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Archives: April 8, 2005

John Bolton: Hired UN underminer

Bush theater growing absurd in Social Security debate

Don’t fix Social Security if it isn’t broken

Social Security benefits for more Cuban immigrants being sought

The Terrorism of War . The SubjuGation of Humanity- ver$ion* 2005.

In Bushworld, the Truth Hurts

Fuel Cells-A Perspective

Broken Hammer?

Arabs Lift Their Voices

Conason: It's a family affair (DeLay)

Ron Paul {R} Tx continues to speak out...

We are rewriting the history of communism's collapse (Gorby–not the Pope)

Current Food Production System Due For Collapse

Moscow Times Covers Voter Fraud and Clint Curtis Story

"Iraq: Eye to Eye With the Occupation"

Raising awareness of global torture

Marching to free Haiti

Nuclear plants warned of terrorist fire hazard

Yankee Rowe cleanup work to be done by fall

Take steps to protect against radon

Deformed fish found near old uranium site

'Let me fight my monsters' (New Play on Rachel Corrie)

Arab Israeli beats Jewish boys in quiz on Zionism

'Let me fight my monsters' (New Play on Rachel Corrie)

Lawsuit filed in Snohomish County WA !!!

Support EMAIL CSPAN to cover National Election Reform Conference Campaign

What would you like to come out of the National Election Reform Conference

US Counts Votes report was updated yesterday

$chwarzenegger in La Jolla Mon. noon-- come protest!

Relationships - Love them or leave them?

DFW: Legal questions answered, free.

Why is it that my heroes ( or more properly heroines) these days are

I want an ASSHAT OF THE WEEK award thread!

roger ailes on c-span 9:00pm at press club

Godfrey Daniel!!!!

Is the US Army "Out of Control?"

What I would give for Republicans to just be plain old conservatives again

Updated Florida Living Will---->

Are You a Christian Warmonger?

Get that extension in order for your taxes...

New Iraqi Gov. to Confont Future with US Military (VERY IMPT STORY)

This guy looks familiar. Any ideas?

Good source for Iraq info you'll never hear in U.S. media

We should reintroduce people to the constitution ("activist" judges)

So what if all US citizens had to take a citizenship test

US Delays Rocket Launch/Danger of Hitting Canadian Oil Rigs

Catholics: Withhold tithes to let Vatican know how we feel about Law

How would a sharp US Dollar drop affect ordinary Americans?

You are what you read

Does Bu$h have one single redeeming quality?

Kerry in Rome on crutches?

where can i find a copy of nixon's expanded enemies list?

Why the U.S. Auto Industry has lost to Japan.Again.

freeper advocates shooting pie throwers

I went to church tonight . . .

Stream to Malloy show just shut down.

Please check this:

Conservative speakers will ask for searches for pies at speeches?

NPR: Military is in a crisis

I want to throw a pie at Al Sharpton.

Bush Invokes Lovecraftian 'Old Ones', quotes Necronomicon in pre-Inaugural

Anyone listening to Springer on AAR?

Martinez was WARNED about his HABIT of passing the buck.

Is it just me or id DU lagging and cutting out right now.

Living wills - Tell it like it is!

How to make a religious right-winger's head explode.

CSM: Evolution in Iraq's Insurgency..

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Round Up

We MUST STOP the Domionists

American Media announces the existence of souls.

Nationwide DNS problems?????

SO Canuckheads - early election in light of today's developments?

Anybody watching CSPAN? & the Texas Justice

Judges Rule!

My friend Doug; THE BEST liberal radio talk show host EVER.

Is it just me or is DU lagging and cutting out right now.

Anyone know?

Canadian DUers-Can You briefly explain the "Sponsorship Scandal"

Hannity's latest propaganda: pies and salad dressing are attacks

Pope's life & death: A Muslim perspective

Pat Buchanan - "what if the Pope had been appointed to the SC...

López Obrador Before Congress: The Defendant Turns Prosecutor

A Salute to Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, & Bush as I Pay $2.35 a Gallon

What's this about Vatican neo-conservatives? - from The New Yorker

Did anyone else see Kerry on crutches in Rome?

2 wk summary: deaths, pie and Delay. What else did I miss?

Anybody see Roger Ailes on cspan at the Shorenstein center?

Pro Wrestler 'Ultimate Warrior' Embarrasses College Republicans

Wasn't Terri Schiavo supposed to have an autopsy?

The woman who reported finding a finger in her chili

BushCo snubs Carter, but gets one in return

Mel Martinez blames the democrats

An Injection of Hope...

Clueless freepers hold anti gay rally at high school (California) Pics

I'm old - I should know better - but I like the pie-throwing stuff

Discovery Channel: DOES EUROPE HATE US? - on now

Do military personal and their families know about depleted uranium?

Did Bush showing up at the Pope's viewing disgust you??

Rigged election whistleblower suicided.

Is it possible to use divide and conquer tactics on corporate America?

Face the Facts- The Game is Over

Who Killed Jesus?

H2S's Fallibility is Showing...

Gomery inquiry: Jean Brault testimony discussion

Pentagon creates medals for Iraq, Afghanistan wars

Rosenbergs' son warns free speech threatened

Florida Panel May Regulate Online Dating

List of the 2005 Peabody Awards (The Daily Show Wins - Election coverage!)

'60 Minutes II' Wins a Peabody Award, Raising Eyebrows (Daily Show too!)

Reporter in serious condition after being shot in Mexico

Pro Wrestler 'Ultimate Warrior' Embarrasses College Republicans

Salon: Celebrate Tom DeLay's Birthday!

'Let me fight my monsters' (New Play on Rachel Corrie)

A String of Auctions Get Canceled--Moscow Times (oil/no foreign cos)

NYT: Cardinal Law, Ousted in U.S. Scandal, Is Given a Major Role in Rites

Breaking: Florida Senator's Aide Resigns Over Schiavo Memo

U.S. envoy: N. Korea nukes went to Libya

Professor untangles Iran war possibility (Rpt fm Lehigh University)

Schwarzenegger backs off his pension plan

U.S. Report Sees Gasoline Prices Moving Higher Still

WP: Pentagon to Stress Foreign Languages

Saddam Foes Now Lead New Iraqi Government

What's Behind the New Iraq--Asia Times Online

CBC to shut down Newsworld International

IMF warns on risk of ‘permanent oil shock’

U.S. Agriculture Department denies allegation it's hiding mad-cow cases

NYT/AP: U.S. to Require Car Tire Pressure Systems

NYT: Shuttle Crew Seeks Assurance Before Flight

NYT: Why Hasn't Weak Dollar Slowed Imports? Because America Needs Them?

13 of 16 killed in Afghan crash were U.S. troops

Army deserter seeks review of asylum refusal

NYT: Chinese Navy Buildup Gives Pentagon New Worries

States Told Not to Steer Beneficiaries to Drug Plans -NYT

U.S. Torture and Detention Policies Highlighted in Geneva By American

Old US Foe Rises Again in Iraq

Once Invincible Schwarzenegger Looking More Mortal (43% approval)

NYT:Wal-Mart Going Least a Little (struggling w/ competition)

Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill Authorizing Cuts in Medicaid

EPA Balks at Halting Pesticide-Child Study(Boxer and Nelson demand it end)

We got it wrong on Iraq WMD, intelligence chiefs finally admit/UK

Pennsylvania decertifies some voting machines from Calif. company

Autopsy: Tasers 'enhanced' drowning (MI)

Martinez Staff Probes Memo Origin -WP

Heinz Kerry challenges scientists to find links between pollution, cancer

Democrats try to build case against Bolton

Judiciary has 'run amok,' DeLay says

Ventura ‘tells it like it is’: Former governor slams media, hypocrisy

Governor Defends Schiavo Memo Sent Around On Capitol Hill (JEB)

Feinstein statement on gay marriage nets her 'Pink Brick' award

Democrats Weigh 2006 Challenge to DeLay

Jesse Jackson Plans Cuba Trip to Back Free Trade

Rumsfeld Memo on Intelligence Criticized -WP

Arab Actors Hope Crusade Film Improves Muslim Image

Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth's Crust, Breakthrough to Mantle Looms

Talabani proposes amnesty for Iraqi insurgents

Los Angeles Times: GM Stops Buying Ads in The Los Angeles Times

NYT: U.S. Plans New, Deep Cuts in Housing Aid

Mexican Congress vote blocks presidential hopeful

A Lovely Day for a Stroll: Bill Clinton In His Element

TSA Slated for Dismantling

Allies plough billions into drones (BBC)

The sky is cryin....Can't you see the tears roll down the street

Why do advertisers think that celebrities will help sell their product?

Red Shirts for Republican Staffers

i can honestly say i've never seen this board game before...

ok, I'm officially pathetic...

I think I just spotted one them unmentionables in GD.

About this program about anti-Americanism on Discovery

anyone want to..........

He gets Happy-Go-Jackie on the big white guy like a donkey eating a waffle

Anyone else having picture/icon load issues...??

BOOYAH!! The Reds start the season by sweeping the Mets

Dog behavior?

Ok. I just saw an ad for a newsstory that made me mad. beagle just killed a big ass squirrel!

Can someone PLEASE PM me and tell me what happened on Survivor?

The female teacher/male student epedemic.

Don't you hate being set-up by surprise?

Any chance baseball will go on strike and save us from a summer of hell?

Up next on the HISTORY Channel, A must see!!!

Humble Pie, Rockin at the Fillmore vs, Lou Reed, Rock n Roll Animal

stress reliever.....

Never get drunk and watch Casa Blastospore

How many posts does a person make before I quit saying

What's the worst crank you've ever smoked?

My new sigline is the Hemingway classic "Koolzip like White Elephants."

#$@$!! New England Weather!!

Pope Dookus I - have you issued any papal bulls today?

In my opinion there is nothing better than a freshly cleaned room...

Every free thing has a price

Early planning for my 1000th post. What did you post when you hit this

Ooh - I smell cat poop

woo...yet ANOTHER genetics exam tomorrow

Never do crank and watch casablanca

Now I'm paying for never seeing one episode of "Law and Order"

Bad line of storms 15 miles west of here.

Now On Comedy Central South Park - Starvin Marvin In Space! Must See!

So I was looking for a child's drawing to post as a copy cat and look...

South Park Or Pope-O-Vision?

14,545,109 DU posts since January 2001; 14,544,999 used the word "meme"

Dancing Perpendicular Bits

My parents were in a car accident today

Never ... under any circumstances ... get drunk and watch 'Casablanca'

Watched Sideaway's the Movie tonight. Did anyone here see it? Like it

Once I watched "Singin in the Rain" on acid. 1974

They're Closing Our Music Venue And Putting Up a Wal-Mart!

Why hast Pope Dookus forsaken me?

bored in a hotel room alone in Austin...

What have I missed the last 2 weeks? Fill me in.

Women (and others) Do you find Rush Sexy?

Skinner said....

who is the person with the most posts on DU???

Hmmm, dinner time - white cheddar or original Kraft Dinner?

60 years ago today my dad&uncles were with the Canadian army in Holland.

Did you know that I'm really a DU AutoRespondBot?

Please help me w/ this bogus debt collection


"When they pulled that needle out, I let the expletives fly!"

is it wrong to bring beer to a martini party?

Oh my god, it's Thursday, 8 O'clock and the roomies aren't here..

What is the medical treatment for calcium deposits?

I just saw on TV, Laura Prepon is now a bottle blonde

ROFL... Tonight's Daily Show - Crossfire Clip

What's the WORST beer you've ever drank??

Advice regarding a stray cat.

Did you ever do the Butt Dance in a thong?

Let's Play Heterosexual Love Match

OK, sometime this evening, I got 1000+ posts

"I'll tell you who is an attractive man: Gorge Will."

How do I get these damn UPC stickers off my ceramic-ware?

"Soylent Grun ist menschen fleisch!! Soylent Grun ist menschen fleisch!!"

Graduation countdown: T minus 50 days!

I love this comic...

So if JVS and I came to Mass, how long before the police/fire/parameds ...

Exciting new photo discovered - who is this gorgeous woman?


This is the Tattoo Kleeb will wake up with in Boston!

Is there a cooler cruising tune than "Payback" by James Brown?

The Washington Hillbillies

A (perhaps) interesting question - what constitutes middle age?

How many DUers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Differences between a hissy fit and a conniption fit. Do you know?

How many DUers does it take to screw up a lightbulb?

Freeper--"Illegal immigration is good. It keeps wages down!!!"

I Am Tinky Winky And I'll Dance On Your Grave

Well, the current poll is ODD. It's about the Cookie Monster!


Can you imagine announcing this story with a straight face?

The Cockroach Who Would Be King (WARNING: GOP Swine Photo)

comcast sucks! it's always down.

Did y'all see? Daily Show and 60 Minutes II win Peabody Awards

In brightest day, in darkest night

Velvet Revolver on Jay Leno - kicking ass!

Famous exchange with a telemarketer.

Why is Baseball the only one of the Big 3 where the scoring makes sense?

Opinions needed on attorney's public service/marketing strategy

Why is the Ultimate Warrior giving lectures at universities?

Wow, I've Lost 400 Pounds In twenty-six years!

Pope funeral watchers, check in

I just hit post 600! Hot Damn!

It's impossible to be depressed listening to Ronnie James Dio

Apparently the pope died or something...

Best mafia movies.

I must never, never go out with my mom and her friends again!

A poll for lefties only

What toppings do you like on your pizza?

Frozen Four Update...Denver and UND Sioux move on to final!

War! Huh! What is it good for?

Gotta get up at 3:30 am

I just remember something I wanted to post - this is loads of fun

Should the movie '9 to 5' be remade?

Rush is a Nazi.

Criswell Predicts!!

"need" some sympathy, having first surgery

MrsGrumpy's annual "I Am Only **current 30's age***Years Old" thread...

Is it "Jail" or "Gaol" in England?

For Pet Owners I'm PISSED!

How did that Freeper rally go that was supposed to happen today?

My buddy Paul found out his dad still had brain function when...

why is jane fonda so controversial again?

Play the NEW Improved Heterosexual Love Match

Flower Watch

10 Greatest Baseball Players You Have Seen Play?

Anyone wanna post photos of hot guys?

anyone up for a little free association thread?

How many posts does a person make before you quit wondering... reviews of DU

Hi all, Sorry about the lengthy absence....

Who's going to get corrupted in Boston?

I heard JVS got a job offer

A message to the liberal purist that hate professional sporting events

For the gazillionth time: post a pic!

I can't believe that the Lounge has somehow missed the Major Crapper story

GOOD TIMES! Post a funny pet picture...

Say something nice about a fellow DUer

Capt. Watson and crew go into the Heart of Darkness..

What do you think of this test?

Prostate Radiation May Raise Rectal Cancer Risk

So, what's everyone's opinion here of the AL "pitchers don't hit" rule?

Okay, what's up with the veils on the women

Thank you everyone who jumped in on this thread!

I shouldn't have, but I did: anyone want to help out in this thread

John Kerry to speak at Faneuil Hall Sunday (League of Women Voters)

I Have a John Kerry Ebay Obsession

MSNBC's sister station CNBC won a Peabody award.

How do I post an image that I have saved on my hard drive?

How is the Schiavo memo playing in the MSM?

California may fare better in 2005 base closings, report says

Why the press can't tell the truth ?

Privatization is dead...won't pass, no way, no how!

WP's Mike Allen buckles from Laura Ingraham's RW rant

* explains why we are in Iraq. I have socks that are smarter.

The War in Iraq Costsxx See how much it costs in your community

you would think that the NYTimes would learn something -after they

Update on the "nuclear option" - filibuster

Tom DeLay's "Web of Corruption" - Graphical Chart

Any MSM media spin on the recent "Ganja good for your heart" report?

Can someone give me the historty of the Senate filibuster.....

Just did a straw poll, and Clark always takes the lead by far...

"Robert Novak....Garden Troll" and more Plame articles

Does anyone know how many Peabodys Fox News won?

49% in DeLay's own district would vote for someone else

how do we get copies of Daily Show episodes online??

Gore Vidal interview

BRAD BLOG: 'Moscow Times' Covers Clint Curtis Story!

In "Billionaire Backlash," wealthy donating tax cuts to defeat Bush agenda

Creepiest Chimp Photo Ever.

"Anatomy of a smear" - chronicles the REAL memogate

Alright I'm finally going to admit it, "Benator" is pissing me off

"The Nation" .com is taking submissions to the New Republican Dictionary

Any body see the awesome Sen Byrd interview on CNN today?

As Oil Prices soar, foreigners will hedge on Falling Dollar

Anyone else sick of the Clinton/Kerry bashers?

According to MSNBC Bush met today with all the voting American Cardinals!

Another take on the Pew Research poll on Dean supporters

National Retail Sales Tax - tell me why it's bad

"The Nation" .com is taking submissions to the New Republican Dictionary

Salon: The bully pope (by Colman McCarthy)

Cocaine Policy: American Impasse

Afghanistan: Drugs, Bases and Jails

US betrays principles on China rights issue

Toynbee(Guardian UK) - Not in my name

Herbert(NYT) - Black, Dead and Invisible

Gov. Blunts Immoral Legacy: What Jesus Would Never Think of

TheFerret blog today: Geo-Green. (Really good read.)

Can international law save civil liberties?

National Review: “Get Tom DeLay!”

Better SAFE than Sorry Patriot Act

Bushevik fix is in and ongoing...2 "elections" ....

Venezuela v. the Washington Post.

An Introduction to American StupidSpeak (Mel Seesholtz,

The Pope they loved but could not obey

God Must Be Mad As Hell (W. David Jenkins III,

Society. Anybody else feel more optimistic...

How to become Physician of the Year

rewriting the history of communism's collapse(Gorbachev -not Pope/Reagan)

!!Must Read!!Meet the Dominionists-- (Rolling Stone)

An Open Letter to Al From and Bruce Reed and others in the DLC

Paul Krugman - What's going on in the new America?

NYT OpEd: The Worst of the Bad Nominees (Bolton, Johnson, Crawford)

Legal thievery

A Lovely Day for a Stroll: Bill Clinton in His Element

Some Rich reject Bush Tax Cut.

"Who Forged the Niger Documents?" (According to this source, US Did)

Article:Can the U.S. stop using oil by 2050?

Emily's List Debunks Choice Myth (Moral Values Voters)

John Pilger: Bringing You the News

Jon Stewart - neocons use Pope's death for political gain - (VIDEO)

Wild Birds of Telegraph Hill a wonderful film

GOP's Norquist wants Nazi Party like "zero votes recess appointments"

GM Pulls Ads from LATimes Over Disputed Reporting about it's Marketing.

AP(!) reports Justice lied about use of Patriot Act - and MSM says nothing

Interest rate question- about rising rate.

The Technology (Issues & LAGtime) Behind the Social Security Debate

One Quarter Of Primate Species On Brink Of Extinction - ENN

Imported Asian Oysters Stir Debate On Chesapeake Bay - ENN

Africa's Latest Environmental Problem - A Torrent Of Plastic Bags - NYT

The Doubly-Important Strategic Need for a Hydrogen Economy

Alaska Begins Bait Hunting For Grizzly, Brown Bears

Cadmium Poisoning Widespread In Guandong Factory Workers

Membraneless Fuel Cell Is Tiny, Versatile

China aims for US to hit rock bottom in Asia

US betrays principles on China rights issue

Human Rights Watch (4/7): Pentagon Detention Guidelines Entrench Illegalit

Israel probes poisoning of Palestinian sheep

Jews held over Jerusalem 'bombs'

Jerusalem fears violence after Friday prayers

Palestinian village fears becoming Israel's rubbish dump

Israel Travel Warning

andy stephenson is on msnbc right now!!! watch

Tell C-Span Cover the Nat Election Reform Conf - 2 clicks/2 secs - done!

Brad Blog:'The Moscow Times' Covers the Clint Curtis Story!

Do we know how the military voted yet?

Unfortunately Barbara Boxer doesn't seem to get it

I'm trying to understand TruthIsAll's analyses

Everett Herald covers story about lawsuit filed against Sequoia

President Vladimir Putin LOOK into our election

How about debating this dictum?

Nevada provisional ballot bill causes confusion

What would you guess happened in precinct "Cincinnati 4-M" ?

Good LTE in Thursday's Press Democrat (Santa Rosa)

Deval Patrick for Governor website & meetup groups

Revoking the Corporate Charter of the Boston Archdiocese (crosspost)

State employs a Herald columnist

MA Special Election is Tuesday, April 12, 2005 . . . GET OUT THE VOTE!

Where is the anti-christ Rove appearing tonight???

In The Woods...

duplicate Bachmann in the Bushes link

'Purple' Minnesota in national spotlight

Any decent places to eat in Bloomington?

who is trying out for the Letterman Show's stupid pet tricks?

Does anyone here use the Proxomitron proxy software?..

Bill wages jihad against environmental restrictions on development

Quan studies his odds in a DeLay challenge

Defy Creationists! Support Evolution! D/FW DU outing to Omni?

John Kerry event in Austin Saturday April 16

Milwaukee Meetup on April 30th- Who is planning on coming?

It's time for Trivia 36: Keep on Trivia!

Brat Time!

State Rep wants law banning requirements for microchip implants in humans

It's the end of the world

John Paul the Great

Thank God/dess for Jon Stewart.

A papal flashback to 1979 ...

Are sections of the net down?

Contards are getting their butts whipped on blog

Same Committee, Same Combatants, Different Tune

The OTHER Minutemen

the Flags at the popes funeral

Hi, everybody!!! I'm back

Ray Talifierro kicks ass!

friday toons from the radical fringe

John M. Olin Foundation shutting down, it was about time!

The Radical Right is crumbling as we speak.

I do not trust the Kurds.

Brace yourself... a new low has been reached

Not guilty! By reason of the Presidency!

What are they using to keep Junior Bush from fidgeting?

The War on Iraq isn't about Oil

I notice that CNN has a camera on high...

His soul was send to his GOD.

Today marked the first time I dealt with a RW'er

Did I just hear on Imus that Olbermann will be discussing Gannon ?

PHOTO: Does she think she's Jackie O now?


What does GD stand for?

Will the -real- Karol Woltyla please stand up.

A Sin City review for your reading pleasure by me.

A must read article.

Atrios: "Sign Up for 8, In for 35"...those liberal activist judges!

SB840 passes committee in CA legislature (SINGLE-PAYER HEALTHCARE)

HAHAHAHA!! Mel Gibson's new movie, "What Women in a Persistent Vegetative

a little DU treatment for that fine speaker of the house

I was actually softening a little towards the Catholic Church until this!!

WaTimes is PRECIOUS today! Almost pitiful : )

Your Taxes at Work: 21 Months to write 19 Pages

Russell Yates says he's ready for new family

Anybody report the freeper judicial protest in DC this week?

Reminder: C-SPAN 2 at 9:30 Eastern, 8:30 Central

Why is Jeff Gannon on C-Span..Wonkett wants to spew

Just e-mailed Rush, Demanding an Apology

Dalai Lama visits Japan to official cold shoulder, Chinese protest

Our counter-nuclear-option

Hey!!! What ever happened to Ari Fleisher's book?

I waited all week for this!!!! ??? Spineless, stupid and uninformed

Talk radio host looks like idiot...

What an opportunity they'll miss if they don't.

Photo: Nun waves US flag at pope's funeral

Please Condi Get a GRIP >>>

To me, the millions gathering in Rome look like the anti-war protestors

Are there bills that threaten Separation of Church and State in your state

Will They Stop The PATRIOT Act?

Enough of the postmortem wounds to FDR & Eleanor!

The death of bumber stickers?

PHONY. Another GOP FRONT group; "The American Center for Voting Rights"

The Winds of Change are blowing in from the South and they bring bad news

Michelle Mal kin claims spelling errors are proof of Democrats dirty tricks

Jeff Gannon is HORRIBLE

WSJ: A Wal-Mart Legend's Trail of Deceit

How can I buy stock that is listed on ASX (australian xchng) ..?

Mammoth Unearthed In California, Tusks And All

Dems see a pattern in Martinez blaming staff

Does anyone still believe in justice

Bushitler down to 41% job approval rating! A.A.R

Yet another gem of a LTTE.

Attention web developers: Please nominate a CMS.

The cameras have panned on some of the famous people gathered,

Thank you Terri Schiavo, Pope John Paul, CNN...


Coming to Your Pocket: A Terrorist Beacon? (Passports RFID)


New at Yurica Report - Forgery of Iraq-War Docs, Leeden, Luntz, Judges

Ask the Senate to make a statement of policy regarding troops in Iraq

Does anybody know if the blog panel with male ho will be on cspan again?

Please help oppose an anti-environment judge

A Truly Canadian Apology

Sheep manicure Chino Hills (CA)

Why doesn't the DU have Randi Rhodes' show listed in "Listen Live"

No More Interstate Batteries For Me

My response from Wal-Mart re: rw pharmacists

THE photo of the day

Credit card companies, credit ratings and India

A finger in chili bowl. @ Wendy's....... That's what I call a "tip"

Idiot Son in the low 40's. Going to be a long four years for fascist fucks

I normally do not listen to rush, but the coworker I went to lunch

Mugabe at pope's funeral

"We must elect (those who) refuse to enforce unlawful Court orders."

The U.S. Economy Near Meltdown: It's Coming Sooner Than You Think

Seems Tom DeLay was at the Pope's funeral (Editorial cartoon)

Religious Talk on TV: Stepping over the line?

What percentage makes up a mandate? (% saying * LIED = 50% now)

FDR hid his polio, bush is hiding his severe mental disorders & addiction

W of the Day-January 9, 2004

Jeff, you ever sleep with Scott McClelland????

Global Contact Services LLC is making illegal telemarketing calls

Why can't we criticise the pope?

why in the HELL would anyone want to be Celibant?

Weekly Standard:It wasn't a Fake-Shiavo(a weak-ass retraction &blames aid)

Now on C-SPAN 2, Dr. Mark McClellan

No need or benefit for most to limit salt intake

Caption the Clown

DUers who play with photos, your assistance is needed

I'm stilled bummed out....

Now this is just stupid.....Mall-Wort dating service:

Kennewick Man Scientists Protest Bill

Didn't a Bush Buddy Kinda Predict High Gas Price?

I'm turning off Al Franken

I'm getting older and time is running out

Do you think the RW Evangelical church

As China sews, few US mills left

TOONS for Friday, April 8, 2005

MSNBC's Bo Dietl...NewsMax article from a while back

How much have Gas Prices increased in Your Area this week?

Vegetarian grocery checker refuses to sell meat.

It's time to retire my black bracelet

Randi making a ditto-head repug look really silly.

The Pope's Funeral

If you watched the Nat'l Press Club Panel this morning (with jeff gannon)

Keeping you and your family safe

Insight and Action: Kucinich launches new website

Are we becoming an overtly segregated society again? I think we are and

Freeper's definition of a moderate

Question: Is there a statute of limitations on student loans?

Film discusses American facism, compares W with Hitler

White House hooker/Wonkette/Yglesias etc panel video up at c-span.

Hmmmm...I'm enjoying Randi Rhodes today.

Heads Up, Right Now On MSNBS, Gannon, Andy S.

Helping schools

Justice O'Connor warns against harsh political rhetoric

I don't understand the animosity regarding Charles and Camilla.

What happened to Tom Hartman?

Shi'a and Sunnis plan large protest tommorow across Iraq against occupatio

Anyone notice the similarity in the Clear Channel and Cialis logos?

News: Cardinal Law's Role in Rome Sparks Outrage in U.S.

Corruption In Iraq Under US-Led CPA May Dwarf UN Oil-For-Food Scandal

Obama on Ed Schultz: Frist plans to run for Pres some day!

The Minute men called Guardian Angels by O'leilly


Gannon Gosch, does anyone have access to the pictures

Shi'a again turning to Sadr...grounds for a renewed rebellion?

Randi smacking down a freeper...

Why The Rel. Right Has To Believe Homosexuality Is A Choice

TV Alert....NBC Evening News....Bush hangs DeLay out to Dry

William Kristol may need another 'pieing'...

State dumps touch-screen voting system (PA)

Okay...just confirm it for me... I know it's true...

Gannon/Gosch thing

Here is a photo that says it all:

"My President"

Say Hello To The Future

Hundreds of volunteers in avian flu vaccine trials.

Poppy The Clown jokes about selling signed funeral program

You Captioned This: George's Reflections In Animated Form! Thanks DU!!!

Why is this man sweating?

Is a new alignment of forces in the world underway with US acting as its

What The Hell Is MSM?

Police investigating threats at TX high school (shooting threats)

Today in Iraq - News & Pics

why are you a Democrat?

Funeral Photo-Op - George & Laura >>>

Have you called your Senators about the "Nuclear Option" yet?

This is normal?

EPA Balks at Halting Pesticide-Child Study

hunger is now called "food insecurity" by the bushgang

Gannon embarrasses himself every time he's on television. [New Video]

In 1979 during the oil crisis speed limits across the nation were lowered

Schiavo's parents to appear at "violent crime victims" memorial

"Pope's funeral was a HIGHLIGHT of my Presidency!"

Faux - Bill Clinton's inappropriate remarks about the Pope

Tell C-Span Cover the Nat Election Reform Conf - 2 clicks/2 secs - done!

News: Bush Indifferent Over Falling Poll Numbers

Finger-in-chili investigation widens

Bush booed at Pope's funeral

Caption This: George Reflects On The Significance Of The Pope's Passing...

Last photo of Pope John Paul II

1,300+ days since 9/11 - Bin Laden STILL free man

Fox News isn't conservative!

Terri Who?....A nation with Attention Deficit Disorder

Wolf just smacked down by Begala

I just got called for an Opinion Poll..........

I've Been to a FABULOUS Funeral!

My son was berated for being a dem, at work. (A&W, mall food court).

I turned off the BBC when they showed

ANYONE listening to Ed Schultz just now?

"leftists are dangerous.. they believe they can create a perfect world"

Christiane Amanpour in Rome asking tough questions on CNN...

*snicker* freepers just clued in on Bush being booed

Dare I say it, but Springer's show is really good

John Paul II: A Profoundly Rightwing Pope

Home is searched in tainted chili case

"US lawmakers regret voting for Iraq war"

Monaco's Princess Caroline's husband 'in a coma'

What Values/Issues are most important to you?

Read It Here: A Powerful Speech For Democracy, Lopez Obrador

Home Foreclosure Listings Surged in March, Study Shows

Theocracy alert

"Gays" vs. "Homosexuals"

Niger Uranium Documents Forged In U.S., Says Fomer Counterterrorism Chief

Where is Gannon's family?

If you're against spam you're anti-small business

Self-serve regular: $3.03/gal

Royal wedding a 'shambles'

Here it comes, WMDs in Venezuela!

Chimp at 44 % approval Congress 37 %--Time for torches and pitchforks?

Photos: RIP Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith

Bush: Pope funeral "one of the highlights of my presidency"

Dkos breakingHuge New Wal-Mart Scandal!

An Open Letter to Al From and Bruce Reed and others in the DLC

"Crime Fears Light" . . .Spain remembers Jose Couso

Gannon + Gosch = BIG MISTAKE: New Coverage a Rove Setup to discredit?

Journalism and Blogs featuring Jimmy/Jeff up now on Cspan2

I am coming up on MSNBC

Why is Olympic Bomber Eric Rudolph getting plea bargain?

Jenna Bush

Did anyone hear the Mark Twain quote on C-Span?

Why isn't there more news about National Guard inequities?

What would cause a new depression?

Intelligent Design ...

Andy Stephenson is on MSNBC right now

Jon Stewart - neocons use Pope's death for political gain - (VIDEO)

Homeland Security memo reveals terrorism records are being sanitized

Imagine the pope's funeral with President and Mrs. KERRY

Bush Booed at Pope's Funeral

Did you inherit or choose your own religion?

MSNBC: Is Jeff Gannon missing Iowa boy Johnny Gosch? - (VIDEO)

The Minutemen are bigots and so is anyone who supports them (**PART 2**)

We've finally decided on our kitchen redo (pic heavy)

I just made the most wonderful brownies

How about a spicy salmon salad recipe?

De-mystifying cooking

Waxman seeks cost of Bush trips (calls them abuse of presidential power)

Arabs Lift Their Voices

DOE wants to move radioactive waste away from Colorado River

Moscow Times Covers Voter Fraud and Clint Curtis Story

Homeland Security memo reveals terrorism records are being sanitized

[Norway] First requiem mass since 1537

US Army considers shorter Iraq, Afghanistan tours

Groups warned to obey travel limits (to Cuba)

López Obrador Before Congress: The Defendant Turns Prosecutor

Listings of foreclosed properties have soared (# spiked Feb/March)

Group says bill would let 5 Nevada power plants spew mercury


Pirates Mock Malacca Strait Security

OSHA issued warning about dangerous ventilation stack in 1992

South Korea cuts troop numbers in Iraq, merges units

Senate Democrats hope to block confirmation of U.N. ambassador

DeLay alumni earn at least $45 million for lobbying firms

Indians' Wish List: Big-City Sites for Casinos

Mexico mayor stripped of immunity

Senate GOP mulls shift on Soc.l Sec.---drop personal accounts temporarily

nyt: France Urged to Skip Official Papal Honors

Mexico City Mayor Stripped of Immunity (Obrador)

Intelligence officials say Iraq claims were untrue

Lone voice in Bush's home town makes editor a star

Union effort clears hurdle. (culeeforneeya)

A Lovely Day for a Stroll: Bill Clinton in His Element

(Prince) Charles shakes hands with Mugabe (at Pope's funeral)

Craddick says Perry pushed for lobbyist

Arnie Backs Down

Jets force plane down near Rome (BBC News)

Bodies of 10 Iraqi civilians found shot to death (in "black body bags"?)

GM Pulls Ads From Los Angeles Times Over Editorial Coverage

Sony plans to beam to the brain... (

Filibuster Fight a Crucial Test of Frist's Leadership

Arms for the Poor: Bush Regime Sells Lockheed-Style Democracy

Feinstein statement on gay marriage nets her 'Pink Brick' award

Hillsborough cuts health care for repeat felons (Florida)

BBC breaking: Italian fighters intercept small plane over Rome

Seminar presents bleak picture of Iraq

E&P: 'Gannon' Appears at National Press Club, Draws Heat

Former POWs tortured in Iraq battle U.S. to collect awards

Revival of the Taliban

Feminist party threatens to unseat Swedish premier

Boston columnist gets gov't contract

Bush gets second row as world leaders seated according to alphabetical pla

Rasmussen Poll: 34% Of Americans Say US Economy Is In Recession

Poll: Bush, Congress Approval Slumping

Man Who Told Authorities He Was Dreaming of Killing Children Dies After Sh

Indiana House rejects school-voucher proposal

Charles shakes hands with Mugabe

BIA starts talking about teen suicide prevention

Oil industry is focusing on offshore sites to boost U.S. production

U.S. Senate battle over judges concerns business

Monaco's Princess Caroline's husband 'in a coma'

State employs a Herald columnist (to promote policy -still writes op-ed)

Poll: Bush Standing With Public Weakening (* approval at 44%/Congress 37%)

GM pulls ads from Los Angeles Times

U.S. postpones missile test indefinitely

Attorney general steps clear of Enron fray

Charles shakes hands with Mugabe

Halliburton gets contract amid probe

Ga. Man Shot With Police Bean Bag Gun Dies

Bush Indifferent Over Falling Poll Numbers

Supreme Court rules 2 states can prosecute same crime (Michigan)

Zarqawi Driven by Emotion, Ex-Cellmates Say

UK petrol prices hit record high

New Tom DeLay Ad Targets Conservatives

Spitzer Subpoenas Two Drug Wholesalers

Restaurants hurting from empty tables

Ripples spread as states vote on same-sex marriage

Bush indifferent over falling poll numbers

Sharpshooters May Take on Camp David Deer

If Madonna...


Army May Cut Iraq Tours In Half

Al-Sadr's army marches again

On al Qaeda, Totally in the Dark

Rudolph Agrees to Plead Guilty to U.S. Charges for Fatal Bombings

Firefight fuels debate on women in combat

Corruption in Iraq under US-led CPA may dwarf UN oil-for-food scandal

For Reluctant GI's, Canada Remains the Great White Hope

Anna Nicole Smith Cancels Protest Trip

Eric Robert Rudolph to plead guilty

Resistance begins to slow, but attacks are still fierce


Europe has lander goal for Mars

Cannabis grandmother spared jail (baked biscuits and soups with cannabis)

U.S. Agrees to Regular Talks with Rising China

WFP: Funds Shortage Forces Food Cuts in Darfur

U.S. Military: Cameraman Detained in Iraq

High-ranking Medicare official accused of falsifying documents

WP: U.S., China Agree To Regular Talks

Alabama Senate stuck in long-running filibuster (opposes Christian Coaliti

U.S. rocket launch over Nfld. back on

Striking union, newspaper accuse each other of theft, vandalism

Head of workers union at Fort Rucker readies for possible strike (AL)

Bush Web Backers Not All on the Same Page

U-M lecturers' union rejects call for strike

Oil prices pinch other spending

Teachers Rally at Board Meeting As Contract Dispute Escalates (CA)

WP: Officials Fail To Track Lobbying, Report Says

UN Security Council to visit Haiti, 13 - 16 April

Soldier, Marine Die in Iraq

Earth's Oldest known Object on Display

Nominee for U.N. ambassador under investigation

US frees detained Iraqi women

U.S. military:(shot) Cameraman with CBS credentials detained in Iraq

Inside Guantanamo's secret trials (BBC gets first look at "Review Board")

Bush Declines to Endorse DeLay's Comments

Bush says his Christian faith reaffirmed at pontiff's service

Castro: Bush at Pope Funeral 'Hypocrisy'

Dean Outlines Plans for Support in States

Four Children Killed in Baghdad Explosion

Bushes, Clinton Attend Pope's Funeral (* booed!)

Secret Service protects expectant duck

Israel, Mideast Foes in Historic Handshake at Vatican

Annan says rights body harming UN, urges reform

Did Wal-Mart make anti-union payments?

New gaffe, old Martinez defense (Terri Schiavo memo)

AFL-CIO President Sweeney Is Silent on Ties to War Hawks (PNAC)

Documents Detail Fla. Abduction Case (Jessica probably alive

'Make him a saint'

(Maine's ag commissioner) Spear in critical condition in Cuba

Lookin' for a cheap date? Try Wal-Mart

Taliban says it shot down US copter

Culture war hits local pharmacy

Blow to Machismo as Spain Forces Men to do Housework

EPA Cancels Controversial Pesticide Study

Most silicone implants rupture, experts say

Professors Challenge Cost of Textbooks -LAT

Soldier's widow slain by father symbolized grief of war and passion of you

US lawmakers regret voting for Iraq war(Republican wants apology from Bush)

Judge Imposes Nine-Year Term for Convicted Spammer

Postal Service Seeks 2-Cent Stamp Increase

Sharpshooters May Take on Camp David Deer

Vet's Silver Star license plates revoked

Scalia: Law Shouldn't Write Off Christians

Clinton Joins Democrats' Values Push

Warning over fake Windows update (BBC News)

I've decided that I must buy Lewis Black's new book

A blast from the past, even more relevant now: "America Can Do Better"

Behold! The Avalanches

Well, that's that I think.

Anyone hear from Crewleader lately?

I'm channeling Edgar Meyer. Bass me anything.

RandomKoolZip is hot.

Jon Stewart just said "Pricks" on tv & didn't get bleeped

There could never be a poll on freepers, that is:

I seriously need a new hobby.

I think I might make soup

I've been reading the poems in Jeff's memory, and I have one too...

Screw the Keebler elves.

I never watch Fear Factor

I can't go to bed unless all doors in my room are closed...

S'it for me. G'nite, folks . . . stay well . . . n/t

I bet RevActs is really cute when she is embarrassed!

Soupy Sales, White Fang, Black Tooth, and Marilyn Monwolf!

I have finally arrived in the 21st century!


Immanuel Kant was a real pissant who was very rarely stable

"I'm starting to think I was too easy on those pricks."

I feel terrible - I broke my friend's martini glass!

Is it so wrong that I trust her?

I am hungry, pizza anyone?

If I were at the Pope's funeral the flags and banners would piss me off.

Hi, everybody!!! I'm back

What do you guys do

Friday toons

Anyone else hate American Chopper?

Can ABC be serious?

You Know, If The Lounge Wasn't Such A Mature, Sophisticated Place

Aussie restaurant owner blows up his restaurant.

Funniest Ebay auction I've seen in quite a while!

Ladies, can I borrow some sugah?

say something nice about jukes

Bush Converts....

My brother passed up the college alumni career fair

So, what TV channel is YOUR Religion Channel?

20 bucks in gas this morning...WTF!

Anyone listening to Stern? Joe Walsh

cookie monster to get heLp

Well, here we are in April and the Canucks are still undefeated!

Doesn't clapping at a funeral seem strange?

I was watching part of the Pope's funeral this morning...

So this is what DU is like at 5:45 am

11 years later...Kurt Cobain still dead

I Though Only Nuns Flew. Was I Misinformed? (photo)

Recently in London everyone there had a Camilla/Charles opinion

If the pope is sainted - what is his name going to be?

DIXIE is SAVED!!----Across the Bering Sea on foot?

In case you are interested ....

Thanks to everyone that hepled me with my Non-verbal Comm project!!!

Hug Fest!!!!

Highway Construction Sign Hacked - Tells Drivers Speed Limit 100

Man the morning news shift rocks!

Ee-ther or aye-ther?

A Sin City review for your reading pleasure by me.

I have to Share this!!!!!!! A Must See!!!!

"Culture of Life" sticker - check it out!

So How mush is this coin anyway???

How Much Dignity Can an Asswipe Have?

Did you know that there are DUers that never post in the Lounge?

Lewis Black on Fresh Air now

The Steve Irvin Deadpool

eBay shocker: Case of stolen pacemaker

HAHAHAHA!! Mel Gibson's new movie, "What Women in a Persistent Vegetative

The warden led the prisoner

how does newyawker99 know our most personal information?

Why does nobody think *I'm* going to get into trouble in Boston?

There was one?

Have a good laugh - Wal-Mart chief is very upset

People say I'm the life of the party

Someone please help me figure out how to play this game

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Happy Birthday--SHECKY GREENE!!!

Happy Birthday--PATRICIA ARQUETTE!!!

Mitch Albom apologizes for error in column

how much baiL money shouLd we set aside

RIP Hotsy Totzi


calling all former personal deities

Brad Pitt NOT Having Affair With Angelina Jolie - SO STOP SAYING THAT

Nothingshocksmeanymore is the hand that rocks the Cradle

Which is most likely to occur in Boston in April?


When is a break a break-up?

What's your current nationality?

Unresponsive bowel disease such as Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis (IPAA)

I got an e-mail from Suha Arafat.

5 year old girl married to a dog

Firefox Users: When you click an invalid link, do you go to

Is Matcom going to make me live up to my boast that I can drink him

AOL partners with universally despised DoubleClick to feed customers ads

Wendy's 'Finger In Chili' Case Widens - Police Search Woman's Home

A year ago, my nephew told me that he was joining the USMC,

question about bush?

another hasselhoff thread! yeehaw! PLEASE LOOK YOU GUYS!

I blame B*SH for this:

So a guy walks into a bar...

I have a marketing question for anyone...

Sounds of the Mother Land

Anyone seen yvr girl?

Jacko maid says Victorian boy groped..(weird headline of the day..Winner!

20 Years From Now, When VH1 Runs An "I Love The 00s" Special

Congratulate me! My 17-year-old HS Junior......

style sheets for mozilla firefox?

Am I the only person on DU that wore a HS jock?

Hip Hop History courtesy of the Rappcats

VERY cool cover graphic for "Don't Click On The Blue E" (Firefox book)

Am I the only person at DU that *has* a HS jock?

Now I'm in love with Dookus - what the deal???

Photo Shows Police Officers Getting Tasered

Can we get a "swoon" smilie?

Am I the only person on DU with a HS jock itch?

Am I the only person at DU that was a HS jock?

Congratulate me! My 17-year-old HS Senior......

Rarely is the question asked...

that is SOOOO typical

Am I the only old person on DU with an itch for a HS jock?

Who believes in goats?

OK - I'm officially in love with Dookus

I am SO glad it's Friday!!

Cool controllable webcam

"The first drink of the day"

Am I the only person on DU on the projection crew in High School?

I'm neurotic about having greasy fingers. What are you neurotic about?

I really hate people who look like bananas


Polish triplets named after Pope

I reaLLy, reaLLy hate bunyons.

I really really hate onions!!!!

I really hate people who look like this

How do I capture a screenshot?

Dookus is in love with me.

Now you can vote for the new Pope

I had a baby onion, I'm doomed!

i reaLLy hate onions that smell like people

Monty Python Helps the Eternal Burial Ceremony go Down

To all you ladies in love with me....

Dear Lounge: I'm really really sorry!!!!

gay black jewish klansmen

If I'm correct, I'm Will Pitt's stepmom and Kleeb's step grandmother

Father Guido Sarducci on the Franken show, live from the Vatican

i reaLLy hate peopLe who smeLL Like onions

Gee, doesn't anybody officially love me anymore?

gay black klansmen

I have a date tonight

I reaLLy, reaLLy hate Babe the Blue Ox.

I officially love Beware the Beast Man.

The "Making Small Talk" CAPTION

OK... I'm officially in love w/ Dookus's dog

Goddamn onion haters!

I really hate people who smell like young-uns

spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam bacon spam spam ham spam

*sigh*...I get so tired of being a mom sometimes

I Had Dookus's Baby

You're all good people.

I need some spiritual cleansing

Anyone want to post pictures of hot Guys.

The GREATEST David Hasselhoff achievement. You can pick ONLY one.

Sean Hannity. Punk, Weasel, Bee-Yatch, or all of the above?

please somebody help a sick soul

Cubs/Brewers Baseball for WI...Brats! Beer! and Telemundo!?

whats up with the isuzu v-cross?? anyone own one?? nt

You Godless Liberal hippie 'Murka haters despise the new smiley

PRETZEL RED ALERT! Overturned Canadian beer truck loses 46,368 bottles

Is there a place where I can upload images for free

I just want everyone to know, you are ALL on my ignore list!

Fun down on the Cube Farm - Free Candy

Hell with it. I'll just ask straight out.. Am I on your ignore list?

there used to be a pic of the pope here

I want to buy a pamper

The real HASSELHOFF THREAD (Warning might cause epilepsy!)

I want to buy a camper.

How many pages do your threads take up in the Lounge Archives?

Has anyone been in contact with elshiva?

You have 2 life preservers - who do you share your other one with?

Friday Afternoon Fun: MAD LIBS!!!! Summer Reading Report



Anyone wanna post pictures of hot animals?

Which * press monkey is/was worse?

A Firefox tech question.....

17 posts with no replies. Why are you all IGNORING me?

Wonderful. A website for fans of Yahoo trolls.

post a sexy animal picture!

Windows Media Player in Firefox?

Caption this!

The man himself is coming in concert to Cleveland

Who says you get what you pay for? Mets vs Pirates

Should "Why does sniffa capitaLize his Ls?" be listed in FAQs?

I'm chilling to "Thievery Corporation"

I put myself on Ignore

Anybody in the lounge gonna be in Raleigh on Saturday for meet-up?

this little guy stole my heart... (and he'll steal urs too!) aaww...nt

Check out the latest in methane gas transportation research!

Have you been doing chemicals for long?

anyone listen to "coast to coast am" with george noory??

Of all the home repair is the absolute worst.

Computer monitor shutting down

Query: Your father gives you a check for $5,000 in 2004. Do YOU pay

Love Jones vs. Basketball Jones

Little Mary Margaret

Am I on someone's ignore list? How do I find out

so what's so offensive about alien baby?

Chief Exec of RomeCorp moves upstairs to the "big boardroom in the sky"

It's Opening Day at Wrigley Field!!!!

Sister Mary Eliphant says she had Pope's love child

Mystery Solved: The Final Owner of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

OK, Boston you get me for one day longer

Decisions decisions

I'm grooving to Internet Radio - Ask me anything

Here's another poem for Nostamj!

DU has "Grovelbot," FreeRepublic has...sit down, kids..."GRAMMIE."

Where's Waldo ...

Bounce your boobies time!

I have such a tough life

Humor ~ Getting Older

Marx Brothers marathon (4) on TCM tonight

Any other Leonard Cohen fans out there?

I didn't know randi's married

Leech up your nose?


I hate people who try and force you to do things.

I will use the Lounge to articulate my disappointment with DU this week

DC-area DUers: Do the cherry trees muck up your commute?

Why does sniffa capitaLize his Ls?

I just got my taxes back, i'm doomed..

You're all bad people.

Up date on Garding the Canada U.S. border

How can I decide on what to decide?

Do you put chemicals in your bong?

C'mon Baby - Let's Dance!!!!

Woohoo, my phone number finally transferred!

Tall buildings shake,

Let's do a WHO AM I - If you dare

Al Swearengen is a Guest on Tonight's "Real Time" w/ Bill Maher...

Michael Palin appreciation thread.

I've chewed 20 pieces of gum and I can STILL taste the fricking onion

Klingon or Tlingon?

The Wiggles is RICH!!!!

Why are freepers so obsessed with

anyone here like frank zappa? what are some good albums? nt

I am officailly head over heels in love with my husband

Which whine tonight?

Do you put chemicals on your lawn?

Can anyone here put their heels over there head?


I am head over heels in love

MId-life crisis song suggestions

Ko Ko kconk ffo eht ypoc stac

OK OK knock off the sloppy rats.

OK OK knock off the poopy gnats

Denzel Washington as Brutus in Julius Caesar...

OK OK knock off the Cattanooga Cats

OK OK Knock up the copy cats.

Bite me!

I am head over heels

DUers who play with photos, your assistance is needed

Alltel fuggin SUCKS.

I am officailly head over heels in love with husbandry

Ah the perfect pre-drinking food

Sometimes I think, "It'd be so cool to be a criminal"

The "What I did on my Vatican" of all CAPTIONS

DU gardeners: I was just offered all the horse manure I want, free.

if you could watch any movie you wanted right now, what would it be?

muth question

OK OK knock off the copy cats

Anyone know a good safe reliable FREE credit report site?

For those of you who missed it in last night's Lounge, THIS shocking photo

Mr Scorpio

I feel like I am going to throw up.

Prince Charles gets married, Prince Charles doesn't get married.

If Madonna...

Karl Marx VS Adam Smith

I hab a code in by doze

Super-Mega HURL Alert. Chirac kisses the hand of the fair Condi-licious.

Woman accused of dating girls gets competency exam

Whaaa I'm such a little baby

Getting close to that time of year...

So... If the White House didn't pay "Jeff Gannon" for sex...

If Pete Townshend calls me............

Who believes in ghosts?

Who the hell makes our weather?

Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

Anyone listening to Big Ed?

The time is drawing near...

meth question

math question

"Wanna dance or would you rather just suck face?"

Lack of curiosity...

Tivo season-pass....what are YOU recording?

Anna Nicole Smith Cancels Protest Trip

Haile I Selassie I

It's a beautiful day here.

So, I got a new laptop today.

Someone posted a website for computers a day or two ago.

my right ear hurts whenever i touch it

Happy Friday night all!


I had the best beer I've had tonight - What's your favorite beer?

Could this be Skinner?

how many roads must a man walk down

What was the most overplayed song ever (that you liked)?

I am laughing my ass off at "Jeff Gannon."

Vatican doesn't want any guns at Pope's funeral

myth question

Incredible Cinderella Story!!!! Former Greenskeeper Wins the Masters!!!

Vaughn Bode

It's a Gorgan!

It's a Grill!

I'm in advice, pain?

It's a girl?

Opinions on Mustangs (cars), 1998-present. Junk or OK?

I suddenly have this overwhelming urge to walk to the store and buy

It's a guerilla!

Another thread about yarn.

Help me finish writing this song, ok?

It's a BUOY!

I moved in with my boyfriend and now he drives me to work

Another thread about wine.

If I were to say "You make me wanna la-la" what do you think that means?

Why haven't "we" cloned a mammoth yet?

Ladies & Gentlemen, I Give You DS1 - THESPIAN!!!

I'm so happyl

HAHAHA, oh gawd now i'm just laughing.

I moved in with my boyfriend and now he drives me nuts!

Baseball player past or present. Who am I? Famous or semi-famous only.

Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea

I was Born in a Dog Pound

More Catholics Than Protestants?

Dumbest thing you've heard this week

I love you guys!

YOU Pick DS1's Boston Gathering OUTFIT!!!

Mr George Bush you sir are no Pope John Paul

HELP! My dog found out the radio fence isn't really a fence.

What will happen to me at the DU gathering in Boston?

It's the end of the world

I can't stop! I just keep posting pics!

They preempted AAR for High School fucking baseball

Attention JimmyJazz, hedges, ChavezSpeaks, dolo amber just called you

i luv DST

It's a gorilla!

Austin, TX Du'ers, help a brotha out.

At the meet-up in Boston.

Camilla, it's been 30 years. Get a new hairdo, for God's sake. nt


Extraterrestrial Life. Are we alone in the universe? Or not?

Post your Tom DeLay birthday greetings here

72 "drive-offs" (people not paying for gas) in Greensboro NC, March 2005

I'm in pain...advice?

Well I finally saw 'Sideways' last night....

"Ving Rhames IS Kojak!" What goofy remake series will cable inflict next?

Are there drugs to 'treat' autism, et al?

1994: Rock musician Kurt Cobain 'shoots himself'

The Lounge is boring and needs excitement, so I'm going to moon you!

Fun I.Q. Test - Crossing The River

The End of The World

Is that new Battlestar Galactica show worth watching?

I am head over heels in lust.

Joel Silver is the most attrocious, craptastic producer in Hollywood

Is my 5 year old neighbor transgendered?

Which wine tonight?

Best 70's Era Rapsberries Song

Keep your Zomby Love! It's Friday Afternoon Retro Love!

You're only cool if you have a RandomKoolzip avatar

Thank You! I AM NOT A LOSER!

The Koolzip Wars - begun they have!

The Bar is finally open - C'mon in!

If I'm correct, I'm Will Pitt's stepmom and Kleeb's step grandmother

OK who's got their shoes off yvr girl is over at ATA talking about it

New Living Will

Friday Evening Gratuitous Kitty Pic Thread

send out some good thoughts,,, (please)

I'm baking Mr Scorpio's Famous Apple Coffee Cake this afternoon!

All right, it time again for what's everyone doing this weekend...

War! Huh! YAY! What is it GOOD for?!

If I could buy some weed today, I would, and I would smoke it, or find

If you DON'T understand the rules of foot traffic stay the hell outta the

What's your favorite PORCUPINE TREE album?

I don't understand the animosity regarding Charles and Camilla.

Is Hasselhoff the new Oasis or something?

RandomKoolzip has declared war on the Lounge!

So, he's been deployed for two weeks now.


70s AM radio hits, or a kick in the nuts?

I had a physical AND a teeth cleaning today

"Cookie Monster" To Get Healthy - Eat Fewer Cookies

DistressedAmerican made this for me.

Highlights from Free Republic "Ask Me Anything" threads

Ma's death is finally hitting me now. I did some retail therapy today.

Another weight loss thread!

Friday Classic Movie-GONE WITH THE WIND in smileys

Ha! Look what I shot yesterday!

It's a girl!

Post a wildlife photo that YOU took.

What is texas1928's favorite color?

I've posted the Milwaukee Meetup on April 30th in this thread

Lunch with the Hare Krishna guys.

Re: Ratzinger Homily "Looking Down" Comment

Jews, Mormons to Meet Over [Posthumous] Baptisms

Importance of visual cues in the control of food intake

Valdoxan®: A New Approach to The Treatment of Depression

U.S. Teens Say Oral Sex Not Really Sex, Survey Shows

Different paths lead to similar cognitive abilities, Emory scientist finds

I got to see James Watson last night.

Evolution Controversy in Our Schools (NAS chief makes ASSERTIVE statement)

Life's top 10 greatest inventions

Cosmic particle accelerator seen

beaming sensory information directly into the brain - from Sony????

A startling view of the international sex trade

MA Special Election, Tuesday, April 12th . . . GET OUT THE VOTE

Vermont Mulls Adding Gender Identity To Civil Rights Law

GOP Schiavo Memo Tied To Anti-Gay Leaflets

Kansas Corporations To Maintain Gay Partner Benefits Despite Amendment

Bid To Force Minn. Vote On Gay Marriage Amendment Fails

NYC To Recognize Gay Marriages

California Supreme Court Urged To Protect Gay Families

Southern Baptists Hold Colleges Hostage Over Gays

Design competition for the memorial for the homosexual victims of the Nazis

CSPAN 2 8pm Tonight

Republicans Deeply Divided On Federal Anti-Gay Amendment

Commentary: Discrimination Still Reigns Supreme (Washington State)

Now that it's over I just want to say something about the pope.

Feinstein Gets Pink Brick For Anti-Gay Remarks

NYC, Philadelphia In Gay Slug Fest

How 'bout dem dodgers?!?!

Red Sox fans - the really tough question on everyone's mind:

Francona won't have surgery on artery...

The flaws in the closer model are starting to show (MLB Bullpens)

Phil Mickelson goes braless!

NY Jets Shopping John Abraham - Cowboys/Vikings Interested

The sad story of Madonna's dogs

Friday Evening Gratuitous Kitty Pic Thread

Our kitties, (photos) Momma, Munch, Precious, Bandit, Whiskers

Chihuahua pics

we are NOT in the end times.

I need an astrologer's help...have natal chart, but desperately need help

today's eclipse (april 8)

Boycott these companies.

Light relief on the subject of political funerals

John Kerry event in Austin Saturday April 16

Are there ANY pictures of Kery at the funeral? He got so little coverage!

Carl Cameron gets in digs at Clinton, Kerry during papal update

Teresa speaks at medical conference

Introducing... KJ!!!

Grrrr, must get thinner neutral filter to avoid vignette

Has anyone sold any of their photography?

MUST SEE! A dzika 10 min video capture of Jon Stewart on Pope-

Read exciting installments of the deathless literature of the KOEB & ASTB

Good first 15 min of tonights The Daily Show, Starting NOW

US to cut UN peacekeeping costs

Lincoln Chafee could be in position to hold up Bolton nomination

Bush at the funeral in Rome

(drug) "regulators are groping a bit in the dark."

Amazing diary at Kos: Obama and many others exit DLC rolls.


Okay, who just cut a real stinker

Kaine points fingers in latest commercial; Kilgore denies charge

FBI says woman threatened Schiavo

Sharpshooters May Take on Camp David Deer

Jon Stewart - neocons use Pope's death for political gain - (VIDEO)

Cult of Life

Are people waking up to the fact that they were lied to re the Iraq War?

Guckert on CSPAN2 NOW!

China's tense links with the Vatican

Pope John Paul II: Bad for the church but good for the world?

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer calls Bush a "Bad cattle auctioneer"

Secret Service Guards Mother Duck, Eggs

Castro Syas Bush Presence in Italy Hypocritical

Another Republican Falls from Grace

Please tell me what this bill means

Dems Now Eying DeLay's District for 2006

Walmart: Falling stock and the Buy Blue initiative

All these protests against Ah-nuld - can he be defeated in 2006

Bush Had A Regular Old Blast At Pope's Funeral

What do Bush voters say behind closed doors ?

Republican House going to make inheritance taxcut permanent ?

Sen. Mel Martinez has a history of blaming his staff for his mistakes

Did anyone else see the frenzied fundies on CSPAN today?

'Gannon' Appears at National Press Club, Draws Heat (E&P)

New gaffe, old Martinez defense (how many times can he used same excuse

haha: ". . . that's our Mel (Martinez), not quite there . . " FlaPolitics

Contact info for Senators on-the-fence about filibuster

Have you read all five books in my sig line?

What if the Dems win back the presidency, the house and senate by '08?

Preamble to the corporate constitution of the U.S.

Schwarzenegger Gucks his events with Academy Awards lighting!!

Rethinking the War on Terrorism - webcast - Gen'l Zinni on now!

Anyone else notice that Bush was almost late to the funeral?

A question to Randi Rhodes listeners..She was talking about a

talking of Bush's comments on Air Force I today on CNN NOW

Bugsy Delay's the NRA Keynote Speaker for 2005

Howard Dean at press conference in Little Rock. Two day visit.


Bush "made clear that he disagrees" with Clinton over Pope

Viet Nam War Protestor Hit By Train In Okaland CA - 1960's

—The First Family—

Stay focused..don't get suckered into topics du jour in the politics forum

On Houston local news: Bush slapped DeLay down,

"Is Howard Dean pulling Democratic Party too far to the left ?"

Dissecting a right-wing smear: How conservatives used trumped-up evidence

A good anwer to the AP article on Republicans and SS

Moonie Times reports Brian Darling/Alexander Group, but no Delay Mention

PIPA World POLL: U.S. negative influence. Europe positive. Read on...

Bill Frist's "nuclear option." And Senator Bill Nelson of Florida.

What is the primary role of DNC: to elect Dems or to advance Dem policies

Americans polled on Budget choices. How the F does the GOP win?!? Read...

Does anyone else feel a little betrayed by Clinton?

Which of these two pictures do you like better?

Okay, I just had to turn off Ed Schultz and the shoutfest with

Subject: Karen Hughes

"Dean on Jesus, balanced budgets." Wow. Nice article from Las Vegas.

Amy Goodman will be on MSNBC's Hardball tonight!

Create Excuses for Michelle Bachmann Hiding in Bushes!!

Chafee will vote for Bolton Nomination

Problems with the Left in the United States

Christiane Amnapour said on CNN that the Catholics were Bush's

Gay pride parade gives Feinstein a pink eye

World Net Daily has a very negative opinion piece on Tom Delay !!

Something I found on a message board

Some of America's Richest Say 'No, Thanks' to Bush Tax Cuts

Good and bad connotations of the red vs. blue symbology

Easy DU Action alert! Drop the Hammer/ Corporations aiding Delay Defense

Thanks to Sen Boxer and Nelson for standing up to this, they won

Updated: DU'ers, Others Fall for Fox News Trap - MinuteMen

would you vote for someone for President if you knew...

The shrinking DLC.

* booed at funeral for Pope

AP: "Poll: Bush Standing With Public Weakening" (44% approval)

Jeffords Theory:Bushies will start Iran war for Jeb;Iraq was all about oil

From the desk of David Horowitz

WV Dem state chair says Dean asked what they needed and listened.

Jimmy/Jeff's Buddy in Daschle defeat, Jon Lauck, gets Big Payoff/ Senate

Blogger takes down Jonah Goldberg and eviscerates all right wing media

RW Minn Senator Hides from gays in Bushes!

Connecting Dots. HOly ' LettEROlogy ' BatMan! re; occurences of *Sch*