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Archives: August 20, 2005

Crawford Vigil Is Not Over

Senators Have a .. Duty to Examine .. Nominee's Full Record

What Watergate could teach the White House

. . . support and defend the Constitution . . .

Why Are the Media Having Such a Hard Time Covering Cindy Sheehan?

Clift: A Historical Footnote (Sheehan, Bush, Iraq, Dems, Repubs)

Proposed activity: Alerting Media & Demand coverage of Roberts memos

BREAKING NEWS!! White girl killed by tiger!!!!

This site has almost everything you need to know about E85 fuel

“Good News Bears”? Not Really

Oil prices spike on news; analyst predicts $70 a barrel

Mary Fowler explains high gas prices

Deep, abiotic petroleum - Could it be?

Gaza protesters hurl acid at police

I have a blog now and some of you may want to read it...

US Army Major [ret} / radiation expert : Missle hit pentagon

John Conyers on Krugman’s OP/ED & the Kerry/Edwards Rumors

A simple way to create complete accountability in elections.

Pic of Camp Casey in Chico, CA

Gilchrist joining race to replace Cox

Bush Administration Disputes Calif. on Tuna Mercury Warnings

Cindy Sheehan Support Rally in Los Angeles

Elesha Gayman for Iowa House

Sighting: "War is Peace" & "Can you feel a draft?"

Is anyone going to stop flying Northwest, now that it looks like a strike

Anyone from Denton need a ride to Crawford tommorow? I'm going to come

Sign Petition to be Delivered to White House Sept. 26th- Strike for Peace

WONDERFUL LTTE about Bunny Greenhouse!

After reading Binka's thread, I realized what DU is missing...

Great thread on Kos with real "person on the street" interviews re: Bush

Bill Kristol's commentary regarding Cindy Sheehan on PBS's Newshour

Ok I promise these are the last of my Crawford pics

Whoever donated in my name....

Call Dish Network and demand that they carry Current TV 1-8880-347-4881

You know what pisses me off

Not all baptists are crazy

I have a question

Kurd: Islam May Get Bigger Role in Iraq

David Gregory sitting in for Russert, Sunday, on MTP.

[Audio][Video] Another babbling coward on Faux News

CurrentTV wants to add Breaking News to the network!

BREAKING NEWS!! White girl killed by tiger!!!!

St Pete weekly protest they are trying to kill

Republicans, Democrats Differ on Security Versus Civil Liberties in Subway

These "people" (and I'm using that world lightly) are ANIMALS

A new song from Camp Casey.

Kicking Cindy when she's down....

U.S. protesters dig in despite absent anti-war mom

Philosophical Political Question

What is a Minor Stroke?

Is there a site that calculates time allotted for broadcast news stories?

KO's worst person in the world: Limbaugh

How does it end?

Political Health Question

Administration Trying to Learn More About Incident Involving U.S. Warship

"American Family Assn." in a LATHER! Court rules atheism is a religion!

Why Media Reform Matters So Very Much

Why the hell did Chris Matthews have to take off...

Gladio and the strategy of tension

What are the Australians afraid of?

My Video./Audio clips

WTF with the "strokes" all of a sudden?

My Nana would like to know where Molly Ivins is at these days. Have not

Is Cindy Sheehan going to be on Real Time With Bill Maher tonight?

America's Prognosis

And another annoying MSM voice....Heidi Collins, bottle red head,

The election was fixed when they sent Bremmer to Iraq.

"Is Judy Miller sleeping with Arthur Sulzberger?" asked on AAR tonight.

There are TWO VERSIONS of what it means to keep up the troops' morale:

Tonight's Nightline will feature Cindy Sheehan... (Awesome!!)

Kellyanne conway is making me ashamed to be blonde

Nightline Special on Cindy Sheehan

CLG's Coup 2004 page

how much is evolution accepted in other parts of the world ?


U.S. Anti-War Group Won't Pay Iraq Sanctions Fine

Has Anyone Ever Tried Google Earth?

Who? This Sheehan? That woman? I met her.

According To SurveyUSA, Only 13 States Are Anti-Choice

What They Did Last Fall - Krugman

Such a thing as "too late"

CNN Poll: Hagel's comparison, Iraq to Vietnam

Is this a record? Hitting 1,000 donations by Friday evening?

Pic of Camp Casey in Chico, CA

When did VP say "The insurgency is in it's last throes"?

Just argued with freepers!

Can we have a round of applause for Bob Costas

Bill Maher is back


Skinner appreciation thread

Daily Herald finally post my vigil makes it into a pro bush piece

Update on Cindy's Mom - from her lawyer

"Mr. President, prior to 7/14/2003, were you aware that Valerie Wilson....

"Americans want to know that their president leads a balanced life."

I didn't WANT to be right.

Bill would let police monitor your e-mail

When the subject of Rove's treason came up on Bill Maher's show,

PLEASE read this excellent article... Cindy has even touched Kenya


Should we have invaded Afghanistan after 9/11?


Well, for all those who missed Bill Maher and will see

History Channel just mentioned KAL 007 in passing... Ready 4 a conspiracy?

I can solve the problem of illegal immigrations simply and easily

The legacy of "Johnny K": Fallen Philly soldier revealed the ugly truth ab

What was the Friday News Dump this week?

As a Christian I have no problem with evolution or even UFO's.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Roll Call

Cartoon:While the End of the World Scenario Will Be Rife with Horrors...

About the Vioxx Verdict

Who's more pro-American? Karl Marx or George W Bush?


Bush is going to Idaho, right?

CQ CQ CQ special events station in Crawford. CQ CQ CQ.

More Crawford pics

Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

So, where is LynnTheDem?

M Dowd: "You know you're in trouble when Henry Kissinger gives you ...

Bush wants the power to have anyone killed with the stroke of a pen

They're so young!

why don't the TROOPS get a month-long vacation in Texas?

Phew, here goes. I quit Wal-Mart in the morning.

Does Bill Moyer have a website?

Perhaps instead of fighting over oil we should focus on not using it.

Maher thinks that Bush SHOULD NOT meet with Cindy Sheehan.

Tell me WHY 'peak oil' isn't "for real"

2 Georgia Gold Star Moms Travel To Texas To Take Cindy's Place (Dailykos)

Best picture from Camp Casey

My 1000th Post: A plea, an appeal, a tirade, a joke, a hope, & 1000 words

How do you feel about the fact that those calling for withdrawal from Iraq

O'Reilly attacks Cindy? Let's give him the LOOFAH treatment

Best freeper smack down ever!

check out the most popular Camp Casey images ---- ----- ---- > LINK

Viewers' review: Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO

Congratulations DUers, you did it! 1000 donations in record time!

When did it turn into "sovereigntist"?

Police rethink shoot to kill policy

Over 1,700 sickened at N.Y. water park (Seneca Lake Park’s Sprayground)

Early Birds Begin 2008 Courtship Dance

I love Tom Oliphant

NYT: Frist Backs Bush on Teaching 'Intelligent Design' in Schools

NYT/AP: 3 Sunnis Promoting Vote Slain in Iraq

2 Ex-GIs Cleared of Iraq Mistreatment

Tonight's Nightline will feature Cindy Sheehan... (Awesome!!)

Coretta Scott King Is Mostly Paralyzed

Australians to sue Vioxx maker

Demonstration At Mexican Consulate Creates Chaos (San Diego)

Attackers Fire Missiles at Navy Ship in Jordan

Kurd: Islam May Get Bigger Role in Iraq

WCCO: NWA Mechanics Strike

WP: Roberts Scoffed at Promotion for O'Connor

WPpg1: Soviet Germ Factories Pose New Threat: Lack Security

Frist backs 'intelligent design' teaching

Snubinator? Gov. Schwarzenegger says he won't attend UC Merced opening

Kansas attorney general sues to block state-funded abortions

Mother's choice: become a suicide bomber or your children will die

18 Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in Wisconsin

Grim torturer of apartheid era dies at 54 (Biko's killer)

CNN: U.S., Taliban bargained over bin Laden, documents show (1998)

Western Shoshone appeal for United Nations intervention

Indonesian Outage Leaves 100 Million Without Electricity

Kerry blisters Republicans, touts Democratic comeback at state lev

Northwest Airlines: STRIKE IS ON

Ex-Halliburton Subsidiary Worker Guilty

Grovelbot appreciation thread

LOL "deebs"

grovelbot used my ointment

holy holy

My 700th post ...

cocaine jesus song

My name is Prince! And I am FUNKY!

LOL!! Joke news story about chimp. At first I thought it was real!!

Keep your damn birds locked up and away from my outdoor cats!

grovelbot is giving me a ride to the vd clinic

i'd Like to know groveLbot's poLitics

I don't normally like this cartoon.

the "man purse"

matcom is such a groupie.

you can't hustle a hustler

There is a new virus

I can't tell if this is satire or serious.

Advice from a Catholic ArchBishop

Grovelbot left the seat up and drank the last of Milk....

Nun Joke

Grovelbot ran up my phone bill with phone sex charges.

Grovelbot chews with his mouth open.

I caught Grovelbot snooping around in my underwear drawer.

grovelbot touched me in a special way

Why does everyone assume Grovelbot's a dude?

Grovelbot slept with my dishwasher.

Oh! I was at breakfast with a co-worker today, and the woman next to us...

i came home after work today

Grovelbot voted FOR the war.

Misunderestimator & I Are Registered At

Grovelbot doesn't buy blue.

It's the man song.......

Grovelbot touched my wee-wee

grovelbot won't let me switch avatars

Grovelbot switched my long distance provider...

Any Guiness World Record wantabees?

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Grovelbot steals subway tokens from Japanese tourists...

Grovelbot ate my baby!

Grovelbot killed Buckwheat

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Grovelbot stole my grandmother's social security check...

grovelbot beat me for my dope money

Grovelbot steps on baby squid.

Grovelbot's mother sucks eggs.

Grovelbot wore my Birkenstocks...

Grovelbot is reading the latest Harry Potter to my children.

Grovelbot keeps lesbians for house cats.

Grovelbot stole my car!

Grovelbot HATES Kittens AND Pandas.

grovelbot subscribed me to NewsMax's Investment Newsletter!

the penitent

Grovelbot hunts and kills songbirds!

grovelbot moonlights as a corporate gangster

Grovelbot is Lord Voldemort.

Grovelbot IS batboy!

Quick! Fave LEGAL MP3 Download site?

Grovelbotbud is a SLED!!

youthere has a Grovelbot fetish

ok. propriety and proprietary interests intervene

We ought to be getting close to the 1000 mark!

i just turned off my grovelbot thread post-repeater algorithm

Grovelbot killed my mother, raped my father, and sold my sister

Grovelbot Green is PEOPLE!

Grovelbot bogarted my fatty.

Grovelbot's harshing on my buzz, dude!

Grovelbot killed Steve Guttenberg

Is this for real, Walken for President???

Grovelbot stole George Smith's $50K and threw him off the cruise ship!

I survived my family reunion

What is your favorite grovelbot thread?


The Gap's new 'curvy' cut jeans are AMAZING

Grovelbot nearly choked on a pretzel.

Grovelbot is the new Washington Times Religion Editor!

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grovelbot left robot DNA on my thigh

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Grovelbot's fetish for German latex scheisseporn cost us the war in Iraq!

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Grovelbot brags on AOL that he has "D" cells. He's lying.

Dang, the one time DH goes to the grocery store without me

Grovelbot is not my lover...

I'm listening to Air Grovelbot Radio right now!

OMG The gravelbot is gone. Did I scare it way?

I had Grovelbot in my Y-Fronts earlier.

The Grovelbot Will NOT be Televised!

* is Grovelbot's secret lover

can we get back to cat pics please?

We need more cowbell in the Whitehouse.

Mitch Pileggi is on Stargate....

gravel butt: kids just don't get good injuries anymore!

Touch me on the inside with a finger full of gravy

Get yer grovelbooty right here:

Donald and Daisy Duck, (joke, really)

Knock it the fuck off with the Grovelbot posts.

Caption this photo!

Rita Cosby. Give that woman a sip of hot tea.

Large,Hot and Heavy

Grovelbot has Limbaugh's pilonidal cyst in a jar.

Grovelbot's ma' baby daddy...

It's the bewitching hour! Battlestar Galactica or Monk!

Real Time with Bill Maher Poll

Grovelbot was a member of the Hitler Youth..

Songs you don't get--like, what is Prince's "Seven" about?

I don't have anything interesting to say!

Grovelbot's carving Frida Kahlo profiles on my Børns with a rabbit thigh

Stop the GrovelBot Madness!

Sanford and Son

i'm listening to chalino sanchez

I need a massage :(

Why does Grovelbot hate America?

I need a message :(

Grovelbot killed Snopes!

grovelbot is that than which nothing greater can be conceived

Yesterday it was my birthday

Grovelbot lies when he "explains" Feynman Diagrams


Grovelbot is the illegitimate child of Dr. Laura Schlesinger..

Fresh-from-the-farmstand corn on the cob and icy cold beer...

I have a new sig line

I need a messerschmitt :(

DirecTV vs Dish Network

Grovelbot is the Lindbergh baby.

"Best of Show": "Like Voo-Doo without the doll" Bwahahahaha!

Cat survives 25,000 volt jolt and 40 ft. fall.

Well, I think I hurt my knee again!

Our puppy is the cutest puppy ever! Yes, really, she is!

"It's 11 PM. Do You Know Where Your Country Is?"

Tonights earworm. Download "Imagine This"

Being a keyboard-commando tough guy makes me feel "empowered".

"A prisoner of Christ Jesus, in Him I die daily."

Media reports: Fox gives man rabies!

There's a cricket in my house. Ask me anything.

Duzn't he mayk yu prowd? QUAYLE TO THE CHIEF!

If a grovelbot falls in the woods..

I Miss the Lounge!

"Bewitched" was not that great.

So MisU knocked up Matcom...anything else of interest happen today?

Ever have a scope stuck up your nose and down your larynx?

Tech people help me out here

funny sign I saw today (eeewww )

Short Quiz for Smart People .......

In the beginning was the Grovelbot, and the Grovelbot was with God,

Damn: The video signal on the red sox game just crapped out

Fuck. I'm exhausted and I need to pick up my SO from the station

Doesn't he make you proud? HAIL TO THE CHIEF

Recently started a martial practices (arts) program and my body HURTS!

Attn: People with knowledge of HTML (and XHTML)

uncharacteristic drama queen post

Paul Hackett for Tampa Bay Head Coach!!

Dr. Bronner visits DU

I need a messier :(

Piles and Piles of Little Dogs

Is Bill Maher on again?

I AM Misunderestimator's and matcom's baby! Ask me anything.

Who Has A Pair of Costa Del Mars?

Leno: Bush reading "The Country's Just Not That Into You"

Careful. My puppy has his eye on you.

Funniest Baby Pacifier EVER!

Anybody else pumped about Real Time With Bill Maher coming back?

1,000 donations! YEARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not the leaving of liverpool that greiiiivvveeesss me, my darling...

Who's watching "The Spy who Loved Me" on AMC?

So: it's all about pandas and Nobody cares about Penguins?

I'm such an embarrassment to the male gender!


Anyone else love "Stand by me"? Damn I love that movie

I have a new pic in my sig line !

why do so many places set their AC too cold?

My brother spentd 14 months in Yugo during the civil war in the UN.

What is your relationship with your penis (serious quesiton)

The Ramones!

Best bionic character

What's your favorite Apocalypse song.

You MUSTMUSTMUSTMUST see 40-year-old Virgin!!

Anybody heard of The Boo Radleys?

UNBELIEVABLE lightning storm, here.

Anybody seen Gato Moteado?

The OFFICIAL "I told ya so, dead guy" thread!

I have a confession to make.

The Clenis killed Natalee Halloway

Who the hell is KellyAnn Conway and why was she on Bill Maher tonight?

This is my first time in the lounge, and I need to ask:

The new movie by Wes Craven

Please go recommend the following thread

Whatcha drinkin?

Six Feet Under: the last prior episode before it all is over-now

At this point, I think gieco could offer to insure my car for FREE...

Ummm - where'd all the siglines go??

Favourite Sportscaster?

What's your dog's name?

Cat owners: do your cats ever go bonkers?

Lets play a game: Suppose that tonight God was proven to not exist...

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes is playing on the radio. Who wants to dance with me?

I am the Ann Coulter of Relationship Advice...........

Great animation song. "We can't afford our gasoline."

I'm Homeless in CT

As a tribute to Sniffa, I am now going to capitalize

Do you believe in extra-terrestrials visit earth.

Dr. Laura is going to cry on Scarborough Country tonight.

Recommend a good music video DVD?

How does one show their, for lack of a concise word,

I'm drinking OE and listening to Skynyrd. Ask me anything.

Sign this petition to bring back Blue-Jay's squirrel!!!

BSG???? GODAMMIT! These writers kick ass!

Holy Crap - Indian "Design" Company just got soooo busted ripping off site

Funniest Baby Tee EVER!

I just saw Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man.

Intelligent design

Interesting snake behavior noted in July ...

For those in hawaii

Timlin blew it!

Senator Harry Reid had a mild stroke

Blame the moon? Any correspondence to full moon and mood?

Looks like I'll be buying some Pepsi - (If this is true, that is)

"Churches seeking pastors with marketing skill"

"Woo Woos"??? Been away a while.. can someone explain?

John Conyers on Paul Krugman’s OP/ED & the Kerry/Edwards Rumors

Kerry blisters Republicans, touts Democratic comeback at state level

I think this is fascinating

what the fuck ?

Still searching for a "good" flower snapshot

Costas story on front page

Well, cats and kittens!

Worst person in the world on KO, 8/19: RUSH LIMBAUGH!

An end of the Day Happy Birthday to President Clinton

self delete

"GD Discussion Politics" Answers the kindness..........

A Retrospective - An image from an optimistic moment

Did anyone hear Jim's Conspiracy Corner

Vacation no getaway as rash of bad news dogs Bush at ranch

What 1800 looks like:

Here's One I've Never Seen Before!

So, like how many other Supremes have been appointed via Quid Pro Quo?

Joplin Globe (MO) Prints False Info. to Support Medicaid Cuts

Newt Gingrich

How about a major address to the American people from Edgar Bergen (oops!

Gas prices and Iraq

Paul Hackett in 08

Rove's Revenge? Selective declassification of historical docs.

Lawsuit unveils sender of anonymous campaign mailings (More Ne GOP Crimes)

"The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall"

Ever Notice all we get from the BushCo is excuses and more EXCUSES?

DAY 84 in ARUBA..missing Blonde...Rush sez,Git over it, People LOSE THINGs

Senator Harry Reid had a mild stroke

Just watched the coverage of "Camp Casey" on Nightline.....

Michael Moore Web: "George is a no-show" for Camp Casey prayer service

Today my favorite Rushbot told me he'd vote for Feingold.

Olbermann: Limbaugh "worst person in the world" 2 Days In a Row!

DUer Binka's son is off to Iraq, please click thru to support her:

Oil and Gas Robberbarons

John Conyers on Paul Krugman’s OP/ED & The Kerry/Edwards Ohio Rumors

last throes to lengthy campaign .cheney compares it to american revolution

Bernie Sanders calls for oil price controls and windfall profit taxes

Rove and Treason--A letter from Carl Levin

Top Ten Reasons Bush and Cheney Should Go Directly to Jail

Immigration - why do people want open borders?

Kerry blisters Republicans, touts Democratic comeback at state level

Iraq casts darkening cloud over Bush administration

Cheney vs. the Peaceniks

"There's a big stink in the air, and it's coming from our 'leaders' "

Cheney's Paraguay Caper Is Intended To Produce 'A Splendid Little War'

The latest from your favorite kooky thespian, Michael Moriarty!

James Wolcott: Flickers at Dusk

Press Enterprise (CA): Cargo's duty

Baltimore Sun: Failure is an option

Rightwinger Watching TV

Hot Stuff...Krugman on electiions and their theft:

Arianna Huffington: Russert Watch: Back, Rested, and Ready to Come Clean? Editorial: "You Mowed Down His Cross"

Work until you drop: how the long-hours culture is killing us

Please respond to this racist L2E! (especially last paragraph!)

The Psychology of Torture

Desertion arrests fairly regular here

Globe and Mail: "Trading with the ‘schoolyard bully'" (guess who)

MoDo: Hey, What's That Sound?

Some ammo for your next argument about Iraq....

Cindy Sheehan (HuffPost): Hypocrites and Liars


"Duck Soup" by Chris Floyd (excellent read).

"The same but different."

Santorum’s People Toss Young Women out of Barnes & Noble, Trooper Threaten

How They Get Away With It

The Psychology of Torture

Sen. John Kerry Blisters Republicans

Maybe it's time to befriend a moderate Conservative

Proposal to get DNC to back parallel elections in a big way

Take Action links and updates on Cindy+ from

Protesters picket outside Senator Chafee’s office

Police arrest five anti-war protesters, two injured, in march

DU this Waco-Tribune Herald Poll on Cindy (leading area paper in Crawford)

Costas Refuses to Host Show on Holloway

Condoleezza Rice - 9/11 Commission (Video)

The Target ads in this week's New Yorker

Supermodel becomes Western Shoshone ally in campaign

Calif. AG Disputes FDA on Tuna Warning

The Oil Effect, New York Times, Saturday, August 20, 2005

Recycling for old VHS Tapes and CDs @

1,700+ In 20 NY Counties Sickened With Cryptosporidiosis From Water Park

China, 1995 - "Development First, Environment Later" - "Later" Arrives

The 500-MPG Car: A Pipeline Dream, or Full of Hot Air? - NY Sun Aug 16 200

Pentagon Aims to Ease Fears Over Base Plan

Ecuador warns protesters

Canadians Reject Extradition in Marijuana Case

NIGERIA: Obasanjo admits extrajudicial killings by police, pledges action

Gaza Evacuation Should Be Americans' Last Straw

BBC (Saturday): Abbas sets out his plans for Gaza

From Juan Cole's INFORMED COMMENT:Saturday, August 20, 2005

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday/ Saturday 8/19-20/05

Okay, Take a Small Break and visit the General and General Politics

Diebold hires top Dem for PR blitz (former DNC chair)

Bush needed 16% (1 in 6) Gore 2000 voters to win by 3 million votes

Wednesday night, 7-8pmish, Tommy's Joynt on Van Ness

Retired USS Iowa Headed Inland After San Francisco's Antiwar Rejection

Mayor of Irvine will speak at Patrick Henry Dem Club's meeting 8/23

L.A. high school loses accreditation (Crenshaw)

Open Mosque Day Lomita, Hawthorne, Culver City - Sunday

Have a spare bedroom? Democrat interns need a place to crash

Steve Kelley for Minnesota Newsletter

Call to Action: Back to Basics-- our Vote in 2006 (and 2005)

Some called me for a survey the other day

Twin Cities turning deaf ear to political talk radio shows

i need a free art program...any ideas?

Ohio's would-be Patriot Act

Have you heard this radio commercial?

Where to see your Democratic candidates this week

Rick Perry to appear at AFA Pastor Policy Briefings

Report on Tom DeLay's private townhall meeting

self delete

3 Sunnis Promoting Vote Slain in Iraq

I Want To Know...

mopaul, DistressedAmerican, any DUer who puts picture commentary together

The Smartest Guys in the Room

Shame on Me. I talked my son out of joining the Army.

Does Bush's behavior remind anyone else of Berlin, April - May 1945 ?

"america is still the greatest country to live in," so said my friend last

Marine tells (again) of phoney Saddam capture saga....

Repubs need to stop comparing Iraq's "constitution" with our own...

Will you still support the Dems after Abu Grhaib photos are released?

Another eBay Cindy-bashing Idiot Alert

the call for a September 24 demonstration reminded me of this . . .

Be a good american!

Desertion arrests fairly regular here

The next time talking heads and repugs say

There's never been anything to compare with "liberal" radio....

Is there a Peace House in Idaho near where bush is going?

Do you encrypt your email today ?

Europe to Join Russia in Building Next Space Shuttle

L.A. high school loses accreditation (Crenshaw)

oh looky.........*moron is getting his lights punched out

Joe Lieberman To Meet With Cindy On Behalf of Bush!

Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory

The Constant Gardener looks intense, it's been a while

82 Days Without a Press Conference

Courtney Love sent to drug rehab

Letter to Larry Northern (Camp Casey cross vandal)

So Little Boots is headed to Idaho, where the heck is

The high gasoline prices are Bill Clinton's fault...

CNN Suddenly FLOODING Their Coverage Today With Rising Gas Prices

If you haven't already...

Cindy Sheehan has basically told Little Boots to "Bring it on"

The troops are over there fighting so high school football can be played!!

Why Haven't High Gas Prices Affected The Economy Yet?

Rumsfeld was on Charlie Rose last nite. I fell asleep waiting....

Iraq at the gates of hell

question to Crawford... How's the "ditch"? I'm sure it was left

Hunter S. Thompson to Blast Off Today---

In the last year the Federal reserve has raised interest rates eight times

DU role call, who's still up?

Veterans for Peace heading back to Crawford

Crawford, Texas is the Central Front in the War on Terror, not Iraq.

Why wouldn't another big tax cut for the wealthy...fix things?

Iraq Talks Stall Over Islam, Oil; Kurds Could Drop Demand for Right to Sec

(VIDEO) Hackett on Bill Maher

Top 15 Talk Show Hosts

Phyllis Schlafly is so full of shit (as usual)

NORAD drops terms

I Give a Sheet Vigial (Rethug counter-protest in Crawford)

Lance, YES | Gold Star Moms & Dads, NO --> The Heartless President >>>

Someone please help me with

Submitting a petition to Tony Blair?

After the '70s oil crisis, did the ME folks deliberately set us up?

Some stuff I found out while accommodation hunting for the march

Please sign this DNC petition for Roberts papers.....

Wal Mart lobbyists

Profound words from the Daily Howler

Do I have page 10 commercial

Poll: Most Blame Cindy Sheehan for High Gas Prices

The Most Amazing Inventions of 2004. (a cell phone?!)

How exactly does protesting the stupid war HURT the soldiers?

American Family Association sponsoring Pastor Policy Briefings

(VIDEO) Cafferty rips media over BTK coverage on Blitzer's show

Kitten shot with arrow. This is an outrage.

"The Best way to Honor the Fallen is to Finish the Job", DEAD wrong bush

America backs Shar'ia in Iraqi constitution.

Marriage/Birth Question

Want to read some good war propaganda..

Any ex-UPCers out there - check out these photos!

The 'Urban Legend' of the 200 Miles Per Gallon Carburetor

What Does the Administration’s Leaked Mea Culpa on Iraq Portend?

Garth Brooks cuts a deal with Wal-Mart

Need help please.

Chip architecture question: Why decrease the nm's instead of just using

Sauce for the goose: for-profit colleges.

Police: Remains of LaToyia Figueroa found, x-boyfriend arrested

"I Give a Sheet"?????

CIA Report on 9/11 is Complete

Jordan finds launcher for attacks

Truthout: Saturday morning Camp Casey report!

"Cindy Sheehan helped murder her own son"

The face behind Bush vigil - article about Cindy

Editor Explains Reasons for 'Intelligent Design' Article

Walmart Ads in Vogue

Can We Sue Bush?

I Feel We Should Withdraw Now

Check out the flamewar at this great blog!

What's the story with Bob Costas refusing to host Larry King Live?

Tragedy is funny for this puke!

Why Bush Can't Answer Cindy

FReepers going to HELL with *

Someone asked why Bush didn't plant WMDs. Its because they are watching


I Can't Afford My Gasoline (Dial up Alert)

Fitzgerald has reputation for pursuing man at the top

Check out this Freeptard's LTTE!

Who The In The Hell is Melanie Morgan?

Is Bush daring the terrorist to attack us?

There was a short period of time

Is Lance going to visit the Camp before he leaves Crawford?

Real Time

LTTE from my local paper today

Everything I know about Civil Disobedience I learned from Black Americans

CBC employees to turn lockout dynamics on their head

Families Fill Cindy's Shoes

Photos from Camp Casey and Women's March to Bush Ranch

If you must post slime from Freeps or Drudge, et al

I'm surprised that * and Rove made such a mistake with Sheehan

Yesterday our mailman called Cindy a "bitch" and

smirk's man & oil pimp Bob Slaughter of the NPRA opens his mouth


Silicon Valley celebrates a "0.1 percent" job growth. Wow. Fucking WOW.

Problems logging in to Crawford Peace House

"Bitch Dog" and "Jeffery Scrotum Bag Barnes"

Truckers allowed to go 11plus hours

LAMO -- Senate will "hold hearings on gas prices Sept 8th"..what a joke

Did Lance tell Idiot* his war would have funded 30 YRS of cancer research?

HUMMER with license plate: NVRSETL - WTF?

Could expensive gas be a good thing?

Turn on C-Span2 right now dammit! Caldicott's still on for the next 90 min

Warrior's Walk in Ft. Stewart, GA. This is so wrong......

Well off to buy gas...

Anyone remember the mini-series "V" ???

Snopes confirms Barbara Bush "Beautiful Mind" quote

Garth Brooks a Wal-Mart Exclusive

PIX of the Resort Where George Will Take a Vacation from his Vacation >>>

Audio Link: Left, Right, and Center radio show discusses Cindy Sheehan

RW Shtick - "Poll: Military Families Not 'Fonda' Cindy Sheehan"

Where do we go to check tombstones?

If the war had been quick and easy and gas was under $2.00 would the ...

Is our military as fractured as our CIA?

Army Fun & Games

Great DVD series - Vietnam, a Television History....

Should we boycott Northwest Airlines?!!

For those who live in 'Red' (Repub) areas. During the Clinton presidency,

A moment of cowardice -- or good sense?

I understand that Chimpy is going on an Iraq-a-palooza tour

Recycling for old VHS Tapes and CDs @

Bush: "All which is on the table begins to address the big cost drivers."

Recommend the ALL Cindy thread for the greatest page please

The Shirker President.

Will Bush ever take another vacation without a protest vigil by his side?

Do you know what Santorum means?

Homosexual marriage will lead to mono-gloved marriage

Hypocrites and Liars

Missing pregnant woman that the media ignored--her body has been found

Never fear- Dean on getting the hell OUT. Face the Nation.

Rasmussen polls are Shit o' bull...!!!

I saw the greatest yellow ribbon magnet last night.

What Cindy Sheehan Really Wants

Sheehan should respond to Bush's Pro Iraq War speeches this week

Does Bush Fear the Judgement of History?

Garth, Your friends sure are in low places

Iraq War Summary as playground

War Resisters Support Campaign

How to debunk anything. Hilarious.

Cindy Sheehan Exposes The Right Wing Noise Machine

Remember Bush can only deliver speech's to screened americans

Elaine Chao, Labor Secretary served on Northwest Airlines board

eBay--Someone selling for personal profit re: Cindy Sheehan

Hey, guys, VH1Classic is playing "Woodstock"

Washington, D.C. Events, Rallies & Actions

The roots of our enslavement

Base Closure Plan Goes Before Commission


Late-Night Jokes About Bush's Record-Setting 2005 Vacation

Help this Raleigh poll

2 more Cindys join Protestors at Camp Casey

"U.S. concedes ground to Islamists on Iraqi law" WOO HOO "W"!

Who was it that was going to make a monument at Camp Casey

Lest we forget: Bush predicted NO casualties

Iraq insurgents plan wave of attacks

Red paper front-pages local Sheehan support

Cruella Harris

Daily Kos: Cindy's Diary...MY MOM

What makes a good house warming gift ?

We will keep shooting to kill, decide Yard chiefs

Just got a new voter ID card, is this normal?

Let's dig up another moldie oldie! Yale bombing...HUH?!

Conversations at an Oklahoma Gas Pump

Is Big-Oil getting free oil in Iraq. Or discounted?

With all the discussion of *'s delusions and fantasy world,

The Constant Gardener

Is Bush's dyslexicon projecting our transport future (biking w/Lance)?

"Prairie Chapel Road" Song and Video

Bush Vacationing in Donnelly, Idaho- Check This Out!!

Bush supports Islamist law in Iraq

I have two questions about Camp Casey

Hey Dems-look at the top of the screen at boxing glove. Now , crawl out...

Whitewashing the Protection of Terrorists on US Soil

What should be owned publicly rather than privately? Anything?

Caption this Cheney pic...

Seriously. Are men who drive Hummers compensating for something?

"Sweet Neo-con" ("complete" lyrics)

What is it with these Generals? Are thae all drinking Kool-Aid?

In Two Shootings by Iraq Vets, War Stress Blamed

Should Bush meet with pro-War Demonstrators in Crawford?

How many bits in a byte?

Army General: Troops in Iraq until 2009 ?????????? maybe

Who Won This E-mail Exchange with a Wingnut?

Painting of Cindy

Several Arrested in Jordan Rocket Attacks

Rush losing his audience (for some reason)

Stop, hey what's that sound?


I almost got arrested last night. Not really, but you gotta read this.

1863 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Alternate, renewal energy: Tidal Energy?

OKC case now open again, bombing documents ordered turned over to judge


Truthout: "You Mowed Down His Cross" By Perry Jefferies, First Sergeant,

Great poster

Will Bush Emerge from his Waco Compound Today? >>>

What's Going On - Marvin Gaye

Cindy's Diary: "Hypocrites and Liars" (today)

The difference between the Right and the Left.

Former aide: Powell WMD speech 'lowest point in my life'

Quote of the week competition. August 14 - 20

Pope Benedict shows up in Germany just in time to fuck up the election.

Resurect an oldie. WHO Was Responsible For The Airline PUT OPTIONS?

It's A War Against FUNDAMENTALISTS, Stupid

(Judith) Miller and the Saddamite

self delete

Bush: We Have To Fight Them Over There!

WalMart going into the liquor business

Guy James: "You Can't Support the Troops and GW Bush"


Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's "nut" that refused to budge. nt

U.S. policy against ‘axis of evil’ in trouble

Bill Maher's show last night had a very important message

Sheehan shows Iraqi and Muslim people what democracy is all about

Going to Crawford? Here's a map -- how to get to Camp Casey.

Who watched Bill Mahr last night?

Brainshrub just said hello to DU from Guy James Show

Some great photos from Crawford....

I Did Not Die

Hey isn't this DistressedAmerican holding up this sign in Crawford?

The Primary difference between a Republican and a Nazi.

VH1 showing a 1969 Dick Cavett show with

"The Case Against Bush" (excellent)

"Any man looks sharp in a uniform till he goes to war"

Do you hear and see what I see?

Unfreep this poll

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #3: Condoleezza Rice

Why is Michael Moore vilified as the "loony left"?

U.S. moves to counter Chavez-backed Telesur T.V..

Bush Begins 5-Day Push to Defend Iraq War

Guy James reads a fascinating letter from a soldier in Iraq.

Here's how a leader SHOULD honor his war dead

Story about a young boy and Rush Limbaugh...

Internet blog slams politicians hypocrisy on Iraq

Sooo....Nostradamus was right; yes?

Letter from a union brother

Santorum’s People Toss Young Women out of B&N, Trooper Threatens Prison

For my 200th post I declare I am a liberal,

Does anyone know the next DU fund raiser Date

Hey George Do you hear Bell ? Stephan Smith anti war video

Paul Hackett with Bill Maher (video)

Another "Guy James Show" coming your way. Its going to be a good one!

DU this Waco-Tribune Herald Poll on Cindy (leading area paper in Crawford)

What has been the biggest Revelation in recent times?

Freepers Arrive at the Pig Farm With a Gift for w** Showing their Support

Does anyone remember RICO?

PHOTO: Armstrong, Bush Ride 'Tour De Crawford'

Fair? Balanced? A Study Finds It Does Not Matter

Nice op-ed on anti-semitic "gaffe" by monorail board member

Michael Moore's "Canadian Bacon" was ahead of it's time. Deserves

Bush is having a busy day

Working with the angels in Crawford, Texas

The Leisure Activities President finally allows a photograph >>>

Cartoon; "I have to get on with my life"

[Funny but haunting] "Why I Support President Bush"

Have you seen the new CitizenSpook?

Bernie is talking about Walmart and the new Trucker driving rules..

Need music to surf to? my weekly Peace and Protest Music broadcast is up.

GOP uses the same tactics as any school yard bully since time immemorial

Update on fire that killed two young girls in Oklahoma yesterday

What in the world is up with the bleached blonde RW bimbos?

WOW What a CAMPSITE! Huge tent and MANY PIX

anti-war video

Truthout: "Hypocrites and Liars" By Cindy Sheehan

"Why don't they talk about all the good things we're doing in Iraq?!"

Stupid Question: Is Condi Married?

Citizenspook: Wilson and Plame in cahoots with White House

You know what? FUCK Lance Armstrong.

Creating Arlington Central in my yard.

Northwest brothers and sisters strike...

Who has the scoop on Irelands boom times?

DU Cindy's Hometown (Vacaville, CA) Newpaper's online poll

"Okay, We Give Up" (Scientific American Re Intelligent Design)

FBI Tells Enormous Lie About Nick Berg

What should we have done with the hundreds of Billions spent on Iraq War?

Should we record the voices of these "callers" to identify who they are?

8/20 All DU Cindy threads DAY 14

Why is the Chimp So Thin?!

I dreamed I saw Casey Sheehan last night, alive as you and me,

Bush administration break down?

Right wing group opposes vaccine that could prevent cervical cancer

The Era of American Narcissism Must End

I knew blackwater was going to show up PRO-WAR bikers

Comparison of gas prices: 2000 and 2005

DUers berated for not honoring the troops, by DUers. Why?

To me, the worst enemy is one who has nothing left to lose but his honor

Reuters: Bush invokes Sept 11 to defend Iraq war

*cough* Lance Armstrong *cough*

Time to VOTE in this poll in Cindy's hometown paper, DU'ers

I wish the goddamn DAM would burst already!

I figured out why this bike ride with Lance was so important!

Shrub's top 40 lies about war and terrorism (good handout/flyer material)

George Bush has taken 350 days of vacation in 5 years!

Troop Supporters! Help Our Military Find New Recruits

*** Favorite protest song lyrics here***

The Events at Stockwell Tube Station -- George Galloway MP


Where were the African-Americans?

Best Freeper pic since "The Moran." (From Camp Casey.)

Salt Lake City mayor calls for anti-Bush protest!!!

Rove/Repub Methods: A Descriptive List. Which if any should WE use?

So I was talking to a friend in the airline industry... there is a rumor..

Why do we call Deutschland Germany?

Most conservative metro areas or regions (as a whole)

We Need to take back the American Flag Lapel pin on Sept.24th

I Have Arrived In Crawford And I Am Ready To Rock! Brought A DU Tent.

Should police carry Guns or tasers?

Raise Rush Limbaugh's blood pressure – again!

"Bush Begins 5-Day Push to Defend Iraq War"

Willing to help demand the msm coverage of Roberts' memos?

THE LOUDEST CRY-LATimes: "Suicide Casts a Shadow on Conservation Battle"

An Anti War Song

Pro-war Democrats

Diebold hires top Dem for PR blitz (former DNC chair)

What The F...

The end of NAFTA: Canada signed away its energy and got nothing in return;

I'm getting VERY worried

A mixed bag today

I'm going to Milton Keynes tomorrow. Can anyone answer a few questions?

The Daily Show in the UK

Wife’s allegations engulf chief of Barings parent

Fraud victims despair at parole for 'Goldfinger'

Naturists open their garden of earthy delights

Disney Accused of Labour Abuses in Chinese Factories--Guardian, UK

GA official's son driver in fatal crash

Iraq insurgents plan wave of attacks

Costas Refuses to Host Show on Holloway (!!!!!)

Security prepared for Afghan election

BBC: Gonzo journalist takes final shot (Hunter's funeral)

WP: In 1980s, Roberts Criticized The Court He Hopes to Join

Texas Man Admits Taking Kickbacks from Iraqi Company-Halliburton Employee

Canadian soldier disables Afghan taxi

Bush Begins 5-Day Push to Defend Iraq War

NORAD drops terms

Senate Democratic leader Reid has mini-stroke

U.S. Willing to Discuss Peace Treaty With N.Korea

Asefi: US claim on Iran's meddling in Iraq mere hallucination

Bush Begins 5-Day Push to Defend Iraq War

UN pleads against Iraq executions

WP: Judge Tells U.S. to Revisit Wolves' Status (in the Northeast)

CIA Report on 9/11 is Complete (Washington Post)

U.S. soldier killed in Baghdad explosion

Deaths among insurgents, civilians, official

Pope urges Christians, Muslims to join in terror fight

AP: Bush Begins 5-Day Push to Defend Iraq War

In Two Shootings by Iraq Vets, War Stress Blamed

Iraqi Sunnis, anti-American Shiite cleric protest proposed constitution

AP: Army Planning for 4 More Years in Iraq

Venezuela State Oil Company to Open First Asia Office in China

Concern Grows Over Prison Islam Converts

London Police Continue Deadly Force Policy

Bush's Visit Helps Put Idaho Town on Map (Hideaway for Wealthy)

US Senator Asks Rumsfeld to Stop Criticism of Chavez (Specter R - PA)

U.S. base closing commissioners question cost savings ($14bln vs. $50bln)

London police maintain "shoot-to-kill" policy

Badges, not bullets’ for D.C. airspace mission

Scrap water project with World Bank: CPI (India)

Bush to launch campaign to promote war in Iraq

Senator: U.S., Libya Work to End Sanctions (OIL)

U.S. "concession" on Islam said to turn Iraq talks

Vote-Rigging Alleged in Pakistan Elections

Roberts's Hand in Home Rule

Judge berates US failures as 9/11 supporter is convicted

NYT/AP: Gonzo Journalist's Sendoff Set for Saturday

Activists for 'bracero' migrant workers released from custody in Mexico ..

Bush invokes September 11 to defend Iraq war in Radio Address

U.N. Agency Findings Back Up Iran Claim

Cuba, Panama Restore Diplomatic Ties

Iraqi General says US troops shot him

China, Russia Shift to China's East Coast for 2nd Stage of Military Drills

Bush: Troops in Iraq protect US from terror

Pregnant woman's remains found near Philadelphia

LAT: Radical Islam an Issue in (California) Prisons

LAT: Suicide Casts a Shadow on Conservation Battle

Sunnis Complain of Being Cut Out of Talks

Twin Cities turning deaf ear to political talk radio shows

UN envoy urges Iraq to reconsider death penalty

Police may face public inquiry over shooting of Brazilian

U.S. conceding to Iraqi Islamists, negotiators say

Debtors in Rush to Bankruptcy as Change Nears

Iraqis may have had role in attack on Navy ships

Army planning for 4 more years in Iraq

Minutemen will be armed patrolling Houston (leader has criminal record)

Dead Soldier's Dad Finds No Enemy in Iraq

AP: Northwest Jet Blows 4 Tires in Detroit

Fletcher computer files copied (warrant served + warning against pardons)

Oil Prices Climb More Than $2 Per Barrel ($70. a barrel forecasted soon)

Russian Lawmaker: 'No Doubt US Military Presence in Kyrgyzstan Will End'

Bush, Armstrong take 2-hour ride

Rumsfeld rolling joints on Late Late Show


The Hormones!

What happened to that diva of DU divas Bouncy Ball?

Advice needed

HAIRY bunny!

I desperately need a latino girl to dance with right now

1 month smoke free


Can I be a cynical optimist?

Can I be a cyclical alchemist?

"We got married in a fever . . . .

Under appreciated artists thread!

It's about time

BIG bunny!

I just got back from being outside...

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat - post your memorable

Thompson Twins.

Hocus Pocus! You now have a superpower!

"I'm Roger Lodge"

There is no better album than White Zombie's La Sexorcisto!

Email Subject lines like: Re: Or ask in saxophone decimalise

TV Question

I think I just found my new bicycle!

Joe Lieberman to meet with Cindy Sheehan on Bush's behalf

Looking at this thread means...

Well, nighthawks, I am going to call it an early night!

Can someone who knows latin translate this for me?

yo check it; little sheep...

Will Grovelbot challenge Zell Miller to a duel?

My new favorite words that I learnt here in the Lounge

I just finished "The Brothers Karamozov"

i don't like owning "stuff"

Put your Username on this thread. If you can.

Christian Camp From Hell - What else is new?

From a renter to a landlord

Free hot tune to download

Fucking A!

We can act if we want to

Goddamn power went out earlier

I'm so tired, but I can't sleep.

Question regarding music download service subscriptions:

Sometimes its hard to be a woman

Courtney Love sent to drug rehab

Ever listen to Italian Spy Music?

Don't look it up. How many nybbles in a byte?

Can you guess where this is?

Don't look it up: How many bytes in a dynner?

Don't look it up, how many tydbits in a kilobyte?

Let's Play: "Caption The Smiley"!!!

Seven times in seven days

I'm not the one who's so far away

2GB compactflash card for $104. Kingston brand. 8mb throughput.

i love my mom.

Torture and Death Are the Norm in Iraq - Just don't tell anybody

spandex on some people is just wrong!

A gut pull drag on me

Lucky lotto numbers win again

Firefox help???

So...What did Dr. Laura cry about on Scarborough?

How do I remove spyware

My Sin City review

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand

Does DS1 seem kind of....old to you now?

Peer pressure in Kindergarden

Easter 2006? Does anyone know

Girls who want boys

What did I do to deserve this?

shhhh... if you see matcom today, please be nice

I just sent recycling over 150 VHS tapes. Ask me anything.

New DU Avatar: BamaLefty

Well, 6 months since the fusion and I just moved, on my very own,

I dreamt I married Ben Affleck last night

What's your favourite toast topper?

Gene Simmons is a desparate, pathetic twit.....

Did she make you cry

Hardware question! Sound controller woes.

Jazz singer Peyroux goes missing on promo tour.

I've got time to kill...Ask me anything...

what is the fucking point?

I am going to party like a rock star tonight...

Your favourite Gene/Jean Simmons?

Get's another "Alfred E. Newman" Bush photo, and it's BAD.

Blue oyster cult and foreigner tonight in

Best Comic Book Based Movie.

It's very difficult to type with a bulky bandage on your index finger

Have you ever felt like you were falling, but you were sitting still?

Have you ever felt like you were sitting still, but you were falling?

Book TV on C-Span2 is so Great! I'm watching Dr. Helen Caldicott now.

OMG this is funny

My husband has been throwing up all day, what should I feed him?

HURRY to Vancouver - LOVERBOY is playing a FREE concert tonight

Magazines aimed at a narrow audience - bizarre

Your FAVORITE Spinal Tap album.

Reason # 57 why this country makes me mad: MTV's "My Super Sweet

I pierced my own ear last night.

People in the Pets Forum are eating dog food

Mea culpa.

The Iraq Brigades

Anyone into Daniel Lanois' music?

Are the Doobie Brothers playing in a fair near YOU??

Dukes of Hazzard - Series 1 - D.V.D.s released in the U.K. - YEHAW

Where can I buy computer games at the lowest price?

Muenster Cheese Nachos:

sending my son off to college in less than 2 weeks

Is There A New Way To Measure Fertilizer?

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

Which is the scariest image?

Anyone find it odd that Saudi Arabia has a team in the LL world series?

I noticed that I'm driving slower

OMG, when my boyfriend and I were driving around, people glared at us!

Are there any photoshoppers out there willing to help me fix a picture?

The George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz

Can you really THRUST your pet?

Can you really TRUST your pet?


Hunter Thompson cannon shot is today

i just got a letter from george bush and you didn`t !!!

I'm watching old reruns of Lassie on Discovery for Kids


Back online again. Had to put my computer in the shop.

Hit me with your rhythm stick

The Spoof: "George & Laura Bush, Cheney enter rehab for Oil Addiction"

CNN talking aobut XBox and Playstation and

I FOUND IT! I realized a few days ago that I hadn't seen my copy of

Ok I'm depressed

Do you kiss your pets?

Do you piss your cats?

I've been fig-jacked!!!!

Check out this xenophobic racist asshole's letter to the editor:

Post Stories of GOP Criminality in Your own City or State here.

I think my sister is going to stand me up again!

I'm writing my thesis this next school year. Any suggestions?

Ok, anyone know how to clean a DVD?

Bush gives Armstrong a "Tour de Crawford" t-shirt. How CUTE!

I Need Help Deciding Between Two Potential Job Offers

Woo Hoo I have a 2 hour break today!

I'm so excited for tonight, it just can't get here fast enough!

Aha! Brazil is BACK! (And a tip to streamline YOUR images!)

DUers who donated through PayPal, how long for the star?

I dreamed last night that I was dancing with Mick Jagger

Free Republic calls.

Can flat paint be made into semi-gloss?

OMG! My Neighbor is painting his house. CANTALOUPE!

Are futons passe?

Crinkle or fold?

I'm going for donuts. Who wants any?

I don't think this has gotten enough attention, so for no other reason:

Why do you wear colorful clothing in the sun?

Well... I'm off to Ozzfest!!

A Man Apart on Encore starring Vin Diesel

Do you think Rock fans hold Metallica to too high of a standard?

Bush and the Pope are back!

My little sister punched out some guy

Anyone know how to get a street sign off the wall without cutting it down?

Sexy geeks.

sorry dupe n/t

In this thread shall ye post only the TRUTH:

Thunder chased us out of the pool!

Whoever donated me a star, THANK YOU!!!

Can't come up with the performer of this song...

DVD rental at a McDonald's?

when all is said and done, there's only 10 kinds of people in the world...

Collective Psychosis Poll

More song lyrics... but these are good

Picture of the new stage for the Stones' tour

Will GrovelBot now challenge Zell Miller to a duel?

Today's Lounge Theme: Pastels.

Post 1000!

Okay, why oh why does he call himself "Magic Johnson" anyway?

Abuse Charges Filed in Dog Mill Case (Chihauhaus)

I want more money. That's it.

"Hank, let's go shoot me a Christmas tree"

i sometimes wish there was no taboo in this culture against public nudity

If Bush sees his shadow when he leaves Crawford...

Do you believe in near-death/out of body experiences?

I have dedicated a song to Gold Star Mom's for Peace

the lounge is in dire need of a theme today

"The Aristocrats"

Sundog now needs a 2/3 majority of all DUers to appear on greatest page

Concerning my Courtney Love love...

"I'll Roger Anyone"

I was sick as a dog all week

Words Women use (True or False)

President Bush Agrees to Meet with 40-Year-Old Virgin

If you own anything mechanical, don't let me near it.

Eli Lilly and Company sucks

Okay, who's seen '40 Year Old Virgin'? That's my pick of the weekend.

Is Shell Beau around today?

DUers please reposnd to racist Letter to Editor

Had a nice adventure today. We visited Fort Knox

I got back from my reading.......

Are you subversive?

Damn you Skinner! I had to get rid of my Buckeye pic

Has anyone had their parent(s) move in with them?

Who is your favorite secret agent?

Musicians and Drugs - Your opinions aren't required, but will be recorded

My dog now has a cat.

Funny shit your Mom says, you know, her trademark phrase

Awfulf news my friends.

Bow to me. I successfully programmed a VCR/DVD!

being gay & poor vol. 1

What makes a good house warming gift ?

I'm getting a tarot reading today...

Is it me, or does the new Pope

"Hello Loneliness" - Evan Ratliff on emotional spillage in an odd venue

I'm off to a Polish Wedding.......

Collective Psychic Poll:

Flea Republic

The Bilge Pumps!!!

It's National Homeless Animals' Day. Anybody here ever adopted

What's your favorite James Bond theme?

Go ahead! Just try and make some sense out of these lyrics. I dare you!

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have? (quiz )

A group of my patients at work want me to get them some WEED!

Concerning my George Clooney love...

Software question

If you were in charge of a new woodstock this October.....


"How could anyone"

can someone have a crush on your SO, and

What was THE popular boy and girl name when you were growing up?

When selling insurance turns political...

How many times has this happened to you?

Holy Crap the Best Flash animation ever!!!

I'm off to make supper

A moment of silence for the Good Doctor

I HATE IT ~ when I take something in for repair & it is a BIG PROBLEM!

I know this sounds crazy but Phoenix seems more progressive than Tucson...

I'm so *%&@^! mad right now, I feel like I need to cry!

my homage to primate one and heidi

For three-thousand posts: ask anything

Another sign of the times...

Relations strained on JP2 sainthood proposal

Pope urges Christians, Muslims to join in terror fight

Scientists Mess with the Speed of Light

Do fuel vaporizers, or vapor fuel systems, to replace carburetor, work?

US editor ignites evolution row at Smithsonian

Einstein's '1925' manuscript found

Horse Racing News - August 20th

Do you like College or Pro football better?

National Homeless Animals' Day is today.

Anyone here watch "Lassie" on TV?

Are My Cats Spoiled?

Tarot Reading - Cindy Sheehan/Anti-War Movement

Have you ever been shunned or threatened


Free of politics, speaking her mind (Ernestine Bradley)

CNN HN is actually reporting on Kerry's Seattle speech

“Hot Days of Summer” Congrats to......

Democracy Now broadcast live Friday from Camp Casey

Which of the crooked Republicans do you think will be indicted next?

Will we go to war with the Arabs for the privilege of driving our cars?

Orwell Rolls In His Grave - Watch Documentary on This Website

CIA report on 9/11 is complete

Hey - sign up for the FOIA if you haven't already...

Anyone else starting to think the Roberts nomination is a red herring?

Dem Party on the Ropes ...due to LOI, Lack of Input/Focus/Goals

Best Little Whorehouse in DC--SmirkingChimp rant

People's Petition for a Way Out of Iraq (The Nation)

I think government should go solar....

"Your son volunteered. He knew what he was getting into ..."

Why Bush can't meet with Cindy

Even Nixon met with the protesters.

that main article on the interstate is weak

The George W. Bush "Noble Cause" Contest! (Cash & Other Prizes)

Disturbing topic on Mike Gallagher show

The REAL Taft scandal.

The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford Day 13 - Leaving Camp Casey

Long Beach (CA) Press Telegram: L.B. mayor and/or Arkansas senator

In Depth: Dr. Helen Caldicott, BookTV, 12pm EST

A person finds strength in humility

Ohio Republican Scandal Continues To Take Its Toll

Question - are the RW talking dorks telling the BTK victim families

CA, TX, NY, PA, OH: States with highest U.S. military casualties in Iraq

Photo: Secret Service walks away after refusing to accept letter to Bush

Dead Americans in Iraq make free republic members happy

Just watched "Orwell Rolls in His Grave" and I am FIRED UP!

Russian President calls for international conference to pull troops out of

Iran blames U.S. spy services for bombings in Iraq

Osama heading for Iraq: Report

Should Harry step down as Minority Leader ?

Dick "other priorities" Cheney's remarks at Purple Heart Convention

Rush Limbaugh is like the last rat on the ship...

they even poach (Vasell/Burns/Abramoff)

By Invading Iraq

Bush - "We don't need no fucking exit strategy"

Pa. GOP Files FEC Complaint Over News Ads (Bob Casey & Scranton Times)

Crawford mothers brought letters to Laura...

We need to refer to Iraq as 'Bush's abject failure.'

Dusty Harrison (Freeper)

I feel like I have been on a vacation in Aruba

Little George Has To Go All The Way To Idaho To Defend His Miserable War

text of snake Cheney's speech given to W.H. press at Crawford :)

Gingrich; explaining iraq as on track and making progress is nonsense

Dem leadership MIA??

If you're not watching C-Span2 right now you're missing out.

Limbaugh calls Native Americans "injuns" -- again

Repugs on Clinton's Bosnian Actions. HYPOCRITES

Post News Stories of GOP Criminality in Your own City or State here.

Repugs on Clinton's Bosnian actions

Unfortunately CNN did not add "and not come back" to this

Ex-Candidate indicted in fraud case

Rush Limbaugh loses 43% of his Audience

Kinky for Texas Governor?

Bush invokes Sept 11 to defend Iraq war

A funny flash of Bush's earpeice press conferences...

NYT: Debtors in Rush to File for Bankruptcy as Oct. Deadline Approaches

Here's your sign.

Has there been any mention of Cindy Sheehan on Conan O'Brien or Jay Leno?

Camp Casey now moved closer to Dubya's ranch and with new tents!

I got to hear Under Sec. of Def. Michael Wynne babble

Absolute must see TV on CNN Sunday night 7 pm CST......

Did anyone else hear that Reid had a stroke?

Feingold Tunes in to Anti-War Sentiment from The Nation's John Nichols

Cheney - the evil behind the Bush in Washington

Here is a Raleigh NC poll that needs help....

Which is more ridiculous?

Should we record the voices of these "callers" to identify who they are?

I'd better repost this picture here

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come on DUers, our chance to try and help

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"It's over, we lost"......

ESSAY: Its about the kids---

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