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Archives: May 30, 2005

The patriotic review of the Patriot Act

US may shift terror policies, report says

Bolton's spirit felt at talks

The real Star Wars: Bush revives missile defence plan

Don Murray (Canadian Broadcasting): Harsher Words from Amnesty Intern'l

Herbert: America, a Symbol of . . .

Time for an Iraq Accounting (past time!!)

Star Tribune Editorial - Memorial Day and the Downing Street Memo

Memorial Day Propaganda - a response

Cracks showing in GOP coalition

Soldiers of Christ.....Inside America's most powerful megachurch(Harpers)

CSM: Why has 'Downing Street memo' story been a 'dud' in US?

Krugman: Too Few, Yet Too Many (Troops in Iraq)

Do you care about Liberal Radio? Support The Guy James Show! (keep kicked)

National Nuclear Security Administration Advisory Committee

Ellen Mariani v Bush

Election Fraud Blog . com

Optical scan machines hacked in Florida

WTF?? Memorial Day parade in Marin has been PRIVATIZED

Congressman Conyers seems so on the ball with D St. Memo,Gannon

Old Soldiers Never

Senate Bill 722

Rupert Murdoch's satellite will carry channel for Gay Men

I'm looking for links to articles about military recruiters ...

Democratic politicians who have gone to war

If you have back problems check in and discuss treatments...

I seen a T-Shirt with a picture of...

Presidential Term Limit

I seen a T-shrt with a picture of... is starting to post video from the Media Forum

great bumper-sticker idea inspired by DistressedAmerican....

Good Flyers/Handouts?

great bumper-sticker idea inspired by DistressedAmerican....

Know your enemies! Here is a list

Kerry mention in NYDaily News article

What will be the official historical name of the current conflict(s)?

Matt PUDGE Is OrGASMIC Tonight

Fast History of the Sudan: Timeline

The heck with the 'snowflakes'. I want to adopt a REAL live baby..

You know you're depressed when . .

Half the time I can't even post a reply-- I keep getting errors.

Ted Olson! A potential U.S. Supreme Court nominee?

Is DU really, really slow for anyone else right now?

Look at the terms of this credit card offer I just recieved -

Gold Star Mom's Letter on this, her dead child's birthday

Conyers to Rummy (sorry if dupe)

Another ignorant question about France and the EU...

I don't mean to be an alarmist but this new move by * does spook me

Brazil Hosts The Worlds Largest Gay Pride Event With A Flag To Match!

Injured boxer in coma following surgery

CSPAN Schedule Monday May 30

Holy hell. Caption this.

It's time to get the hell out of Iraq.

Newsweek: A Latin Power Surge

DOWNING STREET: The odor is just starting to waft across the pond.

My highschool's graduation: We have gone a great way but have far to go

Do you care about Liberal Radio? Support The Guy James Show! (keep kicked)

Iraqi Civilian Deaths In Perspective. Tragedy In World Trade Center Units

Anyone else having troubles (slow page loads) with the DU site tonight?

Indonesia Gov't, Rebels Discuss Amnesty

RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into War (London Times)

Injured boxer in coma following surgery

Justice Dept. to indict two AIPAC staffers under U.S. Espionage Act

Six Shot to Death in Ohio Farmhouses

RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war

GAO: INFLUENZA PANDEMIC: Challenges Remain in Preparedness

Crazy Horse Monument Fundraising Begins

NYT- In Rising Numbers, Lawyers Head for Guantánamo Bay

WP: GOP Lawmakers Acknowledge Uphill Fight on Social Security

CBC: Explosion shakes NATO headquarters in Kabul; no casualties reported

Hazmat halts Rainbow Bridge

Reintroduced White-Tailed Sea Eagles Flourish in Scotland

NYT: Facing Chaos, Iraqi Doctors Are Quitting

'New Castro' (Chavez) Threatens to Take His Feud With America Nuclear

Millions Celebrate Gay Pride in Brazil

Anti-Poverty (Wrist) Bands Made With Forced Labor, Oxfam Says

The helper who knows what Bush will do next

WP: Filibuster Deal Evaded Key Question on High Court Nominees

Amnesty Reports Afghan Women Persecuted

Virginia grand jury to submit the indictments/AIPAC

Socialist Leads U.S. Senate Race in Vt.

Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country is on

Hours And Hours Of Cops On Court TV Tonight!

Dave's Holiday!

I think Electronic Arts ought to be sued.

What would a Miles Davis/Jimi Hendrix collaboration have sounded like?

Current electoral vote projection: Bush 219, Potato 319


Who is watching Mash (the movie) tonight?

Indian film festival at our house: "Monsoon Wedding" and

What Do I Tell A Friend Who Says She Is "Weaning Off Of DU"?

I just got back from watching Cinderella Man (Sneak Preview)

I'm bored, ask me anything.

Actors/actresses you feel will win an Oscar in next 10 years or so.

Names of some cars available in the UK, but

Red Sox - Yankees thread.

I like the reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" is that bad?

maniacal house-cleaning....


ARGH! 13 cautions?!? They need to stop having cautions for every spin

Pak 'n $ave has Grey Goose vodka for $22 a bottle

Too harsh?

Post here, and I will tell you something about myself...


Post here and I will post something contrary.

Ha Ha - Dr. Phil scammed by porn stars on TV show

Ya ain't that bad today

That was weird

When did the Red Sox get Jon Olerud?

"God Bless Tasmania" During The 7th Inning Stretch

Anyone watching Comedy Central right now?

I bought "Greendale" by Neil Young today. Awesome CD!

Finally up for a promotion

Just watched Hotel Rwanda

Okay? Who the hell broke DU?

Ok so I am either on really great drugs...

OH-EM-GEE, DU is back!

Why are some women such pigs?

Why can some people log on to DU but others can't?

WTF is up with DU?


Worst Pick Up line EVER!

DUers don't panic--- Admins are aware and working on the sloooowwwww

Geezee.. is there a 12 step program for my addiction

So, in the books, do Harry, Ron, or Hermione /ever/ apologize for

Favorite Ice Cube album

Would you drink a pitcher of water from your toilet bowl for $1000?

Hey where are those Jesus LOL graphics someone posted here?

Who here has seen "Exorcist II"?

What question have you ALWAYS wanted to ask the Freepers?

Please Hedges, Don't Hurt 'Em...(pics)

"LIVE AID II" on July 2 in Philadelphia and London!

We are back from our little vacation!!!!!

Mouse problem - any advice?

I feel very, very down.

15 posts to 1000, ask me anything!

Post here and I will respond in a wierd way.

What is causing the slowwwww pageloads at DU?

Sunday Evening Free Association Thread

Dick, Weenie, Johnson, Package, Unit,

Post here and I will ask you anything.

Any advice on detering pigeons?

GAO: INFLUENZA PANDEMIC: Challenges Remain in Preparedness

I'll Start The Red Sox vs Spanky Thread Tonight


Belmont thoughts anyone?

How about them Heat?

how many fucking ERRORS can A-ROD make?

Murphy Update. (The kitten found in the box in my neighbors yard.)


A "What if" supposer for Sandnsea (cuz she's a tease)

Memorial Day National concert

What Does General Myers Believe?

Who is voting for Conyers for President in 2008?

Letter to an Op-Ed Goebells

i forget ... did Democrats used to say things like this ???

Heard of this book?

only the DARK side deals in absolutes!

Craig Crawford to "co-host" on MSNBC tomorrow 5/30 at

How Many "I'm Leaving The Dems" Posts Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Are we a fascist country?

Will Martial Law be declared before the 2008 elections?

Galloway Rocks!!

"A New Religion That Takes War Out Of Our Lives"

Today's "Le Show" Chocked full of Under-reported News!

David Cobb: "We're moving towards a one-party system"

How should we honor our Commander-In-Grief this Memorial Day?

I'm crying while I write marriage, my friendships and the

only the DARK side deals in absolutes! Do US women belong in the thick of the fighting?

Riverbend on Misperceptions of Shia Leadership in Iraq.

A Cuban conundrum (Boston Globe)

Conservatives against capitalism?

Boston Globe: Digging around to serve up clams

Soldiers of Christ Part II...Feeling the hate with the National Religious

"President Bush and those around him lied, and the rest of us let them."

Pravda: No Accountability for Bagram

Pravda: China and Uzbekistan join forces against the USA


Editorial: Memorial Day/Praise bravery, seek forgiveness

From Jenna's Ex to a Presidential Jeeves -Bumiller, NYT

Why do they hate us?

Excerpts From Testimonies at Guantanamo (Guardian)

Belinda Stronach and Noam Chomsky: unpicking indoctrination (Canada)

If we had a free press we would have seen something like this weeks ago:

Getting away scot free

Interview with British MP George Galloway (Baltimore Chronicle)

The real casualty

Slate: Colin Powell, Frontman

The Difference Between Decent Politicians and Republicans

Hey, Democrats, Take the Gloves Off!

"Things are getting worse by the day."

Idealist's grail: Network TV beholden only to the public

LTTE I'm working on. Any suggestions?

True Believers at the World Bank (From McNamara to Wolfowitz)

Newsman extols free market at graduation ceremony

Got Toxic Milk? Is Iran telling the truth about nuclear program?

Guardian: Chávez leads the way

most truthful memorial day tribute i've read on the web today-

Seduced by Bush: It Must Be the Church Water

Protests Hit Illegal Immigration Summit

Summary of the Fifth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests

Shades of the American Chestnut: Asian Oysters to go to the Chesapeake.

Bulletin Of Atomic Scientists - Exxon Silently Admits Peak Oil Reality

Americans Blame OPEC, Oil Companies for Gas Prices

Could this work in the US?

"In Larger Freedom": Decision Time at the UN

BBC Analysis (May 29): What 'Non' means in French EU referendum

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: BUSH LIED

Iraq: Palestinians involved in terror

AUT Boycott Redux -- Statins offer double punch - J Post May 30

PA uncovers tunnel dug to carry out terror attack in Gush Katif

Israel strikes Gaza refugee camp

Get ready for the Hamas state

Prominent Palestinian murdered

Palestinians in Iraq allege persecution

Eyewitness accounts from the Pentagon on 9-11

Hemp ballots! If it's good enough for the Declaration of Independence...

Housing Bubble, Pseudo-Recovery, & Cheap Labor Lobby

GaryBeck's "Full Moon Wishes - Prayers for Peace" Memorial Day 2005

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Monday 5/30/05

How old are you?

OSCE group want to meet John Conyers

Does Mitofsky’s presentation at AAPOR support his conclusions?

IMPLAUSIBLE rBr: I just ran a 100,000 trial simulation...

Talking about US Election Fraud on Irish Radio! - NOW

Jerry's loft is being converted to a homeless shelter.

Moving to CA

Is there a populist who could run for governor of Minnesota?

***Heads UP***Possible visible Aurora tonight!!**


Cleveland area may be getting another liberal talk radio station

I've had it with Julian Castro.

Would anyone in the Milwaukee area be interested in this....

just a reminder

Whoa! Death penalty crimes under Dominionism....

Scissors found in Iranian woman

Why don't MoveOn and the rest of the peace march organizers

So why doesn't MoveOn and the rest of the peace protest organizers

Been locked out of reading threads

Why don't MoveOn and the other peace march organizers

Is Memorial Day for Constientous Objectors, too?

The Darfur Catastrophe - policy paper by Susan Rice

How do you talk to religious groups that believe prophesy is reality?

According to history, Gore will win in '08

Meet The that was a sobering show

Need research help

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: Suckering the Great Unwashed

Rummy touts his and dad's military experience in Stripes letters

self delete

I could relly use some research assistance

Time to design the Iraq War Memorial! Some ideas...

C-Span - Veterans checking in this morning

From the mouth of a 1st cav soldier

California's Jaywalking Chicken Has Charges Dropped! Poor Little Guy!

Our entire nation now resembles a corporate hierarchy.

Submit your photo for a "virtual" Greenpeace march against whaling

The Cinderella Man

Let us spread the word:Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are flushing

Sci Fi channel just morphed into Al Jazeera?

DeLay hides behind NASA mock ups to avoid protestors.


DeLay hides behind NASA mockups to avoid protestors

Let's assume that the war in Iraq is just

DeLay hides behind NASA mockups to avoid protestors.

Maybe Danika is the Blue states answer to Nascar..


Lying to kill our own citizens to cause a war is no vice;truth in

Just Exactly How Do We Report Our Dead In Iraq?

Caption Norah!


Caption this photo!

Action Alerts 5-30-05 from Liberty Belle

Action Alerts! Please DU these

Action Alerts--please DU these!

NJ politico wants the Devils to change their name!

Action Alerts -- please DU these!

Action alerts -- please DU these!

Is the amount of TV press Danica is getting for 4th place a little much?

Dupe Self delete


Conde backs US-Africa Faith Based mission: B* enlarges his base.

Action Alerts - please DU these!

Fake Media Memorial Day Bullshit is making me PUKE!!!

HACKWORTH: To the end, colonel a man of the troops

Caption - A special Memorial Day message from the pResident

Conservatives gives 1 finger salute to DeLay

Conservatives gives DeLay a one finger salute.

Only on DU could a DUI thread become a flamefest.

Liberal media, anyone?

Driving along minding my own business when:

A Mother's War ---- Memorial Day Tribute

MSNBC: "U.S. housing boom a bust for many"...foreclosures on the rise

Bush's IDIOTIC War On Terror

Old bumpersticker and a new car

Bush* is now lying on television....pretending he honors our dead.

watch BATTLEGROUND tonight. ..... showtime

On this Memorial Day, I am ashamed to be an American.

Is the amount of TV press Danica is getting for 4th place a little much?

A memorial to my uncle who died in Vietnam

Beartooth Highway rebuild assessment underway - (pic heavy)

Who said this and when?

Is DU running fugly or is it my computer?

Protect Our High School Students From Unwanted Military Recruiting

Okay Army Air National Guard gets info....from kids

Website Not Responding...........

Memorial Day Question


Could we get the UN to take over in Iraq?

This Month's Stock Pick, May 2005

Stop the War of Lies Bastards!

Are there any recent polls of Bush popularity in red states?

So many freepers, so little time...

A reader's rant (from a veteran) that really says it all

Bush Doctrine (from Atrios)

Am I the only one that had trouble getting on

Very cool group seen in local Memorial Day parade....

PHOTO: Rumsfeld thinks "Hehehehehe they're actually swallowing this!"

Memorial Day request re state of mind....

New York Times: 3 days and counting on IGNORING the fascist ISP story

There will soon be NO GUY JAMES SHOW! Kaput! Finished! Unless...

Russia’s Attitude Toward the U.S.: Ally or Adversary?

Sales of More Expensive Wines Are Booming

If the King of Pop is convicted, will radio stations still play his music?

TIP: How to avoid registering at a gazillion web sites

How many ways have Bushiveks failed to honor our soldiers?

Assclown Gen. Meyers on Harley for Memorial Day!

Since when did taking issue with something become "whining?"

I saw the Enron movie yesterday "The Smartest Guys in the Room"

Did W turn himself into a hero via the "bullhorn" moment or did the media?

"The Truth Will Emerge" - Sen. Robert Byrd 5/21/2003

Strong Ray Taliaferro Program From This Morning For Memorial Day

Buying and selling W in Crawford

Is HELL freezing over? Religious website covers Conyers Media Bias event

I wonder how Pat Tillman's parents feel this Memorial Day?

Man serving life for TV theft finally released from prison (35 years!)

Learning to Say No to the Military

Krugman: Admin threw out the rulebook

So have they found Hugo Chavez yet?

General Myers: "Hey, we only abused 100 prisoners!"

Do you think some folks have a point when they say religion is gone

Germany Has First Female Chacellor Nominee (a conservative)

Jeez, the Homeless problem in San Fran is worse than ever.

They've started the sainthood process for Pope John Paul....

I am the only one having trouble loading DU?

If TV is the opiate of the masses, then war is the crack of Presidents.

Will there be a baby boom because DU was slow for a few hours?

How Many Signatures Does Conyers Have?

Speaking of Newsweek . . . .

Please also remember the Merchant Marines.....

Joe Trippi's new organization - "Change America" UAL pensions petition

please help - looking for dvd re neocons


Need political website

The blivet had the balls to bloviate

Memorial Day Massacre of 1937

New York Times: 3 days and counting on IGNORING the fascist ISP story

I Am A Veteran

An email I received

Ya know what scared me about the DU server issues?

Amy Goodman interviews actor Mike Farrell (June, 2004)

Is anyone having trouble with the Internet?

Help, please. Articles about transferring prisoners from Iraq. US/Israel planning joint action on Iran

The latest on Ligaya Lagman...

Zarqawi sends love letter to Osama saying he's just fine & dandy

What a……Loathsome pile of Sith…!

Taser saves the lives of Officers.

DeLay hides behind NASA mockups to avoid protestors

The Viet Nam Wall and you.

Dear President Bush: Today You Laid A Wreath - Today I Took A Shit

On the Ed Schultz show earlier this afternoon

NEWS: Lynne Cheney touts Laura as President

Christian Coalition: "Fair up-or-down vote", looking ahead to Supreme Ct.

A Question for DU Veterans re: Vietnam Veterans of America

A personal message to America (from Bush)

Suggested Memorial Day reading

CNN's Rick Sanchez drives me nuts!! just posted the Randi Rhodes speech ...

Is oil the real reason why the U.S. is still in Iraq?

CNN: Cheney offended by Amnesty criticism

Darfur Calendar - Events in June

Freepers Sneer At Homeless Iraq Vets & Deny Existence of PTSD

Gold Star Mothers MAY change citizenship rules

Talked with an old friend last night, who grew up under Hitler....

When did the MSM lose its way?

Bush Says Finishing Mission Is Best Memorial to Fallen

Sparkly's and Stinky's Memorial Day in DC - at The Wall (long/pic heavy)

"A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with..."

A memorial to my uncle who died in Vietnam.

Our Troops Should Stay in Iraq Until...WHAT?


Remind Us, gw, why did we go to Iraq? video

"defending our freedom": a lie we tell ourselves?

I think every American should kill....

AP: "I point to where the pain is, they take it as a joke and they laugh."

Told KnightRidder rep that Cspan claimed UK memo was "internet rumor"

Anyone out there familiar with the philospher Ken Wilber?

Salon Accused of 'Black Hair' Surcharge

Kill the vote machines before they kill us!

SHAC 7 Trial Starts Wednesday - Support Free Speech!

I promised you. Son, that I would not forget these fallen heroes

does THIS look like a man weighed down by the gravity of war?

Who serves their Nation proudly ? .... Who DOESN'T ? ...


PANIC in the DU Panic Room

SSI cut? Not your problem? Think again.

How much do Police PROFIT from tickets?

Darfur Calendar for June - Local Events as of May 30th

I think John McCain is dead serious about 2008

Oh joy. HP, along with MICROSOFT, are introducing ID SECURITY...

Toons for the holiday

I can't subscribe to "bring them home now"

I want to just make a bunch of salads

What are you making to eat for Memorial Day ?

Knives don't kill people, people kill people

So what does everyone think of the French vote then?

semi-non political question here

Church urged to reconsider investments with Israel

Oliver Stone in LA drugs arrest

2 Accused of Conspiring to Aid Terrorists

Senior Kurdish Official in Kirkuk Shot Dead


CA Legislature Targets Toxic Risks in Products (rebukes fed. regulation)

Assclown Gen. Meyers on Harley for Memorial Day!

'No' Camp Ahead as Dutch Prepare to Have Their Say

S. Koreans Clash With Police in Anti-US Protest

Palm Beach County deputy tasers boy after father attempts suicide

Salon Accused of 'Black Hair' Surcharge

North Korean radio launches scathing personal attack on Condi Rice

Killing Leads to French Riot and Arrests

Sudan arrests MSF man over report

Bombers Attack Iraq Police; Up to 30 Dead

Mbeki Lambasts Brown For 'Imperial Nostalgia'

"US troops in Afghanistan desecrated Quran" -- yet another report!

At least six killed in Karachi mosque attack

French PM Expected to Resign

Togo: Children suffering most in post-poll exodus

Uzbek police detain opposition activists in new crackdown following uprisi

Two Volusia teens accused of killing homeless man for fun (Florida)

Blasts Shake Afghan Capital, Injure 7

U.S. living beyond means, Dodge warns


General slams Amnesty report (we only abused 100 out of 68,000 prisoners)

Myers Ties Iraq Progress, Insurgency Loss

New Standard: Britain, U.S. Conspired to Force Iraq Showdown

U.S. officials frustrated Graham in Arar case (Globe and Mail)

U.S. bid to dominate invites disaster - Gorbachev

NATO sends F-16s to disperse Afghan protesters

AP Exclusive: Tales of Abuse, Forced Confessions in Guantanamo Testimonies

Boston musicians remember civilians killed in Iraq

Coin fund profits for state hinged on graders' opinions

Hurricane season could renew global warming debate

US admits detention blunder

WP:Soldier Who Killed Self Added to War Casualties

A Bane Amid The Housing Boom: Rising Foreclosures

Military told to wear underpants

The latest on Ligaya Lagman...

Henin-Hardenne Wins French Open Marathon

WP,pg1: Bane Amid The Housing Boom: Rising Foreclosures

Dutch PM fears a rolling no spreading across Europe

Iraqi Muslim Leader Detained (by US Troops); 20 Killed

China closer to trade war

Hariri's son strikes anti-Syrian blow with poll victory

Scientists link plastic food containers with breast cancer (The Guardian)

Rumors swirl over Venezuela's Chavez (Gone Missing?)

Venezuela-US relations sour over cancelled visa of Supreme Court president

World economy becoming more dependent on US debt

Signs of change evident at Iraqi school

NYT: Iraqi Offensive Met by Wave of New Violence From Insurgents

Ohio:Repubs received at least $200,000 from brokers(Noe not the only donor

NYT: Ombudsmen Rebuff Move by Public Broadcasting

Mexico City Mayor Hits the Campaign Trail

Zarqawi' posts audio web message

White House to File Case Over Airbus

Anbar University now known as one of Iraq's most dangerous places

Latin America: Toxic waste mounds 3 times bigger than feared

$546 Identity Cards Could be Labours Poll Tax, Say Tories

Chirac Begins Shake-Up After Charter Blow

AP: Lawmakers Belatedly Disclose Trips

Pope backs Italy embryo boycott

Prosecutors may seek death penalty in church abuse cases-Louisiana

Suicide Bombers Kill 20 Policemen in HillahSuicide Bombers Attack

Germany offers food aid to North Korea

Iraqi Aircraft Crashes; Americans on Board

Bush: U.S. Will Remember Fallen Soldiers (puke)

Guardian: Basra out of control, says chief of police

Iraqi journalists complain of censorship

Aljazeera.Net: US: Arrest of Sunni leader a mistake

President Will Lay Wreath at Arlington

To the end, colonel a man of the troops: Top brass not expected at funeral

WP,pg1: Finding Support in the Search for E.T.

Kenya to US: Keep your cash we’ll keep our dignity(US bribe for ICC immuni

(MI) Bill requires ultrasound prior to an abortion -- (They're baaaack!)

A whistle-blower's wish (Coleen Rowley will run as a Dem for MN 2nd Dist)

Schapelle Corby case may go to Supreme Court of Indonesia

Israeli internet spy ring exposed

Geldof invites Pope, Mandela and Dalai Lama to Live 8

Ohio Officials: Teen Kills Self, 5 Others On Graduation Day

Mrs. Cheney suggests first lady Laura Bush should seek the White House

Cheney "offended" by Amnesty Guantanamo Gulag claim

Venezuelans Crowd Outside Presidential Palace Demanding to See Chavez

Boy, 4, Accidentally Killed During Target Practice at Holiday Weekend Gath

Last Man Standing...

Who do you think broke DU? I hope it wasn't me!

Scissors found in Iranian woman

Scissors found in Iranian woman

Who wants to play "Guess what it is"?

Round II: Guess what it is (this is probably going to be too easy as well)

who broke wind?

So what's this.

I believe that we'll conceive, to make in hell for us, a heaven.

Lounge Rule #99 - Don't break DU

Wow, all my friends became single in one weekend

Where is everyone?

Oh My God!

Okay, every night around the same time I hear this huge

I couldn't access DU for over an hour!

this memorial day to honor those who have fallen in previous wars and in

What the hell is going on?


I got ten bucks that says one of the wankers from

Found at Rapture Ready

My Memorial Day Tribute (with thanks to Graham Nash)

Well my time went to quickly I went lickety-splitly out to my old '55.

I broke up with my boyfriend tonight...

Cool place to make your own bumper stickers

Let's honor our loved ones who served. I'll start.

Which place sounds like it's the most beautiful?

Man's Quest: Visit 1,000 Bars (He is half way there)

Minister Who Denied God Exists Back In The Pulpit

Is There An Organic Alternative To Plastic Baby Pacifiers?

Is it a holiday today?

system admin what's up with this


What are your symptoms when DU is down?

I'm bored and trying to stall from working, so...

Sure, givin'em ideas...

our stupid neighbor is getting crabs

US chicken ducks jaywalking fine

Three hurt in cheese rolling race

Big news!! Hitatchi to produce more plasma screens this year, woo hoo!!!

our stupid neighbor is getting pigs

Help for my computer.... please????

Watching Paragraph 175 on HBO2W right now

HEY, this "Audioslave" singer sounds like a Soundgarden wannabe.

HUGE Live Aid News

Lounge Rule #666 - Don't post or have pix of Santorum in your siggy

Does anyone have a link for the "loose Change" video that

Gen. Clark interview on Franken NOW (still a good listen even

In the days of frivolous lawsuits,


How do you eat?

If you need a smile today, check out my new sig line


ALRIGHT DAYUM IT. I love my MS Moblie Windows Smartphone.

Skate rats! Everywhere!

I'm listening to Sinatra "Live at the Sands"...

This document contains no data?

So, what are we gonna do for newyawker99 when she hits 100k?

The Coyote dashed across the road

Post a pic of the medial view of your foot

Another credit to Bush's America: The Klan is back

Did you shoplift when you were a child or teenager?


Hugh joke

Who do you think broke DU? I hope it wasn't me!

The George Bush lawn gnome

Just finished reading Dylan's book Chronicles

"It's whatever"


Coolest movie or TV car?

Do "chinese food", tortellini and salami go together?

Cranking this one for the 'hood: Bombs Over Baghdad, John Trudell

if you are arrested, don't the cops HAVE to read you your rights?

Can microwave popcorn expire?

Kelly's Heroes is on!!!

Worst chain restaurant for a dinner date?

Drunk Barber has sobered up....


Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.

Anybody remember the zine "Dishwasher?"

If the King of Pop is convicted, will radio stations still play his music?

Anyone here experienced anything paranormal or supernatural?

Anyone else stuck at work

wow I have 0 posts in the last 48 hours!

I watched Blade Trinity this weekend.

dupe sorry



If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it'll give you poison ivy.

What are the odds of finding four yolks?

WTF am I doing here????


I am dog-sitting a German Shephard this week.

Such a big flag...Such a little man

Drunk or just a stupid fool as usual??

My apartment is so clean you could eat off it...

Why do I stay out in the sun too long?

How many posts do you have in relation to newyawker99?

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of my friend's death.

Which of these would make the best poll?

Aaron Brown was a taste tester on last night's Iron Chef

"All in the Family" mini-marathon on TV Land right now.

The Crime Cabal and my 500th POST

GUESS the person in this August 2004 photo.

Anyone wanna go buy me some smokes?

What are you listening to now?

Anyone here seen Donnie Darko? What a good movie!


Law & Order - Which is your favorite

dammit! Stupid barn cat just had kittens!

Who's more romantic? Men or women?

Don't put apples or grapes in my tuna salad.

Romantic love and it's inherent problem


"You can't handle the truth!"

Shit! My other window with GD is freezing up now. Cant load pages

Am I the only one disgusted by GMC's "Memorial day sale"

Hoist a glass to Red today

The problem of finding love.

could use some research help

What condiments are on your "Dream" Hot Dog?

Do you know the difference between "grilling" and "barbequeing"?

What's more romantic?

Congratulations Newyawker99 on 100K posts!!

Hey!! I saw "Enron" the "Movie" last night with 10 other people!

I'm a fast poster. (for now)

Nauseating bumper sticker seen today.


I just saw the most AMAZING thing on my walk!

What's a good soak for sore, tired feet?

hopefully they will let us uproot our trees rather than tearing them down

Holy shit! The Freepers have found me!

A gray chest hair!

Why doesn't DU list the number of posts we have after 1000?

Safari Browser sucks donkey balls

Henin-Hardenne Wins French Open Marathon

I stopped my car and helped a small turtle across the road... Does that

Now no flaming...favorite Country Music stars?

People Who Buy Full Screen DVDs...

Does Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader remind you of neocons?

I need help with my spanish homework!!

I am the King of Pain

My toilet is so clean you could eat soup out of it.

Caption this pic!


I'm in the mood for a bad movie...

7 more posts until newyawker99 hits 100K!!

i finaLLy saw star wars 3

Will there be a baby boom because DU was slow for a few hours?

Redheads check in!

(I'll remember my brothers ...) "In Flanders Fields"

The Freepers latest main concern...

"Patriotic" morans


How does one write a novel when one can't write?

Video of UFO sighting: "Prophet Yahweh"

Military told to wear underpants

Grey or Gray?

I always knew he was a troll; now he's been TOMBSTONED!

"Your cigarette is not nearly as sexy as my parachute pants."

Well yall the gig is republic has shamed me into the truth...

Woah is me.....

Thanks to all who posted support yesterday regarding our kitten --

Who is the * impersonator on the Comedy Channel......

Did you know.. on the front of a bag of popcorn...

I'm so tired hearing about this "Box Office Slump", here's why it is!

Where did you grow up?

I found a roll of film in my camera...

shutting off internet connection

What are your profound thoughts?


60's personality test...

What's your favorite periodical?

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Help me find a karaoke tract, please...

SHAC 7 Trial Starts Wednesday - Support Free Speech!

Pope's plea for religious Sundays

Shades of Nazi 'eugenics' - Paul Cameron is at it again

Tigers' Craig Monroe has a .435 batting average

Dude, nice outfit

Great news for atheists in Baltimore!

For Your Amusement - Orson Scott Card

A little Kerry catnip for today

Drive-By Shootings (an experiment related to June's contest)

Contest Agreement

Hey! Countdown is on tonight!

LQQK what I got in email today...

I should blow my brains out. I can't take 3.5-infinity more years of this

US forces arrest Iraq Sunni leader

Which of these world leaders would you perfer for U.S. President?

As reported on

EVIDENCE & INTEL:, about Gannon, 9/11, Karl Rove etc etc

CSPAN WJ: WWII vet called * Bros. "draft dodgers"

Row over Cherie’s ‘life as wife’ talk

This is potentially serious. Does anyone have a good investigative source

Hannity attempts to re-ignite the "Condi is Aunt J" firestorm

my front porch today

HAHA! Check out the hideous picture of Bush on the Road Runner website

Leaving the Left for Fun & Profit--great essay,fun but full of hard truths

Tillman Sr. has harsh words for military

Can't BELIEVE Bush said "Freedom Is On The March" in his MD speech.

MASSIVE Freeper denial re military recruiting

Memorial Day message from Halliburton.....

Jesus is on his way to Capitol Hill...

Review May Shift Terror Policies (from WashPost)

How many soldiers died this month? 70-80?

Words for Memorial Day ...

Mercenary life in Iraq - In pictures

Salam Pax posting again

This culture of death thing

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican--great read

Wes Clark on Al Franken Now!

What Bush is saying when he's talking (A guide).

How can they keep everyone in the M$M Quiet?

Reuters: "Cheney says confident of Bolton UN confirmation"

Ever hear the word Dolchstosslegende?

Explosions rip through marketplaces, scattering blood and vegetables

New York Times: 3 days and counting on IGNORING the fascist ISP story

Can someone else post this online privacy story to slashdot ?

This story about Chavez's seeming disappearance is getting worse

Two repubs in my speech class and both caught lying............

Republicans must feel like they've got a thumb in the dike...

Religious Reich Vows to Destroy McCain - Zero chance in 2008

Pope enters fray on Italian fertility debate

Hospital in Germany copes with heavy flow of wounded from Iran, Afghanista

From GD: Cheney offended by Amnesty criticism

Jerry Brown angers neighbors: His $3 million home sold to homeless shelter

Okay ...... let's talk about money. And campaigns. And maybe some laws ...

Has Cheney ruled out running for President in 2008??

Singing "America the Beautiful" in these horrible times

Memorial Day Irony

So I was IMed from Germany by an Army guy

Ask John Edwards questions: Edwards podcast #3

This is how Presidents used to write

Memorial Day DISGRACE: "Cheney offended by Amnesty criticism"

Framing for the presidency: TV Movie is pure pro-McCain propaganda

Imagine Edwards/Bredesen '08