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Archives: August 16, 2005

The Rise of the Neocons.

End wasteful corporate handouts

Pot found in teddy bear: 2 arrested

Doctorow: Bush Dissembles Feelings, Cannot Mourn (Reprint)

Belonging and Becoming: The Challenges We Face

Finally: A Hybrid Bigger Than a Hummer

E. Africa opens U.S.-backed disaster center

Is an attack on Iran inevitable?

ralps & I started discussing having a Midwestern DU Meet Up

Owner of AAR Minnesota Posts Station Policies at DU to Dispel Rumors

Iowa's talking about a Midwestern DU Meetup

My printer says "Remove and check cartridge."

Dallas Morning News headed to Crawford

Crawford PO won't deliver w/o 9 digit zip code

Waukesha Dems holding Cindy vigil on Wednesday

I got one thing to say to the idiot who wrote this LTTE:

WBAY just did a short story on pro cindy demonstation in Appleton

Milwaukee Support Cindy 8-15-05 - Photos!

Lincoln McGrath & I started discussing having a Midwestern DU Meetup

Bailey and Thomas of NEWSWEEK strut in clear heels and fish net. ICK!

"Why doesn't Cindy go to Hillary's or Kerry's home

Plastic Paula Zahn jumping on board the CNN Lie-a-palooza about Cindy

Newsweek - Bush's emotional meetings with families?!?

Sick of gas prices ... ( rant)

"She either lied then or she's lying now"

Anybody see the live coverage on Hardball of the Navy C-2 emergency lndg?

Whatever happened to the RW Radio Host gala tour of Iraq?

OK, I need a flavor, someone, please

Mark Crispin Miller on AAR right now

A camo open jeep just drove up into my neighbors' drive...

A Tragedy of Errors..... VeteransforCommonsense article

"if the cause is so noble, has he encouraged his daughters to serve?"

Did you know that Iran is apprehending and jailing Al-Qaida?

Power failure, shadow puppets, at Iraq constitution assembly

And we're in Iraq because of "freedom"......yeah, right.

Who was making the signs to post at the gas pumps?....

Iraq misses constitution deadline, US ambassador blames weather

Did you just hear Cindy Sheehan on CNN?

Help! I need the picture of W about to play puppy football!

Convicted Killer Gets Citation From Bush

Where's Olbermann and why is that nasty witch on instead?

Time for you newbies.... to get on board and add to the long

A post to thank those who watch FAUX & listen to Rush, so I don't have to.

HA! Iraqi government has higher standard for success than Shrubco!

'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy' in Covering Up Role in Plame Scandal

Judge rules in favor of public disclosure today in ACLU Abu Ghraib case

Cindy's effect. I supervise an employee whose son is a Marine in Iraq

Any DUers in Crawford?

Cindy vigil announcement -- Milwaukee area --

We must love and respect the Republicans....

The latest from Bushflash

A great complaint about Cindy from someone on That Other Board

LOL-Bob Odenkirk supports the troops!

Who is

Dobson: Stem cell research=Nazi experimentations.

Pass this around!!!

"It's hard work."

AOL poll on Bush: 61% rate Bush

The Difference between candidate Clinton and candidate Kerry

D.U. this poll!

INsannity's Political Classifications, Translated, 1st Edition

Cheney and Iran rumor, anyone have any way of gleaning truth ?

!!! Gas now $2.69 in my area!

An interesting thing about Teflon.

The Smudge Report: Cindy Sheehan and the Activist Kitten

Boston Swan Duo Are Same Sex

What would be your favorite end scenario?

How to spin a $314 billion dollar defecit into "good news"

Austin-Camp Casey 24-27th, UppityTeen too, MrUp freaking, have car space

DU This Poll NOW!!!!!!!!

Dear Right Wing:

In Case You Missed This-Convictions of the Cuba 5 Overturned

Forrest Gump and Olive Oyl Are Running the World >>>

DU seems to have more loyal support that FR, judging on donations.

Nevada must pay for storage of nuke waste.

Al-Qaeda, a Secret Service Operation? (fifth largest turkish newspaper)

In this way, at least, bush *is* Hitler

Randi Rhodes said her "little producer" quit

BREAKING: Japan tsunami alert after 6.8 earthquake

Reality Hits Camp Casey (truthout blog)

Cat fight on "The Situation" on MSNBC !! Live

daily show all about cindy tonight. eom

"Sheehan said Monday that other issues and groups have muddied her mission

BREAKING: Truthout on the DESECRATION of the Crosses at Camp Casey

Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) is rocking tonight!

Peace people, don't let the wackos get to you

Bill Richardson is the governor of Mexico?

Thought just hit me. Does it make sense?

How many Bush supporters were in Crawford this weekend?

Who Are the Wonderful People Who Let Cindy Camp On Their Ranch?

HANNITY wants to know...would you give up freedom? VOTE

I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow for a vacation

There local Military Families to join Cindy at Camp Casey

the dumbshit bush lovers believe that protesters are killing soldiers

Is Cindy really leaving Crawford?

Where is Osama???

I rather be a left wing radical like Cindy Sheehan

When it comes to tying Cindy to Move On, Common Dreams, ...

Nothing on breaking news yet about the crosses incident

Ford Commercials Driving me Nuts!

Inside Iran's Secret War for Iraq

WeBeBlue Flying Home From Crawford Tonight ...

I'm Pretty Sure, I'm Goin Ta Hell For THIS... ROFLMAO !!! Just Trust, OK ?

Perspective From Steve 2470 on the crosses.

Maybe a majority of us have PTSD?

Is there anyway to tell AP directly about the crosses ?

Wild fires...sharks...west nile virus--did they all go away?

The failure to get an Iraqi constitution only works to BushCo's advantage


Dolores Kesterson..(not Cindy) coming up next.."The Big Idea" (CNBC)!!!!!

Fair warning to freepers: We are now the good guys.

USDA Finds Over 1,000 Violations of Mad Cow Rules

does anyone have a link to the letter on Senator Sarbanes web

Remembering a story from the beginning of the war.


MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

What to the freep types say about the drumbeat for war with Iran? Are

Audio/photos of Crawford truck inccident to be posted-

Do you wonder who was driving the pickup truck that ran over the crosses?

On Malloy, man reporting on crosses being mowed down

Since when does the VICE PRESIDENT ...

So Bush and the U.S. Congress take the whole month of August off.

Do we need reenforcements at Camp Casey ?

Cindy is shining a light that grows ever brighter from opposition

Freepers comment on the crosses vandalism...

Ready for your head to EXPLODE: David Duke supports Cindy Sheehan.


Priceless Freeper poetry: They're foaming over Cindy. Kleenex, please!

Bush Reminds Us That He's "Got a Life to Live"

Tonight's Pics of Camp Casey Arizona - Code Pink ROCKS!

malloy's guest just mentioned this blog

75,000 DUers just around the corner.

Posting of the "We don't care" episode video?

It makes sense really.

Good news! =======>

No Jon Stewart thread tonight?

Repuke pols are such phonies!!!

Peace is the most powerful weapon of mankind

The "Benedict Arnold Real Conspiracy" 2005 Award Winners



Nauseating graphic.


Sheehan's husband seeks divorce (the scumbag!)

Soldier wounded in Iraq feels cynical (Bush ego "getting people killed")

Petition: the George W. Bush Paid Vacation Act

Ithaca Mothers/First Report from Crawford

Ya wanna puke?

The TexASSholes are showing themselves today!

PETA's controversial exhibit is online for everyone to see and judge.

"...I felt really proud that they were up there to protect us..."

Rush Limbaugh Is An Idiot (.com)

Pics of Sunday Crawford Visit - *warning dial-up*

Don't forget! "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they

"No Crosses Left Behind" ... a headline in search of a reporter

*, Rove & Hughes aborad AF1 - caption this photo

who are the Catholic Workers at Camp Casey?

truck aprehended

IMPORTANT - regarding the pics of smashed crosses and bandwidth

Milwaukee Supports Cindy - Photos Included

Answers to mowed down crosses

Shaun Hannity gives DU a plug

Jay Leno: Beverly Hills gas is $3.45/gal

They've slimed a POW, a triple amputee, a Purple Heart and a Gold Star Mom

Don't follow that link...

Here is what saddens me most about Cindy Sheehan's divorce

Pledge Fiasco: Episode III

Bush WILL go to war with Iran

Finally some good news out of Iraq

Caravan of "You Don't Speak For Me, Cindy!" going to Crawford WTF!

Update on the man from my driveway.

Just a couple more... pics AZ Camp Casey!

The Greek plane crash doesn't make sense. Where is the pilot?

Violence is coming to America in Large Doses, from Within

truck mows down crosses at crawford

How about white cross bumper sticker magnets...

Hey yall Im back, My son posted for me earlier(Crosses)

Ciindy Sheehan Rally in Union Square this evening === PIX ===>

HA! Finally got to confront a chickenhawk!!

Our dishwasher is in!

Harper chief of staff latest to leave Opposition leader's office

On this Day in History: 16th August 2005

Newsweek - Bush's emotional meetings with families?!?

Chico State Fraternity Members Could Face Torture Charge

Convicted Killer Gets Citation From Bush

Condoleezza Rice takes Iraq constitution delay in stride

Bush hails 'heroic efforts' to forge Iraqi constitution

Nevada must pay for storage of nuke waste.

Soldier wounded in Iraq feels cynical (Bush ego "getting people killed")

Post Drops Plan to Promote Pentagon Event

Overseas Basing Commission report: Military housing could pose problem

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Pressure on Iraq Could Backfire, Say Experts

31 Dead in Four Guatemala Prison Riots

Hundreds of Videos Not Given to Justice

Sheehan's husband seeks divorce (the scumbag!)

WP: Despite Setback, Bush Optimistic on Iraqi Charter

Pakistan backs Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy use

WP: Possible Frist '08 Bid Splits Religious Right

Sen. Biden Says Bush Should Fire Rumsfeld (incompetence..."criminal.")

U.S. Judge Sends Blackwater Suit to N.C.

Earthquake Rocks Northern Japan

Gay groups denounce 'Justice Sunday' (Zell,Delay & Dobson in tv gay bash)

28 Alleged Taliban Die In Clashes

Revealed: The Illegal Online Animal Trade

Alaska Basks in Record Heat

AP: Husband of "Peace Mom" protesting in Crawford files for divorce

Ag Dept. Cites Plants on Mad-Cow Rules

Fresh allegations Iraqi prisoner abuse emerge/British Troops

Granny going to Iraq - At 60, she'll 'get message out about good things' Schwarzenegger Responds To (Gigi) Hush Money Allegations

Spy Satellites Under Scrutiny: Negroponte to Advise Cong. on New Systems

New questions asked in London bombings

(Roberts) Memo Cited 'Abortion Tragedy'

Post Drops Plan to Promote Pentagon Event

Chavez Threatens To Cut Off Oil Exports To US

Roger Ailes to Take Over Fox TV Stations

North Dakota Starts Draining Lake into Canada

Bush neighbors to seek court order

Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack): "Enough is enough!" (Heads to Crawford)

Congressman Ford Urges The President To End Vacation And Return....

NYT: Fuel Economy Plan Is Seen Omitting Rule for Big S.U.V.'s

Pardon Set for Black Woman Executed in '45

Napolitano declares border emergency

It's good to finally have Janeane back

This is my favorite anti-war song...

Tourists disappearing in search of 'nirvana'

when you post a thread that dies

I'm munching on these...

Demi, Ashton Want to 'Expand' Their Family

Question for DUers from the Indianapolis area

My camp went dogging for the first time,

Argh! My boss won't let me take a vacation!

Does it make you nervous when people don't wear their seat belt?

Question for Fantasy Footballers

And another question for a computer geek

My dog went camping for the first time,

When you post a thread that comes back from the dead....

Is U2's album "October" any good?

Would you want to own a hairless cat?

When data is deleted,

Ralph Kramden

When you post a thread that lives....

Ralph Nader

Has Grovelbot made its presence known yet?

Tweety says jock is red!

Cindy needs to tell shrub to "bring it on"... doncha think?

The Dingo My Baby Ate!

Ralph Reed

Too funny! Streakers at the Sox-Tigers game in Detroit!

The Baby ate my Dingo!

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Malph

The dingo ate my baby!

OMG! O'Reilly was on my TV for 2 minutes! DU WOMEN: WASH ME!

I want to donate a star to a real-deal DUer who doesn't have one

Ralph Dingo.


When you wish upon a star

Did anyone see the movie White Noise?

Bingo was his name-o


My Dog's going to Kill me, but isn't this the dorkiest picture you've ever

Rabbit wakes man, who finds wife in coma.

OK, I just saw the funny part of a Vonage commercial.

When you post a thread that dies....

Anyone else excited for a big UFC weekend?

PC Keyboards RANT

Waaahh! My Pittsburgh! My beautiful Pittsburgh!!

I found this poem about John Wayne Bobbit, men you may want

The TV Food Network show you would LEAST like to watch

Timothy McVeigh, where has Rev Acts been?

A can of world traveling beans.

What in the wide wide world of sports is a going on here?

Quiz: same last name

I'm going to buy a mountain bike, no more gas guzzling for me!

If a thread dies in the forest, where no one can hear it,

"The Butler Did it"

Crap....I lost 5 pounds.

OMFG!! "Prickly City" is teh HILLARIOUS!!!

Goose Island Honker's Ale.

Am I a pervert?

Copyright question??

Nobody has sent me nekkid pictures in a long time....

Some dark dessert my way

I think I'm getting addicted to Cheap Seats

I'm drinking Coca-Cola, and I don't care if you like it or not!

Join Arnold!

I just installed a Firewire card and a 250gb external HDD ask me anything

I was told today that my SO's Mutti has passed away.

has the DUer who adopted the foster kitty posted lately?

If you give a troll a star....

on a dark desert highway

Won't you please let me go

Which of my new pictures should I use for my new wallpaper at work?

Why do I have a headache?

Where on the internets can one find a wav file of Bush speaking?

Zzzzzzz hey hey hey hey Zzzzzzzz hey hey hey hey

Is anyone else watching Monday Night Football?

My star is gone!

Has anyone put in windows?

My nephew just joined the Marines

Palmeiro plays in Oakland tomorrow.

i would like to thank you all for your letters of support

Stupid freeper ran over West Arlington and wiped out all the crosses

Song of the night. If one is dominating or making your night, post here.

I'm going for a balk,

I'm goin to bed . . .

Do My EarthShoe Sandals from Walmart Make Me Look Like a Duck?

LoZoccolo baby can you see me?

August 15, 1965-Beatles at Shea Stadium

Did you hear about the infants pulled off a flight?

I'm going for a stalk,

Does anybody here remember this ice cream?

How many posts are in your My Posts?

If only God would stick to talking to these guys instead of *

Yah mo b there

John Cleese Will Sell Parts of his Colon

So, I don't know what to call this. (GRAPHIC)

Goddamned Republicans Hate The Troops And Their Mothers

I love DU! I live DU! Do you?

Why can't God just stick to talking to these guys?

Dude,nice mallet

Good Episode of History Detectives tonight...

Mildly evocative object circle

We Have All The Time In The World

Dude, nice mullet (part 2)

I'm going for a walk,

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Yes, I want fucking metal, damn you.

Greatest scene from Godfather (I or II)? (SPOILERS)

Dude,nice pallet

Dude, nice gullet.

Dude, nice wallet

Dude, nice mallet.

Dude, nice Chad.

'Stop stealing our F**king signs'

Just took a shower... Off to get dramamine and tricks....

Yes, I want a fucking medal, thank you.

"Yes, I'm fucking mental, damn you."

I'm Lamé

'Humor In Uniform' Submissions At All-Time Low

So, my boyfriend wants to marry me.

Why in the wide world of sports would I like Liza Minelli's version of

Wooh! I'm throwing rocks tonight.

Is the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow" good?

High Altitude.

I am throwing creampuffs tonight

Wildly provocative subject line


Just took a shower... Off to get coffee and treats....

Michelle vs Michelle

Dude, nice mullet!

what vegetable are you?

I'm lame

My baby is going to London!

Looks like they got the truck.

Angelina Jolie Receives Cambodian Citizenship

I've been pretending to be strong, but I am seriously troubled.

It's Big Lebowski Time!

Question for computer geniuses.

The House of Yes

In honor of the latest initiative by Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack), let's...

ZW's Featured Jazz Album for Monday Evening

what animal are you?

Timothy Leary


I'm Pretty Sure, I'm Goin Ta Hell For THIS... ROFLMAO !!! Just Trust, OK ?

the baby is getting cranky

Dude, nice mallet.

Hubby's in the Prague airport, his visa was for single entry, I'm a wreck.

To the driver of the truck that mowed down the crosses in Crawford

Did anyone else have a "Monday" besides me? If so, help yourself

Is there a special way I should be pouring my Guinness?

the hitman returns to WWE

Q: I have a question for all you rock music fans out there...

SpeakSpeak News; The Blog about Free Speech and the Media

With all this going on around Cindy Sheehan, (dial-up warning)

Anyone have a cat that speaks? English?

Let's spread vicious rumors about Grovelbot.

So what was dinner tonight veggies?

Belonging and Becoming: The Challenges We Face

Which is more important to you? Reason or faith?

Idaho Probes Sudden Deaths From Rare Brain Disease

Remembering Nagasaki

How Smokers Physically 'Prime' Their children To Take Up Habit

North Dakota Starts Draining Lake Into Canada

Puzzling Hot Spot Found on Moon of Saturn

Urine-powered Battery Developed

Painkillers Raise Blood Pressure In Women-U.S. Study

Study: Most Wild Chimps Are Southpaws

Researchers Find Stem Cells For Brain Cancer

anyone in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois?

Calif. Gay Marriage Bill Down To The Wire


Apparently, there are naked guys on the field

Schilling, you schit!

"If you had to choose between reason and faith, which would you discard?"

I want to adopt a troop

Kerrycrat Kucitizens -- how close were Kerry's and Dennis' Iraq stances?

Democrats decide to play real hardball, and it's not pretty.

Perhaps KO could'nt get to work due to the lousy weather.

Thanks everyone

KOEB 8-15-05

How popular is Bill Clinton now? How much of that will spill onto Hillary?

So they FAILED on their constitution deadline...

Was the White House Iraq Group even legal??

GOP Ignores Reality on Iraq (DNC Release)

Pirro's Husband is Drag on Hillary's Opponent

Mr Leghorn asks:"" I say, I say.....where the Hell is Rove??? Why is

Mike Gallagher, slimeball umlimited

In honor of this latest initiative by Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) let's...

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Welcome to Stage Three

What makes one a conservative? a liberal?

Photo: Take a good look at the legacy of George W. Bush.

Hannity fantasizes about Martial Law - Willing to give up your "freedoms"?

I don't get it. So the Iraqis missed the deadline so what?

Cindy Sheehan was on Hardball with Tweety

What effect will attack on Iran have on the US.?

Bush Has His Way: It's Not Global SAVE. It's "War" Again

Camp Casey Vandalized Just Now


The Tragedy of War at Home

Gore described Bush's "Mad Emperor" disease to a T....

court rulings on medicaid will hurt the poorest of the poor & children

What effect will an attack on Iran have on the 2006 midterms?

Bush family photo: how many have served in the military?

Grim Iraq reality dawns for Bush: an Islamic republic is taking shape

Failed Bush-Cheney Leadership Leaves Idaho Workers And Veterans Behind

Hate to admit, there is a very slim silver lining for Bush in the W.H.

Dean does not realize "tyranny's easy" but "democracy's hard".

Wife of VOA operative illegally used to attack Sheehan

Why is there not a FILTER in Place for our Leaders? Esp The Presidency?

If you don't like Paul Hackett ........

In defense of Jenna and Barbara

I just started my 401k last week- put it all in a energy (oil) fund

Jefferson Would Have Stood With Cindy Sheehan (Thom Hartmann)

A life with no purpose

Screwing Around With Venezuelan Elections.

The British Agenda

Joan Walsh (Salon): The mother of all battles

Good Editorial in 8/16 Tennessean - Re: Sheehan

Journalism During Weimar Pre-Nazi Years, and Deja Vu


Memorials for Dead Soldiers Violently Destroyed by Bush Worshippers

The Death of the Empire

An exit strategy for Iraq now By Tom Hayden

Republican idiot of the month: Mike Gallagher!

Chicago Tribune's; "God's Imperfect World":

An exit strategy for Iraq now - Tom Hayden

Meet President George W Ahmadinejad

Cop Helps Enforce Santorum Family Values at Booksigning-Threats of Arrests

AP: Babies Caught Up in 'No-Fly' Confusion

Tackling spin on torture(Tom Tomorrow)

SF Gate: Boyhood Wish (Kill Enemy Soldiers) Led To Violent Death

Public's doubts grow about Iraq war, rallies begin across the nation

Wanting It All - Right Now: Conservatives, or the ultimate consumers?

Tomgram: Cindy Sheehan's War By Tom Engelhardt

Arianna Huffington: Preemptive PR: The Times Makes the Case for Judy

Someone Tell the President the War Is Over(Frank Rich)

Not a Liberation-an Occupation

Psychological trauma widespread in Iraq

The Mother of all Battles

Wash. Post: Forests' Recreational Value Is Scaled Back (by *s USFS)

Catastrophic War Game

Congrats DU #2 Political Blog (The must use loose terminology)

A New (London) Low A refrigerator box under the bridge: The Kelo Seven

Letter from Elizabeth Edwards...

Robert Scheer (Los Angeles Times): Bush's blind spot on Iran

The Crawford Bunker ---- Read; you'll feel saner.

I found this article on Limpballs site. He also claims that Sheehan

Dear Cindy, May I suggest...

How can DU better notify people in a call to action?

CONTACT CSPAN NOW - to cover Open Hearings on Detainee Abuse

Put a face to the crosses mowed down-- Marine Lance Cpl. Phillip G. West

Boycott Subway - Korporate Sponsor "America Supports You Freedom Walk"

Conservatives baselessly linked Sandy Berger to Atta investigation

So Chris Cox is supposed to reverse much of Oxley-Sarbanes...

Union carpenters protest Applebee’s (NH)

75% of revenue increases reducing deficit are temporay

Study: Dell customer rating plunges, Apple leads pack

NY Times: Severe drought affecting Mississippi River shipping.

Warmer Water Temps Cool Hopes For Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Run

New Observations And Climate Model Data

Animals warn of health hazards in new "Canary Database"

Study - Most Wild Chimps Are Left-Handed - ENN

25 Environment Ministers In Greenland Next Week For Climate Conference

Hrm... Anyone ever built a daytime solar air heat panel?

Central America's Crime Wave Spurs Plan for a Regional Force

Democrats embrace tough military stance

So when will the neo-cons start calling Sharon an appeaser?

Israeli Gaza Protesters Clash With Soldiers, Police

UNDP Funds Palestinian Political Campaign

Paul McCann: The world's largest prison camp

Envoy to UN: Pullout should end UN hostility toward Israel

BBC Analysis (Sunday): Drawing Israel's borders

Informant /Friend of John O'Neill:FBI Let 9/11 Happen(?Arctic Beacon?)

More "Terror Drills" planned - this time nuclear. Coincidental attacks 2?

The Amazing Greek Air Force

Did Mohamed Atta think he was a good enough pilot to crash a 767 into the

Greek airline crash story has at least 3 familiar problems


Alternet Blog: Fraudulent allegations of fraud

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Teusday 8/16/05

Affidavits here

Now that Cindy Sheehan is bringing it on

$7.5M Awarded to Study Electronic Voting at Johns Hopkins Univ:

WTF! 100% Bush 2000 voter turnout and 73% Gore turnout in 2004?

Still standing: “Spreadsheet wielding conspiracy theorists”

McPherson might run: Details later

W. Nile kills again in region

Redistricting Measure IS Back on the Ballot for Special Election

On-line petition to demand Randy (Duke) Cunningham resign

LA Times (Aug 16): Gov., Lawmakers Still Miles Apart on Ballot Measures

New Bedford - Matt Morrisey, progressive candidnate running for mayor

Where is Camp Casey-Boston set up?

Twin Cities teachers unions call for walmart boycott!!

Ch 5 reports State Rep Sen Becky Lourie joining Cindy Sheehan in TX

Unfreep this Poll - Should teachers boycott Wal-Mart?

Yellow Elephant Alert! College Republicans at State Fair 8/25

Video - Windows Media Player question

how do you stop windows XP home from automatically detecting USB hardware?

laptop not taking power

question about zobot worm

Norton Internet Security and Viewmgr.exe

I just heard on CNN that there is a Wednsday evening

Who's Reps are having Town Hall Meetings during the break?

Need a ride to Crawford for day trip (from Dallas)

Peace Vigils for Cindy this Wednesday 8/17@ 7:30 all over country

News of some events in Crawford this weekend (8/18-8/21)

Desperate to move back to Houston (insert joke here)

Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Budget, and Motives....

Libertarian Loonies think smoking ban will lead to more drunk driving

Among the reasons I'm happy to be out of Cincinnati...

WSAU hosting Family Planning Guest on Talk show

Town Hall Meeting on Iraq & DSM TONIGHT + Vigil for Cindy TOMORROW.


Is our media job done now that the AP wire has picked this up ?

"They're fighting for your freedom!"

IF I lived in Crawford and was a repub--I would be sooo ashamed

Vigil for Cindy Sheehan Wednesday 17, 2005

I have UNLIMITED bandwidth for the desecrated crosses pics

So, bush has gotta be seething at the truck-driving cross-smasher, right?

To AP, the Sheehan divorce story is more important than the crosses story.

Grieving for your deceased child is anti-american treason

A Big Honkin' White Cross

A project for our graphic artists.

Just called my local news tipline re: Cross desecration

Mr. Idiot Freeper Driver, thank you from the bottom of my heart

here's the latest breaking news ap story about the crosses....

What's next, Freeper fucks?


These actions are a sign that what Cindy Sheehan is doing is working

MSNBC article mentions cross desecration.

Can someone explain THIS to me ???

bernie ward is talking now about the crosses thing


Why isn't MSNBC rerunning Hardball with Cindy on it?

Bush's claim to be a uniter not a divider

It must be freeper season tonight

I call for a moratorium on Cindy Sheehan divorce threads!

Bush's perfect "Sister Souljah moment" now awaits him.

How will this latest incident (crosses) be spun?

Winning Is Not Enough - The Constitution's Fundamental Flaw

To the person who mowed down the crosses today...

Were war supporters this crazy during Vietnam?

Bernie Ward RANTING now ... Iraq & Cindy -- stream link

Found it! Abraham Lincoln met with grieving mother twice...

Thank you, Casey

Local TV (Oakland, CA) Fox affiliate covered cross downing on news

bernie about to give another scoop about domino's pizza ceo...

Blog entry probing the mysteries of Clinton Hatred

Will be attending a candlelight vigil for Cindy at the Bowie County

Bravo! Benson does it again! (Cartoon)

I seriously think that it may come down to violent confrontations.

Ave Maria, Florida = new capitol in USA for Catholics

Would you take a look at the horsesh*t that just came into my inbox...!!

So essentially some yahoo in a pick-up truck...

Any Pictures of the Truck running over the crosses yet?

Posthumous justice ? in Georgia

Buy a beer for the man that ran down the crosses

PHOTOS August 15, Camp Casey, Peace House, Crosses

What if

Independent: 16 Aug 2005 : The grieving mother who took on George Bush

I have an old flag that is tattered and torn and worn out....

Wal-Mart insurer wants injured person to pay them

Ray Taliaferro on KGO - Opened by discussing Cindy Sheehan

MSNBC Sinks to New Low!

A strange incident at my daughter's job

close to 40 msm stories about the crosses being mowed down

getting on with HIS LIFE.....

Mike Gallagher, Fox News and the Hateosphere News Hounds

Racial Attack at the 7-11 in Gresham, OR

George Bush is the ****** I scrape off my shoes

I think we have a freeper on the loose in here

Olielly on Cindy Sheehan

OUR UNFEELING PRESIDENT - Bush Cannot Grieve Because

Daily Show is covering Cindy

Democrat Mows down Crosses at Republican War Support Rally

"Other Mothers" are now coming forward to counteract Cindy's good work

Truckers and Gas prices future shortages of goods.

Frank Rich ignores the fact Democrats are attacking Bush from the right.

Can you imagine being a new member and having a post count of 36

MI5 still recruiting like mad

Joan Baez concert on Sunday at Camp Casey....

Just a reminder

I have up to 100GB to host the smashed crosses images

Are they repairing the crosses at Camp Casey now (4 am PST)?

Definition of *Terrorism*


Quick Frame: Excommunicate Bush.

Father to Stand Trial for Daughter's Fatal Driving Lesson

Distractions, distractions. What happened yesterday on the Abu Gharib

OH MEDIA MATTERS, chuck todd just lied!

As a result of the desecration of the Crawford crosses, I am this close...

Jose Padilla: Imprisoned Without Trial or Charges for 3 Years and 100 Days

I leave for Crawford in two hours

the New Times and the Village Voice

The twisted pretzel logic of "miracles" and plane crashes...(rant alert)

I had a strange dream last night

Interesting quote from georgie Dec. 2002 re: loved ones of fallen troops

This has been bugging me for months now...

Recruiting letter in my work email this morning

Do we know the name of the truck driver yet? nt.

Better than Impeachment

Cindy Shehan's Act of Civil Disobedience: A beautiful thing

War Is A Racket

Sgt. John Bruhns: 'Letter from an Iraq vet'

MSNBC- Jet With 152 passngers crashes in Venezuela -- (another jet down)

Mowing Down Crosses is a Sign of Things to Come.

Recent Nessie sightings a hoax (Fake Loch Ness Monster)

Meanwhile, in Freeperland, they smell a rat....

Cindy Sheehan up next on AAR Morning Sedition

I am coming up on Cspan....

It's OK for Bush to politicize deaths?

I am guessing this guy's Cross was left intact?

Noble cause

Tanning addiction exists, study

I cannot find NYT article on oil at $80 a barrel...

Teachers in Minnesota ask for WalMart Boycott

I can barely afford to fill up my gas powered Flag Waving Machine!

Getting a divorce renders your political arguement invalid....

You do realize that the potential for violence

I thank you crazy truck drive man THANK YOU

Thank God it's O.K. to Mow down crosses now, Let's Git BIZZY!!!

AP: White crosses at site of anti-war demonstration run down by pickup

I propose an ANTI CROSS DESECRATION Amendment

So..can WE make more crosses & send them?

The pick-up truck driver at Crawford is a terrorist

The Three Issues That Will Defeat BushCo . . .

Sheehan: "got out of hand and just turned into a media circus."

Well, at least some are admitting it now (Repug truck I saw)

The Wal-Mart Thought Police

Mom and Daughter from Texas in the Guard going to Kuwait together.

Any whining from conservatives about gas prices...


Why do we even NEED the House & Senate?

don't forget, Crosses AND AMERICAN FLAGS were Desecrated

CNN's American Morning about to do feature on Cindy Sheehan

Whatever happened to "Question W"?

Someone needs to give Bush/Cheney a NATIONAL STERN PUBLIC WARNING

I apologize for anything bad I ever said about the citizens of Crawford

CNN story on Sheehan right now 8:35AM CST

I just watched "Control Room..."

"Down From the Mast"

with gas prices so high, i can barely go out CROSS MOWING anymore!

guess how much gas is in Caracas.......

The Tragedy of Abortion: Roberts Endorsed Funerals for Fetuses

Who said this?

We need to have a pity party for Wal-Mart

Books Bush Should Read

I could use a little constructive criticism on my LTTE

"Go Home Cindy" T-Shirts! Get 'em while they're hot!

Are any DUers active in veterans' organizations?


Liberalism is destroying America

Roberts called present day Supreme Court "Not Very Conservative"

Cindy Sheehan vs "We Dont Care": NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio online now

grrr: Likely `Random' Shooting Kills 1 Horse, Injures 2nd

Iran's Nuc program started under the Shah?

CNN Discussing Sheehan "political fallout on CNN (9:37)

Emotional, not factual, ads win skeptical consumers

Atlanta Lawmakers Approve Ban on Panhandling

Administration may drop big-vehicle mileage revision,

Republican Corporations are now going to use the price of gas

Pro-life extremists attack family of dead Marine

Well, I'm printing this picture and writing "Republican Values" below it

Wasington Post pulls out of 9/11 Pentagon party

LAT: "An Exit Strategy for Iraq Now," by Tom Hayden

MO Gov Blunt Lies down with Anti Choice Dogs Wakes Up with Fleas.

"Scary" PIRRO in Victoria's Secret Skivvies & Knocks Back Margaritas

Racism, Poverty and War

I signed up for the local Cindy vigil Wednesday nite, HAVE YOU?

Woman who's face was CRUSHED by a TURKEY forgives assailant

No Fly Republican

Excellent! 'Taps' at Camp Casey's crosses! Please let there be film!

Make the crosses bigger and better!

Camp Casey may have a new home!

Roberts: Women don't need equal pay as men

Thinking of donating, but something is stopping me....

Excellent! 'Taps' at Camp Casey's crosses! Please let there be film!

When you had a low post count on DU, where you descriminated against?

I'm writing an op/ed do we know the name of the cross crusher yet?

Raymond Nakai, former Navajo chair, dies at 86

When is enough is enough.....

I need transcript of * saying 9/11 isn't why we're in Iraq

I'm puzzled...Why won't Bush meet with Cindy Sheehan ??

Bernard Goldberg needs a spanking. (Jon did a great job but

Jack Cashill: another right-wing hack

Look at this - near the top on Huff Post!

What if Cheney offers to meet with Cindy?

CINDY TOONS: The Pig Farm Edition

Trent Lott says Bill Frist betrayed him

"Naturally, the common people don't want war..."

So fundies don't care that this idiot destroyed FLAGS & CROSSES!

LA Times: Urban legends and the Stella Awards

The reason why Bush will never meet with Cindy Sheehan:

Want some stickers to print out for Gas Pumps?

Progressive blogs have grown at a higher rate than conservative blogs

So THIS is why we want to attack Iran? (jsamuel 's post)

"U.S. Minimizes German Differences on Iran"

If he had it to do over again, would Bush have met Cindy Sheehan on Day 1?

Open Post to Bill Frist

Newsweek: Tyco -> Abramoff -> Rove, and other fun stuff

What's so great about the Cayman Islands?

Walken NOT running for prez

An e-mail I must share

Carlyle group taking MILLIONS from Illinois Teacher Retirement fund

The Camp Casey Crosses: Religion and Politics

I see MSM have now trotted out Natlee's GRANDMOTHER to keep story alive...

Think the overturning Roe V. Wade is our only problem?

They apprehended the idiot who ran down the crosses. Name?

Did John Bolton visit Judy Miller in jail?

Was "Today" alone in covering the cross/flag mow-down? If so, WHY?

Free plane ticket to Texas!

"Now I know how Mickey Mouse feels at Disneyland."

Remember when

Dead GI's Mom a Bush Hate - anybody care to respond?

Rice: Iraqi constitution delay indicates "momentum" - WTF?

Unbelieveable pshing email I got.

Bush* No American - A rant you'll love

Quickly;Anyone here near High Pont NC??

Top-secret Republican plan to win the next election...

It's like follow the leader, the news still doesn't grow a brain

Please enlighten me....

Roberts wanted funerals for aborted fetuses

Under the Texas Hate Crimes Law, wouldn't mowing over crosses

Assaulting the Troops: Imagine a name you love on one of the crosses.

I don't know why I'm surprised (CNN) ...

Inflation was higher in July. Guess why? OIL prices so what do THEY do?

A Poem for * About His Refusal to Meet With Cindy, Inspired by For Cindy


new stun gun shoots electric bullets (crowd control)

Has anyone read a WWII era criticism of FASCISM on floor of Congress yet?

Blitzing the media: re Arlington West vandalism

Today show video on cross/flag incident in Crawford

Bush now has a way out of the Sheenan standoff

Which Dem Senators would you like to see replaced?

Anyone want to finish this Limerick about bush?

Ancient Chinese wisdom for the day

REMINDER: Do not post personal information for private citizens!

Anti-Iraq War Song

Roberts Wrote in 1985 That Memorial for Fetuses Was Good Way to Draw

"Spanish troops die in Afghan crash"

I Wanna Be A Republican

Wass Nails Ashcroft & Rove

Can't listem to Thom Hartmann Media Player Stops

RW lies about Hillary snubbing grieving moms, but excuses *

Cnn covering cross destruction at Camp Casey...

Yahoo News Photo: "Fallen crosses are seen on the roadside" >>>

Did media harass John Walsh for marriage falling apart after son's death?

rate this idiotic article

Prickly City going soft?

RJC condemns Sheehan. "No place for jews in Dem Party"

Where are our Democratic Leaders now?

Larry Northern, 46, from Waco, is the cross crusher

CNN Confirming, Larry Northern is the guy

Crawford numbnuts seek ordinance expanding no park zone..

The Camp Casey Memorial MUST be rebuilt

Does Texas pull Realtor's licenses on a felony conviction?

No photo of the Larry Northern arrest?!?!

what motivates the right?

Why Are We Afraid Of The Cindy Divorce Story? Let's Embrace It!

This little beauty is paying my way to Crawford

The Battle for America, so good it will make you cry tears of joy

Subtle message from George to Cindy ...."get over it already"....

Bush Administration - Attack Subs called off of Afghanistan patrol.

So, are the crosses going back up?

This is toooo funny

Larry Northern, why do you hate America?

Two symbols

Only been what 2 weeks and already DUers are getting stuff on Current TV

What is the latest on the destruction of the crosses?

Let them eat cake: "it's also important for me to go on with my life"

VOA's reporter's wife showed up to harass cindy at camp casey

Guy who drove over crosses and flags is named Larry Northern

Just Sent this to the CNN News Tip Link

Sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns like this judge did

Cindy: The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford (Day 10); Misses and Miracles

DU fundraiser getting done in RECORD time!

Where were you when Elvis died 28 Years ago today?

What are the Right-Wing blogs saying about the crosses?

Bush Neighbors Ask Commissioners For Protest Ban

Bush refuses to appear in public so Yahoo posts great file photos >>

Ok then - I'm off 2 Crawford & Camp Casey

Last night on one of the cable news shows

my thoughts on the camp casey cross desecrator CALL TO ACTION

Email re Crawford

Coretta Scott King has been admitted to the hospital

Franken AAR: Karen Tumulty (Time) stutters her way through

I like the way the Cindy protest news...

SF Chronicle runs Sheehan post with anti-Huffington URL ...

Cindy Sheenan Cartoons.

'I'm So Sorry'

Inflation Jumps 0.5 Percent in July While Factory Output Slows

Should we send FLOWERS to the ** neighbor who is housing Camp Casey?

headline on cnn

oh a series of email exchanges

Tally of Congressional Dems who are on record as behind Cindy Sheehan?

Be The Media-An Alternative Idea to Current

A suggestion for those opposed to the war as politicians express regret

Take a look at Pirros' website

Idaho probes rare brain disease deaths has a feature where you can see if there is a vigil near you

Kevin Cooper: Innocent or Guilty?

July Sets Record for Atlantic Tropical Storms, 2nd Warmest on Record

that rattle might be a weapon! - infants kept from boarding airlines

Reuters: Crosses vandalized at antiwar mom's Texas camp site (details)

Steve Clemons on General Clark's ideas: Let's encourage the General ...

The "Noon Business Hour" sounded more like a funeral dirge...

Wow! Cindy Sheehan vowed not to pay her 2004 Income Tax!

"Crawford" has new meaning now

Just Back in Town : DSM? Plame?Coingate? Rove?

Hey I need one more vote for greatest, the Battle for America video

MSNBC reporting on vandalism arrest in Crawford

Who do freepers blame for high gas prices? n/t

Does your support of Cindy include opposition to the occupation?

My bush supporting neighbor

Take a bow, DU!!!

FreeStaters support Cindy Sheehan...

Ok, which one of you hired Larry Northerner?

Got a response back from Coca Cola

A Mother and Her Son

idea - new forum on "Scandals and Impeachment" ?

Bush brings in an Iraqi ringer

My aunt and my grandmother are so anti-immigrant it's scary

One soldier's reaction to the cross incident

Excite has a poll about options for Iran....

"We DO Care."

McCain is more unrealistic on Iraq than Bush..

Don't like the answer, change the judge.....

Our gas jumped Again - $.10 overnite to 2.56

Rep. Curt Weldon and ABLE DANGER

Big Eddy Schultz, 3pm

Police: Mom Takes Baby To Bar, Falls Asleep In Hot Car

Maid pardoned 60 years after execution

Wouldn't you think that a President would come out and face the people

Madonna fell off her horse during her 47th birthday

People's Petition for a Way Out of Iraq :Sign It and Pass it On!!

It's at the top of Google News for the US and the President ...

What should Northern's punishment be?

Another Compassionate Freeper Comment

The Guy who ran down the flags?

Are you sure you don't mean, "desecate?"

If you think the latest photos of Abu Gahrib would cause a riot....


FAA audiotape record of 9-11, was withheld, "cut up" into pieces

Think they arrested the wrong guy?

AG child torture videos and pictures to hit new level of coverage: TDS

msnbc has it up now, cross vandalism in texas

I just read on Raw Story that the judge in the Abu Gharib picture hearing

Venezualan airplane craft--something to consider

Another thing I noticed in the Cindy interviews

Taking the new Zogby poll online- a few of the questions

Funny LTTE about the priest affair in yesterday's NY Daily News

Irony Alert: Gave Up Diet Coke, Lost Four Pounds!

Ok. I'm batting a thousand.

Complaint Filed After Driver Crushes Crosses At Anti-War Protest Site

WTF?!?!? Jay Severin supports Cindy Sheehan?

It's All About the LIES! (rant)

The face of Larry Northern, the cross-crusher

Desecration of Crawford Memorial = Spitting on Vietnam soldiers

Elections Officials Complain Of Pressure From Company

Fucking Scumbag Banks

It is up to President Bush to come out

Crocodile blood may yield powerful new drugs - immune system kills HIV

I just paid $2.60 a gollon for gas.

The New Executive Chef

9/11 victim foundations

CNN doing a bit on the running over of the crosses: 4:02EST

Cindy articles

One more and we'll have our Three Stooges

The Smoking Gun on Larry Northern

MSNBC covering crosses NOW! nt

Everyone please check in at the Crawford Peace House for new needs.

24 Republican House Members Support ANWR Protection

Blitzer and "that woman in crawford'--ealier opening comments on

Isn't being anti-war also being pro-life?

If you live in Chicago turn to Channel 21 at 7:30 PM Central time tonight!

He died from leukemia but the on-line obiturary does not say so

is running over crosses considered a hate crime? n/t

Fellow computer geeks, what does this error message mean ?

John Bolton went to go visit Judith Miller in jail !!!!!!!!!!

How long until the MSM makes a "Cindy at Crawford" movie?

One more until 75,000 DUers!!!! YAY!!! PARTY!

MSNBC: Texas Man arrested in connection with cross vandalism.

There has to be something wrong with their brains...

The Rising Gas Prices........Ugh

Should US taxpayers pay the bill for Israeli "settlers?" CNN

Unbelievable propaganda piece by Newsweek-Losing my civility in LTTEs

OH Gov. Taft (R) launches attack on reason and science

You ready for the latest RW attack? ..... picture of Bush kissing Cindy...

Get your "Mr Housing Bubble" shirt!

Idiotic Freeper statement of the week

Shut the country down...

Camp Casey (Crawford) photo album version SIX just posted

What if I was elected President of the United States...

China restoring Russian aircraft carrier.

The Problem With Mr. Judge Roberts.

freepers celebrate mowing down war memorials

Cindy needs your help in Crawford.

They said they don't care

PBS NEWSHOUR will have a segment on Cindy tonight

Who is the "radical Kansas church" protesting at a soldier's funeral?

Viewmgr..exe: Trojan Horse and/or data miner?

75 people already signed up for a vigil near me in VA supporting Cindy

On Larry Northern and SPITTING on troops

I am getting weary of "freeper posts"

HEADSUP: The PBS NewsHour will give Cindy 12 minutes today

New Citizen Spook

Ed Schultz Show Goes to Crawford - Wed & Thurs

Wolf Blitzer "has Cindy Sheehan overplayed her cards?" to Begala

Jack Cafferty wants to know what you'd suggest for Chimpy's reading list

Sen. John Breaux says his vote for war was a mistake

AOL has the vandalism story up on their front page with a poll

U.S. anti-war group won't pay Iraq sanctions fine

Oh, how I am praying this will be true. Part II citizenspook

Our CINDY video coverage is on BOING BOING!

Outstanding Flash movie from Peace Takes Courage

Is anyone here having problemw with Air American Audio???

AAR: Abramoff is talking! He is giving up info on murder of cruise owner

Coke said they did not provide water to the counter protestors

Trivial question about Randi Rhodes

So is anyone sending Cindy coverage in to Current TV?

1857 Reasons why the DSM is Important

oh oh.this website don't like DU'ers

Are gas prices being used as Psy-ops by this administration?

E-mail, tell them Northern is NOT an "unidentified man".

What is data mining?

Mike Gallagher

Maybe we should silently thank Larry for mowing down the crosses.

Cindy should answer every question with the Downing Street Memos!

Should We THANK This Larry Northern Asshole?

Space record broken by Russian

Larry Northern also desecrated American flags in his rampage-illegal?

Mistakes led to tube shooting ---- YEAH RIGHT!!! - Positive Identification

I heard Abramoff and Paul Wellstone mentioned in the same sentence

The Camp Casey Crosses should NOT go back up

Joan Jett on Randi wahoo

For all of you insisting upon crosses at "Arlington West"...

"One of the crosses was apparently stuck in a tire."

Caption this Condi pic....

Does anyone remember that song Dr. Demento used to play "LARRY"

Blue is the new black...Larry Northern is the new "moran"..

A graphic depiction of my general level of frustration...

air (buffer) america (buffer) radio (buffer) (disconnect)


Larry proves it, Right Wingers hate Jesus and America

What if, someone ran over symbolic crosses at a pro-life rally?

Why do you think RWers can't spell?


Putin's Bush imitation

Some guy just called Ed Schultz and sort of threatened him

In case no one noticed.. The Cross Desecration is #1 on Google News..

Official (not really) Non-Microsoft OS snobbery thread (re: CNN/Zotob)

Fun quote from Larry Northern's past

Crawford rancher- Chimp's neighbor offers land to Cindy's group?

Labor Watchdog Discovers Disney Sweatshop Production in China

So, where are all the militia's, etc, lately? What are they thinking?

Should Cindy back off?

Does this woman ever relax?

Drudgebot virus on the loose. (not a joke)

Saying "Oopsie, I'm sorry I helped start the Iraq War" is not enough.

A response from a right-wing editorialist. (Catherine Moy)

NYT has a Crawford cross story up (Bumiller)

Calling all Republican patriots!

How do we find Wed night local vigils for Cindy Sheehan?

Lou Dobbs I love you.

A response to "What Motivates the RIght"

Frank Gaffney

Why did they hate America?

Americans in NZ support Bush anti-war camper

International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity

WWJD? (freepers.... come on in!!)

Maybe it is time for a DU Media blast.

Anyone watching Netenyahu (sp) on CNN?

What have we learned? A movement needs a face. nt

Cindy Support Rally pics (yesterday) Whoops, mad Freeps.

"Please. These kittens aren’t fooling anyone."

The CBC's Adrienne Arsenault rules!

Does the rightwing's response remind anyone else of the Wellstone funeral?

I just gas pump blogged! Here's my sticker.

Air America Place down?

48 Soldiers Have Died While Bush Vacations

Ask your "rethug friends" how they like "bush's oil planning" ???

Help please. Anybody have a link to the picture of Cheney in his jacket

Why are Conservatives so afraid of change?

Melanie Morgan was just on Hardball lying left and right


iBook Giveaway Sparks Stampede in VA

Randy Rhodes discussing General Byrnes now.

Cindy has a right to protest.."Just do it somewhere else"

If you want to see the Melanie Morgan interview, or

Big Name Journalists Spar Over Sources at NYC Gathering

Woodward's "Deep Throat" book not a sales blockbuster --

Cindy Sheehan Moving Camp Site Closer to Bush*t's Ranch

when is Bush going to 'jawbone OPEC" for lower prices

How long is Bush in Crawford for?

It must be "wacko" night on MSNBC

From the Onion: U.S. Intelligence: Nukhavistan May Have Nuclear Weapons

Will Jane Fonda show up @ Crawford?

New Antiwar Mobilization Graphics for Sept (PDA)

OH NO HE DIDN'T say "I've got to get on with my life".

NBC Brian Williams about to do Cindy Sheehan story...

Need Some Help with Sending Cindy Sheehan...........

Christian Wire: BTK killer & abortion doctor all in one press release

a couple of Progressive radio links

Freepers Hate America

self delete

Ed Schultz Show to broadcast from Crawford tomorrow, 3-6 PM EST

Is the Cheney Administration hacking into Air America?

"There was one rule -- no one overtakes the president."

Millions of Californians lack basic medical insurance

how do you deal with...

Quiz: Check your Grassroots IQ.

Relative of man who fired shotgun offers space to Cindy Sheehan

Larry Northern what will the media say about him?

Media LYING About High $$ Gas prices -- Bushco should be impeached!

Ras: Bush Job Approval At 45% (Strongly Disapprove at 40%!)

Is this the Cross Crusher at Crawford?

Cindy just said on AAR that Camp Casey will be moving

What ever happened to the term "war profiteer"?

Remember The Flag-Draped 'Coffins' At The RNC Protest March?

Did it ever occur to our soldiers in Iraq that we invaded a people who had

Repost ..... Roberts: Women are worth less then men.

Is there another RW site that may have more intelligent posters ?

Be careful of those from the other side posing as one of us at Camp Casey

Cindy was AWESOME on the Chris Mathews show last night!!!

Poll for ex-military DU'ers

Is anyone else having a hard time getting the Randi

The Today Show is going to discuss the crosses.

The proper way to exploit the dead (cartoon)

Putting a face to one of the crosses is important

Would someone creative and artistic please

Ask CSPAN to cover Public Hearings on Detainee Abuse -THURS (re: photos)

Who Is Melanie Morgan

Freepers discuss "the glory of assassinating Cindy"

"This is Bush Country"

Today's Bushism: "There is only one person who hugs the mothers

Russian cows get new feed: marijuana

Cost of Iraq War August 16th-$187,920,723,987 Out Now!

They're putting the crosses back up -PIX->>>

Desecration of the Dead

Jon Stewert was great last night

Seymour Hersh on The Daily Show tonight

Loony Loser Larrys Love Liquor And Lawlessness! Please, No More Excuses.

Informant /Friend of John O'Neill:FBI Let 9/11 Happen(?Arctic Beacon?)

I just made a stranger storm off because of Bill Clinton!

Breaking: Person who is donating land to Cindy Sheehan is cousin of

So, did bush have any comments today about the crosses?

George Bush: Unafraid to Show the World What a Callous Jerk He Is >>>

Can a sucky DVD about Jesus sent free in the mail make converts?

Ways to help Camp Casey

Real Conservatives ARE getting it!

Do you get Current TV

Yes, I'm a liberal. So what?

They spit on troops all the time

46% of the way to the GOAL for this Fundraiser! WTG DUers!!!!!

ed schultz is going to camp casey for tomorrow and thursday

CNN Cancels Dobbs Hysterical...Says Worm Attacking Internationally...

Discussion of attacks on Sheehan coming up on MSNBC (5:32)

diary of our trip to Crawford

GASP! cindy sheehan is anti-semetic and in league with david duke!

Are we carrying Cindy Sheehan too far?

Freepers are such hypocrites when it comes to desecrating crosses/religion

Dumbass, you really should be paying attention to Current TV

Any ideas what sorta bumper stickers Larry might've had on his pickup?

Local AAR sponsor sends refrigerator to Crawford Peace House!!

Should the troops come home?

Last night's "Daily Show" was

$40,000 donated to Crawford Peace House to pay the Mortgage !!!

Elizabeth Edwards offers her support to Cindy Sheehan

cindy sheehan resonates with america -- but not because she's anti-war

Who is the anonymous donor that sent 30 dozen roses to Camp Casey today?

Did I just hear Randi say that Joe Biden doesn't agree with Cindy?

How much would you *really* risk for your politics?

A bumper sticker that'll piss off the Repug "Christians" (Graphic)

Videographer going to Crawford just broke her camera.

The silence is deafening

Look how tastefuL the freepers are

KBR Contractor, now deaf & incontinent, denied benefits--and dignity

Camp Casey: Great Personal Account from Crawford, TX (by hogfan)

I decided to goad the President today... here's my letter to him

Freep Essay on Dangerous Reading Material and Youth. Funny as hell.

Want to help me PISS OFF a Freeper???

Pope has asked President Bush to grant him abuse lawsuit

CNN reporting their computers, plus NYT, ABC, down: Windows 2000


Latest on Downing Street Investigation

And now for something completely different...

8/16 ALL DU Cindy Sheehan threads here Day 10

Why aren't 'serious' Democrats asking this question about Iraq?

R.I.P. Vassar Clements

Are we still getting nuked by Cheney tomorrow? If so....

Stripes letters: on poor leadership, Fred Phelps, and human rights

My son's public middle school bus separates the boys and the girls.

Larry Northern, Bush Supporter And His Act Of "Support" - A New Graphic

Largest # of Minnesota NG since WWII are being sent to "southwest Asia"

Why haven't YOU donated to Democratic Underground?

TWO CINDY SHEEHAN videos to vote up on CURRENT TV site--

Cindy Sheehan has an agenda. Terry Schiavo parents didn't

Seymour Hersh to talk about the Torture Pictures on the Daily Show tonite!

David Horowitz is a FUCKING TRAITOR!!!!

"Spitting on Vietnam Soldiers" - Running down Crosses Honoring Our Fallen

If we can stop the Iran war, gas prices will plummet. HERE IS WHY:

180 acres offered for Camp Casey!

Laugh it up Freepers

PDA and Peace Action Launch Iraq Exit Strategy Campaign...

A People's Petition for an Iraq Peace Process - sign it for Cindy

Crawford Post Office Diverting Mail to Peace House (ILLEGALLY)

I met another vet who hates Bush ....

51 Soldiers Have Died While Bush Vacations

Where's GEORGE? >

It finally happened. I was called a member of the "intellectual elite"...

Normally Freeps LOVE crosses on Public property

ACLU Statement 8-16 Re: Abu Ghraib FOIA Odyssey

what's the deal with green faces?

It's all set. I'll be in Crawford this weekend!

Parents of Fallen Marine Make Plea to Bush: 'Fight This War Right or Get

The Crazy Larrys seem to be comin' outta the woodwork!!!

Faux Beltway Bozo Uses Flunky to Dress Me Down for E-mail

Bev Harris smearing anti-BBV scientists AGAIN!

***Urgent requests for action***

Pssssst.. Freeps, you gotta see this...

We were tossed out of class today for not standing for the pledge!

Cindy Sheehan has the "hit dogs barking" all across the U.S.


Which book/movie best describes our situation????

"Citzenspook: Media Blackout of Espionage Statute"

Election Fraud: It's Time to Make a Stand.

Has anyone ever made

MoD 'open-minded' on alien encounters

Asbowatch VII: Turn it up loud

Inflation at 2.3%

Ill. Man Says He Gave FBI Fake Terror Tips

Pardon set for woman executed in Georgia

Spouse of US mom protesting Iraq war seeks divorce

Babies Caught Up in 'No-Fly' Confusion

New claims of Iraq prisoner abuse

Suburban GI killed in Iraq

S.C. Proposing to Redefine Medicaid

Failure to meet constitution date worries Iraqis

Breaking - Jet With 152 passngers crashes in Venezuela (MSNBC Headline)

1984 memo by Roberts was critical of (Senator Olympia) Snowe

'She loved her country' and died in Iraq serving it

'Sneak-and-Peak' Law Helps More Than War on Terror

Four arrested under terror laws : BBC

Europe beset by self-pity, Pope says in first interview

A New (London) Low A refrigerator box under the bridge: The Kelo Seven

Emotional, not factual, ads win skeptical consumers

WP: Vowing to Set the World Straight ("reparative therapy" campaign)

Electronic voting to get scrutiny at Hopkins

Psychological trauma widespread in Iraq

Security prisoner suspected killed in in Iraq's Abu Ghraib

Afghan helicopter crash kills 17 Spanish troops

Peace mom refocusing vigil near Bush ranch

LAT: Southern California Housing Price Slowdown Continues

160 believed dead in Venezuela (Fuck! ANOTHER?) jet crash

NATO helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills 17 Spanish troops

Morale tents gutted in Iraq fire

LAT: Reliant Settles (California) Energy Crisis Suit

Switzerland Freezes Armored Vehicle Deal with Iraq

Washington Post calls on Bush administration to talk with Iran

Recording Device Missing in Greek Crash (AP - Athens, Greece)

No Child Left Behind stirring up formal resistance in several (47) states

Ag Dept. Cites Plants on Mad-Cow Rules: 1,000 VIOLATIONS.

Iraq constitution deal-breakers quietly celebrate

ONN: Taft Pushed For Investment In Biotechnology Firm

CNN:Wary Wal-Mart blames gas prices for soft 2nd-qtr,worries about outlook

Idaho probes rare brain disease deaths

Miss. Court Justice Faces Indictment

US veterans' invisible wounds

Roberts Once Wrote of 'Abortion Tragedy'

Banks to pay Enron $420 million settlement

Washington Post Backs Out of 9/11 Event

Bush won't give in on Social Security, labor secretary says

NYT/AP: J.P. Morgan to Settle Enron 'Megaclaims' Suit

Abramoff May Meet With Investigators

Coretta Scott King Hospitalized in Atlanta

All 160 believed dead in Venezuela plane crash

Madonna Hospitalized (Fell off horse near London, England)

Russia says dangerous bird flu outbreak spreads

New poll reflects growing U.S. worry over Iraq

Excite has a poll about options for Iran....

Don't like the answer, change the judge.....

Iran arrests separatists with alleged links to British intelligence

Winnebago lays off workers

New claims over bungled shooting of Brazilian

Afghanistan faces more Taliban violence -UN report

CNN doing a bit on the running over of the crosses: 4:02EST

Prosecutor Says Relative of Ex-Klansman Threatened Judge Before 1964 Trial

Spanish troops die in Afghan crash

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 16 August

Iraqis Fail to Agree on Constitution

Governors criticized for Cuba visits

Israeli Gaza Protesters Clash With Soldiers, Police

Bush to ride with cycling champion Armstrong

Another Plane crash - 150 dead

A Bad Week For Protesting Mom (talks of crosses being ran over)

Canada suspends softwood talks with U.S.

$7.5 M Awarded to Study Electronic Voting

Arrest In Texas Protest Cross-Up

CREW Files FEC Complaint Req Invstgtn Into Foreign Donations to Hastert's


Iraqi Kurds Say They Don't Plan to Secede

JCS Chairman Begins Trip to Assess Troop Morale (co-starring Colin Quinn)

U.S. Defends Crime-Fighting Near Mexico

Some seek restrictions near Bush ranch

Mechanic: Greece Jet Lost Pressure in '04

Hunter Thompson Widow Tells AP of Send-Off

Detainee dies in Abu Ghraib prison

Japan voters could deal U.S. a blow in Iraq

Coca-Cola Protesters Attacked By Police; Four Hospitalized (India)

Killen Relative Accused of Threat to Judge

Judge Reduces Term in Iraqi Teen Killing

Kurdish Gunmen Open Fire on Demonstrators in North Iraq

Inflation jumped 0.5 percent in July

WP/AP: Radio Station Won't Cancel Keillor's Show

Signs of a 3rd Term Campaign (Putin)--Moscow Times

NYTimes: Memorial to Troops Killed in Iraq Is Vandalized in Texas

Reuters: Crosses vandalized at antiwar mom's Texas camp site (by Waco man)

First post-Saddam executions soon: Jaafari

Bush Blasts XXX Domains

Pilot 'alive when plane crashed' (Cyprus Airliner Greece Crash)

Speaker (Hastert) says economy not an election issue

Russian cows get new feed: marijuana

Can Gene-Altered Rice Rescue the Farm Belt?

Scientists make nerve stem cells

Zotob Worm strikes CNN, ABC, other news orgs (no link)

Va. Laptop Sale Turns Into a Stampede

Tensions force anti-Bush peace camp to move

Three GIs based in Germany charged in crime spree

Natural gas prices may see 58 percent leap this winter

Mother of soldier killed in Iraq objects to memorial

Spain: 'Copter possibly shot down

Parents of fallen Marine make plea to Bush

Emergency contraception rule on way to becoming permanent

House (of Representatives) Staff Reviewing Palmeiro Documents

* invited to join Gold Star families at interfaith prayer service

Computer virus disrupts Caterpillar

Major battle unlikely from Democrats on Roberts

Passenger Plane Crashes in Venezuela With 152 Passengers Aboard, Official

US Troops Hold Children Hostages in Northern Iraq: Police

AP: Former FBI Whistleblower Rowley to join protest at Bush ranch

NYT: Pirro Is Forced to Address Chapter of Husband's Past

A blow for the 'Prince of Pot' (Canada/US)

Putin Breaks Sound Barrier

Nominee Roberts, in '84, called equal pay for women 'radical'

Bush Salts His Summer With Eclectic Reading List

26 Iraqi workers wounded as US troops mistake them for rebels

Coretta Scott King hospitalized

Wal-Mart Takes a Hit, for Pollution

Mistakes led to tube shooting

Governor General 'smeared' in row over her loyalty

I just want to understand this.

I'm throwing in the towel tonight

Wooh, I'm throwing insults tonight.

You want to see sick? Take a look

With Brandt as my witness, I tell you this.

Dude, nice rug!

Since Chichiri absolutely killed with ONCE IN A LIFE TIME

Da horror...

Yeah, but he's a pervert, Dude.

Where have all the Guttenbergs gone?

Let me tell you something, pendejo.

I love the way Karl Hungus pronounces "cable".

When I'm calling ..........

Does rock have to have meaning, or can it just be fun?

I want someone to shoot me!!

Does anyone know how to play one if these?

Vanilla Ice Cream and Allspice...

I can't bloody sleep -- someone sing me a lullaby!

I am thinking of calling it an early night

Have they found out who ran down those crosses yet?


with homage to Kire:Time for the The Big Lebowski Random Quote Generator

3:35 ~ good night

Vanilla Ice, Cream, and all the Spice Girls.

hfojvt loves me

Oh, fuck this sucks..


I don't fricken believe it. (rant)

Skinner loves me

I missed WCGreen

In DU's "advanced search" mode . . .

Made up words that are hard to pronouce

Nobody likes my song?

I'm hitting the sack

Are we really still up and posting here? Who are you?

Windows XP home question

first rednecks shooting into the air...

Grevin Wax Museum Pics!

Do you play sudoku online?

It's 1:28 in the A.M the rain has just stopped here in S. Arizona..

Bloody computers

Everyone else seems to be ranting tonight so I am going to do some too!

2nd Grader Busted For Pot Possession On School Bus

Scientist Finds That Plastic Bottles Can Be Used To Make Steel

Why mobile phobic Americans are slow to get the (text) message

Happy Birthday to the funniest man on TV and soon the movies: Steve Carell

Happy Birthday, Julie Newmar!

Anyone get over 200 on the Sleaze Test... Post here....

I'm Afraid...

Bottle Of Whiskey For Sale In Dublin - Can Anyone Loan Me $256k?

Hunting the Monster of Machado Lake

Acts of kindness is what DU members are all about.

"Psychic Abuse" and how to avoid it

Confused lions 'hunt' small cars

Police: Man Wearing Nappy (Diaper) Looks For Baby Changing Facilities

Ain't it just like the night to play tricks

In case you were wondering, U2 is still the worst living band in the world

i have a confession - i'm an iraqi woman

A.M. Chuckle, hope you like... Bmp Stkr I came up with a while back

Now for a message from the 'bot of the hour!

Couple Get Married At McDonald's Drive-Thru Window

Proper spelling of nink-com-poop?

MY GOD I can now see why this woman is a repuke

I love this crazy tragic

"Found Humor" couplets in the Lounge topics (9:06 AM CDT)

In case you were wondering, U2 is still one of the best bands in the world

Man Hopes To Sail Viking Ship Made Out Of Popsicle Sticks Across Atlantic

Rugby Players Urinate On Airplane Floor, Steal Liquor

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan also died on August 16th

OK, white guys: If your hair is thinning, ease up on the product

What should the 75,000th DUer get?

The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. (no lyrics here)

Courtenay Cox should not marry either of the Naked Gun's Zucker brothers.

I saw "Flight of the Penguin"

Ear infections...

You got a good sasparilla?

So did Tom Cruise get married?

Monks run short of 'world's best' beer


China? It is all David Bowie's fault...

PSA: Grammar Basics - It's really not that hard!

Buy Blue for office supplies?

Our ceiling leaked...


Biggest sellout?

Um, can planes stop crashing for the next few days, please?

Garrison Keillor Show Taken Off Air in Kentucky, Then Reinstated

HypnoToad marches into Montana town

Woman who's face was CRUSHED by a TURKEY forgives assailant

Stars, stars, stars! Free to good home - one bright happy star!

Why do I love the Travelocity gnome?

When you have have your next eye exam

someone forged an e-mail in my friend's name!

Infants Now Being Placed On No-Fly Lists

"Scary" PIRRO in Victoria's Secret Skivvies & Knocks Back Margaritas

good travel websites?

Riding the bus....."No good deed".....

Thousands of Toads Hop Into Montana Town

I can't stand it any more!! I tried! I really, really did, but

What lines have people used on you?

I am NOT going to take the sleaze test


Apple Security Update Fixes Multiple Vulnerabilities

Do NOT get your pet rock neutered

I scored a 57! Just call me Sandra Dee!

Support Cindy, Read "Heart of Darkness" this August instead of fluff

Damn I missed post # 6000, oh well, there is a party anyway

Crispin Glover May Play Joker in Batman Begins 2

Sweat Lodges

maintenance still has not come


I know this isn't original but still "dam" funny

I'm carrying Grovelbot's love child

The real picture of Misunderestimator (((SHOCKING)))

Cindy Sheehan gets a new bumper sticker from me on Saturday

My star is gone !

I am now going to attempt to avoid posting for one full hour.

$2.19 a gallon

I am now going to attempt to avoid breathing for one full hour

Hey. Let's act ignorant. Ha ha ha haha.

BTW, I heard LynneSin wants everyone to worship her cats

I scored a 20. Wow, my life is BORING.

Got a dress for a wedding for $10...

August 16th Thread for Bela Lugosi

Anyone here ever work in retail?

How much should it cost to paint the interior of a 1400 sq ft house?

Boo Hoo for Wal-Mart


Hubris is killing the USA

I didn't know New Jersey was a "ski" place

Anyone here ever eat, drink or breathe?

One wonders: why would someone invent this?

remember back when.........

Woman who's face was CRUSHED by a TURKEY forgives assailant

What's the ugliest part of your body?

I just caught a homeschooler working at Chick-fil-A!

oh hell.... they even put corn syrup in

Am I truly sleaze?

Q: Any business checking accounts with free/cheap incoming wire transfers?

Wanna buy the "The Demon Drop"?

I'm thinking of getting a toto

I'm thinking of getting a Tojo!

Place your bets : Can I hit 300 by the end of the week?

How CRISP is Bush? Is he makin' CRISP decisions like y'all want him to?

I had a weird dream last night.

Why is it that the second you put on clean pants

Hop on one foot, rub your belly and pat your head if you support Cindy

had a date with a girl who isn't politically active parents bush supporter

Tommy Lee goes to college??

I'm thinking of getting a tatoo

This is the face of hate

Dude, nice ballet!

If I had a penny for every time gas prices went up,

Can someone help me to not be such a wuss?

BTW, I heard progmom is really a neo-con conservative who loves

For those who don't visit GD, here's an absolutely excellent post

Young Republicans Enlist in Droves

Barry Manilow Getting Into Jewelry Business

Word Sucks.

I saw 4 Brothers, the #1 movie in America.

i hit a bug whilst driving on the interstate early this morning

Anyone who got 100-110 on the Sleaze Test ... post here....

iPod question

I made pudding last night.. It was delicious!

MatcomNews Update: Remember CATMAN? Heeeeee's Baaaaaccckkk

When's the last time you got your ashes hauled?

Momma and Baby Panda are sleeping

Driver Gets 20 Tickets In 5 Minutes

Anyone familiar with Pro Tools Free 5.0.1

My dearest Lounge


I put everyone on DU on Ignore.

Things you have to do before you die

Hilarious Comeback against a Freeper

Any Dick fans here?

400 posts!!

Generic Freeper/Frisbee Encounter Template

OMG i just passed 1000 posts and didn't even realize it

YOU'RE A CAT - you are NOT a DOG!!!!

Generic Freeper Encounter Anecdote Template

do we have our own smear machine?

Ken Mehlman Announces "The Larry Northern Tour, 2005"

I have a day off from my temp job...I am going to take an afternoon nap!

Neighbor ready to go to war over Indiana farmer's cannon

Hey! It's opposites attract day on Maury!

I'm having someone else's dreams!

DUers on the Do Not Call list...

Wow, only 11 more people and we hit 75,000!!!

I might have just found a job

Talk To The Hand've gotta be a donor to post polls?

So, I'm at the gas station filling up and this rethug

Fuck. Just paid $2.659 a gallon to fill up the car.

Should I leave work early?


I just paid 2.00 for a warm soda at a sweltering internt cafe with no A/C.

If you bought season 6 of the Simpsons today (aka Homer's Head)...

Where did you score on the Sleaze test

I am sick to DEATH of losing the AAR stream!

People who dismiss msuicians or artists as soulless bore the hell out of


Looking for good liberal/progressive magazines, can anyone help me?

Wow. Lowest Sleaze Test Score ever.

Here comes the rain again

Mommie Dearest Lounge

New Politics Institute study reveals: DU has kicked FreeRepublic's ASS.

Well, I can finally get a nap.

Stupid Question:How does one put a pic in one's sig line?

74,997 registered users on DU (and counting)

Madonna breaks bones in accident

Anyone cross the divide from 6 string to steel pedal guitar?

I just met a sane repub

Most idiotic pro-gun propaganda EVAH? I nominate a Brazilian one.

Well, wish me luck!


Irony Alert: Gave Up Diet Coke, Lost Four Pounds!

Work Sucks.

ATTN: Today's Lounge smilie, for empty-nester sundog: "mopey"

Why does it feel like Friday?

So who else is thirsty?

I need a publisher for my wacked out anti-war novel.

Super I.Q Test aka redemption for your low Sleaze Test score

Grammar alert: "Following is the list of message you have in your inbox."


Alternate feeds for Randi Rhodes? AAR and WJNO streams are sucking

Overused metaphor thread


Have you seen this???????

What the HELL was I thinking?

288 on the Sleaze test? Should I just go back to sleep?

Any Rennies out here?

Joan Jett coming up on Randi Rhodes shortly...

To cheer up sundog - I declare today to be yellow bug day

i am the eve plumb of du: the sad story of sundog (warning: sad)

Art vs. Craft....

Jazz singer Shirley Horn very ill.

My intern is headed off for a semester in Italy. Going away gift ideas?

Who are your C-SPAN crushes?

Crass, thy name is the Pamela Anderson Celebrity Roast

New Sex Technique announced

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes....

Truckity truck truck truck.

I can't donate until next week...

Luckity luck luck luck.

What does "woot" mean?

My coworker actually said

OK, who's gonna play Cindy in the eventual movie?

Using 1000th Post to Introduce New Website

Coretta Scott King ill?

Vote to put an environmental video on "Current TV"

_________________ make Baby Jeebus cry

I'm worried. My little bug is late coming home from school.

I should be happy . . . I think . . . maybe

Alright, so where were you when you heard Elvis died...

Does anyone else freak out when they see they have PMS?

Silly earworms (Dr Demento, Weird Al, etc)

Okay, from the same album.... Ballroom Blitz

need a list of cable companies who services in dayton ohio

Quick - go to the RabrrrrrrGallBladderCam right now!

Why can't I track a source for this claim?

And now, First Lady Laura Bush's thoughts on the DU donation I just made.

Quick - go to the ZombyCam RIGHT NOW - Zomby all alone

I don't give a damn about my bad reputation.

Matcom and DS1 said the baby panda

1st day of school tomorrow-need a teachers gift

Paris Hilton's dog has grown too big for fashion accessory

Poll: Rename the "yoiks" smiley?

Terra Baby! Photo at last.

Our dog seems upset with us (Just got back from dental work)

On AMC tonight: Diamonds Are Forever

Madonna breaks bones in riding accident

Yet another picnic spot in Rio

Love is like Oxygen by Sweet... masterpiece or earworm?

Yet another liver spot on Dio

Greatest John Hughes/Brat Pack movie of the 80's

Kids have sex in SCHOOLBUSES??

I passed the 5000 post mark without noticing it!

Does anyone else freak out when they see they have PMs

The Little Jew

Do you think that when the brat pack made St. Elmo's Fire

Tanning addiction exists, study

What's on your to-buy list?

Skinner loves me (not a dupe)

My Doctor says I can't have any more cliches.

I just ate an entire chocolate cake!

The Red Stripe ads are the best commercials on TV

anyone reading John Irving's most recent novel?

Fiona Apple returns (finally)

Happy Birthday to Bettyellen!!!

Lover skins me (not another Australian rabbit-f*cker thread)

Larry from Lubbock says Hi

Thinking of a career change

A blast from the past -- forgive me if this has been posted to death


Thats it! That's the final straw! I am leaving DU!

When a door closes, a window will open somewhere

Hold me.

Beloved DUers....I took a picture for you today...

What's for dinner?

super whiny question from a Super Whiner

madonna fell off a horse

despite my efforts, my hair won't straighten. Darn it.

37 "Bible Believing" Tricks Anyone Can Use to Prove God Agrees With Them

So, MrG collects historic WWII rifles. His cousin is a gunsmith and new name is..Doombah Frickentush...what's yours?

Don't miss Daily Show replay at 8 est - start to finish one of the best!

Hal, open the pod bay doors, please.

Orsay Museum Pics!!! w00t!

My doctor says i can't have any more coffee

I want to change my own oil...

Anyone get less than 100 on the Sleaze Test... Post here....

If Jack Russell Terriers had thumbs they would rule the Earth

"Designer" Jeans From The 80's (WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH)

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Who is responsible for the kitchen smelling like cat pee?

How many crushes of any kind do you have?

I'm thinking of getting a tater

Hunter stands up as guide shoots at wounded bear

Okay, not quite as good as I had envisioned

Thanks, Mrs. Grumpy.... I needed that image!


Friends . . .

Homeland Security Looking To Use Electric Bullets

L'elephant - A Song In Pictures

I love the church sign generator!

Stampede at Apple iBook sale was not in Richmond.

Help me pick out a dog breed!

Pet Rabbit Wakes Husband Of Pregnant Wife In Coma

75,000 Registered Users Right Now!


Any amateur (or professional) astronomers here?

What's the Title and Who Did This Song

Over 25ers - retake sleaze test, but give answers true for U at 18

Ten Random Questions!

What online threat do you worry the most about?

Hey MrScorpio, your recipe worked out beautifully. Everybody

Quick - go to pandacam RIGHT NOW - baby panda all alone

Would you drive slower to save on gasoline?

Who are your DU-crushes?

anyone else laughing their ASSES off watching CNN's computers infected?

Help me get to 5800 posts: Here's my beautiful grandson!

I was just reminded

Now that we have 75,000, who has lowest member number?

Anyone get over 175 on the Sleaze Test... Post here....

Wonkity wonk wonk wonk.

What is your favorite Hawaiian Island?

Donate to Democratic Underground... Ask me anything.

Donate to Free Republic. Ask me anything.

What's your favorite breed of dog?

Is Sin City good enough to buy without watching first?

"The Animals' Savior" by Jim Willis

An Open Letter to the Human Race/Jim Willis

Hey, I posted this PETA thread in GD and hardly anyone has responded :)

Talking point #1: Quickly neutralize the charge

Great Pit Bull article: "A Lover or a Fighter"

Grovelbot says Elad is the Administrator who rocks the most.

Young Muslims caught between two worlds

LR imam: Muslims condemn terrorism

Europe beset by self-pity, Pope says in first interview

* invited to join Gold Star families at interfaith prayer service Friday

Harvard enters debate on evolution (including beginning of life)

Tanning addiction exists, study

In the Hospital, a Degrading Shift From Person to Patient

STL Post-Dispatch: Insurer wants woman's crash settlement (WalMart)

Galactic survey reveals a new look for the Milky Way (barred spiral!)

Will Durst on Intelligent Design--funny!

Crocodile blood may yield powerful new drugs

Food for Thought..Can Chocolate Fight Diabetes Too?

Fudan University in China offers homosexual studies

Gay Journos Launch Education Program

Gay Foe Quits Ft. Lauderdale School Committee - Blames Gay Pressure

Fred Phelps A Gay Plant?

Gay Catholics Demand Apology From Philandering Priest

Antigay psychologist says gays more likely to drink and drive

A Conversion Therapist's Unusual Odyssey

Is this signature line image too "controversial" for DU?

Ballgame over! Northwest Regional over! Hawai'i wins!

[Boxing] HBO nor Showtime wants to show Byrd vs. Williamson.

Tom Brady and Porn

Is there a worse NBA roster?????

Bad Luck Chart?

Have you ever zapped a cloud?

Ok, so I'm starting a class in 2 weeks called "Intro to Islam" and...

The apologists are just cracking me up.

Feel the love :

wow, normally I don't feel this way as a result of my atheism

WW2 = NW1 Nuclear War 1. Two bombs used, it WAS nuclear war

The moment that Jenna & Babs Bush "enlist"

Need JK's statements re terrorists coming into Iraq BECAUSE of Bush's war

A break from America -- German Election 2005

Simple pleasures are the best.

Painting with automobile lights...

Keith is back! Countdown Newsletter -- 8/16/05

Mercury Retrograde: Out With a Bang!

How Muffster Got Her Snark Back

A good sign...I hope

KOEB 8/16/05: He's Back Again!

The Chattanoogan: Cindy Sheehan "really a politically left wing activist"

Thom Hartmann: Jefferson Would Have Stood With Cindy Sheehan

Roosevelt Social Security Signing Video -- Please help spread


MSM......troublesome as Rush`s anal cyst

Freepers call Crawford crosses "litter at the side of the road"

President Clinton met with the families of Soldiers killed in Somalia

Anyone want to bet on the poss. that the Clintions will

"Slippery Slope" defense should be renamed by us to

Bush broke it, we've bought it.

Ha...Crosby and Nash video on Hardball,kicking ass and making points!

The Daily Show dedicated the first 12 minutes to Cindy Sheehan

Any DUers near a Catholic Church that has "abortion crosses"?

Boston Globe: Troops & their families "props" to justify war Bush started?

Help Randy (Duke) Cunningham resign

Please recommend this Schwarzenegger photo on Yahoo.

Daily Show Tackles Conservative Lunacy Over Sheehan

Time for a clean sweep.

My LTTE on the Camp Casey Crosses

Even the Base Starts to Wake Up

Why would people follow a leader that never made a good decision...

Wa Post article on Dems who are afraid to play rough....

Property owner across from Bush's church will let "Camp Casey" move there

Which Dem Senators would you like to see replaced?

David Sirota: The 50-State PLAN For the Future

HuffPost: Open Email to Karen Hughes

if smirk gets nasty, Chavez will cut off the oil

Could someone please explain this to me?

Where are my Dem leaders ?

Raw Story running Crawford cross story with "Connecticut Cowboy" Bush pic

Bush's Job Approval Drops To 45% In Today's Rasmussen Poll

Hmmm... familiar.

New candidate for 2008? You'll never guess.


Administration Blows off FOIA Request - Conyers

The Iconoclast has removed May Hasan LaMottes photo

Astuteness IN:::: Ignorance/Dumbness....OUT.... W is the best Poster Boy

after looking around in freeperville re cross-trashing, I see 2 themes:

Judge rules in favor of holding public hearings on detainee abuse

Visiting Families - Bush v Clinton (LTTE's)

Is Larry Northern the result of

For each dime that gas prices go up from here....

The divorce smear of Mrs. Sheehan does not seem to work

Question about something I saw on a R/C show last night

Since Bush won't meet w/Sheehan, how about Carter / Clinton?

Froomkin: What Next for Sheehan Saga?

Decision won't be made on moving "Camp Casey" for FOUR WEEKS! Bwahaha!

Blackwell can't certify how HAVA funds were spent

Larry Northern, 59, of McLennan County, (cross crusher) votes for sherriff

I got a survey from Dennis Hastert. What should I do with it?

Christopher Walken 2008

John Linder, "National Sales Tax" architect, writes book with Neal Boortz

DU is rated 2nd overall for Progressive Blogs

Wolcott piece w/ link.. on why it's OVER in Iraq....

Larry Northern and Neo-Republicanism

On MSNBC.....Thousands remembering Elvis

When the swift boat liars lied, where was the balanced OTHER SIDE?

left must be presented with balance from the right but not visa versa

Too bad Mr. Sheehan, divorce and all, does not join his wife.

Does "moral authority" really matter?

Little notice of the Freeper Terrorist attack on Camp Casey in MSM.

Acts of Terror on The Plains

Typical! CNN's blog girls are reporting on the #9 blog issue.

Some Iraq Questions - like the $1 billion for 25000 mercenaries called

Subject: An odd conversation with a Democratic Headquarters guy

Phillip G West - Mowed down cross


Eric Boehlert: Free Fallin'

The Bush Admin: They Hate Us For Our Freedom

Has Fox, CNN, or MSNBC covered this traitor Larry Northern yet?

Larry Northern and spitting on troops

Cong. Ford Urges President To Leave Vacation To Ensure Troops Have....

Johns Hopkins gets $7.5 mil to develop verifiable voting

"fight it right or get out"- Karl Rove's new slogan


Is the New Civil War officially starting in Crawford? I hope not.

Velvet Revolution's kick-ass ad for the Iconoclast...

Cindy on Bill Maher season premiere on Friday...Chris Rock too!

Uh, what happened to the torture pictures?

The next House race in California: another Hackett?

Sen. Ted Kennedy: Stand with Me, Stand with Sen. Byrd

MSNBC: Wow that Ms. Crawley sure drinks the koolaid

dems likely to give roberts a free pass to SCOTUS

* Administration Blows off FOIA Request

Workers' earnings adjusted for inflation declined 0.2 percent in July

Must read: "The Strategic Class" and their effect on Democratic War Hawks

Instructional VIDEO: Making Your Claim as a Conscientious Objector to War

Anyone who Bashed Dana Bash...should be ashamed...Cindy Defense

PBS NEWSHOUR will have a segment about Cindy tonight

How about this: Paul Hackett - US Senator

Voter Fraud: It's Time to Make a Stand.

Veteran Offers New Campsite to Camp Casey, Closer to Bush Ranch

The other side's statement (Sheehans)

The 8 most recent Yahoo News Photos: Restoration of Crosses in Crawford

Property owner will let Camp Casey move there - near W

Tweety to Sheehan: "If your son had been killed in Afghanistan..."

Three things the Dems could do better.....

What's the deal with Cindy's husband?

Go and recommended this story.

A Message From Elizabeth Edwards to the President..."Listen to Cindy."

Find your PEACE VIGIL - Wednesday 7:30PM

Fear of Fragging? Mercenaries Guard US Generals in Iraq.

Bill Clinton took an ass whupping from the parent of a dead soldier

Another Iraq War© vet running for Congress

From Elizabeth Edwards - Speak Out For Cindy Sheehan

Looks like the right is getting a tad upset....

Ask CSPAN to cover Public Hearings THURS on Detainee Abuse (re: photos)

Coleen Rowley and John Conyers to speak about Department of Peace