think

DKos switches support from Hackett to Brown

Democrats Seek Probe into Agency Spending

This was written by George Will??? We really are in the final days

Al Gore's speech at Media Center-10-05-05 (audio and text)

How Bush came to his decision ?

Stop givaway to oil companies HR3893 This week

ina Brown Wishes For Loose-Lipped Insiders To Write Books?!?

That Was Good... Diana Ross & The Supremes On CNN!

New word from ODonnell an update Forve will be in dicted!

Presidential adviser Karl Rove to give additional testimony!

Who's Karl gonna finger? I'd be nervous if my name were Scooter.

Let's look one step ahead if Miers does withdraw her name....

Terror alert 2 minutes after Rove story hits the air

Democrats Offer Effective Plan, Republicans' Bill Would Do Nothing

I need advice on how to spend my campaign contributions

HA HA: Rove story Trumps Bush's Dopey Iraq Speech

Recent Topics at SpeakSpeak News

Rove before grand jury in the morning

I kind of feel sorry for Ohio folks. A good write-up about Hackett/Brown.

The White House knows plame indictments are coming

Did Bush Administration or Bloomberg issue subway warning?

My commuting wife just called me

Rove will be indicted

by calling opposition to Miers "elitist," they admit she's non-qualified.

MSNBC just reported...

Missed it! Anyone have link to John Edwards on Daily Show?

The lawyer and the germ

Draw your own conclusions:

Big Farm Subsidies vs Food Stamps...Whose Plate Will Congress Fill?

A legal question, If it were proved that GWB stole the election

Coalition Says It Will Pay Pollsters To Ask About Bush (Impeachment)

If we take back Congress next year, we should call for investigations!

Montana Senate Primary Poll: Tester vs. Morrison?

CNN reports a connection between the NY alert and Iraq.

To deny the DNC money to flipping the bird to Howard Dean

When Bush says sacrifice is needed for war on terror, what should ..

Could someon give me a link to the chart showing the relationship

NYC Terror Alert Source was from IRAQ

I just thought about this, tell me what you think duers

Some interesting tidbits from the speech:

Bush's speech went over like a lead balloon today. So what happens?

Resurrected deadly flu

What terrorist threat will be declared the day before Bush is impeached?

Target letter spin ... Lawrence O'Donnell sorts it out.

One day there will be a terra threat, and it noone will believe it - WAIT!

DNC: DeLay Needs to Disclose Donors to Hidden Slush Fund

I am on the Republican Conference Call re Miers. What should I ask

Ohhhh damn . . . Bush is using the "Weapons of mass destruction" speech

Which Repub do you find LEAST trustworthy? And why?

Bush: "America would be less safe with bin Laden in control of Iraq"...

NYT: an ominous cloud hanging over the CIA leak inquiry

A herd of elephants that need facing and feeding

Question of Miers switch from Dem to thug in the middle

John Gibson calls Iraq / War On Terra "Bush's 'A' Game"...LMAO!

Kerry, Kennedy & Reid Statements on Bush Speech

Of Baseball and Politics

Evil Regime Hemorrhaging who will stop the bleeding?

Does it seem like the puppetmasters are hanging him out to

New CBS poll - Bush Approval drops 4 points to 37%

Any video of DC Protest's concert or Interfaith Service available?

Paul Krugman interview at 3:00pm EDT on WHYY's "Fresh Air" re:Katrina

If Rove goes to jail, I promised my son that

Bush's Speech? Utter Bullshit. Somehow, I'm not surprised.

Can't Even CRY WOLF!! We Have To Take This Seriously....

Rush Limbaugh..."I have to lie"

The perversion of Republican economic policy on display HERE

Here's what Dems are saying about $50 Billion more for Iraq (n/t)

"Third Way" moderates offer this advice to Dems

JOSHUA FRANK: In Defense of Lew Rockwell

The DNC just dialed me for dollar$. "No!", sez I.

They must think we're f&*king stupid.

For the Record, I'm Fairly Moderate.

These 9 senators approve the use of Torture

"independent counsel continues to work in Washington obscurity ...

Jack Cafferty said that he believes that Miers won't be confirmed.


Salon's War Room: "Rove's GJ return is 'stunning' and 'ominous' sign"

DU, time to Rock On.... Hackett or Brown?

"America and the world are safer" but yet we're supposed to be afraid of:

“Smear Boat” Veterans File Publicity Stunt Lawsuit

Thank you, Joe Wilson.

Miers is more qualified to be a Justice than Bush is to be President.

What 2008 ticket do you currently support?

Wholesale gas down to $1.835/gal. Why is national avg. still $2.75?

DNC: Senators Deserve to Know As Much As Dobson

Santorum getting crushed in new poll! 52% to 34%!