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Depleted Uranium – Far Worse Than 9/11

NYT: In Taking On Fox, Democrats See Reward in the Risk

House’s Program for Teenagers Is No Stranger to Scandal (Foley not first)

Uncomfortably Numb to Torture

Frank Rich's Oct. 1 column, Must Read: So You Call This Breaking News?

Edwin Edwards on the Republican Congress

Arrogance and Ignorance

Why did Foley keep child-protection job?

White House in crisis over 'Iraq lies' claims

Betrayed: How we have failed our troops in Afghanistan

US kept spying data from Blair

Israelis: Lebanon Pullout Complete

Put on your tin foil sneakers, cos we're steppin' out

Controlled demolition, media fraud, mass murder ... off to war

The President's legendary view of the alleged First Hit ....

Real news. Deep Journal..

X-Post Kucinich Wows Cleveland, Announces Bill 4 Paper Ballots PREZ elect

Ignatieff leads four-way race

Abdullah pardons pro-Zarqawi MPs

NYT/AP: Farms Facing Worker Shortage for Harvest

WP,pg1: Woodward Book Fuels Election Year Debate Over Bush, Rumsfeld

Observer:US pushed MI5 into airport terror swoop

Secret Reports Dispute White House Optimism

Iraqi military thwarts bid to create Sunni emirate

Campaign Cash Mirrors a High Court’s Rulings

The laughing 9/11 bombers (new pre-9/11 film has emerged)

WP: GOP Leaders Knew Of Foley's Messages

LAT: Clemens, Pettitte, Tejada Implicated in Banned Drug Case

Venezuela’s Citgo Says it Decided to Discontinue 7/11 Contract Two Months

Saudis build 550-mile fence to shut out Iraq

Stung by criticism, Bush calls for offensive 'across the world'

Insurgents near the Green Zone - Baghdad Closed Down

WP: Falling on His Sword

CIA abandoned plan to snatch Bin Laden from Afghan farm (1998)

Detainee Memo Created Divide in White House

White House Lists Book's 'Five Key Myths' (in Woodward's Book)

UK: Reid fights to end torture shield for terror suspects

Powell Tried to Warn Bush on Iraq, Book Says

Reid says Nevada Republican should 'answer for' divorce (congressman)

Schwarzenegger vetoes national presidential vote bill

GOP House leaders call for criminal investigation of Foley

NYT: G.O.P. Leaders Knew in Late ’05 of E-Mail (FRONT PAGE!)

WP: Foley Built Career as Protector of Children

LAT: Rival to Panama Canal Planned in Nicaragua

Official in S.C.: Sterilize bad parents

Carry on, love

For a good time...

Does anyone else here lurk from home?

Who Likes Me More

Went to Church Tonight...

Please, take a moment and pray for this man.

WCC and FIDE going into the toilet

Would you elect this man?

Men: Are You Suffering From Menstrual Camps?

"Clocktoberfest" is the greatest word ever.

I know who you are


Anyone seen auntAgonist lately?

Talk about working conditions!

What a beautiful world this will be! What a glorious time to be free!

Update on my situation

Hard men are work.

It's Time to ASK MrScorpio Anything!

OMG! I can't believe I found this " A repub. Talking about smoking pot!"

O. M. G. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

Do you ever polish your knobs?

What do women like, in terms of a guy's personality?

Scarlett Johansson named "Sexiest Woman Alive". But here's the REAL news:

Bathroom Dispute Halts Chess Championship

Women are hard work

POLL: How badly does SNL suck @ss?

OSU-Iowa Game Thread

Bring Back BONANZA!

***Congrats regnaD kciN! ***

Men at work

So I change my calendar from September to October...

I am a Republican. Ask me anything.

90 minutes of work and six hours to do it in.

Captain Cook is NOT funny.

Men are hard work

Okay, Lounge Lizards... you decide

There's nothing wrong with Shock Treatment.

Name something you'd gladly become a hypocrite for.

Work is hard work

For you who like clouds

Good evening everyone

Danish Cooking with a drop of Honey

Wrigley just brought a live lizard in the house!

In order to dispell any rumors, Hypnotoad and I...

This city is full of idiots who are wastes of oxygen.

I'm watching 'The Andromeda Strain'

Is it a bad sign when you ENJOY the silent treatment?

Mr. Writer's eating habits frustrate me.

Attention Lesbians: "Foxfire" is on Lifetime.

Attention Linux users: "Firefox" is our browser for a lifetime.

Thank you all that gave the hugs

old people don't like others

Question About Kitty

Foley At National Book Fair

Which DVD should I watch?

Mr. Eater's writing habits frustrate me.

CCR "Bad Moon Rising" is playing.

Saturday night microbrew flvegan/"Whatcha drinkin" thread

Do you ever get that tingly feeling between your toes.....

How much makeup do you need on the bus?

favorite domestic covert methodology

The Lounges Most Wanted!

HELP! realtime wireless connectivity question...

How come no one ever told me bubble tea was so yummy?

low fi spookery

What.... No gooooo Bucks thread.....

Radio Paradise

What, no MADTV tonight? I love hating that show.

The road to my town.......(dial up W)

The "Answer A Question With a Question" thread.

Can anyone think of any especially good Colbert episodes?

Dane Cook is NOT funny.

Jonathan Liebowitz: hot or not?

AIDS Bill Backers Maneuver To Force Senate Vote

It was pride in NC today

Wisconsin Seen As Best Chance For Defeat Of Gay Marriage Ban

Teen Suspect In Principal's Murder Target Of Homophobic Bullying

AIDS Campaign Calls HIV A 'Gay Disease'

pedro out for 8 months

Having not Having -- Lack

I was touched by this and wanted to share.....

Congress passes defense authorization bill

John Kerry in NH

Patriot Project clarifies McCain

Kerry on Bush Defense of Failed Policies in Iraq, Afghanistan

A little of this, and a little of that

*** URGENT! Topics needed for the October Contest ***

Okay, New to the Group

Congrats regnaD kciN! Winner

O. M. G. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

Where is Phil Donahue...

Why does the Bush Administration have soooo many issues?

Fun time: Folly and Page

NYT/AP: Farms Facing Worker Shortage for Harvest

Newly-Independent Balkan Republic Joins Afghan Coalition

See the Abramoff emails? "you shouldn't put this stuff in writing"

(VIDEO) John Tester's latest ad on repealing the Patriot Act

Antibiotic-Resistant Microbes Bug Scientists

They have no alternative course of action

We should have a convention.

George Herbert Walker Bush knew, and wanted to spill his bad seed on to

I am staying in tonight (no paycheck til Monday) - anything decent on TV?

GOP House leaders speak out against Internet predators

Anybody bothered by the Rummy Worship

The Reps will make amends to their base; claim Foley is a bad apple.

Mark Foley turning over a new leaf

One of the best rebuttals I've read yet re: RW pro-torture positions.

Isn't it ironic? Illegal war, spying, torture, election rigging....

Potential 2006 Election Nightmare Scenario

Bush challenges "misimpressions" about Iraq.

Army deserter back in U.S, faces uncertainty

Without Rove

What we have lost. RIP Magna Carta.

Pakistan and the Terror Nexus

Meant to Post This on the Anniversary of Katrina...

Who/How did the Foley story break?

Did they warn the Demoratic pages too?

You KNOW they're trying to get a former page or parent to accuse a Dem...

The oldest trick in the political book...

Is this video legit? Found here last evening

Are you a true patriot?

La. Voters Deciding on Levee Boards

Psst! Hey! Let's write a law - my dad's got a pen

Video of Foley - "If you violate a child, you lose you're civil liberties"

Kissinger counseled Bush: Lesson of Viet Nam is to stick it out in Iraq

Schwarzenegger SIGNS domestic partners tax bill

Gee, Joementum has decided to "forgive" us

What was the 1994 Culture of Corruption?

Well you have to admit, Foley took one for the team to take focus off of..

Woodward: Card, first lady wanted Bush to fire Rumsfeld

NYT editorial: America’s Army on the Edge

Foley on America's Most Wanted! VIDEO. "If I were one of these sickos..."

Fox News Headline - Rep. Reynolds: I Warned Hastert About Foley E-Mails

Is the House Republican leadership on the same page?

WP:GOP Leaders Knew :Fallout of Notes to Page Fractures Party

Maybe Foley is the "distraction" Dem's need.

CNN ASKS -- Was there a FOLEY COVER-UP -- Campaign Time

Which dictator was this?

This is the "distraction" Bush did not want....

At least our guys look all slick when they get in trouble.

"Any leader who had been aware of Mr. Foley's behavior should step down"

Nice chart of how everyone voted on the torture bill. Foley didn't vote

Remember the Jeff Gannon (Fuckert) scandal?

Where is that list of all the cons busted for inapp. sex?

*'s administration may have just made a HUGH scientific discovery.

"I don't do that, I am a Republican"

Re Foley---Did Rove know?

Rep. Tom Reynolds: Hastert knew of Foley's messages earlier this year.

How much makeup do you need on the bus?

Karel on KGO re: Foley now 11PM Eastern

Just wait until the news media gets ahold of this Foley story!

Blood & guts: At the front with the poor bloody infantry in Afghanistan

Anyone else riding an Election Year Emotional Rollercoaster?

Actual Transcript Of Foley/Page IM Log (pdf)

Beautiful 1998 quote...

Wonder how Matt PUDGE is "covering" (for) the FOLEY dealie?

I wonder what other info Woodward has been sitting on

SNL: Clinton vs. Condi on weekend update.....prediction

Treason jonbenet Iraq sex lies terror sex impeach habeas corpus teen sex

For you who like clouds

Letter to Governor Bush From Mark Foley - re: children's nudist camp

SNL Homeland Secirity skit best I've seen in years!

Do Nothing Congress goes home with no Veterans Budget in place

Hey KKKarl... it's almost October.... Suprise!

WP: Foley Built Career as Protector of Children, Fought Sex Crimes

I need help (research) STAT! Re: Bob Inglis (R-SC).

It's Republican BBQ time!!! Come and GET IT!!!

"Hastert Drives Effort To 'Keep Kids safe In Cyberspace'"...?

Has anyone here seen Barney lately?

Mohammad Atta put out a martyr tape...story out today...hmm

Don't think this is the way to "win the hearts and minds"

I'm kind of ashamed for wanting a 24/7 TV Sleazathon on Foleygate

You know what would be the icing on the cake after this? A Terror Alert

Lieberman On Lamont's Dems: "I'll Forgive Them. I Probably Won't Forget"..

Bill Maher. Letterman. Leno. Conan: Who will tell the best Foley jokes?

Your going away present to Mark Foley

Surprise! Another Democrat eating their own

Democrat traitors who voted for the Bush torture bill

GOP leaders knew of Foley e-mail in '05 ~ Associated Press

FL law: Foley's name must stay on the ballot

Joe Lieberman will vote with Bush and Repubs to destroy SS...

SC Repuke Councilman Calls for the Sterilization of Parents with Bad Kids

How much of our money did republicans spend investigating Whitewater?

For the first time - I'm thinking we might just win in November

Freepers don't like leaks all of a sudden.

An Open Letter to Sen. Norm Coleman from Lazlo Toth

Do we have pictures of Foley w/ Bush?

Walsh's Most Wanted made no mention of Foley

Does CNN have NO standards anymore-this Glenn Beck guy....?.

A few comments from about George Allen:

Wow. Talk about a perfect storm!! Foley..State of Denial...what next?

Should Mark Foley be added to the national predator database list?

Bet Sen. Macacawitz is thankful "Predatorgate" knocked him off front page.

Foley will commit suicide


So, it REALLY DID take a Sex Scandal to hurt the GOP

Charlotte Impeach Bush Rally Wise and wonderful ANN Wright and...

Kerry smacked down Bush’s defense of his failed policies

On the Documentary Channel in Canada now: "Escape to Canada"

Saw something on the news tonight that made my heart sink...

Repuke blogger "disgusted"- calls on Hastert (and maybe Boehner) to resign

Foley is making the Wingnuts turn on themselves!!

Section 950j. The Bill criminalizes any challenge to the legislation

Woodward is the Rosetta Stone.

George Allen's goose just got cooked on SNL's "Weekend Update"

A must see for voices on the left!


New Campaign Spot ... the other side has nothing

Who's that knocking on your door?

Alert: We are at risk of losing the Foley Spin game..DU work assignment:

The Democrats are Flawed, But...

Foley has made Reynolds NY district in play for dems

Abramoff Report: DoJ Staffers Get Tix "got our client $16 million" (BRIBE)

Mark Foley and Heritage Baptist Church

Ted Kennedy: "It was one of the darkest days of the times I've seen"

Factory Farms Become Tourist Spots (Example to Euros of What *Not* To Do)

Wow, they're worried: JOINT STATEMENT

Clark on torture bill: "I'm ashamed for my country"

"Ashokan Farewell" was played at the funeral of Emily Keyes

Why Did Bush Mention Sex Slavery In His UN Speech In 2003?

Make sure EVERYONE hears Tammy Duckworth

Video :DU'rs Symbolman, Stranger Debate Foley on MSNBC's Scarborough show


Bill undermines separation of church and state

Bush Officials May Have Covered Up Rice-Tenet Meeting From 9/11 Commission

Mark Foley on America's Most Wanted "If I were one of these sickos..."

A simple and concise representation of "waterboarding" from American film:

Wingnut at work tried to recommend a movie to me, based on the fact

What's red, white & blue in a teenage boys pants?

Bush's sister: "He wasn’t a fall down drunk."

Everyone Here Hangin' Tough Against ABC?

Cheney to Bandar "Who do they think they are? I was reelected, too."

Any suggestions before I send this off to my local fishwrap?

Rejecting the Republican Party of Fear

Gays comment on Foley resignation ("he lived as a closeted gay man")

Are Conservatives throwing the GOP scum overboard?

I'm trying to find a website that compares Rick Santorum and Bob Casey's..

(ABC) Voting Machines: Not Really a Cure to the Hanging Chad

The biggest piece of apologist BS about the GOP Foley cover-up

Terrorism & Torture and the WH

Full text of S. 3930, as passed. (Need Acrobat Reader)

Move On.Org.

NYT/AP: Spending by outside groups for Dem TV ads not at level of '04

Mark Foley was a huge Michael Savage fan

Latest e-mail for GOP teamleaders my friend got today - they need money

The GOP only viewed it as an "obscene breach of trust" when he got CAUGHT.

This will be a VERY fun news week

Health care? Security? Jesus would be focused on abortion, gay marriage.

Anybody here remember Maryland Rep. Robert Bauman (R-Pedophile)?

frank sesno trying to sell us a dead parrot

L.A. Times endorsement: Jerry Brown for California Attorney General

Think a moment about being cooped up all day in a house

Should Mark Foley be added to the national predator database list?

Please Support Dean's 50-State Grassroots Strategy. THANKS!

7/11 Not Only Dropping Citgo But To Help *CO They Are Changing Name To....

9/11 Commission counsel: an outrage, a crime and a cover-up

"I have voted Republican all my life. That Bush is making me a...

Deja Vu All Over Again - Lex Gabinia, Lex Manilia, Enabling Act

Oh DEAR GOD NO, you mean Condi's been LYING her ass off about 9/11? OH NO!

Hastert third straight Republican Speaker of the House with a sex scandal

GOP values:Top House Repubs knew since '05 about Foley and did nothing

Op-Chart; The State of Iraq: An Update

Make sure EVERYONE hears Tammy Duckworth

Hey! Is Foley the reason Fat Denny Hastert was so pissed at the FBI

Kerry is just fantastic at Johns Hopkins during Q&A! Check it out.

OH HELL YEAH!!! Laesch Goes For JUGULAR Against HASTERT Re: Foley!!!!!!!!!

Parents of America, your children are at grave risk. You can save them.


Rep. Tom Reynolds: Hastert knew of Foley's messages earlier this year.

i just heard that the rnc will replace foley on the ballot.

Good news, everyone! We're not traitors, we're morons.

I knew of Dean memos in 2003, but I did not know they had a meeting.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Endangers us All

GM on a crash course with health care costs

WP editorial: "Profiles in Cowardice": Bush enablers in both parties

50/50 that civil liberty/habeas corpus will be restored by Supreme Court

WP: War on evolution threatens our health, safety, and economic well-being

How an attack would unfold: A military assault on nuclear plants in Iran

Paul Craig Roberts: The New Face of Class War

Republican Sexcapades: Meet The Real GOP

LAT: Jordan's King Risks Shah's Fate, Critics Warn

Congress' Accomplishments Fell Short of GOP's Ambitions

How experts view a strike against Iran

What My Father Saw at Nuremberg (Christopher Dodd)

Profiles in Cowardice:President Bush finds enablers in both parties

Pirates of the Mediterranean -- or Fall of the Roman Empire, Part II

NYT: Dallas Museum of Art Field Trip Deemed Too Revealing

The 'We' Part of the Global War on Terror

Gitmo Prisoner Missed Out on Rummy's Volleyball Games

Mommy, what's waterboarding?

What's wrong with open torture policy

Question: why are republicans so opposed to the idea of global warming?

$4 billion oil production tax fuels debate on Proposition 87 (CA)

Mystery of Methane Levels in 90’s Seems Solved

New biomass facility to reduce greenhouse gases...(Middlebury College VT)

Often Parched, India Struggles to Tap the Monsoon

UN peacekeepers: Israeli troops still in Lebanon

Questioning the Anti-War Coalition

3 Palestinians dead, 52 hurt in Hamas-Fatah clashes in Gaza

UNIFIL chief calls IDF Lebanon exit 'significant,' but incomplete

Irish call to ban Israeli academia condemned

Abbas: Renew unity gov't talks, civil war is 'red line'

Foley is nothing new, remember the Franklin Cover-up Scandal!

top 10 reasons 9/11 highjackers were fake - video

Patriots in Military, Intelligence, and Government who Question 9/11 . . .

Buzzflash reviews "9/11 Press for Truth"

Foley is nothing new, remember the Franklin Cover-up Scandal!

Foleys antics are nothing new. Look up Lawrence E King, Georgetown, and

Mis-Directed E-Mails - Halliburton's True Nature

Support DK's house bill HR 6200. Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW!

Bin Laden Determined To Count The Votes In America

Since Nothing is being acted on in Congress before Nov 7


Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 10/01/06: Think- Resist- Fight Smart

CanWest: Layton mulls trip to Afghanistan

CP:Military worried about Tory failure to defend Afgh. mission over summer

Most Canadians believe Afghan mission a lost cause: survey

CanWest: Manning urges Albertans to tone down anti-federal rhetoric

General frets about home front

The Independent: Betrayed: How we have failed our troops in Afghanistan

House’s Program for Teenagers Is No Stranger to Scandal (Foley not first)

Bathroom Dispute Halts Chess Championship

Autopsy: 110 rounds shot at Fla. suspect

Powell Was Fired By Bush

Bush Signs New Iran Sanctions Bill Targeting Iran's Allies

Iraqi Shi'ite politicians demand cabinet reshuffle

NATO To Manage U.S. Troops In Afghanistan

New Polls: Democrats run strong in Senate races

NYT: Campaign Cash Mirrors A High Court's Ruling

GM on a crash course with health care costs

Iraq civilian deaths hit record in Sept - ministry

Thailand prime minister sworn in

Two Months Before 9/11, an Urgent Warning to Rice

Harvey: Troops could be kept past their duty expirations(STOP LOSS AGAIN)

Congress' Accomplishments Fell Short of GOP's Ambitions

NZ police revisit 'Rainbow Warrior' bombing

AP: FEMA Trailers Freed Up for Other Uses

CNN Poll on Foley Impact on Nov Elections - link here

Gunmen kidnap 26 workers in Baghdad--guess the curfew is not listened

St. Louis is in NL playoffs.

Democrats Slap GOP For Keeping E-Mails Secret

US kept spying data from Blair

Pope prays for Muslim-Christian harmony in Iraq

British troops in secret truce with the Taliban Launches National Memorial for the Moutains!

Former S.D. Governor (R) Returns to Courtroom as Lawyer, 1st Since Jail

LAT/AP: FBI Worries About an Osama-Sopranos Link

Agencies consider whether Foley should face charges

Blood & guts: At the front with the poor bloody infantry

Strickland holds big lead in poll (OH)

Inmates detail U.S. prison near Kabul (Gitmo at Bagram)

Shiites Accuse Sunni Party of Terror Tie

Hastert requests criminal probe of Foley

Russian Bombers Penetrate N. American Buffer Zone, Interceptors scrambled

Polls: Democrats Run Strong In Senate Races

Iran lashes out at new U.S. sanctions bill

Blacks in Queens Make More Than Whites

Pelosi Letter to Ethics Committee on Cover Up of the Foley Matter

AP: Chavez: Assassination Attempt Foiled

Helicopters hover over Mexico's protest-torn Oaxaca

White House expects criminal Foley probe

Victory for Austrian (centre left) opposition

One in three Americans is Latino, African American or Asian American...

Lula ahead in Brazilian election (from exit polls)

Breaking FBI opens preliminary investigation on Foley.

Twenty More Hospitals Equipped by Cuba in Bolivia

Teen With Medical Microchip Dies in Fla.

Justices not best lawyers, Ginsburg says

Jewish voters object to new polling place

NYT/AP: Slumping Fox News to Mark Its 10th Year

Reid Demands Attorney General Investigate Foley Scandal

Rumsfeld says he won't resign

Military personnel to see pay rise 2.2 percent in 2007 (smallest in eons)

Former page: We knew about Foley 'for years'

Biden Wanted Cheney Out Too

In Texas, Little Support for Putting Up Fences

NYT: 9/11 Panel Members Alarmed; Weren’t Told of Rice-Tenet Meeting

Fla. Deputy Shoots Self Showing Off Gun

Foley secluded, said to be wreck after resigning

Alberta warned not to change oil sands rules

Gunmen kidnap 26 workers in Baghdad

Report Says Rove Aide Accepted Abramoff Gifts

My husband made a really great point this afternoon(Re: Foley)....

I'm starting my first pic thread ever. Seriously. I've never started one.

Need some good thoughts & positive energy for my dog.

Well, Bertha dumped me...

I may be getting canned tomorrow. What do you think?

How do YOU pronounce "debacle"?

Embarrassingly stupid question Re: Cell Phones. I am thinking about buying

My landlord put up a "Handicapped Parking Only" sign for me today


This really starches my chonies

I'm going to the store today. Anyone need me to pick up anything for ya?

Post a pic of your hometown.

When you leave the house intending to talk to a priest....

If my husband ever did this to me, he wouldn't live to talk about it

I just spent 3 hours trying to tell a lovely thirty-yr-old lad

Has anyone seen "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"

I am being *very* naughty

Lick Me, I'm Vegan

Minnesota Twins...AL Central Division Champs...!!!!!

It must be duck hunting season.

St. Louis is in NL playoffs.

If it's Sunday, it's ptime for ptwo Ptah ptictures

yeah, my wife beating neighbour has moved out!!

Goodbye Internet Explorer!

someone who's not long for this forum sounds SO much like my psycho ex-

Michael Crook is arms!

V for Vendetta and definition of terrorist

Mrs. V. really wants chili dogs for dinner. But she's napping on the

Why is it ok to neuter cats and dogs?

30-sumthins have more in common with Boomers than 20-sumthins

I have a TV question. We have DirectTV, but it only works on

I need some good thoughts. Prayers are okay, too.

What decade do you think was the best?

This girl has a really cute face.

You know you're going to hell when...

What DO you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning?

I don't care what anybody says. I love opossums

I need a good new sig line. Will someone help me, please?

My weekend in pictures

Dog owners warned against sugar-free items

What do you know, anyway?

Well, Bertha dumped me...


Danish Cooks are NOT funny!

No 60 Minutes. Replaced with Redskin football.

I don't watch football but that was pretty cool

Lounge Women: Where do you buy comfortable stylish boots?

I have a confession to make.

J E T S jets Jets JETS!

Yipes. 2 praying mantes mating on my window & you know what that means...

MYST question

Dream scenario

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.....

I have three six-day work weeks in the month of October.

It looks like a Freeper Meetup in my driveway.

I am being *very* haughty

I wish I had a really cute face

The Dolphins Suck

More self glorifcation (video posting experiment

Most neglected punctuation mark: Semicolon. Most abused: Apostrophe.

ok, I'm not impressed with Melanie's replacement

I wish I were quicker with comebacks

Foly huck! It's raining!

And now for something completely different...

Help, I need job application advice PLEASE!

Vegetarians taste better!

it must be Dick, hunting season

I've recovered. Time to get naughty.

Diet Coke is NOT funny.

Thanks for doing your part

Hey, I'm back! Made the L.A.-Seattle run in less than 12 parsecs.

I am *not* being very naughty.

I don't know what to think of this

Ha. All you losers who got Nigerian scam emails...I got a legit one

Women's volleyball is on.

National Geographic Channel has a cool show about the Everglades.

I'm in Boston for 2 weeks...

You know how I haven't seen in forever? Bok_Tukalo.

In Pudding Veritas.

Amber Alert: Child missing in North Carolina

So some moran called me "sweetheart" today

You have to check out this comic I just found!

haruka3_2000 is being mean to me! WAAAAAHHHH!!!


My horoscope today made me laugh.

Okay it is 2:15 and I'm already drinking

Leather - Black or Brown and for what?

I got Spinach....w00t!

For 10 points, and the championship of the world, where is this?

so, who *was* that in the kitchen with Dinah?

Anyone Here Have A Jack Russell Terrier?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 10/1/06)

Dick Cheney is not funny!

How do you select your iPod as a hard-drive (w drive letter)?

More field-tested Bucky-approved seduction techniques.

Best pizza ever!!

Everyone: Please read Eggbeater's post "Update on My Situation."

Anti-choice group protesting on a street near my house..

Star Trek movies - my reviews (in preferential order)

The Annotated "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"

Women appreciation thread!

Girl in far western Nepal emits 'glass pieces' from forehead


A pic of the house I was born and raised in

"316, report to Control."


Dada destroys the drawers of the brain...

Please tell me what is so funny about this that 454 people downloaded it?

I am being *very* nice (lame copycat)

Ok, I live in FOLEY, Alabama.

Probably the funniest shit....that you'll see AALLL week. So Turtles Moan?

Last night's SNL with Dane Cook was the funniest in years

I. Hate. Allergies.

"86, report to Control."

Chicken cyber command standing by...

The flu gave me a serious beating all week....

I got my flu shot today and I feel like crap

Post something that sucks

I just put 10 books in the trash. Ask me anything!

'Dating for Dummies', except 1:

Opossums must really be nasty- my dogs killed one last night.

I still need this song!

Good morning Lounge

Lapp Yuletide

Marianne Faithful

EarlG, I feel for you brother. This week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots is

Freakdance twister with Jeff Gannon in the Lincoln bedroom, who's in?

Kitty video!

More Fun with Baby Bris!

It is raining datsun cogs here!

self delete.

SOS....GD overrun with Foley threads... Time for a Foley Only Forum?

Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter!

Vanilla soy milk makes the worst coffee taste great. Just sayin.

From now on, all DU'ers will be required to take this test.

I just spent the last two hours driving too fast, on my cell phone.

Happy October 1st

STOP THE RAIN - I have cord wood to stack...

I just stumbled onto Keith Obermann's Countdown theme

Remember this film from science class?

Warning: rant

okay, one more PC set-up question.....

Goodnight, fellow Lounge Lizards!

"White Sands" is coming on HBO. Opinions?

I'm With Stupid (pic)

why is not ok to spay and neuter stupid people?

A Month Of Sundays

tears for fears

***A Joke***

Churches Link To Global Issues Inspired By An Inconvenient Truth

Young's First Start

F*&%in' Niners

I'm watching both NFL noon games today, anyone else?

Big news from Cubdom

Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory, Braves on

Pitcher Names Clemens as Steroid Users

Jack Rabbit Chess Report for October 1: Reunification match in the toilet?

The NFL better BURY Haynesworth

Everyone please wish me luck in locating and accruing my lost wallet.

October Light, Prayer and Healing Request thread

Please help with this most serious situation

L'il Ricky joke

OT: What do you think?

Explosive: Links from SBVT to white supremicists by mutual "friends"

Mississippi sux.

Enter The Nature Conservancy's digital photo competition

Lovely Idea

Clouds in a pool.

Foley At National Book Fair

Meme: Republicans Are Soft On Child Molesters are crooks!

If You're a Child Molester Who Approves of Torture -

I am now debating a freeper who thinks 1. WMD were found 2. Saddam caused

If Foley was a democrat

In wake of Foley, I just absolutely, positively hate these gays

So now that rape is an acceptable means of interrogation...

Jaw-dropping email

Real news. Deep Journal..

Ohio Judges take money from plaintiffs and defendents...

Bush admin, refused to investigate Foley case

I guess we will know tomorrow morning (Foley)

2,712 U.S.troops now dead in W's war of choice

Have fun with freepers on

Why is it ok to neuter cats and dogs?

My email to the "heritage" church pastor RE Foley >>

Town in UK using police telescreens in streets to keep order.

Ex-CIA analyst- Iraq war a 'crime'

Help! Who was the Repub who wanted the naked statue covered awhile ago?

Interesting pics of Mark be the judge

Old article about Foley in American Family Association website.

DUer's are you up to Myth Busting the Myths about Myths?

Hastert's Democratic opponent posts on dKos, demanding DH resign; 374

FYI: BOOKMARK THIS - Weekly projections on House/Senate races

Rasmussen has W under 40% First time in months

bush's last two years will be the most fun.

Mark Foley Targets Nudists .... back in 2003

Let's see what the right wing sites say about Foley

Saddam Verdict to be Delivered Mid-October

I wonder if Brian Ross

Two Months Before 9/11, an Urgent Warning to Rice

The natural enemy of the lie is the truth and if

Religion, has just been cancelled...

Oil and the UN

Nate Clay's talking about the various GOP implosions -- streaming LIVE

Walk-On Photo Op Never To Be Forgotten - 1 Oct 06

70 US Troops Died in the Month of September in Iraq

Covering up for Foley has stuck to the repukes...unless you count Faux

I'm dying to hear Chimpy say "I will leave no child's behind"

Do you want to end the war in Iraq?

Damn that Rove is good, Atta tape released on a Sunday when GOP needs it

Iraq War was stage managed by Rove with script provided by Rummy.

Foley Story Replaced by Terror Story in Headlines

Tighty-Whities and Republicans Who Like Young Boys and Chris Wallace Soils

DeWine and Brown (OH Senate race debate) on MTPress now

Is Bush just an asshole...or is he really crazy?

"the House would have moved to expell him" had ABC not broke the

Holy Crap! Dan Bartlett spinning like a top on ABC's This Week

Bill Clinton must have a smile on his face this morning

I used to think the people who called CSPAN biased were nuts

Won't the congress. page program probably be sued civilly by any victims

Why are the R-Wingers bringing up Barney Frank?

Ex-CIA analyst- Iraq war a 'crime'

Powell says he was fired by Bush.

All the data lines are drawing closer.....

The Republicans are soft on freedom

"Set it and forget it" is NOT a strategy for victory.

Latest poll shows Curt "The Screamer" Weldon in a dead heat with Sestak

Humiliation at 33,000 feet: Top British architect tells of terror 'arrest'

If we change even ONE WORD of the Bill Of Rights,

Foley Catheter...or is that Catharsis?

Saudis build 550-mile fence to shut out Iraq

WJ this morning: Woodward is now their enemy

Foley was not the only Congressman involved

Chris Wallace doing "analysis " of Bill Clinton interview now on Fox

Can anyone guess what the FOX panel is talking about?

Foley often seen flirting with male pages on House floor & in cloakroom

Think about this. Under the law passed last week, the kid who

I'm not distracted, not even slightly.

I have a friend who teaches 8th grade history. I asked him what he taught

Dan Bartlett is trying to sustain Bush* Lies on This Week.

Why were the Republicans protecting a pedophile?

MSM Sunday ,What's the main topic? Slithering out with Torture or

I think George S. is doing a fair job countering Bartlett on Woodward bk o

Murtha on abc

The Foley cover-up is just one of many questions that Hastert

Charlie Christ, FL republican candidate for Gov, Anything to hide?

Need info, How many arrests for Protest

deWHINE Gets Majority Of AIr Time & Interrupts Brown After Complaining

My worst nightmare

Should Iraq declare independence? Ask a Freeper!

Hastert informed that Foley e-mails were 'over friendly'

Biden on Face the Nation: "I Told Them DIRECTLY"

Let's send Rep. Foley a get well soon card since he is one of those sickos

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Chris Wallace/Fox News Sunday

There hasn't been a terror attack in 5 yrs. So fucking what?

Journalist Raised Question of Foley's Sexuality 10 Years Ago.

bush laughed.

Two Koreas to hold military talks on Monday - Seoul

Swiss confirm CIA torture flights allegations - Leaked report

Remember when rising Republican star Joe Scarborough just quit?

Comment on Huffington Post lists over 100 Republican Pedophiles

Age of consent laws - District of Columbia is 16, Florida is 18, Iowa 14

Our Afghan puppets just freed the guy who was running a torture chamber

The basic complaint the WH has about Woodward's book is...

I don't really fault the Republican Leadership for trying to cover this up

We need more men like this leading us

G.W. Bush's hotmail account.

Foley's ties to the Church of Scientology:

Why DiD Foley Get To Keep Job With Child Protection When Repubs Knew....?

I am SICK of this STUPID, Obvious, Ignorant Republican Tactic.

You know, its no wonder that monkeyboy

U.S. Troops To Serve Under Foreign Command In Afghanistan

In tribute to our favorite hypocrite Foley: "If I were a sicko" contest...

List of political sex scandals in alpha order from Wikipedia, with links.

Bes One liner of the day yesterday (Yahoo Message Board)

McCain's Tory/Republican lovein beginning over here in the UK

Pope urges 'brotherly ties' in Iraq - Not the Onion

self delete

DeWine: "We're Not There for Iraqis; We're There For Us"

Monster president

Listening to the "round table" (another conceit)

A Congressman with oversight of an agency to protect children's


Bring on the Whistle blowers & Book Writers against the bastards. using child actors to peddle its message

Faux News re: Atta tapes: "just remember we knew of the bases in 2000"

NYDailyNews: Bush told Condi to be "playful" with Rummy.

DeWine Claims to Work with West Virginia Dems

China's scientists and engineers move forward on fusion energy

Does anyone think Woodward set 'em up by gaining their trust?

We're no better than Clinton! We're no better than Clinton!

The perfect description of the bush administration

Heads UP! Bill Moyers On PBS! Wednesday at 8pm (Central): Abramoff

Woodward on 60 Mins tonight calls Bushco liars via "Failure to tell the

My LOST-IT!!1 e-ltr to Faux & Friends (the brunette bimbo)

CNN Poll: How would you rate the performance of Rummy?

Do you believe the Republican's irrational obsession with sex leads to

Handy Timeline Of Foleygate Scandal (TPM)

Let's not lose our focus that the Foley fiasco boils down to this...

Anyone watching Sherrod Brown wipe the floor with DeWine?

I think Ken Starr was secretly working for Clinton.

I stand by my vote.

Another Heads Up! PBS FRONTLINE Tuesday 9pm: Return of the TALIBAN

GOP Leaders NOW Admit They've Known About Foley For Months

Rate this Yahoo story up - House leaders knew of Foley in 2005

Has anyone actually read their state's education laws?

Is this the guy that George Bush appointed as Chairman of the Federal

Write to Meet the Press and complain

The ugliest aspect of the Foley thing

Grand Old Pedophiles?

Woodward wants to bring down a second administration...

Administration Showers Praise on Woodward and His Book

Democrats need to grow a backbone (St. Petersburg Times)

Dewine was acting a little desperate on MTP...

Kissinger on CNN with Wolfie right now

Replugs are again saying Cut And Run yes they did on Veterans

How many times has Election Fraud ,been talked about in the last 36 hrs?

Watch Mark Foley Express His Outrage Over Pedophiles

Haven't even heard the word 'torture' on the morning shows.

Is this the worst chop job of a photo you have ever seen? DESPERATE

Were the priests molesting 15 & 16 year old alter boys pedophiles or gay?

Just in time for elections: 'Rationale' for Iraq war changes again

Foley follie does wonders for Bush's America image here and abroad

Damn, if Repugs restore any more "honor and dignity" to Washington

Do you live in an apartment?

Joint Resolution To Repeal The 22nd Amendment

Atta sure looks young in

NEW REVELATION: Bush fired Colin Powell

Wolf Blitzer: "Mark Foley, the Republican, now former Republican."

Hey wait... I thought churches weren't allowed to endorse candidates.

It's hard to believe how many people think Bush cares about Israel

US Forces Drop "Buddy Christ" Photo in Sadr City after Raid!

Tom Reynolds' race is within MoE, lets give his challenger some help

Meet the Nixon/Bush Administration:

WaPo Oped on terror detainee bill: Profiles in Cowardice

A free country

Hume Compares Mark Foley To Clinton- But Says Clinton Got Off Easy

"Patriot pastors" stump for Republicans

I need some information on recall of "retired" U.S. forces personnel

State of Denial: Two months before 9/11, Rice gave the 'brush-off'

Abramoff Knew US Would Invade Iraq in March, 2002

News from Holland (in English) about Iran, Electronic Voting Machines >>>

see Schieffer start F the Nation with "breaking news">the Atta "pictures"?

RIP Army Staff Sgt. Edward C. Reynolds, Jr., 27, of Groves, Texas, et al.

Post strange things about Abramoff letters here

The freepers are trying out Foley talking points....

DU this AOL poll: "Has the Iraq War made us more or less safe?"

Has anyone seen 5 pages come forward story on any msm??

When Did We Become Such a Violent Nation?

Reynolds accepted $100k from Foley in July.

"......used car salesmen" big john sure has a way with words

FBI worries about an Osama-Sopranos link


Boehner blocked vote on Pelosi's investigation resolution(Foley&cover-up)

Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006

Looking for Keith Olberman video RE: NY Post

Caption *


Contessa Brewer on MSNBC: feeling her oats today

Guess it is time for Congresscritters to submit to "Background" checks-

Folks, he's "Mark Adam Foley" from now on.

"Punk Ass Crusade" - video>>>

Just saw "You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train".

"Whenever you hear a Republican Congresscritter bleat about gay marriage"

WH is shocked about Mark Foley...

Orrin Hatch's song for Reverend Moon

Extreme Nepotism - Jack Abramoff and Co. and the Federal Salary Council

Typical Freeper Excuse -- There's no "there" there

Abramoff had an Agenda for Iraq - Getting some Cash Money $$$

The Constitution of the United States 2.0

"Inmates detail U.S. prison near Kabul " Bagram the GITMO of the MidEast

Rachael Maddow on MSNBC now

Church: "Mark Foley takes some time to interact with our children"

Foley Lay In Wait For These Kids - (TPMMuckraker)

Who's busiest right now?

Saudis building a 550 mile fence on Iraq border to keep violence out

Now, now, now. Be nice for a moment. Think, consider, be humane.

Take a minute to be humane. Long enough.

British troops in secret truce with the Taliban


The 'We' Part of the Global War on Terror

Brit Hume must like little boys too.

Aide:Bush confident in Rumsfeld(Some people don't like his bedside manner)

Why is the Republican Party supporting Joe Lieberman ?

Why can't repukes tell the difference between consent and rape?

Might bush resign if we took the house & senate?

Jack Abramoff's pledge of loyalty to Karl Rove

US Military recovered Atta tape in 2001!

In-Depth Series on Bush Family/Halliburton Ties

Timmy said that one third of Abrahmoff's money went to dems...

National Intelligence Estimate Document Declassified !!

Foley killed discussion of enemy combatant & the death of habeas corpus

Foley quote: "Make sure we're all on the same Page"

From Nancy Davies at Narco News on 9/28

When it comes to Congressional ethics, Republicans don't think

Statutory Rape, or Pedophilia?

Is Foley married? Just curious.

Where will you be this Thursday?

War Resistor Darrell Anderson has returned an has been

The GOP puts a pedophile over the House Caucus on Exploited Children...

Oaxaca - Some background & a great poem (VIDEO)

The election pulse on, or; the kids are allright

To me, the most important aspect of Foley's pedophilia is the coverup

More ironic/funny lines from the AMW Foley video:

Has Cardinal Law (Bush) washed his hands of his party's sex crimes?

Best bumper sticker I've seen today! (do over)

Slumping Fox (Network) Celebrates 10th Anniversary (Rawstory)

How are we doing on getting those 15 seats...

These Are The Men Who Chose To Protect A Predator Instead Of Our Children

Jack Abramoff and friends worked on a secret project called CRUSADER

Traffic at Freerepublic droping like a rock.

Mark Foley on Bill Clinton in 1998

The Atta tape that curiously surfaced is mute for a reason...

Something to watch, just in case you're not angry enough (YouTube)

The Sunday Files Part One: American Gods

Foley had a problem

Al Gore's movie tonight in Riverside CA - FREE!

US Congressman Mark Foley Generates Excitement on the Floor!

Pick a 2008 Republican convention site

You know I find it interesting how this 6-YEAR-OLD tape surfaces...

AUSTRIA votes in Social Democrats, extreme right voted out of power

We'll be voting on e-vote machines while Mercury is retrograde!

Link to Foley's lustful e-mails? (GOP Keeps America safe for Pedophiles!)

I'm mad at Bill Clinton!

Democrats need to hack the vote

Question DUers-how did the Foley thing actually get out?

Dems Slap Republicans for Keeping Sex E-Mails To Teen Secret

Justice Ginsberg talks to Mike Wallace about presidential powers

Relevant to Foley: GOP quotes during Clinton impeachment...

White House Counselor Dan Bartlett expects criminal probe of Foley

Have executive orders ever been challenged in court?

There are more important stories than Foley, dammit!

What else I've decided to do.

TOON: Sunday's Non Sequitur (Spooks Under The Bed)

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (TV Media Coverage of Katrina)

Congressman Foley Aims To Topple Graham

You went into a coma 9/11/2001. What would you EXPECT if you woke up now?

Make Cookies, Not War - pic

Anthrax dispute suggests Bioshield woes

Clinton Cartoons

The Bush Administration And Darfur: Appeasement Driven By Oil

Republican quits over sex chats with boys - Australian headline

Hush Money! Quid Pro Quo :::: Foley donated $100,000 to Reynolds

Shouldn't we start planning this year's War on Christmas about now?

Christian Groups Greet New Supreme Court Session with Prayer, Oil

My worry is that Dems are involved!

Braking: Capitol police have sealed off Foley's office to secure potential

FOX News Anchor- Bush RESPONSIBLE For All Deaths In Iraq-Now Thru Election

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "GOP Nuts" Kissinger Advises W. on Iraq

Should Bill Clinton issue a statement condemning the media comparisons

New Al-Queda video shows Atta and Ziad Jarrah in 2000

So, do you predict a "terra lert" in the near future?

Why isn't this the hottest thread on DU?

A friend in the UK has offered to try to get me a work visa at his school.

Foley is nothing new, remember the Franklin Cover-up Scandal!

What would headlines read if Foley was a Dem?

How Mark Foley Represents The Entire Republican Party

Reid DEMANDS Attorney General Investigation into Foley sex scandal

Foley scandal timeline

2715 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

More people die in automobile accidents than in the war..blah..blah..blah

Iraq Liberation Opening Doors for Christian Missionaries

Bush story and Clinton story at Faux

What a joke. Reid asks Gonzales to investigate Foley??

Does Dan Bartlett really believe the crap he is saying on "This Week"?

An Open Letter to Sen. Norm Coleman from Lazlo Toth

"On Simple Human Decency" - Oh baby! Check this:

I'm watching FOX News and I'm having sooooooo much fun!

Hastert and leadership strategy on FxNews

Heritage baptist church has broken their web page hehe

It's time to step up and buy Democracy Bonds

Six days in the life of the officially bankrupt Republican Party

On 60 Minutes tonight... Woodward - State of Denial

Extreme legislation sends out shockwaves - In more ways than known:

Breaking Hassert asks DOJ to

Hastert asks for investigation by Atty General

"There is nothing in the Constitution about separation of church and state Launches National Memorial for the Moutains!

tell me about chris bell for tx gov, the good bad and ugly.

I so can't be the first to say this....OMG! 9/11: the Director's Cut!

Bush now suffers from "irrelevancy." No one's listening. He's done.

New Republican Logo


Newt Gingrich tells us to expect more bills slashing civil liberties

CNN Foley past and present up next.

50 bodies in 24 hours

FBI Opens "Preliminary Investigation" of Foley

FBI worred about mafia/Al Qaeda connection after watching Sopranos

The Shame of Being a Republican

Look at ABC's news home page!!

Are religious conservatives tiptoeing around the elephant in the room?

60 minutes (Woodward) being pre empted by football.

ABC News: Drudge Report Sets Tone for National Political Coverage

Newsweek says Jack had an Iraq client. Kos says Jack knew about Iraq.

Will the Speaker of The House Be Implicated By....

Foley's part of a not-so-exclusive club now

R-E-V-O-L-T- .... Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW!!! or Fascism forever.

ABC: Equating Drudge with Cronkheit??????

So, you think the government isn't spying on you?

Take a stress relief break and do some sky watching after dark.

George Bush: "Only in America would anyone call her mom."

If You're Jewish, Should You Feel Guilty If You Don't Vote For Lieberman?

Most ridiculous question from the recent Zogby poll:

"Foley A Little Overly Friendly" MSNBC Female Host

60 minutes: Bob Woodward. Coming up in a few minutes.

Is this a perfect storm?

NOBODY could have predicted that the GOP are pious child predators!

FOX's Shepherd Smith rips neo-con a new a-hole on Iraq (VIDEO)

I just gave Brit Hume the smackdown...

What does GOP mean again?

Has Foley had actual "physical" contact with any of the boys?

Another Insider Finds the Bush Regime Lying While Thousands are Dying

How is it that underage teens are even allowed to work as pages?

its the COVER UP. i thought this ironic

OK, Maddox is right about this Glenn Beck dumbass.

I'm tired. Is anyone tired yet? I'm not throwing in the towel, but

Detainee bill shows "Libertarians" like Instapundit for what they are

Top Washington Times Editor's Wife Confirms Racism Allegations

Who were the guests on Chris Matthews this morning?

OMG! I think my dog's a Republican!

Tonight on 60 Minutes...Bob Woodward exposes Bush* Lies!!!

Murtha on roundtable discussion on CSPAN1 now

Foley Blunder Should Be Good For Another, .25 cents less for gas?

CNN wants to know what we think of the Foley Scandal.

Campaign 2006: The Republicans' Secret

Foley story timing sure took attention from Fitz/evacuation of courthouse

I have a question about Foley's resignation.

Mark Foley = Ephebophile

Best bumper sticker I've seen today!

Tell it to everyone

White House shocked, surprised by child sex scandal - Yahoo News

Anthrax Dispute Suggests Bioshield Woes

*** Official Woodward/60 Minutes Thread ***

Jack Abramoff knew that we would invade Iraq a year before we knew.

Russian oil grab 'puts western supplies at risk'

An old Who Classic - In honor of Mark Foley

525 reasons to dump Bush(as of 2004)...add yours

Britt Hume just now on FAUX

60 Min. on NOW with Woodward interview!!

Republican cover-up charge over sex e-mails to boy, 16 - Scotsman

Are We So Morally Sick That We Are Willing To TORTURE In Name Of America?

Clinton, Schumer, Obama JOIN TO FREEZE AIDS Treatment And Care

ABC News Report on the Foley-Repuke PageGate (VIDEO)

The FBI & GOP Leadership Is Giving Foley Time To Scrub His Harddrives

HBOer's heads up... Feeling a tad rebellious? I Walk The Line on now.

Clinton did it too! Clinton did it too! Clinton did it too!

What's this stuff about Christ rumoured to be a gay Republican?

GINGRICH: Repubs Would Of Been Accused Of 'Gay Bashing' If Too Aggressive

A Missed Question: Why did the parents want to drop the matter - QUIETLY?

Headline: Stung by Criticism, Bush Calls for Offensive 'Across the World'

GOP Staff Warned Pages About Foley in 2001 (5 yrs ago)

As a retired educator,


I just called CNN and bitched them out!

The "Top Ten" list should be something else this week!

Oops, Kerik did it AGAIN! Former Bush DHS Nominee Under Investigation

Facilitating Fascism . J'accuse!

Great response to "Our President" billboards

"Craig Murray on Manufacturing Terror, Oil, Lily Pad Bases and Torture "

From Daily Kos - 'Foley is not a pedophile, period' -

Obey, Cleland Speak Out Against Ad That Distorts Sherrod Brown's Record

Is GOP The Law And Order Party? Uh, No ...

Coulter spinning on Foley scandal

Republicans charge $100,000 to cover up sexual predator!!!

As Much As I Despise Woodward, He Just EVISCERATED Bush

Blackmail?: Foley was on the fence over CAFTA

Arizona people (crosspost AZ Forum)

Foley appears to be gay. Why didn't he hit on men his own age

KKKissinger, KKKssinger, KKKissinger - It's the KKKissinger, stoopid!!!1

CNN Poll on Foley Impact on Nov Elections - link here

A question about morality...forgive me if this has already been discussed

Crist (rumored to be gay republican) has big lead all over Florida in poll

MMFA: Could your daughter be a future detainee?

60 minutes - President Lied !

Why did the Foley story break now?

Foley: Giving the term "chicken hawk" new prescience.

Don't forget the other bomb that will drop this month: NH phone-jamming

Acronym Contest: "G.O.P."

Hastert wants to Probe Foley

An evening with Amy Goodman - pictures

Rumsfeld:" NONE OF US Ever Believed They Had Nuclear Weapons"

Let us peel back the layers of Foley, shall we?

A ROVE indictment just before the elections?

HEADLINE: Bush battens down for hurricane Woodward

Just saw the JOHN LENNON MOVIE! Have you seen it?


I had a 13 year-old son who was a page

Emails Suggest Mehlman Arranged Fed Funds for Abramoff Contributions...

Oct 1 - Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter !

GOP? GOP???? Let's call them what they rally are: RAMBLA!

How can we get religious right to see how GOP enabled Foley?

Flamed -Out GOP Star Arrested For Child Sex Assault (not Foley)

Video: Congressman 'tolerated' forced abortions, sex slavery

WP: NCLB scandal: "untested programs with friends in high places"

"Get out of my neighborhood" the Republican asshole screamed at me

John Laesch should get massive help from the DNC

You gotta see this... Can't Make It Here Anymore. Powerful.

Rep REYNOLDS Recieved $100,000 From FOLEY After Hearing About E-Mails!

Allen's Woes Lead To Windfall Of Contributions For Webb

Pelosi letter SMACKDOWN!

Update on the silent struggle for Iraq's oil

OAXACA RED ALERT! (Mexico resistance) DailyKos

19 Year Old Diebold Technician Wins U.S. Presidency

C-SPAN WJ: Frank Luntz & Anna Greenberg

An update on DUer eggbeater's health situation.

truth wants to break out ... like a damn about to break, it is leaking

A Night With Ann Coulter...

Update on Bella

Long list of Repuglican Paedophiles:

FOLEY: It's "Revolting & Unforgivable" For People To Say I'm Gay

Eleven GOPers Fingered in Foley Cover-Up

Foley has given the GOP the greatest gift of all

A New Member, ..With Great Perspective And Wisdom, Everyone Should Welcome

lordy!-- does it strike anyone else as odd that there is more outrage...

Foley killed discussion of enemy combatant & the death of habeas corpus

Abramoff Knew US Would Invade Iraq in March, 2002

He he he.. The Republicans are scared shitless over the word "Pedophile"..

The Republicans don't want to be known as the party of pedophiles, period

Does anyone believe Sensenbrenner knew nothing about Foley?

Soft Tissue Recovered From T-Rex Thigh bone

FIVE PAGES have come forward about Foley! "We Knew About Him For Years!"

October suprise coming? There may be proof. Look at Oct put options.

A moment of sane, calm, and rational consideration.

110 rounds fired by Polk County SWAT team into one man.

Jim Hightower in Kennebunk Maine!!

We need to FLOOD our lawmakers....

Foley & More ... I awoke from a dream with my "Tin Foil Hat" on

AP Photo: The sign with Bush's photo reads in Greek ''Terrorist''...

Dennis Kucinich - the best VP money cant buy!!

Dan Bartlett the lead guest on "This Week"...good grief

ALERT: GOP Talking Point ! Barney Frank Scandal same as Foley.

James Inhofe (R-OK) thanks Fox News for not spreading Global Warming myth

Retired officers challenge Bush on torture

CNN just asked for e-mail "clean enough to read on the air" or

A "Short List" of 2006 Democratic Platform Items, Starting Today

Anybody else notice weirdness at CNN? Over Gergen's

Kerry: Woodward says admin in a state of denial. "It’s worse than that."

What our next ad should be

MTP: Brown / Dewine debate next

VoteVets ad rips Burns on body armor

Right-wing Powerline blog defends Foley


ABC Sunday AM lead story. "When did they know"? About Repukes

Sharrod Brown finishing strong...showing how smart he is!

Dan Bartlett was spinning a lie and never was called on it...

Richard Clarke declined to appear on Fox with Wallace and here is why:

Karl Rove's brain is gonna explode.

St Pete Times knew (Foley) Nov.2005..Held story

What did they know and when did they know it

Patriot Project does it again. Nails McCain and his Swift Liar partners

Powell Was Fired By Bush

G.O.P. Aides Knew in Late ’05

Biden: "The president is wallowing..."

So how many more seats are in play thanx to Foley?

Want to save the children? Storm the 14th district of Illinois!!!

Rep. Foley: “If I were one of these sickos..."

Roy Blunt still has endorsement from Foley on his web site.

No one has a "plan" for Iraq.

Bill Clinton's got the HOTS for Demi Moore DAMN Bill

Are Republicans better than Democrats at protecting America ?

Gee, I wonder What John Walsh Thinks Of Mark Foley Now?

Question: What will happen on Nov 8, if Lieberman wins, and all

GOP - Guard Our Pedophiles

FROM VIETNAM to IRAQ: State of Denial


Polls: Top Senate Races Very Competitive

Pelosi resolution blocked

Woodward Defines Change Needed on November 7 on '60 Minutes' Tonight

It is looking like Bush is trying to protect Foley

If you were a pedophile, which party would you choose?

Five weeks and two days until the people decide ....

Let's stop wringing our hands about the election and go to work....

Dan Bartlett's denial of Bush's state of denial..."We worked with Bob"...

Falling on His Sword -- good article from the WP

Hush Money for Reynolds?

Good Read: In Taking On Fox, Democrats See Reward in the Risk


TIME: Campaign 2006: The Republicans' Secret Weapon

"No to Swiftboating. No to Torture. Yes to Leadership."

Good News in Two New TN-Senate polls

Lengthy excerpt from "State of Denial"


Write your local paper (many attached) *& express outrage w/HASTERT & Cong

Josh Marshal: Sex with a 16 year old in DC is legal.

Can someone provide a link to list of close Congress/Senate races?

Reminder: Foley in '98 Congressional debate about Clinton's intern affair

Everybody loves a sex scandal

Would this make a good Letter to the Editor for the Harford Courant.

L'il Ricky joke

"Rush to War" director on Cspan 2 NOW

White House Counselor Dan Bartlett expects criminal probe of Foley

What did Delay know and when did he know it?

Mistake, or New Strategy?

Very few expect Hillary to be nominated in 08'.

MP3: John Kerry speaks at John Hopkins U (Q&A session on issues)

Ray Mcgovern on Book TV, Cspan2 now. Very good discussion.

Campaign 2006: The Republicans Secret Weapon............

Rep Mark Foley's (R) ratings with the Religious Right

Lieberman’s Fundraiser Ran the Abu Ghraib of Rehab

Poll Puts Dem in Lead for Mass. Governor

Churches prodding undecided voters towards GOP - L.A. Times

one of * closest advisors denied that Bush was in a "state of denial"

double standard for being acceptably nasty and mean

Rasmussen: Bush down to 40% approval

Time Magazine/Campaign 2006: The Republicans' Secret Weapon

Is Rodney Alexander (R-LA) running unopposed?

Thank you David Rockefeller

Heritage Baptist Church has scrubbed their webpage of the pedophile

Cardinal Law and Hastert protected a predator

Is the Foley story the "October Surprise"? I know techinically it broke

Braking: Capitol police have sealed off Foley's office to secure potential

I guess the members of the christian conservative Clinton cockaphony

Who originally revealed the Foley info to ABC?

Interview with Matt Bai and Dean from June. Extremely candid. Notes.

Rove's "October Surprise": GOP Congressional Sex Ring

Uphill battle for congress according to yahoo article

Don't forget the 60 minutes segment on future young republicans

Foley Blunder Should Be Good For Another, .25 cents less for gas?

PPT: "39 Days remain...Pray for godly candidates to be chosen on Nov 7"

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I'm looking for a website that gives information about Rick Santorum's...

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to the church that promotes FOLEY as a great christian...Heritage Baptist

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