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Archives: August 13, 2005

Cracking the Nest Egg: The Privatization of Alaska's Retirement System

For South Americans, War on Terror Looks Like 'Dirty War'

So we're going to bolt from Iraq. Where are the cries of complaint?

Violent `solutions' create new problems

Labor in the Era of Globalization

Selling God A Lucrative Business

Summer Sludge (President Bush is having yet another rough August)

Salon: Smearing Cindy Sheehan

Jesus Inc.

Assisting others (In the wake of Missouri Medicaid Cuts)

NYT's Maureen Dowd: Reformer Without Results

Cenk Uygur (Huff Post): What Fox News Would Have Done to Rosa Parks

The End Is Coming

Arianna Huffington: It Takes a Village to Smear Cindy Sheehan

Stop the Post from Sponsoring Military Propaganda

US grows wary of China flotations

Iraq War Increased Terror Risk, Say Americans

Bolivia, Chile to talk about Bolivian access to sea

Foreign Minister assassinated (Sri Lanka)

Hamas vows to keep arms

City to Release Thousands of Firefighter Oral Histories of 9/11 Today

Attention PENNSYLVANIA Voting Activists!

My take on the TIA probability of so many errors favoring Bush threads....

A good time was had by all

Update on North Texas Air

Four Star General Fired For Organizing Coup Against Neo-Cons?

No Plan No End in Sight in Iraq - Continue until it's finished!

Indie rockers force Hannity to change phone number - This is Funny

Ladies and Gentleman: Time for American Revolution 2005!

Iraq in devolution, not a revolution, resolution, or a good solution.

If Bush gave a damn about Iraqi women at least they could fund and empower

My Question to Sheehan Family Members.....

Do I send money to Peace House, or Gold Star Families for Peace?

I Really Hope

So, I browesed through a copy of 'Newsmax' at the newsstand. I feel dirty!

Dang, I was kinda rootin' for them

Sorry if this has been asked before

Should we be afraid...they will have to do something to stop support

Cindy for US Senate in '06

Liberty Sunday my protest idea for Justice Sunday

You never know when you'll meet another good Democrat.

Who's the #1 coward in the U.S.? Hint: rhymes with 'C.W. Squoosh'

All hail the great geo-political strategic thinker of the 21st century.

NEVER ask fundie kiddies at their booth when they will enlist...

If I hear one more World War II analogy to justify the Iraq War...

The folks in Crawford should read the names of the Iraq dead

My 1000th DU Post for Cindy - My poem from Buzzflash last christmas

Why the AIPAC Indictment Is Bad News for Karl Rove

Have a technological question about blogging from Camp Casey.

Anybody watching Hardball?

"One day at Camp Casey" (video for Cindy Sheehan)

MSM coverage of CIndy?

Get me video of Crawford "counter protesters" chanting "We don't care"!

Not MY kids, damn you!

Is there crossover between those protesting Cindy and Schiavo

Oh for (smurf)'s sake. Stop removing this thread!!!!

One day at Crawford, by one of our DUers! Damn this video rocks

Fuck I hate the right (About Cindy)

self delete

Update--local gas war has gas down to $1.97

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

Why Don't we have a dating advice group on DU?

Every time a rightwinger smears Cindy Sheehan or lies about her

a message from Cindy: The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq (Day 6)

Who remembers this?

"If you don''t care, WHY ARE YOU HERE?" (proposed counter-chant)

Donations Can Help Bring Marines' Dog To U.S.

Where's the pic of C-SPAN's coverage of the pro-war rally in 2003?

Uh, Maria, Where're Your Husband AND Your Ideals?

Has anyone run across any photos of the We Don't Care crowd?

I have not been hearing about whats going on in Camp Casey..

"Not another mother's son, not another father's daughter."

Experts 'decipher' Inca strings

Someone go here...

Bush and Rummy’s crazy tactics illustrated for the neo-cons.

I guess I AM a masochist: check this post on Yahoo, re: metric system

I Just Watched O'Reilly For the First Time. This Man is Seriously DUMB!

need directions to crawford peace house...

Crawford Counter-protesters chant "We don't care"

Cindy Sheehan Makes NewZealand News Website

The Revolution is NOW...

anarchy1999 is requesting in a very polite way to be removed. from DU.

I read this very sad article in The Houston Press today. It is about how

'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy in Covering Up Role in Plame

Anyone Know Of any GOP Blogs...

Bush Vows to Eliminate US Dependence On Oil by 4920 (The Onion)

Senator (R) used free movie pass (Wanted disabled kicked out)

Which DU'er volunteered to pay for a military family to go to Crawford?

Howard Zinn - America is occupied by a president & thugs

"w" should have sent Laura Bush out to meet Cindy Sheehan

Still Hiding the Bush Bulge

Secret War Continues Between Bush and Military Brass

We don't care... the right, and their death

Right-Wing Robots strike back!

I would like to thank Michael Savage....

Warmongering Media from former WH Correspondent

Refresh my memory

The Rovegate Players Database

Gold Star Mom Mary Ann MacCombie: Wrong time, wrong place, wrong mission!

News from Australia: "I feel your pain, says Bush"

"Imagine - its not hard hard to do" stem cell article

"Cindy" Sign-Waving [PICS]

I hope all the truckers pick one day all over the US and do what they did

I don't understand -- Why did they chant, "We don't care?"

what happened to


Just back from the Peace House..

Suggest some signs for Crawford tomorrow.

If you're going to Crawford to join Cindy tomorrow...

MANDATORY MALLOY: FRIDAY Truthseeker Group Therapy

Realize that not only are gas prices higher...everything else is rising to

He Don't Care

US appointed Iraqi officials steal about 1.3 million.

What happened to the C-Span Bus and all Brian Lambs great STUFF

Did anyone watch Dateline?

HEY! did you guys know you hate America??

RW website still claims Saddam has WMDs

I'd never heard of "orphan drugs" until today.

Floridians...One year ago today.

Why the repukes don't care

Right Wingers have a new hero and his name is Mohammed (!)

DUers who are going or have been to Crawford...

News Story from Waco Paper

Letter back from Cooper/360 on dropping of Cindy story

PHOTO: Enjoying your "tax cut", Bush voters???

Bush's motorcade departs political fundraiser at 'Broken Spoke Ranch' >>>

Brian Lamb of C-Span

Bush hints at use of force against Iran

6 People Flying to Crawford on Sunday

OK Cindy you Doll! This was just for you and Casey!

Stuck having to make a Wal-Mart purchase. Need to balance it

Sometimes when I read a post

(Ironic Subject Title) The American Family Association Needs Your Help

NYT: Camp Liberty, Iraq "has the vague feel of a college campus"

Racist origin of the "We Don't Care" anti-Sheehan protest in Crawford

Trial Lawyer Opinion Poll

The Press That The "Counter-Protest" Is Receiving

Turn yourself in Michelle Malkin

The Guy James Show update

I Suggest We Jack Up The Taxes On Gasoline To Pay For The Oil War!

We've got to keep Cindy's back: here are two reasons why

Camp Casey and Cindy Sheehan supporters, could you use these

No matter how good the person is, how noble the cause is

Hate America?

Keeping Track of Support for Cindy

Piney Point owners left town, live in luxury, left clean-up to taxpayers

Son (Casey Sheehan) killed in Iraq known for quiet service

Judith Miller wants to "fight back"

Questions about Lyndon LaRouche

A caller on Randi made xcellent point about RW v Cindy!

Well... SMOKING Is Back Big Time On Radar Screen... How Many Are Still

My encounter with local freeper

Come Christmas, How Much Do You Think A BARREL Of Oil Will Cost?

WOW. The Great 30 Min. "We Don't Care" Counter-Protest...

BBC Documentary: "The Power of Nightmares" - DVD

Brain storm needed

1847 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Send my body or money for a dead military person's parent to go?

Don't forget BUNNY! HALLIBURTON whistleblower may lose her job!

Police Arrest Protesters Blocking Construction Of Adult Bookstore

OMG! Malloy discussing new book alleging that Wellstone's death

Was I sleeping...How the hell did I miss this?

Files for printing gatorboy's Cindy Sheehan cartoon are here:

Sauron Cheney lobbies for Nuke reactor sales to China

Regarding gas prices: Since when is $6 [extra per] wk a financial hit?

What do you all think about this sign I'm making for Camp Casey?

Just read HARPER'S "None Dare Call it Stolen."

I didn't feel like cooking tonight.

So, I've looked into this Kinder Morgan company

Hawks agree with liberals – Blair's laws are too much

On this Day in History: 13th August

Metro Mothers Take Stand Against Iraq War

Myers: Release of Abu Ghraib prison photos could cause riots

Iraqis spar over federalism in constitution

Admiral Giambastiani Sworn in as Vice Chairman of the JCS (Meyers retires?

When meat is not murder (grown in a petri dish)

Air Force Chief of Staff to Retire

OMG! Malloy discussing new book alleging that Wellstone's death

Ithaca group joins Texas protest ("People are fed up")

NYT:Iraqi Leaders Reach Tentative Oil Deal,Removing One Obstacle to Const.

Career Lawyer Gets Oversight of CIA Probe (Oh Karl !)

Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister Assassinated

Police Arrest Protesters Blocking Construction Of Adult Bookstore

'Times-Picayune' Sued for Defamation (Nicolas Estiverne)

U.S. Told Not to Release Abu Ghraib Photos

Firm paid Schwarzenegger accuser for silence-report (Reuters)

FBI Sting Targeted La. Lawmaker("They can throw ethics back in our face.")

Bush Supporters Hold Counterrally Near His Ranch

Oil pumps up gold to eight-month high

Justice Department Losing Top Officials at Busy Time...#2 James B. Comey

FAA Admits Close Call For Presidential Helicopters

Lobbyist Abramoff posts bond ($2.25 mil)

WP: Cindy Sheehan's Pitched Battle

Christian-Rights Group Sues Over Posters

FBI Counterror Head to Run New Division

When Meat is Not Murder (Biotech Lab Meat)

9/11 Commissioners Defend Intel Omission

Data Error May Have Hidden Some Warming (Global Warming Skeptics Wrong)

Ky. Governor (R) Subpoenaed Over State Hiring

Cindy makes it to Swedish newspaper: "The face of Opposition"

High Court OKs Calif. Gov. Redistricting (back on the ballot in CA)

WPpg1:Airline Security Changes Planned(allow scissors,5" knives,icepicks?)

Rumblings Increase About Trucking Protest To High Gas Prices

Christian-rights group claims school muffled teacher

London bombings: the truth emerges (no al-Qaeda 'mastermind')

UK Heads for Heatwaves

Airlines lose lifevests to fit fat flyers

Supercuts sued for ban on Spanish

I am kind of a Male Ho..

I AM A HOE - get the truth here!

I am not a male ho

I'm ready to run amok!

Anyone ever had 'Radler'?

I am a garden Hoe

Are you in or are you out?

I am Spartacus!

I am Ivanhoe!

I have to go...... Rita Crosby is bleating in the other room....

If you dare venture into GD give this thread a kick and a nomination >>

Dagnabbit, now I'm hungry again!

Peanut Butter, However, goes real good with Celery....

What's the most refreshing summer drink?? Alcoholic or non....

With all the tech talk here tonight,

The Transporter2 - HOT HOT HOTTT

Can anyone save my Cowbell guy

I just wanted to start a thread to tell you all how much I love all of you

will YOU pay TITHING to the Church Of DS1? REPENT!!

Cool Whip does not go well with Celery or Carrots....

Well that just sucked-

What did Dippity du do and when did Dippty do it...

Should I download iTunes?

Hilariously awful headline on the front page of the Seattle Times

Two Words: Battlestar Galactica

Flow-chart showing the myriad connections of the BFEE.

I'm almost drunk, let's find ways to piss off old man skinner

And just to be a jerk....

I'm bored. And procrastinating.

Perseid Metor Shower tonight!

Where the SAM HILL are these people???

So....Goodnight then....

Whoops! Tucker says he respects France for blowing up Greenpeace boat

You Only Live Twice is starting.

Who did you eat for dinner tonight?

Does Squid go with Cool Whip

Hmmmm they did say on the bottle not to mix these

Question about TV Dinners

Adobe Audition experts: I need your help!

How Bizarre

I feel naked with only one pic in my sig line.

My freezer isn't working correctly!

How about this for a sign? "Bush doesn't care. That's the problem."

why doesn't Sirius air the postgame shows of NFL games?

Son of a Bitch! I hate nature sometimes

American Chopper crew was on the Big Idea show!

RIP "Don't feed the badgers"

What the *bush cabal is working toward (pic)

Jazz, my old dog, is on death row and time is running out

When was 'hell' first allowed to be spoken on televsion?


Christ, my hormones are killing me...

Funny Squirrel

where's that picture of that humungous cat?

Files for printing gatorboy's Cindy Sheehan cartoon are here:

Finally saw War Of The Worlds...

What did you eat for dinner tonight?

Whitney Houston sucks big fat can't do it

I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you

It's time for WILL IT FLOAT?

How 'bout them Vikings???

My Bears are going to S U C K this year

Hey, how is Sugar Smack doin without her appendix

My counselor was shocked that I wasn't able to get even an interview...

Charlie & the Chocolate factory v. Willy Wonka

I have to shower now.....

Is every straight woman looking for a daddy figure in a mate?

What does a grown man look like at......

Tech guys will answer your tech questions in this thread!

Have you ever seen "Snowball" the 87 pound Monster Cat?!?

Living in Houston sucks big fat hairy fucking donkey balls.

Tech guys are the best, better than all the rest

Ever feel like Travis Bickle?

Does anyone else hate shows like "hollywood Insider" and ET?

There is NO WAY that any of you posting right now are on the east coast

My daughter is singing the Preamble to the Constitution

I pick up my new car tomorrow!

I love Neil Diamond and am not going to apologize

I am doing the happy dance again!

Best song by the band Sweet

I got kissed by two different women today!

Tonight's "Monk" is SO FASCINATING!

Against my better judgement, I humbly offer this reworked * pic

Recommend this Yahoo story please - so we keep it a top story

Woohoo! I'm in honors Calc II at Rutgers!

Stop what you are doing.

post your gasoline prices

Just saw 3 grown men bond.... over their contept for Orbitz and being

Stuffing a seagull into your shirt on a busy city sidewalk

I miss my sisters.

So, I started this weight loss blog today....

For my 5000th Post... I make a solemn Pledge

Who is your favorite John?

Floridians, what were you doing a year ago?

For post #4000: Ray Bradbury, "Fahrenheit 451"

Aniston Gets Apology from Kimberly Stewart

I phoned the US a couple times today - you americans are cute

Battlestar Galactica!

Panda Ball!

When meat is not murder

When meat is not murder (grown in a petri dish)

Scientists' Belief in God Varies Starkly by Discipline

Climate warning as Siberia melts

Can you spot the real scientist?

I have been accused of being gay again

A plea to end LGBT political co-dependency



David Ortiz homers - YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's NawFuL

Alright. Schilling can die now

How 'bout them Cowboys? Seriously.

Jazz, my old pet, on death row

Happy Birthday Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (a Leo)

Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge

[Ironic subject title] The American Family Association needs your help

I feel a creative urge coming on.

Cleland on Kerry 2008: "There's a lot of support...

Hey Raging! Here's my submission to the Reflections Contest.

"Let's bring them there Iraqis Democracy and get rid of an evil dictator!

No Plan No End in Sight in Iraq - Continue until it's finished!

QuickTime version of Olbermann interviewing Cindy last night...

Aristocrat - another lightning rod for the RW?

Lone Star Times calls comparison of Cindy to Rosa Parks "simply stupid"

Does anyone know where there might be a vid clip of tonight's Hardball?


Did anyone see HardBall

Experts: Vigil for fallen son may distract Bush, fan flames of peace drive

Plame outing investigation goes deeper.....

Ithaca group joins Texas protest ("People are fed up")

Bush couldn't stop for Cindy, so whose "nearby ranch" was hosting

What pro war talking points have you heard the last couple of days?

Why doesn't Cindy S. have huge sign asking Bush why TWINS AREN'T IN IRAQ?

Tampa's Bay News 9 has had wonderful coverage of the Sheehan vigil.

Salon: "Smearing Cindy Sheehan"

Cindy S. didn't get arrested yesterday. What's the deal?

VIDEO:O'Rielly TRIES to have a mom on to counter Cindy Sheehan...LMFAO

Okay, I need ammo. Can somebody give me a few reasons

Sick-Freepers attack Cindy Sheehan for not having influence in son's life

$2.49 a gallon in Dallas Texas

Isn't it the "Theory of Evolution"? I say this because . . .

Tinfoil Time....

He Don't Care

Google classifies Cindy Sheehan letter as "adult content" 18+ page

PLS CHECK THIS: Coordinated 'net attacks on Cindy?

TV democracy - paint by numbers constitution

What's with this story about Gnl. Byrnes and imminent nuclear threat..

The 15 most recent Yahoo News pics: Crawford and Portland Peace Vigil

If we pull out of Iraq now, won't it rapidly devolve into a failed state

Bush Supporters Hold Counterrally Near His Ranch

we were called "frustrated democrats" in pro-roberts ad

My brain fart for Cindy.....

Viggo Cares

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

New state organizers at DNC today....NC, SC, and MS. More to come.

All who criticize Cindy, remember: Bush is the one who made the joke

Ex-Klansman out on bond in civil rights case

From the WP 1992: "Al From, Life of the Party"

What will 25,000 private American Mercenaries Do When The War Ends

Hecklers shout at Cindy: "We don't care; we don't care"

Files for printing gatorboy's Cindy Sheehan cartoon are here:

‘Mistake or not’, time to move forward on Iraq: Clinton

The Right Speaks Truth: "We Don't Care"

Bill O'Reilly has no class.

'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy' in Covering Up Role, Plame Scanda

Delta Exploring Bankruptcy Financing

A Liberal's Education (American Prospect reviews Santorum's book)

"This thing (Iraq War), the wheels are coming off it."...

Mr. Austrian Beefcake is seeling Stones tickets

Cindy Sheehan (HuffPost): We Have the Power

Wipro Taking A Page From Toyota's Playbook

Fable of the Emperor and the Grieving Mother

Here's a really good NYT LTTE re. Cindy:

For Peace Mother, life as normal ended with soldier son's death

The Politics Of "A Badly Damaged Adolescent"

Worst behaved at the Kabul Zoo - the humans

Inferior Design (American Prospect article on the ID movement)

Salem Statesman-Journal: President must make time for grieving mother

It’s powerful, dangerous and can persuade people to martyr themselves … no

Excellent read - will also tickle your funny bone

Bush Responds to Sheehan Protest in Weekly Radio Address

San Diego Union Tribune: Battle lines are drawn in Texas

Struggling to hide the reasons for war

The Right is so Wrong

Howard Zinn article in UK guardian re; Occupation of US

Need Some Answers Please

Federal Judge Reluctant To Regulate GHGs In 8-State Suit

China Plans First Offshore Wind Plant Near Hebei Province - AFP

S. Pacific Current Speeds Up 20% In Ten Years, Warms, Threatens Fisheries

Bush Admin. Cuts Protection For Thousands Of MIles Of Salmon Streams

250,000 Acres Burned In Portugal So Far As Fires Return - AFP

National Academy Of Sciences - Carbon Storage Programs Useless

Stuff you need to know about saving energy, in pictures.

Does wind farm/electricity offer makes sense, or have I been had?

The Myth Of Saudi Oil - Part 1 Of Interview With Matthew Simmons

police brace for federal cuts;money going to homeland security,Iraq war

Boy ready for martyrdom

NYT: Oral Histories from September 11 . . . compiled by FDNY . . .

A short film about the 9/11 crash into the Pentagon

Hopsicker on "Able danger"

4 Star General FIRED before "nuke terror drill" set for August 17

Newly Released Records

"Floor number 1-0-6."

FBI, Secret Service shut down 500 Muslim websites around Sept 5, 2001

Why didn't the airlines ever rebuild

Question: What happened to the Pentagon crash bodies?

C-Span to air Rep. Cynthia McKinney's 9/11 Hearings!

Any opinions about *New* NC Voting Machine Restrictions???

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday8/11/05

Great article form OpEdNews: What if the Democrats Continue to Fail and Am

NC Senate just passed "Verified Paper Ballot Bill!" First in SouthEast,

National Summit to Save Our Elections - Portland, Sept. 30, Oct. 1 & 2

Eagles Concert 8/14 in Sonoma -- Any DUers going?

As I'm sure many of you know, Vacaville (where Cindy Sheehan

Southern California Cindy Sheehan show of solidarity: Saturday, 3 pm

Camp Casey in Chico, CA is up and running

MN SoS imposes gag order + obtains voter reg program computer code

My son guarded President Carter

Help forecast climate change (Put your computer to work:)

Which computer for my college-bound daughter?

The Crawford Peace House has a new blog

Anyone going to Crawford next weekend?

Check out these Wisconsin Conservative Idiots

Pro-Life Wisconsin has gone too far with their rhetoric - re: Iraq soldier

Tin Foil Experts Please -- 35,000 lbs of explosives and a crater in Utah

Care Bears STARE!!!

Hey! I found a web site with instructions to make Tin Foil Hats!

Hardball is about to be replayed !

Congresswoman Schimdt targetting blogs. From crooksandliars

Friday Night Pics at the Peace House

Reminder: Ohio Bluestar Mothers cursed a mom who questioned the war.

War Makes Gas Cost More

Myths about liberalism


bernie covering the growing a happening down in Crawford


Did everyone else figure this out and I'm just slow, or have I

DAMN - Ahnuld got his redistricting nonsense back on the ballot

Cindy Sheehan Makes National News In NewZealand

Sociopathy the bane of humanity

VIDEO: Friday Cindy clips from CBS News and KPIX-TV, San Francisco

Some gold mind quotes

DNC / Democrat ID Card

My MOM is one Fiesty lady!

New improved leaner penguin about to wake up polar bear

The CiC has no obligation to the fighting men and women

Presidential helicopters fly into approach of American Airlines MD-80

A counter Clinton library????

Watched a fascinating show this morning on BBC World about Iraq

S.F. drivers floored by cost of gas (lead graf of the night)

Argh ! My friend tonight said we should stay in Iraq ! argh

God Bless Cindy Sheehan and all of you dedicated DU'ers

Carlos Mencia on the Iraq War.

#1 item on Google News: Bush Motorcade Drives Past Antiwar Encampment

more fundy lunacy:

Is MSM coverage of Camp Casey including other moms/families

Smearing Cindy Sheehan

Somehow, you knew this was happening.

Mommas, don't let your cowboys grow up to be babies

Feminists for (Fetal) Life

Good morning all, I'm leaving Crawford and headed back to CO

The Deception is Evil...

Could we get some rich Democrat to buy land at Camp Casey?

CBS crawling AAR "embezzlement" story

Another TOON idea; anyone help?

Calling All DU "Profilers!" I'm Curious...

CNN anchor: "Hahaha gas prices are high!"

Proper Etiquette For Honking @ Dems/Anti-Bushies?

Shrub and Cindy totally disagree...

British experts called in as Dubai plans animatronic Jurassic Park

'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy in Covering Up Role in Plame Scandal

Madres de Plaza de Mayo

Casey Sheehan's Mom can kick george bush's Mom's BUTT

Cindy Sheehan still on Google's front page; over 1,400 articles

"They hate us for our freedoms"

LAT: No Drive to Mass Transit

The American People to our government

When Bush said in 2000 that he would "jawbone" the Saudis into

Newsgroups--cross posting

NYT: Oral Histories from September 11 . . . compiled by FDNY . . .

Cindy's ad ran on the Waco CBS affililiate KWTX-

I noticed about 10-15 troopers between Bush and the "protestors"..

* tells Israeli television force is on the table when dealing with iran

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio x 2, OHIO Media Whore and a Burglary

"Fight terra-ists abroad so we don't have to fight them here at home..."

Have you noticed the way people have said it

Do high schools teach Chinese these days?

I'm so happy about latest Catholic priest sex scandal!

Freepers post location of TODAY'S "Crawford Rally"...Guy James, take note!

Memory Lane:"Hillary Clinton Refuses to Meet With Gold Star Mothers"

A New Freeper Low - Abu Ghraib

Sullivan Challenges Bradley on Corrupt PAC Money

Camp Casey reports from The Lone Star Iconoclast

Slate has a funny summary of "new" developments in the Plame

I get it now

MIA's remains weren't found, family learns

CRAZY DEA Entrapment Scam! (re: Marc Emery)

Question for anyone at Camp Casey

Unfortunate Headline "U.S. will not withdraw from Iraq prematurely-Bush"

The God of Oil, Gas, & Cars is Dying, & America will Collapse soon

gas (oil) prices is not just about driving! HEAT, price of all things

KLIF removes Crawford page (Darrell Ankarlo protesting Cindy)

Question about survivors of KIA

Bush hints at military option for Iran

Enlightening Freepers, One Freeper at a time

If you think oil prices are hitting hard now --- Winter's coming

Lurking Freepers? Why DO YOU HATE America?

Any Old Time Punk Rockers Like Me Out There?

What exactly do they not care about?

Oil Industry Needs to Pay Surtax

You go Mrs Sheehan - Stay strong!!!

Men do have trouble hearing women, scientists find

A convo on war I had with a nut case freeper...

a couple of kids from Crawford's midnight visit to Peace House.

Which First Lady was the one

Uncle Sam to the liberals: I need you!

"The Strategic Class"--Ari Berman(THE NATION). I have questions...

chimperor** Radio Address Today: "war on terra/Iraq/sept.11" ARGH!!

Social Security will be back on the front burner

Unlike the RW'ers, I DO CARE

What would have other President's done with Cindy?

Wild fires in the West, Why?

Latest Photo Of Mike Gallagher

CNN wants to know if Bush should take less time off? (video)

My conservative neighbor

Stevie Wonder is getting wise in his old age.

What local or not-well-reported GOP dirty tricks have you heard about?

A song for Cindy...

Chimpy's nervous breakdown....when, where and in what form.....

Phoenix Justice for All Meeting today!

Combat Jack

Cnn just showed the Bush motorcade "rolling by the camp"--I hope they

Yeah!!!!! I use this post to officially get out ....

Here is the FREEDOM George is talking about!

Rush Limbaugh thanks God for Bush and high gas prices

Pravda nails it! The collapsing US economy/The Great Depression/Hitler

OMG!!! Freeperville choked on "Cindy Sheehan"

Am I the only one who hears the Kenny Rogers' song

We care, Cindy!

what was the price of gas under Clinton that the RW got their

Cindy shouldn't have started talking about "Palestine"

Need some ideas for a poll question

Is upholding the Constitution as a military oath subjective?

Immigration offices along border to issue work visas, very expensive ?

Justus Sunday II to pay bloggers to attend

"How can the US ever win, when Iraqi children die like this?" -Robert Fisk

Does anyone else wonder if Cindy will be able to stay at Crawford

Reuters blooper on Italy troop withdrawal....

"We Don't Care?" let me see if I can follow this up with the right words

Joe Wilson LIVE NOW on "This is Hell!" -- line-up and listening link

The President of lies and traitors refuses to meet the truth.

New slogan for the criminal-in-chief... short and to the point...

Freepers "Supporting The Troops"

Fox news right now

Republestiltskin: Spinning truth into lies.

"US attack on Mosque?"--from Juan Cole's Informed Comment

For those of us who can't go to Crawford

I am very much alarmed that this story may be true.......

Have any of our leaders (Ds)

Saw a great bumper sticker today...

Another good thing about having Judith Miller in jail--

Camp Casey (Crawford) photo album version FOUR just posted

Rapture Comes: Jesus denied visa

I need a good prescription drug before I fly in November

Where can I find a "Cindy Supports the Troops" magnet?

Does anyone have a number as to how many people are at Camp Casey?

"22 Days in Iraq" now on remainder rack

Attention: Kite-Cam owners! Bring your rig to Camp Casey!

Is Katherine Harris really Jessica Simpson?

Freepers finally get it right...........

The next time you hear someone call you a coward for opposing the war

Most excellent post by a new DUer in "Ed & other articles)

In honor of Cindy.. Who pays for war...Maj Gen Smedley Butler

So,fighting is escalating in Afghanistan again?

Bush talks the Bible & Iran on Israeli TV (ALL options open re: Iran)

Silver lining to Bush Economy--No Fed. taxes for corrupt agenda.

The US will war against Iran. What will the EU do?

The Weenie-test Warriors

This Johnny Appleseed Is Wanted by the Law

Check out these Wisconsin Conservative Idiots

My LTTE to the Denton (Tx.) Record Chronicle was printed on 8/12

"War Messages That Don't Quite Match"

I have lost my star, so I can not search..but the mule/freeper story

Cindy Sheehan : Magna cum laude and a challenge to the world

EMAIL Allen Roth and ask him to print a correction

Germany rejects Iran military option (Bush ......your move)

Why George is NOT enjoying his vacation!...Hahaha

Just watch the fundies

What we should learn from Cindy and 8 women in a barn

Lost in the shuffle: Casey Sheehan was the father of twin girls

SIGN ME UP! "Experimental Hybrid Cars Get Up to 250 Mpg"

Vacation From Reality

Knives and razorblades may soon be allowed back on planes

A Leaflet

How American are you?

Raquel Welch: "We don't know who you are."

We hadto come back early,, but a few pics from Rally..

OK... I'm a dummy. I had to look up the antonym of "noble"

malloy read a letter recommending david icke's site last night

FBI backs off warning about terror attacks

How come Conservatives never have their own "protests?"

Support Our Troops--

Calling H20Man, Calling H20Man.....

Advice on alternatives to pesticides...PLEASE!

Hear The 9-11 Spin?

US Bradley in Flames after IED Attack in Baghdad

Today, Ptld, OR had war protestors at the big Lloyd Center shopping mall

Business booming in "gigayachts" for mega-billionaires like Paul Allen

A woman in Iraq fighting for woman's rights.

Ptld, OR had war protesters at Lloyd Center Mall, other unlikely spots

You are not getting my kid.......

"Normal Life Ended for Protesting Mother" - Please vote it up!

Our troops are being abused by the Bush administration and

So how did Darrell Ankarlo's counter protest (this morning) go?

"Normal life ended for Protesting mother"-Yahoo News

10 KKK groups based 90 miles from Crawford (and Cindy)

No Evidence Pentagon Knew of Atta, Panel Says

Are any Democratic officeholders OUT THERE WITH CINDY ?

So you think $2.50 a gallon is steep?

Share your thoughts w/Freepers at

Are the Democrats ready for a bring em home now 2008 Candidate?

Cindy Reports On Day 7

The silver lining.

MSNBC formally calling Crawford The Western White House.

I had to check and found something interesting re: Cindy and rw smears.


Alleged Makeshift Chemical Manufacturing Plant In Iraq

Does Ann Coulter really believe her own bile ?

Okay, WTF happened?

The not blaming the troops thing

So Cindy made the front page of the Washington Post today

90 minutes until The Guy James Show, LIVE FROM CRAWFORD TX.

MSNBC is OBSCENE! They have a video of the counter protest

I am going to do some freeway blogging. Got any good slogans

Twisting arms in India puts pipeline on hold.... when I read a story

Hey, I'm listening to Ben, right now!!!

David Lange Dies Former New Zealand Prime Minister

Email exchange between Seattle PI reporter and me over Cindy

Please don't fall for this

Anti-Gay Priest In Sex Scandal With Female Worker

Is your head still in the sand?

"You gotta break some eggs to make an omelet" (Picture heavy - GRAPHIC)

I haven't seen DU this active since I joined.


Woo Hoo! Two Thousand at the Rally For Cindy this morning???

A little humor never hurt. Clever article about Sheehan.

So now it's Bush Supporters vs. Peace Mom?

Cindy Sheehan "Caught" Strategizing with "Radical Left" *LOL*

Action idea for those on the Gen. Byrnes/nuclear drill story

I have a dream (with apologies to Dr. King)

Limbaugh offers to help McNabb, Owens mend fences

Conyers, Kerry, Kennedy and 38 others call on Bush to speak to Cindy

The DLC want to abolish primaries?

I'm looking for a link to Bremer's 100 orders, the actual document..

The power of women in America

cnn talking of Cindy

*LMBO* I' went over to some mixed and right leaning boards. Come see

SABATOGE on Guy James Show!!

DUers: Ragazz68 wants to know the definition of a "flame war"

The BEST radio show there is, imo anyway! Click to listen.

Myers about Abu Graib : 70 attacks a day

Indianapolis foundry to close Sept. 30, eliminating 881 jobs

is anyone talking about shrub's very recent comments

This is just too funny

OMG! Right wingers are screwing with GUY JAMES phone line!

ABC just had a nice bit on Cindy and the Peace house

Gas wars here ($1.97/gal) are getting interesting

"Bleeding Heart" Liberals....always used as a deragotory term.

Question about Cindy ...

What do you when you find out family members voted for the Crawford Coward

First visit to DU today - so, is it true that no one showed up ...

OK, why do Freepers hate America?

Get to know the soldiers who have died for this war

Here's A Question For You: Does God Support Bush's War In Iraq?

Richard Clarke on how war with Iran would play out

My E-ltr to The Beltway Bozos re: KONDRACKE Slamming Whoopi/KERRY

Cindy talking to Laura Flanders on AAR

Pretty good Wikipedia entry about Cindy, don't let it get freeped

Man dies after being shot by Savior with Taser.

A prayer for the Republican Jesus

Feed Camp Casey!

"He volunteered"

I don't understand why counterprotesters feel they must come to Crawford

Adjectives to use when speaking of "this ______ war".

Talked to Andy's partner today.

Link to Freepers rally today

Does anyone else get sincerely worried about Mike Malloy ?

Some of the current, ahem, wit over at the Freeper Asylum...

Talk show hosts that drop callers...

"Election Fraud Continues in the US"

Official GUY JAMES SHOW thread. 6-9pm EST!!!!! From CRAWFORD, TX!

Wash.Post Sponsors DOD "Freedom"March,Bans Participating in Peace Marches

Has the word "liberal" been rehabilitated?

Sheehan: "Forcing the powerful to commit their crimes in the light of day"

Marching in an anti-peace rally is not the same thing as fighting in a war

In Irish Sheehan means means peace. How appropriate that

One word answer, please (yes or no)....Will the Neo-Cons ever give up

Radio stunt causes chaos

Gas Price Check: How much for a Gallon where you live?

"Thank you HALLIBURTON!" - Halliburton equates their loss w/ Vietnam Wall

Just had stupid argument, need support, Im pissed

We lost the War on Terror when Bin Laudin got away

Here's a SUPER EASY way to help the world, please read !

Here's A Toon For Ya !!! - Even Involves Cindy !!!

Need Ideas for signs for Cindy candlelight vigil tonight

Cindy is leading a Peace Train

This country needs a good nationwide strike, and soon.

Moonie experts...What exactly is this administration delivering to

Bush declares war on children: More US children in poverty and poor health

400 anti-Cindy protestors?!? Why do I seriously doubt that?

A message to all of you Lurking Freepers

A war with Iran would require a draft

Cindy's own home newspaper excoriates her

So, IF BushCo decided to invade Iran...

To all the DUers who made it or will make it to Crawford: THANK YOU!!

new PNAC statement on Iran.... here we go again!

e-mail I sent to the chair of our county legislature re: TeenScreen . . .

Outsourcing Psyops and the slippery slope of 'fake news'

The answer to any reporter who has the gall to question Cindy's actions.

Bush and company are bringing down America -- Picture = 1000 words

Has anyone thought of the implications of this (Iraq War issue)..

Food Not Bombs needs your help! - Camp Casey

fred barnes calls cindy a 'crackpot'

BBC: US fights fresh Abu Ghraib images

Patch Adams Honored in Peru, Calls Bush 'fascist'

Four pro-Cindy Sheehan LTTEs in today's NYT (really good stuff!)

What Issue Are The Folks Discussing More Heavily At The Ranch Right Now?

Am I wrong? Seems as if the Bad guys are on the run...

I Love This Bumper Sticker!

I've had it! I'm moving to Amsterdam!!!!!!!

Donkeys Get Marines Around in Afghanistan

What if the people are not as stupid as Bush and the Repubs think??

Mothers War Protest veers onto Wrong Path

One tragic incident, two stories about life in America

Arianna Huffington: It Takes a Village to Smear Cindy Sheehan

Something's Happening Here >>>

WSJ - US loosing it place among cutting edge science research

Just realized - Freepers will be facing Andy's mom in Crawford, too.

Who the HELL "needs" to carry an icepick on a flight?

I talked to a sailor today

Are Americans more concerned about gas prices than all the dead people?


A bush SALUTE!!!!!

Enron on NOW last night.

LOL - FReeper rally pics

PTSD Seen in Many Besides Veterans Now; 'culturally Overdiagnosed?'

This is the face of home sickness.....

50 Freepers marching down the ROAD to Camp Casey! 11:05

Chickenhawks of the nation, I give you "Gallagher's Army".

Jeanine Pirro, NY GOP Gov candidate paid for by the mob!

Any Video of the "We Don't Care" RW chant?

Can somebody please explain to me the Supreme Court decision that...

If you don't visit Flogging the Simian, you should go now and bookmark it.

Movies going right wing?

Channel 3TV to Cover Our Send Off to Crawford Tomorrow!-12 People Going

IF I were creative enough and good enough

I got an email response from the "journalist" who slammed Cindy

Pro-life and pro-war...both equally so....

W's double-barrelled, super-sized catapult

"It Takes a Village to Smear Cindy Sheehan"

Can I get an amen for truthout's Scott Galindez?

"Support the troops!! (until they die, then just make them go away)

The Beatitudes: A Neo-Con Nightmare. (GRAPHIC HEAVY)

Az. Muslim dies in struggle.

How many DUer's have family in the USMC, Army, Navy, Airforce, or

What REALLY are our options to deal with $3.00/gal gas?

ROLLING STONE EXPOSE: The Courageous Fight Inside the U.S. House of Horror

Today I prayed.. (aka, My day in Crawford)

General Kennedy on General Byrnes - "Something is Amiss"

just returned from crawford rally (pic heavy)

We KNOW you don't care

Here's the "I Don't Care" leader (Warning: Heavy OUTRAGE alert!)

8/13 All DU Cindy Sheehan threads Day 7

Awesome post - "You Are the Man" on Huffington Post by Chuck Gutenson

Jesus: A Problem for the Christian Right

Have you watched the press conference from Crawford yesterday?

Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks called Cindy

Truthout: Cindy meets Medea Benjamin at Camp Casey

Photos from Crawford Rally Today (may be dialup heavy)

Matthew 5:3-12, or why I consider myself a Christain Buddhist Jedi

My day in Crawford

Cindy's Son VOLUNTEERED & Died, Barbara's Son DESERTED & Lied

So who stands with Cindy?

Did It Ever Occur To You That The Reason For the Abu Prison Abuse

"Somewhere in Texas, A Village...

Parent of 9/11 victim: "...the Democratic Party is completely useless."

I dialed 911 last night because I witnessed a mother hitting her child

Gen. McCaffrey on Iraq: "The wheels are coming off it."

CINDY TOONS: The Lazy "W" Ranch Edition

CSPAN to broadcast Cynthia McKinney's recent hearings on 9/11

Tee. Hee. Let's all print some "Thank you, President Bush" stickers

Anne Wright And The Man In The Truck - story from Crawford

Libertarians are idiots -

Just had a very profound meeting in my driveway.

CONFIRMED: There IS more to Gen. Byrnes firing and reporters are working

Canada buries a genuine war hero

Campbell urges PM to turn up heat on U.S. in softwood trade war

How does "homeland" sound applied to Canada?

International Trade Minister: Future of Nafta at stake

U.K. DUers, what would you ideally-want Britain to be?

Support suspended SSP MSP's

Hardball is about to be replayed !

S.F. drivers floored by cost of gas (lead graf of the night)

Bush hints at military option for Iran

Iraqis say 15 dead after military shooting -- but U.S. denies

Italy hastens troop reduction in Iraq-source (A month ahead of schedule)

Egypt rejects international election monitors: reports

CA Supreme Court Allows Redistricting Initiative On Nov. Ballot

Bush, Pentagon may differ over 'war'

WP: Democrats Are Firm In Seeking Roberts's 1989-1993 Memos

Half-price Colombian fighters offered for Iraq

Bush raises option of using force against Iran

Softwood feud may threaten trade (US - Canada)

Records: Pirro took mob cash - $12G linked to crime ties

Ohio Dem. Governor hopeful tries to force scandal probe (net petition)

Fires in Indonesia Cause Ecological Crisis

Sullivan Challenges Bradley on Corrupt PAC Money

U.S. military finds chemical site in Iraq

Company that refurbishes Humvees has doubled its work force

San Diego Union Tribune: Battle lines are drawn in Texas

U.S. Diplomat Who Helped Save Jews from the Nazis to be Honored on Postage

Airline Crashes in Italy with Tourist aboard. CNN breaking

Bush: All Options Open for Iran Nukes

US state 'besieged' by wildfires

Governor didn't report $250,000 contribution

Warner Calls BRAC Move Illegal (More Bush Nepotism)

N.Y. Community Center Loan Investigated (Air America Scandal?)

Turkey admits its "mistakes" toward Kurds

Judge Reluctant to Rule on Global Warming

Germany attacks US on Iran threat

Clinto, Pirro Still Very Similar

Career Lawyer Gets Oversight of CIA Probe (Plame affair)

Ameritrade COO Joins Republican Primary Race for Senate in Nebraska

Pete Ricketts joins Republic primary race for U.S. Senate

Schroeder Warns on Iran Military Option

Ex-Bank of China chief sentenced to death

LAT: Santa Monica Playing It Safe (suspicious activity at LA piers,bridge)

Kentucky soldier faces charge in Iraq

U.S. Forces Raid Iraq Chemical Facility

Salt Lake Mayor Wants Domestic Registry

Idaho probes possible outbreak of rare brain-wasting disease

Bush: Iraqis 'Are Taking Control of Their Country'

US fights fresh Abu Ghraib images (BBC News)

Victory for Online Privacy

War Messages That Don't Quite Match (Bush vs. Pentagon)

Pro-Bush and anti-Iraq war demonstrators square off in Texas

U.S. Democrats demand conditions on Social Security

NYT - Homeland Security Dept. Loses Labor Rules Fight

Softwood dispute taints all U.S. trade: Charest

Normal Life Over for Protesting Mother

PETA Rethinks Ads Comparing Abuse, Slavery

Bush ties Iraq to fight on terror

US Troops Begin Afghan Offensive

Indiana Couple Sentenced in Baby's Death (faith med. attn.)

Sunnis Pressured to OK Iraq Constitution

Zapatista Rebels Eye 2006 Mexico Election

(Sunday Times) US (leaked document) warns of new attacks on London

Price assails Bush administration policies in Iraq

Harris campaigns in south Florida, where recount remains an issue

Half-price Colombian fighters offered for Iraq

NYT: U.S. Struggling to Get Soldiers Improved Armor

Lawmakers grow restless over Iraq

Judge blocks federal plans to extend drilling off Calif. coast

LAT: Mortgage Defaults Expected to Grow

U.S. will not withdraw from Iraq prematurely - Bush

Bush moves mass of troops from Germany to Romania, build huge base.

Army ads encourage parents to let their children sign up

(Sunday Times) No. 10 refuses to reveal Iraq war e-mails

Germany rejects Iran military option

Lawsuit alleges Taser misrepresented safety of stun gun

Wealthy Floridians Lose Millions in Alleged Investment Con

NYT/AP: Pirro Aide: Clinton Camp Slinging Mud

Wal-Mart's every day low stock price

G.I.'s Deployed in Iraq Desert With Lots of American Stuff

Employers Fill 2006 High-Tech Visa Quotas

NYT: General Disobeyed Orders to End Affair, Officials Say

U.S. VP Cheney to tour Alberta oilsands

Democrats Conflicted on Playing Rough:Roberts Ad Raises Tactical Questions

Iraqis: Constitution Will Beat Deadline

UN nuclear watchdog rebuts claims that Iran is trying to make A-bomb

Experimental hybrid cars get up to 250 mpg

I love Spike Jonze and am not going to apologize.

come on... I'm bored!!!! who's got msn messenger? want to chat?

Do they say "dude" that much out east?

My partner is out of town for 10 days; ask me anything!

Way to blow the lead Mets

Is every straight woman looking for a dandy figure in a mate?

This is my good eye...

George Will is nothing more than a sycophantic Courtier....

Thoughts on Weeds? Anyone see this, yet?

I'm telling ya, the best part about Taxi driver is the music

Screw the watermelons!

I'm thinking of never trying any new food again

Songs on the car's radio when you got into an accident?

The Flood of the Century

I love Spike Jones and am not going to apologize.

why didn`t someone tell me sctv is on?

I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam! And I'm not going to

Tell us a song/memory connection

What movie character gave this delicious tirade?

I think I'm going to go to bed

So, one roomate moved out... and the other's BF is moving in...

Oh, I miss the good old days

Green Day Video "When September Ends"

It seems like I have to edit every single post I make.

CSPAN: "I just want to say that I deeyou support the Presideeent...."

I love Spike Milligan and I'm not going to apologiSe.

Rumsfeld is so full of shit

Daisy Duke in 30 years.

Ah 3:33 AM and I am back for more it seems......

I love John Denver and am not going to apologize.

If I hear that Vonage ad one more time, I'm going to do major mayhem!

so im making my new running playlist

Is every straight woman looking for a handy figure in a mate?

Mamas, don't let your babies...

Please help with late-night radio song lyrics!

AAAAGH! im burnin out

Missing someone?

Goddamned Aussie Terraists Get Taste of 'Murican Justice... By Mistake

Theme song lyrics

Any of you freaks awake?

I love Spike and I'm not going to apologize.

I had my first breathalyzer test tonight.

How do I take a reg. picture/artpiece and make an avatar?

The PERFECT gift for the lazy patriot

It's 5:02 am here. Is anybody up right now?

Protest Sign Beauty Contest

I am just dying for a Dunkin' Donuts Turtle Nut Iced Latte

I Wish I Had Eleven Billion Dollars.

anyone know a good alternative to drudge?

Dubya and clocks ... I hope his is running out ...

CNN revists Dan Quayle. the man who kept us safe from Murphy Brown

George Bush even makes lettuce cry

Important health information

Anyone else sneeze when they "drink too much"

International Cell Phones - who has them?

Even though Tiger barely made the cut, he still amazes me.

Jenin wants world sandwich record

Bumper Sticker Idea to Drive righties AND fundies Nuts!

Yes, THE Bruce Dickinson..."Christopher Walken for President 08" Web Site.

If anyone finds the $1200.00 I lost please let me know...

Goddamn, my feet hurt like a mofo!

Have you heard of

No Progmom Radio Show Today? - Get Hip With David Bassin

I just got off the plane in Waco with a Coca Cola.

David Bowie songs in Portuguese! I just saw 'The life Aquatic'!

Bush: "Families is where America takes hope! Where wings take dream!"

Ok, so now we know Bush is scared of combat, women and horses, what else?.

Refute DUers Alleged Obsessions

Paula Abdul will eat your children for $1200

I really want LIQUOR for breakfast

Gas prices through the roof

Paula Abdul Convicted of Being a Fashion Criminal

There goes the ebay fortune..."Underwear thief sentenced..."

wasn't Paula Abdul seen recently with Steve Guttenburg

I was gonna workout...

My cat is acting like an ANIMAL!

What's this I hear about Panda Abdul?

ahhhhh meat stroke. well THAT was fun!

If you want to raise cat/dog pals, is it best to already have the dog

This heat SUCKS

Toby Kieth isn't good enough to shine this guys shoes.

Need avatar help

"For those about to rock..."

Anyone here speak (or is learning) Chinese?

Wow, I just noticed another George Bush fukup

In praise of Tropicana's Paradise Blend

Yeah!!!!! I use this post to officially get out ....

The Power Puff Movie will be on in a few minutes

Paula Abdul Probed

URRRRPPP!!! 3 Cinnamon Buns Later.........

do i need to apologise for not extending my respect for all living things

Bless Her Heart...

Can you help save Jazz from being put to sleep?

KG and the Roach

We're changing the way we treat members...

Got to love peoples ingenuity

No progmom on the air today.

Entomologists: a question

Photo: George W. Bush, Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad

But first, our global anthem:

ahhhhh heat stroke. well THAT was fun!

Clint Black's "Iraq And I Roll"...This prick is just a shaved Toby Keith!

Damn, I just dropped two grapes and watched one roll under

Trolls to the left of me... Freepers to the right!

Who can cheer me up?

Where's enigmatic?

Cake did a new updated version of Guitar Man....

Save directors from destroying our favorite films! Plus Free Hat!


Ow....bloody hell! Nothing will wake you up faster than a charlie horse.

Why is there no "qu" key on an English-language keyboard?

Any Old Time Punk Rockers Like Me Out There?

What Causes My Pants To Shrink On The Hanger Or While On The Closet Shelf?

Thanks to Everyone For Their Great Comments:

Any insights on best time to hold group meetings?

Sexiest progressive talk radio voice (Male)

Sexiest progressive talk radio voice (female)

After 10 years of bliss, I have finally decided to toss my comfy pants.

I get motion sickness from playing FPS games

Whats the site that allows you to bypass logins for sites?

My mouse has gone crazy too!

News Max only News Result to have spelled Giuliani as Giluliani

For people who saw the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie:

Ah 3:33 AM and I am back for more it seems......

The true Nighthawks....

It's time for super market traffic control.

Why is there no DU key on the keyboard?

My mouse has gone crazy!

Someone dumped a cat at our house, and we made friends

My computer is cheating!

Phil Klass has died.

The REAL, nondisputable NIGHTHAWKS!

Fun With Latin

Has the stress of what's happening to our country make you cry?

"No-one would have believed, in the last years of the 19th century"

The United States of America is a Clusterfuck.

Video: Ted Nugent slams The Stones, then plugs his county fair shows

Google Fun. . .

Gimme some sugar!

Ugliest. Aircraft. Ever.


One third of a gopher would only arouse my appetite without bedding it ...


Anyone here had Gallbladder surgery? How was it?

Wow, what a film, and it definitely deserved its Oscar . . .

Has Jesse or Al showed up yet?

It's time you learned the baggage claim rules.

This voice-mail is too fantastic to be allowed to languish

George Bush's version of My Favorite Things...

ChicaAzul & I Celebrated our 7th Anniversary Last Night!

My problem, and, what is the fair decision?

I get a high being called a moonbat, Is there something wrong with me?

Oxyrush to try to "meditate" between T.O. and McNabb

When talking politics with your SO/Spouse/etc,

Any Honda Metropolitan owners in the Lounge?

So, whats the story with this Kevin Trudea guy?(Natural Cures)

I'm going to COSTCO to get a new Guitar.....

YES! My debt is down to $15000!!

kd lang's voice is sublime.

Help! Boston area DUers!!!!

Texas investigates rare brain wasting disease

Fuck the state fair!

My first thought as I woke up was "Holy shit, how much did I drink?"

Couple of funny graphics

Anyone know anything about downloading movies online?


I'm havin a great night...

My Old Shoes. Need New Ones. Flame away

Fuck the fake stare!

True Story....

The DLC will eat your children for $1200.

How the hell do you read a book while having sex?

Post 700 and my entry into the 700 club.

Please comment on my new sigline image, I just changed it.

Thanks to the Neil Diamond thread

If I Buy a better Video Card...

I Believe In Miracles, You Sexy Thing, You

Since Night Hawks is the theme

Do your cats sleep on books?

Paula Abdul Cleared Of "Idol" Sex Affair Rumors

Comedians you would've liked to see in 'The Aristocrats'?

My beautiful kitty Teddy is gone.

Suggestions for final Sopranos season

What a "letch" that guy is. Letch --- what a great word.

The DLC wants to eat your children?

You wanna see something sick? Prussian Blue. (Warning)

Cool cars we used to own

Time to party! OW! Let's get down!! WOW! OW!

Step up for a handshake!!

amf: off to seattle.

It PAYS to clean your desk.. I just found $1200.00

Does anyone's cats ever get the "crazies" early in the morning


Most desperate right winger argument EVER...

My pictures from Crawford from Thursday.

Should I buy Eno's newest CD or David Byrne's "Catherine Wheel"??

anyone wanna work for me tonight?

What's your guitly TV pleasure?

Christopher Walken 2008

Hey folks

State the Fuck fair!

Paula Abdul Cleared in 'American Idol' Terror Probe

My kitty Boots turns 1 tomorrow!

Ahhh, tis August and the gov shuts-down, the pols go home, and . . .

I got three little black kittens in my barn

Who would you go on a date with and why?

Who's on your list?

What's The Most Common Type Of Spam You Get?

OH MY FUCKING GOD...hahahahaha

On the phone with my mom tonight

Well, today I am NOT in the wedding I was supposed to be.

Got Milk? You've got problems

PETA thread (again) in LBN.

Kierkegaard for Grownups

Jesus Statue "Opens" Eye

Irritated anotehr Christian online today *lol* Looky looky!

Hotels And Gideon Bibles... WHY??

The Baffling Descent of a Nobel Prize Winner

Why are 250 mpg plug-in hybrids not available for sale on the East Coast?

Scientists aim for lab-grown meat

Get this! Limbaugh Wants to Help Owens, McNabb Settle Dispute

What would it take to start an exotic animal refuge?

Help! My hands are too fat!

(Unintentionally) funny radio commercial

'Felt Needs' and Cindy Sheehan

Max Cleland on Cspan 1 tonight

Why is Kerry still so "civil " About Bush?

Kerry Delivers the Democratic Hispanic Radio Address

More black and whites of my kids

Entertainment Weekly -- The Must List

KO gets his props in the latest issue of Harper's

The unanimous CDP resolution to lower the voting age LA05.14

Cindy sets the record straight on Salon: "my idea, my mission, my vision"

How low can these crazy right wingers go?

My anti-Roberts TV spot ...

pure and simple my friends...

Let's pay Bush off

People get ready, there's a train to Crawford

"Trajan999" posts a pro-Cindy thread on FreeRepublic, meltdown ensues.

The one-sided "outrage" over the NARAL ad....

L.A. Times: "A fair degree of discontent among middle-income people"

Did you hear the one about?

After smearing Sheehan, O'Reilly claims he and Malkin were "respectful"

Truthout report from Camp Casey...phones ringing off the hook, rally today

Anyone notice how it's the RW women attacking Cindy?

Judge Blocks New Homeland Security Rules. Remember when Dubya used this

Question: What if the Dems didn't run a presidential candidate in 2008?

Able Danger never happened. Curt Weldons (R) a dope.

A short film about the 9/11 crash into the Pentagon

Today's Bush Radio: America will not lose its nerve on HIS watch.

Dick Gordon speaks out about his surprise firing from WBUR

Is anyone worried about violence at Camp Casey?

Chicago Sun Times: "Bush avoids beef, heads for barbecue"

What (unknown) Republican dirty tricks have you heard about?

Has anyone thought

MSNBC: Chemical weapons found in Iraq!

We Don't Have to be Angry Anymore; Peaceful Occupation of Crawford Day 7

Help me remember... re. Bush on gas prices

Unacceptable Regimes In Iraq And The United States

Social Security "threatened by a fabricated crisis and a false solution"

snake Cheney going to Alberta to steal oilsands

I keep hearing the SOB's will start a war in Iran

"Why do you make time for DONORS and not for me?"

I want to go to Crawford next weekend...


Rice speaks gibberish just as well as smirk does

MUST-SEE video on Michael Moore's site: Bush's motorcade speeds past Cindy

If WMDs had been found in Iraq...

Hey freeptards..... New list of all GW is...

DNC in 25 states now with organizers. Here is the letter on July 29.

donate freequent flyer miles to those w/ time to go to Crawford?

Photo, 04/13/04: Cindy gets Purple Heart & Bronze Star at Casey's funeral

Clinto, Pirro Still Very Similar

Signs show U.S. slip in science

Photo: FDR's grandson cuts cake honoring Social Security's 70th birthday

Dear Thomas Zapp

CNN asks: "Is President Bush taking too much time off...or not enough?"

And after we pull all of our troops out of Iraq... then what?

AUDIO-Live update with Tracey from Camp Casey

Democrats struggle to change perceptions in GOP strongholds

I just heard of a new organization and want to pass it along.

Please read this

Bill Maher- Larry King Transcript (Aug 11)

WaPo to Sponsor "Freedom March" Will Court free NYT's Miller for a Day to

How many protesters are currently in Crawford with Cindy?

From 'Tale of Two Cities'

Five more award-worthy Crawford photos from Associated Press

Gas and Limbaugh

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St. Pete rally alert at 4th St. and Gandy...Solidarity with Cindy. Monday

i just saw the hardball ted nugent clip on!

need an emergency abortion? - see a judge first

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Cindy is a Mother to all of us now, and Im going home to Camp Casey!

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8/12/05 Daniel Hopsicker- Army Intel Exposes Massive FBI Coverup