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Archives: April 30, 2005

Venezuela Launches Hemispheric "Anti-Hegemonic" Media

Energy Bill Alternatives

State of the Unions: Nurses make stand on the front lines of .. economy

Ivory Coast: Colonial Adventure

India's choice between the poor and its natural parks

Iraq: A Colonial Dictatorship


NYT: Speech Gives Republicans Lift in Social Security Fight

Dowd: Swindler on a Gusher (Chalabi - A One Man Enron)

'Los Amigos de Bush' - Drug Cartels & All Kinds of Bad Stuff.

The atheist

Medical plan change included in teacher pact (PA)

Health care union sends out strike notices (CT)

Teachers OK raise but say it is only part of problem (HI)

Hawaiian Airlines pilots reach last-minute deal (HI)

I got my first (ever) Grosbeaks, at my feeder today! Global warming?

Opposition to AUT snowballs and boycott may be overturned

Boycott Israel?

Sibel Edmonds Pushing for the Right to Speak Out

rBr logic question

Civil Rights Commission closes Two Main Offices

KOEB (Friday)

Tom Feeney R- FL asked me to Dine in DC with the PREZ today....

I feel it in my gut

We Have Found the Media. It's being distributed on Seattle Streets

Anyone have info on Diebold/ES & S software being the same? Or on criminal

What about write-ins? (An idea...)


Tom Hayden for Sec. of State

I am moving to Boston in the Fall

Whats F*&ker Carlson doing on PBS?

Bachman introduces Shiavo bill

Ohio Bill 288

Right now on NOW! - Guantanamo and Torture.

May 1st March in New York

Executive perks

hi. I'm a progressive and I'm fine with compromise.

Infighting Is Exactly What Makes Us Strong And Good

Mexican Government Pulls Official Recognition for Death-Worshipping Church

Jeb Bush Asks for Review of '64 Killing

Did anyone see any polls on Social Security?

Clear Channel Profit Sinks; Plans Spin-Off

Could we start a group for :Recovering Republicans

Cspan 2 sched says "9/11 Omissions and Distortions." Instead

AWESOME Olberman story that JUST happened

I saw over at Americablog that JG is a guest on Bill Maher

Yo Michelle Malkin! Golden Oldies: Freepers On Clinton's Heart Surgery

Has the Maher Gannon interview been on yet?

Bush's media Puppet's on Social Security

Is anyone else having a problem with Google news searches tonight?


The new booegyman, playing his role how Bush's wants him too

Am I noticing a trend?

This guy should get a job at Faux

coming of (political) age in the Presidency of George W. Bush

Bush is not a Christian. Proof? The pics with that Saudi human waste


Detainee Questioning Was Faked, Book Says

What time is David Griffin on C-SPAN tomorrow?

Could somebody explain what exactly Bush's SS plan will do to me?

India's IT prodigals return home

CBS News: TSA fines: $250 to $10,000.

Geez Gannon - look at the fricking camera

April 29, 2007

More children murdered by their mother --yet ANOTHER incident

Added some vid clips

I just watched Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Ask Me Anything!

So the House rethugs are going to draft legislation on SS

So How Do Y'all Think I'm Doing In This Debate?

Two Charts

So, we only have to put up with Judy Woodruff for 1 more month!

National Press Club VP explaines why Gannon-Guckert was invited

HOLY SHEEPLE SHIT! Even Andy the Sully has woken up (a bit)!

Transcript from last night?

DU's influence shows on official DNC web site!

Why does Bush tolerate Saudi persecution of Christians?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Round Table

What Will Happen To Our Culture After "The Rapture"?

BBC's Dr. Who plot mirrors 9.11 conspiracy theory.

I'm not impressed with the number of posts. What would impress me .......

We All Knew Zell Miller Was a Nazi...

Clinton Criticizes Bush's Energy Bill

Funny/horrifying video on local news tonight

Is it ok to comment in a church service?

Why I admire V.S. Naipaul.

I still think we ought to march on Washington DC on July 4th

while passing by CNN yesterday before the dog an pony show

CSPAN2 w/show D.Griffin 9/11 talk Sat 4/30 @10:30am Eastern - SEE IT

According To Rush Limbaugh God Is A Reptile-

April 29th: The Cost of the War in Iraq- $166,342,175,623

MLK, Jr: "to a generation drunk with military power"

Rumsfeld sending custom Spiderman comic books to the troops

Our common core.

Chavez says we need to "liberate" our own nation

Greenpeace the true cost of coal

Farewell, Wolfie!

More Evidence That Hillary Cannot Win: Michigan & Ohio

Real Time with Bill Maher thread

Need Info / Links - Gay Marriage

We liberals sure are omnipotent. Did you know we cause high gas prices?

Methodists reinstate Gay Minister's Credentials

1260 AM in Washington, DC

Why did you orginally think there were no WMDs in Iraq?

JimmyJeff on Maher Video Clip

Teen who posted own photo charged with child porn

Know your BFEE: James R Bath - Bush - bin Laden Link

Why I am a pro-choice man.

A whole grain alternative to rice, pasta and oats.

Ex-Georgia Sen. Zell Miller Hospitalized

Mayor of Mexico City told he can run for president

U.S., Italy disagree over death of Italian agent

Protesters Charged at Cornell Univ. Sit-In

Group Alleges Religious Harassment Is Widespread at Air Force Academy

Ohio Republican Fund Raiser raided by FBI ( worked with Rove)

Iraq Victim's Mother 'Will Take Blair to Court'

(US Supported Candidate) Mexico Backs Out of OAS Race

US Appeals Court to Consider Agent Orange Appeal in June

WP: Racial Data Sought for Bush Event

Insurgents Strike Across Iraq, Killing 50

American veterans congratulate Viet Nam on liberation anniversary

Judge tosses bulk of Christian teacher's suit

Homeland Security to Limit Liability Suits (for vaccines)

Official Says Bolton Flouted Travel Rules

Clear Channel Sets Spinoff, IPO of Two Units (Reuters)

Spain to help resolve Iran's nuclear dossier: Spanish MP

Lawyer Who Told of U.S. Abuses at Afghan Bases Loses U.N. Post

* Pleased With Progress in Iraq, Explains N. Korea Steps

Hundreds detained in China before new rules in effect

Proud Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez of Being "Axis of Badly" Latinoamerica

BBC (Saturday): Florida girl has abortion blocked

Europe rights body accuses US of torture

United flight attendants threaten action (re: pensions)

Anti-gang initiative highlights first lady's more active, visible role

Bush's Social Security Proposal Widens Partisan Divide

"Leash Lady" to Plead Guilty of Iraq Abuses (Reuters)

England to Plead Guilty to Prisoner Abuse

Terror chief keeps Ken (Bigleys)'s grave secret

Agent's Ex-Wife to Get Frozen Cuban Funds

Civil Rights Commission Closes 2 Offices

Secrecy seen hurting Patriot Act push

Iran-India gas pipeline on its way

Lawmakers shift tone on accountability for prison abuse scandal

GM Cuts Cash Payout to CEO After Weak 2004 (Reuters)

Finkelstein's Anti-Clinton Effort Begins

North Korea may carry out nuclear test by June: Kyodo

US satellite recorded checkpoint shooting, shows speed of Italian car: CBS

DNC Chairman Howard Dean Renews Call on Bush to Return Abramoff Funds

60 Years Later, China Enemies End Their War

Blair in appeal to protest voters

Look Who's Talking - Jack Abramoff

Lynndie England to Plead Guilty in Abu Ghraib Case

FBI raids Noe's condo, seizes 'some property'

One guy's 2003 in 2 minutes - (VIDEO)

Anyone else annoyed by threads that lose count and have # displayed alone

I'd Like To Introduce Myself: Hello. I Am Matcom

Scariest Outer Limits episode

I don't want to have shit for dinner...


If I use this image as my new avatar, what will happen to me?


All is well in my world again, he's coming home now

Best instrumental theme song from a sitcom involving the military?

Who wants to give me their AIM screenname?


I got my first Hilights today...

I took a drive after work, and learned several things


Is bit torrent software bad for your computer?

Nine months of Jesus; ask me anything

i'm takin this girl out sunday

bought my first Highlights today

Is there any one else.........

I put my manager's balls in a sieve, and I dont' give a shit

Wil Farrell is starting to look like Wayne Rogers...

Is Today (4/29) the Nerd Perfect Storm

nini is in trouble again!

This is a sign of the apocalypse.

Did anyone ever have Wometco Home Theater?

Yup. Oddest thing I've seen on the web yet.

This probably doesn't qualify as a Janet Jackson moment

A Dog or a Hen?............

Can someone answer this question?

Texas Ranger Fans!!! Could You AT LEAST Fill The Seats BEHIND HOME PLATE??

You're Satan. You have been informed GWB is on his way.

Paging Will Rangers are gonne kick Red Sox butt...

So, who else reads mostly non-fiction books here?

How many cookies should I eat tonight?

4 posts away from 13,000 posts! Ask me something!

Yes Yes YES!!! Rangers win, Baybee!

WHY do some people analyze the SHIT out of everything???

Congratulations bigwillq on 13,000 posts!

I've said it before and I'll say it again about Enterprise

Riddle me this....

Shoot I just realized that I have over 3000 posts. Darn it!!!!!!

What are the most ridiculous exercise machines you've ever seen?

That AAR ad for the "body wash" for the voice George Takei?

The braless wonder is on "Seinfeld"

Is it just me...

Which topic in GD annoys you the most?

I filed for my patent yesterday.

Putting Tiger through its paces

My Pearls Before Swine "One Nation Underground" CD

Our future, in this man's hands? (large file, sorry dial-up users)...

The Sixers are gonna get spanked

What are you doing for someone else tonight ?

Shit. My building's going co-op.

Be afraid.

Screw "Hitchhikers Guide" I'm watching Viva Las Vegas

I'm still the threadkiller

Tucker Carlson talking about the hand holding Pres and Prince

Vintage pictures my husband and I had taken last month

Is it true that pressure to conform is ultimately all in one's own head?

I'm feeling snarky tonight.

Rev Acts seems to have missed my copycat.

I am "a versatile singer who goes from soft melodies to ripping screams...

Rev Acts seems to have missed picking up my laundry

The Revenge of the Lady With Three Jobs!!!

I'm feeling snacky tonight.

Quick!! Which one is the REAL dummy???

I'm feeling snorky tonight.

Gannon's got this big neon sign screaming "Bullshit" over is bald head

Too sexy for my shirt or too stupid to be your President?

Don't like rap? Think it's shallow? Look at these lyrics

Just what we knew all along! Matcom is a BAR SLUT!

Don't you even THINK of messing with me tonight.

industrial safety training video

Who wants to see my graduation announcement?

A (stupid) question for the atheists here...

I just watched Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Ask Me Anything!

Watching Enterprise tonight.

I dislocated my ankle

I have to say nothing.

I just choked on some popcorn and my cat went nuts!

Lizard Spit Approved by FDA to Treat Type 2 Diabetes

A post with no reason


Any DUers do pottery?

Who else cries when the Newshour with Jim Lehrer

I think I offended some birds today

Would you trust Tom Green with a machine gun?

I have nothing to say

I hate it when one kitty is sick and the other isn't

I have plenty to say

I blame Reagan

I have less to say than sundog

So, now I am listening to the theme from "Lonesome Dove"

Can someone combine these pics?

I got a WWII history trivia question (I bet Kleeb will know this one):

Well, I chased my first ambulance today.

What do you think about when performing boring tasks?

What do the mods know about us that we don't know they know?

Okay, I missed Survivor last night. Who was voted out?

Boy I'd better hope my mailman is a Dem...

Progmom, JimmyJazz, Bettyellen and Rev

Annabelle's asleep..

Other than DU, how many posts have you ranked on other message boards?

Anyone watching PBS about Abu Ghraib?

I'm feeling warm and mellow and affectionate

Hey, DU Vietnam Vets....

Regarding PBS and NPR.....

What's your favorite Indian dish?

Speaking of Playboy, does anyone else remember this fine Repub?

Now THIS is funny......

"Save Our Looney Tunes"

Give me a fucking break: Jennifer Lopez is AVERAGE looking!

So I saw Hitchhiker's Guide tonight

Lil' Zomby: Hixson, TN - 1971!

"Yadda, Yadda, Yadda" and other TV show phrases used in everyday life

Freeper troll found!

I'm a man of Feith. Ask me anything.

Sorry, but after re-watching it, "Pulp Fiction" isn NOT all that.




hey how do you guys feel about. . .

Anyone got a specific song that they like associate with love or whatever

World Cup 2006: Who's your team?

List everything you ever stole while a minor.

my little girl just left for the Prom

My brush with history.... 30 years ago today

Cymatics - connection between sound, vibrations & physical reality?

Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds

Continental Airlines Extends Travel Perks To Gay Retirees

Gay Health Group Denounces Reinstatement Of 'Ex-Gay' Advocate

GOOD news for a change: Methodists reinstate Gay Minister's Credentials

Request for info re: Gay Marriage

Court Told Anti-Gay Harassment Training Doesn't Violate Students' Freedom

Virginia is for lovers (some exceptions apply)

Kansas Gay Marriage Ban Takes Effect

Ouch! The Yanquis are shut out by Toronto as they lose...

Cat Insurance....

Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds

Cymatics - connection between sound, vibrations & physical reality?

A little 'Scripture Hoodoo' to bring down the reign of an oppressive ruler

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

The atheist

DKos Thread: Kerry was right. Showing some respect here

What did W say about nuclear power and refineries?

My right-wing sister is bringing my 85-y/o parents to the mountains.

Wolfie just got some Distinguished Medal for his service as Deputy

We are the moral compass, reframe image

UK election 2005: your choice

Can I put my Social Security funds into Enron stock ??

Man convicted in scam wins award from Nat'l Repub Congressional Committee

Stop Adjudicating from the Legislature!

Geez...sounds like a chimp plan (gov. tracks web site owners)

Scarborough calls last night's Bush press conference "a mixed bag"

FRC Response to *'s Press Conference

Raw Story interview with Rep. Moran (MUST READ, AWESOME!)

Alert: High Schools Must Give Military Recruiters Info On Students

Tell me why 54 of our congressional Dems voted for this?

Reid says 'Miracle' needed to win back Senate

Jeff Gannon has the best line of the night on Maher

The Left's Media Miscalculation--Robert Parry (MUST READ)

Did anyone see the NBC piece on Charles Taylor?

NYT Book Review: Thomas Friedman on globalization, “The World is Flat”

CSPAN, Saturday 4/30: 9/11 Conspiracy; WH Correspondents Dinner

But do we leave Iraq to rot?

HPV vaccine will prevent cervical cancer, unless RW fundies can stop it

Zell Miller praises Hillary as a "warrior" in his book

the "pottery barn" argument is total bullshit ... here's why ...

Bush says there is no SS lock box that as SS money comes in it

"Kerry-Edwards" signs and bumper-stickers making a comeback?

Bev Harris in Seattle

Just want to share a bookmark on the nature of Consoviets

Swindler On A Gusher (Chalabi Iraq's New Acting Oil Minister)

Billmon Blog: Rush to Judgement (Limbaugh on drugs, criminals, and justice

Wolcott On the National Review's Gathering...

Are We There Yet?

Judge in Moussaoui Case Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report

Giuliana Sgrena Blasts U.S. Cover Up- Confirms she was shot at from behind

Our Caribbean: Haiti’s return to Caricom mission impossible?

U.N. Afghanistan Envoy's Sacking Highlights Abuses, Secrecy

War's tangled web lives only in memory

Horrible story - Child hospitalized and drugged against parent's will

"I am not a real journalist"

Blair's 10-day rush to war with Iraq haunts him still (NZ Herald)

As Enlistment Slides, Nat'l Gd. Recruiters Tailor Message to War Need

Energy tycoon Pickens predicts $3 gasoline within year

talkingpointsmemo regarding Wayne Allard's letter for the nuke option

Milbank: No Light at the End of the (Bambolooza)Tour

Wal-Mart Supercenters offers low prices- at what cost (StLouis P-Dispatch)

Vietnam War ended 30 yrs ago today..

E. J. Dionne: George W Bush, egghead

The Insular American

The May issue of Harper's

Conservatives 'South Park'

Debunking a spitting image (Viet-nam vets)

S.271-Repub Sham Campaign Finance Reform Bill (email from ACT)

WSJ editorial falsely claimed Abu Ghraib report absolved senior officials

Taking the MASS out of media - links and references

STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! Why do I keep the radio on when

Nation writer bashed Current TV

Teaching assistants may strike Monday (CSU)

Nurses' contract extended by UC

Economy Surprises Experts With Sudden Slowdown

Call me crazy but....

Co-op Surprises few know, for newbies: Refinery, auto parts

Buyers Squeal Like A Pig At Thought Of Purchasing Automotive Power-Pork

Missouri River Drought Grinds On

Lots of great books

UK Greens Unveil The Incredible Melting Tony Blair - BBC

Burns, Baucus back nuclear fallout victims in Montana

4.2 Billion kilowatt hrs of electricity lost to drought: Climate Feedback

hybrid Toyota Highlander

Biologists Await Toxic Algae Bloom In Heart of Everglades

"Global warming rate discovered "

Europe rights body accuses US of torture (April 27, 2005)

We need more secure nuke waste storage (Epstein / TMIA)

Custer Battles "Contractors Gone Wild" in Iraq

West Bank settlers injure IDF officer

The Arabization of Europe : Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis

David Ray Griffin is on C-Span 2 Now!!!

Judge in Moussaoui Case Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report



& what would the punishment be for u.s. officials who did 9-11,allegedly

Colleges' Hottest New Major: Terror

Pretend I'm an idoitic Lounge Lizard. Could you sum up the CSPAN2 show?

Without explanation, Judge Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report


A kooky conspiracy theory...

Thank CSPAN for airing Prof Griffith's speech: 9/11 Omissions/Distortions

If Everybody Already Knows It's True, What Would You Do?

Holy Kaka: Check this out

A kooky conspiracy theory...

Anyway to see the 9/11 thing from this morning?

CSPAN Companion Piece: "PNAC 101 - Rise of the Neocons"/The Case For MiHOP

Official 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions thread: CSPAN2

Scientists/analysts : overwhelming evidence of Admin complicity in 9/11

WA dems now have their own felon list in guv election

MORE new (Low cost) ways to spread the word about Election Fraud/Reform

Public Hearing! NYC Election Modernization!

A question about "next time" and Video Cameras... what exactly is

What is the strategy?

(SC) Counting Error Overstates Votes (by over 400%!)

"The Winter of Our Discontent" is Becoming Spring!


UniLect voting machine remains barred in PA



12:22am State Exit Poll Gender Breakout: Kerry won 329 EV


my LTTE regarding SB382(now dead)

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory to nearly double plutonium use

Robert Salladay (Los Angeles Times): Polls Push Governor to the Border

Is Arnold Losing It?

Well, if no one else is going to post about the 4/29 meetup

Saint Paul DFL City Convention

Did anyone make it to the Living Green Expo today?

Major Firefox Problem

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington -Tuesday, May 3, 2005 (Austin)

Just a sad note today

Lawmaker wants further study of radioactive waste (Wed 27 Apr)

Lasee whining in the P-G...

The Governor vetoed the Voter ID Bill.

Scientists/analysts : overwhelming evidence of Admin complicity in 9/11

Since there is a lot of talk about homophobia, a primer on biphobia.

Those Anti-Religious Gays Step On Our Freedoms AGAIN!

Here's one for all you propaganda collectors

has anyone seen this crooks and liars video?

I propose we start calling mr. "Hot Military Stud" : JEFF GOGURT

Things are fucked up...and they perpetuate the fucked upness

Mods Please forgive, but eveyone needs to see this one re: DELAY!

Lord Goldsmith's own words brand Tony the bLiar a WAR CRIMINAL.

Ha-Ha! Fred Phelps' rabid 'godhatesfags' to protest against Dobson

bush's "democratic government" in Iraq; swindlers, terrorists, criminals.


BG - Derrick Jackson: The insular American

Its Clear! Bush* Officially Declares Class Warfare!

How's my Dying?

missing georgia bride lied about abduction...breaking news

Holy Kaka: Check this out

Why when I try to read a WAPO editorial.....

CNN (or JMN)Jennifer Milbanks News

What Happened to Aaron McGruder and Boondocks? Did They Get To Him!

Can they come home now??

Operation "Hide the Horror in Iraq with Bimbos & Gossip"

Do right wingers have defective brains?

Iraq: 17 bombs, 50 dead, 120 hurt, 'more to come'

toons for Saturday (4/30)

Conservative Fighter is Back

Interesting Fox News attempting to protect lying ass Jennifer

The perception management efforts of Bush with regard to the War on Iraq

Another side of the dark future ahead of us.

Have you lost your ability to be shocked? Or do things still shock you?

MI6 and the Croatian general

Inside TV Land/Taboo TV

Catholic News Item Proves to Be Not So New at All

Case that accuses the new pope of conspiracy may be dropped

WE are only 4 months into a 4-year term

Is there a thread about Mahr/Guckert from last night.

LOL...Wash Journal Question...

Are we now the most universally detested nation on earth, with Britain

What if his Chimperial Majesty extends his term 2 more years?

America media is sooo gullible.

The Republican Party keeps their "gays" hidden from the public...

The worst part of the war in Iraq is that it hasn't changed

Anybody notice C-SPAN's changes for call-ins in last few days?

When will Randi Rhodes be on C-Span?

Can our Democracy survive ?

How non-UK press is vewing the UK election process.

Why Do Some People Have a Conscience, While Others Don't?

What will the Guckert book be titled?

Hey CNN, FAUX, MSRNC!! Once Again You FLUNKED!!

Happy Labor Day! - Sunday, May 1

UK Citizens call on government to act on 'Peak Oil'

I'd like our Dem politicians to try an experiment.

S.271-Repub Sham Campaign Finance Reform Bill (email from ACT)

The myth of "moderate" Republicans.

Now what is FAUX going to report on?

Stalker Law Used on Anti-War Protesters (UK)

The conservative mind & correlation of conservatism to criminal behavior

How Much Do Illegals Prop Up SS?

Wanna Bet The MSM Is Scurrying To Show "Runaway Bride" In Prime Time?

Give me advice about air purifiers for my home

CNN to repeat profiler take on missing bride. Don't miss!!.n/t

What would you DO? Would you disagree even if it helped our environment?

Question--when someone has a file sealed by the court--how can you

Fleeing Vietnam, Hitler's Suicide, Armenian Genocide, M.N.A.

Rep Jim Moran on Bush's Social Security and Rendition

Anyone who has CSpan 2

If you had the means to sell a talking Bush pullstring doll...

Negroponte's Security Force cleared in Agent's death

I'm tired of this missing bride story...

Liberals are Godless

How freepers envision god

Notice how they never give this much attention to missing black kids

This week's lessons from the cultural conduit...


A kooky conspiracy theory...

CSPAN Companion Piece: "PNAC 101 - Rise of the Neocons"/The Case For MiHOP

What David Ray Griffin has accomplished is to destroy the aura of

OMG! Wasn't That Gannon Guy On Real Time SO C-c-creepy?

Official 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions thread: CSPAN2

I don't think the "Ratings are everything" mantra will fly any more

"LIFT THE CAP" has to be our new rallying cry..If the Turd from Texas

college baseball coach suspended for racist comments

& what would the punishment be for u.s. officials who did 9-11,allegedly

Missing kids

I need info on the fairness doctrine

Watching CNN talk about "understanding Islam"

Fox says too much time spent on runaway bride

Christian loony tunes now running the Air Force Academy

European health sources: World closest to flu pandemic since 1968

I have to say it. I can't stand Jerry Springer!

Great news for outsourced workers. New high paying jobs pooping up.

Check out these Quotes by Hitler

Russia’s FSB Demands Control Over Internet

Hilarious Bush pics from Qatar online paper.

Saturday Freak Republic Humor

Employer contributions to Social Security???

Man Dies Of Starvation While Posting On Forums

Help me understand something about Social Security

Anti-choice credit cards

The weekly Democratic radio address-WHERE do you hear it?


Has any media picked up the cspan 9/11 coverup story? N/T

When do Liberals apologize?

Anyone else having trouble clicking through to the thread on the

Faith based foundation garments.....

"Christian Financial Services" in action

(UK) Gulf troops face tests for cancer (DU poisoning)

Latest bumper sticker... Hot off the press! Comments?

War that ended 30 years ago still missing in most school curricula

Photos of the chimp* selling The SS Fix. You won't see these in The WSJ!

Strip Searched Teachers Sue Over Arrest at Bush Campaign Rally

Are rightwingers fatter than leftwingers?

Checks and balances: my political philosophy in a nutshell

Bush celebration site hacked.

Check out this new army online ad.....

Malloy speaks out for Andy on Air America Radio - (AUDIO CLIP)

Michael Moore -where has he been?

Who is this guy on AAR right now? He's fucking great!

Is there a Gresham's Law operating in the political processes of this

The countdown has begun for another American stooge.

Most expensive codes

The 'christian' Right is a force of Evil

Condo's excellent Latin American vacation

Is there any way for us to appeal to the patriotism of someone on

Do We Have Any Right To Decide Who Has Nuclear Weapons?

CNNMSNBCFOX: From ALL War, to "What War"?

Should Pro-athletes be given preferential treatment to leave the military?

R.I. Police Say Man Offered Steak for Sex

WANTED: News Director for CNN (etc) who can recognize a news story!

Popemobile for sale on E-Bay

We've Lost Our National Grip: Giant Burrito Promots School Lockdown!!!

How do you think the UK elections will turn out...

NASA Prepares for Possible Shuttle Mission to Save Hubble

Show some compassionate liberalism for Andy for crying out loud!!!

Where are the archives on AAR. I've looked and looked on their home page

About the pregnant teen... I only have one question

Double down for Andy

Husband wants wife kept alive ... or he could face murder charge

Go Up To a Conservative and Ask-How Bad Do Things Have To Get?

Toby Keith! Quick! Write a song about the runaway bride!

If somebody broke into your house, stole all your food, and...

Texas lawmaker: Children should wait until 18 to "choose" if they are gay

Tony Blair is basically a good Dem, no?

I am an Oppressed Christian

MSNBC Poll: Agree w/ Bush that some benefits have to be cut to fix SS?

Gannongate timeline question.

Bush Extends Social Security Campaign...

I fear we've lost the SS debate, and we were had

I do not think there is a need to air the 9/11 tape of the Ga. woman

murkin media now consumed with girl who got cold feet

Troops who killed Italian bodyguard officially cleared

Social Security and Civil Service employees. Bush is Wrong. Again.

FLASHBACK-PNAC starts talk of world domination

Official "Guy James Show" thread--Please keep kicked. Pubbie love tonight

"Pop star plans to make his children gay"! From nutjob D. James Kennedy's

HBO Saturday Night Movie: Warm Springs

What’s happening to our kids?

Court TV did a poll last night: Did fiance kill (runaway bride) 93%...

if you are thinking about Vietnam today, **Please consider

Richard Dawkins re evolution and today's religion

Fair Trade

Jennifer Wilbanks Found Alive in New Mexico

So this is what discrimination feels like...

ALERT THE MEDIA!!!!!!!!...

what does it mean when four Americans die in Baghdad

Are grocery prices rising in your area?

You know it's evil when Katherine Harris is connected to it

Are you a Republican?

Do Bush Administration Policies Increase Or Decrease The Chances Of

Billy Sunday

A Letter to America . . . by Margaret Atwood . . .

May Day Message from World Federation of Trade Unions

T. Boone Pickens Concludes Peak Oil Has Arrived

So, where are you on this graph?

Dear Vietnam Veterans, Welcome Home

The Runaway Bride

Bob Dole's Legacy

Anybody ever buy a car thru Costco?

"It's Hard Work"

Rightwingers operate from faith, Leftwingers operate from reason

Why did Syria pull out of Lebanon

way cool... Search Engine For Activists!

Social Security and means testing - the ultimate GOTCHA!

Arrogant Nation

Flamebait Poll: Bush and WMDs

Is Don Imus considered progressive?

Scientists Confirm Earth's Energy Is Out of Balance

whose worse: Saddam or the Saudi Royals?

Conservative Fighter - Back From Iraq

A person shouldn't have to take up a damn collection when he gets sick

EXPOSED! Deadly Bush-Backed SSRI Drug Marketing Schemes...

Think the country's divided now? Wait till the Draft starts.

Proud of DUers

Have you actually seen any of those "Left Behind" books?

Impending tragedy in Yemen

What is religion? ..and why should it be separate from the state?

MissionNOTAccomplished, The Day AFTER May 2 2005

Let's Wok Around the Clock

It's snowing!

Has anyone else noticed the Green Party numbers?

When you can't see a GP

U.K. newspaper political endorsements - Sunday newspapers

Galloway’s wife seeks divorce on election eve

Who just saw the 'Dalek' episode of Doctor Who?

Vote for Lib Dems will not let in Tories

Boy, 10, charged with shotgun slaying of dad

Pro-hunting group in covert bid to oust Labour MPs

U.S. warns of possible N. Korea nuke test

Treasury to give frozen Cuban funds to Miami woman jilted by spy

Wilbanks NOT Abducted - Had Cold Feet

Missing Bride Found Alive in New Mexico

Swindler On A Gusher (Chalabi Iraq's New Acting Oil Minister)

'Cyber attack' on chief constable

Pope approves Sodano appointment

Ga. Woman Found, Reportedly Got Cold Feet

Six Honduran children die in grenade accident

Miami Mayor Wants Sex Offender Ban

Former DOE Official Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Suicide bombing in downtown Cairo leaves one dead, four injured (AP)

Iran Says It Expects to Resume Activities Related to Uranium Enrichment

Iran 'may resume' uranium project

IRAQ: At Least 50 Killed in Bomb Blasts (121 Wounded)

Italy, U.S. disagree over death of Italian agent

Crusader Against Domestic Violence Arrested (For Kidnapping and Drugs)

Iraq Neighbors Fear Tension Will Spread

House GOP Eyes Social Security Draft

Two Laos Tribal Christians Detained For Refusing To Deny Christ

(Chinese Yuan) A Currency Afloat (for All of 20 Minutes)

Iowa National Guard captain says training insufficient for duty in Iraq

Public Schools turning into hotbed of controversy.....

Jennifer Wilbanks found alive

Witness in Marine's Case Granted Immunity

Two car bombs kill 2, wound 10 in Baghdad

Catholic News Item Proves to Be Not So New at All (Clinton speech flap)

Sibel Edmonds, 911, Drugs & Campaign Finance

Messengers Share Pain of Loss,...notification officers on solemn duty

Aetna Favors Coverage Mandate (CEO calls for national health insurance)

Togo's refugees too afraid of soldiers to go home

Ga. Woman Found, Reportedly Got Cold Feet

(Strip-Searched) Teachers Sue Over Arrest at Bush Rally

GOP Strategy: Build Clout to Last Decades -LAT

Women open fire on tour bus in Cairo after suspected militant dies

The weekly Democratic radio address-WHERE do you hear it?

Navy Probes Religious Discrimination Claim

NYT - O.A.S. to Pick Chile Socialist U.S. Opposed as Its Leader

Genetic Mingling Mixes Human, Animal Cells

Seven Killed in Afghan Airstrikes

Bomb Attacks Kill 15 Iraqis As Political Talks Deadlock

Two Veiled Women Shoot Cairo Tour Bus

A Democrat on Bush's Social Security Team

Cdns. suspicious of a Tory hidden agenda: poll

Cuomo Warns Against Filibuster Changes

Lawmaker Should Step Aside in DeLay Inquiry, Groups Say

Belgian doctors bill US for treating Iraqi girl

Police: Bride-to-be ran away

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bomb (NEW)

Cuomo Warns Against Filibuster Changes

Farewell to the Titans (launch causes panic)

Dehl Facing Kidnapping and Drug Charges (friend of *)

Army will loosen rules: Pro-caliber athletes can get out early

Rural county pursues Sierra Club pact in groundwater talks

Three Mile Island License Renewal Sought

Lawmaker (Hart) Should Step Aside in DeLay Inquiry, Groups Say

Federal agency fined over nuclear sludge

Mailer sells his papers to Texas

"Choose Life" plates in Oregon?

Tom Osborne Running for Nebraska Governor

Blair, Rival Moving Debate From Iraq

U.S. Downplays Remarks on N. Korea's Arms Ability ("overstated")

More Anger Than Joy in Bride's Hometown

Gov. Schwarzenegger Signals He'd Welcome Minutemen on California Border

7 Killed in Afghanistan Airstrike

Second Blast Hits Cairo

Blacks Call for Amends as Grisly Lynching in Texas City Is Revisited

Vermont Gov Jim Douglas won't run for Jeffords' Senate seat

California sends in guns to slaughter 3,000 pigs - and restore island's na

Oil Industry Boom Likely to Continue

Kalahari Bushmen to be Denied Land Rights

England's Family Deals With Guilty Plea

Army will loosen rules - Pro-caliber athletes can get out early

Vietnam Celebrates War's End

Italy pursues criminal probe into agent's killing

U.S. contracting firm accused of bilking millions and running wild in Iraq

N.Korea Says Bush Comments Show He Is a Philistine

Scientists Confirm Earth's Energy Is Out of Balance

Forces Chief Blasts Blair

NYT: In Bush's Plan, Social Security Changes Focus (Make Irrelevant to MC)

AP: Tom Osborne Running for Nebraska Governor

Girl, 13, argues right to abortion ---"Why can't I make my own decision"

Army pair's tactics eyed: student-led sting ensnarls recruiters

Troops Who Shot Italian in Iraq Cleared, U.S. Confirms

Gay blackmailer hanged in Iran

NYT: U.S. Recruits a Rough Ally to Be a Jailer

LAT: Bush Plan Aims to Get Americans Off the Government Dole

Senate to Subpoena U.N. Investigator

Zarqawi aide calls for attacks on Vatican, White House

Sudan Becomes US Ally in 'War on Terror'

Blair hit by new leak of secret war plan

Mother, 21, faces firing squad

Post your own poetry!

Dear Ndugu

I have, oh, maybe 23 things to say - no, wait! 24!

I have nothing to say, I'm going to bed.

anyone wanna join an Asparagus Syndrome suport group?

List everything you stole as a miner

Greatest laugh of the week....

I have something to say.

Harry Reid Is One Baaad Mofo

Anyone like the band Calexico??

Who wants good news?

That's it - we're going to the vet tomorrow

Propane Grills are for weenies!

anyone wanna have an Aspergers Syndrome support group?

Goodnight Lounge

If someone says "booger" do you think of Doctor Johnny Fever?

Has anyone heard of the bass player Stevie Ray Vaughan?

If someone says "boogyman," do you think of Bush?

Watching "Jesus Christ Superstar" on DVD and it kicks ass

I just about died tonight

Star Trek Alert....It just came on Sci Fi right now......

What were your early misunderstandings in life?


When you visit your parents, ever think...

It's my last night as an intelligence analyst...ask me anything...

One in four Candidates charged with a crime

Laramie men face charges


Republican environmental policy brings back bird from the dead.

What prog rock album is the best?


At Five O'Clock, the birds come alive

If someone says "boogie" do you think of John Lee Hooker?

The Gay Agenda lives in books and must be stopped

Oh look.

There Was This Funny Song... Only I Can't Remember What It Was...

looking web site info

John Bolton, In His Own Venom

Wilkes-Barre - Scranton PA DUers - Greyhound rescue event

* sings "Imagine" and "Talk A Walk on the Wild Side"

What does MSM stand for? I know it's a term about the media,

Pope's old car is answer to eBay prayers

Saturday toons (4/30)

Brando’s Godfather secrets up for sale

Would you want to see Jenna Bush in a bikini?



So a blonde's house is on fire...

Jeff Gannon's New Job?

Crossing my fingers

Is Jeff Gannon Really Ann Coulter?

Whats for dinner?

Missing Bride Alive: Cold Feet

U gotta check out "Dub Side of the Moon"

Go Away Party for slutticus

Firefox? Yes or no.

Mushroom law threat to innocent farmers

Remember These?

Lapdancers of Death

And the songs of the day are.....

question about the photo contest

When is Progmom's radio show?

Great movie bout terrorists and insurgents on UPN right now

Amazing comeback

someone go to ebay and bid on this for me



Press Conference video needed

So Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

At the U2 concert last night

Katie Holmes predicted her marriage to Tom Cruise

is it wrong for me to laugh WITH north korea?

Outer Banks, NC: Soliciting suggestions for "must-see" sites.

BREAKING: CNN scoops Fox News Channel!!!!!

Great Adolphe Manjou movie on right now.

*FREE ITunes Download Code Inside*

Jazz singer Ann Hampton Callaway offers her opinion of our beloved leader

Mother dies after secret US trip for facelift

30 years ago today was the fall of Saigon, and WSBK is showing Red Dawn

Does this photo make Ann Coulter a traitor?

Is this the 15 millionth post?

I am going bowling with a lady this afternoon.

What's to eat at JazzFest

The Great Lakes Meetup is TODAY!

I dunno if you guys have seen this...

15,000,000 bottles of beer on the wall. 15,000,000 bottles of beer...

Listening to Yes: Close To The Edge. Ask me anything.

"Fox Is Not Conservative"

This weather is killing me- my bones ache

Give me advice about air purifiers for my home

Career path of an airline pilot:

How to get fired from your job


I can't find my cell phone!! Progmom, JJ, Kleeb, somebody CALL ME !!

Baby picture of Achoo!

What does ARVN mean?

What really happened when Rumsfeld met with Spiderman and Captain America

Geeks On Call service

Public Schools turning into hotbed of controversy.....


I hear the right wing fundies are keyed up over the relese of

What would be the most KICK ASS 15 millionth post?

progmom back on the air

The Threadjacker's Guide to the Lounge

Which of these new terms that I'll be using sometimes do you like best?

Just put a pot of homemade chili on to simmer. Ask me anything.

Don't you just HATE when someone posts something cryptic and yet

Update on Simba

CA DUers. Things you love about California?

CA DUers. Things in California that annoy you.

The Mousetrap - a life story

Anyone seen HItchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy yet?

List these 3 cities in order of preference...

Watching shows about 'nam on The History Channell...

What should I serve with barbecued ribs?

Some rules for the ladies

Favorite animal

My friend Mel and I came to a conclusion

Don't you just LOVE when you get information that confirmed your suspicion

OK, time for an update...

I truly detest insomnia.

Help--I am addicted to DU--it is beautiful outside and I should be

One two three four, I delare a flame war.

I don't believe this South Beach diet is working

'Don't be alarmed', she told me the telegram said

the jet interceptor I was flying just disintegrated at mach three...

Awright, I'm gonna try this one more time..

I just had a great time coaching a grades 1 - 3 clinic with

Oh la-a-a-a-dies! In keeping with all the misogyny going around:

My new t-shirt. What do ya think?

There's a pissing contest outside of my house right now (Literrally)

Interesting post in GD... A decent freeper among us

What's the deal with Internet2??

Re-watching WEED right now on TV

I need free spyware removal software. What do you use?

What are your top 3 Cary Grant movies?

I think I broke my finger

In case you were concerned, Tom Cruise says "I feel really happy"

Anybody else ever have this crazy dream?

I've been baking ALL day

I've got my post written for the 15 million prize

What's your ear worm today?

Moving to Nebraska, nearest town population 38, ask me anything.

My cat is part labrador. What should I do?

It happened again.

Beer. Bottled or canned?


The "Desperate Housewives" Dress goes to Prom

Shameless plug for a friend's pet

Oh Happy Day !!!

Anyone seen Hitchhiker's Guide yet?

skygazer's thread is naughty.

Ben Folds "Songs for Silverman" is the best he's done in ages

This is not Spam

Who loves Lorna Doone?

The lasagne is in the oven

Jazz fans, do you know the group Pak?

Do your cats have designated "cat spots?"

Do not taunt the Spam Guard

Have you ever had ham that tasted like fish?

This is not Lamb

ya'll need to suggest a movie right now

"You took the last doughnut, Bob... I'm going to kill you."

Sock,shoe,sock,shoe OR sock,sock,shoe,shoe?

Oh man I got fucked fooled

My 90 seconds of effort will not go unacknowledged

Respond to each and every thread!

ZombyWoof: Fire Chief of the Year, 1971

So it's official: We're going to the College Dems convention in DC!

What should I order for dinner? Staying in because I'm getting ready for

What will the 15th millionth post subject be?

What interesting things do YOU put in YOUR mashed potatoes....

To our customers:


Replacement dash board for a '72 Cadillac?


YES!! I just got an offer sheet from a new employer.

Because sometimes, ya just want to spend 10 bucks on a hot dog...

Will there now be a sequel to "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"?

All this global warming is freezing my ass off here in Oklahoma

Mashed potatoes: lumps or no lumps?

One new film I'm interested in seeing: "Palindromes"

One of our bubble eyed gold fish got an injury

i have just decided to move to san francisco in january...ask me anything!

Reminiscences of an almost fighter pilot.

Cartoons today SUCK!!!

Guess the Google game

The Hit 15 million make our own news thread

Most expensive zipcodes

DUers with low self-esteem: Who is to blame for it?

3736 Posts to Go !!!!!!!!!

Today's my 14th wedding anniversary

What Forum will have 15 Million posted in it?

I CANNOT caption this Katie Holmes pic from "The Singing Detective."

Skinner- Is this the 15 millionth post?

Where do you squeeze the toothpaste tube?

Which of these two fictional Presidents would you prefer?

I guess no one cares about my little sick kitty.

If a little boy plays with girls, it means he prefers boys?

Who is/are your newest crush(es)?

I tried to order a pizza, but called the State Police instead.

Has Disney's Pocahantas had her nose ritually amputated for adultery?

btw- 15 million before midnight

Movie Thread

My husband lost this bet. Would you?

Check out this bad ass lighter I bought at a gas station today.

How Gay is Bobby on the Lawrence Welk Show?

Ding dong!

Our Glorious Leader *ummm* in uh ACTION!

Has it come to this: black cohash, herbal tea, and soy?

so this is what DU Looks Like on a weekend

When you post, you post with hope

Why Are Liberal Cities So Expensive To Live

Since my phone still ain't ringing, I assume it's still ain't you!

'Constantine' at WH correspendents dinner?

Where are JimmyJazz, bettyellen, yivver girl and progmom?

Funny! Do A Spell Check On Wolfowitz & See What You Get

Taking Simba to the vet today

Are Subways everywhere going to quit honoring stamps?

The DU 15 million posts* prize!

What is it about trains that sparks the imagination?

Apartment Living : Will there ever be a bright side?

Hey fight fans, have you ever seen Bob Sapp

Last pictures from Boston, not my best

The hairball has left the building.. No more bids please !!

Ever see a manakin moonwalk.?? Too cool

Professional Boxing: Does ANYONE Give A Rat's ASS Anymore?

HBO Saturday Night Movie: Warm Springs

Dopey question: How do you hook up cable, VCR, DVD and TV?

My dog died

BOSTON...come to the south...we want you....

Rush Limbaugh says 'Mac OS X Tiger Rocks

Greetings from the Great Lakes meetup!

Favorite childhood books?

John Burns - NYT - Scandal

Runaway bride arriving in airport with blanket over her head

Did you know...


Young DUer's...ever experience age discrimination?

Let's say you were a protective older brother...

Did you go to your prom?

anyone have a link for free "talking books" mp3s?

Jennifer Wilbanks found alive

Am I crazy? Cause I'm stunned by what my sister did....

Solipsists of the world, unite!

So, who here has heard of snipe hunting, any stories?

This day in History. What happened on your birthday?

A few more of my paintings, and a question for my DU friends.

DUers : Your Wedding Stories....

Bob Boudelang Discusses "The KIss"

About Tofu

NY Times: In a New Suspicious America, Muslim Converts Face Discrimination

Two Laos Tribal Christians Detained For Refusing To Deny Christ

First picture of a planet outside our solar system

The Politics of Same-Sex Marriage : PS Analyses

Today's Yankee Matchup: Wang vs. Bush

Wizards/Bulltets win first playoff game in 17 years

James Toney vs John Ruiz tonight.

Oriole Magic is back!


Lily's Lament

Let's discuss Alternative Healing.

Earth's "Imbalance"

Now HERE'S a nimrod fundy.....

Wolfowitz departs with full military honors

Punishing New England, Bush style

Now that I have my camera, I need lenses.

Clubhouse Grand Opening Event: "Evil Keith" Picture Drawing Contest!

Blog alert!!

Don't you think it's interesting that Keith said

Clinton: Bush Energy Plan 'Dumb Economics'

It's becoming deadlier in Iraq every day &MSM isn't reporting

Does anyone else here think that if Ken Lay

Please DU the Sible Edmonds 9-11 investigation petition

Official Says Bolton Flouted Travel Rules

Recruiter tells student to lie, where to get fake diploma

WashJour on c-span A Dem call in just corrected a Repug who said that

Jeff Gannon on HBO: The Reporter as Prostitute, and Vice Versa

Role of Pharmacists in dispencing drugs-coming up on cpan-2 Wash-

THE BEST article on judicial appointments I have found

Why Do We Allow Presidents Two Terms?

"tree hugging liberals" Jim Micheals on Fox saying they have been

"An American Heresy" by President Gore audio/video

Help! I missed the press conference!

Write A Letter To The Editor...

A "highly placed official" on Coulter and her ilk.

"Rethinking the Benefit Math": Graphic WPost graphic on Dubya's SS Plan!

Hastert: Republicans "ready to roll up sleeves and do HARD WORK on SS"

Bush says "republicans are the party of ideas"

Red States will Ban Abortion......

It's Deja Vu All Over Again....

Bush* on gas prices: The one-sided coin.

Un-spinning the Presidential Press Conference

Today's Letter To Senator Byrd

"I'll be watching you... I'll be watching you... every vow you break..."

Where did all of Bush's political capital go?

History will record that....

Wolfowitz: "An Evil, Vicious Bunch" (not the Bush administration)

For a change of pace, Bush's radio address today is on SOCIAL SECURITY.

Advice from (a) mom--let's not get overconfident.

The amount you need to pay a Bush "Pioneer" when you want favor (1.76 mil)

Gannon attended White House Christmas parties -- but who invited him?

Blame Liberals for High Oil and Gas Prices

Defense weighs strategy for releasing base closure list

Congressional rule question

Small group of contractors draws 35 percent of IT dollars

Is CBS Really that Stupid or are they getting Paid?.....

Oil companies would get federal $$ for undeveloped offshore leases

Shameless ... GOP Sen Allard links 9/11 and Judicial Filibuster

HHS Announces $31,900,000 from Compassion Capital Fund

Sanders Scares Douglas Out, United Front Crucial

What are we going to do on "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" 2nd anniversary?


Fanatical Assumptions Taken as Facts

Why would the judge

"Social Security: Help for the Poor or Help at All?"

Freeper's letter to Citizens For Legitimate Government (LOL!)

Why was NEW Freeper's letter to CLG removed, when name/addy were

Hawaii HB1713 dead...publicly funded campaigns

Question: Why is Bush traipsing around the US, touting his SS plan?

The glitterati are now arriving at the White House correspondents' dinner.

Rep Bernie Sanders scares off main opponent....Gov too smart to run

DU this GOP paper poll

No Oil Talks With Saudi Prince

Why is DU so pro nuclear?

the man under the black hood at Abu Ghraib -his story

High School Student's Sting Operation Busts Two Army Recruiters

Eleanor Clift, MSNBC: Bush is "inept, out of his depth, rudderless"

BOOK TV Schedule April 30 - May 2

Fundamentalist Right = Modern day Pharisees, Dean style!

Will Bush Just End Up a Joke Of History?

What's the truth about Dukakis' "Weekened Passes"

Evan Bayh's fair trade petition

What's your spin on this???

GOP Hypocrite of the Week - S.C. State Rep. John Graham Altman

Get rid of all public services, protections, benefits, and rights.

Martin Short cracking me up on Maher!!! He is rich and he voted for Kerry!

Can you handle a little GOOD news?

Christian activists panicked! Stronger beer coming to North Carolina!

Fox News: "Blame liberals for high oil and gas prices!"

Which wars in United States history would you have supported?

BBV - how bad is it ........ really?

BE CONCERNED: Religious intolerance, evangelism pervades Air Force Academy