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Archives: August 28, 2005

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad (London Observer): Fiddling while Baghdad burns

UFW and Farm Aid Landmarks

Fast-food restaurants cluster around schools, USA

Where Tea Doesn't Mix With Political Sympathies

Here's my candidate for one of The Top 10 Conservative Idiots this week.

An Outsider's Quick Rise To Bush Terror Adviser

The Vietnamization of Bush's Vacation (Frank Rich...nails it again!)

Will there be any Sept. 24th events in other cities?

Experts Warn Debt May Threaten Economy (heLLOOO???)

Sensitivity and determination (Ha'aretz editorial)

Netanyahu set to announce Likud candidacy

9/11 infiltrators and informants will fail

Protecting the Right to Vote By John J. Sweeney

Bush in San Diego! 2 events: Mon. vigil & Tues. protest

Romney predicts 'landslide' reelection

OK which label would "They" prefer

Did anybody get a Mullet count at the Pro War/Death rally today? n/t

Korean church leaders assault woman who failed to attend services

Christine Cegelis

Where did all the forums go? Can't find weather forum.

How many Iraq vets are at Camp Casey?

Pentagon Investigating the Investigation? LOL

bradblog caller mentioning DU

Daily Egyptian puts scrubbed Kodee Kennings stories back on website

Any other "Swingers" on DU?

My Real Concern about the 9/11 March and 24th to 26th March

Is Cindy getting death threats? Don't want to be breathless here.

RW website frames Kodee Kennings hoax as ANTIWAR

Where is Laura Flanders from? I'm trying to place her accent,

Security Incidents in Iraq August 27th

Pro-war idiocy at Crawford

"DEAD WRONG" on CNN now - repeat

featuring Abramoff on America's Most Wanted tonight-

Theater community saddened by Wilson announcement

Abramoff Casino Murder Profiled on America's Most Wanted

With school starting around the country.... (watch this!)

Dave Zirin on Book TV - WOW

Who the hell is "Parrish"? Anyone?

How can someone say that they're "pro-war"?

I love the lyrics of this song--I wish they could be updated

Post Stupid Pics from Hatestock '05 Here:

Larry C. Johnson: Why We Must Leave Iraq.

Can we get the networks on the phone over the protest numbers?

Frank Rich: The Vietnamization of Bush's Vacation

Need help finding election-day video clip w/ Rep. Peter King (R-NY) saying

The Non-American Way.

Photo: Protest Warrior Gets Sign Ripped By OWN CO-PROTESTERS!

I learned one thing from seeing all those freeper photos.

If a pro war mother started a vigil in support of the war

Another revelation!!! (EARWORM)

ABC News Says !,000 Anti-Sheehan Supporters Have Arrived In Crawford...

Iraq crisis deepens as Sunnis reject deal

Let's give the Administration something to worry about.

Karel streaming: It's all about Cindy

Martin Sheen? I'm excited!!

self EST delete

Military leaves cancelled after 9/7? what's this all about? - Anyone know?

Bush and the protesters who love him (pic)

We need to help the corporate media identify themselves further

Ankarlo is totally trashing Cindy-

'Nam Draft Dodger Ted Nugent's Wife was the Freep Spokeslady!

What exactly would be wrong with a free Cuba?

Official Give New Orleans DU'ers Shelter Thread

good god almighty !

This One's Begging for a Photoshop job;

Mood Swings

DSMs special on CNN right now.

1877 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Republicans really, really , really suck at governing...

NYT: In War Debate, Parents of Fallen Are United Only in Grief

Blair 'busted' for loaning Bush art

Lurking freepers: Heads up!......'Dead Wrong' is on again (CNN)

Another brave mother motivated by grief and outrage.

Another Report from Crawford Sat. Aug. 27

Houston DU'ers, is it true that all of your hotel rooms are booked ?

Charlotte NC news saying Cindy's efforts backed by PR firm


DU just mentioned on aar!!! a caller referenced an article about war plans

I need to know where I can find Daily Show Clips...

10 PM CDT advisory from NHC for Hurricane Katrina

VIDEO Cindy Sheehan on Real Time with Maher talking about pro war rally

Great letter (not mine!): The Bush II brain is in perfect shape

Letterman and Leno wisecracks on exhibit in the lounge

George Bush, with his war in Iraq, reminds me of the hillbilly that ....

Bush supporters must be the only people on Earth who would

Horrible thought...

Clinton Gets Red Carpet Treatment At Bubba's On Kauai

Cold War victory day!!!

Advice From Ayatollah Sistani on Marriage, McDonald's and more

The Freepers have posted pix of the Pro-War Rally >


Peace Flags--Make a Statement

DU this CNN poll on global warming

Video here of brave young liberal trying to get Repubs to enlist

LOL, gotta love some churches!

A critical look at Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

Sheehan is right - the war in Iraq is at its end

A critical look at ((Insert Country Here))...

The Sunday Talk Shows

Are the neocons/PNACers screwing with Junior?

the estate tax versus the gift tax

Has DU matured any since you have been here?

How active do you think this hurricane season will end up being?

Ease Up On Bush and Blair- It Ain't Easy Bein' Leaders of the Free World

My letter to those fine young men The Protest Warriors

The Whiz Bang Effect

Check out this CNN "Quick Vote" on if "Reality TV has gone too far!"

"Sleeping with the enemy: OSOMA!"

The truth about Uncle Fidel.

Senior Iran cleric hails “Islamic state of Iraq”

War is big business

Since WHEN does trying to end the killing of our troops mean ANTI-TROOPS??

If you missed the Brad Show today...

A picture of Bush signing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban

A really really sexy Hillary picture up on Raw story right now

Frightening biblical stuff.... Arguement to convince RWers that W is satan

Tell me some bad things about Russ Feingold.

Tulsa Christian radio news said 1500 at proBush rally at Crawford today

Brett Easton Ellis mentions GW and Jeb partying

Raising Teens and a Ray of Hope

Fast-food restaurants cluster around schools, USA

Here's a Pics from Phoenix Vigil Going to get better pictures next Wed!

Answer to a FAQ: Just Google Images "freeper moran"

One of the Evangelical churches in my area is having the 2nd annual GOP

Does "Garden Plot" Exist? Is the following real .......

Anyone have a link to an Operation Yellow Elephant video NOT in QT?

Katrina wind gusts up to 170 mph possible

Yee gads! Look at the news at this site. Were the hell is the MSM?

Robot helps stop standoff with suicidal soldier

LOL! FR Mystified As To Why Faux Is Ignoring Crawford.

Must see for all folks in New Orleans in path of Katrina

Campus paper soldier's daughter hoax story first article?

I'd Love to Know What She Is Thinking -PIX->>>

Remember the ALAMO!!!!!

Is Katrina the hurricane that will leave New Orleans high and dry?

Mis-spelling on freeper sign in Crawford........this is funny!

AP/Yahoo story on Crawford today doesn't add up

Why don't television "news" stations actually show news?

"W" Bush is the most disastrous American leader since Jeff Davis- T or F?

OMG Picture worth thousand words!

What's with all these attacks on socialists on this board?


DU this poll its being freeped.......

Bush in San Diego! 2 events: Mon. vigil & Tues. protest

Some of the best pics from Camp Casey

Evangelicals feel persecuted, even with recent wins

I made yeast rolls today. We buttered them hot at suppertime.

Union Members and Labor Supporters or supporters of honest journalism

Egypt Turns Down Request to Sign Nuclear Treaty,Says Israel Must Join First

Bush warns of more sacrifice in Iraq, protesters rally

Chavez supporters, foes clash in Caracas

Sunnis Offer Bevy of Amendments, Negotiations Continue

Busted: Blair Gives Public Treasure To White House

Iraqi Activist Taken Up by Bush Recants Her Views

Civil War Looms in Iraq as Constitution Talks End in Disarray

Lawsuit against UC system claims religious bias

Vatican plan to block gay priests (was not a problem in the past).

Australian "counter-terrorism" summit to discuss police-state measures

Big Guns For Iraq? Not So Fast.

U.S. Releases Nearly 1,000 Prisoners From Abu Ghraib

Britain's elite get pills to survive bird flu

Bush urges residents to flee hurricane

Seeking New Recruits, British Soldiers March in Gay Pride Parade

Two Bragg Soldiers, one Benning Soldier die in Iraq

Wild Weather Causes Global Havoc

Government Searched U.S. House of Nigerian Vice President

Abu Ghraib jail release fails to swing Sunnis behind constitution

Outspoken cleric murdered after backing Iraq vote

Dueling Demonstrators Descend on Texas

Katrina Cuts Oil Output By A Third

Leak shows Blair told of Iraq war terror link

Abramoff Cited Aid Of Interior Official(Conflict-of -Interest Probe)

Drone crashes in Iran, say reports

Anti-Gay Church Protests at Funerals, Drawing Counterprotesters

Dude fans: The Big Lebowski Achiever's Edition on 10/18!

Please Help. Introducting my sister to anti-bush video and other

why doesn't Sirus have the pre and post game shows of the NFL games?

I'm an Alabamian(?), cured by becoming a lesbian...

I am such a loser.

strange thing just happened to my computer

Drunk phone calls

Do people who talk incessantly and......

What's all this noise, we'll have no shouting here.

Any eBay experts here?

Would anyone here wear a tail/cat's ears/fur suit...

I took the kids out to dinner and to see "Charlie and the Chocolate

I just saw THE greatest movie.

Drove by a local Radio Shack today...sign outside the door

Look what I found for us Asthma sufferers

If disgruntled means extremely unhappy

God has spoken to me about the Friday Night party in DC and he says....

R.I.P. Piggy.

GD is infected with red fever

Should I campaign for moderatorhood?

What's a good resource on technique for writing pop/rock songs?

Anyone here a Kiwanis member?

GD is infected with Bread fever

What are Katrina and the Waves now,the Beatles?What's the Big deal?

"Mommy...I don't like being sick"

Oh I used to be disgusted

Kitty Thread!!!!! (picture heavy)

WHITE whole grain bread????

Whoah, there's this tripped-out thing I found in Wikipedia!

Yearrgh Spider!


"Seven Blunders of the World"

Congratulations madrchsod 15,000 posts!!!!

Since poker is on TV 24/7, why can't they broadcast chess too?

Hilarious Freeper post I put up in GD today. The Lounge will love it!

Ok testing my first picture now.

Who else here just does NOT understand anime?

Man Discovers New Way to Mow Lawn

God gave rock 'n roll to you


Check this out: Read the entire thread

Best Boris

To all DUers with family or friends in Louisiana:

i had a it a sign?

The Prodigal Nighthawk has returned.....

My head is spinning with all the vitamins & herbal products


Did New Orleans survive the Hurricane?

I think Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Recommendations on home air cleaners

How many people do you have on your ignore list?

Could it be Oscar ?

Just for fun: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Personality Test

Two more milestones in my evil plot to destroy the American Family.

GD is infected with Dead Fever

Is it OK to call men bastards?

What Forums Have You Posted In?

I went to ogle the chicks today...

I'm leaving the lounge.

Letterman and Leno on Bush's vacation

Kali started it!!! (pic thread)


"The 40 Year-Old Virgin" was FUCKING FUNNY

Most likely things we'll see from the new HBO series "Rome"

Which will happen first?

Link Wray was very kind to write my theme song:

Parrot People: what turns your bird on?

Pet travel information

Recommendation on home air cleaners?

Does anyone know what I saw?

Question for users and fans of Bach's Flower Essences.

SOS Offers a Secular Alternative to Alcoholics Anonymo

I've heard of this flying spaghetti monster and I am curious

Kerry's heart is made of gold.

WTF - the hostility from someone pissed that Kos is giving Kerry too

a cat photo...just because I can

Today at the park...

Is ConsAreLiars on vacation? n/t

CNN now showing repeat of "DEAD WRONG" 8PM EST!

Leaked Document Exposes Bolton’s True Mission

College Repugs excuse to an Operation Yellow Elephant op

In these times, I admire anyone that can speak out for peace...

what's the best org. working for universal healthcare right now?

Bush met mother twice...?

Let the battle, resume.

So, 1000 former prisoners in Iraq can vote, but 1000 former prisoners

Was Jeffords jump in May 2001 one of the causes of 9/11.

who`s the leader of the merry busloads of anti cindy `s ???

Ted Kennedy Urges More Money for Education

Oil's Peak: The End May Be Nearer, It Seems

who will warn Americans about the coming oil wars ???

Holy Shit!! Chimp finally comes clean about the PNAC agenda!!

It`s a beautiful thing.....Karl Rove can not stop us.

Did anyone else see the CNN special "Dead Wrong" yet?

Is there a list of which media sources had reporters at the WH secret

Judge John Roberts connected to major drug smuggling operation.

Anyone else think the US is about to implode?

A political joke - we need a laugh: How many Bush Administration officials

War Debate, and Emotions, Spill Over in Texas

Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun): Robertson's 'fatwa'

Testing Beijing's Limits: ... did [Rupert] Murdoch bend the rules?

Boston Globe Editorial: Rove's Role

Iraqi Self-Determination: We cannot allow Bush to define 'democracy'

For Basra's Christians, Hussein era the good old days

Iraq war goes on inside prisons

An appointment in Samarra (Luke Baker in Baghdad: horror worsens)

Once More into the Chickencoop - Wolcott

A guide to dating Jews earns author 'Nazi' tag

Adam, Eve and T. Rex (and 'missionary lizards).

Show me the science

Cintra Wilson (Salon): I invaded the White House press corps

USA Today: New school year, new battle over evolution

WARNING: You Are Under Martial Law - Common Dreams Article

Micheal Moore/White Power?

$3 Gallon Gasoline? Consider the Alternative: The Garage Filling Station

Jon Brain (BBC): What next for Iraq's new charter?

Beasts of Prey - In Guatemala, someone has declared war on women

TIME: Is Zarqawi the New Bin Laden?

'Sex is key to a woman's experience in the US military'

congressional Democrats to engage in Amish-style shunning

Social inequality creates sick, depressed, violent societies

David Brooks (The New York Times): Winning in Iraq

Morning-After Pill: Politics and the F.D.A.

Gary Hart (The Washington Post): Who Will Say 'No More'?

Larry C. Johnson: Why We Must Leave Iraq.

A beautiful mind

Local story on Cindy Sheehan protest...please respond to this.

Greenspan: End of Housing Boom Inevitable

LAT: Homeowner Debt Increasingly Seen as Savvy Strategy

'Perfect property' may become well site

Katrina and FX movie "Oil Storm"

Questions for Thorium Power, the weapons grade Pu fissioning group.

Mauritania's Poor Skeptical on Oil Riches

Enforce a Ban on Settlements

Barenboim and Ramallah - An Unfinished Symphony

Suicide Bomber Strikes Israeli Bus Station

Can Palestine be Put Back Into the Equation?

Suicide bomber wounds 10, 2 seriously, in Be'er Sheva blast

Palestinians' Big Plans for Gaza, With a Bit of Doubt

Gaza Pullout Displays New Scars for Palestinians and Israelis

Bombmaker Calls for Eradication of Israel

Are Bush & Neo-cons going after those critical & 9-11 Truth Seekers?

The Hijacking "Profile" on 9/11

George Noory Railroads Eric Hufschmid

Felling a Tree: the WTC

Questions concerning the crash site of UA 93

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News for Sunday 8/28/05

A more organized version of Patriot pastors, Blackwell, and Ohio politics

Lone Star Iconoclast: Velvet Revolution Takes Off The Gloves,

Lever Machines Don’t Have To Be Replaced According to The EAC

Now on AAR - Using parallel elections to

Anybody want to give this thread in GD a nudge?

Presidential recount dispute back before N.M. Supreme Court

Bev Harris interview on AAR now -

Agenda for National Summit to Save Our Elections, Portland, 9-30 to 10-2

I am now FINALLY convinced the election was fraudulant!

Reuters via CNN (August 27): California files french fry lawsuit

Watch baseball, protest against the Guv...

WOW! What a rush!!!

Did you know they broadcast Meet the Press @ Noon, Sundays on WTKK 96.9 FM

Spilled medicine on my keyboard. My "number one" key does not

GacccccccccccccK!!11! I lost my bookmarks

"What Noble Cause" design

Austin DUers: Look for me on your FOX news program (Camp Casey)

Is any part of Texas in the hurricane zone?

Another Day at Camp Casey (Dialup warning)

"Bush supporters outnumber Crawford critics"

What’s the deal with Waco?

Buses from Northern WI for D.C. Rally

Wondering how many La. Nat'l Guard are in Iraq?

Have you all seen this video of College Republican chickenhawk excuses?

Did Randi Rhodes ever show up at Camp Casey?

self delete

MAP: LSU scientists have projected Louisiana flooding

Katrina just updated to Cat 4

my brother is a small building contractor . . .

Now I am really pissed about how they showed Cindy!!

Wow, I'm really impressed!

Nate Clay's using MoTown as bumper music -- talking Pat Robertson

Can someone explain how 'mandatory' a mandatory evac is?

It's not rocket science to figure out these Pro-War fanatics

'Baghdad Cindy' disgrace to nation - LTTE

Awwwww!! No Stormfront infiltration at Camp Casey!!

Latin American dictators usually get support from the US.

"biased" report about Cindy on French national TV2

Katrina officially a Cat 5 hurricane

"Guys on the picket line kept your safety in mind" (Northwest Airlines)

The CIA leak: Infighting, grudges, justifying a war

Sorry, I was aiming for LBN. Please delete? Thanks. n/t

Minutemen influence claimed

Bush leans toward guest visas for workers

Question regarding New Orleans

Enlistment/Reenlistment Form (DD Form 4/1)

LA TIMES: War Critics Have Backing, but Not Much of a Following

To all Non-Louisiana DU'ers posting about the hurricane..

Observer: Diary find could solve Greek air crash mystery

What proportion of rethug vs. dem Senators voted for Iraq war?

How the D-Day ivasion would be reported by today's MSM: Funny read.

Who's Next?

One American Killed, Four Wounded in IED Strike in Afghanistan

Turkish Women Support Cindy

Help! I'm looking for that photo that had appeared here earlier today.

Nice article from the BBC about Cindy / In search of an Iraq exit strategy

'Thighs that big belong in a bucket'

CSPAN WJ caller just now wanted guest to guarantee that Iraqis

CNN actual show on Bush misleading to war!

If New Orleans gets hit, it's inevitable.

Did anyone else see a mini-series that starts with a hurricane ?

Good BBC article on Cindy Sheehan & Camp Casey

Iraqi activist taken up by Bush recants her views

In Praise of Frank Rich

Those National Guard Troops would come in real handy to battle Katrina

Live news from New Orleans to keep up with H. Info...

Faux and the Hurricane

DU this AOL. Do you support Cindy or Bush? Right now, 47 for * and 46

Katrina, you can destroy my city...

The Hatches have been battened (Katrina)

Weather geeks are freaking out ("worst storm ever")

"Tipping Point" on Iraq is a Media Con

WP: A Tale of Two Wars; In Baghdad, I Hear Echoes of Saigon in '67

What happens to the poor who can't evacuate from Katrina?

Hall urges Bush to get out of Iraq

Most Moranic LTTE ever...

why do DUers love Joe Biden so much?

B**h Done Good, For Once

"Hurricane Chasing"

Note to certain DUs: Please learn to spell it: Moron not Moron

That is: Moron NOT "Moran"

how much will the river rise, plus 20'storm surge 17' levies, 6' below SL.

If major loss of life occurs in New Orleans, the MEDIA will be to blame.

The Weather Channel just now...Katrina Cat 4: 145 mph, 935 mb pressure...

Further "Critiques" of Venezuelan President Chavez...

more proof Darwin was full of caca

Dozens of fetuses found in boxes

this storm could alter the course of the river

Just in on the Weather Channel on cable

"I'll go to war if they ever ask me to go"

RedCross is ready to accept your donation to aid Katrina victims

Did anyone catch Biden on ABC this morning?

Another moran, this time supporting Limbaugh at AmericaBlog...

2 questions regarding katrina

Katrina now has 175mph sustained winds

Are Bush & Neo-cons going after those critical & 9-11 Truth Seekers?

Will Falwell say the hedonism of Mardi Gras caused the hurricane?

Did the Great Conservative God Reagan ever take a month

Looks like god is trying to send Bush a message?

Excellent sign pics!

The Right opportunist zealots with Sheehan

I know why the Freakers claim only 100 Pro-Peace activists were present

Pet Owners in Katrina's path!!!! Read this post!!!

Britney Spears could hold a major concert at Shiloh National Military Park

You Better Stop for US Troops in Baghdad or you are DEAD.....

when Iraq becomes an Islamic Republic, it is in Allahs hands, GET OUT.!!

Bush to give news conference (within the hour) on the Iraqi Constitution

A thought on re-framing the Pro-Bush crowd...

Why doesn't the US use the metric system yet?

How many DUers live in the New Orleans area?

I suspected, but didn't actually know that the anti-Cindy mob

Holy shit!!! Category 12, 300 mph winds.

DU this rating poll on MSNBC Re: Fred Phelps

Are they planning to enter Iran?

Ben Stein's Bullshit just ruined my Sunday Morning

Anyone know if Baton Rouge is being evacuated?

BRAD SHOW in CRAWFORD: Photos from Air America Simulcast, Much More Today!

A guide to dating Jews earns author 'Nazi' tag

In the path of Katrina? Please read this (especially NO DUers)

I'm a divider, not an uniter

Finally, an explanation why Bush is President

Psychology of Conservatism

West Wing fans: Brad Whitford on Maher this weekend!

Business, not politics as usual: "SOFT Viagra at $1.62 per dose"

I don't think the term 'conservative' is appropriate for shrubco and their

Wish I Could Be a Cindy Helper

DU veterans of the Nixon Era: Is the current partisan divide in the US,

Bush has slashed Clinton's Disaster Mitigation Program. (unbelievable)

After Andrew, my active duty MP unit from Ft Belvoir was deployed

Massacre of the poor in New Orleans?

Is it just me or does anyone else get a bad feeling about the Superdome?

DU's in Path of this storm LA, AL, TN, AR, etc.

Halliburton to donate oil for the country because of Katrina...

Iconoclast Deborah Mathews reports on anti-Cindy rally 8/27

What proportion of rethug vs. dem Senators voted for Iraq war?


Where the hell is Bush...holed up in a shelter underground or what?

Why the heck doesn't Bush get his rear end back to the White House?

Cindy Sheehan story in the Tacoma News Tribune...please respond to this.

CAMP CASEY pics for 8/27 - Texas is CINDY Country

wouldnt hurt to fill up all gas tanks, w. hurricane heading for refineri

I am at a loss that they can't order a mandatory evacuation

* is arrogant, he is in F'ing Crawford and he can not even do it on video?

All Bush can talk about is TERRARISSTS meanwhile CAT 5

Are "CITIZENS" and "PEASANTS" interchangeable to Bush?

It is not like Viet Nam, so quit saying that!

My LTTE was published.....

latest doonesbury

Citizens' Hurricane surcharge plan wins approval-Fla.

I want names of Americans who oppose this war removed from tax rolls

What horrible things will Bush & Co. do while we are watching Katrina?

Families with no money to evacuate?

AMERICAblog: "You just can't make this shit up"

I'll bet President Treason is praying for Katrina to demolish New Orleans

Re: Camp Casey's Mom's Haters Pics

CNN Bush* is going to speak soon from Crawford...

A Tale of Two Wars - Echoes of Saigon in '67

Am I the only one who NEVER votes in any of the online polls

How to reconcile the visions of America?

Have you guys seen the new Dish Network ads? "My T.V. Sucks"

Did MTP/Russert grow some balls? What a LOADED comment......

Ras: Hillary Beats Condi 44-38%

Bush on now ...

The Mayor of New Orleans just said on MSNBC that

Pro-Death (anti-peace) protesters examples of textbook fascism

Max Clealand on cnn now (nt)

Fred Phelps Watch: Target Tennessee

Hurricane disaster poll bounce vs. higher gasoline prices

New Orleans and Mobile DUers, check in!

Arguement for Homeschooling?

I PREDICT: Bush Will Not Survive This Storm >

I did notice a pattern in the reporting on Cindy Sheehan this morning...

If there's a draft in America will the Gay population suddenly quadruple?

Iraq terror mastermind Zarqawi focusing sights on Europe

No evil church threads this Sunday?

Question regarding emergency care (Hurricane disaster relief)

My new bumpersticker: "War stops a beating heart" nt

Roberts: Does this man sound like a homophobe to you?

Katrina damage forecast

will this hurricane break any corporation's financial back?

Could Illegal Immigration be the Key?

God bless Maurice Hinchey

Galloway to go on anti-war tour of US with Jane Fonda

Please tell me I-10 won't be Bush II's "Highway of Death."

Did anyone know Bush got MORE THAN two medals when he was in TANG?

Political Attack on Chavez Proof War on Terror = War for Oil

Delays close friend Abramoff Cited Aid Of Interior Official

Where is Bush hiding his Atlantic hurricane machine?

What is the name of the Hemp bill...

Dispicable: Bush uses hurricane to give prime Iraq speech

Why is Trent Lott discussing military strategy?

pro-war protesters attack each other at Camp Casey????

DU Opinion Poll-- Senator Hillary Clinton

With the National Guard in Iraq, will there be enough to help New Orleans?

Galloway in DC, Sept. 24, George Washington University!

Bush is obviously more concerned about propaganda than NOLA

Is hitchhiking out of New Orleans even a feasible thought ?

8-10 inches of rain from Katrina expected in Ohio

Stephanie is right-this storm is going to

Prayers / Good Thoughts / Etc to the Folks in New Orleans

MSNBC has picked up local news feed, if you're interested

CNN had a reporter at the Superdome earlier....

FOX hyping "Able Danger, ignoring Sibel Edmonds

Inside Bushes Brain (No not Rove)

I can't think of the people in the dome anymore---they are sitting ducks.

1500 pro-war, 2500 pro-peace (MSM lied as usual)

Republican to jon DSM Inquiry...

Did anyone just hear that broadcast by Bush? WTF? He's getting WEIRDER!

Bouy Report from the eastern Gulf

Hey guys , if something is up, and it may be, I just want to say

Another Sign of Miserable Failure In Iraq

BradBlog: TheBradShow has moved to Camp Casey, delayed due to connection..

Is that the American Flag that's being desecrated by

Jonah Goldberg: Sheehan’s Message “Resonates” With Nazis

It looks as though we were correct, AGAIN!

MTP. "When I talk to people returning from Vietnam..." "you mean Iraq".

Bush interrupts his statement about the hurricane.....

902 mb just reported by hurricane hunters in USAF jet, per WWL TV

Heads-up: The New RW Spin about Cindy Sheehan

Best site for ACCURATE hurricane weather information.

Do you think?

"Unconsitution" about to start on Sundance West

Is Hugo Chavez dead?

Thank you to all of you DU Hurricane/Weather Geeks !

The Big Easy Double-whammy...

Could Katrina affect gas prices

Let Cindy Sheehan meet the President - Latest RW email making rounds

Is it legal to use our military to help NOLA ?

Hey folks, we have a national emergency on our hands

Karl is Reading DU - They Just Released This Photo >>>

How to detect Lies

More Camp Casey II pix-yes, lots of DUers there yesterday!

Something everyone can do (No matter where you are) to help those in N.O.

People - Instead of Freaking Out Over NOLA / Katrina - How About ....

"There are no structures you can depend on"

news said 100,000 are trapped in New Orleans, many on freeway

Uzbekistan demands withdrawal of US army bases -

Weather NEXRAD radar sites.. you can zoom down to see streets....LINK>>

"Brother's Keeper" - Faith-based N.O. evacuation for church members.

Ok here's my LTTE .....

WTH - I posted an AP story about Obama and Lugar getting stopped

Cindy Sheehan Video from last night?

Is Bush still on 'vacation'?

's really going on in Iraq - Must read!!

Is the LA National Guard too occupied in Iraq to help evacuation?

Pat Boone Blasts Cindy Sheehan

1 PM CDT advisory from NHC

Consider a Donation to the Red Cross Now.

Supporting War is the exact opposite of supporting the troops

How many Louisiana National Guardsmen are in Iraq?

Louisiana National Guard committed to six years in Iraq

how does air pressure affect Katrina?

So, a 2/3 vote to reject Iraq's constitution in 3 of 5 Sunni provinces...

Anybody notice all the empty backs of pickup trucks leaving NO?

Thanks DU for the great link to Channel 4, New Orleans. This is

Bush put more $ into snaring 12 hookers in NO than disaster preparedness

Poor Bush, his handlers set him up with a CHAIN SAW to make him Macho

Is it just me or was New Orleans founded in a bad place?

Time lapsed movie of Katrina's progress

Norw. Conservative paper: The US denies plan to assasinate Chavez

"The scene here looks like something from the apocalypse" - someone in NO


"Bring our troops home, now?"

Clarifying our justification for the war in Iraq.

Idiot Son mentioned IRAQ in hurricane comments?

Has Anyone Seen Tony Blair?

I hate the phrase "Cut and run"

DU : NO hurricane $ cut and NO hurricane relief privatized..+ THE MEDIA???

This Place is sounding like the 700 club

Autism boy dies after alternative therapy

I wonder if Bush will learn his lesson

can someone provide a link to live coverage of katrina BESIDES

civil war is breaking out in Iraq, the american economy is tanking...

Some Louisiana National Guardsmen would sure come in handy about now.

"The terrorists that are watching Cindy Sheehan's protest...might topple"

Katrina "All Time Record Storm"

Don't forget that Bush left his ranch DURING A HOLIDAY

Attention liberals: Move to Colorado!

Please join me in sending good vibes and prayers and meditations to the

The visual cost of war

Louisiana National Guard Information Web Site

Project For The New American Century Links And Quotes - A Reminder

Please light a candle for our DU'ers who may be in the path of Katrina

Biden Time (an ode to the Sunday AM blabfests)

TV: Elderly man with walker stuck in N.O. Where's the LA National Guard?

MPR: Timber downed in Wellstone crash to be used..

NPR says NO Superdome is already packed with 70,000+

Bush Speech PIX >>>

Louisiana Office of Homeland Security Web Site

Looks like Katrina has spoiled the Freepers photo op.

Bush is a Terrorist

Greyhound has cancelled all bus service out of New Orleans

Is there a video link of JoanBaez singing "where have all the flowers gone

I've got questions. RE: Katrina's devastation

NOAA Sattelite shot of Katrina

Weather Channel: "Unbelievably Dangerous and Intense Storm" (Updated)

get authentic official KATRINA updates here -->

Some questions about the storm situation

Latest: 4 PM CDT KATRINA Public Advisory

Why does anyone here, (or on any other board) give a damn if Bush

Latest Katrina Forecast

6PM CST Curfew in Orleans Parish

Paging George Bush..."Um..Found us some children "Left Behind"

More stupid anti-Cindy Sheehan stuff on eBay......

M'AIDEZ!!! I wonder if FRANCE will assist New Orleans?

DU Opinon Poll-- President Bill Clinton

If Katrina hits NOLA, who will Falwell and Robertson blame this time?

James Lee Witt -- Clinton's FEMA director; his co part of disaster privati

CNN says 28 FOOT storm surge

A couple is about to get married here at Camp Casey II.

please recomment GO's great, generous thread!

Might this be a good time for Bush to cut his vacation short?

Out of nearly 125,000 votes...this

Did anyone actually see Bush today?

Chimpy has big, big plans for his library

4 PM CDT Hurricane Advisory from NHC (yes it's out early)

Bush Speech Was AUDIO Only? WTF? What could explain that?

Tomorrow Will Be The First Monday In Months I'll Pray For No Indictments

NOAA Radar Loop for the Gulf

You might as well Fill up your car now

"Everyone entering was patted down" A report from the SuperDome

I feel like God is punishing us.

National Guard expected home in SEPTEMBER as of 8-22-05

Calling Pat Robertson, time to pray to move Katrina

Fuck Bush But I Am Going To Protect My Brothers Sorry Mom

Oh, shit, no A/C in superdome, I hadn't thought about it. M$NBC mentioned

WaPo: Katrina's Effects at a Glance


A few quick photos from Camp Casey Sat., Aug. 27

weatherunderground appears to show tornados/Miss/Ala. border..

About those rising gas prices...

20% of people left in Placaman's Parrish? (sp?)

NO: Live Northshore Causeway Cam

Maybe Katrina will turn westward and head toward Texas?

Looking at a map question re: New Orleans

Freepers Blame Democrats For Impending Disaster

1 million residents and 1500 available National Guards for New Orleans

NPR: Storm surge could be 28 feet.

I sure hope the people in the hurricane's path....

Stem Cell breakthrough muddles debat - I really hate the anti hope crowd

Scientists find chemical clues behind placebos (effects)

If you're poor you have to ride out the storm? Is this America?

Does anyone else find the commercials ironic?

Uh..are BOTH directions of highways open for evacuation?

N.O. Mayor on LIVE now

Outside of the fact that it is illegal, why have we not blown up Wal Mart?

8 or 10 States Will Need Their Guard Troops This Week. Where Are They?

NOLA--This is agonizing. Those poor people

Shame on the N.O. Homeland Security

Remember you can't take pets into shelters

NOMayor saying get off streets; long lines at Superdome, on the street.

Has Bush EVER Just Come On Out And Urged Calm? Ever? Just Freaking Once?

*** URGENT *** SS privatization coming in September - HR 3304

Did Tim Russert just say..... "The war in Iran.... " ???

NYT Frank Rich, "The Vietnamization of Bush's Vacation"

Will Bush win another Lottery (tri-fecta)???

I have an extra bedroom in case any Katrina DU'rs end up homeless

I wonder who has to make the decision to close the door on the Superdome

What about Audobon Zoo...

Trying to think a few steps ahead.......

UPDATE..A Cruise ship disembarked passengers in NewOrleans TODAY

Ham Radio Frequencies

An LTTE that just screams for a response

New Orleans is my city ...

Our old friend visiting on his move to Tampa from Seattle, freaking out

People in NO/LA need to CHARGE their cell phones NOW

Friday, Bush will be standing on top of the Superdome with a Bullhorn.

Does anyone have the audio to Shrub's bizarro speech this a.m.?

A few pix from Crawford, Sat., Aug. 27

Oil expert on MSNBC: massive explosive situation tmmw and "PANIC"

Does anyone remember the FX movie??

With natural disaster in progress would Clinton go to Hotel del Coronado?

How are the news media/emergency personnel going to survive ?

Is George still on Vacation?

LIVE: New Orleans Mayor on WWL

What DU doesn't get about how people evacuate from NOLA by XULTAR

Is anbody watching the guy on MSNBC

Cindy Sheehan is wrecking Al Qaeda's best recruiting vehicle in decades

They are reporting that some of the shelters are reaching capacity

Why can't the Shrub have half the leadership


Oh BooHoo!! A rant about a woman, her SUV and her plight on Headline News

My newest bumper sticker...

The "elect few" are screwing everybody else

What's happening with New Orleans hospitals?

President Martin Sheen coming to Camp Casey. Bradshow NOW!

Did you guys see the line to get into the SuperDome!!!

Kellyanne Conway is trying to emulate Ann Coulter but instead looks like

Lets play "Spot the Falacy"

Bush is going to California for DINNER with supporters tomorrow night?!

Saw it posted earlier - will the stateside shortage of Nat'l Guard become

Camp Casey roundup - Sunday Monitor on at 6 pm Central

NWS: "New Orleans will be UNIHABITABLE for weeks."


For the dinnertime crew...

anyone have a best landfall for Katrina estimate? I ask because...

any body have the quote from * about high gas prices?

Offutt AFB (Air show)

Anyone ever need to use FMLA? Better use it now...

New Orleans Mayor: Bush concerned about Katrina because...

Will Smirk open up the strategic reserves now?

Hold on a minute. Ordering evacuation of a major city is a DAMN HARD

Crawford War Cheerleaders Shred Each Other's Signs! HAHAHAHA!

Ever Hear Of The "Henry Hub"?

What happened to the all-powerful Rove-machine?

10 minutes to curfew in New Orleans

Can you remember a presidency with more disasters (natural and manmade)?

The Pub Invasion of the Mind Snatchers Results in a Brainwashed Pub

Found live video from New Orleans......

Katrina is only a prelude

The Hurricanes hate our FREEDOM.

Maybe this is a dumb question...Hurricane and those who can't evacuate

Before my fellow DU'ers get gouged by the infomercials relating

Not ONE SINGLE PERSON should have been left in New Orleans!!!!

All "K" Huuricanes/Tropical Storms for the past fifty years

1 MILLION PEOPLE could be homeless after Katrina hits.

PHOTO: Line to get into the NO Superdome

Amtrak Train Information for New Orleans Here

Oil surges up $4 a barrell over $70 now

DU Opinion Poll! (General Wesley Clark)

What does this say to you about what is happening with oil prices?

I am so sick of hearing about "Lack" of FUNDING for this disaster!....

Maybe W will take the poor hurricane victims in at Crawford

Just found this satellite image of the storm........

Biomedical psychiatry..Questioned by APA?

Looking at the aviation WX, winds aloft etc. Katrina looks to miss N.O.

Crude just broke $70 per high...MSNBC reports

On FAUX: "none of your fucking business"


Some positive thoughts on the Dome: Domes are perfect for hurricanes

What those folks in N.O. need is a Bush Tax Cut!

very moving prayer service live at Camp Casey now....

Where are the evacuation planes and copters?

Religious Right say tsunami was to punish Muslims. What's Katrina's story?

Did I hear correctly on CBS just now - one of our soldiers shot...

Couple getting married at Camp Casey right now! on Bradshow!

Anyone Know What Time High Tide Is Tomorrow

Help me understand....what is the benefit of prescreening * audiences???

Hurricane winds will be in New Orleans by midnight tonight

The Giants play the Saints in New Orleans NFL week 2

Now is the time for an executive order freezing all gas prices

I want Martin Sheen to challenge Diane Fienstein!

Transcript: The City in a Bowl (NOW w/ B. Moyers on hurricane hitting NO)

as a favor to those on dialup, could someone PLEASE post

CNN news: No food at Superdome, then "EAT STEAK, EAT STEAK...

Anyone else getting 'hurricane-related' weather?

I've got an idea! lol. For people who are watching FAUX Skews

Crazy Pro-War Pics From Today

Why is Pat Robertson waiting so long to pray away Katrina?

If there were any justice in this world, president phuckstik would visit


New tropical depression (#13) forms in the Atlantic

Will Katrina blow Cindy off the news???

For those feeling helpless, a very simple way to help kids, animals,planet

WHY could buses & Amtrak not take

"Drowning New Orleans" from Scientific American October 2001

A street-level map of New Orleans (FYI)

Katrina could equal 10-15 ATOMIC BOMBS.

Will New Orleans be the first major city gone from global climate change?

In defense of NOLA and LA officials.....

High oil prices benefit me, been in the 'biz' for 45 years, so I hereby

Destiny! Destiny! No escaping not for me!!!

Will you help the economy after the hurricane leaves? Spend spend spend!!

HELP Would someone please doctor this pic??

The right is in trouble and they know it. Conservatism has failed.

Information about the Superdome

LATEST AP: "New Orleans will be toxic cesspool, 1 MILLION HOMELESS

Bush and Congress cut Hurricane projects in New Orleans

well at least junior has a nice tan

Louisiana National Guard in Iraq?

How Much Did the TV Setup for the Coward** in Crawford Cost Us??

"Kick Their Ass and Take Their Gas"

Golden Oldie: What Bush did with FEMA money last summer.....

Even High Rises Aren't Safe?

Question: Many say election fraud in Ohio - what will happen in 06?

MSNBC is reporting... opening of OIL trade (online) has open and

Has anyone considered how the lack of preparedness....

Does anyone remember the interview that Ted Nugent's daughters gave

If destroyed, should NO be rebuilt?

What if all the oil was under the US instead of the ME region?

(Camp Casey) PICS - The Arlington South Barricade

My God-Thousands Could Die!

as to the God punishing us thread...

LIVE NOW! NOW! NOW! from Camp Casey II! The BradShow!

An hypothetical question about the possible disaster.

Will the Repukes blame President Clinton for Hurricane Katrina?

FAUX already going to overkill sensationalism, Shep Smith reporting via

How Cindy Sheehan should handle her "Bitch in the Ditch" nickname

FR: This Hurricane is "Hugh and Series!"

What can we DUers do to help in the aftermath of Katrina?

New Orleans - Superdome lines are gone. Looks like everyone is in

Hurricane Katrina: "I don't have any way to get out"

Rough transcript of Bradshow reports from Camp Casey this morning:

On This Day August 28th, 1963: Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I Have a Dream"

Would any other country just sit by when thousands of poor may die?

Astonishing photos from a category 5 Hurricane . . .

OMG! They're going to ride out the storm on their BOAT!

Anyone familiar with pellet stoves?

We have the 70's, 80's, and the 90's

DU AOL Cindy poll: It's being freeped

Is Katrina the catalyst for * to invade Iran?

So what's Bush doing about Katrina? Sitting on his ass like usual?

Sending in the Nat'l Guard to evacuate New Orleans would be useless.

Katrina could have a major impact on Oil Prices!!!

The pro Bush supporter sporting the Cindy/Bitch sign was arrested

Kids in Texas forced to say pledge and observe moment of silence

Martin Sheen just arrived at Camp Casey.

Home from Camp Casey, This is NOT about Cindy, don't iconize her


cool animated loop of katrina

Should we worry about extreme price gouging at the pump soon?

I will not vote for any dem whose montra is not: Indict, Impeach, Imprison


NPR news: "N.O. has never faced a direct hit from a storm...

Bartcop heard a 20 ft. wall of water heading towards N.O.

The SUPERDOME - Our hopes and prayers that it is "Super"

Hey, did anyone know there IS a Camp Casey on Whidbey Island, WA?

Aren't There Any Naval Ships In The Area That Could Take Aboard Citizens?

The Bush Touch is OPPOSITE of the MIDAS Touch...Bush Touch= SHIT

CNN: President to visit Arizona tomorrow to discuss Medicare reform

link to WWL TV (New Orleans) coverage of Katrina

Iraq constitution speech: Did Bush offer one word for Louisiana?

NO: Anyone else a strong believer in mass conscience?

N. O. hurricane disaster planning was privatized by Homeland Security.

Conservatism/Social Darwinism should DIE because of Katrina

Waiting for the storm (photo). Shit. Some of these people are stuck there.

Hurricane Katrina and others: Global Warming or Normal weather variations?

Mega-rich offered $10m 'timeshare'

Just spoke to Crawford! Message for DU'ers

"Fuck you. This is my show" Steve Earle's response to a freeper fan at

Stripes letter: Grim reminder of the future (as per PNAC policies)

just saying hi! to the freeper lurkers

looks like 90% of the people in line at the superdome are african american

8/28 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 22

Pat Roberston shows his true colors AGAIN

This is horrific.

"...a disaster of really Biblical proportions..."

Food for thought...

How Did Wes Clark do on MTP with Timmy?

Mountain-lion fears afflict Silicon Valley millionaires

"Live" New Orleans news stream

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- The List So Far (8/31) for cheapest gas in your area.

That's it. No more disaster movies for you.

Requiem For New Orleans.... We'll miss you.

8pmET: Online Peace vigil for NO begins now

I don't care what you anti Sharpton people say

11 ways that Bush has helped Al Qaeda

George W Bush: Unintelligent Design

Report from Camp Casey. Day 11.

Louisiana National Guard took equipment with them to Iraq

100, 000 people can not leave because of no money or transportation

Good thing Bush and Bolton are killing the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty...

Please donate to help Louisiana's animals with and without homes!

DUer's! here's how we can help the folks in the Gulf Coast

As for the Sunnis, "It's hard to identify anything they got" (re: Iraq)

Some perspective on Hurricane Katrina for Midwesterners

Patriot pastors, Blackwell, and Ohio politics

What are the least disaster-prone regions in the US?

Friends, I think we are about to lose New Orleans.

Alaska Gyrl: Amazing photos from Camp Casey. Check it out!

Don't watch this video. Don't you dare watch it. I mean it.

I got a bitter melon at the farmers' market.

No-prep high school cafeteria menu ideas please

Cricket: The Ashes 4th Test reaction (England v Australia)

What exactly is a permalink? (Tut tut...)

Mandelson under fire as Blair Properties Inc eyes villa

BBC: Tory leadership race "phoney war"

Blunkett joined board of DNA test firm

Theater community saddened by Wilson announcement

NYT: In War Debate, Parents of Fallen Are United Only in Grief

LAT: Homeowner Debt Increasingly Seen as Savvy Strategy

Hurricane Katrina becomes category 4 storm (AFP)

Hurricane Threatens Gulf Oil Production

Lawsuit claims seminary failed to stop molester

Constitution Committee Signs Draft Charter

War Debate, and Emotions, Spill Over in Texas


Japan, U.S. mull giant floating runway

Sharon son charged in finance row

'Thighs that big belong in a bucket'

'Sex is key to a woman's experience in the US military'

Katrins is now a category 5, pressure lower than Camille!

A guide to dating Jews earns author 'Nazi' tag

Party Goes on in French Quarter

Testing Beijing's Limits: ... did [Rupert] Murdoch bend the rules?

Top UK official warned Iraq war fuelled extremism (leaked memo)

Anti-gay church protests at funerals, drawing counterprotesters

AP: Hurricane Heading for Gulf Coast Is Upgraded to Category 5

TIME: Is Zarqawi the New Bin Laden?

First Mandatory Evacuation Ever in NOLA

3 U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Kabul Attack

Breaking: Mayor Nagin orders mandatory evac of New Orleans

In a Corner of Pakistan a Debate Rages: Are Terrorist Camps Still Function

Sharon son charged in finance row

Katrina up to 175 mph and gaining strength!

Leak shows Blair told of Iraq war terror link

The entire city of New Orleans told to evacute. Katrina is Cat 5 hurricane

Busted: Blair gives public treasure to White House

'Suge' Knight Shot at Miami Beach Party

Bush to give news conference (within the hour) on the Iraqi Constitution

Church: God Punishing GIs Over Gays

Rocket Hits German Camp in Afghanistan

Rebels kill eight Iraqis

BREAKING: Preznit Bush to address the nation at 12:30 PM EST

Afghan election candidate killed in attack

Afghanistan condemns “lenient” US military verdicts in prisoner abuse trial

Hurricane KATRINA: Public Advisory

Reluctant Iraqi soldiers hinder US strategies

China outlaws sexual harassment

Delays close friend Abramoff Cited Aid Of Interior Official

Bush Seeks to Dispel Criticism on Iraq

'Get away from the coast now' - Hurricane Katrina ( Sunday)

American consumer confidence runs out of gas

Two U.S. Senators Held at Siberian Airport

EU quotas criticized as garments pile up

Two U.S. senators held at Siberian airport (Lugar, Obama)

Greenspan warns of end of housing boom

WP: U.S. to Triple Airport Quarantine Stations

USA Today: New school year, new battle over evolution

Arrests, rhetoric highlight protests (FReeper vs. Beckerhead Crawford)

Two U.S. Senators Held at Siberian Airport

Iran judges to carry guns after spate of attacks

3 US soldiers wounded in Kabul attack

France Steps Up Role In War on Terror

Katrina May Be Most Costly Storm to Ever Hit U.S., Modeler Says

Hurricane Could Leave 1 Million Homeless

( HURRICANE) Katrina could inundate New Orleans - 175mph winds, 28-foot

Blair welcomes Iraq's draft constitution

High-stakes showdown looms on Iran

Reuters journalist held without charge by US military

Bush: U.S. Will Help Assure Iraq's Success

US campaign to ring Chavez alarm fails to resonate

Navajos concerned about return of uranium mining

Iraqi State Company to Repair Oil Wells(KBR quits?)

Debt Load Makes Americans Vulnerable

More journalists have been killed in Iraq than were killed in Vietnam

The Invasion of the Chinese Cyberspies (And the Man Who Tried to Stop Them

Arrests, Rhetoric Highlight Protests (Hypocrite Freeps @ Crawford)

Venezuela's Chavez no threat to region -Jackson (Jesse)

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

Sunnis Reject Draft of Iraqi Constitution

Immigration hearing for Cuban militant (Posada) accused of bombing

Talabani won't sign Saddam death sentence (even if it costs him his job)

CNN/Reuters: California files french fry lawsuit

Militants, swept from battleground, return when troops leave, U.S. says

Iranian, Kuwaiti Foreign Ministers Study Situation in Iraq--IRNA

U.S. oil surges $4 to record above $70

Helping the poor in Africa, by drinking champagne

Demonstrations by Al Sadr Supporters in Baghdad, Basra, Karbala and Kufa

Immigration Hearing Set for Cuban Militant (bomber)

Reuters soundman killed in Baghdad, police blame US (witness held by US)

E&P: Press Wanting To Know If Pro-War Officials Will Send Their Own Kids

Mountain Kind

The Russian Red Army Choir is pretty good.

Dinner anyone?

happy birthday to Nihilist #1

If it hurts...

The bicentennial_baby appreciation thread....

Hi everybody....I was feeling a bit odd after dinner...Normally my

Why do you like killing me softly with insults?

We can not coexist with fish!

Jim Jarmusch: God of Indie Cinema? Or Overrated Hack?

Ummm Too much information!

I apologize in advance for what I am about to post.

Messages to Leave on the Answering Machine After You Dial a Wrong Number

Is there such a thing as a "Reluctant Bride" cake topper?

How many threads have YOU killed today?

OK I am all snarked out for the night

Experiment: EYES are the window to the soul? Prove it here!

Am I the only person that thinks the band Coldplay........

If "In-Sane" means Not Sane, then "No-Mad" should mean...

How is protecting it's photos?

Beer & Kittens

Suge Knight shot at party,dog

I've made a major future wife is Stephanie Miller

Who bothers you more: Campus Republicans or Campus LaRouchies?

I want to ring in the fall semester by messing with the College Repukes.

Team America: World Police...Opinions...

Perhaps I am not wrapped tightly enough!

So I take the family to my favorite pizza place tonight...


new orleans contraflow map

News You Can Use: Tropical Storm/Hurricane Preparedness

morans are not morons!!!

Dallmayr Coffee....


Can anyone else get into eBay?

I just got back from GD. Jesus ..............

Just out of curiousity...why are there posts warning NOLA DUers that


How do I find out what kind of processor....

Does anyone remember Hurricane Hollow?

Who needs a life? I've got a 12 pack of PEPSI !!!

vogons are meter maids

is it just me?

Ok, just how dumb are we or they? The Weather Channel just

Have you seen "The Deal" starring Christian Slater?

a production of the united states information agency

I just found out that Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) oppposes MARRIAGE!

Damn. I could really go for some Denny's right now...

how activism threatens america

oil and competition are the two things that make america great

Just eating some vegan chocolate cake...

DUers in the path of the storm: Please make sure you have the

I am currently restraining my inner "Snark"

Damn that Fred Sanford Simpson for even making such a thing

Problem-solving flow chart

Hurricane Katrina has decided to "stay the course"

Hey, didja hear about that guy?

What IM software do you use?

Ah... this is the life... a houseboat on Lake Ponchatrain

Cat-astrophic circumstance. (For the cat lovers.)

What DVD/VHS movie box sets have you bought?

I love my wife's family so very much, but....

A disaster like the one in NOLA needs....

vegans are made of meat

Is anyone going to feel sorry for tourists who CHOSE to stay and party

oh nevermind

junior and his tweeker's jaw in full effect..

So, are the networks going to be stupid enough to have reporters out in a

jpgray's DU Almanac

What Makes Spanish Rice Spanish?

I just ate parsley and I'm not a vegetarian, what do I do?

Pardon my ignorance, but what is "Permalink" and how do

Another heartbreak of hurricane evacuation: abandoned pets

We won the cricket!

Did any DU'ers go through Camilla?

Katrina now 175 MPH, with 215 MPH gusts


Has anyone around here made a joke about Katrina and the

That is: Moron NOT "Moran"

anybody have experiences with

I'm in a most wonderful mood.

Where is the DU Panic room, again?

Weather Channel just said 184 MPH winds and 902 mb

Wow. They're gonna turn the TV show "Dallas" into a movie.

Introducing Watson (and my first real photo post) - 5 pix and a question

i think i should be ashamed . . .


This NWS warning is not painting a pretty picture....

Subway Sandwhich Time help me decide

What a beautiful building

I just ate moldy food! What do I do?

The Power of ONE

Latest entry in the "Sold Out" category.

my favorite village person

We laid Oma to rest yesterday, now she's with Papi

Odd story: I knew a Katrina once

Doesn't anyone have public adoration for me?

Do you have acid reflex?

6pm curfew in orleans parish

Good opportunity to fill up your tanks, folks.

Is it just me or does Poseidon seem royally pissed off at us these days?

I shouldnt complain about the heat in SoCal with Katrina heading for NOLA.

San Diego Padres, 5, 1/2 game lead in NL west. Two games UNDER .500.

Did any DU'ers go through Camille?

I have officially been put on someone ignore's list.

One of the best Westerns EVAH comes on in a few minutes

I'm worried .....The candles won't light

If businesses are supposed to take losses,

A Karma/prayer thread for all our friends & family in New Orleans area

I may lose my job Tuesday but I'm more worried about the gulf states.


I don't know what to say

While you're following Katrina...

Now New Orleans is safe. Prez Bush told everyone to evacuate..

Least decipherable mortgage refinance add ever.


Guess which one doesn't belong.

Help me Rhonda.....

Our old friend visiting on his move to Tampa from Seattle, freaking out

Anyone notice the "bookmark this thread" option disappeared?

Quick question for lawyers

To our southern members in Katrina's wake

Saw "The Brothers Grimm" last night. Your thoughts?

My nephew wants to work for himself. Anybody know how an indi pays taxes?

Do You Agree With This Blogger's Hurricane Approach?

Somebody's knockin'---should I let him in?

If you like sour stuff,

I don't get all my "groups" anymore on DU. Why?


Two years ago today I was on a death vigil for my Fergie

How many gas stations in New Orleans?, plus

My old dog now sleeps over l8 hours a day. Should I be worried?


Funeral Etiquette ...


Is there such a party as the Egalitarian party?

herb alpert herb alpert herb alpert

more photo testing

OMG the raging grannies!

HELP! I'm addicted to "Curb Your Enthusiasm"!!

Is it my imagination or is Beaches always on television...?

All those who care. I talked to my Ex and he is not in NOLA!!! Thank God

Mary, grab the baby, the river`s rising..Muddy water taking back the land,

Did you know that there will never again be

Hurricane and its ironic aftermath

Take a look at my thread in GD. I'm taking names and kicking ass!!

BREAKING: Castro and Chavez send Category 4 communist hurricane to America

SHIT - I'm freaking out. I can't find Althea :( :( :(

It seems to get hotter than hell in SoCal every time the have a

Hurricane Diary

Listening to Zeppelin 3

hey, why didn't someone tell me Dan Simmons had written a couple

Webcam View of Mississippi River in New Orleans (and my fav Hotel)

One big and amazing Katrina pic (not 56k friendly)

Gulf Coast DUers: If you are reading this - GET THE HELL OUT!

Can gas stored for 4 years still be usable?

EMERGENCY!: Trof Is Drunk And Getting BLOWN!

'Suge' Knight Shot at Miami Beach Party

ALTHEA has been found :). I still don't know where she was hiding,

Has anyone tried the Eharmony dating site?

NOW ~ I understand why Malibu Barbie NEEDS Ken ...

Help me Jesus........

Weather Channel: "One of the most intense hurricanes in recorded history"

I've heard of Katrina and The Waves...

On a lighter note - who wants birthday cake?

Best of luck to our friends in the path of the hurricane

Do you sip out all of the left over milk from your cereal bowl?

Please leave if you are in the path of the Hurricane. If you stay...

So I stood there, reading DU quietly...

I just lost an hour of my life watching "Sin City"

40 posts till 9000

Anyone ever been to New Orleans? In her honor, post memories here


Anybody looking for real estate in

Papal Opinion

Should I completely shed my Midwestern sensibilities?

Dear Poseidon/Neptune or whatever you want to be called,


Always chew your food

It's noon on a sunday and I just cracked a beer...does that make me a

Found an abandoned puppy yesterday

I know what we can name after Ronald Reagan!

how to make rice that comes out right every time?

joan alpern joan alpern joan alpern

yeah its been awhile

So, I've got a blog now.

Please donate to help Louisiana's animals with and without homes!

Man finds pregnant sheep in bed, calls cops

Did you see the documentary Grizzly Man?

The X-Files appreciation thread

My favorite photo of a Peace Mom.

DU Friends, please pray for my family and me.

Ancient stone circle holds air of mystery

The Problem with Debating Creationists/Intelligent Design Proponents

Watch Martian dust devils (Spirit Rover footage)!

Coffee Reported to Be Top Source of Healthy Antioxidants

Ancient Chinese used diamond tools

Please donate to help Louisiana's animals with and without homes!

Carrying an adult cat by the scruff of his neck

At 8PM ET there is going to be a group in GD who will try to abate

Son of a bitch...

I finally wrote my letter to American Legion National Commander . . .

I think I will hide out in here

I guess there's nothing new under the Repub sun.

My Colorado summer.

Evening in the West Bottoms, KC.

They pulled the bridge from the river Friday. (Dial-up Alert)

Developing your own color slides and negatives?

Article on KO and Dan Patrick

If you could pick the guests for the Sunday morning shows?

gop Congressman Leach to co-sponsor Lee's demand for DS docs.

Alright guys, here's another poll that the Freepers are getting ahead in:

Dean in Florida on the 7th, then on to Phoenix.

Year 25 of the Reagan Era: Did you see the Bush train wreck coming?

What is it with Bush and all his criminal secrets?

New Meme: Just call Republicans "The Reds"

Santorum Apparently Caught In Lie

Frank Rich: harsh words for Democrats

Just read Frank Rich NYT editorial - he nailed it so well.....

"Move America Forward" founder: NeoCon with political ambitions of his own

Iraqi activist taken up by Bush recants her views

Democrats abuzz about Southerner (VA Warner)

Hate America?

Biden...what a loser

Orange County (CA) Register: 'Beginning of a true people's movement'

Would you call the administration's summer vacation media messaging....

White House wants nature off the agenda

Iraq: we broke it, now nobody can fix it

Don't Look At Senators Or Reps If You Want To Win the Presidency in '08

2006 is the election we should be working watch this sink like

They've decided to write-off the Sunnis in Iraq....

Max Cleland was great on Blitzer. "Time to grab bull by tail and look in

Tommy Franks polluted the Logan Street Elem. School

Binary '08 Presidential Poll: Hillary vs. PYOR

Anybody know about Protests on Sept. 24 in other cities?

A new frame: Iraq is a "RECREATIONAL WAR"

Got a name for Chimpie's summer holdiay? How about "Vacation with Cindy"

Just saw Biden's interview on ABC's This Week...1 problem that I see.

John Butler Trio - Borders Hollywood 2PM Today

Very good: Ben Stein vs Nancy Giles on Cindy Sheehan (video)

(trouble in the Green Zone) Two Green Zones

No incumbents were defeated in Florida last year...gerrymandered to death.

"Unconstitution" about to start on Sundance West

We can be our own worst enemy.....

Robertson's worth - $200m to $1 billion - the Bank of Scotland loves him

Who heard Senator Roberts this morning? I think it was CNN.

The Vanishing PlameGate Story and “Rove’s Role”

WTH? CNN has a tape of bush** saying that the Iraqis have approved

Should the US be placed under UN command to fight the obesity epidemic?

Another False Dichotomy: "Stay the Course" vs. "Cut and Run"

Why only audio of Bush's address???

$145,000 owed by every American

Help me DU this poll!

LOL-- Freepers Hate Army Generals!!! (But Looove the ChickenChimp.)

BWA HA! New Orleans TV cut off * in his Iraq speech!!!

Biden Imploding on Snuffy's show...Won't stand with Feingold, shouting

So you want to make nice with the DLC?

Anybody but me think that we'll be needing some of that money that we

The MSM will be all over Katrina

“This is our rally and you can't do that here,”

If the DLC thread was locked due to...

If we had a leader instead of an ignorant spokesmodel ........

President Bush should call the Belgians to solve the Iraqi crisis

Frank Rich's hit piece on cowardly Democrats (NYTimes)

That Blank Stare

is judith miller ideologically loyal to the neocons who guided her?

has PNAC morphed into FDD - look who's on the team

Is it just me, or is it bitterly ironic that the Free Republic site...

Hey DU--how's about we all take time out and work

Which is Worse: Medical Malpractice or Copyright Violation?

Kellyanne Conway is an ann coulter wanna be but ends up looking like

Sheppard Smith,Mr. Expendable on FOX...... for the Sunnis, "It's hard to identify anything they got" (re: Iraq)

I will vote for any Democrat, when they're up against any Republican: Y/N?

Missouri's Final Solution to the Disabled Problem (Medicaid cuts)

Public Intelligence and State Education Testing--Is There a Connection?

What if 2000 election turned out differently?

Lyrics to my new protest song called Stop The War

Retired National Park Employees Accuse Bush Admin of Hijacking Nat. Parks

Mark Warner answered my letter.....

Rank the Generals--MTP today--only one deserves a star

Eleanor Clift: Bush "paying political price for refusing to reach out"

McLaughlin Group: Troop strength down 25% , Draft possible ?

Soon, the Bush will make a token appearance in New Orleans

Is there any Democratic UNITER on the bench for 08?

Question: Who believes Bush won the election by election fraud?

2006: Will you vote for any Democrat in order to gain control of Congress?

It's starting: Democrats will be blamed for Iraq.