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Archives: April 1, 2005

Bill O'Reilly: murder by number (detainee deaths)

Dana Milbank (Washington Post): Schiavo Case Rife With Political Symbolism

Watchdog Agencies Asleep at the House of Death

Well aware that the US government is on a rampage to discredit Chavez

Orange County Weekly: You’re Going to Die But not before Tom DeLay says so

Ex-Bush Official Warns the Administration: Don't Rush on the Road to Damas

Ward Churchill's Berkeley address

Katha Pollitt (The Nation): Backward Christian Soldiers


Left Apologists for the Occupation

Georgia DA so far refuses to prosecute suspects behind 1946 black lynching

Army Recruiters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

A Tale Told by an Idiot (Media coverage of Schiavo)

Chicagoans Protest Bush Social Security Plan

CIA has no place at NYU

A look back at the anti-Vietnam War movement in US

O'Reilly: You said AAR would be off the air by now....

Professor reportedly fired for calling for freer press in China

History is not copyrightable, lawyers claim

Corporate media`s next 24/7 vigil.

Ted Koppel leaves ABC

Pfizer takes on Chinese courts to protect Viagra

MOFA says US is wrong on China's human rights

S American leaders agree to collaborate on poverty, security

Cambodians flee as blast at munitions dump causes panic

Venezuela, Frustrated by the U.S., Turns to Containment

The KMT doesn't represent Taiwan

Nonna Gorilovskaya (Mother Jones): Interview With Natan Sharansky

BradBlog: GOPUSA Runs CNS Story on GOP Front Group ACVR

KOEB (Thursday)

Which should have been mentioned in the final report?

Ohio Secretary of State Candidate Agrees: Election 2004 was Stolen

boycott NBC and NBC news. Brian Williams is a weasle.

Pawlenty to get a boost from Karl Rove

Murmph. My car was just stolen.

Pleasant surprise in the parking lot

FairVote Minnesota E-News Extra!!! DEAN TO SPEAK IN MPLS!

Support Bryan Flannery for Secretary of State!!!

"Tom DeLay, what about Baby Sun?" Need this on a billboard

OK. I got pictures from the DeLay protest at his new office!

I can understand a rogue not having a conscience

dupe? Wolfowitz is confirmed as president of world bank.

The 'Speechalist'. The brain behind Bush's speeches

Delay's words speak volumes about his political intentions.

WOLFOWITZ on PBS Newshour NOW 7:40 EST >

More Danger From the ACLU - O'Reilly Video

"Left of the Dial" (AAR) on HBO tonight at 8

Will the era of Christianism go down in history with McCarthyism

Listening to Leon Russell and reading DU

Did the right pay off Schiavo's parents?

Left of the Dial on at 7pm

"The Terri Schiavo Story" next on A&E

CNN vs FOX 7 years or 15 years? Sciavo

The RW and S.C.???

Moran caller to Malloy reminded me of "Celsius 41.11"

Who is going to the National Convention on Media Reform in St. Louis this

CNN is going to get an STD

Liberal followers of Christ need to start a new religion

Taking on the "Fighting Sioux"| Native American mascots & logos in sports

Mexican troops given green light to operate up to 400 miles into US

Kenny is Terri Schiavo! Last night's South Park...

The Problem With Republicans And Fundamentalists

Is it odd that Michael Schiavo received death threats from "pro-lifers?"

How long will bottom-feeder Hannity and Faux news continue to milk

Bio of Father Frank Pavone, Schindler spokesman and anti-abortion activist

Boot camp against abortion in the works (Pavone)

Father Pavone (with the Schindlers) is the most unsympathetic character

REMINDER: HBO's Left of the Dial comes on in 7 minutes..

Pope recieves last rites according to yahoo news

I'm so glad we now see the immigrant invasion plan

I hear there's a good documentary on HBO.

So what do you think, did NNguyenMD just watch the AAR special on HBO?

Now here's an idea for your child's gift list!

Scott Ritter: Neocons as Parasites

I have something that hasn't been said about Terri Schiavo...

I'm starting a one-line Republican "vent/insult/whatever" thread

Do you guys like to watch freeper Kamikaze stunts

So 80% oppose the fundies in the Schiavo matter

Are we allowed to discuss the pop-up ads on this site?

The next pope will be Latin American

Question on AAR ratings

nevermind!' sick joke

SORRY GUYS!!!! Oh dear god I am so embarrassed...

Will this day ever end?

Fineman exposed ALL on Keith

The Right Of Self Determination Is NOT Their Issue

Where are the threads with all the protestor pictures?

All Terri, all the time

Anyone else notice that Bobby Schindler

Psychopath Mutant Freepers Advocate Schiavo Death Threats

" Brain chip reads man's thoughts"

self delete

EU Mulls Compromise with Iran--Deutsche Welle

If, as Scarborough claims, it's up to God when people die,

I just saw a movie called Murderball about quadriplegic athletes.

Guest reminding Scarborough that 40,000 kids die a day from starvation

Marriage issue

Will Bobby Schindler run for Congress?

This post from is hilarious

Ok, I promise only one post for this topic: Evan Cohen former AAR exec

hey, I just got an email from Sundance Channel

Tonight's corporate news

I can't wait to see tonight's "Scarborough Country"

Anyone know what came out of the WA GOP challenge to Gregoire's election?

"Left of the Dial" gave me a new and better opinion of Randi Rhodes

CNN: of half the people on the planet, this pope is

Removing a feeding tube = murder

Commentary: "Why American neocons are out for Kofi Annan's blood"

Anybody else watching David Westin, ABC Pres. on Charlie Rose?

And they say WE love death?

"Go Home, Hippies"????

Jeff Gannon/Guckert to have some interesting news to report soon?

Islamic, Christian, Jewish Clerics Unite

Anyone have a link to the story about the little boy and the feeding tube?

The world seems to stink with the stench of death lately

I saw a scary political yard sign today

This Modern World: Condoleeza Rice Feeds on Human Brains

Abandoning the News

Brand This!

tv tonight -- the idiot's parade

Scarborough's ass handed to him by Catherine Cryer! (video)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Round Up

Uh-oh, Looks Like History Channel Has a Whack Job on FDR in the Chute

Canadians - am I the only one SICK of bill 101?

Hello, lurking bushkissers!

Jay Sekulow and the AC:LJ......he was on Scarborough's show tonite

DH and DD saw a great bumpersticker coming home from daycare...

What is your attitude towards carpet-bagging?

Senator Byrd and Moveon

Anybody out there questioning their own faith because of the Shavio

Your veiled threats aren't fooling anyone, Mr. Delay, you're going DOWN!

Freepers & Fundies are getting ahead of us

Do you think that the GOP has now been split at its seams?

Take a look at this credit union's services logo.

YESS!!! KEITH going to talk about DeLays THREAT!!

Illegal immigration - the politics of blame - look up, not down

How high will gas go before year's end?

Is there a bright side to higher gas prices?

The Democratic Leadership is paralyzed

Does anyone think the Fundies will ever reach the nice "liberal" areas

FBI investigating

**1,297 DAYS since 9/11 & Bin Laden STILL a free man.**

Let me see if I understand this "culture of life"

WTF? Associated Press Slams Michael Schiavo in Story on Terri's Life?

Just saw "Left of the Dial"

How the Working Class Views Immigration

"The gates of hell are open in Iraq "

Why I do not like this Pope....

1981 Gas Price..........

Caption this photo of Ann Coulter.

did anyone see the finale of "The Newsroom" this week?

I pulled out my own teeth

UK Greenhouse Emissions Still Rising

Coalition forces holding Zarqawi operative with dual citizenship

Riot police use tear gas on protesters (Uganda)

Canadian Who Died in Iran Was Tortured (Kazemi)

Apology demand for Somare insult (Australia / PNG)

Vatican source: Pope given last rites

Mitsubishi to sue directors over cover-ups

U.S. Stocks Fall on Oil; S&P 500 Has Worst Quarter in 2 Years

St. Paul-born comedian Mitch Hedberg dead; heart failure blamed

UN Rights Expert Charges US Using Food Access As Military Tactic

Pakistan--Govt alerted to Indo-Israeli plan against nuclear installations

Bush names pick for Pentagon civilian job (replace Wolfowitz)

Crucial Role if China Hits Taiwan (Australia/US neo-cons)--SMH

Gay marriage ban passes [Minnesota] House and gets closer to 2006 ballot

Mexico: Spectre of Bankruptcy Looms Over State Oil Monopoly

Comedian Mitch Hedberg dead at 37

Schiavo Family In Pennsylvania Getting Death Threats

A year after the launch of the Air America radio network, ...

N Korea says US poses nuclear threat

Chinese agents abduct, detain Catholic priest

Time Running Out for Indonesia Quake Survivors

Argentine defaulted bonds exchange delayed

E&P: Duluth Paper Apologizes for (Red Lake) Cartoon; Cartoonist Unhappy

N.Korea Wants Explicit U.S. Apology Before Talks

Suicide Bomber Kills 5 Iraqis Near Shrine

Extra Services May Mean Costlier Medicare

Armed neighborhood militias spring up as ethnic tensions worsen

USTR cites high level of fake goods

Thousands flee after chlorine spill in China

NYT: Collision of Disparate Forces May Be Reshaping U.S. (end-of-life) Law

WP: WMD Data Flawed, Lacking, Panel Says

Some In U.S. Fear Nuclear Terrorist Attack

AIG acknowledges improper booking of transactions

Guards, Father Charged in Alleged "scared Straight" Abuse in Pennsylvania

Judge rules against EPA on dumping of ships' ballast water

Religious Charities in 10 States Get $1B

U.S. Soldiers Told to "Beat the F**k Out of" Detainees

NYT: ABC Must Decide Not Just Who but Also What for Late Night

Mercedes recalls 1.3 million cars (BBC News)

US jet crashes in central Albania

WP: Hastert Doubtful on Social Security Bill

No Nations Should Have Nukes, Most In U.S. Say

Brazil:Drought Takes Toll on Transgenic Soy

Taser-related deaths top 100, Amnesty

Shaky faultline raises the threat of a super-volcano (Sumatra)

Governor of Maine Signs Gay Rights Bill

Dollar "catastrophe" prompts call to replace George W Bush

A Brain Tumor Can't Break An Apartment Lease

Massachusetts House approves stem cell bill

Arguing w/ a ditto-head... need source links re: Terry Schiavo (Please!!!)

PETA to Target Star Jones Reynolds

Delete - poll failed generation

I need to chug

GIMP (classic free image manipulation sw) remade to look like Photoshop

Red Pop poll

My gaydar tells me Schindler "Spiritual Advisor" Brother O'Donnel

How many..... jokes!

Caffeine free diet Crystal Pepsi or untreated water?

Some Mitch Hedberg clips

Vanilla Coke or Vanilla Pepsi?

Alright then - who needs a good ROGERING !

tried out a PSP for the first time today

I'm Poopinking Skunk

Lovely! I just discovered cat urp on my pillow!

Is Dookus the new Kleeb?

Is it wrong that I'm greiving more for Hedberg than Shiavo?

ooo entertainment - Police Scanner style


I wonder if the "Power Of Software" company knows POS means other things

Did anybody watch "Lost" last night?

Times have changed and times are strange

HEY! My cousin "got it"!

I am looking for Heywood Youcuddleme.

YUCK! my coworker has a AUTOGRAPHED picture of * and picklez hanging on

Hello. I'm looking for Mike. Last name Rotch.

My non-Schiavo-related post sank like a rock in GD. :D n/t

Postal Worker Found With Mail From 1996

Terry Schiavo died on my birthday

Hotwire or Priceline?

Where does CD Chivas USA (MLS Soccer team) play at?

ANyone been to Iceland to wreakhavoc?

Someone once told me that Eva Peron's body is preserved....

Saw something weird today

I need a pug!

Who's going to Heck?

I'd do That for a dollar

My sweet Lounge peasants!

Frequently Asked Questions page has been updated

Is Diet Coke with Lime the new Kleeb?

looks like I may win my NCAA pool... but lose the pope and schiavo ones

I need a thug!


Replace any word in a movie title with "Dookus"

New Rule: No more TV during dinner!

Hey hey. Do the Zombie Stomp.

Can I hang out here for a while?

REMINDER: HBO's Left of the Dial comes on in 5 minutes..

"We have a new cool standard."

We've lost our profiles...

Terry Schiavo owed me money

Did you like the new Doctor Who?

Left of the Dial is on, are you watching?????

Politicians make decisions. They're the ones to blame. So don't blame me.


how fast are you?

What do you think we are doing today that History will judge harshly?

What's for supper?

Anybody gonna watch the new Bruce Campbell movie on Sci-Fi?

O.K. why would this happen to my computer....

Kleeb thinks My mom is going to murder us in our beds...

Get off my hand!


Funny stuff, video of Bush's speech "writer"

Vein ladies of DU... your favorite tourniquet tips?

Goodnight peepholes

Maybe you all are homosexuals

At what point do people drop the idea that a person is a freepazoid?

I-10 Alabama meet up tomorrow

Have no heroes.

Hello. Vandalay Industries.

The highly awaited Post Punchlines Only Thread!

Greg Giraldo: "Afghanistan is now producing 87% of the world's opium..."

If you've never heard Oasis, here are snippets on

Why did Sue Ellicott leave Morning Sedition ?

Egads. Randall Terry singing at Schiavo's service.

Awwww, one shy of 1000 posts...

Will American Idol act on this?

I just spent an hour composing


Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite is Lazlo Holyfeld from Real Genius

Vane ladies of DU....What are your weather conditions?

What do you do with sad, lonely people?

I'm Insane

I got a $50 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble for my b-day...

Tru Calling is back...pretty cool

Later - Gators -

Should I change my name to HypnoTookus?

So I just finished watching the HBO documentary on AAR..what's the final

What's that song on the new VW commercial?

Who will you miss MOST?

I had a threesome with Jesus!

Mods, Cleanup in aisle 1.

I haven't been posting a lot lately.


An awesome line from the novelization of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

So, DU Psychologists, etc

Delete - dupe

Berate me, I'm an idiot.

What are your latest medical discoveries?

I'm watching "Sliders". Ask me anything!

Dedicated Air America Listeners??

Bill O'Reilly - Real Time with Bill Maher

Score one for the Scouts...

"Shrub: Reign of Madness" on History Channel. O.K., "Caligula"

What is your UD name?

"King of the Hill: Season Three"

What will the next big fad in GD be

I've decided to change my name to Rabrrrrrrookus

I am Generalissimo Francisco Franco Bohamonde, ask me anything!

I hate the word "KEWL", ask me anything!

one more day. one more day. one more day.

Forget adding things to DU names. Take some stuff away from DU names.

If Oasis was a sports team, would you wear their hat?

I'm going to lose 20 pounds dammit

Divorced DUers... a question?

South Park is doing a Feeding tube episode.

if oasis were musically talented would they still suck?

When comics go bad: Prickly City...

Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs.

Capital N, small Y,

I smell bullshit.

Poop Doggy Dog

"Come over to the Dark Side..."

What's your favorite Van Halen tune?

Will I dream?

Is "Last Comic Standing" going to come back? I watched the first

What would you do for a dollar?

My Cat Hates You

Anyone else notice that Bobby Schindler

Anyone been to Reykjavik?


Soon Dookus will announce his plans to be the next Pope.


Anyone Else Getting Tired of Donald Trump?

K. L. E-E B.

I have a feeling that ER just shumped the shark

Did that Heldreth guy get arrested?

my cat wants to eat you

I just ate a 15 inch submarine sandwich. Ask me anything.

moofookus, and stop calling us sue.

I'm still a freeper and you can still ask me anything!

Halve no hoagies, eat them whole.

Is the rejection of the name Hootie a modern version of Kunta Kinte...

His name isnt 'Darius Rucker'! It's Hootie!

I know morons judge artists by their politics, but I love Bruce Willis

I'm going to watch left of the Dial

The kids are asleep

His name isnt 'Hootie'! It's Darius Rucker!

Mr. is watching the WORST movie: Alien Apocalypse

Baby boomers and younger, who was President when you were born?

What do you think of the SUV ads showing some kind of furry

LeBron James just sank a three pointer at the buzzar to put it into OT

Didn't anyone see South Park?!?

President Bush has a blog....

I watched Tru Calling earlier and all I have to say is...

Favorite misheard lyric?

Is it possible to hijack a Forum (or a DU Group)?

I get offended when you disparage JohnKleeb. You shouldn't. Here's why:

OK, the fun's ----.

My guitar wants to kill your mama.

I get offended when you post too many Kleeb threads

DU pet peeve.

What Would Jesus Have Done... with Terri Schiavo (with feeding tube in)?

Warm beer Vs. Cold beer

Just a thread whose subject line ends with progmom

Is there a 'lowest maintenance male on DU' copycat thread, yet?

i reached my personal best in being lazy tonight

Jamster can go to hell

Giant sculpture, missing for 137 years, discovered

I can handle two freepers at a time on another message board!!!

I gotta say

Have you ever had an "accy"???

This smilie isn't big enough.

LEFT OF THE DIAL - So, what did you think?

"Not to be reproduced" Do you find Magritte's painting spooky?

Use the name Dookus in album titles.

I held myself back!

Listening to Frampton Comes Alive. Ask Me anything.

I'm meeting Al Franken tomorrow!!!

Your smile for the day from me.

DU gearheads/docu. fans/motocross fans/VW fans... it's finally here!

One HELL of a rack, bay-bee! (picture)

I'm really REALLY liking the L Word

Rev, yvr girl, JimmyJazz and I sharing a hotel room. What could happen?

I love Burt's Bees

Replace a word in your screen name with "Kleeb".

Ha! Here's a good one

East Coast DUers...April Fools Day in one hour!

Are there any current or former jazz djs here tonight?

I just pwn3d a freeper on another message board, and now I need a break...

Pre-baby boomers, who was President when you were born?

I don't care if they fire me! I've been set up.

George Carlin says

Is it just me, or is it dead here tonight?

First President you referred to with a profanity?

What are your latest musical discoveries?

Type your replies to this post with your eyes closed.

Best Giant Bug Movie

Rev is on her way to getting drunk, ask her something!

I still sleep with my stuffed lion- and I'm 20! Argh!

What's your favorite David Lee Roth tune?

What percentage of advertisements in fact convince you to buy the product?

Saw a sneak peek of Sin City, ask me anything! (possible spoiler alert)

I'm so glad I didn't live in mideaval Europe

Prefix part (or all) of your username with "Dirt"

What insults do you use on Republican freepers?

What is the median age of people on DU, and am I close?

It's here, it's finally here!!

Paging Catwoman, would Catwoman pick up the white courtesy phone...

I'm 31 and my hair is streaking grey

Full 60 second 'Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch' commerical

Vain Ladies of DU...Your favorite beauty secrets

Midlodemocrat is simply MAD with power (are you all afraid of her?)

things I have learned the hard way... (add your own)

Well, I never thought I'd ever turn off a Guy Ritchie movie

Poll as art form: make a pretty curve!

"Blueberry Hill", "Strawberry Fields" - any other songs with the

How fast are you?

Did anyone catch last nights South Park

A modest proposal to restore civility within DU...

I am just too damned political for a realtionship!

"DU: The Motion Picture" is in pre-production.

Each of these poll options is a percentage.

Bags of Dead Dogs Discovered in Virginia

Pope given last rites

An Evangelical that is pro-reason?

Statement of faith from the Church that I escaped from.

Advice from other gay people would be extremely helpful sometimes. Please?

Bush Admin Tells Parents Of Gays To Tell Their Kids To Abstain From Sex

Happy Birthday Murphee!!!

For Europegrl4jfk, a lighthearted post

some pictures

Some of these fools give the RWers all the ammo they need

More Keith stuff for

Did Anyone See South Park Last Night?

"Work to build a Culture of Life where all Americans are welcomed"..

CNBC now doing a special on "business and faith"

Robert Reich - The Lost Art of Democratic Narrative: Story Time - Jeb Bush

Great Blog exposing the PNAC

I wonder if any right wing, fundie nut jobs would volunteer to have their

Yikes! Randall Terry playing piano and singing (badly) at

Is "Judicial Activism" just code for

Excellent statistic from Catholic Radio

FAUX just played tape of a death threat called to Schiavo's brother

"Village Idiots for Bush**" bumper sticker idea.

DNC called tonight begging for money

mission impossible

What stories is the MSM currently covering up for Bush?

Did Bush really distance himself from the Schiavo vote?

Schiavo drama intensifies US culture war

Why are they so afraid of death?

Bastard Priest Pavone calls for limits to the powers of the Courts. Says

Tell CNN what you think

I think from this day forward our candidates should only run against

Remember when John Kerry said "healthcare should be a right"

TX repuke: Threatens oil shortage if TX Homeland Security $ not increased

U.S. Army Blocks Liberal Web Sites

can it be argued that "the state took the life of TS" (as Santorium says)?

Pat Boone is as disgusting as Fr. Pavone!

4/1 CSPAN - Lots of Rethug April Fools!!!!

DeLay calls for Impeachment on Schiavo Judges??? Pot Meet Kettle

Rudy G. pockets $80,000 from SC Tsunami Fund Relief Event

Why American neocons are out for Kofi Annan's blood

Ohio Secretary of State Candidate Agrees: Election 2004 was Stolen!!!

The Ghost of Baby Sun Hudson

GOP Chair @ Howard / PDA Board Member Dragged out of Meeting - Video

Would any DUers not support Russ Feingold in the general election?

Why the judicial decision is unacceptable for Terri Schiavo

Shiavo Second Cousin Fruit

Mental disorders on the rise among Iraq, Afghanistan veterans

B * * * is hostage to religious right, says top Republican

Judge Greer gets booted out of his church--amazing!

Pakistan Approaches Boiling Point

Trade War: US vs the Rest of the World

Salman Rushdie on Religion and Tyranny

In gods we trust

Private Eyes (TNR review of the state of the Dem Party)

Inexcusable silence: Cowardice in the face of controversy is not a virtue.

This Is Not the Way (another WaPo anti-Delay editorial in today's paper )

Tom DeLay is a certified stinker

Lurching toward theocracy (signs of a nation drifting towards theocracy?)

Sen. Lautenberg rebukes DeLay over Schiavo remarks

The Economist: Waiting for more Terri Schiavos

President pledges changes after getting scathing assessment (A WMD wrap)

LAT Editorial: The Schindler's Train

Anger Likely to Shift to Judiciary (Schiavo effect on filibustering Judges

NYT Editorial in memory of Terri Schiavo....

Jeb Bush Won't Feel Impact From Schiavo

Dealing coke? Make sure it’s fair trade

Why American neocons are out for Kofi Annan's blood

Global Week of Action

Steve Lopez - Posse Is Headed for the Wrong Roundup

Anna Quindlen - The Culture of Each Life

Terri's Legacy, It Is Time for a Real Culture of Life Bill from Progressiv

The Good News about Terrorism

Urge the Senate to Support Equitable Welfare Reform

Vote Against "Debt Slavery"

Can you imagine life without DeLay?

Is Cardinal Ruini (Vicar Of Rome) a media genius, or what?

Can FOX "News"'s Shep Smith possibly get any dumber?

jobs 110k 220k expected

Is the dollar basically a world commodity?

Florida FWS Biologists Ordered to Approve all Development

"Hemp and the Rule of Law" on DVD!!

My local weekly fishwrap's take on logging. Have fun with this one, guys

The Super Volcano

US intelligence credibility suffers blow

Columbia University Cleared of Anti-Semitism

Air Force Officer confirms it - LIHOP

Explosions In Basement, Cracks & Shatters Concrete Walls.

Miami-Dade County Election Chief Quits - Guardian UK

Another report on the election that needs us to correct them!

On C-SPAN now - Discrimination in Voting: Historical Overview

Karl Rove caught admitting election was stolen off-microphone!!

WHO's Scrubbing SCREVEN???? And Need Diebold PCMCIA Card Size

quick help needed - making CD labels



Friday 4/1 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread


CNN -- Florida Election Official quits amid criticism


First of the month: Help Andy

Need debunk info quickly, RE: Florida "Dixiecrat" Opti-Scan Counties and

James Baker and Ralph Munro Must Step Down

Benefits Plan Puts Arnold on Defense

Getting McPherson written Q & A and audio of hearing from Rules Comm

Hello Californians. I live in Virginia, and this has nothing to do . . .


AFSC Spring Peace & Justice Conference, April 8&9, MIT

O'Malley to reopen 2 occupied churches

Massachusetts Stem Cell Bill Gets Veto-Proof Vote

Entenza: "No caucus position" on gay marriage

I'm trying out this link thing

The best thing for renewable energy? $4.50 a gallon.

Best Asian food Twin Cities?

I was thinking of buying a new Compaq what should I get

self delete

Senators Dann, Fingerhut announce energy and environment plan

Dean calls Ohio Secretary of State one of the top 3 races for 2006

Any central Ohioans hear wags and elliot this morning on QFM?

Local radion station in Houston KTRH defends Tom DeLay

Texas Enacts Leviticus as State Law

Notes from our DFA Dallas City Council Candidate's Forum.

Tom DeLay to speak at the NRA conference in Houston.

World’s First Fully Renewable Biodiesel Facility opens in Denton.

Sunday Brunch in Austin!

Wisconsin Paper Ballots, Paper Trail, e-vote Questions

What Would Jesus Have Done... with Terri Schiavo (with feeding tube in)?

The media seems to love these high profile death watches - now the Pope

Bluebear, any pics from FL from today?

Are 184 European Countries more brain Dead than Americans?Wolfowitz Chosen

relief workers prepare for reality at a 'you are there' site in Germany

Is it legal or ethical for a police officer to repeat something

Hey Sinking Feeling! You done arrived!

America's Super Power Status Is About To End

anyone have an e-text of Norman Angell's the Great Illusion

Can someone explain the notion of prayer?

Why did Freepers not want T. Shaivo to meet the Lord?

Does anybody believe that bush was "mislead" by the CIA?

Monterey Aquarium Releases White Shark

Why does God hate America

Freeper---If you want to destroy SS, then partial privitization is the way


bbc reports pope has had cardiac arrest!! in grave condition!!

"Schiavo tragedy divides America" WTF? 80% vs 20% is "divided"?

Flag Code T-shirt is done

US Pharmaceutical Cos. & FDA Cause 100x More Deaths Than Terrorists

Will BushCo Attack on Judiciary Prod Judges to Hear Election Fraud Cases?!

The ACLU Supported Ollie North & Rush

OMG! This creeps me out!

12 Year Olds Being Killed

Would You Trade Falwell for the Pope

The Pope is not evil

Right Wingers, get over today's Schiavo "disappointment".

"The strong have a duty to protect the weak."

Nutcase Rethug beats up girlfriend because she was voting for Kerry's MSM letter-writing campaign...hilarious

Q: They refer to Iraqis as "Hajjis"?

There seems to be a Healing Party happening in the Lounge

Will DU Be at Level 2 or 3 IF.........

Why is MSNBC the only channel with live coverage of the Pope?

Tom Delay Resigns to accept new cabinet post for Bush

Going to say a little something for old Polish guy named Karol

The Republican Leadership is Mesmerized

Goldman-Sachs report: oil prices may rise to $105/barrel

Pope is in a coma

Government Abstinence Website Draws Ire (LATimes Article)

self delete

Who will be the next Pope?

If You Believe in Freedom, Step Aside

no April Foolin' around with Friday's toons

Bush to apologize on report of intelligence panel

Why can't I edit my post after a certain amount of time?

The truth about the religious right

Tonight on Real Time w/ Bill Maher: Bill O'Reilly and Cornel West

The real reason Bush pushes abstinence

Woman in Saudi Arabia Beheaded for Murder

Video of Pat Buchanan getting squirted in the face with salad dressing

A question about Wal-Mart and more outrage

The law of supply and demand is perceptual bull ploppies

If Watergate Hadn't Happened, Would Nixon Be Viewed as Great President?

Bush Twins in Maxim

Miami-Dade County Election Chief Quits - Guardian UK

So the Pope will be allowed to die in peace?

What if the Bush gang is extorting money from the Saudis and

Schiavo question for those who've been watching TV news

bush's phony 'culture of life' bullshit just makes me vomit

Email from John Kerry

so what happens if the pope goes into a coma? Or dies temporarily

Should Hillary go to Pope's funeral?

not one word in my local paper -- today or yesterday -- about . . .

c-span 9:15am - discussing intelligence report

Is Bobby Schindler in Bill Nelson's district?

A tale told by an idiot (The Press, The Protestors and Terri Schiavo)


Bush Cancels Space Shuttle Program

Idea for commercial.

Has the Presidency of the US itself become a joke in the rest of the world

Not that I give a flip about Jacko, but . . .

Here, Here Michael Schiavo. For the way in which you have

'A tragic Death amongst Other Tragic Deaths', or why Jaun Cole pins the

Did Bush Err on The Side Of Life (tm) when he read "My Pet Goat?"

FBI at crossroads in probe of pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC

I'm wondering, since the Pope has decided to stay put in the Vatican,

Slightly off topic

Take Friday April 15th off work for National Sickout for Impeachment

Banned By The Feds

Can someone make a poster of * with the words 'Dead Wrong'

Disarm Saddam Hussein

Not to get ahead of events here, but...

How many little girls were killed by molesters during the Terri vigils?

A Schiavo protester had a sign that said "Call Jesus." I agree.

Monterey Bay Aquarium RELEASES its Great White Shark

Is Kissinger Next? Undergoes "heart procedure" >

CNN reporting the Vatican Press Office will be open 24 hrs....

Save FDR's New Deal

How many signatures would it take to recall the last presidential

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Frank Perdue ... has died

Death Jokes. - Now I will start using the Ignore button.

Here's a poster idea...

DeLay, Congress made living wills pointless!

Culture of Life......courtesy of our revered leader...George W Bush...

Did Bush Err on The Side Of Life (tm) When He Ignored That PDB?

Lets not go overboard on the AFD posts. PLEASE

If YOU Were Elected Pope What Name Would You Choose?

Is Air America having technical problems

What's going on with Air America's stream?

A person dies from starvation every 3.6 seconds

Call to Action: Call out Bush, Delay & Co. on their "Culture of Life"

I have a question that no one here will address......she said peevishly

Hannity in hot water over intern phone call

Jerry Springer on the Radio - Air America Radio, that is

If Bushco paid Armstrong Wms. and fake news readers, don't

Gay 'reforming' doc dropped from panel---Freepers pissed

Bush-appointed intel commission whitewashes war based on lies

BBC report on pasta harvest in Switzerland

Pope John Paul II issues death bed statement...Priests to Marry

Need number of killed in iraq

WashTimes reports non flattering piece on Gannon, what does it mean?

Body Double

Tom DeLay got blasted on MSRNC by a judge in FL

DU gets a blurb!

CNBC may as well be Pravda-the economy is great.

If we're supposed to be a culture of life, ...

GWB won this election fair and square!

Why we'll never see the second round of Abu Ghraib photos.

Reaslistically, what's gonna happen with gas prices?

John Paul a "rock star?" What about George, Ringo?

How can a "Culture of Life" have a nursing shortage?

Its is hard to believe you folks can be so crude about anyone's death...

FBI Search Former Home of Terry Nichols

The Problem of Silence

Frist says he wants to "eliminate the judicial branch"

I'm disabled, do DUers want to kill me?

Great Message

Should government pay the bills for this

The Pope is choosing not to return to hospital

Washington DC parking officials have gone completely nuts.

Is it true that David Horowitz is a Traitor?

Those wacky Louisiana politicians!....Check out the LAST paragraph!

Thank God for TS and the Pope!!!

Legal question: How do you cut legal ties with your parents?

BTW-Bobby Schiavo got kicked out of the room-NBC new low

Michelle Malkin needs an art history course.

with all due respect to the Pope

Saw this posted at Free Republic of all places....

I am stunned...The AZ Republic 's Opinion

Fair Tax

So I guess now the anti-choice community supports the right-to-die

Why are drinkers tough on cannabis users?

"America's Youth" --- Just Begging for a Photoshop >>>

huge disaPOPEment: he's ready to die -- isn't that his job?

Misinformation and Distortion on Pope's "Living Will."

Seriously, why DON'T we accept Bush's Culture of Life?

I just heard the most idiotic freeper uttering of the day

"DEAD WRONG": WMD Intelligence-that sums up the whole damned war

Fox chief Roger Ailes "zings" CNN, calls CNN Int. "anti-American"

MSNBC Poll: Should Michael Schiavo give Terri's remains to her parents?

when a pope dies

April 24th

MSNBC reports Vatican about to make a statement on Popes condition

Pope is more important to the world than Reagan's ass. TV coverage OK

Amercian Family association-using Schiavo to raise money

Catholic DUers

The ChickenHawk

Lott delays vote on base closing nominee

America's Youth >>>

There was this other Pope before John Paul. I once though he was the bomb

OK you up-to-date Catholics

Get Your Own Living Will For Free

smirk threatens Iraqi govt.

Time To Dust Off The Bush Impeachment Papers?


I wonder if the pope has already passed away

Billy Graham Will The World Be As

Why we can't trust what the Vatican says: A mini-history of the last 60 da

Pat Buchanan doused with salad dressing

Colorado governor apologizes for 'natives' remark

Religious Charities in 10 States Get $1B

Marburg epidemic spreading in Angola

Pope has lost conciousness. MSNBC seems to be the ONLY

How to change Red to Blue --Please read and respond

The republic of texas website

CNN = Vatican C-SPAN this morning?

what do we know about Terri Shiavo's parents?

Terri's Law - My email to Barbara Boxer

The southern states are the poorest states in the country, but yet

All of a sudden...

Pope John Paul Has Died-

Sludge reporting the Pontiff has expired....

Mr. Chavez in Venezuela - watch out for this

The Skin-Tone Scale Of Attention

***Brunch with Bernie (Sanders)******

the U.S. enters the 21st century in a Hyper Religious state...not good

For the last 2+ weeks we've been enduring a 24/7 death watch.

wtf is this?

Follow the money: anti-abortion groups and Schiavo...there's a plot.

Drudge jumping the gun on Pope

Tom DeLay has NOT ruled out violence against judges


Fox News reporting that the Pope has died. All other networks

So are they making churches republican campaign headquarters?

Terri's death blamed for Pope's condition in Freeperville

Gas jumped 11 cents overnite

I'm getting freeped

In praise of the recent trend to pelt right-wing pundits with foodstuffs

Can Anyone remember This Pic?

The Pope Is Not Dead......

Vatican denies reports of death

Drudge, as usual jumped the gun declaring the Pope dead awhile ago...

Another country declares Election Fraud!

Vatican Power Struggles...

The pope is dead now how do they choose a new one?

The Schindler's attorney, David Gibbs

WOLFOWITZ! This Neocon Rat Didn't Accept The Presidential Medal Of Bribery

Online video feeds of pope coverage for cuberats?

The gates of hell are open in Iraq

Doesn't the Book of Revelations say only 144,000 will be raptured...

Can we not have an endless series of Pope jokes today

what happens if the pope goes into a PVS or coma? Is he still pope?

Letter to Scarborough

DU Personal Finance and Investing Group Forum is up!

For anyone sick of receiving credit card, etc. offers--Opt Out

Good Article about the GOP's "The Culture of Death"

Im sooo conflicted with what to think about the Pope

Living Will Form

The MSM keeps talking about how much the Pope is suffering.

Breaking: The Pope has Died. Saw on CNN

Is The Pope's Death A Sign That The Rapture Is Near? DU Prophesy!

Questions about the Pope.

This just in..CNN has officially crossed the thin line between quasi-

CNN just did a Florida 2000

DLC study finds Dems score alarmingly low on this test

"Animal Rights" wack job caught.

I remember when... (AKA Newspeak is Double-plus good)

FactCheck.COM's Latest Atrocity

Clear Thinking Republicans?

Someone needs to put up this website...

Mitch Hedberg died?

Question about US Senators/Representatives and home state residency

The Vatican is denying the Pope is dead

Air Force Officer confirms it - LIHOP

Clinton: That was"before white Southerners knew that God was a Republican"

So now that Schaivo has died, how did the whoremedia spin it?

Michael Jackson bodyguard makes CD to support Terri Schiavo


Traveling Blue along the Democratic Underground Railroad

Four Degrees of Separation

How PISSED is Tom Delay that the CATHOLIC pope stole his fundie thunder

Panel: "the intelligence community knows disturbingly little . . ."

New GOVERNMENT website suggests parents of gays seek therapy

Just got a call from Tommy Lasorda.......

If you don't like A.A.R. listen to Pacifica on the net.

Catsup, Er... Caption This !!!

"How are Popes elected?"

How we will know if the Pope has died

They recalled Davis...can we do the same to *?

Why are Freepazoids so convinced that CNN is "liberal"?

U.S. Training Al-Qaida Again?

Picture Of Terrorist (Haji) Setting Off Explosion In Baghdad

AAR in Chicago?

What happened to the Landover Baptist parody site?

Local Theocon Radio Host linking Pope and Terri's Deaths

Prophecy and the Pope.

Glimmer of Hope!

PHOTOS: Lebanon, US, Thailand...better pull out the flight suit again "W"

What's driving the stock market today?

History channel revises history... not that that's news.

Where are our priorities?

Will Tom Delay face any trouble over his veiled threats to judges?

School corporal punishment news

PHOTO: "America's Youth"

Should public libraries allow access to unfiltered materials?

Don't Miss The Swiftboat!!! Support The All Republican Draft!!!

Conscientious Objector Witnessed Abuse, Killing of Iraqi Detainees

NEWS: "Flu Pandemic Coming, U.S. Not Prepared"

did the Pope pull an April Fools joke on us???

If a US president went on the air today and told the people

Up to the minute information on happenings at the Vatican (in Italian)

Is there any indication repubs are tired of Tom Delay?

Clinton returns to the spotlight for the first time.

Can I get a vote, DUers?

Michelle Malkin Parody site

Just saw "Bush's Brain." Rove has really hurt a lot of people.

MSNBC: Italian Media Says Pope EKG Flat

Another day. Another political trial.

Longshot question: John Walker-Lindh

Teen pleads guilty for attacking Kerry-voting Girlfriend

We Should Prepare Ourselves for Terri's Autopsy Report

"The time will come for the men responsible........

An implosion in professional earnings is ahead.

Any of this sound familiar? Rice decries Zimbabwe elections

Ted Koppel is leaving ABC in November

End of the Soviet Bloc: Pope John Paul or Ronald Reagan?


Weird quote from "Vatican Governor" on CBS news

wow. ALL Catholic ALL the TIME on cable "news"

Catholic guilt

George W. Bush and homosexuality- is he gay? is he self-loathing?

Yet another example of the dangerously bad priorities of our press

Who will Faux news be able to hate when the pope dies..

The Man Who Saved the World Finally Recognized

Rove phones Falwell - how sweet

A theory: Freeptard obnoxiousness is cultivated by the right on purpose.

The Pope Really MUST Hurry Up! The MSM is Running Out Of Analysts!

This will be the longest April fools day ever of the funniest prank phone calls I've ever heard!

"Energy Restraint Plans" coming...... (of course we have done NOTHING)

* launches preemptive attack on the Social Security program

Pat Buchanan doused with salad dressing

What was the reaction when the Last Pope - John Paul I - died?

Iraq Reconstruction Fund Invested on Wall Street

The Family of Evil

sigh.... the Pope-Terri connection is now on the anti-Greer petition.

I recommend cloning Frank Lautenberg about 200 times

Pope has a DNR

I Hope The Next Pope Is Better Than This Past One

Why are we watching an entire MASS on the News?...MSNBC

Robert McNamara's Role in "The Fog of War"

I do not remember EVER hearing the word "God" on TV

My dad and I...agree?!?!?! On political matters? Not an April Fool?

Does DU stand for Defensive Underground?

April Fool's Day Photoshop fun with Repub "saints"

"a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it" (some Pope thoughts)


Whose Funeral Will Be Larger, More Elaborate? The Pope Or Ronald Reagan?

NPR's April Fool's Day story goes for the absurd

I've been accused--possibly rightfully so-- has been hacked >

"Pope John Paul II is Dead"...the freepers react to FAUXNews miscue!

If you were offended by DU posts mocking the "aaa..WAAA" noises TS made...

Now They're Doing It In My State: NC Bill of Rights Proposed

Why isn't the pope on a respirator and kidney dialysis?

George Bush Is Definitive, Proof Positive That God Does NOT exist!

What did folks think of Springer on AAR today?

The origin of conservatism

FL House debates right to shoot bill. Shoot anyone anywhere.

Retired Bush valet: W has never wiped own ass

A man named Karol.

why I LIKE this pope

MSNBC Flash News: HE Has Died!


Real Journos Repelled by RUSSERT's "hiding behind bosses" (PLAME testimony

Breakthrough: Right-wing Christianity IS idolatry

Astronomers Have Finally Obtained The First Photograph Of A Planet Beyond

Why can't Bush be impeached for lying about WMD's?

320,000 Seals to be killed in Canada

Freepers are at historic high for frothing at the mouth

112 Years Ago today

'Dead Wrong' – or Outright Deception?

John Paul's likely successor? Here's a list of 'papabili'

I don't get it...why the uber-faithful get so distraught over death

Orlando RW Talk Host Burke uses "American Idiot" as Intro Theme

Re: 2000 election Florida called for Gore too early

I won't cry for Karol Wojtyla

Children 'starving' in new Iraq

VIDEO of the Salad Dressing Shot on Pat Buchanan!

Sea Shepherd Crew Assaulted by Sealers then Arrested

Pope Helped Overthrow Communism in Europe...Rate it!

Which member of Bush's Cabinet will attend the Pope's Funeral?

Bizarre Species Sightings Leave Floridians Perplexed

Dearest Skinner, Admins, and Mods... This has gone on for too damn long!!!

Vets, your thoughts on war.

Jane Fonda apologizes for "Hanoi Jane" visit to Vietnam in '72

Didn't Pope John Paul II suspect that W was the anti Christ?

Any Legal Minds Here?

DO you think S.I.D.S. is real

Here's is a little bio I wrote for work on the Pope

Protester throws salad dressing at Buchanan

James Baker and Ralph Munroe must step down

Sen. Lautenberg rebukes DeLay over Schiavo remarks (Rawstory)

The Egg, Pie, and Salad Dressing Rebellion..

GOOD NEWS - Rwandan Hutu Rebels Denounce Genocide, Halt War

What do you plan to do in response to the inevitable flood of Pope posts?

First of the month: Help Andy

Well now I'm addicted and so are the kids.

DeGrassi episodes "watered down" for non-Canadian audience

"Not just an American phenomenon"

Britons should leave Ivory Coast - Foreign Office

Pope’s condition remains serious (LAST RITES ADMINISTERED)

Govt alerted to Indo-Israeli plan against Pakistan nuclear installations

E.U., Canada Warn of Tariffs Over U.S. Anti-Dumping Law

Vatican: Pope Has Suffered Heart Failure

Deputy put on leave after e-mail on shooting scene published

Dugway expansion a mystery

CNN Breaking: U.S. finds WMD's while conducting raids in Iraq

Goldman Sachs says $105 a barrel oil possible

U.S. risks fuelling militant Islam in Sahara-study

AP: UN Refers Sudanese Suspects to ICC (US Decision 'Major Shift')

NYT: Clinton Supporters Gear Up Against 'Swift Boat' Tactics

Labor Dept. Rep. In Vegas To Support Social Security Reform

Pope Has Suffered Heart Failure

AP: Gov't Web Site Telling Parents to Promote Abstinence Draws Protest

Society of priests formed in Texas to fight abortion, euthanasia

Reuters: Vatican Denies Pope Slipped Into Coma ('Rubbish')

State GOP rips Democrats over Gibbons billboards

Police chief killed in town north of Baghdad

Document reveals terror group planning another Bali-scale hit (Indonesia)

Hourly rate motel faces crackdown

Second unmanned Predator aircraft in three days crashes in Iraq

House leader raises possibility of trying to impeach some judges in Schiav

Study: Malpractice rates not tied to big awards

Pavone: New society of priests formed to fight abortion, euthanasia

Schiavo's death steps up push for end-of-life legislation in U.S.

Bill would block nuclear waste storage in Utah

Pakistan successfully tests Hatf-II Abdali nuclear-capable missile

Pat Buchanan Doused With Salad Dressing

Bush Denounced For Social Security Analogy

Political Battle in Schiavo Case Rages On

Pakistani gas pipeline blown up, supply disrupted

Chilean tax authority asks to remove Pinochet's immunity

Bush prays for pope

Falwell says he's 'making progress,' takes call from White House

PETA targets Star Jones Reynolds

Exposed: the man who sucked the blood of MI6

Pat Buchanan doused with salad dressing in Kalamazoo

Marine reservist arrested for allegedly deserting unit

FEC Eyes Bloggers' Political Ties

Iranian secret police tortured woman to death, says doctor

Exec Says Joe Camel Aimed At Adults - LA Times

RAF 'not good enough' for SAS parachute training

WP: Europeans See Issue As Strictly Medical

Church argues lawsuit violates 1st Amendment

Sears Files "mass Layoff" Announcement With Illinois Commerce Department

Global Week of Action

Venezuela not US enemy: Chavez

NYT: If 22 Mil. Chinese Prevail at U.N., Japan Won't (join Sec. Council)

Unions protest against bush's social security proposal

Former Connecticut Governor, Due at Federal Prison, Expresses Gratitude

Many Guard returnees jobless

House passes resolution to extend terms in office (Florida)

Trade war: US vs the rest of the world (China)

First federally funded faith-based youth justice program launched (Fla.)

House debates bill allowing people to "meet force with force" (Florida)

Senate Dems Offer 'Personal Constitution'

CNN: Frank Perdue dead at 84

Reid, Kerry at odds over choice for board

Flower power brings chaos to Death Valley

Washington shifts attention to southern 'threats'

5 U.S. soldiers accused of smuggling cocaine from Colombia

Stun Gun Deaths Warning

Reports: right-hand door in Vatican closed

Former Connecticut GOP governor to report to federal prison today

Chicken magnate Frank Perdue dies at 84

Sears files 'mass layoff' announcement

Oil prices buoyant amid talk of $ 100

Chalabi welcomes WMD report as vindication

Venezuela moves to stop U.S. dollar sale

CNN reports Pope has died;

Pope John Paul II has died

Giuliani says he hasn't ruled out running for president, governor

Pope John Paul had died

Reuters: Pope's electrocardiogram gone flat

WP: Cost of Cisneros Probe Nears $21 Million Over 10 Years

Bill Clinton makes first public appearance since NY surgery

Death of Pope on Yahoo front page.

Israel's Orthodox groups face challenge over Jewish identity

WP: Pentagon Blamed for Lack of Postwar Planning in Iraq(Rand Corp. study)

Lebanon Pro-Syria PM to Stay: Parliament Speaker

Army Still Misses Recruiting Targets

Drudge, as usual jumped the gun declaring the Pope dead awhile ago...

Suicide car bomb hits US checkpoint in western Iraq

Iraqi police officer accused of leading an armed group

CNN claiming Pope is brain-dead, but heart is still beating.

Marine reservist arrested for allegedly deserting unit

Vatican claiming Pope not dead - News media recants reports of death

Insurgents Escaping from Musul to Kerkuk

Rwandan Hutu Rebels Denounce Genocide, Halt War

U.S. lawmaker chides White House on China rights

Victims of Nazi medical experiments get more funds

Berger Pleads Guilty to Taking Materials

UW to aid Afghan legal rebirth (Seattle Times)

(WP) Doubts on Weapons Were Dismissed (best headline on this issue yet)

Frank Perdue dead at 84 -- tough man who made tender chicken

Four counties admit voting mix-ups (Seattle PI)

Report: Iraq intelligence 'dead wrong'

Social Security is vital to women, Democrats say (Seattle PI)

Stocks seen higher ahead of jobs report

Mercenaries to Play Greater Role in ...Drug Interdiction, Crop Eradication

Canada Slaps Sanctions on U.S. Imports

NYT: Early Results in Zimbabwe Point to a Mugabe Victory

Loud explosion heard near Beirut

Feds seize Capitol Hill Blue; Publisher detained

Miami-Dade County election chief quits amid criticism

Vatican adapts to new communication age

U.S. citizen held in Iraq as suspected insurgent


Pope near death...

FBI launches probe into Delphi books

Hastert Casts Doubt on Quick Social Security Action (Reuters)

Public may get look at insurance e-mails

Pope Is Ready to Die, His Former Aide Says

Ex-Clinton Aide Pleads Guilty to Taking Documents(Reuters)

Vatican: Pope John Paul II Is Near Death -- LINK...

Flu Pandemic Coming, U.S. Not Prepared

Talks continue to avert tollway strike (Chicago)

Crude Futures Rise Above $57 a Barrel as Gasoline Jumps

Heinz will, estate records released after newspapers' challenge

Cooper makes offer to workers

Bottle factory workers may strike (Saint-Gobain Containers / IL)

Waste Management Workers On Strike In El Dorado County (CA)

FBI Search Home Where Terry Nichols Used to Live

Union Reaches Agreement With Four Nursing Homes (CT / 1199)

CEO paid $51.6 million as Blockbuster slips

Justice: Iraq Fraud Can Be Tried in U.S.

Conflicting reports on condition of Pope - CNN

Asia Times: Trade war: US vs the rest of the world

Blast damages ancient Iraq monument

U.S. Stocks Decline on Inflation Concerns

Pope's condition deteriorating: Vatican

US calls on help to contain Venezuela’s “destabilizing role”

Japan, Mexico Prepare to Follow EU, Canada Sanctions on U.S.

Teens Today Commit Fewer Crimes, Have Fewer Babies

Bush Picks Chairman of Economic Council

Shell Pumps Twice as Much as it Finds

Unions Protest Against Bush's Social Security Proposal

GM, Ford Report Lower March U.S. Sales

Canadian (Photojournalist) tortured for days, says Iranian doctor

Iraq Veterans (25%) Cope with PTSD

At OAS, Venezuela's draft of rights charter irks U.S.

Civilian patrol makes some on border uneasy (Arizona)

National Guard relaxes recruiting standards

Sen Kit Bond blames Clinton for bad Iraq intelligence

Crude Futures Rise to New High Above $57

Order OKs Bird Flu Quarantine in U.S.

NYT/FT.COM: International Energy Agency to Call for Emergency Oil Plan

Residents brace as Minutemen deploy (US-Mexico border)

Team 7 Investigation: King County Trades Human Brains For Money

NASA: Hubble headed for 'deorbit only'

Yucca scientist investigated over e-mails

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 110,000 in March -not 230000

(CBS Radio) Pope has suffered heart attack

Report: Colombia Coca Cultivation Remains

U.S. Soldier Convicted of Killing Iraqi Walks Free

GM builds fuel-cell truck for U.S. Army

Mexico Leftist Loses Key Vote in Presidential Bid (Reuters)

Army reservist witnesses war crimes

Blog: Guckert/Gannon non-profit/GOP link

Bush event exclusions ripped (congress JUST NOW sees gwb restricts access)

Analysis points to election `corruption'

Tribes Gov't Want 'Squaw' Names Changed

Key WMD Iraqi informant was 'crazy,' U.S. was told before war

Army Still Misses Recruiting Targets

Nuclear waste ship 'near Australia'

In Hitchhikers, why are the matching up Arthur and Trillian?

What Would Jesus Have Done... with Terri Schiavo (with feeding tube in)?

Great! South Park's on! (I may or may not be calling someone out here)

I am watching the weirdest show on MTV.

And you want to be my latex salesman.

Is Dookus a cat?

I still stuff my sleeping lion. And I'm 29!

Oh, and next Friday... is Hawaiian shirt day... so, you know...

Link Kleeb with someone he has nothing in common with here

So- we're thinking of relocating- from chicago to boise...

Congratulations PROGMOM 7000 posts!

what is the difference between George Bush and Curious George?

George Bush and Curious George?

From Freerepublic---Active Duty Freeper being harrassed by DU?

I am Travis of the Cosmos.

George Bush versus George Costanza.

Oh Elaine, I have dreamed about this day.

A Cave Demon?

Who's that lookin in my window?

This is Bob. Bob got his ass handed to him.

Hey Hey what can I do? I got a woman who won't be true.

Is it legal or ethical for a police officer to repeat something

I am sitting here wanting memories to teach me...

Why is everything in life bent on destroying our psyches?

JimmyJazz is so low maintenance!!

Fun with Molotov!

I'm gonna raise a fuss, I'm gonna raise a holler

This is what happens when your shutter speed is too slow

Ever get bored and start taking random pictures with your webcam?

Efficiency and progress is ours once more...

I'm wondering about the status of the arts...

Oh Shit!!!

I dare someone to post a bogus story in LBN as an April Fools Joke

QUICK LOOK! got haxored!!!!!

George Bush versus George McFly.

This is what happens when your shutter speed is just right


Old menus

Only in American can the Pope be dying and the media is focused on Terri.

HeyHey. What can I do?

Just you ’n me

Those wacky and krazy freepers

I almost just burned my house down!

Should I have another Tequla shot?

So I was listening to Bush's address on Schiavo, and I realized

Here, have TONS of FUN :)


Ok, beddy bye time for me!

I hate getting hungry late at night!

How does this guy have a job?

Dear Marge...

Dear Lounge.

Vatican Denounces Schiavo's Death: Pope almost Dies.

BREAKING: Bush solves the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!!!!!

rum and coke is evil.

i just fel downthe stairs and broke mmy arm clean through

Why not Richard Nixon 2008?

How much is that doggy in the window

Good night everyone

An idea for "While You Were Out".

Goodnight DU

I WILL say this about the Pope...

Three injured in Big Dog rampage


I've come to my senses.

Self-Consciously Lame Thread: Salad Dressing

Fav current r&b cd or artist?

I feel for the Mods today.

Pretty kitty (picture)

Bush resigns! Cheney takes the oath!

Don't you love working an hour over and not getting a lunch break!

DU Catholics... Are the last rites and 'Holy Viaticum' one and the same?

In 10 hours and 18 minutes

new toons for Friday 4/1 -- not april foolin'

Why are some people insensitive or deliberate mouthy troublemakers at work

I'm too damn remote for a relationship!

Molly just showed up...

Here she is, the next brain-dead veg to squabble over

DU Lounge Awesome?

Snohomish High student suspended for wearing "SNOHOS" shirt

BREAKING NEWS: President George W. Bush is missing. (FOX NEWS)

Sleeping Man Keeps Cops At Bay For 11 Hours

Holy cats! I hit 10,000 posts and missed it!!

Hourly rate motel faces crackdown


Men Survive 40 Days At Sea After Using Door To Replace Rudder

What is the Median Cartel on DU, and am I stoned?

I changed my avatar!!

Belgian minister regrets Bush-chimp comparison

Actually I HATE cats!

Oh my god everyone you must try collard greens

"Spock. Help me."

Are the freepers disappointed?

My April Fools masterpiece

I'm Joining the Woody Allen/Adam Sandler Fan Club

it's Friday afternoon

I love U2 and Oasis; their music really speaks to me.

I joined the republican party ...

What's the best April Fools joke I can pull tomorrow?

Beware of the Beastman has changed!


Spock Is Infected With The Spores

I HATE April Fool's Day!

Today's Get Fuzzy/Pearls before Swine strips - April Fools Gag?

Water Discovered on Mars... PHOTO

And now, a classic Dingbat April Fool's Post (2004)

I'm never leaving DU


Help me! They're killing my thread with pessimism

Confess!!!! Your favorite Pro-War/Pro-Conservative Celebrity!!!

Not that I give a flip about Jacko, but . . .

OMG!! I think I just killed someone! What do I do???

Hey Hey Mama said the way you move.

"It is not logical."

My shrine to Carl Britaninaninuski

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I'm really a freeper!!!

Bags Of 150 Dead Dogs Found Off Virginia Road

I AM LynneSin's baby!

Pathological states can induce

I just got gotten by a joke planted 3 months ago!

I dontated the egg for LynneSin's baby!

Who here is a smart ass?

I'm never drinking beer again.

April Fool's Day on the Web

$8,000 30 Foot Inflatable Skunk Stolen

a little Social Distortion for you

Helloooooo Baaaaaby!!!!!!!!

Cops Arrest Naked 56 Year Old Jogger

Cops arrest naked 65 year old Jagger

BREAKING! Bush to resign! Says he lied on WMD's; rigged the election...

Man, this Jerry Garcia guitar solo is really pumpin' my nads!

Favorite Minutemen recording

Why do we give Lance Armstrong a free pass, but not Barry Bonds?

Pope John Paul II issues death bed statement...Priests to Marry

What is sarcasm?

I'm an April Fool for you

Fans of Back to the Future, a question.

Have you started your spring cleaning?

I've made a crucial career decision.

Bartcop is in GD right now!

Wanna pop some bubble wrap?

Pope Issues Death Bed statement : Priests To Marry

Water on Mars!

(2:27 Audio)-911 call over a Hardee's Western Cheeseburger

Amanda Grove is on Court TV

Exposed: the man who sucked the blood of MI6

Fred Phelps to Start New Campaign: Gay is the Way!

My days of being a freeper are overwith - turns out I missed the Rapture

What do you think of Hammers?

The Green Angels are greater than Oasis. Which makes them greater than the

Could we increase the April Fool's posts in the Lounge?

Is it just me or is Jerry Springer boring?

Oh no!!!! RUUUUUNNNNN!!!

I am just too damned polemical for a relationship!

In the Old Days, We Didn't Need Blogs...We Had Diaries

A Karl Rove Joke

Anyone else streaming Stephanie Miller?

I am just too damned dimwitical for a realtionship!

I'm disabled, do DUers want to kill me?

Crap! I just snorted my mom.

The OTHER Chick Tract of the day: What to do when the Elder Gods come?

I'm incredibly tired

Pulp Politicians!

I worship Dick

Wouldn't it be funny if, just for April Fools Day?

I was selected as an Alfalfa Switzer Fellow : P

Check out my new ride!

I can't feel sorry for her; what goes around, comes around

Who's the best band ever?

Is anyone else interested in the Spanish Civil War?

My idea for a new Vonage commercial

Is the NakedNews uncovering details of the Pope's illness?


Damn you GOPisEvil

Finding Beauty In The Dissonance: a piano tribute to TOOL

Swedish government proposes "moving Christmas" (to February!)

PETA targets Star Jones Reynolds

I'm having LinneSyn's baby!!!

Oasis is the greatest group ever!

If anyone has some time to spare...

I'm actually Benedict Arnold!

Could we restrict April Fool's posts TO the lounge, rather than GD/ LBN?

What's the worst hominy ad attack you've ever experienced?

Someone has a bit too much time on their hands...

Lets put together an 8 course meal.

Our 5th Anniversary

Frank Perdue died yesterday.

A Side Note About the AAR Documentary

CNN: "Pat Buchanan doused with salad dressing"

There isn't a Movies Group! Lets fix that!


No jokes could top what happened to Buchanan (with photo!)

Don't you think Cheney would be an awesome Bond villain?

Oh God....... this is it.......

Has the Pope passed? No joke.

Actor with the best voice

I want to drink my cat's ashes in a Triple Thick Milkshake; please advise.

Breaking news: All neocons dragged out of bed in leg irons to Gitmo!

It's clever Hip Hop wordplay time! Post the best lines here:

I was selected as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow! :)

Tell me about Idaho-

Sometimes I wonder how much it costs to rent a flat in Caracas.

Could we restrict angry reactionary posts to GD rather than the lounge?

Why do you think Oasis is so popular?

Just a test - you don't have to respond to anything.

When I don't want to watch something on T.V. I change the channel.

I'm having pizza!

Senator: "I've already yielded more than a cheerleader at a drive-in."

Toby Keith dead at 38 of massive coronary.

The Pope's heading south

All Your April Fool's Pranks Belong To Us

A Public Service: April Fools thread subject line thread

Officials Life Fingerprint From Finger In Wendy's Chili

Sean Hannity dead at 41. Massive stroke...

was yvr girl a cheerleader?!

Bill O'Reilly Dead at 61. Coroner reports cause of death...

Have you ever heard of someone sneezing in their sleep?

I have a new crush!

What do these two guitarists have in common?

Best dipilatory gift set to go w/ Speedo gift to Will Pitt, Matcom

It's my birthday! (no kidding!)

ALL April Fools' Day pranksters dead of synchronized brain deaths.

I heard my local DJ on the radio talk about Oasis the other day...

Chick magnet Frank Perdue dies at 84.

Onan dead at 41. Massive stroke...

The DU FAQs have been updated! Here's my favorite part:

Which one makes a more attractive woman?


Which one makes a more attractive man?

Public service announcement: Do not eat pizza over your

Gray Davis seeks new career in acting!


What's your favorite Right-Wing bashing moment on The Simpsons?

Jerry Falwell remembers his "First Time"

Ted Nugent Dead at 70. Choked on raw venison.

DC: Study shows DUers actually friendly to new members...breaking

Anyone else glued to the telly today?

I, for one, am glad that the Pope is no longer suffering. He has


Okay, the fun's back on!

Lazaras ... Dead again at 3096.

I'm just too damned flirty for a relationship

Are SUV sales starting to decline?

Breaking: Methuselah still alive.

Surprising announcement, Bushes mystery bulge explained


Now the fighting over pieces of the Pope's body begins.

BBC requests interview with Bob Marley

Letter to the WSJ: Puts Us on a Treadmill

How Do I screen capture a web site page?

well at least Falwell is ok

'Idol' Contestant Has Violent Past

y'know i've never, ever voted

CNN's italian correspondent at the Vatican

Pope Jeb the First will take over when Pope John Paul passes

Since the Red Sox BEAT the Cardinals do they get to pick the next Pope?

I can't find my little cat

New Episode of "Dinner for Five" on IFC tonight at 10:00

All the news outlets are falling all over themselves.

The copying machine near me sounds like Steve Reich in a minor key

Pope John Paul George Ringo II

15 days left until your tax deadlines: Take the Poll

Did you know?

The Pope is dead

I grew a second stomach, ask me anything!

BBC asks long-dead Bob Marley for Interview.

Freddie's DEAD

Cutting, scratching, mixing, why do today's youth think this is so COOL?

Hmmmm....I think i'll have a Gyro for lunch.

You have to admit that all this talk about Popes

Just in - George W. Bush has become a Cardinal.

Sorry for such bad news but No Fox Business Channel Soon, Says Ailes

do you remember when cardinaL medeiros died?

Have you heard about Iraqis being called "Hajjis"?

I am wearing Pleated Pants.

Bring out your dead! (Including matcom)


And now...eliminate these potential new Pope names:

I'm resuming my Galactica marathon. Tell me if the pope croaks

A Musical tribute to the Pope

Randall Terry Petitions SCOTUS To Keep Pope Alive!

Bring out yer dead!

I just ordered my "Think Blue" bracelet

Have they hammered the pope with the silver hammer yet?

Sin City

Be kind to a Catholic person today.

Name the new Pope:

I have a teknikol question...

Oasis is dead

Cheney picks Patagonian for Pope

Crap! I forgot today was daylight savings time!

I just got bit by a cat...

Breaking: No one really that signficant has died yet today...

The bells at the Cathedral of Madeline here in Salt Lake keep ringing.

I know what it's like to be dead.

Who Closes a Sex Festival for Lack of Interest?

Another American Idol contestant may be in hot water

Breaking: "So-And-So Is Dead" Jokes In the DU Lounge Have Run Their Course

Snapple "Real Fact" #134

What happens when the Pope dies?

Breaking: This parrot is not dead

Picture of a Haji, setting off an IED

everyone Listen to me

The Soccer World Cup in Germany 2006 got cancelled

Breaking News: Vatican gives contract to Diebold

Breaking: Gott ist tot! - Friedrich Nietzsche

commemorative Pope Soap on a Rope

Having so much fun this April Fool's Day! (shameless own-hornblowing)

Set your clocks ahead tomorrow night

serious Pope question:

Apocolypse: Now?

Breaking: It's Alive!

Raise your hand if you're sure

CNN-Wolfwitz to be head of world bank, pope

The Onion: Bush Launches Preemptive Attack on Social Security

Ms. Wheelchair stripped of title for standing up

just when you think it can`t get any worse

Tell us about your best April Fool in real life.

Could somebody please rate this pix at Yahoo??

I'm frumpy

I'm grumpy

Breaking: Buckwheat is dead

I just resigned my position

Ew....ick....f**king nasty.....yuck!!!!!

Does anyone know of a rap group called Crew X from about 1990

get your pope on

And now, a vanity post.

Okay guys and is my skincare secret....

Anyone Want to Play 20 Questions of "Guess Which DVD I Just Bought"?

Who was the Pope when you were born?

Catholicism and Formula One, Part II

Make me go exercise.

Catholicism and Formula One, Part III

From the bells of St Mary

Breaking: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

there's a Three Stooges marathon on right now

Oasis is not popular

C4 to debut Oasis video

Add the words "down by the river" to any movie.

I still smell raunchy cat butt

West Wing's Charlie

Catholicism and Formula One, Part I

It's Friday, I'm in a lunch coma, I'm bored, I want to go home.

Oh my god! I am 1/16 black

Wensday April 13th on nbc. Revelations. The End is near.

Imagine the Beatles without charm or a sense of humor.

Who else does this?

I remember some here discussing the DVD, "Caligula"

What helps when you feel overwhelmed and zombie-like?

Very funny clip of a little guy named WALTER...

What should the Convention of Cardinals be called?

Noel claims new album better than “Definitely Maybe”

Will Perdue is NOT dead!!!

Salt n Pepa, Technotronic, and C + C Music Factory Uniting for Oldies Tour

Breaking: Soylent Green tastes like Edward G. Robinson.

Begin the Borgnine!

Could we STOP talking about Oasis?

Malcolm as Harry Potter?

So who is this "OASIS" I keep hearing about?

Greatest unintentionally funny album in the history of music

Bored? Try

Washington shifts attention to DU Lounge threads ...

my classroom looks like a pigsty. I've had elements of three different

Who wants an iTreoPod?

Fun with Smirnoff.

Some really cool pictures.

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 1, 2005

In view of the Intelligence Report issued yesterday, can we now

That was so loverly!

I'm leaving DU.

Feds seize Capitol Hill Blue; Publisher detained

NARAL Pro-Choice Quiz

Republican Senator blames Clinton for faulty intel in Iraq

One of my coworkers just gave me the most yummmmmy

GATHER 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Joke O' The Day!

Chick tract of the Day: What will happen if Liberals and the UN win!

Can you spot the April fools' gags?


First of the month: Help Andy

mathematical formula

HOORAY!! The Stickers arrived today!! Thank you DU Guys!!!

This whole Pope thing is weird b/c I read Angels and Demons like two days

Bicycling group has started a mileage club

So, just what does one tip...

Headlines We'd Like to Read _NEXT_ April 1st!

Because you can't get enough pictures of Cats in Bathtubs

Disturbing auctions

Getting hit with panhandling spam?

What is the median height of people on DU?

To every thing, turn, turn, turn

I've joined an ex-gay group.

I had a dream. That we went into Iran on April 26th.

Discuss, Kleeb is the love child of,

Post a non-earth-shattering thing you hate

Aw man some fundie jackasses hacked Landover Baptist

i just had the most beautiful dream....

I found it! An MP3 of Werder Bremen singing!

Damn I havent done one april fools joke


New Mall Of America parking policy

Anyone who says they like The Mars Volta is a lying sack of shit

CNN headline: "Vatican: Pope Deteriorating" I know it can be said

If you were to challenge me to a board game - what game would you choose

I will be back when everything calms down.

Proposal: DU Juggling & Oar Whacking Group

I found it! An MP3 of Walter Brennan singing!

Now THIS is a sore loser!!

There are people out there who think I should drink a cat's ashes.

Simpsons syndication stereo problem

I wish this was an April fools joke

I hate being interupted.

progmom, what's your show all about tomorrow?

Green Day's Jesus of Suburbia sounds like Springsteen's Summer of 69.

Slightly off topic

Why do I get mad when people have no sense of humor?

I watched "I Heart Huckabees" last night. I didn't like it.

Apple presents the iCopulate

anyone see maddox's page today?

I don't feel good

Bush twins to join Air Force tech unit in Iraq

Hide thread, how I love thee.

Practical Jokes

It may just be me, but Jennifer Garner almost sorta looks like a guy

You wanna know why I actively avoid weather reports?

Anyone running Windows XP Media Center?


Did I get ripped off?

Thank you Pope John Paul II for giving us...

CNN: Frank Perdue dead at 84

Beatles vs. Oasis via The PowerPuff Girls

I still smell raunchy cat butt

DLC study finds Dems score alarmingly low on this test

CNN talking about how the Cardinals all have cellphones now and

I think Tom Delay is kinda sexy. Really

DaVinci Code Lovers...April 1 is the saints day for Mary Magdeline

MORAN spring cleaning : Free Chair!

From the Museum of Hoaxes....the best April Fools gags

I miss all of the Terri Schiavo threads

Suburbia is death.

So, I just overclocked my machine to improve game performance.

BREAKING: Vatican Names Irishman as New Pope.

Who seems more sane these days?

Dammit the Lounge needs kitty pics

Put a politician in South Park! (Here we go again...)

Remember what your mother told you: if someone annoys you, ignore them

I'm Michael J. Fox. Ask me anything.

I have a bad feeling that if the Pope dies, we are in for exponentially

We shall walk again down along the lane

BREAKING: I'm Still An Asshole!


Anyone tried Google Gulp?

So - you guys all having fun with this? That's just great.

WTF?? Sean Hannity's releasing a rap album!

left of the dial -- hbo

I am dead at 36. RIP Me

I am 100% sure the next Pope will NOT choose "John" as his name

What's the best way to build up upper body (arm) strength?

How will the human race end?

Are suburbs fear centers?

Best B-sides?

If Bill O'really should lapse into

Need help: What is the medical term for a "fat lip"?

Enjoy my new all-free porn site!

Anyone Watching Bill Maher Tonight? (Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Jesse Jackson)

**** South Florida Meetup is Saturday Night *****

What do men do that's as painful as the ladies waxing body parts?

Favorite Album Cover(s)?

Breaking: Reagan is still dead

CNN has turned into the Catholic News Network

Kleeb is Will Pitt and Matcom's baby

I have a feeling if the Pope dies, we're all politically fucked in the US

Is there anything to do in D.C.?


2.29 a gallon here in SW Michigan

Win a date with this guy:

"St. Peter's Rosary Service" sounds like some sort of small business.

today's earworm

Is The Pope's Death A Sign That The Rapture Is Near? DU Prophesy!

So, what are you wearing to the Boston meet-up?

Neil Young Recovering From Brain Aneurysm

Pat Buchanan Doused With Salad Dressing

Tender Crisp Buchanan Cheddar Ranch

WTF? from Washington, D.C.: parking officials have gone completely nuts.

What's the worst ad hominem attack you've ever experienced?

Dead Heads, I need your advice.

Ms. Wheelchair (who has MS) stripped of title for standing up

Don't forget!! Set your clocks back ONE HOUR this weekend


Cutting, /// ing, why do today's youth think this is so COOL?

What is your favorite Oasis song?

Microsoft WantsTo Take College Student's 2002 Ford Escort Over $143.50

Who's more likely to get into Heaven, Falwell or the Pope?

In all this Schiavo/Pope/Falwell mess, has anyone bothered to wonder

CONFESS!!! Who here was a cheerleader in school

If you could go back in time to prevent this crash course we are on...

Had lunch with NSMA and Misunderestimator near Mobile today.

If YOU Were Elected Pope What Name Would You Choose?

What do you think of Hummers?

Teh 10,000 Überthread| B4 2006

Can someone explain the notion of prayer?

Doesn't the Book of Revelations say only 144,000 will be raptured...

Serious pope question

The pope is dead now how do they choose a new one?

Electing a New Pope

The Pope is not evil

The Two Jesus' . Is Jesus His Own Anti-Christ?

Indulged children 'turn to ecstasy'

La Vida Robot

Bacteria destroying the Moon!

Is Uranus responsible for sea quakes?

Conservative Judaism Considers Gay Rabbis

Former Worker Sues Gay Republicans For $15 Million

Minnesota Gay Marriage Ban Passes House

Transsexual Discrimination OK NY Court Rules

Twins release OF Michael Restovich on waivers to Devil Rays

David Beckham moving to Bayern Munich (not really)

Clearly hockey is not going to be the 4th major sport anymore... Soccer?

North Korea v. Iran Football Match

Dogs laugh

If I did not have dogs:

Pallas....didnt know where to put this.

Nolle's April Astro-report

April's Fool

Is there a site that will walk me through making my own chart?

Is Uranus 'responsible' for sea quakes?

Astrologers, a question.

Something I found while doing research yesterday...

Non-official "Refuge from the media" thread

Something I don't understand.

I just want to say 'thank you'.

Well, since the only news on right now is a full broadcast of a Mass

More odd news, 4/1/05

Kerry e-mail asking people to contact Republican Senators re Filibuster

Add Your Name to Fillibuster Ad

How much money would I have to donate to Friends of John Kerry

Has John Kerry said anything about the Pope? Just curious.

Keith's on NOW, 6pmEST ...special edition Pope Coverage?

NBC Viewer Panel invitation -- I just signed up.

Get out the vote for Keith!

Keith's broadcast has started.

KO to anchor MSNBC's "long-form primetime" coverage when the Pope dies.

"the story is very simple. Terri Schiavo died." -- KO's 3-31-05 blog

Interesting article on Chuck Pennachio, and his personal diary at Kos.

The Sanctity of the Marriage Contract remains intact

Will the "oil-for-food" be brought up as evidence in Saddam's trial?

Those traitorous conservative judges....

What happens when you put 2 Big Oil men in the White House ?

Stop the "Debt Slavery" Bankruptcy Bill in the House! PDA action alert

Psyops for the kiddies-- US army to produce Mid-East comic

Will Randall Terry rush to the Popes side now that

Link to oust Tom Delay petition

Analysis: Vote Counts May Have Been Altered.

Terri: "Where there is life, there's hope." Pope: "See ya, Popey."

Early report card on the "Culture of Life"

In 2 weeks they managed to piss off most health care and judicial employees

BREAKING: American Democracy Restored- Bush to Resign!!

Aha! validation, confirmation, I should be a political analyst

Asphyxiation vs. poisoning vs. starvation?

Biggest Whore re: Terri

It Isn't the Message, Stupid!

Secret plot to catch out Nazi spy

DeLay Diversion Tip: Declares April Fool's Day illegal due to...

"Debt Slavery What the Bankruptcy Bill Could Do to You"

stephanie miller show question

Am I Missing Something, or is it Really This Bad?

Satirical Living Will

Would someone splain to me please

FINALLY!--W is uniting not dividing

Fucking AOL and Terri Schiavo

The reason they are called "conservatives" ??

More from the National Archive

Working the ref from the other side...

Crazy Butterflies...

President Nominates Cheney's Son-in-Law

Somehow, (CA State Senator) Morrow escaped indoctrination

Akron Beacon Journal: Analysis points to election 'corruption'

Democrats are turning the tables on *

Dean in Seattle April 13, Naples on April 18.

EXCLUSIVE:Tom Delay goes toe-to-toe with Britt Hume

Health and Advocacy Organizations Seek Removal of

A plea to Corporate Media - Let Schiavo story die with dignity!

Let's remember - the Pope was against the Iraq War

Not in the MSM: Clinton receives humanitarian award

Mugabe lauds Thatcher

Crummy letter in my local paper today

Bush and war crimes

Sex-ed by President Bush: Can YOU pass the test?

"a state court permitted the removal of the tube"--the correct framing of

Surveillance as Intimidation.

The pope was a political revolutionary

Portrait of the Führer as a dreamer with a complex about his sexuality

Just Rewards?

Rick Santorum and Tom Delay: two turds in a punch bowl.

It's time for a Real "Culture of Life" Bill - great column

How often IS that mofo on vacation, anyway?

Okay, so I was wrong calling the fundies the "cult of death"

What could Bush be impeached for?

Praise be to Jebus: Sen. Brownback Weighs 2008 White House Bid

Will Bush`s Moral People please stand up?

How About An Little ACLU Fund Drive In O'Reilly's Name?

Does anyone feel like we have been on "death watch" all week?

I Need Help Finding This Editorial Cartoon:

Why aren't the Dems defending the judiciary?

The Lone Gunman DVD - Pilot aired in March 2001 had 9-11 plot

Why haven't I seen anything about this here

The Vatican is a foreign power-why are DeLay at all so anxious to cede

This has been a terrible week for the Democrats.

CALLING YOUR SENATORS: I want to start a thread with samples here.

Can Anyone Verify - Bush Signed Law as Gov of TX to Shut-off Life Support

So anyone see South Park last night?

Three more soldiers were killed today in Iraq. Anyone notice?

Our University's Student Government passing a right to life for resolution

Of the Cheney's, Nepotism, and Mother/Daughter Lesbiana >

DeLay, Santorum, Randall Terry and the end of democracy.

Social security town hall meeting in Redding CA

Drudge: Bush Mulls Choice Of Donald Rumsfeld As Next Pope

New strategy/ideas for now to '08, what do you think?

Disgruntled CIA/St.Dept Author- "Inheriting Syria: Bashar’s Trial By Fire"

With The Pope Dying - Keep An Eye On Rove and the Repugs because......

Now CNN is going to try and compare the Pope and Bush.

Is there something in the water of Alton, IL?

The Oil Shortage---

Why don't DeLay and company impeach these "rogue justices"?

Ahh.....what could have been.

MSNBC televises Randall Terry singing/video

Maybe the largest economic and military blunder in U.S. history .....

Has John Kerry ever met the pope?

Just so everyone knows: New Website--GOP Hypocrites of the Week

Bay Buchanan on Lou Dobbs bashing Shrub!

Social Security Censorship at FDR Library

Will special interest groups be lobbying cardinals on who'll be next Pope?

DNC Blog Kicking Ass!

If the Republicans would only pay for their defense budget ?

Is Kerry's anti-nuclear option push a hint of a Bolton filibuster?

Ever ask a Bush supporter what the word "fascist" means?

When did conservatives stop being anti-Catholic?

'Culture of Life' is a Culture of Fear

To all my Catholic friends on DU

The Craft Site I Visit, Populated By Fundies, Rejects GOP's Terri Fiasco

Privatization? Personal account? How's about "National 401(k) Plan"?

Theory? Override Dem-Rep division? Is it possible that Dems and

"extraordinary lawsuit that seeks to hold" Rummy for torture

Opi's Rant # 306.09 TURDS R US .......W has been so successful at

Does DU care that freepers press their point daily on CSPAN Journal?

The Religious Right: a Family of Evil

Email from Senator Byrd re filibuster

The DeLay Smoke Screen

U.S Marijuana Pary Blog

Byrd: protect the US Constitution!

Carl Bernstein praising the Pope as great Geo political leader of

Clinton and Kerry

I'll give ya a million to 1 they couldn't have been wrong.

Are disabled people really feel threaten by the Terri Schiavo outcome?

Pat Buchanan Gets Doused as Demonstrator Says: “Stop the Bigotry!”

Does Carlo Watson Bug You?

BREAKING NEWS: Delay comits crime, threatens federal judges

ad in USAToday by (re Senate Filibusters)

I just cant get over this Bush quote on Terri Schaivo's death.

We need a candidate in 2008 who understands the south

Veterans Group Calls on Congress to Impeach George W. Bush & Richard Chene

Who still blames Nader voters for the outcome of the "selection" of 2000?

Kerry e-mail asking people to contact Republican Senators re Filibuster

News reports show who is to blame for 'intell/WMD' failures...

JOHN EDWARDS Denounces Schiavo Involvement, Condi, and Gonzales

Is this as ominous as it sounds? (re: S.520)

They opened fire on the prisoners with the machine guns

Bushies Get A Taste Of Their Own ... PIE!