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Archives: August 23, 2005

Birth of a new Iraq, or blueprint for civil war?

Hitting Political Turbulence(Russia)

Bush offers robust (?) defence of Iraq policy

Raw Talk Revival- The Listening Post at Camp Casey Two

Our mission in Iraq has mutated

Karl Rove's War Against Cindy Sheehan

State Secrets?

Abramoff Indictment Makes Bush Regime a Fat Target

Cindy Sheehan: Go Home and Take Care of Your Kids

Had an email exchange with the SF Gate's

Letter to the AP: Tempest in a Hot, Dry, Little, Texas Teapot

U.S. Dept of Interior & Indian Affairs Approve Nationwide Oil/Gas Bonds

The Quasiturbine Engine thread

IMF considers Zimbabwe expulsion

Opinion: Israel could have learned much from Native Americans

PA won't disarm Hamas, Islamic Jihad

Question about Gaza?

Settlers' tactics win them few friends (Holocaust references)

Settlers' tactics win them few friends

9/10/2001 NSA heard: "The match is about to begin" "Tomorrow is zero hour"

Dick Cheney masterminded 9/11

Why was WTC7 evacuated and why did mayor decide to move his

Update on Kerry's involvement in Ohio lawsuits

Are you going to DC?? Will ER & D be represented?

How many Bush 2000 voters do you know who voted for Kerry in 2004?

Looping rebroadcast of todays Bradshow LIVE! from Camp Casey!

Why did Chimpy cite casualty numbers today in speech?

Some wise words from a wise man

The blog Stories in America was featured here and in Kos over the weekend

The distraction

For what

The Local National Guard Left For Service Today

ARG: Bush Job Approval Rating At 36%

My My doesn't dear leader look tan and rested. I'm so happy

Democrats and foreign policy

Local rpig legislators have so much money they are running TV ads,

Greg Palast: Armstrong Bikes with President - funny

Are any Democratic politicans down in Crawford, TX with Cindy Sheehan?

Mark Williams is cajone challenged

Please DU this Idaho Right Wing Poll


Do you miss Saddam's light sweet crude?

Gary Qualls just lied for what reason?

Will American's accept "civil war" and "Islamic Law" as "freedom" ??

Why Is James Dobson Still Syndicated On CBS Radio?

Could "rogue" elements have wanted an attack on Clinton's watch?

Ok you guys... here they are... have at it, put them on your

Mr. Qualls has been "coached"

Clinton, Gore tried to *gasp* fund *gasp* Air America

the roof the roof the roof is on fire

Freeper Paranoia - The dominos of self-destuction are falling on the right

This crap is making the e-mail rounds again - do I ignore it or post all

Santorum’s People Toss Young Women out of Barnes & Noble,

Cosumer Research Corporation

Go home and take care of your kids

George Bush is the biggest weenie in the whole U S of A

Best US Senator (Group 10 of 10)

Live, from Crawford. Day 5. Ask me anything.

Bush Job Approval Rating Now 36% (Graph)

Question: How do the Freepers explain away the veterans with Cindy?

New Acronym: "CCCP" = "Corporate Controlled Conservative Press"

Just saw CA firefighters scuffling with security guards at some event.

I feeeeeel it. Something big is going down. Bush 36% approval!

Does chimpy have teeth? are they false, rotten or what

DU my hometown Hate Radio Poll

Consumer Research Corporation

OMG! Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend is missing!

I suddenly understand something really important about Gore's new network.

Best US Senator (Group 3 of 10)

The Crucification of Cindy Sheehan


So. What other nations can we transform into WORSE nations?


Best US Senator (Group 1 of 10)

Has any president "achieved" approval numbers in the 20s.....

Best US Senator (Group 4 of 10)

Islamist Theocracy in Iraq = Last excuse for the lies is gone

Best US Senator (Group 5 of 10)

Jeaneane is RIGHT!!!

Best US Senator (Group 7 of 10)

Best US Senator (Group 8 of 10)

OMG, 'The Closer' is SLAMMING the FBI, Homeland Suckyourity...

Another stupid TV poll to DU in Fresno


Is it any wonder the country turns to Comedy Central for the news?

Best US Senator (Group 6 of 10)

My lord this guy at Malloy

Sibel Edmonds article in Vanity Fair--anyone unable to find this issue?

Get out of Iraq NOW - at what consequence?

What to tell those who think that the theory of evolution is impossible...

Scarborough says he'd back Hillary over Hagel in '08

Did you know Santorum brought a DEAD FETUS home with him??

Question about Gaza?

Poll: How many Bush 2000 voters do you know who voted for Kerry?

Lawyer in Vioxx case considers political career( anticorporate GOP er?)

Great NYT coverage of evolution debate

"W 'o4" stickers are pretty much gone here in WV

I just don't understand this logic

Best US Senator (Group 2 of 10)

So, more possible domestic terrorists? (US Veterans now)

Carlos Mencia just told Bush to go fuck himself.

Breaking! Bush to spend rest of vacation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

It's even hitting the knit blogs--an unusually non-political place.

Gonna send you back to Texas, make you work on your ranch

I'm noticing something about the RW callers to AAR.

How could anyone seek to honor god


Another Paul Hackett?

Speaking of Santorum's Dead Child...

"War against terrorism" becomes war on the homeless?

Hey low posters-if you mention Nader or Hitchins-all hell breaks loose.

Riot police show up at rave in UTAH, fascism alive and doing very well.

My brother's (soon to be) stepson is going to Iraq.

FRANC labels new name for anti-war camp 'Patriotic' Camp Casey

Was Blackmail used as a means to gain pro Iraq War votes?

So. What other Nations can we make into WORSE Nations?

RW talking point du jour. Iraq War causing a schism among DEMS.

We need a Presidential Vacation Limitation Law

Springer did a good job when I listened this AM. RW nutjob was pushing

Will the majority of Dems identify as solidly anti-war before...

A Little Help about Randi Rhodes

Iran's devastating weapon that no one talks about

George W FraWD!Corrupt AWOL coward frat boy douchebag with shit for brains

Bring'm ON! -------- ------- ---------- > FLASH

in a thread somewhere today, someone had before & after

1864 Bodies x 5'10" average height equals...

Did Bush begin to fall off his bike before or after God spoke to him?

Just a reminder...a little Deju View, if you will...

Salt Lake City set the bar high. From now on, wherever bush goes -

Tin foil moment: Any way in hell Hagel's exact involvement with

WSJ: Australia Searches for Gold In U.S. Commercial Real Estate

Chuck Hagel is primed to be slimed....

Discuss: Market Socialism

Gary Qualls: Claims Cindy hung up on him

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Hoe Down

Why I don't watch TV news

Has there been any discussion about CNN's "Dead Wrong" in the Media today?

Sorry But... Here's A 'We Told You This Would Happen' (Iraq) Poll !!!

Want a serious tv news channel?

Is it true that Vietnam was more about corporate access to minerals than

Hey, did I mention the only 36% of America is still drinking the kool-aid?

just a hunch, but BushCo may have blown their chance for a draft . . .

Best US Senator (Group 9 of 10)

VIDEO: Thousands Protest Bush, Iraq War In Salt Lake City (KUTV CBS-2)

Has the Pentagon lied about the number of war dead?

Don't the protesters know how ridiculous they look?

VIDEO (REUTERS): Joan Baez Joins Iraq Protest

Keith Olberman Should Make the DOD the Worst Person in the World

I'll be so damn glad when we don't have to avoid the Chimp's voice

i sent an email to gerecht. women right not necessary

New names at Camp Casey: Patriot Triangle and Western White Tent?

Would you let * off the hook to bring the troops home now?

Bush failed to mention the women who've been killed in Iraq during his

Housing Bubble - July existing home sales report will be released Tuesday

Is "Darwin" a strawman for creationists to beat up on?

What is with all of the Hillary bashing here?

TEXT: And here's what our loved ones died for. IRAQI CONSTITUTION

Jon Stewart slams chris "faux" Wallace! WOOT

Norah O'Donnell of MSRNC....SUCKS big time!

*** A few pre-bedtime TOONs ***

Has ANYONE been able to find the new Vanity Fair?

The New York Times Falls off the Wagon - from Arianna on Huff Post

You have got to see the AOL Poll on "The Battle Over Iraq"

Hey SwampRat. Why 'They Live'? Did that movie just capture your

Was Eric Rudolf a prototypical Freeper?

Very touching - "Sheehan and Sting"

Now I Get It: 2,000 U.S. dead, 15,000 Wounded, 300 Billion Dollars So.....

He He He Operation Yellow Elephant College Repub excuse BINGO!

Truthout: Sheila Jackson Lee and Joan Baez visit Camp Casey Mon-Tue

Are we better off yet?

Cheney's 'Spoon-Benders' Pushing Nuclear Armageddon

ALERT! ALERT! Terrorists may pose as HOMELESS!

VIDEO (KIFI TV): Bush on Idaho Vacation (includes SLC protest coverage)

Inside 9/11 - on National Geographic TV - now...n/t

I understand that National Geographic has done a.....

Anderson Cooper Wardrobe Malfunction - Camp Casey!!

Update on Kerry RE: Ohio Lawsuit...

Kindly, give a big DU shout of support to my "Iraq-bound" brother.

Question about rally in D.C. in September

AP picks up the Robertson assassination threat

"Go Home and Take Care of Your Kids" - Cindy Sheehan

When we win, what will we have really won?

Our Visit to Camp Casey



Just how crazy/evil is Pat Robertson?

Here's video of a SWAT team breaking up a Utah rave.

CBC Labor Dispute

CNN/AP: Beef (from Canada) recalled under mad cow rules

NYT: China Ups the Ante in Its Bid for Oil

Pataki calls for federal probe on tapes

Globe and Mail: Surprise! Ottawa underestimates surplus

Anderson (IN.) Man Fined $100,000 For No-Call List Violations

In Nigeria, No Moral Room on the Bus for Women

AP: Text of Proposed Iraq Constitution ( "Islam is main source...")

WP: At Pentagon, Less Ideology, More Balance

Televangelist Calls for Chavez' Death

Televangelist Calls for Chavez' Death

Lock Up Your Chickens (Actual headline!)

Tenn. Ex-Gov. Associate Gets Max for Taxes

Pentagon unable to validate claims about exclusive information on Sept. 11

WP: Federal Funds For Abstinence Group Withheld

NYT/Reuters: Argentine Bishop Resigns Amid Reported Sex Scandal

Bush Backers Amass to Counter 'Peace Mom'

Venezuela to Lend Oil to Protest Torn Ecuador

WP: They Are Stardust, And in Texas (Cindy's crowd)

LAT: Google Plans to Launch Instant Messenger

Rule would encourage automatic 401(k) enrollment

Bush Compares War on Terror to World Wars

NYT/AP: Text of Proposed Iraq Constitution (entire text here)

Venezuela oil company opens China office

FEMA pushing out law enforcement radio codes

Venezuela's Chavez Says Bush Destabilizes the World ("Lord of War" Bush)

LAT: Five (CA ANG) Soldiers Face Courts-Martial for Alleged Prisoner Abuse

Feinstein to Question Roberts on Abortion

WP: No Proof Found of Iran Arms Program

Ecuador Close to Deal With Oil Protesters-Mediator

Is Blair Off toJoin $30Bn World Elite? (*Carlyle Group*)

ACLU Applauds Fed. Govt's Decision to Suspend...Funding of Abstinence...

Poll finds regular worshipers more supportive of war in Iraq

Venezuela Navy Seizes Massive Drug Shipment in Joint Operation

Thousands Protest Bush, Iraq War In Salt Lake City

Sky lifted by Paul Bremer

Bush. HEY! BUSH! Listen to Ben Franklin, dammit.

Set your T.V. to record: Monk Marathon Aug. 26 ends with Season Finale

Mit or Mitnot?

Not only do Freetards sound alike, the probably look alike, too

A very silly old riddle,


I suppose I should thank bush and the oil guys

Six Feet Under: Obituaries(Spoilers, of course)

What is it 'moron' or 'moran',

Nevada cat OK after touching 25,000-volt line, "burned all his hair off"

I think my house is on fire - Should I log off of DU?

When you make an exchange and they give you an open box/returned model,

The creepiest robot or android villain ever is...

OMG - my SO is SpongeBob!

My son starts eighth grade tomorrow, and I feel OLD!

Damn. MATCOM has been trained

Edit: I'm going to join the Smoking Cessation Group.

Why Donkeys and Elephants?

From now on, pronounce words exactly as they are spelled.

Entourage: Who is your favorite character?

Baby Panda (aka Rabrrrrrr Jr.) is exercising!!!

My great great grandson retires tomorrow, and I still feel young!

VH1's "Worst Metal Vids Ever" on NOW, and it's hoo-frikkin-LARIOUS.

Just watched Babette's Feast

Could anyone provide some legal advice?

I just saw a wreck on the way home from the Dollar General Store.

Palm or Pocket PC?

I have no plans yet for this weekend. :(

Admit it, you are really a famous person!!

Why "don's keys" and "ella's pants"?

What's with all the questions?

LOL: "Rumsfeld Makes Surprise Visit to Wife's Vagina"

Any wino homemakers out there? n/t

OK, I've been gone from DU all day today. What did I miss?

Pop quiz...What do you do?

Playing air guitar to Depeche Mode CDs

Cool! I'm being quoted on rethuglican sites!


just when you think your day can't get any more depressing....

Has anyone else watched "Trailer Fabulous?"

I love living in small-town Vancouver Island, but...

Whatever happened to Mr. Whipple? Mrs. Olsen? Madge?

I have an IMac G-5. How do I put pictures in my posts that I

Am I the only one who finds this new ABC Family show really disturbing?

Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?

I used to eat a lot of natural foods until ...

where's the botoxed Bush pictures from earlier today? eom

The cops are doin' a great job tonight!

Life is sexually transmitted.

I just thought of a great pop song title!


Who else is watching "Wierd Us" on the History Channel?

Let us now praise the Lovin' Spoonful.

Anybody here ever try salvia divinorum?

Above average Daily Show tonight, don't you think?

Will this be the Republican candidate in '08?

Damnit, why did I have to watch Six Feet Under again tonight

I would like to get 2000 posts before getting so drunk I start playing CS.

Who REALLY should have won the supporting actor Oscar in My Cousin Vinny?

My son asked me if John Walsh is a Repub or Democrat. Anyone know?

First Kittens for Cloned Wildcats (Felis Libyica)

Whatever happened to Charlie the Smarmy Tuna?

OK, I've been gone from DU for 10 minutes. What did I miss?

I found the new sundog biography at B&N:

If you openly matriculate in front of me again, I'll bite it off!

do you hate it when you post in the wrong part of a thread?

oh dear, my Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf dvd is skipping

Ughhhhh what a bummer

Which of these would you LEAST want to scream in your face?

XM Radio update: Randi Rhodes gets full show 3:00-7:00 (ET) beginning 9/1

Anyone here ever chosen clergy?

so... anyone seen olivia newton-john's boyfriend?

My nightly RANT

What seems most realistic?

I want some green tea with soymilk

What Music Downloading Service Do You Use?

Is there any place on-line I can search for a person's e-mail address?

Panda monium (pic)

Anyone want to buy a veteran a star?

I'm inviting Spartacus to my home interior

NEW Neil Young album, September 27th: "Prairie Wind"

I have pink eye now


I think sundog is ignoring me!

Are freepers starting to eat their own?

What a difference a week makes...The Emperor's New Face

What ever happened to my hot buttered crumpets with jam?

Another Age: "We were born in a revolution...died in a wasted war..."

I loved Six Feet Under's last episode so much that...

I'm a DJ... Let me read that again... YEP, that's what it says...

Charlie, Charlie, Charie. I coulda had class! I coulda been a CONTENDER!

anyone have any knowledge of uni requirements in UK?

What MLB ballparks have you been to?

stuff on my cat

Anyone here ever chosen celery?

I'm going for spam in my home interior.

NEVER take Ambien before King Crimson's 69-74 live box

What ever happened to Jello Biafra?


Anybody here ever chosen celibacy?

David Cronenberg Flick

Hehe! You have to read some of the hate mail @ FUH2

I'm going for spartan in my home interior.

Why do people do gross things in public?

Ranch, Ranch, Ranch, Ranch, Ranch, Ranch

On my way for a walk with a friend tonight and what did my eyes behold?

Mystery solved. Have been trying to source this quote for two decades.

What ever happened to my hot buttered strumpets with cam?

Deadline Looms for Famous New York Club (CBGB's)

Why must people half-ass stuff?

Lesser Panda wondering why Giant Panda is getting all the attention

Why is Progmom JADED and CANTANKEROUS?

Some people are like Slinkies.

It's the Blueberry Cobbler thread!

Our Asshole In Chief says he makes tough fucking decions - here's one:

The Perfect Birthday Card!

Pamela Anderson complaining about lack of dates on Larry King ?

The gullibility gene.

how long till Madden retires?

Petcare Insurance

Finally started reading "A Brief History of Time" today...

Posted ray of light's Kerry Ohio post over at Kos

Presidential Vacations and Presidential Vacuums

Iraqis Extend Deadline for Vote on Draft Constitution

Feinstein to Question Roberts on Abortion

My letter to Mehlman about his "hardball" interview

Bush Backers went ALL IN on Bushie Boy...the Flop showed shit

Gary Qualls on Olberman now

American Revolution = Iraq ?

So I just got off the phone with Mike Allen (WaPo).

"I'd vote for Hillary Clinton before I'd vote for Chuck Hagel."

Salon: "Cindy Sheehan does not appear to have fazed President Bush"

Pat Robertson: Assassinating Chavez "a lot cheaper than starting a war"

Salon: "Iraq: The unseen war" (GRAPHIC photos, members or Day Pass only)

The latest count on the number of boots on the ground, Crawford

Hey Georgie Boy .......... got any capital left? (Hint: 36%)

Tucker Carlson just said that Cindy has "allied herself with hard left

im not sure if any one has brought this up in a while but..

Jeb or Chimp?

Hagel vs. Hillary

Hahaha. I think this may be the first time I've been quoted elsewhere.

Hillary vs. Jeb Bush in '08

Why must Keith Olbermann's show

"If I have to sacrifice my whole family

Wednesday Boise Idaho Bush protestors please read (photos of SLC protest)

Bush getting his ass kicked in AOL poll

caption this image :)

Jen Sorensen: John Roberts, the Man that Time Forgot

So, who is the dumbest Senator?

Dianne Feinstein to Question Roberts on Abortion

A Grassroots Movie with never seen footage of the presidential campaign.

Hagel/McCain VS Hillary Clinton/Joe Biden

What Bill Clinton DID, and Could Not Do, About Terrorism.

Should I run for President?

I am thinking of joining the DLC.

"Mr. Hastert, about those $483,000 in un-itemized donations..."

Wolcott: The Squawk of a Chickenhawk

Bush on vacation, out of touch during tough times

Russia-China-Iran about to take advantage of Bush War Fuck-Up

NYT - Iraq's Unsettling Constitution

USATODAY: Gas prices jump to record high of $2.61 a gallon (good pic)

BAGHDAD BLUES: Is Iran the True Victor of the Iraq War?

CSM: Base closings hint at new air strategy

Copters recalled from boneyard

NYT: Grasping the Depth of Time as a First Step in Understanding Evolution

TSA hopes modifications make X-ray not so X-rated


Thomas Oliphant: When should troops return?

No Evidence of Atta Claims, Pentagon Says

No Proof Found of Iran Arms Program

Mile by Mile, Into the Oil Trap By Fareed Zakaria

Kicking the AP's Ass, plus KO

John Nichols (The Nation): Feingold vs. Bush



Has Chuck Hagel provided Bush's "Lieberman Moment"?

The “Nuh Uh" Administration

Able Danger, arrests show Dunn off-base

People torn to pieces, relatives scream - another week in the theme park .

Salt Lake Trib: The strategy for bringing democracy to Iraq isn't working

Al Franken Interview-The Progressive 9/05

Salt Lake Trib editorial: Patriotism means taking responsibility

The RightWing Cesspool Overflows and A Pattern Begins to Emerge

Pat Robertson is Not a Christian

I had an OpEd piece published in the Cleveland PD today...

A Purrfect Storm

Coup in Baghdad

Serious Business - Chris Floyd

It's Time To Debate Iraq by Rep. Lynn Woolsey

(Toronto Star) What Boneheaded Design Guides Dubya's Moves?

Doug Thompson: Is Bush Out of Control?

Nun Reprimanded for Wild Dancing.....

Bob Costas had nerve to refuse to be another exploiter of tragedy

Extremist Mullah Calls for Assassination of American Leader

Scientists Speak Up on Mix of God and Science

Nomination-worthy "Editorials and Other Articles" forum posts

I had an OpEd piece published in the Cleveland PD today...

The Breaking Point

"Rove 101" By Molly Ivins,Progressive Magazine September issue

Hopsicker: Able Danger Intel Exposed "Protected" Heroin Trafficking

Hey, Skinner! Let's fuck with Pat Robertson next.

Complain to the FCC about Pat Robertson.......(Link here)

I started some trouble; Need Skinner's help

Another Pat Robertson thread--this time contact ABC Family

How to write a press release and maximize your exposure

Has anyone had a response from AP, or gotten word of a change...

Nationwide poll on Cindy linked to local TV sites - Raising Media Awareness for Urgent Issues

Fired off an e-mail to about Pat Robertson

Journalist Helen Thomas condemns Bush administration

Homophobic Pat Robertson on CNN (1992)

EXCLUSIVE! - Tonights Joan Baez Concert from Camp Casey LIVE!!!

Chicken fat fueling Coosa students’ ride

Balkans Militaries Mobilize To Assist With Worst Floods In Decades - AFP

PetroKazakhstan Sold to CNPC (China)

Remnants Of Ward Hunt Ice Shelf (Canadian Arctic) Going Fast

Portugal's Fire Woes Aided By Bad Land Management, Non-Native Plantings

More Environmental Idiocy From The Congressional Record - IHT

Comments sought by task force on Great Lakes cleanup

Ministers Pledge Climate Action After Greenland Summit Blahblahblahblahbla

Japan population decline getting worse

Mauritania shows risks in US strategy

Victory for Japan's war critics

Music brings harmony and unity to Ramallah

Army chief: IDF to pull out of Gaza by end of September

Israel completes evacuation of 25 Jewish settlements in West Bank, Gaza

Ooops--wrong forum--Collaborative Project Proposal

Does anyone know the exact number of people killed on 9/11?


Best 9/11 video! A Must See Again and Again

Confirmed: "Atta was identified by Able Danger by Jan-Feb of 2000."

NIST’s Estimate of Fire Damage to North Tower

Explosives on every floor?

Seriously, I have to confess where I was wrong about the WTC

King County Rolls Out New Election Procedures

NEED HELP: Best argument for HCPB and against opti-scans to use

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY 8/23/05 (Great News!)

Conyers' letter to Kerry/Edwards: continue to be involved

Diebold hires former DNC chair to pimp it's machines

Special Election (California)

The Bombs in the Basement (election fraud listed as major bomb)

A WAPO Editorial supporting VVPB -- "Trust in the Tally"

Diebold's Election Division Jolted by Reliability and Security Concerns

question - do you think the Hackett election was stolen?

Paperless voting unconstitutional: get your amended TN lawsuit right here

Schwarzenegger's pen is two strokes away

Questions about Hackett's Loss, OH, 2nd Dist--Major Article

Minuteman Project founder meets filing deadline for House vacancy

Be Wary of Special Election

Joe Nation to challenge Lynne Woolsey in Primary

Burbank- 3PM Tuesday 8/23- Protest the Bush supporters

Dump truck crashes into porn theatre in SF

20 Meet Deadline to Run for Cox's Seat

They quit! Pomeroy mayor, 4 council members resign (Calhoun County)

Rants wants to end election of ag secretary



I have to Very important links missing in registry, whats the best program

English Norton's official language (Ohio)

Camping in DC on Sept 24

Going to Crawford next Tuesday.

No Nonsense in Nov Fundraiser Thursday 8/25 - Austin

Last-Throes-of-the-Cabal Fundraiser

Anyone going to Fredericksburg for Renewable Energy Roundup?

Yes, I'm going again

Drinking liberally -- Milwaukee

Plant recalls beef, but consumers can't be told from what stores.

Dem. Assemblywoman Donna Seidel vs. Local gun nut on WPR Thursday Aug 25

Wisconsin at Camp Casey

"Nothing points to fraud in 9 double voting cases"

Anyone else watching "Inside 9/11" on National Geographic Channel?

Anyone listening to Bernie Ward?

I'm leaving on a jet plane....asking Mr.bush "What is the mission"

The Bush Regime and the Multi-Natls.

I caught the end of "Democracy Now!" today, and

On my way to work

Another 'Tipping Point' article on Iraq. This one by E&P

Anybody connected to Bernie Ward tonight?

Click-On Libraries

We're fighting terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them at home.

Spent 2 months back in the U.S. - met a soldier fresh from Iraq

German Kanzler reported to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize....

To Avoid Dishonoring the Fallen in Vain, many more must die in Vain

An appreciation thread for Generic Other

Are Americans Pathetic or What?

Is this Black Repub. Boston Globe article as biased as I think it is?

What bu$h means: Honor dead by killing more!

Email I just got. This might work if we can get everyone to do it.

Steve Bell returns!!!!!!!

latest Tom Toles

I don't have time right now but when I get home I'm waging war against on

Is it possible that our 'leaders' are beginning to actually Fear US?

Question re: This week's top ten conservative idiots

"Unprecedented flash flooding in Switzerland"

I had arson commited against my bedroom condo late at night..

Dennis Hastert's Turkish Payola - September Vanity Fair

MSM Alert! More missing people! OMG!!!

Aug.22, 2005 the Chimperor** yucks it up While Soldiers are Buried....

Wow, what a load of crap I just heard on CNN from Dan Bartlett

basically, pat robertshit said it's cheaper & quicker to kill leaders

Four Years after Nine Eleven, how's your Fear Level?

Pat Rob. calling for ass. of a world leader is leading story on Today Show

Freeper thread on Utah rave bust

Should the administration repudiate Robertson?

Hugo Chavez calls for Assassination of Pat Robertson. G.O.P. Outraged

Another right-wing shouter just called Jerry Springer.

Protest pics from Salt Lake City..(and an article)

C-SPAN, Washington Journal, Reuel Gerecht, AEI Neocon next

The "real reason" Bushco will invade Iran before March '06 -- A Must Read

Pat Robertson

Student denied transfer because of race (Cincinnati area)

Now, what if some religious nut actually DOES kill Hugo Chavez?

LTTE in the Democrat today...

What constitutes a "pothole"?

Have we started contacting "700 Club" station advertisers yet?

A Summer of Scandal for U.S. Politicians

Would Jesus be Profiled and Searched at the Airport?

Ex-Halliburton worker pleads guilty to bribes

Pat Robertson is the best argument for separation of church and state

Withdrawing The Troops . . .We Shouldn't Be Getting Off That Easy

"Because we're tired of dancing backwards."

So, what did robertson do?

Edwards effort to raise awareness of poor lauded

next brother pat will be calling for the killing of liberals

78 Years later-Sacco and Vanzetti, what's the verdict?

CSPAN Open Call-wow! Majority of calls totally

CNN: Believe allegations that 4 9/11 hijackers were identified in 2000?

Pro-war nuts clinging to "ruining troop morale" claim. How about going...

Pat Robertson - mainstream Republican

So, Mullah Omar calls for assassinating Bush....

Two Long Island Reps introduce law requiring pharmacists to fill scripts

Evolution, Intelligent Design Fail To Explain Bush (humor)

Have I got this straight? Bush lied about a war in which almost 1900...

Anyone have contact info on the 700 club?

Federal Election Commission Seeks Comments

'They' call it 'Cut and Run', I call it Common Horse Sense

Which current Civil War should the USA win?

since the world is ending anyway, let's have a giant murderous orgy

Pat Robertson Criticized For Promoting Diet Drink On Air

Three Detained During Bush Visit

Wanna listen to a madman rave?

A joke to start your day

seriously, what would it take to make Pat Robertson's followers happy?

Friends LTTE

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson's Speech at SLC Rally! >>> VIDEO

Federal Funds For Abstinence Group Withheld

More Pictures of Camp Casey

Is the Biblical Prophecy Endangering the World?

The Death Throes of Religion.

Just an idea. what do you think?

I find it ironic that bush and Pat Robertson would like the...

Looking for video links of CNN's 'Dead Wrong'

Marie Cocco: Roberts looks like early Archie Bunker

A must see DVD: Tying the Knot

Have we done this one? Poll: Iraq another Vietnam?

CNN: "Home sales slowed more than expected from June's record pace"

Is it possible to be Democratic and yet adhere to Islamic Law?

Shouldn't the FCC revoke Robertson's broadcasting license?

The Triumphant Return of "Xtreme Jesus"...thanks brother pat

Want to locate your local Sex Offender?

On the Road with Rose Aguilar (where bible-belters get info)

Southern W.Va. to get new federal penitentiary

GOP Media Training: 'Never think on the air'

The British experience with private accounts

My latest LTTE. "God's Consigliere" Any suggestions?

You have the right to criticize the war, & bush has the right to IGNORE IT

Terrorism--The Republican Gift that Keeps on Giving.

thanks brother pat, for bringing up the religion issue on DU again

KKKarl Rove? Anything new with this freak? Are we just waiting for

Are there any ex-freepers now posting on here? if so, why?

Local (Fulton, MO) man protests war, deaths in Iraq

That Radical Rabbi from Bethlahem is a threat, let us Assassinate him

National Review: "Another Lost Opportunity"

Pat Robertson is a good example of Xianity

Squeeze those eyes, Pat. I bet you're praying extra hard right now.

Let Pat Robertson stay out there and spew his hate...

Something really has to be done about Pat Robertson

Bush the War Leader (cartoon)

A silver lining to high gas prices...

Ziad Jarrah (Flight 93): "This is your Captain speaking..."

"but what wouLd dems do differentLy"

Yesterday it was AP, today it's Reuters showing their pro-Bush

Police attack protesters with tasers and dogs

What's been the freeper response to Dead Wrong?

Unfreep this poll, it's about Cindy, and we are losing, please help......

Bush agrees to meet with families - ONLY THOSE WHO AGREE

What is FAUX spinning on the Pat Robertson remarks?

Bush won't meet with war protester

VIDEO: The biggest Republican a**hole on TV EVER?

MSNBC poll re Pat Robertson

Where is the voice of the UNIONS

Atheist Scientist on NYTimes Evolution/ID Series: 2 Strikes, 1 Ball

I don't hate Christianity, I hate assholes.

Daran Kagan on Chavez: "that's quite a threat"

Daryn Kagan yukking it up about Robertson and Chavez on CNN...

Pat Robertson and Hassan-i-Sabbah

"Unseen war". They kill women and children.

Has this already been talked about...

Countdown for shrub - link to backwards*.com - too funny

Pat Robertson's Quotes of Insanity (long)

And the news today in Venezuela is......

Daniel Ellsberg on lies and lying liars

Fox: "Suck it up, America. If you can't afford the gas, drive less"

Why is it that I must still lean on my Republican friends?

Bush Poll Numbers--Approval at 36%

How was the war in Iraq a "Last Resort"?

Anyone here registered for the Rush Limbaugh website?

Will the Pope issue a countermanding Fatwa to overrule Robertson?


Bush Backers Amass to Counter 'Peace Mom'

Kids get out of school for Nascar Racing

womans rights: i wrote on another board. really, this just isnt ok

War is good....Peace is bad...

Napoleon knew how to keep troop morale high.

Poll on MSNBC :Did Pat Robertson go too far

Japan to test cool plane

It finally happened (The 'christian' Right = The 'islamic' Right)

Please help--need the picture of the "Providense" sign---

bush was so close to bad taste just now

Bush Back in His Hidey Hole Today - Will Be Incommunicado >>>

Credit card warning!!!!

I have a ready made answer for the next Christian who "witnesses" to me

City by city, state by state, is anyone planning to go to Crawford?

Do you think that the WH Squatter aka Man or Monkey...

Should we DEMAND an apology from pat robertsuck, like THEY would?

My first LTTE: Please Be Gentle

My local ABC station just reported that Cindy is heading back?

The Bushes are robber barons, not capitalists.

My first opinion post about Cindy and the freaks who are coming

No, Mr. Prez.... don't talk ABOUT Cindy, talk TO her

Get behind the President or else...!

Speak your mind on Robertson - see if CNN reads it

I fear a report on significant US soldier casualties may be coming...

" Conn. Challenges No Child Left Behind Law"

please recommend GO's Day 17 thread! link here:

J.C. Watts not running for governor of OK

Can we change the name of this war now?

Can Robertson be charged?

Quick! What's the name of this RW organization?

Bush = America?

Horrors committed against the women of Iraq... Thanks George!

"Reid Set to Make Appearance After Stroke"

Are there any counts for Camp Casey?

this is where george is staying

Chase just tried to raise my credit card rate 4%

the cowardly Stones

What is Permalink???

My new favorite blog...

Man leaves Church to Steal Truck

TIME: Why Pat Robertson's Statements Help Hugo Chavez

About those credit card offers..

"Summary: Some Call It Summer of Scandals"

Grain of salt dept.: Was Bush talked out of meeting with Sheehan?

connected--msnbc--my gawd the blond host is actually defending Pat R.

The Bush Road Show

For those confused about MIHOP and LIHOP

I just saw a car with one of these magnets. Way cool!!!

New task for us all. Lets get back at * and this "weakened America"

Condi told Bush that women's rights were embedded in the new


Poll on CNN: Do you think Pat Robertson's comment was out of line?

Photoshop alert! Need help! Remember Sludge's attempt to frame Clinton...

Right-wing hero: Radio gasbag refuses to apologize for anti-Muslim remarks

Should Company Trucks have Political Bumperstickers

congressional voting records on issues affecting troops

We need to support Hagel right now.

Pat Robertson is Not a Christian

BradShow LIVE from Camp Casey at 1PM ET

DU this poll: Your take on Robertson's wanting to assassinate Chavez?

Nashville gay man tasered 3 times by cops in on-line chat room sting

Hagel On Iraq: “We're Not Winning”... “We're Locked Into A Bogged-Down!

You can contact CBN to have them "pray for Pat Robertson!"

No sign of cover-up in London shooting, Brazil says

Pat Robertson's tax exempt status

Rummy just explained base closing.. eliminate base & send soldiers to Iraq

OMG, Bush at press conference just said, "Can we get someone from...

So is this Bush's God...?

Is it legal for an employer to deduct a "workers comp" insurance fee?

Was anyone here on DU smart enough to invest in oil stocks in 2000?

White House's version of highly stylized Japanese Kabuki theater.

Green Party: Should Listen to Their Members and Oppose the War.

FILL IN: Freeper Freddie is so foolish, he thinks the Constitution is __.

"Least Church-Going Rich Countries Give Most"

I'm heading back to Crawford - who else will be there this weekend?

Check out this WWII era political cartoon by Dr. Suess...

Conservative radio host fired for anti-Islam remarks

OMFG. Rumsfeld at press conf...."I DON'T DO WHAT-IF'S"

Kidnapped with hostage demands to follow

Rummy on msnbc the constituon he is talking of at the moment.


"Calif. Court Protects Kids of Gay Couples"

Freeper Madness: Clinton Deferred the 911 attacks KNOWING they'd

I just got spam from Jesus

Would a TRUE Christian proactively call for an assassination?!

Crawford Peace House photo

3 news conferences today--Bartlett, Jr. and now Rummy.

Anybody catch Dan Bartlett's pathetic routine of lies on NBC and ABC?

Bush: "The fact that I apologize for the war will be an important change"

has this been posted about the patty problem?

My encounter with a moran.

Rumsfeld Answers: "What if This? What if That? What if This? What if That?

Robertson wants to post the 9 Commandments in public places.

Will Gas Prices hurt Republicans? Freepers don't think so...

Rumsfeld on live now

Our Mission in Iraq has mutated

Caption this other pic of *

Did Pat Robertson go too Far? Poll

Ok, ignorant question time. Re: Casey Sheehan

Folk Singer Icon Joan Baez Takes Camp Casey II By Storm (audio

What's this? Lowe's and Target are not blue companies? re:

Ribbon Magnet Field Guide - from the Twin Cities mag The Rake

Robertson: US should 'take out' Venezuela's Chavez- Canadian Look

Need help with a response on this Creationism LTTE

Clothing you guys might like

From Crawford, TX to Boise, ID: Gold Star Families Follow Bush

Pat Robertson said that the USA should assassinate Chavez, he is a threat

PHOTO: "It's a WORKING vacation, dammit!!!"

Robertson: Is this the face of an evil man?

Is Chavez really as bad as Robertson says he is?


North West Cable News reporting on Bush visit to Idaho

U.S. Develops Electric Bullets to Fire Into Crowds

Pat Robertson at Norfolk Airport Collage

Is anybody else have trouble Streaming AAR today?

Thank You Pat Robertson for Saving Chavez's Life

What would happen if we imposed a toll on automobile use

Burbank CA- Tuesday 8/23 at 3 PM-Protest the Bush supporters

Britian is deporting people for the same kind of hate speech

What was the last War worth fighting?

Why does AAR keep cutting out?

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #5 John Thune

"Christians" invading politics / LA Times (sorry if it's a dupe)

Robertson Violated U.S. Anti-Terrorism Law Title 18, Section 2331

What happened to the Struggle Against Violent Extremists?

AP: Bush: Iraq Withdrawal Would Weaken U.S.

Police raid concert in Utah...teargas, rifles, dogs, the whole shebang ...

The right wing's absence of outrage re: Robertson

Doesn't Chuck Hagel want to run for president?

Wow, live press conference with the Venezuelan Ambassador to

AOL Poll re Iraq

Rummy on Robertson comment: "Our department doesn't do that kind of thing"

Does anyone know the exact number of people killed on 9/11?

Best 9/11 video! A Must See Again and Again

Most. Disgusting. Bumpersticker. EVER!

Even the dopes in Shitheadville think Robertson is a dink

What has Bush lied about?

Only 11 votes? Come on People!

"Bolivarian, Christian, Socialist - it’s a revolution for the world...

Letter I just sent to my local RIGHT WING RAG

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Torture.

"if bin laden were a Christian"

China tries to wipe Internet icon from Web

Ambassador to Vensuella is on CNN NOW slaming Robertson!

Should Democrats boycott MSM?

The story behind Pat Robertson's Anti-Chavez Claims

So. Now we "poll" whether calling for murder "goes too far".

A dangerous enemy to our south..

Cindy's latest blog, from HuffPo.....mods can delete if a dupe.

"Feinstein to Question Roberts on Abortion"

Messing with freepers at the Crawford Peace House msg board

bob dole: it's hard to make chavez a sympathetic figure, but pat did

TX-06: Iraq Vet Harris To Challenge Barton

I'm going to follow Pat Robertson's Logic

(VIDEO) Back In Black: Love A Good War

Bush: Iraq Withdrawal Would Weaken U.S. >watch out for the boogieman!

Bush is directly responsible for 5128 American deaths since he took office

Turkmen President Bans Lip Synching

Bush tells the press he is "hanging loose" today.

Did anyone see the finale of 6 Feet Under on HBO????

I believe this latest Pat Robertson inanity is a diversion.

For those boycotting CNN, they're covering Robertson bigtime --

A wee bittie food for thought

Army enlistments way up or more BS from Bushco?

Charisma and suffering,greed

VIDEO: Bush Visit Brings Protesters To Salt Lake Streets (KUTV CBS-2)

Will there be a counter-protest at the Crawford anti-Cindy rally on 8/23?

Cuba & Venezuela commit to restore sight to 600K LatAms p.a.

My Dad used the words "stupid republican" in the same sentence

3 more soldiers died needlessly today, & bush STILL don't give a fuck

5 Calif. Guardsmen face charges of abusing Iraqis; military "downplays" it

Mother of Michael Jackson accuser facing 5 felony charges

More Fun from Back Issues of Newsweek - 1/10/2000

actions speak louder than words

The Education Scam - if you are pro-capitalism, READ THIS.

Fla. Judge Hurt in Afghanistan Bomb Attack

BULLSHIT ALERT! :" Chinese, Russian troops join unprecedented war games"

Two extra US battalions to Iraq

Some of Pat Robertson's Greatest Hits...

(VIDEO) News report on the Salt Lake City protest

If Kerry Was in The WH now, Repukes would be SCREAMING to Exit Iraq!

"Inside 9/11" is on The National Geographic channel now....

Troops' Gravestones Have Pentagon Slogans

Bush raps anti-war protesters

Caption this * pic....

Rolling Stones - Sweet NeoCon lyrics

Senator Feinstein to question Roberts' stance on abortion rights

1872 Reasons the DSM Is Important

How many here would commit to selling/destroying their telly?

Is Idiot Son's pal Pat Robertson a terrorist?

Has an unpopular war ever gained support later?

Coworker says trouble brewing in Crawford... saw it on CNN.

Ask Pat (Robertson)

So I'm being lazy. Catch me up on Chavez.

Political Frame Watch

Looking for some intereresting blogs to read, preferably NYC based.

Number 'W'astikas and B/C bumper stickers in your area?

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

Is there an DU acronym guide? I'm losing track...

Contrast and compare (Abu Ghraib)

A Little Prayer for Brother Pat Robertson

Partial Text of the Iraqi Constitution

Gawd I Just Hate The Freeptards. FUCK I Hate Them!

Idiot Son gave Pat Robertson a private meeting but not Cindy Sheehan?

Hhhhhmmmm, haven't heard from Scotty Mc Clellan since August 3rd....

The State Department's reaction to Robertson was...

G. Gordon Liddy on Robertson's call to assassinate Chavez - Faux

I stopped this DUer on the road today...check his stickers

* won't meet with people who disagree with him, so Cindy doesn't

I just have to say, eeeuuwwwwww! >>>

we won't have to wait much longer for the Lord to take Brother Pat home

Report: Infants feel pain during circumcision

Cindy returns to Camp Casey Wednesday

USA Today Op-ed: Mother deserves meeting, and apology, from Bush

Malloy's blurb on Pat Robertson

you can fool ALL of the Televangelist's Supporters ALL the time.

81 Soldiers Have Been Killed While Bush Vacations (Afghanistan & Iraq)

Pat Robertson and his ilk, gave us Tim McVeigh and Eric Rudolph....

So what will happen to Pat?

VFW member wears "bullshit protector" over ear during Bush's speech

Now I'm not defending Carla Homolka - but look at this


Even the RW hacks and Freepers wont be able to spin..

Top headlines from tomorrow's World Media Watch(inc Canada going after US)

STOP LYING, Mr. Bush! Just STOP IT! Stop Lying!

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee live on Faux

Lou Dobbs: Lobbying against America

CNN poll:Do you think Pat Robertson's comment about Venezuela's Hugo Chave

Did you guys see this asshole on Hardball last night? (Mark Williams)

Staying in Iraq would weaken us?

Brad Show from Camp Casey streaming NOW!

My brother in law's VA benefits discontinued -

Two thoughts on Iraq Constitution

The political issues facing Detroit teachers

Amy Goodman: Camp Casey Continues to Grow (VIDEO)


flashback:He has no place to train his al Qaeda killers anymore. And if w

Salt Lake City, I salute you!

Harry Reid - Democratic Presidential Candidate 2008?

Radical American Cleric Detained, threat to National Security cited

Did any 'reporter' call chimp on his lie that Iraq is moving towards

Iraq Civil War looking more and more likely

"Blessed are the Assassins, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven"

The NCAA gave in to Florida State's use of Seminoles.......

Clergy leader calls for Robertson to clarify "INDISCREET" fatwa

Now, I'm not defending Sgt. Hulka, but look at this:

Doing right by children costs too much!

Robertson's Apologists

Pat Robertson: Man of God (ie - quotes from a so-called Christian)

Pat Robertson lead story ABC News now...

Here's the deal:

Road Rage: It happened in Manhattan

I just got a package from the "true majority" and someone destroyed it.

Sen. Norm Coleman on Robertson: "incredibly stupid."

VIDEO (CBS News Top Stories): Salt Lake protest, speech coverage

Here's what bush JUST said about Cindy Sheehan......

Chavez in Cuba""I don't even know who that person is"

Bush is Back to Biking - I have to work today, how about you? -PIX->>>

Nice going, Pat. You just made the world hate us a little more

do you agree that sheehan wants to weaken the us?

The Correct Name for Bush's War? Operation Iraqi Lesser Freedom

"In other news, Jesus has quit."

"The Gospel of Bondage"

The Good News: only 4% of Americans think ID alone should be taught.

New fuel efficiency rules excludes large SUVs and trucks

Video of Bush's speech to veterans yesterday?

I wish there were magic...

U.S Develops Electric Bullets to Fire into Crowds

EXCLUSIVE! - Tonights Joan Baez Concert from Camp Casey LIVE!!!

1872 DEAD! Where is bush? Why FISHING in Idaho of Course!

An Open Letter to Pat Robertson

Spanking down that "You don't speak for me, Cindy!" tour

My Congresswoman, Barbara Lee, wants to STOP THE WAR:

Arctic melt likely to worsen, scientists warn

Potatos for Peace

I have the three step solution for getting out of Iraq peacefully.

You know who Bush is starting to remind me of?

time for a wiki dedicated to neocon research?

Botox and silicone gone awry. MSNBC right now.

The Economic Case for Progressive Income Tax

Should Sibel Edmonds spill the beans and take the consequences?

Is it just me or is Rush somehow finding a way to be even worse lately?

Bush states no. of our Iraq dead for first time: WH spins as "huge"...

God Bless America- but wait!

More BS LIES from Bush - SOTU 2003 - Worth Reading in 2005

AP: Shooting Leaves 2 Dead at Ariz. Wal - Mart

Run Down And Killed For Gas $$

Juan Cole on AAR. 6:24 CST

DUers should make videos for "Current TV."

Troops' Gravestones Have Pentagon Slogans

Karma payback? Lance Armstrong met with Bush, proven to be lying cheater

Is it sexist to say Bush should "be a man" about things?

Still no KGO reception (and a short rant)

Kudos to for exposing Robertson

A woman's breast is more offensive then murder!

Think that Lance and George exchange prescription recipes?

George: Stick With My Misguided War that I LIED About, or Look WEAK >

A while back I posted about the upcoming doubling of credit

Jesse Jackson Condemns Pat Robertson's Calls to Kill Venezuela Presid

Breaking: Pat Robertson Offends Wiccans, Turned Into Frog

I am Cindy Sheehan

No one has mentioned the closing of Oceana

My "Coward of Crawford" letter published

Who Would Jesus Terrorize?

A TRUE Christian, even a deciple of Robertson, would condemn his

'Talking Points'-This would be a good idea for a radio show, and website.

Chavea is probably more safe now than ever in his reign. Thanks to Pat.

Hypocrite Pat Robertson

Bush: Protesters of Iraq Don't Want U.S. to Win 'War on Terror'

So now Americans have a bull's eye on their backs when they visit

MSM is doing wall to wall Robertson issue coverage

The Coming Economic Meltdown Is Here!

Cindy Sheehan leading off the NBC Nightly News!

Blair to get cushy job at Carlyle Group.

Does the power of our Federal government scare you?

What exactly does "Pro Choice" mean to you?

Does the cynicism of Ads in todays Market Place- TV & Internet bother YOU?

Has there been any response from Venezuela to Pat Robertson's Fatwa?

Is there not a way to indict Pat Robertson for endangering...

Did Anyone Hear the Religious Borg Call Schultz's Show Today?

THE JUST WAR DOCTRINE (and some other stuff)

Is Hugo Chavez a military dictator?

Ed Schultz staying on XM Radio


We have all been warned..

Bummer...whatachoice...Missing husband...lunatic Robertson...Aruba..

The symbolism is striking.. Bush's Idaho "adventure"

Is It Time for a Democratic "Wild and Crazy Guy"??

So when will the USA go after Canada's oil and other energy supplies?

DNC half year report from Howard Dean

OMG...Look At The Violence in Iraq Today! Is it Tet Yet??

1200 Northwest Airlines jobs gone; workers get $3 TacoBell goodbye chits

A strategy to take over government by 2008: debranding the Dems.

Keep this poll DU'd-re:Bush's view on Cindy,et al showing Chavez with Castro for story about assasination?!

If Venezuelan religious leaders called for Bush's assassination...

CBS fined for J.Jackson's breast shot. 700 Club should be fined equally.

Online thesaurus pulls listing for 'Arab'

Blaire considers joining the Carlyle Grooup?

Platform for all Dems to run on.

XM announces Ed Schultz to be moved to Ask Channel (165) on 9/1...

Tin foil hat speculation: WIll the rest of the world let us fix things

Congressional Hearings on Iraq!

How can we 'spread democracy' when

Religion in the USA: Problem or Solution?

bush regarding Cindy: "I understand her anguish"

Question about Pat Robertson.

Notice all the reports about the new Iraqi Constitution and no one

65 Girls At Area School Pregnant

Complain to the FCC about Pat Robertson.......(Link here)

ATTENTION! Need your help finding the next Mrs. Moran!

8/23 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 17

Confirmed: Able Danger ID of Atta before Bushco Shut it Down

Muslim leader calls for the assassination of Tony Blair (not serious)

..58 yr old mother...60 year old father...50 year old mother

*** TOOsday TOONs ***

Bush requesting Fox reporter to get him out of a fix.

Proof-positive that Bush is a liar

Legality of cell phone roaming changes in your coverage area.

Ayn Rand? Are her works still relevant in 2005?

Many Late PIX from sat. night casey2..more DU names..

"Anyone who disagrees with Bush is a terrorist." How long 'til we hear it?

Wow. Did anyone listen to the military callers on Randi Rhodes

"Poison Dust" new film on DU poisoning

"You Aren't Even TRYING to Hide It Anymore, Are You?"

"Sen. John Kerry Blisters Republicans"

From Pat Robertson's website: Thou Shalt Not Murder...

What's your opinion regarding panhandlers, the homeless, street people?

Cable TV - What do you spend? Is it worth it?

JAMA study: Fetuses under 7 months may not feel pain

Joan Baez LIVE from Camp Casey on Brad Show !! - Tonight 9PM ET

Cindy Responds to George

MSNBC poll: do anti-war protesters weaken the US?

Does Global Warming Theory Conflict With The Bible?

Weird.. Today I saw a U.N. vehicle

My pics from Crawford (GRAPHICS WARNING)

This picture says it all!!! (It will make your day)

CRAWFORD! We Came, We Saw, We Shoved Our Message Right Up Bush's Rat Ass!

Woohoo! The new Pollkatz graph is up (36%). Ain't it BEAUTIFUL!!

Why does this country freak about communism?

Flag-Waving RW Mom On Military Service: "It Isn't For Our Kind Of People"

OK, about this "true" or "real" Christian stuff on DU

Laughter, tears and unity. My report from Camp Casey (large graphics)

Canada backs down on trade retaliation

RCMP intelligence sharing probed at Arar inquiry * Who is A-O Canada?

1st Annual DU Fantasy Hockey League

Canada should pull out of NAFTA and return to WTO

BBC on Livingston by-election (Robin Cook's seat)

Football results...tonight, so far

In case anyone thought the Tories might be edging into the 21st Century

How skimpy outfits caused scandal at the Serpentine

British election posters- past and present

Maradona owns up to 'Hand of God'

"Two thirds oppose state-aided faith schools" (Guardian)

Ken Clarke: I was wrong ... the euro is a failure (The Times)

UK and the State & country forums

Kenneth Clarke: Evil Tory Bastard

Afghanistan asks Pakistan to postpone refugee camp closure

Conn. Challenges No Child Left Behind Law

Settlers' tactics win them few friends (Holocaust references)

Egypt Eyes Possibility of Islamist Party

Navy Officer Affirms Assertions About Pre-9/11 Data on Atta

Bush salutes sacrifices of 2,000 troops

Iraq speaker says three days not enough to resolve constitutional disputes

(LAT) 5 Calif. Guardsmen Face Charges of Abusing Iraqis

Drug bosses face civil fraud suit

Retailers rip into Chinese textile quotas

It's hush-hush, but Cheney's coming to stump for DeLay

NYT/AP: Yahoo, Verizon Launch Internet Service

WPpg1: Scientists Race To Head Off Lethal Potential Of Avian Flu

NYT: Officer is second to say Atta was known pre-9/11 (Attah)

Mumbai building collapse kills 11

Europeans call off nuclear talks with Iran-France

Aide Defends Iraq Strategy (Dan Bartlett)

Deadline Looms for Famous New York Club (CBGB's)

Feinstein to question Roberts on abortion, congressional power

Iraq Qaeda claims rocket attack in Jordan port

Experts fear thefts, violence to rise with gas prices

Man held in alleged plot to bomb Seattle VA office

5 Calif. Guardsmen Face Charges of Abusing Iraqis

Experts Inspect Lebanese Bomb Site

Eleven Policemen Killed in Mortar Attack in Baquba

No proof found of Iran nuclear arms program

School districts in US feeling pinch of escalating fuel costs

ID theft spyware scam uncovered

HIV drug performs well in 10-day trial

Congresswoman calls for return of troops

Men trailed and knifed me - Habib ( freed Gitmo prisoner )

UK Police Watchdog Promises Report by End of Year on Killing of Brazilian

Bush: No Plans To Meet Anti-War Protester

Suicide bomb at U.S.-Iraqi military centre kills 6 (US soldier killed)

Bush Says Iraqi Constitution Delays Are Understandable

Bulgaria Withdraws Its Soldiers from Iraq Foreign Minister State

Iraqi Pessimistic of Constitution Deal

Russia to end aid to 'revolutionary' allies-report

Stripes: Troops in Europe say long U.S. stay in Iraq may thin force

Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 23 (U.S. soldier killed - 1869)

President Takes A Break From Central Texas Heat (Tamarack ski resort)

Aide saw LINK as asset for re-election (Exhibits bust KY gov's team)

Suspected Hacker Enters Military Database

Bradley’s competition (NH congressional race)

Government Proposes New Fuel Standards for SUVs, Minivans

Rumsfeld on live now

Thousands of Chinese, Russian troops join unprecedented war games

Birth of a new Iraq, or blueprint for civil war?

Beef recalled under mad cow rules (but already distributed)

NYT: New Jersey Bans Smoking in All College Dormitories

Sparks (NV) City Council condemns Patriot Act

MSNBC: Google plans instant-messaging service

Iranian freed from Guantanamo was mistreated

Ambassador to Vensuella is on CNN NOW slaming Robertson!

Islamic prison gangs probed for alleged plots against Jewish sites

65 Girls At Area School Pregnant

Venezuela Oil Shipments to China Up Markedly, State Oil Firm Says

Cindy Responds to George

Watts Won't Seek Okla. Governor's Office

Bush raps anti-war protesters (cnn says Bush 'suggests"

Fla. Judge Hurt in Afghanistan Bomb Attack

Chavez ally: Robertson a 'fascist'

'Flag In Toilet' Painting Removed

Poll respondents overwhelm site (FreeRepublic vs DailyKos on Sheehan poll)

Pat Robertson Stirs Outrage in Venezuela With Call to Assassinate Chavez

Donations to governor (Schwarzenegger) earn Target a boycott

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 23 August

U.S. Develops Electric Bullets to Fire Into Crowds

Triple car bombs target U.S. troops in west Iraq

Reid Set to Make Appearance After Stroke

NYT: U.S. Is Ordered (by judge) to Investigate Use of Disputed Informant

Bush Supporters, Activists Clash in Calif.

Saddam appears in court, confirms legal team sacked

White House dismisses Chavez assassination call

Menezes death "cover-up" doubted

Report: Obesity Rates Up in Most States (i.e. All Except Oregon)

Observers fear thefts, violence to rise with gas prices

Gasoline prices set new record (+ $.73 in 1 year, car travel same level)

Iraq assembly gets charter draft, Sunnis irate (may cause Civil War)

Rising gasoline prices spur thefts, violence (switching to prepay policy)

Two extra US battalions to Iraq

Taliban Rebels Close Schools to Recruit Boys to Fight, U.S. General Says

WP: Bully for Them (U.S. lags other countries in dealing with bullying)

Bush: Iraq's Sunnis face choice on constitution

Habib (former Gitmo detainee) stabbed near his home

Peruvian airliner crashes in jungle

Speech expert: Boy who cops said confessed could barely talk

Officials hint at U.S.-Can trade war

U.S. Dodges Robertson Comments on Chavez

US aircraft carrier docked nearby poses no threat, Venezuelan defense chie

LAT: Grooming Politicians for Christ: Capitol Hill evangelical programs

Ohio reproductive clinic seeks to shield medical records from state

Anti-war protest in Idaho: "a Cindy Sheehan in every community"

(IA R) King: Fence off Mexican border

Pharmacist Resists Illinois Rule on Contraceptives (Faux News)

Ohio again near top of layoff list

Venezuela slams Robertson over remarks (studying its legal options)

Afghan heroin hang-glider downed

WP: Northwest Employees Get Little Support

NCAA removes Seminoles from hostile list

Bush: Iraq Withdrawal Would Weaken U.S.

New drug reverses effects of sleep deprivation on brain

Bloomberg: Home Resales Slow to 7.16 Million Rate

Rumsfeld: Constitution Won't End Violence

Brazilian ambassador: No cover-up by British police in shooting death

Boise TV stations will air Peace Mom ad during Bush's visit (4 stations)

With Eyes on Iraq, Arabs Fear Spread of Federalism--Daily Star

20 Iraqis, two American soldiers killed in new attacks

Media Matters Calls on ABC Family to Discontinue Robertson Broadcasts

Bush supporters clash with anti-war activists in California

Troops' Gravestones Have Pentagon Slogans

Military reopens probe of Tillman death - Inquiry into killing of football

Military contractor from Dauphin County killed in Iraq (Titan Corp.)

Well-known Europeans call for release of jailed US reporter

NYT/AP: Lance Armstrong Denies Doping Allegations

ACORN, WARN Oppose 'Wal-Mart Bank'

Fetuses May Not Feel Pain in Early Months

Dayum! Is it really midnight already???

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Anybody seen the 40-year-old virgin?

This is a floppyhat thread .............

What is the title of the new Rolling Stones CD?


You know that when I drink alone...

Should Heidi post pictures of the cat rodeo in her living room?

We're invading the Wyoming forum

"I have nipples, can you milk me?"

What's your Cholesterol level?

Weight lifting question

Anyone have a GPS? I just got one...Thank you Clinton! What a cool toy!

You kids playing in the Wyoming forum - Time to come home

Drunk cats a problem in your household

My daughters boyfriend is a bartender

I am MegaBitch, Goddess of Estrogen!

Answer me this

Copyyak thread!!

MMMM Woody Guthrie!

Breathe Me has been my earworm today

I haven't seen this Nazi Bush picture posted before.

Okay it's time to call out for assasinations!!`

Library or "Media Center"

One last post before I go to bed. Next Thursday is the one year

I AM BACK- and I'm pissed

I won!

Should I try to teach DU how to spell?

I reached 7000! Thank you all!

Is it sexy to say George Bush should be a man about things?

This "good night's sleep" business is overrated, I think.

Low-Fat Cheez-its meh. Regular Cheez-its WOW!

You got a Benz, I got a busket...

You should listen to him, his father's a doctor.

Is it wrong for me to laugh at rockpapersaddam?

What's a "Hoople?"

Better half came back from the doctor today....

Guess who I served this weekend?

What's the permalink thing ?

So I volunteered to make websites for a few charity organizations...

WillBowden's Back!!!!!! Have I Got a Piece of Tail for Him!

One Week til Green Day concert, One Month til DC Protest & DU Meetup

I think DU admins should do 1200 donations for next fund drive

Cities with highest rates of vehicle theft per 100,000 inhabitants

'Grass Cops' Use Tape Measures To Check For Overgrown Lawns

I LynneSin will bring to you today not one, but TWO smilies for the day

Man Threatens To Castrate Ice Cream Truck Driver With Hedge Clippers

people wanted to pay me for the strangest things today

Thieves Steal 700kg of Mud

Still using Internet Explorer? Read on...

What do you look like in the WC? Post a picture.

In this thread, post a phrase you are hearing right now.

Treat your wife like a bitch?

This will help you meditate.

So I was sitting aroung watching TV last night when an Amber Alert

i was just asked to removed my signature by a mod

I'm going to the Proms concert this evening - ask me anything

I am officially confused

Good Morning, Everyone!

who is this maggot?

delete, never mind

I'm going for athenian in my home interior

Happy Birthday to loathsome, annoying, smug "satirist" Mark Russell

This lounge needs an enema

i keep coming back to this one

Entertainment Weekly poll: "Is it too soon to make 9/11 movies?"

Hey! What the hell is that thing next to my user name?

Dumb CFL promotion nixed

My poor dog!

Been taking lessons from the Pretzeldent??? (pic)

pre-paid postage envelopes

Great, the heat wave's over.

Bangkok lingerie/fashion show doing Video Game Wars, Madden Football Being Beat By Tecmo Bowl

OK, just noticed a DU change

Three freakin' weeks it rains *every* day...

What is a Colonial Council?

Blue Valkyrie- your life force is running out.

what is your favorite green vegetable?

Interuder Alert!

Body Blow! Body blow!

A joke to start your day

where is zuni's happy jumping zuni?

Any recommendations for *dramatic* Anime (a la "Grave of the Fireflies")?

90 Year Old Couple Win $7.5 Million Lottery


The School Shopping Scam...

And now, a picture of a horny woman.

Have you had your V8 today?

Don't you HATE it when it's Moron day?

who are our LA DUers?

Join the Border Patrol, Drive Liberals Nuts

Do you think our references to "Kool Aid" drinkers

Is It Possible for a Bigot to Change?

It is a sad damned day when two Mods, one a friend, call you a liar!


Carla Holmolka found

Destroy the MCP cone.

Can I vent about Sony?

Urgent request.. Are Ft Mohave, AZ & laughlin NV on the same time?

FBI stages a wedding to bust international smuggling ring

I want my, I want my, I want my Web TV

Ron, Howard!

Prepare to qualify...

Best clown in U.S. takes job seriously (rumored to earn $600K a year)

oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head(The Smiths in smilies)

Is there a place?

Treat your husband like a dog?

Is anyone else annoyed by ...

Group Proposal: Shame Group

i Love janeane even more now

Hang-gliding heroin smuggler is shot down

Giving up and losing it.

how to become an internet laughingstock

I propose a "There Are Too Many Groups" Group

you don't speak for me, you don't speak for me cindy

Photo: Bush with R. Lee "Full Metal Jacket" Ermey

Man Leaves Church To Steal Truck

I quit my job today.

Run, coward!

Convicted U.S. felon's "Cures" tops book charts #1 BEST SELLER

Turkmen President Bans Lip Synching

Is it just me or is there a very strong resemblance here?

I've decided to become a Pastafarian.

How to spot a rich dude

Appropriate accessories for sesame noodles?

Hate to ask..

Does anyone have the link for the Peace Mom

Garth Brooks Signs Deal To ONLY Sell Music At Wal-Mart

Hee... Just thought of a cute Thom Hartmann Drinking Game

Anyone remember the actuary who estimated US caused deaths

Mrs. V. cheered me a little by sending me today's Toles cartoon:

Fred Phelps Actually Made the KC News

Credit Card Letter Addressed 'Dear Palestinian Bomber'

Nun Gone Wild!!!

Do you think it's bad for kids to encourage them to play sports?

The Cola Wars of 85. Now that was a war I could get behind.

myspace is utter crap

Who Does The Best Pat Robertson?

progmom's jaded, cantankerous tip for Tuesday:

If Only ... Nov 26 1927 - Aug 23 1997

fashion question: What does one wear to a job fair?

i'm too tired to overreact or overact today...


Lounge Overacting Thread

Falwell: Gays Caused Pat Robertson To Make His Chavez Comments!!

*Confession * I'm wearing overalls

Blast from the Past - You guys remember the NBC movie "V"?

Top 10 things to say when caught sleeping at your desk!

What is the range of elevation for clouds?

A question for DUers: Any Warhammer people out there?

BASH PAT ROBERTSON DAY -- WWJRO: Who would Jesus Rub Out?

If you could be any 70's era rock star (in the 70's) who would it be?

Stuart fishermen nab monster fish

LTTE in my local paper i totally agree with, for once.

Rumsfeld: "What if This? What if That? What if This? What If That?"

There'll be no strings to bind your hands

Name the Movie: "I don't think you appreciate the seriousness of this

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do...

Say it ain't so, Clay?

"Friends Who Pay Low Wages" - ZW's Garth Brooks parody

Michael Bolton or John Bolton?

Mysterious Fish Caught Off Damariscove

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! Our stuff will be here this morning @10AM!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish I had time to ride a god damned bike!

If the economy crashes and people are in debt, what will happen to them?

Why does it have to be hot as HELL outside?

can i get medical marajuana for a wife in Menapause, and get her some too?

Ph.D language requirements

Jessica Alba: "I have this thing for older men"


What is your tarot significator? (Quiz )

BOR has a cindy poLL on his site

Who's got greater powers?

400 POSTS!!!!

What's Sunny von Bulow going to THINK if she ever wakes up?

Top 5 Party Schools

NYC - Manhattan event just a few min ago (crime)

Today I have been married eight years.

When graduate students go bad.

600 posts!!!!!!!!!

MSNBC is asking if Robertson went to far...

I'm looking for a reliable reseller of Pocket PCs.

Why do "Rock" radio stations always pick the WORST Zeppellin

I'm bored.

Anyone have a Magic Bullet?

The Life of David Gale

Calvin and Hobbes? Making a Comeback?

in praise of sheena easton...

Your own radio station. What are your call letters? Mine: KACK or WANK.

Chavez spoiled my milk!

Mock Pat Robertson all you want,

Alan Ball creator of SFU on "Fresh Air" today

Chavez broke my eggs!

I leave tomorrow morning

Chavez stripped my car!

Freepers eating crow over smoking gun

Is it possible to ship a package containing wine?


My cousin is gonna be a County Sheriff's Deputy Cook.

I Want To Go Behind The Scenes At An Airport - Always Have

It's time to play MatchGame DU.

Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, or All Time Quarterback

rough draft paintings

Visitors interested in Metallica Lyrics may also interested in:

Pedaling Away From Principle: Lance Armstrong Cozies Up to Bush


*All Time Classic* HEZBOLLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cops Looking For Owner Of Fingertip Found Stuck On Fence

My cousin is gonna be a Cook County (IL) Sheriff's Deputy!

Six Feet Under Finale - I was so afraid that Nate singing Rare Earth's

CA Senate votes for ban on piercing minors without parental permission

The Daily Show is going to have a field day with Pat Robertson.

Hey George...Here's how you can stop falling off your bike!

Good morning everyone. I have a question. I looking for a book


Jan Crouch calls for the assination of her hair dresser!

Looking for some music I heard years ago

A new one for the freeper glossary: 'cudos'

sundog keeps starting threads and then abandoning them.

The Lounge overreacting thread.

Can you open this for me?

It's again time to list favorite 80s songs ...

"One more outburst like that and you'll be held in contempt...

google image search can be very scary if you don't have your safesearch on

Important poll

City on the Edge of Forever

Recommended image hosting site?

thank god *that* thread is gone


Looking for some intereresting blogs to read, preferably NYC based.

I ordered the first season of the Muppets


What do you consider a good curfew time for a 16 year old?

Hamburger steak,

You *MUST* check out "Fonzie" from SNL Christopher Walken DVD

Why did 50's era cowboys use there own names?

Tom Cruise was Shakespeare

Anyone else think that Bush is toast?

Ha - old ladies are funny


Self ~ delete

What kind of cookies should I bake?

I hate republicans

A little something different for dinner tonight...

Hey everybody .... it's Momma Woman's birthday!

Dates complain that Pamela Anderson is talking about them

I just bought a "Ski Iraq" t-shirt! Ask me anything!

Bob No-Facts on Robertson: "That's Bullsh*t!!"



same rack, same shirt, same size, different color

Robertson Renames 700 Club "The 5 In The Noggin' Club"


My Nacho Fiesta Snack Mix is mighty tasty

Most inane product display box ever

I think I want my next tatto to be an upper arm band...

Anyone here get Summer Strep Throat? Whass the deal with that?

Kitty on cover of this weeks Weekly Word News. Just saw it @ the store

My Vita-Mix just came in!

I just got gassed - again

I have a black spot on my arm... weirdest thing...

Chatty Store Clerks - am I the only one irritated by this?

"Alright, muh hearties, FOLLOW ME!"

Cat question....


My new favorite product warning

I get a craving for roast venison every time I see

Where can I get some hairstyling tips for women?

High Fructose Corn Syrup is the devil!!!

Those young whippersnappers at work think life is easy?

How can I get wrinkles out of a silk jacket?

'Mockingbird' actor Brock Peters dies

Who else here sucks at grammar and punctuation?

Man this sucks, I've been off since noon and I'm still at work

Happy Birthday to Barbara Eden!


The most popular first name for men is...?


I Miss Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

I miss Bertolt Brecht

I miss Fred Sanford.

So a propos - Are you an Internet Addict?

Just got my replacement remote control for my CD changer. Sony...

Carly "a job is no longer your God-given right" POS Fiorina to write book

Engineers' thoughts on "Intelligent Design" (eMail I got)

Actor Brock Peters dead at 78

I miss Bill Clinton

My dog is allergic to his butt-rubbing stool...

Favorite Chris Walken SNL Skit!

I miss Fred Flintstone.

I miss Fred Phelps

Funniest thing I heard at work today:

post here if you're a little bit crabby today

Tom Cruise Was Happier In Previous Life

You know what really makes me mad????

I just got the "Emergency!" Season One DVDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking for CD recommendation - Classical/Latin guitar

Everybody, do the "Hang Loose" now

weeping (anyone who's had a loved one with dementia, or anyone else)

Anyone remember Ari Fleischer recommending the assassination of Saddam?

Any tech people hate technology when they get home???

favorite russian sitkom

Pictures I took on the Summer Solstice

Spank the Monkey

I miss Fred Rogers.

So, you're eating shrimp and you see one that has a poop shoot left


It's Pat (Robertson)

It is a sad damned day when two friends, one a mod, call you a liar!

Found at the ErotiCat website:

What's for supper?

I'm sick..Kitty's incision became infected and has now opened up

Does anyone have the link for the Peace Mom

flaming lounge threads are really out of style now...

For all DU he-man macho types...

How is your soul? Take The Quiz......

Butch the Rooster *funny*

We're going to meet the stalker!

Cockney slang picks up Bangladeshi flavor

Hey everyone! Remember yesterday, when we had jpgray day?

WCGreen's Column in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer

OK, it's not a missing blonde, but it's the next best thing.

Help write a 1-2 paragraph blurb about me.

is bush a fucking moran?

The Lifetime Movie title generator

I can't friggin believe intelligent design is even an issue down there

Chatty folks v. Quiet folks

Is it just my imagination or is it getting harder and harder.....

Here's a couple of pics from the Chicago air show

Do you have rhythm?

I had a dream. I had an awesome dream!

MrsScorpio's Mother Passed Away Last Night

Get your fortune told...Take the quiz

Google's IM service is online.

Just found these 2 pics from my trip to Gettysburg!

They think you need this stuff for KINDERGARTEN!?

How much should you spend on a bottle of sparkling wine

Are you Naughty Or Nice?

I get a craving for roast vegitarian every time I see one

Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About

Not ready for LBN: Urine Battery Turns Pee Into Power


What can people see in your eyes? Take The Quiz......

I just killed a copperhead in my driveway. That's two in a week!

Jessica Alba digs older men, I like bad boys, what about YOU?

So, my teenager changes my cell phone ringer to Hollaback Girls.

I'm Emporer Norton, ruler of the United States and Protector of Mexico

Care to label yourself?

Wonder drug beats sleep loss

NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka

Those damned immoral scientists

Decision more than just a victory for litigant

Calif. Bans Campaign Gay Bashing

Campaigns Gear Up For Texas Gay Marriage Battle

Gay Arson Victims Hit Again

A Choice We Don't Want (black rights vs. gay rights)

A Harvard B School look at marketing to gays & lesbians

More South Carolina gay groups donating to politicians

Two Fla. men plead guilty to beating gay waiter to death


Black Gays Plan Own Million Man Observance

Abby puts a reader in his place

do you watch "In the Life"?

Gays Rights, Gun Rights, Gay Nationalism.

French lab cannot confirm tests were Armstrong's

"UC to Huggins: Resign or be fired"

Mizzou linebacker Aaron O'Neal died of viral meningitis

What's up Doc? - Dwight Gooden sought on felony charges

Hossa for Heatley!! Wow!

1st Annual DU Fantasy Hockey League

Anybody in here into Indian (India) mythology?

Lawdy, Lawdy.

Did you know some people are destined for "the dark side?"

The terrorist in our midsts

Grasping the Depth of Time as a First Step in Understanding Evolution

Modem Butterfly Official Roast Thread

John Conyers to Kerry/Edwards: "continue to be involved"

So, who works at KAP

Great editorial by Thomas Oliphant.

This guy's really starting to get to me.


Finish the sentence - "I wish Kerry would come out and say ....

And on a lighter note...

Hey, speaking of new folks and such

I have a question for you guys.

LOL... Anderson Cooper wardrobe malfunction.

Dan Patrick Show With Keith Today!

Newsletter: 8/23/05 -- Robertson Off the Hook; Gas Rage

my photos from crawford

KOEB 8/23/05

Worst Person in the World Nominees!

Here are some examples of Bush talking to those in emotional need

Fox/Neal Cavuto show Shows Cindy Sheehan commercial as part of discussion

The one thing we DON'T need is our own leadership spouting neocon lies.

Veterans for Peace Returning to Camp Casey

Gas crisis in Hawaii and other states

My International Relations professor said today about TV news...

should we all be running for office?

Wes Clark's Stand for Darfur

Gerecht on C-SPAN/Washington Journal this morning

Treason: Bush-Bin Laden-Fluor Daniel Conspiracy; By Wayne Madsen

Who cares what the DLC says - even their own former chair

Right Wing Terror Our Government Ignores

The Peninsula (Qatar): "All pump, no power at the ranch in Crawford"

Hmm, the US now approves of torture, assassination

WaPo finally reports IAEA says Iran not making A-bomb. In UK papers 8/14!

RW talking points idjit on the Ed Schultz show yesterday

AP: Feinstein to Question Roberts on Abortion

George Will Blames Media For High Gas Prices

LAT: Programs on Hill Seek Leaders Who Answer Not To Voters, but God

Why does Cindy Sheehan get grilled by Tweety and other outlets...

Special Prosecutor Subpoenas Cuyahoga County Election Workers

80,000 Americans Submit FOIA Request for Roberts' Documents

SF Chronicle: Bush sells war to skeptical public; support falling

Houston Chronicle: Liberal Democrats want the party to take a stand

Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse


Beltway Dems Regurgitate Right-Wing B.S. on Iraq; Grassroots Fights Back

Bush`s Hide -A-Thon, The Unseen War

Cheney's `Spoon-Benders' Pushing Nuclear Armageddon

lol! Robertson story front page on every site

white house turns into greens? New MPG regs offered

ABC News -Who/what are they talking about?

Pat Robertson's mines.

(peep) what happened to Zarqawi?

Diebold's Election Division Jolted by Reliability and Security Concerns


An Easy Way To Deflate Proponents of ID

So how do we turn 38% approval rate into a DEM controlled congress in '06?

FReeptards slandering Cindy taken to a new low.

What will Rummy Dummy and KKK Carl Rove do to slow down the Pat Robertson

Motive for Pat Robertson's Republican fatwah clearly revealed

WEAKENED AMERICA??? CINDY??? More like Bush Weakened us big time

Tony Blair to Join Carlyle?

Almost 60 terrorist plots uncovered in the U.S. - by white male amers.

Robertson statement takes heat off Bush?

Herr Rumsfeld is on CNN............

Lowry falsely claimed Feingold's position on Iraq is "get out now"

There used to be a t-shirt shop here

Doonsberry Poll-- Which Cindy Sheehan do you see?

If a radio station dumps Garrison for saying "breast", let's dump 700 Club

Reuel Gerecht still thinks he's better than any woman

Cindy stopping Bush fm Iran-attack to boost Bush polls?

Who stood where on the War in Iraq©? Where do they stand now?

Wednesday Boise Idaho Bush protestors please read (photos of SLC protest)

Who Killed Casey Sheehan?

Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist files to run for House vacancy.

Thom Hartmann right now. Iraqi woman speaking about beheadings.

HELP!! I need a good internet source with updated numbers

How come no one is talking about Valerie Plame? Is this

My proposed strategy for recapturing govt in 2006 - debranding the Dems

Anyone hear Limbaugh get taken out by THREE callers in a row?

Jack Cafferty, reactionary apologist.

Rumsfeld: Civil War In Iraq is Unlikely....

Help with this poll: How do you feel about Mayor Anderson’s anti-war stmnt

"memo to democrats"-*This is both bad politics and bad policy*

"The bodies of Sunnis are being found in rubbish dumps across Baghdad"

My e-mail to a SLC newspaper writer about yesterday's protest.

DU doesn't like me

Guam envoy to Congress calls for Abramoff investigation

Play "Reflexaquote"

the onion is always good for a giggle

Grooming Politicians for Christ

Hannity not giving up on Able Danger reports

Those who want to change course in Iraq don't want US to win war on terror

Excellent Oliphant op-ed covers Feingold's call to withdraw from Iraq

Rumsfield re Hugo Chavez "We don't do that at the Pentagon" - so we need

Which parts of his presidency will Bush look back on most often?

Have you all forgotten Pat Robertson's prior Terrorist Threat ?

Something has been bothering me about *'s response today..

The Eight Beatitudes (According to Pat Robertson)

An anchor just called Robertson's comment a terrorist threat

Fox runs "Standing Firm" headline with photo of Lord Fuckstick on his bike

If you ever doubted the existence of the radical right echo chamber,

Make Sure Your Lawmakers Hear you

WH says "their will be tension in the Iraqi Courts between women's rights

What's the story with Marvin Bush????

HELP>>>Im trying to post some protest pix....


Bumpersticker idea: "Nero fiddled, Bush pedaled."

As School Year Begins, Dean Praises "Ambitious" Progressive Education

Mitt Romney (R-MA), "weighing presidential run in 2008" backs Bush on Iraq

Poll: How many Bush 2000 voters do you know who voted for Kerry?

Bush compares War on Terror to World Wars - EVIL MAN!

Limbaugh: "Joan Baez is a communist sympathizer."

The Swift Boating of Cindy Sheehan and 2000 Letters for Cindy

I am so tired of *

Bush, in Idaho, includes subliminal swipe at Sheehan in his Iraq remarks

Joe Andrew ~DNC ~Sellout to Diebold?

John Conyers to Kerry/Edwards: "continue to be involved"

2000: "There is no difference between Gore + Bush. I'm voting Nader!"

Interview: Ed Asner on the Bush Administration’s “Misuse of Power”

Limbaugh and "Staff Puke"

The difference between NY and Florida....Sirota points it out.

How the "We must stay in Iraq" dems should say it....

If The *Co Doesn't Come Out And Strongly Condemn Robertson.....

"Sirius Patriot"? Why we need to boycott Sirius Radio in favor of XM

That damned 'librul' media....

Paraguay? What's the drumbeating about military leaves being

The Pat Robertson wing of the Republican Party

Edwards effort to raise awareness of poor lauded

MSNBC Poll: Did Pat Robertson go too far ?

Compare and contrast these presidential moments

This caught my eye: Rev Al honors Wal-Mart.

Is it me or is the spin on Robertson already begun....

Check Out these "Fair and Balanced" Polls

What right wing radio personality really pisses you off?

As some here predicted, the Rightwing is gleeful at the KOS threat

Picture the most right wing person you know...

Just saw a brief clip of * speaking today on CNN....a sick man!

Four scary quotes

what are troops are really doing in Afghanistan (can you say 'drugs')

Wow. Shrub dared to leave Texas - for Idaho and Utah. How brave.

Just saw the SLC video

If Democrats have been threatened by RW-We need to know the details.

Hatchet man Bob Dole on CNN rules out timetable or even an exit strategy!

News Flash--Jesus is heading to Crawford

Text of KERRY Speech, Sept. 20, 2004 @ NYU

Well, hell. NBC Nightly News reporter on Pat Robertson, and I quote:

RNC says "never think on the air" ...courtesy of DNC research.

just where the hell is the american opposition?

Why Bush and the right wing aren't viciously attacking Joe Finkelstein

Conyers Seeks Information on Downing Street Scandal

Darfur, the DLC, Missing Blondes, No More War, and Rush Limbaugh...

Rule would encourage automatic 401(k) enrollment

Bush to meet with families who lost loved ones in Salt Lake City

I wouldnt expect Georgie to read the Iraqi Constitution...

What Fitzgerald may be thinking as he contemplates Plame leak indictments

GD: Politics -- Check this out on Hackett, Ohio 2nd Distruct

Kos Declares War thread two

George's FACE always gives him away and he can't control it.

US Fingerprints on Venezuelan Coup