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Archives: August 18, 2005

Common Dreams: Cindy Sheehan's Tragic Critics

Chavez the Film

Bashing immigrants for political gain

The 9/11 Omission Commission & the Lapdog Press.

S. Blumenthal: Bush's Unhappy Holidays

Blaming the Antiwar Messengers

A Challenge to Reporters: It's Time to Hawk the Chickens

Al-Qaeda's bombers in fuel trucks to target London and New York

Guzzle Gas, and Pretend - Boston Globe

Iraq on the Brink

Interesting perspective from Juan Cole's "Informed Comment"

"Where will you be this September 11th?"

Secrets of the morgue - Baghdad's body count (Robert Fisk)

HuffPost: Dean Was Right

Congress has earned its share of the blame for war mistakes

EU Faces Busy GMO Timetable but No End to Deadlock

Herbert: Blood Runs Red, Not Blue (Privileged should be doing some dying)

Opinions on this Letter?

Hack your hybrid and get 300 MPG!

You have to read Sharon's speech (Haaretz Opinion)

Daoud Kattub (Salon): Eyeless in Gaza


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News THURSDAY 8/18/05

Another Good Radio Archive with Mark Crispin Miller

Vigil Pleasant Hill

Long Beach vigil Carson and Bellflower

Very nice candlelight vigil in Marin

Report from the San Leandro vigil

Sheehan Vigil @ Moonlight Beach, Encinitas CA tonight

Just came from a local vigil for Ms. Sheehan

about 150 Iowa City Iowa

95+ at Camp Casey: Cedar Rapids tonight

KCRG's answer to high gas prices...get a motercycle

Need a reason to vote for Ed Fallon?

Got back a short while ago

Just Got back from the Support Cindy Vigil in Lowell

Did it rain down there in the cities too? Vigil reports anyone?

Dubya's Ohio disapproval rating up to 60%

So when will Taft resign?

Dayton Ohio takes notice of the Crawford Vigil.

Fort Worth (Summerfields/Park Glen) Peace Vigil

Plano Peace Vigil Photos...

Air America bumper stickers for Dallas 910AM (KXEB)

Need your area expertise, Wisconsinites....

Any Chance Of A North Central Wisconsin DU Meetup?

anyone have pics of vigils?

Wow.... and my mother READS this shit.

Air America Radio News clip seems misleading.

are you listening to AAR?

Is the vigil with candles about to start? Tonight? Really? Weeee

Any Chicago DUers, I'm going to the vigil in a minute. I have questions!

BLOGOSHPERE: the pResident help CAPTIVE at own 'Ranch' (pig sty) BREAKING

ALERT! Planning for post-Saddam regime change began 01!


Rowley on O'Reilly...

I know a ton of you are watching O'liely tonite for Bill Maher

7 out of 10 plan to work after 65,new survey finds.

Quickie Transcript - Cindy interview with Anderson Cooper 8/17/05

An IDEA bring a card to your vigil to pass around for Cindy

Ok, I figured it out. The RW is like the annoying little brother


Westfield, NJ Stands with Cindy

Who said it?: "Victory means exit strategy."

Vigil Counts, Let's Check In !

The Vigil in Somerville


New Song for Cindy from David Rovics (with thanks to Will Pitt)

Pics of the vigil in my town!

Lou Dobbs Lobbying Against America

Here's my take on Camp Sheehan

No class -- Soft slandering Cindy

Sheehan has the media

WP: Hurricane Cindy is gaining strength in Texas.

bush has lost this round.

New billboard in Austin mentions Bush and Cindy Sheehan.

No-compete agreements for toll roads in Colorado

Bush Comparing Himself To Truman On the Hitchens/Fineman

George Bush and oil

Anyone have a list of where vigils will be held?

Light a candle for Peace if you can't make to a vigil

I know I will get ridiculed but...

how in the hell can Keith O stand Rita Cosby??

My email to Anderson Cooper

Where have all the bumper stickers gone?

Must have CD: Cowboy Junkies "Early 21st Century Blues"

Hoooray!!! I got my star!

Are there any San Diego vigils not in No. County? My gas and $$$

Cindy Sheehan Will be on Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO Friday!

Just got home from the vigil.

Flashback: 1988, my first year driving

Y'all have GOT to see how fast people are lighting peace candles

Zogby poll...Let's discuss

Plamegate: Brewster Jennings

Vote this story up on Yahoo!

The Men Who Stared At Goats

Email to Anderson Cooper--just sent

My Vigil for Cindy

Kieth Oberman Gives Rush "Worst Person in the World Award!

when media finds counter-protesters e.g. mother of slain troop suppts war

Lott Accuses Frist of 'Personal Betrayal'

Advice for a young man/budding activist who *deeply* fears prison?

been at a Vigil, TV repeats - what to catch???

There was an amazing amount of chaos and death in Iraq today

I am So Proud

Saw a Kerry/Edwards lawn sign in someone's yard today.

Bush is concerned about betraying the Iraqis?!? How about us A-hole?

John Roberts Must Not Become Supreme Court Justice

They came on Harleys, in wheelchairs and pushing baby strollers.

Medicaid/Federal Budget experts ... help

Will there be more vigils?

Outside the white house

Just got back from the Cindy rally here in Austin, ask me anything....

Daily Show...Justice Sunday II coverage!

Evanston, IL Peace Vigil 700+ people (10 low res pics)

Charlotte, NC - local news channel leads off with vigil

Pix of 300+ vigil in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Vigil Report from Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN

Iraq families launch inquiry bid

Question about your vigil - How many vets showed up?

Seriously.......what is the deal with Rush Liebaugh????

Posting the Obvious: They are getting more SCARED!

Shock and Cindy Sheehan

Camp Casey, Chico, CA Day 5 Today's Local News Story

The BushReich's "Big Lie"

Elgin, IL Vigil report!


A Prayer for Cindy

CBS and ABC in Philadelphia lead with vigil stories at 11 PM!

Why are Iraq vets returning to run as Democrats?

What would they do if Bush went off the deep end?


Why does anybody complain about what's going on; myself included?

Camp Casey (Crawford) photo album version SEVEN just posted

I was just on the local news!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooohoooooooooo

DU this poll on supporting Cindy!!!!

Shout out to those taking the anti-war stand tonight.

what time is Bill Maher on O'Reilly???

Busy Day Supporting Cindy, Treasongate, Making Every Vote Count (Conyers)

Is tonight's Malloy a rerun?

The neat black/white but Cindy in color photos

Cindy's support compared to Schiavo case on Aaron Brown.

London bombing "suspect" shot in cold blood...

Saw a freeway blog tonight!!

LOL! Look at this quote in this AP article that mentions freepers.

"Nation" subscriptions surge. Pro-war "TNR" losing readers.

Can't make it to a vigil tonight?

Did bush finally "jump the shark" by not dealing effectively with Cindy?

Cindy Vigils carried on local newscasts?

Shortfall of 13 million that helped Bush steal Ohio

DU the hell out of Bill O'Reilly's Cindy Sheehan poll

you are there----TV news of the Civil Rights Era: 1950-1970

Debkafile says Osama may be on way to Iraq cause Zarqawi asked him?

Dupe. Please delete.

Minneapolis vigil was HUGE!

We held a sidewalk vigil

Thank you

Does the * admin's lack of response thus far with regard to....

Vote in Denver Poll on Cindy Vigils

WOOOO DAMN HOOO 500 + at our vigil tonight!

My AWESOME Crawford Pics....

If you feel up to hitting this local poll on supporting Sheehan . . .

Herbert nails the bizarre indifference of Bush and Americans to Iraq

These are the emails I received from fans of Mike Gallagher , Dan Ankarlo

Adam Carolla

As heard on the Daily Show "Liberalism is Dead".

I just want to thank everyone

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children

Neighborhood vigil in Fort Worth...just got home.

Cindy Sheehan's media victory

Conyers urges the Kerry-Edwards campaign not to drop Ohio recount, etc.

Top Five Results of a Yahoo! News Photo Search for "BUSH" --->>>

Transcript of Prayer to God by Bush

THIS JUST IN!! Bill Clinton was pilot of plane that hit world trade center

Media Coverage of candlelight vigil

How the hell does Kristinnnnnn Taylor keep ending up in the national news?

Cleveland Ohio Vigil.............Dial-Up Warning

Just returned from seeing a dramatization of Riverbend's blog

Lincoln, Nebraska Vigil

Camp Casey in Durham NC tonight. Pix here. (We had 400-ish)

Bush Assists with Camp Casey Move

Democracy Fails as GM Seeds Allowed to Enter Europe

Why does "support for the troops" = "leave them in harm's way?"

An Asheville, NC delegation to Camp Casey is in Texarcana.

Question for fellow caucasians.

We Need Photos of the Candle light vigils

Vigil for Cindy Sheehan in Delaware, Ohio

Will Pitt: Camp Casey has gone national.

DSM CONFIRMED: Plan for Iraq regime change began as early as October 2001


Did your vigil make the local news??? Check in here!

Just heard that Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt's son.

Cleveland Poll on Cindy Sheehan

700 Paratroopers 82nd Airborne to Iraq -What Location?

The Circle of Oil will Exclude US. Look at what's happening:

KRON-TV (San Francisco) just bashed Cindy

We are getting Enron-ed. Markets are being manipulated.

Pictures from Minneapolis/St Paul.

2 Fundie Pro-lifers W/ Dead Fetus Sign And A Freeper Invade Vigil (Graphic)

I just got XM. Who is Bob Edwards?


Rate this Yahoo story (with pics) on the vigils tonight

Mr. President, Tear down this wall!

Wish President Clinton a Happy 59th Birthday...Fill out This Form

Looking for that Condi quote about 9/11

Vigil Report (Thread 2)

Had a Sandwich Thrown at Me While Protesting Today

1500 vigils 100 people per vigil do the math

Before, I could watch the reports of our dead in Iraq.

Vigil Pics from Gainesville FL

Vigil Attendees CHECK IN HERE!!!!

When Bush prays, how does God understand what Bush says?

Support Vigils All Over Upstate NY!!! Get Your Upstate Peace Vigil Pics!

Camp Casey Photo Album Created at GlobalFreePress --- --- > LINK

All DU candlelight vigil pictures (DIAL-UP WARNING: MANY PICTURES)

Laugh at England thread

Catherine Bennett (The Guardian): The minister who doesn't make the grade

England vs Denmark

Number of tort trials falls by nearly 80 percent

Mexican braceros storm government offices, demanding retirement payments

Lott Accuses Frist of 'Personal Betrayal'

Democracy Fails as GM Seeds Allowed to Enter Europe

Arab Bank fined $24 mln over laundering controls

Bashing immigrants for political gain

UPDATE 4-Ecuador to declare emergency, oil production falls

Meeting Fidel: Close but No Cigar? (Specter in Havana)

104 Missing After Boat Sinks

NYT: Minority Report Faults NASA as Compromising Safety

Military Jury Convicts Army Reservist of Abusing Detainee in Afghanistan

Senators Attest to Alaska Climate Change

US, Chinese talks aim for textile trade deal

DU the hell out of Bill O'Reilly's Cindy Sheehan poll

Al-Qaeda's bombers in fuel trucks to target London and New York

World Bank chief praises Pakistan

Taft Charged In Ohio

Hundreds of Thousands Attend Catholic Youth Gathering in Cologne

Pope Sued, Accused Of Sex Coverup (CBS/AP)

War protesters almost reached Bush ranch (Cindy makes Russia)

UPDATE: Upcoming Iran Hangings CONFIRMED

Tube death team to brief family

TV Show Host Scarborough Weighs Senate Bid

Ohio Gov. Charged Over Unreported Gifts (Ha Ha Focker)

("Christian") Camp director charged with molesting child

Documents Show 'Serious' Gaps In Post-War Plans

Water Main Break Floods Pittsburgh

NYT- U.S. Diplomat Is Named in Secrets Case

Feingold Urges Troop Withdrawal by End of '06

(Condi and Bolton's hasty) St Dept Reshuffling Put on Hold (by Henry Hyde)

Yahoo: U.S. vigils support anti-war mother (photos)

700 More Troops to Be Sent To Bolster Prison Operations

NYT- Bad Iraq War News Has Some in G.O.P. Worried Over '06 Vote

Fetal Tissue Heals Burns

USA Today: Home prices 'extremely overvalued' in 53 cities

Indictment alleges wire fraud by former congressional candidate (Repub.)

Nigerian villagers force Shell plant closure

US senators: Global warming obvious in far north

Ugh....I have to go mow the backyard.

I've got a crush on you.

Just told a repuke leatherman to go....

Was Steve Carell really as bad as Stewart said he was when on TDS?

There is a God

There's a German caffinated chocolate called Scho-Ka-Kola

"It's Gay Food John"

Well, our black barn cat got a finch.

Can wisdom teeth cause tonsil problems?

I think I'll chuck it all and become an exotic dancer....

Exercise, psychology and health advice needed.

Need help with a certain set of Cindy pics, please

Clint Black Question

I'm brain farting here and I need help! Whose the American author who

Durham Cindy vigil report

city girls

Homeowners with all electric utilites, how much do you pay?

Should we print "Hmmm, where'd all the 'W' stickers go?" bumper stickers?

Who else has crushed their manager or a coworker?

Maple vanilla organic yogurt is heavenly! ask me anything

Who else has a crush on their manager or a coworker?

Limbaugh pooped all over my lover's lawn

Because I care

Update on my husband's step-dad: He's home from the hospital.

Creed or Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo

2 c u fall . . . by Pat Oliphant

I Come And Stand At Every Door

Who wants to crush me?

Help posting pics.

Lets Play!Name movies,tv shows or songs with vegetables in title.

Does anyone else here have a difficult time expressing their opinions...

back from the vigiL - check in here

If fruits are not vegetables, are they animals or minerals?

Coming soon to your neighborhood Home book!

Just noticed something new in Anchorman

Lets Play! Name movies, tv shows or songs with emotions in title.

The new guy at work was watching the Daily Show in the coffee room.

"Ding-Dong-Dilly, but I'm glad all over!"

Oldest pro baseball manager, 87, ejected

Lets Play!Name movies,tv shows or songs with places in title.

well, I think I'm going to watch a film....

Have I lost the touch? Are these that bad? (graphics)

What film do you feel is an unrecognized masterpiece?

How do you uninstall a program that has no unistaller?

What Are You Smoking?

Clock is Busted

Random satelite image

I'm a Neanderthal Man.

Did You Buy 'Sin City' on DVD Today?

Just in: GOP ends bid for Reagan sainthood

Who is that "save a horse, ride a cowboy" song by?

Church was eminently refreshing tonight.

How do you uninstall a progmom that has no unistaller?

Favorite unhealthy food addiction.

Drunk, however not stupid!

Did you know that Frances Conroy (Ruth, 6FU) is married to Oingo Boingo...

Lets Play!Name movies,tv shows or songs with ambiguous titles.

M.C. Hammer's "Can't Touch This" in a Purell Hand Cleaner commercial

Wedding drama! What could be more fun?


Has anyone read ........

Hey! It's Camp Cam!!!! Believe it or not, the place I'll be at has a

Lets Play!Name movies,tv shows or songs with minerals in title.

Officer appreciation thread

QUICK!! If you look now, you will see the itty bitty Panda at San Diego!

I bought the big M & M's today.

Warning! Movie spoiler!

Sidelined by pain again...sigh.

Leno is good again tonight.

When were the first bumperstickers? For instance, were there

Short update on sweet Sirius (hemangiosarcoma chemotherapy).

Vikings play the Jets on Friday!

Just Got The Book "The Man Called Cash" by Steve Turner

"Left Behind" the video game?

What's your favorite chili recipe?

Chicago, are you ready? (From Pam's House Blend blog)

I love my son

Everybody Knows That You're Insane

"I'm gonna tell you right off the bat this movie's in a foreign language,"

I didn't know her well, but

ok, so i spend a lousy 2.5 hours off du, i come back & it breaks


My Aunt's Delicious Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

That was me..... I broke DU....again

Another sigtest

Y'all. Look at this photo from a peace vigil in St. Paul tonight.

Test Post

Lets Play!Name movies,tv shows or songs with animals in title.

Is DU moving really slowly for y'all?

Everything's Alright

Today I woke to a bank account $500 in the red...

Vigil stops traffic in L.A. Woooo Hoooo!

Am I terrible for letting my dog poop on a Limbaugh lover's lawn

Mechanics on DU, advice needed. I think I have good news about my car.

progspawn has a message for the lounge

Funniest REAL name ever?

silence in Freeperville:

DU This Poll!!

Today would have been my 9th wedding anniversary

I'm back! HeyHey, nine23, Mr. Scorpio, rockymountaindem, & primate1

Well, I moseyed on over to a Candle Light Vigil tonight...

I'm back from the Cindy Sheehan Vigil in Bellbrook, Ohio

yr wr ws fckd bfr t strtd, nd w tld y s rptdl.

OMG... re-reading Orwell's 1984 for the first time since about

Why (warning RANT)

It's just not fair that Marco has to remain

I thought the Midwest accents in 'Fargo' were grossly exaggerated, but

Hundreds of Thousands Attend Catholic Youth Gathering in Cologne

Scientists discover non-looted tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh

Local (Chicago) man outed online; speaks out about ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

UPDATE: On Upcoming Iran Hangings

Gay Man Attacked in Uptown

Harrington got booed at practice

Oldest manager in pro baseball history gets ejected

Poor Rich Gannon

Question about Code Pink: Women for Peace

From tonight's vigil:

Cindy Sheehan is a Gold Star Mother .... and how she's been contorted

The Rove Death Star Rolls On!

Elaine Chao stumps for SS: "That is why President Bush is working hard"

Fiddle away, George, for the last swan song is the sweetest.

In response to the locked thread...

New Sy Hersh Article?

Huffington Post diary: Howard Dean was right about Iraq, media was wrong.

Vermont Vigil

If Marines Were Fetuses, Would You Care?

Tally Rally for Cindy

Lies about the high price of gas

Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough may challenge Harris for GOP senate slot.

Why Aren't More Iraqi's Pissed at Bu$h

Ldotters whine re. Cindy's calling out RW spewing filth!

New anti-Bush video at "Current TV" website.

Walt Disney Corp is paying to smear Cindy Sheehan !!!

IF Rasmussen Says It's Bad For Bush, IT'S REAL BAD!

What We Had Planned Could Be Done "Another Day."

This says it all

Three Days In Crawford (large images...apologies to dial-up users)

Dean's speech Feb. 17, 2003, before the war began.

Patti Davis: "a mother who lost her son in a war that Bush led us into"

"Bush, unlike most Americans, doesn’t really get time off from the job."

(M)Ann Coulter weighs in on Cindy. Can't let Malkin hog the spotlight, eh?

Must see T.V.; Ohio's Gov. Bob Taft (R) being arraigned ... 11:00 AM

Anybody going to register for the "Freedom March"?

10 Reasons Hillary Should NOT Run

Pictures from Cindy Vigil, Quincy Massachusetts. Over 140 attending

Galloway demands justice for Jean Charles

Washington Post: "Feingold Urges Troop Withdrawal by end of '06

Form in Conyers site sends your Cindy support e-mail to YOUR local papers

"Even on vacation we oughtn't hide from that."

Plano Peace Vigil Photos...

"Current TV" is running a story on the worm which hit computers yesterday.

Need help with a certain set of Cindy pics, please

Unbelievable - very conservative South Dakota has a 52% negative on Bush!!

Had an interesting Conversation a couple of weekends ago... (Plame)

Some photos from a NYC vigil

On Lehrer NH, SDI Figure slimes Sheehan with venal finesse

Freeper cockroaches have also been freeping this poll all day---

Lawrence, Kansas Rally for Cindy w/pics

Conyers urges the Kerry-Edwards campaign not to drop Ohio recount, etc.

Able Danger my hind end... When Bush told Hart Rudman to take a hike.

The Vacationer...... Sidney Blumenthal

A Mercenary Society -- By ROBERT JENSEN

Texas protest changes columnist's perspective

Jim Hoagland on Cindy Sheehan

Two Bushes, two wars, two countries

Blumenthal: The Vactioner (Bush Woes)

People's Petition for a Way Out of Iraq - the Nation

The corporate media vs. Chavez: Uneasy standoff in Venezuela's media wars!

WPpg1: Hold the Health, Serve That Burger: Low-Fat Means Lean Sales

Cindy Sheehan's Tragic Critics (Nation)

When the War Won't Stay At Bay

"We Binge As Deaths Continue "

Time To Get A Few Things Off My Chest

Arianna Huffington: Howell Raines Redux (more on Judy Miller)

Cindy Sheehan:Anti-war catalyst

Get Ready for World War III

No drink. No drugs. No politics. No religion. No pets. So is this Utopia

'Bush-Meet With All of Us!'

Outrageous! Men Held at Guantánamo Months After Deemed Innocent

This Modern World (8/16/05) Occam's Razor

(Robert Fisk) Secrets of the morgue - Baghdad's body count

Sheehan strikes a chord

Marin newspaper features article, photo of Sheehan vigil

Disgraceful AP piece by Angela K. Brown on the Cindy Sheehan vigil

Roberts Battle Adds to Democrats' Divide

Government Unprepared for Peak Oil (New Zealand)

Kalb: What Watergate could teach the White House (Treasongate)

Robert Dreyfuss (Tom Paine): First, Ignore The Neocons

Activist Disappears after Reporting Nuclear Contamination (China)


Putin calls for Iraq troop pullout timetable

Paul Begala (TPMCafe): Anti-War Imagery and the Iconography of Hate

Guzzle Gas and Pretend

Blaming the Antiwar Messengers

Global Eye - Duck Soup - By Chris Floyd

A Simple Question and the Power of Shame (great article)

How I spent my summer vacation

James Kroeger: Democrats, Gay Rights, & Abortion Rights

Mental Health Problems for Iraq Vets

US Looking to Develop Next Generation of Anti-civilian Weapons

Families Of War Dead: Cindy Wrong

The State of America

(Today's Ho-Speak): Why the 'Chickenhawk' argument is un-American: Part I

Need Help: DU This Poll From Cleveland on Cindy.......

Good turnout for our vigil in Worcester, MA

Finally got my letter written. It is difficult to scissor to one page.

Proposed activist task: Tell Kerry/Edwards NOT to withdraw from the

Join Wal-Mart Watch's new Price Check project

FYI: John Loftus is the scheduled guest tonight on Coast to Coast

DU reporter grills White House briefer{?}:no more lapdog media someday

Bill Maher on the Bill O'Reilly show (Video)

Labor group to organize Wal-Mart workers

Great Lakes Thawing Earlier - Rate Of Change 3X Pre-1975 Histories

Lake Victoria Reeling From Pesticides, Algae, Extinctions

Wild-Caught Salmon Hard To Come By For NW Restaurants

Commission Votes To Limit Menhaden Catch In Chesapeake Bay

Southeastern Pocket Gopher Approaching The End - ENN

Forest Service Slashes Estimated Value Of NF Recreation By 90%

crazy car question

Utah Government Denies Request To Catch Fish For Mercury Testing

World running out of time for oil alternatives (hydrogen, plug-in hybrids?

Big game 'could roam US plains'

U.S. Withdraws Proposed Passport Deadline

'Transplant safari' charges

A Miracle of Rare Device (Uri Avnery)

Israel hopes the pain is West Bank gain

Old Testament G-d: not a whole lot of "smiting" going on....

Marwan Bishara (The Nation): Disengagement From Peace?

Gaza pullout to bolster US-Israel ties-White House

Mr. Sharon's Resolve

Now that Israelis are pulling out of Gaza

Nehemia Strasler (Haaretz): You have to read Sharon's speech

Hamas leader: Pullout is beginning of the end for Israel

Hearings on the other victims of 9/11. It's about time!

Why does the US government link to Rense to prove the flight 77 story?

Poll on election reforms

FEC Allows Unlimited Fundraising Against Calif. Redistricting Plan

Conyers urges the Kerry-Edwards campaign not to drop Ohio recount, etc.

Election 2006 could be set for record levels of fraud

**Action Alert** Email from PDA about Kerry/Edwards recount case

Full Text of Harper's Magazine Article, "None Dare Call It Stolen"

"parallel election" WOW ! San Diego

Paperless electronic voting is unconstitutional: a Tennessee lawsuit

An algebra problem. Find the Kerry/Bush partisan/crossover breakeven pct.

Tell Kerry Not To Give Up On Ohio

Studio City vigil pix

Unlimited Money in Schwarzenegger Plan OK'd

Evidence of Election Fraud during the San Diego Mayoral Race

My article at RawStory on San Diego recount

Federal government files lawsuit against U.S. rep (Duke) seeking house

The upcoming propositions on the ballot.

Hingham Harbor Vigil for Cindy

Vigils across state, nation back mother of dead soldier (Boston Globe)

Teamster, Newlywed, Writer killed at Four Seasons Hotel

Easton vigil supports anti-war mom's cause (Brockton Enterprise)

Local coverage of Cindy Sheehan and Vigls (Massachusetts)

Tell Wakefield Company,BeNow: Stop selling our children's info to Pentagon

Here's my report from Easton, MA

Mass DU August 17 vigil count

‘Murphys’ always faithful to Marine: Fallen hero was fan of Hub band

I hate to admit this

Idiot Freeps on the Bridge last night (all 2 of 'em)

who would you vote for govenor of minnesota

Adobe warns over Critical PDF vulnerability

Need to open .wpd file

Tell Taft just what you think about his lecturing us on Ethics and morals!

Democrat Mayor Sulzer announces run against Bob 'Abramoff' Ney

Taft pleading no contest live on my TeeVee!

Vigil: Conroe Texas

Austin's vigil

Vigil: Carrollton TX

Dalai Lama coming to Austin on September 20!

Another stupid comment from DMN blog

Is anyone headed to Crawford today?

Who is this POS?

Way cool Austin photo

Walgreens must fill contraceptive prescriptions

Crawford schedule of events this weekend, w. Marcia Ball, JOAN BAEZ

Any suggestions for nice hotels near UT Austin??

HEADS UP North Texas! Scott Ritter and Vets will be in Dallas 8/22, SMU

Any Vigil activity in Green Bay Area?

see this DU thread about Feingolds troop withdrawal prop. (and poll).

I found out what happened to Lorraine Serrati!


To the pundits--hands off the lady!

Meet this right-wing dumbass that I play with..

Contact the media about the candle light protests

Bernie Ward is on another roll tonight

Pics of Vigil in Tucson

The Battle For America

(VIDEO) Justice Sunday II: Daily Show style

Our Vigil in Temecula, CA (BIG RED area)

A new Tee Shirt idea to tick off Fundies

Do you suppose if I offered to Donate $250,000 to the RNC I could

This is the second time that CNN...

DU'er in the los angeles area with a TV card

Yahoo! (Reuters) Vigil Story Being Freeped

please DU the rating on this yahoo story about Cindy...

Self Delete Triplicate Posting N/T

Self Delete Triplicate Posting N/T

"Bin Laden determined to strike in the US"

Russia, China open first Joint Military exercises

Mark Morford lets go with both barrels


Please DU this poll regarding Cindy KNBC

Hundreds flock to 'Mom' peace vigils

Thompson’s Timeline (my 9/11 research)

DU this Portland, OR local TV poll on Cindy: Do you support her?

Major Terror Attack Shakes Baghdad (Hurry! Last Throes)

Are the support vigils going to be regular events?

Photos from Hingham Harbor Vigil (MA)

Caller on Bernie Ward: "Iraq War is a 'moral' war"

The real "Mission Accomplished"

Article on Vigil in Charlotte Newspaper

VIDEO: Candlelight Vigils Inspired By Sheehan Light Up The Night

How to post pictures on DU

Blood Runs Red, Not Blue - By BOB HERBERT - NY Times

Time Editor Says Rove Tip Wasn't Worth Confidentiality Pledge

Can we please start a serving in Iraq group/forum/list?

Laid-Off Cleveland Teachers Unable To Collect Unemployment

BBC: Lula is in trouble, losing support among the left.

NYT - Artificial Intelligence / Want to read something really bizarre

Dana Bash: Cindy is "Savvy" and "Sophisticated"

Make the high oil prices work for you!! Invest in oil, says Vera Gibbons!!

Long working hours "health risk"!

Americans rallying behind `Peace Mom'

Who is the Bigger Monster: B.T.K. or Bush T. K.?


where did the expression "bad actor" originate?

Perp. Walk for Ohio's Bob Taft

Not sure why this is in the sports section, but it carries a whallup...

If the election were held today, Bush would get 75 electoral votes

Fineman: Shrub "Values His Vacation, Loves His Ranch"

the war pigs are exploiting the 'My Son Did Not Die in Vain' Card Bigtime

Ask a Senator! (I've got time w/Ken Salazar-CO)

Bush Haters Club of America: How does your state rate?

Hypocrisy at it's finest, Republicans speak out on Kosovo

As usual, Canadians aren't stupid. Talk-show caller blames Bush for gas

We are not "war protestors";

Senator Lott Accuses Majority Leader Frist of 'Personal Betrayal'


When the right-wingers claim Sheehan is a tool for the Dems

Another thing that is wrong with the Democratic Party

Anyone seen Oz? He posts the stock watch every a.m.

Caution -- falling debris

Local Paper Write-up For The Albany And Saratoga Vigils.

Trent Lott Settles Old Scores With Republicans, Talks of Bond With Clinton

live as if we have nothing left to lose and do something to stop this war

Homes for Our Troops

IRAQ: 'Expired food causing health problems'

Did C-SPAN just stop streaming for anyone else?

reformed repub friend went with me to vigil last night

When the USAF Was in the UFO Business

Sheehan vigil Front Page news in Bloomington, Indiana!

Passport Rules Would Bolster High-Tech Security Borders

this is the future "they"-"we" embrace: War, War, War, War and more War

Weird Science on the Religious Right

Candelight vigils a "publicity stunt"

Sheehan vigils make front page of Boston Globe

DoD has 1,000 unmanned aircraft surveilling Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cheap laptops provoke Mac mayhem

WHat will end our economy first?

And another nutball attacks Cindy...David Horowitz.

Please tell me there will be more vigils for Cindy.

"Thou Shalt Not Kill" & "Love Thy Neighbor" are Quaint & Antiquated

A widow's story

Cindy Vigil report/pictures from Princeton NJ (great stuff!)

my theory; karl is redefining the movement. and movement it has

Wednesday, August 17 Vigils - Stand Up and be Counted!

When fReepers say, "He already met with her!", what is your....

A Plea for Sympathy for the Republican Media Whores

"Right" wing Media Whiners...

Ohio Governor Accused of Violating Ethics Laws

Who does bush fear the most: Terroritst, or WE PARENTS?

Rosa Parks....Huge, Gigantic Hypocrite! First time in front of bus!

Let's help out our fellow Freepers

Leonard Cohen sues manager over his 'missing' $5m

TOON: Jenna and Barbara in Iraq

Activist's `anti-snitch' shirts T off United Way

Can we try to organize the media coverage of last night's peace vigils?

Is Bush ignoring the biggest threat to the US? (well...yeah...but, he's on

A thought about casualties (help me out, please)

Why is this news?

You just might be a cross crusher if....

Email from DNC to me about FOIA and John Roberts

Ohio gets it a little late

Oklahoma City, OK • Vigil in Support of Cindy Sheehan • Pictures

Moved to the Lounge.

The Difference Between bush & Nero: Nero Played the Fiddle

Winter warning...we are getting double teamed and screwed.

Lynn Cullen is a great alternative to Jerry Springer

Sixty Per Cent of Iraqis Support Attacks on Coalition Troops.

Taft faces 4 charges...

POLL: Rove off the record--confidential source or PR client?

All you really need to know about George W. Bush

Cindy Vigil, Princeton NJ pix (bandwidth alert)



Patrick Buchanan : Nov 3rd, 1969 - 68% agreed with Nixon on Vietnam War

Has anyone else seen anger when you suggest people enlist?

Metro Detroit Vigils - Article and Photo

Adobe warns of Citical PDF vunerability

IMF: Iraqi economy buoyed by high oil prices

Want AAR in Orlando ? Here's your meeting place....

Strange PSA on PBS -- Foundation for a Better Life?

What is the U.S. doing in Paraguay?

Social Security is the next battle

Looking for repuke quotes about gas prices in President Clintons

People, United for Peace & Justice is the group I work with for the protest

How About Adam Taft - Fraud Charges

"civilians were shot dead.. no immediate comment from the U.S. military."

Go to google. Type in Vigil. Hit news. Is this site political?

OK..let me see if I can get this straight...Young Republicans don't want

Read this interview about the economy with Bush and Ron Insana

Is * being told he is a LOSER?

Bush's new favorite song: PRIVATE IDAHO

Nationwide vigils protest Iraq war

Video!! • Oklahoma City, OK • Vigil in Support of Cindy Sheehan • Video!!

More 4,000 year old golden treasure found in Bulgaria

This is what I am going to do..

At least, Israel demonstrated that it can control its taliban

OTOH, counterprotestors are a GOOD sign, because

Sibel Edmonds: Do we have a prayer of that info becoming public ?

Last night at the vigil for Cindy....

Why freepers run over crosses and denounce Cindy

Love Mailbag for Democratic Underground (Post Yours Here)

Democracy Now, 10am Link TV. John Conyers on Ashcroft. nt

Business 2.0 outsourcing article: "Why Latin America Is the New India"

A new name for freepers

Who is/was a WAR CRIMINAL?

So what are we losing---like 4 a day?

Court Throws Out $1 Billion Verdict in State Farm Case

Have You Seen This Governor Rating Site

Computer worm still has legs

Another freep meme..."If he meets with her, he'll have to meet with

Rude Pundit: Does Judge Roberts have a Gannon in his closet?

I know why Bush wont talk to Cindy face to face.

Gov Bob Taft accepts plea deal!

The Damned's Rat Scabies on Rennes le Chateau:"Never Mind Da Vinci"

Letter from John Conyers: Support Cindy Send 1000 LTTE

Over 100 Reasons to Believe Election 2004 was Stolen

When is the ACLU/torture photos hearing today?

I wish Bush would take more vacations

Couldn't find it in the FAQ. How to upload photos

Come to Salt Lake City to protest Bush!

Out of what city does Springer do his radio show?


State Farm seeks big rate hike

CAUTION!!! Briliunt emales frum the right

The difference between FOX and CNN

Something I was thinking about earlier

Reworking the Martin Niemoller quote for present day

Christopher Hitchens is on C-SPAN trashing Cindy

The "Anti-Everything Left", as heard on NPR

kudos to the caller to C-SPAn that called Christopher Hitchens "vile"...


Hundreds gather at North County [San Diego] beaches to oppose war

What should be the democratic talking points on business/corporations?

This would be a good time to ask Bushies off-topic questions

If you go to Yahoo and search Yahoo pictures for 'Bush'

Anyone have the statistics for U.S. Soldiers who have lost a limb in Iraq?

Home buyers and debt: "We're thrilled"...45% of income not uncommon

Gas Prices

Hey bleever! The DNC has a question for us all!!

Old Testament G-d: not a whole lot of "smiting" going on....

A former Marine Lance Corporal acussed of shooting police copter

"Vigils Calling for End to Iraq War Begin"

Bosses play Big Brother by cell phone

Shouldn't there be an "Iraq/Afghanistan War" forum?

Horrifying thought!

If you think today's youth don't get it:

I forgot to check. Did we get nuked yesterday?

Honolulu city lights, and candles in the wind for the fallen (Photos)

2001 anthrax attacks

What Happens When The SCOTUS Trashes The Constitution

"What does a bike ride have to do with getting out of Iraq?" "You people!"

It's really remarkable how much abuse the Israeli troops take.

I want a pointless law that serves no purpose other than to piss them off

Will Durst on Bush's vacation

Is the "death" tax an issue for the Democrats or the Republicans?

I'm so glad I went to a vigil last night! It really put faces on how

Seattle rocks!

you want scared? 350 bomb blasts in one day

Antiwar/sanctions group chooses to go to jail over paying fine

British soldiers serving in Iraq to get germ-fighting underwear

governor romney pLays the war president card

CNN giving props to FreeRepublic of all sites

Scottie McClellan is on sick leave

Why Greenland's glaciers will melt much more quickly than anybody thinks

New blog: "Screwing America"

CNN takes on those tough questions that

Whatever happened to the billions Saddam had stashed away that was recover

400+ turn out for Cindy Vigil in Madison, WI

So...where is cockroach KARL ROVE hiding his treasonous ass nowadays?

A dedication to Cindy...

1700 organized progressive links for import into Firefox as bookmarks

Impatience is not a virtue ?

"Kanye West Calls for End to Gay Bashing"

Refresher Course: Ronald Reagan, Father of American Homelessness


Guy arrested for threatening at Camp Casey, impersonating fed officer

Where's George? The Crawford Coward is hiding from the Gold Star Mother! >

Comcast Bill Problems

Outsourcing the Military

All the people...ALL the people...who trash Cindy Sheehan...

DU this poll in Waco

Intrepid Alaskans stand vigil in the rain (photos)

Secondhand smoke?

Photos from last night's vigils

70 yrs. ago - - - and the criminal bushgang

Peace Mom lights a fire and and a furor

uh oh, on KWTX tv a mother is being featured

Vigil Photos prove MSM Bias.

Collection of Vigil Photos - more wanted

You guys told me it couldn't be done

DNC petition for FOIA request re Roberts casework info

UK police lied over shooting, say lawyers

Damn fine job America!! Great turnout nationwide for Cindy!!

the feminization of wildlife (including humans)

Should Bush and his administraion be tried for war crimes?

Pa. State Sen. Jim Ferlo joins Cindy

Saw some great bumper stickers today

As you watch and listen to CNN attempts to smear Cindy, remember this:

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are, And Meet with the Mother...

The Ideologues failed to plan for a post-invasion Iraq? The hell you say!

Cindy on U.K. T.V.

I have a star -- I LOVE YOU, JOAN_ALPERN!

Poll on election reforms

All HAIL the greatest geo-political thinker

"You can't say that our troops are dying for nothing!!!"

Please send me your Camp Casey and Vigil photos!!!

Any word on the vigil turnout last night in San Francisco?

Bush's letter to Cindy (

Going to Crawford tomorrow

Marine general speaking in AEI forum on CSPAN

Oh, give me a home where the lions and elephants roam?

They want us out, we need to get out!!!

Rate these issues in degree of importance to you

I got a letter back from the ACLU today.

"Support Our Troops, Impeach Bush, Bring Them Home"

When Melanie Morgan went to Iraq I wonder who paid for the trip?

GWB: A stumbling refutation of

Why the US will invade Iran ..................(excellent read)

VACATIONUS INTERRUPTUS: 'Operation Noble Cause' is Underway!

Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) was to have a press conference

Tacoma Washington Cindy Vigil pics (heavy graphics) + forgiveness litany

Is putting crosses on public property an issue with church and state?

smirk's man Pope Ratty being sued for covering up sex crimes

Energy and political experts say oil crisis could erupt

I finally saw "Control Room"

Save receipts: Man 'Tasered' for salad theft paid after all

anybody have the picture of Mike Gallagher at the vigil?

This photo says it all

Theory of "Intelligent Falling" Explained

Cindy and taxes

Yay !! Limbaugh getting press in MSM for hateful comment about Casey

Pat Tillman Foundation

Slide show from last night's vigil on local news channel's website - link

Texas protest changes columnist's perspective

Will the Pentagon assert itself?

Documentary "Unconstitutional: The War" coming up on

Anyone else see this re: Garrison Keillor's show?

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #1: Jean Schmidt

Bill O'Reilly knows what's best for Coleen Rowley (video)

The rightwingers heading to Crawford to hold "support the war" rallies

Video: Cindy Sheehan Vigil featuring Ed Asner and Ed Begley Jr.

Micro-chipped, identified and owner-claimed dog EUTHANIZED ANYWAY

Ohio Republicans weigh in on Gov. Taft

Blood Runs Red,Not Blue

Does anyone know how many freepers were at the

DFA: The real cost of low prices? (Wal-Mart)

Sadly -- It's not time to bring troops home...

Hearings on the other victims of 9/11. It's about time!

Great DN! Conyers Calls For Investigation Into Ashcroft's Role In CIA Leak

Winning hearts and minds in Iraq

Sheehan & the Exploitation Charge

Palm Springs Vigil

San Pedro, CA: The Vigil for Cindy

Cindy in Baton Rouge in September

When Smirk approval drops to single digits, will dems then grow spines.

The Historical Orange Plaza

Front Page of my local paper!!! BIG Picture, headlined "Silent protest"

Iconoclast: Camp Casey urges mothers to write to Laura Bush

My Prayers and thoughts goes out to Cindy's mom's

A couple of questions about "Able Danger" ?

Keep Cindy in your thoughts as she leaves the camp...

"We have your rather large keychain here in the store..."

Bad Iraq News Worries Some in GOP for '06

Do the Right Wing Radio People Ask Their Own to Join the Armed Forces?

Freeps are posting numbers to call and harrass INCL. Cindy's cell #

The little birds are chirping up a storm in WV, for Robert Byrd.

Able Danger Intel Exposed "Protected" Heroin Trafficking

Camp Casey activities w Joan Baez, Mothers March, fax-in & roses 8/18-21

have the freepers made it to Crawford yet?


"The War is A Lie"

How Bout This for a DU project?? Big Impact??

Put this in your pipe and smoke it: I hear a train a comin..

CIA asked us (Dutch) to let nuclear spy go, Ruud Lubbers claims

The Democratic Police State: Thomas Friedman wants your name on a list

Is Larry Northern discrediting the pro-war movement?

I notice the dearth of polling lately. Think there's an unspoken desire...

Anderson Cooper's show last night was complete bullshit

The nation that I was born in is being taken over by Extremists!

Sometimes the Police have to kill Innocent People...

If I can buy a star...

Freeper: "We Have The Right To Descent! (sic)"

Thanks for all the Vigil Pictures!!!

Indiana state cops find pot plants as big as trees

"For what noble cause...?"


Thanks for posting the update on sig lines....NOT

Oh dear, she almost had it, then drank the Kool-aid again (Post from a RW

Ohio governor fined $4,000 for ethics violations(Taft pleads no contest)

Video news report on Salt Lake City vigil

Can someone better versed fill in Randi Rhodes re Horowitz

Where's Dick? ------->>> Running for President.

I think I have figured out morons* method of madness, with oil and iraq..

Faux: The Clinton administration did not confront an evil they knew existe

A Posiible Da Vinci code in real life? (Papal politics)NYT

Rushbozo Using "Caller" to Float Lie That Cindy is Staying in Motel

Drawing down troops may not be a good idea

Searching for a Bush pic with black kids.

BTK killer Sentenced

Surfing over at Yahoo

New Memo discovered - Bush's checklist for War (Dated October of 2001)

So whatever happened to the "lost email?"

Roberts Disparaged States' Sex-Bias Fight

What is the number of wounded in Iraq - over 10,000 or

WE ARE GETTING THROUGH>cause its ultra neo=con site I stopped posting

The Morning News - Sprindale, Arkansas (Vigil Story)

Press Gaggle: "does the President have any reaction to the vigils..."

Cheney: "Iraq is a critical front in the war on terror"

Bush Numbers Move Even Lower at Rasmussen

Turf war erupts as hackers send viruses to hijack PCs

More on Able Danger: They're still protecting Atta and blaming Clinton

Officer: 9/11 Panel Told Cells Identified

Did anyone else hear the "Able Danger" Lt. Colonel on NPR TOTN?

(CA) Press-Enterprise: Parting company

What kind of media coverage did the candlelight vigil get?

What recent Presidents attended funerals of Soldiers?

The iPod as Free Toaster

WTF? Why hasn't this thread shown up on The Greatest Page?

Who was Burkett?

Russia, China Kick Off Military Exercises

Criminals who warprofiteer in Iraq need life imprisonment because

Truthout's Scott Galindez: "Who are the Real Puppets?"

Jefferson Would Have Stood With Cindy Sheehan

Barbara Bush has 17 grandchildren, none have ever been in Military?

Bombard Armed Forces Radio and TV with Rush's Hateful Comment

Pat Robertson is hearing voices again

Thousands attend vigils to back mother's protest

KSFO Radio poll re:Cindy. Is this all just a publicity stunt?

State Department rejects (but acknowledges) 9/11 "conspiracy theories"

When did Bush say that it was important for him to get on with his life?

Swiss culture of life employs fetal tissue to heal children with burns

Kicking your own threads. How many kicks before you should be ashamed?

Does anyone know why the Sheehan vigils were "limited"?

Typical. Freaker Caravan to Crawford to Meet in Wal-mart Parking Lot

A DUer Bought My Star !!

I believe China and Venezuela will act if we attack Iran. Do you ?

Remember the Black Arm Bands of the VietNam War Moratorium?

Ann Coulter calls Cindy's vigil "Stalinist agitprop", etc.......

Vigils by CindySheehan

I'd like a list of the main lies that have been told to sell the Iraq War.

CENSORING AGAIN: Comcast Blocks Emails Linking to Cindy Sheehan Website!

9/11 was the best thing that could have happened for Bush/Cheney!

I just got back from protesting Chickenhawk Cheney--

Keep the vigil going!

Somebody else in Camp Casey needs to pick up the colors...

Pics from Ocean Beach, San Diego, vigil.

FAUX NEWS: More Evidence 9/11 Was Bill Clinton's Fault

Coming to TV on September 8: The ACLU Freedom Files

with all the suspicion of the evote machines, think they'll throw us a...

Randi Rhodes says Bush has gone to Idaho because he has become a.....

Comment that was told to my ex-husband (who works at a radio station)

CBS eve. news (on now in Central time) to discuss Cindy & anti-war movemen

Iraq is a mobil ....I mean noble cause.

'Peace Mom': Spearhead of Peace Movement?

The Need to Flip-Flop

Unlimited funds may fight Schwarzenegger's redistricting plan

BTK Killer

RW post of the day. Swallow before reading!

Consumer reviews are in for TOBY KEITH'S restaurant!

Take a look at how hot the Gulf of Mexico waters are. Hurricanes anyone?

Is Monica Crowley related to Aleister Crowley? She seems like the

Question: Have the group at Camp Casey moved to their new digs ???

OxyRush Refers to American "Injuns" On The Air

If anyone is headed for Crawford today they have a few requests.

I've changed my signature line

What's a good website to teach one how to do a good business plan ?

Is Sheehan a Spark or a Flicker?

Wasn't Georgie supposed to go bike riding with Lance today?

Hey Moonbats!!

Realtime with Bill Maher starts on Friday-Cindy to be on

Saturday August 20th More vigils planned

Okay, help me think this through.

Hollinger execs indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald

Begala: Larry Northern's a thug (and why this movement will succeed)

**Action Alert** Email from PDA about Kerry/Edwards recount case

Support Said Growing for Iraq Exit Plan

Check the front page of YahooNews! Is this great or what?!

Where's Jessica the bronze star winner ???

Truthout: 'Peace Mom' Leaves Camp, Her Mother Ill

DU Greta poll... is Bush straight with US

The rw pundits, krauthammer, etc. dare the Dems to assert that oil

Nora O'Donnell: war protestors "ninnies wringing their hands"

Let's make up some business cards..

Video of Seymour Hersh on The Daily Show:

So, what'll get rolled out after Labor Day this year?

Rush "(sigh)we all lose things" regarding Cindy's son

Cindy's leaving Camp Casey cause her mom's had a stroke

"The War Prayer" - Mark Twain

The Irish Echo on Cindy (!)

ACLU coming to TV on September 8 (with Robert Greenwald):

Here is scariest headline the Republicans could ever encounter...'s slideshow of vigil pics!!! You have gotta watch this!!

Grown Man Cries at Gas Pump !

1862 Reasons why the DSM is Important

New meme of Repubs: "Democrats have no credibility on National Security"

A socially accepted bigotry.. is still bigoted cruelty

ABC does truly fair and balanced reporting... Shock!

I am boycotting all anti cindy mom posts from free republic and others

Streisand's "Stranger in a Strange Land" video....

Cindy To Los Angeles

OU Student Arrested At Oklahoma Citry Airport Free To Resume Classes

Is it true all military leave has been cancelled after 9/7/05?

Sen. Hagel on Iraq: "We are Occupiers, Targets, We need to Get OUT"

reflective mailbox numbers to acknowledge soldier deaths

Cindy Sheehan answers Drudge on the Huffington Post

The Ed Schultz radio show is in Crawford today, so far the show is great.

Please DU this AOL poll if you can


First few comments by freeptards about Cindy's mom's stroke..

Keep the DU pressure up on this POLL...Waco Trib. We're losing ground

Only on Fox: "Kill Social Security!"

The oped cartoon with the truck mowing over the Crawford crosses

DU this Poll on Gov. Taft (R-what else?) and his punishment

Cheney Part2: "Four years ago, on a Tuesday morning in September..."

"this country is bankrupt...the war is morally bankrupt..It's your future"

Election 2006 could be set for record levels of fraud

Join the "Independent World News" email list.

OK It's official, I am not allowed to protest any more. Oxford, MS Vigil

Does posting "freeper" hate and bile advance DU?

Candidate GWB "I would work with our friends in OPEC"

First time buyer: A house or duplex?

"Western" WHITE HOUSE? illegal. unconstitutional. outrageous!

What female image of strength for Cindy? I'm thinking Demeter

Can Thermal Depolymerization clean up...

Why Is Nora O'Donnell, MSNBC Spending These Past Two

So what's the deal with this freeper convoy from SF to Crawford?

"Support Our President, Support Our Troops"

Anti-Cindy Propaganda Caravan "Move America Forward" Heads to Crawford

Iraq Enjoys Some of World's Cheapest Gas

Fiore strikes again!!

Therapy or abuse?

18 Reasons to believe Election 2004 was stolen

Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Schiavo, Richard Clarke

Waco article on Northern: Nam Purple Heart, Baptist, Rep candidate, golfer

When I Get To Crawford I Plan To Erect This Historic Marker At The Site!!!

If bush's kids won't sign up and fight, WHY SHOULD MINE?

Frank Luntz has advice for Cindy Sheehan

Al Franken just went off on Bush re: 9/11

Anyone else having threads loading slower

PRAY for Cindy & her family

Is Pat Robertson actually behind Cindy Sheehan's mom's stroke?


Disturbing editorial in defense of Empire......

Cindy Sheehan's statements re: her divorce & letter from "family"


Have a problem with ANSWER? No Worries! - PLEASE READ this:

Max Cleland - why was he removed from the 9/11 commission?

8/18 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 12

56 Soldiers Have Died While Bush Vacations

We are "lucky" to have gas so cheap and no long lines....

Ok, I have HAD IT.

Why did the US get involved with Ali al-Demaini, Abdullah al-Hamed..

An attack on Ms. Sheehan; how do we respond?

Another Gold Star Mom Speaks Out

When's the Last Time a US Soldier fought for our Freedom

Photos from Hingham Harbor Vigil (MA)

Evisceration of a young Chickenhawk

The true cost of medicines


Plame twofer - The Waterman Paper and American Judas

Bush Job Approval In All 50 States

Job Approval Ratings For All US Senators

Actor Richard Dreyfuss is on board

My fellow Americans -- 'We The People .... Have No Clothes'

Anti-Sheehan commercial coming to CNN and Fox News

Limbaugh backs off Sheehan comparison with Burkett: "I've never said this"

DU this poll- it REALLY needs help

I saw a funny sticker at the gas pump the other day....

Musings from an old, grey warrior.

So how do we know when we've won in Iraq?

The A.N.S.W.E.R. Problem

Cindy and the New Orleans Peace Train - Still time to get On Board

Open letter warning to US citizens links RevMoon, Bush, and PNAC

If only the women were in charge. === INSPIRING READ ===>

Neanderthal Pubs are on an EVOLUTIONARY DEAD END. They just don't know it

Sen. Hagel on Iraq: " We are Occupiers, Targets and We need to Get OUT"!

Proposed Solution to US Unnecessary Wars

running D for gov of texas, promises ban on violent games. sounds like R?

In Cold Blood: Perpetual War

Raw Story: Whitewashing the Protection of Terrorists on US Soil

Did the Vietnam War help the cause of Communism...

BritFreeper response to Menezes: Arm all British police....

Mo Mowlam's health 'deteriorating'

Banker's £41,000 champagne spree

Energy Efficency

Hackney river 'croc' may be giant turtle

Iceland's corporate world on trial as Baugur case begins

ID cards could be used for mass surveillance system

Scientists discover non-looted tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh

N.C. Law Encourages Guns for Victims

Fatal mistakes that cost de Menezes his life

Gunmen attack Iraq's Anbar governor, clerics

Roberts Battle Adds to Democrats' Divide

State Dept. Warned of Poor Iraq Planning (WaPo)

2nd N.J. legislator remits lobbyist's donation

‘Constitution will do nothing for terrorised Iraqi women’

Galloway demands justice for Jean Charles

EU Faces Busy GMO Timetable but No End to Deadlock

A big Mac attack in drive-thru

Suspected Smuggling SUV Crashes in CA (evasion pattern: wrong-way driving)

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

IRAQ: 'Expired food causing health problems'

WPpg1: At Crossroads, Saudi King Tests Winds of Reform (w/ $70-barrel oil)

Russia, China Kick Off Military Exercises

Jackson faces new sex assault claim

Indictment Alleges Wire Fraud By Former Congressional Candidate

China to swoop on Iran oil field if Tokyo pulls support: firms

Nationwide vigils protest Iraq war

WPpg1: Hold the Health, Serve That Burger: Low-Fat Means Lean Sales

Texas Marine Told He's No Resident, Must Pay Higher Tuition

LAT : Man Denied Asylum Returns to Asia

Is the Vatican considered a separate state?

Niger's women and children starve as men hoard food

Strike threat to affect airports

Joe Scarborough mulls challenge to Harris

U.S. Diplomat Is Named in Secrets Case

strib: Anti-war protest draws more than 1,000

Families Of War Dead: Cindy Wrong

Nigeria should rescind U.S. war crimes pact-Senate

Convicted N.C. Man Won't Be Pardoned

Senators: Global warming signs obvious

Four U.S. troops killed by roadside bomb - military

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Frist Defends Stem Cell Reversal In Meetings With State Voters

Google files to sell $4 billion in shares

WPp1:Herndon,VA,Approves Day Labor Center:Immigration "Out of Our Control"

In Pakistan's Public Schools, Jihad Still Part of Lesson Plan

Taize Religious Community Founder Slain

Multinational forces apologise for civilian casualties' incident

CENSORING AGAIN: Comcast Blocks Emails Linking to Cindy Sheehan Website!

Poland lands big chopper order from Iraq

Cindy in Baton Rouge in September

More than 50 dissidents held in Cuba sweeps

BTK killer Sentenced

Iraq: US patrol hit as pressure growing on leaders regarding constitution

Raw Story: Whitewashing the Protection of Terrorists on US Soil

Ohio gov. to enter plea to settle case

Republicans fear Iraq could hurt them in '06

Brother Roger, 90, Dies; Ecumenical Leader- NYT(like Divinci code)

Ex-Spy Chief Goes on Trial on Rights Charges

Residence Of Inspirational Animal Author Raided

Senators: Global warming signs obvious (CNN)

Jobless Claims Rise by 6,000

Government Unprepared for Peak Oil (New Zealand)

Cindy and the New Orleans Peace Train

Byrd to announce decision on 2006 campaign next month

London Police Said to Resist Death Probe

WP, Milbank: Deploying Cindy's Antiwar Army

British soldiers serving in Iraq to get germ-fighting underwear

Blaming the Antiwar Messengers

Libya urges Bulgaria blood money

Death of Iraqi brothers sparks anti-U.S. rage (*warning* pic)

LAT: Remixed cold meds pack less punch: Eliminate meth ingredients

Ex-Chicago Sun-Times Publisher Charged

Convicted Reservist Escapes Jail Time

U.S. envoy, high-society pal of Bush, riles Mexico

U.S. Rep. Green: Blasts Feingold Plan Setting Deadline for Troop Withdrawa

Former Chicago Sun-Times publisher, Black's media company charged with fra

U.S. wants Australian to face tribunal (Hicks)

Dems file a complaint against Republican rep for mailing

Bush sends senator to Libya in step to normalize relations

No Prison Time For Army Reservist (Prisoner Abuse)

1600+ Nationwide Vigils Call for End of Iraq War

Iran, China Eye Military Cooperation After Oil Deals (Update1)

NYT: Doctors Argue Against Higher Co-Payments for Medicaid

LAT: FEC Allows Unlimited Fundraising Against Calif. Redistricting Plan

NYT - Archives Investigates Loss of Roberts File (plus New Papers coming)

LA Daily News: (LA) Rent control up for study

Paraguayans Protest Against Rumsfeld

Citizens Request Recount in S.D. Mayoral Race (my RawStory article)

Baghdad warns bombers seek civil war as four US troops die

Anthrax Outbreak Killing Cattle

Colombia: UN human rights office calls for end to arbitrary detentions

Ex-Hollinger executives indicted - (Fitzgerald!)

Unlimited Money in Schwarzenegger Plan OK'd

U.S. soldier buried in Mexico after he was killed in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 18 August

Ecuadorean troops try to end Amazon oil protest


Major Venezuelan Crude Oil Shipment Reaches Uruguay in "solidarity" Gesture

World Resources Institute elect Al Gore to Board of Directors

Radler charged with fraud (Conrad Black crony)

Mehlman: Democratic Party only offers fear

Georgia CourtHouse Shootings/Again

Military mom speaks at Sheehan support vigil at White House (Pics too)

BTK killer 'revealed sex motive'

Sen. Lott says war in Iraq has shift money away from shipbuilding

Cheney mourns Iraq war deaths, urges perseverance

NYT/AP: Roberts Disparaged State Efforts on Sex Discrimination

LAT: Strike Looms as Northwest, Mechanics Fail to Reach Accord

'Al-Qaeda leader killed' in Saudi

Cindy Sheehan Leaving Crawford. Cindy's Mother Had A Stroke (CNN BREAKING)

US rejects Putin's Iraq timetable call

CNN: Disney sweatshops alleged

US Heroin users exposed to dangerous additive -CDC (Reuters)

Zimbabwe to speed up land seizure

Ohio governor fined $4,000 for ethics violations

Teaching will see exodus within five years

KWTX Waco: CA Man Arrested Near Bush Ranch After Protesters Threatened

Claim filed on (Rep. Duke) Cunningham house

NYT/AP: MD: Coretta Scott King Had `big Stroke' (and heart attack)

A US CEO makes a bid to run Haiti (C.S. Monitor)

U.S. Ambassador says Canada must return to the table in softwood dispute

Armed Forces Medical Plan Limits Abortions

In U.S. heartland, anxiety over Iraq, oil

World running out of time for oil alternatives

WP: New Job-Hunting Sites Might Be Monster Killers (links)

Dude! I didn't know this!

Mr. Scorpio, I've got "Blind Date" on TV

Submit an entry, win a prize ---- Letterman's Top Ten List

shhhhhh ... the baby is asleep and ....

some nighthawk I am eh?

Boy am I glad I let my snark out earlier

I just played the Rush Limbaugh clip for my husband


just in from a night on the town, don't bother...

I just fixed DU.

Is DU slow for you tonight?

Pixar's Ranft dies in tragic car accident...

Deleted Scene from Pirates of the Caribbean

A guy named 'Mig'

HMM some of the avatars have gone missing

i actuially just saw something funny on carson daily's late night show.

Girl (16) raped in plain day

Hey, guys. Missed me?

ahh, Ray Taliaferro

The revolution will be televised

I'm being bad

Oh, enigmatic played The Sir Douglas Quintet and I missed it

Jeff Brantley is a five tool idiot!

night owls --baby panda close ups

23rd Qualm

Calling it a night

Woman Charged With Kidnapping Lawn Boys

hot - pandas - kiss

Who spilled Pepsi on the DU server?

New Beer Protects The Body From Harmful Effects Of Alcohol

You only allowed to view 5 websites EVER - which 5 would you pick

Lions 'Increasingly Eating Humans'

Europe Facing Shortage Of Women's Undies

Baseball Team To Host 'Hairiest Back At The Ballpark' Contest

Zings! From the "Tallahassee Democrat"

Creep de Radiohead

Caption this freeper

Homing pidgeon misreads address: intelligent design?

"You're not a mother, you're a terrorist!"

1968 = love. 1988 = hate. Why?

I just spent 1 hour cleaning out one closet...

Malaysian TV worm-eating criticised

Would you marry this man?

Cameroon's beer bottle 'currency'

Mystery Ice Chunk Falls From Sky, Makes Big Hole in Ca.

You Damned Canucks REALLY Need To Learn How To Drive!


Robbers Cut Off Teen's Fingertip After He Refused To Give Them $5

Woman Tries To Have Pet Lynx Declawed At Veterinarian


*no shortage in Singapore* Man fined for stealing 49 pieces of underwear

The semi-official Paula Alavrez vs. John Estrada poll

Let's help out our fellow Freepers

'Face of Jesus' on hawthorn tree!

Funny Freeper Stories--Post Here!

Christopher Hitchens is a god awful scumbag

Happy Birthday Caspar Weinberger

How come some people

How many of you went to a vigil last night?

We are cursed

Man’s testicles snared in a padlock for two weeks


I just know lip gloss has to cause cancer!


I think I'll write a book.

What is today's theme?

California Cows Fail Latest Emissions Test

Bob Seeger-ish song help?

White Sox fans

Freep smears against Cindy

Hungry Freaks, Daddy...

Caption Rummy

UK pair pay £4,000 for stray dog

Providian are fucking ASSHOLES!!!

DO NOT LOOK HERE...if you are may cry...

A big Mac attack in drive-thru

Love Mailbag for Democratic Underground (Post Yours Here)

Bear develops taste for local beer (ignores the Busch)

please try not to hurt anyone's feelings today please...

When you wish a DU star

miracles *do* happen

I feel left out.

One of the DU mods is on the way to Crawford:

WTF is wrong with Kathleen Parker?

Where is Shell Beau?

i think i shouLd give up on posting any nonLounge items

It's my birthday, say something nice to me

Happy Birthday to Robert Redford...68 today!

hey GOPisEvil!

so are we done with this crush shit for another month?

Christopher Walken 2008

i have something i want to share with all of you

DU ladies i have a question for you

I´M Afraid Of Americans

DU men... some advice.

Is anyone else getting a little worried about sundog?

Someone told me that decaffinated coffee is bad for you

The McDonalds diet lady will be on The Daily Show tonight


DU ladies In honor of Guy F. do you prefer

Today's DU Lounge theme: antimicrobial underpants


I've coined a new word - "waht"

78 year old woman murders 85 year old man in love triangle killing

We need a new board game: Where's Georgie?

A big Mac attack in drive-thru

When did Barenaked Ladies jump the shark?

Looking for DU image: kitty with lime-rind hat

What new names would you give to sports teams with offensive ones?

Can I start today over?

Good morning/afternoon D.U.

SPECIAL poll for lurking freeps: YOUR favorite Squirrel Helper flavor

The leaves on my peach tree are starting to turn already!

MatcomNews Update: Two Comcast Employees Fired In 'Bitch Dog' Scandal

Forget the pound....get your kitties here!

WOW this weekend I have plans to play tennis, go sailing, ride horseback

Neighbors from hell

Which Bush nickname most pisses off the right wingers?

Who had the sig line graphic of OIL PROFITS

Has anyone used a DVD player brush lens cleaner? Did it work?

at the vigil last night a woman was collecting

I'm fourteen posts from 1000 Elm Street

Japan introduces "Kidsbeer," the "beer for minors"

Phonetic Pronunciation of this please Schadenfreude

Turn Down Your Ipod?

WinMX help NO FLAMES please

An "Evening With Amber Frey" Will Only Cost You $20!

**Breaking! New Army Recruiting Slogans

I think I'll go see March of the Penguins this weekend

ZombyCoffee: The Sweet Sundog Blend!

First glimpse of Seabiscuit on DU

18-Month Old Points Loaded Handgun At 4-Year Old

I'm 10 posts from 1000.

Exam vet clubbing panda photos!

Credit card insurance? STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!

FOR SALE By Owner's Ex-Wife

Rant about attorney coworker

Trout Mask Replica

Insurance question re: State Farm


Panda cub vet exam photos!

Anyone here like a little Chocolate?


How dangerous is your job?

New blog: 100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America

A country song.

Why are all these "miracle" faces

Should we stage an intervention for sundog?

Dogs hate bush

I challenge GrovelBot to a thumb-wrestling tournament.

What you didn't see in Pirates of the Caribbean

I'm going to try again. I posted this in GD,

Need help re: Cindy Sheehan

so far i haven't hurt anyone's feelings today.

Is Starbucks decaf coffee naturally decaffinated or is acetone

For my 666th post:

Euro Trash Girl.....

Need Help: DU This Poll From Cleveland on Cindy.......

Where is GrovelBot

Did the number of votes required for The Greatest Page increase?

Q: How many Bush Admin. officials does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Woman Poisoned Fiance (53) To Slow Down His Sex Drive (35 Times A Week)

I'm getting dizzy. Anyone know why?

Sundog is tearing apart the lounge!

Will you all join me in congratulating my husband?

DO these right-wing screeds practice what they preach?

a psychic moment?

Damn Rush's show is hilarious now!

Fear and Loathing on DS1's Birthday

Best sentence I read in GD today

You guys, back off Limbaugh - he said he never made those Cindy comments

"If you push something hard enough, it will fall over"

Lebron James/Nascar

What Was Your Worst And Most Difficult Classroom Subject?

Report from San Pedro, CA: Vigil for Cindy

Who Said The Following Quote... question

Help Terrell Owens negotiate his contract!

Oasis threads now need FIVE votes to appear on the Greatest Page.

Voting for the Greatest Page

Key West Calls for End to Gay Fishing

Don't you feel a change a coming

First hand account of Marc Cohn Shooting- by Shayne Fontayne


sundog kicked me in the shin and stole my lunch money

Why do fundies hate Christian rock?

It Sounds Like a Sopranos Episode, But Its True

My next homebrewed beer: Flaming Liberal IPA

post a picture of your ass here (warning: dirty)

My boiler was condemned today

Note to self: If you take a break to check DU on the conference room PC...

I know it's only a commercial...

In honor of sundog and his very nice behavior today....

You're Such A Fool Mother

Squirrels (and other animals ) for peace thread

I'm working from home today. Should I eat a magic brownie?

The Gratuitous "Spaceballs" Quoting Thread

Debussy ....... Claire De Lune

Have you never been mellow?

Some things are just WRONG.

New Mark Fiore animation! Just posted!

Hearing 'Gaza Pullout' makes me giggle

Which George W. Bush Are You?

Lois Lane becomes U.S. citizen to protest war without fear of being

"if you go to the tomb of confucius, you will find it occupied...

Cindy leaves Texas to tend to sick mother who had a stroke...

Brain-shattering hangovers SUCK!

And the French Fry Chef said .....

California Peggy: I think it was your post...

Computer problem: "NTDLR missing" cant boot.

At vigil last night, organizer said * and Dick both moving to Dallas

Any yoga practitioners out there?

Is there such a thing as African cinema?

Kicking your own threads. How many kicks before you should be ashamed?

Disabled 7-year-old ejected from theater - UGH! What are people thinking?

Any Yoda practitioners out there?

Is it cruel to deball cat declawers?


Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth) Great Series!

For the love of God, does anyone here know anything about cars???

Sniffa got a fauxhawk...he looks so hot....comments...

Funny/sad encounter at the Waffle House.

screw the wheel-- catnip bubbles are the greatest invention EVER!

Boomer the Buddha kitty

we had to put off going to the fair & hubby...

It's one of those days that calls for Michael Schenker solos. LOTS of 'em.

i'm sorry if i upset or offended any of you this morning

Civ IV is coming

Turnabout is fair play - let's do jimmy in a movie title


Angelina Jolie to play evil queen in 'Beowulf'

If I'm cut off by 1 more non-signaling jingo-plastered SUV I swear i'll

talvin singh ~ butterfly


Your Favorite Movie Based On A Stephen King Novel...


Dinner talk gone wrong

Kanye West Calls for End to Gay Bashing

Tubular Bells

Donor Star case the newbies don't know

If we are gonna play truth or dare, why not spin the bottle?

wow, somebody way cool got me a star...

My favorite courses ever...

Replace one word in a film title with "California Peggy"

spook...corsets ~

Turth or dare?

Suburban people are just so rude....

Would you buy a car from Mike Hunt?

"Turkish Delight!" Which of Beatrix Potters Characters died from too much

Sniff! The "Tomorrow" Song in Annie Was Sung to FDR

Threads now need FIFE votes to appear on the Greatest Page. NEW

Who is the Ultimate Nintendo Icon?

You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain

Light a Virtual candle for Cindy here!

some bikes I'll be trying out tomorrow

My favorite picture from last night's candlelight vigil

The Ultimate Flamewar Poll: Oasis vs. U2

I now have three chainsaws

Wow, what a change!

In the new H3 TV ad...

New "Top Ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time" list.

Ken and Barbie....what REALLY happened

My sigline is still here - is yours?

dear du: who sold me this jackpot 40gb ipod (signed former luddite)

Jerry Lewis calls Bush a "Moron"

I REALLY hate being away from the farm when there's a tornado

What's your favorite kind of soup?

So, Howie Mandel shaved his head. He looks pretty hot!

I am a major film snob, but Dumb and Dumber is fucking funny!

Vacation time finally approved: what to do?

"Life Is Sweet"- Maria McKee


I'm sad. Mrs Matcom Is Out Getting Liquored Up With The Girls From Work

You can't beat kitties and puppies! (Pic heavy)

Dumbya Was a Babblin Gnome

I think I know why my crab died today, and why some other fish have died

Do you ever watch shows and try to figure people's politics?

Thursday art. (dial-up warning)

I still have my star! That means someone donated in my name!

Are siglines off or is it just the new rules have kicked in?

Nancy Reagan gave me a DU star!

Have you ever had a bruise that you just couldn't BELIEVE, it was so bad?!

Other than Hawkeye who was your favorite MASH character?

The Motorcyclist's "Wave":

is it cruel to declaw cats?

For all those that watch Big Brother...

Outcome of cancer surgery.


Jackson faces new sex assault claim

CaliforniaPeggy should be ashamed of herself


Miller was giving out free T-shirts last night

"Iterative loop of improvement"


Daddy got his ass kicked but good yesterday.

Heard of parkour?

Note to Admins: 20k = 20,560 bytes, not 20,000 bytes

Anyone decide to go back to school later in life?

For all those moved by the vigils: Peace Train

Anyone here using the doggie litter boxes?

Does anyone have a good recipe for eggplant?

My favorite corsets ever.......

Nighthawks III

After having just watched "Sin City" I have to say....

I double DOG dare you! Post your HIGH SCHOOL PIC here!!!!!

What's your favorite anime?

What kind of MUSIC are You?

"Hot Days of Summer" Photo Challenge. Please Vote!!

OMG Corset Piercing.

Ecumenical Leader (Brother Roger) Slain in Church

My late Dad, the atheist.

Caregiving: Hand washing still lax

Interesting discussion on drug studies with a pharmacist

Are We Living in a Simulation?

Bar at Milky Way's heart revealed

Lion attacks on rise in Tanzania

World running out of time for oil alternatives

Girls' consumption of french fries linked to breast cancer in adulthood

Boston Globe: Project on the origins of life launched (at Harvard)

Supernova 1987A: Fast Forward to the Past

Strange fossil defies grouping

Why Greenland's glaciers will melt much more quickly than anybody thinks

Crocodile blood may yield powerful new drugs

Nation of Islam minister disrupts ‘Noah’s Arc’ shooting

Gay school worker cites prejudice

Cures for humans in crocodile blood?

Walton native works to form gay support group

A Good Report on AIDS, and Some Credit the Web

Episcopal Rift Over Gay Bishop Continues To Widen In Florida

Ex GOP Rep, Openly gay Steve Gunderson to head Council on Foundations

Is anyone else here sick of our "friends"

KC's Gay, Lesbian Republicans To Form Own Group

The real meaning of "ex-gay"

Anti-Gay Santorum Faces Challenge Within GOP

Rapper Kanye West Calls For End To Gay Bashing

'lil help for TO

Your opinion of Jeff Brantley

If there were a Sports Network that didn't show Sports...

Finally got a diagnosis for my dog: arthritis

10 Things Your Vet Won't Tell You

Kissing Hank's Ass (atheist indie media?)

Red Star Moms?

Calvin Trillin's post on Bolton Appointment

Abortion no longer covered by Military Health Insurance

Does anyone know about Conyers' letter to Kerry-Edwards?

Tell Kerry not to give up on Ohio . . .

"Hot Days of Summer" exhibition photos. Plz Vote!!!

Summer Photo challenge/contest is up and running

Newsletter 8/18/05 -- Cindy Sheehan, Catalyst & Controversy

Not happy with BTK coverage as it satisfies that murdering SOB...

Rev's Confessional, Part Deux

I'm back from being on tee vee


Wolverine! -- Crawford Sunday - JOAN BAEZ

KOEB 8/18/05: Cindy may be leaving (for now), but Keith's not.

Dead ringer?

AZ local TV news, outstanding reporting on Cindy support....

Local Portland, OR news: Nearly 1000 at vigil in NW Portland, plus

ABC local covered the Sheehan vigils across the nation and locally.

Email from Congressman John Conyers:

The National Security Archives is Great

Atomic Veterans Tell Panel Of Radiation's Toll

Rep Degette "Tell Bush to withdraw his stem cell veto threat."

Buchanan: "Cindy Sheehan may be catalyst of crisis for Bush presidency"

RATE this Reuters Vigil photo (at the W.H.): "Next time, vacation in Iraq"

Will the wingnuts ever realize that they've been wrong?

The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford (Day 12); Vigils

Grace at Camp Casey -- on Current TV

We should push this point: George W. Bush accomplished in 5 years what

Send support letters to Fred Mattlage if you get a chance

Next Time, Vacation in Iraq (Yahoo vigil pics)

Horsey cartoon -- lowered expectations

Vigils across state, nation back mother of dead soldier (Boston Globe)

George W Bush's Rose Colored Glasses

Interesting look back at 2000 debate transcript...

Candlelight vigils held nationwide to protest war (Boston Herald)

Vigils pick up steam as war support falters (Boston Herald Editorial)

Self Delete

PA legislators: 16% to 34% pay raise at 2 am, then a 2-month vacation

How great is Cindy Sheehan?

During Bill Clinton 8 years, an average of 250,000 jobs per month...


ACLU coming to TV on September 8 (with Robert Greenwald):

Can DU create a 2006 Calendar memorializing Cindy at Crawford

Did I miss the info on Jeb's love child??? Saw a initial post

David Shuster: "Despite a growing economy and job growth..."

Bush Hits Trifecta In Today's Rasmussen Poll Numbers

On terrorism, Blair joins Bush fantasyland

Russ Feingold and the most important thing you can do today....

Where can I locate pictures taken at the Rallies for Cindy from last night

Taft plead no contest (found guilty) to 4 counts

Local coverage of Cindy Sheehan and Vigls (Massachusetts)

Here's what Republicans said about Clinton and Kosovo

Let's all try to keep track of how much Mr. Mehlman Contributes. . .


Paul Krugman on Iran, Social Security, Bush's "Fair & Simple Tax Reform"

When will democracy return?

Second straight day, just 43% approve of Bush: Rasmussen

2 defense CEOs appointed Secs. of Navy and Air Force

19 of 31 Red states flip to Blue

Another thing that is wrong with the Democratic Party

If poll results = Electoral College votes Bush would have 75 (270 needed)

Poll on Cindy Sheehan meeting with Shrub...

secret memo shows administration not prepared for occupation


What We Offer

if you think cindy is not winning, look at this-

Jeb and Harris - heroin dealers

Fifty-six percent disapprove, the highest ever recorded!!

Now that Israelis are pulling out of Gaza

with bush so insulated, Cindy Sheehan has moral authority

Realistically, in what condition is our military right now ?

Maybe you've all seen this sticker,

Tom Delay says: "You can support the troops but not the president."

"Sneak and Peek" (Marge Piercy)

Maybe this is an apt way to answer those that think "Cindy met with Bush

Some Thoughts On Peak Oil (Gasoline $$$$$$$$$)

Hundreds gather at North (San Diego) County beaches to oppose war

Should Israel Even Be A Nation?

Letter to the LA Daily News: Shock, then anger

Are the Democrats making a mistake by focusing too much on Bush and...

So the Sheehan story was the top news story on almost every station in UT!

CrooksandLiars: What Repubs said about the need for Kosovo exit strategy

Who is More Beatable

Bush needs to get on with his life, don'tcha know

The Power of Cindy Sheehan

Sounds like CNN special will blame intelligence community...not Bush.

Pix from the Studio City CA vigil - - over 600 attending

So, has the government now ceased realasing recruiting data?

Any word on the Torture Hearing?


Three R's and a Hillary ~ McCain, Graham, Collins & Clinton touring Alaska

All these PEACE Vigils

Question for Hillary non-supporters.

What Happened at the Freeper Counter-Demonstration?

How is this for Fair and Balanced?

Why we MUST keep the heat on...why it is so IMPORTANT to....

New site for activist events

Dubya does Lance

Battle of the Bimbos

Should Bush and his administraion be tried for war crimes?

So, somebody please explain the Able Danger story

WE ARE GETTING Conservatives sick of the "war" now...

Differences in outrage: Monica Lewinsky vs Colleen Rowley

Is Immigration the "gay marriage" issue of 2006 mid-terms?

Cindy is leaving camp due to mother's stroke

Senator Hagel's tour of Nebraska

The Vacationer

DU posters, while Cindy has the attention of the nation, I recommend

Bush picture?

Cindy temporarily leaving Crawford to be with mom... (per CNN)

Republican strategist Sal Russo produced the ad (anti-Sheehan commercial)

Getting worried about Cindy fatigue

DU this poll on Governor Taft: should he resign? (convicted today)

How do conservatives support the troops?

Breaking on court TV scroll Abortion no longer procedure covered

We're not playing cowboy anymore

Streisand's anti-war video "Stranger in a Strange Land" ....

Coming up CBS

Vote in the August DKos Straw Poll

Okay, should there be an amendment for:


Sheehan vs Sheehan

Dean or Kerry or Clark or someone needs to call Bush out

Nora kicks off on "Hardball:" Mehlman dissing Cindy for 10 minutes

Paging Dr. DEAN!!!

What is the principled difference between a person who refuses to support

"All Bush has to do is talk to her two minutes...he won't, he's too proud"

BradBlog: Comcast Blocks E-mails Linking to Cindy Sheehan Website

Knives and Ice Picks Okey-Dokey with the GOP

James Taranto (WSJ) "understands" why rednecks mowed down white crosses

Wingers can exploit Tillman and Lynch but Cindy is a bad woman

Why Casey Sheehan Was Killed

Doctors, HHS Clash Over Need For Higher Co-Payments For Medicaid

August 18, 2005: O'Reilly blames The Clenis for 9/11, wants him to address

Freepers are controlling AOL poll on Sheehan

What ever happened to the Truth Tour to Iraq?

Just had a very disturbing conversation with a co-worker

Love Mail for Democratic Underground (Post Yours Here)

TV Show Host Scarborough Weighs Senate Bid

It doesn't matter how low GOP numbers go if we offer nothing better.

Support Cindy - Help Write 1000 Letters to our local Newspapers

The State of America

I will not give another cent to the Democratic Party until they get tough

GOP Propaganda: "National Sales Tax" ("Fair Tax") "Supercharges" economy

Poll, No (55.4%) and Yes (44.6%) (Feingold troop withdrawal prop.)

it's disappointing that 30% of the public will support bush no matter what

It's frightening to finally see how deep the rabbit hole goes isn't it?

The Third Way and Democrats for Life.... and women's rights.

Updated Easy House Score Chart & Senate Chart up. See who is on top.

How can Democrats avoid getting eaten alive by abortion?

Humanity faces Extinction..maybe not in the near term...but soon.

Housing Bubble & Government Complicity

The California Democratic Party's unanimous call to lower the voting age.