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Archives: April 14, 2005

The Latest Neocon Con by David Michael Green

My Civil Rights Field Trip to the Capital of Inequality

John Negroponte haunted by Honduras

Iran Oil Corridor

How Many Have Gone to War? OVER 1 MILLION!

Drugs, Weapons and Death Squads in Haiti

Peak Oil and Mirage Realism

P.M. Carpenter: "Sorry Mess of the Media" (Disses NYT's Kristof...)

Monsano's '435 Patent: Now You See It, Now You Don't

Winning by "Losing"

Palast: Who REALLY bankrolled Georgie in 2000 and 2004.

Defining the Revolution: Leaders Must be Led by the People

FCC grants temporary waiver of cross-ownership rule-CT

House Cmte Votes To Eliminate Clean Water Rules For Drilling Technique

Acid Mine Drainage Fills, Then Overflows South Africa's Abandoned Shafts

ODAC Conference 25 April, Edinburgh - "Entering The Age of Oil Depletion"

BP "Mists" Up To 200 Acres Of Prudhoe Bay With Crude Oil From Cracked Pipe

Gas Costs Fuel Hybrid Sales As Detroit Spins Its Wheels

Peak Oil And Mirage Realism - Scoop NZ

House Cmte Votes Yet Again To Block CAFE Increases - Reuters

Ambulances transport Israeli troops

(MI) Tentative Deal Set on Voting System (Tabulator Tale)

Blackwell prepares to fire Lucas County BOE - When can we fire him?

The MSM lockdown is nothing started on 12/12/00..

KOEB meeting Wed. 4-13-05

The Silent Scream of Numbers -- Robert Koehler's "Nash-ional" column

Today is Thomas Jefferson's birthday! (b. April 13, 1743)

150 Taxpayers For Arnold

Go Antonio!!

Let's pick a date for our next meet up

Has anyone ever used Quesa?

The Texas Observer blog is up!

All 63 House Democrats United on Ethics Reform Bill

Hey we're suing Bush!

What would YOU do if a grown male celebrity was licking your sons head ?

Google to censor videos

US Catholic church losing Latinos to the Pentacostals

CT House passes Civil Union bill

Home on the range

anyone watching Revelations-about the ends of times-NBC

Jim Garrison? Anybody read his book?

A visit to my corner store

Bishop Selby on the O'Reilly factor...

Need some historical input in regards to this Kurd Iraqi President


The Bush Ghost Policies

Breaking: Connecticut House Passes Historic Same-Sex Civil Union Bill

More survival tips

I'm looking to add new members to my blog - Any DUer nominations?

How many people did terrorist dirtbag Eric Rudolph slaughter?

Massive "End the Occupation" vs "Saddam Toppled(long title)

National Crazy Loud homophobic bigot day!

Looks like a good Aaron Brown tonight

Support the troops by funding our fucking VA hospitals.

Look, regardless of what the corporate media says, Eric Rudolph = terroris

Doubt if this Cardinal is going to be elected

New Employee Welcome from Walmart

Bummed out

A question to those who oppose the Iraq War.

Earth to Humankind part 2

The progressive method to deal with ANWR and "Big Oil"

Religion as a political force? Yes or no.....

need help finding articles on bush and pope!

DNC: The Ethics Committee that has no Ethics

Do any of the Catholic believers on Du think

Awards for Greatest American Accomplishments in Last Half-a-Decade

How is this guy President?????

Help Us! Helip!.. Helip! Does this look familiar? They are neocons.

For Something Different—A Thought-provoking Quote

...Papers' Best Bet is to 'Unleash the Watchdogs'

Marburg virus web diary

Post-Script on Corporate Scandal: Where are they now?

60 Minutes preempted in Orlando

I have officially died and gone to Heaven.

O'Reilly denied calling the pope "senile" -- but he did

Where's this text from?

'Activist' Judges

The Daily Show sucked last night and tonight. Rant following...


Jerry Falwell...

You only THOUGHT you've seen bush at his most ridiculous

The comic genius of Jerome Corsi: co-author of "Unfit for Command"

Another despicable RW email... anyone else get this yet?

Sex can get you 20 years!

So, how's it all gonna end?

Bush's EPA distorts science to shield Halliburton from pollution laws

It is official NBC is now National Bible Center

Another Colin Powell legacy: "The ricin ring that never was"

DLC/New Democrats are telling members to vote FOR the Bankruptcy Bill

CIO has just released the 2005 version of the Executive PayWatch

An intellectual tidbit from Free Republic:

Delay compares GOP Contract With America to the Magna Carta

Blog censorship wins support

The Battle for al-Qaim: US and Iraqi versions

The Guy James Show REJECTS the "we broke it we have to fix it" line

Eric Rudolph: Right to Life Killer. Go figure.

The Nashua Advocate: Republicans Proud to Be the Party of Armed Vigilantes

Who was that insane nut from 1996 Olympics who did those killings?

anyone else having comcast problems tonight?

Jon Stewart has given us a new Battle Cry: "Let's be Reasonable"

NAFTA 11 years later - success or failure?

Does it enrage anyone else that Rudolph is spared from the death penalty..

Name the scam. Email I received.

4 books of matches but no cigarette lighters on planes?


Iran Oil Coridor

'End of Days' on my local TV News

What freepers REALLY thought of Pope JohnPaul II

Guess I am going to flame many of you

What do you think would be a more interesting job:Governor or Senator?

Dennnis Kucinich & Marianne Williamson on CNN Thurs, 2:30 et - Peace Dept

Anyone else going to exclude the network's "revelations" from viewing this

If 50% of our tax dollars go to the Military

Scalia asked at NYU if he sodomizes his wife

DU Has New Moderators!

It's time to destroy the religious right! Look at these links.

The economy is roaring right now,

Guns-in-bar measure advances in House - AZ

A headline you'll never fucking see: "Terrorist To Be Sentenced" (RANT)

Lou Dobbs - the last liberal man on CNN?

Internet Explorer

Mission NOT Accomplished Day - May 2, 2005

Wolfgang Droege Shot Dead

If the Cons were to get a plurality (not majority) in the next election...

BREAKING: Senate committee delays vote on Bolton

Senate Committee Delays Vote on Bolton

Prosecutor to Investigate Jail Homicide (J. Turner taser death)

Guantánamo Detainee's Suit Says Prison Guards Beat Him (NYT)

Blaze engulfs major market in Niger's capital

Senate OKs Compensation for Guard, Reserve

DeLay Likens GOP Contract to Magna Carta

DLC/New Democrats are telling members to vote FOR the Bankruptcy Bill

Widow files suit in use of Taser on husband (M. Sanders case)

Karzai seeks US strategic links

John Negroponte haunted by Honduras

Majority Leader Asks House Panel to Review Judges

WP: House Committee Backs Drilling in Wildlife Refuge

Plane with New Zealand Prime Minister on board plunges

WP: Lott Puts 'Little Bump' Behind Him

Report clears U.S. in friendly fire incident [Italian Hostage/Checkpoint ]

WP: Surrogate Returns Couple's Hope for a Child Fivefold

KPOJ (Portland, OR) Adds Thom Hartmann For Local Mornings

Lay doesn't want such a speedy trial after all

London and Washington used plot to strengthen Iraq war push

Fla. House passes abortion clinic bill

(New Law in) France allows terminally ill to choose death (NYT/IHT)

CT House passes Civil Union bill

LAT: Study: Asthma Sufferers Can Limit Steroid Use

"The coward Bush talks about the "culture of life" ....

LAT: Bush To Address High Gas Prices In Speech On Energy

Invasion of the Poverty Fighting Nano-Bots

Military pilot arrested for Ecstasy smuggling (Reuters)

Report clears U.S. in friendly fire incident

Man's family sues over Taser death (G. Saulsbury case)

Judge warned for comparing Bush, Mussolini

Friends want Martinez to shake up staff

Gingrich Sees Mrs. Clinton as Presidential Nominee in 2008

US: Iran Several Years from Nuclear Weapons Capability

America's finest rivers awash with raw sewage

Spitzer: Indicting is 'Nuclear' Option

GenderPAC Selected by Overbrook Foundation for $150,000 grant.

Few turn out at `Thank you, Arnold' rally

Lost repeat again!!

Johnnie Johnson...the man behind Chuck Berry's greatest hits...dead at 80.

George P. Bush. After Jeb, should he be our next Bush monarch?

Psssst...when does the mod list come out?

I'm calling out the following people: oxymoron, kayleybeth, amandae,

MSNBC: Slime-mold beetle species named for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld

OK she is plumb crazy on so many levels: "Please don't judge me!!!"

Two more days and this tax season is OUTTA HERE!!

Wendy's finger finder won't sue

How many DU Groups do you have in "My Groups?"

"Blame Democrats"

Talk Politics, Win some free stuff

"Alias" tonight

Mister Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THIS WALLL...

I'm going blonde on Friday.

Comments on this Art

I had a dream last night

I need a little help.

Anyone else notice the mickey mouse feet on some toilets?


South Park: The Death of Eric Cartman

Bo is a no-Talent Country Redneck

I just heard a Hummer Commercial on Air America (Los Angeles 1130)

Try and guess my celeb crush from 3 weeks ago in 20 questions

Do Superman and Santa Claus get along?

Forget the cats! Save the rabbit!

what the hell are sports fans into today?

Try to Crush 20 Celebs without first Guessing

Hey DU! My name's Jennifer Lopez and I'm looking for one "JohnKleeb..."

yay the Mets just won

Try to guess why Koolzip kidnapped the Lumberg baby in 20 questions

Try and guess my first celeb crush in 20 questions...I bet you never will

I just crushed a celebrity, I guess....

Ok guess my first celeb crush in 20 questions

Try to drink a 2 liter bottle of orange crush in 20 sips or less:

Can somebody tell me who I am?

Boots on a "tightrope" (Warning: Kitty pics)

I'm tired

goals: tell or don't tell...

Best drug culture reference in a movie?

I'll bet you ALL could guess my celebrity crush in 20 questions.

Before "Night of the Living Dead", before "28 Days Later", there was..

GREAT website for kids and adults. Could (and did) spend hours

I'm watching televangelism

I love spring

The new awesome cd is garbage

I guess you can crush a celebrity in twenty questions.


If a republican asked you out on a date would you say so?

Favorite documentary?

Okay - well, it's been fun everybody, but I've got to go to bed! G'night!

Here I am. Now what were your other two wishes?

spoiler on American Idol

Testing to see if an attachment will open.

If it's a "dupe", why does it have over 400 posts?

Jon Stewart giving props to my home town


When I was a kid, I thought Tarzan was a fool!

Chrissy Hynde of Journalism on Jay Leno Tonight....

Try and guess my celeb crush in 20 questions

I wonder if Tarzan liked to kid around and wear Lame'?

I once had a kung fu fight right here in the lounge.

Christiane Amanpour On Leno In Two Minutes

The new garbage cd is awesome

Bizarre and kind of freepy.

"Six-pack abs" on a girl. Sexy or not?

Ooh, this Ray LaMontagne (on Letterman) is pretty good!

Is someone diddling with the internets again tonite?

(String of profanity) Do we really need another movie about Elvis?!

here we go, NBC's "Revelations" is on now

Why is David Duchovny wearing a striped shirt?

An interesting gay aspect to Tarzan?

Bizarre and kind of creepy.

I collect double phallic names!

Forget Tarzan! How about Zorro?

Darwin contender.

I kid you not, Tarzana is cool! Which came first, Tarzana, or Tarzan?

Licorice anyone?

That show, Revelations, is the biggest load of crap since Who's your Daddy

I feel like I am watching TV with rabrrrrrr

Rate Comcast!

Pec implants on men: Sexy or not?

do you think bush has ever visited DU as a lurker?

Not so bright tommorows. What's your favorite dystopia movie?

progmom is angry with me because I won't reveal my first crush! So let's

I have to get a Harley from Michigan to NJ

Anyone hear about Limpball using the term "bj" on the air?

i'm back. DAMN that Mrs Matcom!!!

Admit it - you'd tattoo anything on your scrotum Bill Frist told you to

Worst baseball broadcaster.

DU Has New Moderators!

Can you speak another language?

Watching the show on NBC about the DaVinci Code. Edit: This is humor.

Jane's Addiction sold "Mountain Song" to RW beer hawkers Coors.

It's 1959 and you're a kid with a dollar.

Best baseball announcer


The Secret Life of Bea Arthur

Son elected President of Young Democrats chapter tonight

Confess!!! What Was Your Last Major Sin And How Much Did You Enjoy It?

Whatever your belief, pray for me to be on "good behavior" couple days

OMG! My friends just got back from Wisconsin. They took Pics.

I watched REAL PRO WRESTLING on TV today. Ask me anything.

This thread is superfluous

Bash Texas, will you? Why I'll... Tell a joke about another state! :-)

Another Picture from CaliforniaPeggy

Dumbest, most nonsensical joke you've ever heard

This is my first day at my new job....ask me anything

The skeletronic look on women: Sexy or not?

Favorite female rock star?

When I was a kid, I thought Tarzan was lame!

When I was a kid, I thought Tarzan was cool!

David Barton


Is suffering redemptive?

My sincere apologies to all atheists here...

This Is The Most Unbelievably Insane DATELINE Ever

US Anglican executive council honors primates' request

Second Indonesian volcano wakes up

Slime-Mold Beetles Named for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld

Mets Win Third Straight

Please think good thoughts for my Libby

My kitty can walk a "tightrope"

Celebrities go for 'esoteric' books

Never leave home without this:

In The Past 8 Months....

Un-friggin-believable - Scarborough has the Swift Liars on to bitch

News today as spun by my local talking heads...what are your heads saying?

Two more of the most INCENDIARY ARTICLES M$M won't publish

CSPAN Schedule Thursday April 14

It's way early, but I'm really not offened by DU 2008 presidential polls.

Chairman Dean to speak tomorrow at Steelworkers Union merger

Who would take Delay's leadership position?

' Nuke option' ??! CEASE & DESIST: PeacePeople and the Japanese Should Be~

60 Minutes with Italian journalist pre-empted by Billy Graham

Next Wed. April 20th Hitler's B'day freeper night on Malloy.

Blackwell strikes in Ohio again...

Check out this ad supporting Bolton---Lieberman named as an

Italian Journalist/CBS I thought the road was private and that

DeLay Faces Further Criticism--Responds With Further Attacks on Constituti

O.K., Who is this guy John P. Avalon - New York Sun columnist? Con-man?

Revolution NOW!!! Paper ballots NOW!! Hand counts NOW!!!

Why Doesn't Our Party Get It?

BRAD BLOG: Clint Curtis Makes Wisconsin's Capital Times!

CSPAN schedule for Thursday, 4/14 - Preparing the US for McVeigh execution

The Daily Show takes on the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)

Boxer v Clinton

Most liberal small towns (not suburbs or exurbs) in America

Delay “The Hammer” gets Hammered Today!

WTF! My 700th post! It’s all arranged, it’s Hillary and Rice

The Western Region of the Democratic National Bracket Tournament has begun

Who is the most dangerous PNAC member with the Bush Administration?

My excellent adventure at my neocon congressman's office

Most Conservative Large cities in America

What will they do about Howard Dean?

SFTT: A Visit from the Commander-in-Chief

'Dead man walking'?

Hunger-Based Lines Lengthen at the Faith-Based Soup Kitchens

Vigilante Republicans

David Ignatius: A golden opportunity for Democrats

political labels may not mean what you think they do

Detainees? What detainees?

Europe, US: Rekindled romance?

Bolton, Negroponte, and the OAS: Bush's Failed Latin American Policy

Burhan Wazir (Mother Jones): Blair's Last Stand?

The Possibilities of Pleasure

Global Eye - Future Shock - By Chris Floyd

Common Dreams: The Long Emergency

"I have never seen such horror in my life."

November 2008: The Democrats LOSE (thanks to RW corporate DLC losers

Molly Ivins: April 15th: You're getting screwed

Five Ways to Combat Conservative Media

The Invisible Hand Preventing an Energy Crisis

Iraq mission "stupid"

Campaign to Stop Killer Coke Action Alert

Return of the Jay Marvin Show archives!

"Tom Delay is one of the few true conservatives left"

Rumor I heard on another site that AAR with stop streaming due to XM deal.

What happens to capital gains under the Inheritance Tax Repeal law?

BofA seeks severance refunds

plastic bottles that have to be sorted for recycling at a garbage - TW

The google satellite image of Hanford Washington:

Only one wolf pair left in Norway

Karina, 10, a homeless girl, eats candy as she waits for the next

BBC- Soldier cleared of Gaza killing (James Miller)

C-Span to Cover 9/11 Truth Talk at UW-Madison Monday!

Election Officials Dismiss Complaints from the 2004 presidential race

Is this typical? (changes in data after certification) OHIO data

What is the Dem/Repub Ratio?

A citizen's reflections on the "Nash-ional" Election Reform Conference

The Nashua Advocate: Pick the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate NOW

dupe deleted.

Heads Up, article

Howard Dean 2004 Campaign Help

Need a photo for

From the author of NY's Paper Ballots bill! This is SWEET!

HAND-COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS!!!! Newsletter - Legislative and other updates for 4/14/05

How to Win a World Election : Emergent leadership in int'l online comm...

BRAD BLOG: Tribune Syndicate Columnist says Election 2004 'Stolen'!

Why did we stop hand-counting paper ballots? - (VIDEO)

BRADBlog: Clint Curtis makes Wisconsin's Capitol Times

Who's going to AU's Carter-Baker Commission Monday?

Malkin of FAKE NEWS criticizes Clinton & Kerry for questioning election

ATTENTION PLEASE: I need "a little help from my (DU) friends" :D

7 days and counting until VR's divestiture time is up

Raw Story: Questions surface regarding legitimacy of Baker-Carter Comm.

The BIGGEST TWO WEEKS since the election! Blast the media about it please!

Ignore the RW spin. Calc the SAMPLE-SIZE for any MoE and confidence level

George Skelton (LA Times): Gov Owes Schools an Apology -- and $2 Billion

Progressive Caucus Meeting at 5 P.M. Fri at Convention

Religious Man Wants to Rename Mt. Diablo

Thompson (CA) representative voted YES bankruptcy bill!

Senate Study Bill 1299 -- car title loan scams

Calling all vets - March in the Concord parade April 18. is up! (candidate for governor)

Join Pawlenty and Bachmann @ Capitol Fri., April 15

KSTP morning news just said something about a new Twins' stadium

Ann Coulter @ U of St. Thomas Monday, April 18

Target Corporate as a place to work

Anybody seeing a bunch of .rar files coming in through email?

Anyone going to the Working-Class Studies conference in Youngstown?

Ohio still losing ground

Endorsements, Resolutions from Dallas

GOP snacks just don't sit quite right

Speed Trap Alert Shenandoah Texas

Morrison meets with Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman

Joe Barton Breaks Down and Cries about Energy Bill

Dallas: EP 2006 Tech Committee with E-Voting Speakers

Omni science movie DU social in Fort Worth Saturday

How'd your Rep vote on the bankruptcy bill?

C-Span to Cover 9/11 Truth Talk at UW-Madison Monday!

Voter ID passed Senate

(WI-UW-Madison) Military recruiting protested

Boy I'm glad they solved that problem

Chrissy Hynde of Journalism on Jay Leno Tonight....

Napolean Delayamite

De Lay apologizes for Shiavo rhetoric

TED KOPPEL says Good-Bye!

Mad cow disease cover up alleged??? WTF

The Springtime of our Awakening...?

What will happen when the soliders come home for good?

Find the Bush presidency

I wonder if the fundie rightwing likes the idea of being used

Cool website for monitoring CEO salary rip offs. Wanna be pissed lookie!

When will Tom Delay "spend more time with his family?"

Rate Comcast!

John Edwards coming to Tennessee!

Michael Medved---

I just love listening to Ray Taliaferro on KGO..AAR should pick him up

DeLay's Dream: (the Word of the Day)

Is this really an honor?

who produced the revelations??

Need help with info and source please (re: Iraq pullout date)

I believe we are due a refund.

booga-booga Iran nuke commercial hits TV markets

Excerpts from Rudolph's court statement

Has bush fallen out of his...

Protest Signs of the Religious Right

How "Socialist" med lab save world from flu pandemic

Did you know that Bloggers are Evil?

Global Hegemony.

Lawmakers with relatives on their payroll...

Bush regime plays political musical chairs with its loyalists....

Collapsed Bangladesh factory made clothing for U.S. market

D.C. Circuit to Hear Case of National Security Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Terrorist sneaks across US border and asks for assylum.

Hey fellow DUers, need a little help here...

DeLay's Big Brassy Ones.... ....un-friggen-believable!

Shows and Advertising

David Barton - wingnut alert - on CSPAN now - Vice Chair Texas GOP

Need Some Help For My Pol. Sci. Class

Congress pushing to take State's rights again with energy legislation

Seriously: Is there a Social Security crisis or not?

Need some info about the Metro in DC - taking a trip east next

Springer: "love of country means you work at it every single day"


U.N. Peacekeeper Reflects on Rwandan Genocide

FCC Warns Broadcasters About 'News' Videos

Eric Rudolph's dynamite (4 pictures)

Team Europe, countries want US to get the hell out of the driver's seat

Pressing Item for New Pope: Saint Process

Fat Tony's Inconsistency

NYTimes readers let Kristof have it

Video of Baghdad Blast

Who likes to laugh?

The Second Ammendment

In Memorium - - - 1500+ dead

Didn't we just have Easter last month...what is with all the Corp. Media

This Is The Most Unbelievably Insane DATELINE Ever

Doesn't it seem odd that Homeland Security isn't looking into the Flu mess

Texas Terrorists

CBC News: mad cow coverup

David Letterman was on a roll last night.

Xtreme scumbag Bernard Kerik on Primetime tonight

GMU Faculty Decries Patriot Act

Moody's says may raise Riggs debt ratings

"Federal Activist Judges" are the new "Liberals"

We ignore internet at our peril, Murdoch warns editors

Anyone know how the 3,700 flu virus samples shipped?

MSM advertising Eric Rudolf's "philosophy" - Outrageous

Who is the "Texan" involved in Oil-For-Food

Just one headline needed to understand the problem with US healthcare

The comic genius of Jerome Corsi ...

“They hate us for our freedom”

Tom Delay: "It's Time Some Activist, Liberal Teachers are Held Accountable

On Link TV now: God and Gov't. 11amCT

Thom Hartman moving to Portland, Oregon - live radio show

Heads up Jon Stewart on Oprah Monday

3,700 labs worldwide are mistakenly shipped lethal flu virus - MIHOP?

140 years ago tonight

Got a call from our local TV reporter, requesting a professor's

Just out of curiosity, does anyone on DU believe

Well, at least some people know enough to use paper ballots

Silicon breast implants back on the market...corporate Amurrika at work

OMG Racecar Bling Bling!!! Rachel Maddow Show!!!

moveonpac.orgs flash competition on social security

Whatever happened to Zacarias Moussaoui?

This Eric Rudolph thing

Letter from Moveon about bankruptcy bill

Amer. Family Assoc. Journal links jews to criminality

Minutemen heroes preventing drafted cowards from fleeing to Canada

Starting NOW... Dems have GOT to stop loading republican "guns"

Did Tom Carper block the EPA nominee to prevent LNG pier in DE?

Who is witness 'A'? (extensive knowledge of sept 11 plot)

Quantico Search Reveals NO Guckert USMC Records

Democrats are taking a stand on C-span...Bankruptcy Bill

How was the Italian journalist on 60 Minutes last night?

Kerry Compiles Stories Of Military Families abandoned by Bush and Repubs

Fuck this asshole (Liberal Defector Canada)

Senior faces eviction for rejecting meal plan

Unionized Wal-Mart Store Closing


Suggestions for how to raise funds for Democratic clubs?

Ritual kill fear over sheep slaughter

The Next Pope

Do you smoke tobacco?

Not quite what Governor Arnie had in mind

Pharmacists sue governor over rule (on dispensing emergency contraception)

C-Span will challenge the official version of the 9/11 "terrorist attacks"

Rehnquist and I have something in common now.

Which is more true?: Taxes are theft or Property is theft?

Who will be the next Pope and what, if any impact will he have on

"Who You Calling a Journalist?" by Helen Thomas

Keven Cole, baptist deacon and councilman has a dirty mouth

Springer on AAR is effing brilliant!

Are all the Soc. Sec. pit stops just to keep Bush busy? or us distracted?

Did Franken just say he's having Lieberman on?

To all the new moderaors-

Wise-asses unite to sink DeLay

Gonzolas has the signature Repuke red state accent

Anybody watching Bush talking to the newspaper editors?

Truth-seekers: changing the world by making wisdom the new cool

Some good news: Broadcasters must reveal video clip sources

Do Republicans have a Superiority Complex and if so Why?

U.N. Video Game Encourages Kids to Feed, Not Kill

After having had their day with the Same Sex Marriage Thingy,the

Has anyone else lost Air America's webfeed?

Bush administration propaganda masking itself as sex education

Is there a possibility Bush has connections to the "Oil for Food" scandal?

"i like taking on SS... it's the mother in me" - bush

DINO Liberman on Al Franken Show today N/T

Bill Bradley to host show on Sirius

Do you want us to come over to shoot her?

Hannity encouraging audience to blitz WV media against Byrd?

The 'Do-Nothing' Democrats Getting It Done

has the FCC released any kind of statement on Limabugh's use of "blowjobs"

what's with Wash. Journals 1/2 hr. religious portion this a.m.?

I probably should know, but I don't - who is Richard Bey?

Sen. Byrd is on the Senate floor....let's see what he say's. It's usually

What should all of us patriotic Democrats be most focused on...

Why blogs are dangerous to the media....

35 years ago today...the near-fatal Apollo 13 explosion...

"Kick their ass and take their gas. We're fighting for our Freedom"

Is Limbaugh back on the hillbilly heroin?

GOP typo? Tax day 2morrow, bankruptcy bill 2daysays F*ck you not thank you

How did your home state vote last year? How about your native state?

To our soldiers in Iraq, past and present

let's name some names. cui bono re estate tax

Time's conservative Blog of the Year blames troops for shortages/death

What I hate about so-called "bipartisan bills".

Who asked this question on 3/29/05

Chalmers is a repub donor

roll call vote on s256 bankruptcy bill

Bankruptcy bill has just passed

Attention Bloggers: You are not real Journalists

These people are the reason the bankruptcy bill passed

1957 flu virus and avian flu - MIHOP?

NY Law Enforcement Caught Doctoring Video of RNC Arrests

''What's going on here?''

Photo of Arnold...before and after. He looks flabulous!

George Bush will throw out first pitch tonight >>>

So, Tom Delay Thinks People Having a Right To Privacy Is A BAD THING!!!

Red States Rebellion: Montana Vs. The Patriot Act

The Nashua Advocate: Pick the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate NOW

Why I use the word Neocon.

Let Them Eat Bombs

Should Churches be Taxed?

Saw a soldier driving his truck today

I officially give up on Nightline

Signs seen today on two cars: "Must Sell Immediately"

Revelations-It's the best of times, it's the End of Times/Video

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld get slimy honor

Amazing news clip on the Bankruptcy Bill

Evangelical talk show host fired after questioning the Pope

'Demolition Man' was on TV last night.

The Nigerian Chess Scam - scaming the scammer

Right-wing revisionism

High estate taxes protect democracy

An amazing example of American propaganda about Iran

How many Republican friends do you have?

TOONs for April 14, 2005 (Part 2)

Local church declares the pope was bound for hell.

The Sanctity of Marriage: This is not new, but it stil makes a helluva lot

Why Doesn't the MSM call Eric Rudolph a "Christian Terrorist?"

''Fun Day'' on Bay bridge-tunnel canceled

Now it's onto the energy bill.......and more welfare for the companies

I'm in on the Exxon Mobil Boycott

CBS Evening News on Bankruptcy bill

DU this poll....

My clumsy attempt at depicting Pope-apalooza 2005...

Opposition Mounting to Ratzinger as Pope

Watch for this trick: 'Cooling the Mark Out'. When the con-men try and

All Democrats who voted "Yea" for the bankruptcy bill are traitors

Did Anybody Read The S I And Bob Hebert Piece On Emile Griffth?

Think this cat owner will learn? I doubt it.

For those who missed Randi's interview with Scott Ritter yesterday...

Howard Dean 2004 Campaign Help

I need help buying non-sweat shop clothing.

Faux news on the estate tax

Charitable contributions poll

Scientists name slime mold beetles after Repuke leaders

Another $82 bil for Iraq courtesy of war enablers in the Senate- Our money

What the hell happened to tweety????

How I as a semi-Luddite came to love Mozilla and Firefox.

Idiot Son giving red state blue collar workers' jobs to illegals. LOL

Scalia & Sodomy

Viagra ruled kosher for Passover

Help Wesley Clark stop the "GI Tax"

7:55 EST. Who is this on Air America?

Who do i hate more Bill O'Leilly or Bush

" I can't get behind this orgy of cheap and easy piety."

"Find Common Ground: Then Bury Them In It!"

Here's why MSM are such a joke.

So just how quick will Fox News drop the Oil for Food thingie?

You know why there are so many RW shills?

I actually found a 'not so bad looking' photo of Bush for a change!

Shit, even Google Maps Satellite feature would've shown no WMD's in Iraq

33 kids in classroom in upper middleclass neighborhood, teachers cut last

Grandparents Visitation Law Struck Down in WA State

Local bible program crying for money, seems donations are dropping off

How has your home state voted in the last 5 Presidential elections?

The Rapture Index

Wow. ESPN has higher journalistic integrity than most news outlets

What is your opinion of the IRA, UUP, UFF, and Northern Ireland?

Don't buy Saudi's Imported Oil...Buy here

You guys have to turn on C-Span...Jane Fonda is kicking bootie'

Tom DeLay appears as The Godfather - PIX >>>

For Lawyers And Law Enthusiasts

New Reality Show!!!

What would make a flat tax fair and workable?

Roll Call on Bankrupcy Bill

Rep. Dennis Kucinich on CNN with Marianne Williamson @ 2:30 pm ET

The Library of Congress' Minerva Crawler Is Showing Up On My Webstats Now.

I Scream, You Scream, President Bush Screams for 'Ice Cream!'

Mad at your Representatives? Call Capital Hill Switchboard # 202 224 3121

The coming economic crisis.

Freepers march for justice-March on judges

Duck! Dow Jones Dropping. Down 120!

When you call undocumented people names like "illegals," you dehumanize

The Western Region of the Democratic National Bracket Tournament has begun

i just had the most fun with American Family Association

Area 51 appears on google maps

Supersizing the American Dream

are there liberal think tanks?

Kos and Wonkette should co-host a t v show.

How much is a modest 2 bedroom home in your area?

DEMOCRATS who voted YEA on the Bankruptcy Bill >

Letter to local paper & CBS re: 60 min.

Just Cut Them Up and Throw Them Away.

Who will be the next pope? Place your bets here...

April 8th was the 11th anniversary of the Rwandan Massacre

Same Sex Marriage Opinions Wanted

"We, The Media" ...What do you think?

Neocons in Canada take a gander. They left out American Empire talk -

Supporting The GI's In Iraq While Opposing Their Actions

TOONs for Thursday, April 14, 2005 (dial-ups, please be patient)

How important do you think the Gannon/Guckert story is?

Holy crap, did anyone catch this in the oil for food scandal?

Just Found Out My Bush Supporting X-Friend Lost His Job

KFC manager douses (PETA) protesters

DailyKos: Quantico Search Reveals NO Guckert USMC Records (Gannongate)

Looks like Shrub's economy isn't doing too well!

Bankruptcy bill passes... IT IS BEYOND TIME FOR REVOLUTION

Rupert Murdoch says blogs are threat to his empire and revenue

I have to get this off my chest. Did I go overboard??

Stop calling the Estate Tax bill the Paris Hilton Tax Cut.

Army Earth Day 2005 - WTF!

Minutemen fighting against Corporate Slavery

The Democrats have to be more blunt with the truth.

Election Fraud News (April 12, 2004)

The problem with PETA

DU Anti-Fascist Brigades

Pandemic flu virus "accidentally" shipped worldwide - HOW AND WHY???

The BIGGEST TWO WEEKS since the election! Blast the media about it please!

Are stuffed baked spuds just a TX thang?

It's fresh asparagus season! (Great recipe enclosed)

Need menu suggestons

Maryland Crab Cake Pasta (Crab cake pasta? Are you nuts?)

"The War is on here" --Canadian Parliament ready to rumble

Reversal on Kyoto seen as part of wider Tory shift towards centre

What's this about the BBC selling off its broadcast division....??

Guardian: For a Pax Europeana

Who should you vote for

Ministers ditched vital measures to stop voting fraud

Kilroy attacks 'liberal fascism'

Tory Ed Matts (of doctored photo fame) in new photo controversy

Immigration strategy backfiring on Tories

Japan agrees to realignment of US' 1st Corps

PLA veterans riot near Zhongnanhai

High-Tech IDs Planned for Gov't Workers

Military will defend Taiwan, MND says

Web sites watching actions of Connecticut politicians

BBC: Double car bombing rocks Baghdad

Evacuation of Newfoundland oil rigs called off (Missile test OK)


Women wielding clout at Vatican

NYT: A Cellphone for Children Gives Parents a Long Reach

Champion endurance horse cloned

Bush On The Road Map

NYT: Study Cautions Runners to Limit Their Water Intake (dilutes blood)

Polo Ralph Lauren Customers' Data Stolen

16 foreign workers file labor complaint

Holocaust heirs win record payout

DeLay apologizes for Schiavo rhetoric

N.Korea to boost 'atomic potential,' Tass says

US state studies tax on brothels

Three gay networks launching

Reservist accused of detaining Mexicans

HC: Just One Hitch: Before OK, House Adds 'Marriage' Definition

Afghan farmers, U.S.-trained police on collision course over opium crackdo

NYT,pg1:Rudolph Offers Guilty Pleas, Defiance(anti-abortion, antigay rant)

DeLay Apologizes for Comments

China Soups Up Internet Censoring Filters

US airmen held over Ecstasy haul

America's finest rivers awash with raw sewage

Three charged over oil-for-food: BBC breaking

Beetle boost for Bush and friends

Passenger found dead hour after plane lands at O'Hare

Travellers squeezed by air security

A New Call to Arms: Military Health Care

East River to generate electricity?

Republican confused about "sanctity" of marriage

Closer Look at Falluja Finds Rebuilding Is Slow

Bush Urged to Address Soc. Sec. Insolvency

NYT: Italy, U.S. Clash Over Agent Shooting

NYT/AP: Object Hits Van on L.A. Freeway; 2 Dead

Advertising scandal hits Canadian PM

Texans implicated in Oil for Food scandal. This won't go far here in US

NYT: Texas Businessman Indicted in Iraq Oil-for-Food Program

Ordinary Iraqis bear brunt of war (a look inside)

FCC ruling regarding FAKE NEWS

The America! Coalition Launches

While ago Gonzales announced 10, 400 something arrests today

Iraq mission "stupid"

Texas Businessman Indicted in Iraq Oil-for-Food Program (NYT)

Bush Calls DeLay an Effective Leader

Beetles Get Politically Prominent Names (Cheney / Rumsfeld)

Rights outcry over Chile deadline

Iraqis want UN to play big role: Qazi

LAT: Data Spark Worry Over the Economy

UNHCR increases efforts to help displaced people in Colombia's cities

Police made 100 arrests to smash al-Qa'ida network

U.S. Congress approves bankruptcy overhaul bill

WENDY'S CHILI: Finger saga shifts to Pahrump-Police check woman who lost

S weapons buyer: big Army program may go international

Terrorist WMD threat played down

Calif. Treasurer Taking on Schwarzenegger (AP hit piece?)

"Sponsorship Deal Reached for RFK" - baseball stadium named

Bush Isn't Ready to Reveal Soc. Sec. Fix

Mexico mayor 'could be pardoned'

Bush on Death Penalty and the Culture of Life Today

U.S. Kidnapped Businessman Urged Travel

Dodd Asks Bolton to Explain His Security Requests (what's this about?)

Bush Calls DeLay an Effective Leader

Scalia & Sodomy

PARTISANS DISCUSS 'REFORM' Questions surface regarding legitimacy of Baker

Student Claims He Was Suspended For Wearing Makeup

NYT: Senate Intelligence Committee Backs Negroponte for Intel Post

Rudolph’s hidden explosives rattle Murphy residents

London and Washington Used Plot to Strengthen Iraq War Push

Flu Strain Samples Remain at Large(born after '68, completely susceptible)

US defence secretary visits Kyrgyzstan to discuss military base

Pipe Leak Spews Gas, Oil at Alaska's Prudhoe Bay

Texas oilmen charged with kickbacks to Saddam Hussein

House Republicans kill latest Democratic ethics rule rewrite

10,000 Fugitives Rounded Up in (U.S.) Dragnet (Reuters)

House Republicans Balk at Size of Medicaid Cuts

Military Recruiting Slips Among Foreigners (Drafty in here)

Emanuel meets with DeLay challenger

Dobson Applauds Oregon Marriage Ruling; Justices Uphold State Constitution

Americans Wage E-War on Big Oil Over Fuel Costs

E&P: A Less Than Friendly ASNE Intro for Bush ...

House urged to take lead on Social Security (ROFL! Must read!)

WP:Wal-Mart Leaves Bitter Chill:Quebec Store Closes After Vote to Unionize

Scope of credit card security breach expands

Bush to Tap Wolfensohn to Aid Palestinian Reforms

OR Supreme Court Nullifies Gay Marriages

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 14 April

15 Killed in Baghdad Suicide Bombings

Ottawa unveils $10B Kyoto plan

Unhappy (San Diego County) supervisors adopt traffic fee

Bush: China should let currency float ( & embrace freedom of religion)

French Angry at Law to Teach Glory of Colonialism

Religiosity rising on campus (8 in 10 say they attend religious services)

UA team takes step in finding treatment for Parkinson's disease

Bogus blogs snare fresh victims-bbc

Few problems seen from English-only bill (heard on Cnn it was inserted

Thailand Prepares For World Toilet Summit

Man posed as sports reporter, Queens D.A. says (Another Gannon)

Bush: 'I Don't Want You Reading My Personal Stuff'

Annan: US, UK Also Bear Blame in Oil, Food Scandal

The Loneliest Republican

New Yorkers to be offered a mental health check

WP: Broadcasters Must Reveal Video Clips' Sources, FCC Says

Bush Isn't Ready to Reveal Soc. Sec. Fix

NYT: Young Catholics Seek to Restore Old Values on Sex

Woman (19) charged in rape of boy, 13

Pharmacist penalty adds up to $20,000 (WI--birth control pills)

(GOP) Senator wrongly reports mileage

GOP fears it's losing Frist v. Reid

Bush to Appear In Cincinnati Tomorrow on Social Security

Widows Give Bush an Earful

Dutch reality show provokes riot

Religious Man Wants to Rename Mt. Diablo

House GOP Kills Latest Move on Ethics Rule

White House Said to Impede Education Probe (Armstrong Williams Payola)

Bush Seeking More Flexible Passports Rule

Private oil companies face taxes in Venezuela

KFC in Texas Greets PETA With Sprinklers

U.S. Congress approves bankruptcy overhaul bill

Sources: Dragnet grabs 10,000 fugitives (in a week)

Study: Inmates suffer during lethal injections

NYT: Connecticut Episcopalians Defy Bishop Over Gay Issues

Radio Host Fired For Wondering If Pope Went To Heaven

3 Indicted in U.N. Oil-For-Food Scandal

Judge strikes down FDA ban on ephedra

OK. Curious minds really wanna know . . .

IFC sucks

Anyone watch The Shield?

Has anyone ever dated or were friends with a foreign exchange student?

Discuss: Favorite Work by William Shatner

Oh, darn

I've got a job interview Friday

If the Big Networks do religion...

i have a question about internet fraud..

I thought about writing that rant that America is already a theocracy

DISCUSS: Favorite work by Williams, Tennessee

Forget Murray! How about Toro?

My and my current girlfriend ran into my ex this afternoon

What's in your CD player/mp3 player/iPod tonight?

Got Depp?

I discovered a great snack!

My Fellow Co-worker and I got into it today about Fox News.

Ok, this has been bugging me for a while now:

hoe-de-oten-oten-day. hoe-de-oten-day-o.

Oscar trivia question:

Drunk drunk drunk at four in the morning. Ask me anything!

Terra Handbag

Who remembers getting the warp whistle?

Dealing with the (virtual) pain.

Bravo's "Showdog Mom and Dads"...insane television at it's best.

Let's plan a big "AFTER THE RAPTURE" Party! (piss off fundies)

Grit Lives

I've decided to be more healthy

Please think good thoughts for my Libby

Check out my post count

Ahhh a sweet melody to soothe my (not very) troubled brow

Holy Crap. My paycheck bounced.

How much do you hate your job???

Stupid reich wing tshirt ad on fark....

I can say with confidence that the reason Nadia was voted off tonight...

An Old Indian Story........

Matcom might owe me $100 soon

You're fired!

elimidate is on

It's coffee not a f***ing meringue - pet hate thread

oowwww! had root canal now face is swollen!! right side!!

I feel like I'm gonna be sick

Thailand To Host World Toilet Summit

Comic book ad archive (Sea Monkeys, Charles Atlas, etc.)

My new definition of a coward.

I have sinned...

Whose was the first head you ever crushed?

So I was just having look in GD...

Damnit, I want the donut....

¿Used Washing Machine? Fixable? What would be a good offer to make?

I have a Political Science test in two hours. Wish me luck.

I was listening to the radio this morning.

it's 9:30am and i'm eating my Lunch

men-post a picture of your beard (woman are encouraged also!)

Being Mick Sucks

Best Movie from a Book

Jokes with realistic endings



Ever find a rat's nest in your glove compartment?

Our Big Landscaping Project Starts Saturday!!!

Men. How often do you shave yer face.

Post your favorite example of the use of Chiaroscuro

i'm pLaying rookie

Who likes leftovers?-2,000 year old RABBIT DINNER found in England

George Washington has a six pack

Post your favorite example of the use of churrascaria

MatcomNews Update Men Who Taped Explosives To Rabbit "Lucky" Get Jail Time

I'm playing hooky.

EEK! I'm out of Peanut Butter! What shall I do?

Here are some wise things to request in the event of tragedy

I just ordered the funniest DVD ever!

Job interview this afternoon! Wish me luck

Farmer leaves body to animals

Live in MD - VA - DC - PA - DE - WV?? See this thread and JOIN US!

Greek Court Lifts Ban on Jesus Cartoon Book

What song woke you up today?

Trapped in grueling marathon of work hell. Cheer me up!

LADIES: Who was your first 'older-man' crush?

I am happy

Wife's Doctor Called Yesterday

Oy vey.. quit your kvetching already! It's kosher!

Twin Lesbian Duo From Canada!!!!


LADDIES: Who was your first 'older-man' crush?

Radio station sell britney's positive home pregnancy test @ ebay

cat question?

Shameless Blog Promotion

Who was JimmyJazz's first crush?

Do you hate meeces to pieces?

How much would you bid for this item?

Tree Cutters Coming!!! Tree Cutters Coming!!!!

Talk to me about your ribs (warning, graphic images)

drug test

Do you love Meezers to Pieces?

HEyHEY blames pending fall of the Canadian Gov't on NHL strike

Chick Tract of the day : The Beast Cometh!



Headlines: Rudolph Pleads Guilty to Atlanta Olympic Blast

Bond jokes...

Pond Jokes

DU Moderator Alumni Association: Former Moderators Check in!!

Cat Haikus

I think some people want to be offed, ended

Is it OK for veterinarians to eat lambs?

It is OK for vegetarians to eat clams.

Fly in the sugarbowl!

You down with OCD?

Jelly in the keyboard!

What are the Qualifications to be a moderator at Free Republic?

Chicken in the breadpan.

Freeper swimmin' hole opens early this year

What is it about Hugh Grant?

Anyone ever been to Puerto Vallarta or Manzanillo?

Chicken Wings Delivery Becomes Expensive

I'm bathing in a giant Bedpan, ask me anything!

What advice would you like to give to the new moderators

Woman Who Lost Finger In Leopard Attack Claims Link To Wendy's Chili

Please tell me about the Moderator Green Room

Today is a good day

I just lost @ $4000!!!!

Discussion board temporarily offline for testing, please try again....

I saw Rod Stewart last night

Rocket, I'm taking a rocket,

What I really want...

Hit Bull, Win Steak

Don't be a teacher.

CONFESS!!™: 'Family' TV shows that nevertheless inspired 'impure thoughts'

I write the best damn blog

Thailand to Host World Toilet Summit

Chimpanzee Told to Stop Smoking

So I call my bank- Get gay chat line instead!!

Which of these is a persistent vegetative state ?

FReeper attempts to make joke about Wal-Mart union busting

Its the shit patrol!!!!!!!

What is the largest bill in your wallet/purse/pocket right now?

Al Franken & S. Carolina Dem are Hilarious today

So I'm on the Gay Chat Line, and some guy breaks in looking for his bank


Should I refinance my mortgage or enlarge my Penis

I have chunks of punks like you in my stool!

Do You think if someone burried a copy of

Today is a tragic day...

Check out the new Michael Jackson video

I read Naked and went from being a David Sedaris fan to a DS junkie!

Freeper neighbor with 2 lawn jockey's in front yard, Six ft steel fence

you make me feeL Like dancing

THIS will take you back. Anyone remember this guy?

Even my funny posts are dropping like dog poo

Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf

I just accidently put someone on "ignore"(spontaneous scrolling)

My boss is an evil genius...

Killer Birds Stalking Lowe's Customers Near St Louis!

Ohayoo gozaimasu, DU!

Should I end my boycott on CD's?

Well, we found a house....

Yankees, with a team payroll >$150 million, hire motivational coach

I weep for the future of music...

Gay Channels Targeted By American Family Association

alma tadema, anyone?

Well, I hope none of you need to file for Chapter 7 soon

Kipling: The White Man's Burden, 1899

In praise of the mediocre - redux

Quick! Post a picture of your ass!

Interesting observation about frozen TV Dinners.

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 14, 2005

Two Dogs and No Fence: What to do?

Official countdown timer to the sixth book of HP.

Weird word of the day

I sent MrsGrumpy a package - what could be in it?

This guy gives our Hate Mailbag a run for its money

Redneck Gallery (great laughs)

I need links to sites about oil price fixing in the 1970s

I rebuke thee in the name of all that is holy!

Engelbert Humperdink

Do stray copycats feel pain? Yes or no

Who will be the wind beneath my wings?

Response from Cornyn

ok this site is going to get back slapped, X-treme Papa???

Pro life to the MAX!!!

I have a good idea

Look at this Church sign some fundy baptist preacher put up

Talk me out of joining the military.

How is the name "Anais" pronounced?

Chocolate onions?

There's a hot ass rocking live feed on

Oh, you THINK you're tough. But when DU is down for maintenance...

I'll admit it. I find Monica Crowley attractive.

Who Looks Best In Their Uniforms?

If JimmyJazz has all the Gay Men and Yvr Girl wants her to share...

Google is the Borg

babies are Assholes

How do cannibals greet each other?

Little-known fast food fact

Moving Clock

did you watch 'reveLations' Last night?

Does the sun rise in the east?

This is bullshit!

Good God Almighty. I've posted 103 TIMES TODAY!

I kidney Republicans. I really do.

My feelings about PETA's boycott of KFC are...

I bladder Republicans. I really do.


I just got DSL

This is Bullshot!

I heart Democrats. I really do.

Craziest thing you ever did?

If you're in San Francisco, tune to KUSF

You're on a desert island and you can only have ONE of these songs

What do you think Bush smells like?

okay you veritable masters of trivia. . .

My feelings about the PITA boycott of KFC are...

OK, I'm stupid! Explain this pic, please!

Wanted! Someone with brains (and software)...

What is this computer message all about:

The "Rodolfo R. Gonzales (800) 398-7798" may be next

Did Elizabeth Dole have a relationship with another woman?

April Issue of My Cat Hates

God is love.

Does the nun rise in the east?

Did anyone else here despise "Sideways?"

Are you a germ freak? What bothers you?

ARGGHHhhhhhh!! Worst nightmare EVER: I ran into Dick & Sally last night

I got a Death Star Pez dispenser- Ask Me Anything!

You guys have got to see this RV.

What was your best subject in school?

What was your favorite non-subject in school?

I saw David Sedaris naked and went from being a fan to a junkie!

How would the religious right respond to this:

Are you down with an STD?

self deleted with apologies


This IS in fact "The Lounge" And I can PROVE IT!!

Are you ready for: Weird Nativity Sets?

I'll admit it. I find Candy Crowley unattractive.

Nancy & Lee. 'Summer Wine'

Darwin Winner!

CONFESS, LYNNESIN!!! Did you eat the donut?!?

From the Church Sign Generator----Moran Baptist Church

What was your worst subject in school? And why?

In your opinion, have PETAs extremist actions helped or hurt their cause?

The secret life of Freepers.

Confession..I'm the one causing all the injuries on Bush's face..

I'm eating a giant rice krispy square--ask me anything

To heck with DeLay, Bush, Michael Jackson, THIS is what's important!

Guys: who was your first older woman crush?

Has anyone seen my ass?

Poll on what women rate Bush as a sex symbol

I saw a bumper sticker today. It read

Grandparent Visitation Rights Struck Down in WA State

Application for a Night Out with the Boys....

anybody have a good link for graphics?

help me hit 100? ask me something? anything?

GMs New GIANT Hummer Starts At $140,000

How to Shut Your Kid Up: The Customer of the Day

Strangest DU Avatar/Graphic

How long does it take a transsexual to go through your bank?

tranquilizers for kitty?

I won a donut today.

How to cite something that my style manual doesn't cover?

fundies in the house. :(

Hi!!! I hate my senators! They are both foad tuckers.


I just got back from 3 weeks in Europe! Ask me anything!

Why is it so cool to insult people because they like things we don't?


My doggy has Lyme disease...

How long does it take a transaction to go through your bank?

Is Sin City the most violent movie ever?


The ice cream truck!

A little exercise for my mother's cat

What do you think is the biggest thing that Andrew Jackson did wrong?

ever find a fLat chest in the Love department?

Mayo or Miracle Whip?

Should I tell MBNA to shove it?


I had a sexy dream about a DUer last night.

What is your favorite Raymond Burr TV series? (this will age us)

how often does your partner say "I love you" to you?

You might be a metrosexual hick if.... (more Int'l Male)

Blonde jokes...

Which TV show does not advocate the cool crime of robbery?

Help, good people, I seek a documentary on Beatles

What fictional character do you identify with the most?

Remember when you could put $5 of gas in your car and get by for a week?

Earworm Alert! Put de lime in de coconut, drink 'em bot' togeder,

What was President William Harrison known for???

Now THIS is simply obscene.

confess: why didn't you appLy to be a moderator

Just making sure you guys know the comcast fix

Take your pick: Bar, BAR, or FUBAR?

BUSTED- Sniffing my married boss's shirt sleeve!

Today, I got my orders.

Skittles, can you teach me to kick ass online?

" Risk-taking men 'not attractive'"

So I saw 6 senators at work today

Fuck PETA, and the chicken they rode in on!

Is Comcast swallowing more than it can handle?

Greatest lines by female leads in Movies

Driving in Dallas and the rules of the road...

Bring back the DRIVE-IN movie theaters!!!!

I'm eviscerating a woodchuck with my bare hands - Ask me anything!

The BLT, on white toast, with Mayo is the GREATEST Sammwich EVER invented!

Four for dinner... $40. What to do?

This is what happens when " kiddie dress up " goes way too far LOL .

US Department Of Orthodoxy - Rapture Security Advisory System Now Up!

Do you know the difference between a Old and New Immigrant?

American Idol results proves the absence of gray matter in voters' heads

Happy Birthday to PETE ROSE!!!

It's not vegans or animal rights, but PETA that people simply don't like

More fun with user names. Insert a DUer into a movie title.

Step-Parent Adoption and Parental Rights Termination: Question

A movie star is making me a painting this weekend.....

Last Chance for ZOMBYCOFFEE for a long, long time...

I went jogging today - first time in over 3 years.

Hey Birders...

ode to RandomKoolZip -an english sonnet in verse

LAGERFELD'S BIZARRE DIET : horsemeat & coke

Who loves Napolean Dynamite.....Gosh!

Is it treasonous to be a democrat? A bumper sticker I saw said so.

What kind of freeper pisses you off most?

You down with OCB?

Creepiest rightwinger of all time?

What Fiction TV Character Have You Disliked the Most?

Worst Movie from a Book

Do animals feel pain? Yes or no.

Spin-Off: BEST Movie from a Book

favorite non-American ethnic music

The Western Region of the Democratic National Bracket Tournament has begun

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Do you have a secret crush on a DUer?

Think this cat owner will learn? I doubt it.

Wanna see a hoary marmot?

Anyone else have a ghost in their house?

I have no idea what you're talking about...

I'd love to know your hobbies.

Ok I'll tell ya what. I'm taking a DU break until the PETA stuff dies down

Wheaton, MD: Run for the Animals, benefitting Poplar Spring Sanctuary

I have a question about religion and coping with death

Cardinal rating site

"God is a concept ......"


Nanobacteria, panspermia, and Buckyballs- my wild-eyed speculation

"Sealed Bearings" ripoff: Disaster 4 the poor: workarounds? wn it began?

A first in Swedish advertising history

Anti-Gay Alabama Legislator 'Muzzled'

Drug Makers Distance Themselves From Anti-Gay Ads

Episcopal Church Continues Gay Retreat

Shocking view of the HETEROSEXUAL AGENDA

Re-framing the Marriage Equality Debate: Homogeneous Marriage

Sanctity of Marriage:This is not new, but it still makes a hell of a lot

Bill Clinton has no right to comment on anyone's gay marriage. . .

"I like gays, I just oppose gay marriage."

Dodgers sweep the Giants

Wizards make the playoffs (NBA)

Dusty Holy Water! A "say it ain't so" moment for northsiders.

The Eagles have a killer schedule this year!

DU This Poll!

Horror!! A CRIME! An injustice! Everything that is WRONG with this country

Michael Vick/Ron Mexico/Herpes farks

I lost my Neapolitan Mastiff Tues. morning...

Once again, I only got 4 responses on this pic in the lounge last night

Raw Foods for your Pet

Hi, all . . . New fan of Lily here!

Washington DC area Pets Group people here? Like wine?

Moonie Times: 3-Part Series on Secularism Attacking Religion

News stories which make my head hurt.


Can't argue with this logic.

OK got 81 so far...

Anybody wanna weigh in on "Revelations"?

JK in the Washington Post

John Conyers diary on DailyKos

Sen. Finance Committee

Daily :-) Kerry email

Why we show up here: Yesterday's floor speech

Updated - Scam using Kerry's name to call and solicite $$ - rut roh on

Help Please! The DKos Thread is Not True!

Once again: Mwah!

Anyone listening to Jane Fonda on CSpan?

Funny Liberal Survey: Do you think this is true?


Please help me with some reasons to stay Dem. I am so angry today

I saw 6 senators today

My Version of the DU Sunsets so far.

Set your VCRs for "STAR-CROSSED" 11a.m.ET, Sat. Apr. 16th on ESPNclassic -

While Keith's away, read this brilliant send-up of "Casey at the Bat"--

Did anyone else just hear Stephanie Miller say...

MSM reporting on blogs

Just realized today is

Anagram "Keith Olbermann" (or your own name)

WSJ on Edwards

Noticed a trend lately re: 2008 talk?

A stamp is only 37 cents - use one!

Clinton now top U.N. envoy for tsunami recovery, takes dig at Bush?

Religious fundie Don Barton up on CSPAN! now

Tom DeLay Flap Produces Hyperbole

Scenario: Hillary wins 2008 Presidency

Conason nails the hammer and his worshipers

China/Saudi use US filtering software to censor the Net

Place your bets!

US faces new claims of jail abuse

HELP STOP Current Energy Legislation That Obliterates More States' Rights

health impacts of BPA, a chemical used in most plastic containers,

I have to disagree with Auntie Pinko today

Closed Rule on Bankruptcy Bill to be voted in House w/only 30 mins

Freedom on the march: "Twin Car Bombings Kill 18 in Baghdad"

ABC's The Note whores for DeLay

Brazil's answer to political correctness

campaign contributions of Texas oil-for-food criminals

(Massachusetts) Deval Patrick for Governor

No Healthcare Cut for Lawmakers (in MO)

Just be persistent and scream louder...

Tom DeLay is now operating in total drunk mode.....

Electability is puzzle for Hillary in '08 (New "Hill" Series: Part 1)

CREW's new website-JackIntheHouse (Abramoff's Web of Corruption)

Eric Rudolph--The Martyr of Christo-Fascism

thank you Miami Herald - called for paper ballots - yeah!

Use creativity to help sink DeLay

So, How "popular" Do You Think bu$h Is With The Repugs

Death takes care of all problems. No man - no problem.

Bush aims to give us more control over our retirement money

The FBI's use of the USA Pariot Act

A victory - broadcasters must disclose source of video new releases.

North Korea-- Hey, We Hate Japan, Too!!!

DeLay's 'Obscene' Apology

Will my tax money be used to bomb Iran?

CNN DOES IT AGAIN... Prostitutes itself to the Administration

November 2008: The Democrats Lose

Killing the Estate Tax is one more step in creating two classes

The nuclear option and the filabuster

Just Curious..........

Rep. Dennis Kucinich on CNN with Marianne Williamson @ 2:30 pm ET

House Rethugs plan whopping 30 minutes for debate on bankruptcy bill!

John Edwards is guest posting at talkingpointsmemo Bankruptcy Blog.

Cspan-why the F*ck is DeLay debating the ethics committee rules?

Hindquarters: "Troops (should) protect themselves." GOP troop support!

What would be better for the Dems?

LIHOP boosted Bush, polls falling: now we need another scare! virus?

I’ve enjoyed watching our Dems in the Senate today…..

Republicans don't believe in the separation of Church and State

Hilarious. NJ for Democracy trying to get into Cheney's Soc. Sec. forum.

From Daily Kos - Beware scam phone solicitations for"Friends of Kerry"

Just got an email from Nick Casey Chairman, West Virginia Democratic Part

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Freeper's Rail On Bush... "WAR ON MEXICO!"

LAT - Political Payrolls Include Families

The Importance of Governance/ Senator Jon Corzine

House Roll Call Vote on S.256, "Consumer Protection and Bankruptcy Reform"

The corporate media is not on your side.

FDR, judges and hubris

Did Kerry out a CIA agent?

The root of all that is wrong with our political system is related to

Tell me something good.

There would be no need for the bankruptcy law

Iran makes a good move - will put tourist ads on CNN & BBC

Dem's want to raise the estate tax exemption to $3 million......

Is anyone watching Jane Fonda on C-Span Live ? She Rocks!

Top 10 Bluest/Reddest Corporations

Rummy said: "no exit strategy , just a victory strategy"

What's wrong with Edwards as the 2008 candidate?

Crowley (D) was free to whip for bankruptcy bill like a repub

Does the government support our troops?

Could we call a moratorium on 2008 polls?

What do you recommend for MSM replacement?

Roll Call on Bankruptcy Bill

U.S. Oil Exports Equal Pre-Invasion Iraq Imports - Call to Action (ANWR)

smirk to be arrested if he puts foot on Dutch soil

Mercury Lawsuit (10 states sue Bush administration)

media matters: Conservative publisher.. plans to "Swift Boat" Sen. Clinton

congrats Andy! You made the cut Moveon Bush in 30 sec. finalist

Crossfire-Newt talking of Hil-said last night she might win -CNN

If you could have any of the following as the '08 nominee--who?

Do cities have personalities?

What are the conservatives' biggest weaknesses

Which of these presidential tickets would you vote for?