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Archives: October 10, 2006

The Age of Terror (Robert Fisk)

'Ten Reasons Why Men Should Not Be Ordained' (will offend some)

Can It Happen Here? -- Fritz Stern: similarities of 20s Germany + US

The Mystery of America (Gideon Levy)

North Korea's nuclear policy is not irrational at all (Guardian)

Zakaria: Iraq's Dark Day of Reckoning (Zakaria's Giving Up On Iraq)

How Pakistani scientist sold bomb secrets to North Korea

Dutch abandon nuclear phase out. Set guidelines for new nuclear power.

Wilderness debate strikes close to home for those who use forests

Israel needs to admit it had no right to kick Palestinians out in '48.

WOW! Best Video I've Seen of Demolition "Pop" & Flash at WTC!

What is the status of our Daily Election thread editors?

ACLU files suit over Mississippi's voting laws

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, Oct 10th

New Robin Williams movie: pres candidate wins via e-voting "glitch"

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

OH SOS Repuke Candidate a Bu$h Sleeper? Who is Greg Hartmann?

The Difference Between Us: Elections

Japan sidesteps question on US considering N.Korea attack on Japan as on U

Native Americans Join Protest Against Hornblower (Alcatraz)

AMFA Reaches Tentative Settlement In 14 Month Northwest Airlines Strike


In case people don't know

Projected New Senate: 50 Dem 49 Rep 1 tie

NYT: Foley Scandal Is Hurting G.O.P.’s Image, Poll Finds

New Survey USA poll: Should Hastert resign?

Horrible crime: Mom Charged With Using Baby As Weapon

US proposes checks on N. Korean cargo

F.B.I. Struggling to Reinvent Itself to Fight Terror

Candidates square off in second debate of Nevada governor's race

Suspicion Surrounds Retreat In Gas Prices, Poll Finds

Linked by DNA, Man Admits to 6 Slayings

Pakistan “deplores” North Korean nuclear test, denies links

WP: Democrats' Midterm Momentum Mounts, Poll Finds

WP: Low Yield Of (North Korea) Blast Surprises Analysts

CNN: Mess hall boss arrested for sickening Iraqi troops

Documents: CIA warned of plane bomb plot

Just on Cleveland TV - Plane diverted - landed at Cleveland

NYT: Blast May Be Only a Partial Success, Experts Say

Four top doctors arrested over illegal human experimentation

India Tech Profits Up 30% But Squeeze Coming

Review Finds Mistakes On 5,100 Absentee Ballots (OH)

Hastert Backs Out of Pa. Fundraiser

Al Gore Stars In TV Ad Supporting California Prop 87 (VIDEO)

LAT/AP: Democrats Assail Bush's N. Korea Policy: "Asleep at the switch"

Guardsman shoots man in New Orleans

WaPo: GOP Officials Brace for Loss of Seven to 30 House Seats


Do parents of today let their kids read "Bi-Curious George"?

Must see video (hey, it even got 5 stars). I promise, you'll laugh!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


So I'm watching 'Engineering An Empire'

The silicon chip inside her head .Gets switched to overload

Are Only White Guys Bachelors?

e-yeow ~ Squashing the competition - Record 1,280-pound pumpkin...

I have tonight all to myself....ask me anything!

Pumpkin Festival - Half Moon Bay...

What are you streaming right now?

Need some help.

I am Leary.........

How to become republican in 10 steps (funny shit!) :

Life have some cheap fruit snacks...

Post pictures of snotties! (Lame copycat)

Men Of DU........Do You Sit Down To Pee?

In Bathrooms That Lock...

Google announces purchase of worlds largest fruit punch manufacturer

Sigh...October 9th and my a/c is STILL on.

Warning, gibbon

HELPPPPPPP my Tivo missed Desperate Housewives

Elizabeth Edwards' Comments about the Great Online Community

Great Randi Newman on Colbert Report!

Somebody slap me! I was just watching Spike sing to Buffy

The real Lizziegrace is still a sick kitty

I know I really belong....and how I can tell...

Why is there no chocolate in my house?

Buck O'Neil

So my sister and I are coming home from the video store

"Ain'T goT no how waTchamacalliT"

Yo homies....Whassup?

IChing appreciation lisp.

Was anyone else watching Heroes?

Who knows Tequila? Need advice.

I know I'm rather late to the party, but...

SeattleGirl appreciation thread!

If the Dems had a pres. as incompetent as this asshole, they'd toss him.

Alright, is this nuts?

Who knows what "the one eyed monster" is?

So my little dog got into the garbage can

People keep messing with my "stay home and be depressed" plan

Recommend dental/medical insurance provider for self employed?

Pass this by if you don't like spiders.

A bit of a brag since I worked so hard

Look out, ladies... He's a geek no more. Screech grows up!

anyone kindly enough to proof read my paper??

Interesting truck and bumper sticker spotted today--

Is it legal to sell used software?

Yeah, my asshole neighbor moved out who

Damn, I'm having a rough night.

OMG I'm in Minnesota!!!

Who's watching The Bachelor? It's too funny........

It's Screensaver Time Y'all, what'ja got on yours...

New Job Teaching...Hate it...Am I Stupid to want to quit after 1 month?

Rescued PITBULL annihilates rescuers

St. Louis folks! Let's meet up this weekend!

Mind-blowing picture of ISS & shuttle transiting the sun

Frog froth to treat wounds

Sign the Human Rights Campaign Pledge to support fair-minded candidates

Please tell us about your "coming out horrors".

Okay, this is definitely a weird question

Remember last week's full moon ceremony?

It is a travesty. Vote vets action fund poll.

Kerry on The Fix (re: today's BG article); comments need help.

Are you watching Jon Tester??

Hey d_d...time to repost the Iraq for Sale reminder in GD.

First troll on the Kerry blog

Anybody watching the Allen/Webb debate?

Anybody do Fashion? I think I got a job.

Dear Douchebag, aka: George W Fraud. You are an awol, frat boy, son of a b

Reuters Calls NK TV Person "Newsreader"! I Say The US Has a Fair Share Too

Harball edits for the replay hour

CNN/Money: Survey: Are taxes fair, are you better off than 2 years ago?

They are trying to make Kolbe the fall guy

Olbermann to talk about Rumsfeld/N Korea

Is it me, or does Bush look hung over today?

The March To War: Iran Preparing for US Air Attacks

Superb read: When Lawyers Are War Criminals

Is the 60 Minutes "no fly list" segment online?

Did Curt Weldon Dodge the Draft?

I missed Keith Tonight

Keith just mentioned Rummy's deal with NK

Keith Olbermann will have special coverage of "habeas corpus"

Great new political ad out of Montana

Predictions for the most often used Conservative phrases in 2007?

Political Divisions of the House of Representatives (1789 to Present)

Bill Moyers: Capitol Crimes - Abramoff, Delay, etc

We're all going to die.

Anyone know what happened to Dallas area AirAmerica? (910 am)?


Does anyone have a subscription to Rasmussen?

Sounds like Joe Scabrous is going to be dissing Jon Stewart

Korea sounds like Koran

Talk about FEAR - report on Evangelicals on NBC Nightly news

WP:Suspicion Surrounds Retreat In Gas Prices, Poll Finds

Are Only White Guys Bachelors?

Pat Buchanan calls Foley and the other Gay Republicans "Gay Mafia"

There's a new Keith Olbermann newsgroup on Usenet

In case people don't know

Did anyone just see the John Lennon piece on MSNBC?

Webb v Macacawitz CSPAN1 debate OFFICIAL THREAD

Was the NK nuke test Rove's Oct. surprise?

Would you like the option of reponding to a DU thread without kicking it?

Is anyone else sick and tired of all these "Jesus Camp" ads?

Fair tax and privatizing social security

New Times poll: doesn't look good for the repukes

2748 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Iowa 1st CD CSPAN1 debate Official THREAD

Was Foley in F9/11?

No Joke: Robin Williams Takes on Politics in Film

TeeHee Winger BIL is annoyed by "biased" Olbermann

Shitty Freeper parent declares will not get daughters anti cancer vaccine

Any idea how MI-08 polling?

Six Reasons Republicans Can't Win The War on Terror


There is some weird shite going on around here...

(VIDEO) Andrew Sullivan wants Repukes punished for Foley


Experts warn of an accidental atomic war

You Cut Out His Brain, You Bloody Baboon!

Oh Boy Dubba coming for Hastert and Rokam in Chicago

New John & Yoko Documentary

Final debate of the evening: PA-10 Chris Carney(D) v Don Sherwood (Puke)

FCC Hearing on Media Ownership on CSPAN2 now

You know, I've never known a gay "sexual predator"

Mark Foley Is A Good Metaphor For The Republican Party

Biggest Effin Hypocrite Award

Kolbe pursued by news network investigating his involvement with pages?


Someone please record Bill Maher tonight....

Colbert just has to one up Jon.

In the words of Malcom X: The Chickens have come home to roost

North Korea did not go nuclear, according to Moonie Times flunkie Gertz

Build your own Cabinet to stop the madness in this country.

Montana debate audience applauds when moderator suggests impeachment!

Chickenhawks must be having a huge WARGASM right about now

NOT Palmer. BlogActive speaks.

Randi newman on Colbert.

Head On Radio Monday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Early heads-up for you South Park fans:

A vote of "no confidence"

NEW Daily Show Starting NOW! I'm predicting a good one!

Don't get complacent! Dig in, fight hard. Let's not just win.

West Coast alert: Jay Leno's "Headlines" is hilarious

AP: Worst week of ratings for Katie Couric; drop each week since debut

Charlie Rose had good program on N. Korea

Hi, YouTube! We're Chad and Steve...the co-founders of the site...

On Lennon's 66th Birthday - some lyrics to a song he sang

Unexplained Death of Troops

ROFL !!! - This Just Sums It Up So Well !!! - (Re: Hastert\Reynolds\Etc.)

Increased Uranium Mining In US Ignites Activists - SCARY?

"We have entered a new dangerous Nuclear Age"-a failed Bush policy

No one posted about Jon Stewart asking Baker?

R. W. "Johnny" Apple (NYT) remembered -- Charlie Rose tonight

Jon on Daily Show To James (puke) Baker:

"Call them out....." BlogActive 'news' in Foley scandal.

What to do with freeper troll who posts hate speech under your name?

OMG! Randy Newman Singing "Political Science" On The Colbert Report!

Puritans - Fundamentalists in GOP (Great Charleston Gazette editorial)

The GOP are "ethically challenged"

Is Bush getting turned on by Kim Jong-il?

What Dem Buffoon Thinks It Better We Don't Take Both Houses Now ??

Holiday Card Project For My Adopted Soldier

But 63% of the voters still like their own reps

2,748 U.S. troops now dead in Iraq, W's war of choice

What the heck...DU this poll...

Who would FOX declare, as a Democrat?

Under Clinton, both N.Korea and Iraq were contained. N. Korea began

All the reports about how in trouble the GOP is make it more and more

How do you think the American People will respond to an attack on Iran?

Caption this photo


Is there an attack on organic agriculture?

Why is the Man Who Stole Ohio Campaigning with a White Supremacist?

There are a lot of registered "Independents" in this country...

fox news is 10 years can we make sure it doesn't reach 11?

Is anyone challenging the end of habeas corpus?

Americans for Honesty on Issues (are they swifties?)

If you saw the Webb/Allen debate, who do you think came off better?

We really are going to win.

Tester/Burns/Jones CSPAN1 Debate Official Thread

At the Nuremburg trials, Nazi war criminal Wilhem Keitel....

What was Foley using to lure these kids with?

What in the hell is going on with all the school shootings?

A Navy task group is headed toward Iranian waters...

Has Anyone Got Answer From Carville re: Tip To Wife About Ohio Ballots?

Did the US negotiate in good faith with North Korea?

My name is T. Kennedy. I am a terrorist.

Why We MUST Remain At WAR.

Malloy on Youtube MSNBC...he is awesome

What is the Democratic Message for the November Elections?

Free Republic awaits operating funds from the GOP

What I now ask of you is military success, - I will risk the dictatorship

*** Toons: A few more Foley ***

Society's whipping boy: Teachers

I have to say Goodbye to mom , or I will never move on.


In light of the fact that North Korea has nukes, THE END OF THE WORLD!

WP:Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Comes Back to Haunt United States

57% Believe Bush "Personally Aware" of Pre 9/11 Intel Reports

Is Jim Baker senile?

Fox News labeled pols wrong.....again!!!!

I'm SO SICK of Bush's Amerikkka

Halliburton Building Concentration Camps for Americans

Why is ICE taxed?

Murtha for Speaker. Feingold for Majority Leader.

Despite martial law, Thailand workers plan to picket U.S. embassy (jobs)

Anyone watching the VA Senate debate?

Clergy, Civil Rights Groups - Absentee Ballot Drive for Katrina Evacuees

Working Women "Stir The Pot" On Political Issues In AFL-CIO Voter Mobiliza

Absentee Ballots in Cuyahoga County (Ohio) have mistakes

Matthews on Foley: "Think of the Capitol, you think about the stink"

When, in the course of a campaign, 3 weeks out, an apology is needed ....

Excellent Foleygate Timeline (goes back to 1997) TPM

By continually blaming Clinton for everything..aren't the repugs admitting

OH SOS Repuke Candidate a Bu$h Sleeper? READ THIS:

Tester/Burns MT Senate Debate.....Update

Its not about approval #s; "Change course" is the grabber

Nurses ready to fight back after NLRB ruling!

North Korea detonating a nucler bomb is NOT a big deal.

AP: Hastert Backs Out of Pa. Fundraiser (Sherwood, R - Adulterer)

Hey Kids! Don't Let Anyone Pull A Foley On You!

Susan Ralston gave Abramoff "inside W.H. info," but Rove walks away clean

Iraq and LBN (a moment in time)


The war between the Log Cabin GOP and the Religious Right

Most anticipated question to GOP Prez candidates in next 2yrs?

I love Jon Testor! I am watching the MT senate debate. He is very

With ads like this, no wonder Harris is getting her just desserts

Allen, Webb in Slashing, Wide-Ranging Debate

John Kerry Weighs in on Reports of North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Test

Tester’s Lead May Be Insurmountable

Here's what going to happen about evangelicals. ....

Senator Allen is an asswipe...

I just caught a Bill Nelson television ad.

Santorum keys on 'Islamic fascism' (and Dumps on Bush)

Lower standards help Army recruit more

Fox News Makes Another "Mistake"

Is it Time to Break Iraq into 3 Nations?

What do you like best about the Bush presidency? 19% say NOTHING!!!

Are you all prepared to stop talking about Bush's numbers in 29 days?

If dems win both house and senate in November, will we still blame BBV

Dear Fundie - you've been fucked

just what the f*** were voters so pissed about in 1994 ???

What I now ask of you is military success - I will risk the dictatorship

Let's talk tax cuts for a moment ....

Who has controlled the Middle East over the course of history?-maps of war

A Special Message from Jimmy Carter

As Religious Programs Expand, Disputes Rise Over Tax Breaks

(Terry Jones) An invitation to Bush from the World League of Despots

Iran Attack Looks More Likely as Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails

Does Bush Think War with Iran is Preordained?

Putin Fights Back

A Real Ownership Society

Now We Have The "Ethically Challenged"

Celebrity status gives Schwarzenegger a pass (on sex misdeeds)

NK nuclear Response-One from a Dem and one from a Repug. they

Real Bad ID

Rolling Blunder..How the Bush administration let North Korea get nukes

Mark Twain :'To the Person Sitting in Darkness' (US + the Phillipines)

The freshwater boom is over. Our rivers are starting to run dry

Institutionalized Evil: The Bush/Republican Party

Bush’s Nuclear Apocalypse

(Gail Bangert) Shades of tyranny in our use of fear


Foley Scandal: Sex, Lies, and Family Values

Harrison : In a Test, a Reason to Talk

For U.S., a Strategic Jolt After North Korea’s Test | NYT

Transit systems may not get upgrades (security) (Boston Globe)


Secret Iraq Meeting Included Journalists (NYT)

Tapping Hot Springs To Bring Electricity To The Poor

Strongest Link Yet To Climate, Disease Synergies Wiping Out Frogs Globally

Over 800 Bighorns Counted In West Texas Mountains - ENN

Australian Fungus Linked To Porpoise, Cat Deaths In Pacific NW - ENN

Help save California condors from lead poisoning...

Planet enters "Ecological Debt" period

Click Here To Learn More About Ken Blackwell's Environmental Plans For OH!

EU backs strong law on chemicals

High Court Won't Consider Asbestos Case (W. R. Grace mine MT)

Can. Provinces Wonder What To Do W. Acid Rain From Oilsand Production

Malaysia & EU To Start Talks On Illegal Timber Trade - AFP

Northern China's Groundwater Quality Expected To Continue Fall - Xinhua

EU Parliament Upholds REACH Regulations For Chemical Industry - AFP

Western Demand For Furniture Fueling China's Timber Imports - AFP

Global Warming Forces Alaskan Village To Move

The Price of Success: Inside the NJ Clean Energy Program

Critics light coal fire under PacifiCorp

LAT: Evangelicals preach gospel of green

Olmert's true colors

Two Palestinians killed by IDF in Nablus, Gaza Strip incidents

The mystery of America : Rice down the tubes.

Just Another Day at Huwarra Checkpoint: Journalist Beaten, 10 Men Detained

Egypt: Internal feud in PA ruining chance for peace

Israel willfully kills two civilians at Nablus checkpoints

IDF prepares for possible Syrian attack

Mystery second plane in Cleveland identified!

Amended Complaint Filed in Ohio Ballot Tampering Suit (KLBNA v. Blackwell)

WP, Dionne: A Vote We Can Believe In

Hacked! ---> This book is really good!

Flaws found in European voting machines. "similar to US"

What are we DOING about Election Procedures?!

Florida: GOP Ponders Suit Over Ballot in Foley’s District

Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater

Secret Iraq Meeting Included Journalists (NYT)

GRRR ... another hit job on Olbermann from N.Y. Post

Foley case revisits issue of access to lawmakers' records

IDF prepares for possible Syrian attack

Jell-O sparks toxic waste scare

Oil tax fight becomes state's most expensive initiative campaign (CAProp87

As Religious Programs Expand, Disputes Rise Over Tax Breaks

Former TV Reporter Is Arrested on Ship

Europe told to wake up to TB threat

WashPost GOP Officials Brace for Loss of 7 to 30 House Seats

WashPost: Poll Shows Strong Shitf of Support to Democrats

Oaxaca demo reaches Mexico City

Iraqi Parties Work Out Security Details

Report: Human error caused Helios crash (lack of oxygen to cabin)

AP: Saddam Thrown Out of Genocide Trial (again)

250 Cartons Of Lettuce Missing

NFL MAKES FANTASY PASS-Internet gambling-curbing legislation

White House rejects North Korea talks

Flaws found in European voting machines "similar to US"

AP: China Opposes Military Action Vs N.Korea

Norway runway blaze kills three

US-led forces say kill 11 in Iraqi Shi'ite city

GOP Officials Brace for Loss Of Seven to 30 House Seats

Iran Arrests Outspoken Cleric Who Opposes Religious Rule

House Speaker Hastert To Make Statement At 11 AM ET-MSNBC

Hundreds in Idaho mourn former Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage

Video depicts Noe, GOP the way they wish they weren't

AP: Another 60 Bodies Found in Baghdad

This JUST IN!!!!

Pentagon Assesses (NK) Responses, Including a Possible Blockade

Iraq: Shiite Deputies Say Federalism Bill Ready To Go

FBI Questions Former Congressional Page on Suggestive Foley Emails

(Rep. Jim) Kolbe says he did not confront Foley

Jeffords asks GOP group to stop using his picture in Rainville ad

911 excerpts in Amish shootings

(Jimmy) Buffett: Pills not Ecstasy

MSNBC-Support shifting to Democrats, poll shows

Eric-Rod Bernsen Arrested By FBI

Court rejects Roe v. Wade companion case

Warming, melting Arctic forces native Alaskan village to move

Hastert to dismiss anyone who hid Foley's behavior

Hastert: Anyone hiding page issue leaves

Iraq envoy: U.S. oil investment waiting on legal changes

Aid worker for U.S. based Muslim charity killed in Iraq

Kolbe was apparently close to the same Page with whom Foley had the lurid

Plan to Leak Foley (via rawstory) (story contradicted by CREW already)

AP: Feds form task force to crack down on Cuba sanction violations

Germany arrests Iraqi suspected of aiding al Qaeda

US Embassy in Oslo Norway evacuated

Hastert meets with critic over scandal

(DNA) Tests confirm man killed by British in Iraq was Al-Qaida terrorist

More than 300,000 Iraqis have fled

Southeast Asia's Burning Rainforests and Peatland Threaten World's Climate

Comair to Cut Flight Attendant Wages

REUTERS: Barrage of blasts rock Baghdad

Shift to Baghdad leaves western Iraq in limbo

Barrage of blasts rock Baghdad

E. coli exposes weakness in food chain

Shiite, Sunni parties feuding with accusations each side behind killings

Fire breaks out at ammo dump at U.S. base in Baghdad

Lebanese army seizes weapons from Hezbollah

Iraqi kidnapped journalist found dead

North Korean test 'went wrong,' U.S. official says

FLORIDA -GOP's Crist continues to lead Democrat Davis in race for governor

MSNBC 6:58 cst : Camp Falcon, Baghdad munitions depot attacked by mortars

Baghdad body count: 75 more corpses found

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 10

Religion may hobble Romney campaign

Iran to invest $1 billion in Iraq

Pentagon defends quality of U.S. military recruits

AP: Records Suggest Pombo Lobbying Contacts (Abramoff)

Dogs attack inmates at some U.S. prisons: report

Bush summit on school violence opens

Tentative Deal Reached to End Mexico Oaxaca Crisis

Syria welcome in Israel - Peres

States must help save pets

Kolbe says he warned of Foley years ago

L.A. (FOX!) Reporter, Fill-In Talker Arrested For Suspected Molestation

Political tides in southwest Fla. earn national attention (K.Harris' job)

Dust 'affects hurricane activity'

Lower standards help Army recruit more (doubles substandard recruits)

N.Korea may have conducted another nuclear test: NHK

Former pesticide executive to head EPA office

Bad weather shuts down trans-Alaska pipeline

US military 'turns blind eye to killings'

Veterans For Peace Not Welcome At Veterans Day Parade (Maine)

Shivering Alaskans to Hugo Chavez: Keep your oil

North Korea Threatens to Fire Nuclear Missile if US Won't Commit to Talks

McCain criticizes former President Clinton on N. Korea

Breaking: Explosions Rock Camp Falcon (MSNBC)

Kucinich to lead Iran briefing on Wednesday

In Iraq, contractor deaths near 650, legal fog thickens

Study: Bar workers breathe easier after smoking ban

Christian evangelist meets with Hastert to persuade him to step down

Allen's Undisclosed Stock Options Were Worth Up to $1.1 Million

Dear David Mamet, please don't put your wooden wife in any more movies.

Anyone watch What About Brian?

If I *were* to have a Competitive Eating heroine....It would be

Wrong Number Conversation

I'm bullish on Jan Crouch's hair, it's going places.

My virus scanner just caught and deleted two files

I want to be a thespian, and yet I am not; I challenge all DU thespians...

Okay, boys and girls

I want to be in Lisbon, and yet I am not. I challenge all Lisbon DUers

Itching appreciation lisp

Post a really obscure "Separated at Birth" photo set

I am going to have a good day today - who's with me ? :)

For those who are planning to buy "Guitar Hero 2"

Hey from London!

Baltimore Ravens plane makes emergency landing in Pittsburgh.

County Wants To Drug Test Senior Citizen Library Volunteers

Next time it rains like this

a panther, a tree, a flower , one hungry dude, and a butterfly

I am feeling lonely

ARGH! Why is my FTP transfer slowing down?

The difference between Microsoft and Apple

We grow more strawberries three times a year here than anyone

Finally, if these 2 can find the peace then why can't we have World Peace?

Has anyone heard from or about MoseyWalker?

torn between two lovers

weegee's world

Woman Earns High School Diploma At 82 Years Of Age

Tips on How Not to Sell Your Home

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Tractorhenge! (dial-up warning)

Donald Trump says he doesn't find Angelina Joile attractive

I've had a headache for three frickin' days!

I'm going to "Body worlds" today!

Where can I find out an elected official's political affiliation

du fashionistas` some cool pictures for your fantasy

What does it mean when someone posts:

Anyone ever had that one co-worker that is just a bad apple ?

Hey Brits, why doesn't the Queen knight Roger Daltrey?

iPod's Dirty Little Secret

16 questions to answer RIGHT NOW

Today's earworm: John Cafferty's "Boardwalk Angel" (Eddie & The Cruisers)

Hummersexual tendencies

Man Eats 247 Jalapenos In Eight Minutes To Win Contest

'Runaway Bride' Takes Ex-Fiancee To Court (She's BAAAACKK)

Post pictures of hottles

Some traveling music, please.

Minnesota Tells County Official To Remove His 'FOAD1' Vanity License Plate

So I "think"I just dodged a "re-organization" bullet..

I need help making a Halloween mask for my son - Anubis

Good morning, everyone! I'm back....

DU Taoists -- a question

Pass this by if you don't like Snyders.

Sometimes experience is the best advice - why not give me yours

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 10/10/06)

I'm bored, and I have to potty.

Post pictures of Potsie!

DU Pringles Group


Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for October

DU Singles Group...

DU Jingles Group...

DU Dingleberries Group

Oh's United Way Donation season at work...

*Copycat Subject Line*

Duers, overrated movies, you watched this year...

Post pictures of Potties!

I am running for Moderator of the DU Sex Thread Forum

DU Shingles Group

Post pictures of Goatse!

I am so sick of my left knee bothering me.

Congratulations ewagner!! 15,000 posts

Anybody else having problems getting into DU?

If you were made a DU moderator - what forum would you want?

thinking of dressing as the Devil for this mask too scary?

Congratulations brainshrub!! 10,000 posts

DU Naughty Girls: I've found the perfect place for a meet-up

Today's my birthday

Seen on the way to work this am:

Saddleback Caterpillar

Okay people, you think I'm attractive? Well, here are pics of my fine ass!

This is too wierd. Toast messaging?

D.nnrv C am yflcbi gocbi yd. Ekrpat t.fxrape o.yglv

Woohooo! I just found my missing bearded dragon.

Should I cook something for dinner or get food delivered?

What would your add in the Personals say?

Bug Bite Question. Help! I'm itching to death!

Maybe if Katie wore this the ratings for CBS would go up

This ship won't turn on a dime.

We know that the big fish always eats the little fish...

Inland Empire

If you wear your pants with the pockets around your knees...

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.....

What the hell. I'm turning on.

Why do people eat at a place called "Jack in the box"?

I feel like giving into my urges...

For all the lonely people out there

A Kid From Brooklyn Comments on the Recent Demise of the Yankees.

Looking for Pro Democrat address labels

"Plan 9" & "Bride Of The Monster" hosted by Rob Zombie on TCM, 10/13

Menthol foot spray?

Happy Birthday Ed Wood Jr!

Sheesh. It's only 6:30.

Post your cat pictures. I'm in a mood to see kitties.

Study: Women dress to impress when they are most fertile.

HELP! Need technical help to access YouTube

What's for dinner tonight?

baseball baseball Baseball Baseball BASEBALL BASEBALL!!!!!

When Crosby, Stills & Nash come on, it's time to leave the pizza joint.

well I broke the mode

I got a B+ on my History Paper...

DH is flying to Bangkok business class today, should I be jealous?

DU Fighting Words:

Apparently every bird in the world is flying south for the winter...

My 1000th Post!

Hey MADISON DU'ers! Need your help!

I think this song is the shit.

Miracles do happen - Evita allowed someone other than ME to pet her

The latest of my little one...

Phrases people use that don't irritate you

'some of' The Worst Halloween Costumes Of All Time...

A deer bolted in front of traffic on Rt 1 in College Park, MD today...

Has anyone seen the movie "The Devil's Arithmetic"?

Jell-O sparks toxic waste scare

does anyone here use

I've given myself over to the Myspace craze. Have you?

I got my Law and Society test score back today.

Got my first two Christmas catalogs...

Say Something Nice About Other DUers

I am having Chicken Soup. Ask me something.


Who has a job that they LOVE and what is it? How did you come to it?

Is there something wrong with my Viking?

What would you have on your iPod?

Samhain's coming up! Anyone else getting psyched?

So during our poetry presentation last night, a sheeple spoke up

High School Dropout Says He Was "Born To Play Video Games" (Makes $250k)

How should I punish the cat for scratching my ankle? (Note: KIDDING)

This "comic" really pissed me off...

In 50 words or less - why should YOU be a DU Lounge Moderator

Getting inked today

Help save California condors from lead poisoning...

DU "cliche" thread.

So, I'm doing a breast cancer bake sale...and I made peanut butter

So, should I bother annoncing I have a new recording and post to it 2 DU?

Help me get this man out of my mind!

Here he comes...

ALCS begins tonight! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Who here remembers the 1999 Seattle riots?

Young men going after older women

Phrases people use that irritate you:

Ever have a day when you REALLY miss somebody??

The smallest and largest places you've lived?

what's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you in a public restroom?

The Festive Fall Foliage of BABY PHOTOS!!!!

Today I am three years sober.

christian alliance for progress.

church/state intro

He Says He Is Christ — And He Lives Here

There is a God (Believe It) part deux...

I am an ameteur ghost hunter

Chest X-Ray was clean!! Cancer still sucks.

World Mental Health Day: 'No such things as psychiatrists'

Evolution Wins Out in Mich. Curriculum (AP)

Fresh look at dwarf planet Ceres

Affirmative Action for Gay Students

Madrid restaurant refuses wedding reception to gay couple

Gay Americans' Gaining Visibility

Prince Charles joins gay church debate

Anti-Gay Amendments, War Discouraging Gay Tourism

Boston Seminar 10/28: Building Families through Surrogacy & Egg Donation

Mass. Episcopal Priests May Refuse All Marriages

I would greatly appreciate help with movie and book recommendations.

Looking for "The List"

Someone needs to torch this gay log cabin, and quick!

Breaking: Torre Will RETURN As Yanks Manager for 07

Wait! Wait! Wait! BREAKING NEWS!!!!!

Don't Blame A-Rod...

A short video for NFL/AFL fans

I am an ameteur ghost hunter

Came across this affirmation I wrote 10 yrs ago, thought I'd share:

It looks as if something big is coming on Friday October 13, 2006

I had an incredible dream revolving around 2012. I still can't

BOOK READ DISCUSSION: "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" - Pages 137-201

Took a family trip and stayed in what I think is a house with a ghost...

Finding retired USAF officer

Next Faneuil Hall Speech: 11/18/06

Who is coming to Boston in December?

Kerry vs. McCain

Boston folks - any ideas how you can help?

Chase (Kennedy's opponent) faults Kennedy for Iraq

Kossak and Mass. resident suicidal and possibly evicted from her home

Update on my "Adopt a Pundit" strategy (Mr. Sully)

Re: The Foley scandal. Does this help or hurt?

watch for JK on Cspan Friday night

My favorite Iraqi Blogger Zeyad in NYC gives talk about the war and blogs

This maybe nothing but..... Hannity is taking Kerry's comments

Attention regnaDkciN ...


State Voter Registration Deadlines...

I caught the tail-end of the VA Senate debate

TIME: Politics of the Bomb: Test shifts debate back to national security

"another rocket in baghdad"

Montana Senate Debate replaying on C-SPAN now (1:20 AM EDT)

BREAKING! The minutemen catch a terrorist while on border patrol!

anybody else catch Goldwater bio on one of the HBOs? amusing exchange...

I'm bullish on Jan Crouch's hair, it's going places.

I was thinking of signing up for the Army in the morning...

Mideast politics enter Calif. local race

Again? FAUX News mislabels Chafee as (D)

CSPAN2 has the FCC public hearing on media ownership on now

Downtown Seattle - 25 yo convicted arsonist shot by victim he attacked

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 10 Oct 06

Guardian: US not to blame for North Korea nuclear test, says Bolton

Should the GOP be partitioned into 3 separate parts?

Another 60 bodies found in Baghdad

Negron on WJ "the Rs are party of personal responsibilty" and

Less Safe

Democrats take big lead over Republicans before vote: poll

Cuban-Am-CIA terrorists home free> Don't miss Democracy Now.

CNN is beginning the election chaos set-up. We won't know who won.

Judge Lets Child Porn Defendant Walk

MSNBC:"Top Democrat calls for talks with North Korea" Richarson Slams bush

The Rs have stopped running against Bill Clinton....

WJ R caller: "We're tired of the soap opera, so get off it."

Bolton on CBS This Morning Exposing His Total Lack of Diplomatic Skills

10/9/06 73 Iraqis, 3 US Marines, US Soldier Killed; 18 Iraqis Kidnapped

LOL Spell checkers do not alway catch your mistakes CNN

Who paid for the bandwidth on YouTube? Was the format unique?

Poll results - McCaskill vs. Talent on MTP

Did Secret Wolfowitz Meeting Violate Federal Advisory Committee Act?

A Decidedly Left-Leaning Consumer Newsletter/Site

"Axis of Evil" comes back to haunt U.S.

One of the most interesting threads on DU, ever, here:

Losing America without firing a shot, so sad

Just two fighter pilots shooting the bull...

Editorializing the news...

Little Boots wants to make our schools safer now.

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

I really just need to scream IRAN/CONTRA. Why are we living through

ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL ---pix--->>>

2,748 U.S troops dow dead in W's Iraqi war of choice

What would you have on your iPod?

Need some help with this poll

Iraqi blogger Zeyad gives talk about the war and blogs

WTC: 2,752 Iraq: 2,748

Bush - "Tear down this wall, Mr. Bush"

DU Singles Group...


NK Busts a Cap: Bush to Invade, what's new?

Rove: Foley matter "complicates things"

OMG!! Gingrich/Lott 08 ticket desired by WJ caller.

So if the GOP goes down in flames on November 7th...

Does North Korea nuke test help or hurt GOP in election?

.....what it is ain't exactly clear,

Bill Bennett Is Terrified!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Pentagon Moves to Stage 2 Planning for Iran Strike

Would James Webb make a good Secretary of Defense?

Al Gore appears in TV ad for Prop 87

Savage thinks those who oppose VoterID bill are worse than what Foley did!

The Accidental President

BLUE November !!!

If one of our ships in the Eisenhower Battle Group were to be fired upon

Wow! Vermont Republican feminist just called WJ!! video clip: "YouTube Founders: New Money, Same Old Virginity"

So, will Hastert's staff get the heave-ho?

O'Reilly: Iran wants the Democrats to win in November

Hastert to have a press conference today. CSPAN just announced.

Who is advising Bush at this time ?

Is The RNC Running Racist Ads In Tennessee Againgst Harold Ford?

Concerning the death of journalist Anna Politkovskaya

Your number one reason

Hastert is having a press conference at 11AM

Bolton on CNN "WE had every reason to believe that Iraq had WMDs"

Who better than Bush?

"students don't know much more about sex than their parents did"

This JUST IN!!!!

FBI Agent Pulled Files on Specter

I like Loretta Sanchez (D) from California!

Force-fed the Faux News Diet leads to brain poisoning

2002: US Gave N. Korea $95m for Nukes

'Oil Patriots' in Alaska Reject FREE Venezuela Oil!

Bush’s Nuclear Apocalypse

Mystery of Ameria


Can someone explain to me why Senator Luger is running unopposed ?

Ex-Fox Reporter Arrested for Molesting Two 12 Yr Old Boys

is shimkus too far under the radar........

Columbia Journalism Review: Press Must Lead Debate, Not Just Reflect It

underground propaganda masterminds

Do you remember this Republican leader??

Christian evangelist meets with Hastert to persuade him to step down

Am I paranoid?

New Hastert spin: Democratic Leader Pelosi objected to FBI investigation

The chain gang

POLL: What should the #1 issue be for the next Congress?

What was Condi doing in the Mid East (preparing for military intervention)

I'm worried and find it odd that Riverbend hasn't posted anything

Do any of you get calls from "Tim from Mortgage Services" endlessly?

How "they" keep themselves in denial.

Have you heard this about Muslims, Jews and pork?

They dug long and hard, and here are the fruits of their labor.

What's happening with the Foley scandal is that it's making people forget

10 Kt Nuke = 4.8 Magnitude, that wasn't a Dud.

Are we-are YOU ready for war with Iran? buzzflash article/petition links

Alternet: American Prison Camps

Snowjob blowing smoke on CSPAN and CNN

NS Archives: Clarke's 1st Memo on al-Qaeda Declassified. (Jan 25,2001)

Pick your favorite DU Mark Foley song parody!!

Federal Legislation Labels Activism As "Terrorism"

Hastert gave his press conference in front of a CEMETERY

my take is that there will be such a margin between the Dem and repuke

Death penalty in the world. The US is in very poor company in this list.

Six years ago -- no future for political web sites (Ha!)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - tuesday: de'nile cruise lines

Well with N. Korea it looks like Bush and the GOP got their diversion

a woman only gas station in Iraq

Dave Gregory: "Iraq war accelerated the proliferation of nuclear weapons?"

Who's that WH press guy going after Snow about NK and Iraq?

Mark Foley rants on Internet Predators

(US) Horse Slaughter Races Forward (foreign owned slaughter plants)

I don't recall seeing this posted

(TOON) Steve Bell on the North Korean nuke test

FBI pulled files on Specter after USA Today story on earmarks for clients

KO question

Bolton: U.S. won't bend to North Korean bullying

Post your hot business tips for the future. Let's start a bizniz on DU.

The Repubs had a conference call with all their members...

Hastert on CNN...Will Hastert be put under oath by the Ethics

What is the best way for Dem Candidates to overcome the TERROR card...

OK...IF Hastert resigns as speaker, how does this work?

I might have a new name for that Repuke Sex Offender List

what about The Nation publication?

MSNBC Rita Cosby: "We got an exclusive shot of one of the pages...

On Cspan2...Diana Watson is telling it like it is...

G.W. B*sh Re-mix: "My United States of Whatever"

Is DU broken?

Geez! I wonder if george(support the troops) Bush

ACTION ALERT: Tucker video will drive wedge between GOP elite and fundies

America's New Bastion in Berlin

Chimp appearing with Hastert this Thursday

Two "Morning After" visions....

Just heard on radio that US is now saying it was not a nuke

North Korea: Eric Massa's Prescription for Progress

GOP-" Come For The Torture-Stay For The Pedophillia"

So What Is The Deal With LIEberman?

NK test (1/2 kt) was a flop: 1/30 of Hiroshima bomb

breaking story on his roommates? i don`t think so....

Snow: "Accountability" for Bush failures to stop NK "lies with N. Korea"

GRRR ... another hit job on Olbermann from N.Y. Post

Evolution Wins Out in Mich. Curriculum

Kolbe (R-AZ) and Foley (R-FL) elected despite sodomy laws on the books

David Cross on The Daily Show tonight!

Isn't it time we refer to is as the Iraq Wars instead of the Iraq War?

Gingrey "Nora, thanks for putting me on opposite 2 Dem talking heads"

2008 Democratic Presidential Preference

Wheeling out the Axis of Evil before the elections

Another Republic who can't admit to any mistakes

Is the Stephanie Miller show only 45 minutes long?

Caption "W's Girls"

Live Chat with Bill Moyers on Net Neutrality at 2:00 pm Central.

This thread by Hatrack should be on the greatest page

We need a name for "everything changed on 9/11" SICKNESS

Companies that favor Democrats produce outsize stock returns, study says

Retired S1Ws Recalled To Active Duty

Hastert, Boehner, Reynolds, tell your same stories to the FBI and...

Foley's over-friendly IM to page: " strip down and get relaxed"

O'Lielly: N.Korea testing nuke is to influence the elections

If you are TRULY the #1 nation in the world, you will talk to anyone.

Page on CNN

What fresh hell is this?

Scientologists Drop Foley From Web Site

Did I just hear Kathleen Koch on CNN say "Snowball" in

China: N. Korea faces 'punitive actions'

Physical symptoms of nausea caused by news about Iraq

The Grand Ho Opry - This is funny

CNN: Key Ex-Official Breaks Silence Over Page Scandal

Secret letter from Iraq ********** READ THIS *************

Get your Mike Malloy bitchslapping a neocon WHORE fix right here!

How do all these scandals correlate to Jeff Gannon?

Tuesday polling data

Here are a couple of good pics to photoshop

New Bumper Sticker (from listening to Thom Hartmann yesterday)

amazingly ignorant RW email I received today

Don't miss the Ford debate tonight on C-Span if you haven't seen it.

She's baaa-aaack!!

Want to have some fun?

I am sick with despair that Angelides is the candidate in California

CNN: Key Ex-Official Breaks Silence Over Page Scandal

Question for all those lurking freepers

OH-12: Hilarious Shamansky Ad

The Freeps have Freeped Out! Getting desperate, wanting

Google buys YouTube.. for 2.2 BILLION!

I'm not sold on this idea that we're about to attack Iran

BBV Whistle Blower Clint Curtis on The Guy James Show today-keep kicked

Am I the only person watching Cspan2?

Army raises weight standards for women

Tell me about

The apple never falls far from the tree does it?

Need help w/specifics on detainee bill to refute freeper!

This Dixie Chicks poll sure could use our help!

Parsons Corp.'s "shoddy" Iraq work ($2Billion in federal contracts)

Screw NK for now. IRAQ Is The Topic For Democrats

Take This Poll

You... MUST...Watch ... This

(VIDEO) "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr Lamont"

Bolton: U.S. won't bend to North Korean bullying

Urge President Clinton to do a Chris Wallace on McCain!

Former TV Reporter, Police Sergeant Arrested (Fox-LA)

Larry Scott hit back on Sec Nicholson of VA Newsweek piece

why is the usa the only one allowed nuclear weaponry ???

What should I do? Conservative Porn

WTF? TX's Congressional members choosing KBH over Dem?

Are we coming to the point where public fear is going to turn into

NBC: Olbermann isn't going anywhere,"If you get ratings, there's no issue"

State of the Race: The Macro and the Micro

Former pesticide executive to head EPA office

Is this a sign of negroponte work or what?

What is "winning" in Iraq?

Ted Baxter: "North Korea... wants to influence November election"

The Dixie Chicks could use some DU help - DU this poll...

Just curious? How many single men over 30 share living space with ...

McCain de facto made his first statement today as an 08 candidate..

Dems AND Republicans "fear" election theft..

"We ain't talkin' to N Korea" sez Bolton

MSNBC just reported that Hastert, Fordham, and

Raymond John Noorda - Obituary

Scott Ritter on CNN -Wolf

FYI: Ned Lamont coming up on Hardball. nt

‘Dems for Joe Lieberman’ Unveiled- Say What!?

Kerry knows what's important : Iraq front and center.

Streisand to heckler: 'Shut the @#&% up'

Report: Foley story was 'supposed to drop just before election'

Poll: Majority of Americans Fear Being Instant-Messaged By a Republican

Woman says she didn't mean to hurl baby

Bills to Repeal 22nd amendment? WTF?!!

AP: Over 1 million Iraqis have fled their homes since 2003

Bush In 2003: ‘We Will Not Tolerate Nuclear Weapons in North Korea’

A Blast From The Past

AP: Former Foley Aide to Testify Thursday

Fire breaks out at ammo dump at U.S. base in Baghdad

Morales sees conspiracy against Bolivia (Violence in Bolivia?)

Plan to Leak Foley (via rawstory) (story contradicted by CREW already)

"Calling Bob in Baghdad" Major Smackdown of RW Bozo by NBC reporter

(Robin) Williams elected 'Man of Year'

Navy Cans Lawyer Who Did His Job And Beat Bush ... Stupid

Condi On CNN Now, Proving Having A Degree Doesn't Mean You're Smart

The 18 to 24 Year Old Crowd.....VOTE


Bush Socks US Taxpayers $200M/YEAR (!) for 2 Word Slogan:

Nielsen’s Top Liberal Websites

Kolbe's Was A Member Of Page Board When E-mails Brought To His Attention

McCain Blames Clinton For North Korean Nuke Test

A Kinder, Gentler Military...what some milk and cookies?

Extremely lame cartoon from Bush-loving Michael Ramirez

Okay, here's a Tin Foil Hat Idea...

If the explosion in North Korea wan't nuclear, then what was it?

Holy shit...Larry Miller is kicking ass on Tweety's show!

Caption this pic of *

Reuters fires editor over Anti-Coulter book

Ooooh ! Shiny!!.. Cancel the news.. what scandals?.. We got Boom!

Lieberman proves himself a big fat LIAR:

Sim City: Terrortown

1996 Advocate Story Outed Kolbe (Decide For Yourself)

So, now that the Indians know the wagon train is low on

194 Killed, 34 Injured in Tuesday Iraq Violence

Olielly is suggesting the terrorists want you to vote democrat

Poll: Dems Lead GOP 54-41 Percent in Congressional Races

October 10th 2006 in Iraq

DU this poll (Ohio Senate)

Need some help polishing my LTTE on Republican cover-ups

I can't make it through this Larry Miller guy on Hardball.

Du Faux poll's "will the stock market go down if..."

Will Al Qaeda attack near the elections?

Police find 60 bodies in Baghdad, bomb kills 10

If I were a member of the Christian Right

Should Democrats investigate gas prices getting low pre-election?

Bird Flu Detected in Montana Ducks

The very sad, scary truth about the Foley affair

Has Stephen Baldwin flipped?

Lawrence Tureaud, Business Consultant. New advice show on TV Land.

Police Release List Of Top Speeders In Indiana County

Al Sharpton advising BOTH Lieberman and Lamont

Dobbs Poll:How confident are you that your vote will count in the Election

Fox News Through History

How on earth is Lamont down by 10 points?

Sharpton Accuses Lieberman of Race Baiting

Flashback -- "Shock and Awe" was GOP Truthiness to the extreme

Somethings been buggin' me. If the excrement is gonna hit the fan

Keith Olbermann meet Scott Ritter -- What a coincidence

As "Camp Falcon" cooks off into the early morning Baghdad darkness..

Typo will cost Michigan county $40K

Ailing war vet dies after VA hospital calls 911 for help

VOTE Lou Dobs poll re: your confidence about the upcoming election

Bush's Rules of Engagement

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent: Supersize Nation

Harpers: Foley scandal is no “October Surprise”, they had story last May

Jeeez... The Ammo Depot explosions being shown live on CNN. They just...

DAMAGE CONTROL: McCain blames NK-nuke test on

It looks like the Iraqi "Insurgents" Just took out an entire US facility

I received another email from K Blackwell;

WH pressconf:Of 2 sources of NK plutonium, Clinton shut off by far the more

MSNBC askes You tube helping terrorists?

GOP Billboard in Wisconsin: "DON'T BE STUPID"

Breaking Fox News: World Record Marshmallow Roast being held in Iraq

Breaking news:Report: Japan checking on possible 2nd N. Korea nuclear test

Why Republicans Refuse Truth

I miss Bill Clinton

Attention University Biologists!!! Call me paranoid, but

The 17 Bin Ladens of 2006

Streisand has outburst at NYC concert

As Exemptions Grow, Religion Outweighs Regulation

WHOO HOO! Insannity to host "Free Speech" on the Katie Couric Show!

Stupid RW'ers

(full version) Institutionalized Evil: The Bush/Republican Party

"mushroom cloud" over Bagdhad (pic)

10/10/06 SLUT Club ..... Stephanie Miller wants blogged

MSNBC-Japanese reporting that NK may have expoded 2nd nuke.

Gibson sorry for anti-Semitic stupid rambling, wants unity against "fags"

If they're going to blame Clinton for the Korean Nuke, we might as well

The pOrkin Man: Dennis Hastert

(TOON) Steve Bell on the North Korean nuke test

(VIDEO) Rawstory has clip from Death of a President

BBC Live on Baghdad ammo explosion

What it means to be a Liberal

A Tiny Bit of Good News for Documentary Fans.....

Would you be willing to pay higher taxes to fund school safety?

Who do you blame for the N. K. bomb test

Don't Forget! Keith Olbermann's Torture Bill Commentary Tonight

Best argument to convince a Republican to vote Democrat?

As I watched the Trident...

Oxy rush was spinning away today...said if Dems don't take both houses

Punk venue CBGB's closing after 33 years

I need a witty response please....

So "3 on 3" on Lil Fucker Tucker's show is supposed to give all sides

Blitzer just said Obama will be watching Tennessee very closely

So Does Iran Even Have a Nuke... er... are they close?

Imus supports Santorium?

Help! Can someone direct me to the Democratic Underground/DEEP?

Here's a Rogue State for you

The 22nd Amendment - Removing the Politics

Might as well start it ammo explosion an "accident" or attack?

"It wasn't a nuke! Now we can go ahead with Iran."

Voting Fraud

Should there be a nationwide AMBER ALERT for Ken Mehlman?

Kolbe Says He Warned of Foley Years Ago!!!! (BREAKING!)

Man of the Year = subtle hint to Jon Stewart?

Proof that Bush Deserves Full Blame for N.K. Nuclear Test

Just finished reading Bremer's book

CNN's Schneider does Election Machine Report. Election will be Close

A Haiku

Mislabeling Of Candidates Goes From FOX News To Absentee Ballots

So, was this post too subtle, or was it politically incorrect? I'd

Breaking news: Fire, Blasts Rock U.S. Ammo Depot in Baghdad

Anyone hear Sarah Chayes (sp?) on Democracy Now this a.m.?

MSNBC Iraq blogger calls out reader for complaining about "no good news"

Scott Ritter was on Blitzer's segment...

This guy says he's Jesus. Would neo-J wear makeup? Just asking.

WOAH: Kucinich: "....and even linking Iran with a future 911."...

SLOW LEARNER BUSH: 6 years on the job and he still don't get it

The order of secession to the presidency

Tell Everyone You Know To Watch Olbermann Tuesday Night

Keith Olbermann rumor I heard at lunch. Swiftboat time?

WON'T Hear About-Foiled UK Terror Plot-Because It Wasn't BROWN PEOPLE

More food poisonings - This time with organic carrot juice

Bush's statement of dictatorship

Photoshop order, please, for Hastert as Sgt. Hans Schultz.

Hastert's going to fire himself.

Andrew Card reported his cousin to Authorities, claiming she was a spy.

Who has the bigger "State Wang" ??

anyone know how Riverbend is?

Dis Ann Coulter - Lose Your Job- Show your outrage - Buy the Book

280 bodies found in Baghdad in last 24 hours. Did I hear that right?

One of my students was killed yesterday in Iraq...

Uncle rant...

Dear Katherine Harris: I know how you can get the attention you crave!

"How Easy It Would Be For President To Use Law To Make Enemies Disappear"

Typo Will Cost Michigan County $40K

Help save California condors from lead poisoning...

Need some Barbara Bush quotes

Bush Pushes Forward in Race to Militarize Space

Is DU buggy for others? Everytime I type 'Specter' I run into bugs

Saudi Arabia is holding up OPEC's move to reduce supplies

Another New Bumper Sticker (listening to Randi...)

Now that GOP contributor Google has taken over Youtube

Obviously this was a set-up: VULGAR BABS RIPS BUSH - AND FAN - AT MSG

Katie Harris is still at it. Still rigging the vote.

a couple of DUers asked that I post this as a separate thread . . .

Planet Enters "Ecological Debt" Period-this is scary folks!

Online gaming votes

My encounter with a fundy

John Laesch news from The Hill. It'll make you smile.

Bella Update V

Giant comet may collide with Earth late October (how does Rove DO it??)

North American union

Howard Dean: Take the Day Off

Does Gandhi's Pacifism really work?

LISTEN UP!! Lieberman MUST Go! I'm Hearing More & More About

McCain Criticizes Clinton on N. Korea, but Bush waived inspectors in 2002!

The Bush administration's torture of U.S. citizen Jose Padilla

Kerry Throws-McCain's-"It's ALL Clinton's Fault -Back In McCain's Face

To Rice: "10 on a scale of 1 to 10" - George Tenet, July 2001

600,000 Send Letter To NBC: Stop The Anti-Christian Bigotry.

So they all knew

Meet the newest YouTube billionaires, they are freaking kids!!!!

New Sibel Edmonds Video: She's a First Amendment Cannonball

Glenn Greenwald says time for a reminder about who was right about NK.

Don't Miss Bill Moyers Wed "Is God Green?" Evangelist Environmentalism

More Toons- A mix for today

Bloomberg: George Allen's Concealed Stock Options Worth $1.1 million

Hastert won't resign because the next election has already been stolen...

Newsweek: Dead Zone (statistics on American belief of ghosts)

SO, it's OK if the VP says f..k you on the Senate floor, but let....

Tucker Carlson: Repub Party has "pure contempt" for Evangelicals.

Gay Activist Rogers Outs Top Hastert Staffer Sam Lancaster as Gay

Most offensive wingnut bumper stickers ever.

"I Had to Leave the Country" -An Interview with Greg Palast

Four Years Later - Why I'm Voting, While I Still Can

Uh-oh... THIS GUY!!!?

NEW VIDEO: Bring Them Home!

Extreme right-winger in Minnesota faces close race.

Dixie Chicks poll (on their film site) being FReeped

Edited Repost: Pedophile Priest Law Firm and State Street

Poll: I trust My Government Yes or No. (Pls kick and let's see the #'s)

I'm calling out old DU'ers, IRAN / CONTRA The BFEE;;;;

The Great American Cockroach Check

2007 Calendar I bought - George W. Bush Out of Office Countdown wall calen

If I were President...

The Mark Foley Scandal: Sex, Lies, and Family Values

WMDs in Iraq!

The D.C. madam, college-educated prostitutes & the Duke-stir connection

With the expansion of governmental power to...

Ohio Dems - Voter Registration Deadline is Today | Oct 10

October 10th, 1973, another great day in GOP history

I LOVE the smell of GOP desperation in the morning...

Macaca Boy's platform: taxes, same-sex marriage, & a dislike of liberals

Beware of a trap

HBO advertising new documentary about the debacle of electronic voting!

"None Of Your Business": Chris Wallace, Best Interview Ever

Who's accountable? We are!

DU this Poll -- Dixie Chicks

optimism tempered by realism (2006 v 1994)

The Google Ads at the Top of the Page...

The cherry may plop on top of the GOP shit sundae soon.

The former Dean of my College is running for Office

North Korea nukes and post 911: Worst diplomatic failures in US history


NYT/CBS poll: Only 17% of Americans believe Bush on Iraq

Funny how Bushco is proposing sanctions for N Korea but Iraq was different

Top 15 Governor's races most likely to change parties (Ohio "is over"!)

Two great Dem quotes re: Axis of Evil

Is "Sen. Macacawitz" a DU original??

Majority Watch for the house - Damn, we could take the house!!

what would happen if we nuked North Korea 100%?

What's the Matter with the Democrats? Two new books with different takes


the Pinto family Foley and Reynolds $156,000

Anyone a premium rassmussen member there's NEW poll# on PA and RI senate..

Pelosi: on school safety initiatives

Will voting machines become a MSM issue once Repugs LOSE?

Voting Question

Is George Bush going to pocket veto the Secure Fence Act?

Does anyone have a link toW's personal, derogatory comments

Allen's Undisclosed Stock Options Were Worth Up to $1.1 Million

Was honesty worst policy for Santorum?

Bush Bottom line, Boiled down to Basics (The Four B's):

So, in order to impeach, do you just need a simple majority in both houses

The mystery of America : Rice down the tubes.

Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Comes Back to Haunt United States

all you need to know about Bush/NK (first 13 pages of State of Denial)


North Korea; A Plan for Progress by Eric Massa

Whats all this chickenhawk chest pounding about testifying under oath?

Ned Lamont has new radio ad out

If Richard Pombo is your rep and you have a question for him, read this:

Sharpton Says Lieberman Tactic "Borders On Racism"

It ain't looking to good for the rethugs in 06 or 08 hears why

Is it just me or does someone need to be fired for having dennis

"Do you need help? Are you having a seizure?"

Am I being paranoid about the Barbara Streisand thing?

If you were looking for information about an elected judge

How to do *you* DU?

Chris Hedges: Bush’s Nuclear Apocalypse

Are "conservatives" flocking to army recruiting offices in your area?

Talk of the Nation LIVE in Ohio! (On Now) D & R debating, The R they have

Hearing attendees tell FCC to tighten media-ownership rules

MSNBC Poll: Streisand tells pro-Bush heckler to shut the fuck up

Harpers Received Foley story back in MAY

a part of me

Here comes the dirt.

With respect to the axis of evil, are you better off today than you were 4

Senate Reality Check...dKos...

ACTION ALERT: Tucker Carlson admits Evangelicals were screwed by BushCo

You don't have to live with Electile Dysfunction! (cartoons)

Virginia Sen. George Allen says voters should choose on the issues,..

Ford VS. Croker 51-44

Republican challenger faults Kennedy for oil dependence, Iraq war

Here's a new GOP "Scare" ad.

My final video attempt to help GOTV in any way I can (V for Vendetta)

What advice would you give a Democrat candidate for Congress?

Time for Us to Go - Con pundits on why GOP should lose big time

9-11, Katrina, Foley

My LTTE on North Korea

This e-mail about Social Security seems to be making the rounds

Veterans for Peace not welcome at Veterans Day parade

S Ohioans: Mark your calendar-Blackwell + Sean Hannity both @ 1 venue!

CNN "gay Republican" segment triggers mushroom cloud from exploding heads

35 and 8? Did anyone hear this on National Journal today?

Feuding Iraq gov't groups launch charges

OMG Judy Biggert wrote back here her letter to me

Coin Dealer's (Noe) Jury Selection Starts (OH)

John Bolton trying to ratchet it up - FNC

Have you been a good democrat today? 29 days left

Curiosity killed the cat. Repugs in no danger.

GOP always trying to change the subject. nice try.

This may help you canvas. View & print own congressional border map.

Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, North Korea -- Hell Breaking Loose Everywhere!

McCain's post on wingnut blog

How will I tell my nephews about Pedophilia?

Why is the Blackwell campaigning with a white supremacist?

The Minutemen are Freepers and thugs

Ned Lamont coming up on Tweety

GOP senator (Snowe) wants Iraq war policy change

MSNBC breaking: Report: Japan checking on possible 2nd N. Korea nuke test

Ford Jr. is working four times as hard as Corker

Sam Lancaster, Hastert's Director of Speaker Operations, others-- OUTED!

My LTTE...will this convince any Republicans to vote for Democrats?

"Minneapolis Mike" NAILS it on HuffPo...Bush as "The Kick Ass Cowboy"

O'Reilly: North Korea hates & wants to weaken Bush, influence Nov election

fundraising push for EP

Dear Crawford Joe And Benedict Mike: Thanks For Nothing

Need Paula Jones right wing hunting info for MSM editorial blog

Al Sharpton: "I'm an adviser to Joe Lieberman."

Lieberman Makes the Case Against Lieberman

CNN's Cafferty - "Broken Government" Show on Oct. 19 - 7 pm ET

E-Voting comes to L.A. County - Sort of...

Legislating After the Midterms

Great New Webb Ad! Calls Felix Allen a LIAR!!!

Photo: Bush looking thoroughly effing confused under giant "SAFETY" banner

GOP Claim Dem Operatives Planned To Leak Foley Story Before Vote

Andrew Hurst (VA-11)endorsed by Sen. Edwards and Gov. Kaine

Is Bush an Idiot? Great compilation from Joe Scarborough

in 2002 smirk gave N.K. $95M for nuke program

Dem Vets Smeared/Swiftboated ? Compiling a list, need DU help

Fawcett in Dead heat in Colorado 5

Hillary is blessed to have such a competent team together.

What advice would you give a Republican candidate for Congress?

Breaking: MSNBC showing major explosions outside of

The Republicans' Russian roulette

If Lennon and Zappa were alive today, they'd tag-team Bush into DUST.

Colorado District 5 a toss-up!!

AP: Bush Says Democrats Would Raise Taxes

A part of me wants the republicans to win..

Log Cabin GOP says hundreds of thousands of gays

My Republican Husband ISN'T Registered to Vote

Must-read blog post from NBC reporter in Baghdad

How many tours on average did soldiers serve in past wars?

Tweety: "Doro Bush's new book on her father...and it's a DELIGHT!"

2008 Presidential Choices

Hypocritical DeWine AWOL From Intelligence Committee

Kerry smacks down McCain for criticism of Clinton's North Korea policy

A Little FAUX Advice

Condi Rice says Iraq needs to take over operation of their country

Iraq For Sale: msg from a soldier who was there-

Prediction: Democrats will win 21 seats this November

Lets start the longest thread: List each lie..

Gay activist planning to out congressional staffers, senators