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Archives: August 30, 2005

Telling Editorial: The terrorists are winning.

George Monbiot (The Guardian): How to stop civil war

Robert Kennedy, Jr: For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind

Norman Solomon (CommonDreams): Triangulation for War

Eye of the Beholder: Is treason only a matter of perspective?

George W.Bush's Noble Cause - 'Political Capital'

dupe -- please delete

Imagine No Countries

Wash Post Editorial: Politicizing the FDA

American Violence in Iraq: Necrophilia or Savagery?

It's RIP for the housing boom

Can we invite Senator Feingold to speak at the September 24 rally

Toyota Officially Responds To A Plug-In Prius

Sharon accuses rival Netanyahu of being unfit to rule

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 8/30/05

Just received word Sherole Eaton's Daughter in Hospital with

Decertify a DRE today, version 2.1

Gas san diego

Support the Homeward Bound Resolution

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Strike Coverage Pro-Corporate?

Anyone else having trouble tuning in to AAR?

Heard on NPR: Cherie Yecke to be Florida chancellor for K-12

Another Gateway POS :)

name the worst thing you ever left in your car on a hot Texas day

Austin Rally for Cindy Sheehan & Military Families Wed. 8/31

Galloway comes to Madison:-)

I would love to see Russ Feingold speak at the Sept 24 peace rally

The brave Freepers are ready for someone else to take on Iran

Our Alex's first video from Camp Casey posted

Venezuela Tourism

Can anyone get streaming video of NOLA ? nt

What's going on with the two tropical depressions on the tail of Katrina?

Everytime you see Bush walking through Bluebonnets

Hundreds cling to roofs as Katrina hits New Orleans

is there word on casualties yet???? in the FL hurricanes last year didn't

It's a bird!!! It's a plane!!!! NO -- IT'S THE CHICKENHAWK BRIGADE

Democratic National Committee: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall!

Bush will win Big over Katrina...or...Bush Implodes?

I was afraid of this: We are in "THE WAR ON LIBERALISM"

Sen. Joe Biden can be so Wormy?

ACLU discovers FBI is labeling peace activists as 'potential terrorists'

Damn, Damn, Damn. . .before and after pics of N.O.

Mike Malloy not on again tonight ??? whats up?

No reported fatalities in Kenner at this time.

Does it bother anyone else that Bush decided to go to Arizona and

Biloxi, MS seems to have gotten the worst of Katrina

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call (Best Of)

My sister-in-law's brother decided to ride out the storm in NO.

where's a good (non-left, non-dem) site about opting out of being

My 500th post....slowly finding my voice.....and a big thank you!

will blogs abt Cindy and Camp Crawford continue after they leave

The media has largely ignored gulfside Plaquemines Parrish

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted Republican"

Why would four military cargo plans have fighter jets escorting them?

Anyone know where to find satellite photos?

Aaron Brown/Ernest Hemingway

Caption **

Some scientist on Faux

Dennis Banks and AIM: ceremonial drum circle for Cindy

Encourage all to consider NO for your next vacation.

Gender segregated classrooms in US? Sure - for the Saudis....(Colson)

Chavez threatens UN complaint, if no action against Robertson


Compare Disasters: Iraq War = TWELVE Katrina Hurricanes

So, I'm scheduled to attend a conference in NO September 24

My thoughts on shipping Pat off to Chavez

Will New Orleans need volunteer labor to clean up ?

Perhaps its been asked before, but is Sheehan the Rosa Parks of Iraq?

Several states warn against gouging.

On This Day August 29th Congress Passes the Civil Rights Act of 1957

There is a 2nd response to Camp Qualls' Where Would Jesus Camp?

From Chimp's Katrina speech:

I'd like to give to "Katrina Disaster Relief" but only Money to Democrats.

Local girl takes second place in 9/11 art contest

RWers are defending gas prices very poorly

Black Hawk helicopters to help with hurricane--WWLTV

Demostration against Bushj at the Hotel Del in San Diego

Simple but most compelling Poll: Pragmatic vs Principled? Would you

Are we going to have refugee camps in MS, LA, FL?

Protest by Bush Ranch Readies to Hit Road

Most Popular DU TOONS - vote for your FAVORITES here =)

My Open Letter to Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia re Presidential plans

Steve Bell: Out of the Caribbean it came...

Yipeeeee! My NO family is safe in NC. Arrived 3 hours ago.

We should privatize the relief effort.

To all on the gulf coast

Wonder why Fox viewers are so stupid? Take a look at their messengers

"Let them eat cake", gwb ate cake while NO and Biloxi drowned.

New Orleans needs to have a webcast music concert fundraiser!

50 hurricane related deaths in Miss. -- Harrison County

dupe Racial Profiling and Cindy Sheehan

recent news from WWL TV

Breaking News...50 people dead in Mississippi Harrison County

50 deaths in Harrison County MS per WDSU and Emergency Management

Iraqi Sunnis protesting

Gulf coast residents tell their stories live on the Web

News article confirmation re McCaskill Senate run

Excerpts from the blog at WWLTV

"Looting is the Equivalent of Grave Robbing"


'The whole damn city is under water'

Army Contract Official Critical of Halliburton Pact Is Demoted

Hack called Rumfield et al the "perfumed Princes of the Pentagon"

"The Geopolitics of Katrina" the Aftermath/ What it Means for US Economy!

Shrub uses Katrina to Boost Oil Companies Bottom line....

Lets write Senator Feingold and ask him to speak at the 9/24 rally

Fox News Morning Show

Are any leading Dems going to be visible at the Sept 24 rally?

A Perfect Havel Quote about Cindy Sheehan

God loves gay people; he diverted the hurricane from the Big Easy

Help animals in the storm area!

I'd love a law where elected officials can't say 'pray', 'bless', or 'God'

Pat Robertson praying for Supreme Court Justices to die?

Dean was right...again ! The repubics WILL scapegoat

At least five deaths in Gulf States from Katrina

Gas prices to go up a dollar tommorow morning. ?

Real death toll - is it possible to find out

A pro-shrubber had a confederate flag to greet * with today.

this song made my hair stand on end

Anyone heard from MoPaul? He's a LA resident.n/t

1878 Reasons why the DSM is Important

VICTORY! Apple removed "Club Gitmo" Dashboard Widget!

For people interested in damage in ST TAMMANY

Best streaming video link of NOLA, for WMP

I bypassed the MSM today and came straight to DU.

!?!?!?!?W only talked 1-2 minutes abt Kartrina + then talked immigration??

When will the MSM give up on the missing girl?

U.S. Congress: no soft spot for Canadians

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) epidemic to be expected in NOLA,LA

Watch out Iran

New Orleans is sinking...

Are you guys watching Aaron Brown on CNN?

Thank you, Jeanne Meserve of CNN

CNN's Jeanne Meserve gets full marks

Web page w/ info re: neighborhood conditions in New Orleans...

Desperate for info on St Tammany and/or Washington Parish, LA

(photo) Smirky is just scary.

Shelter-seekers find long lines, noisy conditions in Superdome

“I’m not meeting with that goddamned bitch,” - Bush flips out!!!!!!!!

At least 55 people killed in storm per Haley Barbour of MS

You all must see this... if you have not already... OMG

SGT. ABE The HONEST Recruiter (great anti- enlistment tool)

Aaron Brown is having a hard time ..

George Bush- One Dead American for Every Day in Office

Honda's Natural Gas Car-Hey it's a start

Since there seems to be an increase in how fast the globe is warming

Who plays Shrub on the Tonight Show? He is really good showing footage of the rescues.

And now... Welcome once again to Glox News!

Are any DU'ers still "missing" who were in LA or MS ?

Just got back from Crawford

Jeann Meserve versus rePUKEs on stranded poor

Dems should make a formal plea for economic help from Hugo Chavez. re-running amazing rescue footage NOW.

Did anyone see "Rome" on HBO last night?

How many Katrina victims will die because of National Guard shortage?

Bring home the La. and Miss. National Guard. Now.

Sniff Sniff There's a stink in the air! bush is in California!

WDSU Now showing first aerial coverage of NOLA...

How much of the Federal disaster $$$ will Mississippi governor...

"The War Prayer" (a Christian PARABLE) by Mark Twain

Send your name to Pluto

Has there been any word at all as to whether O.P.P. flooded or will?

Is George Bush Really at a Fundraiser Tonight? >

This just in: Men are smarter than women

The media needs to go to gulfside Plaquemines Parrish ASAP

Crawford Peace House pays off $54,000 mortgage

To all you posters justifying the looting........

Mark Warner will NOT run for Senate in 2006, will announce tomorrow

AP: 6,000 LA, MS National Guard are in Iraq; Pentagon - "adequate units"

Rick Sanchez, that drunk killer is the anchor on CNN!

I Hate These Neo-Con People! I Hate All Of Them!

A Great Idea from Mexico

I consider it a victory that the RW nuts feel the need to attack Cindy

Caption and photoshop this priceless pic of the idiot from today.

I just went out and filled both cars. You should too.

Just got back from the pro-peace vigil in Coronado CA. Right where bu$h is

"But all in all, it's been a fabulous day ->>>

Theocracy Alert: Listen Up You Apostles of Perpetual Psychosis

poll: is bush the best president ever?

Saturday at Camp Casey 2 (Dialup Warning - PIC HEAVY!!)

I'm angry about the treatment the poor have gotten with this hurricane

Guy on CNN just now: Mississippi "borrowing" 800 Natl Guard from Alabama

Possibly my last report from Camp Casey.

Looking for soldier's story

Americans in NOLA gasping for breath in attics NOW. Where's Idiot Son?

Mayor Nagin: Twin Spans bridge IS TOTALLY DESTROYED

KLIF Has a Mole at Camp Casey - Do you recognize this voice?

Need info! Washington Parish, LA! Is anybody out there?

Who Are the Republicans (Revised)

Don't watch this video either. Don't even think about it.

Here's Where The President Is Tonight .. (Video)

Merh has called. She is safe but has lost everything. Literally.

FEMA head: Twin Span is gone= Bridge between NO and Slidell

Anybody see the last post at Things they are a changin'.

Sherole Eaton and family need our thoughts and prayers tonight

Freepers: "We built the government housing in New Orleans too strong"

My weekend in the kitchen: (3 pics less than 20k ea.)

Hey CBC Honchos! My Bum Is on the Line!

Live from Fallujah

Karzai expects peaceful polls despite fierce fighting

Democratic National Committee: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall!

KPMG to Pay $456 Million / Prepared Remarks of AG Alberto R. Gonzales

Sen. Warner Agrees: Bush White House Needs Iraq Plan

Al Qaeda connection prompts company to tighten protocols(Australia)

U.S. Marine shot, killed while visiting Mexican border city

U.S. Copter Under Fire in Iraq; GI Killed

Gonzales Faults Senate Version of Patriot Act Legislation

Key Data Likely Absent or Obscured, U.S. Census Income and Poverty Release

U.S. Copter Under Fire in Iraq; GI Killed

Bush & Regan Libraries to Open Additional Records Relating to John Roberts

African Aid Money Was Spent On Luxury Hotels

Sadr’s disciples rise again in Iraq-Freed aides join newly robust movement

Republican Governor pardons all but himself in personnel investigation

Venezuela to Completely Overhaul Its Health Care System

'Washington Times' Offers To Sponsor 9/11 Event 'The Post' Nixed

Bush Accused of Aids Damage to Africa

Bush, Schwarzenegger Won't Meet in Calif. (--drats you'd think he

Idaho Supports Plutonium Production Plan

Massacre gunman kills himself (Texas)

Chinese President to visit Canada

WP: Military Wrestles With Disharmony Among Chaplains

Chavez may go to UN if no action is taken against Robertson

Ex-CIA op would be sent to Venezuela if no asylum

Macquarie (Aussie Corp) to buy U.S. toll road (in Virginia)

Iraq contract whistle-blower to sue after demotion

Protest by Bush Ranch Readies to Hit Road

Killer Katrina moves north; 55 confirmed dead

'Stars and Stripes' to Launch Weekly U.S. Edition (inside daily papers)

UN Ambs. Launch Crisis Talks on Reform (after Bolton proposes 500 changes)

Greta Van Susteren's Sister to Run for Senate From Maryland

Venezuela offers fuel, food to hurricane-hit US

More costly than 'the war to end all wars'

WP: Rumsfeld: U.S. Won't Lose in Iraq

Iraq Parliament absentees thwart vote on absenteeism

Conyers: Update on Racial Profiling

The FCC's cable crackdown

Bush touts benefit plan in Rancho Cucamonga (CA)

Judge: Bush Plot Case Evidence Classified

France, Belgium publish lists of ‘unsafe’ airlines

Hurricane Katrina could slow US economic expansion

[UK] Call for anti-terror law ban on US evangelist (Pat Robertson)

Media Matters: Did Time Intentionally Deceive its Readers in Plame Case?

Venezuela's CITGO to Provide Cheap Gas for US Hospitals, Nursing Homes and

Tennis players' grunting and moaning

Anyone see HBO's (much-hyped) Rome last night?

caption the monchichi-in-chief

Wanna piss in yer pants? Need a good laugh?

Quick: I need a * quote...

I want to throw this computer off the top of my building...

This is my 2,999th post and I want to say

I've been to Hollywood, I've been to Redwood, I've crossed the ocean

Mmmmm. Grilled sirloin steak.

Has anyone heard from trof?

Fat Man in the Bathtub.

Meet the Dobs

Anyone hear from Maddy? Any of the Gulf Coast DUers?

Djimon Hounsou: Not only is he eye candy, but a talented actor too

When is it appropriate to lie about your age?

Wear gaudy colors or avoid display...One more sleep!

I suppose I should wear something to bed tonite since there are

Robbed at the gas pump, now it's the propane company's turn

I am being bad.....verrrrrryyyy bad....

Name a foreign film with a person's name that can also be an English Verb

I would like to use this thread to compile a list of things to send

mmm transparent bait

mmm transparent mate

What's the color ink that doesn't photocopy well?

Congrats New Ewa Little League - World Champs. What a game!!!

Post an old picture!

Name a movie whose title ends in a preposition.

If you could look like anyone else, who would it be?

Offering my opinion on deep pile carpet

If you had to look like someone else, who would it NOT be?

The Lions suck. I am getting too old to wait forever.

Does anyone want a husband???

Gas-Saving tips: Post yours here!!

What do you think of my new carton?

Clinton's on Tavis Smiley tonight

Men are fartier than women.

sup, Lounge Lizards -> check out the most popular Camp Casey images...

"Everyone in Louisiana is dead!"

Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz or Katie Holmes?

Whitey on the moon

10 eggs boiled on the stove

A worthy Museum to visit and it's a BLUE one too: Potted Meat Museam

I now own property in a tropical area.

Name a movie with "stauroplegia" in the title.

Important Question for DeposetheBoyKing

Don't worry.......

Texas Roadhouse rolls are DA BOMB!!!!

Name a movie with the word "A" in the title

Name a movie about a woman and a man and a fish and a dog and a cat and a

"I'm going to eat a bunch of lemons

What does the "permalink" link do on a OP?

The 89th Annual DU Free Association Thread!

Any advance reviews of Rihanna's "Music of the Sun"?

sufferin' til suffrage

Hey, spuds! Only one more sleep!

Anyone watching Prison Break tonight?

Something I don't hear on the news that bothers me...

I think one or both of my roommates dogs got skunked

Post here if you ever stabbed a pen into a frosted brownie.

Have you ever heard of Commander X?

Okay, hubby offense #18 has occurred!

Just a Bill

I'm going to bed - my head is splitting.

Honey, I shrunk the chimp again!

Pat Robertson is an asswipe

I'm going to head, my bed is splitting

Judy Garland's Famed Ruby Slippers Stolen

Married/Dating DUers: The Movie Game

My pictures from Camp Casey 2

Anyone else watch the season finale of The 4400?

Best John Turturro Role

Dutch version of "big brother" may feature birth on live TV

To all of my Lounge Lizard and Nighthawk friends

"God gave the Devil a choice between Hell or Texas: The Devil chose Hell"

Edgy Movie Characters

Is it me.....

Take the Gullibility Quiz

Once again, I fervently deny I caused Jennifer Anniston's divorce!

Conan OBrien...**sigh**

Name a movie about Schlitz

Name a movie about Bush!

Anagrams for "war against extremism"

When I saw the hole in the roof of the Superdome on TV today...

Would you wear a short coat with sports?

Name a movie with a fruit's name in the title.

Anyone ever slam their finger and lose a nail?

When did ESPN do the Fonzie act with the skis and the man-eating fish?

Is Canada Socialist?

Gulf Coast Hit by Massive Hurricane: Bush says "Let Me Eat Cake!"

Whats the best place to get ring tones for your cell phone?


Camp Casey MUST READ

Am I the only one who actually LIKES TImothy Dalton's Bond movies?

This mama don't play

Gulfport MS vastly destroyed. ( Video included)

Post an odd picture!

Absolutely vital parts (brand new Opus cartoonie!)

I gave my two-week notice today!

How do they "Hand Craft" beer?

merh is okay. Her house is probably lost - all of her belongings...

Need some "Cats In Sinks" therapy today? - I did!

"Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing - A Primer on Parent Cruelty"

"Mr. Responsible" forgot to pay his phone bill again

For my 15000th post: the worst television program ever.

The ultimate DU Lounge showdown poll: Cats or Dogs?

Anyone else feeling depressed?

Is it too early for a gasoline rollcall?

Best 'Food' Movie

Men are smarter than women

Which Bond theme is best?

DUer's seven year old daughter is in St. Tammany/Washington parish. Help?

So... say you're going bald...

Name a movie with a person's name in the title.

Post a cool screenshot from a video game

What surname do you think would be the most embarrassing?

Take the gullibility test! Are you a mind slave or a free thinker?

What video games did you think were needlessly impossible?

Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anniston?

I just turned 37

I hate to say it folks, but I think Katrina may bring a recession

NJ DUers: Don't forget to come see me play in Atlantic City this week!

I made a quiz, and would be flattered if you took it

Top 5 most soulful female vocalists

Heavens above! You can now study angels

Maharishi pulls out

Venezuela Wants Pat Robertson

Strategizing a Christian Coup d'Etat

What really happens when a virus enters the body

New blood test detects mad cow disease

Maryland Court Hears Gay Marriage Case

Signature picture, offensive or funny?

Boxing: Wayne Braithwaite vs. Guillermo Jones.

a cat graphic website that boggles

Anything about health problems in the stars this month?

Anyone know of any good places in general to meet spiritual people?

Principal says prayer helped Boca High get "A" grade from state

Just a thought for today

Is anyone still in touch with Firespirit?

Best coverage of New Orleans area at

He's here! (KOEB Monday 8/29)

randi at crawford pic


Mike Malloy and conspiracy theory.

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of Texas

let's sell the war on E-Bay - write your best ad

People will freeze to death...

Reminder: Max Cleland in North Atlanta tomorrow night

Roberts: $1.6 million stock in Time Warner, Microsoft, Pfizer, Merck

What should pay its own way?

Why no "War" on high oil/gas prices?

Question about Iraq: What the hell is 'The Mission'

One-Party Rule - A Trivia Question

leaked documents show Bush admin set to trash National Parks

Who had the great cartoon with Robertson asking Caesar for Jesus' Death?

We need to make a better effort to link republicans to big business

Arizona Protest pix.

The Pottery Barn Return Policy


Is Ohio Gov Taft Considering Pardons as Ky Gov did today?

Where is Bush? Where is Cheney? Where is the National Guard?

Any mention of our glorious leader Bush on the hurricane coverage tonight

I am opposed to minimum wage laws

Arhnold Chooses Corporate Lobbyists to Head Environmental Agencies

I just filled out a Zogby poll

Stick it to BushCo and buy gas at Citgo

If Republicans are so popular...?

If Mark Warner runs for President, I predict a win.

2004 levee projects Underfunded in hardest hit areas of NO...

KY Gov Fletcher just screwed up "Big Time" By Issuing Pardons

Venezuela offers fuel, food to hurricane-hit US

Democratic strategy re Iraq according to Kevin Drum

More Letters for Cindy (1700 down, 300 to go)

Thousands protest against Sheehan in Crawford over the weekend? WTF!

Conyers: More Letters for Cindy (1700 done, 300 to go)

LCV Endorses Senator Maria Cantwell for Re-election

What a wonderful, first person account of protesting Bush's visit to CA

Move over Stan Lee: Comic Book has Keyboard Kommandos fighting Liberalism

Clinton to run for CA Governor?

Katrina just what repubs ordered: now they have excuse for higher gas

Conyers: Update on Racial Profiling

SOS! Anyone got the phone number for Mission Control in Iraq?

states pass legislation recognizing an embryo, as victim of homocide


Ill-fated draft / Iraq's constitution will split the country

Protesters on both sides of Iraq war follow Bush

"scoring a quick publicity point for Bush."

Denmark Tells CIA to Stay Out of Danish Airspace

Mirage After Mirage After Mirage

Mr. Bush, Specialist Young Would Also Like to Speak With You...

HuffPo: America's 'Oh Crap' Phenomenon

Iraqi constitution dangerously short of US goals: experts

Senator Challenges EPA on Military Jet Fuel (Inhofe AGAIN)

Bush Vs. History

Buzzflash's First TV Segments to air on FreeSpeech TV

The Nation: Messing With Mother Nature

Iraq's constitutional trap

It’s the perfect f--ked-up ending to a perfect f--ked-up war (LA Guard)

Iraq's doomed police training

An Iraqi Army unit ready to control its turf

What will the true cost of Hurricane Katrina be?

Withdraw From Iraq In 3-6 Months…

"Birth of a Salesman" (TNR's Ronald Steel on Tom Friedman)

Asia Times: Oil, the yen and the Canadian dollar

A trifecta of terrible prospects for the GOP

MUST READ: Twenty Things We Now Know Four Years After 9/11

Brace for more Katrinas, say experts (global warming)

CSM: More costly than 'the war to end all wars'

Bush's FEMA -- Disaster in the making

I'm Afraid He's Right - Todd Gitlin on Antiwar America

Molly Ivins: Check back in

War of Kerry and Bush Bumper Stickers Year after Election

Here's the Story of a Hurricane

ENERGY CRISIS: Ford And Diesel Never Intended Cars To Use Gasoline


9/28/04 La should have received FEMA disaster mitigation grants, but got 0

Will New Orleans survive?

RFK Jr.: “For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind"

Christopher Hitchens: A War To Be Proud Of

This should be our new protest, and not stop until the elections!

Call your governors, demand your state respond without delaty to tragedy.

If you live in/by Denver, please volunteer at the Red Cross Call Center.

Why haven't you been calling in to your local right wing radio shows?

DU this BusinessWeek Online Poll on Bush

Pink Slips for Mr. Bush

MEDIA BLAST THIS PICTURE! (Bet we see the footage on The Daily Show)

A message to the DNC:

Support Gold Star Families' "Bring Them Home Now Tour"

Has anyone received a reply from the AP?

CNN Cancelling People In The News & Doubling Documentary Unit

New Orleans Media Coverage/Coverup?

NBC News Hit By Virus This Morning

Ford Plans to Fire 400 U.S. Employees

Great picture of warming fueling hurricane!

“For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind”

Is it time yet to drive 55?

Why does hurricane season continue throughout the fall?

China talks textiles to US; EU seeks fix

Scientist: Brazil Nearly Built Atom Bomb

obey the grand old party of nation-builders

Netanyahu to seek Sharon's ouster after Gaza exit

Bush urges Abbas to show 'political courage'

IDF appeals light sentence given to killer of British activist

Netanyahu to challenge Sharon leadership

Palestinian Authority's US assets are frozen

The strange strange strange eyewitnesses of de Menezes' death

Why didn't the pancake collapses of WTC1 and WTC2 stop at the

Where are the experts?

ACK! bev harris on Thom Hartmann!

OhioHB3 Action! Election Reform Activist Asssistance needed!

Any word on Kerry's decision re: the Ohio Green/Libertarian lawsuit?

Tax Returns for Black Box

grand jury today considering indicting top Ohio county election officials

"All I Did Was Say They Can't Run a Fair Election" - Andrew Gumbel

Pat Buchanan Calls On US Congress To Begin Impeachment Of George W. Bush

Indictments in Cuyahoga County! (RE: Recount)

SF Supervisor Chris Daly

Schwarzenegger Museum in Austria to Close

CA Democrats seek new rules on political finances

CHP won't confiscate medical marijuana

Ahnuld pushes lifetime tracking devices for sex offenders

Read David Yepsen's article - then vote for your primary choice for Gov.

republican Baker bows out of Gov race ...

Boston DU'ers - My Friend Moving to Boston

WGBH radio - Romney is looking more and more "presidential"

Regarding the Louisiana Disaster/Presidential response....

Bring Them Home Now Tour will be in Minneapolis on Sept. 3.

Medved on the patriot, asking why is MN blue?

Hannity and Limbaugh moving to FM. Will replace Smooth Jazz 100.3

Any of you programming geeks do C#?

I can't reboot my computer without going into safe mode...

Please recommend a cooling product for an Inspiron 5100

Coin dealer's lawyer says Taft lied

OhioHB3 Action! Election Reform Activist Asssistance needed

Hey you guys! I need to find out where Tom DeLay is going to be!

Okay, Texans, what can we do to help our neighbors in LA?

Grassroots Northshore event Sept. 11

Wes Clark LIVE on Wisconsin Public Radio at 10am central

Here's a way to help now: Floodbuckets

channnel 27 had a report--Cindy caravan arriving this Sat and Gallaway

Here in Sheboygan I think we have Wisconsin's biggest asshole mayor.

Find info on all internet news streams on the coast here.

Where's Mike Malloy? He's been gone for so long.

American Red Cross: "largest single mobilization that we've done"

A contrast of camps (Camp Casey - Camp Qualls)

Where the fuck is the military?

Jeanne Meserve is back on CNN now!

CNN is repeating Jeanne Meserve's testimony now....n/t

Jeanne Meserve Replay on CNN NOW ...

80 percent of the city underwater in NO

This is unbelievable, simply astounding

Think it wasn't bad in NO and Miss.? Think Again! = Google of Blogs, great resource for NOLA inquiries

Who is smarter: CNN's Rick Sanchez, or a peach pie?

The One Word Death Of Democracy in Iraq

Are there any estimates of how many will be homeless from this disaster?

Info per blog entry about NOLA

Bush went back to work for Terri Schiavo, but not thousands of Gulf folks.

Evacuating La. mom gives birth in Ms. traffic jam

HOly Shit! Now they're out to give docs the death penalty for abortion??

MSM consistently underestimating # of people in Superdome.

If Halliburton wanted to make up for the fraud against the people of

Seafood producers could be hit hard

"Looters will be treated RUTHLESSLY" - Gov of MS, Barbour - AGREE?

French Quarter comes through relatively unscathed

The Gulf Coast is in a state of emergency yet the President does not feel.

When the MSM talks about how the hurricane will effect gas prices...

What a W/E! Camp Casey II was overflowing with supporters

1,000-2,000+ deaths expected in NO and who in America cares? 9/11 - 3,000

Surge devastates parts of northshore

What an unbelievable day


Enjoy your fancy dinner chimpy....people are drowning in their attics!

CNN just reported estimates of 1000-2000 New Orleans death toll

Things our "President" could be doing right now?

I wonder how many of those fancy expensive search and rescue companies

30 dead in Biloxi apt. complex per jackson ms tv nt

Riled by O'Reilly......Unbelievable gall from Fox and O'Reilly

Randy Newman: "Louisiana 1927"

Collection of useful links for storm news.

Mother & Son spend over $3,000 for limo to Chicago

Victims wait for rescue on rooftops

FEMA worker from N.H. dies on route to Katrina rescue -

State police say breach in levee is two blocks long

17th St. Canal St Levee has broken-Tulane Hospital surrounded-breaking CNN

Los Angeles Swift Water Rescue is on their way to the Gulf Coast

2 block breach in Lake Ponchatrain Levee: On CNN now.

Why does CNN keep saying that THEY confirmed the 30 deaths

Simulations and Simulations

it seems to me those $25 billion damage estimates made this afternoon

CNN just interviewed a person at the hospital in NO

So this lake might be draining into this city?

Robert Cray/Minn. State Fair/Great antiwar song wildly cheered

What if Clinton had sent the National Guard overseas and this happened?

I just called KLIF Radio in DALLAS.

Is Sharia Law part of a free society? Freedom of choice?

Rolling Stone COVER; Bush vs. The Anti-war mother!



Katrina's aftermath will leave pets homeless

The least these physically fit boating enthusiasts could do is go to LA

Several fires in Metaire area: WDSU TV just now nt

Any photos/footage of the 2 block long levee break?

CNN covering the breach story next (3:30 Eastern)

the lack of compassion and the absence of leadership by Bush . . .

Lots about Mississippi. Hiway 90 bridges are gone. Deaths from Point Cadet

CNN: Tulane Official says they're considering abandoning the hospital

Larisa Alexandrovna: We just might learn some truth today

Pics from Coronado CA vigil.

CNNshowing boats full of people being rescued in NO

Tulane University Medical Center might need to evacuate by air.


Abscessed teeth are a PAIN.

Chavez to help US poor

Video of Mayor Nagin recapping the whole situation.

Multiple confirmations of the levee breach.

CNN reports 80% of NOLA under water (repeat earlier report from Nagin?)

CNN should be paying DU for their info !

Mayor: Major Breach Flooding and Destroying New Orleans

A Liberal decalogue - Bertrand Russell

what did the army corps of engineers say about the levee?

is it time to rescind the tax cuts to the upper 10%?? if not, why not???

An Open Letter To George Bush! Calling President Bush! Urgent!!!

ABC Family added disclaimer to 700 Club

Yesterday's Welcome Wagon Pics El Mirage Arizona- WARNING HTML DIAL UP EX

Turn On Ray Taliafero on KGO AM, it might cheer you up a bit

Lakefront airport had National Guard with Helicopters. Where are they?

Port-a-Potty time at the superbowl. Many of the toilets are not flushing.

Hospital evacuates as New Orleans levee breaks

Is anyone watching streaming video from WDSU-TV?

...What Rough Beast Slouches Toward Arlington?

What Are We All Bitching About? * Was Ready To "Leap Into Action" Aug 25th

they look like refuges, they are refuges. talking of people caught in

Listening to the news this morning about the devastation in NO...

Simmulated Results Of Category 4 Storm Surge In Jackson Square - NOLA

"Complete devastation" spreads across Gulf Coast


The worst natural disaster in U.S history and Bush is in California

For those of you who said Katrina was no big deal in New Orleans,

If you had the time, strength and basic handyman skills,

Photos at NY Times site from Katrina:

What is your opinion about looters?

God bless the world, no exceptions.

Our pResident has been advised not to go visit LA and MS

Our pResident has been advised not to go visit LA and MS

Looting stories are being used to deflect from the situation at hand.

Comparison maps of New Orleans before & after Katrina

Note from Elisabeth Bumiller re Iraq WMDs

Redeemers of the Lost Blood ..

Wholy Batcrap - Pat Buchanan and I are actually, almost in agreeance!!

Why aren't the neocons happy?

What feeds into Lake Pontchartrain?

I'll bet President Clinton visits NOLA before bush does

How much disaster relief would 1% of $204.6 Billion buy?

Can I get SPECIFICS on the Idiot's fundraiser in San Diego?

From "ABC World News Now" re: KATRINA


Water has receded in MS, AL but not in NO. These people are

check out streaming video on wdsu tv

Tables turned as US forces fret over home

A way to help?

What happened to all the people evacuating on the NO highways

c-span bushbot: Clinton gave satellite to China??

Bush Proclamation, August 26th is "Womens Equality Day"!!

Can we set-up thread to help ppl contact friends/family in disaster area?

Levee break worsens New Orleans flooding

estimates of money for pepperspray etc. vs. NOLA preparedness?

For those trying to find/contact loved ones in the hurricane/flood areas

impeachment from a conservative angle

Weather Channel - Next hurricane will be " Lee". We're sure to meet.

What a total prick our President is: Yahoo Katrina Photos - #27

Amazing our first "American refugee"

msnbc saying that the governor is mobilizing the Nat. Guard. What?

Has the POS taken any initiative to try to help in any way

Hey folks, BUSH IS AWOL again!

I Just Cannot Find The Words. If You Can, Please Leave Them Here!

Why is Bush trying to prove to the world

The Times-Picayune online edition of today

Political Friendster's page on Jack Abramoff

Police Chief Says "Lockerbie Evidence Was Faked"

Link to streaming sites in Louisiana

Mass. Guv gets testy when asked about his sons not serving in Iraq

Cindy Sheehan on Stephanie Miller

Where are the leaders?

Wet lands are important, people!

CNN: U.S. Helicopter Down Near Tal Afar

Has anyone discussed long-term refugee camps for Katrina survivors?

The Chickenhawk Awards - Steve Gilliard's blog. . .

Why does this look similar to the tsunami in Asia ?

-->California Watches Hawaii's Effort to Cap Gasoline Prices

Governor of Mississippi said 80 deaths just in Harrison county

Anyone else having trouble with the Weather forum?

Free speech and message boards: an opinion and a primer...

I will now raise the price of gas...

Too feminine? Bash gays

People drowning in their rafters aren't a priority for corporatists.

Democratic governor in Tennessee oversees drastic Medicaid cuts

evangelicals ....ooow why must you care .(african devlpmnt)

If you are watching news, please keep an eye out for WASHINGTON parish

I need help ASAP: Find Tom DeLay' s schedule for Thursday

How do their brains not explode?!?!?!?

First come the winds, then come the floods...

A note to my DU family in LA, MS, and AL

As far as flooding goes...I may be paranoid but...

"frankly--they told everybody to get out"--as they show a man on

Too Bad It's Only an Act --->>>

Just saw some photos from where Katrina made landfall

Cant they bring in the NG from other states?

In my email this morning--after griping about the right wing spam

What did Clinton do as President that the Freepers hate the most?

Some good news--more help on the way down south

Do we need a major military rescue effort in MS and LA ?

I'm sorry, this disaster is every bit as big as 9/11, maybe more...

they are evacuating hospital patients to the Superdome! msnbc.

Katrina as really exposed how many really poor and disadvantaged

Call your governors. Tell them to respond immediately to the Gulf tragedy!

Gatorboy sent me a new CARTOON

Time to start moving some folks to East Texas (temporarily)

How much of Jerry Springers TV audience do you think

"You can't hold me, take care of the kids.."

Biloxi mayor keep things in perspective

People not affected by the hurricane: If you brought a brand new car

Sidell, LA: "...the water was over our heads"

Set of photos from Washington Post showing aftermath of Katrina:

How long before * shows up for Hurricane photo ops?

Hurricane Katrina: How you can help

Paging Inspector Javert!!!...Paging Inspector Javert!!!...

I Just Donated $25 to the Red Cross

msnbc doing sories of those who 'decided to stick it out"--Lots of

Shouldn't they try to start evacuating people

Condi in Middle of Able Danger ‘Cover Up’

"The government has declared martial law in New Orleans."

CAP the damn oil PROFITS now!!

Springdale, AR out and Fayetteville, AR running out.

CNN just reported that Rummy has authorized a joint military/NG

MSM: Damn. NOLA hit has ruined Labor Day weekend. Why? GAS PRICES.

Wes Clark LIVE on Wisconsin Public Radio at 10am central

Does anyone care that Bush cut Hurricane Protection funding to NOLA?

Cindy: Goodbye to Crawford but not Camp Casey!

Dumbass LTTE of the day:

The real Bu$h

Is there a process to unpardon a pardon when the person doing

Disappointment in one military mom...

How long until the right claims Katrina HELPED the economy?

Martial Law In New Orleans To Control Looting?

Where Do They Find So Many Deranged bushbots?

Billions amassed for surviors from 9/11. Will there be a similar response

Just saw Cindy Sheehan's commercial on CNN....

OMG I just saw the Cindy Sheehan spot on CNN during the commercials

President Clinton == Pleeze come back to save us !!!!!!!!!!!!

Schwarzenegger Museum in Austria to Close

Why worry about looting when there are lives to be saved?

Why Are We Tearing Each Other Apart....

Frito Joe: an Iraq analogy

I Need "Wake me up when september ends" DVD

Are Mississippians satisfied with Barbour's handling of the event?

Iraq's doomed police training

The Levee breaks .......

I jokingly compared this hurricane to Katrina Vanden Heuvel

Another hurricane, another debate on looting.

Billions in losses, CNN money points out 123 Walmarts closed

Here's what Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-LA) did to prepare for this disaster.

Who has donated to the Red Cross and/or given blood yet?

Hey need help on this Business Week poll on Bush; We were

Ann Coulter gets the boot (again)

The media seems to by hyping "looting" and preparing us for "gouging"

Times-Picayune Evacuating - e-mail from my partner

WDSU reports bodies have been seen floating in the floodwaters...

Cindy Ad On Fox News!!!

Why we must stay in Iraq-great editorial cartoon

Gas prices jumped .15 in town last night. Now paying 2.69/gallon

Hooray for the student right

Hello! Where The Hell Is The Video Of The Canal Levee Breech?

Hurricane Katrina: Best reason to bring the troops home now.


Here's what Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) did to prevent this disaster.

photo slideshows of Katrina 's aftermath & a live stream from LA

All this looting paranoia has a bad smell to me.

(Fiore) Supernatural Selection

"Number of indigent increases for fourth consecutive year."

I'll bet the "Cindy, you don't speak for me" crowd is real happy.

Did dylan Garcia get any news on his daughter?

Some pretty good * bashing going on here:

Has any country/relief org pledged support for our hurricane relief?

WDSU just confirmed New Orleans is under martial law

"Poverty Rate Rises to 12.7 Percent"

There's More Science In A 6th Grade Experiment Than In ALL of ID.

Does Bush Take Anything Serious

News people keep telling people to get out of town, but THEY HAVE NO POWER

ABC GMA Reporter F%$K up

Stella! Stella! Stella!

200 trapped on Ninth Ward rooftops; bodies floating in Bywater, Eastover

What would Bush have done with Cuban Missile Crisis? That scare anyone?

Nigel Griffiths wants to ban Pat Robertson from the UK

Now is just not the time for GW to bring up the war on terrorism. MF!!

And Bush Says There Is No Global Warming:

OMG -- I just saw the Cindy Sheehan ad ON FOX

Trudeau joins Jon Stewart in going after CNN

Drink-soaked Popinjay alert: "A War to Be Proud Of" in the Weekly Standard

Camp Casey to break camp on Wednesday 8/31

has anyone reported on the damage to oil/gas/chemical property?

"Big Eddies Pop Up Book of Social Darwinism" yesterday on air.

Times-Picayune evatuating its New Orleans building

strib: A funny thing happens after (Jon) Stewart's show

OMG: Per DemocracyNow - There were Superfund Toxic Sites in NO...

White House website: what, us worry?

MSNBC's Coast to Coast: covering lack of Nat'l Guard

LA Governer's Press Conference - WWL-TV

Has no one ever seen a hurricane before?

Is anyone listening to Stephanie Miller?

Another view from inside the Superdome...

what is that black line around bush's temples?

WDSU Gone Down! Feed Lost!

From the Lone Star Iconoclast: Apathy Conquered, Thanks To Sheehan

Please recommend GO's thread today. it helps so much! thank you!

My one and only looting thread

Where to Donate for Hurricane Relief

The Self-Proclaimed Imperial Asshat

WSDU just criticized MSM coverage!

Le Monde` on La Novelle-Orleans..(I can't read french)

Goddamn bush**

The Weather Channel just showed 2 Dolphins that are in a Hotel Pool...

What is the optimal hyway speed for the best gas milage?

Are you ready America? IT'S BULLHORN TIME!

MSNBC: President to abandon his vacation tomorrow

Lakoff's book "Don’t Think Of An Elephant" being made into movie

September Protest needs YOU!

* live on CSPAN from Naval Station North Island

Fuck You Freddie Phelps! You Are Probably Loving This You Sick Bastard!

The * and his thugs will be impeached! Let's keep rolling!

Do you hear the local media when speaking?

WDSU Reports The Crescent City Connection Is The Only Way Out Of NOLA

There is NO OIL SHORTAGE in the USA ; There is a REFINING SHORTAGE....

Should the 'Praysident' go back early to Washington?

Fox reporter almost hit by flying debris in Nawlins

CNN please, oh please won't you fire Darin Kagin...

Kenner Mayor (outside New Orleans) is asking for more National Guard

The Yahoo Photos From New Orleans are DEVASTATING....

wtf? now broadcasting All My Children?

Swift water rescue team from Daytona sent to Gulf coast

the SuperDome is surrouded by water msnbc

Mayor Nagin said that there are 20,000 people at superdome.

We just heard from my wife's father in New Orleans.....

I bet you don't find a huge disaster relief link at the freeper site.

Helms still blunt in retirement

BREAKING: GW to Sacrifice 1/36th of summer fun getaway !


How many B*shies does it take to change a light bulb?

WDSU is telling people to get out of New Orleans now if they can.

* on Fox talking about WW II and using the navy as a background.

WDSU broadcasting video and high pitched whine for audio.

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

Is this cross-section map to scale?

Did the guy who requested that "somebody come help me" live?

How many B*shies does it take to change a light bulb?

Planning a trip to Vegas? Go to Biloxi Miss when it gets fixed

A way that DUers can prepare to help

Mr Supply-side is dead

Is compassionate * really cutting his vacation from 37 days to 35 days?

Man in BILOXI: "I'm Lost"

Did Iraq have any sort of Government Charter or Constitution before we

If I hear one more national TV commentator say that NOLA was "spared"

MAJOR Break in 17th Street Canal Levee


Right Wing Response to Global Warming

Lake Pontchartrain levee

While thousands fight for their lives in NO, Bush and McCain eat cake.

'Arizona Daily Star' Drops Ann Coulter's 'Shrill' Column

What about the National Guard?

With Bush -- always watch what he does, not what he says

It's been so long that I forgot: How would a REAL POTUS react?

Skinner and all-DU Hurricane Relief Center

why isn't the Navy dropping seal units with inflatables to help rescue

Need Info ASAP to notify authorities about family trapped in N.O.

Arrrrrrrg...Bush...can he for ONCE speak

Do city planners exist anymore?

Excuse #82 to why repukes don't enlist: We're just too insensitive to them

Man jumps to death inside Superdome -- CNN

I miss Peter Jennings...

Shut up about looting... What about the poor folks in the Superdome?

Photos of 5-star Hotel where Bush lived it up while New Orleans drowned

BREAKING: Bush's first post-Katrina staffing decision.

"Bolton's amendments have been received like a wasp's nest at a picnic."

when the rude one just said hell and dam.........

WWL-TV Very informative engineering graphics regarding flooding now:

I'm really enjoying listening to Rachel Maddow

Out of the mouths of liars:

CNN: Man jumped to his death inside Superdome

"I'm getting pretty tired of these over-hyped disaster stories."

Cindy Sheehan in Houston Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005--6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Anyone on MSM mentioning that Nat'l Guard troops would be useful right now

Has anyone heard from BOSSHOG?

Bush gives Cindy a ride back to DC

Looters SHOULD be dealt with ruthlessly

Looting and Torture : Stacking the Deck

Bush ruined funding for hurricane relief, remember?

CNN really is trying to cast poor in worst possible light

Guard, NORTHCOM Respond to Hurricane Aftermath

Welcome to Dick Cheney's America

WWL reporting the Causeway is undamaged

Has anyone seen any news from the Delta yet?

Bush: Let them eat cake (Literally).

123 'reaL victims' of katrina

KHOU reporter interrupted on air to be told family member...

Anyone else can't stand the helpless feeling?

Ya gotta love freeway bloggers

Did anyone else catch what just happened on WWL?

Bernard Weiner hits the nail on the head once again with....

Why haven't you been calling in to your local right wing radio shows?

Now seems to be an appropriate time for a little Randy Newman

MSM covering casinos more than NOLA

Is there any way to get a DU "caravan" down to LA??

This guy has a live cam and a blog from NO

WWL-TV - Martial Law declared in Jefferson Parish, Timeline given:

Dear Haley Barbour:

WMDs = bogus. National weather disasters = assured.


Is the Mississippi navigable through to the sea?

freepers acknowledge poor Fox News coverage

Water rising in New Orleans as levee systems fail

Which will be top priority to rebuild?

ATTN Freeper SCLM/MSM re: gas prices

N.O. City Hall surrounded by water

Interstate commerce will grind to a halt if gas prices are not fixed

is there a current satellite photo of the LA,, MS, AL, coastline availabl?

Katrina Louisiana Watch: Death in Dome, Boats Needed, Bagging Levee

HELP NEEDED: Employee wants to change his mind on enlistment

Bush is Cutting His Vacation Short and Going Back to WD

Safety of New Orleans friends, poets, activists???

Bishitler giving up two days of vacation to play hall "monitor"

cnn saying "hundred's killed' in MS--Biluxi just now they are reporting

Katrina Devastation Called 'Overwhelming'

What will happen when Katrina's rains (to the north) flow back to N.O.?

Okay.just got to ask..if Bio/chemical attack on US

WSDU anchorman, "Thank you, George" in sarcastic tone

Why can't we use DEA's helicopters in this rescue?

Bush working hard to build support for WWII

Waging Catastrophic Disaster on Iraq

old footage "diapers and food"--cnn again reporting looting.

Its up to US

The Ravages of Hurricane Katrina and the Global Warming Connection

Is anyone else straining to hear WDSU video ????

check out the email reports at CNN (and videos)

CNN just reported that one guy just killed himself inside the SuperDome.

National DO NOT CALL LIST for wireless phone numbers

Tulane University

Live on CNN: USCG Copter rescuing people from rooftop.

If what is being said about Shrub in re Katrina is true, he's derelict...

They have to get people out now...

CNN Crawl: Wal-Mart donates $1 million to Salvation Army

NG in Iraq Stunned By Katrina Devastation

Jackson Clarion-Ledger issues extra: "DECIMATED"

Experimental Storm Surge Flood Models online at LSU.

In solidarity with New Orleans and ALL places hit by Katrina...

April 29th, 1992

We need to raise hell NOW in order to save lives!

bush spoke at a Naval base in San Diego today: does anyone know if it's

Junior leaves San Diego ahead of schedule (11:30 am)

As the Poverty Rate Rises to 12.7 Percent, * says "Let them eat cake!"

I've finally figured out the War on Terror!

How many of the LA national guard are in Iraq right now?

OMG Scalia comes out of the closet!!!

You DU'ers are AMAZING people

Removed by me

Why couldn't the Navy be used to mass evacuate before a cat 5 storm?

Why can't shelters be set up at military bases?

need help-give your worst rw talk moments of limbaugh, beck, and hannity

List of poor up 1 million for 2004 from 2003, steady increase all years

Democrats still backing senseless war

The war president should get his sorry *ss back to where it is needed.

Those Coast Guard rescuers are AMAZING!

Is it me? Where the hell are the boats.

correct me if I'm wrong, but hurricane season isn't over yet...

NOT flamewar BUT wasn't there a prob with RedCross + 9-11???

Sweeping devastation along the Gulf; panic in New Orleans

These looters have no shame!

Jefferson Parish residents told they can not come back for one month

Genius Needed: Can someone explain HAARP to me?

GOP rep joins demand for DSM docs!

Bush needs to address nation "We have a national oil crisis"

Zen question about looting and starving and being poor has a slide show of some of the damage

where is Hazmat? (sp.?) they should be all over this

Post your Cindy Sheehan photos here (Cindy appreciation thread)

30,000 Now in Superdome many ill and needed treatment...Nurse says it's

Poverty rate nears 13%; fourth annual increase

why don't the damned "minute men" leave texas

Should Cindy and folks shut down Camp Casey out of respect...?

gas and oil leaking from cars and adding to the mixure of toxins in the

Stripes letter: Civilian contractors v. soldiers (on pay, morale, etc)

The nation's poverty rate rose to 12.7 percent

Our gas just jumped to $2.80 - over lunch break

FAUX ANCHOR says there is a difference between looting to sustain

School House Rock, Rocks!

Energy spokesman - "Crude could top at $80 by end of '05"

Jefferson Parish under martial law

I'm just wondering, how long until the fundies start claiming

CNN showing a fire in New Orleans now

Take a break - ya gotta love those freeway bloggers

God, I HATE those looters!

Aerial Views of New Orleans. This Is Terrible.


Randi Rhodes trashing Bush on the hurricane now.

Suggestion: Turn Bush's Crawford Ranch into a NOLA refugee center

Where can I watch real time news coverage of Katrina's aftermath.

Dumbya a day late and a dollar usual....

Prediction: Friday Afternoon Will See The Biggest Data Dump - Ever

I'm Disgusted By The Anchor-Bots Attitude Toward "Looters"

Jeanne Meserve

Thank God for the National Guard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Georgie! Please stay on vacation!


Bush to disaster areas - "I'll see if I can fit you in later this week"

U.S. Poverty Rate Rises to 12.7 Percent

I heard a rumor: Cheney is or was ill/unconsious yesterday


Bush Returning to Monitor Relief Effort

CNN reporting Army Corps of Engineers trying to fix levees

Anyone have a link or source

New Orleans facing more troubles after Katrina

How did this happen?

A Prayer For The Storm Vicitims; From One Who Is Thinking & Praying For U

The country is going to hell in a hand basket and our a$$hole-in-chief


Time to help...

Seven first page threads on LOOTING

FEMA is recommending people donate to Pat Robertson's charity

Bush and the Birthday Turkey while MS and LA fight a 'cane

CNN -- National Guard at 50% capacity in each state

CNN: Army Corps of Engineers saying a second breach of a levee...

Started new site

Why won't they use helicopters to evacuate...

Well look @ it this way. George is doing the same for our disaster

the msm said that Katrina wasn't that bad

We Have To Focus

Is there a mainstream disconnect re New Orleans?

Are people going to try to reclaim New Orleans? Will they leave

Who's looting who? The poor? Or the Bush Crime Family?

Really thought that I was going to get gouged on propane gas.

"Honk if you heart Freedom"

I need help. What is the nicest hotel/motel in Birmingham. ASAP!

Story is up: Raw Story headline: Wall Street projects $100 oil prices

Superdome being evacuated now?


Rant, sorry !

Gold Star Families' "Bring Them Home Now" Tour Itiniary

Ed Schultz just now - glad people of San Diego gave Bush

Question-Re Looting

To BOTH SIDES of the looting flamewars

ha!! Tucker on with Rachel confessing his sins

Disaster + Bankruptcy Bill = Bigger Disaster


he's drunk..

Uh oh, the Muslims are speaking out

Today would be a perfect day for a

Just Heard From Gas Station - Gas to Go up 20 to 40 cents

What are the TV evangelists doing for LA. / MS victims?

Bush to cut vacation by TWO DAYS!!! Thank god! My hero!!! To the rescue!!!

Police with automatic weapons in New Orleans

When the levee breaks..the money went to the war, not New Orleans

reports from Katrina

who (but W) plays the guitar IN A SUIT???????

The Dance of Death: Ignorance on the March (Chris Floyd)

Why don't governors 'unfederalize' the National Guard and remove.....

Has anyone seen a helicopter other than the Coast Guard doing rescues?

Development and disaster: Katrina IS as bad as the Asian Tsunami

ACOE: working on plan to close breaches

DFA-Link Membership Drive (official launch)

There is no justification for stealing things that don't belong to you...

Chris Floyd's new site - Columnist of Moscow and St. Petersburg Times

WSJ via Raw Story: Investors see $100/barrel oil

Greg Palast on Robertson/ Operation Blessing

Would $14 billion in prevention have avoided much of what is happening?


self-delete nt

God help me!

Who is this "radical anti-war leftist"?

More crap from "Fat Tony"

"Many Regret Not Leaving When They Had The Chance".

STOP these posts about LOOTERS! Enough already. I've not read

Threads are moving so fast--did I read the Pentagon is taking over?

There's a difference between looting and emergency use.

Raw Story's Larisa Alexandrovna on the Tony Show - NOW

White House Announces Bush Doesn't Work From Texas

Looting in Iraq = OK, freedom+. Looting in NO = bad, treat ruthlessly.

Any word about Morgan City? n/t

One thing that I keep seeing and I don't understand

Shrub and Katrina -- like father like son?

Senator Landrieu is definitely distraught, has a facial twitch

30 minutes of New Orleans footage

Has there been ANY footage of "looters" stealing non-essential items?

Ranch Hands Flatter Crawford Caligula While Real Journalists Die (Floyd)

Live News Conf on now with Blanco and others at

My fond memory of the Superdome

Louisiana Causeway

The Patriot Act is being put up for renewal in

A question regarding Saturday's Crawford Pro-War Protests...

"We Were There", Iraq Vet Speaks Out (MSNBC Link)

why do we need bush? around here people terrorize each other & themselves!

Is it just me or am I the only one getting a little freaked out...

FReeper Quote of the Day - August, 30 2005

Good God. Now they're playing that damn Lee Greenwood song...

red cross endorsed by gov. and landrieu

The View from St. Amans

Any word from Natchitoches LA?

Cindy on Randi now!

Ed Shulz said Bush had recently cut flood insurance to LA?

Concerning looting.

With this scenario on you--and you had all the resources available


Pentagon press conference shortly. cnn saying they will coordinate

Breaking News: All of New Orleans must be evacuated!!!!

Going live to FEMA press conf. shortly on (nt)


Picture of water over levy...


WalMart Closes 123 Stores Because of the Hurricane

"Bowl will fill if levee breach continues" - This is it

Shut up Blitzer...A reporter was about to ask about martial law nt

Hawaii To Cap Gas Prices, California Considering It

Here's the link from WLOX in Biloxi - there is some video of the damage.

Alarming Aerial Downtown Flooding Picture:

Buchanan suggests Bush impeachment

CNN: Coast Guard using black paint on the houses with dead people,

WOOT! Just saw Cindy commercial spot on CNN for first time! Powerful!

Does anyone else notice that the US is fighting "Al Qaeda" in Iraq?

So, at what point does our IDIOT President Address the Nation?

Disease Will Now Overtake NOLA

Will we emulate Sudanese Gov't by downplaying crisis in media, and refusin

My God, we could use more Guardsmen now.

Good GAWD People! I wish Bush would STAY on Vacation!

did anyone else just lose WDSU?

Survey for school

link to fed cutting NO hurricane funds, to privatization, etc now gone

Oh no! Sounds like people are trapped in the Superdome.

A Day of Prayer is being proclaimed for tomorrow

"Get that woman away from me or I'll scratch her eyes out!"

All I can think of is Johnny Cash's "When the Man Comes Around"

Bush says we got to keep all that oil out of them terra-ists hands

What's with the marching band?

Yeeeah! Anyone watching this drum corps on CNN?

Somebody help me understand the marching band that just passed by....

Those 19 Ohio Marine Reservists killed were in an amphibious landing craft

Just wondering if DU will have a volunteer group helping with the

I am as concerned about New Orleans and LA as anyone here

CNN's Zarella reporting from the French Quarter says water is rising

Is anyone watching the coast gaurd video on WSDU and FOX news?

Should the authorities allow a free-for-all in New Orleans?

Gas lines/rationing around the corner.

I love my husband! He's been converted to "activism."

Did I OD on paint fumes or did a marching band just go by

Where the HELL is Cheney, the guru of Office of National Preparedness??

TOO Funny!:

Are we facing problems because most of our national guard is in Iraq?

That Marching Band in Biloxi kicks ass! Those are patriots!

CNN is talking about OnLine community helping with flood victims

Times-Picayune...pushing aside the dead to get to the living...


NOLA's Tragedy dwarfs 9-11

Heard from my friend in Slidell, LA --

Trying to find out about my brother and family in Biloxi

Some MSM are asking about National Guard shortage but......

Gas in W. Michigan $2.99 for unleaded, $3.08 for premium, $2.69 diesel

Whoa! Jack Cafferty on CNN is dissing Bush big time

Gov LA--Plan to evacuate ALL from NO per cnn just now.

Remember Summer, 2003: 14,000 French DIED In A Heat Wave

Pigboy Limbaugh calls Katrina "Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel"

I'm going to do my patriotic duty this weekend - who's with me?

Cindy nails it!!! * doesn't care about Iraqis or Americans

Woken up to see New Orleans flooded on the news

Why didn't Pat Robertson use his "power of prayer" on Katrina?

I figured out what the weed is waiting for... he's staging this photo-op

When was the last time a US city was evacuated? During the Civil War?

Important news stories besides the Hurricane

Marching band on CNN....

Why do some here bash Chavez?

cnn showing large prison-many sitting up on rafters hoping to be

really sad video of the hurricane... :( from BBC

I fear for the disease and illness due to bad water and no sanitation

Headline was, "Bush cuts short August vacation ....."

Now here's something to ponder

Did anyone just hear Cafferty on CNN just now?

at least cafferty finally said it

DU Vets: Wes Clark blogging on GI Bill of Rights

LA National Guard Troops Returning From Iraq to to Devestation At Home.

Looking for hurricane photo

Saddam gassed his own people. Bush is letting his own people drown

People are drowning,soiling themselves,starving,forced to drink sewage...

The Now Photoshopped Bush "LET THEM EAT CAKE" Flood Photo. Ouch!

So, I Guess Katrina Pretty Much Proves Intelligent Design.

Jack Cafferty just kicked Idiot Son's ass

3000 lb sand bags to be dropped to plug the levey ...

No, the Oil barons cannot give back

FR: Blaming Local NO Officials And "Liberalism" For NO Woes

They keep SAYING that the French Quarter is ok, and yet

President Nero

Bush will pay dearly for raising money and giving a "hoorah Iraq"

500 trucks of water for ten days - FEMA

*As heard at Camp Casey* "We Can't Make it Here" *Free Download*

When the Levee Breaks

What Tree would they have hung Clinton from by now?


Maybe Bush is re-reading My Pet Goat.

I just finished listening to Wolfie for a moment. I hate that man and I

Questions about emergency fund slashing

Any more news on possible oil refinery/storage fire in New Orleans?

I want to go help ( hurricane)

That 191 BILLION we're pissing away in Iraq would be really handy now,huh?

Send a word of support to LOUISIANA AND MISSISSIPPI DEMS

Quite frankly, I'm tired of having the GOP hijack morality...

Pay off your bills and buy a bloody cannon if you must.

What we are seeing in the hurricane areas-

What we can LEARN from the New Orleans disaster

Bush-Cheney are the worst looters in America right now.

What about the county jail?

Further proof that FReepers are not funny at all (Cindy Sheehan)

Did I just hear that...Bush PLAYED GOLF yesterday?!?!?!

When we criticize *, remember he's not running much.

Has anyone heard anything about that family...

FEMA spokesman (Bushbot) on CNN.

flooding not as bad as feared, french quarter "dry"

Marching band evokes the Titanic

LA Times suck

National Guard And Army Corps Of Engineers To Repair Breach

National Guard Numbers

'To Help People Get Back On Their Feet .... This Is Hard Work'

Does anybody know if The Netherlands has been asked for NOLA advice?

ABC devoting entire evening News to Hurricane Katrina

The Real Looting Hasn't Begun Yet...

Are people driving slower in your area?

I just got power on and I am horrified by the posts at DU!!

Let's take control of control the oil companies!

We need a "finger" in the dike

Is there solid proof (photo) of * golfing yesterday? n/t

Red Cross: "largest mobilization of resources ... in our history"

White people find. Black boy loots.

Blow-dried, airhead reporters are still saying people stayed in N.O....

Why all the helicopters? Why haven't I seen boats on TV?

Looting? Whats the big deal? In a free society people are free to loot...

It seems to me that these could have been used better

George Just Wants to have Fun....A-hole that he is...

BREAKING: WDSU: Superdome is being evacuated

Fires, No pumps, continued flooding,No clean water, evacuations

Shrub will lower gas prices at any moment! Here's how!

"Destroying FEMA" WP - Aug. 30, 2005

Asshole on Fox: Where's the international outpouring of support for us?

Jack Cafferty just gave it to the shrub! He asked if ** was still

This post at Free Republic should be displayed to the Country.

Will Idiot Son attack Venezuela in response to Katrina?

This Tragedy could set off a National Economic Collapse

Has Cheney announced Halliburton will rebuild NO yet?

Screen cap: a canoe in downtown New Orleans

News from ST TAMMANY: The Parish is CLOSED (Slidell, Mandeville)

Don't we have a head of "Homeland Security?" Where the hell

Trying to keep it all in perspective

Comfort Suites is price gouging displaced hurricane victims

Here's a picture for all of those suffering right now....

Is there ANY President who has brought worse luck to America than Bush?

Bush slashed FEMA Funding - article from Sep. 2004

LA/MS-area DUers: what are popular roof colors there?

You Know, There Are Simple Solutions To The Situation in NO

More Photos of Biloxi and NO from La Repubblica

A poem that represents today's world

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #11 Bob Taft

John Stossel: for what it's worth....

Question about NO

These "see what the Freepers are saying" posts kinda bother me.

Bush admits we "need" Iraq for the oil

James Carville talking about Katrina now on CNN.

MP George Galloway is Coming

Smirky thinks he's back in TANG again.

I- 10 collapsed - now on CNN

I remember a post long ago about Cindy, but can't find it...

Jesus help me. Grover Norquist dredges up Reagan's corpse.

May * be chased by the Headless Horseman!

Poverty rates rise 12.7 %

Fetid Superdome: Perfect incubator for spread of disease,

Baptist (Fundie) Press weighs-in on Hurricane Katrina (PUKE!)

Has anyone heard of problems with Alligators and snakes from Katrina?

It is time for Congress to convene in a special session

Sam Seder on a big-time rant on AAR...

A question about the levee break

I'm almost surprised they haven't tried to tie the Levy Break to Al Queda

I'll wager Rudy Giuliani makes it to New Orleans before Idiot Son

Bush Draws Comparisons Between Iraq War, WWII

Question. Is Lake Pontchartrain salt water or fresh water? n/t

Wednesday - as New Orleans dies, he waits till Wednesday

Here is a breach. Photo

Is there film of when bush got told about all this today? Did he sit there

Did they move Commcenter/Antennae atop a tall parking garage?

What's the difference when Bush is on vacation and when he is not?

Man, the folks at the other site are dumber than a sack of hammers

Income Stagnated and Poverty Rose in 2004

Think Progress: Bush Blames Carter, Reagan, Clinton for 9/11

Google Earth is a great tool to look at New Orleans.

From MSNBC : People should stay out of the areas where moquitos are.

My weekend in Crawford 8/27-8/28

I am sick about the animals trapped in the

cnn doing segment on low Guard numbers whow!!

While some find, some loot, Bush lutes...

Faux on Cindy (she should sue, this is sick even for faux)

Why can BBC have good quality live feed from NO but CNN can't?

Survivors of Katrina

WGNO: NO prisoners took over prison, holding multiple hostages

My theory on what caused the terrible devestation that has happened.

Live from WBRZ in Baton Rouge....Orleans Prison

Screen cap: Interstate 10 between N. O. and Slidell

The problem with Air America

N.O. Times Picayune: "They won't quit counting bodies for a while.'

Excuse me? No Satellite phones?

There is a disturbing pattern

just saw $3.29 for gas in Omaha, NE

What will the true cost of Hurricane Katrina be?

Tonight, I Am Profoundly Grateful For All That I Have

Tweety talking of looting on Hardball.

Wake up and smell the roses folks

Where's the Foreign Aid for Our Disaster?

What I couldn't figure out about the evacuation of New Orleans

Tonight I'm thankful for my city....

May God be with the victims of Katrina......

We don't need the Patriot Act

what the HELL kind of article title is this!?

"The poor are only taking food to survive!" B.S.

Tweety interviewing FEMA--Hardball--but he is playing softball.

Red Cross Domations: Ask about matching funds at work

Coast Guard

Hurricane Katrina proves that Bush must be IMPEACHED, and NOW

Oldie DU'ers: Is this "9/11" Redux? Who IS in Charge Here?

Again--the Bush administration is caught with their pants down and without

military truck speeding down side street

Harvey Jackson

New America's New American Idle: G W BUSH!!!

CNN just put Operation Blessing will help NO - Pat Robertson started this

Even a cop joins in the looting

As * is seen as doing nothing, will the Dems take an opportunity here?

WW II vet ambushes Cavuto with anti-Iraq War statements

I fear the poor and there are a lot of them in NO are going to get screwed

Time for a new Bushpic...

Matthew Fox onPope Benedict

The MSM is even whoring up the Hurricane

A word about looters....

My spare room is available.


LALA_RAWRAW on Majority Report - AAR tonight..soon

OMG. .. pump fails and sandbagging effort fails

Declaring bankruptcy after natural disasters?

Best search engines other than Google?

I need help fast!

Interesting Pictures of Rescue efforts by Civil Air Patrol....

Wow. Bush's speech in California was an abomination...

Bush blames Carter, Reagan & Clinton for 911 (but doesn't mention Dad!)

If many people are 1 paycheck away from disaster

Just heard explanation of "Martial Law" being declared in 3 parishes

This is going to break people all over the country.

Okay I am going to say it


The BusinessWeek poll from yesterday has now been seriously freeped

When does the right to earn a profit in a free market become gouging?

Rawstory: Killed soldier questioned 'fucktarded' war plan

Limbaugh says Left will find a way to "Politicize" Katrina

Let's update Joe McDonald's classic "Feel like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag"?

1880 Reason whys the DSM is Important

It shouldn't,, but the hypocricy about Bush here bugs me re: Katrina

An amazing picture of New Orleans.......not a pretty site

Guess how much assistance Wal Mart sent?

Unbelievable! Bush Went Back to Texas ---PIX>>>

Crazy Commie Cuba's hurricane disaster prevention and mitigation programs

Hey Big Dog and George Bush Sr.!

Is New Orleans Done?

looting? i don't think so. one word: insurance

Do ya think 100's of Guard helicopters would help RIGHT NOW???

"Gonzales Faults Senate Version of Patriot Act Legislation"

When the fundie minister meets reality

Levee construction... Isn't there something better than sand bags?

Gulfport MS, Ground Zero Video

What's left of Katrina is hitting us

woah! maybe Looters aren't so bad

Which is the worst?

Any word on the Audubon Zoo?

Wouldn't be cost effective and very helpful for our gov't to pay cruise

New Orleans Political Strip I put together: Presidentin' is Hard Work!!

Cindy Sheehan ad on CNN was very touching....

I'll bet you a dollar that the next Mardi Gras will be a REAL party

So This Is What America Is Like With No Leadership Whatsoever...

Katrina's Real Name - Global Warming

Facts about poverty vs. myths

Tulane Hospital has lost a backup generator

The difference in actions


How are stranded POOR people supposed to EAT if they don't fucking LOOT

Where are the Democrats?

Charity Hospital (NOLA) update

Bush photo today in California (plays guitar)

They were warned??? So was our federal government!!!

Two people have died inside the Super Dome.... wtf is going on?

Water Manifesto ......

Here's the Funny Part (final)

You need to read incredible analysis

Progressive, Child-Free Singles

Is the word lies written in the sand in this pic?

I don't get it. All these years and NO FUCKING PLANS????

Looting from a very different perspective

Whaddayaknow? Brazil has cheap-ass gas!

Republicans accused of witch-hunt against climate change scientists

All those who don't believe in GLOBAL WARMING raise your hand.

Had an aggressive Freeper confront me today while driving in my car

8/30 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 24

For those who want to help the animals

The BusinessWeek Online Poll is now being FREEPED --please Vote Now!

Helping to Organize Crawford Bus Tour stop in Sav. GA - Need Help/Info

This post from DU's expatriate about N.O , deserves a thread on it's own.

New Orleans: Sandbagging Levee Failed: More flooding coming

Re: Bush - FOLKS, it takes TIME to craft a photo-op

Now lissen to this chord.....

Who Needs a Fiddle? ---PIX>>>

Greenpeace Action: Tell Congress to act: Environmental Disaster

NPR's Opinion Modification Piece On Perceptions of The Economy

H20 Man Spouts Off: A Plame Perspective

It's time to commandeer Cruise ships and bring them to La, Alabama.

I seriously doubt one poster on DU personally knows any of the looters

martial law called in New Orleans

I Know Nothing Is Really Funny Right Now. Consider This Just Another Sad


The President of Home Depot is on the scene in NO. President Bush is..

While Media Attention is Focused on the Katrina Aftermath...

Looting is not survival

Have we heard from all the DUers in the path of Katrina?

White people find. Black boy loots.

How Our Leader Reacts to National Crisis (A Photo Reminder)

FLOOD BUCKETS: a way you can begin to help now.

Family at Camp Casey w/ daughter in LA needs your help! (Please Read!)



Social Insurance Number

Help bring back the CBC

M25 shut after explosion on lorry

Just got a leaflet from my Labour MP thanking me for her reelection

After 300 years, wild boar come to the rescue of woodlands

I'm leaving this forum, I'm VERY upset

Guardian: Ken Clarke to run on anti-war platform

Rushdie warns Blair over faith school plan

Is our Alabamian mod OK?

Channel 4 considers Sky news coverage

Are we reduced to government by fear?

Conyers: More Letters for Cindy (1700 done, 300 to go)

Ex-KPMG executives indicted

Another soldier to be tried in prisoner's mistreatment (murder,actually)

Friend of London bomb suspect fears De Menezes bullets were meant for him

At least 50 reported dead from Hurricane Katrina

Lebanon arrests three ex-security officials

New Orleans Levee has been breached... two block long breach. (CNN)

"Police outnumber protests at Forbes meet" ( at Sydney Opera House)

'Special counsel' contracts bring Petro criticism (Ohio)

Rebels kill colonel from Kirkuk oil protection unit

U.S. Copter Under Fire in Iraq; GI Killed

Heavy Fighting Erupts in Western Iraq

Congress prepares to consider civilian nuclear deal with India

'The whole damn city is under water' (water flowing the wrong way)

New levee break. Water rising a foot an hour in NO

Katrina May Have Killed 80 in Miss. County

U.S. forces launch air strikes on Iraq-Syria border

Democrats want probe into Army demotion

Most Americans don't know goal of Patriot Act

War 'not only reason for UK terror'

DNA 'links Omagh suspect to bombs'

Netanyahu to seek Sharon's ouster after Gaza exit

Republicans accused of witch-hunt against climate change scientists

Brazil Nearly Built Atom Bomb in 1990s, Scientist Says

Condi in Middle of Able Danger ‘Cover Up’

"The Government has declared martial law in New Orleans."

Iraq Sunni leader says to work against draft charter

Britain Seeks to Ban Violent Internet Porn

U.S. Attorneys Say Anti-Castro Militant Shouldn't Be Deported to Cuba

Government Reports Steep Decrease in Factory Orders Last Month

Ex-chief at KPMG charged with fraud

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1879; in Landstuhl, Germany)

U.S. jets strike area of Iraq tribal fighting

Buchanan suggests Bush impeachment - RAWSTORY

WDSU just confirmed New Orleans is under martial law

Soldier from Dallas County died in Iraq ( # 1879 )

Poverty Rate Rises to 12.7 Percent

56 civilians killed in US air strike west of Baghdad

MSNBC: President to abandon his vacation tomorrow


Slight Majority Say Bush Should Meet With Sheehan (mandate?)

U.S. Muslims feel sidelined in terrorism fight

Poverty Rate Rises to 12.7 Percent

Man jumps to death inside Superdome -- CNN

New Paris blaze kills seven immigrants

Rawstory: Killed soldier questioned 'fucktarded' war plan

Freedom is priceless, Walesa tells Poland

IRAQ: Population still affected by severe power cuts

Ky. Governor Appears Before Grand Jury

56 civilians killed in US air strike west of Baghdad

Bush photo today in California (plays guitar)

Brace for more Katrinas, say experts (global warming)

U.S. helicopter pilot killed (Tal Afar, N. Iraq)

Roberts tied to Bush-Quayle campaign (88 Opposition Research)

More Changes Said Likely to Iraq Charter

Via WDSU TV: Bush to return to DC

NOLA - Looters Take To Streets; Conditions Deteriorate - WDSU news


GM Recalling 800,000 Pickups, SUVs

Arizona Republic: McCain's reception lukewarm

Fed set for more rate hikes: minutes

New Orleans mayor: 'Significant' number of deaths

Netanyahu to challenge Sharon leadership

Superdome to be evacuated

Bush enters immigration debate

Reuters cameraman still detained after Iraq shooting

ACLU Makes FOIA Request on Government Rape Victim Guidelines

CNN 2:10pm PST--Huge Fire in NO--oil storage facility

New Study Shows Pre Born Children Cry in the Womb

Cleveland reign as nation's poorest city over(? 8% change in 1 year ?)

Remains ID'd As Kidnapped Nun

Wal-Mart closes 123 stores from storm

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 30 August

Even a cop joins in the looting (police and firefighters)

(Senator) Coleman says Robertson comments help fuel paranoia

(Wes) Clark calls war mistake but warns against withdrawal deadline

Gov. Bush Reiterates Concern About Gasoline Supply

Panic Buying of Gasoline Trading (CNBC)

Afghan Drugs Flooding Russia (Wash. Times)

Judge says he would send Posada to Venezuela

Judy Garland's Famed Ruby Slippers Stolen

Gas prices fuel fears for GM

Pilots detained after violating president's airspace

Superdome Refugees Get Some Fresh Air

New Law Could Mean Death Penalty For Doctors (Hous. Chron)

Gambling companies tally damage to Mississippi, Louisiana casinos

Scientific Savvy? In U.S., Not Much--NYTimes

Group: Law could mean death penalty for doctors

Contributors get legal work, Petro foes say (Ohio scandalgate)

Dems Demand Probe of Bunnatine Demotion

Oil hits new record near $71

Blue Angels above, protest below (Cindy Sheehan)

On WWL: Pumping house at 17th street canal failing- water to rise ~15 feet

CNN Breaking: Reuters says "Hundreds Feared Dead in Biloxi."

Damage From Katrina Stuns Troops in Iraq

Wholesale gasoline hits $3 on Gulf Coast

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Cindy Sheehan

Bush Says U.S. Must Prevent Iraq From Falling Into Terrorists' Hands

AP: Poverty Rate Rises to 12.7%. Last decline in overall poverty in 2000

FBI to Do Prisoner 'Threat Assessment' (checking prisoners' beliefs)

CEO pay: Sky high gets even higher

Jesse Jackson Tours Venezuela(sending aid, details not yet released)

RawStory: ACLU argues for release of new Abu Ghraib photos

White Peoples Party leader an ex-felon

Unleaded Gas Up 28 cents on the NYMex

Floodwater inundates New Orleans after hurricane ("shark cruising city")

U.S. says air strikes kill Iraq al Qaeda fighters

Iran claims nuclear breakthrough

Katrina swamps New Orleans

Bush to return to Washington because of hurricane (Reuters)

ABC - Poll: Bush Approval at a Career Low

2 block-long breach in Ponchartrain levee ..CNN 11:28 PDT

CNN Crawl: Trent Lott's house was destroyed in the floods.

Jefferson Parish (New Orleans) Under Martial Law

Tennessee lawmaker pleads guilty to bribery, laments 'business as usual'

Spain Aims to Double Energy from Renewable Sources

Strained US National Guard has hurricane relief role (Thousands in Iraq)

Bush Draws Comparisons Between Iraq War, WWII

FEMA Head: Katrina Was 'Catastrophic'

Gov. Warner (Va.)Will Not Seek Senate Seat In '06


Sad and gruesome story I heard on the radio (warning: graphic)

That stupid "Morgan Stanley" commercial again.....

I've been having disturbing dreams the past couple of nights

Sounds in thoughts of New Orleans

Possibly the most tragic irony I've seen in a while

YAY I got rid of the newest version of Yahoo! messenger!

I don't feel very well ..

I know you can't have a pet beaver or bat

Operation Belly Dance, Internet Weekly Report, more positive news

Levee breaks- lake draining into NO - CNN

Soap Opera in the Middle of the Night????

I need a little relaxation. A dislocated knee and New Orleans family.

With The Levee in NOLA breaking..

I'm shameless. Who likes fresh bread?

Military honors funeral - please help

F*ck you and your Hummer2 - great site

What's with all the beach volleyball ads on Daily kos?

Which of these phrases do you find more appealing?

Hurricane Katrina: MIHOP or LIHOP?

Today's ZINGS!

Why do Republicans suck so bad at graphics?

Anyone seen Heidi posting recently?

Do you have a POW/MIA bracelet? Post about the person on yours

We're back home, safe and sound

Good Morning, DU!

when laura says, 'NO" ... does W say,

The Official DU Word Of The Day Is: Recherche (Please use in a sentence)

don't trust this carrot

I got the "pay-pal" scam e-mail- text of e-mail below.

Look where MI5 is advertising....

My timing is impeccable

Today's Earworm

According to Pat Robertson, who/what is responsible for the hurricane?

Domestic robot to debut in Japan

Wanted: advise from multi cat owners.

This morning I slept through my alarm


Man runs off without paying bill for artificial leg: cops

Something's foul and blooming in Australia

Senior citizen accused of killing ex-husband, cutting genitals

I owe FinnFan an apology

Gas jumped up twenty cents over night.

Man Fitted For $17,000 Prosthetic Leg Runs Off Without Footing Bill

Compassionate Conservatism in Action---FR comments on disaster

Dutch "Big Brother" to feature LIVE reality TV birth?

This is beyond stupid

'Huge award' in Rings court fight

Musicians-New Les Paul album (new tracks) released TODAY!!!

Opera browser (without ads) free today!

Hurricane Diary: "Before the storm" photos.

Dealer Wants To Sell Romanian-Built SUV's In California

"Food 4 Porn" Drive At OVERSEAS Porn Shop - To Benefit AMERICAN Hunger

Cats in Sinks website, good for an awwww

Don't EVER wash a dustmop in your washer !!

CNN: Testy weatherman video. "Let me talk!"

My poor stomach

I know that someday

Artist Rescues Baby Chicks During Hurricane Katrina

I propose DUers start saying "Eagles Up"

Did anyone see the segment on the Countdown dealing with pet rescue?


Word users: Does anyone know how to shade everyother row in a table?


"We Can't Afford our Gasoline" Creation by Tocci.

Okay, I know there are some Brits in here! Cough up!

I'm donating to the Red Cross.

Perhaps we could make a drink called Eagles Up?

What about "birds up"?

Opera Browser celebrates 10th anniv. by giving away free registration code

Okay, I know there are some twits in here! Eagles up!

Where's the beloved sundog?

Incredible Photo

Mass. man comes up ever so close in long drive competition ("pissed")




That's it! It's going to be 'Beagles Up!!' for me....


Fleegle's Sup

Innaugural Protest Documentary - very funny


1 1/2 weeks late...

YEAH!!!! Tonight - Green Day in Concert

Cats! Kittens, puppies, dogs... and other miscellaneous cute furry things

Katrina is a college prank

We can't afford our gasoline............great flick

April 29th, 1992

Chickenhawks up!

Anybody have a Toshiba Satellite?

My 24 YEAR streak is OVER!! Damned bees

Take the Children's Literature Quiz

Hey - can someone pass me the mashed potatoes please?

US to invade Bahamas?

Oh, by the way...

We are having company tomorrow

Can someone reduce this image so I can put it in my sig line?

Keep me away from Mega M&Ms!

Prostate ads! Male enhancement ads!

I used to think that Daryn Kagan was attractive.

OMG! Eagles up! Eagles up!

Loot boot poot shoot toot flute scoot shoot brute minute astute

Goodbye !

Here's a "delicacy" I think I'll give a miss

Actors who play really great repuke assholes in the movie but...

It Is Now OFFICIAL! The Washington Redskins Are The ASSHOLE NFL Team! ***

It Is Now OFFICIAL! The Philadelphia Eagles Are The FREEPER NFL Team!

Eagles up! Ran out of Mountain Dew.

Falling asleep at my desk


Wrapped in my gloom...

What is the matter with you people???

freeRepublic's kristinn: We saved America from Cindy!

Sitting on my fat ass...

For secretaries/administrative assistants everywhere

Sitting here at work...

This kitty has the SOFTEST fur

I'm sorry. A bun is not a good look for a man.

Still getting "law student" e-mails. I AM NOT A LAW STUDENT, DAMMIT!!!

My doctor is a raging liberal


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen of England has just entered the Lounge.

I like Roger Federer.

Who's your favorite relative, and why?

Induction thread

How much additional damage will Bush cause in the wake of Katrina?

Kanye West - overrated or not?

Can we form a Prayer Circle for George Bush in his dire time of need.....

GOP Pitching High and Tight Over Ownership of Washington Baseball Team

remember that bLackout?

Remember that cookout?

Anyone else noting an increase of helicopters flying around your 'hoods?

remember that stakeout?

Must get rid of earworm NOW

remember that whiteout?

The Presidential Prayer Team For Kids!

Trapped in my room...

You got to pick up every stitch!

Poll: Can you watch this 1 min. CNN segment without tearing?

remember that shout out?

Pretty incredible Hurricane photo

remember that Freak Out?

Hurricane Diary: The Aftermath (photos)

My quick little trip to Isla Mujeres.

Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry

The art of retouching...

"A-wehhh! A-wehhh!"

Anyone else losing track of their EAGLES UP!! posts?

Gee, because there's nothing else in the news lately...

On a lighter note:

Hey Lounge Lizards. A DUer needs our help.

Can we infiltrate GD with "Eagles Up" now?


My time is almost done!

Sheehan and Sheen make it to iMDB News

is there EVER a 'good time' to venture into GD?


My EAGLES been UP so long it is now sore

Just started the fourth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. *spoiler alert*

OK I finally finished 'Economic Hit Man' at lunch today. All I can say is:

Colleague just dropped her daughter off at Tulane last Tues.

Gymnastics lovers - EGAD!

Helloooo my beautiful peoples of the DU LOUNGE

I just got a bill from the state for taxes on internet cigarettes.

Holy Crap! looks like Noah ark washed up

Remember the Fake out?

This whole disaster reminds me of one that I went through in 1997.

Berlin mayor in trouble for supporting fetish fest

Bring the Noise!

I hate that freaking SPDR ad

Because of Katrina, the chimp will knock two days off of his vacation!!!

You won't see this coming...

What are your worst problems and worries right now?

The *bush administration's idea of Federal flood aid

Something I did not realize (pic)

How did these dolphins get into this pool?

Sometimes technology sucks!

Anyone see this in today's Dear Abby?

Sometimes I wish I gave a shit.

I confess!! My upbringing was financed exclusively by taxpayer money!!

Look out - I just made up another joke!

I'm heading out to do some looting....can I get anyone anything?

I'm heading out to loot Underpants' place while he's out looting

Hon, I think there's a fish in the pool!


Eagles are looting all the fishes from the rivers!

Democracy is too delicate


Oh, god...


Do any of you despise warts, poison ivy, and hangovers?

Man, I feel bad for people who can't read

Creepy coincidence

Some interesting N.O. pictures from the L.A. Times

Store wars

Hurricane Diary: The Storm photos.

How many here have a total asshole as mayor of your town or city?

There is a bad, bad vibe in the air

What Does Gasoline Cost In European Countries?

"We Are On Our Own"..... Throwing Stones by Grateful Dead

Rumsferatu enthusiastically applauds his master's "Stay The Course" speech

Unemployment is just like summer vacation

Must get one of these...

Aug. 30, 2004: I was fleeing my car from Tropical Depression Gaston.

I wanted my 5,000th post to showcase my humility

To our displaced DU'ers from Louisiana...

I will not play at tug o' war.

Anyone from the area of Slidell? Please check in, I have a question

Hurricane Diary Part 3

In a band or know someone in a band? Check this out

hey matcom - did i miss the story about the residents of fucking, austria?

YOU ARE NOT READY for this Bush photo. You're JUST...NOT...READY.

All my hurricane photos here:

Halliburton Relief Fund?

I have a job interview tomorrow! I am SO NERVOUS.

Is that a parakeet in your shorts, or are you just glad to see me?

Okay everyone loves Christopher Walken here's a transcript of "The Census"

When the hell did I get this old?

Am I being ethical here?

Gol-danged cat barf!

No, no you may not hang at the park.

Judy Garland's Famed Ruby Slippers Stolen

Another cartoon

Here's some video tape footage of damage in Gulfport and Biloxi.

Survey for school...

What do you think Mr. Bush is singing?

I really don't see any justification for Hooters.

What is it with banned users showing up to spew venom last few days?

I am not pro-death penalty, but when a guy rapes his niece, kills her,

Cindy made ROLLING STONE!!!

Is it looting if the people are just getting a little food?

That video of the guy who lost his wife in the waters broke my heart.

It's interesting how people reveal their true colors in times of crisis.

Where will the NO Saints play this season? NOLA is a mess and

The city of New Orleans is no longer

In solidarity with New Orleans and ALL places hit by Katrina...

WCGreen & tjwmason, please pick up the white courtesy phone!

Funniest post of the day goes to sniffa

Strong women's studies programs in the US?

Bob Boudelang, Secret Agent?? Where Be He?

Without the square roots of negatives, you would not have electricity

This really SUCKS ... Art Garfunkel was busted in Woodstock!

There's this guy at a mailing list of former classmates of mine.

Ohio River Region DUers - How Are Things Holding Up?

I have a little prayer for all our DU'ers who are so far unaccounted for..

Some advice,please (job related)

Rant of the Day: Do you know any college kids who can.....

Weatherman Hissyfit on CNN

Opera Offers Ad-Free Browser for One Day Only

anyone heard from Maddy?

I gotta stay away from this site...

New Study Shows Pre Born Children Cry in the Womb

Scientists take the effort out of moving objects "this is a breakthrough"

Miracle baby survives pregnancy in stomach

Sexual problems linked to cycling

Gender gap persists between lesbians and gay men

Ga. high school bans clubs to block gay-straight alliance

Calif. Legislature Passes Gay Civil Rights Act

Gay Musical Returns After Milwaukee Backs Down

Sexuality can't be changed like a pair of shoes

In Florida, both anti-gay political rhetoric and hate crimes are on rise

Blood donation question

Do we really need another march on Washington?

Wary gays keep one foot in the closet

Wizard of Oz slippers stolen from Judy Garland Museum

CBS: (Study) Do Bisexual Men Really Exist?

A Darker Shade of Pink (signs of gay friendliness among African Americans)

Remembering the Summer of Doc

Well...The Saints won't be playin' in the Superdome any time soon.....

NHL Attendance - What makes a good hockey town?

Bwah!! Bellhorn to the Yankees.

GOP Pitching High and Tight Over Ownership of Washington Baseball Team

Footnote to the Jazz story.

7-9 Yr old Cattle Dog needs a retirement home

Forbidden love...

Wow! WOW!! This was just posted in GD! Re: Camp Casey

Any other "sensitives" having a hard time? How do you cope?

Boy Scouts came to my son's class yesterday.

Fellow Pastafarians, help me in this moral dilemma.

Gen. Clark blogging on Talking Points Memo: GI Bill of Rights

Well, I'm officially a Saints fan for the 2005 football season

Anyone want to take these folks on?

Hold Bush accountable for the flooding in New Orleans!

Spot the Real Deal (and spot the Faker).

Fiddling while Rome burns

Wow! A DKos diary that we need to read (positive)

Back from camping, I quickly (sort of) looked through the photos posted

Online photo storage sites

KOEB 8/30/05

My 2nd post on my experiences this past weekend

Can I just quietly freak out over here in this thread?

New Blog Entry!

Young Estro Hero ..... Greatest picture ever .... warning tear jerker

Please post and kick my thread - it's important.


Secrets of the See-Ć, Streaming Video

George W. Bush's Noble Cause - 'Political Capital'

CNN reporter gang raped rumor

I have learned a new philosophy

Hate to be redundant ,however .......

Fusion Buzz

self delete

Light Humor -- A Layman's Guide to the Valerie Plame Affair


What office are YOU going to run for?

If I said, "Bush killed these people," would I be crossing the line?

On Franken (w/ Rachal) More dead in Iraq then Days in office.

I like Rush Holt

ABC NEWS: Poll: 'Peace Mom' Has Changed Few Minds

Look at the BULLSHIT this Congressman just wrote me !

BLUNDERS OF THE WORLD/Churchill tunes in to the wrong Berlin

Wanted: Quotes of Mitt Romney expressing support for the war. Thanks!

WH Transcipt: * Discusses Medicare, New Prescription Drug Benefits

Using Katrina to rev up recruitment for the NG.

Bush and gasoline prices - bet he escapes blame..

Check out LeftyBlogs--the Louisiana blogs---last blog is

New, lower bar of expectations for Iraq, comes out in *'s speech

Of course Islam is source of Iraq laws

Any News Today of KY Gov Fletcher Refusing to Testify? Taking 5th?

Who here knows their ninth amendment rights?

What are Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell doing about Katrina?

Relief numbers flashed on screen as Bush gave speech today. msnbc

Which ignored August warning is Bush's grosser deriliction of duty?

money moved in presidents budget to handle homeland security and iraq war

Ky Gov. Fletcher May Have Violated Federal Law

Should our Senators & Congress people joined Cindy's cause?

Cindy outnumbered 10 to 1?

Reagan Library Discovers Additional Roberts Records

DFA-Link Membership Drive (official launch)

Counter-protesters cross the street to join Camp Casey candlelight vigil

Any Concern re:3 Star General & Active Troops Leading NO Recovery?

Salon: "I have no home, no job, and my commander in chief is on vacation"

Was any fundraising done on Bush's current trip?

Here is a good queston re: Katrina

WA-Po poll on Iraq: 53% approve of Cindy, 37% approve of Bush

LATimes Mag 8/28-- 9/11 Conspiracy makes MSM via Erhman interview

RNC: Alliance For Justice Joins Other Far-Left Groups In 'Obligatory Opp.'

Bush is a real leader.

Will Bush give asylum to an airline bomber (terrorist)?

Uh oh -- Katrina may force NW and Delta Airlines into bankruptcy

Unfreep this poll

Please someone post "Ambassador" Bolton's remarks on Katrina to U.N.

Why the War on Terror is conceptually bankrupt

Is There Video of Bush Strumming Guitar Today?

DU HELP - BusinessWeek Poll being FREEPED

* hasn't visited the hurricane sites because he can't control who attends

Hawaii putting price caps on oil companies right to profits Thursday!

Hold Bush accountable for the flooding of New Orleans!

Bush appeals to public not to waver in Iraq: "I've made my decision"

Sirotablog: Louisiana National Guard Wants Equipment Back From Iraq

An End to Polarization? The left and right's move to the center

New Year's Eve, Dec 31, 1999....

Just called Hagel's office. Told him that the funding for george's war


Prediction: U.S.S. Chickenhawk will show up in NO.

Some 6000 Nat'l Guard troops from LA, MS are in Iraq and unable to help

Barbara Boxer is going to demand an exit strategy-pls sign petition

Can idiot son's (non)response to Katrina be his achilles heel?

Whoa! Got a response from CBN re: Pat Robertson's comments!!

Mittens trying to look "presidential" in "town hall" visit to Raytheon

WTF happened to Ted Rall?

Katrina's damage would be good reason to bring troops home

Watching Bush talk on TV turns my stomach!

Looting is making the news - but - what about price gouging?

Did I hear right? Did Bush go golfing yesterday???

He's at the Hotel del Coronado - a Belle Epoque grand hotel, while people

Clark is going to be on WI public radio soon.

Poverty rate at 12.7 percent, 4th straight rise

What the (wrong) right has learned.....just struck me today....

How many days before Katrina disaster is linked by * to ANWAR?

Cucamunga Captions anyone?

KY Corrupt Stench Rises w/ Pardons by Gov -Plame strategy preview?

Bush CANCELS Meeting with the World Champs Little League from Hawaii

Scalia;s comments: WOW WOW WOW

Hypocrisy Game: Cuba, Venezuela, and Posada.

Well, will Bush declare a war on "nature" or God? It makes about as much

Need info on "Sep. of Church and State"

It's official. *'s new reason for being in Iraq? To control the OIL FIELDS

does Katrina permanently change the calculus of electoral politics...

What do you all think about the concept of "Health Care Credit Unions "?

Bush says, "It's time for photo ops".

Mark Warner out of VA Senate Race in 2006....

Question: Who thinks Ted Kennedy still has a chance as President?

1 in 5 Americans are complete fucking idiots

* to cut vacation short "This is more -- this is more symbolic"

The B**** In The Ditch?

CEO Salaries, Poverty, & Wages