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Archives: August 4, 2005

Preempting Cheney

Congress should prohibit cruelty, torture

Three ways to make us all safer

is it enough simply to rename it?

The nuclear weapons business is booming

Ed Scultz on the recent Ohio Congressional race

Raging Grannies Rage Against the Machine

Bush's fitness obsession is unsettling

Molly Ivins: "Excuuuuuuuuse me, that is public record"

How Britain helped Israel get the bomb

John Edwards Book Project

One Million Reasons to End the War in Iraq.




Hsieh says flights ban will be lifted - TW

Weather bureau issues sea warning as Typhoon Matsa roars toward Taiwan

Attack inevitable: Aussie ex-spy chief

Increase in schizophrenia among famine children

UK police release another suspect in failed bomb attacks

The nuclear weapons business is booming

Event celebrates seafaring culture

Steven Vincent assassinated - Warning Graphic

Investigation demanded into John Garang's death

Set up republic now: Wang - TW

Beijing's leaders should grow up

'Jerusalem raped by foreigners'

WTC 7 question.

When was the last time Corporate Media discussed the WTC7

I went to Ground Zero last week

Now heres an idea.

Irony in the candidate's name: HACK-it

Two quick questins re: Hackett Race==Thanks in advance.

Lost my "auditing an election 101" from Andy. Anyone have a copy?

Here's an audio link to the "What Went Wrong in Ohio" forum

CASE Ohio found some interesting data on the Hackett race

WOW! I just found an AMAZING election fraud website!!!

The D. A. A. came to my door this evening.

Big BLUE Barbecue Sunday August 7th - support Blue candidates

Progressive Democrats of San Diego August Meeting

Photos from the Lake Street Peace Vigil today

The Vets are in the House (dallas).

And just one more.

and then ther is this! Don't miss this opportunity. Frank Lloyd Wright.

Oshkosh Truck sales looking great

New world record for house-cleaning...

Carter bashing LTTE in my local paper.

So, we had some visitors from Spain.

So the only guy to perjur himself to congress the last 4 years is Palmeiro

God finally speaks

God in your inbox: I got this "Heavenly T-Shirt" spam ad today.

Coming news headlines ....

Orrin Hatch on the polygamy: I need help, if you please!

Here Is What A Part Of Your Iraq Investment Could Buy

Dateline NBC Friday 8pm: Laci, Elizabeth, Natalee ... Tamika ?

bush/bolton 'toon

*Turn up the heat on Roberts TODAY - contact your Congressional reps*

I'm mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

Pro-Invasion Civilians Who Regret Their Decision - Do You Support Them?

Cuckoo B quizzed aides about TV show, "Over There"

Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)

Bush works the equivalent of a 4 day or 32 hour week

Bush does another John Kerry plan

I WILL take pleasure in all forms of justice against these tyrants.

Question for those who follow dailykos (his stance on election fraud)

"The Situation" on MSNBC vs "The Situation Room" on CNN

The Republican Dictionary

"over there" next on fx (central time) n/t

What are your feelings on the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998?

Is it true that Tom DeLay once fought against pests?

BRILLIANT Bush statement today: "We are at war."

Phillips Exeter Academy, Public Education and "Intelligent" Design

Has anyone asked the fundies what the 'Judeo-Christian' values are?

Anybody watching Over There tonight?

Veterans for Peace

"Air America To Go Off The Air..."

"Partnership for a Competition-Free America"

The free republic discusses the 14 dead Marines

The "Abuse of Power." Is it just a FU to the rest of America saying "We

We need new models of organizing.

Preacher says Falwell putting lives of Christain missionaries at risk

Who's who of the activist left?

question, does fitzgeralds job as special prosecutor need to be renewed?

Vanity Fair floats allegations GOP chief Hastert took Turkish bribes

Paul Hackett's race numbers

I kinda like being a bleeding-heart liberal.

Is this quote accurate?

10 reasons not to move to Canada

Litmus test for president in 2008?

silly boy play dress up

Will all of you please support our Vetrerans for Peace, Please.

RW blogs going apeshit over Air America 'scandal'

Questions about the TV Show Over there

State Dept. CONTRADICTS Bushco spin about Iraq/no link to UK bombings

Does anybody know if was shut down?


Look into my crystal ball...

I think I might have walked out on my job today!

This is going to surprise, maybe shock you

Here is the facility where Judith Miller is being held.

What was so great about Reagan?

JustUs Sunday (II)

"Bush Vacations While Troops Die": I'm putting this sign on my car tmrw

General Ham says

Bolton booed outside the UN.... Has any other US appointment EVER been

I have a question about the religious right and Terri Schiavo

Chimpanzees For Change Stage White House Protest. Things Get Out Of Hand!

"If Crashcart attacks Iran" question number 1,345: what will Russia do?

Daniel Ellsberg on secrecy, and Sibel Edmonds interview

Was Elivis Demise into Drugs the first hint of how Corporatists Control?

"Newsless Night" on CNN....all Aruba all the time!

Whatever makes them think they could attack Iran?

This is the official Veterans for Peace Appreciation Thread.

Fill in the blank

All missing people all the time .... something happen in Iraq?

Yet another "licensed" gun-nut arrested for murder.....

Partnership for a Secure America launched today...trying to deflect BUSH

Edmonds Vanity Fair Damn

What is Paul Hackett had Baby Bush's military record? Can you imagine

Steven Vincent assassinated - Warning Graphic

How about a vacation appointment president?

Gingrich Says Ohio Race Holds Lesson for GOP - WaPo

The writer who wrote this article about Iraq was murdered 4 days later

Does anyone remember duct tape and plastic sheeting?

Congress going after a baseball player for perjury? Perfect

The DLC has it RIGHT! Democrats really do need to embrace war!

OH-02: The Cook Political Report post-mortem

Wednesday Night Truthseekers check in please

Do people know that the war in Iraq has not saved one american life

My brother's stepson is joining the service this week.

O’Reilly: I Would Execute Everyone At Gitmo

Novak quoted Gannon in his most recent attempt to smear Wilson

Republicans believe war is the solution...

If You Don't Mind What History Says About You . . .

Iran won't get nuked-too close to Israel.

We don't need MACHINES to vote..

Michael Savage says Bush's 5-week vacation is "obscene"...

Dead marines came from same Ohio-based battalion (Hackett's?)

3 days into August and the death toll is already 23

General Discussion vs. the Lounge - Hmmmm

ESPN; Congress to investigate Palmiero over steroids

Bush WARNS GOP on stem cells

Anybody hear George Noory last night on C to C??

Judith Miller Pardoned; Receives Highest Presidential Honor>>Satire

And so we continue...


More rage'n grannies pics!

Wacky RW site of the Week?

TX repukes withheld the money for (school text) books to "add momentum"

Admit You Lied, Bush!

Was there a TV show about Vietnam during Vietnam?

What time should kids start school every day?

Here Are Some of the Marines Who Died This week.......

The Bush Years Have Changed My Life. How Has Bushco. Impacted You?

any good recipes for zuchini or banana bread?

Cattle group says U.S. wants integrated market

Filter installed on Devils Lake diversion

The next Governor General...

Gov wants to Permanently Restrict Airspace over D.C.+wide area

Guilty: how the Brits allowed Islamic extremists to hijack the police in

Technology 'optimists' turn off TV -- study

Harvard Defendants Pay Over $31 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegat

U.S.-Allied Leader of Mauritania Overthrown

Two Men Convicted in Killing of Georgia Sheriff-Elect

Law enforcement keeping an eye on online white-supremacist firm in Texas

ESPN; Congress to investigate Palmiero over steroids

Roadside Bomb Kills 14 Marines in Iraq

DC Radio Host Claims Quran Teaches Muslims to Lie

Scientists say human bird flu pandemic preventable

King Abdullah Receives Oaths of Loyalty

Brain-dead woman dies after childbirth

Government targeting Iranians Americans, rights coalition says

NYT: Results Negative in 3rd Possible Case of Mad Cow

Labour steps back in push for ID cards (UK)

Nephew of Royals Manager Killed in Iraq

Process for Nat. Guard & Res. to File Employment Rights Complaints Sped Up

(Rep. Walter) Jones: Bush needs a 'playbook' in Iraq

Poll: Country Divided Over Iraq (12%:admin entirely truthful on CIA leak)

Marine killings in Iraq send new warning sign to Bush

Dems Heartened by Narrow Loss in Ohio

Vehicle targeted in attack on Marines better suited for beach landings

2004 Report (given anonymously to NYT) Found Faults in Use of Shuttle Foam

WP: Gingrich Says Ohio Race (Hackett) Holds Lesson for GOP

Bolton Says He's Listening, Not Talking

Asia Times: US salvoes across South Asia (playing Pakistan vs India)

Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga Forces To Join Iraqi Army

NYT: Corzine Gave $470,000 Loan to (girlfriend) Head of New Jersey Union

NYT: Dem Fund-Raiser Unit (Am. Coming Together) Curtailing Most Operations

WP: In Congress, the GOP Embraces Its Spending Side

NYT: Discovery of Stored Fetuses and Stillborns Roils France

cnn law center 8/3/05 5:53 pm "precedent works against white house"

Feds Search La. Congressman's Homes

NYT: Pentagon's New Goal: Put Science Into Scripts

US challenged over 'secret jails' (BBC)

LAT/AP: Astronaut May Face Another Shuttle Repair (torn thermal blanket)

Army 'link' in Tube shooting

Haitian-born Quebecker to be Canada's next governor-general

NYT: Insurgents Using Bigger, More Lethal Bombs, U.S. Officers Say

Police Chiefs Group Bolsters Policy on Suicide Bombers -WP

LAT: Roberts Worked on Behalf of Gay Activists (pro bono!)

Bush Makes It Clear Phrase Is 'War on Terror' (overrules advisers)

Ex-president Clinton calls for US pressure on Sudan

Two Iraq Veterans Commit Suicide Near Fort Hood

***Breaking***.....Bush caught in flagrante delicto!

Why are we here? Because we're here. Roll the Bones.

Turd Blossom attended mustard making college.

Seeing the humidity...

This is a longshot...anyone familiar w/ Bell&Howell Digital Cam?

My kids and husband have returned!

Is it possible to fill up on sushi?

Anybody tried "boobah tea?"

You push and push a people, what are they to do?

Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)

Moderate Voting Degrades Thinking Skills

What pisses you off?

nico ~ the end

Well, I was only a kid - didn't know enough to be afraid

I got my car running again!

I just about bought it today..... almost rolled the truck when the

Nothing to see here...

When do the kids in your area go back to school?

And my new job old job!

Dropped my laptop. Won't boot. I get a "memory write/rewrite failure"

Moderate thinking degrades voting skills.

Moderate thinking improves drinking skills.

ANOTHER repair??? Can we get the Japanese to build the next Shuttle?

Ugh, its hot

I have been enlightened by God spam. Ask me anything.

Rock Stars' Brats that Most Annoy You

I'm converting my whitewater raft into a fishing raft and

Your favorite Monkey

I'm in a really weird mood.

finished my last class before.....

dada daaaa da...da...da...dada daaaa da...da...da...dada daaaa da...da...

Fin. Almost.

Going to Monterey Ca. tomorrow

Technology 'optimists' turn off TV -- study

So I am dating a Republican...

Except for LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS...

There are drunk yuppies playing ball-hockey in my street!

Sometimes I just don't know

Anybody own a Malibu Maxx SS ? Curious to hear feedback on it.

What, to you, is the purpose of DU?

I am doing the happy dance!

Post here for some old school. Don't expect any pity! does someone 'Go as a virgin'

youthere makes ORGASMIC cake

Are there any mechanics in the forum?

Sam,I don't suppose we'll ever see them again.

March of the Penguins - should we go see it?

2 Posts to 500!

psssssssst...arcane1 is a sturgeon, pass it on...

Street gang in Montana

What is a good plant I can get now...

Just saw First Daughter on HBO. Was it a take on bush and his

Okay, the next person who posts using a vowel gets an ass kicking.

Okay, the next person who posts using a bowel gets an ass kicking.

"The Block and Blame Game" Democrats

Why should i respond to your response to this post

Brain dead woman kept on respirator to be Frist running mate

Pssst. Youse. Yeah, youse. C'mere. I got sumpin for ya.


YYYAAAAAYYYYY $1,200 For Removal Of Dead Tree On Friday!!

I just paid $2.719 for unleaded. What are y'all paying for gas?

Very cool picture. Trust me. It's a perspective thing.

I could spend the rest of my life posting big lebowski quotes in the loung

I need to be sent to Brat Camp

What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

For those of you who "just might have" missed it...Mr Baby Panda is awake!

March of the Lemmings - should I go join it?

Ahh, who remembers Walkin in the Rain by Oran Juice Jones.

The Young Man Who Fell Off the Fenris Wheel

Like Chappelle's Show? Bad News

I brought back from Minnesota...

Sheer bliss (kitty pic)

I knew you, sunset, when you were still a sunrise...

Your Favorite Movie(s) so Far This Year ?

Ok. Let's smile.

The Young Man Who Fell Off the Ferris Wheel

"Life is like a mop...

Well damn, Moran won't run for governor

Sirius or XM?

has anyone been watching FX tonight or last night?

Is the Graham Norton show coming back?

"Skeleton Key?" That makes no sense.

self delete

Do the latest iPods still put gaps between the tracks when you play them?

Attention collectors! What's the strangest thing you collect?

My popularity thread is more popular than your popularity thread.

self respect

What is considered to be an appropriate Bar Mitzvah gift?

Grandbaby Update

Gimp guru for the photo-challenged

Popularity is for Poops...

Lock this thread

self abuse

Ha ha ha ha ha! KitchenWitch's thread got locked!

Hey, Progmom! Ever notice that

If it's "Grilling" how come they call in BBQ sauce?

Do you ever freeze your soda?

I have a deep, dark secret about Progmom

This *is* a popularity thread

It's Wednesday night...


Fourth floor ledge and no safety harness


Avoiding the flu

The Society of American Florists

Lucinda Williams on Letterman now.

Damn those Laura Dern cookies!!

What was the name of that Mike Oldfield album..."Tubular Bulge"?

anyone have any love for a newbie?

anyone have any love for an oldie?

Anyone have any love for someone who's been around awhile?

This is a tubular thread.

The Big Lebowski Random Quote Generator

Gosh darn those Lorna Doone cookies.

Speaking of commericials...which ones grate on your last nerve?

Moderate drinking improves thinking skills

Paging Wil Pitt because

Sirius' prednisone munchies. This is too weird!

little omie ~ the case against is a long one...

I didn't get the job :(

Anyone have any love for someone who's been here awhile?

"Pure Hell.", that's how my kid Bro describes Iraq

Is today bizarre non-sequitur day in the lounge?

1500 dollars for a leather bustier? I didn't care, it lifts and separates.

A co-worker's brother sold his business for $1.25 million.

Photo: Bush, about to blow chunks next to Thomas Jefferson Freedom Award

This is not a popularity thread

Our parakeet just died

I hereby declare it to be SMILE WEEK!!!

how would YOU like a five week vacation?

How do your pets thank you?


Anybody tried "boba tea?"

Anyone own a Malibu Maxx SS? Curious to hear feedback.

"His girlfriend gave up her toe!"

Is it snark night in the Lounge?

So he says "My wife's a pain in the ass. She's always busting my friggin'

I'm losing Amanda

real ultimate hotness

Who is the "hottest" cartoon ever?

People I THINK you could STAND to hear LESS AbouT.

The 90's or the 00's?

Memories! I just spoke with the brother of the first boy I ever loved... long before I get an anti-Peta reply?

So I'll be in court tomorrow

Uh oh, dragging out the steak photos in GD.

Damnit - Local Pit Bull Ban.

Why are some people SO hostile to veggies?

Increase in schizophrenia among famine children

Jays beat the White Sox,again.

Yay! Sox win! Pinstripes lose! but Manny got bangeds up in collision with

Derek Lowe. You shithead.

Should Gaylord Perry be kicked out of the HOF?

Jesse's Pee Problems

John Kerry owed an apology from Bush and Cheney

does this fireplace belong to any of you?

Is this wrong?


How about a old fashioned AIM Kerry chat?

Kerry bashing toning down?

A sculpture in a garden.

KOEB, Where are you?

Wow, now we REALLY know Keith's on vacation!

Only 11 more days to the 70th anniversary of the Social Security Act...

Question: In that congressional race yesterday, is it the case that

Is there proof the election was honest?

5518 extra ballots cast in Hamilton county?

What Do You Think Paul Hackett's Next Move Will Be?

let's take one dead and imagine...

Hey Truth Seekers! Listen to Guns & Butter audio/9/11 Truth Convergence.

Gingrich Says Ohio Race Holds Lesson for GOP - WaPo

In order to restore honor and dignity to the White House

Does this sound familiar: "We're in a war . . . soldiers die!"

Cindy Sheehan and Dennis Kyne to take PEACE TRAIN to DC

Newsflash: Bin Laden still at large!

A special "Thank You" letter from Hackett to the people at DFA!

Probably already made the rounds: Ted Nugent for governor?

Why doesn't Dean work with Arnebeck on election fraud?

OC Weekly: Same Cox, New Box!

The Source Beyond Rove- Condoleezza Rice at the Center of Plame Scandal

I work for a company that services a big-box store with.....

A great point someone posted on Usenet about Bush, Bolton, and Vacation...

Rightwingers, 'News' Sites Fall Hook, Line & Sinker for ACVR Scam Report

I hear Biden said Dean doesn't speak for him (on Daily Show)

Newsweek: Roe's Army Reloads

Help Take Back the House in 2006!

Bush dumps the "struggle against extremists" as his war mantra

Election fraud: We need to have this discussion right now

The manager of the Kansas City Royals lost his nephew in Iraq today

Where is Ken Lay?

Charlie Rangel's 75th Birthday Party

Which Big Name Dems showed up to stump for Hackett in Ohio?

The Draft Hackett for US Senate Movement

WP 8/3/05; "demand for intelligence led to abuse"

Do the Clintons know how to win a presidential election?

I've said this before but we still need to discuss it

Journalist murdered in Iraq wrote critically of Basra on 7/31 in NYT

Discussion with an RNC staffer.

Did anyone see the Edwards speech from 2001 that was on CSPAN today?

My councilman has been charged with cocaine possession (Michigan)

How could an Iraq vet lose in a republican area?

Dean: Hackett race proves 50-state strategy works

I think Clark might be the Democratic nominee in '08

Libertarianism? An alternative way?

IT WAS AN HONOR----Reflections on trekking to OH for the Hackett campaign

Collecting incidents of US gov. terrorism upon US citizens

did power really go out and then come back on and Schmidt won?!?!?!?!?!

Condensed Poll: Hillary, Kerry, Gore, Clark,Biden, Unknown. Bolton, 'the Undesirable One'

Bringing the bacon home to Nevada

Cindy Sheehan: Where Do I Live?

Shoot-'Em-In-The-Head Policy Retroactively Justified

Got breast milk? Calif. firm seeks donations

A new credo for the hyperpower

"Curtain of Secrecy" Elaine Chao and punishing journalist

San Diego: Meet Your Local Atheist

Okay, NOW I Am Really Pissed!

Self Delete

Being Intelligent About Intelligent Design

"Cheney's Deadly Last Throes"-John Nichols-The Nation

Sources close to Chicago Fed GJ...indictments handed down?

David Corn (Tom Paine): Perks Of A One-Party Town

Preempting Cheney by Ray McGovern

The (Dem) Message Thing- By JIM WALLIS of Sojourners magazine

FAIR's Public Release RE:Roberts in Newsweek

Democrats, change your ways - By Joan Vennochi, Globe Columnist

"Anonymous Lies From Anonymous Sources"--from The Nation

Le Monde diplomatique: My country 'tis of thee (American Nationalism)

Peace Corps Option for Military Recruits Sparks Concerns

A Progressive, a Brontosaurus, and the Science of Intelligent Design

More About Those Nuclear Attack Speculations

Global Eye - Blood and Gravy - By Chris Floyd

My newspaper column for this week: He forgot Poland! (xpost)

ACLU: Supremes must review Edmonds whistleblower case

Forget the War? Many Can't - Herbert

“What Went Wrong with Liberalism?” by Douglas S. Massey

How Bush's Berlin Ambassador Pick Profited from Protective Tariffs

Why America Hates Liberals

a free CD on election issues for activists to copy and distribute

Greenpeace action on Exxon-Mobil...

Here's what I just sent to all TX media outlets:

a humble suggestion for 2006 campaigns

TAKE ACTION: Help Find the Missing Democrats

Oh cripes!!! How incestuously masturbatory can puff piece get???

Charlie Rangle on Randi

Current Sirius subscribers who are also AAR fans. Others please bypass.

Robert McChesney on NOW - Aug. 5/05

Resistant Bacteria Returning From Iraq With Wounded Soldiers - NYT

Tanks that once stored high sulfur fuels can contaminate low sulfur fuels.

No Precedent In Past 11,000 Years For Larsen B Ice Shelf Collapse

WA State Gov. Warns On Duwamish River Fish - Extremely High PCB Levels

French Government Report Projects World Oil Peak In 2013 - BBC

Judge rules nearly 1 million acres off limits to grazing

Toyota to add 10 hybrids to lineup

Can someone tell me about zinc-air batteries?

Israel and apartheid: echoes of South Africa

Israeli Gunman kills 4 on Israeli bus

Israeli lynched after bus killing

Israeli lynched after bus killing--BBC

Israeli lynched after bus killing (BBC News)

Israel sets West Bank settlement expansion

Israeli Soldier kills four civilians on Gaza bus

Have the underwriters paid out on WTC yet?

If You Are Weighing the Possibility That 9/11 Was False Flag...

Please Don't Water The Weeds In The Garden Of Truth.

Video of interviews with DRE Vendors from NJ demonstration

Did anyone see Blackwell and Sherrod Brown on Hardball?

Whether or not you think the vote was hacked is missing the point

CA SOS decertify Diebold because of 10% error rate

Please see my cross post on FAITH BASED ELECTIONS

WOW! I also found an amazing election fraud website!

Ohio Clermont Rumors – Get the FACTS

a SolarBus free event next week

"Stolen Elections? Get Over It" thread makes "Greatest": my response.

Honest question: if the vote is on paper but tabulated by computer, are we


Arnie Returns Indian Casino Donation

Dickhead Romney using babies as pawns in his anti-gay agenda

where's my favorite fed

"God Hate Fags" group protests Marine funeral

Poll: 3rd district (Ramstad's) voters oppose privatization by wide margin

Ask DFA to support Scott Mortenson

Normie in the Hamptons. Screech at MN Farmfest

Tell Jim Ramstad to represent 3rd district and oppose SS privatization!!!

"List of useful, free software" . . .

I need help with my laptop

I need a little help reloading win 98Me os

Hayseeds and wackos in the Republican caucus won't support Third Frontier

Central Ohioans--Dublin Irish Festival this weekend

Ken Blackwell makes me sick

Cindy Sheehan invites you to join Crawford event -8/6

Mining equipment moved from former Exxon headquarters

Thinking of moving to Wisconsin: What cities should I look at?

"We Forgive You"

Alert to Dems and repugs; it's time

Is it possible to bring charges against an entire political party???

Case over tainted breast milk is a struggle for judges

Picked this up on dailykos concerning Hastert:

Dobson Compares Stem Cell Research to Nazis

3 from 48th killed in Iraq-reported in Atlanta Journal-Constitution

additional questions for Biblical literalists/fundamentalists....

Please help me on "judicial activism"

Tomgram: A Young Man's Death in Iraq

Which Party do you think would be most likely to "fix" an election..?

I swear it looks like * is sitting on the can in this pic

Who else thinks the DNC and DLC are infested with undercover freepers?

look what our poor soldiers have to do......

DLC jockeying to create 3rd party?

Can we assume that U.S. Intelligence Agencies knew about the coup?

Vanity Fair: Hastert took Bribes from FBI Target


Hackett formula/How to win in GOP districts

A Rumsfeld quote

Blessing the Bombs

Pentagon report on Guantanamo deaths is being buried.

"I kept saying 'Help me, help me', but no one did" (Guardian)

more religious wrong hypocracy

Christian "News advisory": Scientific evidence says God created universe

Cindy Sheehan: 'Where Do I Live'...sometimes I wonder too

Imams Facing More Scrutiny in Europe

My short sally to an office repuke

weren't/aren't there major questions about the death of DPearle????

since the war is lost, will that change our 'foreign policy' at all?

President Makes It Clear: Phrase Is 'War on Terror'

The New Know-Nothings

Famous Patriotic bush Quotes: "Damn the Torpedos, I'm on Vacation"!

If Hackett returns to Iraq as he mentioned on Al's show today...

A question - Whatever happened to the Truth Squad?

"HONK IF YOU HATE BUSH" bumper stickers . . .

Writers Group Won't Give Judith Miller an Award After All

Moonie Times Smears Air America

smart ass opportunity: When was your last working vacation?

"It's not who votes that counts . . . it's who counts the votes!" . . .

What runs through the shrubs veins?

Try to invent the FOX News distraction of all distractions

Pope's brother whisked to hospital for pacemaker

Video of Jones blasting bullhorn at Parliament

I have an interesting opportunity

Computer geek question: does anyone know why these emails come ?

COLMES's Wife and Other sL-IMUS Trivia

i seen on the local news this morning

Is Fitzgerald's time up?

Basra Assassins in Police cars - Steven Vincent dead - Pg 7 (tiny box)

54 KIA in July, already 27 in August.... Last throes... Where is Cheney?

Journal reveals Hitler's dysfunctional family

A View Of Iraq From A Soldier

Republicans DO NOT honor or support our Vets they support big

*shakes head* 10 Helpful Hints from HSLDA

Handy Hypocrisy Links for Bush and Rafael Palmeiro's Steroid Abuse

OK... so what's with this "moran" stuff? The correct spelling...

Looking for links about the bill McCain and others put together re torture

Help me respond to this letter!

Dem's 2006/2008 platform ?

Can you imagine the shrub's work after 08? What will he F U next?

Nevermind WMD, we've got bomb-grade uranium to sell

America has spoken. We dont' want this war. But that's too fuckin' bad

Joe Wilson will be on Ray Taliafero's show today

Buy Blue ranks Barnes+Nobles @ 100% Blue

Russian Researchers Claim to Have Solved Mystery of Crop Circles

I like this Johnny Wendell guy that's filling in for Stephanie Miller..

After 10-Year Hiatus, Pentagon Eyes New Landmine

Imagine if Clinton lost 14 Marines in an amphibious vehicle in a desert!!

DU this poll..It needs help!

RNC just called me for $$$ - Need 60-40 Senate

(VIDEO) Daily Show on King Fahd's death and the Energy Bill

A chink in the armor

Ummm..Ann Richards??

A more benign view of the non-political America

Who will GW give a dunce cap to for "global struggle against violent

ooh oooh! Bolton's on CNN!

I find it amazing....

Ohio Town Mourns Sons Killed in Iraq

Limpballs and the troops

Poor Katherine Harris

The Message Thing ... (by Jim Wallis)

The Comfortable Life

Staff Sgt. James D. McNaughton, 27, of Middle Village, N.Y.

Who leaked Ralston's testimony about WH logs?

Jung's family forces his biographer to 'correct' sex claims

Home-buying salary gap wider (in CA)

Onion: White House Denies Existance of KKKarl Rove

I'm sick of these oil companies--Let's help EXPOSE exxon!!!!

CLG Chair (Mike R.) and Lori comment on Kerry fundraising email...

New Zawahiri Tape Surfaces. Thanks God Bush Killed These Damn Terrorists!

Republican Crime Blotter for Thursday

Ohio Familes Fed Up with Loss..Headline changed

The substitues for both Jerry Springer and Stephanie Miller are GREAT

How inane is MSNBC? Recent

queen touring?

Yay! John Roberts is Pro-Gay

Al-Qaida threatens U.S. and UK........a new video.

No success with embryonic stem cells? Need to refute for LTTE

Remind me again why people are anti-euthanasia?

Sibel Edmunds affair is no less relevant then Plame outing!

Jay Marvin Appreciation

Oh, those wacky Republicans!

Life at Crawford the week before bush arrives

Coming home: Iraq vets carry new drug-resistant bacteria

After 10-Year Hiatus, Pentagon Eyes New Landmine

Simple idea for a new bumpersticker :

Peggy Noonan fans, rejoice!

Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) under investigation....

Job cuts in July surge 48% from 2004

John Roberts represented pro-gay rights group. Pro-bono. In 1996.

A Parable For Our Time

My fiancee just took a step

Space Shuttle: Protruding protection blanket deemed safe

Rottweiler Mauls Calif. Toddler to Death

People For The American about Roberts. The man is SCARY!!

Strategy for White House correspondent questions.

The Billboard Project in Austin, TX

OK: Cherokee Nation Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Same-sex Marriage

Two Iraq Veterans Commit Suicide Near Fort Hood

Conditions at Camp Crawford “shocking and inhumane” inmates complain

Are the chess pieces being set for the next big War?

Porn tax vs. freedom of expression

Caption these * pictures

Hannity & Colmes Snubs US Troops killed from Ohio

Artist conception of Abu Gharib tortures [WARNING!!! EXPLICIT GRAPHICS!]

Who is paying for the Rove aides legal bills?

Are Violence and Extremism Islamic Phenomena?

Original link to Doctorow essay on Bush

How does Maury Povich get away with this shit???

Is anyone watching the new TV series OVER THERE? (on FX)

The war is starting to hit home

So Congress is going to investigate Palmeiro?

do you need a Costco membership to have RX filled there

A song for the Doctors at Gitmo

Violence in I the only one who finds this disturbing

Bush v. Greenpeace---Greenpeace a criminal organization

Has anybody ever seen a member of Al Qaeda in person?

Why Crawford, Texas?

Most "enlightening".

VILE deleted by IP, due to VIOLATION OF U.S. LAW

How's the RW Media's "Truth Tour" going?

Regarding the recent DU debate on the use of nuclear weapons against Japan

ANOTHER Marine killed in the same valley

Ohio Families Fed Up With Loss of Marines - Newsday

Four more dead marines......

How many marines are there in total?

America loves the underdog

Martha went to yoga class: now gets 3 more wks. of home detention

Along the lines of Jeff Foxworthy's routine"You might be a Redneck if..."

The bomb that killed the 14 Marines was Russian made ?

Carlyle Group Engineers SS&C Takeover

Three U.S. troops killed in Baghdad car bomb ( reference)

No One Wants To Admit It. But, Clinton's Blow Job DID Cost Us ALL!

The real on President *!

Stripes letters: one, telling, the other, NBC, shame on you

New York Post gives Rupert Murdoch's departing son an $18 million goodbye

The Freepi have picked up the LAT article about Roberts and Gay Rights

In case you missed it... is GONE.

What the hell is this all about?

MSNBC: "Marines hit hardest in Iraq • Ohio families fed up"

A revolutionary low-tech voting system

Good Question here: "Why tinfoil hat?"

When life hands you a rival lemonade stand ....

We're fighting them over their, so we don't

Faith hope and treachery

Caption This (Columbus Dispatch 8/3/05, Bush)

How to settle the issue of "Intelligent Design/ Creationism"

Right-Wind Bumper Sticker

Chief: Handcuffing Girl Not a Violation

Federal Leak Case Has Formidable Grand Jury -- It’s Mainly Black Women

Lets see-Drudge reports the "liberal" media looking into Roberts adoption

Text of excerpts of al-Zahawri video (such as sweet message)

Rummy explaining why death of Marines is really all worth it. CNN

Who would be the "weakest" Democrat we could nominate...?

The Authentic Texan Plays Host (CAPTION)

Will this war still be going on when the next Democrat is sworn in...?

I'm not sure I like this article about Fitzgerald.

Rep. Jim McCrery (R-La) Bill 3304 - Private SS Accounts

where you live, do you pay for gas first or do you fill up 1st?

West coast warriors shut down

Wife wanted to Cuddle,Husband wanted to watch sports

"God Has Become America's Terrorist,/Killing Americans in Strange Lands."

Bolton speaks! Looks like we are invading Syria and Iran...

My mother got a call from the RNC today...

I didn't think it was possible to despise Rush Limbaugh any more.

My Tube bomb only had flour in it, says suspect

Is there something about Katherine Harris that we don't know?

An intersting take on corporations, America, and the future

Knights of Columbus:Roe v Wade not "settled", urge Roberts up-or-down vote

In light of the fact that the NYT is investigating Roberts adoptions

1827 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Congress needs to control its 'roid rage (Keith Olbermann)


Race a factor in loss of job

Testing the waters..

What spectacular event will occur as Fitz announces findings??

just had and interesting tet' a tet' ....

Bush on telephone: CNN

Eleanor Cook, finger snap Jackson jurror is writing a book.

What's a funny response to the freeper email that is a "joke"

Bush and Rafael Palmeiro

Did Air America lose an affiliate?

Military Moms and Dads Bus caravan to Crawford - Make him WORK!

So, HONESTLY, how do you guys think we will end up in the Senate in '06

Howard Dean: Bush doesn't think much of the Christian Coalition

proposed non-official DU rule

29 jailed as feds crack Oxycontin ring of Miami-Dade school employees

Heard it on NPR

Novak just walked off the set

I just sent this email to the Al Franken show

When "they" say, "You have a better chance of being hit by Lightning..."

Yahoo Hears Call of Audio Search

Freepers on SCOTUS nominee gay rights work

How long until O'Really has a Morton Downey Jr. like meltdown?

Will the Dem establishment learn ANYTHING from Hackett?

Anyone heard of Dave Zirin? Author of "Whats My Name Fool" whaddaya think?

Dr. Suess on Speed

Novak WALKED OFF the SET!!!

Israeli lynched after bus killing

Did I just see/hear Bob Novak on CNN just say, "That's bullshit,,"

CSPAN2 Anti War Rally with Maxine Waters NOW

Iran had a public execution of two teenaged gay boys...Condi has no commen

Crooks & Liars: "I've been informed by our French Spies that Robert Novak

it is time to dissemble the NRA...

Have I mentioned lately how much.....

My newspaper column for this week: Poland and R&R

Any scoop on why *Feith* is resigning his post..

We've seen katherine harris out and about in tallahassee and

Is there anything in the Bible that addresses when life begins?

WH unsure of Iraq TV drama "Over There" -- Bush to watch it in Crawford?

God just flushed all the pottymouths in the building at once.

My LTTE in the Austin American Statesman

FCC email ? regarding Novak

NRCC's/Freepers"MANDATE From America" Survey & Results:

paul hackett, cincinnati, and my family

Caption this Bolton pic...

Novak video on media matters

Somewhere Ms. Harris, the world's tiniest violin is playing for you...


Jon Stewart's guest tonight...

So far no coverage of Novak

Novak video clip now up on Crooks and Liars

Novak is a coward.

Don't mail the FCC - Mail CNN

Rumsfeld Shoots Blanks To Congress !!!

Does hypnosis work?

Today's Mother Goose editorial cartoon

Plamegate Blast from Past - Rove Smears Durbin, Outs Gay ABC reporter

Dumb protest warriors bumper sticker

Do Not Look Directly at Dear Leader

Another reason to miss the Trudeau days in Canada

Mike Tyson/Porn????

Can we get some letter writing campaign going to CNN re- Novak?

"... an entire Noah's Ark of scam-artists." -- The Judy Miller legacy

Grab your tinfoil hat Lyndon Larouche is on Jeff Rense tonight:

Should dog owners and their dogs be registered like sex offenders?

Matt is laughing all the way to the bank.

Santorum against "Intelligent Design" being taught

Signs of cocaine found in child killed in shootout

OK...I have one question about Novak's big moment...

Who's following HR 181? (mandatory mental health screenings)

Was Novak loaded or not?

I am satisfied with the government, the country and its military

How did Judge Roberts get them Swedish kids in South America?

Did ABC World News Tonight just play a clip of one of the Discovery...

Be Still my Beating Heart! Novak shows he is a baby. Thread 435 hahaha

Who really cares that Novak said "Bullshit" on TV?


Novakula gets Carvilled.... Video watch & enjoy!

It's official. I'm now convinced. Rick Santorum is as GAY as Chrismas.

Clinton balanced the budget

Wonkette..."Novak takes his lack of balls and goes home"

Pressure getting to Novak?... [Walks off CNN set when questioned]

Former generals interviewed on The NewsHour about the Marines

Idaho-to-NC door-to-door salesperson just visited

Ordinance from Iran intercepted in Iraq??

help Sen. Byrd counter the GOP negative ad blitz

Why do RWers always insist that they are not being allowed to talk?

Marriage limitations

Katherine Harris: Separated at birth?


Iraqi gov't complains Kuwait taking their oil

Anybody Else Having Problems Using The Search Function ???

so what's with the santorum crack-up i keep hearing about?

CNN Gives Novak a Time Out

hahaha - Please DU THIS REPUKE POLL -- Hillary or McCain for Pres

Bushjr to give a series of speeches to sell the war - redux

DU this poll

Complain about NOVAK swearing on CNN here

Specter, Stem Cells, and JFK: Some Things Never Change

Deadbeat dad question...

Just came across an interesting article on gaming

DSM, Rove , Iraq, Torture Photos

What Were They Afraid Bush Would Say While Trying to Pronounce...

Katherine Harris: STOP colorizing my photos!!!

Bush: "Completing the Mission"

Cost of Iraq War August 4th- $185,283,666,333

What could bring the world together?

Tweety with parents of dead soldier

Randi Rhodes' has got a live one (Right winger anti-choice stalker)

Another 5 Marines were killed in Iraq today

So the "Douchebag of Liberty" ends up having something in common....

Novack, CNN and the FCC

US Media not accurately reporting Al Zawahiri statement

Novak tells Cargile "I think that's bullshit!" and walks off the CNN set

The more depressing news I read, the more I ask myself:

Benson nails another one.

Anti Iraq War Music Video - new download links

A really good theory of what happened with Novakula today

Maybe Novakula had to barf?

DU this poll re: naming 16th Street in DC to R.Reagan Blvd

Is it a WAR?

DU this poll on Roe v Wade please

Fired CIA agent seeks FBI probe of WMD intelligence

I have just watched the Novak Video

WHO are you looking at, Bob Novak?

From NARAL...Watch HBO's Documentary about Operation Rescue.

need info on the Planned mental diagnosis and forced medication program

How Many Of You Know Republicans That Refused To Vote Bush?

So which DUer will be filming the Sep. Protest for Current TV?

Would Bush Interrupt His Vacation If Indictments Are Made?

Happy Birthday Helen Thomas!!!

I Wonder If Novak's Asininity Was In Time For Tonight's Daily Show?

Every time I see the coward, Bush, talking tough on TV, it makes me boil

Environmental damage on Earth seen from shuttle

Do you regard the Iraqi government as legitimate?

Boosh: " The Iraqis want to live in a free society.

BREAKING NEWS Rehnquist has been taken to the hospital

What was the last truly worthy war?

Donald Rumsfeld In A Speedo

Just realized something....

Utah lightning strike kills 1 Scout, injures 3

Any news from the Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus?

Man Accused Of Tossing Son's Puppy Off 5th Floor Balcony

Should new babies' parents be required to take child-rearing

PHOTO: First Lady Laura chats with First Lady of Colombia

Should pregnant women be required to have prenatal medical

Wow...I got a reply from Helen Thomas!

you can make americans believe any damn wacky idea at all

Should new dog owners be required to take dog behavior classes?

Roberts adoption...

Republican Schmidt Takes 4% Lead Over Democrat Hackett in Final 22 Minutes

Did Hackett really lose or was this a repeat of Ohio Nov 2 2004?

Bush Says Iraq Deaths Will Not Shake US Resolve

Cindy Sheehan goes to Crawford!!

Vonage users; how much do you pay in fees and taxes?

And the next high-vis right-wing meltdown will come from...

So when Bush sends home the ground troops, right before the 2006 elections

George Orwell would be shocked

U.S. Woman Admits Killing Banker Husband

TANQUERAY? Boodles? Crown & 7? What is NOVAK'S lunch pleasure?

Flight attendant fired: "Potential terrorist, made fun of Bush, ethnic."

"I'm all for protection but this is getting a little bit ridiculous."

I oppose Congress investigating Rafael Palmerio

My ears are still ringing

Glaring example of Republican Christo-facist hypocrisy in action

If Bush had to answer one question TRUTHFULLY...

Limbaugh desperately trying to explain Roberts' pro-bono work for gays

I love Jim Lampley. He is great as substitute host on the Ed Schultz show

Today! 8/04. Must see TV!!! Democracy Now! Wilson interviewed


Next time you hear a Freeper bash France or call them cowardly, etc.

I'm on AAR today to explain why Election defenders are dead wrong

Men - Where's your push for a male birth control pill?

I did a presentation on the Downing Street Memo in class today.

Blogging live from Young Democrats of America National Conference...

Police: Handcuffing (5 year old) girl not a violation

If you offshore even one job that could allow an American to live,

Murray Waas links Miller, WMD, Plame and WHIG on "Democracy Now"

I'm an adopted person of color

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch -PIX->>>

Toyota going "green" with hybrids? What CRAP.

A fate worthy of a tinfoil hatter ..... O YE OF LITTLE FAITH !

Latest Right-wing talking point: Hackett hid his Democratic label

OK Military Folks... You Tell Me... Is This Guy An " Armed US Soldier"?

Who Do You Consider A Twenty-First Century Paul Revere? Are You One?

Before the 'Hackett Wuz Robbed' train gets really rolling...

TOONS: Intelligent Design Edition 8/4

Randi, you are wrong today

I asked a Repub today which side he rooted for when BCCI was investigated

Is Katherine Harris involved in an extramarital affair with Rick Renzi?

Sibel Edmonds: Reveals content of the FBI intercepts Re: 9-11

Novak walk-out video link

Was bombing Hiroshima really needed? New research suggests it wasn't.

Rottweiler Mauls Calif. Toddler to Death

Santorum loses it on the Brian Leher Show...

Very Important -- Help Larisa publicize Sibel Edmonds story

Does anyone do the long, slow cooking thing with green beans?

Will this pizza stone work?

Help! Problem with the Kitchen Aid!

Last Cdn. Victoria Cross winner dies

Maxwell avoids eviction with aid of 'white knight'

The Ashes Thread: England V Australia 2nd Test

HEyHEY in the U.K.?

Cherie may face inquiry for 'cashing in' on name

The Cult of the Suicide Bomber – part 1 - Channel 4, 4 Aug 2005 21:00

Labour admits ID card "oversell"


Galloway's "gone native", and - guess what - I don't blame him

Iraq Will Have Parliamentary System

Fired CIA agent seeks FBI probe of WMD intelligence

Bush Says U.S. To Remain In Iraq

NYT:Civil Liberties Union Prepares Lawsuit Challenging Random Searches.. .

Vanity Fair: An Inconvenient Patriot (Sibel Edmonds ties Hastert to crime)

Yahoo/AFP: Troops oust leader of Mauritania

(Haiti-born) Jean called 'inspired choice' for governor general (Canada)

Porter back from Guantanamo: NV congressman says many captives are `happy

Newmont readies for trial that could send executive to jail for decade

COINGATE: Noe lavished gifts on political bigwigs.

Exhibit Traces Voting Rights Act History

Marine Killed by Small Arms Fire in Ramadi

London bombs 'set off by mobiles'

New Support-The-Troops Fund Seeks Money

Amphibious vehicle easy prey in Iraq (14 dead Marines' vehicle)

Marines Have One of Roughest Jobs in Iraq

Democratic fund-raising organization curtailing most operations

Governor returns big contribution from Indian gambling group

Al-Zawahiri Threatens London in New Tape (says Iraq will be like Vietnam)

Pope's brother whisked to hospital for pacemaker

Move to commercialise breast milk

U.S. Woman Admits Killing Banker Husband

NYT: Toyota Develops Hybrids With an Eye on the Future

Another Marine Killed in Same Iraq Valley

Aide of Iraqi deputy PM (chalabi) killed in Baghdad

WP: FBI Searches Louisiana Congressman's Homes (Wm. Jefferson, D.)

Three more members of National Guard's 48th killed in Iraq

LAT: Slain Writer Was Investigating Graft (in Basra - officials involved?)

(Breaking) Al-Qaida's #2 Man Makes Threat to U.S., Britain (new video)

Katherine Harris: Papers Doctored Makeup In Photos

Hil stomps Pirro, Cox in poll (2006 NY Senate)

Galloway 'puts troops at risk'

Cloned dog raises fears

NATO to relieve U.S. in Afghanistan next year

Withdraw troops from Iraq: London Mayor

Iraq's national psyche traumatised -- doctor

Pentagon's New Goal: Put Science Into Scripts (NYT)

environmental damage on earth can be seen from space shuttle

Chevron paid Nigerian troops after alleged killings

Qaeda's Zawahri warns Britain, U.S. of more attacks

Police group oks shooting suicide bombers in head

Rottweiler Mauls Calif. Toddler to Death

Cindy Sheehan goes to Crawford!!

Florida steps into Oceana fray, offering defunct base (Bush's Payoff??)

Galloway praises Iraq 'martyrs' - (has he gone too far this time?)

Roberts Failed to Disclose Lobbyist Work

Report: Roberts Instrumental In Winning Gay Rights Case

Three U.S. troops killed in Baghdad car bomb

Bush: al-Qaida Threat Won't Deter U.S.

Al Qaeda threatens more UK, U.S. attacks

US's Bolton warns Iran, Syria over Iraqi border

Minister says Iraqis will have continuous power supply in 2008

Plan would subsidize razing of peach trees

Killer's Remains Buried at Arlington

White House Watch:Bracing for new Rove attacks(Rove is cool as a cucumber)

US State Department: We were not aware of news of PKK offices in Kirkuk

Segregation-Era Agency's Files Unsealed

Veterans tell Senator Murray system straining to meet their needs

Delaware senator believes Iraq will get tougher before it gets easier

U.S. civil-liberties board struggles into existence

(Pentagon) 'Hold' attributed to Snowe

Israeli Soldier kills four civilians on Gaza bus

Bush's Ranch Serves Down-Home Diplomacy

NYPD 'regrets giving bomb detail'

Black market fuels slaughter of eagles for cherished parts

Canada names new Govenor General, she will be the first black in post.

NYT: Roberts Helped to Shape 80's Civil Rights Debate (voting rights)

Bush calls on Congress to pass Social Security reform

Isreali soilder just shot up a bus!!!

Rep. Harris Says Papers Doctored Photos

Israeli soldier opens fire on Arab bus passengers

U.S. to announce new charges in Pentagon probe

China Plans To Have A Quarter Of The Country Forested By 2020

Israeli lynched after bus killing--BBC

GI Pleads Guilty to Mistreating Detainee

General says no headway made in search for bin Laden

Israeli lynched after bus killing (BBC News)

Anybody-but-Katherine search continues as Bense rejects run

Pro-Israel lobbyists charged in US Pentagon case

U.S. Warns Iran Against Resuming Nukes

Macomb community decides on name for Iraq war (choose "Iraq")

Pressure getting to Novak?... [Walks off CNN set when questioned]

Chief Justice William Rehnquist goes to hospital with a fever

Former Ambassador Urges U.S. Officials To Leak More Memos

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 4 August

(Homeland) Security spending remains shrouded

Bush Holds Latin American Ally at Ranch

BBC: Shuttle crew see damage on Eart

Venezuela giving guns to FARC, official says

Afghanistan: 1 US Servicemember Killed, 1 Injured in IED Strike

Jordan uncovers al Qaeda plot to attack U.S. troops

Marine recruit dies; second death at San Diego base this week

Peter Ricketts resigns from Ameritrade to pursue public service (Senate)

Roberts makes a correction ( Admits He Registered as Lobbyist)

Rehnquist has been taken to the hospital

DoD Identifies Navy Casualty (#1827)

LAT: Disease Traced to Extreme Weather (study: link to global warming?)

Doctors Use Patients' Own Stem Cells to Build New Blood Vessels

Iraq presents plan to fight insurgents (Reuters)

BREAKING NEWS: Al-Qaida's al-Zawahri threatens

Drudge: NYT investigates adoption records of SC nominee's children

Santorum made inquiries for nursing home, official says (Scandal?)

Iraq's national psyche traumatised -- doctor

Rumsfeld: London Attacks Not Retaliation

Robert Novak Walks Off CNN Set

U.S. Defends Operations in Western Iraq

(Santorum) Leading Republican differs with Bush on evolution

Authors snub new science standards

U.S. Sending Afghans Detainees Home (from Gitmo and Bagram)

Collapse of Antarctic ice shelf could have global effects

Shipment of high explosives intercepted in Iraq

Strong U.S. ties crucial to Colombia, Uribe says

Amnesty Int'l slams U.S. secret detentions

ACLU: Supremes must review Edmonds whistleblower case

CNN Suspends Novak After He Walks Off Set

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Three U.S. soldiers died in a roadside bombing

Analyst, lobbyists charged in Pentagon probe (Reuters)

Governor, Guard withhold e-mails in spying probe

Ohio Families Fed Up With Loss of Marines

Americans didn't flock to Canada after Bush win

Panel Backs Wash. Pregnant Divorce Judge (Pregnant woman denied divorce)

Variety: Ailes Sails in Rupe Coop

Bayh: Democrats face security threshold

US workers struggle to cope in new economic reality

Hackett is on AAR right now.

check out my new mailbox

We are having a wild stormy night

Air Moon One

Want to hear some gay-hating?

How do your pests thank you?

EOM or NT?

Hey, check out TCM. Dead End it on.....

heck with it, I'm going to bed.

baby foot?

NO's sister

Sweat Hogs? What the hell are sweat hogs?

I'm really enjoying this new Willie Nelson reggae album, 'Countryman'.

There's a huge possum about 4 feet away from me

The DU Lounge

I did the right thing today. It wasn't fun.

I'm Sorry

Politeness thread.

Hilarious photoblog recommended by James Wolcott, others.

Don't bring that negative energy into the tournament, dude!

poor babies

Our former troubles are over, dude.

I'm sorry, I can't help it, I had to laugh

Send in the Strumpets

The Incredible Falling Bush

Curses on Republicans and the rock they slithered out from under

Do you hear me?


Run, world, run !

The Dude Abides

What's for lunch??

Blessed be the gassy


Good night, everybody.

tantrum video

This guy's gonna need a shrink..for a long time

A special message for CaliforniaPeggy

BREAKING: CaliforniaPeggy dropped an F Bomb!

"Midway Park"- Whiskeytown

The "ogle meter"..don't get caught

Who knew there was another Bush son named Tyrone?

Crashing Dream

They're selling postcards of the hanging

Wanna giggle?

What else?...cats and more cats

Spank me, I am bad

The lost Cheney speech

What's my favorite word?

Um... I think I'll stick to kleenex

"A Personal Bill of Rights" - what do you think about this ?

Man Pays His Speeding Ticket With 12,000 Pennies - Judge Makes Him Wait

The double phallic name thread!

damn - any Atlantans work on the north side of 285?

BGL goes to Washington

New Reality TV Series: Hugh Hefner And His 'Girlfriends'

"Mom I went commando last night"

Damned subtitles

Cop shoots himself during a gun safety video at school

I'm not having a good week....

Funnies to cheer everyone up

Paris Update: The knee, the blister, and school

Start, or end, your day with a chuckle & a thought.

Happy Coast Guard Day!

I'm feeling stupid: Re the Kitchen Aid mixer HELP!

All your base are belong to us.

Oh, THAT'S just great! Not only is Jude a cheating POS, he's also

Help, I share an office with a noisy eater

So I find out about the new apartment today . . .

This town I'm in needs these signs, esp in parking lots

What time is it?

next time we see that "W, the president" bumper sticker, let's all

Vaccuum #4!!!! Any suggestions?

I might want to go to the movies this weekend...

So, my life just changed 180 degrees.

I have good news.

Our office's Diebold drink machine charges $1 for Reps & $2 for Democrats.


Tyrant: ruminations on a still (sadly) relevant theme

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is awesome stuff.

I've heard of window A/C units being stolen, but...

Six Feet Under Poll: Favorite Non-Fisher Character on show

does anyone have a customer service number for yahoo?

Well hello my name is Simon. And I like to do drawrings.

Tubular bulge---Good name for rock band?

i am bored

I'm Cute!

Does anybody here like PIANO ROCK?

The DU Football Group is up and running!

Russians want to fry me kangaroo brown

My co-worker made a taco run for breakfast!!!!

Astrologers, scientists fight over Mumbai deluge cause

Question for radio broadcasters:

The Littlest Bar in Boston is closing? Say it ain't so!

has anyone seen Kathy in Cambridge this morning?

New Cookbook Features Reptile Recipes

For Matcom...

Sig lines


Ok; I've got a problem I need help with.Please...


Hurry! Watch the sun set on Bora Bora!

God's Away on Business

Sashko loves Nadya

When they say "Far Out" they mean it!!!!

Good morning, DU!

GAME *** Can you get them all across the river?

For our friends in Denmark: Oasis Announce Rescheduled Copenhagen Show

expecting good service vs. exercising humanity

MatcomNews Update: Girl Who Threw Rock AVOIDS Trial (Did NOT Plead Guilty)


Cat location update

I am Bibbiki Mbumbi of the Nigerian Central Bank-I have an offer for you

I have TWO uncles named Ole.


New reality show features 79 year old Hef and his 25 year old girlfriend

Dumbest. Bumpersticker. Ever.

Anyone remember the Butthole Surfers' "Hairway to Steven" album?

Poll: favorite herb

I'd like to learn more about wine. Any experts here?

Just witnessed an unusual jet aircraft event

What is a sig line?

September 13, 2005: SCTV, Vol. 4 DVD

What sadist decided Dayquil would taste like that?

Brad Pitt Dyes Hair After Aniston Makes Fun Of Him- Oh And He Eats At IHOP

Livin' in Americaaaaa....HAWWWW......

OK Du'ers, what's the BEST cup of coffee you ever had?

Frank N Furter Rulez

Lounge minority speak up!

The latest from

Huffington Post

Most pure evil singer

OK DUers, what was the worst cup of coffee you ever had?

Avoid Town Fair Tire at all costs

The latest email scam

No internet at home till WEDNESDAY

MSNBC: Don't ask Mimi Rogers about Katie Holmes

I'm hiking the App trail next summer

Hackett vs. Schmidt

Anyone here ever been a foster pet mom/dad?

Where did you go wrong?

Teacher Reprimanded For Licking Students' Wounds

Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, 0 men on base and your team is 11 runs behind.


Yesterday was Bamacrat's birthday!

Bottom of the 9th, two outs, bases loaded, full count.....

Artist conception of Abu Gahrib tortures [WARNING!! EXPLICIT GRAPHICS!!]

Wikipedia's page for liberalism: Neutral, or not?

I'm back! Did I miss anything?

Most "enlightening".

why i'm angry

Katherine Harris complains "newspapers colorized my photograph"

The "Peter Paul And Mary" Appreciation Thread

There is nothing more vile or disgusting on this Earth than mayonaise

Misunderestimator! How dare you!

Linux question: What flavor of Linux...

Favorite grape ape.

I want a cam of baby panda cam camwatchers!

Zuni! How dare you!

It's time to play caption Smirk - - and Barney!

Stop, Peter time!

Why Men Turn Marriage Proposals Into Public Events

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts....... Yum Yum

Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, 3 men on base and your team is 3 runs behind...

This Really Sucks!!

Can the Al Franken Show get any lamer?

Anyone watching the Pandacam?

Jonathan Harris, Richard Harris or Katherine Harris?

WOO HOO I finally got a job interview!

If you had to pick an MBA concentration

All Right... My DC friend came through

Serious question about Scottish terriers

Anyone got a good road chick recipe?

ACTION-PACKED photos of Bush landing in Waco with Barney

I hate going on vacation

Anyone got a good roast chix recipie?

Have You Heard That Guy Who's Filling In For Stephanie Miller?

the shroud of 'torum

Never broke into a car. Never hot-wired a car. Never broke into a trunk

Anyone remember Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Gilligan" lawsuit?

In case you hadn't heard...there's a new baby panda in town to watch...

Want to watch the Freepers re-fight the Civil War?

"The Aristocrats" may be a sign of an "anti-conservative backlash"

Who is to blame for Misunderestimator spiraling, out-of-control addiction

Anyone got a good roast panda recipe?

HELLO DU! Commie Pinko Dirtbag's posts today brought to you by the numbers

How long between hate mail-bag editions?

Lottery winner claims £77m cheque

Is there a DU mirc chatroom anywhere?

SU DO KU anyone?

self delete, on second thought.

Woman tries to open airplane door midflight

CSPPAN2 Anti War Rally with Maxine Walters replaying right now.

Ha! And you thought I was crazy!!!

A NEW LOUNGE FEATURE: Forgotten but beloved SNL stars!

What Does "Red Bull" Taste Like? Is It Worth $2.00 A Can?

MrsGrumpy! How DARE you!!

What in the HELL is wrong with Maury Povich?

ESPN: Tyson says producers "interested in getting (him) involved in" porn

"Oh, Daveyyyyyyyy" HEY, kids, it's Davey and Goliath on DVD.

I've walked through the Halls of Karma

the authorities don't respect my kids

My cousins don't respect authority's kids

MST3K movie is on Sundance

So when is that baby panda gonna play?

Good God.... I have to go to the office tomorrow

Early week polls in-Baby's approval numbers precipitous dip

Why is watching flame wars so damn much fun?

My cousins' kids don't respect my authority

My brother just got hired!

Advice for headline for resume on

Excuse me, good sir, would you like to purchase some crack?

When somebody turns a thread into a flamefest to SILENCE IT.

Someone please tell me what font this is...

"I already know my future plans."

Sloth & Indolence - I'm reannouncing my candidacy!

Who's your favorite fruit?

Please, I am begging you! No more baby panda!

Creepy picture for you

SATCHMOFEST in the Big Easy this weekend

I am sitting in my office

Britney and Kevin struggling to make ends meet in $7 million mansion

Hey, Mama and baby panda are snuggling

Just got back from the gym!

I like pandas...

Has anybody tried LA Weight Loss?

If it had been me, you'd have been prying me off the ceiling...

OK, which one of you predicted the GD meltdown for Friday? Flame on!

Sexual Harrassment

Has it gone bad

I think I'm going to change my name to whatswrongwithelvenkill

What's your favorite fruit?

Why did Hackett lose? (humor)

Allright. I'm getting some responce to my GD posts

I am at the Young Democrats of America Convention here in San Fran...

NPR this morning: the shiny object for the media starting in Sept IS:

Feeling angry, frustrated, or just like to swear?

DAMN IT. . . I hate it when people you need don't go to work for the day

This is Amazing: The Sidewalk Chalk Guy

Neocons in 4-Part Harmony...

Lighter tricks...

Someone Named "Out Of Area" Is Trying To Send A FAX To My Voice Line...

What's your birth number

White or whole wheat bread?

Rock Over London, Rock on Chicago

Red Sox win again; eight in a row...

Bad hare day...

Rant ON!

Why The F&@# Won't This Fax Go Through?

Thursday afternoon joke.

It's spelled emcee. EMCEE!

I just got another email from Wuji....

Katherine Harris blaming librul media for her being fugly.

wirelessnetwork driving me crazy!

Why you bury me in cold, cold ground?

It's a bad hair day in Mass.

The Duchess of Doom, The Irish Assassin, The Black Widow,

Let us now praise: The Wiggles, Australia's richest entertainers - $34mil

I should know this - how do you convert files from .wma to .mp3?

So, I saw this bumper sticker today

Isn't it weird when your Sybils become your friends?

Bob Novak has just warped my fragile little mind!

*sigh* so I'm thinking about substitute teaching this fall...

Centuwion... Why Do They Titter So?

Be careful what you say to your SO!

should I kmow the lawn tonight?

What's Your Birth ORDER Number?

LOL! Church bulletin bloopers

Hey MrsGrumpy!! Bob Novak Made Baby Panda Cry!

Panda Underground

Thanks for fucking up my quiet morning, Blue Angels

Remember the Seinfeld episode when George had just gotten out of the pool?

OMG! The panda baby just ate Bob Novak! "Tastes like bullshit" says panda.

OMG! The panda ate my baby!

Went out last night for spousal unit's birthday...

Should SouthoftheBorderPaul change to Wuji?

the Rolling Stones

Friday night pre-protest party in DC now offiical (Sept 23rd)

OMG! Santa just ate my baby!

HEY LIZARDS! Novak Said "Bullshit" And Walked Off CNN Set

What the HELL is wrong with Connie Chung?

why did everything just get an 'X' by it?

Why must you taunt me so?

Mike Hunt vows probe into Novak's "potty mouth"

I own a dog.

OMG! Rick Santorum said that sex between Pandas is not consensual!

If you have noisy neighbors & live alone it used 2 be tough 2 get revenge

Mike Tyson/Porn????

OMG! The Panda just said "That's bullshit" and stormed off of CNN!

OMG: You never see the baby panda and Bob Novak in the same place!!

Mega M&Ms?

I hate my boobs.

Listening to anything good today?

State Mottos (Non-PC versions)

Attention Portland, OR Lizards - Meet-up is Saturday

There are no pandas whatsoever in this thread

what's this-- there is ANOTHER baby panda, born 2 days ago...

I wonder what the record is for most edits of one post

I love my Judds

I can't believe you fricking idiots have me hooked on Pandacam

I love my taint


I love my car

wanna see my cool poopees?.......POOPEES is So SWEET

I thought the President was in Crawford - "4 Foot Monkey seen in Elgin,IL"

OMG! The panda just ate her baby! Blood everywhere!

I LOVE the smell of GD flamewar in the afternoon

Novak was drunk: Here's my frame-by-frame Oliver Stone-style analysis:

What is with the high traffic levels?

I downloaded the new Diablo II patch.

need a link to pandababy cam...pretty please?

ZombyCoffee: A Good Goddamned Morning Blend!

I can't believe that Six Feet Under is ending in 3 episodes.

Have to start a short-term temp job at Home Depot tomorrow.

For those of you who refuse to click....

Blondie, Ramone Help CBGB

Who was the greatest all time DU troll?

********************OFFICIAL PANDA CAM THREAD**********************

pbs special on protest music w/ bono, springsteen, willie nelson, chuck d

Are pigs men?

Roadrunner Question...

Kitten giggles and......

Alright, someone explain the SUV tax refund to me

Earworm thanks to majority report's bumper music

revived my aquarium...check it out, pics!

thank you mike.

Well it's official.....


Looking for a nice, in-your-face, anti-war bumper sticker?

Hot sucks.

computer question-- Acrobat Pro 7.0 under WinXP....

Damn. There are a lot of storms building tonite

Panda Pita Pockets!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

ZombyCoffee sucks

Please DU this AOL Poll!! Vote for bush takes too many vacations!

Who is your favorite "All in the Family" character?

A new polar bear picture for HEyHey

AFI's all-time greatest women movie stars

How do you get rid of AO_HELL charges

CONGRATULATIONS newyawker99!!!! 105,000 POSTS!

So I move to CA and a new Panda is born in San Diego


What do people use for adware/spyware/trojan/etc removal?

We don't need no water, let the Novakula burn


Am I in the minority when I say that I have never watched Fox "News"?

It's a bad air day in Mass.

After a 2 year absence, Trader Joe's is back in my life

Can' Cam...too cute...

My son is drug tested every week before he gets his paycheck.

Equal Time (creationist joke)

Had to put down our dog last night.

Isn't it weird when your siblings become your friends?

This is the REAL ulitimate hotness!

List some foods that you believe are the Devil's Work:

Achtung, babies! It's Reichardo the Grammar-Nazi with today's peeve:

Okay, I've been watching Momma Panda and her little one

If you could attend ANY University in the world, which one it would be?

Isn't this a weird picture

What is the record for fastest TS'ing of a troll on DU?

Are Golden Retrievers the coolest dogs?

Doing some testing "real soon"...

Housing Prices - MY GAWD

Hot August Night - what about this image distracted us so in the 70s?

Mr. "Look at me, I have a car alarm" kept me up 'til 2 am.

AFI's top ten male movie stars--who is your favorite

DU Parents: HAAALP! How do you keep a toddler in bed at night???

the cyber world is nuts today ~ nothing is moving!

i'm going to a bar today... who's with me?

If you'd like to help with my call in show tonight's topic is The Courts

Bert Bacharach/Hal David: Their Best Song Thread

Anyone with cool stuff in their sig line post here so Shell Beau can see

Are men pigs?

Favorite bluegrass/ traditional country/ country-folk/ Americana number?

The never-popular Tunes You Love That The Cool Kids Hate thread

Favorite great ape

I thought the whole point of pandas was that they didn't breed, but just..

Baltimore Orioles fire Mazilli

Favorite line ever from Mystery Science Theater 3000?

I need something good to throw back in a freeper's face...

The older I get, the more insane people I come across

Special thread for motely36

Has DU morphed into PU?

T-shirt humor link from the latest page.....gotta LOVE this one....

Ever used a vaporizor?

How to Tell if Your Customer Is Lying

Bullshiite! Lookit my post!

Do you believe in karmic balance?

Best Pure Female Voice

PC Load Letter?

whazzap my latenight posse?

What's Your Favorite US City To Visit? Favorite Foreign City?

Name a great music moment from a movie

utterly shameless ploy for attention

You're either a human or you are "just another animal"

Where can I find safe kitty collars? And thoughts on microchipping...

Rottie thread in GD...

Where can I find a "Support Organic Farming" bumper sticker?

Oh for crying out loud...(thread)

Ok,'d it go today?

What is the temperature where you live?

Not fucking guilty.

Move to commercialise breast milk

Can Occam's Razor be used to defend Intelligent Design?

Famine increases the risk of schizophrenia

Doctors Use Patients' Own Stem Cells to Build New Blood Vessels

Giant Creatures Wiped Out by Hunters, Not Climate

Shuttle crew see damage on Earth

Saturn moon Titan 'dry as a bone'

NASA's Spitzer Finds Hidden, Hungry Black Holes

Technologies of Peace

Hitch In UK Gay Unions Law

Gay Book Protest Dad To Go To Trial

Military ousts more gays for online ads


TO injured at training camp, carted off the field

Lee Mazzilli fired by Orioles.

NHL Free Agent Season - Day 4

Congrats Bruins fans.

Felix Hernandez -- Major League Debut Today -- M's Fans: Hope or Hype?

I'm sorry to have to cross-post this...

I'm in love with the Zoom Groom

Questions about fostering....

$35 for flea treatment?

Have you ever eaten your pet's food?

It's on the shoulders of the Leo generation: 1938-1957 ....

New moon 'bout the Novak & Santorum "meltdowns"...

One night, God and Mrs. God sat down...

At last! Christianity explained!

Ha ha! You guys might like

"It's a miracle!" Air France jet explodes....

San Diego: Meet Your Local Atheist

Latest Dispatch From A Non-Xian Land

"After all, he's the one in charge of the lightning bolts."

We Are Going to Crawford to stop the killing, Cindy Sheehan

These 08 polls are getting more and more boring.

Kerry goes after Santorum in a fundraising email for Casey

Someone help me out here.

Do not post links to polls in other forums

Anybody have "Going UpRiver"?

Need an opinion

New blog is up.

Let's have a KOEB meeting tomorrow night!

E-Beg re: ESPN Radio Tomorrow!

Louisiana Rep. Jefferson is being investigated. I caught a flash of

Ray McGovern: Preempting Cheney

Katherine Harris says photos are doctored.

2006 campaign suggestion

Reid assumes party leadership role in raising funds for PAC

White House Denies Existence of Karl Rove - Onion


what would Jesus rave about today ?

Reid draws from wide pool of donors, including CNOOC

warning: Callous remark re hackett campaign enclosed....

I Give up...this planet is you

What happened to that group of right wing media who went .....

Hackett and the current Democratic divide

A Question Regarding the 14 Senator Compromise

Billings Gazette: Bush "ensures he won't spend four years as a lame duck"

Bush Says Iraq Deaths Will Not Shake US Resolve

"Scalia will step down if he doesn't get top job" ??

Sibel Edmonds: Revealing the content of the FBI intercepts

UPDATE: DNC 2005 Hispanic Summit This Weekend

John Bolton - We are all watching you.

Bense won't run for Senate (Fla)

Hyde Comments on Bolton Appointment

The Bomb and Karl Rove

John Bolton appears before the press

Bush is not resting - he's looking for revenge...

Limbaugh's said labor unions are complaining about the shuttle repairs

Republicans do NOT honor or support our vets. They support big

Re: Election fraud - why does the burden of proof

Sibel Edmonds: Reveals content of the FBI intercepts Re: 9-11

Michael Ledeen Cabal: Forged Documents Conspiracy

The Pubs have put Bush on a Hero Worship Level

Former Ambassador Ann Wright: "British government is leaking like a sieve"

Have we made any progress since November?

Apparently Bush vacation critics "do not understand the modern presidency"

Repub accidentally co-sponsers private accounts

Energy Bill gives 2.6 Billion subsidy to Big Oil. One Oil Company

Where are the Abu Ghraib pics? Where are the contempt citations?

Bush: "Power is being the President"

What Maine Repubs say about us

Weird: according to report, Bush could have won OH, but lost the election

Salon: Could Karl Rove be immunized from criminal prosecution?

mass e-mail from Kerry, RE: 2006, Santorum

Letter to a War-Drum Banging Mom, mailed away

George W. Bush - The "Elective" War President

El Rushbozo saying Hackett ran as a Bush supporter.

Bush Should Learn Lesson From Corporate World (Propaganda Doesn't Pay)

WH trying to find out WHEN Fitzgerald will finish investigation of Rove &c

'WE ARE AT WAR" Now lemme get Barney and start my Vacation


Invoking Lincoln, Republicans gather here (Pittsburgh)

msnbc is still only saying 1 US troop killed yesterday (plus 14)-total of

Place your bets here!!!

What happened to bipartisan coalition, RE: foreign policy?

Institute Helps Gays Win Political Office

Rove "cool as a cucumber" as "White House braces for new attacks"

A thread at tpmcafe on which R incumbents are vulnerable in 2006

Gov. Dean: Paul Hackett, Proof Our 50 State Strategy Works

No Greater Love - A Mother Mourns the Death of Her Son

Sen. Byrd Fighting Back - GOP attacks ads

on August 2 reported smirk/snake cheney indicted


Blue Cola ?

Why is the Bush Administration Using Doctors for Torture?

Frist Not Invited to Evangelical Rally

Rummy,soldiers don't quit cause they're fighting to support their buddies

Why/How Bush got in Power and Continues to Hold that Power 101

Hackett kept 59% of DEMs, Schmidt only 26%

Cat Killer and Dog Fucker are yearning to be free

Help find the missing Democrats!

how did ben stein give so much money to ralph nader

Hackett interview with Franken up at Crooks and Liars

Galloway speaks!

Go ahead...just shoot me...NOW!

NPR scoop this morning: the shiny object for the media starting in Sept:

Rummy wants to use landmines again

Smirking Chimp: Bush in Crawford, "resting up from the grueling task of...

Faux News continues to stagnate in the Rating.....

if you're going to start pushing a candidate for president

What did Blackwell mean that Coingate involves Dems?

43% of Lawmakers Who Left Office Since 1998 Have Become Lobbyists

Need text of Galloway's answers at Senate hearing; can

Ted Nugent taking self out of Governor race

Diebold's Problems Worse Than Reported, Tests Find

Why does anyone believe that a political solution to *ism is possible?

Six Democrats Missing in Action-Campaign for America's Future

Brand New DLC Advertising Slogans!

Ldotters cheer on hate crimes against British Muslims.

Paul Hackett's showing vindicates

Just curious if exit polls were done re: Schidt/Hackett

New CBS Poll--Check out the Plame/Lying Numbers....

Did you just see Novak say "I think that's bullsh*t, and walk off the set!

Bush and Cheney Eff'ed Up.....Big Time...

John Roberts Sided with Operation Rescue, Convicted ...

The Daou Report Disputes Jeff Gannon on Wilson/Kerry

I hear a lot about state about county strategies?

How many French troops are in Afghanistan right now?

Fidel Castro: "This Mr. Bolton is a Liar! A Cynic! A Gangster!"

Uncurious George - Bush on Creationism (Cartoon)

What just happened on CNN?

Novak taking time off. CNN apologizes for his behavior, features video!

Please DU this AOL Poll! Vote for bush takes too many vacations!

How about a Clinton/Dean ticket?

Christmas Cards and Rafael Palmeiro But Not Karl Rove (DNC Release)

Here are the Rovergate Puzzle Pieces DU, Let's connect the dots !

Nation: Recess appts for "emergencies," not to bypass confirmation process

Vote in poll to rename 16th Street in DC after Reagan

What are you registered as currently?

Maybe we "Progressive Dems" have an Ego Problem. We think we are

Question?? If W is SO GOOD...Where O Where is the Gain?

I may not own much, but my soul is not for sale.

Roberts Failed To Disclose Lobbyist Work

The Intelligence-University Complex: CIA Secretly Supports Scholarships

The Freeper Saga Continues (Part IV)

Newsweek under reports Robert's diluting civil rights.

Bullshit Novakula walks off the set (video)

Al-Zawahri offers truce

Some want unwed dads to pick up Medicaid’s birth costs

I was on a Freeper Siteand they told me I wouldn't take "Guidance".

Hackett retained 59% of DEMS, Schmidt only 26%of GOP from 2004

I am conflicted about the perennial claims of stolen elections

Talked to an unemployed social worker who voted for Bush today

Clark/Hackett 2008?

Sen Bayh, former DLC Chairman, attacks Democrats in Iowa

Kucinich: August is for Organizing

Reuters: US workers struggle to cope in "new economic reality"

Ohio KIA's father: "I can no longer sit still and keep quiet.."

Who Are the Republicans (Revised)

house GOP leaders sent fellow repubs home with 52 pages of talking points

John Kerry: Santorum is Totally Out of Touch With Reality Facing Americans

Speculation on Novak's Walk-Off Insanity

It's not even a RANCH, so stop calling it that!

Liberal version of Fox News?

KUCINICH, 2008!!