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Archives: August 19, 2005

LTTE to the New York Times: 'A Way Out of Iraq'

Blessing the Bombs

Mortgaged To The House Of Saud


Be the first to see two exciting new videos from IWT

The Exploits and Exploitation of Cindy Sheehan

Border Opportunity Ripe for Dems

As workers' rights erode, unions are fighting back

"Noble Cause" cartoon

Americas Good Germans?: A Mercenary Society

Texas Protest Changes Columnist's Perspective-Muskogee Daily Phoenix!

What if the US had to write a constitution from scratch? (CS Monitor)

Gary Hart: Moral Authority (on protest)

Pro-torture Cliff Kincaid: Al Qaeda Loves Our Unpatriotic Media

What They Did Last Fall (Krugman re: election fraud)

Who All Is Tired Of This Grief Porn MSNBC Keeps Showing?

OMG This aruba thing has to stop

Be the first to see two exciting new videos from IWT

Alex Benett sux

Global warming: Will you listen now, America?

Energy And Political Experts Say Oil Crisis Could Erupt

A moldy relic in military law

The New York Times (8/19): Bush's Aid Cuts on Court Issue Roil US Neighbor

Like Old Times: U.S. Warns Latin Americans Against Leftists

Stable Iraq, so exit: "jobs for all" program needed

Out of Gaza - and into Jerusalem

Ret. FAA Special Agent says Commission Report=Bullshit

I recant. 19 hijackers did 9/11 alone, aided by govt. incompetence

Why is Kerry giving up now?!

LA Public Transportation Question

Push-polling against Leach - Johnson County

Any Provincetown vigil stories?

SpeakSpeak Nws is the blog about Free Speech and The Media.

Taft won't resign

Tornados tonight!

Hope all our WI DUERS are ok!

Tell Kerry Not To Give Up On Ohio

DUers with loved ones serving in Iraq, or active duty DUers

Detroit City Council supports Assata Shakur

Home on the Range- Great Article From The Boston Phoenix About Camp Casey!

RW radio host bile about Cindy, if you dare

CIA Agent On O'Donnells Show I think shocked her when he said

O'Lielly making claims how they broke Cindy's "radical" connections.

Isn't what Cindy is doing one of the freedoms "they hate us for?"

Chuck Hagel on Cindy Sheehan and the Iraq War


Memo to Drudge, et al: It's Not About Me, It's About the War

THIS IS CLASSIC. A MUST READ. These people are sick.

WH thinks Sheehan story bored reporters' silly obsession during slow Aug.

New Camp Casey/Vigil album coming soon.

Al-Qaeda Chief in Kingdom Killed

interesting info on unitarian history, women's history, and TX history


Dick "last throes" Cheney has some words of wisdom for you......again.

Which one of you beotches just yelled at me!?!??!

This might be an appropriate time to send Cindy & Mother some flowers

Since Cindy has left the Camp, how will the remaining people be treated?

WalMart and dumb people

WSJ: Breaking a Taboo, Army Confronts Guilt After Combat

Here I Go To Crawford Right.......

They say we have to stay in Iraq.... to make them our ally but wasn't

Who All Is Tired Of This Grief Porn MSNBC Keeps Showing?

oliely called Cindy Sheehan an "idot" today and he did it loud and clear.

Freedom is on the march again... "Afghanistan"

Big TV crushes boy to death

OMG This aruba thing has to stop

Response to a Chickenhawk

Freakers on Cindy's Mother's Stroke (BLAST TO THE MSM)

PIX of Cindy Leaving --->>>

Cindy is going home to look after her Mother. Now is the time to

Is the insurgency in its last throes?

LOL! Look at the Yahoo Photo With the Cheney Speech Story Today!

Compare Clinton to Bush on Haiti policy

Vader: You are part of the Rebel Alliance, and a Traitor. Take her away!

RW Groups opposing the Roberts Nomination

Yes, the RW'ers want to roll back Civil Rights

Media whores.

From the margins...

Just back from vacation

Letter I wrote Bill O'Reilly

Latest update from Camp Casey Legal Team

[ABC7] - "Two Views of War"

How old do you have to be to run for Congress?

Ok - why didn't * lie about WMD in Iraq like many thought he would?

The BTK Killer -- does anyone remember this guy?

Will 'Peace Mom' Be the Start of an Anti-War Movement or Just a Summer

Oil prices have Iran sitting pretty

Are there any 'ribbon magnets' that say 'Support Cindy' or any other

I received this from my brother.......

Summary of right wing argument on Iraq intelligence

"We heard many disturbing things on Rush Limbaugh this morning..."

"See, my problem is I'm for the war but against the troops...

Moms' Letters Day at Camp Casey--

Outsourcing American Middleclass Jobs for....

I oppose this war because I must...

Last day in the ditch..PIX Thurs, 8-18 Camp Casey

10$ Per Gallon Gasoline

OK DU, hit these polls for Cindy Sheehan!

Cost of Iraq War August 18th-$188,454,131,119

Have the Downing Street Minutes fallen completely down the memory hole?

BIG BROTHER alert: For anyone with Tivo or satellite TV

Citizens Request Recount in San Diego Mayoral Race

called by VISA after making a DU contribution

Best of Luck to Cindy (Conyers Blog)

oh good grief. Scarbourough says people still interested in Scott Peter-

Best "The Clenis did it" post of the day

CT DUers help me out here - regarding Holy Joe Lieberman

Bush Legacy: Worst terrorist attack on US in history and a failed war

Good God People......DU This Poll Immediately!!!!

Bush should have to write an essay on "What I did on my summer

Saw this bumpersticker tonight: "Start SEEING Iraqi children!"

Need help with a caption for some gas station flyers

American Taleban Roberts wonders if, "enouraging homemakers to be lawyers-

Perspective on O'Rielly & Rush and their attacks on Cindy.

"The Jew Carry Show"!!

CNN Headline News Vote: Most interesting story of the week.

Anyone here speak governmentese?

Will they protest Cindy or her mom at her house? Horrible thought I know.

Anyone know the approx. count of people taking part in vigils last night?

I know someone has been gathering Cindy Sheehan threads,

Sick of those "W" stickers in your town?

This Day in History- Flashback to August 19, 1996

[Radio] Kathy Landers and Virginia Classick on KFI

So, when do we take the load from Cindy?

Freedoms and Rights Coalition


Why is it "mgt vs. labor"? It should be "workers (mgt+labor) vs. owners"

The Morning After Pill: "Isn't that like, killing?"

Bill Clinton's on CSPAN3

California Man Arrested Near Bush Ranch After Protesters Threatened

Need a quick help on question: Was Casey on SECOND enlistment?

How oil companies profit from vigils..... sad. but true.

Be the first to see two exciting new videos from IWT

Looking for the black T-shirt in one of the recent vigil photos

Today I saw a pickup truck with a Bush sticker scraped off

Albany, NY Vigil pics

Triumphal March

busy signals on the Mike Malloy show?

What percentage of those we've detained in Iraq come from outside of Iraq?

Mission Accomplished--Internet Weekly

Just make Iraq the 51st State already...

Vote to put "Camp Casey" video on Al Gore TV.

Cindy's leaving Crawford to be with ill mother, is it over?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Meet Up

Can anyone get dailykos? I can't seem to

No more 'business as usual.'

Why no "real" war footage..?

Cindy bashing has gone mainstream now!


Cindy Update....

Anyone else here support the troops in Nam by trying to help stop the war?

Man Finds Smallpox Vaccine at Yard Sale (NYT)

Message From Cindy

I'm tired of excuses for Dems not getting in Bush's face. I don't care ...

Went out to dinner and eavesdropped on a repuke couple's conversation.

I am very worried about the safety of Cindy Sheehan

Has anyone noticed that registrations to this site...

Camp Casey (Crawford) and VIGILS photo album version EIGHT just posted

Casey Sheehan, the Shiite Revolt, and the Future of Iraq

Has anyone else out there read Oryx and Crake

Limbaugh is SO DAMN HIGH that's he's forgetting what he's said

I am Mom to a Son. I want answers before I lose him to

I just learned of a great new wood


anyone? were you raised that its ok to attack a woman?

"GREEDY UNIONS!": Read & cite next time you hear working people slandered

Parents who disapprove of their kids' names being put on the Camp Casey

Clinton or Hagel in 2008?

Ordering Drugs from Canada Online??

Storm Warning

An idea for awareness of troop deaths in Iraq

Ladies and Gents, I give you the Kansas City vigil pictures.

Disabled 7-year-old ejected from theater

Working Vacation? BS -- -> George Bush Has Not Been Seen for FIVE DAYS!

If you are going to Crawford on Friday: READ THIS! (Important)

What sets US apart from THEM (Long, thoughtful exegesis):

ONLY 747 DONATIONS????????? What the HELL is up here?

Time for another military veteran's roll call. Sound Off!

"embolden the terrorists"

The Pope has gone from preaching to meddling.

Are we really just a fringe group within the Democratic Party ?

what is the most effective form of protest?

A Sneak Peek Inside the Pretzeldental Brain-Pan!

I wish that Wes Clark, would man the front while Cindy is gone.

Is it just me? I have noticed over the past couple of days DUers

My response to a pro-war counter-protester/Ft. Bragg Army wife

Krugman quotes Andrew Gumbel: "Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election"

So... I Almost Beat The Crap Out Of A Guy At A Sheehan Vigil !!!

Just received re: Cindy's departure. Please READ!

Take a survey and help out students at the London School of Economics.

Iraqi Group Fears Revival of 'Devil-Worship' Tag--KurdishMedia

Cindy's Mom had a Stroke and she had to leave...(Many of us Didn't Know)

Girls' consumption of french fries linked to breast cancer in adulthood

Alaskans sue security agency to stop data dump

U.N. Elections Official Accused of Tolerating Harassment

Roberts Disparaged States' Sex-Bias Fight

India, China: Comrades in Oil--Atimes Online

Kan. Utility Fined for 2002 FEC Violations (DeLay)

Doubts raised over Lockerbie expert’s evidence

Global warming: Will you listen now, America?

Japan drafting new resolution on Security Council expansion

Roberts Knocked Affirmative Action

Doctor: Coretta Scott King Had Big Stroke

Bolivian Leader Welcomes Medical School Graduation in Cuba

US prosecutors claim home of CA lawmaker (Cunningham)

What They Did Last Fall (Krugman re: election fraud)

Republicans fear Iraq could hurt them in 2006 (IHT/NYT)

NYT: Bush's Aid Cuts on Int. Court Issue Roil Latin American Neighbors

Abramoff makes first Miami court appearance on fraud charge

Pro-troop rally planned near Crawford (‘You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy’)

WP: NOAA Cites Threats to U.S., Pacific Coral Reefs

U.N. asked to commemorate Holocaust

NYT- Court Rules U.S. Need Not Pay for Abortion of Doomed Fetus

UK Police Lied About Bomb Suspect Shooting

Uzbekistan: Fear grips Andijan three months after killings

Brazil Presses Abbott to Cut AIDS Drug Prices (Update1)

Kennedy calls for investigation as Roberts file goes missing

AP: New Envoy Predicts Tough Times Ahead in Afghanistan

Officer Says 2 Others Are Source of His Atta Claims

Energy Prices Plummet As Demand Falls

Venezuela Says US DEA Stole Equipment

Iran is building secret nuclear components, says rebel group(The Guardian)

Sen. Schumer: China hampers US investors in China (Reuters)

NYT:WH Searches for Balance in Drug Fight(focus has been on pot, not meth)

Indonesia accused of Papua atrocities

Goldman: Crude To Stay High Long Term

Support said growing for Iraq exit plan (Rep Jones (R) + 50 co-sponsors)

MA ExGov Weld Tries Again to Be Gov,but in NY(Rove promotes run v Spitzer)

Canadian health-care groups vow to fight move towards private system

Ohio governor issues apology, vows to stay

Hagel: Iraq growing more like Vietnam (Bush should meet with Cindy)

Editor Explains Reasons for 'Intelligent Design' Article (Smithsonian)

Here is the house

trouble getting Sirius signal in East facing apartment

Oh fuck!


Abbott has a message he wants to share with all of you

Great Tony Tantillo (.com) recipe for green beans. Kitchen tested tonight.

Who is most deserving of a star

2005 Washington Post's Mensa Invitational winners

Somebody give this guy a bar of soap and some instructions!!!

god do i hate sneaky spam

As of right now, this is the nicest sundog on DU

I am suppose to be writing.....

Tonight on C to C: Plum Island (germs) and John Loftus

Penguin Ready For Battle....

There's a crazy little smack beyond the tracks

What's another word for Thesaurus?

This site is so great - stuff on cats!!!

The LAST Santana album that actually made you GIVE a rat's ASS.

I really dig Flutes.

Can we please quit praying at the altar of sundog?

Cuomo, Bush, Kennedy, Vanderbilt and Reagan

An old friend just suprised me- coming tommorow! Yikes!

Big TV crushes boy to death

Wahoo!! My youngest child, now grown, got her first real job.

This smiley has too much currency

Songs you like but are embarrassed to play in front of your friends

"I love my country -- but I think we should start seeing other people"

how do I reformat my ipod

Which do you use?

Mail from Madison & Dane Co. Communities falling 60 miles away

Lili Von Shtupp - A wed wose, how womantic.

Sugar smack - please take the sleaze test!

Goddamnit, I lot my star. And I won't get paid until tomorrow


Ugh, I'm an idiot...

What's Your Favorite ''Magic 8-Ball'' Reply?

Cool. the third shot disintegrates them....

Sundog, sundog sundog sundog. Sundog.

An interesting week

What percentage of your threads get no replies? How many 'catch fire'?

i went through some small towns in arizona

Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service

Postal Addressing Standards

Got An Earworm Stuck In Your Head? Drop It Off Here...

102 Elements on the Face of a Mailpiece

Want to know a secret?

'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' starting NOW on Encore!

I Love Fake Crab Sushi!

anyone here ever use a litter box

Ever hear of Citizen Cope?

Who here has indoor and outdoor cats??

i'm listening to huey lewis and the news

I love "Iron and Wine". Listening to Naked as We Came.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" in 30 seconds....

You know, it's disturbing that sundog is posting those damn pictures

Reno 9/11.. Hummer Patrol? Too funny!

teenage wildlife

candidate (demo)

Is There ANYWHERE I Can Escape The Damned Conservo-creeps??!!

Can I just say, I love Lewis Black?

Is "sundog's medicine" a euphemism for something?

I'm frumpy, distraught, and unreasonable.

Solex Agitator....Am I excited? Oh yeah, I'm

any chance i can be stalked?

I'm frappeed, I stink, and I'm wearing unmentionables

I'm frosty, distant and unaffectionate.

My official AOL-stopping Cindy Sheehan poll.

Does bigfoot believe you exist?

The SaniTest: "How insane are you?"

Discussion question for beer lovers: Your three favorite US brewers?

I'm fiesty, distracted and unfathomable.

cowboy or indian?

Are we all just brains in a vat?

Stu is back

Hi, y'all. Just wanted to say hello before I go to bed.

I really dig it that Flutie is playing for the Patriots

Sue is back.

Glue is back

Bru is beck

40-year-old Virgin or Red Eye tomorrow night?

How many bookmarked threads do you have?

What is Your Favorite AMV?

Whelp beer knee cup cheese.

I'm frothy, distinct and unmentionable.

What's your favorite famine?

Gnu is back

If Bigfoot shits in the woods,,,,, Does bambi smell it......

My Grandfather gave me his Vetrans of Foreign Wars calender


I'm sitting here, with my eyes half closed

Finally, a day with good news!

I Love My PC and Dark Chocolate

And you thought only Americans could do cute?

can i have a pickle?

Who is creepier?

Decision 2005 - Hottest US Senator Not Counting Obama

Left People Finish First has a fever...

Ordering Drugs from Canada Online??

Four times today, I killed

Take a survey and help out some college kids.

Help cheer me up, please!


I love my Mac and Cheese

Are we just veins in a brat?

Brubeck ... Blue Rondo ala Turk..........

Post your messages to Alan Bean, fourth man to walk on moon, here:

ever buy foreign beverages with banned sweeteners

what is the significance of potzrebie?

How many toilets in your domicile?

Chew is back

What's your favorite gibbous?

Not a joke, even though I am posting in the lounge

post your messages to progmom here

I love my McIntosh

I love my Mac

Two out, score tied, bases loaded, and it's 9:10 p.m.

Woman brings Lynx in for spaying and declawing, thinks its a cat.

Legal question....

Pardon me,

You might not ever get rich

I just got a new backpack

Need Relationship advice!!!!!

Who packs the most words into a rock / folk song?

Are you good at writing Engrish? Can you help me?

Suggestions for Labor Day weekend getaway in the Northeast?

Diaper sparks bomb alert in Berlin

Is sundog over that whole icky nice thing yet?

Snoop Youth Football League

i think we need a lounge deity

Rescue K-911 (awwwwww)

James Bond MONTH.... I'm a happy guy


Question for those with teen aged kids - regarding tutoring (long story)

Let's produce a DU play based on the movie "The Big Lebowski"

It takes a special kinda man to calmly watch his thread sink to the bottom

Do you believe Bigfoot exists?

tonight's moon is beautiful ~ have you looked at it yet ... why not!

up late: which pets are near you and what are they doing?

When you make Rice-a_Roni...

Does this song remind you of another one? - (628kb download)

Here's a challenge...list a city with an animal in it's name!

Never thought a movie would literally put me to sleep...

Blue is back.

Researchers Creating Life From Scratch

Site of ex-gay conference targeted

East Boston rep. comes out against marriage amendment

BREAKING: Randy Moss admits to having used marijuana

Rescue k-911

update on being on tee vee

Awww... Alison's handoff to Keith...

Does anyone know the current status on Posada's extradition hearing?

Bush taking a lesson from Castro?

I know the Patriot Act sucks but....

Fedblog: On Deep Background(offering his insights as a government PR prof)

Video of Seymour Hersh on The Daily Show:

NA to Open Additional Records Relating to Judge John Roberts-38,546 pages

Cindy's going home to look after her Mom. NOTHING has changed...

I need your help...did anyone catch Arundhati Roy on NPR

Young techies...please help...we all need to see this...

WH Press Corp: Has Bush de facto created Islamic Rep. of Iraq ?

Response From Subway

Pro-troop rally planned near Crawford (‘You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy’)

Over 30,000 today signed the FOIA petition at DNC for Roberts' records.

who is getting ready?

Is Bush using the Sheehan situation for political gain? (consider)

Stroke of Bad Luck: Cindy Sheehan

Candles to support Cindy & bringing our troops home..

I attended a vigil last night that was single sexed!

1,862 Americans killed, 26,705 Iraqi civilians dead, gas at $2.606/gallon.

me and my dear sweet Dad at our vigil Va. Bch, VA 200+ cleaning up

Similarities of Bush* to Mussolini

Nationwide Student Strike being called for Sept. 26

Russ Feingold has piqued my interest for '08

Call Kerry and ask him to stand up for Americans instead of for Bush

why does John Roberts sound like the Taliban?

Have you noticed Sen. Lindsey Graham being oddly moderate?

Paperless Electronic Voting is Unconstitutional: a Tennessee Lawsuit

North Hollywood Cindy Sheehan

"They lay in the road and let a Republican truck run over them."

(Iraqi) Government minister lashes out at U.S. troops

Reuters: Time running out to find alternative fuel sources before oil...

the outcome of the war will be an Islamic republic allied with Iran-Sidney

Disgusting editorial about Cindy from David Gelernter

Voting for Dummies

Congress Has Earned Its Share of the Blame for War Mistakes

How about that Pentagon plan for martial law?

PUKE ALERT !! NY Daily News: "True Gold Star Moms"

Has the "Tipping Point" on Iraq Been Reached?

Whatever Happens, Cindy Sheehan Will not be Moved

Alternet: Rumsfeld's Ray Gun

Why is “Liberal” a bad thing?

Global Warming: Will you listen now, America?

Harlan McCraney, Presidential Speechalist

Maybe the troops will find some solace in the pro-war crowd's stickers?

Bush Must Address Outsourcing

Early Birds Begin 2008 Courtship Dance

Krugman: What They Did Last Fall

Peak Oil- Peak Empire

Republican senator calls for talks with Iran (Hagel)

A mother's wrath proves a bigger threat to US hawks

E.L. Doctorow: The Unfeeling President

Slate article on Cindy

Iraq course bound to end badly ANDREW GREELEY

State Secrets?

Bush team missed the moral of Watergate

Morally Indefensible

Marjorie Cohn: "Why Bush Can't Answer Cindy"

7 People Who are screwing America

Crawford Embraces Bush, But Not Protesters

Jesus Would Vote Democratic

War Awareness Idea -- 1,500 things (anyone can do it!)

2006 Senate Battlegrounds (w/interactive map) *BOOKMARK THIS*

email from

Can someone pm me with a link to the Democratic strategists?


Has the media ever investigated the "fake" PR capture of Saddam?

What smear of Cindy was Randi talking about?

"The Nation" subscriptions surging

Rightwing Film Group Embraces Jimmy Stewart Movies

David Brock and a Freeper on C-Span - Video

Portugal's Wheat Crop Wiped Out By Drought - 5% Of Last Year's Harvest

Increasing Fuel Efficiency

US Coral Reefs Declining Across The Board - ENN

After Greenland Climate Meeting, Ministers Agree To (You'll LOVE This) . .

Crumbling Natural Dam In Cameroon Threatens Thousands - Reuters

Gulf surface temps

Dow Will Post Toxin Warning Signs By Rivers - Michigan Can't Afford To

Tuna Sales Fall on Mercury Worries - Industry Prepares Ad Campaign!

20 Dead As Bulgarian Flood Damage Tops $630 Million - Reuters

Judge Orders Northeast Wolf Restoration

Federal energy bill, economic opportunity or Bush's fire sale?

Insulation questions

National Ice Center Update - Meanwhile, Back In The Arctic . . .

EU to blacklist unsafe airlines

(PINR)Hamas Card and the Israeli Withdrawal of Gaza

Hope and rage in Gaza

Missiles fired at U.S. warship in Jordan and at Israeli airport

Stop Your Sobbing

American Jews tested by emotional Gaza pullout

The settlers' retreat was the theatre of the cynical

Blaming the Jews for the War In Iraq

Coincidence of the 911 excercises.

Nat'l Geographic - 911 special

Stephanie Miller talks about Diebold

Paul Krugman: What They Did Last Fall

[PDA] Tell Kerry, Don't Give up on Ohio

About the Kerry quitting thing...

Conyers: Republican electoral dirty tricks

Diebold, E.S. & S., obvious question??

Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush - 9:1 swing state ratio

Hi & Althecat Request Assistance With Promotion Campaign...

A conversation at the Bronx Zoo.

Domestic Partner Pension Bill Heads To Calif. Assembly Vote

Caption Arnie

A peace walk with Thich Nhat Hanh

Reward in duck massacre grows to $14K

Thanks California!

Protesters linked to Nazi Party

Judge Orders Changes To Wording Of Calif. Gay Marriage Ban

Are you happy with the current batch of candidates for governor

Mental Health Screenings in Iowa schools

Okay Iowa(and Illinois) people, are there any trips to DC planned

Sen. Lourey on Al Franken now!! AAR950A.m. 12:20 p.m.

Alright, MN!

Welcome Becky and Coleen Home

Beautiful Minnesota skies

Recycle a Big Old UPS and other computer equipment?

Any NEOhio DUers remember this name from WTAM in the early 90s?

Do you think that Bob Taft pled "no contest" so that he could avoid

Sine Die, MoFo!

Interesting town hall meeting in CD17 - Chet Edward's district

Let's keep the momentum up - who's going to Crawford this weekend?

Lawsuit against TAB donors expanded

DUers. We have several members who have loved ones in Iraq.

Any pics of the Portland, Oregon vigils?

The Ward Plan

If Dems made a big Stink on energy bill-public would know about billions..

Short attention spans - an American phenomenon or worldwide?

Prime News New Zealand on Cindy

Bernnie is ripping a connie to shreds

strange experience calling into 2 (supposedly) left-wing talk shows

"Declaration of Conscience" . . . Sen. Margaret Chase Smith . . .

Missing in Action: The Democratic Party . . . (05/12/03) . . .

Keys,,, the forgotten knowlege about obesity

Helen Clark On Iraq

(VIDEO) Daily Show: The People's Court

We need to seriously DU this poll

Ex-Sun-Times Publisher Charged With Fraud

Food phobic nation

Cindy Crawford Off Our Back - Cool!

Rock Concert in Crawford?

Virus Shuts Down Customs Computer System

Fetal skin cells offer burn treatment breakthough: Less pain & scarring

Cell Phone- National Do Not Call List

British Soldiers Get Germ-Fighting Undies

President's Day TODAY: Celebrate it !!


NFL's Randy Moss Admits to Occasional Marijuana Use

Hypocrisy has many names - this times it is Walter Jones

So it looks to me like the so-called "Able Danger" nonsense is dead

Here is a Freeper that needs to be Neutered

Iraq course bound to end badly

The War Between the War Mothers

NYT's Paul Krugman: What They Did Last Fall -

OPEC: "sweet crude production has peaked"

The networks and Natalee Holloway

Article about new, improved online job-hunt sites tops WP's e-mailed list

The US is so f***ked! "Iraq at the Gates of Hell"!

Where's George?

Damn Parker Bros. for their game Risk!

"Democrats don't have any plans of their own..."

Anybodyelse receiving HUGE type from DU?

Domocracy NOW--had Camp Casy on her show right now

Anybody have a link to the * flip-off pic?

Anyone see Lila Lipscomb on CNN this morning?

If you lose a son in Iraq & STILL support bush, I congratulate you

Is morning sedition audio archieved - Foley Interview needed

Any word on Cindy Sheehan's mother? (Or when Cindy is coming back?)

What we are facing now in Iraq is a RESISTANCE not a war.

War who is it good for?

I appreciate America's Religious Freedoms

I'm afraid the BTK killer is enjoying his wall-to-wall coverage --

universal truth: abuse power and universe will scoff

Oil Drives the Genocide in Darfur: Bush undercuts efforts to stop it

Transcripts from DEMOCRACY NOW & the TONY TRUPIANO show

I hope there's a hell, if only for bush himself

In Pakistan's Public Schools (not madrasas), Jihad Part of Lesson Plan

Let's Make It Illegal For Politicians To Profit From War

Remember how the Japanese would fall on theiw sword after failure

Hey, waitasec.

Don't put an avatar from the DU folder in your sig line!

What's the story with Mike Easley?

A hard rain has already fell...

The Chick-ing of America: Winger questions for Biology profs.

Polls on Cindy

From BBC website: Mo Mowlam quotes

Need help with bush member's Saddam quotes pre 9/11

On Monday, George Will Take a Vacation from His Vacation >>>

At what point do you become a crackpot?

Check these idiots out!

Knocking them off - one by one

9/11 Commission report: Now a discredited bipartisan cover-up?

I thought it was our DUTY to remove a corrupt government?

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man... A must read

The Bush Administration is funding madrasas!

Does anyone have a link to the post where someone laid

Resource Help Needed

Don't worry, the prez will jawbone the Saudi's

A morning poem for Cindy.

One more time for Roman Hruska

I would love to see a bumper sticker that said " Don't Blame me,

leading Democratic presidential candidates - warhawks

Ask the White House today!

A winning strategy

Some companies are making 401(k) investments for workers

Mental Health Screenings in Iowa schools (x-post)

dupe - delete

Gee! China doesn't like fundies!

Just finished the podcast of democracy now's thursday show

HELP!! DU this AOL poll for Cindy Sheehan

Operation SLOWPUMP!!!

This REALLY REALLY pissed me off - about gas prices

DU this Poll on the Vigils for Cindy! Needs help!

Something to understand about the "war zone"....

Why our we killing Iraqis who don't want to live in a theocracy?

Bush White House starting to resemble last days of Nixon

Gulf of Tonkin, Part Deux....

Happy Independence Day AFGHANISTAN!!!

Anyone else notice people riding bikes to work more?

Congratulations President Bush, Now Officially the Laziest President Ever!

Democrats need a bigger name in California to beat the republican machine.

The Rude Pundit nails cheney, again.

Cindy Sheehan in Norwegian media - again

Presented as a DU Public Service, the RW drivel about the Left

Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rise by 6,000 Last Week

Democracy Now, 10am Link TV. Broadcast from Crawford and

Educate me about Haiti.

We need a new movement to rally behind

Santorum has lowest approval rating of U.S. Senators

going on strike the most effective form of protest; why don't we do it?

Tiger Attack

True Majority: The Vigils Were Just the beginning

Moonie Times: "Democrats fail to gain traction from Bush slip"

Even if they WERE "terrorists", the US is losing the propaganda war.

Did the FCC ever fine CNN or Novak for his outburst?

For Bush & his oil pals, are high gas prices the bottom line for this war?

Breaking: missiles fired at US Navy ships-on

Who supports the troops? - a must read interview

Military Authorities Reveal Details Behind Attack on U.S. Mess Tent in

Help, I'm talking to Kay right now , Need info on the RW caravan from

What happens when a Texas Yahoo shoots a shotgun when Lance and Bush

If they can attack the integrity of Cindy Sheehan, who can they not attack

Thompson Twins songs becoming prophetic...

Missile attacks target US vessels - Where the hell is our President?

Monica Benderman: "For Cindy: There is no Glory in Dying"

Bush Plans Sept. 11 Reminders

Swazi king drops sex-ban tassels

Hmm...firing on navy ships and *missing* their target

Happy Birthday Mr. President! (Clinton)

Bush is abandoning the White House

Good Boy? Is there a "Good Boy" here?

Bush emerges from hiding----first new pictures of him in days!!!

Hagel says Bush Iran/military option talk is an empty and foolish threat

Taft says he won't resign as Ohio Gov.! Impeach this

Please help me get the ALL Cindy thread on the greatest page

Has anybody heard of the blog site 'Flogging The Simian'?

Does Melanie Morgan get free access to the Crawford HS?

Democracy Now!: Crawford Vigil Is Not Over (Interview with Cindy Sheehan)

State Sen. Lourey used false quote on Franken.

Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With "Intelligent Falling" Theory

. . . "and we'll all go on as if." - Christine Brooke-Rose

Cheney Watch

Cindy is too nice says anti war movement was "dominated by lefties" before Cindy

Another reason to bring our troops home

Important distinctions

Chuck Hagel: Bush Should Have Met with Sheehan

Man arrested at Will Rogers Airport out on Bail

Dems are weak on defense, that's why they lost....

FYI: Crawford coverage via a local Arizona AAR show...

Our soldiers are dying daily to save some political asses

KLTV: Crawford embraces Bush, not protesters

The Truth about the Right Wing Revolution

Freeper incident I have to rant about...

This guy needs enlistment papers....

Bush Supporters To Rally Friday In Crawford

Is anyone able to tape Paul Hackett on Bill Maher tonight?

Feingold to be on "Meet the Press" on Sunday re: timeframe in Iraq

Missiles fired at US Navy Ship! Darn good intel! Heh heh heh! Heh heh heh!

Hilarious video. Dubya's "Presidential Speechalist."

Where is Arundhati Roy ?--A quiet call to reach a powerful woman

"Breathless reportage"

national leadership sometimes require great personal sacrifice.

Protesters are in service to their country too

US Subsidizing Iraq Gas- Iraqs' pay .08 cents a gallon!

Donations (items, not $) to Crawford Peace House

The tide is turning. Even the bumper stickers are changing.

Slogan that might change an Anti-Choicers mind.

ChoicePoint - Can they do ANYTHING right?

MediaMatters: Limbaugh Lashes Out at MM - 'little pimple-faced kids'

Question about Iraq Oil

"Global Warming: Will you listen now, America?"

We need to move the focus to the Peace Movement

The story about the pro-war Dad who met with Cindy. I need

Orwell Rolls over in his Grave

John Conyers is the Real President by Ray Beckerman

Whew! This case had me seriously worried...

Why is it that gas prices shoot up when Congress is on recess?

What should be the Dems biggest issue to stand behind in '08?

RW gem: taking God out of school

Why does the smell of the nastiest crap go away fairly easily

I found a Diebold Memo!

Disabled 7-year-old ejected from theater


John Conyers' LTTE in today's Det FP: Bush should meet mother

Josh Marshall on CNN's "Dead Wrong -- Inside an Intelligence Meltdown"

Cheney---A Yellow Belly addressing the Purple Heart National Convention...

You can't use withdrawal as an option: What would you do to win in Iraq?

POLL: Would you put ethanol in your car? (no modification needed)

September 24: One united march...Major anti-war organizations unite

Who is this guy named terror

If you sent a letter to Cindy you NEED to call your local PO today!!

Listen all:

HELP: powerful post from soldier to the man who ran over crosses.

Nice post from THINK PROGRESS. Clears thing up.

Restaurant, mother settle suit over hot mashed potatoes

Freep columnist whines for Judith Miller

What will happen in Idaho today, during Bush's trip and fund raiser?

Why Don't Americans Love Capitalism and the Free Market in Action?

And they're off....i was wondering how long this would take!!

'Dead Wrong -- Inside an Intelligence Meltdown'

O'Reilly again made false claim that Hussein "allowed" terrorist group Ans

Democracy Now comes up in yahoo news searches

`Peace Mom' start of anti-war move? ANALYSIS / THE WAR IN IRAQ

Georgia Soldier Asks for Patience (from protesters)

King called Larry

Friends son to be deployed for 4th time!

Suggestions: How to get Rush off the air in your city

Question for the scientists among us: Nano technology for solar power

Schwarzenegger's Rolling Stones Fundraiser Violates Massachusetts Ticket S

Elections, The Blogosphere, And The Future

Little Lord Pissypants said his most important job is to "hug the mothers"

Any word from Camp Casey on whether Cindy will go to Idaho?

POLL: price of hybrid compared to regular car before you'd buy?

Who is itching for Farenheit 911 and a half?

'NYT' Sunday: Sex In Iraq ('lot of girls got sent home pregnant')

Who should be first against the wall when the revolution comes?

RWer: "The commies couldn't do anything to get him (Rove) fired so they're

So Bob Taft "accidentally" "forgot" to mention 47 golf outings?

George Bush Has Not Appeared in Public in SIX DAYS --->>>

George W FraWD! Coward rich little frat boy douchebag with shit for brains

Transcript of Former CIA Analyst on Hardball 9/18

Guess who the RW is pinning the US vessel attack on?

Doing his best to inc. membership in Military Order of the Purple Heart

The Spanish-American War was devised by elite wealthy businessmen.

Tin Foil Hat Time! re: Today's narrow miss attack on 2 US vessels

14,000+ US Wounded

A question about the RWers heading to Crawford

Please "DU" Podhertz -- he needs to answer the 'Goerlick memo' question.

WHERE'S GEORGE? I Call Bullshit on this "Working Vacation" LIE >>>

Does anyone have any info on the large explosions in San Francisco?

Frank Rich up on Imus. nt

Britain: Religious belief in decline

German Court Convicts Moroccan for 9/11 Links

2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court

Question about Lance Armstrong ?

Happy Birthday, Mr. President....

Springfield MA vigil pics!!

For all you LIHOP/MIHOP folks out there, do any of you remember...

2006 Senate Battlegrounds (w/interactive map) *BOOKMARK THIS*

Candle in the wind For Cindy and Camp Casey

Building a Mass Movement

McLean [Virginia] Mansion Destroyed in Fire

Intelligent Evolution (Not Intelligent Design)

What Happened last fall? (Conyersblog)

If scientists ID'd a gay gene, and your fetus had it, would you abort?

Rebuttal to "Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan" on ATC Next!

Comcast....The Company of Love and Respect for Customers.

Help! Need Pic's of Bush with Governor Taft

Life in George W. Bush's America

Anarchy and other interested parties--you better look at this

Anyone else getting email like this?

Just rec'd a cool pen from True Majority, unsolicited!

Why the hell call it fossil fuel? (Possibly upsetting picture present)

Proof of "Hardball" deception on Iraq

School District Inspector General Fired.

Foreign Policy for $100, Alex. Answer is: Fund them - Use them - Kill them

DUers. Tell media/newspapers about the postal workers reaction! (Crawford)

Did you notice we all have new avatars?

Awww...Fundies worried about religious freedom in Iraq.

Lets show Free Republic how much we LOVE them!!!

Variety:Ben Affleck to make TV drama about a 2nd American Revolution

Is it too much to hope that the estab. Dems and the protestors combine?

Who is Jack Cafferty and why is he allowed on television?

Joan Baez will be at Camp Casey on Sunday.

Mark Fiore -- Smells like Victory :)

Blaming the Jews for the War In Iraq

Are we Americans?

How do we "defund" the reich wing?

KO on Rush: "I guess the painkillers wipe out your memory along with ...

Bolton Tries to Force Line-By-Line UN Reform Revision

Is their a thread that lists people experiences at camp casey

Bev Harris now threatening to attack her critics

Wall Street giants see oil rising (suprise, suprise)

Lyrics for Camp Casey/Gatherings (upbeat)

Our trip to Camp Casey

How many DUers does it take to screw in a compact flourescent?

Who blames (will blame) Jews for the neoCONs' failures?

Ohhhh, if only Bush had sent me .....

Is this disrespectful and/or politically incorrect?

Any Fri. nite news dump? Any word on Abu Ghraib? nt

So-have we DU'd this poll yet?

Rumsfeld's Ray Gun, bound for Iraq

Fights over eminent domain in Cincinnati

Joke: The New President Stamp

Women's Right To Vote 85th Anniversary Is August 26th

Computer geek query: Why did they invent _ (underscore) ?

CNN Anderson Cooper ready to trash Cindy

The DU mini fun-raiser ----> PIC heavy

Gary Qualls is on CNN, holding the Arlington West cross of his son Louis

There are two types of men in Crawford today -PIX->>>

What Google Knows...

Heard a DUer on Stephanie Miller today!

If Paul Krugman gets canned for telling the truth, we need to publicize

Can someone from the Randi Rhodes show please PM me?

Flight attendants speak out against TSA changes allowing weapons on board

I want higher gas prices.

Cyclists: How much would a mountain bike like George's cost? >>>

feingold and lott on mtp sunday re iraq. eom

Ted Rall: The balanced life of a war president

U.S. Senator Visits Venezuela, Asks Rumsfeld to Lower Anti-Chavez Rhetoric

WeBeBlue and Iraq-vet Son-in-Law on KOMO in Seattle tonight


A compromise on Intelligent Design:

Has Bush said anything about the truck knocking over the crosses?

Update on DU Conservative Idiot from 2003 and his suspension

OK...let's count the number of national Terra warnings since the....

Marcia Ball plays Crawford tonight- Joan Baez Sun,rumors of Steve Earle...


Am I reading this right? Arianna Huffington (per newsmeat)

Are the success of Bush's Folly and the honor of our troops ...

Poor little wingnut feels betrayed by * (Scheudenfreude, anyone?)

Can we mass produce whatever they are slipping into Cafferty's coffee?

Texas protest pressure point

The Playboy of the Western White House >>>

Would Casey Sheehan have gone to war knowing Bush lies, no wmd's etc.

Bush Vs. Armstrong: Famously Competitive Texans Taking Their First Ride

Press gaggle form the 18th: Basically * rides bikes...a lot.

Harry Reid had a minor stroke according to local news

2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court

The frictionless O is enroute to Crawford!

8/19 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 13

My Kid Is Going To Iraq And I Am Just A Mess

Randi just mentioned the "Gore commision". What was that?

Starbucks and Diebold in cahoots

Surprise Surprise, Ohio is having major doubts for voting Republican....

Well, guys, I'm finally here at the point of filing bankruptcy.

Iconoclast: Setting up the new Camp Casey today!

Crawford Peace now has a message board

SUVs of the sea "Causing Some Trouble: congestion, pollution"

"It's like our country has been taken over by some sort of cult."

50 States For Cindy Sheehan

Thoughts from Camp Casey and the

Is the Pentagon counting dead civilians as "insurgents" ?

Current TV, a great opportuinty to BE the media! Direct TV chan. 366

"Force Ministries": to Instill Patterns for Victorious Christian Duty

Rant about European Gas Prices Catch Phrase

Am I crazy or just bitter?

Anderson cooper to report that people who loaned sheehan use of land

Support the troops! Yeehaw!Texas Marine told he’s not state resident

If you've been putting if off all week -- Now is the time to donate to DU!

Why I started the ALL Cindy DU thread

Strike against Iran seen by some as inevitable

Want to get laid tonight?

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #2 Maurice Bessinger

Real Time w/Bill Maher on tonight, 10pmCT, HBO:

Current does an interesting piece on medical marijuana and the power of

"Bush Has To Answer Congress" (NSA Documents Made Available Today)

Tigers are vile and disgusting creatures

Cindy Sheehan candlelight vigil slide show

honestly, am not convinced * flip-off on Jay Leno was the middle finger.

The Three Stages--I Mean Stooges--of Death!

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a lie?

Marie Antoinette has a soul mate in GW Bush

I'm blogging from the Peace House in Crawford. Ask me anything.

Smile for the camera, Ms. Harris... WHOA! Not THAT much!

OUTRAGE: "Bush Plans September 11 REMINDERS"!!

What happened to the ACLU/torture photo defense? Did they appeal/release?

I just realized that, among other things, DU is a soap opera...

Is this the first pail of whitewash onto the Menezes killing?

Student Strike being Organized, backed by Chomsky and more!

Just gave DU a shout-out on stephanie miller...anyone hear it? (nt)

How will bush exploit the Four Year Anniversary of 9/11?

read my sign at the vigil, My Dad and me

Krugman's NYT op-ed on rethug election theft: "What They Did Last Fall"

Woman tossed out of church for missing her tithe:

David Rovics' "Song For Cindy Sheehan" is here:

Reminder: Guy James show tomorrow is his first since the Crawford trip

Holy Shit!! I love Paul Krugman -- Cant believe this is in the NY Times

The Clenis as a movie villain:

Missiles narrowly miss US warship

Who tends to blame "groups" based on the actions of a few extremists?

I'm WITH BUSH!!! Let Us All REMEMBER 9/11!!!!!!!!!!!

"Your son volunteered. He knew what he was getting into ..."

Update from Crawford

Just got back from Crawford

David Gregory on Hardballs today

Some of my Camp Casey pictures

Statement about a joint rally and joint march for September 24

Now that Krugman has used the “F” word in the Times, don’t you think…


Leave it to Bush..The series... (hilarious)

anyone heard of this gas mileage theory

The War on Terror in "Magic" Cards.

John Conyers shoots straight, and I love him for it. Check this out.

Ok DUers have you signed up for Current TV?

Non-accidental house fire kills 2 Muslim girls from my town today

Is it true that people get more conservative with age?

What's wrong with stupid people?

I love Tom Oliphant

John Roberts -- Proud Racist

CNN - Former aide: Powell WMD speech 'lowest point in my life'

May I take your name with me to Crawford?

Most misspelled word? MORON

Update on mail not delivered to CPH by Crawford Post Office- Urgent.

Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts quote on women:

Guidance needed....feeling of despair....please read and contribute...

WELCOME NEWBIES - Come hither!

We have a nomination for a new Mr. Moran!

BOOK TV Schedule August 20-22

POLL: Is ethanol (gasahol, E85, gas/alcohol mix) available near you?

My conversation w/ a friend who has a son being deployed re:Cindy

Video games linked to aggression in boys

Fitzgerald indicts former publisher for fraud in Chicago

Brad Radio on its way to Camp Casey -- plans to broadcast daily

TOONS: Casey's Mighty Mom edition!

Class Warfare Here On DU -- STOP IT!

Gore seriously wants us involved, right now Current is teaching people

Banning Tie-Dye in Crawford

Misperceptions about gas prices and price fixing


Know your BFEE: Killer Businessmen who Put Power & Profit Before Country.

Here's a challenge for you all....... I need ideas

Does anyone read Taste of Home?

Bought some yummy raspberries

My cheap farmers' market dinner!

Time to stand up to the American bully

Leonard Cohen is ripped of in embezzlement scheme.

It begins

Ottawa to give police more power to snoop

Tornado warning north of Toronto

Mo Mowlam has died

"Tebbit claims 'cricket test' may have stopped blasts"

Free-market buccaneers

I've been away - did I miss anything? Any fights?

CNN Breaking: Rockets Fired at Nearby Cities of Eliat, Israel...

Roberts, as Reagan aide, backed national ID card

Global Warming Forces Britains Birds to Take Flight

Taff fraud case is filled with puzzling questions

NYT: Report by E.P.A. Offers Heartening News on Summertime Air

China holds U.S. citizen accused of spying for Taiwan


Bribery trial ends in conviction

Lobbyist sees green on greens

WPpg1: Politicians Have Little to Offer to Ease Anguish of Gas Prices

Shi'ite crowds denounce federalism at Baghdad demo

Sunni's Oppose Iraq's Proposed Constitution

Missiles Fired at U.S. Navy Ship in Jordan, Airport in Nearby Israel

Rocket Fired at 2 U.S. Navy Ships at Port in Jordan - NYT

LULAC members dispute DeLay's immigration stance

3 U.S. Servicemen, Afghan Soldier Killed (AP)

Benedict warns of anti-Semitism

El Paso Times: Hannity in El Paso: City Ground Zero for Immigration Crisis

(UK) Reid criticises media for focus on bad news from Iraq

Judge Crater found?

Washington shrugs off Putin's call for Iraq pullout timetable

Combat Stress Unit Returns to Iraq

Envoy urged Osama's expulsion before 9/11

Taft Issues Apology, Vows to Stay In Office (!)

Sen. Nelson, in Port St. Lucie visit, touches on gas, Iraq, cleaning river

Noe's lawyer says Taft (R-Crook) knew about coin fund in 2001

Britain says no timetable for Iraq pull-out (MSM supporting insurgency)

Coast families react to protest (South MS)

Groups Set to Challenge Internet Wiretap

Gay-pride event, protesters rile ballpark crowd (Phila Phillies)

Three hurt as Northwest plane evacuated in Guam

BBC: Former minister Mo Mowlam dies

Tiger Attacks, Kills Teen Posing For Senior Pictures

Gunmen Said to Kill Three Sunnis in Iraq

WP: Break on Foreign-Profit Tax Means Billions to U.S. Firms

Nanotech researchers report big breakthrough (more like frickin' HUGE!!)

Reagan Files Paint Court Nominee as a Watchdog

Swazi king drops sex-ban tassels

Air Force employee charged with criminal mischief after anti-Bush vandalis

Ecuador Troops Move In As Protest Hits Oil Exports

Democracy Now!: Crawford Vigil Is Not Over (Interview with Cindy Sheehan)

Virus shuts down customs computer system (at 7 airports)

Court sides with Navy over abortion...

A new Taliban has re-emerged in Afghanistan

Beijing Under Pressure to Tackle Oil Shortages

Saudi Forces Kill Kingdom's Top al-Qaida Leader

Chicago Trib: Attackers Fire Missiles at U.S. Navy Ship

'London terror cells training link'

Weld Tries Again to Be Governor, but in New York

September 24: One united march...Major anti-war organizations unite

Senate panel calls hearing on high US pump prices

U.S. Reveals Iraq Mess Tent Attack Details

Explosion in San Francisco

Republican senator calls for talks with Iran (Dismisses military option)

GOP Hits Scranton Paper Over Ad

US women still face bias in science-report

Ariz. High School Swaps Books for Laptops

WTO gives U.S. till April to change gambling law

4,000 soldiers heading to Shelby- Nt'l Guard from NJ, IA, NE, KS, UT

A Rumble in New York: Weld Vs. Spitzer for Governor?

AP: War Protest Continues Outside Bush Ranch (Cindy's Mom 'Stabilized')

Khamenei: Iran won't stop nuke enrichment

Jury: Merck negligent (Vioxx $253 Million Judgement Texas Jury)

Iraq security chief warns of civil war over federalism

U.S. Questions About Jordan Rocket Strikes

(Australian) Troops undergo extreme torture training

Military Authorities Reveal Details Behind Attack on U.S. Mess Tent inIraq

(KY Gov) Fletcher(R) Subpoenaed In Hiring Investigation

Pope Laments Increase in Anti-Semitism

Star (Kanye West) says rap is 'too homophobic'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 19 August

Youth gather for 'Catholic Woodstock'

William Weld(R-MA) to run for NY Governor

Crawford Embraces Bush, But Not Protesters

Venezuela unveils 56 bln usd investment plan between 2005-2012

Sen. Reid Reports Suffering Mild Stroke

Schwarzenegger Urged to Declare Emergency

U.S. Stays With Controversial Trucker Rule

Former AOL Employee Who Stole Entire E-Mail List Sentenced to Year and

Correctional Officers Indicted in Death

Merck/Vioxx verdict - Guilty

Ottawa to give police more power to snoop

Former Burns aide (Montana) charged with poaching

Aziz Refuses to Testify Against Saddam

Roberts Scoffed at Promotion for O'Connor

Bush rips Feingold plan (2006 Iraq withdrawl)

Bush Plans Sept. 11 Reminders

Iraq casts darkening cloud over Bush administration

Britain Rules Out Troop Pullout Timetable

Conservative Memos (John Roberts' Reagan Era Memos)

Shot teen's mom agrees that Marine needs care

Cleland blasts Bush Iraq record

Cindy Sheehan: 35% Favorable 38% Unfavorable

DEA Breaks Up Three Major Drug Pipelines

Bill Frist backs 'intelligent design'

MSNBC: Iraq insurgents plan wave of attacks

Explosion in front of store in downtown S.F.

Senator (Specter) Wants Improved Venezuela Relations

(Bob) Costas refuses to host show about Holloway (Aruba Missing Teen)

Ohio Republicans Reeling With Governor's Conviction, Rare Coins Scandal

Democrats turn up heat on US pump prices

Ecuador's defense minister resigns amid protests over oil UPDATE

2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court ("Minutemen" get screwed!)

Iran, Venezuela discuss oil embargo


Boxer and Feinstein: Two pro-choice senators, two views of John Roberts

Mainstream news media suffer collateral damage from Iraq war

CNN: Former aide: Powell WMD speech 'lowest point in my life'

Blast heard in Aqaba port-Al Arabiya TV

Anyone ever see the movie Pinero with Benjamim Bratt?

I love my Mac 10

"We got a lot of athletes in West Virginia that doesn't get a lot of

Let's hear it for the Loch Ness Monster

It's been Friday here for over an hour now and nothing special happened

What is the big deal with Roger Lodge?

I think my 9 year old daughter got us written out of the in-laws will...

Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus,

OK, the next person who tempts me with a free trip to Maine for lobster

The Man with the Golden Gun.

Panda addicts -- mom and baby sleeping -- too cute

Pain really sucks when the endorphins run out

To all the ships at sea and all the girls I left behind....

I just listened to 22 Citizen Cope tunes

Some reunions simply should not be.

I want to thank the Lounge Lizards and Nighthawks!

Completely hypothetical question: It would probably be counter-productive

Does any one wanna play '20 Questions' ???

I (heart) Radio Enigma

A Star Is ReBorn!

I once had an icecube

Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets.....

you know, I'm feeling poetic tonight....

Y'all know I love the kitties..but here's Kitty Cannon, anyway.

Drop the carrot and step back, OR ELSE

I love my PAC-10

Overheard from the "Texas White House" . . .

Why does Norm Coleman's wife dress up like a two dollar hooker?

It's my high calibre of modesty that makes me great

Woman Attacks Tree Trimmers

School Employees Accused Of Changing Grades For Cash & Sex

For Halfbreed fans, name just represents who they are

DU Golfers: Have I got a tournament for you!!!

"Mate" Banned From Australian Parliament

Waitress Gets Porsche For A Tip

When I grow up I wanna be an old woman

MatcomNews Update: Man Poisoned For Demanding Sex 35 Times/Week Upset

Man Breaks Into Woman's House, Falls Asleep In Her Bed

Grandma Mistakenly Spreads Cannabis Seeds In Garder - Grows Marijuana

[nationality] Grandma mistakenly [action] marijuana to [noun]

Am I the only one who can't open posts or view threads by Richardo?

On The Inside - With Newsman Matt Drudge

C-SPAN wants to hear from DEMS only right now

Hey peeps and homies...I'm home!

Racism-blatant racism on display in sports (NHL)

God. I would kill for a BLT right about now...

Just had my cat weighed...

God. I would kill for a winning lotto ticket right about now...

I'll play rbnyc's game: Who has a crush on me?

if condoms had sponsers...

Norwegian Granny mistakenly feeds pot seeds to birds

Need Spaceship Advice!!!

Emergency! Is this appropriate for a job interview?

Remember This Poll?

I guess that, if I asked all those who have me on "ignore" to chime in,

God. Bush would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize right about now...

AFP photo caption: "Australia's P.M. Howard and his 'mate' US Pres. Bush"

New Beer From Sam Adams Sells For $100 Per Bottle

Police Officer Ordered Women To Flash Him

Mercury Spill Shuts Down Soap Opera Set

Israel to rescue cats, dogs from Gaza settlements

Diaper Device Causes Post Office Security Scare

Warning! Major pissy rant.

Bill & Tipper yeahyeahyeah Happy BIrthday JILL ST. JOHN!!!

Someone posting something about KITTENS, but didn't post kittens!

Had my kitchen knives professionally sharpened yesterday - WOW!

Who else is as happy as I am that today is FRIDAY?

Intervention needed for sundog - his addiction is obvious!!

And now....the Jesus Polish dumpling!

Indiana state cops find pot plants as big as trees

Soldiers Get Germ-Fighting Undies

CONFESS!!™ Who reads the end of a book first?

OK... I admit it... the SEC sucks.

Cindy Sheehan candlelight vigil slide show

The proof is out there ...

Coming August 30th: Tommy Boy - "Holy Schnike Edition" 2-DVD Set

If you work in a cubicle....PLEASE DO NOT CLIP YOUR FINGERNAILS!!!!

Man Suing Medical Team That Misdiagnosed Him As A Transexual Now Selling SEX TOYS! (hilarious article)

Let's nominate this thread just for the hell of it.

I'd Like Your Thoughts On Cottage Cheese

Happy Birthday to Bill Clinton! He's 59 today!

If the shoe fits...

"Spiritual Readiness Assessment of Soldiers"

Alright, Springer is reverting to form

$4.68 for a double latte?!

groaning on a Friday afternoon . . .

Anybody want to come out drinking with me

Leonard Cohen broke, trusted advisers clean him out.

Coyote gets head stuck in pickle jar (video) MUST SEE COYOTECAM!

Dollywood and El Greco epitomize everything wrong with college football

I've been involved in nearly 6,000 Lounge posts since July 2003.

Just throw your hands in the air, and wave 'em like you just don't care

How would this world be different if Gore was the winner in 2000

It's lunch time!

Sure is a nice day in Boston. What's your weather like?

Homeless Woman Found Asleep At Store With $60K In Purse

ok people, I want dirt!

i was hospitalized with sugar coma & no one even noticed

Being the lounge Meta-Deity, I am NOT willing to take questions

Explosion in San Francisco!

Yeah, he's a DINO... But don't you think Joe Biden looks good in this pic?

Why does The Brown Bunny get three stars, and Oh Heavenly Dog only gets...

I still don't get the meanings of "Blowin' In the Wind" and "Mrs.Robinson"

New element discovered, Physicists take note.

Heavenly Bank Account

When you have no career, it's easy for steroids to be your friends

I have very few answers, but you can still ask questions if you like

The Spy Who Knocked Boots With Me


Farewell, Janice.


What a dumb ass smiley

Well folks, I'm getting laid off.

Good Afternoon, DU.




fukitol too!


Bettie or Betty?

copycat this

Get ....a.... BROOM!


Being the Lounge Deity I am now willing to take questions

BTK to serve sentence in my hometown!!

Golfers: Do you throw away old clubs?

Who wants to go bowling with me?

True or false?

Get ....a.... BLOOM!

SliPKnoT In Leagal Fight With Burger King (Horror Masks)

I'm leaving DU

Fresno State Epitomizes everything wrong with College Football

Yay I got a one year contract

I'm leaving DU!

Pit Bull Attacks, Kills Poodle - Owner Of Poodle Shoots Two Men

Needed: A "crickets chirping" smiley

DAMMIT Take this Quiz too: Are you completely boy crazy!!

500 posts!!!!!!!!!!

Update on Daddy

Via Gawker: Judith Miller only wants new paperbacks.

I just found a Hitler smiley ... WTF?

Don't you love it when you are right?

15% of hiring managers dismiss candidates who don't send thank you letters

I've got ALL the answers, just send me the questions

Ah, pot plants. Reminds me of the story of my missed trust fund.

Get .. a .....ROOM 2

Update on Fire at Iching's place

How to find fresh bread in the store.

BREAKING NEWS: Sundog ditches dead squid for a smaller squid!!

So, I've decided that I need to start reading more plays

Is LynneSin crazy?

Okay, I'm now officially boycotting Subway (not that I ever ate there


Hurling insults thread

Someone suggest a laptop with a high quality audio chipset

Let's do something fun!

Be it Resolved: DUers with <1000 posts are prohibited from posting...

It doesn't have to be a crisis.

True or False #2


nonsequitor non-copycat crush high school pix sleaze test thread


oh yeah? just how many flame wars have YOU started today?

Is sundog crazier

Maybe it's just the hot cocoa I am drinking but I really need to give you

My psychic movie prediction....

Bloody hell. Stabbing ear pain. Again.

What have I missed?

All those who have me on "ignore", please check in!

Get............. a..........'SHROOM

So I am slurping a grande black coffee at the local Starbucks

"He will be powerful like Stalin"...

Which movie boasts the best hero/villain combo?


and now I bid farewell to "The 700 Club" with a quote from Pat Robertson

The 23rd Sigh

YIKES - Grovelbot stole our avatars!

Sad Face and Wuggles want to go on a road trip.

Preview: Monday's Smiley of the Day

Help! Where on the internets are the rude trees?

Best Led Zeppelin album

Please post here if you think Skinner is an ass

Okay, who thinks Grovelbot is just half a**ing it at this point? like lots

Thou shalt not call a razorblade Gillette unless Gillette manufactured it!

SWEET!! I found a local Video Store that has McBain *Walken* in stock!

Grovelbot is back!

I just had a really Sloppy Joe Job

Vikings v. Jets TONIGHT!!!

A very important question...

94 before chimpy gets a shiner!

Has anyone seen Grovelbot since Monday?

Best FROZEN pizza. Yeah, I know, but vote anyway.

Costas Refuses to Host Show on Holloway

Donate to DU so I can get my David Hasselhoff avatar back.

Where did me avatar go!?

Anyone notice how new and shiny my star looks?

LOL, just rescued my husband.

What is the sound Grovelbot makes when his eyes flash Red?

People who drink CANNED coffee also boil their ribs!

Who is going to happy hour?

I feel violated!

So I quit smoking today...


Hempfest this weekend

Should I stay or should I go?

My Paris Photos, a compendium of links!!!

Y'all have a great weekend! See ya Monday!

Tonight .... HBO

Goodnight lounge lizards!

75000+ here - but do you find

too much chocolate on my raisinets

UPDATE: 58 for a Chimpy shiner!


Friday Flamewar Thread

Were Scooby-Doo and Astro gay canine lovers?

where's leftofthedial?

DU and Firefox browser

Want to listen to the Randi Rhodes Show? Check in here.

People, these tornado survivors are True Wisconsinites...

First they take away my sig line, then they take away my avatar.

How much are you being paid....

Kona Coffee glazed macadamias by Mauna Loa----I just

Now this is an interesting photo

Auto-fill thread non sequitur thread.

My daughter just bought me the most awesome t-shirt!

Perrier water is like drinking beer

Only the hand of grace

hehe!!!! I got promoted!!!!

Weezer, Winger, Warrant, Wasp, Ratt, Whitesnake, Poison, Bon Fucking JOVI?

Do we need a "Milk Carton" forum?

There's a bumper sticker which reads:

Does anyone know if Matcom got his house cleaned yet?

Jessica Alba to star in "I Dream Of Jeannie" remake with Jimmy Fallon

Want to get lei'd tonight?

Shelley, Shelly, Shellie?

Get ....a.... ROOM!

Jessica Alba on Iraq: "I just think it’s f—ked up, whatever’s happening"


TV show "The Prisoner" to be remade with Tom Cruise and Scarlett Johansen

Wow...have any of you seen Peter Jackson (LOTR director) lately?

Shhh. Don't tell merh. I'm taking that leftover ham and making...

a taste of honey's worse than none at all

Bet you can get a hell of a deal on a big used RV now.

ALL Coffee Chain Coffee SUCKS (are you people NUTS?)

What do you think a 'pig in a poke' is?


God Damn AIRSHOW!!!!!

I miss Andy...

Apartment dwelling cat owners: A question.


I miss my sig line and avatar.

Misunderestimator is a troll!!!!

Ok... How the fuck did I get a gold star?

Where is misunderestimator?

Why did Pamela Anderson get a 'roast' on Comedy Central?

Anyone watch Oz here?

I am holding Misunderestimator's star hostage!

What do you think a "pig in a blanket" is?

I can't wait for the Sci-Fi channel tonight. I'm such a geek!

REVOLT!! They have taken over our Avatars!

So my Little sister and her friends are coming my way....

Fire Fox Settings / Help


Coheed and Cambria ROCK out..........

I gave Misunderestimator her star back

I want to send best wishes to a great American, Corretta Scott King.

Who stole my sig line?

I am a junky

HaHa! Share the joy!!!

Someone stole my Avatar!!!

Ruh roh!

Favorite Thing To Toss Out A Window (At GOP)

Two young girls died in a fire here this morning...

Which will get me more money?


Car Buying Question/contract

wireless on the front porch with a light breeze

How do you post a Bush-Lance Bike Ride thread WITHOUT starting a flame war

Keely Shaye Smith.. only 4 years?? I don't feel so badly now

I am 0 for 2 in the dating department this week

While I was in Crawford my kid stepped on the dog

I am being stalked by a gravelbot. If I hit him will I get in trouble?

Looks like George is gonna get a sock in the smirk tonight

It always happens the minute I let my guard down (romance rant)

i Love it when a 'Lecture DU' thread makes it to the greatest page

I am NOT leaving DU!

Randi says go google this: bush+finger

I want my avatar !!

Old TV shows that haven't been made into movies yet

A coworker who is known to dislike me is taking advantage of

Wondrous is our great blue ship

Kaysar went, but Janelle won HOH? Did BB give it to her?

Everyone's favorite crappy beer

Any good Golf Movies/Comedy! to rent tonight? Looking for great humor

Out of 70,000+ DUers, SOMEBODY must know if

aren't you happy everyday when you wake up & see a star by your name?

So an Imperial Cruiser crash lands on Pellinor Fields.

so am I the only person in the country without a cell phone?

Golly gosh - creeping up on 4000 posts

Pick one year from your life, and add something to the time capsule:

A child of a DUer is off to Iraq tonight.

I think I am living with a serial killer!

Who else lost a star, as a monthly contributor?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to First Lady Tipper Gore!

BLT's for dinner, come and get em'

Why does my signature duck have img on either side of the picture?

Which OTC pain reliever do you prefer?

Post here if you've donated to DU:

How many of us are going to Camp Casey this weekend?

BREAKING: I Am Having Misunderestimator's BABY!!

What makes you feel old?

Welcome to Chichiri's Cheese Shop!!

Phrases from the Simpsons now ingrained in American Pop Culture:

So I scored total brownie points with that cute waitress

This is damn hard: How well do you know 80s music - fill in the blank

I just put stitches in my hand.. Ask me anything..(pics)

TAKE THE QUIZ: What Led Zeppelin Song are you?

Heading west, at what point on the map do convenience


french/quebecois/cajun american DUers check in

I want to work out! Someone PLEASE fix my dvd player!

Art for Friday morning. (Dial-up warning.)


My Stalin Impression:

I think I am going to be ill...

so what are everyone's rip-roaring plans for this full moon friday night?

Yes, I apologized to mzmolly for my part in the primary wars.

Friday ear worm thread ~ what kind of mood are YOU in today ! hang it here

recommend some beachy/ lusty/silly summer films for me

Winona at it again?

YES!! Nike's "Big Butt" & "Thunder Thighs" ads. "Real women" ads

A few DU rules I have been in violation of...

What is your favorite Mark Wahlberg movie?


TAKE THE QUIZ DAMMIT: Are you Crazy???!!!!

Holy crap. Went to the Mall to walk in the AC....

Relationship question...

It's time to take "The Political Compass" test again!

Official DU Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Pool (join now!)

What's your religious affiliation?

There should be a law for cell phones

So why didn't the spirtual adviser see this coming?

Youth gather for 'Catholic Woodstock'

Pope Laments Increase in Anti-Semitism

Benedict warns of anti-Semitism

Politically Incorrect Guide to Science

Research promising for chocolate lovers

HIV super strain debunked; New York case not a "supervirus"

For Lesbians, Outreach on Cancer

'Gay Panic’ Slay Rap Upheld

Group disrupts Gay Day at Phillies game

Gay police officers struggle for acceptance in South

If we could "out" Rush Limbaugh, should we?

Pro-choice to abort gays?

Report: Palmiero had no explanation for steroid use before MLB panel

Flutie looks to be Brady's backup

Military Academies and Professional Athletes

Boxing: Vargas vs. Castillejo

I'm Terrell Owens. Ask me anything.

Website dedicated to dog safety

Looking for "pet stairs" in L.A. area

Tucker In Talks For Compass

Proof denies faith , but there ya go.

I hope you all know that "Pastafarianism"

Pop culture Woo-Woo alert!

Heretical thoughts on atheism and politics

Attn Purple Heart Vets


why not support Buchanan or Novak ?

On the Conyers/PDA Letter being sent about - posting my reply as thread

Latest kerry information about the lawsuit innuendos

Trying to locate any article from when Kerry said Bush rushed to war even

I need a silly Friday thread.

Can you support Dean without supporting the party?

Help me pick my "Reflections" entry... (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Newletter 8/19/05 -- Under Attack

Just saw KO's I Quit segment from last night on MSNBC as a ...

Is KO going to be on Dan Patrick's show today?

Found this article while trolling the internets for dead politicians (eh,

For the David Gregory fans:

KOEB 8/19/05: But He Didn't Inhale!

Botany at Gull Bay!

John Roberts: Brash and Opinionated

Rush Limballs DISSES Gold Star Moms by saying "People LOSE THINGS".....

What type of person could defend this ?

Westar Energy fined $40,500 for channeling money to DeLay...

Help with stats...

Getting to the "Core" of Inflation Propaganda

Freepers' prayers have been answered!

Bush's Achilles Heel - not the war but OIL

Who is this idiot? "I Am A Republican" ?

Audio: John Conyers on "Democracy Now" & "Tony Trupiano Show"

Remembering other issues: Arctic Refuge & PTSD

AP Title: "Documents Show Roberts' Conservative Side." (SIDE?)

Joe Wilson for President?

Voting with Touch Screens

DU This Poll: Should Gov. Bob Taft resign?

Sept 24 in DC talking point re: Recruiters using No Child Left Behind list

LAT: Stage Set for Fundraising Free-for-All

Before the invasion, what if George Bush had said....?

Counting the Casualties in Iraq

Look at this stat from Ohio re: shrub's approval.

I wonder if the Bush people will try to pull this crap:

Don't Forget The Real Meaning of Camp Casey

Prayer Vigil by Conservatives in Crawford?

"You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" rightwing caravan headed to Crawford

Perry, DeLay and Drones

euro and crude prices

So, anyone going to Crawford tomorrow? Is there still a DU meeting place?

HELP!! DU this AOL poll for Cindy Sheehan

'Sun' Columnist Ends 24-Year Run w/ Blast At Iraq War (Impeachment...)

Is Ohio's Gov. Taft a descendent of the president?

Porn makes you blind.....The Economist

One of my LTTE'S supporting Cindy Sheehan got published today!!!

Democracy Now Broadcast Today from Camp Casey. Listen below.

DU this Poll!!! FReeptards are working overtime

TX: Election lawsuit expanded to include insurance companies

"Dear Mrs. Bush, please ask your husband to meet with Cindy Sheehan"...

Great article on the stolen elections and why it will get worse

The Crawford Coward Rides....

25 years later? ... nahhhhhh, it couldn't be ...

Approval ratings for all US Senators as of 08/18/2005, by Survey USA

"surrender early and often" ... we should worry about Iraqi women.

The attacks on those we should support

Truthout: "Why Bush Can't Answer Cindy"

Reply from Senator Mikulski on the Patriot Act

Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush - 9:1 swing state ratio

Liberal "Hawks" and Iraq

if you won't help stop it, we will fight you ...

Gingrich v. DeLay

The forum is full of freeper scum today.

Who would like to see Jason West run vs. Hillary and Pirro?

Plame Cindy

John Roberts, as Reagan aide, backed national ID card

Do you think Casey Sheehan would have gone to war knowing Bush lies??

Whats it like being Ken Mehlman?

I hate Joe Scarborough

SJ Mercury: Bush won't meet Sheehan because she departs from his script

US Elections run by the mob for the 'pukes...

WaPo - "What Democrats Should Be Saying" by David Ignatius

An Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan by Stephen Mansfield (was on NPR/ATC)

Cindy's son was killed in war and her mother had a stroke

Bush Plans Sept. 11 Reminders

SF: Explosion prompts fears - quickly proved unfounded - of terror attack

Another R Governor (Kentucky) hires a lawyer

Howard Dean filing FOIA request for Roberts' documents

Max Cleland's Dem radio address: "Plan for Victory is Not Working"

Judge rules Bush admins wolf plan is illegal

Cindy: "Memo to Drudge, et al: It's Not About Me, It's About the War"

2006 Democratic Platform

what is John Roberts problem?

How Many American kids must die in Iraq

I wish that the big media would be fair to us

Could Bush & Co be outsmarting us?

Future Justice Roberts' very bad idea

sticks and stones may break my bones ... but assassination ...

Something I've noticed on DU lately.

Fox & Friends sleaze on Cindy Sheehan 8/19 (Cindy and the blind cleric)!

The baby Jesus may have been born of immaculate conception....

'We're an empire now ... we create our own reality'

National Ad Makes Fun Of Bush

Bush Poll number rise dramatically: Rasmussen Report

The War of 2006

Don't let Kerry wuss out on Ohio

Pakistani Newspaper: Saddam offered to resign before invasion

Sound heard yeterday: Bob Taft copping to a plea; Repug Titanic hitting ..

Ran across this tonight

National Geographic's "Inside 9/11"

Melanie Morgan on Hardball again...

Kos: Bush 'Shatters' Reagan Vacation Record

The War Party

sign petition to help get roberts documents. email from DNC

What HAS Cindy Sheehan said about Israel?

Eleanor Clift: "Bush has bigger problems than Cindy Sheehan"

Conyers: Republican electoral dirty tricks - Paul Krugman Does It Again

Dolly Parton gets political in concert: "Blowin In The Wind" and "Imagine"

A headline and first paragraph from my own brain

Latest kerry information about the lawsuit innuendos