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Archives: April 13, 2005

Lying and Hate Are'nt Traditional Values--except for the evangelical..

Revoltin' Bolton (Steve Horowitz, -- offensive!

PRO/EDR> Staph. aureus (MRSA), community acq. - USA (MI)

DeLay tells backers to blame it on the Democrats

Canberra gets nervous as US and China start playing chicken

Anti-Japan protests are grounded in neofascism

Means, Motive and Opportunity

Capitalism is Savagery

Nukes protesters target Mildenhall (UK)

Protesters gear up for bank meetings

Big switch to ARM's; the red flares are lit in real estate

Settlers preparing Gush Katif protest camp for supporters

Boy carrying 5 bombs detained

The new anti-Semitism?

News from BradBlog with Miami

I've done major update/expansion of New Mexico documentation

KOEB (Tuesday, April 12)

Suit Filed in Federal Court for Illinois Absentee Ballot

John Conyers blogs today. Topic: The New Election Reform Commission

We need to make some noise guys! This must be changed!

PBS Frontline's Karl Rove Show Tonight

From Rome to Lowell, Sen. Kerry attends Meehan fund-raiser

Norm Coleman is key to the fate of the Artic Refuge! NRDC Action alert:

Ramstead gets an earful at meeting

Firewall question

RadFest/Midwest Social Forum

Feral cat resoultion Results....

By the way, I am in Missouri and I support Russ for 08!

I am working on getting a DU Russ group check it out:

Rush Holt in Madison Sat. Apr. 16

Britney Spears is pregnant!

Tweety Describes Who His Audience Is and What "Lib" Means to Him

Latest Alexa website traffic rankings.

Leading Rep Group calls on Adm, Congress to stop pandering to Rel Right

Radical PETA faq - PETA defines itself, and beliefs

Synopsis of the Rove story

House of Saud Re-Embraces Totaliatariansim (& a Crawford visit coming)

Tell me This is a joke and not true

Air Force Colonel Abuses American Citizens Over Uranium Weapons Coverup

FOX news asks: "Should Hillary Clinton run for Presidents?"

If a thermonuclear bomb exploded close to your home

Let's play RED STATE vs BLUE STATE news...

Slashin' jobs is slashin' wrists, an open letter to our 'community'.

Election Fraud: UK the poodle taking tips from his master?

COMCAST DNS: I think it is happening again ...NT

Please Read: Waiting for the Galactic Bus

Latest for the Bush Body Count?

got your newsweek yet? Look at page 27 Can they be any more

Just saw UNCOVERED: The War in Iraq (MoveOn/Robert Greenwald Iraq film)


George Bush's iPod: Here's a weird little story I found

A Grand Old Party of Megalomaniacs

Bill Maher on the Majority Report

Bush support lowest ever; Terror suspects caught while supposedly

Rabid right wing site that I came from posted this jewel today.

Comcast DNS servers seem to be acting up again.

Why didn't the Feds raise interest rates, Is Greenspan still cloaking

Pacers Center: NBA Age Limit Racist

An American hero....Thank you and RIP, Maurice Hilleman

"Activist judges" and judicial review

Fifty years ago today the polio vaccine was introduced.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Meet Up

Superiority of private schools - DEBUNKED yet again...

Freeper inlaws email - please help with response

Maria Shriver is yakking on TV about "programs for the poor"

Nickname for Rumsfield: Chemical Rumie! n/t

Why is it NOW ok for Dole to talk about HIS military accomplishments?

An 86%-14% split is apparently "Mixed Views" on gays in sports.

"COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE" and other old NYT headlines!

How have your politics changed since joining DU?

DNC on Republicans: Extremists Dominate Party.

I Refuse to Warehouse Their Damn Gas For Them.....

John Conyer's blog topic today: The New Election Reform Commission

I'm sorry, but Dole talking about his war wounds on TDS is pissing me off.

Indicator of how good the economy is - the EAA Air Show.

60 years ago today a great man died.

Organize to Protect Your Kids from the Draft- Here's How

Should sex/child offenders be monitered for life after prison?

My 1000th Post Has Been Picked Up On The Web

My Mock Trial For School Tommorow- Insight Needed

Anyone in the Atlanta/Georgia Area having trouble with the Internet?

April 13 is CAFTA National Call-In Day

This post is just plain and simple, I miss Nostamj. Period.

The Wisconsin pussy cats kill millions of songbirds yearly.

DU blurb on Mark Crispin Miller's

Should there be a draft - - do females register

Compromise Proposal to Judicial Filibusters

pantry moths?

Best On-Line Food Sites.

I envy Britain just for the BBC

House of Lords reform

Egyptian torture claims backed

DeLay under fire from local Republican (a Texas voter)

UN: Establish New Human Rights Body

Union Files Charges With the NLRB Against Wal-Mart

Secret Service Probes Chicago College Art Exhibit Featuring Stamp of Bush

(Eugene OR City) Council takes stand against torture

DeLay Challenged on MTBE Liability Bill

Dems move to exploit schisms in GOP ranks

DeLay out to make nice with senators


FBI Ethics Agent in N.C., Charged With Lying About Free Trips to Las Vegas

Air Force Colonel Abuses American Citizens Over Uranium Weapons Coverup

Art Exhibit Featuring Bush Stamp Probed

WP: Erosion of Estate Tax Is a Lesson in Politics

MSNBC: Britney Spears, PREGNANT!!!!!

NYT: In Jeans or Veils, Iraqi Women Are Split on New Political Power

Big rise in deserters 'fuelled by Iraq war'

Man Seized At U.S. Capitol To Be Deported

Mandela to sue former lawyer for exploitation

(Connecticut) House To Vote On Civil Unions Bill Wednesday

Despite Bush rebuke, work goes on at West Bank settlement

Iran to Promote Tourist Potential on CNN--Daily Star

3 accused in Fort Lauderdale of 'leasing' illegal workers

Marburg Outbreak Not Likely a Global Threat

AFL-CIO Unveils 'Jaw-Dropping' Case Studies of CEO Pay

Father Challenges Blair to Debate Iraq War

LAT: Villaraigosa Leads (L.A. incumbent Mayor Hahn) by 18 Points

NYT: Republicans May Hasten Showdown on Judicial-Nomination Filibusters

Sen. Bachmann the controversial

Deadly Flu Strain Shipped Worldwide

Beijing used Sept. 11 to crack down on Muslims: report

US mercenaries spill blood over Afghan opium

Kennedys fight over family home

LAT: Filibuster Fight Isn’t Lost for Dems Yet (need 6 Repubs, have 2)

Florida Woman Sells Daughters for Car, Prostitution, Police Charge

In Mosul, a Battle 'Beyond Ruthless'

U.S. Will Maintain Its Position As World’s Largest Beef Importer In 2005

Former CIA Op. Would Call Gonzales, Tenet as Witnesses in Federal Trial

Greenberg Puts $2.2 Billion AIG Stake in Wife's Name

GOP Renews Bid to Abolish Estate Tax (permanently)

Senate WILL NOT Add Veterans’ Health Funds To Supplemental

Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuclear sites to Bush

U.S. accused of covering up mad cow cases

NYT: Bin Laden Bribed Afghan Militias, German Officials Says

Pelosi/Clark "GI Bill for the 21st Century" hits Military Times

Calif. Court Blocks Internet Release of Information on Accused Priests

Officials Say Man in Capitol Scare (Australian, not Chinese) Violated Visa

A simple form puts children in home-schooling

Wal-Mart To Fund Wildlife Habitat

Appeals Court Rules Tennessee Can Drop 323,000 From Expanded Medicaid

Godammit she told me she was the pill!

Novell is releasing SUSE Linux 9.3 on the 18th!

Holy Shit! I think I'm pregnant!

No Brain Activity found in Spears Baby. Suspect Pervasive Vegetative State

OH MWUH GAWD Britney is pregnint!

What's the furthest you've traveled for a concert?

Come on Los Angeles DUers! We need a get together

Who has listened to Van Halen with the volume up?

Will Rove plan something during Brittney's delivery?

In non-Britney news, Foxy Brown disputes $20 manicure bill in court

Garden Gnome Goes Wild on Spring Break

I just bought a Three Stooges DVD. All Curly too!

The Lounge is boring without Terri Schiavo threads

Listening to Who's Next, while looking at this and a job search page.

Just saw a Hitchhiker's porno

Best Taiwanese Parliament Fights of All Time

Tom DeLay: Should we not spunge his mouth?

Alfre Woodard joining the cast of Desperate Housewives

John Bolton.

Massive Head Wound Harry Vs. George W. Bush

Things to do with Coca-Cola

Bernie Sanders coming up on Majority Report

Good evening.

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April

Take two movie titles and merge them into something people WOULD watch:

Please, could someone tell me...

Frontline on Rove anyone watching this fiction ?

My posts don't have as many replies as they should

You gotta admit that "Toxic" is the cut.

CNN Confirms - Britney Is PREGGERS

Take a mallet and kill me....I'm bored out of my freaking mind.

I never knew that about skyscrapers.

what is your favorite store-bought cookie?

Alert ZombyWoof and Fenris! Road House is on!!!! Right now!

Endangered Species Chocolate Company.

Just saw a Hitchhiker's promo

I'm glad to be HOME......

black people do this, and white people do that

Yuck, just saw that new Toyota Camry commercial...

I need wardrobe advice (Edwards)

Is Britney's child Pope John Paul II reincarnated?

Add a line to this poem about a cat's dream

Needed: A hearty laugh

Anybody high or Drunk?

I just finished a HUGE project for a class. Ask me anything.

Is DU lagging for anyone else? Or is it just me?

Dog saves Tampa woman from alligator... think a CAT woulda' done that?

Breaking: Britney Spears pregnant; huge meteor will destroy Earth Friday


My sister in law's father just died

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Something very weird is happening - both Progmom and sundog got banned.

that's it!

Fuck Britney Spears.

PREGGERS or PREGGO, you decide.

The sun shines And people forget

I would rather read 1,000 more Terri Schiavo threads...

I see so many people on DU estranged from their families, and it breaks...

I've got my clipboard, text books Lead me to the station

This thread title is left justified and mentions JimmyJazz and SOteric

A representative from In-Home Help Services tomorrow...what should I say?

All Right - Which one of you broke the internets?

Can anyone help me with this history essay I am writing for class?

60 years ago today, a great man went to his reward. An FDR tribute.

Is DU under a DoS attack?

DU Chefs... I Need Help...

Is there an alternate site we can meet up in? re: DU lock-up.

Sunset earlier tonight from a fire tower in the Adirondacks

No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man

What movie *should* be remade?

So, Are the Appalachian Mountains: App-uh-lay-shen or App-uh-latch-in?

If you don't reply to your PMs, why not?

So what is it like being in DU limo?

ISN'T HE CUTE? Can we KEEP him???

So what is it like being in DU limbo?

Name TWO Movies Which Have The Same TWO Actors

Anyone else having trouble with their cable internet connection?

Wow, Mickey Rourke looks rough.

Something if you are really bored.

Adult Swim is pissing me off!! (New episodes of Tom Goes To The Mayor)

So, if there is a Canadian election, and the conservatives win

American Idol thread

DUers who were culturally aware in 1982, I need your help!

Some funniness

I finally feel like I belong here

Who else thinks Matcom got Britney Preggers?

anyone see Melinda and Melinda yet?

"Compassionate Conservative" and other old NYT surprises!

I heard that Britney Spears is pregnant.

Free Republic vs. Democratic Underground: in a royal rumble, who wins?

Quit (smoking) Day One: COMPLETE!

Most sympathetic character in "Closer"

Q: Skeet Skeet Skeet?

Honestly, I think we should just trust Britney Spears

Shameless self-promotion: Check out my band's song

Should I be studying for my drug test tomorrow?

Name Britney Spears's baby!

Oh God 05.05.05 Beware.

Favorite 'Karen Walker' quote?

Will someone talk about American Idol with me?

The pain wraps itself around me like some malignant cloak,

Ten things I'd rather do than watch "American Idol:"

I'm not voting for Wesley Clark because Wesley is a GIRL'S NAME!

LOL! I was helping Cubsfan1982 with his 1982 project.

Bearing In Mind That I Have A Wicked Cold, How Would You Rate ME?

My little old lady cat threw up blood today.

Scientists say, "Brittany's butt could grow to the size of Rhode Island,"

Wow, There Are No NBA Threads Here

peta and petco agreement

My dad passed away today, with my stepmother at his side

"The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods..."

The Rise of the Non-Christian Coalition

Comic Book "The Atheist" in Stores tomorrow

From Rome to Lowell, Sen. Kerry attends Meehan fund-raiser

Carpetbagging in NH

Have you seen this yet: NYT: Bin Laden Bribed Afghan Militias, German Off

Kerry on C-span2 from today - replay of discussed camera angle.

I have a question.

Should I start a blog? I want your input!

2 new Keith STAND-UPS from gogomag ............ (4-12-05)

A computer geek's history of the internet - props to Al Gore!!

Joe Lieberman: I bet you vote for Bolton....NT

Killing the filibuster may kill our endangered animals

Call to Action: Alert Local Media

Bayh Opposes Portman Nomination to Protest Trade Issues

FRONLINE: Karl Rove documentary, Are you watching?

'A World Ends' short story by Wolfgang Hildesheimer

Please urge Your Representative to Support the G.I. Bill of Rights!

Santorum's Florida Cash Grab Spells Hypocrisy

Suit Filed in Federal Court for Illinois Absentee Ballot

VA amendment voted out and Negroponte?

2 Groups at Odds With GOP on Filibusters

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday April 13

Anyone watching Frontline: Karl Rove...?

Swoon! Bush asserts his heterosexuality.....during a FUNERAL

Lives In The Balance... PLEASE READ

Hey DU, I need help with a stats class! Lets Talk About Hillary Clinton

Big News from Howard Dean

Another Forced Choice Primary 08 match-up!

Bill Clinton on the Today Show

Oil booms, but investors flee Russia

Eventually, Huxley's brave new world will be realized.

Gene Lyons

Telling the truth earns you the title "crackpot"

We Must Not Move On (Negroponte and the Contras)

'What’s the difference between that kind of talk and Eric Rudolph?'

Patriotism does not mean supporting BIG GOVT...

John Bolton vs. Democracy (his role in Floridagate from The Nation)

The art of Abu Ghraib

Global Warming - Interview With Jim Kunstler

"Being a Loser in America"

New Documents show "Negroponte Contra Role"

Arianna Huffington: A Cornucopia of Death (Pope, "Culture of Life," etc.)

The Christian Right raises eyebrows

DeLay's Alamo

"Historic Parallels as Delay's Woes Deepen" (Dems have Benefactor)

'Trust Me' Just Doesn't Fly (Patriot Act Editorial)

Tune In to Last Gasps of Patriarchy in Rome

Don't be fooled by the spin on Iraq

David Corn - Negroponte & Bolton: Beating the Democrats?

A New Attack on Women's Sports

Religion under a secular assault

"A dose of humility" by Wesley K. Clark

Let’s Drink to the Slobbering Classes, by Joe Bageant

Take action - Call for Debt Justice (April 13)

How to push a news item into MSM?

Please....Stop hurting Wolf Blitzer.

Air America and XM radio.

Do you think we could fund a Liberal shortwave station?

U.S.: Pay Gap Widens Between CEOs and Workers

Retail sales weaker than expected in March

China vs. Russia

U.S. flooded by imports from China

GM to stamp corporate logo on all vehicle models

A Call for Family Friendly Tax Reform

Environmental Heresies

Earth To Humankind

Hemp facts

House Panel OKs Slimmed-Down Energy Bill

Argentina's Nestor Takes On the World

Vanunu Fights for Freedom of Speech

The Muslim media's culture of death

Abbas blasts Sharon at Bush summit

April 13th, 2005 From: ICAHD

Press examine US-Israel difference

Gazans reclaim destroyed farmland

BBC; Protesters lock Israeli schools

Hamas admits its gunmen shot betrothed woman in 'honour killing'

Flight 93

Does anyone know anything about copyright on GOP logo?

Educating by TeeShirt

Union Leader: Kerry’s new campaign: Spreading the disenfranchisement myth

I do believe in exit polling

(CA-Alameda's) County's Vote Chief in Line for State Post

I didn't know John Bolton was involved in Bush's Florida theft.

New Yorkers! We got a paper ballot bill! PLEASE SUPPORT IT!

MSNBC/REUTERS on lawsuit to terminate Sequoia

Camp Wellstone schedule/Portland Maine, register now

Miami Herald- Better Votes, On Paper, by Robert Steinback

Brad Blog: Miami Hearld on Clint Curtis and makes a Call for Paper Ballots

BRADBLOG: Miami Herald discusses Clint Curtis! Calls for Paper Ballots

Clint Curtis passes polygraph exam

Let's assume Congress and President were not elected. Now what.

TIDE IS TURNING.... the Election Reform Movement

Los Angeles Times (4/13): Democrats Divided on Negotiating With Gov

Arnold Donors Could Cost Cal Retirees $400 Million

Hundreds Rally At State Capitol - for and against arnie

Hispanic candidates turn to Miami

Iowa Party Notice: taking nominations for DNC member at next meeting

Organizational meeting of "Reading Progressively" book club

4000 posts!

Great Anti-War Banner on Southeast Expressway!

Boston DU Gathering, Saturday April 23rd, 2 PM: Details Here

3 more votes NOT to place gay discrimination into MA constitution . . .

Dayton questions circumstances leading to Rochester GI's death

GOP Sen. Koering: Gay

Golden Valley is the most liberal city in MN? WTF?

I'm using win98+, how do I get into hkeyreg?

Hard Drive Installation Question

DeWine & Voinovich - against helping the Veterans!

Any Alief ISD DUers?

Bill to lower appraisal caps dead

Don't laugh..I belong to a goat group,lol

Sigh...anyone in Austin hiring?

Councilman Kevin Cole of Pearland, Tom DeLay supporter...

Regarding the cat killing

Contact Ron Kind about his support of bankruptcy bill!

What happen with the AB 277 and AB 288 bills for the Job Creation Act II?

Please sign this Feingold petition

Hilariously freeped poll

Peace Action - do you know about this group?

Here's an idea, Spitzer-Angelides 2012, 2016

DieHold Voting Video Very Very Funny

So, in watching this again (CSPAN)), Sen. Dick Lugar, wants to

And now for something completely different: Iraqi children

"Nous sommes desoles qui notre president sout un idiot."

It was 25 Years ago this month (An Operation Eagle's Claw post)

Could anyone believe it was 10 years since this or the OKC bombing

Salman Rushdie: Bush policies HELP Islamic terrorism

Question for you all about terrorists striking on US soil

How hard is it to broadcast a talk program over the internet?


A Gallup Poll for estimating the number of insurgents in Iraq.

CBS 60 Minutes will interview Italian Journalist tonight

Is upward mobility a thing of the past?

A Manufacturing Industry in which we excel.

So about how much money is "lost" in iraq?

Tom Friedman always seems to be a day late and a dollar short

Bush's War on Iraq marks the beginning of the end for US Imperialism.

What sort of a comeback is NEWT GINGRICH trying to make?

should our transient Mexican slaves be treated more respectfully?

Notice posted on a bulletin board at work....Requested application

That Schivo memo ....???

what if some nation DEMANDED we give up OUR nuclear programs?

National Geographic And IBM Launch Landmark Project

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out

what if dubya had one of his face-bruising siezures in public?

GE, Walmart, & HALLIBURTON are XM Radio's biggest shareholders?

In praise of Shafarism

Iraq - Dubya's Potemkin Village starting to crumble.

Maurice Hillerman

This is nuts...

"Nelson, Dylan Performing at July 4 Show"

eric rudolph pleads guilty to 4 bombings, to release his reasons today

Which nomination is worse: Bolton or Negroponte

Bankruptcy Laws To Get Tough On Debtors (shades of Dickens!)

Question about Eric Rudolph and MSM

Ethopia vents anger as obelisk stays in Italy

All DU'ers! Cheddar cheese scam! Watch out!

will XM have the full Air America lineup?

Vatican can beat bugs for £150

In Contempt Of The Courts By The Radical Right Wing - You have

All DU'ers! New Credit Card Scam. Watch Out!

Anyone knowledgable about skin cancer and side-effects of meds?

The Minutemen

Can anyone confirm this Lamar Alexander quote from today....?

wal-mart to match it's store's acreage with conservation acreage

What the **** are YOU looking at? (slight warning)

ABC's "Desperate Housewives" was the most-watched program of the week,

I won't be eating chicken for awhile

Has anyone read Dylan's book?

Why would the USA harbor a CIA trained international terrorist in America?

C-SPAN2 the repukes are whining about the Dems ...Nuclear Option!

Has the evangelical movement become a refuge for con men, dope

Indonesia can't catch a break... volcanoes becoming active

Write your TRAITOROUS Dems on the Bankruptcy Bill

Bush will never ban abortion

Repubs : When you find yourself in a hole, keep on digging !

Watch Harry Reid's Digital "Fireside chat"...he met with 2 supporters

Yeah, that's the ticket....

Senator Byrd is on the Senate floor!

Are you a "nixer" or a "fixer"?

Help stop the "GI Tax" WesPac. Please sign!

No work here, so he went to Afghanistan, now he's missing

Myths and Facts about Jobs, Religion and Pharmacies...

Terrorists my rosy red ass...

JINSA er, um, PNAC: Iraq down; Iran left to go.

URGENT! Sign A Letter On Behalf Of Detained Teenagers!

when the racist bully is the principal and the teachers - NYC PS 34

Personal videos clear RNC convention protesters of charges

Wisconsin Conservation Congress results on Feral cat hunting...

What is the secret to getting a lot of responses to your post?

Sharon Asks U.S. to Pressure Iran to Give Up Its Nuclear Program

"Kiss-up, kick down" is the foundation of Republicanism

Attackers beware! Jeff Gannon is one tough dude!

The new U.S. homegrown terriorist network

Air America, XM, Sirius

DeLay Likens GOP Contract to Magna Carta

Our Big Brother shows up at another art exhibition.

Bohemian Grove

Police: Woman sold daughter for car

Is it time for Diebold to make Judging machines?

Best cartoon I've seen about DeLay!

Trolling for Depression

Group makes noise over Day of Silence

Here's a question...

GOP Push to Privatize Soc. Security Takes Another Shot to the Chin

How come we no longer hear anything about building schools,

Pride comes before a fall

Col. Sheldon Burnett, MIA since 1971, was buried today

Connecticut Forum on the Culture War - is Time's Margaret Carlson liberal?

Oh so THIS is why the Secret Service went to the art exhibit

Anyone notice the HUGE increase of people playing the lottery lately?

Even in San Francisco, we have a few misogynistic, homophobic "leaders".

Colo. Court May Review Bible Jurors Case

something is missing alright...

Illinois Lawmaker Wants Meth Scratch And Sniff Cards To Help Find Makers

Police: Woman sold daughter for car

Fairy shrimp a risk to national security

Some suggestions for our great leader for his Faith Based Initiatives.

Media people who say "Democrat" instead of "Democratic" s/be slapped down

Those that wrote Megan at XM...

I've posted some information about Marburg and Avian Flu in the...

Bird Brains: relevant to PETA vs. KFC, and also just very interesting

If we are in the top of the 3rd of the Iraq War.... when is the game over?

Questions from the shiny mind of Jeff "the Martyr" Gannon

Conservationists hope to show prairie dogs improve grazing land

Anheuser-Busch threatens Missouri rice boycott (GMOs)

DU this Connecticut Civil Union Poll

"Family Guy" Coming Back to TV

Ethics according to Trent Lott (R) - Pray your way clean >

"Thousands" of villagers riot against factories' pollution in rural China

Will Democrats Seize the Opening? - WaPo

Has Karl Rove ever married?

Gannon: "I know how to defend myself"

LBN: Rush to destroy killer virus.

DNC answers your questions in a post at Kos. Susie Turnbull.

The Decline And Failure Of The Green Party In 2004

MSNBC Poll: Are Rep. Tom DeLay's ethics controversies hurting the GOP?

How many threads do you have hidden?

I wish my wife would give me $2.20

sewing the seeds for the Iran war

PHOTO: Have WH photographers been ordered to blur the injuries?

Employment Recruiters are seperating Resumes from the Candidate File

How can you hunt cats if shooting in city limits is illegal?

Councilman Cole Shares His Thoughts on

Conservatives counter 'Day of Silence'

A Salute to my Father in Law - A D-Day Veteran

Heavy-handed tactics...

No doubt in my mind : Jerry Springer is a HUGE asset

Are you for or against hunting free-roaming cats?

Pope said that he thought George W. Bush was the anti christ.

C-Span - Pete Stark "slapping down" Reps for Estate Tax Repeal

I wish my husband would give me $2.2 billion

BS IranFreedomFoundation Located Right Behind White House

Photo of the new Pope!

Closest kin prevented from visiting 'grandma' (living will ignored)

If uranium enrichment is so baaaaaad for Iran and such,

The "end-times" have been predicted many times before....

Used Prius worth $40k? Guy at my work said he read that. My Prius is two

No Child Left Behind Fails to Pass Test

Why Religion Is On The Rise

Randi is taking a neo-con to school right now.

I work for a non-profit. If we made PSA's... would stations air them?

Oh, geez. That caller on Randi Rhodes show just now

Time Travel Escape

Bush making a fool of himself honoring New England Patriots

click your boots three times (new toon 4/13)

Blogactive guy yelling at Gannon on video. This one is better than CSPAN's

UN was right, Bolton was wrong on Iraq

Daily Howler offers an incomparable counterpunch to Cryin' Nick Kristof

Does This Girl Need a Tax Break?

Bush To Announce The United States Department Of Religious Orthodoxy!!!

Wow. Bunch of "Kill Bush" T-Shirts just pulled from

Dont' be fooled by the spin on Iraq

President has 'My Sharona' on his ipod?

CBS News: American hostage a GREAT HUMANITARIAN!

Dennis Kucinich will be on CNN Thursday,

Starve the beast is now reality

Who put out the freep hit on Randi Rhodes today?

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!! n/t

If A. Wilford Brimley and Crispin Glover had a child...

just called Air America, and they will be leaving Sirius for XM

NYT: The Hard Stuff Now Includes Wine (higher percentage alcohol)

Cool, now we can turn grandma into a MECHWARRIOR!

The upcoming Iranian invasion.....Will the * admin lead

Regarding the PETA-holocaust tizzy....

OMG! I got invited to have lunch with shrubby

Tonight on 60 Minutes Wed. - Italian Journalist fired on by American

Ann Coulter Waves Own Penis and Brags About Her Violent Fans

What was your Financial Status growing-up?

Anybody else just see the TV pro-Israel ad? After what Sharon is trying

Is it illegal to send a dead cockroach to a bill collector?

Congratulations, CNN

United States: trade in torture

We were supposed to be in Iraq six months. Now, we are not exiting.

Naked Republican Lunch? (billmon chanelling Burroughs)

The Paris and Nikki Hilton tax relief act of 2005- Did your rep vote 4 it?

The most disgusting, slimy, nasty, sleaziest thing Republicans have done?

President has "(You're My) Brown-Eyed Girl" on his iPod

Neil Cavuto on John Bolton

Bush* & Republicans RAISING TAXES again!!!!

Wow! Even Some Of The Freepers Think Rush Sounds Crazy

John Gibson Worse than Oreilly

So,if the Silicone Implnts were for the Penis & they had this track record

No sarcophagus, coffin placed directly in the Earth.

Layoffs, plant closing, Mexico, layoff, job cut, pink slip, closing.

There is evidence U.S.A probably had mad cow disease in 1997

ANWR is not just one oil well, it may well be over FIFTY wells spread out

Potty mouth Limbaugh said teens are only interested in

"Scientists Scramble to Destroy Flu Strain"

Bush honors N.E. Patriots, but still has not attended a soldiers funeral

6 Iraqi National Labor Leaders Plan U.S. Speaking Tour June 10-26 !

Has anyone noticed the trend in classified ads for jobs?

I just got it

I protest the abusing of cereal (pun alert)

Yahoo: "Gibson 'planning film about John Paul II'"

BREAKING: DeLay seeks congressional review of Schiavo case!

So, does Eric Rudolph have children?

I can't believe this is real..........

The Wisconsin pussy cats kill millions of stinking vermin annually

Randi mentions the need for an educated electorate

A POLL: How Many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin?

So, just how and where do countries destroy vials of flu virus?

ct house of reps to vote on civil unions today

I'm listening to Randi Rhodes AAR and she has a guest on....

New bumpersticker idea: HOW MANY SOLDIERS PER GALLON?

Pharmacists 'denying birth control'

Help stop the repeal of the "Paris Hilton Tax Cut" I mean the Estate Tax.

Does Bush have Skin Cancer? Have Meds Caused Him to Pass Out?

Bush Shows Potentially Fatal Cancer - Neuropsychiatric Side-effects

WTF? Will Our Own Labs Be The Source Of The Next Flu Pandemic???

this is not a pic of denny hastert's house

Catholic Church prays for more priests. Still won't ordain women

Over The Top Gay Bashing Of Army Sgt. Robert Stout On Fwee Wepubwik Now

XM Share holdings as of 4/05

"U.S.: Pay Gap Widens Between CEOs and Workers"

C-Span to Cover 9/11 Truth Talk at UW-Madison Monday

"Must-repent" TV... a viewer's guide to NBC's "Revelations"

Randi says troops need to stay in Iraq

The Whitening Of Air America: Ethnic Cleansing At Air America

Anyone else apply for credit cards for fun and PROFIT?

You were born ignorant

Let's save all the ecologically hazardous species!

OMG - we are going to invade Iran based on lies - new ad coming

a war with the religious right is coming, cause that's what they want

Clouds May Harbor Nanobacteria??? What is happening to us

is the mainstream media AFRAID to call Rudolph a Christian Terrorist?

Boy suspended from school for wearing makeup and lipstick

I'm NOT a big Hillary booster, but...

foot tall talking jesus doll - also moses and mary - & mary videos!

What's your plan for the coming hard times?

The cornbread post reminded me of my corn pudding (mmmmm)

Anyone make potato candy ...

PM preparing for possible election

Busy Day

Suspensions over vote fraud claim

Beautiful Day turns ugly for Labour

Tories propose more faith schools

I've started using American spellings without thinking...

Oliver Letwin has something stuck up his arse

Tory same-sex motion rejected (Canada; many liberals defect)

Labs told to destroy killer virus

Poland to withdraw troops from Iraq

Bank says Saudi's top field in decline

Iraq roadside bomb kills nine, wounds four

France's 'No' to EU could spark euro crisis

Defying China's warning, Japan to grant drilling rights in disputed fields

Feds probe politically charged art exhibit (provacative image of Bush)

Three Britons Indicted Over Plot to Hit U.S. Targets

Iraqis Increase Calls for U.S. to Leave

Re: China urges Taiwan to reverse decision banning mainland reporters

Judicial Nominee Under Scrutiny (for lying to Congress)

Trio charged for terror plot in US

Bush's UN nominee a 'serial abuser'

US contractor kidnapped in Iraq

Videos challenge accounts of convention unrest

US funds 'to back Iran democracy'

Nampa Soldier Injured For Fifth Time In Battle

US traders on fraud charges

US Firm May Have Unleashed Deadly Flu Strain

Blast near Baghdad Green Zone kills five

Kennedys fight over family home

US mercenaries spill blood over Afghan opium

Fuel Made From Plutonium Arrives in U.S.

Abbas blasts Sharon at Bush summit

Gay anti-Hillary consultant draws fire from Bill Clinton

Al-Jazeera airs 'US hostage' tape

Mercenaries 'fuel W African wars'

Senators Urge Bush to Focus on Solvency (SS)

Fuel Made From Plutonium Arrives in U.S.

Labs race to destroy deadly virus

DeLay team builds a new war room

EU (Parliament) backs Bulgaria and Romania bid (for membership)

PNC Bank Devises a Bold Arrival

Hamas admits its gunmen shot betrothed woman in 'honour killing'

Lebanon PM Resigns, Says Still Time for Elections

NYT: The Hard Stuff Now Includes Wine (higher percentage alcohol)

Man guilty of poison conspiracy

New intel chief tight lipped on his powers

Pressure is building to call pope a saint

DeLay asks peers to blame Democrats

Florida Ban on Voting by Ex-Cons Is Upheld

Japan and China relations worsen over disputed offshore gas drilling

IP flaw could allow attacks on routers and Internet software

Complaints Greet Rice Deputy in Fallujah

Cuba, Venezuela call for exile now in U.S.

Roadside Explosion Kills 12 Iraqi Police

Floridians disapprove of Schiavo case handling, poll says

Vatican mobilises anti-surveillance op

Hope for Asbestos Bill Blossoms, Then Withers

Thousands flee Sumatra volcano

Illinois Gambling Reaches a Crossroads

Lawyers Sue Over Alleged Guantanamo Abuse

ANWR is not just one oil well, it may well be over FIFTY wells spread out

Chavez TV Channel Aims to Be Latin American Voice

Faithful Pray for Miracles Before John Paul's Tomb

CNN: Kidnapped American Is Company President

LAT: It's the Wilderness Years for Militias

Hartford Courant: Rell Sets Civil Unions Conditions

Finally, some Truth!

Doubts fuel touch-screen voting debate in Broward, Miami-Dade (Florida)

Artist/Professor Bioterrorism Charge Threat Returns (Benefit Announced)

Pelosi: 'Republicans Are Engaged in Abuse of Power

Sinclair Employee whistleblower loses unemployment benefits

Pelosi: Republicans' Abuse of Power Undermines Ethics, Shuts Out Democracy

Bush Taps Cousin for Paris Post

"Bribes" let Bin Laden evade US (BBC News)

Oil Hits 7-Week Low as Inventories Build ($50.60)

Rocket Launcher Outside Omaha Base Belongs To Guardsman

Dennis Kucinich will be on CNN Thursday,

Lawmakers Hire Spouses Regularly(for much much less than Delay's half mil)


Kansas Chamber to rate judges (as part of a national movement)

GM to put 'GM' on all cars - BFD

DeLay Likens GOP Contract to Magna Carta

Killer flu "unwisely" ship to thousands of labs unlabeled

White House: DeLay more Bush's business friend than social pal

Exxon Mobil CEO got $38 million package

Freddie Mac finds 'unacceptable' mortgage refinancing practices (CA)

Hurt soldiers still help country - virtually

'Makeover' heads to Piestewa home

GOP Senator Paul Koering Comes Out (MN)

Health care bomb lobbed

Even in new role, Dean comes out blazing

NYT: Vermont Considers Lowering Drinking Age to 18

WSJ: Luxury Travel Could Trip Up DeLay (many new details & Abramoff links)

NYT: Thousands of Chinese Villagers Protest Factory Pollution

Domestic Terrorism Investigation

NYT: Jury Awards $2 Million to 2 California Priest Abuse Victims

NYT: Geographic Society Is Seeking a Genealogy of Humankind

BBC Gets 18 Bids for Broadcast Division (Carlyle's one)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 13 April

Rice Defends UN Nominee from Bully Accusation

NYT: DNA Tells Students They Aren't Who They Thought

Karzai to Ask Bush for Security Deal (A Permanent Presence)

Eric Rudolph Due in Court to Plead Guilty in Atlanta, Birmingham Bombings

Rumsfeld in Pakistan as U.S. Consulate Stays Shut

NYT/AP: Health Advisers Recommend Lifting Breast Implant Ban (turnaround)

Bush Says Diplomacy With Iran Is Best

187,000 GM cardholder IDs compromised (By Undisclosed Retailer)

DeLay Likens GOP Contract (On America) to Magna Carta

Northwest to cut 600 mechanic jobs

Nelson(D-Neb): Let's make a deal (centrists dealing on filibusters)

House Votes to End Federal Estate Taxes

LAT: Apple Computer Posts Five-Fold Profit Gain

Sole Minnesota GOP lawmaker to vote against marriage amendment comes out..

Senate Committee Delays Vote on Bolton

ADL Poll: Americans Support Action Against Iran

Press Conference to Announce Conservative Petition to Support DeLay

Lawsuit seeks proof of U.S. torture

House Panel Deregulates Drilling Techniqu (ignores danger to ground water)

DeLay Apologizes for Schiavo Case Rhetoric

Abu Ghraib convict breaks silence (graner implicates higher-ups)

Departing U.S. ambassador says France made about-face on...war in Iraq

DeLay seeks congressional review of Schiavo case

'Bomb-plot' Cuban seeks US asylum (BBC News)

NZ's (PM) Clark hurt in mid-air scare

Napolitano vetoes 'conscience clause' for pharmacists

Army reservist arrested, allegedly detained illegal immigrants

Newt Gingrich Criticizes DeLay (says stop blaming Dems & media)

Black & Decker to close N.C. plant, cut 675 jobs (most to Mexico)

Sharon Says Israel Will Not Attack Iran

Court rethinks cannibal sentence

House panel rejects boost in car mileage rule

Sibel Edmonds & experts briefing (4/20) ahead of oral arguments

Iraq: British Military Statistics Shed Light On War Deaths (144 civilians)

Pentagon's war spending hard to track - watchdog

From enemy to possible pope

Senate Panel Backs EPA Nominee, with Notable Exception (Carper may "hold")

Finger in Wendy's chili may be linked to leopard attack

Wisc. Governor Rejects Cat Hunting

Voice of America to move part of news division to Hong Kong

Reuters: U.S. Hostage in Iraq Appeals for Life on Video-TV

For a party you won't soon forget, just inflate this luscious beauty.

American Idle Thread

Who would be the chauffer of the DU Limo?

Right now there's a star? to the southwest flickering like NEVER I've

Has anybody heard from Kitchenwitch tonight? Her son was going to

I am going back to Cali

Anti American Idol Thread

The blushing smilie looks more like a precursor to the puking smilie.

God dammit DUers - tell me a story

I've looked under chairs I've looked under tables

I'm updating my Netflix queue yet again. This time, Joan Crawford

I'm going to Washington DC for a few days. Any messages for anyone?

Deeper ino the Donners (Chicago Tribune)

UH-OH! The screaming confrontation on "Cheaters" woke up

I just bought this DVD collection.... and I'm all giddy...

Peace in One Simple Step -- from

The Termite by Ogden Nash

Even in the land of make believe

Carly Simon or Carole King?

Let's hear surgery horror stories!



I'm headed to mildew. Good movie starting.

Would you like to see the house I grew up in?

She says tomorrow nite's BJ nite then Thursday's Sex fest !!!

It's midnight, and I have turned into a pumpkin

According to your knowledge, do you think more conversations go on...

Decode the secret message!

First Ultrasound Of Britney's Baby Released

Which Who song do I seem the most like?

Has anyone ever seen John Negroponte and

For the first time I put someone on my ignore list

Tell me an acronym that means NOTHING to anyone but you.

How do I get through to my mom that she is f-ing up big time ?

Shh! Be vewwy vewwy qwiet...

My tabletop fountain is gasping for water

i can't find my DU bookmark

Mother Sells Daughters For Car, Prostitution

What's the perfect pop up song?

For the first time I put someone on my Igore list

Is this even legal? (Student info posted on 'net by principal.

somehow I have the feeling

Woman Who Found Finger In Chili Decides NOT To Sue

please cheer me up

Stop stealing my signs..... b**ch!!

The Please Modem Thread, in which everyone PLEASES MODEM!

it's my first morning since last night....

Anybody see 60 Minutes last night?

"Family Guy" Officially UNCANCELED

Do you care that Britney is preggers?

Designers knew fountain would be slippery

Alert Freedom_from_Chains - from UTUSN (General Discussion)

Sex Line Calls, Escort Service Calls Made On School Chief's Phone

it's my first morning as a non-hannibal

What's the one thing that you can't do without?

If only Dookus weren't gay.

Hey, you sass that hoopy Ford Prefect?

Ever have one of those mornings you know you should have

If only they sold Dookus on ebay....

i'm taking bLondiek to manray

it's my first morning as a non-cannibal

Wish me luck - I just entered a shoe contest

Auto Racing Fans: THIS Game Will Compell You To Buy An XBox

It's my first morning since reaching 500 posts.

wish me luck-i just entered a clue contest

it's my first morning away from istanbul

Dead hawk in our driveway last night.

Which illiterate shithead war criminal would you rather have as president?

Man Living In Closet Kills Homeowner

All DU'ers! Cheddar cheese scam! Watch out!

it's my first morning since gnawing off matcoms leg

Just for sh*ts and giggles - it's MARTIAL LAW.

Justin Timberlake- "Die Hard" IV and will portray Elton John in bio flick

Playing hard to get: cost of aphrodisiac eels soars

Wild thing. You make my heart sing. You make everything groovy.

Star-gazers wanted for Fuji rooms

Everyone's seen that "America We Stand as One" video yeah?

I'm at the Library and it's Story Time

Wanna see a nice picture?

Youths arrested in Burnaby muggings

Cue the "Grease" music..

Is it just me, or is anyone else bored to death

it's my first morning since being naked last night

Jesus, the talking doll version

Do the folks in GD or GD:Politics appreciate copycat threads?

Anyone else love 'The Office'?

I hate computers, and especially the tecchies that 'run' them

Who Remembers Tangee Lipstick?

Who here volunteered to be a moderator?

Orwellian Rumsfeld quote of the day

Well that was fun.

Everybody get your brooms ready....

I say fuck you Jobu. I do it myself.

it's my first morning since I discovered that Matcom and Will Pitt are

Just Complaining!

Sure cats eat birds, but the birds eat seeds and butterflies from my

Any Ruggers out there?

Unitarian Jihad

I'm so proud of myself

Happy 70th Birthday ..... LYLE WAGGONER!!!


Songbirds! Vermin! Songbirds! Vermin!


Talk about identity theft (today's Mike Luckovich cartoon)

Some nasty jokes!

Anyone else bored by the Wisconsin feral cat threads?

Four Presidents and a Funeral

I saw Fever Pitch last night

Bearing In Mind That I Am Wicked, How Would You Rate ME?

Idaho Concurrent House Rsn 29 praises Napoleon, really

Oh my God, the Elimidate that's on right now is so hilarious and sad.

"You may be asking why Karzai and I are opening a Kabul Dali Museum..."

France Honors Actor Bruce Willis

An error was encountered, please try again shortly.

Who's watching the footie now, then?

Early review savages Hitchhiker. Finding towel, trying not to panic...

Is Arwalden still posting?

What is the secret to getting a lot of responses to your post?

Can listening to country music lead to suicide?

What is your favorite "thing you never hear"?

Flare hits goalie; soccer match ends in chaos

Annoying Co-Workers?...Vent Here!

Need some good vibes/prayers. I am totally freaked out.

Work is a drag

Hey men! It's the Dorcus Collection of fashions!

This is a Test

Masters of War


I'm "reading" Don Quixote and may I say, it's probably the most hilarious

Blast from the past! Favorite Louis Armstrong songs

My VCR is broken! *sob*

do not try to post when your eyes are dilated

Happy 60th Birthday to Wally Cleaver

The Northern region of the Democratic Nomination Bracket has begun

Got a store? How much over the base price do you charge?

Favorite Hannibal battle against Rome.

If God had a name, what would it be?

Who is for dinner?

BLAME Britney Spears' baby!

are you a part of the "vast left wing conspiracy"?

Check out shithead addressing the troops (cartoon)

My daughter just sent this to me -- discuss

Ain't that Tuff Enuff?

Just had a big molar exctracted--Ask ME ANYTHING!

I'm not a hateful person... so why do I hate MBA students so much?

Favorite Housewife?

May 19th is a really important day.

The next pope (cartoon)

Headlines We'd Like To Read, April 13, 2005

I can't believe not one of my smart alec friends has commented

Yay! Took me long enough to get this picture:

"Cost of Living Now Outweighs Benefits" -- The Onion.

Wingnut Mating Rituals

What do you think? Embattled Tom Delay (yet more from the Onion)

(adjust the tape on your glasses) Princess Leia vs. Queen Amidala

Woman hits her car with hammer - gets run over

How fast can you read?

if i had a prescription for medicinaL marijuana

Whats the cuurent postal rate for a letter? .37 cents?

I need a woman 'bout twice my age

In which the Author ponders about one disadvantage of being straight

DU is cursed

Can apartment managers keep out proselytizers?

Man Gets Sentenced For Masturbating - Does It Again

This is fucking bonkers.

Pope Dies. Britney Pregnant. Reincarnation?

WOW! I just noticed that I broke 1000 posts....

Vt.Teen Accused of Stealing Corpse's Head "to make a bong"

"...and the winner will get lunch for 6 at.....7/11."

When voting in a poll I ...

Freeze Hippy!

BEHOLD! The ugly shoe thread!

I'm so angry at corporate America that I'm spending no money

I'm speechless...

Fill in your braket for Popapalooza 2005!

"Family Guy" Coming Back to TV

Bruce Willis awarded the 'Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres'

A Whale comes to New Jersey & Delaware

Breaking news from The Vatican!!

I found this over at freerepublic. Apparently they are quite concerned.

Can Can's road manager keep out synthesizers?

Elvis or Britney?

Damn, that Grey Goose is tasty!

I wish my wife would give me $2.20

How to protect yourself 100% from identity theft

Ohhh look out!

Wow, Check Out The Motercycle From The New 'Ghost Rider' Movie

How Fast Can You Type?

Look who stole Owen Wilson's nose:

7'9" Chinese Basketball Player Declares For NBA Draft

Breaking Fake News - Fecal Matter Found in President's Skull

it's my first morning since being tombstoned last night


This is a FUN game.

Anyone else irritated with the Eric Rudolph media coverage?

The "Today is Opposite Day" THREAD!!!!

I have had enough with PETA picking on me

Tell me honestly and with a straight face that this man doesn't look EVIL:

Vt. Teen Accused of Stealing Corpse's Head (to make a bong)

You should probably know that "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'" is on

Nobody loves me

Anyone using XM Radio's MyFi tuner?

This is how I get back at my parents when they make me mad!!

Best. ATA. Post. Evah.

Another Boston event

Would a teenaged Anakin in Ep. 1 been better for the Star Wars films?

If Al Queda told someone to go to hell, would the neocon's appear before

We're starting to discuss moving to Minneapolis from Raleigh NC.

Tired Old Ass Soak Truly Rejuvenates

1 4m t3h r0x0r!!!111

Name something that you just don't "get"

I haven't been here in over a year-did I miss anything?

Smack the Monkey game.

You've got male. (A quaint American tale of romance).

I am now afraid of Larry King.

Sundog is my taskykake and don't you forget it, Progmom!

I once saw a glowing animal. What could it have been?

I haven't been here for a few months - did I miss anything?

Why is Michael Bolton Nominated to be UN Ambassador Anyway?

"If two men walk together one better be carrying a ball." The Man Date

Not again! Man finds human ear in bowl of Wendy's chili.

Psst.......Mrs. Matcom

click your boots three times.... new toon (wed 4/13)

abusing cereal....

FreeRepublic thread on Cat Killing: MUST READ

Bertha whines. Film at eleven.

MSNBC's Michael Ventre calls Led Zeppelin II "a dud." Whatta DICK!

Fiddling with the servers?

I wish I could stink

Anyone here give a Rat's Patoot about B.S.'s pregnancy?

I wish I could sting

I am now afraid of the Burger King


"Out, Out, Damn Spot!"

I wish I could ping

Red Rubber Ball....

Have you ever fallen for a Get Rich Quick scam?

So I've been seeing Matthew McConaughey everywhere lately

I wish I could bling.

Wow, I went into a coma in 1993 and just woke up. Is Clinton still prez??

I wish I could swing.

I may have done a lot of crazy things in my time, but I NEVER

I think some people want to be rear-ended.

I wish I could post sax threads.

Who was your first crush?

ct house of rep's to vote on civil unions bill today

Cool deap-sea underwater photos.

Video games to download and play on your Ipod

I wish I could post sex threads

David Cross is co-hosting the Majority Report...


Death really takes the fun out of funerals.

Can we all start shooting Yaks yet?

Sweet! Now we can turn grandma into a MECHWARRIOR!

I wish I could sing.

I drove Sen. Judd Gregg's son to rugby practice yesterday...ask me anythin

Well it's taken me 16 years,

David Cross just said that "Arrested Development" is on hiatus

Roky Erickson Appreciation Thread:

Psssst YVR Girl

Janet Jackson Tried To Shut Down "The Onion"

I'm Beginning to think it's time i stopped breast-feeding Feral Cats

I'm Beginning to think it's time i stopped breast-feeding Kleeb

I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate

I wish I could post six threads

She's got everything she needs, She's an artist, she don't look back.

Has anyone used any Pimsleur tapes?


How much to taxis cost in Boston?

Is Hunter Thompson the 3 Stooges for the latter half of the 20th century?

My poor baby is sick.

A Public Service Announcement: Support your local library.

Woman's Dog Sacrifices Himself to Save Her From Alligator

Anyone else a fan of Gilad the exercise guy?

Where is your ideal location?

My Wisconsin cat just stalked and killed...

I haven't been here for a few days - did I miss anything?

No Red Sox/Yankees thread?

What are your favorite chips?

Name a sandwich that corn chips DO NOT go well with.

Anyone else following the suggestions from "French Women Don't Get Fat"

What would YOU do if a grown male celebrity was licking your sons head ?

Star Wars trivia-no geekoids needed- What was the name of...

Cats!!! The ones PETA supporter said I probably kick!

LMAO at Randi

I wish I could have another wish .

Can we all start shooting Cats yet?

I just saw a guy sentenced to life in prison for murder

Master of my domain

The Official "Punchlines Only" Thread

If A. Wilford Brimley and Crispin Glover had a child...

Rock and Roll Pioneer Johnny Johnson dies at 80

Cannibal thread: Combine a DU username with the name of a cuisine.

What happened to my roommate?

High School Suspends Wicca Student For Makeup

Here I am: California Peggy!

Post your favorite classic sports pics.

What's the perfect pop tart song?

Cant find this web site and its driving me nuts!

Who here remembers...

Pregnancy and Childbirth - the Great Equalizer

How many threads do you have hidden?

Do you post at other boards?

Favorite Hannibal Lecter film?

It's my first morning as a nonsmoker

DISCUSS: Favorite work by William Shakespeare

I'm Considering Getting A Tattoo. Please Tell Me Anything!

Being Sick Sucks

i just had Lunch with an esteemed DUer

How many cars have you owned?

JimmyJazz thinks she OWNS all the gay men

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger user a body double in his movies?

In an alternate universe...casting Captain Kirk

I think some people want to be offended.

Recommend a Caribbean island to me

It's April 13. Have you done your taxes yet?


The Renaissance Festival starts this weekend

Who's your favorite cartoonist?

Is there any way for two snipped male cats to get along

Okay - I've gotten my lard-butt out of bed and have done my

Hannibal Lecter film you hope nobody ever makes?

Catholic To The MAX!!!

Who here remembers air raid drills?

Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

The Ultimate *Racist* Sues -- Hilarity Ensues!

how much oiL is one human Life worth

Elvis at 70

Pics of the new Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth)

CONFESS!!! Last book you read and current book you're reading now

What food can you guarantee my cat will eat...

DC Area DUers: Cookout in Charles County. Come on out beyond the beltway!

Boston DU Gathering, Saturday April 23rd, 2 PM: Details Here

Convinced my sister and brother in law to go vegan

When did Boca sausage get so good?

I had no idea vegetarians were so hated.

Does anyone else not give a sh*t about hunters' rights?

BBQ Tofu!

Dying and dignity

"God is a fairy tale" vs. "Atheism is a belief"

On the nature of Belief...

Religion tells us to be kind, share, and not kill or be greedy.

Pennsylvania Episcopal Congregation may get new bishop

Struggle to contain 1957 influenza virus

Marburg Toll in Angola Rises to 237 - 11 in Luanda......

Large Familial Marburg Cluster Signals Efficient Transmission....

1957 H2N2 Pandemic Flu Recalled from Proficiency Kits....

Widespread Bird Flu Infections in the Mekong Delta....

April 8 and 10th powerful quakes hit Tibet and Indonesia

Meteorite seen over eastern Spain

Cosmic particle accelerator seen in Milky Way

Experts: Marburg Outbreak Could Become Long-Term Crisis....

Explaining Avian Flu Virus and Possible Pandemic

MA 4-12-05 special election results: 3 more same-sex marriage votes

Connecticut Civil Unions Bill Faces First Big Vote Today

Bid To Thwart Maryland Gay Registry

Lawrence, Kansas had a gay mayor

Fiji Prime Minister Tells Foreign Gays To Mind Own Business

Moscow Times: Luzhkov Says Golf Will Deter Gays

Oregon Gov. Calls For Gay Civil Unions

Gay Dad Fights Court Ordered Separation From Partner

Poll: Most Support Gay Pro Athletes

Right Wing Groups Declare Open War On School Gay Days

L. A. Lakers

Ty Law may wind up with the Stillers

Who currently has the best record in MLB?

Schilling--I hope the first inning is an indication of how...

Flare hits goalie; soccer match ends in chaos

Am I making a big mistake buying from this place?

It is time for the DU Pets group to oppose Wisconsin's Cat Killing

Thank you, Demnan for taking our problem to the Wisconsin people

Pad training our dog

my partner is making "kitten noises"

Do any of you have ideas/plans for getting by if society

Excerpt from the Song of Creation - The Four Horsemen

OK then... 10-top-atheists-ever thread:

Ignorant and proud of it

LTTE: Which gods do you serve?

Hi to all. Has anybody heard from Vektor since --

Speaking on the Senate Floor

Union Leader - Kerry’s new campaign: Spreading the disenfranchisement myth

Senate Passes Two John Kerry Amendments for Troops!!!!

Kerry Presses for Initiatives Proposed During Campaign

Small news items 4/13/05

I survived the "attack."

A really interesting DKos post

Democratic Nomination Bracket Competition voting has begun

Challenge: to scrounge up enough new pictures

PSP7 and Animation Shop, Free download

Frontline: The Snarkitect gave U.S. the Putzident

How old is DU?

dupe, self edit

Castro and Chavez oppose US exile request for accused bomber

Decision sought on Lopez Obrador arrest

Media exposés lead to new violence

dupe delete

DeLay Urges GOP to Blame Dems Over Ethics

check out this case against Iraq made in June 01, just a reminder

Gingrich/Delay in 08.. Sort of has a ring to it doesn't it.

Message to Congress: Clean up ethics without Delay

DU This Poll: Did the SS over-react to the anti-Patriot-Act postage stamp

U.S. files U.N. resolution chiding Cuba

Bible versus Constitution: which will be the 'rule of law'?

Students Harrassed by Military Recruiters

Was the fall of the Berlin Wall staged for teevee?

Putting your money where your mouth is.

Ex-CIA Worker Wants to Call Top Officials

"DeLay Urges GOP to Blame Dems Over Ethics"

Imports: America's Achilles heel.

Democracy NOW is doing a story on Negoponte hearnings (now)

What has happened to the price of oil


Bolton was a 2000 Miami-Dade Courthouse thug - the story

Republicans vs. Republicans, Extremists Continue to Dominate Agenda

Sen Byrd on c-span2 now...12:18 et

Spinning tonight's Revelations mini-series premier

DeLay asks peers to blame Democrats

New MSNBC Question of the Day Poll - RE: DeLay

Pentagon's long list of bases to close (in the US)

The fallacy of the "liberal attacks" on DeLay mindset

George W. Bush rapping D.R.A.F.T. (parody of "P.I.M.P." by 50 Cent)

Contact the Senators with this rational reason against Bolton.

WTF?? Limbaugh accuses Gore of starting "blow job network"

"2 Groups at Odds With GOP on Filibusters"

Have the Congressional Democrats Stopped ANYONE?

Yahoo news article: DELAY SAYS BLAME DEMS Over HIS Ethic Probs

Bolten is danger. We are in trouble if he

Don't We Have Enough Social Issues to Run On?

the endless of array of flip-flopping Republicans....

The kissing fool

Need help : oil prices & "unreasonable" restrictions on refineries

SS going "bankrupt" but Rethugs seek to kill estate tax forever this week!

Alert: 60 Minutes II,Italian Journalist Says U.S. Lied

Democracy for America is buying billboards in Tom Delay's district.

Ralph Reed for Lt. Governor update?

Does anyone here have Direct access to Howard Dean or his Office?

AHA Action Alert on Nuclear Option

Why do you guys like Mark Warner so much?

Hilarious posting on craigslist in San Francisco

Byrd amendment to remove $36M for Guantanamo prison.

MSNBC Live Poll: Are Tom DeLay's Ethics Controversies..

look where Lieberman turned up

So once they jettison DeLay, who gets the power position?

Remember when limbaugh's drug abuse became public

Reid and Pelosi News Conference on Republican Abuse of Power

Pelosi: Republicans' Abuse of Power Undermines Ethics, Shuts Out Democracy

Prosecutor to probe Cuyahoga (OH) County recount

Urgent! DeLay's at it again; trying to Close the Bankruptcy Bill

Email Sen. Lincoln Chafee now

OH GAWD! Summer's Boring Politics... Feingold Is Getting Divorced!

Conservative Leadership Petition to Support Tom Delay - press conference

If conservatives are god approved and pure as the driven snow

Boycott Canadian seafood - sign petition to stop seal killing

Is a collapse coming?

Kos: Could AG Blumenthal challenge Lieberman in Dem primary?

Simple proof Bolton is incompetent.

Clinton sued while in office--why not Bush?

Randi Rhodes just had a great discussion about Iran

Hey - call these people

New website:

Voice of America-- IMF says American economy is "thriving"


" "Senate Won't Boost VA Hospital Spending"

Who is on with Randi Rhodes right now, sounds like Martin Scorsese

CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "Should US and Israel allow Iran to build nukes?"

Latest neocon target: The Vatican by Wayne Madsen

Can democrats stop confirmations of Negroponte and Bolton....

More Evidence Kerry Right on Bin Laden

Emperor's Kingdom he decides to Bomb another Country?

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Senate moves to meet White House funding request for intelligence director

Bush has military plans to invade Iran in June 2005....

Reactionary Comic Strip "Prickly City" Hits A New Low

Repugs Refuse to Consider Veterans Health Care as The True Cost Of War

A nice quote related Newt's announcing the bid for President

John Bolton was front and center during the 2000 Recount.

Disgraced bob dole has new book. Never forget his betrayal of Kerry

BRAD BLOG: Miami Herald Discusses Clint Curtis! Calls for Paper Ballots!

The 42 Dems who voted "Yes" for the Paris Hilton Tax Cut...

Whenever you think the DNC is not speaking out.....go here .

DeLay apologizes for remarks about judges

Let's remove parental responsibility

New navy uniforms in the works...

Kerry Presses for Initiatives Proposed During Campaign

URGENT: bankruptcy bill progress

TONIGHT! CSPAN will re-air Reid/Pelosi press conf re: Abuse of Power!

It's time to play: "What the f*ck is wrong with this sentence?"

Iran - What are the odds of going to war?

Conyers to Carter: James Baker Inappropriate for Election Commission!

From the DNC blog: "Amazing".....small donations add up.

Do Elitist Attitudes Toward Religion Undermine Democratic Prospects?

Im embarrassed to ask this

Democrats are in major attack mode today - check out the MSM coverage!

52 repub senators represent only 18% of the population...who do .....

Rawstory breaking news on GOP outing

Surprise in California

Chávez militias prepare to fight off U.S.

Wes Clark seems to be winning the DU Poll for 2008....and seems

Shouldn't the first woman elected President be a liberal?

FDA caves to Mentor Corp. and allows silicone breast implants

Senate Passes Two John Kerry Amendments for Troops!!!

Why the Democrats Are So Lame

Governor Dean gets partisan, Republican former senator walks out.

If your loved one died in Iraq, would you say it was worth it?

Call for new DU Group dedicated to NOT attacking other democratic hopefuls

Wes Clark Op/Ed in today's Baltimore Sun

Dems Must Rework Gun Control Policy to Win in '08 (?)

The Most Liberal Cities in America

Call CNN(404 -827-1500) and help them find some "Worked Up" Democrats