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Archives: April 7, 2005

Retrofitting the suburbs for sustainability

Salon: Why I can't mourn the pope

U.S. moves to create a beachhead in space

Blumenthal: Politics in red robes

Changing the Oil Economy

A Failure of More Than Intelligence (WP OpEd)

Japan's Sustainable Society in the Edo Period (1603-1867)

After the vote (KC Star editorial on Kansas "marriage" vote)

Dear EU: What price hypocrisy?

Harvard student action results in divestment of PetroChina stock

San Francisco may not regulate bloggers after all

Support Jon Corzine's Campaign Against Genocide in Darfur

Chen goes to Rome for papal rites

Bangkok installs cameras

Tycoons becoming China's pawns

UN report blames Israel, US for lack of Arab reform

KOEB for Wednesday, 4-6-2005

jimmy carter knows, and * knows it.

Need your best dirt on ES&S & Sequoia criminal, political, financial ties.

Boston MOBE membership meeting Wed April 13

Two search engines in one

looking to lock keyboard, but not mouse

Dallas county: Electronics waste collection, 4/9

Joe Trippi to be on Team Bell!

Propositions to Fight the Right

Arming Yourself, A Primer : Part 1 (graphic heavy)

Pope John Paul II: a political obituary

I was just interviewed for the Consumer Confidence Survey

CBS report on Opus Dei the Vatican's Secret Society

Bush Has Lost Faith In Paper Issued by the Government!

Even the 'liberal' media says it - DeLay is going down!

white house quotes on the pope's stance in Iraq?

John Paul...

They squash roaches...don't they? heeheehee

Shipping advice needed

Okay, dammit, when did Prince Rainier become Prince "Ren-YAY"

mike malloy rulez

Lets all send Delay

Agribusiness is a Product of Warfare

more dirt on delay!!

Stop the Corporate madness! Smuckers patents PB&J?!?!

How long till Tom DeLay gets thrown under the bus?

Help remove future cash from Delay's pockets.

Okay now "WTF"?

Question about Tom Delay

Walmart blames taxpayers for providing health care to it's employees

Santos-McGarry ticket on the West Wing!!!

Flavia Colgan

Conservationists Applaud Colorado River Protection Decision

Leahy and Snowe Offer Bill to Cut Mercury Pollution

Ten Rivers in 11 States on 'Most Endangered' List; Rpt to be released 4/13

Bush Says Government Cannot Pay Debts…

Anyone watching Charles Barkley on The Big Idea?

After 5 years of watching Buxh rule like there's no tomorrow...

Eric Rudolph? Wasn't his case to start today?

The US Navy is a primary sponsor of “Con.”

"The Huffington Report" - New *Group Blog* to Launch in May

Welcome to the Lou Dobbs Underground

Latest E-Mail from John Kerry

DHS Begins US-VISIT Biometric Exit Pilot At Philadelphia Airport

USSS to be unarmed while in the Vatican?

Don't Call Those Polygamists "Fundamentalist Mormons"

geore bush pic (graphic)

Reuters U.S. Journalists to Protest Offshore Outsourcing of Jobs

when the little bushturd waddled up to the Pope's corpse

WHAT happened w/ Bush 1 and the Evang Xtians?

Can we discuss Opus Dei please?

I am afraid for Clinton

So who are the Deaniacs? I mean do they live under trees?

Gay bashings on the increase

Freakers Attempting Damage Control On Schiavo Memo

My prescription for peace.If this country stayed out of other countries'

LAT: no mention of last nights arnold protests.....:-(

Re: Michael Jackson....Are white males more likely to be child molesters

Where is Keith Olbermann??????? Is Tucker replacing him??? God I hope


I think a President should attend the Pope's funeral but I note...

Living will is the best revenge

West Wing - The President (Bartlet) is the ......

I think it is time we start a war on terror!

I think I have hit the point of hysteria

Is this true for cell phone? If this is true go hear.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Rendezvous

Nashua Advocate: Conservative Blogger Gets Gored for Bogus Memogate Story

Citizens Against Government Waste: 2005 Pig Book Exposes 27.3 bill pork

What is the price of your ethics?

Confusion and questions about Bush entourage at Vatican.

How closely we have become what THX 1138 predicted.

Massive Buyers Remorse By Bush Voters? Polls Way Down.

EETimes: Sounding The Alarm as Big Brother Goes Digital

Should English Be America's Official Language?

To borrow a phrase from Yeats, these are the times when the best lack

Wealthy Say, 'No, Thanks' to Tax Cuts

Lewis Black on C-Span now ET n/t

Wal-Mart's Culture of Crime and Greed

Faux "The Pope supported the theory of Just war"

Once again- if the State says no, just legislate it under Federal control

Did you donate to Terri? Well, her parents are selling your info!

Red Lake Hero - badly injured, unable to speak - comforts friends/family

Two Weeks In Falluja

Cobenais (Red Lake survivor) - making ‘miraculous’ recovery

The issues with beauty

Eclipse on pope's funeral.

Flesh-eating bacteria

Stay Vigilant...with all this trouble, something big's gonna happen.

There IS no flood of Mexican immigrants across the border.

Katherine Yurica's Book "Bloodguilty Churches", Bible Based Bush Bashing

Brandi Swindell: Bush losing approval because of "TYRANT JUDGES"

This picture says it all....

yippee! i'm going to court tomorrow...

Mike Malloy wins the New York A.I.R. Awards!!!!!!

West Wing...great suprise!!! Spoiler possibly

Maybe we shouldn't concentrate on bashing Bush so much.

The environment, war, and personal responsibility

I need sourdough recipes

Harry Reid Spokesperson: Schiavo Talking Points Memo Authentic

Billions in foreign aid a mixed blessing for Afghanistan (Dear Pickles,..)

Officials Ask Why Iraq Details Surface Now

Probe Into Leak of CIA Agent's Identity May Be Complete (Drudge)

Senate Fight Over Marine One Stalls Bill (Dodd V Clinton & Schumer)

Sen. Martinez admits his staffer wrote Schiavo talking points memo

Police investigate death threats against sealer

Ethnic tensions in Kirkuk dangerously high

Saddam 'upset' at Kurd's election

Lawmakers: Daylight-Saving Time Saves Fuel (More DST with energy bill)

Probe Into Leak of CIA Agent's Identity May Be Nearly Complete

Women Killed and Mutilated in Congo Attack

NYT: High Rate of Failure Estimated for Silicone Breast Implants

New Report Says Primate Species at Risk

Ken Lay's trial may take place sooner rather than later

NASA extends mission for Mars rovers

NYT: Changes Are Weighed on Stem Cells (N.I.H. scientists)

YMCA cancels students’ Venezuela trip

Senate Votes to Reduce U.S. Dues to U.N.

"The Huffington Report" -- New *Group Blog* to Launch in May

GOP Pounces on Byrd Link to Liberal Group (

WP: GOP Is Fracturing Over Power of Judiciary

Police turn away tide of humanity at Vatican ( viewings are fini)

LAT: Air Purifier Gets Another Critical Blow (may release unhealthy ozone)

Former conservative ‘blogger' to become Thune senior adviser (JG friend)

Electronic voting machine approved for disabled vote(has paper ballot)

Wal-Mart Denounces Health Bill

Official: China Plans 40 Nuke Power Plants

WP,pg1: Labs Turn DNA Into Personal Health Forecasts

Martin dodges questions in first speech as FCC chairman

Lawmakers briefed on possibilities of bird flu-Discuss worst case scenarios

WP: Cost of Soc.Sec. Drive Cited (Appropriations Comm. Repubs, Waxman)

Senators to Stall FDA Pick Over Contraception

AP Calls Criticism of Pulitzer Win for Photos 'Deeply Offensive'

Pardon sought for first back boxing champ

Albright calls for better nuke treaty

BP victims face compensation concerns (due to tort reform)

E.P.A. Nominee Gets an Earful From Committee Democrats

Homeland Security panel picks controversial chief (proponent of TIA)

Prosecutors agree to unseal documents in CIA abuse case

Blix says war motivated by oil

DeLay's Lavish Island Getaway (trip in exchange for ignoring sweatshops)

Law would put 'In God We Trust' in schools - Pennsylvania

New Foreclosure Inventory in U.S. Rises Nearly Fifty Percent in March

Martinez admits his staffer wrote Schiavo talking points memo (RAW STORY)

Lawmakers Want Daylight-Saving Time Change

Obese Shoppers Treated More Rudely, Study Shows

It Was Warm Here Today, Sunny Too!

A living will template....

i'm drunk again, been drinkin' gordon's gin

MUSIC about the plight of our SOCIETY in recent HISTORY

Ever looked in the mirror and relaxed your face muscles to see what ....

Time for "Lost"

Just watching O'lielly and. . .

Best obscure song on the White Album disc 1

okay guys, betty rubble or wilma flinstone? wink wink nudge nudge

Post something you've written....

"Conservitives strengthened by feuds" David Brooks

I'm listening to vinyl records right now

The West Wing's season finale is coming up in fifteen minutes.

Pat "AntiChrist" Sajak and Larry "AntiCharisma" King are scum

The New James Bond - looks like a clone of Connery.

How many Bad Movies is Saturday Night Live responsible for?

musicians: in-ear monitors...

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!

Jane Fonda interview (audio) on NPR

Hillarious Shrub parody!


"Idol" **spoilers**

Breaker 1-9 for a radio check

Dammit! My dog has a hurt leg

Did anyone hear about Peter Jennings having lung cancer?

Hannity is scum

I DON'T HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I thought Toby Keith was bad...

Check out my sig. line

what's it mean when you find THREE little white blobs in your pork&beans?

Yet ANOTHER pet peeve


You are...

I have an "owie" - need a kiss!

I've been Shrieking...

when you get to the end of the universe, what's there?

Larry King rant

I've been stinking....

I've been Shreking!

Damn cable!

I've been drinking...

Best obscure song on the White Album disc 2

My 4 yr old is puking her guts out, and she's not even drunk

I am Shallow -- I like the Brawny Paper Towel Commercial!!!

Best Sci-Fi action sequence

What the hell is a "slump"??

Tomorrow night's our 3L party

attention Robert White , please contact me asap

Big surprise on the West Wing!

What's all this nonsense I keep hearing about males listening to Korn?

West Wing just jumped the shark

South Park has the "Karate Kid" music going

Another overtly political Law and Order.


Holy shit, I've got chicken skin.

The answer is, swedish dish satellite dish swedish fish

Sshhhh!!! Don't let * know, but I got a job!!!

I'm surprised no one's done "I've been stinking"

request for photoshoppers (West Wing Spoiler)

What the hell is a "sump"??

Are you sober?

My dawg played in the mud today

Laughing out loud at Malloy


The Last Pinball Wizard

What will get GD's undies in a twist next week?!?!

Canada is beating Sweden 6 to 0. Women's World Championship hockey.

sugar kat krazy smack & ignatz too...

I have had big, extended episodes of deja vu five times today.

See, this is the problem with how society deals with pain...

I'm Cosmo Kramer, the Assman!

Anyone ever shoot a snub nose .38?

Question for People who download songs

Going to Nassau Saturday...advice?

The Muffin Man is seated at the table in the laboratory of the...

Okay, so why's my left ear only ringing?


Marlins game going to the 13th inning......

I'm eating Jell-o without a spoon...

If a loser spells loser 'looser' are they still a loser?

Leno and his Laker jokes- he sucks!!!

Usually I don't approve of vultures that profit from people of faith

What does it mean when you smell random scents that aren't there?

Got in my first ever car accident today....

Jane Fonda is on Letterman tonight

Onec I was with this girl and some guy tried to steal her away by eating..

Spectacular Bid

What movie gave you the chills the most.

Blackadder on the come back

Why are the flags at half-mast?

Did Dave Mason get it right or what?

i really really like ramen noodles...

If you had to sleep with one of these people

Is mixing vodka, wine and beer bad?

Who or what movie enemy gave you chills?

Cheapest DSL plan

Satan Calls Another Pope to Hell!

My Ceiling Has Water Spots

DeLayed Whoregasm?: Ideas For Naming Tom DeLay's Scandal

I just read that Woody Guthrie's mother was a pyromaniac.

This is how I feel right now

Poor Prince Rainier

I HATE hangnails!!!!

I just made a deposit in th Karmic bank

"We're Suuuun com and we get it" is going to make me shoot my TV.

new addition to sig

How many of you ever received a thank you letter from a president?

Floss or Plackers?

Nature Helps Create Religious Adults

We need to PURIFY the language in this Country...

OMG, I just purchased $40 worth of anti-W bumper stickers

Star Wars fans line up at wrong theater

What do you call this insect?

Spaghetti and peanut butter.

I'm considering grooming my two

Wow..."I, Robot" sucked more than Xaviera Hollander.

Just a few assorted terrifying photos of that evil SOB John Snow

What do you call THIS insect?

There's a furry purry pooper kitty on my lap

Anybody know any good grinds in Fells Point, Baltimore?

Is  HEyHEY still on his deathbed after his classy hammer bonking?

So Who Got Kicked Off American Idol Tonight

I've been thinking.

inflammatory threads: it doesn't pay to be measured

Hitchhiker's Guide is coming!

looking for a flash movie

I am the secret cardinal

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!

My brother's having heart surgery tomorrow

Do you have cable or a satellite dish?

It official as of today I AM A LOSER!

Anybody else seeing that stuff you read last Nov/Dec didn't exactly take?

Best Repug Actor

Best 'obscure' Alfred Hitchcock song

Tasteless. And I'm going to hell for posting it.

Have you ever photoshoped yourself?

Best "obscure" Robyn Hitchcock song:

A Father Mourns a Love Story Cut Short

WTF is Laura wearing!?

Spectacular News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"West Wing" Season Finale

Random lyrics

What's a web page you check out daily, that other DUers might not know

I've not been thinking....

I had to go to the dentist today..... and he remembered something

Best "obscure" Neil Young song:

Quiz show letter-turner Vanna White owns two Learjet 35As.

Is "republican piece of shit" a socially acceptable term?

Brave men and gender roles.

I'm smoking a chocolate-flavored Philles Blunt right now. Ask me anything.

Meltdown in Miami: Jim Morrison and THAT concert

God, I hate these Enzyte commercials

I saw Rachael Ray walk into my highschool today.

World Week for Animals in Laboratories: April 23-30

There's never been a Jesuit Pope?

Repost: Question: MS and new treatments

Scientific American's April Fools -- worth reading . . .

Pope: homosexuality is evil. WWJS? The hatred of homosexualtiy is evil.

Frozen Four

the ark is full now.

Please welcome Zoey and her sister Mitzy

Astrologers: Dimbot & The Eclipses of April 8 and April 24

seems there's a eclipse on my natal birthday this year-April 24th

a proposal for our group!



A response from my first diary on DailyKos

Kerry: Publicize benefit for vets

Kerry: The first 2004 prez candidate to make Doonesbury

Just want to mention Nancy Pelosi

Time to gloat

A lovely rainy day (large pic heavy)

Sorry, I just have to put up another Alaska picture...

Is KOEB a subversive group?

From gogomag: Alison puckers up for you fellas

KO back on Friday! w00t!

Why don't the Moderate Senate Republicans Jump Ship?

The Chimperor Arrives At The Vatican! Let The Photo-Op Begin!!!

Believe it or not: you might be subsidizing Tom DeLay’s legal bills

Hell must have frozen over..

Developing on Rawstory: Papers plan stories on source of Talking points

Our New Strongman in Iraq

Freepers have a "break the filibuster" call-a-thon today and tomorrow

House GOP backs DeLay Amid Ethics Scandals

All but 5 Pug Congressmen accepted $ from Delay

Tennessee's Sen. Ford Subject of Probe(Uncle of US rep Ford jr.)

Does anyone else feel

Where was Hastert today?

The Am. Conservative Mag.'s cover story: GOP exploits the religious right

When Democrats attack

have the repukes worn out the "liberal media" meme

2004 elections gave West Virginia Pro Life majoritys in every branch.

Who said this ??

CNN poll on Delay

Daily Show is helping serve up the Iraq Democracy Kool Aid

Sen. Martinez - the lying sack of shit!

If you think this will not have repercussions, think again.

Check out this powerpoint from Billionaires for Bush!

The ultimate attack on the Democratic party by the media is happening.

Justice DeLayed Justice Denied: Ideas To Name Tom DeLay's Scandal

"I love when conservative bloggers make asses of themselves"

I would like to make a law banning Corporations from giving $ to Politics.

Does Michael Savage always say "Hush Bimbo" when referring to

Are Chiefs-of-Staff Really THAT Powerful? (As in, Leo McGarry-powerful)

It's all starting to make sense, we must trial saddam NOW!

Poll: Lieberman more popular with Repubs than with Democrats

Bush's Purge of the CIA - Recruiting Goldmine for the Democratic Party?

Mr. DeFazio on the extraordinary and reckless President Bush

Is Barney Franks the only Dem in Washington with a pair of nuts??

CSPAN schedule and commentary for 4/7 - Heavy on the rethugs today!

Republicans Continuing Their Despotic Grab for Power! (Quotes)

I'm tired of political defeatism

I went to a luncheon with Newt Gingrich today!

Let's look at Euthanasia for's time.

AUDIO: Exchange between our 4-star Democrat and a Chickenhawk Neo-Con

Officials Ask Why Iraq Details Surface Now


Invisible epidemic kills millions of mothers and children

TOON: Bordering On The Truth

Boeing boosts defense strategy

Liberal Oasis on Delay

MoDo on Tom Delay:

NYT Ed: Shameless Photo-Op (Social Security)

Poverty: It's a killer of millions of children

WP: Counsel to GOP Senator Wrote Memo On Schiavo

NYTs Indicts Its Lousy Coverage of * in Its Delay Article

NYT readers respond to Krugman's column on conservatism & academia

Right-wing US senators target federal judges

GAMBLING IS A SIN...except when it benefits the Church

It would be funny if people weren't dying because this wasn't addressed

The Passion of the Tom

Red Lake Whitewash

Control Freak: John Bolton would rather ...

WAPO - Same Committee, Same Combatants, Different Tune

Why Media Ownership Matters

Global Eye - The Big Fix - By Chris Floyd

The Crusaders -Rolling Stone

Mike Malloy wins New York AIR award!

Bye-bye The registration monster eats another news source

Off-Shoring......several recent articles.....very alarming

Finally, the truth comes out, the "invisible hand" is the Fed

Australian Coal-Powered Utilities Prepare Greenwash Blitzkrieg

Visibility In Beijing 1 Kilometer, Residents Urged To Avoid Time Outdoors

FL Red Tide In 4th Month, Has Killed 45 Manatees, Spread Airborne Toxins

Pombo (R-CA) Pushes To Cut Rules For Windpower, Has Major Wind $$ Links

Human Rights Watch (4/7): Jordan Draft Bill Would Muzzle Civil Society

Will the OAS election be held today or is it being delayed

BBC News; "Israeli troops beat Hebron police"

The Independent UK; "Is this the Promised Land?"

The End Of A Viable Palestinian State

Kassam rocket lands in Sderot

probably of interest....though not an article-forgive me!

Haaretz; Israel honors Egyptian spies 50 years after fiasco

Mofaz to recommend settlers' homes be handed over to PA

Israel freezes approval of new construction in West Bank

9/11 researcher -Archives for Dave Emory (audio interviews)

I Just Read The Best Article I've Ever Read on the Events of 911 ....

Schwarznegger Hotline to report Anti Initiative Activists

Does anyone have a contact on the Franken show?

Some Examples of Student Vote Suppression and Dirty Tricks

Secretary of State May Fire Lucas County BOE Members (Ohio)

Texas Strike Force in Waukesha County, WI--is this anything?

KOEB meeting, Thursday, 4-7-2005

What was the nature of the BBV lawsuit in CA?

Ohio SOS shenanigans in NEP report

Remember Delay's comments on Jan. 6th??

What happened to Jeff Fisher?

PA Secretary of the Commonwealth DECERTIFIES UniLect Patriot Machines!

McPherson's written Q & A with rules committee

Jerry Springer (on AAR) is an ELECTION FRAUD denier, please send him info

ACLU Patriot Act Director NOT interested in Open Records Denials

George Skelton (LA Times): Schwarzenegger fading as Lord of the Polls

Arnold to be in Santa Rosa at 1:30PM TODAY!!!


San Diego voters: Congressional candidate (R) under investigation in AZ

Schwarzenegger Hotline to Report Anti Signature Activists

McPherson's written Q & A with rules committee

Schwarzenegger fundraiser in Sacramento cancelled?

A win for CA workers! Schwarzenegger postpones pension-gutting proposal

MOVELEFT.COM is my blog.

Strange bookmark issue - please help

Voinovich in favor of rules changes

Campaign finance bill has plenty of backing

Willie Nelson Turnpike hits roadblock.

DFW Metroplex: Green spirit eco volunteering group.

Bonilla loads war chest for possible Senate bid

Democrats Weigh 2006 Challenge to DeLay

North Texas festivals for April - DUer meetup?

Ugh...Wineke's people crashed a Madison DfA meeting...

Kevin Kennedy shills some more for Accenture

Our next speaker is Grover Norquist!

self-delete wrong forum...DOH

A question about the huge number of obits in our paper lately.

$3.11 premium self serve gas LA, Alameda St across

(Korean) Scientists identify proteins which can age cancer cells

There are no undocumented workers in the US from anywhere.

U.S. Develops Lethal New Bio-weapon Viruses

Are schools being color coded?

SPEAKING of Martinez, GOP HYPOCRISY and John Edwards...

Berlin legalizes Cannabis!

some Thursday toons from the radical fringe

My God, We Are Bust"

UK Bookmakers offering 33/1 that Camilla will stand up Charles

Rare Solar Eclipse Tomorrow during pope's funeral

DU this poll, re: Delay

Skirmish over military recruiting

Police Raid (Idaho) Club Over Nude "Art Night" (Reuters)

If it weren't for the Hispanics from Mexico, Nevada's hotel and gaming

Not to be indelicate, but apparently the Pope is not embalmed.

NM State Workers get paid time off to honor pope


Treasury to fix rates on new EE savings bonds

ALL the world's religions should get together & agree on some rules

Right to Lifers are Pushing a new Zogby poll

The Passion of the Tom

Why didn't bush invite Carter?

Alternative Pulitzer (expose of Oregon ex-gov babysitter cover-up)

FECK MORGAN STANLEY ...Off-shoring death march ...

Poll: France preferred over US

Brooks vs. Friedman - whose flaccid gee-whiz prose makes you queasier?

DU attention needed for this story on DeLay

Crystal meth/military

Have we talked about the "stand your ground" bill here?

Who wants to bet that in 2006 Delay will be the highest priced lobbyist

Paperless voting machines are safe, say officials (WOW! WHAT A RELIEF!)

Gas went up 8 cents yesterday northern New Mexico

The free market for electricity has FAILED US. Here is the solution.

Question for nurses (and other healthcare workers)

Virgin Atlantic Brands Posh Flights

Minuteman Project Volunteers Face Probe

What blogs should I add to my blogroll?

why is John Kerry on crutches at Pope JPII's funeral...what happened ?

I have to agree with the "weak ass Democrats" sentiments here

High school conservative club holds anti-gay protest

Popapalooza 2005 - Screw the NCAA brackets

I know what is missing in our Mainstream Media's coverage of news.

Being a teenage mum isn't that much fun

Lauer and Russert near to finally earning their black belts in whoring

This is Gutter-Gossip Day! DeLay's Daughter

Anybody see The Whitehouse radio and Television correspondents dinner?

Airlines are revisiting idea of cell phones on planes.

High school conservative club holds anti-gay protest WTF?

WaPo Reporter's Investigation broke the Schiavo Memo Story

Immigrant Says Minuteman Held Him Against His Will

Professor Accused of Stealing Manure

Anti-privatization group barred from FDR library. Welcome to BushWorld!

Thank You from Harry Reid

Mexico's Andres Manual Obrador: The Next Hugo Chavez?

Top 10 Bushisms Overheard at Pope's Funeral

Anyone following the Michelle Malkin/Pulitzer Prize Photos Controversy?


prince charles and camilla to avow their sins and wickedness

I don't think I will ever vote Republican again...

Being for human rights is not supporting illegal immigration

CNN just announced that Martinez has admitted

how they may be preserving the Pope's body-- from newsweek

A note of sympathy and respect for Catholics

A very "Special Post" ......

Ancient skull raises questions of caring

Jackson, Nader, Disability Activists Were Wrong On Schiavo Case

An Email From The American Family Association

About illegal immigrants

W of the Day-January 9, 2004

So...Tom Delay's wife and Daughter recieved half a mil from lobbyists

Doctor Named 'Physician of the Year' -- for a Fee ( to the repugs.)

My Idea For Social Security

all praise to Harvard's students who fought back

There was a post about MRSA on Feb 7. An article in Mens Health described

Does anybody know if President Carter is going to Pope's funeral anyway?

A couple of Adams quotes to ponder.

George W. Bush; CORRUPT to the core.

Howard Dean must go on the Daily Show petition BTW I have his e-mail add.

Papers Say Leak Probe Is Over

Am I Blue? >>>

The Faith Based Fraud, A Local Example

Bextra pulled - FDA cites it can cause toxic epidermal necrolysis... on C-SPAN right now!

Latest Fake Terror Scare Psy-Op - Teen Girls!!!

David Horowitz - next food protest target

Anybody else find most of the posters on Metafilter to be incredibly

Oh just friggin' great. Mara Salvatruchas to confront Minutemen?

Christian ties may bind US troops to South Korea

Oh. My. God.

Iraqi Suspect Says U.S. Troops Took Mother Hostage

Heh - who will be the next conservative jerk to receive a "pie-by"

American Legion's "Boys State" program - What is it?

$2 bills land Baltimore man in jail

Sombody tell the MSM that Bush isn't spreading freedom

"Hold the quiche: Manly men are back" *Or: How to mis-read a poll

Parents Lose Fight To Change 'Slaughter High' Name

Schiavo memo tied to Toxic Tom DeLay. Gee, what a shock.

ALERT! Louis Black on Fresh Air today at 3PM

Caption * and pickles pic

Where is Thom Hartman??? someone else on instead of him...

What Race is Catholicism?

Sponsorship Inquiry gets interesting

The Bush Strategy: Control the Media and the ballot count.Your hold

Can we not use adjectives like 'bizarre' to describe the Pope's funeral?

I nearly belted an old lady this morning.

Rasmussen labels Hillary "left of center"! LOL

WTF is wrong with "adults" these days?

Recruiters showing up 4 times a week at Tucson High School

Perilous Bug Is Creeping Onto the Streets

Framing: Sectarian vs. secular

Heard on NPR Hallibuton KBR overcharge 95% forgiven by army auditors

Bextra vs Cannabis

Isn't Pope's body decomposing?

Vote for Best Bush In 30 Years

civil unions bill passed the ct senate

Canadian Supreme Court rules againse Walmart in labor union case!

DU Group consideration?

If bush could Privatize the Military pension , would you still vote for

Thank you, Howard Dean

Does anyone have a contact on the Franken show?

Medical Evacuations in Operation Iraqi Freedom (16,723/Army only)

When was the last time Canada prompted an evac in the US?

Boxer, Clinton block EPA/FDA nominees

An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind. - Mahatma Gandhi

Tom Delay: "I am the federal government."

Today's Action Alerts (nat'l call in day today for filibuster & more)

"Star Wars" geeks line up at wrong theater

As The World Turns.

I don't think anyone on DU ever supported racism re: the "Minutemen"

Delay's daughter? in a hot tub? with champagne poured down her back?

Ken Mehlman spins an email on Social Security

Everyone that can should be listening to Al Franken right now on

Really bad sports parent.

Michelle Malkin: The Schiavo Memo: GOP Coverups?

Ok fill me in, how has NAFTA had anything to do with outsourcing

Eclipse on pope's funeral

Hans Blix finally convinced war was for OIL

I walked out on my dentist yesterday.

What the hell is wrong with people?

I said "let's be conservative" in a public meeting today (GASP)

CNN: Robert Byrd on his recent support from

It's not's a back door draft

This is one of the things that worries me about the homeschooling trend

Only 9,013 more signatures until DU gets hot girl 3 way for Dean

They are now using Phone messages to pimp B*'s SS Plan

I believe a not-stated but deliberate goal of the Minutemen is...

Freepers are now totally invading our petition, it is getting bad

Ignorance of Historical Anti-Catholic Bias

Why do they add 9/10th of a penny to the price of gasoline ??

Why do they always say "trying to shove it down our throats"

Neil Steinberg: The fundies must be hating media treatment of JPII

NRA Leader: Consider Arming Teachers

Just saw an ad for the Coral Ridge Hour; Who was Thomas Jefferson

Oh, those rascally Europeans....

Check out this poll

Schiavo Talking Points Memo written by Martinez Aide Brian Darling.


I really don't care about illegal immigration... OKAY now flame me.

Small Aircraft Transportation System...Why does this piss me off so?

Freepers you trip me out, you are so sad.

the Time cover I wish to see...

Dear God,

Teresa to give keynote address on environmental healthcare initiatives

Call in today to save the filibuster! IMPORTANT!

Congress considering extended daylight savings.

Bill Clinton to be interviewed on NBC nightly news tonight...

Pedophile enabler Cardinal Law to celebrate mass for Pope......

Un-Embed the Media

Would I get more signatures on my petition if I told DUers I wear a 36 DD

WTF is going on with the Sierra Club election?

What is Tom DeLay's e-mail address?

Mike Malloy wins the New York A.I.R. Awards!!!!!!

What did people expect when they put Big Oil men in the White House?

Spent much of today watching the trial

now that she's dead, who cares? Schiavo-inspired bills lose momentum

Zhivago enthusiasts: Why did "The Party" want . . .

Religion and the Judiciary on CSPAN now

Shadia Drury: "Leo Strauss and the American Right." ,"Saving America"

Anybody got the video

I think the Dems silence on SS, Medicaid, DeLay, is reprehensible

I received this e-mail from Harry Ried just now...

AOL Poll shows Republicans may be hurt by handeling of Schiavo Case

What do YOU Think Goes On Inside Of A U.S. Military Detention Facility?

Perilous Bug Is Creeping Onto the Streets

What are the chances of the next pope being a woman?

Past time we make the GOP media squirm. New nick for Woodruff: Some say

The St. Peter Principle....

I'm out of time and I need some quick reference. Why was Newt removed?

This afternoons FOX feeding frenzy.

Schwarzenegger backs down!

Is anyone able to monitor the Reconstructionist (Dominionist) Conference

WTF...$2.35 a gallon gas in MAY? It's $2.85 TODAY in Silicon Valley!

Jerry Springer is beating Tom DeLay up with the truth

Sign up for the SS Flash contest and vote for the best entry

2008 cookie points to the DU person who can identify person #7 at Funeral

U.S. mad cow coverup alleged

"Pitt's Publicist Denies Report of Romance"

dailykos: Delay conspired with Russia to hurt Clinton, treason anyone?

Research request for you pack rats out there - Credit Cards

National Catholic Priests Group: Living wills unnecessary and DANGEROUS!

NBC Brian WIlliams to interview Clinton in a few minutes

It's gotta be bigotry.

LW radicals pie you, RW radicals assassinate you...

Anyone else getting calls from 304-877-2950 Global Contact Services

$849.95 for an expresso machine in a catalog I just received.

Gay man wants to die for Bush. Why?

Is there any proof that extending daylight savings would save

America is Being Attacked On The Streets

My niece: What is Opus Dei? My answer: An excuse for S&M and bondage

Wouldn't it be funny...

Who's listening to Lewis Black on NPR's Fresh Air right now?

Its Time To Examine Our Character As A Nation: { bushflash }

So, just how much do people in other countries pay for gas?

"job losses are an inescapable fact of life in a dynamic market economy"

The "Intelligence community" was RIGHT on WMD's

Need help with a Freeper smack-down

Colour of DU ... pink?

Pulling it all together: Illegal Immigration and the MInute Men

TOONS for Thursday, April 7 - in Tribute to nostamj

Know Your Enemy: Rolling Stone Takes on Dominionists.

The Hollywood right : Has anyone pointed out the fact that the most famous

Bashing the Bush daughters

Paging Matcom, Bouncyball, Will Pitt, and every DUer who cares


Ultimate Warrior=Ultimate Freeper

Here's what I have to say to the Clinton haters,

Hannity on Schiavo memo: "Looks like another Rathergate"

George Lucas's prequel trilogy is nothing short of prophetic

Tax Refunds to the rich came from SS surplus collected from the Middle

Mexico City Mayor Lopez Obrador To Run For President!

14 Characteristics of Fascism . . . the animated version . . .

Movie asks if 'Prince of Darkness' is responsible for UFOs

Dems are being smart with their silence on SS and the Schaivo case

If You Had To Pick One: What Is The Biggest Reason You Oppose Bush???

Candidate (R- San Diego) under investigation - RE 'Minute Men' group

Vatican Slaps Victims Of Pedophile Priests In Face:Cardinal Law Speaking

a nice collection of republicans being WRONG about "fake memo"

Gossip: Jenna in Dirty Disco Dance

Goss reveals the scam - as seen on Jon Stewart

What did Clinton say about the pope that has the pukes in a frenzy?

Claim: "Illegal workers contribute nothing to the infrastructure."

Anger after 'murdered' wife returns

It HAS Happened Here.

Wow. The Arcbishop of Rio de Janeiro is a major league asshole.

Who's more dangerous? Fundy Religious Preachers or Hate Radio-show hosts?

I was unfamiliar with the use of the term "Papist" in the English language

why do men think courage comes from their balls?

YAHOO: Perilous Bug Is Creeping Onto the Streets

UPDATE: Rep. McKinney added as keynote speaker National Election Conf

"Our job is to reclaim America for Christ, whatever the cost"

How do you think the Bushists like the democratic movement in Mexico?

We deserve $3.00/gallon when we do nothing to stop it.

Where is the leadership ? Gas prices are killing us!!!!

Where do we draw the line for ourselves?

YAY! SCUMBAG Horowitz hit with a PIE!

Revelation regarding Clinton being photographed a lot with bushes

The key to ruining the Reconstructionists is to get them in the public eye

Where the Rich Stash Their Cash

Bush was right about Iraq!

After Terri Schiavo:

Is there any interest in an adoption group?

Environmental PROTECTION Agency wants to test PESTICIDES on infants...WTF!

watched "The Corporation" last nite, just bought two gallons of organic

mr. delay, you're starting to scare the children

How's this for a vision?

Please DU: "Drop the Hammer" on Tom Delay. Corporations that support Delay

Can we list the corruption here!

Pie-throwing controversy

Philosophical Question on Rule of Law and What that means now

What is your favorite George W. Bush nickname?

DU Attorneys: How Do We Locate Fitzgerald's Filing in Plame Case?

NOW tthere can be charges of vigilantism with the Minutemen

The Party of Lincoln and Reagan

Bill Clinton's Lemon Chess Pie

Corn bread

How is the Hung Parliament working out for Canada?

Guardian: Mandela backs London's Olympic bid

A fight for Labour's future will have to begin on May 6

The latest U.K. Election opinion polls

Crist Sues Three Drug Companies Alleging Florida Medicaid Fraud

Ressam to be sentenced this month for plotting to blow up LA airport

Schiavo Memo Not A Fake!!!

Janklow, supporters honor Daschle (ArgusLeader story)...

Georgia ex-leader pleads poverty

(TX)State defends fund-raiser's hiring( former chief of staff to Delay)

Sobs as queue is closed

Many wary of GOP's moral agenda

Are Honors for Physicians the New Political Diploma Mill?

Boston Globe: Border crossings hinder training at Ariz. bases

NYT/AP:Study Finds Spread of Resistant Staph(outside health-care settings)

DeLay's woes make Democrats think of '06

Guardian UK; "G8 summit officers on trial "(Genoa 2001)

seasonally adjusted initial UEclaims 334,000-down 19000 from revised pr wk

American Airlines Announces Massive Layoffs At Overhaul Base (525 jobs)

Kashmir buses make historic trip

WP, pg1: (Virginia Governor) Warner Tried to 'Govern From the Center'

WP: Run for the Money (Spitzer raising millions for NY gubernatorial run)

Eleven Iraqis who worked with Americans found dead

Documents: Pope Weighed Resigning in 2000

Sack threat over royal fiasco

Foes Reunited at Peace Pope's Funeral

9 Moorpark Farmworkers Rushed to Hospital After...Trouble Breathing

'Too ugly' banker wins £15million

Blair vanishes from cover

Another sex allegation emerges in South Australia

FDA orders Pfizer to pull Bextra off the market...breaking CNN

State Workers get Paid Time off on day to honor pope (NM)


U.S. aid goes where democracy grows

CNN's Ed Henry Left Out Key Facts In Report On Cornyn Comments On Judges

Jailer's wife claims she was held hostage by killer for 10 years

As DeLay Faces Ethics Questions, GOP Circles Its Wagons (whining)

Royal couple will acknowledge their 'sins'

Handoff to Iraqi Forces Being Tested in Mosul

US lawmakers want daylight-saving time change

Iraq insurgents engage in large-scale missions

Senate upholds funding for Martí TV station ($21mil/year & no one sees it)

Warner Music Gets Another Subpoena in NY Probe (Music Ind/Radio)

FDA Asks Pfizer to Take Bextra Off Market

Shia named as Iraq prime minister

Donations to GOP leader DeLay's legal defense fund slow

Appeals court rejects Guardsman's bid to block extension of his service

Chen's Vatican trip angers China

A-bomb survivor to speak about Hiroshima

Breaking News: Shooting at Canton High School (near Tyler TX)

Docudrama on Yellowstone volcano set for Sunday

NYT: News Channels' Challenge: How to Fill the Airtime (covering Rome)

US fears civil war in Kirkuk

Bush Seeks to Overturn Army Panel Ruling

Training is paying off in Afghanistan, says Kamiya (on spring offensive)

W.House Regrets Italian Death as Bush Meets Ciampi

Government will move nuclear waste near Colorado River

Report: New York City teens held after FBI says they planned suicide bombi

Gunman Shoots Texas H.S. Football Coach

Volcano pours ash over Pacific islands

Heard on NPR Hallibuton KBR overcharge 95% forgiven by army auditors

Extremist Groups Plan Actions to Commemorate Hitler's Birthday, Says Anti-

Short-Handed Agency Limits Its Functions (Consumer Protection)

DeLay defense fund donations slow

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 7 April

Enron to keep Oregon utility

Catholic schools teach amidst Pope's death

Colombia 'will not try US troops' (despite bilateral agreement)

Wind, dust that MAY have led to copter crash still battering Afghanistan

Mortgages take one-week dip

Lawmakers seek end to pesticide program testing on kids

Peace deal ends Ivory Coast war

Black Thursday 2005: A Coup d'Etat Begins Today in Mexico

Symptoms Often Felt Long Before Lung Cancer Found

DOD lobbies Congress for money to encourage enlistment

Gay U.S. Soldier Wants to Serve Openly

Religion and the Judiciary on CSPAN now

Evolution in Iraq's insurgency

Vatican Gives Cardinal Law Role of Honor (disgusting!)

Mugabe in Rome for Pope's funeral

Cooper: Tentative Deal Set With Strikers

SEPTA Releases Service Interruption Plan (Philadelphia)

Report: Pork spending still going hog wild (more Jeff Sessions Hypocracy)

UAW rejects Eastman Machine's 'final proposal' (Buffalo)

Nursing home workers delay strike deadline (CT)

NYT/Reuters: Retailers' Sales Surge but Wal-Mart Issues Warning

Deadly Bird Flu Could Spread Beyond Asia

Florida Teamsters Strike Atlanta Gas Light

Lawyers to dissect strike policy (Newark CA teachers)

Enron-charge bankers win review

Anorexia could be caused by brain dysfunction

McDowell (Dem) political leader’s death called homicide

Yale president refuses union recognition

Expertise, funds limit tribal lands' energy push

WP: Papers Say Leak Probe Is Over (new: possible perjury charge?)

China says U.S. should fix its own economic problems, stop blaming others

Senior Democrats complain Bush administration refused requests for ...

USS Carl Vinson F/A-18s Strike Insurgents in Iraq

Same-sex marriage foes set broader agenda

MII strikers to draw unemployment checks (IL)

Rights: Stronger Steps Sought Against Cluster Bombs

High school conservative club holds anti-gay protest

Castro Praises Pope for Defense of Poor

Gay U.S. Soldier Wants to Serve Openly

US: Pentagon Detention Guidelines Entrench Illegality

WP: Nuclear Plants Are Still Vulnerable, (Natl. Academy of Sciences) Says

World Bank forecasts gloom

Texas redistricting feud may cast a long shadow

NYT/Reuters:Bull Gone from Oil Market, Price Hits $54("This is dam break")

Ottawa pulls support for Iran forum

Cornyn responds to backlash from judicial speech

CBS Wins Peabody for Abu Ghraib Report (Jon Stewart too!)

NYT/AP: Two Dead in Bombing at Tourist Area in Cairo

Mexico City Mayor Lopez Obrador To Run For President!

WP: Same Committee, Same Combatants, Different Tune (Wes Clark)

Mothers of slain Blackwater guards slam company in ABC report

Soldier refuses Army’s order to go to Iraq

Congress weighs China currency action (27.5% tariff if Yuan not un-pegged)

Lone voice in Bush's home town makes editor a star

AARP gears up to fight GOP over Medicaid budget cuts

Another School Shooting in a Canton Texas High School. football coach shot

Salazar: Probe ouster of trio (criminal charges for gwb event volunteer!?)

10 million kids die by age 5 (each year) - World Health Organization

Why rent matters

13 of the 16 killed in Afghan. Helicopter Crash were US Soldiers

30,000 U.S. military troops not citizens

GOP leaders weigh new Social Security plan(without personal accounts)

Man Who Defended Self (in Court) Cites Incompetence (AP)

Activist hit by pie at Butler lecture (David Horowitz)

3 Minutemen volunteers being investigated

Former Boston archbishop given role of honor in mourning for pope

Soldier questions vehicle armor

Delaware, Maryland Shootings Kill 2, Injure 4

Santorum: Frist will go nuclear

Schwarzenegger Abandons Pension Overhaul

Self-Proclaimed Governor of the People Is Fading as Lord of the Polls

Rep. With Wind Farm Ties Denies Power Play

Kindergarten cramming: Schools pushing kids beyond naps, crackers

U.S. agency forecasts higher gas prices

Officials: Man Not Held Against His Will

Marburg Toll In Angola Explodes to 200

Russell Yates says he's ready for new family

"Pussy" Busted

So, I may be giving the roomies an ultimatum tomorrow

Timecode breaks are the bane of my existance...

West Wing...I figured some thing out.......

I can't stand this Republican bullshit anymore!!!

I think I have the weirdest cat ever

The History of the Hello Kitty Vibrator

Sung to the tune of "Cocaine"

I saw Patti LuPone in her show "Matters of the Heart" last night --

My sliced turkey breast has a first name

Hey there, lurking freeper arseholes...

"I'd like to be called 'The Hammer'"

I'm going to the "Dark side" for 4 days

Hijack this thread!!!

Will "Crashcart" represent the US in Monaco?

I beg your pardon

Anybody listen to Thom Hartman??

did randi rhodes show go off the air early wednesday?

Can I go to sleep now? I have to take care of a 4 year old --

CHENEY Offspring Bursts From BUSH's Chest (WARNING: Graphic)

FReeper hopes for another 'Rathergate' destroyed when Martinez confesses

Hey everyone, look at my cuddly new avatar!

OK I want to know how people are getting

I am a straight woman and...

KitchenWitch's birthday wishes

Favorite Recurring Characters on X-Files

All this talk about corn is making me hungry!

my neighbor had a college of cardinals on her front yard today

Calling all former Moderators...

Is everyone else not getting avatars again?

A best friend is someone special...

I will now post at least one post in everyone's thread

I Don't Really Believe That Mr. Scorpio Will Post In This Thread.

I woke up at 5am after 6 hours of sleep. Should I stay up??

Have You Ever Hummed The Battle Hymn of The Republic on a Date?

How 'bout them Braves?

Let's start this beautiful day off right: Time for the Badger Song

There are two threads of mine that MrScorpio has not posted in

spit take -- PUNishing (you've been warned)

Domino's Pizza To Charge A Delivery Fee

The guy on C-Span right now is an asshole

If you had to sleep with one of these women

My new epithet for politicians who are bought by the richest corporations:

If you had to sleep with one of these men

A few not so random questions


Page One is All MINE!!

My number has come up for nursing school.

Underpants how do you make your gifs scroll

What is your time zone?

Dear Management: request a raise in salary for the following reasons:

Don't fear the apostrophe

I Start Flight Attendant Training On May 30.

Ummmm...ok, I give up. Why????

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Last night's episode of Lost (*Spoilers included*)

ALRIGHT Golf Fans - Today Is AUGUSTA DAY!!

which country wiLL get the next sports team?

Richard Quest (CNN International) is delightful.

My living will ( now revised ) *snicker!

I'm laughing my butt off, at Tech TV.

Teen Hit In Head With Shot Put During Track Practice

25 Foot Tall Blue Gorilla Deflated And Stolen

Live from the Vatican...

Sorry, meant to post to the politics section (ignore this)

UK Bookmakers offering 33/1 that Camilla will stand up Charles

This packet is for the dismembered only

*sniff**sniff* What's that smell? Bologna? Pork fat?

What a crazy picture of the chimp! (playing rugby)

I can't believe I am listening to NPR again--now that Unfiltered

Have you seen these pictures of Bill Gates?

Makollig Jezvahted and Levdaroum DeBahzted

There must be some X-Catholics at "The Onion"

this jacket is for members onLy

Thanks Underpants!!!

Today is the FreeRepublic "March for Justice" in DC

Judges Discuss Peanut Butter And Jelly In Smuckers Patent Case


its like trying to herd 86 kittens

Sci-Fi Channel running "Night Stalker" marathon.

Have you ever unclogged a toilet with dishwashing liquid?

RandomKoolzip - your sig line leaves an important detail out!

How big a piece of shit is Rick Scarborough?

It is rainy

A cat is placed in a sealed box

*Show of hands* Who here owns or has owned a Ravi Shankar album?

I'm 95,398 posts away from 100,000! Ask me anything!

Ever wonder what the Pope would look like as a superhero?

My favorite lyrics: Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas

How important is romance in your relationship with a significant other?

In the film based on your life...

Pasta with pesto for breakfast at 11:30? Being unemployed rules!

Freepers hate O'Reilly

Royal couple will acknowledge their 'sins'

civil unions in ct?

ShOw of HaNdies! Who here owns a Michael Bolton CD?

Top Ten Signs You Work in a Bad Office

From yesterday's topic: Who's wearing GREEN today?

Check out today's George Bush cartoon

I see why people don't ride bikes much around here!

this racket is for dissembLers onLy

Antique roadshow ?

Jenna Bush: A chip off the ol' blockhead

A FReepers idea of a perfect world

I woke up to find I have a flat tire

I think I'll listen to some Ministry. Some of their older stuff I reckon.

"A Show of Hands" Who here owns the live Rush album?

I'll bet you didn't know that I'm a bad-ass.

Anyone have a spouse go away for college or for some other reason?

A reminder to Houstonians: Ed Schultz on KTRH 740 AM @ 7PM weeknights...

And now.... Music.

Tomorrow. at 6:00 PM CDT

PRESIDENT WATCH: 4 years, 2 months, 18 days, 1 hour, 29 minutes

Opening night......It's OPENING NIIIIIIIIIGHHT.

I think I'll listen to some Oasis. Some of their older stuff I reckon.

My son got in the local paper twice :)

prince charles and camilla to avow their sins and wickedness


Suicidal Raccoons?

The Masters just started

Saw these Bumper Sticker(s) coming back from lunch.


Do you think I need to lose some weight?

That's it !!! One more Oasis thread and I drive my finger into my brain!

Life just makes me so sad ...

Who would win? Meegbear's bear, Matcom's Hippo or my Cowbell?

Tip for Visual Basic users (good thru 4/15):

Favorite Self Annihilating Sentence

Would you or have you ever dated a Hummer driver?

New Lenny Kravitz song... *Lyrics*

OMFG!!!!...I've got a BAD case of crabs!! *Graphic Photo!!*

Nothingshocksmeanymore called me last night - why did she call?

I sit here waiting

*Show of hands* Who here owns or has owned a Billie Holiday album?

My Living Will

I reckon I'll join a Ministry. Some older one, near an Oasis.

If the Republicans have power for the next 12 years, the US will

This Oasis thread is dedicated to edbermac.

I've Decided to be Evil

Well, THAT was fun!

Stop what you're doing and sign this petition right NOW.

I am 80% trouble.

Paging all of those brilliant DUers, watch me mention Matcom

These little guys are the source of 80% of my troubles

Just saw Swingers on IFC

This little guy is the source of 80% of my troubles

This little gal is the source of 80% of my troubles

do you think Castro will meet the President in Rome?

Hello there, my old friend

Is being nice to people really that far out of the mainstream?

I'm going to play uber conceited

Do these shorts make my butt look fat?

This little brained guy is the source of 80% of the World's problems

Who are you bringing to the NE Ohio meetup?

And now is the time on Sprockets when we dance.

What do sheep, solar panels and political yard signs have in common?

not to be an asshole

Just back from Boston. Pope, Red Sox, Pope, Red Sox, Fever Pitch, Pope...

OK - I'm officially fonda Courtney Love.

Advice sought - giving a toast at a wedding

Creepy anti-Catholic Post on FreeRepublic

Do you have what it takes to make it in the christian science fair?

Well, you wonder why I always dress in black....

Ok, time to put a caption to this picture, please!

Which Fonda are you most Fonda?

Are you RRRRRRReady to Caption this!!!!

Michael Jackson Had Oral Sex with Boy, Guard Says

Ever watch the talking heads on Fox on Sunday mornings? If so --

Vice President Leo McGarry

Sum-Ting Good! ??????

My grandmother has osteoporsis and is in extreme pain

The parade of death marches on and on: Brenda Starr's creator

For Zeke....and my brother...

Sign the petition to give Ann Coulter a sandwich.

I paid $2.82/gallon for Supreme at Chevron yesterday. You?

This Sucks....

French Quarter Fest - 8-10 April 2005

My GOD!!! The horrors, THE HORRORS!!!! I broke Donovan McNabb's hand

Sign the petition to give Ann Coulter a Wedgie.

When things get way too ugly - I go visit the PETS group

Thousands Descend on Dublin, Ohio

Congress Convenes to Choose New Pope

Man Tries To Steal Locomotive - Jailed

Another day, another teacher having sex with her students...

I posted a thread in GD.

I want you to want me.

Well I now have a "TV wife and kid"

Bouncy is ready to date bushbots again?

CAUTION This thread has sharp edges

Today's unflattering Jessica Simpson photo, courtesy of

Anyone remember this character from Saturday Night Live?

Maroon 5...ever hear of them?

I'm ready to debate bushbots again.

The Wiggles on acid

I feel like I've been gone FOREVER



Happy B-Day...

Where's Dark_Leftist?

Which oldie has the creepier lyrics?

Well, My Wife's Surgery Went OK

Admit it, you loved "Full House," didn't you?


The Daily Show

Who Watches The SCI FI Channel? Anyone Else CRINGE When They Show That

Students protest gay rights

About Ernie

I just filled my shorts for the first time this year!

Who else couldn't give a rats ass about the Michael Jackson trial?

Do You Give a Flying F*ck About The Masters?

Would you or have you ever driven a Republican while getting a Hummer?

FReeper says WalMart is good because they don't pay workers well

Anybody work for a Republican boss?

I'm so excited, my hubby just got offered a job in Hollywood!!!

Ex-Jackson guard describes sex acts

Okay, I'm officially in love with DS1's new shorts!

I want all the America-bashing to stop!

My cat needs a voice, caption it, or else he only excepts hugs

Ever heard of "California-style" fried chicken?

Falling in love a curse or a blessing ? female advice needed

Gophers: A VERY SERIOUS Question!!

Does anyone have that picture from the Onion

EXCLUSIVE!!!! Picture Of MATCOM In A MOSHPIT!!! (Jesus Wept)

Where did the seaweed find a job?

Blasting the "Linux is difficult" myth to smithereens

I just got tickets to see Jane Fonda

I feel nothing

If you SAW a celebrity (or anyone) molesting a child

General advice


Pie in yo' face!

EXCLUSIVE!!!! Picture Of DS1 In His SHORTS!!!

Guarding the U.S./Kiribati border

I am now a card carrying member of the ACLU!

No one better inform me that it can't be all Chet Baker all the time!

Guarding the West Virginia/civilized world border

Countdown! 5,4,3,2......

Time to play: "Guess what country I am"

OK, just so long as it isn't all phil collins, all the time.

What is the un-funkiest song of all time?

If you had to pick only one band to listen to for the rest of you life.

Anyone else watching The History Channal?

Who was the funkiest man of all time?

Congress may extend daylight-saving time

It is easy to say this guy never had a girlfriend.

Nobody informed me that it can't be Peter Gabriel all the time!!

Luckily it CAN be all Pink Floyd all the time


Nobody informed me that it can't be all Bob Dylan all the time!!!!!!!

Progmom just informed me that it can't be all Clash all the time!!!!!!!

"The Staircase" is on tonight on Sundance

"General JC Christian, Patriot" is at it again.

So one of the Darling boys wrote that Schaivo memo...

What's the WORST song you have ever heard?

Follow along with the Popapalooza

Creator of 'Brenda Starr' dies at age 98

Garding the Canada/United States border

Photoshop help please! Quick!

Cookie Monster Advocating Eating Healthy

Should the age of consent be lower than 18? Why or why not?

I saw a hawk eating a dove today...

Ha its a good thing I have diverse taste so I can be whoever the hell


Classic Welkisms - malapropisms from the master.

Has anyone else noticed the new guy yet...

Saul Bellow died???

Best environmental protest song?

nostradamus and Bush

Pope John Paul's funeral takes an Hour off my paycheck????

I can be All Who all the time

Just for fun: Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First:" routine

Letters to Landlords

Well my weekend has begun

Is anyone interested in an adoption group?

I like The Dresden Dolls.

Please DU: "Drop the Hammer" on Tom Delay. Corporations that support Delay

Some of you guys are jerks in one post,and great in 99 others.

Guess what? RE: Roomies keeping me up

What is this song about?

This is one weird ass fundie....

Anyone got a "Pope's funeral" drinking game worked out yet?

I have to have hernia surgery. Any suggestions ?

Mike Malloy wins best talk show award............


Rachael Ray has man hands!

Living Will ......Funny! and True!

Locked threads with no explanation.


nothing like a trip to GD to fill up my ignore list

Just one document away from Irish citizenship!

WXPN is the best radio station ever


Headlines for the New Millennium, April 7, 2005

Roach spray explodes, blows up eatery

Wretched excess

Weirdest places to hide money.

Where the hell is sundog?

Is there any one here thinking of adopting...or adopted yourself?

What band should I become obsessed with and mention in every thread?

Oh what a night!!! How is yours???

If you were making an alien autopsy video in 1947, how would you film it?

What is the funkiest song of all time?

Unsolved mysteries about my Ma's death and effects.

Take The Distressed American Challenge: Give Me A Topic/I Have A Graphic

Here's a helpful website for dealing with debt collectrolls

My brother's surgery went well - just got the call


Agh another long season ahead

One in ten NON-smokers will develop cancer...

i have a picture of george dubya having a meeting with a strange man...

An Ode to Sweet Sweet Jenna (Punk Rock Girl)

Are Hummer drivers the sire of Satan?


Ok - gods I hate the east coast bias

This little guy is the source of 80% of my troubles

Something I drew

POPE WATCH: 4 Days, 23 hours, 40 minutes....

I just opened a bag of coins from Ma's house and I found coins from

Teacher Made 5 Year Old Unclogg School Toilet While Class Watched

Golfer's: A VERY SERIOUS Question!!

What's for supper?

Let's play: What's the funniest insult you've ever received?

There's too much bashing of 70s AM radio hits on this board

show of hasselhoffs! who here owns anything hasselhoff?

I LOVE living in the suburbs! Ask me anything.

Favorite Secretary of State, 2005-present

Got any really funny jokes or photos to cheer a depressed person?

Woman Photographs Swan, Finds Hand Stuck in Ice (WEIRD, w/pic)

Engagement Ring -- What Should I Do?

I just signed my lease!

"We're Knights of the Round Table,"

Question RE: Passports for Canada travel

I wrote a song with RandomKoolzip and SouthoftheBorderPaul.

The late Bill Hicks

Would you or have you ever dated a member of the Republican party


Regarding Ann Coulter

Worst vehicle for ride-pimping purposes?

A Zoomie pickin' on Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. (US Marine Corp)

OK - I'm officially in love with Jane Fonda

A great song, and hopefully an appropriate tribute to Kheph and nostamj

Wow, I've Lost 30 Pounds In 2 Months

Canadian media takes literary hakapic to the seal hunt

IFAW video of the hunt

I need re-heatable ideas of things to cook/prepare...

Strawberry Pop-Tarts with Chocolate Syrup

If America's not mentioned in the bible, do we exist?

Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents

Why does the Catholic Church need a Pope?

SSRIs "hijack" dopamine signaling as well launching serotonin signals

Cannabis can slow narrowing of arteries

Anorexia linked to brain defect, rather than social pressures

New Suit Seeks To End Gay Partner Benefits In Michigan

Maine Approves Wording For Gay Rights Law Repeal Question

Conn. House Expected To Follow Senate In Passing Gay Unions Bill

ACLU files suit over gay T-shirt ban

Howard Dean to be Honored by Nat'l GL Task Force 16th Annual Awards

Both sides predict lawsuits over Kansas's gay marriage ban

Gay U.S. Soldier Wants to Serve Openly

Anti-Gay Bigots rejoice: Supermarkets remove gay newspaper from stores

It's gotta be bigotry.

Alright - rhetorical question (I know the answer)

what's a guy gotta do around here to get a pitching staff???

And they're off!!

Best set-up man in baseball?

Frozen Four Gameday Thread

When does the NFL Draft coverage start?

Pets that look like celebrities?

Help bird people!!

Here's my dog-kids...

More greyhounds have arrived

Two of the things you can see at my house

Help! I need advice about a baby squirrel.

What Is Cynicism?

Religious visions

I started a poll in GD/P on favorite political magazines

News from lefty freeperville

Oh, so that's why he's on crutches

News bits and pieces 4/7/05

black and white pitures

An arrest of a Phoenix gangbanger (taken when I wrote for the newspaper)

Sunday - April 10th

Where is Jimmy Carter?

ABC WNT included hidden camera footage in Delay report last night

Remember This?

WSJ op-ed: Tony Montana

Delay's "Legal Expense Trust Records"..people/companies who have donated

DeLay, Russian money, and the politics of the war against Milosevich

Here's an idea.

Simmons (R) smacked down on Social Security; Larson (D) to hold forum

Humbled Republicans offer retractions in Schiavo memo case

Bumper sticker I saw today

Is "Media Matters" in the Fortune 500?

Hey Democratic "leaders", what in hell are you all waiting for?

Democrats show surprising strength in a red state.

April 15th National Sick-out: IMPEACH Bush** CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ACTION!

"Author of Shiavo Memo Steps Forward"--MSNBC

Answer: At least one of us.

"He's Using Religion"

I saw this troop picture @, sad

Is Washington planning a bloodbath in Caracas?

Does anyone feel that the recent increase in world oil prices

Doctor Named 'Physician of the Year' -- for a Fee

WSJ's Harwood: Republicans Splinter On Bush Agenda

Kerry: Publicize Benefit for Vets

I Just Read The Best Article I've Ever Read on the Events of 911 ....

I posted this in GD

Any one watching this Scarborough guy on C-SPAN WJ now?

Some favorite photogenic moments from the Bush Years:

Oil to jump to $US105: analyst

Theory on Delay

Should we quickly get Tom deLay to resign as soon as possible?

The right "celebrates diversity" - sick, sick, people

The Non-Forged GOP Talking Points Memo

Talking point memo originated in Martinez aide office..Aide has resigned

at least we know the courts still work

Where to get "No W" stickers?

When is the confirmation hearing for Bolton?

It must suck being a Congressional staffer

DU this poll - Should Tom Delay resign?

"Republican Playbook" on the Environment Now Readable Online

For tortured logic, nothing satisfies like Hindrocket:

Sen. Inhope OK giving scathing take on the "science" of latest

"Judges need to be intimidated" - delay 1998

Why would this Schiavo memo remind repugs of rather's memos

Why we DON'T want to see Tom DeLay go?

Great Email from Delay's (D) Opponent

Check out this german comic about Bush, Wolfy, and Bolton

Letter: League opposes Bush Social Security plan

msnbc talking about the Rel. Right influencing the Repug party

The SS Delay is taking on water and Captain Rove....

Lewis Black of the "The Daily Show" on NPR's show "Fresh Air"

Today, April 7, is former CA Gov Jerry Brown's birthday.

I'm no fan of Carville, but

DU Attorneys: How Can I Find a Copy of this Court Filing in Plame Case?

Lawyers Against the War are after Bush

CRossfire NOW--discussing Clintons comments that Pope had "mixed

How will the 'Nuclear' option play out?

Darwinism inspired Hitler

Senator Boxer Rocks...

Reagan Campaign did meet with Iranian Fundamentalists in 1980

So will the Weekly Standard issue an apology

Assrocket blames Harkin for Schiavo memo mess

DU Poll: Do you approve or disapprove of the job Harry Reid is doing

Randi making the link between Schiavo memo directly to DeLay

A challenge to game designers. Come up with a "Tom DeLay

Santorum: Frist will go nuclear

Let's get the Republicans on record for or against "privatization"?

When Arrogant Egos Collide

MSNBC: "Strong plurality (48%) still approves of Bush’s job performance"

Bush treated the pope like a well-meaning but naïve child.

What's your favorite political news magazine?

Anyone up for a DeLay Protest Rally?

"Jenna's butt dance":30 "Reid's pledge to fight to preserve filibuster":10

Rush "pass the pills" Limpballs in full-scale meltdown!

BBC IN PICTURES: Iraqi Lives, Two Years After Saddam

Sign up for the MoveOn.PAC SS Flash contest and vote for the best entry

Campaign for America's Future: DeLay Explain Your Darling Relationship

Why Bush got away with murder!

Memo to Republican supporters : Had enough yet ?

Wingnuts on CSpan - Re: Activist Judges

Fab Image B-board from United Kingdom...BritishVote on 05/05/05

Same Committee, Same Combatants, Different Tune

GOP Congressman=Apologist for Corruption

General Wes Clark: U.S. should reassure Syria/ Iran not threaten them

CNN/Netscape .com named * photo A-hole .jpg

Bush can "privatize" Soc Sec thru "Executive Order" (CNN)........ WTF ?

Will Dubya appoint Bill Clinton to the Supreme Court?

The Myth of Republican Diversity (Responses to Brooks & Harwood Articles)

Jenna Bush ‘Butt Dance’ Video


At yesterday's HASC meeting,Gen. Clark smacksdown Richard Perle & GOP

Cnn Brazile saying it was a high ranking staff Martinez person that made

This is Hitler/This is Hitler on Steroids

A Reminder of Valerie Plame

More Scoop on Martinez "Resigned Aide" Brian Darling that MSM Overlooks

NEVER call them the religious right, the fundamentalist right!

Motherload of DeLay scandal information

Environmental PROTECTION Agency to test PESTICIDES on INFANTS - Madness!!!

"My Family is Pretty Disappointed " an e-mail from Richard Morrison

CAF: "New Face of the Conservative Movement" ad in today's Moonie Times

OMG...Open that can of snakes! Alexander Strategy Group/Delay/Buckham

DeLay still attacking Chris Bell Please, help Bell by endorsement !

"Senate Democrats are going to fight them every step of the way" - Reid

A Look at Possible Presidential Candidates (AP)

Help with freeper email

Have you ever had a Political Epiphany? If so when?