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Archives: April 11, 2005

Hartening news for anti death penalty advocates:

Peak Oil 'To Do' List

In theocracy they trust

Joplin Independent: Will politics and morality coexist?

"The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian"

Guardian: The fire that's smouldering under Bush

Krugman: Ailing Health Care

Ask your Reps to attend this Presentation on Peak Oil

2nd Aniv of great "pull down Saddam Statue moment" and No US media/photos?

consortiumnews reporting on proof of Reagan Treason in 1980 not reported?

Los Angels Times (4/10): Wages Lagging Behind Prices

New alloy verified for safer disposal of spent nuclear energy fuel

"Israel vulnerable to religious coup"

Overseas including Military Vote in Lucas County OH 68.1% Kerry 31.6% *

Suspicious death Athan Gibbs EVS developer

Patience folks! Nashville was awesome

Prosecutor to probe Cuyahoga County recount

"..we will be vigilant and we will see this struggle through" - Nashville

How long can they hide it?

Does anyone know which precincts were in the exit poll for any states?

The anti fraud argument is backwards.

Putting politics aside for the sake of health (Bill Frist in San Jose)

MA APR-07-2005 Skeletal remains found on poultry farm

Texas Voter Database Docs

I was asked to be precinct chair....ours is moving to Arkansas.

Houston Activism and Events for April

My husband saw a freeway blogging in DALLAS on Friday!

The Republicons need JUST ONE MORE DEM TO PASS VOTER I.D.!!

Was channel surfing and just heard the worst song on GAC

No Santo Johannes Paulus

John Kerry is a DLC lover in disguise.

John Edwards is cool. But he shouldn't get widespread Democratic support

Face it. Kucinich is way too liberal.

Hillary Clinton is...

Cheney and Rumsfeld like to portray themselves as the capitalists

Could "Harvest of Shame" get made today?

General Discussion is the Editorial Page of DemocraticUnderground

Neighbor from Hell is pushing me to a breaking point.

Tonight I invite everyone to play matchmaker for Condi.Seeing how

I can't stop thinking of Jennifer O'Neill tonight in Summer of '42.

Rachel Maddow

I just bought

My husband saw a freeway blogging in Dallas on Friday.

Whats David Bonior doing these days?

To foster security and prosperity Germany must work closer with Russia

Yahoo's dropped their "Most Popular" news pages.

I think one could see a price of petroleum at which even a superpower

Ads to target Delay in 3 Congressional districts

With Friends Like These... (Tom-Nazi-Delay)

Kos on C-SPAN

Best analysis of JP2's papacy to appear this week...

Damn Republicans are Selling OUR Government

How would the Bankrupcy Bill affect this?

Roving bands of Democrats...

Funky new idea - when you're at the petrol station,

The River of Time Flows On-ward, but Never Changes

Highest gas prices in country?

Some really great quotes I ran across...Enjoy

The election was stolen ...

Is the summer of sharks turning into a summer of earthquakes this year?

A mathematical analysis proving Lee Scott is full of crap

Ailing Health Care -1st in Krugman's health care series

Can a few of you explain how serious Tom DeLay's ethics problems are?

Were their really 43 Americans killed last week in Iraq or is Randi Rhodes

What do you think of publicly exposing people who solicit children online?

Phil Donahue, one of the most renown talk show hosts in the history of U.

Why the trolls and flame baiters tonight?

Questions About "Drinking the Kool-Aid" and "Reality" TV

Newt's Words: another great post from Arianna's site!

We Dems didn't support Bill and Hillary. So I understand/Dark Side

What happens when you tell a Republican to join the army?

For a long time it was an article of faith among economists that India

I'm so damn sick of the "election wasn't stolen" crowd

Ultimate Warrior blasts College Republicans

Think how much money the GOP is wasting trying to get back in

Anger check: how angry should we be?

"Draft Republicans": The "Vaporizers of Life"...........

STOP buying food/drinks/ciggies etc. at gas stations and tell them.....

Seven Deadly Social Sins (Gandhi)

Garage sale-ing in red N. Fla, 10 commandment sign on lawn...

Is America Preparing for Martial Law?

Kerry speaks out about election fraud on CNN

Are You Drinking the Water? What's Fluoride?

Damn! That was close.

Can somebody give me a crash course on Canadian political parties?

Missing Man's Family Files Suit Against Contractor (Halliburton)

I bought

Saddam may escape noose in deal to halt insurgency

Group That Opposes U.N. To Run Ad Backing Bolton -WP

Portuguese patriarch is dark horse papal candidate (The Guardian)

Australia: We're Running Out of Oil, Says Treasurer

Iraqi Proposes Broader Amnesty (Even if they killed American troops)

Venezuela's Chavez stronger after coup

WP: Santorum Urges DeLay to Answer Critics

Shays: DeLay should quit as House leader

Schroeder Pushes for Closer Relations Between EU and Russia With Putin

U.S. Commanders See a Reduction of G.I.'s in Iraq

Bush lobbying effort skirts law (spent at lease $2.2M so far)

Dems swing party chair vote by crashing grass-roots meeting

Putin Facing a Backlash from Business--(political instability?)

US soldier dies of wounds in non-hostile incident in Iraq (#1547)

WP: Iraqi Proposes Broader Amnesty

Inquiries of Top Lobbyist Shine Unwelcome Light in Congress -NYT

Average Gas Price at Record $2.29/gal (Reuters)

Grandchildren of smokers at risk

Fans at soccer game in Scotland jeer pope

Higher Prices, Stagnant Wages Produce Pay Cut for U.S. Workers -LAT

Handouts For The Homeland -60 Minutes

DR Congo's atrocious secret

Workforce need polish, US businesses declare...

A 'Non' From France Could Throw Europe Into Crisis

Let's play the Generic Post Game!

New Weezer - "Beverly Hills" Who likes it?

Queen of the Grungy, Grimy movies - Natasha Lyonne

A confederacy of Dudes

What would Tom DeLay drive? Famous Hummer drivers

Tom DeLay: Gopherus agassizii in his DNA?

Did anyone else just get the wrong episode of the Simpsons?

Did anyone watch..........


Molly Ringwald as a hottie

While Watching "Risky Business", Boy, Did I Ever Feel Old


yay.... candidate wars

How can one be a hypochondriac, and also

Lawrence Welk show really great tonight

Anybody else having DNS problems this weekend? I thought it was comcast

I just finished watching "Major League". Ask me anything.

At last! W's REAL Alma Mater

Check out this Perfect Circle video

My skin is bubbling again

Anyone watch the UFC on Spike last night?

"I Hanker for a Hunka Cheese"

BBC seeks to interview Bob Marley.....24 years after his death

Okay, who left the food out?

Back from Philadelphia

You need one more pitcher for your "Dream Team". Who would it be?

Fun fact: In 1995, Newt Gingrich was bitten on the chin by a baby cougar


If you're smooth as silk and buttery soft...

I still love the X Files and wish it was still

How do you capture and save a frame from an mpeg file?

A song to share

Tonight I invite everyone to play matchmaker for Condi.Seeing how

Two dates in less than a week.... after months of a dating drought

Stop posting Episode III spoilers!

Hey, I need a new DU bumpersticker, but I already have a star. Who wants..

Schools suspends 6th grader over fake $1 bills, may face charges

any pictures of Jemma's latest faux pas?(her culo)

Where is "Whatcha Doin'?" From?

WOW! Serious lightning out my window. Guess I should log off?


convince me to not go outside and scream at my neighbor

movie fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You'd think that the bigger bottle of Snapple

Catnip - hours of entertainment for the whole family

Hey what happened to my cookie?

Excellent Top 10 Conservative Idiots, however, concerning the oil prices..

Who is in my sig line?

I gave Wes Clark a HUMMER!!!

anyone watching "supervolcano" on Discovery?

Bullitt, chase, Turner South, NOW!!!

I had the coolest dream last night

I Effing DESPISE people!

Should I watch naked housewives for the first time?

Go see "Sahara" (My review)

Charlie Murphy tells true stories

I just ate a bag of chocolate covered raisins

Do Pizza Delivery Boxes Go in Recycle or Not?

Cool picture - Monarch Butterfly

Well, I found out that a married couple that I was friends with broke up.

OK< i got 5 lbs of turkish delight

There's a LOVE VOLCANO erupting in the Lounge

alllllright, hydrocodone, rock on......

Who's your favorite "Simpson's" Family member

Underwater Race War on Sealab 2021! Whales vs Dolphins

Favorite MrScorpio Affectation

Should I watch Desperate Housewives for the first time?

I'm consdiering buying a big boat to live on. Pros and cons please?

Is this heresy?

The most appropriate way to learn the truth from Tom DeLay

How do you make nut-encrusted fish?

Yo, Old Crusoe!

Propaganda poll

California, here I come...

Guy rents a billboard in an attempt to find a date

Worst waste of a cigarette is...

Did anybody here watch Deadwood on HBO tonight?

OK Who said Spring Blizzard???? Who said it!!

Can you read this?

After a year of being little more then a lurker...

Why is it the most f*cked up families I know are republican ones?

When I move to California, I should...

Ray Manzarek and the surviving members of the Doors is coming

My son is getting an inheritance. Is considering UCLA School of Film.

Favorite Kevin Smith Movie.

Hi, Everybody! I have a new sig line; tell me what you think of it...

Wesley Clark drives a Hummer!

I turn 20 tomorrow.

I'd buy this...

Favourite Cigarette Brand?

Thanks proud2Blib.....How about a politics test now?

What's the best audio conversion utility for PC?

Selling my home people offended by my political belongings.

Did anyone here ever watch the Xuxa show? Was it any good?

Guy Richie poll: "Lock, Stock..." or "Snatch"?

Given the anonymous nature of the internets...are you

If you forgot to watch Yellowstone,they have a replay on now. n/t

I just spent 2 and 1/2 hours in a Chuck E Cheese

Another online test

Anyone had surgery on their foot - please keep kicked

Funniest Sealab 2021 character?

There's a SUPERVOLCANO erupting on Discovery Channel

Apparently there was a party in my driveway last night!

Is The Popcorn Eating Smilie Having Buttered Or Non-Buttered?

Neighbor from Hell is pushing me to a breaking point.

What the Hell?

Top 10 reasons *my* local Blockbuster video sucks more than any other:

Texas in the Spring time. Caution Picture heavy.

I wanted to share the letter my Mom wrote after my father's recent death

Do you send flirty PM's?

All Artists and Cartoonists- check in Here and say Hello!

Hey! Jimmy Jazz!


What would you define as a sin?

What will the think of next?

101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian.....(article)

Ramming speed, Capt. Watson...

Support Peter Young

Titan probe's pebble 'bash-down'

I like gay people.

Arena player Al Lucas dies of spinal injury

The energies here

Happy 250th Birthday, Dr. Hahnemann

Karl Rove on Frontline this week...

Senator's handouts help Dems Kerry on

Kerry at Faneuil Hall 4/10/05.

I wish these people would STFU

So, I saw John Kerry speak today. How was your day!

Sunset -- from Saturday.

Damn cloud screwed up my sunset photo

First sunset photo...make of it what you will...

Markos Moulitsas Q&A on CSPAN right now!

Brown Lifts Labour's Hopes for Big Majority--UK

With Friends Like These..(bagman Jack Abramoff says Delay lies - knew all)

Tom Delay's Fall Is Worth It All!

Daily Kos/Moulitsas is now on with Brian Lamb and it's Kinky!

Feingold speaking in Alabama on CSPAN right NOW!

Let's tell the truth no matter how much it hurts the Republicans...

I bought

Hillary on C-Span NOW ... (9:30 pm EDT)

welfare reform in '96. was it...

GOP to DeLay: "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do" if it will matter

The Myth of Republican Conservatism (Libertarian Source)

To hell with orthodoxy...

Speculation about candidate for 2008 is counter-productive ?

CSPAN Schedule Monday April 11th

Michele Bachmann (MN GOP Senator) SCREAMS for help at constituent meeting

Liberals, Osama and Neocons

And now for something totally different, "Bush Drunk With Power"

Post your US Senators, picture, party, and 2006 status.

so why won't DLCers defend "Mr. Al"?

this is also pulled directly from the DLC website

What's on Bush's iPod?

Democratic Chairs meet in Little Rock with Dean, Clark

A few words of praise for Bush supporters....

Delay's Toast; Who's Next?

April Eyesore of the Month:James Howard Kunstler

The WMDuh Report

United States: trade in torture

Why argue with princely tastes? (newsday)

Russia may have become democratic, but it's far from free

Uncle Sam's extreme makeover (satire)

If you get a speeding ticket in Vermont, part of your fine goes to Wal-Mar

Ellen Goodman on ethics and pharmacies

Dear George and Dick

WP: There's new ferocity in talk of firing activist judges.

Antonin Scalia said " believe Jesus was God...simple -minded"

Here comes the Scalias(Religious Right and the liberal judges"

9/11 Families Oppose REAL ID ACT (HR 418)(anti-immigrant law)

IMF on the Ropes in Brazil

The double-cross (Exxon and other tankers)

America having second thoughts about influence of religious right

In theocracy they trust (Confronting the Judicial War on Faith)

Give It Back, George: Did Wyly Coyotes' Ill-Gotten Loot Buy White House?

Chavez is odd man out in Latin left

Dean's formula: Jesus, balanced budgets, gun neutrality

"Karl Rove Will Bring Down Tom DeLay.." From Buzz Flash

Idea for a DU Group: Anti-Spam

Two Ohio Students Will Do Time For Peaceful Protest

Code Pink disrupts Bolton hearing

GM pulls ads from the L.A. Times (over news of sluggish SUV sales)

Hey, another voice to add to the hopper (attn mods)

I was just asked to participate in Arbitron surveys

Clear Channel guilty: ordered to pay $90 MILLION

Al Gore's Media roll out in August reviewed in Newsweek op-ed

We are not the "Silent Majority" - we are the "Silenced Majority"

Alt Min Fix for non-rich is needed- but GOP is selling Alt Min Tax problem

The Dollar Debacle

The Case for Regional Currencies

An Economy On Thin Ice By Paul A. Volcker

Job Search Help

Wounded Waters: The Hidden Side of Power Plant Pollution.

A Sudden 180 For GM's Bob Lutz On Hybrids

The Energy Amplifier reactor

Atmospheric CO2 Spikes In 1998, 2002-03 Puzzle Scientists

Chinese legislature to intervene in Hong Kong dispute

Japan's virgin wives turn to sex volunteers

Hizbollah Flies Drone Over Northern Israel

Air Hezbollah: They Buzzed Northern Israel With An Unmanned Spy Drone!!!

Fatah man arrested for planning terror act at Hezbollah's behest

Palestinians Pledge to Trade Guns for Jobs

Army to Disarm Settlers Before Pullout

Egyptians arrest Palestinian smuggling missiles from Sinai

Bush-Card interaction at Booker Elementary "premeditated"?

Can we compile a list of reasons why 9/11 was LIHOP?

Head of German Intelligence Agency attacks U.S.A. about bin Laden

What is this object?

SOS -- Need evidence against Diebold optiscan...

Arizona's Election Law at Stake...

April 11 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Election reform speaker: Electronic voting out of hand

KOEB Monday 4/11

Many people voting stated that when they pushed Kerry, Bush

Dave Barry on e-voting, for a little humor.

National Exit Poll Analysis: Using FACTUAL Historic Data

Getting convincing election fraud evidence to Jimmy Carter

Man, did a lot happen in the last week or what?

I Showed Up -- Reflections on the "Nash-ional" Conference

Compilation of May 1st ELection reform events

Announcing... 2004 ELECTION WAS STOLEN t-shirt contest

SO CAL's most progressive club backs Jerry Brown for CA Attorney General

Ahnold talks big, but quietly retreats on proposals (he's a "Girly Man")

Urgent!Any Dems hassled registering voters at the DMV?

Shelley Friend Turns Self In

Met David Loebsack last Saturday

Winning MA essays from Faneuil Hall forum yesterday.

Could we win an amendment vote?

Sen. Boxer rippin John Bolton a new one......

My analysis of Klobuchar's strengths

Tell the rightwing flat-earthers how you feel about Bachman

Have you seen the ads pushing "Grow and Spend?"

Report from 6 CD chat line on Michelle Bachman's Scandia performance

Michelle Bachmann on KSTP right now.....nausea

OK Minneapolis/St. P-- About that June meetup.....

Idea for a DU Group: Anti-Spam

What is a Quantum Computer?

Off the Kuff on Morrison

North Texas renewable energy group, April 19th, Dallas

Anyone heard of Dallas Area Interfaith?


Alison Bell makes a personal plea for stem cell research support

Good HouChron editorial on gerrymandering by Chris Bell

Wed. 13th, Dallas: DCDP Burger Bash!

Dallas -- Lakoff -- Friday!

Sensenbrenner, Petri, Ryan & Green blast administrations energy policy

Would another terrorist attack help or hurt Bush?

Turn on C-Span!!! "No to Bolton" protesters!!

If our Congress would not represent our interests and instead serves

I am the walrus >>>

We keep goose-stepping further to the right...

David Horowitz's Corrosive Projects

Bolton Hearing PIX - with protestors >>>

"It was Mr Finger..." I told Mr Finger.. Mr Finger said ".. I just LOVE it

New propaganda words "Broken Logic": what does it mean

Do most Republicans want the Patriot Act to be renewed?

Good percentage on the Delay Poll Question; MSNBC

I need help with a little non-scientific survey.

Is this for real? It seems fishy to me.

Yahoo already has Bolton "Named UN Ambassador"

Jeff Gannon's Green America

Protesters dis Bolton!

'Daily Show' plans its DVD debut

Motorists feel pain as petrol prices scale new heights ( Australia)

Mountain Voices . . . oral testimony from mountain and highland . . .

Insurance companies respond to obesity costs

Brain dead man who is breathing on Grays Anatomy.

Idea for a DU Group: Anti-Spam

Guess what's on Idiot Son's iPod

Were any of those SUV arson incidents done for the insurance?

we need to address the REAL crisis--health care in the USA (lack of)

Some of these Gannon rumors are taking on BIZARRE overtones

Superhuman strength


Just a few years ago, when the first wave of outsourcing to China

Would you like to see Barbara Boxer run for president in '08?

My local paper has a columnist with abhorrent views...

could science create a 'Humanzee'? should they? did they already?

Paying prices like Halliburton charged the DoD at the pumps?

Bush To Talk Up Corporate Energy Bill To Deflect Hits On High Gas Prices

Is John Bolton not one of the butt ugliest men on the planet?

What song or spoken recording would you add to *'s iPod?

A Sign of Defiance or **** You Charlie

JPII's funeral hits home, and hard.

Dismay at sale of Jewel of Verona

If you forgot to watch Yellowstone,they have a replay on now. n/t

Who is Halliburton doing business with?

The Pope's CIA File

The incessant din about an afterlife and its nature in most religions is

Norfolk schools told Holy Ghost 'too spooky'

Resist gas prices!

Now it's turn for Britian to practice election fraud

Is Anyone Really In Charge of Security and Intelligence?

Burning Professors: Resurrection Of A Witchhunt On Campuses

Time for Obama to show us what he's got.

Brothels ask to pay taxes

BOXER is up on C-Span!!!

I propose that the entire country take a vacation from Presidential

ABC puts Dean, Rove at same table, RadioTV awards. Made me chuckle.

Amusing send-up of New York Times pretension --

US accused of seizing Iraqi women to force fugitive relatives to give up

Well, I'll be!!! Bush's tax reform really did work!

Where are the Democrats Concerning Record Gas Prices?

Gore Vidal : "The United States will go broke" (interview ABC TV)

Proof! Hell, er Heck, exists!

Coulter and Horowitz lucky it is only food and not bullets or bombs

Police Stymie Vatican Protest Over Law

Byron York on The Daily Show tonight

Boot Bradley!

Daily Show wins 2004 Peabody Award. Take that, Bill O'Reilly!

Jack Abramoff is taking down DeLay - How about Ralph Reed next?

Remember Richard Jewel?

Question, was Bolton lying before, or is he lying now?

Let's all chip in & BUY a Lobbyist, & get some real representation!

John Kerry Email: Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Bolton

How the administration will get people to fight wars without a draft.

Last time it was locked.

"I believe that in our country today the judiciary is the focus of evil."

Bolton hearing back on now

funny, but true

Can we compile a list of reasons why 9/11 was LIHOP?

Seattle Labor Leader Gives Powerful Speech Against Iraq War

Any plans for the 4th?

Bumper Sticker


Bush rewards his failures

Did the hunting of Clinton make America weak?

I am looking for a fellow DU'er

If you could get into a time machine and go back in time...

Pro-choice Repug/"Pro-life" Dem: Which would you sooner vote for?

I have seen no discussion of "Arsenal of Hypocrisy" on FSTV.

Bill would allow "intelligent design" for science classes

Pro-Intelligent Design bumper sticker

Shallow assessment on Bolton: Just LOOK at this freaking guy!

Marburg spin by Right Wing : Fear Islamic Suicide Spreaders

What's with this guy at the capital building? Bomber?

What did the female snake say to the male snake?

Call to action on strem cell research

Now Dean says he was endorsed by the NRA

Working on my income tax today

What a Christian Theocracy would mean in America

Any guesses as to who the New "Bolsheviks" are going to be?

What do you know about Catholics For a Free Choice (CFFC)?

Tom Delay is "eager to go to the ethics comittee..."

Air Hezbollah: They Buzzed Northern Israel With An Unmanned Spy Drone!!!

So just HOW bad a shape is the Canadian Government in now?

MSNBC: Another American Kidnapped In Iraq (Aid Contractor)...

Richard Mellon Scaife and Tom DeLay

Misleading Newspaper Headline Of The Year?

Question on republicans

W of the Day-January 12, 2004

PHOTO: "They'll greet us with chocolates"

Republicans to cure death?

A Nominee for "Stupidest Fucking Bumpersticker of the Week" Award

Now NewsMax is running a story titled: Fineman: DeLay's 'Cooked'

Swat team just blew up suitcases at Capitol Bldg.

I had forgotten my physical reactions to L/MIHOP discussions

Have you ever left a job/company/industry due to your conscience?

Wingers: Separation of Church and State is "a lie introduced by Satan."

Freedom House


Best Bush* iPod song:


Code Pink -- Bolton Hearing Adjourned

Welcome to my fake ranch for our fake meeting >>>

Bolton confirmation hearing on C-SPAN

polls that bush* won't look at

Caption the Clown

Ugggh. Cult leader suspected of raping over 30 girls in Japan

McCain to oppose move to prohibit filibuster

Afghans beginning to think life was better under Taliban as crime and murd

Oil, $103.00 A barrel

Begging for a caption

"There's no such thing as raises anymore" Pay Cut for US Workers

Advertising on Windows Media

What the Hell is * doing in Crawford AGAIN? Does this guy ever

Was this bomb threat at the Capitol a Rove stunt?

The word for the day boys and girls is "A-the-ists"

Rick Santorum raised $250,000 when he went to Florida to pray with Schiavo

A look back at gas price propoganda

Think Progress: Drudge Invents Story for DeLay

Did Karl Rove suggest Bush meet with Sharon, the Israeli leader?

Does anyone know what the Bush ranch looks like?

Is there any kind of law in any nation that says third world factories...

"Robots will replace camel jockeys in UAE"

Sharon at Crawford - PIX >>>

2005 National Convention for a Democratic, Secular Republic in Iran

Real reason for putting WOLFOWITZ at World Bank???

"Wonks are Wrong About President's Approval Rating and Terri Schiavo"

Why don't Republicans care about American terrorists?

Indian call center workers charged with Citibank fraud

Coasts may open to oil probe

Joking about others in a derogatory way is harmful.

4th Quarter income for Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies

Bill O'Reilly wants to know if it's wrong for Delay's wife & daughter

(So-called) Constitution Restoration Act

Blogcall7 Andy

Bernie Law .... wutta guy! Gets the limelight in his new role. Film at 11

News: Pentagon audit questions Halliburton deals

Daryn Kagan: How can you sleep with the PIG MAN!

Why is Wal-Mart bad?

How Can I Record Rachael Maddow Free....

Nickname making time!

Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran: A Must read!

House condemns Patriot Act

Now that the WH has endorsed Delay, will the media back off?

Gay marriage thoughts

Bush Poll Numbers Worst on Record, does he care?

Need info on Judicial Nominees

Why do people keep saying the Pope helped to end communism

there's nothing we can do about the neocons, just accept them

will Mike Malloy be on XM's Air America channel?

Do we occasionally suffer from "round peg/square hole" thinking?

Is anyone else having problems with sound while

MLK Jr. most outspoken foreign policy critic endorsed by MSM?

Doom Town Chick Tract

Mike Thompson toon explains "fair" trade

I pledged I'd give up DU after Election 2004 -- anybody else?

Atheists/ agnostics: Can you run for office in your state?

Bush is actually looking more presidential every day HELP ME!

John Bolton & Zell Miller

Is Tom DeLay really Gregor Samsa?

"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."

Remember Kerry's dorky bike-helmet photo?

My mother just publically said she left the republican party

Please, please contact Sirius Satallite Radio

I probably won't volunteer for that group again.

Code Pink's disruption of Bolton hearings on MSM? please report

So the Cons wanna eliminate the filibuster

What if they succeed? (Creationism) . .

Dana Rohrabacher (R): Shays is "out of touch", disloyal to party, people

letter to American Border Patrol: what about employers?

Aressted for dancing?? They've gone too far this time!

Monday toons - Delay and Santorum

Clinton Announces HIV/Aids Initiative to provide treatment to 10,000 kids

W booed at Pope's funeral, now U.S.'s Card. Law booed at Pope's mass

NO MALLOY NO XM email campaign

Why shouldn't we give Andrea Dworkin the same respect we gave the Pope?

If fraud was commited in the '04 election, how and where was it done?

Citizen gives up on Atwood, Kansas

How homophobic are you?

Hired by a Fundamentalist Freak for one day,...a true story.

Caption time: Doesn't this fucker look bored?

How the RW war on the judiciary is linked to anti-intellectualism

Is this Treason? Anyone familiar with Constitutional Law?

Are We Getting Closer to LIHOP, Part 2?

Is there literature for the progressive case against abortion (rights)?

Electronic Voting: To anyone that has not figured this out yet:

Has Andrea Dworkin died?

Why is there no outcry on high gas prices?

Fundie Nutball James Dobson compares Justices to the KKK

Challenge To DU'ers STILL Whining About Kerry Conceding

Why the low body count?

Does anyone else feel this way?

Lieberman, shame on you

Inside Industry Publications Fear Oil Glut

Health Savings Accounts -- Are they worthless?

Urgent! Dem arrested registering voters at DMV

So, the Secret Service stopped by my place of work last week...

Has jumped the shark?

White House: DeLay is Bush's friend, "we support the work he's doing"

I know this is mean - but I have to share

Henry Morgentaler to get honorary degree from Western

Seal Clubbing

Evangelicals get £1.5m of state money for youth work

Kennedy's wife taken to hospital

BBC: Tories launch election manifesto

I did it... I actually read the Tory manifesto...

US lawmakers seek China policy review

"Israel vulnerable to religious coup"

Insurgent car bombs rock US marines

Philippines rejects US warning that Mindanao a haven for Islamic militants

New York GOP Mounts 'STOP HILLARY' Effort

Gunmen Assassinate Local Official In Iraq's Mosul

Women Inside National Institutes of Health Describe Sex Harassment

Tax Increase That Bush Didn't Mention(Alternative Minimum Tax: watch out!)

Maoists attack base, free prisoners

Brazil's Lula says he will work for 'democracy in Cuba'


Portuguese patriarch is dark horse papal candidate

U.S. Commanders See Possible Cut in Troops in Iraq

NYT:In the West, Wet Winter Brings Blooms, Threats(West Nile, fires, bees)

Bush's Poll Position Is Worst on Record

Warlords get away with murder in Afghanistan

Religious mourning casts pall on Iran's once carefree ski slopes

Inquiries of Top Lobbyist Shine Unwelcome Light in Congress - Abramoff

The Gospel goes to press with tabloid treatment

Eight shot at Dallas nightclub

NYT: I.B.M. Hopes to Profit by Making Patents Available Free

Czech PM resigns after home loan scandal and waning support

Protests Planned as Controversial Cardinal Takes Vatican Mass

North Koreans Celebrate Mass for Pope

Ex-Catholic priest imprisoned for 10 years for sexual abuse of teen

In Britain -For Many, It's Back to the State -WP

WP: An iPod of a Better Color

Death warms up market for euros in Vatican and Monaco

Fallujah sees limited progress toward rebuilding

Pope election: Opus Dei pulls strings

Suicide blasts hit US Iraq base

DeLay Draws Fire From Fellow Republicans

Clinton backs suicide prevention programme

LAT: Yahoo, Google Go with Different Angles in News Audience Competition

"Free Tibet" protestor breaches Wen's security: Bangalore

NYT: US Catholics Keep Faith, but Live with Contradictions (pop. map)

Venezuela, China to build computer

Belfast Telegraph: US smuggles wounded troops home under cover of darkness

Suspected Cuban Spy Goes on Hunger Strike

Gorbachev takes Cuba's side on U.N. resolution

Sandwich Surprise (Contaminated Walmart Sandwiches)

India, China Agree to Form Partnership

India, China Agree to Form "strategic Partnership" After Talks in New Delhi

Bomb Kills at Least Two in Iraqi Market

Dean's formula: Jesus, balanced budgets, gun neutrality

Harken...Subsidiary Signs Exploration and Exploitation Peru

Brazil Army Worries Foreign Powers May Eye Amazon ("global public goods")

WP: (Racial) Disparities Found in Sub-Prime Lending

U.S. Victims of Abuse Slam Vatican Over Cardinal Law

US warns Philippines south could become “new Afghanistan

NYT:In Partisan Power Struggle, New Underdog (Dem) Tries (Gingrich) Tricks

Insurgent car bombs rock US marines

Textbook war escalates as China and Korea vent their fury at Japanese rewr

Ford Shares Dip on Lower Earnings Forecast

American contractor kidnapped in Iraq

Senators Question Bolton's Qualifications to Be U.N. Envoy (NYT/HT)

Northern Peru hit with 6.1 magnitude earthquake

Police Stymie Vatican Protest Over Law

Durbin rips into Gonzales/PATRIOT Act

1000's of Children in Ho Chi Minh City with Bird Flu Symptoms

Hizbollah Flies Drone Over Northern Israel

Judge denies Stewart's appeal for new sentence

6 Wounded in Florida Neighborhood; Victims Say Families Feuded Over Teen D

Organization of American States Vote Is Tied 17-17 (Update1)

U.S. Contractor Kidnapped in Iraq

Bush Warns Sharon on Settlement Growth

Talabani predicts U.S. exit in two years

White House Letter: President Bush's iPod

Ex-CIA man to lead US sales drive - Stephen Kappes

Feinstein Introduces Bill to Require Nat'l Notice Data Security Breaches

NYT: A New Reality in Video Games: Advertisements

Peltier attorneys argue Freedom of Information case in Minneapolis

Rappers, Actors, Presidents On Time's Most Influential List

Racy Afghan TV show hits a raw nerve

DeLay remains confident

Spyware threatens to pierce Vatican walls

Computer Keyboards Spread More Than Words {Staphylococcus}

Some in Congress wondering if it's time to roll back tax cuts

BMC Software to layoff 12% workforce, sees $100M saving (825 to 875 jobs)

Baghdad raid nets dozens of insurgents

War’s Toll on U.S. Military Gear May Be $8B a Year

Pentagon to Use Lasers to Warn Pilots

Kerry Ad Targets Chafee's Vote on Bolton

Greek Orthodox Church Head Iakovos Dies

House Dems Wants Ethics Rules GOP Changed

Afghan Police Say 12 Taliban Killed After Ambush

Senators Question Bolton's Qualifications to Be U.N. Envoy

Rail System Faces Questions of Security of Haz Mat Cars

OK: An Okmulgee County Soldier Is Exonerated (desertion charges)

Bush Needs Farm Support for Trade Accord

NYT: Intelligence Chief (Negroponte) Is Urged to Assert Powers Quickly

U.S. Rep. Shaw gains traction with his fix for Social Security

Iraq war firm asks for bar on protests

CODE PINK activists disrupt Bolton confirmation hearing

Farmers file $7B mad cow lawsuit

Mark Green Stands by his Man (Delay)

Laptop-Triggered Mines Heading to Iraq

White House Supportive of Embattled DeLay

MetLife to lay off 600


"Breathtaking" poll sees defeat for Canada Liberals

Protesters throw eggs at Blair

Pataki's political future may not exist, new polls say

AOL and XM To Jointly Create Online Radio Service (WSJ)

U.S. Accused of Seizing Iraqi Women to Force Fugitive Relatives to Give Up

Study: Cloned Animals' Meat, Milk Meets Industry Standards

Boeing set to grab $6-bn India order

Army, National Guard fail to meet recruitment goals

Activist speaks on draft

Outside panel to scrutinize King County voting (Seattle PI)

Andy Rooney Takes Stand at Fraud Trial, Gets Lecture From Judge

Bush's Neglect of Consensus May Be Kindling Fiery Senate Showdown

CNN: suspicious man with 2 suitcases at Capitol - UPDATE: man taken away

School to pay students for tips on campus crime

New Boeing (Jet, B777-300ER) Could Harm Paris Orly Airport (Reuters)

Folksy grandma battles gay marriage

Russian-British Oil Joint Venture TNK-BP Faces $792 Million Tax Claim for

DeLay Fundraising Plied Special Interests

Bush's Poll Position Is Worst on Record

Feingold, wife planning to divorce

DoD Identifies Army Casualties and Soldiers as Whereabouts Unknown

Election reform speaker: Electronic voting out of hand

Historic parallels as DeLay's woes deepen

Tunes for the Freewheelin' George Bush

Clinton Foundation pledges $10 million to treat 10,000 in 10 nations

Honour for German major who saved 250 Jews

McCain Sees 'Slippery Slope' in Filibuster Ban

XM Satellite Radio inks agreement w/ Air America Radio

Ohio Woman Arrested for Falsely Accusing Husband of Terrorist Ties

U.S. aims to spend money in Iran (promoting "democracy")

Report: Tech job cuts surged in first quarter (doubled)

Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Bill Clinton Bashes Man Behind 'Stop Hillary' Push

U.S. gun victims speak out

Congress Abandoning Middle Class: Most Democrats Pass; Most GOPs Fail

Andrea Dworkin Has Died

The "Recommend Topic for Greatest Page" at the bottom of every OP-- use it

A culture of loofahs

"There's nothing worse than watching a fat man weep" Watching "Dogma"

At night I can't sleep, I toss and turn

Tests, Tests, Tests and more Tests! Cool!!

Bon Soir

Tipping in hotels question:

To Kire:

Most annoying invention EVER!

Breaking News: RevActs to get Badger tattoo on her rear end

A Hummer a day...

How do you choreograph Ping Pong?

Local School Using Breathalyzer at Prom

I live in a jail without bars.

Morning Sedition, 4/8 - RADIO HALLIBURTON!!

6th Grader Caught Counterfeiting To Pay For School Lunches

Good afternoon/morning

I am slowing this week...

Hilarious clip - check it out

Wayward Llama Surprises Wisconsin Family (sorry if dup)

Vaughn Ververs--PLEASE get your glasses fixed!


I'm on lithium. Ask me anything, but speak slowly

"Clocky" the hide-and-seek alarm clock----accessories??

Headlines for the New Millennium, April 11, 2005

Man Wins $100 Bar Tab For Being Named "Village Idiot"

Need good thoughts today. (work related)

JPII's funeral hits home, and hard.

The problem with being a fan of a crack user...


So for kicks I go over to the Freeper "Smoky Back Room" (their Lounge)

The Gospel goes to press with tabloid treatment

I am tasting this week

i love my new shoes

Why can't you find fruit-on- the- bottom yoghurt anymore?

Manhunt for a guy named "Stephen Stanko"

Gas prices are going through the roof. Why are the auto

Houstonians--run for cover!

Bolton hearing interrupted by Toupee salesman


Has anyone seen the 'House of Cards' trilogy?

Indiana man dubbed 'Village Idiot'

Poll: When I die I want.......

Baby hit the back door breathing real heavy

My First Poll! Fiancee is gone for 3 days. Should I????

opening day at fenway today

Bubbs and the Spooky Cat (photo)


In a morning from a Bogart movie

I have trained my dogs to poop in the yard next door!

Poser Mobile

I've trained my poop to have children next door

I have trained my children to poop in the yard next door

Jake vs. The Fat Man:

In Your Room by the Bangles- what's up with the mellotron solo at the end?

Ex Dominatrix Gets Job At Treasury - Boss Was Former Client - Harassed Her

How Big is Your Hummer?

Former NFL player dies during arena football game.

I'm the best looking DUer from Darfur.

I may be more daft than JPGray because . . .

Hummer owner can't get a break from vandals

I'm the best looking DUer from afar

I'm the best looking DUer by far

If you replied to an email called "Hey, Hey" two times...

Wow, I've gone more than 48 hours without posting

I got an email today from Bloodbath G. Whore

cant view pictures on my comp.

Free Republic - Help, How Does One Navigate Over There??

HEyHEY be trippin'!

Cheap Continuing Ed in Tupelo, MS Apr 14-15 -Medical, Law, psychology, etc

I'll say anything you want to hear. I'll see everything through.

Is it better to be simple or complex?

Would you buy this T-shirt?

If only my family could understand

raise your hand if you're just delaying going to bed!

Tax Question: Getting Married

I'm a goofball.

What a day. Just done having a coversation with police

Is it better to have a simplex or a complex?

Do you feel hurt when friends don't include you in their group activities?

DELAY suicide T-shirts on Drudge

Confession: I'm infatuated with Vowels...

Family feud erupts after teens date; 6 wounded

Has anyone seen the film "George Washington?"

More hill country spring time pics. I took 'em!

Do you post more in the Lounge or the rest of DU?

A thing of beauty

Flamewar vets! Is this a record?

Outlaw Laid Low by Short Fuse

Are older women better at giving condiments?

Are older women better at giving condiments?

Raise your hand if you applied to be a moderator.

Why don't we ask to get a "rock music" group?

Well, I got an interesting email.

Eight shot at Dallas nightclub

Do people bite in the Lounge?

Ever get that "not so Doug E. Fresh feeling?"

I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV.

And now.....a tasteless joke for your Monday pleasure

Question about online personals...

Emma Goldman is dead.

"Want some cookies with a Jew flag on 'em?"

My Hummer is bigger than yours. Wanna See?

I kiss my horse, is that why I am single?

Tasteful RW merchandise.

Confession: I'm infatuated with Sarah Vowell...

Denver blizzard photos

North = Down?

A prayer

Dead Celibrity Soulmate Match

Why do little particles end up inside my glasses from the dishwasher?

Catsup or ketchup

How can I tell if I am a Saint, or maybe just Saint material?

If you commit a sin with a priest while you are in confession, and you

Just got home from visiting my eccentric aunt.


Show your love for HEyHEY!

Don't tell GOPisEvil, but I'm eating a Butterscotch Krimpet

Norm Coleman

DU This MSNBC Poll

Raise your hand if you're Sure.

The Jek Porkins appreciation thread!

Your friggin' head would hurt TOO if you just did a news conf with Bush

I consider myself an Orioles fan, however - something about NYY/BRS

Beauty queen brighter than nuclear physicist

ATTENTION DU'ers: Is your keyboard making you sick? It Might

Stupid e-mails

Woohoo, We have tornado warnings.

So I bought a T-shirt off fellow DUer Barackmyworld

Question about birthdays...

What is your favorite beer?

It's official - I shoot my finger at every behometh SUV I pass

Who here works with "A Laugher"

Hey, give me some of your tots.

Some clip art help needed.

Wow, I lost 30 months in just two pounds of beer!

Whatcha listening to?

I just had the worst dining experience in my entire life.

Vote here: pretty please with sugar on top

Warning! PLEASE view your cherry blossoms quietly!

Anyone see any good movies this weekend? - I saw the new Woody Allen

Are older women better at giving condiments?

Are you planting a vegetable garden this year?

Man Tells Cops The Antichrist Told Him To Kill Family

My Girlfriend Li-Ping Was Targeted for a Scam -- She Just Escaped

What song or spoken recording would you add to *'s iPod?

finally! i made it to the top, now i can be regarded with intellect

Any suggestions for my 20,000th post on my own political forum?

i need 13 posts, in 13 minutes-GO!

Well I suppose bush has accomplished something

My neighbors' dogs are pooping in my yard

This is a Darwin award just waiting to happen....

Some time ago a crazy dream came to me

Someone gave my cell number to a multi-level marketer.

Red Sox - Yankees thread.

who here has been to the Winnipeg Folk Fest?

Are older women better at giving compliments?

Whenever I see you. You always treat me like I'm some kind of perfect man

Friggin wasp sting.

I'm 10 posts away from 6,838...ask me anything!

There's a big part of me that really doesn't mind when stupid people die

Look! It's George W. Bush's Hotmail Inbox!

Is Doom3 worth $24.99 (plus tax)?

I'm the best looking DUer name Hfuhruhurr

The three types of people who are NOT the elite are:

screw ask a girl, i am a smoker, a receptionist, avid videogame player....


what is your definition of "alcoholic"?

Tracy Lords, or Xuxa?

Rats!..My nice neighbor asked me over for supper and after I.....

Post 5000 for the hell of it

self delete

Which will happen first? 70,000 DU members or 15,000,000 posts?

Get in the groove...

Camille Paglia - total nausea

I'm taking wagers here

Star Trek or Star Wars?

"You're the athiest, Madeleine!"

I'm so hungry I could ride a horse.

How do you like my new Avatar?

Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Mother Earth has the jitters

Imagine what the world would be like if we all had such an impact?

High School To Pay Student Informants

What are you listening to?

What's that on John Bolton's Upper lip?

If you were Superintendent Chalmers

Right wing blog quotes me!!

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

my neighbor is very, very, very angry with me

What's your favourite lowbrow sex comedy...

What is a good small dog breed for a house dog?

Cats or Weasels?

Ginger Or Maryanne

mitch hedberg quotes

I refuse to believe this is pleasurable, but she sure seems to like it

I am fasting this week

I'm on the fence again about stuff like 'b***h' 'throws like a girl', etc.

Anyone seen the Farting Preacher?

Holy hair-care products for aging men, batman, is this for real!?

Two part question about James Dobson and MMFA

I got The Who's "Tommy".

Someone explain the Gottis to me. I know the dad was a mob boss, right?

yikes, they might stick me with AP Euro in my first year teaching

Still waiting on those Jenna pix

Caption this photo of our Fearless Leader

Coolest sign in Snohomish, WA

Why do little testicles end up inside my glasses from the dishwasher?

Mass_Liberal's Joke of the Day (crude but funny)

Michael or John Bolton


We saw Napoleon Dynamite this weekend....

I waited, and waited, and waited to buy a satellite radio...

Favorite Tastykake

"This is my happening and it freaks me out!"

Anger v Hatred. What is the difference?

Divorce, Fighting, Yelling - All this & more on parents 10th anniversary

Robert Redford or Paul Newman ...

Jack Lemmon or Walter Matthau?

61 posts until the metamorphosis is complete. Ask me anything!

I just paid $2.59 a gallon for gas.

Caught on film 20 mins. ago: My garden thief!

Dogs! My neighbors are pooping in my yard!

Look at me my face is burning !

I bet I am listening to a weirder record than you are - Anka sings Oasis??

Attorneys and Professors should never use Power Point.

Lopressor? Any reason not to take it?

Ace-the-cat has gone to the big litter box in the sky.

Santorum and DeLay -- monday toons

Testicles in the Stew

Any Plans For 4/20 ?

Ever get that 'not so fresh' feeling?

Video link to Tiger Woods' chip shot anyone?

For my 1000th post, help me out with a question for John Edwards

Any updates on the Boston meetup?

Testicles in the News

Do you post more than the Lounge or the rest of DU?

When next in a bookstore, can you check the cover of Nat'l Geographic?

BREAKING!!! Bush's Secret Canonization!!!

Ok, what gas mileage does your car get?

What colour are your sheets?

Boston DUers, I want your opinions

Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Angelina Jolie

Camille Paglia Says To Use The Language Of AM Talk Radio To Write Poetry

I hate my boss

viDEEoh viDEEoh viDEEoh viDEEoh

I have Irritable Bowling Syndrome...

I just saw Citizen Kane for the first time-SOOOO LAME!

what is your definition of a boombastic jazz style?

Did Anyone See Whoopee Goldberg on HBO Saturday Night?

Dick York or Dick Sargent

Do you ever get dirty PMs?

Are you inked?

One of our horses just had a filly this morning!

Dumbest company name or brand name?

Who is the greatest underrated (or unrated) rock drummer?

Why isn't "Coming to America" the funniest movie of all time?

What's your favorite Beatle song and why?

Radical Activist's next date

Choice of male celebs: Viggo, Denzel, Jude Law, etc....

Do you ever get flirty PMs?

CONFESS!!! What album(s) can you listen to over and over again!!

It's been, oh, a week since we had an annoying 'post your pic' thread...

Anyone here interested in a family history/ancestry group?

Let the dead bury the dead

Norfolk schools told Holy Ghost 'too spooky'

Got a question regarding homosexuality and the new testament

I was messing around

The incessant din about an afterlife and its nature in most religions is

Is it possible to be a fundamentalist and NOT be an igmoramus?

An answer to chummer: no, Carl Sagan did NOT die believing in God

Paul killed Christianity.

Pope election: Opus Dei pulls strings

The Pond .....

For Poor Immigrants, An Oasis of Care

Around Tupelo, MS April 14-15?

What I Don't Believe

Speaking of supervolcanoes...

Russian surgeons 'grow' penis on man's forearm

Maine PBS Station Ponders Airing Buster's 'Gay Episode'

After Kansas Gay Marriage Ban Fears Of Adoption Future

GLBT Democrats, WA state needs your help!

Australian Gov't Urged To Intervene In Gay Tourist's Arrest In Fiji

I've never been to a GLBT bar or club.

Adviser to GOP had gay wedding

How do you choreograph Ping Pong?

Are you New Englanders watching NESN?

The Name of This Game: Pain (for all the fans still waiting for next year)

Yankee class

When did Steve Bartman move to Seattle?

An embarrassment of riches here in Boston today

For Yankees Fans Only

(Michelle) Wie to play PGA Tour’s John Deere Classic (15 yrs old)

Who says all kittens have to be cute?

Update on sick foster kitten

i have 2 foster kittens

If Cats could blog...if Dogs could blog...

Curious - What info do you get from doing someone's chart?

Tom Delay

If today's off the wall news is with Mercury stationing, what's going to

Is it that there has been that many earthquakes

Fun times to be an atheist!


Essay winners from yesterdays event

New Kerry Email - Know anyone in Rhode Island???

Bolton hearing

Kerry Bashing

Saturday night's rock and roll show

Sunset, Monday, 7:05 PM EST, or 5 minutes ago

Crazy Denver weather

What was behind me as I was shooting the sunset.

2 things: Demopedia and the next photo contest

April 11 Countdown newsletter: "DeLay-ed Reaction"

Action Day against Gov. Schwarzenegger

You can ask Joe Lieberman one question.

Pressure builds on DeLay

So after Delay is gone, who will take his place?

Tom Delay now threatening judges?

With poll numbers through the floor...

A non-Jewish viewpoint of Thomas Friedman...

Kerry News from Light Up the Darkness Blog

John Prendergast: Bush mistook me for Bono

Hating Hillary -- and yourself?

Saudis execute six men without sentence

GOP shying away from Bush's Social Security plan

Guckert on CSPAN

Hey! Is it just me or

Ann Coulter redicules families of 9/11--as "McWidows"

Euro 44 percent gain against dollar

CNN: Republicans air concern over DeLay

Bills on cargo piling up, too (in CA)

Bolton's gall is amazing... actually trying to spin that video

Bolton --- One of the Miami Gang in 2000

America "Darkness, Ravening Greed, Bestial Spirits"

C-SPAN call in after morning session of Bolton Hearing

Isn't it GREAT news that we MIGHT be out of Iraq in "only" two more years?

Boot Bradley!

Why did Santorum come out against Tom Delay ??

Bolton hearing back on now

there, it's been said: AIDs and Africa's resources

Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Bolton as UN Ambassador

Kerry live on C-Span at Bolton hearing (11:39 EDT) (n/t)

Bush to spend $3m in Iran to "promote democracy"

Letter from Harry Reid, I want to share with all of you!

Critical: NC S 223, 'Voter Confidence' bill moving through state legislatu

I just saw this commercial on CNN...

Does anyone else hear a slur coming from Sen. Allen (R-Va.)?

If Bush survives his Pres. until 08, could he be charged with any crimes

CNN continues to suck ass

Democrats, WA state needs your help!

Terror Alert by Delay

Is this happening in your state?Right wing wackos in the House unite.

John Bolton is an anti-democratic fascist

MSNBC Poll: Should Tom DeLay Resign His leadership Position ...

Buzzflash: "It Will Be Karl Rove, not the Dems, who brings down Tom DeLay"

ABS Buttons - Anybody but Santorum - Where to get?

Fox: Tom "Duct Tape" Ridge "getting rich off of government contracts."

Official Bolton Hearing thread 1--CSPAN

John Bolton is a Bush "man"...

Crime Victims fund ,Bush wants the 1.27 BILLION in it.....

Bush using SBA to fund his Social Security Bamboozlepalooza?

Filipina Michelle Malkin on racial profiling for Filipinos: "DO IT."

Isn't it worth $14.99? - Send telegram to Chafee - NO BOLTON

In case you don't get to the Election 2004 forum...

"Mr. Smith" = Fulton Armstrong? (Bolton hearing)

If you could replace one of these Senators with a Democrat, which one?

John Edwards in the New Yorker

"Pope JP2 denounced social ills of unfettered capitalism"

McClellan: Bush considers DeLay friend, looks forward to working with him

Kerry Email and Rhode Island Ad on Bolton

Has Feingold marginalized himself ?

Jim Bolton...another PNAC thug....

Ldotters lament the passing of feminist Andrea Dworkin (as only they can)

Hawks, hippies and the holy unite to turn America green

Ldotters defend DeLay to the death

Eric Alterman: "Bad Acid Trip Across Bushland!" (critique of 9/11 Report)

Chris Dodd taking no guff from Bolton.

Why is Howard Dean so popular with many Democrats ?

Would this be a winning platform?

What should the Democrats do if Repubs follow thru on the "nuclear option"

Poopy Presidential Protest gaining attention!

A Truly Momentous Decision - Kerry ad in USA Today

John Edwards - Harvard Announces Visiting Fellows for Spring Semester

So CAL's most progressive club backs Jerry Brown for CA Attorney General

Sirius will no longer carry Air America Radio.

My cash strapped red state and its Republican Governor

Here's hoping that Tom Delay survives in his leadership position.

Happy 77th Birthday, Ethel Skakel Kennedy

2005 National Convention for a Democratic, Secular Republic in Iran

Kerry Ad Targets Chafee's Vote on Bolton

Recruiters get names from No Child Left Behind Act!!!!!

Sen. Russ Feingold Getting A Divorce

The Fed's Ponzi Scheme-- quietly pumping up world dollar reserves

Are you satisfied with the job Howard Dean is doing as DNC Chair?

Kerry Questions SBA Spending on President's Social Security Tour

Bush and Cheney are personally profiting from high gas prices.

So...Who might be the Democratic "Messiah" to emerge to lead us to the

How Do We Win The West?

NY Times shakes up Sunday Op-Ed page - Mo Dowd is out, D. Brooks is in >

If the U.S. economy really does collapse (as many of you predict)….

In Theocracy They Trust (Religious Right Alert!)

Best Candidate For Prez in 08

Why is Leiberman the most frequent Sunday morning Dem guest?

If the race for CT. Senator came down between Lieberman and Shays

Move America Ad features Lieberman surrounded by his "peeps"

Kerry: No single reason why Bolton is a bad choice...there are several.

For those seriously curious about Wes Clark

Daily Kos: Lieberman's home-grown problems

Historic parallels as DeLay's woes deepen (CSM)

I hate what is happening here.

DU this poll. Should DeLay resign? 89% say "Yes" get it up over

House Dem praises Clark/ Clark-Pelosi to announce GI bill of rights

Salon War Room: Kerry Takes on Bolton

Rolling Stone Article on Dominionist / Theocratic Threat