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Archives: April 23, 2005

Venezuelan Women International-Women's Solidarity Conference

Morford gets it right again (Bush Lies....)

Religious Capitalism's Embrace of Social Darwinism

Help, please!

They May Be Murderers, but They're Our Murderers-Death Squads in Iraq

What's the Matter with Liberals?

Venezuela: Illiteracy Free Territory

An' I thought it was only "US" idiots that where plagued by such things.

Amnesty International's 12-Point Programme for the Prevention of Torture

The Bolivarian Revolution:There is no third way- We must choose Socialism

Weekend Conference On Prisoner Torture (Berkeley)

Woohoo! Bill Mahr Rocks!

Conservation Easements Growing In Popularity In Montana

Does your utility offer a Green Power option or sell Green Tags?

Scientists advise China to match current worldwide nuclear capacity.

Chernobyl question: how many square miles uninhabitable?

China's newest forest built of wood from other nations

Constitutional Ammendments set for Ohio election reform

KOEB meeting ERF DAY! Fri. 4-22-05

Feds are working on the 2006 DRE set-up. Wilms post a must read!

DeForest Soaries resigns from EAC--no government interest in reform

Ducks in a row was not the way to go! Kerry and the Dems ...

Chairman of Voting Reform Panel Resigns

Dude. Kucinich just called me. I can deliver a message to him tomorrow

April 29th Meetup count so far

Who here knows anything about Tom Brinkman?? Introducing legislation to

I'm not one to spread rumors but....

The “Keep Texans from Voting” Act

Student arrested for threat against Bush.

YES!!!!!! COUNTDOWN connecting dots on Filubuster!!

Keith EXPOSING filibuster NOW!!!

UPDATE: Anti Frist Protest in Louisville Ky

Weather alert for South Louisiana and Mississippi

My Fraternity brother just got called up. Ships out to Iraq tomarrow.

Air America needs to get their act together

Religious wars? After life? Heavens and Hell?

For The 100th Time, It's Not Bigotry To Oppose Bigots

Have we forgotten that John Kerry is Catholic

When the rove machine crashes will a sound be made

The Kings of America - What a Theocracy will do to America

Will history show that piratization of social security will be the straw

Today's Bushism

Any body know if the investigation of 9/11 homicides Spitzer announced

Has the U.S. secretly approved the "Islamic Bomb" created by

J. C. Watts warns party not to get comfortable...mentions Dean and values.

"Justice Sunday" plans?

"conservatives think the new pope will help them in the 2008 election"

Signs of the End Times (are we there yet?)

Many killed in Baghdad blast (Sat.)

Please tell my why the hell these samples were sent to Lebanon?

I Like Drew CAREY-=Does That Make Me a Wingnut? I Don't THINK So

No. I am NOT going to go buy Beanie Babies for Iraqi children.

Bush Lies, America Cries

Biden asked on C-SPAN if he is thinking of running for President....

Sean Insannity is having "Best Selling Author" Zell Miller on

Condi: Is the Russian press more free than the American press? Read this

I Am Beginning to Believe Iraq was better with Saddam

US museums fearful of losing funding for showing Palestinian exhibit.

Help, please!

if the DLC Third Way approach is all we need,

GOP Volunteer Probed on Role at President's Speech

My hatred for the Catholic Church rises by the hour.

question for centrists: should progressives leave the party?

Jane Fonda on Real time-she's excellent

Oh Boy, We are Screwed If You are a Working Stiff, Like Me,

Another story the non existent liberal media didn't cover today

Bush's latest gem.

Malloy mentioned a site for Christians:

North Korea testing weapons?

O'Reilly needs to challenged

"Finger" found at Wendy's a hoax

There's battle lines being drawn....

Are there any republican senators left who are willing to bolt?

A plea

If any of you are going to the protest on Sunday in Kentucky

REID and others hold Town Meeting 4/23 - Columbus, OH

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Round Up!

I guess we were all wrong blaming the top brass for Abu Ghraib

Remember this guy?

Question:How did Saudi Arabia and China come to own our deficit?

Argument: Should Judith Miller Do Time? Free Press versus License to Lie

FREEPER Insanity

700 Club News Story - Democrats Filibustering Against People of Faith

Clinton needs to start making some damn noise

Why don't we have our own buzzword? - Corporatism

Maher's Earth Day tirade...

What has the new Pope said about Hitler and the Holcaust since the war?

Concerning weird notions about the "incidents" of Sept 11, 2001.

The Pope isn't a purely religious figure

Pat Buchanan Changing History 101 in Each State

Bush Approval Down to 45%.

Joe Scarborough is a complete idiot!

Maureen Dowd said about 10 words on Maher tonight....

Should we be worried about this Raymond Reggie thing?

It is amazing to me that DUers can flame away at Christians in the

The Truth about Bush's Judicial Nominees

Republican majority as victims Republican majority as victims

Jane Fonda is on "Real Time With Weasel Maher" right now

A Video Clip Called: Gays Should Apologize

PHOTO: DR. Rice meets with Iraqi VP; is this her "tough" or "charm" look?

Former RNC Insider Contract with America was actually Contract on America

Maybe Gay People Should Just Reclaim All The Artwork At The Vatican

Are you a good Christian? (ad)

Our county covertly laying off many privatize with ACS.

It's your choice..Listen. Don't listen ......our future, start preparing

Sharing My Grandma's Buttermilk Pancake Recipe

Short Grain Rice


Arar documents link former defence minister to attempt to delay inquiry

Nunavut Earth Day protest gets star support

Russia to sell air defense systems to Syria so that Syrian president may s

Activists ask who led them from Bush event?

Lawmaker (D) Welcomes Possible Ethics Vote (on rules)

Surprise: Christian BTK killer thanks church

Spain opens major trial of al-Qaida suspects

Homeland security center proposed for Cape Cod base

Jane Fonda is on "Real Time With Weasel Maher" right now

AP: Car Bomb Kills Eight at Baghdad Mosque (and 1 soldier killed)

U.S. group lauds Bush call to devalue yuan

hateful TX repubs back off gay/lesbian foster parents

WP: Alaska Town Debates Drilling in Wildlife Refuge

Argentine "dirty war" doc jailed for prison births

Poverty threatening health care in the Philippines

Corruption takes its toll on Iraqi oil industry

Japan, China tensions cool after Koizumi apology

Bush to speak at Calvin College's commencement

Nuclear power? Yes please, says Blair

U.N. Monitor of Afghan Rights Accuses U.S. on Detentions (NYT)

Democrats agree to gentlemanly primary against DeLay

Nine of 10 consumers environment-conscious

Kennedy Relative Tied to Fund-Raising Case -NYT

Benedict's Landslide the Biggest in History

AP: Activists Ask Who Led Them From Bush Event

Gas Prices Affect Americans, Who Urge Action (CBS poll)

GOP, Dems Diverge on Social Security Bill

More Americans Hesitant On Social Security Changes (CBS poll)

WP: Delay in Bolton Vote Concerns White House

Rice Accused of Suppressing Terror Info (Waxman)

Victory Day Show at Russian Circus to Feature Nazi Monkeys

Private Security Workers Living On Edge in Iraq -WP

NYT: Pope Has Gained the Insight to Address Abuse, Aides Say

'NYT' Preview: New Public Broadcasting Chief Wants Conservative Viewers

900,000-year-old ice may destroy US case on Kyoto

Armenians look to Bush to step up pressure on Turkey over 1915 'genocide'

VHS to DVD recording...

If I weren't such a morAn, I'd post pix of my trip to Europe. Can't figure

Just saw Stepford Wifes...

Who likes babies?

anyone know early symptoms of rabies in a cat?

How much does my boss rule?

Dammit! **knocks on door** MrScorpio! Open up!

Just received a pizza from Pizza Hut for $ 2.50

Boston DUers aren't the only ones who are going to have fun tonight

For all us hypochondriacs

Is my sig image Jack Wilde?

Saw a bumpersticker: "Shrub/Cheney Farm & Ranch Team". WTF?!

Wecome to my nightmare. I hope you're gonna like it...

My proposal for the ATA forum: GET RID OF IT!

Mother-In-Law Barbie? lmao

Things I learned From Televison

My niece (not the triplets' mother)is now a licensed nurse practitioner!!!

Andrew Jackson had that election STOLEN from him!!

On A&E: Biography -- Phil Hartman, John Belushi and Chris Farley

I am going to switch from Win '98 to

Does anyone know what time the draft starts tomorrow?

Where is Slinkerwink???

OMG, RNC Holy Cards

Anyone ever been in a Fraternity?

Here it is! The famous POTUS Ipod.... and while you are at it...

Is JanMichael "Haughty?"

Eubie Blake!

need recipes for Smoothies? got any....

My Humours are out of balance.

Let's redecorate while the Boston gathering has everyone's attention

I've lost it!

Is this the most random drunken-thought ever discussed on a message board?

Eddie Rabbitt, Eddie Money or Eddie Murphy?

Home and Garden Channel has disappeared from Directv

Rod Stewart, Rod Flanders, or Rod Roddy?

When I blow my nose, I...

Did you know

Really, Really, Really Dumb Songs…….

Hey buddy! How big is your ignore list NOW?

Don't you hate it when you look stupid in front of people?

I have a job interview (I think)

Friday night earworm

Douche, Duece, or Deuce Coupe?

Post your drinking songs

Have you ever been in a restaurant when a waiter drops a bunch of plates

mmmmmm...Good Shower!

Hey Gang....Let's All Do

Very sad news...

Mmmmm.... Good supper...

I wonder who's eating the most brownies in Boston?

Is my sig image too wild?

Anyone know how factory car warranties work?

Don't you wish it was 1971 again when life seemed good?

I am in Boston

I wanted to issue a special thank-you to all who have been so supportive.

My husband got a raise and I've had a drink...

check in hif your drunk like a skunk

Sometimes I really hate my school.

Have the dark chocolate M&M's shown up in your area yet?

Do you avoid GD and GD:P?

DUers going to the Boston meet-up!

I ain't in Boston.

Am in Seventh grade. Ask me anything!

Please Come To Boston

"Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars, if only you could bar wars...

Sirius or XM Radio?....

William Shatner's rendition of 'Rocket Man'

I just filled my car up

For you 1000 post club members!

So what do YOU think happened to the admins?

Tomorrow I go to Boston

Looking to DU to remember something....

I could be in Boston...

What do you think is in my pocketeses?

How'd you like to see this in your rear view mirror?

Mmmmm.... Last supper...

Do you think Bill Maher liquors Al Simpson up before the show?

Communion Wafer….

Ionizer & my chronic cough - could there be a connection?

The Interpreter (Movie Review)

How does one detect counterfeit money w/o the pens etc?

Speaking of movies: I'm sleeping with all my lights on tonight

My 1,000 th post!

Today I learned that God gave us the Christian Right to punish us.

Talkers - how do you deal with them at a movie theater

Isn't anyone worried the Boston DUers are dissing us

Today my son learned that God gave us AIDS to punish us

Any Dylan fans about?? Favorite songs?

History buffs! What's your favorite American war?

What's the most embarrassing thing you've done at a party?

Fela, Beck, or Bela Fleck ?


Bragfest, anyone?

Contents of Will Pitt's Jacket Pocket at the People's Republik

Weekend workers? Post here.

Spill Your Guts!!!! It's DU Lounge Secret Time..

Go and see "Downfall", better yet, take a borderline Freep

Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme...

Help! My wife is now a registered DUer, but wont tell me her handle!

New Free Association thread

hola and pura vida from costa rica!

A question about the AIDS virus.

Chris Chelios looks back on his favorite coach in youth hockey

Favorite one-on-one sport?

Question about introducing a new kitty . . .

More pictures of my cat Sooty

Cheap toy for cats!

So...what do you do when you're not oppressing Christians?

gogomag blesses us again! 4-22-05 Two Keith kaps to keep you kompany--

ALERT: Help the DCCC Hammer the Hammer

Holy Shit! Bolton as Florida ballot scrutinizer!

Barbara Comstock (spit) now working for DeLay.

Bush turns Earth Day into "WTF Day"..."our economy has grown a lot"

Bush Goes Back on Word and Encourages Irresponsible Abuse of Power

MoveOn: Rally to Stop the Judicial Takeover

Bush: "I'm getting it, aren't I?"

Anybody just see Biden's speech at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner?


Who said this ??

CSPAN Schedule: Saturday, April 23, 2005

Don't suggest that some Catholics are Nazis simply point out

Whether he runs or not, Clark is a healing balm for the Democratic Party.

MUST READ- French article on US TORTURE with interviews of ex-CIA agents

MoDo: Uncle Dick and Papa

What the Bolton review says about the Repub Party - Joe Conason

Faux News now using astrologers to predict terrorism

Uncle Dick and Papa (two peas in a pod)

Resisting Confusion: Pundit Michael Shifter and Venezuela

INCREDIBLE Send Up of Tommy Friedman by Matt Taibbi (NY Press)

New Boys in Town: The Neocon Revolution and American Militarism

Farming for Families and Food, Not Corporate Profits

Please DU this Yahoo story re *'s town hall meetings

No good means: Nuclear energy sold as a major solution would generate harm

Editorial: Shame on the House: This energy bill is no good (Albuq Trib)

Teens becoming 'Generation Rx'

Severance pay for the haves and have nots

Legal System: DeLay attacks threaten justice in U.S.

SCOTLAND APR-23-2005 Tapping into the brains behind human behaviour

Ohioan made a good call (Cincinnati Post re: Voinovich)

From Earth To Space, There’s No Biz Like War Biz

Frank Rich: A High-Tech Lynching in Prime Time

The Ship That's Sinking the Navy

The Times, They Have a-Changed, Citypaper/ Brian Morton

Hope And Delusion At The New York International Auto Show

Counter-Recruitment 'Help Wanted' flyers...

‘Tent U’ activists issue demands to UCSC leaders

Questions still remain at third UARC forum (HI)

Take a Satanist (or liberal) to Church day!

How power shapes the news

AirAmerica's CEO Responds to Brian Anderson Opinion

NLRB: All nurses must vote (Northern Michigan Hospital )

Union postpones strike, hopes for contract by Tuesday (1199 / CT)

Teachers get 2% raise in narrowly OK'd contract (LAUSD)

CSU tutors, teacher aides in labor talks (San Bernardino)

delete - wrong forum

Taking it to the streets (Arkansas Nuclear One security guards)

Climate change: Hundreds of Antarctic glaciers in retreat, says study

Detroit's Blue State Blues - 10 States Toughen GHG, Emissions Rules

Diesel Mfgs. Mark Earth Day By Suing Against Cleaner Exhaust Rules

Richardson, New Mexico Sue Feds Over Otero Mesa Gas Drilling

Proposed CA Desalinaton Site Heavy With Pesticides, Nitrates

Kerry Slams Bush On Pollution Policy In Visit To Mercury Hotspot

Science Concensus Overwhelming On Climate Change - New Yorker

IMF Urges Oil Data Transparency, Predicts Rapid Oil Sector Changes

On Earth Day, N.J. pushes clean water measures

First of Hanford health trials start Monday

Northwest delegation urges Congress to restore Hanford cleanup funding

Dems: Energy bill would raise gas prices

New e-mails: Yucca 'flunked'

Darfur Accountability Act Passes the Senate Unanimously

Nations to address nuclear treaty issues (May 2-27 )

Hezbollah leader hints his group may kidnap Israeli soldiers

The Hottest Button: How The Times Covers Israel and Palestine

Growing social inequality in Israel

One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun’

One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun’

Ziad Jarrah(i)

so this is the discussion forum they move things to like this ....

'Statement of Facts' in Moussaoui Case

Citing Osama bin Laden's privacy, FBI seeks to withhold documents

Exit Polls: Question re Bush Reluctant Responder Hypothesis (BRRH)

Rerun of Carter-Baker Commission starting right now on C-SPAN

Voting Begins in Week 2 of National Poll to Find 2008 Democratic Candidate

(PA) Woman's quest to decertify voting system (UniLect) succeeds

The one election commentary that makes it into the LA Times...

New high res Bush Cheated 04 graphic available for download...

BRAD SHOW on now with Election Reform-apalooza (7-11PM ET)

Whatever happened re: affidavits of Remote Patch by Manuf. Rep. to tabula

Has anyone heard this pro-DRE position yet?

Kerry Wants A Mulligan

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for the weekend of April 23-24

Red Shift: Z-scores and Probabilities. Take a deep breath.

A Little Tribute to the ER & D Forum


Prob( Bush Z >1 in 35 states): 1/4500 trillion; Pr (Kerry Z>1 in 5): 91%

Is anybody going to the "Uppie Awards"?

Town's (Rialto) water tainted by perchlorate; 36 states eye problems

We need to let Boxer and DIFI know we're not happy.

Who is your favorite candidate for Governor?

Does anyone belong to the Iowa Democratic Party? (rant)

Hi, everyone!

Patrick Campaign Breaks Website Records, Volunteers Signing On

Rally/Vigil For Judicial Moderation, Apr. 26, Minneapolis

Problems accessing a site. Help...

Cassette tape to CD? Anybody know where I could have this done?

More trickle down for Ohio

OH APR-22-2005-0848 New Details In Murder Mystery

The Central Ohio Meetup will be May 7th...please come if you can!

Come all yee Austinites to the Biodiesel Bash!!.....May 7th

Van Os for Attorney General

DeLay protested at NASA. Again.

Paper Trail Bill coming to Elections Committee

I can't believe the packers drafted a F@##KING QB NO1

More on Tabor

Their power lies in making people believe things are bettter ...

What is the Real World? And how do we get there?

I called John Haggee ministries.

Concerning the aide to the former Canadian Prime Minister who called *

Pardon the Iran Hostage Crisis thread, but I wonder what the Iranians

OMG! Check out this Contard getting had

Bernie Is On Fire

Opinions on Yahoo's Most Popular/Most Emailed/Most Viewed?

Why is the anniversary of Pat Dillman's death a bigger deal than

I saw a documentary about the OK City bombing this morning...

Great Post in a thread about *. Words that are true to the bone.

in India someone noted that the Edmonds' public hearing was squashed

i went boating for two hours thursday,

I think it is time to say screw rupugs and dems.

Did anyone watch the rethug lawyer assoc. meeting...

Uh oh maybe nobody ought to say this when they travel, or

Last chance for the filibuster -- a call to action

Saturday morning toons -- on earth day and nuke your nose

Penis-Eating Cannibal Gets Retrial

they impeached Bill to avenge nixon, now we should avenge Bill

Live Web Radio Feed of New Orleans Jazz Festival

Army Whitewashes Abu Gharib Scandal

My 401K statement today was a big disappointment

DIRECTV: Dumped C-Span 2 and NWI 366?

reminder: healing service for Red Lake Nation Saturday 3 p.m. Mpls.

Change your surfing habits

Anyone hear whats up in Equidor?

Top three problems you'd solve through legislation


Demand and Demand

For a change of pace, a fuck the hostage betrayer and broccoli hater in

trip down Jeff Gannon memory lane on great DU thread from January

Most Pathetic Earth Day Event EVER --->>> PIX

Microsoft explains it all for you -The Switch On Gay Rights by Salon

Thank You Canada! - Hemp IS Good Food!

bowling for truth site

Cowardly Liberal says Thanks

How useful are the state forums?

Quote That Delay Should Read And Seriously Try To Adhere To

I can't help but think that the perpetrators

Bernie Ward on the United Airlines pension situation


Stickers for Bibles

When it comes to women's sexuality,the religious rightwingers here

A serious question about foreign intervention/influence in our elections

How do we get the unions back?

Bush* the 'Uniter' is responsible for Nuclear Option when it happens.

What should US do about North Korea?

Has Al Gore ever been interviewed on an "Air America" show?

It is snowing in Ohio!

Brett Kavanaugh, one of Bush's Judicial Nominees

Venezuela Ends Military Program With U.S

Suburbanites want crackdown on spring peepers.

About that "Chickenhawk down" cartoon I had seen in some previous thread

Tonight's Fuck Mr.bush and his evil minions thread

Why didn't the GOP oppose the filibuster back in the early '90's?

Jason Leopold Is To Head The World News Trust Investigative Unit

Audio Recording Reveals 2 Evangelicals Want to Strip Courts' Funds

Enjoy the springtime !

Proof that Bush is a Dictator

Voting Begins in Week 2 of National Poll to Find 2008 Democratic Candidate

Tell me; What's so bad about George W. Bush?

Bush's choice of church is moderate, not far right

What are the letters to the editor saying today?

Bird flu looking more like a pandemic

For a group of people who like to characterize "real" Americans

I'm suffering from "intaxication"

How are Poppy's NWO and Junior's PNAC/Pax Amerika related?

Oxycontin Limbaugh's bumper music..

Moscow Circus to feature Nazi Monkeys

It takes 21 days for little chicks to hatch...

Dean on Iraq

Criticizing Republicans only blinds them more...

I have become more optimistic about the future.

Fascism update

Reframing the "nuclear option" to the "Crybaby Option" - whadda you think?

Thomas Jefferson coined the phrase 'separation of church and state'

How long will it take to fix the damage?

CHRISTIANS HATE PEACE....look at the evidence.....

Randi's hot!

So what happens next with Sibel Edmonds?

Has anyone else noticed an increase in car accidents and poor drivers?

Senate Repugs changing language again - "nuclear option"

AWESOME letter in a RED state...there is hope yet....Great READ

Will decline of US empire resemble that of Britain or Rome?

Who's Worse--Poppy or Chimpy?

Why is this night the same as any other night?

There will never be an admission to voter fraud by the corporate media.

PROPOSAL: The Golden Loofa Awards

BREAKING: Time changes coulter cover after losing subscriptions

If I were working at GM or Ford now, I will send out my resumes pronto!

I'm going to meet Zell Miller - what should I say?

I am invited to a Baptism


In Mask, An Echo From the Dark Ages - Essay with disturbing photo

Caption the so-called President

Fighting for corporate interests

Thomas Frank, Class, and Masculinity

Need some help regarding forming a PAC

Caption this please......

Please DU this Yahoo story re *'s town hall meetings

If You Love Someone Who's Gay, How Can You Vote Republican?

New Pope scores big with Freepers.

Feds take over of UNITED pensions

One reason why we keep losing people that are suffering financially.

Ken Schram Using Religion Like A Noose

Religious right is the New American Taliban

I was just asked to have dinner with *

Tired of that stupid Red-Blue Map?

Trusted Choice® - warning: pics

I am speechless... Photo of CondiLiar from Friday...

Oh no, Kate O'beirne just said "Bush could make a recess appt on Bolton"

We 'lost' to Crazy people

Colin Powell can redeem himself by telling the truth.

Bad words, good words .......

Navajo Nation Outlaws Uranium Mining

3 YAHOO articles to RATE'M UP if you haven't yet!

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked

Bigoted democrats aren't serious about equal rights.

Diary of a political NEWBIE

Why are the Democrats not attacking

Where can I get DETAILED radio ratings?

What is going on in Canada?

I was an American soldier who experienced Combat

So the tapes were ready to roll when the 5-year old was arrested?

General Sanchez Clean as a Whistle

DANCE, Laura, DANCE!!!

This is a rather humorous headline!

Anybody hear about MAria saying Aarnold burning his kids clothes?

Just how many were killed in Iraq this week?

Cheney backs end of filibuster......Geez, big surprise!!!

New frank Rich op-ed, excellent as usual

"Homosexuals Hate God". Sign on a SoCal overpass.

Who in his right mind could like this puke of a president

Press keeps calling the helicopter downed a 'commercial' helicopter.

MayFlower Compact.....A Religious Statement????

Is Rev. 'God Hates Fags' Fred Phelps a SEVERELY Repressed gay man?

PBS to attract more conservatives

Styrofoam homes: Is this the answer to the housing crunch?????

HEADS UP: Multistate Federal Prostitution Sting In Progress

Delay said it soooo well!

Hannity thinks the 5 year old should be handcuffed

PHOTO needs caption: "commando" condi rice's NATO outfit....

Do Liberal Christians still believe in an historical Jesus?

Happy Passover!

Can freepers and fundies make a useful contribution to mankind?

As a longtime ABC WNT viewer I am sad to say they have flipped

Rice changed terrorism report

Family Research Council lobbying logo

Hatemongers Intend To Place A Memorial To Mathew Shepard Going To Hell!!!

Could "Peak Oil" be another layer of deception?

the only way to save this country is to save our elections . . .

How does a civil union undermine marriage?

Just in! My 401(a) lost 2.34% in the last quarter.

As someone educated in the Catholic tradition, who's never resigned

Lawsuit over Florida cops handcuffing 5 year old girl in a classroom

"Rods Of God" Have You Heard Of This Weapon?

Did you ever in your wildest dreams believe that one day

Does anyone else think there is NO such thing as an illegitimate child?

Asheville NC: Secret Army training raises troubling questions

Whoa - Hijacking Christianity! Colbert King nails religious right scumbags

What flew in the sky on Sept 22, 2004 in Ohio. Did we shoot it down??

we need to find progressive fundamentalist preachers

Something for the Catholic-bashers on DU

Here is who to contact about getting out of Iraq.

What will come first, the CRASH or the REVOLUTION?

The Religious Rightwing Invades DU

Why I won't let up on the Catholic Church

I made a mistake.

The Williams-Sonoma catalogue arrived.

post your favorite smoothie recipe....

Looking for high-fiber meals

BNP manifesto: now it's not just the USA that has a nutcase racist militia

Howard criticised by own party and CBI (Tories race-baiting)

Islamists Dominate in Final Phase of Saudi Municipal Elections

Re: Moussaoui Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Re: 9/11 Attacks

Signs Stir Concern North Korea Might Test Nuclear Bomb

Video Captures Police Handcuffing 5-Year-Old Girl in Kindergarten

Top Officers in Abu Ghraib Case Cleared

Alleged 9/11 Plotter 'Unfit to Plead Guilty' Claim his Lawyers - Moussaoui

Moqtada al-Sadr says Australian troops not welcome in Al Muthanna

Roadside Bomb Kills 9 Iraqi Soldiers

Internet hunting triggers outrage across America

Bush's hawk is not fit to be UN envoy, says Powell

US Army Clears Top Brass Over Abuse Charges (Abu Ghraib)

Armenians look to Bush to step up pressure on Turkey over 1915 'genocide'

Rice changed terrorism report

Texan candidate lands in double trouble

Top Army Brass Cleared in Abu Ghraib Case

Threats Prompt College to Move Students

LI sandwich attack trial continues

Italy's Berlusconi Forms New Government

Japan told to reflect on war past (Chinese Pres and Japanese PM meet)

Bush Seeks Funding for Iraq, Afghanistan (wants medicaid cut))

Jeb Bush Says New Pope Will Be Same Moral Leader as John Paul II

6 detained in helicopter downing in Iraq

Pope's Reminds Journalists of Ethical Responsibilities

Ex-cop testifies against former bosses (Republican - mob ties)

Contractor, Army Office Fell Short, Audit Finds (Aegis Defence Services)

Bush Seeks Funding For Iraq, Afghanistan

Saddam invested one million dollars in Paul Martin-owned Cordex

Double trouble for Halliburton (Waxman, State)

Vatican likely to end divorcee communion ban

Kurds' Leaders Said to Attempt to Block Shiite

AP Cameraman Killed by Gunfire in Iraq

Lear's plunging profit to send jobs packing

U.S. Agrees to Take Over Four Pension Plans at United

Lobbyist Target of Several Investigations

FBI to Fire Dissident Agent - Veteran Criticized Hamas Probes

United, Pension Agency Reach Settlement (pension default)

ABC News: Rare Look Inside Baghdad Emergency Room

Lawsuit over Florida cops handcuffing 5 year old girl in a classroom

Dems (radio address): Energy Bill Would Raise Gas Prices

Aristide ally blasts U.S. policy, officials

Cuba plans to double minimum wage

Closer ties between U.S., Canada inevitable: Ridge

OAS debates situation in Ecuador

Give Voice To Our Values

Texas fined for No Child defiance

Attack on Iraqi Troop Convoy Kills Nine

Pay cuts or layoffs

Car bomb hits US military convoy in Baghdad

Triumphs, Defeats Mark Gay-Rights Battle

‘Peak oil’ a focus of 35th annual Earth Day

World ignores Republic of Congo's crisis - U.N.

House passes energy reform bill laden with extras for US oil industry

N.C. Company Loses Seven in Iraq

Associated Press Cameraman Killed by Gunfire in Mosul

Ocean Off Hawaii Filled With Wreckage

Turbulence on Campus in 60's Hardened Views of Future Pope

Aristide ally blasts U.S. policy, officials (Jean-Just: Noriega & Bolton)

Rice Ordered Release of German Sent to Afghan Prison in Error

Suspension suggested in Taser case (sleeping 13 yr old / GA)

Attacks Kill 11 Wound 30 in Iraq

U.S. Yields In Anthrax Lawsuit Standoff

Attacks Delay Forming New Iraqi Government

Berlin's Love Parade axed again

(Cleveland) Nearly 500 teachers will be cut

Bolton Finds U.N. Nomination in Jeopardy

Forest Flip A Vulnerability For Schwarzenegger

Former PM Major becomes Sir John

Laura goes to wedding, leaves George at ranch

Hollywood stars, Inuit protest global warming

One of Slain U.S. Activist's Last Campaigns Stalls After Her Death - Marla

For Varied Reasons, 4 Million Americans Call Some Other Country Home

Hundreds of Chernobyl survivors rally to demand more compensation

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq

Jeb Bush Given 'Pause' When at Odds with Church

Ministers urge cancellation of 'Justice Sunday'

Tragic News: Mary Dann, of the activists Dann Sisters dies ...

Gay group wants award back from Microsoft

Human Rights Group Calls for Criminal Investigations of Rumsfeld, Tenet

Elian Gonzalez thanks Americans for helping him return to Cuba

WP - Dark side to good news on bird flu

Can someone post directions/time for Boston again?

Cross your fingers for me, if you will...

I wish I could see "Spamalot"

Who wants To have a party on a boat?

I look like a trashy peroxide blond whore w/ 2 inch roots.

DO NOT drink too much at your office parties!

Update on the fundie brother

Help California Bay Area DUers...I'm stuck out here in Pombo land.

Isn't there something wrong with advertising Cleveland Indian baseball tix

Ayumi Hamasaki, the current Queen of Japanese Pop Music.

I heard Dr Cornel West speak tonight and I shook his hand-ask me anything

Enough Said

That's right, kids!!! It's SAB: Weekend Edition!!!!!

Arggghhhh! I'm in a bad mood! Ever had a week where nothing goes right?

I have finally found a place to live in the presence of the lord.

For all us slightly older DUers: Great classic grocery and candy site

Toby Keith or Ted Nugent?

How to explain my absence from DU?

Please forgive me DU, for I have sinned.

Pet peeve: "peaches and cream" kernel corn.

Raise your hand if you had a good day today .

Imagine if you could sign complicated insurance forms with your eyelids

Instant therapy: "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley

Question to those who have made out with DUers at DU meetups

What's the name of that new Beck song???

jimmyjazz: I cn';t feel myu feet

Imagine if you could pick up things with your eyelids

I love life...and just wanna talk to some cool people

My really cool post is dying in GD

Saturday morning toons

The DU Lounge is a fantastic place

i'm sleepy...

i went boating for two hours thursday,

OK, so I'm really sleepy but I can't go to sleep.

I never really thought about the finger/chili story until CNN showed a pic

I heading out to Boston in about an hour...

Favorite Jimmy Buffett Quote???

Home fries or hash browns?

Mystery Clouds Hippo Deaths: 300 carcasses buried without teeth

Saw this new ribbon the other day; we officially like France again?!!

Father, Son & Holy Toast: selection of miracle icons

Jennifer Connolly---mmm Good

ACK!! Star Wars "Elvis Trooper" a must see + "storm trooper duties"

Cop accidentally shoots man while on loo

What is your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon Show?

Fairy tales linked to violent relationships contest - write a commercial for Al Franken

My week in review - long and rambling

What I don't understand about monster movies today

Holy Crap! I Have 3361 Posts! How The Hell Did That Happen?

Chilli bown finger woman charged with grand larceny

So, are any of the DU Boston gathering people up?

LI sandwich attack trial continues

Anyone else dream of DS1 dancing suggestively to the Beach Boys' 'Kokomo?'


Sorry, Bostoners I can't make it today. :(

Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, now that you've been cleared of charges...

I (think) I saw a Cell phone user get Zapped this morning.

Pancake time

Paging Boston! I Need Details! Considering A Last Minute Pilgrimage!!!

Want to make sure the police to get to your house

Religious people would get more of my respect if they denounced the images

progmom, JJ, bettyellen, yvr & Rev called me at 1am last night

NFL Draft Thread anyone?

"Do not hump under any circumstance"

"Do not hump under any circumstance"

I'm 49 today...

I just brushed a baseball-sized wad of fur off my cat!

Sammy Hagar may be a dick, but that first Montrose album STILL kills.

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 23, 2005

Lounge lawyers: Can laid-off Wendy's employees sue the chili finger woman?

First Saturday In May

Nee Gift Ideas

Can anyone tell me about socially responsible mutual funds???

Former Defense Minister Zuni has "fallen" and injured himself

Local notoriety

What is wrong with my dog?????

Question: How Many J's are in JJ?

Get a grip, people...

6 Fuzzy Navels and 1 Lemon Shot later

Is anybody else as bored as I am?

mods, please tombstone me now...

Amazingly Simple Home Remedies

The best mime performance I've ever seen . . .

What's this I hear about a Lounge coup?

Gay Whales Pay Visit To Seattle Waterfront

Listening to The Who's "Quadrophenia". Ask me anything.

"Do not hump under any circumstance"

Exploding toads baffle German experts

Seriously weird looking!!!

"American Chopper" meets the pizza cutter . . .

Seda' Club

Happy Birthday Michael Moore

Lawyer ?: how do I find old Acts from New Hampshire legal archives?

These "Condi in 2008" sites can get a little...well, SCARY. Case in point:

I'M SO PISSED! My Friend has been snooping on my eBay account!

Jaret Wright Sucks!!

President Walking Eagle


For YOU: The inspirational CONDI RICE DU Avatar Platinum Collection.


Well, on tonight's new Dr Who episode,

Penis-Eating Cannibal Gets Retrial


Does Morality make stupid?

Pirates, Robots, Ninjas.

I have a dumb question about Tide detergent and sailors

Coming up at 4 Eastern: Sybil

The Green Day concert last night in Norfolk, VA rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eeeew, I had a nightmare about Tom DeLay last night.

Are perpetual TV channel logos an eyesore?

I gave a discount to Jesus Christ.

My neighbor smokes

Mensa Invitational

I am in Boston and not at the partay :/

I joined the DU forum one year ago (yesterday)...

If only he puked

After Midnight Battle of the Bands: Sly and The Family Stone vs War

Loser version 2.0: "in the time of chimpanzees Bush was a monkey...

Austinites! Come one come all to the Biodiesel BASH - May 7

Celine Dion or roberta Flack.....

matcom kisses anyone

Non Rock Stars who are referred to as Rock Stars by the media

Knockdown Drag Out

What Trafalgar tour should I take next year?

here is a weird question from your resident hypochondriac

Earworm time! 'Fess up!

I just saw "La Bamba,

Wow, Ann Coulter on the cover of "Time". Who's next?

Quit ba-a-a-ashing me

I'm 890 posts away from 1,000 - ask me anything!

Married People, Seperate Bedrooms?

I don't usually make vanity posts, but I think my new sig line is great...

An update on my strange office (Repubs/Dem's/Fundies)

My 900th post

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

Rather expensive oranges here...

Well, I was going to post some early returns from Boston

I'm going CRAZY trying to get my new email account set up! Help!

"Simpsons" Bows to Pope

Proof that it isn't just kittens that are cute!

Urgent message from Lounge President For Life, General Zuni

Tell me. Does chaos come in cycles?

Okay since a DUer allowed me to set up a Gmail account,

Who has been Raptured, who has been Left Behind? Make your list

Nuttiest Bob Dylan move?

My friend Cindy Alexander has signed w/ William Morris!!

It is raining and thundering

All threads on Page 1 of my Lounge are pink!

How frequently

Freepers are funny...

Perry Mason: Original or Updated series?

Where all my wimmins at?

Interesting Lasagne idea

My friend's being audited by the IRS! Advice needed!

Favorite gender marker (not counting ones that'll get the thread locked)

You be the judge: Wesley Snipes -- innocent, dirtbag, or worse?

There's been a jailbreak!

Now that the ruling clique is gone

Would you marry a Republican? If you're not already married to one.

Can You Identify This plant That Grows In My Yard?

You're Look-ing Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive at the Jacob Javits Center

Nurses - a salary question.

Can You Identify This Flower That Grows In My Yard?

My two-headed cat....or so it appears.

predicting the market and fortune telling?

OMG! It's Freaking Snowing here in the Milwaukee Area

Chag Sameach....

Not only is the weather shitty here today...

Do you know why all of the trees in Oklahoma lean to the South?

William Shakespeare born on or about April 23, 1564

A Letter To My Ex-Landlady

Setting up a tent in the yard tonight!

What kind of cookies should I make?


festival de la familia, cal expo...

Amityville Question: If you found out the house you were going to buy....

So who's damn finger was it?????

Can You Believe That I Have To SPELL WORDS In Front Of My Dog??

The thing at work was very active the last two nights.

Does anyone else have this album? Steve Jones

UPDATE on the crazed, middle-of-the-night drunken woman who threatened me.

Now that the former head of the Lounge is in Boston, the shady Defense Min

Stupid question about kidney stone-like pain..

Moo Shu or Szechuan?

I am going to have baby guineas running out of my ears very soon.

Anybody familiar with UCan2Opportunity out of Florida?


Is there anyone else here who hates the sound of someone EATING?

Emergency Substitute ATA Forum!

The cops just left my house, but let me start from the beginning.

Legendary Berlin Techno Club Closes

What is WRONG with people?!

OMG! I Won the Travel Abroad Scholarship!

Teh Überfree Association thread (to undermine the other one)

Roll Call - DU Vets time to muster! Post em if you got em

Bob Boudelang Meets Pope Ratz!

alt.ATA forum: post your ?'s here. Maybe someone will know the answer

yvrffgirl: They've cahallenged me to spell cornhiacopia

Tell a tale from your childhood -- happy or sad, doesn't matter.

hello from boswton

What breed of dog is Triumph? Is he a genius or is he a genius?

True or False

I'm 50 posts away from 2,000 - ask me anything!

Rework a STAR WARS scene Elvis-style!!

Name this old tune!

Question to those who have gone to DU meet ups

I could use some DU good vibes, maybe even a prayer or two...

You are SO on my side of the bed!!!!

I just switched my long-distance to Working Assets

DU'ers I need your help............. please!

In 1930, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, in an effort

Who's the coolest person ever to live?

yvr girl: I want to seef if I'm, stilo able to poll

Tom Delay "nasty, brutish and short". Discuss

May 7th Central Ohio (Columbus and vicinity) DU Meetup! (keep kicked)

Progmom isn't speaking to me...she says I'm embarrassing her

What is your favorite tree??? Earth Day thread

Polease chume tit Boswton

I'm nine posts from 1,000. Ask me anything.

The Buddha on Animal Liberation

Excellent article on the rise of the evangelicals in Brazil - Pope problem

How many progressive Christians here follow traditional theology?

Differences of opinion.

Bird flu looking more like a pandemic

Gay-rights bill falls 1 vote short of becoming state law

Why "tolerate" people who hide behind religion to excuse their bigotry?

Roy, oh Roy! Why have they forsaken you???

Any Marlins fans here?

NFL Draft Day Chat

What IS Astrology?..........the question put to Liz Greene.

anyone belong to "americans united" for separation of church & state?

Interesting 'Right Wing Sources Reporting Kerry Thinks it was Stolen'

Cspan schedule for Saturday night, April 23

Anti Kerry Editorial responded to

This is the kind of mess that Kerry was up against

Kerry on Earth Day: Lowell Sun ARticle 4/23/05

John Kerry's political influence making mark in LA mayor's race

Welcome Everyone!!

Temporary Summer


Another Blessed Mother sighting!

I lost my Blue today.

Is this true about the democrats?

The Heathen are saying that is legal for them to preech against

Gay-rights bill falls 1 vote short of becoming state law

So, now we can bomb somebody from 60 miles away, from a jet

Top List of Fronts Where We are Winning

From LeftCoaster -- Energy Bill passes in House: Dems who defected

Bush, 4/21/05, via McClellan: Bolton, "the right person at the right time"

Does everyone know that a non-profit organization MUST provide

As suspected,no vote on nuclear option until corporate wish list complete!

Holier than thou.

Alabama girls learning to talk......

"Creation Care"??? ABC-Green and Godly grow in ranks

What is this MSM is reporting the Dems, and Reid are

Vote for DeLay's Billboard Slogan...


Chris Heinz won't run for office in 2006

Republicans have no balls...

Does the high price of gasoline have anything to do with ANWR?

The next terror attack will be next spring

SS will investigate who removed people from smirk road show

Family seeks answers in soldier's death

Clinton beats Bush by double digits in Democracy Corps poll

DIRECTV: Dumped C-Span 2 and NWI 366?

Trio that was tossed out of social security event says they plan to sue

D's:Don't call 'em "conservative," call 'em right-wing corporate toadies!

Bush and his BUSHBOTs are confirming proof we have a system gone NUTS

Der Governator Runs for Help to Tom Arnold

You people !

Who knew about this "Jesus Day", signed by Gov *. Tell me this is a hoax.

Which countries is the current administration actively trying to upset?

Winning Wars on Extremism

I gave a discount to Jesus Christ.

Give Voice To Our Values

With Spain, Ukraine and others gone, what remains of the "coalition...

Who is the most electable of the best leaders? 2008 - President

Replay of Supreme Court Justices on CSPAN tonight/this afternoon depending

Boxer and Harkin tied for first place in Senate ratings chart

GOP: Polling For Courage

I wish we would stop using the word DINO

One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun’

About this Moussaoui deal ...

I was watching CSpan,

NRA is against the "nuclear option"

Republicans Contine To Push Dishonest View of 2004 Election

as the * regime continues along, they will become like a snake devouring

Jeb in Rome, on Iraq war: "the president's decision was the right one"

Strict Orders: Go to your local RW church and observe "Justice Sunday".

Another shoe or two about to drop...on serial scumbag Bolton's head?!

Shrubbery all set to usher in new era of Robber Barons...

I smell a Coup, part 2....The Military

How would you make a commercial for any given Dem's presidential run?

What should the BACKGROUND of our 2008 Nominee be?

Doctors Are Warned on Fetus Care, Wash Post 4/23

It's a HIT! This Week on The BRAD SHOW via RAW RADIO! (pass it on!)

There's a good chance Senator Clinton will be the next president

The skinny on Chaffee: He's NOT a moderate.

Is Chuck Hagel a moderate?

Chairman of Dubya's Election Assistance Commission Calling it Quits

Rules of Politics, or How the Game is Played

Just talked in person to the COO of AAR about XM. (at Malloy Event)

Who said this ??

An inane Earth Day statement by gwb...he's done his research.

I smell a Coup in the early stages.

Zogby on Bush

OK Pope watchers, I have a job for you..... Stopwatches ready.....

Poll 2: Who is the most electable of the best of our leaders? Pres-2008

WTF! Bolton WILL serve as UN Ambassador, by way of "recess appointment"

Bill O'Reilly thinks that "Howard Dean should resign today."

Bush's "Sunset Commission" could eliminate Federal Programs