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Archives: April 28, 2005

Member of Prince Abdullah's group on No Fly List

Perversions of Justice: Indigenous Peoples and Anglo-American Law

interesting quotes from this week's 'the nation' . . .

Pickles To Play Terri Schiavo In Fox Movie

Latin America in Revolt: Continent Defies USA

Paperless Voting Machines to be Installed in Iowa Unless We Act Now

Old Media/New Media: Public Attitudes Still Manipulated


Mongrel calls Berkeley Pit home for 16 years

Bu$h's nuklee'er talk today

Feds to Raise Oil Production Royalties

Anti-Semitic Teachers

Britain's professors against peace By ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ




Paperless Voting Machines to be Installed in Iowa Unless We Act Now

Anyone heard anything about George Soros since the election? Does he know

KOEB Wednesday 4/27

Bush Wins Papal Vote

VOTING: May 7 Teach-In Columbus, OH

Riordan resigns as education secretary

Say it ain't so. Air America.

Anybody ever been to this place (The Fillmore in SF)?

John Kerry in LA this Saturday, April 30th

Paperless Voting Machines to be Installed in Iowa Unless We Act Now

An invitation...

Minneapolis MoveOn Rally Recap:

VOTING: May 7 Teach-In Columbus, OH

is Ohio a red (ink) state ? still waiting for my refund...

Just got back from seeing John Edwards

Hey, derby and ginbarn -- was that you driving by the filibuster rally?

Three New Social Security Truth Truck Tours Destined for Lawmakers' Dist

Pressure on ChevronTexaco Over Ecuador

There's a thread in GD Politics saying Delay is to resign

Al Gore on CSPAN 2 right now from earlier today

Europe Invites the United States to Observe the Law

Now that the final WMD report has debunked the "Syria has Iraqs Weapons"

NBC the new 700 club??

Countdown-where'd they find that Packers fan?

A Fine Christian Nation Sex Trumps Torture and Murder

AL Gore Speech to Moveon- Cspan 2

Spanking should be safe, legal, and rare

Anyone Notice On Faux, The Liberals Are All Ugly As Hell

From the mouth of a converted republican

Nobody Is Liking Anything Poor GW Is Doing Anymore: CNN Poll

Bush Dodges Stalker in Bunker (Gannon Satire)

Bush's press conference on thursday

TONY BLAIR tells a Bush size whopper

Confirm Bolton Losers have thier comments page back up


Another protest, 260 people showed at Fed. Ct House...

I'm seeing more people bike and walk around here.

My "Bush lied, People Died" bumpersticker got ripped off my car

LOTS of pictures from Bush Social Insecurity privatized townhall mtg


Priest had a funny comment about the Pope this weekend...

Biden on fire on CSPAN........ what a speech.... what

FRIST and looking for any RN's, Ancillary staff who worked with him

Is America the world's freest nation?

Two 16 Year Old Girls Rotting in the Homeland Gulag for an Essay

Didn't the Republicans fillibuster a judical nominee a few years ago?

So now their snapping at their own bunnypants' shadows

So. Is bush's poodle tony blair a liar, incompetent, or evil?

"Where is Osama?" will a reporter have guts to ask * this question

Attending a DOE Energy Seminar Tomorrow-Need Best Peak Oil Websites

Post your MoveOn Protest Pictures.

The 28 Pages of the 9/11 commision report?

Pretend you are a reporter @ *'s press confrence tomorrow night.

By the way, does anybody know how much extra Gannon charges to

yup. it's coordinated attack on air america

I'm a teacher and I'm not afraid to touch a child

Bolton spied on his boss? Intimations resurface.

Has anyone interviewed Gannon/Guckert's "colleagues" about him?

? for the really brave: What are cons saying re: Bush/Saudi hand holding?

The oil surplus - where did it come from?

"War president" Bush runs to bunker after radar blip

Just got a call from Focus on the Family

Anybody See Grassley On HardBall Tonight ???

Know anything about funding for 'start-up' non profits

No-fly list affected Saudi trip (prince entourage banned)

Greatest generation paradox...


How do we hold Karl Rove accountable for what he has done?

Attention all DU Clairvoyants! What will Shrub say tomorrow night?

Bush ratings @ 43%? Up goes the terror threat levels...

Question concerning the "V chip"

Audit Report Shows Halliburton Overcharges Top $212 Million

How to Fight the Right

Growth for Growth's Sake-The Operating Principle of a Cancer Cell

Bush Skips Around 9/11 Question.

Don't all these spanking threads belong in the lounge?

listening to malloy for the first time

Any Senator who supports the nuclear option IS THE ENEMY

Has anyone heard of Defend Democracy?

"The Most Important Thing I Learned in School This Year," by Billy Wilson

my child is high-risk (asperger's autism). my take on the handcuffed kid

Where are we going?

Do you believe that the market is being kept artificially up?

Who are these people of Faith??

Bush giving an address tomorrow night on TV, press conference after

Guckert/Gannon in White House with no record of entry or exit

Predict it: When do the RW'ers declare that...

New Revelations About White House's Gay Hustler

Did you go to a MoveOn Filibuster rally today?

Ann Coulter is going to be on Jay Leno in 2 weeks...

Discovered a Great Resource

Discovered a manual on how to fight the RW

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Group Hug!

Okay, confess who's trolling FR and writing this crap.

Corporpal punishment bringing positive results?

Surprise Guest at Social Security Rally: An Opposition Party

Hey guys. If a womans says NO twice what do you do?

Gore's on Cspan2

Petrosexual (Toles)

question - when the kid in my reading class



why doesn't anyone talk about Peace anymore? . . .

We Are Losing America

Does Sean Hannity respect Alan Colmes?

Anyone have a moment when you became politically active?

Is the gannon story over?

If you want to know why Bush is frenching the Saudi Crown Prince,

Why no hoopla when police handcuffed kids at the Terri Schiavo protest?


Photos from Chicago's Rally to Stop the Judicial Takeover

Thoughts from a lifelong Catholic

The Right Wing is now trying to shut Air America Radio down

DeLay to reporters: "You guys better get out of my way"

Images: Anti-War activist, Astor Place/Protestor Crucifies Himself

It HAS Been Telegraphed !!! (Re: DeLay\Ethics)

"It's poor people like you that..."

Sociopaths Have High Self-Esteem

Handcuffing a 5-year-old: transcript

"Hello, this is Focus on the Family, with a recorded political message..."

Christian right goes to war with Ridley’s crusaders

Suppose all cars were Hydrogen Powered:

IslamicArmy - 2nd Message to the American People

Anti-War Protester Ties Himself to Utility Pole-Check Out the Picture

Where's The Beef?

I never lie, says Blair

Top generals sacked in Colombia

White Supremacist J.B. Stoner Dies at 81

GOP Moves to Reverse Ethics Rule Changes

Bush Wants Refineries at Former Bases

Pressure on Blair to make statement on Iraq

Dethroned Ms. Wheelchair given new title: Miss disAbility International

At least five die in gunfire at Haiti demo

U.S. Set to Sell Bunker-Busters to Israel

Brazil Subtly Warns U.S. Not to Stir Up Venezuela

Bush administration switches gears, releases terror report

Terror Attacks Increased Sharply in 2004

Army Officer Acquitted of Raping Soldier in Her Barracks Room

IAEA delays ElBaradei reappointment

Police hope photo of possible witness leads to child porn victim (CNN)

U. S. Seeks to Tighten Vise on Chavez

Vancouver promotes insurance by the km

Otero County Deputy Indicted (shot a man in handcuffs)

Congress: Secrecy Hurts Patriot Act Push

Crucial warnings Blair kept from MPs

Eskimo villagers' pro-drilling stance wavering

Mfume Accused of Favoritism At NAACP

Number of journalists killed in Iraq shocking, says UNESCO

NYT: Some Who Got Checks Via DeLay Gave to His Defense

GOP 30 pick up a knife

Bush ratings @ 43%? Up goes the terror threat levels...

It's official: Lampson will challenge DeLay

New Revelations About White House's Gay Hustler

GOP Plans Vote to Overcome Dems' EPA Block (No more "holds" on nominees)

Families prepare Iraq war indictment

Hutchison is dividing GOP, e-mail says

U.S. Says 1,907 People Died in International Terror (Reuters)

Venezuela's Chavez increases minimum wage (26%)

False alarm causes scare at White House

Key Witness Abruptly Taken off the Stand in Murder Case Against Marine

(FL)Senate president accuses governor of 'plagiarism' on growth

Soft and Flat? Danger-Slow Growth and Flattening Rates

Rice: Coca Eradication Program Is Effective

WP: Lugar Predicts Bolton's Approval

SF Radio Station to Begin Airing Podcasts

Utah Women Sue Church for Fraud For Not Getting Promised Land, Meet Christ

Bush to host news conference on Thursday night

Growing U.S. Alarm over Venezuela-Cuba Axis

WP: DeLay Is Likely to Be Found Culpable

Leak of Iraq war letter 'shows attack was legal'

Rumsfeld: 'The last thing we need is a draft' (but we need more $$$'s)

Homeland Security agency spends big on silk plants

Army, in Manual, Limiting Tactics in Interrogation

House Votes to Reverse GOP Ethics Rules

Supreme Court justices question prosecution of Arthur Andersen

Lampson files papers to challenge DeLay

Ethics Rule is Changed, Republicans expected to target Dems now

Bush to Host News Conference on Thursday (ending SocSec "tour")

Americans growing weary of Iraq war...

Fla. agency gets teen's abortion blocked

I never lie, says Blair as new doubt is cast on war

They're doing something interesting with Lost tonite

I sent a package to Kerry Edwards today.

I just pan fried my leftover twice-baked potatoes

Some Facts On JimmyJazz....

...girlfriend says sell the 67 GTA ...any DEWARS got a better car

What do you want to do tonight, Brian?

Blade II in Smilies

JimmyJazz is Matcom's new muse

I feel like popping some popcorn

I don't want to play MrScorpio's game.

Some lies about Jimmy Jazz

Double sided DVDs? You suck.

Sitcom Erotica

Wayne's World, Wayne's World, Wayne's World!

So there is no such thing as a fetus?

It snowed earlier; it's snowing right now. Ask me anything.

Grilled cheese sandwich, home fries, and _________________?

Dethroned Ms. Wheelchair given new title: Miss disAbility International

"And Now a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Wood Party,,,"

I'm leaving DU.

New game - PM somebody you've got a crush on

Pinky. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Geez Some folks just take life WAY too seriously

I just want to know I'm pissed at all of you tonight....

I want to build some robots...

How much of a rip off of Swamp Thing, is Man Thing?


I really think elshiva posts some of the most interesting stuff!

Possible *spoiler* alert!

Post here if you never had a thread on DU dedicated to you by another DUer

Who is leaving American Idol? Possible spoiler

In Memoriam----My wrens are dead!

I'm beginning to grasp the general attitude towards General Discussion

No friend to go to the Sarah McLachlan show with now

The Raisin Bran (With Milk), Apples And Sunflower Seed Diet

Director Kevin Smith calls Revenge of the Sith F-ing Awesome

I Adore CatWoman n/t

I have my flame-retardant p.j.'s on. I have a water hose and fireman's hat

Bat Shit Crazy Fundie Snake Handlers on NBC

listening to: primus...

I have never been so excited about a vacation as I am right now.

MuseRider is a Fibber!!! But I like her anyway!!!!

Do you want to have an adorable overload.

Audioslave on May 6

For Sundog: Compare Shakespeare to modern plots of movies

Name that Tune!

One reason why Scott isn't leaving American

Okay, how stupid is the TV show Revelations?


What can you tell someone you love who feels they have done

I want this shirt!!!

Watching "The Ice Storm" on IFC. Anyone ever been in a REALLY bad ice

He may have left his heart in San Francisco...

David Schwimmer, the lovable Ross from Friends. STILL A TOOL?

How do I become a Nielsen rating household?

Fun with google maps....

Question from a guitarist: who's your favorite drummer?

When Bush announces that all liberals will be "relocated" tomorrow,

What can you tell someone you love who feels they have done

So you all is there any DU thread that is longer than Rev's Dupe

My best friend's husband has inoperable cancer .... just found out

So, I called my sister the other day to ask her...

Do you enjoy public displays of affection?

the tjdee dedication thread

I am set for the evening.

Man I miss seeing SOteric every day like I used to.

YEEE-HA! Go it, Jon!

Thanks all, I'll be ok, I just get down at times

Ving Rhames as Kojak - I'm not feelin it are you?

Enough of these lowbrow posts!

ESPN: Pinella 'lost a lot of respect' for Schilling after comments

I'm listening to Safety Dance. Ask me anything.

LCD Soundsystem coming on David Letterman now

Cinemax Late Night or your VHS collection of George Bush speeches?

Post here if you have had a thread on DU dedicated to you by another DUer

We've been bad children. No more ATA for us

What's the best remake (movie) of all-time??

I just lit a cigarette & it reeked of weed

Is it possible that I'm not as clever and funny as I think I am?

someone is giving out my phone # and saying it is theirs HELP!

Bulls Win!!!!!!!!!

Don't tell me why you are liberal, tell me why you aren't a bushbot!

What should I do with the James Dobson book I received as a gift?

What's your home page?

OKl keebbbbb, let's plahy

You know the dream where your teeth are falling out?

Favorite Hugh Grant Film

kickin some public enemy right now

Exorcism on NBC

Pierce Brosnan to remain 007.....who would you pick to be James Bond?

I'd like to know who got voted off Idol please! I can't watch tonight ,

I have a question for you homosexuals!

Anyone else seen congress in action?

I think I lefy my reputation in Boston

This thread is about SANDWICHES!

Ex-Santana aide claims he was fired for "not being closer to God"

New Batman Begins trailer

Do you believe that certain bumperstickers cause harm?

I use to adore MrsGrumpy but I have to end our friendship now...

Pickles To Play Terri Schiavo In Fox Movie

Springtime in Houston - saw the first firefly of the year tonight...

It's An Old Concept: The Green Man

I only saw one pic of Progmom in all of the Boston threads.

So, what are you listening to now?

It's poor people like you that make me mad

When did NBC become the Religion Channel?

Do you know why I need drugs and therapy? Cats. (Pictures here.)

What would you most like to sing if you were a Pip?

Once again... admit men, you like the Gilmour girls!

what do you think was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction?

BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON! Yes, more Boston pics

Okay DU ladies, (and men if you wanna weigh in) tell me what you think

What's with all the spanking threads in GD?

Why do so many people still judge intelligence based only on spelling?

Post your adages here: (I need them)

Lines from movies your family now uses in everyday speech...

Does anybody here like the BBC show "My Family"?

I love LittleClarkie!

Computer Experts - how do you make Microsoft Word

Ivory-billed Woodpecker found in Arkansas.

Aaagggh! The little bugger was sucking my blood!

My Experience With Curt Schilling- All Star Pitcher & Bush Lover

I'm not feeling REVELATIONS

American Idol SHOCKER

Best bumper sticker I've seen this week 4/27

An opinion guaranteed to piss off even liberals.

I am God. Ask me anything.

What Was The #1 Song The Day You Were Born?

Tales from the Crypt...

Heard that foie gras (sp ?) has been banned in California.

Sox-Orioles fans is that game postponed for sure?

Help me make the right decision re: adopting puppy

The President's Speech Tomorrow Night?

Signs you are already in hell:

I've just asked the mods to lock the entry thread

Topic: Water Plants

For the boys, to brighten their day ...

Olbermann Live Blog here:

Will shrub do a press conference without wearing a wire Thurs?

Nuke any energy company that dares drill in ANWR.

Help Dubya write tomorrow`s prime time "news conference" speech.

Caustic anti-Delay book coming out before 2006 elections

Who thinks that it's time for OUR Contract With America?

What About Declaration Of In Independence II? Oh yeah,

Bush said he wants to make Nuclear Power Plants Safer...

406 to 20 --- taking back THE ETHICS COMMITTEE!!!

biden and hatch - replay of today's HOT speech on judicial nominees

Perhaps the guns shots in that AA skit were aimed at people on Soc Sec?

Was Gannon servicing visiting dignitaries?

Roll call of the Ethics Rules vote (reinstating the old rules)

Stop Bolton Help air this ad

Remember Fallujah

US admits Iraq insurgency undiminished - 27/04/2005

HERE WE GO, Santorum has registered a slew of 2008 domain names...

Senator Salazar socks it to Dobson and the wingnut 'Christians'

Question with the walk out if the democrats do it

I Tuned Into Malloy Late - What's He Saying DeLay Did To Children? n/t

Filthy Rat Child Abusers

First things first!!

I almost can't wait - Bush in Prime Time

You've got to hand it to the GOP...

Lewinsky - 37 visits in 1.5 years/Gannon - 200 visits in 2 years

Is it time for the Dems in congress to just walk out?

"How Dare They!" - Gore, Cspan2 now

Aside from Santorum--what other GOP senators are fairly vulnerable in 06??

CSPAN Schedule Thursday April 28

Definition of Fascism (I like it)

CSPAN schedule for Thursday, 4/28

Wes Clark wants us on the March for Global Warming....

The Daily Show is absolutely, positively...

Anybody still believe that there's no difference between Bush and Gore?

Domestic Terrorists Seen as Viable U.S. Threat

Rawstory has Repug. talking points on Ethics Committee rules retreat

Is * hitting the bottle again? Experienced opinions wanted!

What time is Bush's Speech tomorrow and is it on tv?

Attended John Edwards speech in Houston today. He's running.

It has to be Al Gore in 2008!

Poll: Who should be repeating DEM talking points on Television?

FILIBUSTER issue-What chances do we have in the 20 most conservative state

A match made in petroleum

government knew more about 9/11 than they are saying

Vote opens door for DeLay probe

Richard Heinberg on Megaprojects Update (Peak Oil)

The Politics of Peak Oil and Fascism

A Community Solution to Peak Oil

Nostalgia for repression

Bush Retirement Revamp Campaign Falls Flat - Reuters

Bush Commands the Spotlight ("stop the bleeding"--is the goal

On Abu Ghraib, the Big Shots Walk

Tom Delay GOP: End his power trip

BostonGlobe: Last of the outspoken scientists (Physicist Philip Morrison)

Truth Out on The new Pope and his political ties that directly affect us.

Randi v. The Right

Bush Is Blowing Smoke on Energy (BusinessWeek)

Virginia Is for (Homoracial, Heterosexual, Mentally Adequate) Lovers

Exposed: Blair is a serial liar

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Now there's no chance Blair can move on

Wiretaps in U.S. Jump 19 Percent in 2004

Ethics investigation is tough assignment for party loyalist

Blumenthal: The General's Revenge (Powell vs Bolton)

Thomas Frank: "What's the Matter with Liberals" (NY Review of Books)

Support for SS privatization is indeed plummeting

The Republican Party and Christian Right:Sowing the Seeds of Amer. Fascism

Female amputees make clear that all troops are on front lines

U.S. Shows Some Parallels With Argentina of '90s: April 28 (Bloomberg)

New Joe Bageant: The Onion Eater

Excellent Howard Zinn Interview - 4/27/05

Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression

Molly Ivins: Dumb Dems let GOP run wild

Moon follower's World Tribune supplies spin on WMD report

Washington State Dems Need Our $$$ Contributions


Does anyone know of a good web site..

Taiwan Gets Tough on Trash as Space Runs Out

If everyone lived like me, we would need 2.4 planets.

Ivorybills Live!

WhisperGen home power cogenerator/furnace -- anyone heard of it?

US Absent From Global Toxics Conference - Chemical Engineering News

St. Louis Bay (MS) Oysters Contaminated - DuPont Disputes Findings

Appearance Of Gulf Dead Zone Earliest Ever Recorded

Scientists Call For Drastic Changes As Bluefin Tuna Populations Collapse

ChevronTexaco Rejects Green Measures, Cuts Off Environment Discussion

Itty-Bitty and Shrinking, Fusion Device Has Big Ideas

Toxic Algae Close More Oregon Beaches To Razor Clamming

Experts: New Data Show Global Warming

Grass roots efforts lead to: Newmont stock sinks 6.3% as income, productio

Even Heritage Foundation Yawns At Bush Energy Proposals - WP

With 225+ Wells Contaminated, ExxonMobil Abruptly Closes MD Gas Station

LNG terminals planned for Baja, CA

Fishermen Ask Ah-nold For Salmon Emergency Declaration

Collapse of the atmosphere: Melonoma in kids on the rise.

Japanese paper tells China not to divide Taiwan

China dictates new rules to Hong Kong regarding its leader

Writing is on the wall for wary Taiwan

The Disengaged: Gaza And The Fragmentation Of Palestinian Nationhood

Hizbullah abducted Israeli-Arabs

Savage attack & undercover members

Thousands Protest Israel's Gaza Pullout

Abbas Threatens Force Against Militants

government knew more about 9/11 than they are saying

Sibel Edmonds removed from court during hearing


New details from Ohio

County finds few options for voting machines

Keep a close eye on state legislation!

What constitutes actionable fraud?

Feeney makes the news again

Washington State Dems Need Our $$$ Contributions

Republicans still fighting about Washington State Election- help needed

DREs in Story County Iowa and tabulators too

LA La asked me to keep this kicked too

NEW Info: Repub Scandal in Lucas County OH BOE

election success is always the result of "conspiracy"

Great article on election fraud and election reform!

Public Opinion of Electronic Voting

Am Assoc of Public Opinion Research event -- Mytofsky to Speak

RAW STORY: Dems Locked Out of Debate

Curtis Chong, President...National Federation of the Blind***READ THIS***

A new way to spread the word about our stolen elections

Coastal Post's Sterritt on Koehler censorship

More "found" votes from the Rossi posse

Voting Machines Violate Constitution

For Andy Stephenson

Bob Koehler " I'm not used to BEING the news"



Arnold - Deeper Into Hoch....

Caps & Gowns March on Arnold's Schnitzel Shop

Lockyer to Run for Treasurer, Not Governor

Palm Springs Move On Rally,yesterday

Schwarzenegger's rating drops sharply

DREs in Story County Iowa and tabulators too

Students Asked To Remove Anti-Abortion T-Shirts

Forum to mark a year after the Abu Ghraib discovery, 5/3

Letter to Globe re coverage of US Iraq war dead and wounded

Upcoming Events! ...Chomsky, Pitt and more..........

Ever Visit Boston's Craigslist Political Blog?

Romney to file death penalty bill

Yay! Mayor R.T. Rybak named to the DFA A-List!

Some Interesting Counters

Ohio GOP state chairmen gather in Cleveland to plot strategy

Attorney admits he bribed city councilman

Clevelanders not breathing easy: area 8th for soot, 14th for ozone

Will the Tom DeLay investigation go so far

Delay Protests (and Melissa!) covered by Newsweek - May 2nd edition

Chris Bell's new site is up

Lawmaker says ban on gay foster parents not dead.

Give Derby some props folks

I got an email from Rep. Barton yesterday

Damn! From AAS: Campaign finance reform scuttled on House floor

From Clean Up Texas Politics: Fax Craddick NOW to save Campaign Finance.

Okay - is it going to be the Texas Roadhouse for our DU meet-up?

Save America Without DeLay Family Fun Festival

Austin folks: "Unsafe lane change" ticket. What the heck constitutes one

KXEB 910AM (Dallas/Ft. Worth) - What are the ratings???

Green Bay Dem hopes to take Rep. Green's seat in the 8th CD

Spring in Wisconsin

State Senate Majority Leader, Schulz (R) fined $1,200, then lies

AWOL in America - When desertion is the only option

Which is the biggest problem plaguing the democratic party?

I thought we were a "hit" in Lebanon...Whaaaaa happened??

Has the left forgotten about Iraq?

new toon (4-28) Dog-Pony and cockroach too

I have only hated two things in my life--

My 11-year-old Got A Writing Assignment. This Could Be Trouble.

C-SPAN 2 this Sat-9/11 Truth Talk!!

Anyone have a link to video of the Gore speech?

Rich folks feel less secure

Does Matt Lauer post here? He repeated verbatim something

Before we can retake America

A Transcript of Bush's press conference

One of the Neocon's biggest liars tells another one

Then they came for the children.

Rumsfeld Asks Congress to Fund Nuclear-Bomb Study

Ivory-billed Woodpecker found in Arkansas.

Were high oil prices part of secret energy plan all along?

Gore back on CSPAN now! n/t

Hammer the Hammer


I got polled.....

Where the hell is the OUTRAGE!

Why are people more afraid of the 'Gay Agenda' than they are...

I must have missed it. Did Bush propose raising CAFE standards?

One of DailyShows finest (from last night) in a long time.....

Al Gore's speech being replayed on c-span, starting now

Bush/Cheney Bumper Stickers and Losing Potential Dates

RANT; Even in the UK, a "conservative" is still a rightwingnut MFer.

dKos DOA?

Christian Dominisions = Islamist Fundamentalism = TERRORISM

Stepping closer to the nuclear option - Sen Judiciary Mtg Thurs 9:30 am et

despicable! Someone's ass should fry

Something we SHOULD be discussing here instead of, well you know . . .

Auuugh! I can't stand it...

Bush Will Give a Rare Press Conference Tonight >

scientific newsmax poLL

"Petrosexual" - Tom Toles cracks me up!

I heard on Springer this morning about the Ethics committee

Is this really Laura Bush talking to Springer right now?

"Wag the Dog" on TV with discussion tonight

Irony Alert

Schiavo, Ethics, Social Security, Filibuster?

Schwarzenegger's rating drops sharply

TRILOGY: Anyone have any info on the FBIs failed SW migration/upgrade?

An Informant was Providing Very Specific Info re 9/11 3 MONTHS PRIOR

"Woodpecker Thought to Be Extinct Is Sighted in Arkansas"

Govt's Change in Calculating Need . . .

Rove's shills are still pushing the Social Security ripoff

"Children of the future Age

Another Gannon in the White House???

After hearing this Pope helped Bush in the election, I withdraw my support

CNN showing new images of fallen soldiers

"This is not a test" Thomas L. Friedman said this on PBS last night.

newspaper chain may run collage newspaper (up is down, in is out)

More Delay hypocrisy

the National Conference for Media Reform May 13-15


Discussion with a Republican. List of potential future Investigations.

Reaction to tantrum open to interpretation

Can military recruiters target middle schools?

bush says we are too dependent on foreign oil, will address it today

With all the other weapons of destruction all over the world, only the

Speaking of Schiavo, have the autopsy results been reported yet?

Our college repug cartoonist has flipped! Now drawing about Frist being

I wonder if Pope Ratzi is gonna blather about this? - We'll always have Crawford....

FEMA is really a disaster....22% of field workers had criminal records.

Bush Mocked Hybrids during first election -- now it's part of his

Please help stop this draconian law

Why I'm Not Standing With The Gringo Border Vigilantes

Bush Is Blowing Smoke on Energy - Businessweek

Political party question

Ok, anyone else feeling suspicious about the Jennifer Wilbanks case?

My toons

Good Christian/Bad Christian - People for the American Way campaign

Strib's Coleman reviews the "Coultergeists" visit to Minnesoooootah!


Unbelievable propaganda piece in support of Bolton.

Letter from Senator Stabenow

Are you looking forward to Bush making an ass of himself tonight?

Exxon Mobil 1st Quarter Profits up 44 percent from a year ago

Questions About Shrubs News Conference

Hmm...Katie Couric wants to get hardcore.....

Why do you think Chimpy is doing this press conference tonite?

Arnold said: "If we get rid of the moon, women, whose menstrual......

Heard the stupidest thing today

My Opinion: Tonight's Speech to Clear The Deck Before Iran

Anyone else really pleased with Harry Reid?

Have the MSM mentioned Al Gore's speech from yesterday ?

Masters of War Lurics cause Bob Dylan is a prophet!


this guy is oil minister?? curveballsquarepants gets his day.

Christian Dominionism

GOP leaders reach deal on budget - Will VOTE tonight while Chimp is on?

How NICE. MSM FINALLY picking up on U.S. Taliban.

What would you do tonite if Bu$hitler announces they "caught" Osama?

GREAT new book i found! THE EUROPEAN DREAM!!!

"Yes, I realize you ordered a BigMac but I'm a vegetarian."

Will any reporter ask Bush about the final no wmd report?

How the Bush Budget MIGHT help us.

That son of a bitch, Ahmad Chalabi, is now the acting oil minister and a

Gallup Poll: If You Could Talk With President Bush for 15 Minutes

Maybe there won't be a draft

If you are involved with Mission NOT Accomplished Day, read this

CNN's "Elfin" Bill Schneider

Ivory-bills rediscovered after 60 years

Innocent children

Gov. Arnold's approval at "Gray Davis levels." TIME TO RECALL

New anti GOP and Anti Bush images

Do you approve of the job Bush is doing? MSGOP poll(DU please)

Did Bush ever say "strategery"?

Who owns your mailbox?

Is the "no fly" list a form of McCarthyism?

I got a bad feeling about Chimpy's Press Conference - "Executive Orders"

This is why I'm not looking forward to going back home after finals...

Should Senator Salazar have called James Dobson the anti-Christ?

Doonesbury 4/28: Trudeau pounds The Hammer

someone at the Dallas Morning News has a great sense of humor . . .

Maine joining the fight against Wal-Mart!!

Al Queda info provided to US officials by conviceted terrorits in 6/01

Here is the question..Should the US be a Secular Nation?

Received this today (not a request for money) but want some input on it

Rethinking the Axis of Oil

Rumsfeld meets Spiderman.. (guess the war's goin' just great)

46 European leaders ask Bush to stop Guantanamo Torture

Stupid Question-- What is the alternative minimum tax?

I could use a little help with a local poll.

President Bush Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

Is there any way to get the money out of politics?

These F-ing ppl are really pissing me the F off, I wish they listen r/o

I saw a great bumpersticker on the way home this afternoon.

CNN INTL: Major oil compaines have record profits

It seems Faux fans arent happy with Air America

good example of the difference between DU and Freeperville...

President Bush's News Conference Moved Up to 8 p.m. EDT

Capitalist, Communist, or Mixed?

What's a good "DEBATE" forum?

Oprah is moving her show to CALIFORNIA

Does anyone think

100 Greatest Americans revealed. What a load of crap! Four Bush's

I listened to Sean Hannity on the way home today.

Turned off Cable Today! Liberation at last! No more kid sneak'n

"Tax Cut and Spend Republicans" (and other memes from dKos...)

Remember RWers blasting Ginsburg et al for considering foreign law?

"Beat your dog in the name of the lord" says Dobson

Radar alert sends Bush into White House bunker

I know this may be "old hat" but........

I bet Bush is really going to goof up tonight.

Cspan- 8-10 Billion dollars cut from medicare budget

Bush opens season on Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

So is this the reason for * speech tonight, to get ahead of the

Did anyone else lose the AAR stream?

I hope the Bushness screws up his speech tonight hehehe,

Whatever happened to the rest of the Abu Ghraib photos??

ACLU has intervened in the case of the 13 year old girl and abortion.

Try it on and see if it fits.

Can we all do a National F_Bush day, in his honor

The current batch of MSM article on Air America Radio

"If the Democrats are "obstructionists", what would you call..."

Will any reporter have the courage tonight?

Tax cuts-70 billion. Medicare cuts- 10 billion

CBS has caved, WILL be airing Bush press conference

Read about these judges

MSNBC: Government Wiretaps up 75 percent

What we should *really* be looking for in tonight's press(ed ham) conf ...

ABC News - Bush SocSec: 31% approve / 64% disapprove

Be honest, guys. Would you "get it on" with Ann Coulter?

"The Pro Cancer Left" and Michelle Malkin

Freepers are already kicking the loony tunes into gear-Clinton Archive

Some generic questions about elementary education

Dems need to work this story into their response tonight

"Ask the President" starring George W. Bush as The President

Anyone Planning on emailing the media after the conference

So... will Jeff Gannon throw the ceremonial first softball pitch tonight?

Woof! Woof! Woodruff is leaving CNN!!!!!

MSNBC Q of Day: Do you approve of the job President Bush is doing?

Why does it matter if Bolton is at the UN? The bushies have no respect

Post Your Serious Questions for Bush Tonight >

Chalabi Appointe Minister of Oil


What are your thoughts on Lou Dobbs?

Losing by religion

Ben Stein

Democratic response to Bush's plan

Why the GOP is going to implode - soon (Kos - david blue)

Some statistics about the UK you may not know

Any Navy vets here? (burial at sea question)

Gawd--Olbermann is being pre-empted by dickwad tonight.

When is fox "news" going to be forced to register as a special interest

I watched F911 again last night. I cant beleive that this administration

Best Burial at Sea Movie

Will Rush smear the MSM for reporting the bad news about SUVs?

Chalabi Appointed Minister of Oil

Is anyone watching CSPAN

US Navy health officials push condom use


CBS, Fox won't cover Bush's news conference tonight

Time for a Breastfeeding in Public thread

Is this a Darwin Award?

Christian Hoff Sommers makes claim of Little League not keeping score

Official Press Conference thread #1

Vietnam Vets...Have you been back?

Judy Woodruff, "Inside Politics" Anchor, Leaving CNN

My stance isn't pro-abortion but the right to choose

A Memorial to the Victims of Communism

Is Bush a coward?

Hilarious Audio Clips

From The Nation, Katrina Vander Huevell

The guest on The Daily Show tonight was a loon. Please.

Let's look at the facts on oil prices, shall we?

W press conf. on FIRST night of TV sweeps, with about 24 hrs. notice --

Gannongate: Looks like Wolfowitz and/or Aziz al-Taee read DU!

"An American Heresy" - Al Gore - Re: Filibuster Challenge & Zealots

The Priscilla Owen you don't know and need to know

spanking, drug the kids..........may, end of school......back OFF

Isn't it time we called Supply Side Economics by its proper name?

Nightline 4/28: Comparing British to American press --- WOW

heh heh...Jesus fish "incident"

"The Pope: He's --------REALLY--------- a -------NICE----- Man"

Beggars May Need Licenses in Minneapolis (includes a poll)

Fla. Court Refuses to Hear Limbaugh Appeal

Mrs. *'s Interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

the Smart Car is going to be available in the US...

How low can FAUX News go (this involves Air America)

When authorities screen your children for mental illness ... !!!!

Florida Again: Agency Compels 13 yr. Old Girl to Carry To Term

Insane moments in punditry as posted by freepers

Go Vote***** the Randi Rhodes Fox Poll

Is there any medical procedure that MEN are not allowed by law to

Bush to call Democrats "obstructionists" tonight

DU this FAUX News poll for Randi - this appears to a coordinated smear

NPR's spin on Obrador developments in Mexico: "that bastard's smug!"

Texas hospitals to pull plug on two more against family's wishes.

Jerry Springer will be president someday

Props to derby378

Urgent/Action: Real ID and Bush Horse and Pony Show Tonight

About the Iraqi people these days...

The Crawling King Snake Returns (Chalabi is now Iraq's Oil Minister)

Now we know how other cultures feel ......... I hate republicans.

Eight Dangerous Myths About Spanking

HOLY SHIT! I'm freaking out! Chimpy's due to take the podium soon!

Ya know that current $80 billion "emergency supplemental bill" for Iraq???

Am I the only person to have a "physical reaction" to Bush?

May 17, 2005 - A Challenge To The Homophobes

Ras Poll Confirms That America Is Pro-Choice

ALABAMA inmate to be put to death today.

5 year olds cleaning bathrooms

Good pics and a good article on Jeff Gannon/James Guckert

The Neocon-man Gospel of Jesus Christ

Who REALLY supports our troops? HINT: It ain't the republicans.

Does any1 know bout the CHINESE GUY w/the suitcase they thought was a bomb

C-span to explode 9/11 truth Blackout Sat. 10:30 am

Are We at "Civil War"?

Wall St. Journal speaks for "Class Warrirors"

The Pro-Cervical-Cancer Religious Right

BBV - Voting Machine Rulemakers Poised to Violate Their Public Interest Ma

Pentagon releases photos of America's Iraq war dead

Who are our rethug entertainers?

Sibel Edmonds will run ads naming NAMES if Congress doesn't act

TOONs for April 28, 2005 (Filibusters, Fristians, and Food)

Update on Andy's cancer surgery: donations needed.


Happy Birthday to Husb2Sparkly thread- Thursday 4-28

Do you make yogurt?

I bought a cake of extra firm tofu-share your recipes!

did anyone watch "Cooking under fire"

Transport: The black hole in the Tories' London manifesto

Here's a good UK political site:

Taiwanese Official Calls for Peace at Sun Mausoleum

Anti-Japan protests `an evil plot'

Revealed: the government's secret legal advice on Iraq war

Nevada resolution urges Washington to reject nuclear waste plan

Speech by ex-leader of neo-Nazi group at Islamic gala appears to be on, ag

Vietnam's end of war celebrations to be muted

Group pushes Cuba trade:Association seeks the normalizing of relations wit

Utility contract may be voided: Judge criticizes repository delays

Zimbabwe's Role in U.N. Rights Panel Angers U.S.

Insurgent Violence Escalates In Iraq

The new acting oil minister of Iraq will be Ahmad Chalabi

Mexico's attorney general steps down

Medicaid protests hit Capitol

Rumsfeld says study of earth penetrating nukes makes "all the sense in the


U.S. raises penalties for movie pirates

Fla. Agency Gets Teen's Abortion Blocked

Africa's real killer diseases win little publicity

Blair's credibility on invasion of Iraq at stake

Russia’s FSB Demands Control Over Internet

Speakers analyze Bush's influence on science

Bush offers long-term ideas for energy woes

Military Disciplines AWOL Soldier

Scientists Call For Urgent Action to Save Atlantic Tuna

Putin Defends Missile Sales to Syria (And Nuclear Components to Iran)

Tribe fights Yucca in court

U.S. Says More Terrorist Groups Are Seeking Deadliest Weapons

Rumsfeld Deflects Speculation About Possible Military Draft

UNR Democrats rally against Gibbons' race for governor

Blair Releases Legal Advice on Iraq War

Blow to Bush as Bolton Panel Widens Its Inquiry

Wiretaps in US Jump 19 Percent in 2004 (Not including terror-related taps)

GOP Leaders Reach Tentative Deal on Budget (big program cuts)

CDC Pushing New Mosquito Repellents

Donations link DeLay, ethics panel

Russia plans nuke fuel shipments to Iran mid-2005

US Offers $10,000 Reward for Information Leading to Safe Return of Kidnapped

U.S. Economy Grew at a 3.1% Rate in 1st Qtr; Inflation Rose

Bush retirement revamp campaign falls flat

Rice changed data in Terror document...

Bush Commands the Spotlight ("stop the bleeding"--is the goal

Democrats cry foul over draft of Medicare handbook

Sodexho Settles Large Racial Bias Case

QUICK! MSNBC Frist on Filibuster

Filibuster Vote Will Be Hard to Predict

Ship en route to Iran tests WMD proliferation deal

Fox News Poll: 79% of Americans want choice on Soc Sec

(White supremacist Matthew) Hale held with worst of worst

Nets' dilemma: President's talk or sweep stunts?

Romney to file death penalty bill

DeLay likely will try to prove he was misled

Ahmad Chalabi Will Act as Iraqi Oil Minister...surprise, surprise.

Frist Offers Deal for Judges Vote (Reid - "big wet kiss to the far right")

House Overturns New Ethics Rule as Republican Leadership Yields

Farmer convicted of feeding employee to lions

Massive demo Against U.S. Military in Afghanistan

War nurses make quick adjustment

Female amputees make clear that all troops are on front lines

Putin says Iran must accept full international monitoring of its nuclear a

Lebanon Gov't Removes Pro-Syrian Officials

Florida Top Court Declines to Review Limbaugh Case

Interrogations Faked at Guantanamo, Witness Says

(US) House Passes Abortion Restrictions for Minors (not just FL)

Delta co-pilot hurt by laser; smoke stalls another flight

Pentagon releases flag-draped coffin photos

Bush plans prime time news conference (will they give up already?)

Migrant Women Trapped in Europe's Sex Industry

Medicaid protesters descend on Capitol (MO cut program)

Berlusconi's New Gov't Wins OK in Italy

Venezuela high court moving to extradite Miami Cuban militant

Defense Contractors Report Strong Earnings

Castro Joins Chavez At Oil Company Opening In Havana

AG Spitzer tries to trap spyware company in legal web

Sen. Clinton Backs Proposed Ticonderoga Tire Burn

Cabinet vote further marginalizes interim Prime Minister Allawi

BLM suspends horse delivery: Animals' slaughter halts 950 transactions

Chalabi Appointed Oil Minister

Democratic response to Bush's plan

Texas hospitals to pull plug on two more against family's wishes.

Pentagon Moves to Bar CIA 'Ghost' Detainees

Big GOP donor is target of federal probe

IRAQ: Doctors Warn of Increasing Deformities in Newborn Babies

Wiretaps in U.S. jump 19% in 2004

Wiretaps in U.S. Jump 19 Percent in 2004

Disabled People Rally Against Cuts in Medicaid

WP: Italy Opens Its Own Probe of Agent's Slaying in Iraq

National Conservation & Native American Groups Oppose the 'Nuclear Option'

Dems locked out of debate on sweeping and controversial REAL ID Act

CA Governor Schwarzenegger loses some support

Frist Won't Budge on Filibuster Demands

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 28 April

Congress Nears Alaska Refuge Oil Bill

Top Cuban Official Meets Vietnam General

Iraq: Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies

Soldier Who Fought Assignment to Iraq Gets Honorable Discharge, Drops Suit

Downing Street to publish legal advice R.E. Iraq

White Supremacist Runs For School Board in Montana

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Rediscovered in Arkansas

Blair has to 'please explain'

Judy Woodruff Leaving CNN

Iraqi MPs approve partial cabinet (Chalabi gets oil!)

Pentagon releases 360 photos

Cops seek girl in sex photos taken at Disney World hotel

Rice's Latin American tour upstaged by Chavez controversy

Senator Franken? (Al is moving home to Run!)

ACLU files petition on behalf of witch--

Georgia Erases 'Jim Crow' Laws

Bush to Ask Congress to Adjust (Lower) Social Security Benefits

Interrogations Faked at Guantanamo, Witness Says

Exxon Mobil, Shell Profits Soar as Energy Prices Rise

Lawyers' Committee Urges Congressional Leaders to Stop Attacks on Federal

Frist Set to Give Democrats Judges Offer

Fla. Court Refuses to Hear Limbaugh Appeal 1 hour, 12 minutes ago

Norwegian Court Convicts First Woman for Rape

Boy, 10, charged with shotgun slaying of dad (CNN)

Oregon Latest State to Consider Banning Foie Gras

Man convicted in scam wins national award (from Republican Reagan group)

Hospital to end life support

National Security Whistleblowers Coalition:Congress, Whistleblower Protect

'Smoking gun' on humans and global warming claimed

Alabama Bill Targets 'Gay' Books

WP: Economy Grows at Slowest Pace in Two Years (stagflation)

Rumsfeld to Free Saddam If He Stops Insurgence

Belgian Doctors Bill U.S. for Treating Iraqi Girl

I just lit up a joint and it reeked of tobacco

How many Delay scandals will break by sunrise?


When we lift the covers from our feelings We expose our insecure spots

So many things I think about When I look far away

I need a cat translation!

Anyone watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight on the East Coast?

I just watched "The Sure Thing"

I have to get up at 8:30am, but I'm not at all sleepy!

Analyze This! Do you think I have issues?

just got Space Gost Coast to coast Season three

What you are suggesting is illegal.

I feel used

I seriously need to start wearing a dust mask in my shop

I am in CAT-HELL.. We returned from Vegas to find 5 of our cats

All my favorite music from the 90's is cool again!

"While I cannot endorse the eating of Pickled Pork Rinds, I do endorse...

Al Gore's speech being replayed on c-span, starting now

Holy shit! Bulls are up 2-0 in the series!

A day at Ocean Beach with my new CHIMERA.


Dave the Cat DU'ers had their day....lets do a florida meeting......

Just had to share these neat historical pics from my family...

SUV with a 'troop-supporting' sticker? HERE'S YOUR SIGN.

You're just too good to be true

I could smell spring when I stepped outside this morning.

My baby turned one!

GOPisEvil is Lame - his excuse for missing Road House last night...

A day at Ocean Beach with my new Gamera

Question about Consumer Activism

Hi DU! Every four to five hours the pain meds wear off. :)

Man Refuses To Move Truck - Chases Worker With 50,000 Volt Cattle Prod

Attacked at 6 am.. dial up warned

DU insider poll-very important and time sensitive

A nagging head cold with a runny nose, or having O'Reilly loofah you

15 Y.O. Boy Stabbed Mom 111 Times - Argued About Gun, Porn, Girlfriend

Down days for Dubya...A Photoessay of his pining heart...

Surgery's done and I'm still alive.

Robber Has Change Of Heart - Returns Electronics & Even Fixes Door

Chinese men measure up to others below the belt

Alright You IT Tech Support SCHMUCKS - LISTEN UP!!

Who here likes Nag Champa incense?

Are there zombies in Cambodia?

It's bring your child to work day.

So the Minutemen want to patrol the CDN border?

Bush EMAILS the Pope

Let's try this again.

So, what would you do with THIS guy...

Grovelbot still being held in Boston jail!

Second Fun Super Hero Poll

I went down to Louisiana to get me a Mojo hand


Does anyone know anything about windshield repair...

Time Travel Convention

Caption: 68 years old today, happy returns?

I got to see Camille Paglia tonight.

just finished my last final.

I missed my 1000th post

Good news about my cat, Smoke!

Alligator lizards in the air?

who was it that likes Oasis?

I changed my icon.

Fourth Fun Super Hero Poll

A letter from California-

First Fun Super-Hero Poll!

It's official, I guess I'm a Deist.

I feel confused

I found the kittens!

American Idol 4: Why Constantine Lost

How cheap will gas get again??


Who would make the best boyfriend?

Does anyone go to a baseball game anymore to watch the damn game???

What the hell?? Huge fonts?

Anyone seen this flash animation on social security?

Shoplifter Falls From Winn-Dixie Ceiling And Into Meat Case

I need ideas for the press conference drinking game tonight.

What didn't I do? I am getting alerts for

With apologies to Matcom News - but this is just gross

What's your all-time favorite cover song?

Obnoxious Telemarketers

Did Anyone Watch PBS Last Nite - New Reality Shows

Another great time waster.

ENRON: "Watch it and weep" (The Film)

Ah, hell. Let's do super heroes again. Who'd make the best boyfriend?

For Musicians and those that have played an instrument.

"hey, white house press corps...Helen Thomas called..........

Who would have thunk!

Name A TV Show That Everyone Talks About... But That You Avoid On Purpose.

I'm going to go take a nap...

One Baby Going To War Another Baby Turning Four

the redsox world series trophy is in my town this afternoon

What was the worst poem ever written?

Caption this weird photo (with weird story)

You agree with this year's "Most Beautiful" list?

Parents and in-laws both have upcoming 40th anniversaries - need gift idea

When you think chicken...

Why does my favorite song never make it on any all time best songs lists?

I'm gonna have a niece

An infinite number of fr**pers approached me with what they described

Is anyone else listening to Al Franken shred this dolt?

Warning: Insulin required before viewing this picture

Which Hoff is the best Hoff?

i just saw a guy get hit by a car

WOW!! I can get a BSN-RN degree in only 65 credits

You know what would really freak out the fundie Christians?

Have you got it, do you get it? If so, how often?

I have nothing to say today- say it for me.

Alas! My favorite "Idol" is a cokehead.

Is tonight's "press conference" going to interfere with The Apprentice?

Will JimmyJazz come to the West Coast meetup?


Public radio listeners, do you listen to Dr. Zorba Paster's show?

WTF? Paris Hilton has a movie coming out?

Just now on The View, Mila Kunis just said "I LITERALLY have a handful

I went to a MoveOn Rally yesterday

This huge wino mariner just came in my front door and plopped down...

I got a new job

Would the evil genius with the weather machine PLEASE cut it out?

Rant: Health Insurance SUCKS!!!!

I just HAD to go peek in GD

Most sensual (non-porn) movie ever

My True Romance

Finally figured out what we're going to use the post counts for

Muskrat...muskrat, candlelight. Doin' the town and doin' it right

What was Shrub thinking while holding the hand of the prince? POLL

I'm going on record as saying all the rumors of my hot relationship with..

What kind of music did Abe Lincoln listen to?

R. I. P. Hasil Adkins

WoooHooo, Phil Lesh on Al Franken tomorrow . . .

Well all I have to say is TTTTHHHHHBBBTTTTTT

My huge weimaraner just came in my front door and plopped down...

Who would make the best girlfriend?

Dammit! I just noticed that my shirt smells like cat litter.

My best friend's mother died this morning

Third Fun Super Hero Poll

Dammit! I just noticed that my shit smells like Hitler.

I'm gonna get shot in the head. Twice

Lame. For $10 you can send an (R) Senator a blue finger

Farmer convicted of feeding employee to lions





Admit it.

Do a Google image of your pets name - what do you get?

Bass, how low can you go?


Somebody 'splain to me....

How long do cats live?

Parents Find Teen's Body On Their Own HOURS After Police Leave Scene

Free Leonard!

My god, I will never skydive again in my life...


More Trouble In Florida

Used Car purchase advise please!


Addictive game! Keep the drunk on his feet!

I can't BEEELLLIIEEVE that this is a pic of Redqueen:

Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid

Never fuck with HAPPY FUN BALL, or it will own your ass

All Right! Who did what with hedges? I haven't seen him all day!

Did anyone see Dave Letterman last night - he had a savant on...

that one word that makes you cringe

Do you pork out? How often?

Covering Junior's speech tonight on CNN: Paula Zahn & Leslie the Wolf!

Sims 2- looking for skins

All babies are cute... even this one.. (Probably no human nursing, though)

So - is it going to be the Texas Roadhouse for the Dallas/Ft. Worth

I'm bored

It's not how fast you can go The force goes into the flow

I googled "buckwheat" & got this ...

Chick Tract of the Day: Biggest Conspiracy Ever!

DU this poll, please.


Do you dork out? How often

Tom Cruise on his philosophy of life for 2 hours, or George Bush

Imagine a time when it all began In the dying days of a war

Will Jeff Gannon be questioning at Bush's news conference?

Best Girlfriend: Occupations

ATA/Skinner?: Who is on the most ignore lists?

ohhh nooooo - my most evil post ever.....

I feel like I was just kicked in the teeth........

OK, i must live in cave, 1st the Paris Hilton movie and now this?

Hey I found my innocence

I'm calling out....terrya!!

top 10 most expensive zit codes

Constantine Ousted From 'Idol' In Series Bombshell

Claim to have done something that's unlikely to be true

The thrill is gone

do you mork out? how often?

a friend won the firm's community service award for her animal rescue work

Calling MrScorpio!

Oy vey !!

Yay for Czech construction workers

Show of hands! From childhood experience, who knows what soap tastes like?


George W. Bush writes to comic strip "Pearls before Swine"

DU'ers in the legal profession - I need some advice

Fun fact about Bob

Introducing WhirlyBall, The Sport of Drunks

Cell phone photos saves man's life

What is this "bit" that Randi Rhodes is getting a hard time about?

this is so sad

I'm not working today

I call out deutsey!!!!!!

Randi doesnt like the 3 Stooges!

Unfreep this poll

Actual LTTE Printed in the Green Bay Press-Gazette...

How to make a 50 Cent album cover

I've been trying to explain something to one of my co-workers

I wonder...

I just wanted to thank everyone who gave me interview advice a while ago.

Sugar Smack, I'm calling you out!!!!

Help me name my new guppy

Surfer fends off shark attack..keeps on surfing

OK, there's something I want to tell you all....

Lounge Lizards, post about Andy Stephenson in GD.

"Russ" - drunken teenage revelry from the magical land of Norway

Egads! That final is done. (whew)

I need cat pics... anyone else?

You're annoy, and you're annoy, and you're annoy...

Where should I get my next piercing?

World's first Hindu theme park: 'Disneyland on the Ganges - BBC

Post here if Rev_Acts finds you annoy...

I am finding it interesting.

Whats annoy? ahh the things I miss when I am gone

I just put Rev_acts in Hanoi

Any bets on the Dow dropping below 10,000 tomorrow?

I am *not* finding it interesting.

I'm Sad....

Why was Rev Acts_O4 tombstoned?

I am find it annoy that true beauty comes from my ignore list.

Who wants to be my first?

Sooooooooooooo My Home Phone Just Rang (here we go)

I just put Rev on my ignore list

Headlines We'd Like to Read, April 28, 2005

The New Fox Poll

Has Rev Acts_O4 been posting lately?

yivver gurl doesn't love me!

and maybe i should sTarT capiTalizing my T's

from the "Wouldn't you love to know the story behind this?" dept....

Do you work out? How often

DU this poll for our girl Randi.... she's askin' for us troops!

I usually don't listen to AAR

It's really sad you can't PM yourself.

if i stArt cApitAlizing my As, will it AppeAr thAt I am copying sniffA?

In-Home Supportive Services never called today and I'm having reactions...


True beauty comes from within...

True booty comes from within.

Here's a good quote.

Men are more vain than women

A day at Ocean Beach with my new Camera.

anyone wanna join me for a

Travel Group for DU - sound like a good idea?

iTunes users - What are your most played songs?

Fuck the ignore list. I'm' putting everybody on my ignorant whore list!

How did you know when a relationship was over?

It's weird sandwich night.

i admit it - i can't stomach watching *, much less listening to him...

Why do people need to use an ignore list

"you are trying to send a message to yourself"

Google Print is so friggin' cool


Gerald Allen's anti gay book bill dies in Alabama

I have just quit smoking for the final time!!!!!

I'm all in.

Any canadian women want to marry me?

Picture from the press conference: Bush leaving the bathroom for podium...

Anyone ever hear of Pixel Pan? Amy Goodman premiered them

I just bid on 35 pounds of TSA confiscated scissors, ask me anything!

I landed 3 interviews today!!!!!

Another reason Ohio is a red state. *warning* Might be offensive.

Anyone wanna establish the institution of marriage with me?

Every once in a while, someone on DU that you thought you knew...

If you could control Bush's actions tonight, what would you have him do?

Another day working with morans

One of my posts was used on "the site that shall not be named."

I know a lot of you don't believe in this shit but


I feel bad after rejecting 3 colleges. Console me!


were you ever punished/ given this punishment as/to a child?

78%: Scott Savol Must Go

Ok what two DVDs should I buy?

top 10 most expensive zip codes

Anyone wanna destroy the institution of marriage with me?

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing: A Primer on Parent Cruelty (hilarious)

Anyone heard from southernleftylady?

Tom Cruise dating actress Katie Holmes

People make me f*ing sick

You Captioned These - Results Of Yesterdays Graphics A Go Go!!!

Can one be doped up on pizza?

Ode to Brave Sir Republican

Would it be wrong for me to take a job at Monsanto?

OMG! I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and...

FreeRepublic to be very active this weekend

New Law Bans People From Library Who Have B.O.

True beauty comes from within.

Are you now, or have you ever been, a cat caddy?

Google Scavenger Hunt

I can't BELIEEEVE you do whatever it is you're doing that I think is bad!

That's craptacular

We're moving. Give me your best moving advice

Oh, REUTERS, you effing crack me up with this Bush photo...

GM now has a Solstice & an Equinox; whudda they do for the other 361 days?

a sniffa press reLease

Rodney King

I Saw yvr girl NAKED In Boston - ASK ME ANYTHING!!

Never thought I would do that ....

I didn't kiss sniffa in Boston

Anyone watch the Trailer Park Boys?


OK I'm still confused. Could someone please tell me where to look?

Who do you think will win "American Idol"

Photos of Hradcany and St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague!

Yet another Boston thread

Bridgit, I'm calling you out!!!!

Mr. Clean Message Boards

Favorite "forgotten" pop song

Shouldn't a white guy be winning American Idol this time?

Loungers: What do you think of this new business idea?

I love Goathead

Best line from the STAR WARS: EPISODE III trailer?

Ok, by popular demand, Jack T Chick's greatest paranoid masterpiece

Scariest Twilight Zone Episode

Help me name my new puppy


Best Catwoman Ever!

This is unreal-you folks are watching that manufactured crap American Idol

Ask Yourself This Question. Please! This Guy Apparently Did...

Only 50 days to FUNDAY (Saginaw, Michigan) !!

NEED HELP, electrical problem with my car, Key off,power runs from battery

Some idiot sports-bar republican fuck gave me shit about having a cat

I'm curious, is there any interest in a Western Mass meet-up?

A very German riot

Habemus Poppy!

OK, Everybody! I'm 19 posts away from 1500, and you know what that

Quiz: Are You A Republican?

I've decided to listen to NOTHING but "Lifestyle" Music from now on.

I learn so much from DU (warning: sarcasm)

Help ban canned hunts!

The Neocon-man Gospel of Jesus Christ

An Article about the Religious Liberal

How films are replacing religion in our cinematic age.

The Multiple Meanings of Public Understanding:

Black cohosh interferes with anticancer drugs

Itty-Bitty and Shrinking, Fusion Device Has Big Ideas

What's up with exploding toads?

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Found Not to Be Extinct (NPR - ATC)

Ginkgo beneficial for multiple sclerosis symptoms, OHSU study

Africa's real killer diseases win little publicity

There is No "Alternative" to Science-Based Medicine

Louisiana Court Upholds Law Against Gay Civil Rights Groups

Calif. Schools Hit By Gay Lawsuits & Terror Attacks

Oregon GOP Seeks To Gut Gay Unions Bill

HIV/AIDS Patients Face Long Wait For Meds Funds

Speaking of SPLC: Holy War- The religious crusade against gays- MUST READ

New Delay Granted In Fiji Gay Sex Case

Group Calls For Calif. Amendment To Ban Gay Marriage


Spanish Mayors Refuse To Allow Gay Weddings

Stop & Shop, Shaw's Supermarkets resume distribution of Bay Windows

Ask Southern Poverty Law Center to classify anti-gay groups as Hate Groups

The One Good Thing About NYC Hosting the 2012 Olympics

Michelle and Micheal Munez

Good news about my cat, Smoke!

my mother is 84 and cant sleep more than 2, 3 or 4 hours an hour at a time

Astrologers: Could this be some of the "problems" Bush was going to

Revelations: What gives??

The SSI Hearings might not be webcasted today.

Catholics????: The Unholy Alliance Against the Filibuster

Bush Calls for More Nuclear Plants… Kerry says Cut the Pork

Kerry: ‘Administration Shortchanges Women in Business’

OT: I'm becoming a first-time homebuyer tomorrow

Interesting gallery of hummingbirds :)

Photo designed to be used as Wallpaper

The Photography Group Demopedia site is really starting to look good.

I bought a Canon, EOS, 8.2,20D

Still Life. Got em? Post em.

Nancy Grace per The Village Voice

Officially no Countdown tonight

Guess who's having a convention in St. Louis.


KOEBers - No countdown tonight - consider this for Andy Stevenson!

Reid reaches for compromise on judicial filibuster

Bush Calls for More Nuclear Plants... Kerry says Cut the Pork

Salazar blasts Radical Cleric Dobson -we need to pass the ammunition

Al Gore's speech being replayed on c-span, starting now n/t


Who the hell is the Center for Security Policy?

Corporations and social issues (article in today's Seattle PI )

CA-DEMS fight back, Schwarzeneggers numbers sink

Are Democrats better-off without Tom Daschle?

"Activist Pharmacists"

Clean Water at Risk in Energy Bill (health risks for ALL of us)

"Clean Air Villian"/ shrub supporter=rakes in $$ w/ gas prices

"Republicans said that they had surrendered to the Democrats" I doubt

"bush wants personal accounts carved out of SS"--CNN taking on

H. Res 240 roll call results (restore 108th ethics rules)

C-span NOW, House, saying all the good things that DeLay has helped

Why the ethics-rules about-face?

Insurgent Violence Escalates In Iraq

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!! n/t

This New Florida Gun Law must be challanged (Shoot first ask later)

MSNBC: DeLay's best defense: to say he was "unaware" of ethics violations

Speed Voting? Anyone know the history?

If * Was On The Show "The Apprentice" .......

Guess the name of the man who is Iraq's new oil minister?

How much political capital does B*sh have left?

When do you think Bush will give up his SS plan??

"You guys better get out of my way. Where's my security?"

Take this test

Spot the GOP paid plant-reporter tonight

3.1% GDP same as Chile or worse

Looks like the Republicans are coming apart at the seems

The UNFAIRNESS of the filibuster poll questions

I Think Delay Will resign Today, And Tonight's Prime Time

MSNBC is reporting on the 300 pic of the fallen solders released by

A little history on judicial nominations...from Biden's speech yesterday

How many of you look forward to these Bush news conferences?

Is the Bush administration in touch with the country? CenturyTel Poll

Can we do a REAL fillibuster still?

Recruiting way down, army ups incentive bounus to report early to $20K

bush has a prime-time Conference. What is the surprize/bombshell?

The Unholy Alliance Against the Filibuster

Mrs. *'s Interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Should Steny Hoyer Resign As Minority Whip?

Military Reporters' Group Writes Rumsfeld, Demands He Lift Press Restricti

Reuters: Bush retirement revamp campaign falls flat

Let me distill what Chuch Hagel is saying at the National Press Club re

A Rally against the Nuclear Option in my town last night!

Dumb Dems let GOP run wild

Bill will allow Homeland Dept. to build barriers around and in USA

Fallout from Salazar's comment to Dobson

Urgent/Action needed on Real ID - posted by lala_rawraw

OK! Time to earn our Rations!

Republican Bigot Lawmaker Undermines American Way

Body Bag's biking accidents give insight into his shortcomings as prez

"Squishy" Republicans??? More Dobson lunacy...

I have some questions for Democrats


Big Al for Senate!

"Justice Sunday" puts Frist on the ropes!

No, Judy, Dubya is not likely to face tough questions tonight.

"Bush to Announce Social Security Plans" - I WONDER...

Give Gore the Job in '08 - he earned (and won) it in '00

Dems should write a "Promise to America Contract" Input from DU-ers pls!

How much do you love Al Franken?

GOP leaders reach deal on budget - Will VOTE tonight while Chimp is on?

They are only as successful as we are divided. They need our division.

Good on Harry Reid regarding Dubya's failed nominees, "They had a vote."

Must read: Molly Ivins on the filibuster: "All Hail James Dobson"

QUICK! MSNBC Frist on Filibuster

Why Does the Moron Keep Banging His Head on the Wall??

Great Steve Bradenton CARTOON on DeLay's Dilemma

Kerry: ‘Administration Shortchanges Women in Business’

anti-elitism is a form of elitism.

Was Clinton the first to REALLY center his campaign around the economy?

The New Independent Voter = Democratic gains (fascinating read)

DU word-association test

Reprising Campaign Contributions and the Oil Industry in Texas

Best collection of "questions for the Preznit" I've ever seen

Did the military spending bill (w/ RealID attached) pass today or not yet?

Possible solution to Filibuster Fight? Recess Appointments!

Let's have fun with this rightwing email!

Pick the press conference talking point from the FAUX News site:

Bush is doing worse than we're being told

Liberal and Conservative solutions to problems: A comparison

Are you married to your party or would you vote 3rd-party?

Would a Parliamentary-style government work for the U.S.?

Look at Chile's GDP

Will the Dem Underground be the last organization to stand up 4 Democracy

Who is to blame for our being in Iraq?

Congressional contribs to DeLay’s legal defense fund – MONEY LAUNDERING?

Dems not shaken by threats of ethics complaints from GOP

Tenet says he regrets 'slam dunk' comment ("dumbest words I ever said")

Today I heard a political cartoonist on the radio asked "Why do

Nuclear Accidents since 1952

Danforth on Lou Dobbs cnn

Deliberately Misled By The Right

Fla. Court Refuses to Hear Limbaugh Appeal on medical records

I have never been so pessimistic about the future as I am today.

did you see Gore's passionate speech on c-span this a.m.?

Mark my words: School choice will be a big part of the press conference.

editorial in today's Buffalo News

Will any MSM WH correspondant ask about oil company PROFITS????

AOL Poll - Rate Bush's Job Performance

Boston Globe: "A Match Made in Petroleum" - The Saudis hold the whip

For those thinking about 2008 remember this:

Colin is out to get Bolton - duals with Rice

Is there a Democratic response planned after the speech tonight?

bu$h Bingo?

Question for the Political Wonks - Democratic Party rebuttal?

ROTFLMAO! Has Anyone Ever Seen This Website Before?

Insiders Poll (National Journal) Predicts Clinton vs. Allen in 2008

What question will the media have the guts to ask W tonight?

GOP wants $106 billion in tax cuts over 5 yrs, and it's "Filibuster-proof"

Biden coming up on Hardball now

Is It True That Ahmed Chalabi is Acting Oil Minister in Iraq?....

Putin's Comment

Dems raise questions on expected Bush Social Security/ prebuttal

Kudos to CBS! Schiefer just did segment on Exxon-Mobil's 2004 profits!

Will dem's do a followup after Bush's conference?

How badly will Repugs outnumber Dems on the MSM tonight?

bush will not appear live on the CBS affiliate in New Orleans

Colin Powell vs. Condi Rice: Hand-to-Hand Combat over John Bolton

Fun with College Republicans!

The Official DU pResidential Press Conference Thread

"the last time we mixed religion and politics we got witchhunts" bumper

Do Kerry, Edwards, Gephardt, Clark, want us to leave Iraq right now?

Questions that should be asked of Bush tonight

I thought Americans didn't like "cheaters" or "bullies?

New DFA List announced today. Congratulations. MN, SC, and GA.

Watching * tonight? I'm not!

Democratic Group tells Reid to oppose PATRIOT III (HR418) or Resign

My NEW Idea, to STOP the RW Attacks and Takeover of OUR...

Raimondo of Good? Bad? Yes? No? Maybe?

Opportunity to see Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy, Mass 5/14

Frist the hypocrite...used filibuster against Clinton Judges

Top 10 Bush Fuck-ups that Made North Korea a Nuclear Threat

OK,it's 4 and one half hours til Bush news conference:What can we do a-

RAW STORY: Dems Locked Out!

Pentagon releases 360 photos of soldiers' remains

Get your BUSH BINGO CARD HERE for tonight's dog and pony show.......

Iraq Withdrawal Petition

Frist's Nuclear Option: What Tennessee Newspapers Say - Pimping Out Jesus

Dean calls on Bush to return funds received from Abramoff ...

Superheroes to Visit the Pentagon April 28, 2005

Gallup asks: What would you say to Bush*

Revolt of the Middle - '06 and '08 looking like '94.

Who Thinks The Democrats Here Have Contributed To A Change In...

How would you rate Dem chances to win back House in '06?

A repost of mine from the other day. Will Pitt and Dean agree on a lot.

Bernie Sanders: How can we back him without violating party loyalty rules?

Judy Woodgruff leaving CNN - One less Whore in the stable?