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Archives: April 10, 2005

Rory Carroll (London Observer): Fire and rage in the shadow of Abu Ghraib

A Short History: CIA and the Kurds

Danny Morrison--"No Pope Here"

Must read piece from Gore Vidal for activists!

Novak is a lying sack of shit

BBC (early Sunday): Israel 'to stop extremist rally'

Can airplanes easily go top speed close to the ground?

A closed door election for superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools

SPTimes Covers Clint Curtis...Sort Of; BradBlog Responds

Prosecutor to probe Cuyahoga County recount

Gore Vidal on Stolen Elections, Iraq, Bankrupcy,"War on Dandruff"

"...double-and-triple counted some votes, while leaving others uncounted."

Why didn't Feeney ask Clint Curtis to Implement his Vote-Switching Code?


McAfee is driving me crazy......Help

Rosa Blackwell elected Superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools

Ohio Statehouse Rally April 12, 2005 " Budget Protest"

What Can You Tell Me About Mark Green?

I can hire two of them for one of you.

An interesting take on conservative christians...

Are you going to a Putsch Town hall meeting

CONGRATS to the first civil union couple in New Zealand!!

50 False News Stories By Bush Propaganda Machine

Drink to much, where is the barf bag, Listen to bush, dry heaves

The Rudolph Plea

Do the Iraqi protestors really want to execute Saddam??

Please go rate the AP story on Yahoo about Baghdad protests!

I think we should make up a bunch of purple heart band-aids and hand them

The Economic Machinery Stops……

"If you believe in Armageddon, you don't need to save the planet."

Should we go on and not worry about tomorrow, I think not,

"There was madness in any direction, at any hour...

Listening to Willie, Good Morning America

MASSIVE Baghdad Protests

Is the US about intelligence, ideals, solid products, or slick marketing?

Dirty scumbag Repuke filth call for murder of judges (Washington Post)

Commentary Today - it's "one stop shopping" for political commentary

Karel streaming audio now 7 p.m. pacific time

Discover what the world thinks about U.S.

I see canaries in the coal mines...

A Problem With The Iraq Debate

Is Venezuela at the Crossroads of the New Humanity Century?

So when the economic crash occurs, what will happen?

Hey Aaron Brown of CNN answered my email

Scandal-hit cardinal to lead Mass for Pope.

Wes Clark's 100 Year Plan

Bush regime sells Lockheed-style democracy to India and Pakistan

Schiavo, the Pope, the Royal Wedding -- all over. What will MSM do now?

Any one see local Fucks News report on amputee vets...

Attendance figures in for Freepers March for "Justice"

Anybody read the article "Neoconning the Media?"

History channel showing 9/11 "documentary"

Bush approval ratings remain near 100%

Question on Bush being boo'd at funeral

Hillary is so rocking on C-SPAN right now

I am an agnostic at best, I hate Bush and don't believe the

Under 18 class action suit - no taxation without representation

So anyone hear about this white guy, Eric Rudolph?

Freepers are gonna go nuts this week!!

To be fair some Iraqis do like our soldiers

Why no death penalty for clinic bomber Eric Rudolph?

Maine's "Christian Civic League": Gay marriage is next!

Principal Law would have been arrested, teacher Law would have been

History Channel, NOW!! God and natural disasters.

We need to fight fire with fire.

Senator Hillary Clinton on C-SPAN @ 9PM EST

Do we all agree that Guckert/Gannon needs to be investigated?

Connecticut lobstermen, Alabama cabbies and Illinois florists

What would be the easiest way to grab the media by the balls?

Is there no getting away from the fundies in this town?

How do i respond?

Flunking the Carter standard "American elections are global laughingstock"

Charles and Camilla TOONS for Nostamj

The funeral of the pope, international leaders, and "The Guns of August"

The "Cult of Life" you know about Mae Magouirk yet????

Anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. hit 9-year high

Reducing your standard of living......

What's under Yellowstone?

SFChronicle: "Unitarian Jihad" by Jon Carroll

50cal guns, You choose, The NRA or terrorists with airplane killing guns?

Just what do I do with a mirepoix?

Bavaria Bundt Pan

When does the writ drop for BC's election?

State Legislators Weigh in on Gun Debate

Cardinals Say Pope Must Be Communicator

Ex-White House reporter is lightning rod on panel about blogs

US aviation security chief resigns following criticism

Thousands of Iraqis demand U.S. military pullout

Guardian: U.S. Troops 'Tried to Smuggle Cocaine'

Protesters attack Japanese Embassy in Beijing

WP: Most Area (D.C.) Terrorism Funding Not Spent

Anti-Tax Group Hires Paroled Sex Offender

Troubles Mount for DeLay

WP: Battle-Weary Marine Unit Awaits 'Taste Of Freedom'

WP: Clinton Plans Two-Year Tenure as U.N. Envoy, Aide Says

Jersey probes Kerik's ties to suspect firm

Hiram Lewis to Challenge Sen. Robert Byrd

Joan K.(ennedy) loses fight with kids

3 scientists won't testify about Yucca documents

Scientologists push mental health law

SAN JOSE 2 computers stolen -- held personal data (185,000 identities)

Republicans Enlist History in Fight Against Filibusters (attack on Byrd)

A shake-up in the Jewish lobby

For One Day Only, World's Oldest Item on Display

Ecuador Civil Unrest Grows Amid Public Protests

WP: DeLay's Backers Launch Offense

NYT,pg1: Stores Say Wild Salmon, but Tests Say Farm Bred

Prosecutor to probe Cuyahoga County recount

Advocates for Abuse Victims Heading to Rome to Protest U.S. Cardinal's Role

US 'smuggles wounded troops home' under cover of darkness

Iraq Recovery Undermined by Waste -LAT

Bill would allow "intelligent design" for science classes (PA)

Anyone interested in buying an

OH Man!!! It is a beautiful day outside and I can not enjoy it.

I hate the waiting game

Have you ever been angrily accused of liking sausage too much?

You Are ALL Smelly Pirate Whores!!

When first I came to Liverpool

I just witnessed a racist incident (car accident)

Going To Read Clinton's "My Life" Now

It's Prom time.....

Help Wanted

Somebody make me laugh, please?

Hello from my new laptop. Special thanks to all who

I Just Spoiled Bull Riding for The Princess

Do You Like

It's April and I should be in Paris

If you were a fast-food item, what would it be?

If You Could Be Any Kind of Tree, What Kind of Tree Would You Be?

Thanks to 25 straight years' worth of corporate and neocon policies,

If you were an energy drink which one would you be?

OK, here my newest web site to check out

anyone see Xultur since her awesome airport day?

Does anyone else think this kicks ass?

Just an observation: James Spader rarely blinks

Anything jesus does, i can do better!

I'm having nightmares about the animals I used to eat.

The world is about to end. Tell us something you regret.

If you were a kind of beer, what beer would you be?

The quality of bathroom reading material has seriously degenerated here!

Police: Drunk Uncle Hands Keys To 12-Year-Old

Married DUers. Do you "pool" your money into one account?

what's the point?

It's been one of THOSE days.

"You just shot an unarmed man!" "Well, he should have armed himself..."

Where my peeps @?

who here remembers Clyde Clifford, KAAY radio...

Just saw "Finding Neverland"

Should I go to church tomorrow?

I've contributed 0.001313511712923 of the total post content here

"Sin City" reviews, give me yours

Have you guys checked out yet?

Is Anyone Watching Whoopi on HBO?

I have 50 more minutes on DU - ask me anything

Does anyone play an autoharp?

What is your least appealing personal quality?

Am I crazy? I'm going to SIX, count them, SIX VNV shows in June

Im hanging a protest banner when our Air Base closes

How do you tell a really slicky troll from

I wish I was getting on a plane tomorrow

You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes...

Now, who says Wal-Mart is completely Worthless?

I NEEEEEED good vibes for tomorrow! We're having our open house to sell

lewis black is on cspan right now

ThermoMan loses President George Bush

Anyone here experienceing Internet speed problems tonight?

Conservative bloggers

A major dvd movie coup has just occured.

Who here has ever been married?

Terri Schiavo is not Brain Dead! She talks laughs and watches balloons!

Anyone else have fond memories of bug zappers?

SNL - Pelosi, Richardson and ann coulter, on the Barry Gibb show.

Is that Justin on SNL?

Anyone else see the movie "millions"

I got Pittsnogled tonight.

20th anniversary of heysel... liverpool - juventus will meet again

What is it with all the offense taken here at comments on Camilla's

Anyone have any background on why

Dog Gets His Owner Busted On Marijuana Charge

Puppy and Kitty hilarious story (true)

Any of you whippersnappers know anything about "New Birth"?

Retro Music Poll - Cars vs. B52s?

You fools! I shall destroy you all!

Apart from autism, what pervasive developmental disabilities feature

Who here is living in sin?

Just Watched Ladder 49. Ask me anything.

Do you have friends who overdo it w/their cellphones when they're w/you?

tiny purple fishes run laughing through your fingers

anyone else take note of Cameron Diaz' garb for the opening monologue?

Green Day's Stage

Which subjects of lounge threads do you have on hide?

Whoopi was great tonight!

Who remembers top loading VCR's??

What's your favorite Marvin Gaye song?

Are you obsessive compulsive?

I finally bought a new monitor. OMG!!!

I took my son to the Padres game last night. $45.00 a pop!

What's your favorite flavour of ice cream?

Who remembers the cable remote with the cord attached

Who here has had an epiphany?

I only have eyes... for you......... (picture)

anyone watching the UFC thing on Spike TV?

Well, I just scared the ever lovin' shit out of a waitress

Do Americans not have Tea Towels?

Can I have a recipe for Salmon Loaf?

Calling all Ipod users! I want some advice!

What is it that makes time travel possible?

A question about "Get Fuzzy"

Who are you?

Dammit! How do you get a foreign object out of your eye?

And, with this, I'm off to the ER.

I'm such an idiot! (Angry, Incoherent Rant)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: film to be released April 29

Check out what is in the middle of my desktop

The "Christian Underground"

Anyone on a low-cholesterol diet?

Indian dies nine shy of his dream (Marrying 100 times)

Floridians, did Charley or Jeanne or Frances hit you hard?

Green Day on SNL tonight, y'all

What obnoxious radio DJ was on the airwaves when you were a kid?

American History X on IFC

I'm headed to Cancun for a wedding......suggestions?

We destined the Great Lust for ourselves...

Who here has never been married?

I put my ex on IM block!

I'm not ready to be the daughter of a teen-aged mom.

There's a whole lot of nothin' on TV

Star Wars fans: What's the difference between Palpatine and Darth Sidious?

who likes that ole timey blues?

Do you send hostile PM's

Can someone explain why FreakRepublic beats DU on Alexa?

Isn't confessing your "manifold sins and wickedness" a standard part

Should the Cookie Monster eat fewer cookies?

Am I a slow poster?

I'm not ready to be the mom of a teen-aged daughter.

What's the last album/CD you bought?

In your next life, you get to choose your best friend.

I'm cured!!!!

Movie review - Summarize "Sin City" in one word.

I'm listening to Chevelle, what about you?

Question for Camilla fans and feminists-

New Zealand couple prepares for first Civil Union

Don't Sleep on the Baltimore Orioles

BAD Cats...the pocket sized book from

why is my cat trying to murder me?

MORE LAUGHS, PLEASE: Collect funniest DU threads or other sites here

Appeals Panel Favors Ill. Governor Firings

Iowa video of Dean vs, Kerry supporters a couple days before the caucus

Iraqi Shiites protest bitterly against Bushite, neocon occupation

What our $300 billion taxpayer dollars in Iraq are paying for

Missile Defense policy from Democrats? forget it ...

Asshole Alert: Congressman Mark Green (Wi.) Delay/Enron Connection

With the threat of Reps going 'nuclear', shouldn't the Dems pre-empt?

I saw on C-span today

The Two Tenets of Repuke Beliefs

Guests on Sunday's Talk Shows

DU State Top Dem Roll Call

$7,782,816,546,352.29 -- Forget the Social Security "crisis."...

Reid Blasts GOP Filibuster Threat

Today is the 140th anniversary of Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox

Post Your State's Governor, pictures and names, no dupes pls

What Do You Think Will Actually Happen If The "Nuclear Option" "Succeeds"?

New frame: Anti- judiciary campaign

What would Mr. Sam say of Delay?

Court documents give names, voices to Guantanamo detainees

Assault on courts/'Out of control' is misdirected

The high price of birth control politics

The vultures of life

Texas is No. 1, but not without DeLay

Non news you may have missed

Cliffhanger: this week in the life of Phil E. Buster

Filibuster Face-Off (Time)

Sideshow Mel (Martinez), U.S. Senator

With Friends Like These.../Abramoff about Delay

A damning article on Bush administration from 9/11 to now

The Crop Report: Dispatches from the Pot Belt.

Chicago Trib: Drug companies fund group (USANext) battling AARP

Religion now more a part of politics

Use a $2 Bill, Go To Jail.

SF Chron: FDR, Dems would be total strangers today

A Culture of Death, Not Life

Jon Carroll: The Unitarian Jihad

Students, community members to protest Scalia (NY 12 April)

A bit dated and regional but something that still sticks in my craw

Schumer smacks down Cornyn on Fox News Sunday

Why is Air America airing "Meet the Whore"????

Tax Cuts Ineffective For Majority In U.S.

SEIU wants talks on outsourcing (union)

China/India out to dominate high tech, new trade between 2

Study Shows Exhaust Leaking into School Buses

ChevronTexaco CEO Banking On Peak Oil Situation - SF Chronicle

Portugal Asks EU Aid For Worst Drought In 25 Years - Reuters

Energy Quest Sets Up Power Struggle

Utah- Bennett may consider 'other alternatives' to Yucca Mtn plan

Yankee Rowe demolition on pace but spent fuel will remain for now

Fuel Cell Generators Installed At PM Koizumi's New House - AFP

Islamic Jihad Says Truce with Israel Still in Force

3,000 police deployed at Temple Mount

Sharon casts aside 'road map' in bid to seal off Jerusalem's Arab areas

Abbas adds fugitives to security forces


Kerry: Trickery Kept Voters From Polls

Blackwell cleaning House?? Asks GOP BOEs to resign in Lucas

EAC: Public Meeting for the Technical Guidelines Development Committee

Exit Poll Red Shift Geographical Map - using USCV's latest report

Need info on UC systems-OVS proposal

Update from the NASHVILLE conference / and bradblog suggestion

Odds of ballot fraud makes MSM



Dan Walters (Sacramento Bee): The politics of budget numbers

San Francisco area on March 31, 2005,5pm.Anyone feel anything unusual?

CA APR-09-2005-0215 Police fear girl, 14, who disappeared is in danger

Governor's plans echo Wilson's

Ethical Issues Raised Over Legislator's (R) Work During Gambling Bill

Fallon Formally Announces Run For Governor

Matt Entenza

Howard Dean is coming to town

PSP7 and Animation Shop, Free download

Need Excel help.

Dennis Kucinich:new website ,and town hall meetings now on DVD

Bill would allow tax breaks for minimum wage jobs

FORT WORTH - Site of 2006 TX Democratic Party State Convention

Is anyone else as appalled as I am by the Sheer Dallas previews on TLC?

Flyer for the RAID (Rally Americans to Indict DeLay) protest. April 16 Hou

Cubs take 2 of 3 from the Brewers.

Let's talk about Pot

This story was posted before but it was on the state forum.

Gannon defends "I don't consider Fox News to be conservative" remarks

Very Interesting Medical Resources

Who Will Perish First ?

Only ONE bank Record needed

Only ONE Bank Record needed

It still all boils down to fear

"Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer"

The Martin Luther Poll

Anyone know why ""


Republicans aren't "republicans" anymore. This is my reason why.

Man Tops 'Idiot' Competition [No, not Bush] ;-)

How and Why, They Lie : From Arianna's site.

A funny George Bush site


Pope Pius XII collaborated with fascist regimes?

The best hope for meaningful change in our current situation lies in

After Bush usurped power in 2000,we saw, for the first time, the true

DU educators, tell me about Margaret Spelling and the current state

Iraq's new honchos have our spies to thank

Do They Never Consider He Might Just Be a Crooked Politician…

It is Sunday.

Ward Churchill on CSPAN2 right now

Can a continuing war keep the economy going ?

American Media in Iraq

Franken, invitro, and stem cell research

Group Pressure: The Delphi Technique - from Arianna's Site

OPEC executive downplays 'superspike' report (you ain't seen nothing)

the 'president' is ASHAMED to go to a soldier's funeral

OMFG, Freakerland is under ATTACK!

Photo: Didn't ANYONE warn Camilla that a porcupine was stuck on her head?

Did Bandar bankroll the Camilla wedding, via Riggs?

"OK, Mr. Gawdammit..."

Australia: We're running out of oil,

Sunni, Shia marchers demand end to occupation (Its not just Sadr)

Voting for Pres. on Internet. I have purchased items many times on the

Treaty of Tripoli confirms America founded as secular nation

US 'smuggles wounded troops home' under cover of darkness

Face the Nation on WMD reminds me ...

Dominionists want dominion over US.

So Bush has been giving the wealthy a real party for 5 years now.

People really do stupid things....

Isn't it ironic . . .

Has anyone seen the Philadelphia Inquirer?

Worthless Pope Poll

"I don't care about international law,"

Mexicans marching in support of unfair treatment of Leftist Mayor

PDA email


"Cashier weds near snack bar at her Wal-Mart store."

Chicago Sun Times: Donations [from churches] diverted to politicians

Home spun philosophy sent to me by a great friend from.....

Don't watch this video if you have a weak stomach


Did I hear right? "No man, No Problem?"

Rift emerges in GOP after Schiavo case

Wash. Journal's Necktie War - have you noticed?

Two obvious questions...

The scariest things you will read all day

Phil Donahue visits Bob McChesney at 2pm ET Sunday -- streaming link

Harry Reid is on CBS Face The Nation NOW...Filibuster discussion.

Raleigh N&O: Recruiters fight long odds

Target Stores feature war toys - "21st Century Toys" -link

Stupid Question About Yahoo News

Are we on a track to a prosperous middle class?

Let's talk about Pol Pot and Freepers...

Pat Roberts tries to weasel out of "part 2" of WMD investigation

Reality Show Idea: Take 15 Bush supporters, send them to Fallujah...

DLC Vs. The Democrats?

So when society runs amok, will the Earth and Animal Liberation Societies

A very generous Texan donated to Freeperland... only a couple days ago,

Do You Trust This Man?

Federal prisoner says he's mistaken for twin

If repukes want to bankrupt the country, how will they tell their

Would anyone be willing to support

Do you think there might be a connection here? I do

Salon: Can the New Pope Bridge the Factions JP II Left Behind

Arizona Border Militia: "We'll Shut Down the Border with Machine Guns"

All you lurking freepers and DUers - Listen up!

Discussion - need for latent "Google Bomb"

High gas prices are because of Hillary Clinton

They cannot afford to be scammed, but Congress is requiring it.

Sometimes I loathe DU.

Bush just publicly committed an impeachable offense (from KOS)

That wanker Fred Barnes

Add ideas to TDS, reality TV, happy-talk news creators' ideas for CBS news

Does anyone know where Laura Flanders from AA was born?

Rising Petroleum Prices portend the new era of diminishing expectations.

Thomas Friedman - The Geraldo Rivera of the New York Times

Can those diagnosed with a mental illness buy a gun?

Phil Donahue on now!!!

Houston Chron. NOT happy with DeLay-time to resign!

Ex-NFL Player Saw Siegfried, Roy As Threat

This story needs your help..... Please vote it up

bush is losing control & he needs to get it back

Is freedom of speech inherently valuable?

Religion: Beauty and transcendence vs. rules

The Taxman Cometh, Surprise!

I am photographing this Catholic Chaplin's conference. Talk about liberal

US is holding 17,000 men and women in deplorable conditions

Sunday Monitor: *Empire & Econ. *John Bolton nom. Coming up at 6 CDT

I can't figure out why the Jefferson/Hemmings thing was such a 'mystery'

VERY interesting speaker on c-span2 right now

Heinz Kerry unveils $4 million gift to Warhol

Capitol Gang did a whole segment on Novak's conversion to Catholicism

I might be a conservative .. and you might be, too

Santorum Demands DeLay Answer Questions, Doubts He'll Last as Maj. Leader!

Republicans Want You To Trust the Wolf.......

Dumbing down of America - future economic impact?

When do the Democrats and republicans pick the cities where

Tom DeLay is Going Down


Automated voice systems and tempers on the rise

Bush has spent $2.2 MILLION of YOUR money on propaganda campaign

Looks like South Korea is getting tired of being occupied by the USA too

Let us call things by their proper names: NeoCons are Malthusians

Shays: "DeLay should step down, hurting Republicans up for re-election"

Is Michele Malkin now a talking head on Fox?

Wuck Fal Mart and Clams Sub - we joined Costco yesterday

Is it tue that Bush was booed at the Pope's funeral? I hadn't seen

Pay No Interest!

"Compare protests- which looks like the ’voice of the people’ to you?"

Apprentice Fans....Wacko Chris just got arrested

I need help! This is really bugging me

Hypothetical: If they drop the nuke, and we regain the Senate in 2006

Rachel Maddow Show Premiere Thursday, April 14

I think it would make greater sense for GM and Ford to simply get

This is a problem

Question: Is Arlin Specter undergoing chemotherapy? I saw him


Bob Dole considers being without use of his arms "humiliating".

NPR admits Democratic tactics on Social Security are working.

Christians can oppose the war, and still love America

Sudden Death

Gay DU'ers: I need your wise counsel. I am becoming confused.

LOL! Did We Catch the chimperor** Looking Jealous here??

Houston Chronicle: Cornyn's ranting lowered him to Tom DeLay's level

Why we fight - BBC Program on US militarism, Real Player format

Calif. reconsiders Ahnuld.

Issues that are WINNERS for us,..

About those gas prices: what about people whose job depends on getting

Hey, Bush voters! Let's do some TIME TRAVELING together!!!

U.K. General Election campaigning is underway

Sorry, folks! No National Guard for "worst wildfire season in years"

Study Shows Exhaust Leaking into School Buses

I finally figured out what those ridiculous little dogs remind me of >>>

If WH tosses him (like Lott), what will DeLay do?

Stupid question but Why do so many people hate Hilary?

Just a thought - should we draft Jimmy Carter for 2008?

Anheuser-Busch launches watermelon-flavored malternative

Vote in the Democratic Nomination Bracket competition

"Our kids deserve the TRUTH about Evolution"

How did the religious right gain so much power here but not in Europe?

Who Else Thinks the 2004 Election Wasn't Stolen?

"Worst Ever" Outbreak Of Hemmoragic Fever, Marburg Prompts Attacks On Aid

They love their children, too.

"Is America just a front for the CIA?"

smirk has West Point writing geography bks. on axis of evils - (really)

Secret Service dispatched to guard ducks

Good bye Bill

Teresa Heinz Kerry drops "Kerry" name - now Teresa Heinz

Funniest moment of the Bush Era

a culture of love. . .

Best West Wing Quote from Alan Alda's character Arnold Vinick

Can't we bring a class action lawsuit, as taxpayers, against the neoCONs -

Tampa made Doonesbury... OK you have to look close

$2.75 - Asheville, NC

Action Item - get your reps to this Peak Oil Presentation

History of US women's fight for equality -- is history repeating itself?

Madness Defined: 'Loony' And 'Nuts' Just Don't Cut It

We need to change the discussion on the "culture of life"

"I said a prayer, stood up and gunned them all down."

Wolf Blitzer "not so sure" liberal CNN host Begala is "a good Catholic"

Quartz coutertops

Do you have any tips for this messy cook?

Ranges: Gas or Electric?

Uses for riccotta cheese?

The Independent asks: Could Labour lose?

BBC: Why the republican optimism? (anti-monarchy)

U.K. DUers, what is your ideology?

How to Give Blair a Bloody Nose

Immigration heads election battle (Tory race-baiting)

Brown lifts Labour's hopes for big majority

Pakistani embassy man missing in (lawless) Baghdad

Bush Picks Brains of Clinton, Father (*Shrub must be getting desperate!)

LAT: Millions Said Going to Waste in Iraq Utilities

Nazi Horrors at Buchenwald Recalled on Anniversary

Donations diverted to politicians

Filipino vets 'deserve what they were promised'

Ex-NFL Player Saw Siegfried, Roy As Threat

No Place for a Gentleman Politician

3rd-airport (in Chicago) opponents voice their despair, anger

'Buster' sparks sharp dialogue

(300,000) Iraqis protest American invasion

The Bolton Nomination -- An Effort To Derail?

GOP Chief Brings New Message to Black Audience

NYT: Town's Venison Banquet Puts a State on Alert

After promises to blow up boxes, governor's plan gathers dust

Iraqi couple starts anew in U.S. after kids killed by Marines

LAT: Plight of the Wild Ones (CA wildlife sanctuary regulation)

UAL Asks for Delay on Bankruptcy Plan

LAT: Part of the Flock Felt Abandoned by the Pope

Traveling exhibit of empty boots symbolizes lives lost to war -Seattle

Taxidermist's pet pillows panned

Fire and rage in the shadow of Abu Ghraib

With Friends Like These... (Tom Delay knew EVERYTHING)

Today's high gas prices have many roots -Knight Ridder

(Pinellas Park) Police did their jobs, hid their feelings

Pakistan embassy official kidnapped in Baghdad

Santorum: DeLay Needs to Answer Questions

South Korea Transforming Alliance With US to Play Neutral Role in N. Asia

Pakistani diplomat goes missing in Baghdad

Found: Hitler's Horrors in Full Color

Key Democrat Assails GOP's Threats to Filibuster

WP: Senate Overrides Ehrlich's Vetoes: Bills Curb (Md. Rep.) Gov's Powers

Gov. Making a Quiet Retreat (CA)

SF Chron: FDR, Dems would be total strangers today

Democrats Criticize Republican Moves to Ban Filibuster (Reid on CBS)

States Look to National Guard as Last Resort in Fire Season (All in Iraq)

Pak nuke scientist A Q Khan met Osama: Report

'Meet the Press': The WMD report

Bush Soc-Sec roadshow pushes legal limits

Zarqawi 'rejects amnesty offer'

Union wants raises for teachers, employees (Baton Rouge)

Iraq president endorses US troop presence

Dole nearly died in January accident, doctors say

Allawi party to join Iraq cabinet

Chicago Trib: Drug companies fund group (USANext) battling AARP

Kerry: Trickery Kept Voters From Polls

Rasmussen Poll: Bush Job Approval Drops To 46%

Shays Calls on DeLay to Step Down as Leader, AP Says

Clinton sounds the charge for Minnesota DFL

The business of influence in Washington

The Spotlight Dims on Ex-White Supremacist, Militia Leaders

Williams to 'turn up the heat' over U.S. rocket

3 Years After Coup Chavez Is Stronger Than Ever And Still Irritating Bush

Welfare-reform program led moms to wed, study finds

Caterpillar retirees discuss lawsuit (IL)

Blackwell raises cash( in D.C. for his run for Ohio governor)

Senator likens stem-cell study to Holocaust

Lawmakers Seek Accounting Of Push For Social Security

In OAS Election, U.S. Favorite Bows Out

Pakistan's 1.2 million street children abandoned & exploited

Military cuts are sharpest in New England

Pro-Aristide priest emerges as a political force in Haiti

Democrats Say Confirming Bolton as U.N. Ambassador Would Be Mistake

Religion a bedrock for top Naval lawyer, critic of Guantanamo

Strong earthquake shakes Sumatra

Prince Ernst condition worsens, Caroline (of Monaco) near

Former Iraqi minister Tareq Aziz will never turn on Saddam at trial

NYT: CBS News Makeover, by Four Kibitzers (new ideas for network news!)

Health-care crisis hits suburbs -Chicago Trib

Santorum: DeLay Needs to Answer Questions

NIH Women Describe Sex Harrassment

Shays Bucks Delay

U.S. Blocks Netherlands-Mexico Flight

NYT: Will the Next Version of Windows Be Worth the Wait? (Longhorn)

With Rudolph Plea, Some Wonder if He'll Tell Who Aided Him as Fugitive

U.S. cash goes down the drain in Iraq

Syria completes troop pullout

Record Number of Prisoners in Iraq

NYT: I.R.S. to Close Walk-In Centers as Agency Faces Tighter Budget

GOP Congressman Says DeLay Should Step Down as House Majority Leader

Republican lawmaker urging end to `don't ask, don't tell' policy

National Guard Eyed in Fire Season

Bush wants to divert money from victims' funds

Indonesian maid clinging to life after sponsor's brutal torture (Saudi

New York GOP Mounts National "STOP HILLARY" Effort

The politics of red, Wal-Mart and blue

WP: Our Incredible Shrinking (scientific) Curiosity

'Delay Knew Everything. He Knew All the Details.'

Kerry: Trickery Kept Voters From Polls

China rocked by second day of anti-Japanese rallies, Japan protests

Schwarzenegger Approval Falls In California

Pope’s private secretary saw “miracle”: report

Some Nevada brothels actually want to be taxed

"Rhythm" - a poem

Important National Transportation Safety Board study

It seems like "Yes, Prime Minister" has been on for four hours.

the male name do you pronounce it?

What did you think of Green Day's appearence on SNL?

it's the last non-school night of spring break,

What does this song mean?

I just watched the 4+ hour ROTK special extended edition, ask me anything!

Anyone what to see a haunted Inn

anyone here use fatcow web hosting?

For all Republican Staff members, it's RED SHIRT NIGHT!

I just saw "The Corporation"

The Simpsons Avoid Expulsion from Russia


I'm so glad we had this timmmmmme together!


if there were a new gas tax...any economists around?

Has anyone chaperoned a prom?

What constitutes "spoken word"?

Rebecca De Mornay Is On HBO

I'd love to get married

What is your favorite late night snack?

Snake King Sci-Fi Channel Original Review: Or, Stephen Baldwin Bites!

What do you want to happen when you die?

Screen grab for the classic sci-fi junkies among us (picture)

Question for you all-knowing computer people!

I have had it! Lived in Tampa for 16+ years and ready to move..

Anyone catch the "Ghost in the Shell:SAC" on CN?

Products of insomnia are pretty much the sweetest things I've ever seen.

why is worse in this culture to represent evil than to BE evil?

Check the flood at FR

Grungiest, grimiest movie ever?

Girl, I'd love to show ya show ya

Could you believe in Heaven...

I shopped at wal-mart today

I have a bright purple bruise on my stomach.

It's just after midnight here - Ask Me Anything!

What's up with this place?

Sad Hospice story. (son in Iraq)

All other threads are boring - THIS thread is where the excitement is!

I didn't buy The Matrix Revolutions last night. Ask me anything!

Huey P. Long

migraines and neck pain

I just bought a Hummer.........Screw the environment

Wake 'n' Bake!

When was the last time anyone checked your signature on a credit card?

I watched "Saw" last night

I just saw American History X earlier. Ed Nortan did an amazing job.

Drew Barrymore should not play Ann Coulter. She's too hot.

Well, I just scared the ever lovin' shit out of HEyHEY!

Sautee your mushrooms with butter and wine

Tell about a car dealership near you??

Golf Fans: Tiger Woods is tearing up Augusta...

Am glad to be back, happy to see some of you, many I don't know


Who's the best classic horror actor?

I feel bad because no one responds when I Bogart threads.

I saw Van Helsing on cable last night ....

Who's up?

Lizard conditions here in the lounge...I love crow!

UFC Marathon on Spike TV

Belaire Pancakes delima.... what would you do?

drooool drool drool drooooooooool

Any recommendations about buying a portable basketball hoop?

dubya explains social security in his own words - Doonesbury

Do you think Gibson ever got the joke about this product?

Auction of KKK items moves again over objections

Oooohh! My ovaries.

Let's talk about sex.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Well I'm leaving

Describe one rethug you know personally.....

I don't think I can hold it that long!

Montana finally about to ban drinking while driving

What's better?

Pardon me while a vent. My boss is a major procrastinator,

Let's talk about pot.

Tweed & Thompson is back on the air!

want to find the cheapest gas in your area?

do you want to play a game?

Ohhhhhh .. You Pretty Things ! .....

I need to talk to you about a very serious issue.

What do these four people have in common?

sorry, Denver! Have to rub it in!!

Hacked highway sign tells drivers to go 100 mph

Police say drug suspect obliterated his own fingerprints with acid

Don Knotts IS Dubya!

I'm having spaghetti for breakfast

I Just Paid $7 For Gas - To Fill My LAWNMOWER!

You know who else does *NOT* rock?

You know you're from New Jersey When...

I would walk ten miles on my hands and knees

Police: Man Threatens to Blow Up Comcast Building over High Cable Bill

Last night at the local Chevron, premium gasoline was $8.59 a gallon

Don't you wish you were this SUAVE?

Having a great weekend????

Who here has never been mellow?

Stupid Joke Thread

I think I killed my whole garden in about 20 minutes

This will make you think twice about peeing in the water this summer

I can't stop accusing Mr. Peepers!

Baseball teams should be forced to spell "Sox," "Socks," right?

I just spent $9 for gas!

Why are there 3 "Options" informercials on TV

I can't stop accusing people of having beepers!

And you thought that only your pet pooch was guilty of this...

DU Denver SNOW ALERT check in............

Would you pay $90 to see a baseball game?


Is it DU nap time?

Masters Fans?

i'm now obsessed with this song!

My wife and I are having trouble finding things to do as a couple,

What's your inner European?

Where Would You Rather Live?

Sorry Guinness, I have a new favorite stout......

Question. If Jesus was pissed about something...

Headlines for the New Millennium, April 10, 2005

Taxidermist's pet pillows panned

My family is encouraging my brother's alcohol abuse

There Were Two Nuns...

Gas-saving tips for DU drivers.

IBM "Arthur Commercials"

True or False

The Reagans movie...

I need some straight answers.

I can't stop accusing Mr. Flibble!

Anyone have the Louie the XIV album?

Happiness is ____________

Anyone else read the Star Wars III novelization yet? WARNING SPOILERS

why won't the scroll wheel on my mouse work?

Spammer Gets Prison Time

CLEP test question

Where would you like to go but have never been?

Would you acknowledge a TRULY GREAT deed...if it came from George Bush?

Poll: Decide which movie I watch.

How are you at Parallel Parking?

I'm watching "Life of Brian" with my leftist 14 year old son.

Dick Taters, Comment Taters, and Agie Taters...cartoon

It's nearly Monday

Taste test

Godly women doing shots

The surest sign that spring is here: MRS. V. HAS FIRED UP THE GRILL!!

I have been listening to a lot of SRV recently.

Any doctors in the house? A question about PAD & dry gangrene

Who here *didn't* rebel as a teenager?

Doom3 (A question for Windows AND Linux users, no flames incited.)

I know things are about to get really dangerous here.

One of my foster kittens is dying...

Was I a bad widdle boy?

Saw Bob Weir and Ratdog last night

I confess - I'm an addict....

Does Eliot Spitzer wear make up?

The Dew Drop Inn - Thread to check up on some of your pals

Wanted: Liberal Attack Machine (Tim Russert says you radicals have one)

I visted one of my teammates in the hospital last night.

Damnit! Piece of sunflower shell stuck on my tongue!

Gross. I just heard flirting on the police scanner.

Is DU a little slow loading this afternoon

Anyone else scared to open a "DS1" or "Matcom" thread?

Soylent Green, a great non-toxic tasty snack

Greatest openly gay rocker -part II

"If God wanted you up there, he would have miracled your ass up there"

Are the 1940s/1950s Bugs/Dafft/Tom&Jerry/Droopy cartoons racist?

A house on my street has a No Tresspassing sign with a phone # on it. WTF?

Allergies can KISS my ASS.

This is a problem

I'm addicted to my Audiovox SMT5600. Please help me...

How much would you spend, max, for a video game?

Y'know who does *NOT* rock?

Greatest openly gay rocker of all time?

Great movie clip. You will say WTF!?!?!

Simple Green, a great non-toxic cleaning product

The origin of the "Grimaldi Curse"

MOJO Magazine 2004 Readers Poll

Masters going to Playoff!!

If Jesus Died For Our Sins...

"The Hawk Swooped Down...


Tell me something fabulous

Is the bear Catholic?

Spanish verbs are kicking my butt.


MYSELF - Who else is SICK 2 DEATH of the inaccurate use of that

Is Dennis Miller sniffing around the Democratic Party again?

Denver Blizzard

Who wants to be ignored by me?

Would you accept the gift of advanced psychokinesis for a year...

Something is defintely wrong here

Wow, I'm 41 posts away from 3,000. Ask me anything!

Blizzard conditions here in Denver, I love snow!

Using The Word GIFTED As A Verb- Pet Peeve O'The Day

The future of radio. Anyone think that Internet radio might catch on

Ex-NFL Player Saw Siegfried, Roy As Threat

I was a drunken idiot last night

I'm headed to the market. Any quick, healthy ideas for dinner?

grap some popcorn!

How do you feel about the saying "Hate the sin, love the sinner"?

A general rule? Canadians: Comedians, good. Music, bad. Discuss.

Prom dress/bridal gown horror stories.

I found a satisfying game.

7AM - Just Had to Sweep the Snow Off My Satellite Dish!!!!

I know this has been covered before, but how do I post a pic?

Anyone else here just HAVE to read a locked thread when you see it?

Do you believe George Lucas will release the original Star Wars Trilogy in

What will the neocons do when they run out of poopie paint?

A thought...what to wear to the Green Day concert in a couple of weeks

is it possible to pan-sear canned tuna?

Is anyone else's dog obsessed with snow?

I love the Carnival!!!!!! Who loves it too???

HEY You got dem der snausages?

My bird's name is Zoe. What's yours?

What kind of housekeeper are you?

hee hee hee heh heh heh hah hah hah ho ho ho hee hee hee heh heh heh

Morbid thread, but what would be your choices of how to die?

I did spring cleaning all day...and found about $425,000 in change

I can't stop accusing people of being freepers!

With God on our Side

What do your corporate masters think of you, judging from commercials...

Which movie is better?

Show of hands - Who here supports medical marijuana?

Where in North America would you rather live?

photo shop software....need advice...

To anyone outside of the U.S. a Yankee is...

Where would you build your dream villa?

Do YOU Keep PLEASE KEEP KICKED Threads Kicked?

You KNOW armageddon is nigh when you see this:

Slam Check - Any poets and/or fans of Slam in here?

I'm having trouble with Internet Explorer. Can't block pop-ups.

Great movie Clip. You will say AAAWWW

Anyone ever been accused of being a freeper?

Guess the price of gas isn't hurting everyone . . .

Anyone feel sorry for David Horowitz? He got pie'd.

Serious question

Photo: Didn't ANYONE warn Camilla that a porcupine was stuck on her head?

What song are you addicted to right now?

You know you're from Virginia when........

Any members of the Al Green Party here?

My cat's name is Kitty. What's yours?

My dog's name is Joy. What's yours?

I am the federal government. Ask me anything.

name that dog.


What age do you act?

I found the book to explain Will Pitt's brain!!!

What should the next pope name himself?

List the top ten irritating things in your life (besides me) then discuss.

Popes are like kings.

BBC: Ground telescopes to 'super-size' ( or micro-size? )

Invisible Force Fields Create Art

Non-acoustic sensors detect speech without sound

Supervolano on DSC

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection, "Jurassic Park" Planned

Yellowstone Depths Reveal Rock Plume

Political Action Committee Hits Helms Consultant AND a funny ad

Larry Kramer's new book, "The Tragedy of Today's Gays"

Woods Shoots 65 and Takes Lead

American Hincapie 2nd at Paris-Roubaix

Tiger Just Messed up

Don't look now. The Mets are winning.

Giants sweep Rockies

Heads up DU cycle fans - Paris Roubaix race on OLN at 5pm EST

DiMarco is making a game of this

Would You Consider Baseball A 'Red State' Sport?

Nice choke Chris DiMarco

One of my foster kittens is dying..

Guess where I am, and what I'm up to?

Alternative commemoration.

9 yo adoptive daughter:

Watch me work!

Help Teresa

Oh my gosh

Kerry Says Citizens Need to Pressure Lawmakers for Voting Reforms

Teresa gives $4million to the Warhol

I feel ya, WEL.

Some quick shots of Lowell before I head out for more :)

Let's see what you can do with this Photo

cartoon (makes me wonder if they did know?)

Went to a Candidate Training class yesterday. Great experience

TX county spends same on animal shelter as it does indigent care

Did anyone hear on ABC's This Week that Abramoff said Delay knew

Looks like the locals in Iraq are not happy w/ bush's war.

the window is still open (investigation into how intel was used by WH)-

Good Dem plus Repub debate on Fox Sunday (checks and balances)

Talking Points Memo: Conservative leaders plan tribute dinner for Delay!

Deadenders- ded' end ers(n) still defending Tom DeLay

How can access to ALL bank accounts internationally....

Pharmaceutical industry fighting drive for cheaper drugs

MTP: Did Rockefeller Just Lay The BOOM Down On John Bolton?

Cnn just gave an excellant report on mercury in the enviroment. They

Clinton and Erskine Bowls to serve as Envoys to UN..Bowles is Asst. Deputy

Frontline: "Rove the Architect" on PBS Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm

Disturbing but powerful diary at Kos. What goes on in our name.

kiss the US Civil Rights Agency goodby - they are being starved

Rimjob successfully fleeces his flock again.

How dorky does this political newsletter sound?

Let Fathers Be Fathers (it is as much to do with sex as with fatherhood)

Orwell Is Alive And Well

Santorum Demands Answers from DeLay, and "doubts" he'll last.

Repug Conn Rep. Christopher Shays breaks with Delay!

If the GOP is heading over a "political cliff"....?



George I and Barbara sitting behind home plate at Astros game

Anybody else think DeLay's troubles will give some Repubs some spine

The verdict on Americans according to's poll, studies & surverys

So no one speaks for the common man nowadays ?

60s Left: Smash the State! Today's Conservatives: Smash the Judiciary!

Kerry: Trickery Kept Voters From Polls

1988 Election -- What Happened?

It's clear that we are watching Operation Dump Delay, but I wouldn't cheer

hope it is not a dupe, but a great Doonesbury today

Statement of Richard Perle before the Committee on Armed Services

House Republican Shays: Delay should step down

How rich get richer: All the rest pay more

Does anyone get the thought that the neocons

Another Reporter who takes Bush Payola Fired! Boston Herald/ $10,000

US policy sucks! Iraqis rally against Saddam — and U.S.

Santorum to "Turn" on Delay? Whispers from Bush Mouth to"S's" Ears???

More On The Two 16-year-old Girls Detained As "Would-be Suicide Bombers"

Are the consevatives testing their power with Delay?

What has made you smile more?

Florida new gun law unconstitutional

Daily Kos founder on C-Span tonight at 8 pm (edt)

Framing idea: call the Religious Right "The Armageddonists."

Harry Shearer on his radio show Le Show: more screwing w/Hannity

Cornyn refuses to apologize and blames the Democrats!


'Meet the Press': The WMD report

The Judiciary and conservative spin

I guess we're going to have to spell it out for you, RoachBoy.

The GOP screwed up and sent me a Republican Party Census Document!

Ali vs. Rumsfeld, Karpinski, Sanchez, Pappas

Alternative Minimum Tax

Amazing story of H. Chavez rise to power/Bush in trouble

Southern strategy for Feingold

Reuters: "Bush Taking Long View on Sliding Poll Numbers"

Please enlighten me on how to defeat the 'Big Guns'

Wes Clark has marginalized himself. Despite a robust organized Clark

Should getting Delay be our number one goal?

Hutchison ready to go nuclear on bench nomination

Great dKos post: "Total [Repub] dominance of American politics, forever."

Kerry: Citizens Need to Pressure Lawmakers for Voting Reforms

KKKarl Rove -- The Architect. Frontline, PBS, Tuesday

Excellent Houston Chronicle Editorial Comparing Tom Delay to Sam Rayburn

This is how the freepers get their base

This is possibly the most incendiary news article I've seen all year

CBS MarketWatch: Bush Admin Skirts Law Blowing $2.2 MM on SS Propaganda!

This is pulled directly from the DLC website.

Vote in the Democratic Nomination Bracket competition

Edwards had mole removed? He's on C-SPAN right now.

Who would you like as Hillary's running mate in 2008?

Rolling Stone on the Dominionists