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Archives: August 7, 2005

Robin Cook: Excerpt from speech to the House of Commons, March 17, 2003

How to make boycott and divestiture simple and measurable?

Baby boomers not planning retirement

March of the Penguins

Biodiesel Links

How can Israeli settlers feel so entitled to land they basically snatched

Israel arrests senior Palestinian cleric in Jerusalem

Israel Considers Ways to Curb Extremists

The Jerusalem Powder Keg

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Weekend 8/6-7/05

Crispin on Laura Flanders talking fraud!!

Celebrating our "moral victory" in OH-2: this party pooper's response

Scanners are not simple calculators!

A good part about the US Senate's recess...

Odd question on brightness

Ohio Weeps

I am hand delivering to Hackett's law office letters from DUers...

Texas Republican incompetence

Special about HIROSHIMA starting now on Discovery Channel. 8pm EDT.


Where can I find details on Sept. 24 march in DC??

Cindy has inspired me.

A collection of quotes from the late Robin Cook, enjoy

AAR reporting bogus Iran IED story....over and over and over!

New update (Cindy Sheehan)

Help get PBS to re-release "Oppenheimer" the 1980 miniseries...

George W. Bush's Jewish Problem

Rove, Novak and the leak debate

What would our government do if

Bolton supporter at UN

DU this Yahoo article: "Mom Protesting Iraq War Meets Bush Aides"

What memo did he not read today that he should have? How has

deleted by author

New claims by ex-employees: HALLIBURTON cheating taxpayers

We're not asking for much...

Six AP Photos of Cindy Sheehan, etal, in Crawford today

A Young Man Dies in Iraq

"Come into my parlour", said the spider...

Rev. Bill Moss passed away

Ebayer takes swipe at Bush's "Economic Miracle"

Should Republicans be referred to as proles? n/t

How can Israeli settlers feel so entitled to land they basically snatched

Did you all see this video of this chickenhawk from the YAF?

Here's a way to support the protest at Crawford

Hiroshima survivor visits Crawford: Urges Bush to never consider nukes

Under the spell of Arabia - it has stolen his wit away....

Iraq hammers Bush poll ratings

War Mania: A slide show of Weekly Standard covers

Storm the freepers gates

If you opposed the Hiroshima bombing then you should answer this question

Former minister Robin Cook dies

How to Wield the World.

Shut the fuck up Donny!

Newsweek Poll: Bush approval 42% / Iraq approval 34%

Cindy Sheehan was the 3rd story on my local news

Bush "being praised" for "defending free speech" on life's origins

Anyone know anything good the Iraq war has done for the U.S. as a whole?

The Fighting Whities back in the news (radio)

Cindy Sheehan on Salt Lake City's FOX 13 9 pm news!!

Well at least the Romanians like us

Tonight I talked to a fellow Veteran re our next organized protest.

yay my cafepress shop got dissed by a right wing blog!

DU this article for Cindy Sheehan!

Talking point for '06 House Races

DU Big Brother! Get Kaysar back in the house!

Those stainless steel beds must be coming very uncomfy for Judith Miller?

Cindy Sheehan on Houston CBS 10PM news

Rate UP the Cindy Sheehan/Crawford, Texas story!

Ballot referendum idea for 2006: Marijuana.

Fluoridation: Don't Let the Poisonmongers Scare You!


The Meeting...Judy Miller met with Libby on July 8, 2003

"One of my hardest parts of my job is to console the family members"

A message to G.W. Bush from Cindy Sheehan...

Pentagon report reveals catalogue of failure

$$ I just contributed $$

Why are the Republicans still supporting this jerk????

Why can't the Democratic Party come out against the war ?

Walk in a fucking ditch???

Are they making charges at CNN/HLN again? One of the 35+ female Anchors...

Microsoft taps Wal-Mart exec as new COO

4th Anniversary of Aug. 6, 2001 PDB "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US"

Has the Social Security "reform" thingie finally gone away

PHOTO: As * fritters his time away, Nancy, Jesse and Willie walk the walk

Haliburton 284 % increase in war profits

This is what corporate media looks like (pic heavy):

Would everyone please stop bashing Bush for going on vacation?

Please forward this picture to everyone in your address book.

In Crawford, the pResident has refused to see TWO people

I am nearly 54, and I am pissed off . What more do people need?

We Are Heading Towards a Landslide (Bush's approval erroding everywhere)

Any "famous" names that you suspect visit DU?

Just like in Shakespeare, the Fool is the only one who speaks the truth.

Open Q: What should be our response to another 9/11?

Mediabistro reporting Peter Jennings very near death.

Wartime Portrait in Vogue Bush Girls partying while Iraq war!!!

Why the US nuked Japan

Weekend Fun, or Freeper music to marry your cousin by


China approves human trials for new SARS vaccine

Bush's Radio Address Optimistic on Economy - wp

BBC: Police 'warned on London suspect' by mosque leader

Buena Vista Social Club Singer Ferrer Dies

Presbyterian Group Targets 5 Companies Says Benefits From Mideast Violence

Baby boomers not planning retirement

WP: Rich Liberals Vow to Fund Think Tanks

The Raw Story: Newsweek: Leak prosecutor's boss likely to be replaced...

Hicks' father:Give my son a 'proper' trial

West turns blind eye as police put Saddam's torturers back to work

Trapped Russian sub has resurfaced

NYT: Avian Flu Vaccine Called Effective in Human Testing

Oil and gas shortage hits China's southern manufacturing hub

Saudis warned UK about attacks

NYT: Summer's No Time for Big Layoffs (Except This Year)

Supreme Court Justice Strongly Criticizes Capital Punishment System

TAP: The Meeting (Libby LEAKED to Miller 2 days afted Wilson column hit)

NYT: 9/11 Group Says White House Has Not Provided Files

Missing Woman's Case Spurs Discussion of News Coverage

$80 million to fund new wave of liberal advocacy groups

Atomic Waste Mishandled, Records Show

First ever televised plus-sized beauty pageant on Oxygen now

When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way

What is the color when black is burned?

Hey! Who's watching Big Brother?

Marvin Dorfler?

Question for Canadian DUers

At Hyatt Embarcadero in SF tonite. Any ideas what to do?

Off to Dublin!

That was a UFO beaming back at ya...

Stupid Freeper-types still haven't given up McCarthyism.

I had a dream I was playing softball, the ball was shaped like *'s head

Size Matters????

get up...get out...go on a date

What is your favourite food?

Third most shameless ploy for attention

'Alien vs. Predator' premiers in 15 minutes

Find me a good painting of an octopus

I want you to heed my warning

Just a little over a month to go!

Does anybody else watch "Footballers Wives"?

Go to Worst. Sticker. Ever and see the full email from which that

For the geeks: the Armin Shimerman Death Match Poll.

Is Jose Canseco really that stupid.

Come back anytime, Mr. Lebowski.

yahoo email question

Second most utterly shameless ploy for attention!

I love Dollar stores!!!

Fuck. He looks like a fucking loser.

Let me tell you something, pendejo.

If you mark that frame an '8', you are entering a world of pain.

Ever done a search on another DUer's posts?

Is my cat in heat?

Is it Catsup or Ketchup?

6000!! OW! WOOOWWW! Thank you ALL! OW OW!

I have four kids in my house

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Who's your favorite Peanuts character?

Any Big Brother fans here? Your opinion on how things look?

A hundred...

"Terrorist" confronted near Bush's ranch near Crawford...

Start talking, and talk fast, you lousy bum!

Heads up. UFC on Spike right now.

Good evening, PEASANTS

What is your favorite movie??

Right, but let me explain something to you about the rug...

Are/were your parents racists?

Kinkade is the 2nd most HORRID word in the American lexicon

Any construction gurus? Rake overhang addon.

hey, iPod/music file geniuses...

I hiked 13 miles today at 9000 feet of altitude.

Who on DU has the most posts?

Have you ever laughed so hard that you kept missing the link to click on?

Anyone else here using solaris 10?

Of course, they're going to say they didn't get it. Uh, uh...

Okay. I have a question about the "poverty dish" thread.

I just finished watching "Chocolat"...*happy little sigh*

Cats they call them as they see them lol

Joan Crawford, Broderick Crawford, or the Crawford Pig Farm?

If you could have anything...

Alcohol....and cotton balls and some

Why does Foxy Brown need to be re-made?

Enough is enough is enough is enough....

who wants to chat

WTF?!?!?!?! Wine Consumption Muscles Its Way Past Manly Beer

Let's do a WHO AM I - Come on and play

Earworm! James Bond Themes. By Guggenheim. Crazy

Fighting Okra's gonna kick yer ass!

Post here and I will call you a sick-making term of endearment.

It's Saturday night, what cheeseball movie are you watching?

It's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody...

It may be blasphemy to say so....but Styx's cover of "I Am the Walrus"

Red, Red Wine by UB40

Trying to convince my friend that when a girl cancels because...

The penguins, pandas, and squids are killing me

Thomas Kinkade doing art for cover of next Whitney CD

Another music thread...what are you listening to?

A break ..... What would be your perfect meal?

Buena Vista Social Club Singer Ferrer Dies

Well, that was a bust. Two movies in a row I didn't like.

Has anyone else seen the film "Birth"?

Sony Must Pay $1.5 Million Due to Fake 'David Manning' Movie Blurbs

Oy vey....I'm moving and the packing is

Can somebody with the "Reno 911" Season 2 DVD set please help me out?


A request to our Neighbors to the North

Kootchstone came home from shelter with Giardia Lambia

Coffin From Civil War Uncovers Mystery

Penguins sign Ziggy Palffy - 3yrs, 13.5M

Boy, the wind sure goes out of our sails when KO goes AWOL!

What might happen if we made up our own version of

Pro-xyz '08 candidate thread OPs should expect negative responses

WP: Rich Democrats start new $80 million fund

Special about HIROSHIMA starting now on Discovery Channel. 8pm EDT.

Inside Washington on Sunday 10:00 am, Bush polls decreasing on War

Check out this John Gibson Clip

WaPo: GOP Plans More Outreach to Blacks, Mehlman Says

Cindy Sheehan: "The Secret Service is Trying to Intimidate Us"

Leak prosecutor's boss to be replaced w/ Bush Skull & Bones classmate

Novak says he 'overreacted'

The next Democrat runnung for anything

A new photo of the anti-war Vets ON THE ROAD leading to Junior's "ranch!"

AFP: Bush "watching public support haemorrhage for his handling of Iraq"

Can anybody confirm that John Conyers cancelled he trip to the UK re DSM??

Tough is as tough does

Now there's a leak someone's gonna' be held accountable for!

CODE PINKS calls for hunger strike in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan

What do we know about Robin Cook...and why is his death so terrible

Looks like Miller's source is Libby

How disappointed will you be if no indictment of Rove comes from the

Light a Candle to Support Cindy Sheehan! SOLIDARITY!

Ironic Quote...

Halliburton 284% war profit

Answer as honest as you can: do we have a chance in 2006/2008?

Anybody live near Arlington National Cemetery?

Retraining as infantrymen ‘a whole new ball game’ for older troops

The Spy Left Out in the Cold

The Case for Ignoring D.C.'s 'fixed' Democratic Election Losers

Easier to diminish our freedoms than to root out the terrorist threat

C.I.A. Leak Case Recalls Texas Incident in '92 Race (Rove and Novak)

Support Our Troops!!!


As Bush War Gets Personal, Nation Must find its Outrage

New Bush-Abdullah-Dick handholding photos at WH website

"What Have We Done?" (vets talking against the Iraq war).

Good piece on Current TV from Douglas Rushkoff weblog

IHT: Bush's political capital ebbs away

Heartbroken families reveal honor, sacrifice (serious koolaid drinker)

White House Letter: Things are heating up back at the Texas ranch

Marine's parents soldier on with burden of grief, anger

Heresy: The Press Getting Better?

My country, ’tis of thee

Many Ohioans stand behind Bush But some losing patience after heavy losses

Fight fear with freedom

Cindy Sheehan at VFP Conference, Aug. 5th.

Why you should ask DFA to endorse Jass Stewart for Mayor of Brockton

WEBSITE: corpwatch WAR PROFITEERs with addresses & groups on task

AOL News: Mom Protesting Iraq War Meets Bush Aides. In Crawford, TX

Stop the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge drilling...Actions to take:

Compromise is never anything but...

The "other" liberal voice on Clear Channel's WTAM1100 Cleveland

I see Bill Press has a new radio show: Question??

Is this a fair assessment of the two tiered economy?

"To live by working" is a principle which...involves a contradiction.

WP: Pollution Confusing Fish Hormone Systems

Is Recycling just a big fat crock?

Mauritanian Islamists are freed

What should be the lessons of Vietnam and Iraq for the U.S.?

Guardian: Q&A: Gaza and West Bank withdrawal

Special Report: How the UK gave Israel the bomb

Palestinian Legal System Shut in Protest

Haaretz (Sunday): Netanyahu announces his resignation from gov't

Israeli Finance Minister Resigns Over Gaza (Benjamin Netanyahu)

Very Cool Moment: Watch it

Does This Like the Crash of a Plane That Was Shot Down?

Any chance we can persuade these rich liberals to chip in for reform?

WA Post: Civil Rights Icons Lead March To Urge Renewal of Voting Act

Is this old news? I don't remember seeing this link.

Ohio data sources requested -- District 2

NYT covers march in Atlanta

Former president (Clinton) blasts Georgia Voter ID law

a game of reverse logic with 91 precincts

Quilt on EBAY to benefit Sherole Eaton

GOP wants (arnie) governor's word on '06

Dead California soldier's mom protests near Bush's ranch

Californians will the housing bubble burst? Weigh in w/your thoughts...

Cindy Sheehan inspired me- I made the move.

If you're gonna have a lobstah dinnah,

My letter to the White Bear Press. Apparently they're printing it.

8/12 Minnehaha Park, 6:30PM Are you coming? What are you bringing?

Can't connect to the internet after the computer sleeps

Massive spyware-based identity theft ring involving CoolWebSearch

Palm or PocketPC?

If Norton sucks, what should I use?

Friends, Foes Made Over Trade Deal

Is somebody challenging Senator Whitmire ("Quitmire") in the (D) primary?

Hispanic Leadership Summit in San Antonio

Please join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, if you can...

Photoshoppers..Bush's comment on the rescue

Please keep in mind our Veterans. They met this week in Dallas.

Did you know CIA had a liberal, pro-Castro wing in the 50s opposed to Eis-

Guardian: All beings that feel pain deserve human rights.

Awesome Damien Rice video: "Free Aung San Suu Kyi"

Iraq's Kurds vow no compromise on constitution

Do these Republican voters even think?

Could Fred Phelps' protests be illegal ("God hates fags")?

No tyrant shall defeat us....

Are you kidding me? Some of the Guardsmen in Iraq scamming the Iraqi's?

A little "creative license"...but you get the point

It's July 4th, 2003.

Soooo Bush meets with "some" families of fallen soldiers

SundayTimes: Cook vindicated; Blair's Iraq war 'one of great catastrophes'

Rock City News.. fantastic gallery of toons & pics

What Happened To Nate Clay's Show?

Cindy Sheehan is most popular story on right now.

Creepy thing I ran across--"Death List 2005"

Abu Ghraib FOIA case: Hearing still set for Aug. 15th?

One of the stations that I alerted regarding Cindy Sheehan

FACTBOX-Security incidents in Iraq August 7th

Sometimes I wish we had a liberal polemicist.

Roberts Devoted Free Time to Liberal Cases

Why 9/11 truth is still the "Mother of all issues" . . .

Baghdad on Saturday

I had a dream today...

Former minister Robin Cook dies

Doing what they loved.

The deteriorating conditions in Iraq.... according to Veterans for

Bill Clinton Interview in Sunday Times (Iraq: Hang Around & Make It Work?)

Bombs, not bullets and mortars, killing more U.S. troops in Iraq

Bleccccchhhh! Way too early for this crap!

New Gulf War Syndrome DVD, free for Vets....

Does DU have a place where all the Plame info is located?

Bush: "African-American kids aren't reading as well as Anglo kids."

Kucinich on This Week today

CSPAN has it wrong.... the choices should actually be.....

A break ..... What would be your perfect meal?

ACLU and prisoner abuse on CSPAN I.... naturally there is a talking

Another village idiot on Washington Journal doing back flips.

Dear God, Prove to me that You are real, & remove mr. bush & crew

I DEMAND to see those Photos! ..of bush clearing brush, where are they?

U.S., Saudis play same old game

Everything you ever wanted to know about Valerie Plame

Cindy S. story on Fox now

If you were responsible for a person's death, would you feel remorse?

Was cindy threatened by the SS?

Dennis Kucinich to appear on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos"

Cindy Sheehan has made the Yahoo Photo Iraq Gallery!

For those who still believe in Sherman Sholnick

Documentary On NAFTA And Its Stimulation of the Zapatista Uprising.

This is great...

New Traitorgate: Miller's Source Revealed - She Met w/Libby, Read Docs

Duncan, "the Waiter," Hunter on Face the Nation

39 Years Ago Today, A Resolution Was Passed By Congress...

FTN: Oh Boy, batshit crazy Duncan Hunter is on....

Allen Snyder: 'Logic Deficit Disorder epidemic among regressive right'

Missing 4 year old

Tweety's Sunday morning show

If something happens to Fitzgerald, they're going to blame Mayor Daley.

9/11 Group Says White House Has Not Provided Files

Some examples of the ACLU helping the dark side?

Palmeiro's steroid use - it's Clinton's fault

sef delete

Does Cindy have "marketing"?

How could someone be AGAINST the war and then FOR it?

Sunday School: Can the Left Rescue Christianity?

I need a little help with this poll

Criticizing later generations

C-SPAN Radio's replay of network Sunday talk shows is on.

Cindy Sheehan OUTS bush as the Closeted Coward of Crawford.

Unconscionable Right Wing Deceit

I've been off the political/news grid for the week. What did I miss?

Quotes to remember

Try as he may, bush just can't convince us to stay the

Boxer vs. George Allen....not fair! are they going to tie her up and gag

Cokie Roberts repeating over and over on "This Week" the economy is Great

Wolf Blitzer/CNN - talking about Cindy Sheehan

self portrait in outer space . . . astronaut Steve Robinson . . .

Cindy Sheehan is the leading story on CNN's WOLFIE show!!!!!

Head Exploder - George Allen says Bush should meet Cindy Sheehan!

Can we have some sort of elders place at DU. I think we need it.

Google's Cindy Sheehan Thread - 370 and counting...

Picture of Sheehan on The Road- Into the Ditch, Back of the Bus!

CNN Late Editon to cover Sheehan protest

Bush Plans to Fire Prosecutor

A fun poll for anime fans

When Will Xian Right Extremist Bullies Stop Backing Repugs?

If only Barbara Boxer could be President of the USA.

Send this Hilarious Letter to the KS School Board

Has The Right Wing Media Begun Their Smear of Sheehan Yet?

"I am a source, not a target! " a button on Rove's chest

Cindy gets no vacation from her grief... * gets no vaction period!

LA Times: Inquiry Into Lobbyist (Abramoff) Sputters After Demotion

Bush* flew from Crawford to D.C for Schiavo. Won't meet with Sheehan?

Cindy Sheehan: VFP Convention Transcript, Aug. 5th.

Bush to Sheehan: "I'm On Vacation" The Spoof!

This Week - family of slain soldier. Father backs *, mother thinks

Cindy Sheehan story on AOL Front Page!

Blitzer calls Sheehan a 'distraught mother'. No Wolf she's pissed.

Allen just said Shrub should meet with Cindy

Bush Plans to Fire Fitzgerald!

THE most obscene TV show yet - Over There on FX

why we have to hurry

DU the right thing

Singer Ibrahim Ferrer dead at age 78 . . .

Someone has to ask the remaining freepers who have yet to feel

Bush and Blair win distinguished Italian award

C-Span airing audio of Oppenheimer in 1945 on atomic bombs

Cindy, I just heard this on AAR...Steve Earle....and it's meant for you

WTF? Are all cops this goddam stupid?

I just want to give a huge shout out and a big thank you to all of you

Cuz ya see.... democratic nations don't create terrorism, now watch

Evolution being mocked on Coral Ridge Hour right NOW

L Ingraham on Novak walk off (Fri show)

Paul Krugman streaming live on AAR this moment

Rush Limbaugh

Oppostion to embryonic stem cell research is's why...

Bobos in Paradise by DBrooks of the Weekly Standard, etc

Bush's Neocon Friends Shocked As He Backs Darwin-Doubters

Suppressed Hiroshima footage to air today on Sundance

Newseek turns "fluff" into "fuzz"

Lyndon Johnson On C-Span

"Le Show" On Live Now! Sounds like he's got a lot of good info!

Remember this?

Netanyahu quits as Finance Minister. Israeli stock market tanks.

Massive spyware-based identity theft ring involving CoolWebSearch

New Bush appointee a Skull And Bones member?

As Far As The Religious Right Wing Is Concerned It Was ALL About THIS DAY!

DU this AOL poll re: Cindy Sheehan

What *IS* the US military's mission in Iraq?

John Roberts on ABC's This Week

Huffington and Begala: Expanding the file and making predictions

Kudos to all our soldiers on the front line in Crawford, Atlanta, & D.C.

Crawford: if Bush had a clue....

Under Bush, the Texas Rangers were a crackhouse for juiced players

Playing The Dead Soldier Card

Name famous freepers

"We've tried diplomacy. We're trying it one more time," Bush said.

If our Enemies Wore Uniforms, there'd be less Civilian Casualties

If Cindy Sheehan stays in Crawford throughout the looong Bush

Former British M15 agent suspicious of government conspiracy

What % of Americans think that world war III would be a good thing?

Miller and Libby met to discuss Plame

Send the Chairman of the College Republican National Committee

* Fighting Terrorism? Angry Outsiders Boosting al-Qaida's Ranks

How can we get Joe Biden off of the TV?

Debtors race the clock: Bankruptcy cases are up as October date nears

Anyone know why Laura Flanders' podcast from last night isn't up...

Newsweek: Leak prosecutor's boss likely to be replaced with Bush classmate

Need a little help. Young man wanting to enlist in Air Force.......

"...this country has gone so flabby that any gang daring enough

Bush and Putin are apparently cut from the same cloth:

NATO Troops

Dr. James Dobson is begging for your prayers for help!

Military Creating a FIFTH COLUMN for Christ......

Death Penalty Critic

Okay everyone, here are the pics I've been promising from Vets for Peace.

New Daylight Saving May Cause Tech Problems

Anyone who can join Cindy Sheehan should think about heading out

1833 Reasons why the DSM is Important

A Porn Star (Mary Carey) is invited to the WH--yet Cindy Sheehan

CSPAN now - Conservative "Activism" Using Blogs / Internet

What's the point of this new offensive,if you can't control the territory

Those "people" in Crawford are making Bush's vacation unpleasant...

2nd look at Bush service award, WH panel unaware honoree was on Death Row

DU this dumb poll!!

Its time to come home

FCC: companies must backdoor broadband, VOIP, devices for FBI

Absurd LTTEs "criticizing bush/war is helping the terrorists" PuHLease

Help! I just found out the person I started dating is a Bush supporter

Once Bush hits 39% approval ratings, their is a party at my house!

I know nothing about the neocon spies.... can I have some links?

In your mind, are the Iraqis who kill our soldiers "heroic?"

Msg to mods or Skinner...I received a post from someone who says she's

A Boost For The Liberal Windmill Tilters! Inspiration From Don Quixote!

CNN: Anderson Cooper in Africia.

You're either with him or against him

Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore

What will Bushes legacy be?

What happens if Bush is the Leaker?

Joe Wilson on ''McLaughlin One on One'' right now in Chicago

Gas prices JUMPED 10 CENTS overnight. $2.23 for regular.

Heads Up: Scientists to Simulate NYC Gas Attack - Next 3 Weeks

Cindy Sheehan = Rosa Parks. An ordinary citizen doing the right thing

Disgusting: Freepers Hateful Cindy-Bashing

did the national media even cover the march in Atlanta?

America's Perfect Storm...

Did shrubco actually think Americans would 'fall for' Iraq War rationale?

363 internet articles are now covering Cindy Sheehan's visit to Crawford

The "Religious" Right is well down the path to destroying democracy.

PETITION: Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act

Huffington Post (Begala): I Predict: Bush Will Pardon Rove

Is Anyone Watching This Idiot On C-Span?

The 'christian' Right used to support human trafficking

Is America Finally having it's Walter Cronkite Moment?


Disease "X"

Dear God! Bush is declared a hero for saving those 7 Russians!

C-SPAN - John Edwards in New Hampshire - 6:30 ET / 3:30 PT today

Cindy blasts the sc##bag.

marines deaths in Ohio: Is this "off color"?

I'd like to see a contest with the Young College Republicans....

"Framing" Fans: how do you deal with the fact that Repugs make sh*t up?

Is Meth A Problem In Your State???

Newsweek cover and gwb's pissed expression, on MSNBC. Luvit.

Did the other shoe just drop across the pond?

Is Waco Airport an International Airport?

Charter Schools as Cure for Urban Public Schools' Problems - Your opinion?

Daylight-Saving Switch May Cause Tech Woes. Progress versus Congress

POLL: best term for nationwide stay home/ sick out/general strike etc.

Arguing against those who think that Intelligent Design is science

Hate within the borders of the US???

Wolf Blitzer, CNN Late Edition - talking about Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan was on Laura Flanders...

History Channel: Hell; The Devil's Domain

Great Idea: Arlington South (Crawford) Protest

Moment of truth for NYT and Judy

Um...folks? We need to talk

Cindy Sheehan is amazing

What is a Hero?

QUESTION: best rebuttal to "No new taxes" mantra?

Still Hiding the Bush Bulge

Cindy is coming up next on Air America after the commericals.

Who's living in all those houses that are being bought?

I'm not a prude. FAAAAAAAAR from it actually, but

Anyone have that graph that shows the ecomonic stats during...

Cindy on with Wolf next...CNN

CNN: Soldier's mom digs in near Bush Ranch

I got flipped off for my bumper sticker tonight


Interesting article about why we have to invade Iran by next spring.

The Republican hierarchy has no intention of overturning Roe v. Wade

Watch the Republicans start to panic if Bush hits the 30's

DR. Rice: Tell these parents that insurgency is "losing steam" you monster

Why even try to have an identity? The marketers have one for you...

Anyone seen pictures of "The Ranch"?

Cindy Sheehan will be swiftboated

Zobgy on illegal immigration. Will we listen?

Heads up Taos, NM. The Bush Impeachment Tour Bus is headed your

How many people have suffered and died because of the 'christian' Right?

may Heather MacDonald (manhattan Inst.) swallow her own tongue

Cost of Iraq War August 7th- $186,101, 969, 372

MTV Real World Austin: Have they finally gone too far?

An email to my Republican Mom

Is the voting rights act going to be renewed?

There's a black hole in the Milky Way?!?! Physics buffs come talk to me

The Unfeeling President

Okay, I'm a day late and a dollar short, But Current gets a thumbs up from

It is NOT "Noble" to Die in Iraq. Period.

In San Joaquin Valley, Cows Pass Cars as Polluters

MUST SEE TV: Young Republican ChickenHawk On His Serving In Iraq

Death of an Idealist

George W. Bush Refuses To Meet With Cindy Sheehan, Saying,"I'm On Vacation"

PHOTO: The White House wants you to know this is a WORKING vacation

I just watched Mrs. Sheehan on CNN w/Wolf (video)

we were SLAVES in BUSH's OIL WAR

Talk of withdrawing 30 thousand troops next year

CondiLiar says the insurgency in Iraq is "LOSING STEAM"!

Just in case anyone has forgotten how stupid our President really is...

Public split from GOP hits a nerve nationwide

Cindy Sheehan was just on "The New" CNN/Headline News!

Cindy Sheehan story makes AOL home page. DU their poll

Bush and the Economy

Important catch-phrase for 2006 - RUBBER STAMP, RUBBER STAMP, RUBBER STAMP

Cindy Sheehan nailed a frame around *

Code Pink email regarding Cindy Sheehan

How about a little outrage?

Bush removes prosecutor in Guam case (Abramoff)

POLL: Do a once a month "Day of Mourning" stay home strike to protest war?

Are the top Dems cowards?

Republicans are better media savvy than Democrats

Tommy Thompson:Chips can save lives..

It's more evil than George Bush- More sinister than Dick Cheney

Concert to Support the Troops, expose Bushco.'s shortcomings

Things are heating up back at the Texas ranch

Who wants to watch my video?

A Newsweek Poll Gives President Bush His Lowest Ratings Ever.....

Something has been bugging me about the spate of UFO threads here

RESCUED RUSKIES ON SHORE kissing the ground..after 3 days

"Trouble in Bush country": support hemorrhages, especially in Ohio

Wolf's interview with Cindy

The Minneapolis Star Tribune published my letter on Energy Bill

How can we help Cindy? Some thoughts - let's brainstorm this.

Secret Service threatens Cindy after the media and police left.

Freepers: How can Poppy explain this picture? blm? Anyone?

Kimchi--can you make it without the fish sauce?

Summer/Fall Harvest Recipes Thread

refrigerator dill pickle recipe?

City schools could be front for evangelists

Ministers linked to US casino chiefs

NHS offers balding women hair extensions

WP: Bioterrorism Response Hampered by Problem of Profit

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Central Iraq - 1,831

Photographer Shot at Britney Spears' Home

Berlusconi's Political Future in Doubt

Secret Service threatens Cindy after the media and police left.

AP: Justice Stevens Criticizes Death Penalty

Evolution being mocked on Coral Ridge Hour right NOW

Reuters: Suicide Car Bomber Kills 5 at Iraq Police Base (Tikrit)

Two U.S. Troops Killed by Bomb in Iraq


Israeli Finance Minister Resigns Over Gaza (Benjamin Netanyahu)

Ambassador Nominee's Company Is Scrutinized

Memo: National Guard morale low

Police fire on protesters in Iraq town

Support Our Troops!!!

(AP) Army whistleblower draws fire (over Halliburton questions)

369 internet articles are now covering Cindy Sheehan's visit to Crawford

Independent: Intelligence Chiefs Warn Blair of Home-Grown 'Insurgency'

Hurricanes blow into drilling debate

Wolf Blitzer/CNN - talking about Cindy Sheehan

Bush Plans to Fire Fitzgerald!

Threat Closes U.S. Embassy in Saudi 2 Days

Senators Lugar, Biden speak out on Iraq

Iraq sees violence across the country

'Shared threats' bring Syria and Iran together: Ahmadinejad

Rebels kill 35 in attacks across Iraq

Kentucky soldier killed in Iraq accident (#1832)

Reuters: White House officials meet anti-war protesters (Crawford)

While not part of energy bill, fight over oil drilling in an Arctic refuge

WP: "Rich Liberals Vow to Fund Think Tanks"

AWESOME: war protestors surround police van holding arrested 14 year old

Heartbroken families reveal honor, sacrifice (serious koolaid drinker)

What is the U.S. Military Doing in Paraguay?

Stevens Focuses on Death Penalty Flaws

Calif. Drug Proposals Spark Huge Campaigns

Watch for women and child bombers, says Met

Gibson Asked to Stage Christ's Crucifixion

Iraqi police fire on protesters in Samawa

Man Kills Another in Dispute Over War, Press and Police Call It a First

Saddam's trial on live television

Pizza billboard causes a stir...

Netanyahu quits as Israel approves Gaza pullout

Inquiry Into Lobbyist (Abramoff) Sputters After Demotion (of prosecutor)

GOP bigwig gets millions touting investment firm (Carlyle)

Immigrant Soldiers in Iraq Get Citizenship

Friends, Foes Made Over Trade Deal (CAFTA oppo targets House members)

U.S. could reduce troops by 30,000

PRICE OF (CA)GOVERNOR'S ROAD SHOW San Jose, nonprofit advocacy group...

Saudi says ties with U.S. 'couldn't be better'

Clinton advises Cherie to be MP

Angry Outsiders Boosting al-Qaida's Ranks

Oil-for-food probe expected to accuse UN director

Lincoln, NE: Pfizer's job cuts expected to ripple across local economy

Activist Holding Vigil Near Bush's Ranch Met With the President Last Year

Insurgents 'losing steam': Rice

Museum exhibits a creationist viewpoint

OPEC Pumps Up Output in Bid to Curb Prices

Ethical firestorm burning in Miami

Another Marine killed in action west of Baghdad (#1833)

Judith Miller's Tale Under Scrutiny--At Her Own Paper

State: Sex offenders not allowed in shelters during storms

6 arrested during BayWalk protest (St Petersburg, FL)

Mother haunts Bush: DU this Story

Dallas law cracks down on feeding the homeless

Leak Investigation: An Oversight Issue?

Chavez Accuses DEA of Espionage, Says Venezuela Suspending Cooperation

AFP: Ex-POW Jessica Lynch says US used her as Iraq war symbol

Newsweek -- CIA Commander: We Let bin Laden Slip Away

WP: GOP Plans More Outreach to Blacks, Mehlman Says

Surviving Chicago's sex slave trade


ok, let's play hide & seek!

Who am I? Same as MrScorpio's game. 3-Q's 50 post limit. GO!

"Clerks" on Comedy Central Secret Stash (nothing bleeped)

Are you suprised at my tears sir?


OK, Who am I? (as with NoSheep and MrS)

Walter, if you can't ride a car, then...

(((petronius))))) your turn! Give us a subject!

who are you... who who... who who....

Let's play Hangman!

ok, who am *I* ???

Hangman round 2

What the fuck is with this guy? Who is he?

My "prejudicial" rant.(LONG)

Mmm. Tasty.

They send us a toe, we're supposed to shit ourselves with fear.

Do panda baby;s holler back?

I gotta tel you .. I saw the funniest movie tonight T3

Please see him, Jeffrey.

Went to a movie pre-release screening tonight.........

Somewhere Out There -

Funny graphic:

I'm listening to Danzig and it rules!

Another "Guess Who Game"

I've said it before: The husband on the KY warming liquid commercials...

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the Day #87

This is a very complicated case, Maude.

I just got sucked into a time tunnel!! AAAAAHHH!

Sometimes I wish there was a nasty liberal polemicist out there.

Doctor doctor, please Oh, the mess I’m in....

3:33 up and made it tonight.....

Who's your favorite temporary artist?

The bane of my peaceful night and nemesis strikes again

Compromise is never anything but...

I'm listening to Danza and he rules!

Tank needs a home

The Big Lebowski just ended. Time to watch it again.


TV Fusion: Imagine the Dukes of Hazard in the Land of the Giants

hot dogs

Anime Fans: Did anyone happen to tape last night's episode of Inuyasha?

Psycho kitty, qu'est que c'est

Photographer Shot at Britney Spears' Home

With a name like Smuckers:

Who's up for a little buttered toast with jam?

What is *your* "song that changed the world"?

String of Hoax entries received

Where is your panic button?

Why do men have nipples?

New: Classic Bloom County

I'm going back to bed


Do DU ladies shave their pits?

"Weeds" starts tonight on Showtime

Vacation pics****warning dial up users****

Just got home...

If anyone wants to play free fantasy football, we need 2 more players in

Wow... This is just like that scene in GTA San Andreas...

Japanese game shows are something else

Photographs and memories

Mommy brag

Yes, Minister

Interesting fact.


Never Hire A Man To Do A Womans Job

Blonde Jokes

Anybody ever been to Lake Meade?

Brazilians wins soccer match, makes headway with girls ;-)

GUYS: Would you want Hugh Hefner's life?

Movies you like with actors you don't?

Listening to Dream Theater's "Awake".

I need car advice


Scam on Yahoo personals

Rant about teenagers and fundies.

I'm finding Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) inexplicably sexy

A question well served Is silence like a fever

Live another day Climb a little higher Find another reason to stay

Letter from an Iraq Vet

Canine dental dilemma -- Can the vet give my old dog novocaine instead of

What's with these redhead girls who suddenly feel the need to be blonde?

Sports Fan Kills Wife For Wanting To Cuddle After Sex

My house is empty!

The only reason I'm having a cocktail this early is so that

Being a Surrogate Mother is a woman's job

Music fans - HELP! Need a song to play for Cindy on my podcast today

Paul Lynde's greatest answers on Hollywood Squares . . .

NBC taps Minnie Driver & Mini-Me Actor for Mini-Sub Mini-Series

Nevermind problem solved

I may take a weekend trip to Lake Meade Nevada with my lady friend.

War of the Worlds


I love the smell of misanthropy in the morning.

warning! ATM eats your money and

Has anyone built a house from bottom up?

I'm going out for donuts. Anybody want any?

anagrams for "insurgents losing steam"...

I think I'm getting some cable channels that I'm not supposed to be gettin

That charlie sedarka was a-playing the piano

Speaking of cars...

Maestro, as a student, I love your sig line.

While driving your Aston Martin, Mercedes, Ferrari, etc., do

How long can you edit a message for?

A toast to women.....

Going shopping for an elliptical today.....

DU can you smell the curry? Ummmmmm Tonights Dinner..

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?????

I need to brag on myself

Now you'll know where your beer went.

That's it for now.

I just got back from San Francisco. Ask me anything.

MSNBC Sunday Morning fare..Pole Dancing and Stripping

Would it just RAIN ALREADY???


What if there were as much email spam about creating world peace

Improving the Process

me, my bike, and 30 mile ride to the beach and back

need advice on wake/funeraL etiquette

Who do you think will win the Brickyard 400?

This is awful.


I'm new and I have a question

US Troops Find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

OM GOD.....

I just figured out how to add a WYSIWYG editor for my sites forums.

Let me explain this interesting mistranscript to you:

Velvet Underground and young'uns

My first home grown food: two celebrity tomatoes

Should I end my boycott of CD's?

Have you seen the commercial for Carly Simon's "Moonlight Serenade"?

For The Ladies:

Cigar shopping online...

"There's no more BOOB & LUBE"

Want to see something cute?

Any Radio Left listeners in the house?

Shame me: I'm addicted to America's Next Top Model

Has anyone had Vegemite? I heard it reeks ........

So has anyone seen :"The Dukes"? What do ya think?

Hey, "Clerks" is on TV, but the fascists have edited it all to pieces.

Just watched "The Anchorman" for the first time...

What popup appears on your computer the most?

Testing photobucket

Send the Chairman of the College Republican National Committee

Jack Thompson strikes again!

Cindy Sheehan-American hero. Send her your good energy today.


What the Hell is wrong with the VCR?

credit cards, life insurance, spendthrift parent

I'm Watching "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World" on AMC Now,...

Sorry Mr pResident* Your JOB Has Been OUTSOURCED

Doe, a deer! (pic)

I need a glass of wine and a DU break!

Do you own a slave ........

Two nights ago, I pull in my driveway and there is this huge buck

Time for the Sunday uber-cute!

microchipping your animals

Woman Eats 35 Bratwursts in 10 Minutes

Are there any men who have had a sexist remark ..........

What are your favorite eccentric/morbid cinematic romances?

I am a Vince Vaughn/Will Ferrell addict & I'm not ashamed

I found a dazed and confused bird in my yard.

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the Day #88

Short hair or long hair.

Need a Break ? Join one of the DU Groups....


Why are you all up at this hour?

Nashville reaches new low in cynical flag-waving manipulation of the base

Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

"I was just made by the Presbyterian church" (for the Star Wars fans)

Now we know what Grovelbot does in his downtime


Cats in flight....

Need some questions to follow-up on a 2nd interview

"Friday Night Lights"

Would you like to see my littlest Trike passenger ~ then *look here*~>


I just saw another disgusting version of a "Wa-stika"

I hate the fucking smell of misogyny in the morning

Laziest, dumbest, most immoral, hypocritical president ever:

Video game players: Are you getting frustrated here?

Where is your belly button?

Brand names that make you chuckle...

In 296 posts, I will be at 3K!

what's for breakfast?

Question: Any HTML Genius in the House?

What car do you drive?

Our government isn't your parent".

What's your favorite cephalopod?

I was told that short hair on women should not be allowed!

I heard that cordless phones on 2.4 gHz cause interference with wifi and

3% of Americans can say John Conyers lives in their home state.

$900,000.00 update

My wife just found a small bunny baby

The Guardian: All beings that feel pain deserve human rights.

March of the Penguins.. a must and intro to me!

I have a question for the true vegans.

Where's HIS body armor?

The Perversity of the Universe Principle

A real "cultural" (and religious?) war - right here, "on our own soil!"

This thread needs to be discussed

Forteo - any experience

Physics Buffs, I have questions on Hawkins shape of the universe

60 Minutes

HORSE RACING NEWS weekend of August 6th


Paw licking

I just had this "flash" of a premonition regarding Crawford Texas, and

Severing the attachment of Dark Entities to a loved one.

The Queen of Cups.

There was a phychic prediction a while ago that a woman would bring Bush

You guys have to see this letter to the KS School Board

Here's a cheerful sermon to start off your day:

Is John Kerry Right handed or Left handed?

Kerry bashing thread alert!

Kerry Was Right — CIA Commander: We Let bin Laden Slip Away

You know what makes me want to cry?

New Video!

Hey!!! I passed 1,000!!!

May I ask your advice?

For BerryBush, and those who missed it:

Did ANYONE else listen to ESPN Radio but me????

TV Female President To Be Based on Hillary AND Condi?

Please. We are "demonstrators". Not "protesters". We are "Activists"

Why 9/11 truth is still the "Mother of all issues" . . .

deleted by poster . . . dupe . . .

ACTION ITEM: ONLINE Liberal Grassroots Radio Network?

Tisk, tisk moderator. Closing debate about the direction of the Party.

Mississippi is getting Diebold......A sickening article

BTW? What is the penalty for fixing Fed Elections...not voter fraud

Would progressive candidates do well to run as independents

Peter Jennings near to death --TV Newser

I have an extremely hard time with the following statement:

And some of you wonder how Hackett could have lost...


West turns blind eye as police put Saddam's torturers back to work

Kucinich on Stephanopoulos

WOW Great Update on Cindy Sheehan at IronClast

Novak warned before show that Plame case would be discussed

Anyone watching Cuomo on MTP?

Robert Novak Starts New Support Group

These people have NO CLASS whatsoever (RE: Cindy Sheehan)

Bush wants to Honor our Fallen/Wounded(Iraq) by continuing the fight

Trent Duffy on Iraq casualties: "Their loved one died for a noble cause"

ThinkProgress: 4 years ago - Bush, in Crawford, gets bin Laden warning

What is the mission in Iraq?

Food for thought: The Libertarian Party's Iraq Exit Strategy

Boxer is cn CNN now FYI

At the GOP School for Scandal, Monica trumps Rove

Saudis warning UK while boasting of good relations with US

LTE to NY Review of Books on Kennedy assassination

What is this going to do to the economy?

Why do conservatives...

"the party of lincoln will not be

Any Sunday updates on Cindy?

2000 Roberts (SC nominee) Interview on Aired "On This Week" Stephanopoulos

The Republicans have started their '06 campaign already and...

NY Times "gets it" on Roberts nomination

Is it normal for a corpsman (medic) to be armed?

"The Israeli Art Student and Movers Story"

Ldotters on Sheehan and her Crawford proest (sick stuff!)

Transcript of Sheehan at VFP Convention, Aug 5th.

Fear and Loathing In Crawford, Texas. (Long read)

What about the terrorist attack in West Palm Beach, FL last month?

I want polling groups to ask the following two-part question.


Tax simplification is like Roe v. Wade

DU the right thing!!!

Defeatism is not the answer, we must be ever hopeful.

Cindy Sheehan: "If he does care, why doesn't he come out and talk to me?"

Reuters: "As Americans question Iraq policy, Bush crowed about economy"

Blitzer interviewed Cindy just now, but fails to address the real issue

Testing photobucket

Rasmussen Poll: 47% approval , 52% disapprove, 38% strongly disapprove

"Poverty, disease, and ignorance are our enemy, not our fellow man."

Take a look at the results Google News returns on "Bush."

Pew Survey Illuminates World Opinion of Liberals in U.S.

George Allen is only a senator cause his daddy was a footbal


Let's all hold hands and sing the Republican version of Kumbaya...

Dean: GOP will make immigrants 'scapegoats' in '06

Bottom Line : Either you are for war or you are for peace...

Rich Liberals Vow to Fund Think Tanks - WaPo

Cindy needs a political figure with her. What can we do?

Has 'America Coming Together' (ACT) been disbanded?

Begala Predicts: Bush Will Pardon Rove

Impeachable Offense

Let's vote up the story of Cindi on Yahoo

Newsweek poll on bush and war: 61% down, 34% good job

TX-28: Let it begin with Cuellar CAFTA traitor update

Planned terrorist attacks on US

Have you considered handing out free Darwin's evolution books at chruch?

How cool is this political cartoon (image)

How many Bush supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?

Grand Theft Nation

Duncan Hunter's Son

Democratic and Republican candidates for 2008

64% have joined Dean in his "spider hole of denial" about not being safer.

Fitzgerald vs Skull & Crossbones

Was Paul Hackett a fluke?

i want a candidate with guts, that leads,

I Just Spoke w/ Cindy Sheehan (8/7/5) She is well and thanks all of you

John Edwards on C-SPAN now. 6:45 EDT. Says Elizabeth's doing fine.

OH-2: Election Night in the War Room (Photos/Video)

Update on Cindy from MFSO member families who were with her

2002 inquiry into Abramoff died after Bush demoted supervising prosecutor

More Kerry!!!

Oct. Surprise book for Bush: "Jawbreaker" (failure to capture bin Laden)


NewsBlues re-posts one liner about Peter Jennings

CSheehan reminds me of Peg Mullen in Friendly Fire (Vietnam War mother)

"the Snooze-and-Lose Democratic Minority-d'Perpetuity"

IF Bush acted like a man and met with Cindy Sheehan...

Is the US headed for (or already in) a religious civil war?

Conyers: More Bleak News for Bush

Repuke Sen.Allen says Bush should meet with Cindy Sheehan

Has anyone seen Wes Clark lately? Where is he? What is he doing?

Curious about GW's "Home Office"?

White House on Crawford trip: "Call it something other than a vacation"

2005 and 2006 Gubernatorial races - how is yours shaping up?

Coral Ridge TV promoting book "The Collapse of Evolution"

Oh, that College Republican National Chairman

The REAL "noble cause."

Does anyone else feel completely compelled to drive to Crawford, too???

FAKE to the core - the ranch, the "crawford" image is all fake!

"Gore is Back"

24 year Navy Veteran and former Republican running for Congress

What About 2004 Does Kerry Have To Deal With in 2008? IWR? Flip Flops?

Video of Cindy Sheehan speaking. Probably more than you'll see on TV.

Kerry Was Right — CIA Commander: We Let bin Laden Slip Away

The Xtian Right's contribution of mass hypnosis techniques in