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Archives: April 22, 2005

The Iraq Invasion is Reality TV for the culture of death

U.S. Guns in Haiti Despite Embargo

Civilian Casualty Numbers Matter- Marla Ruzicka

The terrorist is knocking on the door

The shadow Iraqi government (excellent essay by Pepe Escobar/Asia Times)

Fear as Togo prepares for polls

Gut Check, by Chris Floyd

Checks and balances worth protecting (Patty Murray)

Eric Alterman (The Nation): Bush's War on the Press

Militarism Threatens to Bankrupt U.S. Economically and Morally

Blair's Forgotten Victims- John Pilger

The Rapture: I'll gladly stay behind

FLATHEAD The peculiar genius of Thomas L. Friedman.

G8 protesters on the spot with video cameras to watch police (UK)

Protesters hit streets to decry education budget cuts (UCSC)

Students end hunger strike; sit-in continues (Washington U / MO)

Military recruiters met by protesters at career fair (CA)

Students join together at Westboro Baptist protest (LA)

What did KO just apologize for on Countdown? I missed it,

Free-range Filipino Hens' Eggs Bust EU Limits On PCBs, Dioxins

Iraqi Oil Ministry Fires 450 Suspected Of Corruption, Black Market Sales

Popeapalooza, The Environmental Version

Nepal's Endangered Rhino Numbers Fall Sharply

Bush Pimps Energy "Plan", Admits No Effect On Gasoline Prices - NYT

Unintentional Comedy Thick On The Ground For The 35th Earth Day

Last Automobile Built In New Jersey An SUV - Newsday

Feds Pronounce $ 4B Dam "Unrealistic" - Rugged Individualist Farmers Upset

Luxembourg-Sized Antarctic Berg Smacks Into Ice Shelf - BBC

Toyota Doubles Prius Sales, Will Hold 70% Of 2005 Hybrid Market

Report: French police probe transfer of $7m from PA to Suha Arafat

Israel Fears Regional War In 2006

David Ray Griffin -- 911 and the American Empire (mp3 from 4/18/05 talk)


Why Not Take Back Our Democracy "One Voter at a Time"

Does anyone remember this Article in the WP by Carter? It was

Are exit poll interviewers supposed to select only NEP-precinct voters?

Just 30 days to Divestiture

KOEB -- 4/21 Thursday

Diebold lies again, this time to the tune of $2 million. Are we surprised?

ES&S booth at the California Democratic State Convention?

Center for Democracy and Election Management has responded. Suggestions?

"You Democrats always want to make it so more people can vote."

Kerry still working on stolen election. If this is true, it's good news.

Air America/Twin Cities is airing a psa from LDS Family Services...

Invitation to those in the Houston Area. HADD Meeting

Bush coming to Galveston this month?

Spanky in Tom DeLay's district

Packer Fans, do your duty!

Do any of you follow any of the CBS soaps?

Dave Matthews Band - American Baby music video

Grieving mother, activist seek Canadian haven for U.S. army deserters

I Want My MTBE

PETA thinks new pope may be an ally

Question: HRC as "Goldwater Republican"

Freeper attack on Voinovich - certainly this will Backfire

Vote for Blair and You Walk Over the Corpses of 100,000 People-John Pilger

Can I get an Amen!

Interview with Marla Ruzicka (RIP), Freeper comments

Will the bankruptcy bill kill Christmas?

This new very political Pope was brought in to fight Zapatero, etc

I am so sick of these ppl. Are they stupid or what?

AWWA: House Retains MTBE Provision That Would Soak Water Consumers

New and improved Greenspan- now with deficit concerns.

National Environmental Trust Statement on President Bush's Call for Energy

Mayors Decry Multi-Billion Dollar MTBE Unfunded Mandate Approved by the Ho

Taxpayers for Common Sense on Energy Bill Passage

NARAL Pro-Chioice America: Americans Will Reject Senate Republicans' Push

Killer Joe at it again...

Question for DU Catholics re: the Papal Tiara won't be a porn site

Transcript of Rep. Bartlett's Speech on Peak Oil to House of Rep.-April 20

School district where 7 people were shot was denied grant for mental health

Massive Political Contributions Corrupt Energy Policy

For people in TN: Did you hear about the Smart Card bill?

Gas prices may increase

Is there a website or sites that....

So, if the Cons get in after the election - how long till Quebec leaves?

Trying to change address for subscriptions.

Invited to the Dinner Party and Insulting the Chef-Condi in Moscow

Are these cars for real? 113 mpg lead sled from the '70's?

So, didn't this happen before?

I have a really (humiliatingly) dumb question *LOL*.

Support for NUCLEAR Waning!?? WHAT THE F IS GOING ON!????

Illness killing US Marines

Me, Me, Me. Help me with some examples of Republican hypocrisy.

'My lesbian marriage was snatched away'

Baby bushitler (kneal)and RATZiNGER have ties on board of Swiss

Whenever anybody mentions Randi Rhodes...

Not My Pope

Just got my copy of "The Long Emergency"

Clinton impeachment was retaliation for Nixon, says retiring congressman

Just found the outline of my pre-Iraq war speech. Let's see if I was right

Deregulation is another term for lawlessness

Who's Starting To Like Harry Reid?

On Canadian TV: The Power of Nightmares--The Rise of the Politics of Fear

Damn - I'm victim of LexisNexis Identity Theft - Advice?

Mr. Rove. I cannot wait. Tell me about Hillary and the 'gay' aspersions

Plame news:Attorney General refuses to comply with congressional request.

Details Emerge of How Benedict Became Pope

Desperate Bangladeshi mother puts eye on sale

Question about Kosovo...

Why does shill o'lielly hate America so much?

Overall do you approve or disapprove of Lieberman?

Gay Boycott of Microsoft

Are there any updates to predictions for c April 23 happenings? n/t

Inflation -- is your PAYCHECK getting bigger?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Rendezvous!

Human Rights Report Card Student USA

Powell Plays Behind the Scenes Role in Bolton Debate

Bush screwed the middle class: PLUS loans 7.9% by his decree

Michelle Malkin guilty of intellectual dishonesty?

Iraqis say they shot guy in helicopter as revenge for the mosque killings

Why did Moussaoui plead guilty?

If the Republicans "nuke", they are nuking democracy, imposing tyranny.

Great site for my gay bros and sis's!

Last night, while I slept, GOD spoke to "Just Me".

Fuck!!! A friend just emailed that Cheney's energy bill has passed.

Cameron Diaz put it succinctly

Chafee finally stepping up to the plate re Bolton - active in investigatin

As a Option to Gay Rights, Could I propose

Ann Coulter once looked HUMAN...

Sharon's claim of ME War in 2006 a big wedge to fix New York.

My Five-Cents a "Fuck" Fundraiser (not what you think)

Can the Democrats Become a Political Force?

Was Pius XII Hitler's Pope? -- Serious Poll

America Is Doomed

Religious Ldrs Teleconf Fri to Urge Frist Not to legitimize Justice Sunday

Our response to the high gasoline prices should be NO summer vacations

Gallup Poll (if they had the guts)

DOW is up 206.24 points, woohoo! now is the time to PRIVATIZE!

SS flying to Denver to investigate fake SS at town hall meetings

I heard on Air America News that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust

FBI cites Osama's "right to privacy" to redact documents

I've been on Earth 48.5 years now

$81 Billion makes the grand total $300 Billion

Meet Maurice Strong

Vietnam veteran spits on Jane Fonda at book signing

AIPAC dumps officials suspected of passing classified U.S. data to Israel

Senator aiming to nix U.S. weather forecasts enjoyed AccuWeather money

U.S. Demands Passenger Lists for Overflights

Putin: Sale of missiles to Syria will block Israeli flyovers

Diplomat Disputes Bolton Testimony

Allawi Escapes Assassination Attempt

House OKs Energy Bill

May 1st anti-Minutemen protest planned

Support for NUCLEAR Waning!?? WHAT THE F IS GOING ON!????

Israel Fears Regional War In 2006

Border-Watch Group to Stop Patrols

China and France sign Airbus, other deals totalling US$4 billion

Iraqis claim scores more hostages still missing

CIA said to have wrongly held German suspect

Japan PM to Apologize for Past, Eyes Hu Summit

Social Security, War Are Top Issues In US (Harris Interactive)

Air Marshal Sues Homeland Security Chief

McCain, Kennedy to Propose Fining Illegals

British Court Rules to Allow Baby to Die

Military Targets Illegal Gas Sales in Iraq- (Wash. Times)

Saudi Nuclear Interest is Heightening Worries (Also new ties with Iran)

O'Connor Dismisses Ado Over Int'l Law

House Approves Broad Energy Bill

WP: Senate GOP Sets Up Filibuster Showdown

Carnegie Mellon reports computer breach (CERT is at CMU-5000 ID Theft)

Warning on Spread of State Surveillance (The Guardian)

Ailing (Sen. Arlen) Specter Now Pushes Stem Cell Research

1000 Iraqis dying each month: expert (Brookings' O'Hanlon)

Analysis: NSA Intel System Over Budget (SAIC)

FBI Protects Osama Bin Laden's “Right To Privacy"

Desperate Bangladeshi mother puts eye on sale

Follow your conscience, (Sen Arlen) Specter says

BREAKING Colin Powell Raising Concerns about Bolton (WP)

Clinton impeachment was retaliation for Nixon, says retiring congressman

O’Reilly Accuser Buys U.W.S. Condo for $809,500 - (bwaahahaha!)

Fidel Castro More Than Doubles Minimum Wage for Cuban Workers


I'm having a struggle giving a flying fuck about Paula Abdul's "affair."

It's not what you think it is.

Survivor (Spoiler)

Crystal Method

I'm sooo damned tired - and it ain't over yet

Who is your favorite character in the book/movie "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

any good movies playing at the theater this weekend?

Crystal Method

8000 posts? WTF am I doing here?

Reagan In His Prime Or Bonzo The Monkey?

How do you keep your voice down during an argument?

Who's watching bowling on ESPN2?

Great news for the "I Hate Jennifer Lopez" Club

20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity

Folks, I was seriously over-served last night.

Paula Abdul or Apple Strudel

Thanks to an inspirational PM, it's back! The DU Worst Song Ever Tourney!

Young Man!

Crystal Meth

I'm invisable.

Dinner for tonight

The garbage dump a mile away is burning crap again....

I am going to boston for the weekend, and to be soon, ask me anything

Raging Fred!!! It's funny as hell!!!

I saw JimmyJazz NAKED In Her Minivan Today - ASK ME ANYTHING!!

Better get your tickets now, before they're all sold out!!

I met a coroner today that couldn't have been older than 26

I'm inadvisable!

Battle of Sweden

My name is Shikha , however you can call me Kate

The best news in MONTHS

Group portait of the occupants of WillPitt's head

Great site.

Windows ads may have been made using Macs

wooo-hooo Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan concert in CT!

Quote of today.

anybody rememebr the purported revival/remake of V, Lost in Space?

Permanent eyebrows - what do you think?

My flight for Boston leaves at 6:10am CDT. Should I...


Bizarre children...nature or nurture?



DU is hilarious tonight

Who would you nominate as Lounge Court Jester? n/t

My latest CD purchase...

So, I'm stopped at a redlight and I glance over at this guy staring at me.

Self Delete

What alignment are you? (both personal and societal Q's are asked)

Vaginal Stain or Virgin Mary Stain?

I have found a miracle chocolate junk food!

I am off to bed soon, so if anyone gives a rat's ass

Danny Glover will be ER's "newest face".

Help, oh ye Firefox experts

After finishing off my Jesus Juice.......

I Don't Give a Damn

WILL PITT - PAGING WILL PITT! LynneSin gave me an empty bottle


my Hannity post sunk like a stone

My poodle went to the groomer today

To make up for the psychedelic post here is cuteness for every taste.

Check this voice mail out

Mariah Carey is set to become a Bond girl

Kleeb are you there - I need you / Rev even better,

Bill Paxton vs. Bill Pullman

Got me a new (well old) desk chair today...........How did I do?

When do 'Revenge of the Sith' tickets go on sale?

Three hours late getting home tonight.

Nothing says Earth Day....

Take this job and shove it.--I need some advice.

OK, You've got identical twins... Would you give them ID tattoos?

Best way to paper-fasten 72 sheets of paper/?

Firefox help needed!

Any Knights of the Dinner Table fans here?

Paging Will Pitt, would Will Pitt please pick up the white courtesy phone!

If the new L&O series rips this one from the headlines, I'm gonna....

Hypothetical: DU Meetups, same day, east coast vs west coast:

I just reached page 210 in my story that I'm writing

Check out the movie coming on TCM

Yet another cat picture thread

Who Will Replace Nick and Jessica on Newlyweds?

Advice please, please, please.........

Battleships confide in me and tell me where you are

needed new posters, so I bought 'em

This clock is stressing me out ENTERTAIN ME I'm paying money for this

The antidote for those "Bush-Cheney 04" bumper stickers still on cars...

Paris Hilton confirms rift with Nicole Richie

AWWWW, Crappity!!!

BC Duers, I just got back from a Liberal Campaign rally...

Any word on Andy?

Ballerinas are always pretty. Their feet? (warning: Graphic)

Breaking: Hannity pulls head out of Rove's ***, 12 more weeks of winter

I made it to Boston which is no small miracle

Dennis Miller is really a jerk

Need DUers' opinions.

Did The Graphic Borders In Here Just Get Lighter?

Cookie Monster becomes a vegetarian?! (lotsa funny pics!)

Self Delete-A-Thon! Temporary Posts Only!

My 8000th post: a Beast Man photo retrospective.

If Paula is replaced on American Idol, who should take her place?

MSNBC: Monica Crowley "certainly understands" why Fonda was spat upon

Post Your Favorite Mugshot! Here's Mine!

I know, this is so early 1800s, but I want to grow a ponytail...

I find the music of Mozart to be very boring!

What's the #1 election issue for the average Pakuni family?

my vanity post sank like a stone.-NEVER MIND.





Being underage SUCKS! Especially in Boston.

"AARRG!" Friends' property vandalized. Windows shot out. Cop says...

You know, I like Tori Amos' looks, but not her music

Amerie or Krispy Kreme

Please don't kill me

Jennifer Lopez or Pie

Did you know I have cellulite on my knees?

what should i watch

Wanna see my crabs?

Pick my sig line

Triumph the Comic Insult Dog

This post will sink like a stone. Edit: Now with picture!

DUers in long term relationships-an honest question


If you go to Boston on Saturday and get really drunk,

Anyone here post links to

Never thought I'd say this...

MrScorpio OR Pot Brownies?

Look what I just found

Nostalgia Time....anyone remember the FOSTER FREEZE ice cream cone???

***DU WORST SONG EVER: GAME 2, EAST REGION*** of this point there's no one to take care of me, post-surgery.

"Separated At Birth" returns to DU!

Post the last "wow" experience you had with music

God Is Not Moral. People Are.

God is not omnipotent, here's the proof....?

The Apocrypha. Why don't protestants use it, and how authentic is it?

Scientists successfully put mice in suspended animation

Pentagon Denies Support For Repeal Of Sodomy Law

Democrats Vow To Halt Minnesota Gay Marriage Amendment

Suit Challenges Tennessee Anti-Gay Amendment

Great new website.

Unless America becomes more gay-friendy, best and brightest will leave.

Red Sox batting coach suspended

Damn Matt Clement knows how to get out of a jam

Mr. Mia Hamm to be out 2-3 months with groin injury...

Proposal: Two Weeks of Yankee-Red Sox Smack, Then a Truce

The Age of Aquarius

Fresh ammo!

Iraq war veterans talk of struggle at home

Your help requested

How to change email for John Kerry alerts?


Bye, you guys, I'll be back sunday night

Would like to ask you for advise on term-paper about Vietnam war

A shot I took yesterday that I'm rather pleased with

Vote for Delay, or else....

Texas Legislature: And, so it begins...

Bush HAD to be a prick and re-nom these fools-if not for that then NONE of

Santorum on getting rid of minority "veto" power.....What a POS!

Who voted for the new Energy bill?

Slow-motion blow-ups of Delay's and Bolton's careers...

Found this over at Brad's Blog

Shouldn't California's Senators Votes be counted for more than just two?

"Liberal media trying to shape public opinion on new pope"

Jeffords won't run -- Dem pickup?

Conyers Meets with Election Reform Group!

Has anybody seen any nekid pics of Biden floating around on the Internets?

CSPAN Schedule Friday April 22nd

John Bolton renounces politics for Buddhism, becomes Boltonsattava ;-)

Possible flame bait: Is Howard Dean a loose cannon?

Sweet 16 of the Democratic National Bracket Competition has begun.

How will you celebrate May Day?

Ok. Explain why I should vote for Wes Clark

38 Republican senators vote against armor for Humvees

Anyone else believe in the Great Pendulum?

Benedict XVI: peacemaker or Darth Vader?

The Normalization of War

Private Accounts, Public Accountability

Benedict XVI to head crusade vs. secularism, democracy

Is a new cold war brewing in Asia?

Dobson & Perkins: Defunding Judges.

Green States v. White House

It's Terror When We Say So

The new McCarthyism - By Juan Cole

PBS Scrutiny Raises Political Antennas

Democrats Killed Christ

De-nationalising Iraq

The moral bankruptcy of fundamentalism

The Politics of Intolerance

Troubles mount in White House, Bush agenda bogged down

United Airlines to terminate its pension plan

Withdraw Bolton's Name (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

Republican Backing for Bolton Wavering

KRUGMAN: Health insurance industry problem NOT solution

Plame Game Redux

Nominee John Bolton is no diplomat

Armed, dangerous? Tom DeLay goes ballistic

The case against Tom DeLay

Globe Editorial: Delay at bay

Bush Lies, America Cries mark morford sfgate

The War is Lost - feedback on essay sought

Urge senators to oppose "Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act"

bookcrossing - n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place...

Housing Advocates Rally Against Potential Rent Increase (NYC)

Why isn't it ILLEGAL to broadcast LIES?

"Minority" anti-Nielsen group was a front group for Fox

Jeeze the new head of PBS sounds like a winner....(Sarcasm)

Dylan hit the nail on the head re the media... 40 years ago!!!

Is America Going Broke?

Today's paper : "Greenspan- Cut deficit with tax hike" 4/22/05

Warm, Wet Early Spring Unleashes Mosquitoes In Georgia, Florida

GAO Says Bush Climate Research "Program" Violates Federal Law - NYT

cost benefit analysis

100 KM Reef Systems Discovered Off Australian Coast - BBC

Bush Uses Environmental Event To Whine About EPA Nominee

The Earth Day announcement a President should make:

Mysterious Eucalyptus Dieback Hits NW Tasmania Forests

Urge senators to oppose "Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act"

Human Rights Watch (4/19): Give U.N. Monitors Access to Gitmo Detainees

Annexation of Taiwan? `Oui,' says PM

Simon Watts (BBC, April 21): Ecuadorian president squeezed by both sides

Bolton Nomination Vote Set for May 12 in U.S. Senate Committee

The new McCarthyism - By Juan Cole

Why Americans Refuse to Believe 9/11 Evidence!

Zacarias Moussaoui Pleads Guilty To Role In 9/11 Attacks

FBI Tells 911 Rescue Worker to 'Shut Up' Over Finding Airplane "Black Boxe

Exit polls

Election Thieves, April 21 letter to the editor

Something I'm wondering with Mr. Pastor

Once Again, MoveOn Asks for Direction--Give It!

Conyers posts diary at kos on: "..Election Reform Commission: Outrageous"

Lucas Co Ohio BOE Investigation. Interesting findings.

Brad Blog: 4/22/05 A handful of stories, including LandShark on-the-air.

NIST - Technical Guidelines Development Comm.: 4/20-21/05 Plenary Meeting

Electronic Voting Forum in Newtown, CT - 4/27/05

Daily DBD Watch

2005 State VVPAT, Count/Recount, Voting Systems Legislation

Amy Goodman at Glendale College today at 3 PM - 4/22

In San Francisco this Saturday? Come to the Printers' Fair!

LA Time: Maria to the rescue!

A Special Thank You to the United Way for innovative weight loss program.

Anyone going to the LA Times Book Festival?

LA Weekly - Arnold Terminated?

Native Californians living outside the Golden State: Am I the only one?

Contact for progressive radio.

Influence Senator Chafee May 4 on his Bolton vote.

Mayor Menino vs. Maura Hennigan --what's the skinny?

State could lose seat in House after 2010

Walter Mondale at Humphrey Institute Event April 26

Network Solutions DNS service is down

Poll: Ohio (Republican)Governor's disapproval rating highest in 24 years

Central Ohio DU meetup in May (columbus and vicinity)

UT 19th Annual Heman Sweatt Symposium on Civil Rights 4/25-4/29

For those of you who missed "The Cost of War" on Tuesday, Friday, 7:00pm

Action Alert: Send Fax to Dewhurst

Austin's proposed ban on smoking.

Democrats try to solidify challenge against DeLay

KXEB "bootleg" AAR bumper stickers - THE WAIT IS OVER!!!

Snow????? ewagner, you are so on my list

More bad news for Repig Milwaukee Co Exec and goober-natorial hopeful

UW Birth Control Ban (AB 343) Officially Introduced in the State Assembly

Okay, I'm reading in the paper about Samantha Kerkman's

Cool news, and a request for assistance!

Madison wins round one on minimum wage.

New Muslim - Jewish - Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth!

Most humilating nomination fiasco?

audio - Rev. moon double checks Jesus' word...

c--span 2 is replaying the senate speeches - Kerry will be up soon

Neil Bush, Ratzinger co-founders of Swiss "foundation"

The Great Distraction Of The Clinton Years.

Pope reaches out to Jews, promising to foster dialogue

The Next Attack on the Courts: Cut Their Funding

Arnold on Howard Stern right now endorsing blowing up the moon

Pope Benny the Rat # 16 is 4 for 4. A neocon Pope

With all this talk about Popes,

Is heterosexuality a learned behavior?

Since Bug-boy Delay has become a liability to the 'pukes these days...

Access Denied: U.S Restrictions on International Family Planning

FAIR Action Alert: Time Covers Coulter

Early Readers or Proselytizing? . . .

Please explain something ...

The New York Times in Fallujah

A Serious Question....

Why did George and Laura go to Rome for John Paul's funeral?

Hannity Double Standard


Muslim Americans detained on Border

Howard Fineman just reported that things have really improved in Fallujah

The Nazis were on God's side...


"...the amorphous consistency of a street whore's price for a blow job"

Opinions on this America First Party principle?

The use of the phrase "Justice Sunday" is a perversion.

dupe please delete

Local reaction to the idiot who spit on Jane Fonda - good editorial

Insurer wound share reserves under bill

tabloid news whores - pimp daddies - and fake plastic trees

Judith REGAN's Mentoring Tip for Success

Ghostbusting gizmo goes on sale - but watch out for the gremlins

Justice Scalia sides with Delay on criticism of "evolving Constitution."

They keep perpetuating the Fonda lie!

Iraq war: April 22, 2005

Turn on C-SPAN 2! Leahy speaking about Frist and what he's doing on Sunday

Looking for photo of Bush and John Paul from visit

* - live on CSPAN now

The caller on C-SPAN that called in about sections of SS law....

Anyone know the Vatican changed its position on the Iraq war last year?

Mona Charen on C-Span said there "aren't even 250,000 homeless in US"

Coining - "august assassination" of character, ROVE dirty trick

Bush should be laughed into hiding for calling Bolton foes "partisan"

Damn! This is getting expensive! How many more?

I think the budget cuts are REALLY starting to effect our troops.

Who Imports the Most Oil to U.S.?

Time Magazine

Bedbugs and Concrete Images...

Protecting Osama's rights

Rob Portman for trade rep--what does anyone know about him?

Jon Stewart takes a dig at "Time"

Christians Take Over Air America!

House Resources chaiman calls hydrogen cars "bullshit."

George W. Bush Elected Pope ... Cardinals Stunned!

Is anyone here listening to AAR and Springer right now? I'm not sure what

WTF!? CNN continues to publish blatant lies.

Funny sound off in my paper

The anti-judicial movement at work

Arpaio to entrants: Register for draft

Energy Economists at French Bank Warn Oil at $380/barrel in 2015

Why Doesn't LIMBOsevic Charity-fund-raise for an Issue like Drug Addiction

An oldie but goodie: America as a One-Party State

Bob Sheiffer and the CBS evening news

Some Truth About The Focus On The Family Cult

You want to quit drinking or drugs...I'll beat your ass....

Advice From a Jew to Pope Benedict XVI - The Jewish Journal

Are the Smokey Mountains still the most polluted of all our Parks?

On each TV News Program, I would like to see the following disclaimers

Vidclip of the Countdown SC Judge who protects gamecocks but not women

Perhaps the most important words we need to remember:

Negroponte Was Sworn In This Morning --PIX-->>>

MTP schedule for Sunday. Interesting, but not sure I'll watch!!!

White House, Democrats Meet, Quietly

Bush nominee Janice Brown is the ULTIMATE activist judge

Alaskan pipeline in trouble due to melting ground - gonna cost bucks

Just got off phone with republican family member

FBI Tells 911 Rescue Worker to 'Shut Up' Over Finding Airplane "Black Boxe

If you are a Comcast customer, take a good look at your statement

Thank You Skinner & DUer's !!!

Rock the Vote remembers Marla Ruzicka

Anybody Able To Get On 'Family Research Council' Site Today ???

rightwingnuts and their DEATH COMPARISONS;

Earth Day- 20 Simple Steps to Undo Global Warming

Jeff Gannon possible i-view today on MSNBC @ 3:00 pm Central

Remember the movie "Bob Roberts"?

CNN doing LIVE reports direct from THE STAIN 3rd day in a row...

I read the NYT for Bob Herbert and Paul Krugman.

Deliberately Destroying America's Soul - Michael Scheuer

Frist Fundy Sunday Event

After Star Wars, Lucas to make anti-establishment film and TV show

Pic; Bolton in Iraq? (I wish)

EU bans US corn feed

Mona Charen compares democrats to George Wallace regarding school vouchers

Okay, I said I wouldn't do it but I'm doing it

Was Bolton behind death of State Department official?

Militants: Iranians Volunteer for Suicie Attacks (most of them women)

History repeating itself...Democratic talking points

Jiihad on Judges

California DUers.

Conyers on Election Reform Commission

"State a fact, ruin a Liberal's day"

Dick "Go fuck yourself" Cheny on cspan right now with republican lawyers

I received the attached from a Navy guy this morning. And you ask

I need stats on how many Bush's and Clinton's judicial nominees

NASA LOOSENS risk standards for shuttle....Shirley, you jest!

Look, look, look! Powell chimes in on Bolton!

What if the Democrats formed a coalition with moderate Repubs?

I would like to list the things I know about the new Pope that I dislike.

How well informed are you about the judicial filibuster controversy?

Where did the happy, happy Dow go from yesterday?

OMG. The American Medical Association is part of the BFEE now.

Well the new pope did not wait long to rev up the rhetoric

Quote in the News: Who said this?

Northern Ohio Expected to Receive 6-8 Inches of Snow

mr. frist you asshole, liberals are not 'against people of faith' o.k?

Uggghhh I hate Repugs--glimpse of things to come

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find Franken on AAR to be boring

Just curious: Why did AM760 (san diego) kick off Alan Colmes?

Randi's good point:"Why should religous org's, who pay no taxes

Bill Frist's phone is busy.....

bush's whole message on Social Security is: "We Can't"

Have you ever misrepresented yourself to put an IDIOT in his/her place?


pope ratty said: The process against Galileo was reasonable and just."

PBS Scrutiny Raises Political Antennas (duh, ya think??)

Hmm... Methinks We Have Somebody On The Inside...

Well CSPAN is a couple of Brits this afternoon, who cares?

Hey rate this yaho article up, GOP has little support to go nuclear

Braintrust meeting!!-Hannity broadcasting from Zell Miller book signing

Is this site worth anything?

they're baaaaaaaaaaaack -- new toons (friday 4/22)

Free speech battle brewing over students' anatomical buttons

Gannon on MSNBC calling the left blogs

Don't Ask Don't Tell just CAPTION

Last week, I was given a ticket for being a Democrat

for the record Dr. Fristenstein, Dems are 'against PUSHY people of faith'

Gotta love Olberman ... Last night he

I haven't watched Network News/Local News regularly since forever

North Korea...what would you do?

would politics even exist if the money was removed from it?

THe following was over our Student Message of the Day email....

So... If Daylight Savings Time Is Extended By Two Months...

Wendy's finger lady charged: would YOU eat there now?

Oh man, I need HELP

It's Earth Day...what are you doing today?

Media Alert: Gannon coming up on MSNBC at 4:30 EST

45 DEM Senators Represent 3.4 Million More than 55 Republicans

nuke your nose and earth day toons

Does anyone have a link to the transcript of...

Question of the Day: Is Congress representing your interests? No 94%

What's with the Boondocks McDonalds bashing?

Dean: We were framed. (for those of you who thought he was veering right)

Wild Horses Found Killed at Slaughter Plant

It appears North Korea is preparing to detonate a nuclear weapon soon

Would DUers help me raise money to send students to CDAC'05?

Let Me Make This Crystal Clear

FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders

Sweet 16 of the Democratic National Bracket Competition has begun.

Letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Dems Re: Bolton

What's worse? A self-avowed homophobe or a stealth homophobe?

What Has Earth Day Devolved Into?

Lakoff Posts on Kos: Counter Protest at Frist Event

Why do the Dominionists want Bush's judges so badly?

Weapons for the religious wars

Rally for Social Security DC on Tuesday. Reid, Pelosi, and others.

ExxonMobil Spends Millions Funding Global Warming Skeptics

OK,I know it's not original, but

Has MSM picked up on Nuclear/Theocracy bit?

Who is this Jenny Backus on the Tweety show?

as taxes for the wealthy go down, the price of gasoline goes up

I 'haven't served in the military." Does my opinion matter?

Help! My Cafepress Store Is A Miserable Failure! Any Ideas???

Notice how Bush has not said ONE WORD on Filibuster

Preznit DWEEB (photo)

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher

Reading Bosshog's post about putting a punk in his place reminded

Cheney WARNS Democrats on filibuster

Action Alert: Bringing out Clinton Faux Scandal to Cover mess...

What is a filibuster anyway?

Why is it bad to be too liberal but okay to be too conservative?

How Microsoft using gays and lesbians can get back at Microsoft

Mencken's Creed

***About the religion wars at DU***

Today's NYT has some very bad news for our automakers.

John Kerry's Senate floor speach 4/21/05 (Must Read)

If You See A Shrine In A Chinese Restaurant, A Ganesa In An Indian

Friday News Dump: Cheney Signals WH Wants the Fight on Filibusters

"Public servant, " blah, blah, blah

YO: Reid: Bush Lied About White House Role in Nuclear Option

'SoupMan' to sell products in grocery stores across the Nation!!

Attempt to clarify misconceptions of the yahoo article on Ratzinger.

There are two types of people in this world

A "hint" of trouble in the Repub ranks

Can I hoard gas?

Peace to all DUer's of faith on this Passover weekend.

If you like Coulter even a little, you'll LOATHE her after reading this

I had to FIGHT with my Dr's office to get my birth control pills refilled!

I have an appointment at Johns Hopkins!!!!

Taliban/Evangs MUST BE STOPPED!

Earth Day- Who is the World's Greatest Polluter?

Frist's buddy calls Roman Catholic Church a "false church"

Rev. Matthew Fox on Ratzinger, the New Pope Benedict XVI

LMAO!! Mother Nature prevents Bush from visiting my area for Earth Day

Democratic Party Leadership and the Iraq Quagmire

If it is right to call Pope Benedict a Nazi

Is the Bankruptcy bill a prelude of things to come?

Use of children to promote hate? WARNING! DISTURBING PICTURES!

religion is not a political tool

Spirit Exploration Rover records movies of 'Dust Devils' (Mars)

Pity, such a wealthy nation has such little Art and Culture appreciation.

What a DISGRACE! BBC News Offers REAL USA News!

Repuke "Christian" woman PUNKS a little kid:

This board is becoming a religious nightmare.

I was called a "Coward Liberal" today

"Justice Sunday"--find a broadcast or church in your area!

If I See A Fish Symbol In A Yellow-Pages Ad...

Caption the Chimp!! (photo)

OK... Re-Caption This !!!

Anyone seen this Anti-Fonda E-mail?

Anti Frist Protest in Louisville Ky -- Keep kicked please.

Since My Last Post Got Pulled, Here Are Some Facts on Blackwater Security

How many straight DUers have gay relatives?

This is how OUTRAGEOUS the Energy Bill is!!

Imperialism-lite, according to Howard Dean

Feds' weather information could go dark

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy TOONS!


MSNBC: Jeff Gannon agrees to DNA test - (VIDEO)

Osama bin Laden-Martin? They Don't Even Make Sense..

Tory candidates in marginal seats stir up storm by playing race card

Hard working families don't go to the toilet in the middle of the road ...

Anyone watch the BNP pp broadcast last night?

How would you like political interviews to be done?

Blair's forgotten victims

2 Senior AIPAC Employees Ousted (amid an FBI investigation)

Car Bomb Blast Kills 8 in Shiite Mosque

Roadside bomb kills US soldier in Iraq (#1567)

State Police official denies blocking murder investigation

BBC (Friday): Canada PM 'to call early polls'

Kerry's Minnesota visit may have wider purpose

We successfully sealed area, border volunteers claim

Detaining of entrants not a crime

High-level Vatican vacancies provide fuel for rumor mill

UK Academics back Israeli boycotts

Japan PM Apologizes for WWII Aggression

Michael Moore sets up 'hellraiser' scholarship

WaPost: Greenspan Renews Warning on Budget Deficits (Oh, now you tell us)

Nagasaki A-bomb victim to accompany exhibit here

Evangelicals discuss changes in judiciary

Colo. Lawyer Says Bush Event Being Probed

US spy inquiry pair fired

Lawyers resign over oil-for-food 'whitewash'

Europe's Biggest Terror Trial Begins

Iraq War Veteran to Speak in Boone-Navy Corpsman Addresses Veterans Rights

Reuters: Castro More than Doubles Minimum Wage to $10/Month

Santorum Raises $100,000 From Fla. Donors (Schiavo)

Mexico City mayor labels Fox a "disgrace"

2 Retired Detectives Plead Not Guilty to Murdering for the Mafia

Saudi Arabia is safer than Nottingham, says envoy

Gorbachev hits out at US over nuclear weapon arsenals

Durbin prods VA to add counselors for troubled vets

Saddam's men strike back in purge that left river of blood

Former Bush Ambassador Challenges Bolton's Testimony and Diplomatic Style

Senator to Try New Strategy on Accounts for Retirees

Va. Court Affirms Sniper's Death Penalty

Allawi list refuses to join Iraqi cabinet without five posts

Nineteen Iraqi army corpses found in Baiji (not Haditha stadium massacre)

Virtual reality 'war' helps treat troops traumatised by combat

Woman arrested in chili finger case

Iraq-bound unit headed by a woman

U.S. grapples with domestic violence problem

Japanese PM apologises over war

Pope Says Wants to Serve, Not Be Honored

4 Dead As Militants, Saudi Forces Clash

Bush visiting national park for Earth Day

Grand Jury Meeting Over Wal-Mart Expenses

Ex-Coaldale police chief apologizes for criminal action

'Shoe bomber' co-conspirator sentenced to 13 years

German businesses try to deny mistreatment in WWII

Iraqi Leaders May Recruit Ex-Saddam Agents

Lawyers: Moussaoui Unfit to Plead Guilty

Rice Accused of Suppressing Terror Info

U.S. missile company scouts Labrador

Newt Gingrich sorry for comments about Canada

Bush Cancels Great Smoky Mountains Visit

Gay rights measure rejected by Senate (Washington State)

Microsoft Comes Under Fire for Reversal on Gay Rights Bill

*White House) Climate Research Faulted Over Missing Components

For Bush, home is a box in Chicago

Portland pulls out of anti-terror task force

Policeman faces dismissal over airport brutality claim

Man accused of burning police officer at GOP Convention expects charges to

German fury at 'insults' to Pope

Chairman of Voting Reform Panel Resigns


Another GOP Senator Hesitates On Bolton

LAT: Vital Nuclear Parts Missing

U.S. Sees Nothing Definitive on N. Korea Nuke Tests

Argentina and Brazil rap Cuba on human rights

Hospital Impostors Get Homeland Security Attention

Beijing Makes Friends and Riches in Africa

U.S. missile company scouts Labrador

Another GOP Senator hesitates on Bolton

Oil-drilling protesters bring dessert: Huge baked Alaska is shared ...

White House to Enforce Abortion-Fetus Law

Oil Headed for Biggest Rally in 4 Months on Fuel-Supply Concern

Schwarzenegger's Top Ally (Maria) Steps In

Jesse Jackson Joins NYU Grad Students

US Says Ecuador Must Have Elections, but New President Says No

Slayings heighten concerns in Basra (another mess)

Pope's home town witnessed Nazi atrocities against Jews

Ecuador Crisis Affects FTA Talks(w/o Gutierrez FTA needs a new cheerleader

Bush to Nominate Pace to Lead Joint Chiefs

Kin of dead man sues over stun gun (AR / wheelchair)

Greenspan's baby boomer warning falls on deaf ears

S.C. Lawmakers' Remarks Lead to Uproar

Woman who said she found finger arrested

Colo. School Apologizes Over Pledge Change

50 Sick After Chemical Truck Crash

Church tightens security for event (for telecast on judicial dispute)

Army on Belize's streets after riots, one dead

Eleven States Have Waiting Lists for AIDS Drugs

Pelosi pressed for trip records

Today Sponge contraceptive approved by FDA (Yay!)

Jeb Bush to Lead U.S. Delegation to Rome

Poll: Ohio (Republican)Governor's disapproval rating highest in 24 years

Helicopter downed in Iraq; video shows apparent killing of lone survivor

Students moved off campus after threats

Longmont Employee Sues City To Stop Investigation (CO / free speech)

CIA accused of detaining innocent man (They knew he was innocent too)

US Urges New Poll in Ecuador

Salazar lets fly: Focus on Family aims to create theocracy in U.S,

Houston Chronicle: Warren Buffet buys a large stake in Anheuser-Busch.


2 Evangelicals Want to Strip Court's Funds (DeLay involved)

Moussaoui pleads guilty to 9/11 crimes

Cheney Weighs in on Judicial Filibusters (warns Democrats)

Feds probe real estate agents (6% commissions)

6 Wild Horses Sold by U.S. End Up at a Slaughterhouse

Army clears top Abu Ghraib case officers

New Pope condemns Spain gay bill

Venezuela Ends U.S. Military Exchange

Video shows police handcuffing 5-year-old (FL) warning - picture

"Fear and Loathing" Among the GOP (Abramoff trial)

Dean: We Were Framed

Sooo - I had a dream last night that involved someone who looks

O'Reilly says "I don't blame Ann Coulter for being teed off."

It's a good sign when you've worked 13 hours

It Certainly Is A Beautiful Spring in Vermont!

Poll question: Do you agree with this statement?

I have escaped the 700 Club! n/t

What is the deal here?

A Poke at the Pope

The spell check wasts to make frist frost.

American History X is coming on IFC in a sec...

Can't believe I'm still up.

Is Condi the anti-christ?

toons for Friday (4/22/05) -- enjoy

anyone noticed that the avatars are missing on IE 6 "Favorites"?

Police: Teen faked BMW theft to buy Bentley

Calling all dream interpreters...

Urrrrggggh, I feel crappy! Sinus infection

Ok, well I'll see ya guys when I get back

Help! Can I drink coffee before having blood work done?????

Is it too early to wish John Shaft

I found my first grey hair today ...

United States of Jesus - Sutton Impact

Papal Election (joke)

Time Managing Editor: Moore cover top seller last year

My Buddy that got injured in Iraq....

ahhhhhhh ....

Even Powell thinks John Bolton is a loser.

Man Released From Prison, Immediately Steals Van - Arrested

So what DON'T you believe in?

Booster Wants Parents to Get in Step

As if Cricket matches weren't exciting enough

New Summer Trend....Ouch!

Oasis Play Bennicassim 2005

Stormtrooper Olympics-30,000 strong GEEKFEST

Piano moving is NOT rocket science

The (d)Evolution of America...In pictures

Honda To Offer Natural Gas Vehicle With Refueling Machine


Yet another bumper sticker idea

Beware of epson printers if you plan on refilling your ink cartridges.

CT DUers - anybody going to the Culture Wars forum tonight?

I Feel Like Crap Today. Should I Take A Nap?


Happy Passover, early (for my fellow Jewish DU'ers)!

I just donated a car to Goodwill

Smoking wimp who can't spit


Smoking pimp who can't quit

Do you see a resemblance?

It's Earth Day!

Here's a voodoo doll....

Should The Captain and Tenille be charged with Crimes against Humanity?

*Madison* the movie

ICP face in TREE - Call CNN

Officer on Toilet Accidently Fires Gun

Does Pep Boys have the least competent workers of any major chain?

Today is Battle of Flowers day in San Antonio..

Porn replaces Disney from county library

Disney Movie Checked Out From Library Turns Out To Be Porn

wow! there was just a big fire out front

Happy birthday to Jack Nicholson!

im a good girl now

bill frist would be suprised to hear this one

I think the budget cuts are REALLY starting to effect our troops.

Ben&Jerry's founders serve Baked Alaska to protest ANWR drilling

I'm hungry

Jazzfest at the Fairgrounds with 12 stages

Got a free Sunday? Want to drive some kittens to a new life?

Hey DU'ers, it's the "Make Your Own Flame War" Kit!

My great doc (I love him) prescribed Ambien to me.

In these shoes????

I just got The Who's Quadrophenia off of BMG. Ask me anything.

Who would you rather be? Mary Kate or Ashley Olson?

On the off-chance that nobody has said so yet:

Flip side: Who would you rather be? Rhett Butler or Ashley Wilkes

Is there favoritism at your work place ?

YOUR dream job. Snake handler, Circus Geek or Karl Rove's Proctologist?

You Know, I like Famous Amos' hats, but not his cookies!

Check out today's cartoon

Polls About Pot Brownies OR Pot Brownies!

The Statue of Liberty said, "Come!" New York City...Que pasa, New York?

F it. I'm taking the rest of the day off.

Take the Star Wars Poll: Your opinion on the upcoming movie

Well the first days are the hardest days, don't you worry anymore

Hilarious pic - dog & cat

Today is the first day this week I'm not hung over.

I'm sailing!!!!

Just a hug for someone special.

I have tag-team earworms today!

Fishermen steal mako's lunch...

Bush, Pace and Rummy share a hearty belly laugh. Your thoughts.


So, how do you steal a dress?

Chick Tract of the Day: Highway To Hell

Clique Tract of the Day: Highway To Hell

Springer trying to get dems to date on his show

Getting your ass kicked by a seal hunter or a bucket of KFC?

noone has posted in ATA for the last 5 hours...

Another unconfirmed Virgin sighting!


The things teens do to their drunk sleeping "friends."

Question for photoshoppers

just a lug for someone special

CONFESS!! What forums do you have saved in the "My Forums" section of DU?

i found god

just a pug for someone special

existential poll

Yo, what's up with the admins?

Aren't You Guys ALL S'posed to be on Planes, Boats and Trains by Now?

Look at what I found!

Any "Project Greenlight" fans here?

Check the Live Netcast in my link

Let me know when the weekend has arrived...

Firemen light folks' fire

Can "Dear Abby" help this man?

Do you say JOYSee or JURSee?

12 hours of Mrs. Miller, or Dr. Kevorkian?

Hey, how come the DU Pope conclave is being held in Boston?

The worst part of going to DU parties...

So how do you deal with stress?

The Downtempo MOTHERLOAD!!! Jam City, Son!

My brother and his GF left for Paris and Amsterdam yesterday

I'm Depressed - someone referred to Missouri as Deliverance

Okay Linux experts...answer me this.

Can't Find the Lyrics!!! "I Sing Just To Know I'm Alive" by Nina Simone

Grease Poll: Shy, Prissy Sandra Dee Or Hot Biker Slut Sandra Dee?

BREAKING NEWS: Robb is STILL a Dingbat

It's official: I'm a good kisser

BREAKING-Mother earth refuses to signify that Bush is the Pope

Franken show listers:

California DUers.

Robb is a Dingbat

Is surgical repair of an avulsion a revulsion?

The praline is the apostrophe of the dessert world

Who was the LA DUer driving So. on Fairfax this morning around 9:30?

Does anyone remember Olympia Greek Ice?

When do you care?


If the new Pope wants a bowl of soup, a Seinfeld character comes to rescue

Brace yourselves... I'm gonna brag!!

Tandy for $8500....remember when!

anyone here a fan of hedwig and the angry inch?

Do you say "O-HI-o" or "Itchy, painful fungus"?

Help! Find me a decorative corner or frame gif I can swipe.

Brian Auger live (I think) interview on WCSB Cleveland right now.

New GWYO page is up!

Tom Delay or this pile of Sri Lankan Elephant Dung

need link so i can stream Air America-

I THOUGHT I could do an "appropriate" Crown Prince Abdullah thread.

JUST GOT THE CALL!!!! Heading Out To Pick Up GOPisEVIL!!!

Better yet, who wants Gelato

I'm going on record as stating that there's no way I'm falling for Kathy's

Native Californians living outside the Golden State: Am I the only one?

Do you Say "Ted Nugent" or "Useless, Brain-Dead Sack of Shit"?

If I think about it long enough..........

Fuck the Mainland!

NoOOOOoOOOO! I'm melting! I'm melting!

sittin at worked, bored out of myskull-entertain me....

Who would you rather be: Ashlee Simpson or John Wilkes Booth?

I think I'll start looking for another job, now.

Do you ever get so upset

Woohoo! The property assessor was just here.

ATTACK of the RED X's!!!!

Any Chicagoans wanna have a drink after work?


when i die (prayerfully not any time soon)

KTLK fights back from neo-con editorial.

It's obviously my day to get beat up

Holy Shit! What just happened? n/t

Will the new Pope admit to the existance of dinosaurs?

NYC to Tahiti nonstop.

Friday afternoon joke!


Hey hoooooooo nobody's home.

I forget about "Bounce Your Boobies" every single time!!!

Who wants ice cream?

Inventor Creates Soundless Sound System - *This* is cool

Where are all the kitty posts?

Why do people whistle when they don't know how?



Interesting find on amazon today...

Friday Bounce your boobies Thread!

Fuck Hawaii!

Polish scientists

Talking Shit about the Yankees, or Pot Brownies?

Lil Stevie Winwood tonight at the Jazzfest in New Orleans

'If I listen long enough to you"

This chicken is on CRACK!

Canada is fucked....

What's your favorite kooky RW conspiracy theory?

New Superman is on the case!

Turner Classic Movies has 5 Hope-Crosby "Road" movies in a row today

Got Beer?

LMAO, . . . I can think of a LOT of people

GOPisEvil sent me the REAL picture of Matcom's home life...

I keed you not-the funniest 10:25 ever filmed

we have no plans for boston...

Look Who Died On This Date in History

Headlines We'd Like to See, April 22, 2005, TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF

Woman Holds Up Salon After Bad Haircut

Sweet news, and a call for assistance!

I'm Jerry Falwell. Ask me anything.

Do any DUers drive with a "Rat Dog" on their laps?

so Long stink town!!

My All-Time Favorite Song From The 1960's is Petula Clark's "Downtown"...

Who would you rather be? Scarlett O'Hara or Melanie Wilkes?

Zookeepers want Chimp to kick the habit

Johnny Gosch on MSNBC

Screen cleaner? Do you have one of these?

no soup for you! soup nazi product line

So I'm getting my cat shaved tomorrow.

Bay Area Wendy's restaurants: free "Junior Frosty" this weekend...

For my 5000th post, I want to say something important:

The Grateful Dead or a shotgun blast to the face?

I think I may have to quit my job

Photo Gallery: over-the-top Bush glurge found on eBay

Britney Spears or a 1973 Ford Pinto w/ Wood Panel Sides

I'm outta here in 5 minutes! Ask me anything!!!

Can I post a thread after only fifty posts, or

Boston party headcount.

Anyone besides me remember this TV show?

Woman behind Wendy's chili claim arrested!

I sneezed toothpaste on my mirror and saw an image of......

Had a good prank played on me

When You're 17 & Your $45,000 BMW Just Isn't Enough...

Boy do I feel dumb

Do you say BAWSton, or BASSton?

YES!! We are all SPONGE WORTHY again!!!

The Evil Life: How to drive DUers crazy.

Question about checking credit scores???

Phish or a chrome-plated shovel to the teeth?

Don't you just love the Internet?

Complete this statement: I am happiest when I am

Doobies! Post here and introduce yourself!

Boston Sux

What would Will Pitt say?

This is way too funny

Who here has heard of a Fuck It Bucket?

UPDATE: In-Home Supportive Services has been approved.

Try my brand of "Yesterday Contraceptive Sponge!"

In the Groove... Pick your fave

2 courts want to strip evangelicals naked (deLay involved)

July 14, 1789

For those NOT going to Boston: Sulk at the Lounge pity pouty party here!!

That crust on the side of my mouth: what is it?

I need a good prank to play on a co-worker.

first look at new Superman

Law School Finals

Remember: It is "German Beer Day"

Bettie Page or a Chocolate Truffle Torte?

DO-BEES! Check into Romper Room and introduce yourself!

Buy one get one free abortions and gay weddings in Boston this weekend.

T-shirt designs, which one do you like?

An Earth Day Message From Steven Seagal

HEY! Is that a NUKE up your Nose??? (toons)

Lineups for tonights "Dinner for Five", "Real Time: will Bill Maher"

The IRS cashed my check in record time...!!!

Ebay and Firefox

Do you think SPAM wrestling would be sexy?

Check out the trailer for "The God Movie"

Donatella Versace on cocaine: "I had the best time of my life"

Sweet Sweet Sweet

Who knows why today is earth day?

Click here for HOT CHICKS!!!!

Who shot Mr. Burns pt 1 on next. Love this episode

If you guys start collecting money now, you could probably get me this...

NEW Family Guy online--LEAKED!!

The Greatest Book

Click here for more hot chicks

DUers IN BOSTON: Read this.

Confess: What smiley do you use the most?

Bush Twins to Team Up with Paris Hilton on "Simple Life"

Wouldn't it be cool if DU had a classified ad section?


Why men should not babysit

Don't you love when you have to work late,

Would you trade Joe Lieberman for Frank Luntz?

Gimme your recipe for Eggs Benedict XVI

Today's hypno-rant. Our 'society':

Are the Bushies actually double agents out to destroy this country?

BURTWORM! Please do me the honor of hitting 20,000 posts in this thread!

Got weltschmertz? Get Mary Gautier. >

Andrew Bird

Hey good looking!!! We'll be back to pick you up later!!!

My daughter and her friends just left for a weekend trip to Memphis

" Click on this link for the Real World "

Waiting for UPS to come sucks ...

Send me a dollar

I have lost my sense of smell and taste

I just got tickets to three games


If a thread gets kicked and nobody posts to it, did it ever really...

Far be it from me to blame a victim....but

Did you ever just want to be unconscious?

Let's DISS All The DUers Who Are Going To Boston Behind Their Backs!!!

Bolton vows to use moustache to scare America's foes

New Pope loves cats, and they love him

Curious..What is your definition of an oldbie and a newbie?

Knife Pulled out of Russian Patient’s Head

President Bush Marks Earth Day

Hideous new fad: "Corset Piercing"

Going to work in two hours...

Bolton looks like one of the old guys in the balcony on Sesame Street!

Smoking chimp who can't quit


C'mon. 'Fess up.


Help-Appreciate Some Input

OMG Hank Hill the Bigot

4/22/05 Weird Word of the Day

You might be a child of the '80s if....

How many gay DUers have straight relatives

Happy Birthday to...

Awright you godless (and Godly) Muthas...I'm Back!

First look at Brandon Routh in his new Superman costume

What exactly set off the Admin revolt in ATA?

are the Mods gone too?

Is Skinner okay?

Forget Jesus, I Strive To Live My Life More Like Bob Marley Every Day!

My Four Month Old Daughter Is A Memeber Of Babies Against Bush!!!

Poetry group initiative

To all Bush supporters and voters, freepers, and fundamentalist Christians.

Sweet 16 of the Democratic National Bracket Competition has begun.

Lushball said today.."everyone knows all the babes

In San Francisco this Saturday? Come to the Printers' Fair!


The Silent Treatment.

True or False:

Wasn't Earth Day originally 4/20 but moved up 2 days because of the drug

Okay all you Seattle Washingtonians, tell me about your area. MrG got

Tell me I have to go to the gym today

What the hell is an "aggressive smoker"?

Accurate portrayal of a conservative, kool-aid drinking family:

what a way to start a friday morning -- should I hide for rest of day?

Saccharine Trust or getting your eyelids shaved off?

So this is what Adlai Stevenson must've felt like.

Something that would be a total waste (chip in with your own):

Humorous pet pic I felt I needed to share.

Do you say Dwog or Dawg?

I'm bugged

What are the Admins up to really?

HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!! GUESS WHAT???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm NOT voting for Al Smith in 1928 if he picks Joseph Robinson as his VP.

Newbies! Post here and introduce yourself!

Oldbies! Post here and introduce yourself!

Radio interview with Captain Paul Watson

EXPOSÉ: The "Christian" Mafia

Talking Points – Op Ed Points – Letter Points: “Justice Sunday”

Celebrating the killing of other's children.

Fat kills! Or maybe not... (study in JAMA)

Science wakes up to idea of human hibernation

Feeling safe and secure? CUMC scientists find it's all in the caudoputamen

Journey To The Center Of The Earth - Cavers smash world depth record.

Out of this world: belt of asteroids circles a sun

'Info-mania' dents IQ more than marijuana

Creationist lawsuit in Michigan

Anatomy of a coming out

Forum on Black gays stirs emotions

Gonna be startin' somethin'

United Church of Christ will debate same-sex marriage resolution

GOP Gays and the 'Finkelstein Phenomenon'

I just got an email to vote for the MLB All-Star team

Phillies-Red Sox 24 June 2005

Pedro Martinez Is Going To Win The NL Cy Young Award

congrats to the yankees and their fans

I give up! I'm changing my Milwaukee Brewers avatar!

I think I cured my incontinent female dog

we're getting another FOSTER greyhound on Monday

Our battle

Yet another bill from Kerry

Wrtie to C-Span, ask for rebroadcast time

Want another thread about election fraud? They say Kerry's working on it.

Please read. This MSNBC incident is disturbing...

Keith sighting on Home Page and in LBN too !

New O.o Feature - Vox Populi

If there were a KeithWorld what kind of rides & attractions would it have?

From the Family Research Council....

Anyone in the corporate media commented on Neil Bush S&L / bankruptcy bill

Call Family Research Council re "Justice" Sunday 800/225-4008

Henry Hyde should step down NOW!

Do you know anyone against stem cell research?

Graphical tool shows DeLay's Interlocking Scandals

Today's Kerry speech

2 women (1is Afro-Amer)-chosen by Repugs for filibuster showdown

Bernie Ward: "History is going to judge Greenspan as a disaster."

memo from Barbara Boxer regarding judicial nominations.

Why our news anchors are nothing short of POS.(BBC video links)

"They Also Admit to Wearing Democratic Underwear" (Denver 3)

Powell playing quiet role in Bolton fight

Instead of National...why not call it the INTERNATIONAL 'Right to Life'?

My take on Justice Sunday.

Do you agree with this statement?

American Justice: Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty In A Court Of Law

The Cost of Our Unequal Health Care System

Private equity firms follow in Carlyle Group's footsteps

One Wonders How The Cardinals Liked The New DIEBOLD Papal Ballots

Draft General Clark to run in the Democratic Presidential primary!

Fighting for Election Justice and Integrity Teach-in

Kaybee Toys (Republican bastards)

Ever wonder what the pot calling the kettle black looks like? Looky here

Who’s Donated Money to Tom DeLay’s Legal Expense Trust

Five Denominations, NCC Join to Declare FY2006 Proposed Budget "Unjust"

* is a tax cheat!

Mandelson, the computer king and a party on a luxury yacht

Clinton impeachment was retaliation for Nixon, says Henry Hyde

Lobbyists Double Spending in Six Years

A helpful suggestion about the Bolton nomination...

Guilt, reconciliation and the German pope

GOP leaders face dissent in party

I'm going to Camp Wellstone next week

Got my laugh for the day

CNN: "Hastert: Democrats protecting their own in ethics dispute"

It was George W Bush that chose Bernie Kerik and John Bolton...

Something The Left & Right Have In Common

In your opinion, what's the best way to counter "Justice Sunday"?

For the "Hillary 2008" folks, Malkin's already doing Rove's dirty work

Funny response to an article I posted

fundraising by party by state

Gay rights measure rejected by Senate (Washington State)

It's coming back to haunt us

On Earth Day, because the GOP & Bush are so eco-friendly...

Anybody have some unbiased news sources about media fear of retribution

Bush on msnbc-earch day speech

Help Maria, de von't listen to me!!

The Jerry Seinfeld Theory For Voting Republican

Is Congress representing your interests?

Jerry Springer is embarassing today!

Thank You Colorado Dems

If Bolton is confirmed as next US ambassador to the UN

Santorum and the Weather money in his pocket

Jiihad on Judges

Salazar: Focus on the Family = Theocracy.

Ask Dr. Frist (The Nation)

IRAQ $300,000,000,000.00-"to help finance the most disastrous foreign policy"

Rasmussen Poll: Bush Job Approval Drops 7 Points In 3 Days

Frame Shop: The Blame Frame (via Daily Kos Diary)

Senator Carper's Hold on EPA Nominee Irks Bush -

Does anyone have anything on Frist - scandals, irregular votes, anything?

We must watch/listen to this Sunday's 'Justice Sunday' simulcast. Heads up

Has anybody seen this site:

Is there a list of Churches that are having these rightwing hate fests?

Hillary Clinton Supporters DU Group is up and running!

Does your precinct rotate ballot positions?

Dems Up In Poll - - Generic Congressional Ballot

Antonin Scalia attacks judicial filibuster

The message: Delay is so radical that not even *Reagan* appointees...

Dem leader Reid says Bush lied/Reid's statement

Why did the repukes vote against the humvee armor?

Filibuster and the Judicial Nominees

Vatican says "One cannot say that a law is right simply because it is law"

Waxman's Letter to State Dept. I.G. (Wants Terror Data Investigation.)

DFA for Vermont meets and greets Bernie Sanders.

House Passes Energy Bill Letting Feds Override States on LNG Terminals

Proper action for dealing with sex offenders

David Dreier (R-CA) on "Hardball"...WTF? Bolton WRONG, but SO WHAT?

ABC yanks, replaces story

"..most determined and vicious dictatorships we have ever seen"

Seriously: how much freakin' brush is ON that goddam ranch?

Kerry, Santorum, team up again

Hahaha!! Mona Charon just now on WJ just said that

The most discriminated against group in the USA

Scalia attacks judicial filibuster/Video

Frist's contact numbers - use em :

DeLay's Assault on the Courts Is The Beginning

Join me in a National boycott of the New York Times...

Please help me de-freep this wingnut newspaper (DELAY)

Forget "Neocons" - it's a terrible label that communicates no menace.

DejaVu....A Deeper History of the United States.....

The "Third Way" - An Albatross around the neck of the Democratic Party

You won't believe this Barry Goldwater quote!!!

DU Action ALERT: Microsoft Corporation Betrayal of Gays in Washington Stat

Is "Theocracy" a good meme Albatross to hang on the Repukes?

Polls: Bush doesn't get good marks on the environment.

Jesus Smiles As Hate-filled Freepers Dance on Marla Ruzicka's Corpse

Republicans have all their eggs in one basket

Dean on Abortion: "No One is Pro-Abortion."

Can we turn drilling in ANWR into a populist movement for nationalization

AP: Republican Chairman of Voting Reform Panel Resigns!

OK, folks, here you go...Ratzinger AND his family OPPOSED Hitler.

Contact your US Representative - IMPEACH BUSH