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Archives: April 17, 2005

NYT Magazine: The Unregulated Offensive

The Benevolent Empire at Work: The EU, Hubris and the Balkans

Frank Rich (NYT): Get Tom DeLay to the Church on Time

Tom DeLay: Don't Resign

Bill Frist's Religious War -NYT Editorial

Best morning radio hosts

Oceans getting louder; effects unclear

Which candidate would be the strongest on environ issues?

Anyone here ever work for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)?

Life on the downslope of the petroleum supply curve

Is the September 11th board the conspiracy board?

I did the email blast earlier and got an unexpected reply

Let's give Brad a big hand for a job well done!

I've done major update/reorganization of Dade Cty, Florida documentation

You Can't Do Nothing About This

New York State: Contact state reps for Optical Scan Ballots.

CA state Controller Steve Westly announces run for governor

Ann Coulter to speak at St. Olaf, Sunday, April 17, at 7 p.m.

Films on drug stings in works (Dallas' fake drug scandal)

Tonight's DeLay protest,

Do you think we are more likely to get audited because we post on DU?

Ex-fundy / Ex-Republican Night?

Where can I find Chaney's complete tax return?

Religious Extremists Want to Stop Cancer Vaccine for Children!!!

Roger Ailes fighting for credibility on CSPAN, trying to

Is the September 11th board the conspiracy board?

Has there been any word/coverage of DeLay's speech to the NRA in Houston?

Crypto-Gram Newsletter: Hacking the Papal Election

Karel's KGO program starting 7 PM Pacific Time

Hell, we need a Boxer group!

The filibuster decides if the elections are rigged

MG Rover Collapses

Chinese demonstrations are about oil, not history books

Chinese arms for Iraq?

Chimpy kissing Pickles at the Pope's funeral

Series of disputes fray Japan-China ties

If you want a good cool drink of water...

Wow! The "One" Campaign ad just aired here in Alabama

"Fox news alert" says DeLay about to make a speech

Boxer too pretty to be president ?

Caption this picture

(M)Ann Coulter, St. Olaf College (Mn) on Sunday, April 17, at 7 p.m.

Anybody see the opening of SNL? Tom Delay actor

David Horowitz gets a PenPal

Japans sneak attack on Pearl Harbor: Pre-emptive or Preventive strike?

Who would you be more willing support Boxer and Hillary for President?

How do you handle the abortion issue?

Who would like to see a movie about Jesus based on the Jefferson Bible?

PHOTOS - NRA convention - DeLay, North, & PROTESTERS!

Get the feeling that Dems are being branded as godless Jesus haters?

Michelle Malkin has a ghost-writer - Jesse Malkin

I saw Fog of War for the first time tonight

Dean plans to use Schiavo/DeLay/Theocracy against the GOP in the midterms

Nugent: "The whole world sucks but America sucks less,"

An Iraqi boy plays in the hole left by a roadside bomb in Baghdad

GW Finally Kissed Laura in Public (Over the Popes Dead Body)

I never thought I'd see the day Canada and Americans fought on DU

Do you support full employment?

I have tickets to see Bush. What should I do?

My elder brother has been going round and round with his

Arnold Doll for sale at the CA Democratic convention...girlie man.

Republicans launch twin attacks to stop Hillary's return to the WH

Sunni Militants Take 100 Shiites Hostage

(Australian) PM to farewell Iraq-bound troops

Army investigates claims witnesses were harassed

Kobe Bryant misses game to be with ailing wife

USA rejects Russia's chairmanship in G7

Iraq rebels ‘unite’ to fight coalition

150 hostages and 19 deaths leave US claims of Iraqi 'peace' in tatters

Emerging nations moving away from IMF, World Bank (Paul Wolfowitz)

WP: Pediatric Vaccine Stockpile at Risk

IAEA Calls for Review of Key Iraqi Sites

USA to invest in the development of Russian flying saucer

NYT:In DeLay's Home District, Rumblings of Discontent Surface

Judge allows feeding tube for Cuban on hunger strike

Bush: U.S. Needs Smarter Ways to Meet Energy Needs (he uses all

Martinez: (Schiavo) Memo a learning experience

Picture of DeLay protestors front page Houston Chronicle online

U.S. Sent Banned Corn to Europe for Four Years

WP: Think Tank's (Heritage Fndn) Ideas Shifted As Malaysia Ties Grew

Scalia Criticizes Judges Who Believe Constitution Should Be Reinterpreted

Iraqi security forces look for alleged hostages- (Conflicting reports now)

WP: In Real Estate Fever, More Signs of Sickness

Dems Denounce Schwarzenegger at Convention

Space tourism to entail development of near-Earth hotels and space limousi

NYT: Bob Kerrey Weighing Run for Mayor of New York

Eureka! Extraordinary discovery unlocks secrets of the ancients

Labor Dept Plans Increasing Scrutiny of Union Finances (pol. retaliation?)

Papal hopeful is a former Hitler Youth

Conyers Supports Coalition’s Recommendations to Baker/Carter Election Comm

my old tv crush

The Lounge is slow today.

Hello my name is Graham Wellington, I am calling about the apartment for

I want one of these NOW!

A Most Excellent Poll about Stupid Baby Names:

Sheriff's Office Investigating Spiked S'mores(Mushroom-laden)


I want one of these COW!

It takes an hour to wash and condition my hair.

California prison guards do crossword puzzles for 'training'

Mmmm. Look. Even the Malls in Aruba are pretty....

Quick Question - If you know anything about Eagle Scouts....

FOUND: One crucifixion nail

Are the Republicans boring anyone else?

Would you trust these people with your money?

Airplane! on WGN!

Watching the gradute - picked it up for $9

Bring the Telemarketers On ! I just BITCH about BU$H

Discovery Health: removing a 150 lb tumor

Meet the Barkers on MTV. Anyone else watching this?

Reefer Madness on Showtime...anyone else watching this ?

Do you remember adding machines?

Ask me about early modern Swedish constitutional law!!! (I love exam time)

So, might be a dumb question, but how do I post a pic from photobucket?

Rickie Lee Jones "The Evening of My Best Day"--her best?

Pssstttt. Fenris. Over here.

Check, check, one, this Pic thing on?

I didn't grill my wife!!!

My drink du jour tonight...

I have a gub.

Should I change my name to Peabo?

I didn't kill my wife!!!

Man Upset With Penile Surgery Mails Bomb

MOBY DICK on radio, playing now!!! Just started

Kobe Bryant misses game to be with ailing wife

What can I do with a company that's misplacing my checks?

The Pixies coming on Austin City Limits right NOW!

Which would you choose

Beluga Watch 05!

For my 6000th post I would like to say........

Should I change my name to Tennille?

David Bowie fans, I need help

I hope no kids get killed

Will degaussing my computer screen fix my problem?

Man Saves Chicken With Mouth-to-Beak

What do you read the most in the bathroom?

Dawn of the Dead (the modern remake) it or not ?

Wear a pair of these

wuddup yo?

Would you be able to pinch a loaf in one of these public toilets?

Santanico Pandemonium. Republican or Democrat?

My niece talked to Al Gore tonight.

Hey Kleeb, I'm in your state

So, I'm all alone tonight too, does anyone want to just talk?

I'm leaving DU, I've just had it, damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Brady is hosting SNL tonight...

do you start to start threads, then give it up and go back to fuming?

Horshack test, what do you see?

it's the George W. Bush Backhanded Compliment Invitational Tournament!

Extra-Special Frankenstein poll on life's essentials, GOOD and BAD

I have been promoted!

Once again Beck does it

UFC on pay-per-view in 10 minutes!!

Final Star Wars expectations

Rush Limbaugh and date caught on film...SKINNY DIPPING !

Tom DeLay seems to make his enemies "Disappear".

Man brings meth into courtroom for hearing on Son's drug bust

I cannot resist "A View To A Kill". Ever.

I'm going to the convenience store. Want me to get you anything??

Going to see a 'new' grandbaby next weekend.

God help me. I'm going to see the Royals play tomorrow. Pope selected

Ok I NEVER quote right-wing sources, but this article was too hilarious

"Listen to Jesus, Jimmy...Say NO to the Marijuana!!"

Flirt with me...If you dare Part II

I don't think I'm going to force feed my cat...

I want to be an Ent. Can I be an Ent? Please?

What is your best personality trait?

Should we have an official SNL thread? on edit.this is the official thread

RetroLounge Made Me Do It: I'm Going To County Line!

Sick SOB is going to kill a rabbit on his web site

Never Say Goodbye...

Muppet Fans- Muppets' Wizard Of Oz.... New Muppet Movie Coming Up.

I just watched the movie Bambi for the first time ever...

Tempur-Pedic,The Sleep Number bed or another mattress entirely?

Oh... how come the phrase "corn-fed" is used to describe wholesome things?

It's a Three Dog Night

Sorry folks. I've decided to leave DU.

Rorshach test,what do you see?


A face only a mother could love

It has to be said: Reno 911 is just funny.

BECK! On SNL tonight!!!

I think I live in Arlen, Texas. Only it's not funny, just sad.

Dang! I love my little bird.....

What Do You Think Of This New Bumper Sticker?

Orem Man Finds $10K in New House w/pics

"I will never see U2 again--they are too political!"

Foreign Film and Indy Lover.

RIP, Debralee Scott.

For all those dog people who have been posting pics......

What are your angry albums?

Have you ever heard of the Reeperbahn .

Cat lovers: PLEASE HELP - Sick cat, and what to do...

I'm leaving DU

post a random picture from your photobucket account

Anybody here a police scanner listener?

The heart

Radio Shack laser pointer for bedsores

Miniscule microscope testing hope

I know the season is young but I am very impressed with the orioles

A complete baseball game in an hour and 39 minutes!

Not to rub it in, but the Yankees are off to their worst start in 14 years

Manny Ramirez: Grand slam and a 2-run homer tonight

WHO rules the NL West?

Question to Yankee fans re: Steinbrenner

Astrologers: Can I Talk Any of You Into Speculating

You know what I liked and continue to like about Kerry

I just got polled about something interesting!

The Deaniac thread wasn't flamebait

So, who here has seen Kerry live and in person

Psychic predictions

media after Dean again?

A good resourse to use against the repugs.


Ann Coulter to speak at St. Olaf College (MN) Sunday, April 17, at 7 p.m.

"To replace Income Tax with Nat'l Sales Tax requires a tax rate of 60%"

I just got polled about a rather interesting subject!

Is Tom DeLay a "lightening rod" - taking heat for corrupt GOP?

Sunday Morning Talk Show Lineup

A sure way to conclude if a news/comedy host is a hypocritical opportunist

Sunday CSPAN & talk show schedules

Secret Service visits art show at Columbia - restraining free speech

CNN said Dems are softening stance on SS privatization because...

Clark compares W to a rooster, attacks religious "wrong" (from DailyKos)

As despicable as Frist is, this cat story needs to die.

Land of the rising sons

Hagel may be wavering on Bolton nomination

An Unjust War

Mr. Bush, Take a Look at MTV

Scientists or Celebrities? by Ralph Nader

Search the world for most effective health-care model (in FRANCE!)

Iraqi refugees in mortal fear at home can't get entry into United States

Red Sox-Yankees: It’s enough already

Thompson: Bankruptcy legislation holds big lie (a must read!)

Mr. Bush, Take a Look at MTV

Los Angeles Times: Iraqi Leaders Flexing Muscles

The Foreign Junket: Who Paid for the Malaysia Trip? (Time on DeLay)

Toronto Star: the only thing working in Iraq is american propaganda

French priest fears for life in Brazil

U.S. welcomes Cuban terrorist (E Robinson)

Newsweek: The War On Judges

No worry for DeLay; pest control dependable

G.I. Jane is here to stay (Bravery of women in combat)

Burning issues for girls today

What I Heard About Iraq

Bush Silent As Top Terrorist Seeks US Asylum

Is America Going Broke?

Democrats did nothing to cause Republican pratfalls

CNN's Jane Arraf puts Iraq's security situation "in perspective"

Saturday Night Live: Tom DeLay ethics skit - (VIDEO)

Chip Industry Traced to Moore's 1965 Ideas

Stocks hit new low for 2005

Protesters fight for fellow workers (Burger King /Winnipeg)

1 in 100 workplace adults is a psychopath

If consumption is 2/3rds of US GDP, why do Repubs want to overtax it?

Permian Extinction Linked To Planetary Warming, Oxygen Depletion

Frogs Now Spawn In The UK In October, Bumblebees Arrive In January

Proposal To Goose Colorado River Flow - Cut Down Mountain Forests

DDT Levels In US Birds Higher Than In Migratory Species - CSM

Don't overlook nationalist threat

Lien entertains dangerous delusions

Massive anti-Israel protests hit several Indonesian cities

Israeli leaders call for support of diaspora Jews for Gaza pullout

Gunmen threaten to kill Palestinian MPs

Fatah gunmen storm Tulkarm

Massive anti-Israel protests hits several Indonesian cities

Summary of medienanalyse's book

Computerized Voting: Ya Just Gotta Love It!

The Brad Show Debut Re-Broadcasts 9AM-1PM, EST - 4/17/05

Velvet Revolution-Join Email campaign to Jimmy Carter

More Dems than Repubs & lots of other in Florida; any EP data for other?

Cincinnati Enquirer Editorial... Further Education Required...

The BRAD BLOG needs a team of volunteers to archive the radio show

C-SPAN to Cover Baker-Hearn Commission Hearing on April 18th

How George W. Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Election

What -- 2of Cuyahoga NEPs in same locations as 3% Recount Sample???

Problems/Irregularities/Voter Fraud with the Optical Scanners

Sequoia lawsuit: Vote the next move! (paypal info for those who asked)

This Jan 3 post on the IMPOSSIBLE Bush 43%/37% NEP weight is NOT from me!

Los Angeles Times (4/17): Nurses Union Leader Tonic for Governor's Foes

So, give us the skinny on the Dem convention in LA

Iowa City Drowning in Booze Culture

"The country is directionless," Iowa Bush poll result

World Harvest Church hosts Christian Fanatics meeting.

Ohio 15th US Rep Deborah Pryce NEEDS TO GO!!

Pictures from the DeLay protest

LOTS of pictures of delay protest

DeLay protest. 200 STRONG! A Report.

Green Bay neighbors help drive out dealers

Bastards have started shooting cats around here.

The nuclear option. They did it in Texas. They'll do it in DC

Americablog: Student Who Asked Scalia Sodomy Question Responds

Alex Jones' rant from "Waking Life"

Pre-emptive Peace. Can you dig it? Discuss.

Does the term "religious wrong" have potential to define Repubs?

I was a little down because I couldn't make the Tom Delay protesting...

Dean to Arnold:"Governor, keep your promise to the children of California"

Destroying over 60 years of progress - "The Unregulated Offensive"

Need some help

Another Biden Sunday on the talk circuit. The usual suspects.

The Brad Show Debut Re-Broadcasts 9AM-1PM, EST - 4/17/05

Could Bush appoint the first African American female to the Supreme Court?

Is it irrational for me to have started freaking out over judicial picks?

Hannity coached Guests

E& P: Reporters Say Iraq Remains Frightening (U.S. "there to stay")


I'm having second thoughts about 'PROTESTING' Fred Phelps in Durham!

Top Dem Senator releases documents that undercut Iraq, al-Qaeda link

Nogger Black

Sunday morning smile

We are 3 months into Idiot Cowboy's 2nd term, and people are unhappy

Goodbye Uncle Sam, Hello Team Europe

'Kinky banker' death: plot thickens

Totalitarian Vs.Authoritarian States.

US sent banned (GM) corn to Europe for four years

The New American Capitalism.

National Guard recruiting pamphlets in my DVD???

Decoded at last: the 'classical holy grail' that may rewrite the history o

DeLay on Saturday Night Live

Ralph Reed,, Tom Delay, and casino money...

I posted... I stopped using SCOTT TOILET PAPER...

Brownback coy on 2008 bid for president

Behold the Rubber Republicans!

* speaks ...... On coffins, seals, and funerals. Proud 'Merican.

A little sympathy for Juan Williams...

After heart surgery in the U.S. Afghan baby dies in a muddy refugee camp

Jim Wright resigned..what is your problem Bug Boy?

A new smartcard with radio tags soon to be most common in Washington

God, I get so sick of these Republicans tooting their horns.

Chuck Hagel on Late Edition Tomorrow (Watch for Bolton News)

Whats going on in Jebs florida??

Puke Alert: Did Female Warriors Cause Bin Laden Escape?

anybody listening to howi kurtz who imo became irrelavant

"American Leaders Uphold The Constitution Because They Know If They Didn't

Dear Senator Clinton, Sorry I can’t contribute more

LAT: A Cool Way to Unclog L.A.

Hagel says he'll vote for Bolton unless more scandals emerge

SouthKnox Bubba posts our Moran guy's pic!

Brzezinski and Kissinger coming up later on CNN/Blitzer


Succeeding in the Bush White House

Shares look set for a mighty fall

U.S. propaganda machine beating democracy drum

So, What Are Your Predictions For The Upcoming Week?

Eureka! Extraordinary discovery unlocks secrets of the ancients

Encouraging voting...

Abortion Politics in Iran

Hagel - Bolton - new revelations on Sunday?

Action you can take on the Darfur Crisis

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison an embarrassment to Texas

american combat troops in Israel

35 grand for a cab ride

The Moral Values Project

Britney photo provokes fierce debate

Could Opus Dei lose its clout with new pope?

This is funny...Zoo wants chimp to kick smoking habit

C-Span to Cover 9/11 Truth Talk at UW-Madison Monday! -David Ray Griffin

Frank Rich: Get Tom DeLay to the Church on Time

appeals courts says only judeo/christians can give invocations

The bright side of a crappy economic outlook??

BOYCOTT Wal-Mart: They give more money to GOP than any other

looking for a bit more mainstream article on the mass arrests last week

Saturday Night Live: Tom Delay ethics skit - (VIDEO)

I have this irrational hatred for Der Gropinator's accent.....

Secret Agent: Rumsfeld Sneaks Off to Baku

Tin Foil Alert! Be Aware. The Fundies, courtesy of Rev Moon are upon us.

hate illegal Latino immigrants for taking American jobs?

Look what George Will said on George Steph. show

McCarthyism Watch -- political postage stamps now a no-no....

Glimmer of hope....

Is an "Out of Control Judiciary" the biggest threat to Democracy?

"You're probably one of those people that wants to change the world

I am very concerned about the petition to kick Baker off

Is there anything left I can do to block the Bolton nomination?

Videogamers Being Recruited By Republicans?

Anybody think that Abramoff has flipped on Delay and is taling?

Mystery Flight: Two passengers trigger alarms—and fresh echoes of 9/11.

Repubs are not concerned about how the Democrats feel....

On This Sunday I Say: If I Met God, I'd Have Come Harsh Words For Him/Her!

Koreans expose US plan of action

Big Business is the GOP's Master, the Religious Right is its Useful Idiot

SCENARIO and Question: Iran launches surprise sneak attack on US bases

dirt on DeLay - a great graphic

Republican lies and the "Nuclear Option"

Question: Does anyone have the article about a poll in England

Revealed: secrets Scots traitor gave Stalin that turned the tide of war

Faux whores saying down market is no big deal

Complete this: Whenever Bush uses the word "reform," ...

ebay advice needed

What was the DeLay thing on faux?

Is it time to declare war on "political correctness"?

Turn up the heat!

Freepers pounding the war drum for Iran.

Ann Colter Cover Girl

CBS has a Fox News anchor clone

I almost Puke ,question posted on another board

Okay, it is Sunday Morning and I just watched a segment of Meet the Press.

Mike Malloy is doing a right wing freepers only night..

How our illusions hurt us.

How the Bolton nominatin is playing out across the nation

Scared Parisian Jews are moving to Canada.

Well this ought to chill Shrub's jets on privatized accounts

Who still has a Kerry sticker on their car?

Gay-friendly HGTV - another example

Senior Republican Says DeLay Won't Quit as Leader

I fear for the future.

Is Cokie Roberts Opus Dei? Are there any other "Pundits" who seem to

What to do with sex offenders?

Why do Republicans hate labor unions?

get a smoothie, see a skinhead

PERFECT call on The Guy James Show!!!!

A Warmonger Explains War to a Peacenik

The Man Who Planted Trees . . . by Jean Giono . . .

TX: School officials fear satanic crimes; DPS has its doubts

How do you repond to "Love it, or Leave it" from the uninformed

CSPAN Caller: "Repubs talk about freedom, Dems don't"

Have you ever hosted a party, with drinking, for your teenager?

Rush's rant: Carters nobel prize is a fraud, "How can he sleep at night?"

Uber-whore "Mann Cult-rrr" to be on the cover of Time? (MAJOR PUKE ALERT)

Bourgeoisie Liberals: What's Their Outlook?

Anyone else having post apocalyptic dreams?

GOP Myth #3 = Poor people are lazy, low down couch potatoes

I Think The So Called NUCLEAR OPTION Is Total Bullshit! Keeps Us Scared!

Any good anti-war songs from the last 20 years or so up to present?

The most unpopular subject on the DU? War tax resistance

Jon Stewart on Oprah on Monday!

Bush canning 19-year-old int. terrorism report (they were caught lying )

I'm a big fan of Randi Rhodes, but I think she needs to chill!

A Reminder: The Lancet Found Iraqis 58 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DIE Under Bush

More on the Bolton nomination - good read

Every Day More Evidence Kerry Was Right and Bush Was Wrong

Sex offender confesses to killing 13 yr old FL girl

April 29, 1992 - Thoughts?

The vicious cycle of child abuse

Canadians: A few historical questions

I don't really understand Wall Street. If the Dow and Nasdaq continue

Freepers are preparing to use the tape of KB hutchinson...

New info on 9/11 hijackers' links to GOP

Porn as a violation of civil rights.

My pizza delivery guy is a Neo-Nazi

"The Secret History of the CIA"

What should be done about undocumented persons/workers?

Is Drudge now taking on Deadwood???

Can you be a Christian and support the death penalty?

Bush's Earth Day Plans & a little background

With Mothers' Day approaching, it pains me to see so many BAD mothers

Never was big on the death penalty...UNTIL NOW!

Know your BFEE: War Profiteers

The most important American progressive of all time?

I'm going to a Luau tomorrow

Next month is chinese food month for me

CANADA AB APR-17-2005 Death in the woods

Simon Jenkins: Is the British electorate clever enough?

New Labour replaced by aliens? Interesting Dr Who tonight!

Newsweek: Torn Between Faith & Science (Bill Frist)

`Anti-Secession' Law `backfired': US official

Eight fighters die in Chechen gunbattle

Iraqi Forces Raid Village to Find Hostages

Israel plane in Lebanon space for 6 hours

Reuters: Taliban Bomb Trucks Carrying Oil For U.S. Military

Reports undercut Iraq, al-Qaeda link -declassified documents undermine the

GOP chairman expects thorough e-mail probe

Mr. Bush, Take a Look at MTV

AP: Equador President Rescinds State of Emergency Day After Imposing It

Sunni Militants Attack Mosque South of Baghadad

Americablog: Student Who Asked Scalia Sodomy Question Responds

Ricin: The plot that never was

Nogger Black

DeLay Finds friendly audience with NRA...

With $20 mil., Rand is disadvantaged

Missing U.S. soldier promoted to sergeant

Return of the contract killer claims ex-KGB chief

Bush administration 'broke its own embargo to sell arms to Haiti police'

Secret Agent: Rumsfeld Sneaks Off to Baku

Mystery Shrouds Hostage Crisis in Iraqi Town

Bush Silent As Top Terrorist Seeks US Asylum

16 Arrested in India Call-Center Scam

Subdued DeLay Says Gun Control Supporters Not Bad (happy he

Rome judge to deliver ruling on killing of 'God's banker'

Vatican premiere for Pope movie

PELOSI & REID - C-Span NOW - West Coast PDT

Baghdad car bomb kills aid worker

Providence Police Officer Dies After Being Shot Inside Headquarters

3 killed in Afghan crash worked for Halliburton

(UK) Troops to Quit Iraq 'Within Two Years'

Virgin for sale to pay mother's medical bills

New contract for S-I-U-E cafeteria workers (SEIU / IL)

Massive anti-Israel protests hits several Indonesian cities

Beauty salons fuel trade in aborted babies

Fifty protest Bush’s plan (NJ)

Police stun gun can kill, secret report says (Victoria Aus)

Inquiry: Pundit concerns ignored ("White House was warned")

Police probe rash of L.A. hate mail

U.N. Nominee Faces New Bullying Allegations

Blair heads for a third landslide with 10-point lead

Cornyn denies ties to lobbyist-Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Scanlon

Iraqi Forces Free 15 Shiite Families

African coup plotters 'face slow death in jail': Amnesty International

Border boycott shaping up: Group reacts to Minuteman project

Swiss tour bus crashes in Alps, killing 12

Pro-EU premier wins Turkish Cypriot vote

Broadband trial seen as warm-up (Case of 5 Enron Execs)

Domestic terrorism's re-emergence feared

Pepper spray trial to continue tomorrow in San Francisco

Bush administration 'broke its own embargo to sell arms to Haiti police'

Police say registered sex offender confessed to killing Florida girl

Powell Tests Pace Car at Indy

Agency [Social Security Administration] polled public on Social Security

Man behind White House bomb scare just wanted to chat

Berlusconi facing government collapse (And an election)

Dean's Calif. visit reveals promises, pitfalls of his leadership

Terror threat enters election campaign debate (UK - AFP)

Adoption, foster care privatized in Florida

Criticized professor speaks at Reed

Baghdad car bomb kills US humanitarian worker

Reuters: Three U.S. Troops Killed in Ramadi (Mortar Fire)

Campus hunger strike continues, follows protests nationwide (Washington U)

GOP Lawmaker May Vote Against U.N. Nominee

Ted Nugent to Fellow NRAers: Get Hardcore

Sent to Rescue Shiite Hostages, Iraqi Troops Find None

London groping case dogs governor (Schwarzenegger may go to court)

Two Texas inmates set to die on same night

TIME: When Tom Met Jack

Huge Wave Forces Cruise Ship to S.C.

Newsweek: Mystery Flight (KLM 685-Alarms flashing red 2 Saudis)

Report: Almost 11 Million Children in Devloping Countries Die Before Age 5

Bush Coming to Lincoln Museum Dedication (TREES TO BE "REMOVED")

DNA to identify victims of wagon train cannibals

Global shortage of oil after 2007

Lucas Watch (Landover Baptist)

I Hope Cold Stone Creamery is NOT a repub Donor. Cause it's GOOD!


I think my randomizing object is in a foul mood

So I just thought

DU Late Night Chat

Has anyone but me heard the song, "Walking with a Ghost" by

Just saw "From Dusk Till Dawn"...

Why can't the world be like in

Just watched "King Arthur"

I watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" tonight.

Super Bowl XX

DU - Get the drunk home !

C'mon everybody sing it with me! Crystal Blue Persuasion, uh-HUH!

Get your cat some of these things - really

The Latest Scary News!

"Friday On My Mind" By The Easybeats

I have a new celebrity crush...

What to do, what to do.

New Korean Air Uniforms

I want to be an Entwistle. Can I be an Entwistle? Please?

Standing in line marking time, waiting for the welfare dime...

Just saw "Napoleon Dynamite"

I am bored as everloving hell.

I love the flower girl...

Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word!

I have a cold

Two boys discussing Viagra. One's ten and one's went like this

Oh Hell

Get your Kelly Wright (Fox News host) music here, folks!!!

"You know, girls are nuts to begin with..." (Hershey's chocolate TV ad)

My self-pity rant: I hate job hunting every year, damn it!

My home is protected from imaginary critters! Is yours

Most foolish new car (vehicle) name

Whats the best place to blog?

Guess its that time of year when idiots start there lawn mowers at 8 a.m.

Well, I woke up Sunday Mornin' w/ no way to hold my head that didn't hurt

A Gallon Of Gas by The Kinks

I hope a kid doesn't get killed

What should I do?

There goes my empire

Is Barry Crimmins A member of DU?

Did you like playing Crimson Room?

Darth's mask

Say something cheeky about another DUer

If you had grits for breakfast...Warning.

We saw Sin City yesterday...

Do you think Bush yells at Pickles when she lets Chirac kiss her hand?

When I am reanimated...

When I am reincarcerated


When is the best time to look like this?

Does anybody here use PayPal? I started to sign up to use it then

Am I a drama queen?

Some very scary news!

Police chain man to toilet for 3 days to produce heroin evidence

I am the HypnoPope. Ask me anything!

Not pope... what's up with that!?

Hey! It's almost 8 am on a Sunday morning!

I'm running the Boston marathon tomorrow

I don't want to face the killer instinct. Face it in you or me.

When I am reincarnated

Does Karma exist?

My neighbor got hit by a Greyhound bus

Rapper DMX Arrested in Crash of NYC Police Car

Can I get in trouble for shooting my neighbours phone?

Human After All

One night Iowa...

A little bird keeps rapping at my window

Crazy in love with Mrs. Venation. Ask me anything.

Every time I look at the icon for the "Greatest" link

I'm confused about the definition of a word.

It's a beautiful day but there is a bad omen

Listening to Rush's "Moving Pictures". Ask me anything.

How long should my cat stay indoors after moving to a new place?

What is your car's name?

I cant believe it

History Channel today

Britney photo provokes fierce debate

Why, oh, why did they pick the cross-eyed Karen Black.....

Ebay? We hardly knew ya!

DeLay's Dilemma: Roaches Ineffective Once The Lights Go On

like Australian punk?

Answers for Sunday

Like old school punk?

MrScorpio's Super Bomb Group Of The Day: THE ROOTS!

Can I get your honest opinion?

Sleeping With a Cat

"Odorless" Kilz is NOT odorless, I'm here to tell you.

Just finished mowing the yard- started at 8 this morning!

Just finished burying the cat - started at 8 am this morning!

Wes Clark and some kid

I have a Turkey with a deathwish in da hood!

Listening to 10,000 Maniacs Unplugged

I'm Pope Ron Paul. Ask me anything.

What MrScorpio is grooving to: JAN AKKERMAN

Best Neil Young Song Ever?

I need some black pepper and some Fig Newtons

Hey Matcom, what place are the Boston Red Sox in right now?

We all know Matcom has 'issues'

Interesting global experience or frightening globalization ?

I see Matcom is in form today

what a GLORIOUS DAY out there today! we planted a tree

Chile can party

How worried are you about getting cancer from your cell phone?

Any clothes/fashion designers/students out there?

My backyard is not the final rest place for your whiskey bottles

Would you ever take a baby up into a tree?

Short courtships equal long marriages

God, I'm embarrassed to be an American a lot of the time now...

I did grass for the first time

Wow, we should all enlist in the military...

What do I get a 93- year old for a birthday present?

My throat is sore

FReeper neighbor at it again. The good news is the dog is shut up

I don't have a theme song

President Bush Arrested on Molestation Charges

Have your pets ever watched T.V.?

Homemade Chicken and Dumplings...

Who has the Tibetian Spinning Wheel as their avatar?

I changed the look of my blog, "Move Left."

So fine, so young...

Jeff Weaver shut-out the Pads to sweep SD

WTF - "The Ultimate Beer Bong"???

Is there a way to block access to a particular web site from one computer?

I'm Too Poped To Poop

Have your pests ever watched T.V.?

Help me buy a bicycle!

Look me in the eye

I Just heard the Sonics' version of "Have Love, Will Travel"...

Photoshoppers: Besides just using it, what is the best way to learn Photo-

Need info. about a "fat farm".

Know what I miss? CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH!!!!

silly joke

Funny food packages (be paient those on dial-ups)

It's a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's 6pm, I've been at a MLB game all day and I'm fairly buzzed.

IF the "Presidential Prayer Team" prayed for what Bush REALLY wants...

Cat lovers need your expert help

I found this on FR. and it's actually worth copying!!!!!

Is sister_rosa_refried a real nun????

For Ellen Forradalom's birthday, post a movie with Ellen Forradalom

Okay! Who spilled pink nail polish on the carpet?

Would you say that Rush (The band) is very conservative?

Bastards around here have already started shooting cats.

And the winner of the latest DU coloring contest is...

Signs You've Been Spending Too Much Time On DU

Which cell phone service should I use?

went out and stimulated the economy today.

for Dem convention-need that Arnold pic!

Hated to do it, but I did

Virgin Atlantic Commercial

Looking for an online list of nuts and where they come from

Why I love my family so much!! (gun haters, you might as well ignore)

Happy "Integrity of Creation" Sunday!! (Earth Day is Thursday)

Every year, the motorcylces make me wish that good weather had never come

I hade the time of my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm writing a paper on the Simpsons as a social critique, ask me anything!

When should I see my GP?

So when did 'All in the Family' turn puke?

Was I dreamin'?

I got $20 on Ratzinger to win, Tettamanzi to place, & Napier to show...

4/17/05 Weird Word of the Day

Congratulations NY Yankees!!!

Things You Can Say About Your Boat, But Not Your Significant Other

I just received a really depressing phone call...

Holy shit, my roommates are nothing but drama [long, hillarious, rant]

Freepers tombstone a poster over Springsteen, 273 of 'em mouth off


Do you have a pod-type coffee maker? What are the best pods?

I'm tired.

It's spring: Time to play dodge the cyclist!

Hey, RandomKoolzip!

Wow. 60 min first segment was about underage drinking in my county

How did you catch your S.O. cheating?


Was I being a prick?

If you could reorder the letters of the alphabet, in what order'd they be?

Official Chicago get-together photo thread:

Having Tattoos: When Will That Become Uncool, And Why?

Single DUers, what is your living situation?

Do you have a Theme Song?

Name the City Confidential episodes you have seen.

Found: the lost tribe of Israel

Archbishop calls on UK voters to think green

Some of the Founding Fathers views on religion:

"NIH Cracks Down on Scientists' Conflicts of Interest"

A letter to the New York Times magazine about sums it up.

Eureka! Extraordinary discovery unlocks secrets of the ancients

Marburg Toll in Angola Balloons to 255.....

Einstein led an eccentric, contradictory private life

Fundie bigots declare anti-gay boycott of Proctor&Gamble a success

Anyone have a dustpan?

Devil Rays will win the World Series

Dodgers will win the World Series

Fear The New Jersey Nets....If They Make The Playoffs

I Didn't Know This About Bush (re: him as Rangers owner)

Astrologers: Poster Boy for Corruption, at Starlight News

Have you guys seen these threads?

Question on Senate Finance Comm and Delay

So Clark announced today.

Hey you red sox fans

Best shot at pics

May I propose a "Kerry Events" thread to be updated weekly, or so?

Derriacs: what's the matter with Dean's smile in this picture?

Kerry Lover Eagerly Awaits Muse's Pictures From Austin Event.

How about some spring photos from the SUBURBS instead of wild areas?

Not bad for a $100 lens

Anybody notice - in the "RECOUNTDOWN" cartoon - that KO is identified as..

"Only One Man Told The Truth" - Just the coolest KO POSTER -- ever!

In case you need to explain the Nuclear Options bill to someone

DeLay is one Silly NRA joke

Email CNN....

Democrats Query Gonzales on Plame Investigation....

Somebody tell me; isn't this Frist thing with him going on this

Gail Russel Chaddock on C-Span...Calling Delay a "Genius," and

World Harvest Church hosts Christian Fanatics rally.

any news on the WTO protests? Wasn't something going on

Pat Robertson's unethical businesses and the diamond mines

Do Democrats need to re-define what they believe in?

Goodbye Uncle Sam, Hello Team Europe

Florida will be the first state to privatize it's child welfare program

Newt goes on manoeuvres for comeback: Sunday Times

Running Out of Shots (US is NOT prepared for outbreaks on kids

WOW did you guys see the commercial at the end of MTP?

Heads up: ABC/This Week has Lott and Schumer discussing fillibuster.

Democrats Adjust Social Security Stance

Just a Thought: It's a great day to give to WesPAC with 8 cents added

Trent lott on George S.People of faith are being abused.

Biden just mentioned the Melody Townsel (DKos) letter on Faux This Week

Clark running for Prez-why is it not all over this board? I saw it post

PELOSI & REID - C-Span NOW - West Coast PDT

FYI - Karl Rove in Ohio April 21 :puke:

Tanker In Chief

Congress, our borders and Homeland Security...

George Jr's First One Hundred Days...

Rummy said: " US public had an inner moral gyroscope

Are all the "Christian" Churches in your area Closed today?

I'm very excited Clark is taking the initiative in '08

Pressure Congress to make credit card interest tax deductible.

More from Steve Clemons on the Bolton nomination - good read

Sen. Levin Helps Debunk Iraq/Al Qaeda Link

White House Letter: How baseball shaped Bush as person he is

Great new term instead of "conservative"--"REGRESSIVES"

The "Right" Fears Lakoff...and the Truth

GOP Hyping Hillary

Disney World as an opportunity for international outreach

Papal hopeful is a former Hitler Youth: Sunday Times

Delay: "You want all your friends around you – preferably armed."

Dem's Vote on Bankruptcy Bill...some Interesting Statistics

AOL poll 81% say Delay should step down -- Link is here -- VOTE!!

Saturday Night Live: Tom DeLay ethics skit - (VIDEO)

Bill "CatKiller" Frist DESECRATES constitution (graphic on his Web Site)

Did Clark announce 18 months too early?

GOP Lawmaker May Vote Against U.N. Nominee (Hagel)

Man Coulter on the Cover of Time?

We need to re-name the "Death Tax", "The Paris Hilton Tax Cut"

Velvet Revolution- join Email campaign to Jimmy Carter

Sorry if this has already been discussed

How do I apply for a job with Tom Delay.

Are Bush's jaws getting tired of chewing ??

How does Wes Clark announcing "Clark '08" help our nation?

The Holy Conclave and the Media

Couldn`t DUers write their own manifesto?

I was wondering how Clark's announcement is going to help in 05 and 06?

2008 Convention

OK , who's going to be the best candidate in 2008 ?

Concept - Preemptive Diplomacy, Democratic Style


Most critical reframes???

Roy Blunt (R-MO) on MTP: "Tom DeLay is not going to run away from a fight"

Heard of the Wyly brothers? (funded swiftboat ads)

Codenames book 'contingency plans' lists FPC for "Martial Law"?

Does Clark Signaling his 2008 Intentions Now Hurt the Dems for 2006?

Boxer Calls For Oil Price Investigation

A call to Clark supporters.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Dean tells state Democrats abortion rhetoric needs to change

18 Months Ago - Turkey at the Crossroads (Richard Perle)

Question: Couldn't the Dems SUE the GOP if they go nuclear?

charlie Rangel is hitting the Repugs hard on Face the Nation

New name for Bush's economic plan: WEALTHFARE!

Bankruptcy traitors. We must vote these Dems out of office.

Barney Frank cleaned Roy Blount's clock on Russert

Clark announces '08 plans in L.A (CCN - Jmora, The Bug)

Alec Baldwin: Rethug leadership is "a bunch of sociopathic maniacs"

Kerry Campaigns for Kids in Austin

Millionaires backing Fundamentalist takeover of the Government.

Tom DeLay Quote: "I blame Congress over the last 50 to 100 years..."

Ecuador 15,000 protest Martial Law

Delay compares his plight to that of Bill Clinton

so, who's gonna watch the FDR documentary 2nite on the History channel?

Framing: "They love America, but hate it's people"

JFK....Jim Garrison's accusations about the Gov't....

GOP "Changing the Tone" To Violence

Clark: Democrats must defend other Democrats.

2005 legislation pending to close the School of the Americas-urge Congress

Please, vote against Coulter in this poll