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Archives: August 31, 2005

Iraq war costs more per month than Vietnam

PNAC signatory Fukuyama in NYT: "everything to be regretted" in Iraq

(NY) Daily News: "All that sacrifice for nothing in Iraq"

Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, LBJ and...

Pentagon Has Sole Shootdown Say Over D.C.

The only plan (Ha'aretz editorial)

Jordan's King Abdullah urges aid to Palestinians, Israeli withdrawal

anyone ever heard of "Election Solutions" ?

What Clint Curtis says about Dems & election theft is RIGHT ON!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 8/31/05

$500 reward offered for . . .


Jehlen Wins!

Bryan Flannery has Just announced his Candiacy For Governor

Gas gossip

anyone in Northeast Tarrant or Mid Cities area want to carpool

Cindy Sheehan will be in Houston THURSDAY 09/01

$2.99 a gallon!

Katrina and the Waves

NO budget cuts/hurricane protection--KEEP POSTING THIS

Prediction on Bush's plan to help Hurricane victims

Need some more people for a Brian Schweitzer DU group

Corporations could be spared from Katrina victims going bankrupt.

Thankfulness post.

Enough With the Looting Threads!

Let Katrina be a wake-up call for everyone-

"Bush Vs. History" Article on Common Dreams.....


Democratic Party WILL go after Senator Snowe (R-ME)!!

Haley Barbour is a former rePUKE big wig (he keeps praising Idiot Son)

Dupe, please delete.

Countdown has a helicopter surveying the damage

GREAT NEWS! President Brush-clearer is back on the job!

Is this too simple to work?


Remember the heathens of Banda Aceh?

Countdown Showing Breathtaking Shots of Devastation

Is anyone else finding the comparison of Katrina to Hiroshima offensive?

Has anyone seen or heard anything about Tulane or Loyola Universities?

Global WarNing, NOAA, and our future.... I am so glad that they

New Orleans has been Falluja' Mother Nature

The article on the levee Sam Seder is discussing right now

Malloy blurb: Mike and Kathy real sick, Young Turks filling in


Where's the money going to come from?

BBC On This Day: 1959 Eisenhower/Macmillan televised debate

"What you see on TV, you have no idea ...."

Any network TV specials tonight on Katrina?

Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum. Moving it to LBN. n/t

Need help...

I've moved this Posada Carriles bomber thread to LBN. Thank you.

"NOt a single piece of good news to report in NO." WDSU news live now:

The full FURY of nature has been unleashed on New Orleans

Fred "Asshole" Barnes:

It's a terrible tragedy, but I'm getting a little tired of hearing

Iraqi Reality TV Show Could be Called 'This Bombed House'

AGAIN the Idiot Son on an Asshole blames Iraq on 9/11...again

Jeff Goldblatt on FAUX .... I wouldn't characterize it as looting.

With shurb's corporate ties here what he can do to help

Crisis Grows As Flooded New Orleans Looted

I saw video footage from Biloxi...Mississippi's economy is crippled

Does anyone know if you can land a Legend Cub in these areas


Bad news on levee break

Lake Ponchartrain depth, to answer questions.

OMFG! In addition to a Katrina update...Rita Cosby is going to

a sincere apology

When we criticize W, remember he's not running much. (Plus some fun)

Rescuers save 700 in New Orleans; 'many lives' lost - governor

Louisiana 1927 by Randy Newman

inmates information

Our president went to a fundraiser at a grand hotel, as Americans were...

6,000 LA and MS N.Guard in Iraq; Pentagon says we have "adequate units"

I think the rest of the country will be taking in refugees from Katrina

gas just went up 20 cents today. reg is 2.99

200 Students trapped in Dorm at Xavier University...N.O......Lordy, lordy

On Sunday Night....a woman with a child that appeared to be about 3

My favorite Used Bookstore in the world....

Army Contract Official Critical of Halliburton Pact Is Demoted

Foghorn Leghorn from Aruba! Give me a break.....and, she said...

I feel completely useless right now for the Katrina victims.

Five confirmed dead in Jeff. Parish

Bucktown, West End devastated

Wonderful link for breaking NOLA news

Water rising at 17th St. canal

breached levee cannot be closed

My list of Bush/Katrina questions. Please help me out here.

Does anyone have the link to the reporter.....

Nagin details latest storm damage

For all displaced New Orleanians or expats...go to

Trent Lott urging Junior to visit Mississippi

New Orleans Prison Riot Information

I feel completely useless right now for the Katrina victims.

Anyone hear old grumpy Jack Cafferty on CNN today?

How much of the money given to the Red Cross goes to overhead

Flood waters could rise as high as 15 feet in the next few hours?

I think it's fair to say now, that the pottey barn thing applies to the US

Shout out to the salt water sailors,

MSNBC - STILL talking about Aruba case, I can't frickin' believe it

Cavuto is whining about the dearth of "good wishes" from other countries.

I think it's fair to say now, that the pottey barn thing applies to the US

Faux: The Silence Is Deafening

Quick reminder: Parish = County

Gov LA says prison riot not verified. No communications with the prison.

Bush and his famous false choices mean, withdrawal NOW

F*CK...They aren't looting TV's

Bush*t going to New Orleans in a few days time

Will Bush's recent antics and lack of reaction to the hurricane.....

I wish we could ask Cuba and Venezuela for help and aide now

A Question for DU Old Timers

Gov Blanco says Airlines deserted them

callers to Larry K mentioned cruise ships and why military not more there

Over The Hedge on Cindy Sheehan

Almost another plane tragedy.

Repeat of "Real Time" w/Bill Maher on tonight at 9pmCT. nt

Not sure I want to know the answer--but what happens if the

My response to a freepin' LTTE in my local paper.

Hey ya'all, I don't mind if you post in my News thread.

screw middle east conquest-bring the natl guard home where they're needed!

OMG Cindy Sheehan on Entertainment Tonight with

Bush says Chavez has hidden secret hurricane machine, invasion immanent.

3 Navy ships to be deployed to Gulf of Mexico to help with disaster.

Gov Hailey Barbour says to get on with their lives. dead bodies have

Iconoclast: Last night at Camp Casey

Young Turks substituting for Mike Malloy, Truthseekers check in

Picture of a REAL leader!

New Orleans Neighborhood Map (for reference)


Bullshit time - Larry King =- "have your spoken to your friend....

Screen cap: an aquarium seal washed into a parking lot.

You know, it also concerns me

Does anyone have the link to Bush's plummetting job approval?

So where are the folks now

I am so angry I could chew nails!! This is a colossal

A Poem for NO and DUers Who Mourn

Shelter From the Storm

Didn't somebody mention Cruise Ships?


What do you think about looting?

WDSU reporter just said tens of thousands still in their homes...

When will Haliburton win no bid contract to rebuild New Orleans

Is this for real?

Worse than 9/11.

WDSU on cnn

We need to turn the "water cooler" conversations to Bush's non-reaction

anyone have the quote of limbaugh "people lose things" re:sheehan

I read on another message board that Bush is at the Padres Game!

Don't forget, Bush

Exactly What Funding Did Shrub Cut?

to handle disaster THERE HAS TO BE OVERALL LEADERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!

where the flying the military

Didn't Idiot Son once say he didn't "do" disaster sites?

airlift pallets of sandbags to the breach.

So what are the freepers

Navy sending 4 ships to the Gulf with supplies

The sad, sad truth is if this was

Bush Cancels vacation to focus on relief???

WTF...who is this jerk....

In Montana, 10 of their 12 Nat.Guard helicopters are in Iraq. How many

I got my FOX loving neighbor to watch Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight

Just heard from a friend from N.O.

Remember, "Where the hell is the Cavalry?"

Anyome know what's the deal with Mike Malloy????

AOL poll: Bush supporters vs. anti-war protesters

Mayor Nagin: too many cooks in the kitchen/disorg. feds make sit. worse

"Good morning America, how are you?

President Kerry would have been in Louisiana this past Sunday.

looking for stats re La, Ms,Al, Nat'l Guard

Where are the owners of the cars floating on the streets?

The Chosen Ones...

Has anyone heard anything about Slidel, Louisiana?

Gas surges to $3.54 per gallon in Chicago!

What I told parents tonight at info meeting at school-

Is enough "search and rescue" manpower being used in N.O.?

Another Bush vacation....another Bush disaster....another Bush no show

Anyone watching Larry King? It would shut up the "Why didn't they leave

CNN: Bush to visit LA on Friday

What does a real president look like in a national emergency?

FAA opens runway in New Orleans

The Homeland Security guy is on the teeeveee right now

cnn now saying sandbags on copters diverted. well un divert them.

Good God in Heaven, What does it take...

Will Cut In Levee Funding By Shrub Get Reported In MSM?

Good news from Washington Parish.

One captioner's "looter" is another's "bread finder".

let me break it down for the DU conservatives

Can we talk for a second about some Cindy criticisms?

CNN's Ed Reams stated that another levee is on the verge of breaking

Has Bush arrived in the disaster area yet?

August is the 2nd deadliest month in Iraq this year

Sick Economists Gush About Katrina's Benefits

Another stella performance from chimp in charge*...


Conyers: Tragedy in the Gulf

A moment of thanks to all the emergency workers in LA,, MS, AL

How are the lower income and no income people going to begin again?

Mayor Nagin: We Will Rebuild


For the love of could Bush POSSIBLY tour the devastation?

The conditions in the Superdome are degenerating rapidly

You are president, what would you do right now.

NO, MS,AL Need to be rebuilt. NOT BY Halliburton!!! By locals!!!

What we can all agree on regarding "LOOTING"

I am fed up and frustrated

God Bless Governor Blanco. . .

You know - I thought that *ush dissed NY and NJ because we werent his base

OH CRAP. Aaron Brown's 1st question to NO mayor. "Is the city safe tonite"

Does anyone know what has happened

Excerpt from Bush's Speech at Clinton Library Dedication...Very Timely

You all know where this is going right? Day of prayer tomorrow?

Scarborough showed white people photos for "remarkable" stories and

Official: Prisoners Riot, Take Hostages in New Orleans

Two of the biggest events in American History; 9/11 & Katrini and .....

Footage of Covington on NOW nt

Robbstrodamus speaks: If I hear * out there talking up NOLA ...

Hurricane Relief, The Big Easy Style

How do I create/manage an online petition?

I'm about to donate, i'm thinking Red Cross

From a Non-Christian: "End of Days" and Is Bush the "Anti-Christ"

To Dems in the Senate: It's OK (Filibuster Roberts)

Another Mission Accomplished - the Looting factor

Praise God, And Pass The Scones

They can't fixed the leeves every one told to leave

AP discriminates amongst black and white looters

can someone post the missing persons link, phone number

We need the Congressional Dems to show some spine re. Katrina.

schoold buses showing up finally to move people out of NO

US Death Toll in Iraq Highest Since Jan. 2005

Ok I gotta rant...Jamie Mcintyre of cnn is making the NG

3.09 a gallon

Would there be a Democratic US government if Dems in power read DU?


30.000 people in the DOME now. cnn

on a lighter note...phalic symbol on page 32 of time mag...9/5 issue

Cindy glad Bush didn't meet with her

Desperate drug addicts in a disaster. A lot of the looting of "stuff"

Disaster relief: When is it the government's responsiblity?

So - will all the undesirables in NOLA wind up in the FEMA camps?

Is Katrina The Straw That will

If you do not have a cast iron stomach don't read this Yahoo post:

What's going on right now in NO? Anybody

Yeah for Aaron ! He does it again!

CNN to replay Jeanne Meserve's report from last night.

Newscasters...CNN and MSNBC....forget Faux


Were any military posts to close down in MS, LA, or Alabama?

Need housing for NO residents? Grab some Boats!!!

I now favor opening up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Yikes. NO mayor Nagin just told Aaron "I don't feel overwhelmed"

Lives are at stake and all of these posts about looting.

George vs Woody

Anti Cindy Shirt found on Ebay

The President and First Lady respond today to the crisis (pics)

Okay, I've tossed my hat in the ring

God bless Harvey Jackson, wish I could help him

Do you think the Hurricane will cause people to understand the sufferring

No Outside Contractors!

Question about gas demand...

It appears that the LOOP is undamaged

Katrina's effects, state by state

Read here: Bush admin destroying FEMA, NO NG in Iraq

Army corp of engineers...are they still in existence. Sand bags?

Uh Oh moment on the way to the store --- Anyone have that Edgar Cayce

Write your senators and representative re: Katrina -- lack of planning

My dear loved DU activists. Please check out the Protest Warriors.

A nationwide gouging? effects of this and other hurricanes on gulf oil -

3 months of coverage on one person means...

Virtually no National Guard presence in New Orleans per CNN's

WDSU live feed...they are looking for their employees

Do we have a Vice President?

"Katrina Is A Pretty Good Metaphor For Peak Oil"

Water ruins a house, you know. You DO know that, right?

NYT: Disease and Coordination Vie as Major Challenges

What my dad, a RW fundie, had to say about looting

Dammmit, where's all this aid?

Okay, this Natalee Holloway thing has passed the point of PATHOLOGICAL.

Madness or Method?

Why don't they do an air drop of FLOATATION DEVICES

I'm taking bets. Will Katrina cancel 911 Freedom Walk?

Nightline has hurricane special. A lot of the damage in MS done

Blood sucking Oil companies constant reminders, your gas is going up!

LALA_RAWRAW on AAR right now!!!

I don't understand why the pumps and levee system

What has the Louisiana Governor done??

Have you watched Faux news or visited its website for Hurricane news?

Who is in charge? At 10:02 cst tonight Mayor Nagin stated

WHAT? "Looter shoots officer in the head???

Gas is 3.88 in Death Valley!

I HATE to say this but I don't think 'rebuilding' N.O. is feasible or

Having trouble loading pages

Holy Shit This New Century Sure Is Sucking!

Bush cites oil in Iraq as reason for fighting

Guys, aged 20-30, and girls - ever see cindy on TV and think?

OK, the newsmeister must be missing something about the National Guard

DU: Good for letting off some steam, Express yourself,

Salon: Fundies Say Katrina God's Vengence on NOLA

Reports of shootings, carjackings and looting near the Superdome -CNN

To my sweet lady, my soul.

The NG needs to be a huge story

WaPo: Prescient Comments By Sen. Landrieu About Wetlands

Repukes more interested in Schaivo, Gay Marriage, & Steroids in Baseball

Aaron Brown pounding the National Guard shortage issue

You are in New Orleans

Martial Law + FEMA = YIKES!

Now here's a guitar we need now

Should NOLA Be Relocated on Higher Ground?

"When the Levee Breaks," recorded by Led Zeppelin (appropriate song)

Please join me in contacting major cruise lines for help.

Saw A Cool Thing The Other Day

How do I respond to people who say something like this?

Cuts to the Army Corps of Engineers... not a politicization, just

A call to alms

Able Danger, Able Shmanger

Where are the Fundies?

Picture of Nero fiddling as Rome burns

Karl B. Schwarz will run for Presidency

Russia, Canada, Venezuela ready to W says we don't need it

What's going on with the prison riot ?

It is time for the most ambitious environmental restoration project ever!

Attention Bloggers who want to help New Orleans. Spread this news.

Anarchy1999 needs some DU moral support!

Bush Cut Levee Project for Last 3 years -- Dooming New Orleans

Why are Bush/Cheney avoiding New Orleans?

From 1999 Mother Jones magazine

FEMA not doing so good in N.O - National Guard never showed up today

Bush's Handling of the Crisis is Historic

AP: "Bush cancels vacation to focus on relief" - NOT!

Steve's Unofficial NOLA Breaking News Thread - mods please move threads

Dr. Dean: Hurricane Katrina: How to Help / Rethugs? zilch

LIMBOsevic Mentioned DU as "DemoCRAT Underground" Today

Bush took away Levee improvement funding to fund Iraq War...

Gov. Blanco said they would love cruise ships

This is going to be much, much worse than we think...

Gas warning for midwest (IOWANS) 43 cent raise by morning

Two election workers indicted in presidential recount "Cuyahoga County"

Hannity is a moran

Tips on writing letters to the editor......

Mad As Hell - Observations on a tragedy

How are relief organizations doing as far as donations?

PNAC signatory Fukuyama: "everything to be regretted" in Iraq

Justice Dept's #1 Priority: Porn???

Think about the implications of this: Nat'l Guard in Iraq, NorthCom HERE.

"What do you expect the President to do?"

When the social contract is broken by the powers that be, "looting"

Chinese President to visit Canada

Letter I wrote to my MP

CBS: (Study) Do Bisexual Men Really Exist?

Poverty Increases for the 4th Year in A Row in 2004

Guardian: Navy Sending Ships to Gulf Coast

East Bank of Orleans and Jefferson Told to Evaculate

‘Iraqi Shia minister should go after mass killing’

Sunnis woo fiery Shiite cleric to defeat Iraq charter

UPDATE: Common air defense in Europe possible - Russian defense minister

Rangel Questions Dick Cheney's Health (grunting, not answering questions)

Russia-China: Moscow Hints At Trilateral Wargames With India

Reports of shootings, carjackings and looting near the Superdome -CNN

Release of 5 Cuban Agents in U.S. Sought

CNN: Bush to visit LA on Friday

(ABC News) Official: Prisoners Riot, Take Hostages in New Orleans

Bush Cancels vacation to focus on relief???

Cuban exile 'would be tortured'

Tulane Hospital NO POWER. On 'flashlight patrol'..lost 2nd backup gen.

Official: Prisoners Riot, Take Hostages in New Orleans

WP, A01: Charities and U.S. Military Are Mobilizing

Boeings Machinists Union: Reject The Contract And Strike

Man who firebombed Jewish temple in Oklahoma City given 39 years

Soldier from Las Vegas killed in Iraq (Killed Saturday; reported today)

US weapons sales top $49 billion

Republicans Accused of Witch-Hunt Against Climate Change Scientists

BREAKING: New Orleans - prisoners riot, take hostages


U.S. Envoy: Iraq Constitution May Change

Strain of Iraq War Means the Relief Burden Will Have to Be Shared

Special Operations sergeant dies from Iraq wounds

Roman Catholic military chaplain charged with sexual assaults

Death toll rises amid the devastation

'Islam Forbids Military Use of Nuclear Power'--Iran Def. Minister

US Sued Over Toad at Center of Roberts' Case

US Offered USD 75 Million to Iraqi Sunnis for Signature under Constitution

New poll finds Bush Iraq ratings down

Panic gasoline buyers leave some stations running low

Iraq war costs more per month than Vietnam

Russia offers help to U.S. after deadly hurricane

Europe May Need to Send Oil Stockpiles to US After Katrina Damage

(NYT) Carriers Are Stricken by Cancellations and Lack of Fuel

U.S. Selling the Most Weapons to Developing Nations

Uzbek (human rights) activist held in mental hospital (The Guardian)

WP/Pincus: Ex-Counterterrorism Chief (Clarke) Cites Rise in Attacks

Payouts Hinge on the Cause of Damage (NY Times)

Bush appeals for public support

Most Americans Favor Teaching Creationism

N.Y. Judge Hesitant on Abu Ghraib Photos

Major ozone loss over Antarctic

WP/ New Rules Could Allow Power Plants to Pollute More

In Search of a Place to Sleep, and News of Home

Feds Unable to Pin Down Source of Mad Cow

TV reporter becomes 67th journalist killed in Iraq since 2003

WWL: New Orleans Levee Pump Has Failed Completely; Even Uptown will flood.

Sheehan says she's glad Bush did not meet her during Texas vigil

Anti-Castro Cuban militant refuses to answer questions at deportation hear

Senate Democrats Say Unreleased Documents Could Spell Difficulty for Rober


A Simpler Time.

The Grand Hotel, Point Clear, Alabama, is CLOSED.

poem inspired by NO

I just called AAR for the first time. Ask me anything!

Dumb DU related question about e-mailing a great thread.

CAUTION!!! White Men Dancing!!! CAUTION!!!


Sugar Bush Squirrel...what the fuck?!

Has anyone heard from SouthernDem2004?

View this flash!

When Bush makes his tax cuts permanent, 40 ways to spend your refund.

What will cause gas prices to rise next?

I've made my donation to the Red Cross - do ya think Dubya has?

Anyone listening to/or did listen to Larry King tonite?

LynneSin - here's the Nebelung pic I was seeking this morning!

On a lighter note,

Cats in sinks -- a nice diversion from current news

Interesting EMail I got about a Gas Strike..... Hmmmmmm

Damn that was an insane two days . . . .

Song lyrics that express your love for the NeoCONS! I'll start.

Freeper Logic: Global Warming to Reduce Frequency of Hurricanes

Does anyone know

Do those who for whom our national defense is first priority even notice

My entire family has lost EVERYTHING

Today is the birthday of John Locke, founder of liberalism

Before I'm done here DU is gonna be wearin gold plated diapers!

N.O. Audobon zoo update... just a few flamingo died.

The New Orleans Aquarium of the Americas is okay after all.

Richardo TV-procrastination update: Now showing: Cheap Seats on ESPN

I am so angry and disturbed I can't see straight.

Damn. Just...damn!!!!

I'm watching "The Office" while I'm supposed to be working at home

cervical fusion; can a person do EVERYTHING (s)he used to do?

Nintendo Patents "Sanity System" for Video Game

HELP - Can anyone read/speak Creole

How does one

The phone call from hell....

Young Turks subbing for Mike Malloy

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco...


My hard drive is NOT failing!

It's been a very stressful couple of days. We all need a laugh.

I have a bunch of clothing I am going to donate, I wonder if it can get

House, MD. I love this show. It's Wicked Awesome!


It was NOT Lima time tonight!

George W. Bush, you can go straight to hell.

Andy Roddick is OOT in the first round!

I just completely renovated my website!!! Yippie!

"Boston Legal" Fans out there?

"Survivor" countdown thread

If I didn't have books to read, I think I'd die

Which of these are Urban Legends......

I got a new job with 40 minutes less of a commute today.

John Carpenter's "Prince of Darkness" is on the SciFi channel

I just found out that dogs like corn on the cob. (Dial-up warning)

who wants to pay my cable bill for me

Has just_the_facts checked in ?

You know what TV show needs to be on DVD?

Took the plunge and started a blog - come on by for a spell...

Dingbat PSA: Time for another "Ask a Plumber!" thread!

I'm heading out for coffee,,,,,

This may seem silly but a little eerie to me regarding katrina..

So, I was in the same room as the guy who played Napoleon Dynamite...

Am I the only one who feels helpless?

On a lighter note... the NL Wildcard standings

Hey where the hell are all the good Christian fundie millionaires

List of DUers, from gulf coast, still not heard from

Bush: Vacation Ruined By 'Stupid Dead Soldier'

What's the worst job you've ever had?

The pictures out of New Orleans make me so sad.

This might be a dumb question, but

I lost a loved one yesterday to pancreatic cancer

Sad really - I've never had a beignet

Good lord it's cold over in GD.

Why I feel bad for looters... (polishing the brass on the titanic)

A moment of zen peace in the midst of pain and chaos. (pic)

What's The WORST Smelling Cologne, Perfume or After Shave?

Yellowjacket stings.

Is DU buggy tonight?

I think my relatives are all OK.

I have instinctively stayed away from all looting threads.

A co-worker heard today that half the inhabitants of her parents' 'hood

I'm stressed out and I need a hug

Love is the answer

I think I'll have a HUGH slice of birthday cake (my 2nd today)

Not all rethugliKKKons are bad!!!!!!!

I am putting on the teflon suit

Gas prices today in my neighborhood.

Ack! Two 100 lb cabins circling the lab!

Has anyone used the product, "Motor Silk"?

It's time to KNIT..sweater season is just around the corner

Sorry, I have to live vicariously......Please help

Ack! Two 100 pound labs circling the cabin!

I've live through several hurricanes

is there a way to loot all the looting threads in GD?

Who likes my new sigline

It shouldn't be called "Intelligent Design"

"This is the United States calling.... are reaching Mr. Bush?"

Who took advantage of the free Opera browser download today?

Mrs. WCGreen wants to know.....

A freeper joke just sent to me, .......

So should I buy this for Quinn and Althea????

Hey, I've been out of touch for a while

Whoops! Martini time!! SOteric - make one for you?!

PLEASE - has anyone heard from Maddy McCall yet?

american jokes

I'm taking shelter in the lounge!!!

What's the FIRST job you ever had? That paid you anything?

Good Evening from ZombyWoof (hijacking nini here)

I think my relatives are all assholes

Are there pics of * golfing while NO flooded?

Are they going to let New Orleans die?

This time next year -

Things we have learned from watching movies:

I want to buy some Tag body spray

We must stay the course with the looting threads.

An amazing short film of Earth from spacecraft Messenger

Welcome to George Bush's America!

New Orleans and Hurricane Betsy: 1965

Poll for Cat People

I was just watching MSNBC...

Time for ask a straight white man


Which View is better?

Listen up: I'm going to do my patriotic duty this weekend - who's with me?

Metallica should go back to "Kill 'em All" style for the next cd

JVS's and my father is dying.

God, I hate Cuba


The faces of human resilience and spirit.

Scariest. Movie. Ever.

Meet Iran's new leader

Wow!.. Is this Jesus' message?

The best theological work you ever read?

A note to Red Sox fans

Roddick is struggling against a kid from Luxembourg...

The Mets... The NL Wildcard ...

Muller beats Roddick 7-6;7-6;7-6

Katrina and the animals. Donations to the Humane Society..

UC refuses to certify Christian-oriented high school courses

A fellow atheist in N.O. is safe, for the moment

I just received terrible news

Rethugs plan on decimating SSI in the fall session

My first attempt at photography (underwater/vacation)

A "reflections" photo I didn't enter ...

I finally got power

Ok, now I feel guilty.

Good news!

Are there any troops from NO or that area in Iraq?

Something truly amazing about Hurricane Katrina!

DEAR GOD, NO: "Bush, Schwarzenegger Won't Meet in Calif." Fuck 'em BOTH.

Bush's PR firm is working him too hard! Guess they wouldn't

6:41PM Efforts to stop the levee break at the 17th St. Canal have failed.

ANY National Guard

Interesting Observations on Fascism

When will Bush pull out the Katrina Excuse?

2005 - the Year of Our National Disaster

Its so damned bad I'm stunned. They said a bunch of seals

The SIX BILLION DOLLARS a month we are spending in Iraq

AP Link: Where to Donate to Assist Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Where was pResident Bush last evening? Was he at a fundraiser - confirm?

Can you just feel the love?

Please, Please, Please, vote in this poll.

Where the hell is George W. Bush?

How unpopular is Bush?

I didn't hear what the repukes intend to do about the increase in poverty

Bush Blames Carter, Reagan, Clinton for 911 in San Diego....

Bush's reaction to disaster, a year later

E. J. Dionne Jr.: Challenging the Roberts nomination

Televangelist Jack Van Impe called Robertson "an Osami bin Laden"

Will Bush sell pictures of himself looking out AF1 window at NO?

Gas Pump Agitation

One nation - Two Countries

We have no government. Bush at fundraisers, Cheney nowhere,

who gets Time Mag... look on page 32. hubby thought it was a phallic sym

What will be the political fallout from the New Orleans disaster?

3.09 a gallon...I told people by friday it woudl be three dollars

A New Wrinkle in the Plame Affair?

Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco has not been happy with Idiot Son

What's wrong with our country - this guy MUST be a 'puke without a clue.

Well - after Katrina it is quite clear right now...the RW has no idea

Helen Thomas on Democrats and Iraq

NYtimes editorial on Katrina

Serious question. Is Arnold the most successful Governor in the country?

Bush Vacation/Katrina Post Card

OMIGOD! Nancy is still talking

A New Wrinkle in the Plame Affair?

My Letter to the Editor printed!

President Clinton, Gore or Kerry would be in or near New Orleans NOW

Senate Democrats Have Huge Cash On Hand Advantage

US Monthly Death Toll in Iraq Highest Since Jan. 2005

Bush numbers at all time low! Inds & Dems blame Dems for not stopping Bush

Gov. Blanco on Larry King...this is why women rock...

Mary Landrieau - bless her heart - stood UP for 'looters' taking food and

I'm Finally Ready To Say It: Gas Prices Are Too Fucking High

Pelosi: Census Report Shows Rethugs Have Turned Deaf Ear to MC & Families

Trent Lott urging Dubya to come to MS, people are "flat on their backs."

Rangel Questions Dick Cheney's Health (grunting, not answering questions)

Dean: Roosevelt & Truman Had a Plan to Win WWII; * Needs Plan for Iraq

There is something seriously wrong with the Federal government

What will Bush's poll numbers look like next week?

Barnes & Krauthamer. Stunningly fucked up people.

Idiot Son to invade New Orleans on Friday

never in my wildest dreams would I believe what is on AAR right now.....

If we take the senate, Could Bush be impeached?

Kurds first, Iraq second

duplicate deleted nt

NYT: New Orleans in Peril (Mild Slap at Vacationing Bush)

Holiday in hell? Welcome to your flight to Baghdad

The Domesticated President (and protests in Calif)

Democracy or disintegration, Iraqis decide

Hey George, How About Taking a Polygraph?

Nero played his lyre, (Bush guitar), while Rome burned (NO drowned)

President Visits with San Diegans, Sort of (barbed editorial skewers Bush)

Price gouging actually *helps* in a crisis


Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen?

Niggers steal, whites find

'No choice but to abandon' flooded New Orleans

Popular Mechanics: NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING (Published on 9/11/01)

WaPo: Dark Ages Primary

Let's Play War: How Militarism is Marketed to Children

Bush approval rating falls to new low

Michael Ventura: $4 a gallon

Hurricane Katrina:Tragedy in New Orleans. Inertia of Bush Administration

The Damage that Katrina could still wreak (economist)

I :loveya: The Houston Chronicle: Governor Perry Smackdown

Why Europe Hasn't Jumped to Help Katrina's Victims

Hurricane Politics

Newsweek: Hurricane Politics (White House is facing a perfect storm)

Cindy's Final Crawford Diary (Day 25)

Katrina Exposes Racism Please Mr. Bush, No More Sacrifices!

Conservative Author Is Seeing Red in America--WaPost

Manchester Union Leader (RW rag) slams W for inaction

Fineman: A political hurricane is gathering force

Larisa Alexandrovna: Mr. Bush, go Cheney yourself!

NH Union Leader Slams *'s non-response to Katrina

Gene Lyons

Sidney Blumenthal (Salon): No one can say they didn't see it coming

Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen? (E&P)

Gene Lyons: A Democratic Strategy for Iraq

Get Out of Iraq NOW! Rally at White House on September 15

Email the WhiteHouse begging for help for disaster assistance

Has anyone made a time line....Katrina vs. Bush?

DU ACTIVIST PROPOSAL: "Bring the National Guard home. Immediately."

I think some letters to Yahoo News are in order

Our Nation Is In Great Danger

Katrina: "Where Are The Broadcast Nets?," (ABC, NBC, CBS?)

All this talk about Katrina, and we're missing what's important!!!

What's the official count of casino boats destroyed by the hurricane?

It's warming up: Sydney has mildest winter ever

Restoration of kelp described as successful

FEEDBACK PLEASE ====> LTTE Re: New Orleans/Global Warming


Bush's response to Katrina: Relax air pollution rules.

Shiloh shooter to be indicted Wed. on 4 counts of murder

Katrina - The fist of God?

Poll: Sharon maintains strong lead

Law doesn't cover Jewish terror

Sibel Edmonds is Talking - It's Israel and the Neocons

C-SPAN to Broadcast McKinney Congressional Briefing on 9/11

9/11 Truth on WBAI in NYC (today 3-5pm)

Why is the "Sibel Edmonds is Talking" thread Locked?

Meet Nearby Activists Setting Up Meetings To Impeach Bush!!!

Kerry stays in the Ohio Greens/Libertarians election theft lawsuit

Old cat needs a home....

San Diego Clear Channel Program Manager calls for more destruction in NO

Top choices for U.S. Senate: Who do you prefer

Sacramento DUers- wanna help with the flood bucket project?

LA Mayor Rules Out '06 Gubernatorial Bid

Loebsack officailly in!!!!!

Ed Fallon to speak in CR Saturday...

Reilly Appeals Greenhouse-gas Ruling . . .

Candidates for Constitutional office were AWOL from Carribbean Festival

BosArchdiocese pays for Cardinal Law's secretary in Rome . . .

Rep. Lee's HR375 (DSM)

Gas price gouging

Mr. Galloway might plan another US tour

Gas prices in North MN - just raised it to $3.26

Gas is $2.99 at the corner gas station

Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry into the Downing Street Memos

Do all computer cables have lead in them?

DVD player/burner for my Gateway. Which one do I buy?

3.49 a gallon.....

Voinovich's Nikita Kruschev moment

The Richfield Times got punk'd

If you are in Crawford.....

$3.05 gallon for regular in Dallas

Help Anybody know any charter companies? Charter bus to DC


Camp Casey-Bring them Home Caravan - Dallas 8/31 7:30pm Northaven UMC

I'm going. Are you? Sorry so last minute. I just got it second hand

Thank you, Texas! You know why.

Houston Food Drive on Friday:

Houston organizations that need help from us:

E-mail from Chris Bell...........a compassionate leader

People around Longview can help--in my Freecycle email

I :loveya: The Houston Chronicle: Governor Perry Smackdown

Katrina Refugees Will Go to Astrodome

Dallas: Red Cross expects 700 evacuees in Reunion Arena. You can help.

Whoa! Local Paper criticizes Bush* policies!

Remember Fighting Bob Fest is September 10th.

LTTE in Green Bay paper attacks Sen. Hansen for going after payday loans.

New Orleans weather forecast is scary

The Lessons of Ivan


The reports are so inconclusive....

Are the freepers saying anything about Bush's inaction?

The rich occupy the highest ground

what would be the most feasible way of getting people to dry ground?

Get well Mike Malloy (and Kathy)

"We've hit the trifecta!"

LAT: Katrina pushes public health system to brink

Sincere question

When Idiot Son gets whisked safely in and out of NO on Friday


Destroying FEMA

Red Cross requesting donations of supplies

While Rome burns...

what they need in NO are a whole fleet of amphibious ducks . . .

Whoa, must read, Mayor Nagin says soon NOLA will be underwater

Caller on Mike Webb show

Floodwaters carry with them a major threat of disease

Welcome to my nightmare

Only 4,000 National Guard Troops so far - Katrina

Only 4,000 National Guard Troops so far - Katrina

Have you donated blood yet?

The flood could have been *bush's Iraq Exit excuse. He blew it.

"9 weeks to pump out city".... from a study in 2004 re: Ivan what if...

Gunfire & Carjackings in New Orleans - Looting out of control -

Looting is the whole story on CNN...

Bullshit Protector - Don't Leave Home Without It!

C-SPAN to Broadcast McKinney Congressional Briefing on 9/11

CNN just reported somebody leaped to their death inside superdome: suicide

New Orleans 2004 election results , Kerry 77 % Bush 22%

* is a misbehaved child that wants to see how much he can get away with

Email the WhiteHouse begging for help for disaster assistance

Can I Donate Blood? Requirements from Blood Centers of the Pacific

Ok, fess up

Saigon? - psst. any FEMA people GET THE FK in here!

Sweeping Stun Guns to Target Crowds

Only 4,000 National Guard Troops so far - Katrina

It's Mike Webb vs. Buzzflash, hot debate right now!

OK, so where are all these good folks supposed to live for 9 months?

article about Idiot Son talking to troops, read at own risk

if you know people who need help in NO, get on Craigslist for them


CNN back on late at night showing people being loaded onto

A good photo of New Orleans in lots of water

What has been the international response to Katrina?

Some VERY inspiration presidential quotes. Someone share them with * pleas

Neo-Con Comic Book

something just doesn't compute about the response to this disaster . . .

Satellite pictures of New Orleans, before and after...

New Orleans Children's Hospital Under Seige?

US Rep Gene Taylor (D-MS) Rode out Katrina in Bay St Louis

Remember how Bush* responded to the Schiavo Circus dontcha??

Alert: New Orleans a giant Superfund site. (petrochemical gumbo)

did anyone tape Monday's Letterman Top 10?

Anyone recall how fast * responded --FLORIDA devastation??

FR: Paramedic - "Thousands dead in MS"

Not well-drawn, but Don Wright's cartoon tells the story

I'm embarrassed to say some of DU's attention to NO seems ghoulish to me

Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 31

Fitrakis and Wasserman on Governor Taft's ...

UK media now fully and eloquently reporting post-Katrina, with pictures

SF Chronicle: Doomed houses: Water-logged structures often unsalvageable

oh good lord... Greta Van Susteren...

Are any of the Mississippi levees breached?

Just saw Faux news give out American Red Cross credit card # on air.

Breaking: Dozens are dead in massive bridge stampede near Baghdad

Are there any aerial/satellite photos showing aftermath of Katrina? ?

635 dead - Iraq

Update on DSM Activity

CNN Just Reported "Water Is Lapping at the SuperDome."

A woman driving a Hummer 3 came to my store yesterday and said....

Should New Orleans be rebuilt?

America is trapped in focus group hell.

Breathlessly waiting for Bush and Congress to decide that

The City of New Orleans

We could really use a Marquis of Pombal right now


Why Can't New Orlerans Be Bigger And Better Than It Was Before?

A hopeful poem by an American-Palestinian poet

Two Fox reporters screaming at each other about looting . . .

Are there any estimates yet as to the death toll from Katrina?

Steve Bell : Sunni Delight

"I am a republican and not proud of it..."

Bush’s approval rating falls to new low

Katrine: God's punishment for abortion-the fundies are back at it!

"The worst case scenario...has happened."

Is anyone else aware that we are now fighting "Al Qaeda" in Iraq?

Coast Guard: Not enough helicopters for search and rescue.

Soledad O'B and other news jerks - wouldn't it be nice if they pushed...

Was there or was there NOT a prison riot in New Orleans??

8/31 THANKS for Generic Other's "ALL DU Cindy threads" 25 DAYS!!

Chavez offering aid to New Orleans and American Poor

Panic gas buying??

DU This poll! Should * have been stumping or helping?

Faux never concerned about "corporate looting" .... it's those poor people

Will the Democrats make an issue of Bush Administration malfeasance in NO?


Breaking: U.S. to tap Strategic Pete Reserve (CNBC) will gas go down ???

Bush to release oil from reserves

Wanted: Young White Women To Sit On Roofs In New Orleans

Terror Alert? Just saw on Fox News

18 reasons the Republican Party is a terrorist organization.

Welcome to New Orleans (amazing front page picture in WashPost)

Yahoo story to recommend: Sheehan Glad Bush Didn't Meet With Her

A huge city in a Superpower country has been destroyed. WWTGGRD?

Fox: 80 percent of New Orleans under water, up to 20 feet deep in places

Like the Iraqi, some here are learning what is like to be without a home

Has the fact New Orleans is in the South caused some to not care?

No, Gerecht. America WAS NOT a Democracy in 1900

Ha! Mayor of New Orleans on the Today Show

Gas at $3.45 a gallon on Long Island this morning...

Trent Lott is an idiot. You can add Larry King and Anderson Cooper...

What elevation in Louisiana and Mississippi was safe from flooding?

From the "Why the hell didn't they evacuate?" file

What is going on? Bush should be all Katrina, all the time. What's with

Did anyone see Gov. Blanco on Larry King last night?

Gas price check: What is it in your area?

I'm so #*%#@*& mad I could chew nails.

Did I actually hear * compare the war in Iraq with D-Day?

Fmr Mayor of NOLA tearing Bush a new one on CNN

Did the Captain with the Slide police just say he had to this shot before

Homeland Security? Does it seem like an unorganized DISASTER to anyone

If you were a Democratic Senator, would you Filibuster Roberts?


As Katrina Struck, Bush Vacationed

A small silver lining

The Bush Version of "The Battle of New Orleans"

WOW. . .the president is leaving his 5 WEEK vacation 2 DAYS EARLY!

Governor Blanco is going to call the "pres" and ask for military. ASK?

Glad to see their priorities are in order.

Anyone know anything about how baton rouge is?? i just got a trip to fly

If this IS the beginning of the end...

That poor family. When * reaps his karma, I hope it is vile.

Doctor accused of racial remark to overweight patient.

Instead of bitching about *, have you donated to ?

cnn just covered the 3 buses leaving Crawford with pics. short but sweet

Gas just breached the $3 barrier in Louisville: $3.09

NOLA Levee Construction Funds Diverted to Iraq War

Former mayor of NO on CNN (w/Soledad)

The superdome is turning into a concentration camp...

Is the chimp still able to invade Iran?

Katrina Check In Website

Suggestion for the next Administration

Would you help an 80-year-old blind neighbor evacuate?

Bush now has a War on Two Fronts, Iraq and Mother Nature

Is it O.K. to call this a National Emergency yet?

Let's say they DO arrest some looters

Gas at $3.50 could trigger recession

Katrina...the big, fat Bush mythbuster

Who's in the trucking biz? Colonial Pipeline (diesel fuel) inoperable

Regarding help for animals who are victims of Katrina.....

Latest info out of N.O. at the "Katrina Blog"

Chavez offers NO "food and fuel". What is Pat Robertson's offer to NO ???

I can't help it. I can't stand this man.

I've noticed something disturbing about the Fema reps or whoever they are

"Go to our web site to file claims." AARGGH!

This is what happens

I heard there was going to be a Gas Price Protest in K.C. MO. today

This may be a dupe, its an article on the risk NOLA faced prior to

Damn liberal media, "Why can't you report on all the good news coming

running dumb, running republican

Corporate help for Katrina disaster?

New Orleans/Biloxi holds a message for Freepers

Black V. White and "Looting" and Oh My Fucking God This Is So RACIST!!!!

Mr. President, just in case you need a list...


"We need to save those people now"

Looks to me like Bush has to pay off a Trifecta

I love the smell of Napalm in the morning (Wash Journal)

Sidney Batholomew, former Mayor of NO on CNN.......

Labor Day Weekend: stay home, donate

anybody seeing the many school buses lined up in NO? cnn

Pat Robertson words vs. Bush admin deeds

Bush shouldn't go on vacation anymore.

Gas tax

Anyone catch that WDSU feed of the guy telling his tale of alligators?

Will Bill Clinton upstage bush again? He visited NY before bush after 9-11

George W FraWD!Corrupt AWOL Coward frat boy Douchebag with shit for brains

How typical is this of the right-wing reaction to Katrina?

...and what if we were attacked right now? Osama is still out there...

ANY media commentators remarking on the tepid response to Katrina by Bush?

He cut his 5 week vacation short by roughly 12 hours even knowing

There are NO RESERVISTS left to help with Domestic Disasters

I'm no benburch.

If Clinton or Gore (or ANY of the Democratic hopefuls) .....

Gas Rationing beginning in some areas of the country!

What establishment of a theocracy means to the people of Iraq...

Storm could be windfall for some...

RW - Spin Is Coming....preemptive spin strike

Does something seem a bit obvious or staged about Bush's indifference?

if dome is going to houston, cindy suggested sending vets go to no

Chicago Business Index "plummets" BEFORE "Katrina".... bush's new excuse

Economic Recovery??? The results of the Bush Boom

Looking for visual aids on underground oil storage caverns...

Conservative Blogger denies reality about disaster assistance.

2 Americas-The Haves and The Have nots

When does the revolution begin?

Nations have offered to help to the US and they were REFUSED!

When Cheney met with the energy companies,


8/31 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 25

Governors : Take action !

How screwed would we be if there was a major terrorist attack...

Is this typical of how the Freepers are dealing with the Katrina disaster?

Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen? NO!

Just listened to Marcia Ball doing Randy Newman's Louisianna

Signs of gay friendliness among African Americans

About those who "ride out" storms, weathermen, and perhaps why

how many gas stations will now be price gougers?

Is it time for gas rationing, yet, like WW2?

Let's spend This Months BORROWED BILLION DOLLARS here at home!

Truthout: Last day at Camp Casey (VIDEO)

Camp Casey: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes... (DIAL-UP WARNING)

All will be well now. The Pope said he'd pray for New Orleans.

A quick comparison on what Bush considers a tragedy.

Has anyone heard of any other countries helping with this disaster?

Does the situation in New Orleans make anyone else think of 9/11?

My conservative coworker thinks the looting is fine some looters are taking computers, TV's etc....

Casinos on barges - wiping out houses

How many died in Iraq and Afghanistan while * ate cake and played guitar?

Bumper sticker :"If you like $3 a gallon gas, thank an enviromentalist."

Bush** refused to even talk with the mayor of NOLA!!!

David M Green: "Bush's nightmarish experiment in proto-fascism sinks

"special session for Schaivo" ....not for New Orleans - -- - enough said

Up to 1000 Iraqis dead in stampede.

Do you see the difference here?

Dear stupid people,

How long did it take Bushy to get to New York?

Mississippi's Casino Barges: An observation

Why are "news people" surprised that water "moves stuff"?

"Better Red than expert": Americans suffer needlessly under Mao Tse Bush

Reminder! Tonight on C-Span! Cynthia McKinney's hearings on 9/11.

Subject: Over 1 Million Homeless, Unemployed, Wandering the South...

AIM transcript w/ a friend of mine from Baton Rouge - FWIW

Are These Hurricanes Tied Into Global Warming?

CNN: Barbara Star from the Pentagon..."Waiting for a request from

The two words conspicuously absent from MSM coverage of NOLA:

Top Christian right political groups "too busy to comment" on Robertson

This is pathetic really...

Has Any Religious Fanatic Come Out and Blamed

Please explain why gas has always been more expensive in Europe than US.

has the PRESIDENT gone on TV to rally the nation in this desperate time?

Anyone see the movie on FX a few months back that predicted this??

God Damn- When will JUST ONE PROMINENT Democrat call for Impeahment NOW?!

If there's one Yahoo bush photo that needs recommending

Fox talking about perception that * isn't doing enough-

Mother Nature Is The Biggest Terr'rist of All!

Get the USS Constellation aircraft carrier to NO for evacuation

They can't defend their glorious leader this time.

Refugees >>>

Tin Foil time...why did so many oil rigs "break free?"

Um.. are any REPUBLICANS you know dismayed with the VACUUM of

Katrina donation idea...Give Blood!

Creepy Time for Email Admins

Letter to Times from Canada: Wake up, America! You're no beacon!

Hurricane Katrina Proves Once Again: SCIENCE SAVES LIVES NOT RELIGION

If Cindy Is The B*tch In The Ditch, Then Bush Is

NASA Satellite Photos show Gulf Coast Flooding! Here's a link

"Avoid excessive sweating"

Gov Blanco's news conference now:

George Michael: Anti-War Visionary.

so how many National Guard are in NOLA right now??

Russian intelligence reports on Katrina-"Decent into Hell"

The fall of the American Empire...

They Still Have Not Evacuated The Hospitals In NO!!

Cindy coming up on Democracy Now, 10:40amCT,

Cancel your Labor Day cookout.

Gas Conservation - Bush Considering Address

Oil rig washed ashore in Alabama

What's taking them so long in trying to blame this on Bill Clinton?

Oh Jesus. Over 647 Iraqis killed as Tigris bridge fails.

Link to help N.O.

Let's catapult some propaganda!

Where is the "National Guard" for the Hurricane Victims?

We need to get Amy Goodman more front and center.

"I saw a white ladder all covered with water....?

msnbc gave a lttle story about Cindy bus caravan ready to leave-BRING

Any further update on the Abu Ghraib pics/video hearing yesterday??

Duplicate Thread, please delete


Gov Blanco says Superdome being evacuated to the Astrodome as a staging

I just waited in line to fill up at $2.69

We're going to have to do it on our own. Let's use this as a springboard

Anyone know of a survey as to why people join the military?

The ripple effect has started

The best thing * could do for NO is stay the hell away

WP - Froomkin: Bush's Second Great Challenge (Hurricane Katrina)

Mayor Nagin: "we're trying to reach the WH" as pump fails

Will Katrina begin the next great depression ?


Question: Does anyone here know where Cheney is...have not

WH press secretary--we do not want to get in the way but will go

Faux News just said it will take 5 DAYS for the ships to get there!!!

The dishonesty is amazing...

More on Ernie Fletcher (the fun never ends)

$.20 jump in a gallon of gas in one day making a leap from

If moron* rebuilds NO like Iraq, was are so screwed!

for god's sake, can we roll back the stupid goddamn tax cut NOW?!?

Report from Mobile

It's above politics. Get energized, it's Save the World time !!!

How to respond to "We won. Get over it!"


Media won't ask: WHO cancelled Clinton's Disaster Mitigation Program?

Helping Hand

Welcome any neighborhood level reports or other unusual news out of NOLA

Explain to Me Please About Protests ... (NOT KATRINA RELATED)

the doors of Tx schools will be open to the refugees

Mayor Nagin's interviev from last night...blasts the feds...too many

How About A "Tent City" At Bush's "Ranch"

I need to explain a post from yesterday re:DU and Katrina

Rachel Maddow is hosting Al Franken's Show. Yaaaay!

delete thread dupe

**********Cindy TOONS Goodbye Camp Casey Edition**********

National Guard/Reserves question in regards to Katrina..

FEMA being destroyed.


2.80 a gallon and some bittersweet irony

Anyone hear from frustrated_lefty?

Did Shrub Really Say This Today?

Even the police are looting now.

Gas now over $3 a gallon in Ohio

The question has been raised

Rachel Maddow on Air America right now

Disasters, looting & America

Easy question, I think

Washing Away

84 US Soldiers have been killed while Bush was on vacation

I challenge everyone in Texas who can

Katrina Missing Persons Page

Should Cindy Sheehan pull down any crosses with names of fallen soldiers..

Breaking on WDSU TV - Emergency generators out in NO Hospitals

Hurricane SCAMtrina.

Where was Bush when he was playing that guitar?

Time for creative thinking: How about sending some locomotives?

I need to explain a post from yesterday re:DU and Katrina

600,000+ people are currently displaced in the Hurricane Region

Katrina May be Retired from Storm Names (AP/BosGlobe)

Jeanne Meserve......first crack in the media's levee?

Local TV webcast 4WWL

Rebuild New Orleans - or stay in Iraq?

Who the hell are the real looters?

Eastern part of the lake still 5.2ft above sea level.

Isn't it time to sport an "Impeach Bush" bumper sticker?

Fineman 'Nails it For DU'ers

Where's George?

Treasure Bay Casino Biloxi Miss ......

Dr. Masestri on WWL: Help is not here.

Weather geeks. Is there another Katrina cooking?

"armed gangs of men roaming the streets"

Arianna Huffington: Cindy Sheehan to Congress: It's Time to Do Your Job

The Doc is in the house--Dr. Dean checks in

"He's just not that into being president"

What about clean water? Nothing about getting water there. nt

The criminal negligence of George Bush is breaking my heart


Mississippi Begging


The people stuck in NO seem to be mostly poor and black -

Why Europe Hasn't Jumped to Help Katrina's Victims

Just In: Email from Howard Dean: "Hurricane Katrina: How to Help"

"Bush waves, while he carries his dog to Air Force One"

Cafferty attacks Bush again!

(Video) WWII Veteran debunks WWII/Iraq Comparison during FAUX interview

Will New Orleans have to be bulldozed??

Actions and inactions have consequences...

So, the LA NG troops are coming home already traumatized to....

FEMA MIA in Jefferson Parish. Out of food and water.

CNN Poll: Is the government doing enough to respond to Katrina?

NOLA anecdote

Capital Hill Blue disaster relief challenge

Real help - what would it look like

How much could the NO levees have been fortified for $191 billion?

we need another WPA now!

Fox showed pics of hundreds walking to DOME today--they have

8 cent gas jump in 2 hours this morning!

Water is rising in uptown NO...WWLTV just now

CNNdoes second interview with Lady who Lost B&B and was with Dog in Tree

Have they let cameras into the Superdome yet?

BEFORE you donate...find out if your company is matching funds.

Floating the city's dead (This is a heartbreaking story from NO)

What's up with that commercial on learning how to trade in oil

Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane George?

Is MSM trying to perpetuate Martial Law of New Orleans?

Reuters cameraman held indefinitely, another freed

Anderson Cooper now reporting on CNN that the people are

What will Karl come up with now to try to make Georgie-Boy look

NPR has more scarey news..."it's getting medieval here."

If Bush's twins don't want to help the "noble cause" in Iraq, they

AAR - anyone else have problems?

United Health Care opens free crisis hotline

Crap :-( ==== Lots of video links to Katrina damage ====>

Price of Coffee to increase due to Katrina

How many jobs has Tiffany's created?

OMG. I just spoke to my W loving boss about N.O. and he said..

Today at work, two people mentioned that they were going to drive less.

rove won't let them do anything until it guaranteed not to be used against

It's above politics. Get energized, it's Save the World time !!!

Just bought home heating oil for winter ... I could kick myself!

Folks, it's been said before, but we are in deep shit.

Boy...after this crazy week, Bush is going to need a vacation!

Screw You and Your Little DOG Too You Lazy-Ass Negligent POS! >>>

America needs Rush, now!

Should oil be released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

"Raisons D'Etre for DU" by Other DUers (I believe they will make your day)

Unbelievable: Storm economic impact seen modest-WHouse

WWL-TV Showing LA State Press Conference - Where is MSM?

Much Worse

I think we should make our voices heard that not ONE single federal

Nationalize US Petroleum Industry.

CAN New Orleans be rebuilt?

"What is bush's PLAN FOR NEW ORLEANS?" Ask it really, really REALLY loud

Why not more helicopters in NO? Because the US does not have them!

AP has a report on AF1 flying over for Bush to see disaster areas

Deadliest U.S. Hurricanes Since 1900.....

Texas governor Rick Perry is an assclown

Is Steve's Breaking NOLA news thread still needed ?

Day Three and now we hear a stream of pointless bullshit

Refugees being taken to Longview--just in my email from my area Freecycle

Why no terrorists in Canada? I should have asked.

Past and present NOLA residents please check in here...

Chertoff (FEMA) reciting KKRove talking points live now.

NY Air National Guard to the rescue.........

Hurricane George!

WWL reporting: Armed gangs roaming the city, breaking into homes

"Hurricane likely to have only modest impact on economy" BushCo econ advis

Am now convinced Cheney is stroked out somewhere

people to be moved to Houstan Astrodome cnn

2 people died in the hospital because of GWB !!!!

Well - we ALL know 'Katrina ' is Clinton's fault, don't we?

Since Bushco told NYC it was safe to breathe the air after 9/11...

Gov. Blanco doesn't know why there was a delay in dropping sandbags

Think response would be better/faster if this happened in Kennebunkport?

Not as bad as Hiroshima, worse than 9/11

Wanna Bet, FRIDAY after his visit to NO Bush goes to Crawford for a couple

kudos to Rachel Maddow, really great AAR show right now

CNN reporter "EMBEDDED" with FEMA unit?? WTF???

Supreme Court justice faces boot from home?

Rachel Maddow is doing a fantastic job of connecting the dots -

Should New Orleans be given back to nature?

How long did it take to get aid to Florida after hurricanes?

Lewis to appeal for hurricane relief on MDA telethon; pledges $1 million

The media isn't showing the GOOD stories coming out of NOLA

Why isn't the media promoting calm and balance instead of fear?

CNN...Police have Bank surrounded! This is getting UGLY! Gulfport, MS.

What did bush know and when did he know it?

Really great news! IRS extends filing deadline for hurricane victims

Governor wants to find out why the ball was dropped on blocking the levee

CNN reporting hospital under seige by criminals, Natl Guard had to leave

Scores killed in Iraq air bombings. Sick...while our own people suffer

micheal Churnoff--on msnbc now Homeland security

O.K.Where are Our Democrat Leaders in the Wake of Katrina?

Clintons in Hawaii

Where have all the soldiers gone?......thank's George

Air Force One is now Flying over the Super Dome for Bush to See Damage!

Nader on Hillary 2008

Whats Up with Locking All the Posts?

What Taxes Are For


How long was it before international help was accepted after 9/11?

Rachel talking about how the Bush Administration failed regarding NO.

Lousianna Suffers For W's "Elective Surgery"

I believe that were Clinton still president, he would be in N.O. now.

IMPEACH SCALIA - he clearly doesn't understand his job

Is the government doing enough to respond to...Katrina? CNN POLL

Mayor Nagin sounding more hopeful. Water stabilized.., some

such a historic city but nature, knowing that bush cares sh*t about nature

Micheal Churnoff, Director Homeland Security will have an news conf

News conference...Water starting to stablize...They are starting to work

Put looting in perspective (NOLA).

My friend just told me his car's tank got siphoned last night!

BushCo Oil Conglomerate CEO & President, GW Bush says...

you know that george could put on a price freeze

i'm having loads of trouble streaming AAR

Texas DU'ers: Question

Paul McHale, Asst Secy of Defense, lying on MSNBC

GWB can suck my ass

journey with her husband's corpse-

Why in the heck are gulf state's NG in IRAQ during hurricane season?

their answer to looting and violence


How does one find out about corporate

Chimp genetic code opens human frontiers

I just heard on NPR News that the governors of ....

A: "What an opportunity to roll back environmental regulations!"

New Orleans and Hurricane Betsy: 1965

Are there 9000 US soldiers killed in Iraq?

Another RW wacko is calling for impeachment of Bush.

I have a couple of predictions regarding Hurricane Katrina

Have you seen the heartwarming people on Craigslist (touching)

Is it just me, or is Soledad O'Brien the most tenacious anchor

Looking For a Barge to Plug the Hole in the Levee

Echoes of New Orleans . . .

W flying over New Orleans PICS ->>>>>

Why Have Military Bases Not Been Considered To House NOLA Evacuees?

Articles of Impeachment on Bush over the Disaster

Keesler Airforce Base:Pictures taken DURING Hurricane(Graphic Heavy)

Jerry Rivers (A.K.A. Geraldo Rivera) just said 1000's could be dead

Correction (to be fair) : Bush DID land in Louisiana

Paint Jobs on National Guard Vehicles

Gas prices in your area? $2.43 to $2.69 for regular since yesterday


Just posted: Aerial photos of Katrina damage (Pascagoula to Bay St. Louis)

Which would you rather have?

Ugh... Three co-workers discussing gas prices

chertoff on cnn spewing bullshit!!

Are they rumors?

Ask Michael Chertoff

"Practically every leader of the United States"

Adopt a Faimly should be orginized

where is cheney?

Navy Relief Efforts

"Where Is America? Please Scream For Us."

West bank shelters in Jefferson parish out of food for over a day now

"Help Us": Sign Held up by 2 Youngsters on Top of N.O. Apartment Bldg

How long before cholera, malaria etc. raise their ugly heads..

AP: Maybe 1000s Dead in Katrina- New Orleans Mayor

Where is Bush???? When is he going to address the nation???

Why don't they send all the evacuees to Bush's fake ranch?

Some more class from Fox. How would you like to hear this in Buloxi ?

Venezuela offered fuel assistance to the people on the Gulf Coast

The Bush body count continuse to rise.

Why is Cindy Sheehan's bus called "White Rose"?

Were Bush's speeches on Monday and Tuesday in AZ & CA at fundraisers?

A quick reminder on who is a "Looter" and who is "Finding Things"

The view from AF1 -PIX->>>

Is anyone else spooked by this?

So DimSun is going to address the nation, is he?

Astrodome schedule has been cancelled till December to

OMG Are You Watching The Heart Patient Rescue on CNN

Bush on Air Force I getting 'birds eye view" of NO on Fox just now

Supreme Court justice faces boot from home?

My Mom's Bush-lovin' co-worker has finally had enough!

Ambulance Service official BEGGING for fed help (where's the Natl Guard)

So, Dear Leader is going to address the nation tonight, is he?

Where is Karl Rove when you need him?

"Modest Impact on the Economy" - bookmark it

MSNBC: New Orleans mayor says hundreds, possibly thousands, killed

CNN's Kyra Phillips Swoons over Federal Efforts in Disaster

Junior ALREADY Using Disaster To Ram Environmental Dereg. Through

Question about National Guard

This, from the Owner of "KOMY LIBERAL NewsTalk"

83 yr old WWII vet schools Neil Cavuto (video)

About McCain and Shrub eating cake in Arizona during the hurricane

I think Wolf is going to have an orgasm

I'll bet Bush cries when he flies over

Let's make sure the * Library is built in New Orleans!

How the hell are we going to pay for all of this?

Answers from Army Corps of Engineers on unwatering New Orleans

RW talk radio host finally admits oil companies, not taxes are to blame

Gas Listed At $3.92 (Regular Unleaded) At Garden City Station (MI)


Mr. President, could you lean in a little? And look concerned. Squint. >>>

My purpose in life is to lift your spirits

The Bush body count continues to rise.

Where is martial law declared now ?

How much water poured over the levees? THIS MUCH ====>

Has anyone heard this unconfirmed report ?: Gas rationing @ 3pm today

Do you still have to pay the mortgage

Producing PSA's...what are the BEST, MOST DIRECT ways to help NOLA?

The Repugs suck at governing: all the day to day, mundane,

Can the standing water be cleaned thru chlorination?

Good article: Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen? (funding cuts)

Little Lord Pissypants carrying his DOG out of AF 1

Looks like I am going to need my flame retardant suit today.

msnbc had a lttle story of Cindy leaving Crawford and going on the tour.

Phone # for Families of Deployed Soldiers affected by Katrina

If I owned a grocer in NO, I'd invite everyone to clean it out.

High-ranking FDA Official resigns

Would someone please direct me to the red state/blue state approval map?

Is the lack of response just incompetence or intentional?

CNN quotes bush as he views NO from AF1

Why Is Bush Always So Slow to Respond to Emergencies?

Book recommendation

Presidential briefing 8-28-2005: Katrina determined to attack US

Has anyone told Wolf how to pronounce "Biloxi" yet?

Polls I would love to see...

Will there be a "Concert for Louisiania" ?

Bush Gives New Reason for Iraq War: OIL

Protest high gas prices and profiteering!

Brett Favre on FAUX NOW ..... talking of his mom, family, friends in N.O.

LTTE to my local rag regadring our relief efforts

200 People on the freeway unrescued CRIMINAL black/white issue

The real cause of Hurricane Katrina?

Department of Homeland Security just suspended the Clean Air Act.

Is the Domino Affect in effect ?


ATTENTION DU the ships headed to NOLA are Hospital ships

Iraq Stampede Kills up to 1000,

I don't trust the Bush Adminstration...

Check out the Department of Peace Campaign! We NEED this

Anybody got the skinny on the charity "America's Second Harvest"?

Remember too...hurricane season is not over...

So if God had given Bush

What if Katrina had been a Nuclear Weapon?

Tried to watch TV news because of the flooding.

BushCo seem to have lucked out again

GWB may have helped cause the Katrina disaster.

Has anyone seen a map of the damage

Presidential briefing 8-28-2005: Katrina determined to attack US

So...Let's talk about the NEXT hurricane

Popular Mechanics: NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING (Published on 9/11/01)

Pat Robertson was within his First Amendment rights

Senator John Kyl(R-AZ)- "cloud seeding"!

On Bush's FEMA appointees

Bush Gets Serious About N.O. Disaster

Are governors in charge of their National Guard units?

We must counter this next photo op... Let's not let him

Repugs, the use of the gas/inflation excuse is over.

The National Guard Belongs in New Orleans and Biloxi. Not Baghdad.

We've officially flown off the edge

If Beverly Hills, California was being flooded (85.1% white)......

Blitzer:"The president cut his vacation 2 days short to deal with Katrina"

PIX: Bush Finally Arrives at the WH - - George, You're DAYS TOO LATE >>>

Update on MA Gas...

"If and when the President decides to step it up"

Is George W. Bush a racist ? I don't know

Rumsfeld will be on Letterman 9/6

Need proof that the judiciary was intended to be unaccountable

I Have Recently Decided That I Am NOT A LIBERAL! Not Me Buddy!

Has Cheney, head of Office of National Preparedness, uttered a single word

New Orleans Shouldn't Be "Given Back To Nature"

Question about pumping New Orleans

Randi: They predict things that never happen, and ignore things that do

Lack of water is a big problem in many parts of LA cnn

Bush Blames Carter, Reagan, Clinton for 9/11 - however...

Who is the female news anchor on WWLTV..She is remarkable.

death toll

Suggested new forum - 'General Discussion - Tabloid'

just a reminder Ed Schultz

Evacuating from one Dome to another? WTF!

So, how do we donate items to the people who were in the

compare AP photos found on


Columbia Christians for Life: Katrina Is God's Punishment for Abortions

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #12 Jessica Simpson

Pentagon to deploy PSYOPS in wreckage of Katrina?

Americans, wake up. George W. Bush doesn't care if you live or die.

seems like most americans are watching NO die from their couches

Today, I Am Profoundly Grateful For Everything I Have

Oil Refinery question....Big Oil angle...

But MY gasoline comes from Pasadena, Texas

Anyone notice what a buncha candy-hinders reporters have become?

Hurricane Katrina is, literally, Bush's Waterloo

Exit 235, near the projects

How much champagne do think the oil companies' execs have had

This is the worst disaster this country has seen so far, but someone must

Oil rig in the front yard (PIC)

Start stocking up on your can goods. Here comes the real chaos.


Listening to news about $6 a gallon gas, I could swear I heard


Big Fire at Burbon and Canal

Caption this Bush pic (flying over disaster area in AF1)

Bust at 5 P.M. Today: "I Resign"

DU this CNN Poll

* is an effin' drama queen.

Anyone got a link for WWLTV...Mine just went down. Thanks

"I had to suffer through eight years of Clinton

running out of gas in western north carolina

Why don't the Fundies ever think disasters are a punishment for Bush?

The lower socio-economic class in New Orleans will cease to exist.

Very Religious friend blamed Katrina on God

Consider the scooter

1883 Reasons why the DSM is Important

The true tragedy of the looting

Irrational exuberance on the stock market?

There is something sick about the smiles from NY Stock exchange

this is the most frightenng scenario in americanhistory

Does anyone know what time that drug addicted freak is on the radio?

Thousands dead per Mayor Ray Nagin of NOLA

This is the SAME media that we had prior to Hurricane Katrina.

AF1 Flew Low for a Close Look at ... Guess What? >>>

Queen 'shocked' by hurricane damage

Will Gas prices $3.00 plus interfere with your personal freedoms

Looting in NO

Bush has presided over how many needless American deaths, now? Help me out

In honor of the earlier "RightWing Talking point Prediction" thread

Katrina Exposes Racism

Overheard comments from co-workers about Katrina....

NPR "catapulting the propaganda" for Smirky McGuitarzan

I wonder if the Iraqis are glad we are fighting them there

two days in, and the lack of a full mobilization to rescue . . .

Need tech help for a flood victim, he's seen the roof of his house

BET to host telethon for Katrina victims

Gas here:Monday $2.57, Tuesday $2.63, Wednesday $2.85


Check out this banner on the Whitehouse Hurricane Relief Page

Everyone thank Anderson Cooper for pointing out the Fed Govt isn't doing

Georgia Residents: Please write down this number (Price Gouging)

Senator Byrd & Hagel. Please go to the White House tomorrow & demand ...

Where Are The Fucking Saudis? They Should Chip In On The Disaster Relief.

Chimp's latest poll numbers

‘‘I think the people want the president to be in a position to make good,

Did the hyperChristian End Timers Evacuate?

This all makes me miss Bill Clinton

Anybody listening to majority report?

Sam Seder is going hoarse yelling at some idiot....

At least NO doesn't have to worry about Saddam.

Pew Evolution Poll reminds us why Americans vote Repub

CNN Poll: Is the government doing enough

So - Is this the official start of our next great Depression?

When did this happen during the Clinton Administration?

Bush's inaction/slow response/lack of preperation = Genocide. eom

Going up, up and away

If our tax dollars are paying for this clean up, why

FOUND! Cargo Containers for the Levees...

"Gays who have had abortions caused the hurricane"

Volunteer opportunities for medical personnel?

Gas lines over 3.00 bucks in metro Atlanta - some gas stations

This disaster will cost the US about $20B or more

People, you have seen it

Does any remember "Tweety" asking

God. Anderson showing finding bodies.

If I was a physician I'd be rushing over to NO right now

Why does Asshat Tx gov Rick Perry keep saying he thought of using

Front Pages Across America - 8/31/05

Well, the truth is known. We (the US) is totally unprepared to quickly

Can the States accept the Foreign Assistance Offered?

Bush, YOU ARE TOO F****** LATE!

Our NG being overseas at a time like this.. Unreal! I think that **

Jean Meserve

"U.N. agency warning on bird flu"

"Mugabe tightens power grip"

Government asks cruise lines to house Katrina victims.

My God -- Hospitals & Medical care

Jeanne Meserve back on CNN, very critical of the rescue efforts.

A small rant about relative pricing

Bush, YOU ARE TOO F******* LATE!!!

Security Incidents in Iraq August 31st

$3.19 reg in Cincinnati...

New Orleans is sounding more like Iraq. No help, no local government

State To Allow Half Gallon Gasoline Sales - NC

Accepting Foreign Help Would be a Great Way to Generate Goodwill

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

"he who controls the spice (oil), controls the universe"...from Dune, but

Looting "out of control" in NOLA...Armed gangs roving the French Quarter.

Should New Orleans be rebuilt ?

Where are all the helicopters??

hydrants not working on Borubon STR fire. cnn

fund raiser

Newsweek (Fineman): A political hurricane is gathering force

So, has the Public Health Service personnel been dispatched to NO, MS

The Democrat leaders need to start leading NOW

Hey DU, tell your Senators & congressmen to bring our National Guard home

Price of gas tomorrow

British Queen sends message of sympathy about NO etc to President Bush


Barf! Wolf said the Chimp is "taking command"

Ed Schultz is carrying the rose garden speech

Propagandist set to Catapault at 5pm

10,000 additional National Guard to augment

10, 000 nat gurad mobilized to restore law and order. cnn

Front Pages Across America - 8/31/05

Why have gas prices been going up so high?

The Biggest Looters of all Are the Bush Administration Pirates


Is this the highest gas prices have ever been...

August In Iraq for US Troops

What's wrong with America? Typical Freepers: $ and Blame the Victim:

Post your creative ideas to save or rebuild NOLA here.

An analysis of looting from another category four hurricane in the Caribe

N.O. Mayor: We need Bush to focus on New Orleans now!

I donated to

Please email the media pictures of Bush "taking command".

Junior to N.O. on Friday. Suppose he's going to hand out golf clubs?

Disturbing: from in LA

$5.70 a gallon in my wee Northern Canukistanian town of 2000 souls

Hey mac users

Will We Get Any Foreign Help For Katrina?

Why can't they at least get water to those people on the overpass near

How soon the EPA statement: there is no toxic danger in New Orleans

did someone say 'rationing?' Someone in Ga./Fla confirm this..

Challenge your neighbors and coworkers to get involved politically

"Open your mouths

George Bush-frozen

Bush not on yet - must be drinking a quart instead of a fifth

The post that remained on Free Republic for over 16 hours.

WWL has some amazing footage right now

If the government raised taxes to help the devestated area

Watching news....

"Comforting words" from the bishop speaking on CNN


5 Walton (Wal-mart) heirs worth more than nation of Egypt

What will Bush say?

Folks, let's face it, there will be only one reason why Bush's numbers

If I hear Wolf Blitzer say the words "arriving simultaneously".....

Iraqi Stampete toll to Hit 1000 HOW MANY more lives George?

Desperate people do desperate things and my instincts.....

It's time to rerun the Exxon Ad.'s from the Valdez accident protests.

Today Is The 21st Century's "Black Thursday"

Pentagon activated 10,000 Nat'l Guard troops to be divided among

CNN reporting gas rationing in Georgia now.

Tropical depression #13 becomes tropical storm Lee (no threat to land)

Press conference delayed by a little sprinkle! n/t

Fashions for summer 2006

Why aren't people going apeshit over the gas prices?

Tropical depression #13 becomes tropical storm Lee (no threat to land)

Taking (virtual) bets - does he mention Iraq during his "speech" at 5?

Little old man on the roof of his house and someone painted

Was there a telethon for freeps to join DU

Where was Cheney?

No questions? NO QUESTIONS! Bush turns on his heel and runs

Bush reading text, still stumbling over words.

Just sent to my political address book:

Health and Human Services on Katrina

waiting for the President to come to Rose Garden, cnn said.

What an insensitive prick.

Wow, Bush Is Reporting what has happened...

NOLA refugees stripped of guns, dignity, civil rights...

Whatever Bush Does Or Says At This Point Is Far Too Little, Far Too Late.

Is Lake Pontchartrain salt water or fresh water?

"the armies of compassion"...............Bush

From Salon: Bush says it's about the oil. Reason number buttzillion

Oil companies are loving the gasoline panic of 2005

From Salon: Bush says it's about the oil. Reason number buttzillion

Help for education?

Well, that was a total and complete dud

Can you imagine having 5 weeks of vacation ??!!

Can The US ask The ICRC for help?

Well it's become perfectly obvious to me....

Chimps on

There is NO emotion in Bush's voice

"Katrina Hits The Gulf: 290+Million Americans Survive!"

Where was Cheney?


Attn. ALL LA, Miss., and AL DUer's: Post any small town News you know!

"Someone put Rudy giuliani on a bus to NO" -- CNN

The most horrifying reality of all is that

A Change is Gonna Come: The New Empire Burlesque

Why is there no Hurricane Relief link at FreeRepublic?

Top ten things I expected Bush to say in his speech

The heroic actions of our President, George W. Bush

why is it

Halliburton should rebuild Katrina-damaged infrastructure...for FREE

OMG Did you see the prisoners in the water on CNN?

Strain of Iraq War Means the Relief Burden Will Have to Be Shared

What will downtown NO look like when...

Why is there no Hurricane Relief link at FreeRepublic?

"... ten thousand, four-hunnert tarps....."

The dude from FEMA is giving out phone #s to Nola citizens ("dedicated")

The FEMA Head is a fucking jerk!

Post something here about looting that hasn't already been said at DU.

This catastrophe is only going to get worse.

SOMEBODY needs to get some information to those poor people on CNN

Maybe we should take Chavez up on his offer??

W on NOW!!

Hey W, do me a favor-

So when do we reach 1980 gas prices?

Why is gasoline price gouging all of a sudden legal?

"dedicated citizens...dislocated citizens..."

Just think how nice it would if everybody Covered Your Ass.

"I thought Iraq was about the oil"

"841 dead in Baghdad stampede"

Quit picking on having the high water vehicles in Iraq

CNN Video: Long Gas Lines In Atlanta; Prices Increased to $4.99...

Mr. President....It's been THREE DAYS!!!!!!

msnbc keeps showing this scene of prisoners out in the sun on some over-

dupe-self deleting

DOJ 'Mandated' to Prosecute Obscenity

Wow, Bush Is Reporting what has happened...

Husband went to work this am $2.69gal came home $3.39gal

Was Bush trying to speak directly to the victims of N.O.??

Iraq Stampede toll to hit 1000

Katrina: Special Reports On NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, TWC Tonight

Scenes outside the Superdome are hellish

God is punishing America *because* of the Fundies and *because* of the war

Scared me that he mentioned Gas

UGH! These WDSU anchors are fawning over the *'s catapaulted propaganda

I think Anderson Cooper is disgusted ...


Anyone have info on Gretna or Marrero?

How long before Bush-hole says

Any Info on River Ridge section of Jefferson Parrish?

RE: "Bush cutting his vacation short..."

Bush speech: he is instructing people to do what they are already doing

Even freepers have to admit

FEEDBACK PLEASE ====> LTTE Re: New Orleans/Global Warming

Gas in Massachusetts yesterday $2.58/gallon; today it is $3.11.

Obviously, we can't just throw money at this hurricane.

Gas Price Watch: What are you paying today? Who's got the record!

You shithead.

Fire at bourbon and Canal at the Foot Locker. no fire trucks around.

This is what lying will do to a nation

States to get Oil "Loan" and America gets dirty gas.

Sadly, once those poor people in NO get through this........

Come On, It's New Orleans

Did the networks give a false sense of security?

3.29 in Eastern TN now...up over .45 cents in the last three hours!

Bush asks Daddy and Clinton to help

People respond on FOX news about the disaster... whew-boy

Does anyone have names of people they need to locate in N.O.?

all cables talking of long term efforts, yet people still on top of roofs


Last I checked

The "king has spoken".... no questions allowed of the gone.

Repugs I know started saying it...

More insult to an extraordinary injury......

How much does gas cost this morning where you live?

Exxon, We don't need the money from gas sales.

Katrina: Diane Sawyer Has Exclusive Interview with President Bush on GMA

World sends help to the Gulf Coast

hey, they're finally talking about price gouging

Bush Short-Changed N.O. Hurricane Projects

FEMA head says they are NOT dropping sandbags

Tidewater Virginia Checking In...

Panic in Atlanta!!! Gas $4.00. Lines for blocks, police on streets.

It is long overdue...WE NEED A GAS PROTEST WEEKED...

Where's Halliburton when you need them?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Mr. Bush, go Cheney yourself!

Who has screen saves from this AMs RNC/DNC websites?


Couldn't Bush read through his speech once to not trip over half the words

Take this survey please!

500+ now stranded on the freeway. Reporter pleading for help

CNN: $5/gallon in parts of Atlanta

World sends help to the Gulf Coast

Priceless moment on WDSU...

Protest Warriors attacked by own

Where is Cheney?


The REALITY synopsis of Bush's speech....

G-d Randi. . .get this asshat off the air

4 navy ships...why not 40 or 400? Why is this so small and late?

Wow, corporations are sooooo generous.

Fox reporting now - still NO help to the people on the overpass

We have had a disaster in New Orleans-any countries heard?

How convenient! Bush leaves impression high gas prices are...

Prayer and action for hurricane victims . . .

86 yr old aunt lost home to Katrina


No surprise here...

Discussion point: Citgo requested release of oil reserves

Next Dem President ('09) will evoke the words of Gerald Ford...

Katrina Proves Bush Failed New Orleans

With Dems silent, how can we keep Bush from blaming the coming economic

An email I received from a "businessman" today

"But Cheney will be right down the hall if he needs anything."

When is ShrubCo. supposed to open the reserves?

Experts: $4 a gallon gas coming soon

army corp guy completely irresponsible. CNN

& Who is going to restore "law and order" to the WH?


I think the national news reports are giving much more info the cable.

self delete

Faux/Britt Hume interview with Cindy Sheehan

I'm trying to see to it that B*sh CHOKES on that cake! (politically)

Just posted on Yahoo: Spin as news!!!

Is Katrina the straw that broke the camel's back?

Are the people in the photo REALLY looting. . .

Hey, you dopehead does it feel to be gouged on

Did that poor man ever find his wife. ("she's all I had.")

Oil Reserves being released--Important Historical Content

This Photo Shows a New Orleans Family Staying Put

After watching the pResident's speech

Thank you, sir, can I have another...

Republicans don't bother using resources trying to get blacks

fox news tries to downplay environmental causes

"Western White House" 404 Message

Doesn't the military have units that will make potable water out of

Could Algiers (NO west bank) serve as the nucleus of the new city?

CNN (NO) Cmdr. ACE: "Oil and Gas industry are part of the problem"

oh christ... a fire in the French Quarter...

OMG..people are screaming for help..

9/11 testimony of 'Inconvenient Patriot' implicates... (Sibel Edmonds)

Gas Prices

gas up another 10 cents today! just went up 20 yesterday.

Okay, deep breathes everyone

So did the feds ignore the "biblical proportion disaster" warning?

I think that CNN is turning against bushyboy.

New Orleans should be renamed New Baghdad

$$$ taken from levee work to fund Iraq war

According to a report just on CNN ..FLOOD EXPERTS were there BEFORE

Breaking: Bush turn in "comp time" request to WH HR Dept., citing

WDSU: Baptist Hosp. under seige by people with guns.

U.S. gives away eight (36 Million Dollar-each) war jets to Pakistan

Bush looked very flustered in that speech

I was sitting in line waiting to get gas and was hostage to *'s "speech"

Did someone jump to his death inside the Superdome? I heard this but

My mother just paid 4.25 a gallon after 2 hour wait

The resources are available. It's a crisis of COMPETENCE

USS Comfort (a hospital ship) has been scrambled...

I think a crime wave is about to sweep the country...

He's drunk.


Riverside CA gas prices jump....5 cents a gallon.

Coroner Trying to Link 300 Fetal Remains

What color ribbons should we display for Katrina?

How much you wanna bet, if Kerry had won the Presidential Election...

Did Cat Island save Pass Christian (a little)?

Freepers! What do you think of your boy king now?

Governor of Georgia declares Energy Emergency.

"Looting" versus "Finding" (Sickening racism in news)

I keep thinking about the book Into the Forest by Jean Hegland.

How Much Gas Does the Pentagon Use?

S. Smith just reported NOT seeing Red Cross or H20 in TWO days!

White "finds" while Black "loots," according to AP

What Terror Color-Level are we at now??

Moving Dead Decomes City's Second Priority... Oh Man...

Biloxi man on msnbc: "Bush don't need to be president any more.".

Why this administration has failed (again)...

"got cake?" graphics, series 2

Did Bush just help create ANOTHER tragedy to milk for poll points?

LSU hurricane expert on CNN just estimated 100,000 drowned

So much for Homeland Security and "first responders"

If you can stand to listen tonight, Alan Colmes will have Wes Clark and

Steve's Breaking NOLA news thread, Part Two

'We have a refugee problem in the US'

Even Castro sends buses to evacuate his people before Hurricanes

AP/AFP racism

No questions? NO QUESTIONS! Bush turns on his heel and runs

4.4 Earthquake in southern CA (3:55 PM PDT)

didn't see the speech on TV...Heard some on Radio...he was drunk

It's time for Bush's test


W* does not care, and will never care.

Bush is doing the same thing he did on 9-11

Here ya go Georgie boy, a free one for your FEMA boys

wasting money sending local reporters to new orleans

MA $3.35

You gotta be fucking kidding me...

I think I can put my Anti W stickers on my car and not get keyed now.

This is SO much worse than 9/11.

Timely quotation

4 meager ships will take 5 days to get there.

What's your disaster story?

We're all working for the Saudis, now.

POLL: Now that Bush has mentioned oil motive, will Dems pursue it?

I hope the high gas prices last...into '06

tweety: tonight on the command of the president, the full force of

MSNBC Hardball: No relief efforts: " THAT'S WHY THEY'RE LOOTING."

* and diane sawyer tomorrow morning - about katrina

Just thought of something, will the Saints be playing? They have a game

La & Miss should take advantage of new SCOTUS ruling. Protect their own.

Year-Old N. Geo. Article Describes New Orleans Today

Despite more jobs, US poverty rate rises

So, how do you see the future of New Orleans?


Biloxi - Where are the Guard? Why are AF personnel playing games?

anderson cooper just asked where is the government?

Nora O'Donnell: "All hands are on deck"

"I suppose that's the price we pay."

Gas @ $3.25 in some areas of Milwaukee

Where are the church groups in support of helping in this disaster????

New Orleans is so much worse than 9/11.

Anyone else do the math?

Where is the red cross for the people in and around the superdome?

The Rude Pundit nails it!

I just paid $ 4.09 East point, Atlanta Texaco 5.40pm est

Question: Has anyone gotten strange calls where the caller

Capt. Nora Tyson, USN, commanding officer of the USS Bataan - you GO girl!

How close are we to riot conditions?

Look at this video of people walking on highways in NO:

I keep thinking about this re: death toll in NO

Help Stranded People Action Alert

When will New Orleans residents get to return home?

LTTE that will probably never be published

The face of ignorance ---------------> x

Adam:the Missing Link--what will Kansas say????

Condi Rice: Nobody ever imagined a hurricane, a Cat. 5 hurricane

Ummm, could they leave God out of this?

EXCLUSIVE: Cindy Sheehan's Closing Remarks to Volunteers at Camp Casey...

A memory of New Orleans

Need video clips & eyewitnesses who've seen Bush after 9 am Wednesday.

‘Descent Into Hell’ Sorcha Faal - comments please

Check out the header on the WH website for hurricane relief...

Georgia's Going Nuts!!!!

OK, that's it. BUSH -- RESIGN TODAY!

Andrea Mitchell: "Nothing could have prevented this."

I don't know if there's any truth to this rumor

What about Conservation Mr Bush.....

The Bush Years: Just one gigantic clusterfuck.

Michael Ventura: $4 a gallon

They are asking for PRIVATE citizens with boats to help! GRR!!

Journalist on CNN tallking about police dept. in NO in chaos--

Homeland Security? WHAT Homeland Security?

What is your view of the second amendment in light of the hurricane?

Freeper's eliminate 6 year FR member over hurricane charity thread...

Newest excuse for Iraq Quagmire

Found this post on the website:

Guns and weapons being looted

Go Randi. Don't be nice.

I had 2 cats when I lived in NOLA my EX left them with a neighbor


Here it is: Katrina is the fault of GAY people

My gloves are off. I don't know about anybody else.


I'm so glad this is all Bush's fault, looking forward to another GOP Pres!

So what would it take to get a peek at Cheney's secret energy policy now?

Anyone else notice almost all the people stranded in NO are black?

CNN: Bush to Address Nation At 5 p.m. From White House

We're like a fucking Third World country responding to this.

ACLU Open Hearing and "Hesitant Judge" articles on new abuse photos:

FEMA Disaster budget cuts info: rallying points

Imagine: Bill Gates or the Walton Family could foot the Katrina bill alone

If we're having such a big Fuel Emergency, don't you think

The "red cross & Nat Guard" must be in stealth mode.... I don't see them

George W. Bush has been our worst national disaster by far.

time to get a diesel, wean yourself from petroleum

Bush Looks Out the Window -PIX>>>

Six words that should enter the national lexicon, NOW

Stranded in New Orleans will be dead soon....No Water in 3 DAYS!


If you don't read anything else on DU today, please see this thread by...

Does * need another vacation?

NOLA Zoo and Aquarium

Looting, Disasters, Human Behavior & Lord Of The Flies.

Bush Strummed While New Orleans Drowned

Post your State and Gas Prices Here

A classist/racist tragedy...

Gas station experiencing increased no-pay drive-offs already

DU Talking Point: "9/11 is no longer relevant"

Did anyone see the kid just interviewed in MSNBC??

Keep thinking about "Collapse" by Jared Diamond...

Cindy's "Bring Them Home Now" Tour itiniary

Wish me luck. I just called Costco and asked them to donate water to NO

Time to make *good* use of eminent domain--make refugee camps

Newbies - pay attention - connecting the dots for you

Thank god we have an MBA style business run Government today...

A Simple Question

People didn't even EXPECT Bush to do anything until 3 days in.

In what country will Bush seek asylum?

How much do you HATE George W. Bush?

"There's a sense that he's still the 9/11 president...

NEVER FORGET: George Bush's Priorities Since Sunday ---PIX->>>

Newsweek blasts Bush's non-response to hurricane

Gas price check in

The People on The Freeway Overpass Are Breaking My Heart!

Rumsfeld on looters:

AP: "Response to Katrina poses chances for Bush"

***TOONS Special Katrina Edition***

strange animal behavior signals catastrophe

Who else has never been so FURIOUS?

DU ACTIVIST PROPOSAL: "Bring the National Guard home. Immediately."

Katrina shows us the neocon brave new world.

Ohio Election Officials Indicted for 2004 Election Recount Conduct!

George Harrison on relief efforts

Video of pro-Bush demonstrators attacking their own now online

We are grossly underestimating the developing catastrophe in NO

CNN/New Orleans:"Mayor blasts failure to patch levee breeches" and that's

Ground beef appreciation thread

Storm sinks Tragically Hip classic...

Canadian aid for victims of Katrina?

Canadian relief agencies start to help Katrina victims


So, where was I when I was in your country?

Livingstone may be banned for 'Nazi' gibe

Clarke enters Tory leadership race

Hope everyone up around Newcastle is enjoying the show..

Michael Sheard (Mr Bronson from Grange Hill) dies, aged 65.

Only 4,000 National Guard Troops so far - Katrina

Study: Oregon Wild Fish Face Extinction

US States Fight EPA on Greenhouse Gases

5 dead, 36 hurt in attacks on Iraq mosque - police (Reuters)

Sheehan ponders run for office

CNN Just Reported "Water Is Lapping at the SuperDome."

Bush Says US must prevent oil fields from falling into hands of terrorists

(Art) Garfunkel faces another pot charge in NY

Official: Prisoners Riot, Take Hostages In New Orleans

Some 600 Iraqis die in stampede-ministry source

Anti-war bus tour embarks

Terror Alert? Just saw on Fox News

Kerry stays in the Ohio Greens/Libertarians election theft lawsuit

More than 600 killed in Iraq stampede.

Two Million Fall Victim to Slave Trade Each Year, Says UN

Consumer confidence surprisingly strong (?)(Reuters)

Katrina May be Retired from Storm Names (AP/BosGlobe)

Iraq war costs more per month than Vietnam - report

Iraq stampede kills at least 648 Shiite pilgrims

24 Iraqi Shiites die in stampede - Police

Conservative Author Is Seeing Red in America--WaPost

Russia arms Belarus

Katrina could create West Nile outbreaks

China, Russia begin strategic financial cooperation

Katrina's full wrath still being felt, death toll soars (Superdome evac)

Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen?

Ex-U.S. terror chief: Al-Qaida has morphed (Richard Clarke)

Bush Back to D.C. to Help Relief Efforts

Task Force Freedom Soldier killed in attack (#1880)

TV Reporter 67th Journalist Killed in Iraq

Gov Blanco says Superdome being evacuated to the Astrodome as a staging

Politician tries to kill himself after 'mail-order bride' disgrace

New Orleans Mayor Blasts Fed Failures

Berlin's mayor defies opposition to welcome fetish festival

Crews Pass Dead to Reach Storm Survivors (AP)


Two US soldiers killed in Iraq (1883)

Single largest loss of life since march 2003 in Iraq

Poll says U.S. Sen. Nelson would easily defeat Harris in re-election bid

Mayor (of New Orleans) blasts failure to patch levee breaches

FDA women's health head resigns after Plan B decision - RHTP

Poll: Most of us can't get ahead

Fuel Cells Might Get Hydrogen From Water, Organic Material

Water is rising in uptown NO...WWLTV just now

Allawi Accuses the Governmental Forces of Attacking the Former PM's Guards

841 Dead In Baghdad Stampede

CTV: Gas prices in Canada jump 20 cents (a liter) overnight

Bush gives new reason for Iraq war (OIL)

Pataki signs drug law reform bill

II MEF Soldier killed in action (#1883, 84 Dead in Aug.)

719 Dead, 383 Hurt in Iraq Bridge Stampede

U.S. backs away from claims that Cuba has bioweapons program

Gas suppliers' move may hike price at pump

Synagogue firebomber handed 39-year sentence

US Suffered More Iraq Combat Deaths in August Than Any Month This Year

Hospital Conditions in New Orleans Worsen

West bank shelters in Jefferson parish out of food for over a day now

769 dead, 307 hurt in Iraq bridge stampede

MSNBC : Federal officials declare public health emergency for entire Gulf


Governor: Everyone Must Leave New Orleans

London mayor carpeted over Nazi jibe

CNN: Bush to Address Nation At 5 p.m. From White House

AP: New Orleans Mayor - Maybe 1000s Dead in Katrina.

World reacts to the damage wrought by Katrina

New Orleans now 'hazardous waste site,' experts say

WDSU: Bus Convoy to move New Orleans survivors to Houston TX

Economy grows at solid pace in 2nd quarter

Pentagon Inspector General Quits

Californians cut back on dining to feed their cars

New Orleans mayor says thousands likely are dead

Unions boo the (CA) governor

Venezuela offers fuel, food to hurricane-hit US

Bush Releases Oil Reserves

No excuse for attacking Iran, says former British minister

Australia to share US secrets

Retailers Face Gas Rationing

Hundreds killed in stampede near Baghdad mosque (Reuters)

(New Orleans) Children's Hospital under siege

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 31 August

World sends help to the Gulf Coast

World sends help to the Gulf Coast

"It's the Homo's fault!"

(KY) Gov. Fletcher Says Grand Jury Should Disband

Number without health insurance grew in '04

I just paid $ 4.09 East point, Atlanta Texaco 5.40pm est

Katrina Could Swamp German Economy

Katrina securities scams hit investors

U.S. Poverty Rate Rises; Christians say Public Policy is Key

Just posted: Aerial photos of Katrina damage (Pascagoula to Bay St. Louis)

Reuters cameraman ordered held in Abu Ghraib

Hurricane 'will force consumers to reduce fuel use'

Newsweek: Hurricane Politics (White House is facing a perfect storm)

US forces in Iraq suffered more combat deaths in August than any month

Volunteer opportunities for medical personnel?

White House preparing Katrina aid package

Automakers Allowing Hurricane Victims to Defer Payments

Katrina prompts global support for victims

Cheney to hold St. Louis fundraiser for Talent

YUCCA MOUNTAIN FIGHT: Sandoval recruits supporters

Al-Qaeda linked group claims mortar attack in Iraq that led to stampede

White House to release oil from reserves

Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 31 (4 reports of US soldiers KIA)

Iraq war tests resolve of a patriotic U.S. soldier ("I'd like to get out")

Reuters cameraman ordered held in Abu Ghraib

Houston Hospitals Take Patients From New Orleans

Gas Shortage Fears Rise in Georgia -understatement-Metro Atlanta panicked!

Times Picayune: Tidal shift (water receding)

New Orleans mayor fears thousands dead

New York Gasoline Soars to a Record: World's Biggest Mover

Poll: Fewer See Democrats As Friendly Toward Religion

Survey: Officials unprepared for Hurricane

Expert: $4 a gallon gasoline coming soon

Storm economic impact seen modest-WHouse (Reuters)

Bush says will take years to recover from Katrina

Katrina Aftermath: Ga. Gas Shortages?

Cuban Militant Withdraws Asylum Request

CNN Breaking: 10,000 National Guard troops called up

Iraq stampede kills at least 648 Shiite pilgrims

State to allow half gallon gasoline sales

Schwarzenegger Hints He Eyes Re - Election (Can you believe this

Bush gives new reason for Iraq war

AP: Katrina Expected to Disrupt National Economy

Gunmen Roaming New Orleans (

Frustration at slow emergency response grows on Mississippi coast

Wider relations with Arab countries is Russia’s priority – FM

ACLU wants gag order lifted in Patriot Act case

Russia Ready to Send Rescuers to Katrina Disaster Area

U.S. eases air pollution rule to boost fuel supply (Reuters)

Poll: Oil spike blamed on Bush, big Oil

Using a Mobile Phone Regularly Does Not Cause Cancer, Scientists Conclude

Gas Listed At $3.92 At Garden City, Michigan Station - Some Stations Empty

Bush expected to visit hurricane sites (AF1 flies over for Bush to see)

Senior Republican warns of Gasoline price-gouging (Reuters)

Be ruthless with looters, police and National Guard told

Does Floogeldy travel by Floo powder?

Does anybody else ever speak in movie quotes?

Why the hell is this Rita Cosby witch still in Aruba?

JVS, should I consume another bacardi coke?

I finally got a cell phone call from my parents in Mississippi.

I just poked my nose into the door crack in GD

Resume writing services question


Mr. President, Over 100 people have died in just one county in

Listening to Arlo Guthrie

The administration of ineptitude has struck yet again......

Good night. I have to go to sleep now.

I just made some kick-ass chili!

I am hungry, there is nada in the house

"Can I Donate Blood?" Requirements from Blood Centers of the Pacific

Interesting tidbit. The SS Camille gift shop survived

This is what happens when I stay up past my bedtime for a concert

Anybody know of any personal relationships forums?

I just filled up both our cars!.. almost $3 per gallon- sheesh.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Mother-In-Law

Christian Panties

I needs a drink

For those of you who remember the DUer " Champ " ...

Zarqawi says tomato, Bush says tomato. Let's call the whole thing off.

Computer geeks help me!

When will Adam Corolla's show be cancelled?

And the life of the Fundie lives on

I just got a lift from a guy with swastika tattoos

I like Shirley Temple movies

In conjunction with my first first cat pic....Themammakitty

Did you all catch the FoxNews advertisement? "We name names?"

Whites Find, Blacks Loot (From

The donut shop is opening up in almost 45 minutes. What does

You like-a da juice, huh? The juice is very good? I get you more juice.

Does everybody know that there may be lead in computer cables?

Yahoo Notepad - suddenly getting code???

Glad Chicken George can't be re-SELECTED to a 3rd term

now you all know the real reason katrina came along and hit florida(barely

Phone Company Threatens To Put Man In Hospital For Not Paying His Bill

Man Rescues Goose - Goose Now Flies Beside Him When He Rides ATV

Where the hell are the Girls Gone Wild going to go wild?

Delete. Double post.

Good Morning DU!!

School Allows Students To Swear At Teachers - But Not More Than 5 Times

The Official DU Word Of The Day Is: Connubial (Please use in a sentence)

(Art) Garfunkel faces another pot charge in NY

Is anyone else having trouble navigating DU?

who else has problems with DU right now?

Woman Leaves House With Her Dog - Leaves 15 Month Old Grandson - Arrested

Must be getting early

Mourners Attend Man's Funeral - See Him Walking Down Street Shortly After

The Witch bashing in the Lounge is getting out of hand!

Mom Arrested For Roaming Streets Naked (With Her Children) Carrying Bibles

"We're sorry. All circuits are busy now. Please try your call later."

Woman Fakes Having Cancer - Again

Q. How many Bush Administration officials does it take

'We fight them over there, so we can't take care of disasters here'

Anyone here in trucking? Colonial Pipeline (diesel fuel) inoperable

I'm no Matcom

some RUDE ASSHOLE has been BLASTING music for the past 20 minutes

Welsh air up for sale on the web

If you can see Green Day in concert - what an absolutely amazing show

callin' WCGreen and MissHoneychurch ... cause we got an abundance of ...

I'm no Catwoman

Religious group joins environmentalist in suing US over 'hapless' toad

Operas 10th birthday, free registration codes today

Gas station owners just got out of bed in Chicago...

I'm no Mopaul

More posts are needed here. GD threatening to lead by 400,000

The level of self impotence in some Lounge threads leaves something.......

The level of self importance in some Lounge threads leaves something....

It's weird how your opinion about someone one can change

Whining American eBays 'devil doll'

Who is up?

College Posts Sex-Assault Ads In Urinals

Wow. Baseball and AC can coexist peacefully.

Will someone who knows personal information on Maddy McCall

Today is my birthday.

How does one search for current news pics in Yahoo?

Why did'nt Bush get to N.O. as quick as he did Flordia?

If Foulwill or Robertson says Gawd sent this as punishment

Does anyone else have a Zen MP3 player?

This will help us ease the passing of one who is dear...

Man Sliced Off His Pet Pit-Bull's Ears To Make Him Look Tougher

A little humor needed today!

Remember The Farmer Who Placed Personal Ad In Cornfield? He got responses!

Bush guitar photo in San Diego

So as MrG and I were building our Ark in the front yard yesterday...

Bush Plan To Rebuild New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast

Happy birthday, Tom Kitten!

Anyone here ever bought a car at a police auction? What are the downsides?

WV Supreme Court Justices asked to let jury see calf's brain

Would you rather be a liberal in a Red City or Red State?

Let's all welcome OC Liberal to DU

Best Songs about a Flood?

Gosh, I'm just so sad

I honeymooned in Nawlins

Yikes I just saw $3.09 per gallon of regular at a Citgo

Polecat for people.

I'm so sad.

my car is dying ...

Pandacam is off-line - so here's a still of the baby panda

Damage from Katrina really hit home just now................

I'm all dressed up...

Are the actors who played James Bond jinxed career wise?

Let us now discuss-"The Exorcism of Emily Rose"

I got some Wendy's chili for lunch.....And so far.........

Why didn't I buy gas yesterday? STUPID, STUPID, STUPID

Morrissey is being remarkably calm

Yeah... keep buggin me...

Gas just jumped from $2.79 to $3.27!!!!

Completely Without Sarcasm, I am Constantly Surprised

Any good ideas for fund raising for the Red Cross?

The Mobils here are disappearing, replaced by Lukoil? WTF?

Are there any MSW's online here from the SF Bay Area?

Hurricane Fails To Knock Down 112 Foot Tall Guitar

God, I fucking hate IDIOTS!

A bit of relief from the depressing subjects. Let's get happy.

Best Songs about a Flood?

Just watched West Wing's "In Excelsis Deo" episode

"He's crushing his testicles in tight trousers for world peace."

Is "EAGLES UP!" played?

All you idiots that said * was cutting his vacation only 1 day short...

The next person who offers me the 'Employee's Discount' on something...

The president gets more vacation then I do...

A sign of things to come at the gas station last night

"Bush isn't even a real TEXAN!!!!"

Does anyone remember the last time Mike Malloy

I Donated Blood Yesterday

Anyone know where I can donate blood in Houston?

I want a job, I want a new job.

Is Hollywood biased towards Brits?

A tired rant

HAHA! Dr. Phil's Son Engaged To Ex-Playboy Playmate

Hurricane Pics from Buddy Stationed in Biloxi.

Hell, I liked TITANIC. Can you deal with that?

Errands for the day:

"The she I love is a beautiful beautiful dream come true

I must be sleeping funny

Movies that feature New Orleans.

Email from God....

Has Musicals jump the shark.

This is the most heartbreaking story

How much water poured over the levees? THIS MUCH ====>

Please stop staying New Orleans is gone!!!!

I love Rachel Maddow!

I just had a yummy lunch...

God, I'm so friggin' bored.

I'm no King

Katrina Damage to Delay Shuttle Program

My prediction:Rolling Stones will donate the gate from a gig to NOLA.

Luting can be quite beautiful

Lutefisk can be quite beautiful!

Is Cheney rubbing his grubby/greedy paws together and now directing

This can also be used for requests for donation from repubs.

Will Bush bring his water-wings to NOLA? Or will he stay up in chopper?

People from New Orleans.....

Why can't I get this song out of my head?

Is it safe to come out yet?

I Don't Care what You think about What I Think Today...

I will be on working vacation for the month of September

Yeah, I Used To Loot When I Was A Kid

I used to toot when I was a kid

An oldie: Tae-Kwon-Leap (Boot to the Head) by the Frantics

You should probably go out and buy everything: Time to panic buy!

A dumbass question about jpegs in sig line

I used to lute when I was a kid

I used to scoot when I was a squid

I'm no Commie

First day of class for me.

Can I ask a question about "meme"?

What is wrong with my signature?

Help! The Mr. Clean jingle is coursing through my brain!

The Arizona Sun Dumps Coulter - Replaces her with Tony Snow

Day of first class for me.

Lounge EXCLUSIVE:DU'er gets pic of W flying over New Orleans

A thread in honor of all the DU "looting" threads

Well, it appears that the New Orleans Zoo and Aquarium both survived

I fear the Lounge levee is failing

How does one transport gasoline?

Popular Mechanics: NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING (Published on 9/11/01)

Lots of nasty potential in the Tropical Atlantic

"How does it play in Peoria?"

(slams door) Who gave matcom permission to use the hod?

I say, look what a chap found behind his Tellie


Has anyone heard from Funkybutt?

I have three dollars.

A Gallon of Gas

(slams door) Who gave matcom the keys to the van?

Progmoms delay was due to shuttling Katrina and the waves

Let's Go Crazy

Words that rhyme with "Shoot":

New Yorkers around the Albany area

M Malkin weighs In: "Round Up Every American Named Katrina!"

Allow me to be a shameless, self-promoting asshole for a second.

Mark Buerle is a goon.

Dan Gladden is driving me nuts

Who are your DU crushes?

The racism I keep hearing in 'real life' is pissing me off no end.

I don't ever remember a hurricane where the National Gaurd wasn't out

OK - everyone post "Good Bloody Mary" on this thread!

My new nickname for W: Never Enough Bush

A thought just pooped into my head

A thought just popped into my head

What personal characteristic makes you unique?

"New Orleans Is Sinking" by the Tragically Hip: Songs for New Orleans

I say, look what a chap found behind his Tele

Computer techies: My video playback hangs my system

I need a hug!

Just heard in Atlanta people are leaving work and lineing up

What are the odds??

Hey mac users

Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place.

New Orleans, in her party clothes. (pic heavy)

I am getting nothing done

Oh, yeah right! BP wants to stop Global Warming

Crescent City by Lucinda Williams

Firefox users

make me wanna holler

Am I the only one getting buggy forums here at DU this morning?

My caller ID just said "New Orleans, Louisiana."

I don't believe in gravity.

OMFG! Richard Feynman finally got a stamp!!!

I have to share:

Why do Rethugs keep playing the election card?

You know what?

The American Way (pic)

Do you people have any idea of just how wonderful you are?

This is a point I want to drive home concerning gas prices

The American Way Part II (pic)

What condition is the French Quarter in? And the Natchez?

"Famous American Scientists" postage stamps

If we organized a DU group to

What do you suppose will happen with the New Orleans Saints NFL Team?


I tried to listen to Chimpy's speech

I think GD has lost it.

Randi Rhoads plays the best music on her show

Chickenhawk Roosting Area signs

Bay Area landmark is GONE: "Kepler's Books abruptly shuts its doors"

Please DU this thread

so tieadrd

I Just paid $ 4.09 a gallon in Eastpoint,,Atlanta

DU traffic is on the level of convention night.

Is this a credible quote?

A DU Exclusive Photo-Op of The War President Valiantly Surveying N'awlins

The Master of Disaster is attacking my house!

At first I was opposed to gay marriage....

Bill Maher on Randi Rhodes NOW

Big-Ass Spiders in Iraq

How's this for a new nickname for Chimp: "The Presididn't"

The Tide Has Officially Turned: My repub sister FINALLY turns on Dumb-fuck

Computer people: XP Home to XP Pro possible?

Well, I've done what I can...

Who are the DU lushes?


This story is too much for me.....

Oh, damn - we're at Level 1




Gas prices in Valley Ranch (Irving, TX)

By the time I respond, the threads are locked. LOL. I swear that happened

How Do You Pronounce Mr. MXYZPTLK?

The level of self-immolation in the lounge leaves something...

Wouldn’t you like to tar & feather dumbass and send his keister to Iraq?

Listen you fuckers.... you screwheads... here is a man


Would someone please hose me down?

How odd.

Dum dee dum dee dum - hmm, what should I do next? (Picture) -

Why in the HELL are there so freaking many chain emails sent around about


A perplexing dilemma

What exactly can you really do to stop using gas right now?

I am getting fucking tired of the hyperbole from New Orleans

So how are the gas prices affected your Labor Day weekend

What is this EAGLES UP I keep seeing

ATTENTION PET OWNERS!!! WE are heading for hard times

Come into the Rose Garden ...

I'm starting to feel afraid. Who's got some comfort?

OK. We have helicopters and boats...HELP THEM ALREADY!

Did Shrub just do a shout out to Texas???

Something made me happy today (Yay!)

Frivolous request: Someone posted a Comedy Central

Emerson on "Compensation"

I just paid $67 to fill up. This is BULLSHIT !

How much did gas cost in the late 70s?

Freepers think Gas Taxes make gas expensive

Dylan Garcia ..did he manage to locate his daughter?

I am going to make a list of people who should be helping with money

Post your New Orleans earworms here.

In lieu of a Nighthawks thread, I'm hosting a Hug-O-Rama right here.

Is this racist or what???

80's group

Favorite milk?

Fire at IChing's Place update



Bush seen comforting victims on Bourbon Street (pic)

God I just did something really scary (work)

How Doe You Pronounce New Orleans?

Anyone feel like posting pictures of people/things we love?

It is over: CBGB to be evicted

I turned down a chance for a promotion.

Oh hell...One of my cats has died.

Dont you hate to think of what is ahead?

A must-read before entering GD: How to be an internet woo woo

what are you giving up to pay for gas?

1 Month (4 weeks) SMOKE FREE!!!-lost 20 pounds too

Weird vodka flavors?

What good did Air Force One touring the damage really do?

Vote on August Photo Contest - The theme is "reflections"

GLOAT: I just talked to asthmaticeog. We're going to have lunch tomorrow,

Unitarian Universalist Association Gulf Coast Relief Fund

GD Practice: Post here to flame me for my view about X.

"These gas price hikes are 100% gouging by the oil companies."

Would You Be Able To Step Up In A Disaster & Help Lead People

I fucking hate toothaches

Could someone cheer me up?

Why Does God Hate New Orleans?

"Intelligent Design" is Darwinian on Social Issues.

Finally! First NASA satellite photo's of the Gulf coast Flood areas!

Fuel Cells Might Get Hydrogen From Water, Organic Material

This is pure idiocy, but it's a sports column so it's okay?

Y Chromosome Here to Stay

Lobbying Intense As Calif. Gay Marriage Bill Comes To Vote

'Kill Gays' Singer To Perform At House Of Blues

Finally! Gays are Blamed for the Destruction in New Orleans

Palmeiro needs earplugs after being booed

Commish's office to have chat with Wells

Chi Sox Ace : Rangers Cheated

Smoke and Sterling Photos -- Together at Last!

Does anyone here microchip their pets?

New Orleans, Isn't There A Way Of Doing Astrocartography

Wasn't there a prediction about an epidemic?

Remembering Edgar Cayce's words

Bush's peculiar jaw tick


Hurricane is god's punishment for abortions!

I don't think my friend made it...

I like David Corn a lot - When other people in his magazine try to inflame

Not really Kerry related, but look at part of the Navy's N.O .effort

Lawsuit in Ohio update (complete with snark and compliments.)

Cute story about UK intern on CapHill

Letter from JK re Katrina

Statement on Kerry Senate web site about Katrina's victims

Good Wonkette post

Statement from John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry on Hurricane Katrina

Kerrys to hold fundraiser for Casey in PA

If Kerry were President


Hello everyone

Sandra & Tina

August photo contest - Round I - Poll 1 of 3

August photo contest - Round I - Poll 3 of 3

August photo contest - Round I - Poll 2 of 3

KOEB -- 8/31/05

Finally, some GOOD ratings news!

My $.02 on the "looting"

Countdown Off on Friday (most likely)

Latest updates at the DNC 50 state strategy site....

Bushs Response To the Hurricane

Dupe Sorry..

Thanks to GW and several Democratic senators, NOLA victims

Normally, if I see Bush stickers on a car I feel like giving it the finger

Chicken Hawk badges for the Kombat Keyboard Brigade:

Unfortunately and sadly the question must now be asked..

My government is still smoking crack. It's like the parents who

McClellan denies Bush "returned early" to escape criticism

Kerry stays in the Ohio Greens/Libertarians election theft lawsuit

Dean: Roosevelt and Truman Had a Plan to Win WWII; Bush Needs Plan for

Iraq war now costs $186 million a day...more per month than Vietnam

An Am Ha ha to start your day. (404 Error)

Decorated, lifelong Republican Veteran: "Release Abu Ghraib photos"

McClellan, 08-02-03: Bush never gets a break, focus on work while in Texas

Bush’s approval rating falls to new low: 53% disapprove of the Boy King

A "Must See" website

Tom DeLay: "You can support the troops but not the president."

Let's not forget hurricane season ain't over yet.

Making Connection $186 M a day in Iraq, NO needed less than $100 M

Shouldn't the president address the nation and rally everyone around

Wanna bet Dubya will uses Katrina catastrophe to lobby for ANWR drilling?

Bush should be impeached for leaving the gulf coast defenseless against a

Florida: Katherine Harris way behind in new poll

Christian Group: Hurricane Katrina is to punish abortion

Rudy Giuliani Considering Presidential Bid

Two Elections Officials in Ohio Indicted in Recount on Tuesday!

I heard on Air America on the way to work this morning

The former mayor of New Orleans is on CNN blasting Bush!!

Bullshit letter from Sen. Dullard re: John Roberts

I think I am going to be sick.

Bush Fiddles While New Orleans Drowns

LAT: GOP Can't Afford to Write Off California

Chicago Sun Times: Sheehan says Bush's refusal to meet works in her favor

NOLA rescue worker email calls it "economics of disaster"

Drudge is saying that Bush is going to address the nation

Bush on Iraq terrorists: "They'd seize oil fields to fund their ambitions"

Google "Bush has got to go" it's interesting. It takes you to a site

Cindy for Congress?

A "Free" cartoon -- self deleted

Confederate Memorial Assoc. says Contra connection could scuttle Roberts

US academics to debate Springsteen

Map of the parishes of Louisiana.

So, in an election year it's crucial to respond quickly to a disaster

Some Perspective, He flew to DC to sign Terry Schiavo Bill...

A Protest Warrior I can respect

Hearts & Minds UPDATE-take Pakistan off the list-they are taken care of

If Ratface ever needed an excuse to pull out of Iraq & save some face

Want photos of B*sh jogging/ enjoying self now during Gulf Coast misery

Can You Believe I Saw $3.30 A Gallon Yesterday (NOT in California)

CNN announces those in Superdome to be moved to Houston Astrodome!

AP: "White House - "Katrina Impact Likely Limited."

DU this Poll: Should the president meet with Cindy Sheehan?

Your Tax Dollar At Work

Let them eat........ each other

Gas soon to reach $4.50 a gallon and its ALL BUSHIES FAULT

Now they're finding 500 busses to take the people

Homeland Security Head labelled "incident of significance"

Predictions on shrub's approval rating after Katrina and latest Iraq

Democrats, the "Pro-Peace" Party?

why do we build, and rebuild, cities below sea level ???

Most of us cannot even start to imagine living without the basic

three states sue Bush admin over roadless initiative repeal

Cheney: "Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue..."

Where are all the "pro life" bleeding heart conservatives anguishing

Bush administration uses Katrina to waive environmental controls

Bush’s approval rating falls to new low

Democratic Leaders: Enough is Enough. It's time to STAND up now!

Rocky earns the Wings of Justice

$4 a Gallon Gas Coming.

New Democracy for America community blog

CHRONOLOGY - Journalists Killed in Iraq in '05

Can't We DEMAND That Our Governors Bring Back Our NG??

Bushco wouldn't fund levee repair, but may well send in NORAD for looting!


little Timmy Russert may have big Plame problems

Sludge - Bush still considering asking the nation to conserve

Please, Russ. Please, please, please....

Is it me or the plan to plug the Holes in the levees is ILL TIMED?

What would have been different if the Disaster Relief Programs


Has Shrub accepted Chavez's offer of aid yet?

U.S. eases air pollution rule to boost fuel supply

an answer for Sheehan? - what did her son die for?

Has anyone mentioned the fact that Bush flew back

Heads up Austinites!

AP: Latest Photos of the flooding in New Orleans

The Night America Died....Or Soared...

Make way for the 'engineers of commerce' ..... a look into my crystal ball

Gov Howard Dean - Hurricane Katrina: How to Help

any further word on Rummie's 9/11 bash and parade-fest?

Then and Now

letter I just sen to my delegation

31 Aerial Photos of the flooding in New Orleans from WWLTV

Per CNN: Bush to address nation at 5 PM (Eastern) on Hurricane Katrina

CNN reporting that Bush is asking Clinton and Dad

How are gas prices holding outside the US?

The 'Out of Iraq' Congressional Caucus now has 66 members.

Bush is going to get burnt over Katrina - paybacks are h*ll...

Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen? 'Times-Picayune' Repeatedly

There's a run on gas in Asheville, NC : CIRCULATE & comment

Did I hear right? Bush declaring this a National Incident?

Why can't that useless idiot even start a speech on time? He

Where is Al Gore?

Politics aside, since 9-11 hasn't there been a federal plan

A Democratic strategy for Iraq--Gene Lyons' interesting conclusion....

I noticed Der Fuehrer justifying price gouging...

Did Chimpy say anything about conserving oil?

OMFG ! Bush "Katrina will make our nation stronger"

We are running out of gas in South FL....

What is the Democratic Party's approval rating?

If Hillary or some other DLC Dem gets the nomination, would you

Gas Shortages All Over the Southeast. NO Reason for it at All!!

Discussion point: Citgo requested release of oil reserves

The oil barons are drooling - "Experts: $4 a gallon gas coming soon"

Update on Ohio Election Recount Cases--trial date August 2006

PLEASE PLEASE tell me his approval rating won't rise over this

I Think We Have Our Answer On A Repub-led Theocracy's Effectiveness

If the Patriot Act allows us to silence people, can't we silence Freepers?

Repugs know Bush has stepped in it again

GHWB: "Message - I Care." GWB: "Message - GFY"

Not the first time assclown has frozen

breaking: Newsweek - "was Bush prepared for Katrina?"

Anderson Cooper reporting on Federal failure(s) on CNN

"Control the oilfields"

Real facts about the failures of the Bush Economy

Bradley: oil before people?

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and * strummed while New Orleans flooded.

9/11 Commission Report Results, Pt. 1 - Cynthia McKinney - 8PM - C-SPAN

Freepers have no desire to help Katrina victims...

A letter from TIME to me re: Gallagher pro-war group and Sheehan group

I just remembered the 1 good thing Bush has done!

I miss Bill Clinton

Not that you'd actually VOTE for them but are there ANY Republican...

The Real Values of the Repugs

Bush "Tax Advisory" Panel May Recommend Higher Taxes on Housing

I hate these freeper repukes. They think New Orleans , Ms and,

DU This Professor's Rating

Breaking News: "The President cut short his vacation ........ "

My personal fear: We will FALL back into RECESSION

1st time ever household incomes failed to increase for five straight years

Newsview: Bush Has Own Challenge in Katrina

How high's the water risin'?

It isn't hard to understand why Bush is acting slow on N.O.

FAX the "Hesitant Judge" Hellerstein as to why to release the abuse photos

Anyone have a link to the letter Randi Rhodes read yesterday from

Rep. Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry now has 58 co-sponsors!

Action Item: A Refuge Solution: Cruise Lines ! Join other progressives.

"20 Million Cut in Levee Work Will Cost around 25 Billion, 5000 Dead"

Bush's popularity by state in "Red/Blue" format.

This may be in bad taste

Why aren't good Christians speaking out against Robertson?

time to end Nascar, motorsport events to conserve fuel?

Must read from Salon: "Warning, What Warning?" Unf*cking believable!

My Minister's Editorial Is On Common Dreams!!

Cindy Sheehan: "Casey died so we could pay over 3.00/gallon for gas."

A Cautionary Tale: Maureen Dowd on Hillary Clinton...

3 States File Suit Over National Forests (CA,NM,OR)

Visualize Impeachment! I believe that Bush will be impeached.

Kerry stays in the Ohio Greens/Libertarians election theft lawsuit

Kerry And Hillary Are Wrong.

Countdown to insanity: On whom will Robertson & Falwell blame Katrina?

Is the Iraq War Still an Issue?

Katrina disaster: a BREAKDOWN of LEADERSHIP on a massive scale