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Archives: October 11, 2006

10 reasons why Christian Fundamentalists are terrified of sex

Stem Cell Research Myths and the Lying Liars who Spread them

Violence in Baghdad has taken a toll on small merchants

Indigenous Tribe Takes Over Peru's Largest Oil Facility in Protest

Madison ABC Affiliate Churns Out Kevin Barrett Hit Piece.


Why did I just get an email from

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Wed 10/11/06-Deceit & Denial Edition

Rick Mercer's latest rant (Darrel Reid)

CNN - North Korea has fired another test

Iran blames U.S. for N. Korea nuke test

No outsourcing today: Strike closes India's tech center

Bush raises issue of journalist's death with Putin

WP: In Ohio, 'Values' Decline As Issue

As Deadline Nears, Clean Diesel Widely Available

WP: FBI Agents Still Lacking Arabic Skills

Ney, still collecting federal salary, to appear in court this week

Three U.S. Marines killed in western Iraq

Nazty: Croatia fans create human Swastika at Football (Soccer) game

Reuters: War, sex scandal sinking GOP in polls

Rice Asserts U.S. Plans No Attack on North Korea (NYT)

Gallaudet Protest Continues (Day 6)

Rep. Kolbe visited Grand Canyon with pages

Survey: 655,000 died as result of Iraq invasion

Lennon's killer denied parole for fourth time

So I convinced this kid in my Poetry class to use "mind fuck"

debt consolidation looks difficult

Harry dog is doing well.

Airport/Airplane Toilets

I like the background music in that new Geico caveman commercial.

I just got poled!

has anyone ever heard the song "the devil's address"

Spin Doctors...

Help me get this guy out of my...

Major Anxiety Attack This Morning

Ahem. I would like everyone's attention please.

Is sex after work degrading?

Post here if you have me on ignore.

One hour until I leave home.

Post here if you have me on ignore.

Post here if this copycat post will make you put me on ignore

My whole city stinks like chicken crap!

***Tequila and Salt***

Funny opening on Colbert

By this time next week, we'll be in Maui!!!

Don't Post Here If You Have Me On Ignore

Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem on Colbert!


I don't know if I could buy a VW now that Slash is doing a commercial.

Some Simon & Garfunkel classics.

Young women going after older men.

I just got polled!


TV has been going downhill ever since they cancelled "Charles in Charge"

What's your favorite kid's show theme song?

Check in here if you can't stand war movies.

MJ truly is a wonderous thing

What's that thing called that connects a table?

Ok, It's time for Random Subject Line Cache game!

Gibson says he hasn't drank in 65 days

Bumper sticker I saw today: "I'm too poor to vote Republican"

I'm so excited. Ortiz vs. Shamrock!!! on SpikeTV


Un-freaking-believable guitar playing

You MUST watch Veronica Mars RIGHT NOW! n/t

SNOW IS COMING, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death in Entertainment. Need examples

Question: Which obsession is more pathetic?

How do you stop abusive/annoying mail being sent to you?

Anyone ever eat at Morimoto's (Iron Chef dude) restaurant?

I wub eww du eww wub me?

Is sex at work degrading?

noodles (pasta), potatoes, rice, or couscous...

Post your cannibalistic recipes!

I thought about Rabrrrrrr and Zombywoof today

Futurama New episodes:2 YEARS To wait !!!

In 50 words or less - why shouldn't YOU be a DU Lounge Moderator

I Am Going To New York City!

**Dial up warning** Do you know what I love about San Francisco?

What Are You Thinking At This Very Moment?

It's Time to Celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bibleman Teem Asembels... Siners BeWare!

Is sex work degrading?

My current favorite song:

Is being gay a sin?

Time capsule to be beamed from Mexican pyramid

Kerry WAS RIGHT - says John Nichols at The Nation!!!

Hey, we won one tonight, and it feels sooooo good

Minneapolis / St Paul Cityscapes

"The Republican Sex Scandal."

Bring it on

msnbc and Faux : Japan suspects a second Nuke test from NK

C&L: FRONTLINE "The Enemy Within" Tonight

Axis of Evil Question

Howdy Doodie?

Important Instructions on reading government signs.

Bush: :We're gonna protect/free you even if it kills you."

Did DeWine Campaign Induce Soldier To Violate Defense Dept Regs?

Aren't there any more civil liberties * can take away...

Bob Woodward's Book: #1 Amazon, #2 NYT, #5 B&N

Don't forget your K.O. approval e-mails.. It was really good tonight.

2751 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

A second nuke test today?

So, Bush names three "axis of evil," invades one and then wonders why

Pelosi; School safety Initiatives

Reminder-"Frontline" tonight, PBS - (Al Qaeda in California?) -

"Why Mommy is a Democrat"

Here we go...KO on Habeaus Corpus...

Quietly, Quietly Building the North American Union

Across the Army There Have Been 70 "Sudden and Unexpected" Deaths

Keith Olbermann talks about our Bill Of Right (no "s")

Newsweek: War Stories - 'It's Tearing Families Apart'

I ain't afraid o' no Kim Jung Il, I got dubya.

Dick Devos: All the Gravitas of Mr Rogers, and none of the warmth

Remember SPITBALLS Miller?

"Nuke Kid On The Block" - Last nights Daily Show Opener...


37 US Troops Killed in Iraq in First Ten Days of October.

Last night's Montana Senate debate video up on C-Span

Question: Is there a final version of the Military Commissions Bill?

"Why Bilateral Talks With NK Won't Work" Fox/Hume Condi Interview

Enshrined in the National Archives...

Make your prediction... who will the Smear machine go after first?

Things that make you go huh?

This may be stupid but what will our soldiers use for ammo now since

Help me choose a doomsday video for internet marketing

We've heard this before...

Congressional Network Administrator

I'm getting a little creeped out by all those Jesus Camp ads...

Do you really care which straw breaks the camels back?

Boston Legal on Tuesday now - don't forget

Scientists and Engineers for America?

You MUST watch Veronica Mars RIGHT NOW! n/t

I almost feel bad for Duke Cunningham now.

Has anybody any info about Riverbend from Baghdad? Over 2 months

Democrats are favored to win in EVERY house seat they now occupy!

Dodd: New terrorism bill 'pretty devastating' (AP)

EVILGELICALS: Those evangelicals who still support Bush's neo-fascism

A thank-you to everyone from Barbara Boxer:

Whats the Latest on the ammo explosions from Iraq?

Poll: Ford Leading Opponent 51-44 %..

Maryland Greens Helping Republicans (documented, on DU!)

MI Governors debate: Granholm v Devos CSPAN1 Now

Has anybody here seen Sweet Thang? (Foley)

Heads up Bay Area! Stephen Colbert now on KQED radio

How Amusing...

Please DU this poll on Hastert

Bell trying to get Kinky to quit

Service Provider Tool

Reconstructing Iraq

"Sex Scandal?" How about "sex crime?"

Rethug Corporatism vs Neigborhood Capitalism

Looks like Privatizing of the VA is coming Larry Scott post

Juan Cole on N. Korea, Iraq, Foley

Pentagon Moves to Second-Stage Planning for Iran Strike Option

WOOT! I have a date...

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt (R) suggests arming teachers,

how was malloy on msnbc sunday?

could we at least get some NEW jesuscamp ads? for gods sake

Head On Radio Tuesday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Did Faux News say that Reynolds of NY was a Dem?

Illegal Human Experimentation on Elderly- 4 top Doctors Arrested

National sales tax


Bush Cluelessness in extremis

Hastert says in his autobiography "some say I have an incredible memory"

Bob Woodward on Letterman.

Military Commissions Act voting record link

"Security" /Soccer moms please check in! I realize

MO, VA, AZ, TN, NJ, CT. . .the battleground states for the Senate. News??

WHAT is scarboroughs obsession with jon stewart?

My first freeptard smack down.. Damn it feels good!

Native Americans 'Sound Off' On Columbus Day!

It's obvious by now that Christian Evangelicals need to start their

This is a really important thread

Anyone else miss Khatami?

you guys HAVE to DU this poll

ABCNEWS.COM: Aide will testify Foley tried to enter page dorm

Garrison Keillor says Columbus Day should be renamed Bush Day:

Who Takes The Title Of Biggest Current Political Whore ???

Have I touched off a LTTE flame war?

I just saw a sneak peak of Man of the Year tonight.

C&L has Keith Vid Up

Modesto Bee no longer supports Pombo!

Stephen Colbert did a lot tonight.

Frontline on PBS (running now)

So Shrub still hasn't signed the War Crimes and Torture Legalization Act?

In my ideal world,DUers would live together

Lancet study range 426,369 to 793,663 Iraqi civilian deaths

Jeff Gannon has hit rock bottom.

Do you want Joe Libermann as the tie-breaking vote on Iraq withdrawal?

WTC Dead 2,752 - US Iraq Dead 2,748

Excellent cartoon--It's Clinton's fault.

He is losing it. - * pic

AOL: Are Republican's Losing Control? Poll that will shock and astound

Question from a Fundy - When was the last time Christians invaded a

Boston, MA folks - your help may be needed - please read

Uh oh...KO seems to be helping set up the "Democrats can't win" meme.

OMG! The Daily Show has just took the Foley thing to a new Level!

Schwarzenegger but not Angelides to appear on Leno's nightly show

Hastert Should NOT Resign!

Bumper sticker I saw today: "I'm too poor to vote Republican"

You-Tube and Google = Suppression of free speech?

Richard Pombo----liar! Met with Abramoff about the Marianas!!

Warriors Against Fascism Reunite in Madrid

VIDEO: " Getting Waterboarded" on Current TV

Just an earthquake

Sweet, twin, blonde, HATE-MONGERS!

Kim Jong-il is a madman. Ahmadinejad is a madman. Chavez is a madman.

LANCET: Study: !600,000! civilians killed in war in Iraq

Poll finds that poor journalism drives nation to the right...

Colbert is funny, cooking with Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem

TEARDOWN: The Mainstream Media Turns on Bush "Scoop"/autorank

Flashback - Bush Grants North Korea Nuclear Funding in 2002

Conservative Takeover Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’

VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT-OLBERMAN: “Why does habeas corpus hate America”


IT JUST HIT THE AP WIRE: 655,000 Iraqis died due to war

Salmon Rushdie: Veils take power from women

I could care less if the chairman of the RNC is a homosexual (ken mehlman)

blatant bias from AP re:allen/webb debate

Ford-Corker debate poll (TN Senate) Help DU this poll!!!

How long till Iraq officially becomes Kurdistan, Sunnistan, and ....

Senator Conrad Burns Named 'Hero of the Taxpayer'

Coin dealer's jury selection starts (Noe, another Repub crook)

Lou Dobbs on Larry King now

Would you please vote for Granholm in this poll? Thank you

Lamest. Ad. Ever


100 people dead in Iraq in two days, just in Baghdad. What about

DFA...Make your own Stick-it note for activism.

The Report the VA didn't want you to see

The right wing evangelists went with the GOP because of the Gay issue

NY-26: TV Ad Uses Page Flap to Attack GOP Rep. (Reynolds) (AP)

His Desire to Make Amends

Dean at University of Miami today....sounding confident.

Sibel Edmonds: an inconvenient patriot

Tommy Thompson for President.....NO F..king way!

The Modesto Bee endorses McNerney over Pombo

Santorum: Bush lacks support because of too few "Islamic Fascist" remarks

Photo: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, here's your damn @#$!$#&!"

One more Time here is what replugs have done to Veterans

The PERFECT anti-Repuke incumbent ad

Is McCain a Neocon? (It's possible to fool some people all the time)

Hastert and the graveyard

Does the U.S. have their vaunted 'diplomacy' on pause until China


Florida Democrats seek Foley records from Charlie Crist.

We Met Jean Hay Bright Tonight!

Folks, PLEASE don't stop fighting! We still have FOUR WEEKS to go!

Lets Figure 2008 as we end the 2006 campaign -- Who is able to lead?

M*A*S*H Producer Larry Gelbart's List of What to Remember on Election Day

Wow! Puritanism is alive and well in the "underground" community!

Fool on the Hill-----The truth about Dennis Hastert.

Across Europe, Worries on Islam Spread to Center

How George Bush Gave Krazy Kim the Bomb (by Greg Palast)

George Orwell: Politics and the English Language

The Masses Have Never Thirsted For Truth (Mogambo)

Is this the October Surprise??

"Why is Rahm Emanuel Still Trashing Howard Dean?" (mydd/the Hill)

Religion-Based Tax Breaks: Housing to Paychecks to Books

Union Disrupts Plan to Send Workers to India for Cheaper Medical Care

Body of Research — Ownership and Use of Human Tissue (N Engl J Med)

Iran: Arabs claim ethnic cleansing by Persians

For anyone interested...

A Call for GWB's Resignation

Rumsfeld company helps NK get North Korea obtain light-water reactors

Gene Lyons helps derail the GOP

North Korea Isn't Our Problem

Conklin: Colbert 'endorses' gun-toting teacher plan (Repug WI, Lasee)

The cost of doing your duty

Boston Herald column shows Bush is a failure

No More Brownies

North Korea: A Nuclear Threat (Newsweek 10/16/06)

*GREAT* Jim Morin cartoon: - Warning - Do not desecrate our flag

Bush's Tough-Talkin' Korean Bungle



Juan Cole analyzes the John Hopkins/Lancet study (655,000 Dead in Iraq)

We all have our reasons for how we vote.I'm voting because of my son.

America's dirty secret: India becomes the gasoline gusher

Austrian Scientists - World's Glaciers, Ice Caps "In Terminal Decline"

Update on the Romanian plans to complete 5 CANDU nuclear reactors.

Union of Concern Scientist web site on Climate Crisis

Sierra Club announces Energy Resources Policy

New Hawaiian Park Awash In Garbage - More Plastic Than Plankton In Ocean

New Swedish Governing Alliance Calls for Repeal of the Nuclear Phase-Out.

Climate Activists Unveil 3-Foot Ice Sculpture Of Tony Blair's Head

Katrina, Rita Converted 217 Square Miles Of Coastline To Open Water - TP

Record Rainfall, Snowmelt Close 70 Miles Of SE Alaska Highway Near Valdez

Bering Sea Snow Crab Catches Down 85% In Six Years - Climate A Suspect

Indonesia's President Now Apologizing To Neighboring Nations For Smoke

Multicolored Finch Likely New Species Find In Colombia - Reuters

Video: Michele Bachmann (R-MN) discounts global warming...gets laughed at

Federal Treasurer - Australia Faces Worst Drought In Its History - Age

Harper To Ape Chimp, Dump Kyoto In Favor Of GHG "Intensity" Plan

Post-Kyoto climate talks may last to 2010 - expert

Firm Must Pay Asbestos Costs (W.R.Grace)

300 MW Solar Farm in New Mexico Moves to Phase Two

Will Silicon Light Illuminate the Future? (new LEDs)

Academic to quit post in anger over Israel


We did it! They're killing each other

JTA: Soros pairing with dovish Jews to consider an alternative to AIPAC

Hamas rejects two articles in Qatar's initiative ("renouncing terrorism" &

Militant group says kindnaps American in West Bank

WashPost Editorial: Intransigent Hamas

JTA: Israeli forces kill 3 Palestinians

new video on strange injuries and new weapons in Gaza

IDF judge seeks probe into Arab cameraman's injury {edit}

Beamer's dad scary propaganda

weird "spooky" 9/11 stuff

Small plane (helicopter?) flies into NYC building AND

Noreen get ANOTHER photo of Johnny, what's going on?

Brad Blog: HBO to premier "Hacking Democracy" before election!

Got democracy? Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW! ...or Fascism Forever.

Fitrakis, Lehto & Wasserman Exposing the Act of Election Fraud (Audio)

TN Supreme Court brief filed: paperless voting is unconstitutional

Bush camp tries to halt Florida recounts (blast past)

Finally! Key Democrat Says REPLACE Linda Lamone

Great article from 2 years ago... how much has changed?

IR Invisible Ink Experiment

Hastert and the graveyard

AP: (Ryan) Campaign Aide Fined in Corruption Case

CNN/AP: Recalled lettuce free of dangerous E. coli, tests show

LAT: Democrats Slam Schwarzenegger's "Tonight Show" Appearance

AP: Mexico's left alleges fraud in Tabasco governor's race

Religion-Based Tax Breaks: Housing to Paychecks to Books

Conklin: Colbert 'endorses' gun-toting teacher plan (Repug WI, Lasee)

Mistake refers Medicaid callers to phone sex line (OH)

MacDill (AFB) Logs Another Intrusion

10 Killed In French Train Crash

War and turmoil has cost 600,000 Iraqi lives, study finds

N. Korea: We'd View Sanctions As War

Iraq pullout resolution on ballot (139 Mass. communities)

Report refutes fraud at poll sites (most fraud occurs in absentee ballots)

North Korea: A Nuclear Threat (Newsweek 10/16/06)

AP Kerry blasts Bush NKorea policy at Boulder City campaign stop

Business hedges bets by donating to Pelosi

2,660 Iraqi civilians killed in Sept.

Lawyer's $1 million keeps Bell in game

U.N. Chief Urges U.S.: Talk to N. Korea

Religion link to stabbing

29 Members of Congress Call on Condoleezza Rice to Deny Extradition of “Do

L.A. OKs massive project at LAX

Newsday/AP: Four arrested in attack on gay man: Lured online

Iraqi ex-minister says seeks refuge at US embassy

FBI investigating actions of Specter staff member

Voter excitement level highest in years

UK Telegraph: Putin faces 'murderer' taunt as journalist is buried

GOP Candidate Proud Of Bed-Hopping With Packers

Hastert's breaches own home security

helicopter crash


NYT - Religion-Based Tax Breaks: Housing to Paychecks to Books (WTF?)

AP 2,660 Iraqi civilians killed in Sept. (ave of 89 a day)

U.S. court backs fine for Iraq humanitarian visits (Bert Sacks)

Suspect Voter Cards Found (St Louis)

DFW Airport To Build Outer Taxiways

Sen. Snowe moderates war stance

Plane belongs to Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle

US to Step up Cuba Sanction and Enforcement

Breaking: small plane crashes into building in NYC

War on Terror Update: Only 31% Say U.S. and Allies Winning War on Terror

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 11

Political consultant sentenced for imprisoning students (GOP Perv)

Report: Voter Fraud May Be Overstated

AP Poll: Republicans focus on politics above pages (Dems not off hook)

Across Europe, Worries on Islam Spread to Center

Google faces recruitment blues in India

Republicans hope to capitalize on (North Korea) blast

U.S. Says Blacks in Mississippi Suppress White Vote

National GOP spends $244,300 in fight to keep Foley district

President Bush to hold news conference (11:00 AM Eastern)

US approves sale of airplane parts to Iran

Chavez's Push for UN Council Seat Sets Up a Showdown With U.S.

President says Foley conduct disgusting (& Hasturd did fine job as speaker

Far From Big City, Hidden Toll of Homelessness

Goodyear Announces Layoffs

(Rep) Shays: Page Scandal Isn't Chappaquiddick

Violence 'may cost Al Maliki his job'

Bush says Democrats would raise taxes

State Farm seeks change of venue for Katrina cases

Foley Cruising in His BMW; Another Dorm Visit in 2000

AP: Fundraiser for Ill. Governor Indicted

Bush says report of 655,000 Iraqi dead not credible

Student May Be Kidnapped in West Bank

Rendell camp: GOP governors group has deserted Swann

Bombs blitz Baghdad as UN warns of chaos (3 US troops dead MON, 1

Baptist leader questions GOP's Ford photo

UW instructor compares Bush to Hitler

OPEC To Cut Output

Remington freezing pension plans for non-union employees

Political consultant(GOP) sentenced for imprisoning students

Ex-ATF Chief Had Staff Give Homework Aid

Republicans uneasy over Souder's race

Iraqi parliament approves federal law

A.P.: U.S. Army making plans to keep current Iraq troop level through 2010

Militia Attack Ignites US Ammo Dump in Iraq

Yanks pitcher dies as his plane crashes into building

Data Suggests Vast (Troops) Costs Loom in Disability Claims

Naval interdiction exercise said planned for Gulf (mystery deployments)

Oldest Cuban dead at 126

Vermont Congressman Leads Run for Senate

AP Exclusive: Reid got $1M in land sale (did not disclose to Congress).

AP: GOP leaders seek probe of Berger papers

Polls Lagging, Lamont Gives Campaign $2M

Al Qaeda Suspect: U.S. Government Gave Me LSD

Michigan backs evolution, not intelligent design, in science classes

Pink prison makes Texan inmates blush

US weighs first treason charges in over 50 years

Schools are now having lock down drills - that's the state of America .

"The Isle of Greece"??

'It's HoWdy Doody time!

DU "Nick" thread. (lame copycat)

New catch phrase "Drats Foley'd Again!!"

Any boxers on DUers -- I have a question

It is official now

I'm leaving again in a short while...

29 Republican Congressmen Take 'Dog The Bounty Hunter's Side'

"When You Were Young" The Killers

MrScorpio's Podcasts

My son broke his foot again, and a friend of mine recommended these $80

Police Chief Accused Of Stealing Golf Cart Windshield

A whale,a temple,a flower,a prisoner, and a butterfly

Any boxers on DU -- I have a question

There was snow on my car, this morning. It is still snowing.

Ultimate Showdown! Kittens, Bunnies and Chocolate!

Man, 91, Completes His Law Degree

You know you're a thread killer when....

Woman Charged With Drunk Horse Riding

Grey sky

I won't be here tomorrow

Home Schooling Dad Appointed To School Board (To Oversee Public Schools)

Question to the women

Is grading work sexy?

Is sex work any more degrading than working for a soulless corporation

Rescued Komodo Dragon annihilates rescuers (copycat alert)

President Clinton will be standing twenty feet outside my door soon

I'm going to get all gussied up tonight!

Ow...I hate Migraines

My week so far. *Warning, self pitying rant*

Which is worse? Freepers or Sheeple?

Toddlers on commuter trains...

I officially no longer like Patrick Stewart!!

Restore my mojo: flirt with me!

I officially no longer look like Jon Stewart

ARRRGH! Stress test stress

I officially am no longer Jon Stewart

I am longing for Martha Stewart

Actually his name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz

In 50 words or less (or more) Why should you not be a DU moderator?

OK, who's sludging up DU?


Detox Diets-Do they work? Any suggestions?

I officially am longer than John Stewart

When Lynne's the only one spelling "Jon" Stewart right, we're in trouble

I officially no longer like Jon Stewart!!

What is it with all of these 'Stewart' Posts??

"I've got a newsflash for you: Commies Lie!"

Guys - it's JON Stewart, not JOHN Stewart

Hysterical bad joke.

I am no longer texas1928...

Why are there so few songs about elbows?

Could someone who knows Russian (I think this is Russian) translate this?

Anyone know what an airsoft gun is?

I can't decide what I want for dinner.

oh noes! my star is gone.

'Pubic' typo will cost Michigan county $40,000

Stewart Smally SUCKS!!

Stewart, I like you, you're not like the other kids here

why do they call bill parcells tuna?

Care to share your Halloween folklore?

Restore my mojito: pour with me!

Candidate For Secretary Of State(R) Brags About Sex With Green Bay Packers

Get'cher October Surprise here! Am Series! This is HUGH!!!1!

Scarlett Johansson, honorary DUer

I got a flu shot today...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 10/11/06)

My cable goes out for an hour and the whole world goes crazy

it's 1:14...i have 16 minutes before meeting hell resumes

Quick Musical Help DUers:

DSL or High Speed Cable? Opinions?

I'm now donning my TF hat.

What's your favorite punctuation mark?

Pilot presumed to be Cory Lidle, pitcher for NY Yankees

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as Radiators!

Police: Mom Tried To Trade Son For Wedding Gown

Where is yvr girl?

Gigantic boxer knocking them out one at a time...

Have you ever lost the will to POST?

If you come to Delaware - I'll show you a damn rocking good time

Very well, Mr Robot, on behalf of Planet Earth, I surrender to you

This afternoon, I actually wore a 2005 Super Bowl Ring

Anybody in New York watching the BREAKING NEWS?

Only 5 1/2 hours until "Lost"!!!

My daughter's sleep doc wants to use GHB on her

Why are there so many songs about rainbows

I think I might need to stop drinking beer

Opinions of Delaware

Do they sell "Guns & Ammo" in airport bookstores?

Today in history 10-11

Care to share your Halloween footwear?

Replace one word in any Bris Ceremony with "Cut and Run"

A Call for Smaller Spelling Checker Dictionaries

Internet Explorer loses more ground to Firefox and Safari

Rachael Ray Is SOOOOO Much More Informative Than The News Tonight

My daughters school was evacuated today

why is it that GD cannot handle certain events???

The official gummi bear appreciation thread.

Squeech plays live in Boston

My bestest buddy on earth...

Am Series! This is HUGH!!!1! question

Man, why does this beer taste like shit?

if you're in Pendleton, OR & have some free time, please check out my art!

Any lawyers here...

What would you do if your teen just got into an accident?

Some asshat just hit my car.

For the second week in a row, tornado warnings for Columbus

I haven't been on this board in many, many months.

Toilet paper ripoff

People that abuse animals really

When is plain cash EVER funny?

It's October 11th, and there's a blizzard outside.

Toyota Avalon versus Toyota Highlander

Should I make life hard for the Campus Crusade again?

If you screw up royally at work should you get overtime to clean it up?

Fuck Rod Stewart!

I need help. Somebody tell me to get my ass over to the piano

Video Clip: Trailer for new Tarantino / Rodriguez movie "Grindhouse"

Barbershop Quartet

Anyone else want to make fun of me - get it out of your system NOW

Anyone else want to discuss families and holiday plans

How do you help someone with depression?

Anyone else here like Marshall Tucker Band?

How do you fall asleep and stay asleep?

I am thinking about remaining straight!! talk me into it !!

If you could find the Frequency of Bushies* ear piece and pirate it...

My cat is terrified of the fly-swatter... WTF?

I was just scared by a deer!


Peeing in the parking lot

When is a plane crash EVER funny?

Ever hear a song so bad it made you angry?

Rachel Ray worship thread

Kudzu mania

Cindy Alexander wins again!!! Please help my friend win this!

Vegetarians get on my nerves -- and don't EVEN get me started about vegans

I received a bill for $0.00

A musical tale...

I'm worried I might be going to a dark, dark place

Replace one word in any movie title with "Cut and Run"

So long Virginia, see ya again next week.

Well our old kitty Tumona died today...

My most annoying person is more annoying than your most annoying person.

ATTENTION SQUARES: I have metal in my facehole.

What I am doing about my Mom's cancer! (please keep kicked)

Favorite TV dad? (poll this time)

Rachel Ray or Paige Davis?

Favorite Eurhythmics number?

Man! This is one crazy-ass day so far.

Smooch for Heidi....

Do you want to know why today's plane crash was funny...or ironic?

Jonny Lang--free downloads

Do you bend over pages

Koran provides the ultimate memory test for Muslim boys

NYT: Across Europe, Worries on Islam Spread from Right to Center

Honey Remedy Could Save Limbs

US takes unilateral stance in new space policy

Robot solves Rubik's Cube.

Hate group comes to NJ

Happy National Drag Anti-gay Men Out of the Closet Kicking & Screaming Day

Congrats to all who came out today!

The SEC is making it easy for Notre Dame

Detroit will win the ALCS

cross post cory lidle plane crashed

The Resonant Heart

Wonderful/terrible vacation.

Starlight News: The Warrior God Changes Direction

(Article) Line up for the scientific, psychedelic mystical tour

So, BlueIris is really stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Vietnam veterans reunite in Las Vegas, recall their 'MASH'

Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on Friday - Info update?

JK on Big Ed tomorrow (Wed.)

John Edwards on DKos at 6:15pm .....I'm thinking of asking him to clarify

Kerry post on Iraq

Whoa! That IWR vote was 4 years ago today.

Kerry Responds to Bush Attacks on Kerry Iraq Plan

Center for American Progress question

Great Kerry email on swiftboating of Murphy

Latest Kerry e-mail (I received it yesterday)

I ran into this gorgeous girl on the trail yesterday.

Which one should I submit?

We've talked about releases before, I know

"An Inconvenient Truth" wins Quills People's Choice Award

He once was a wrestling coach in Illinois....

Larry Johnson: America's Defeat

kill 655,000 there so we don't have to lose 3,000 here

NYT op-ed: Solving the Korean Stalemate, by Jimmy Carter

Hysterical bad joke.

Laura Bush to campaign for Jim Talent ("W": persona non grata?)

If 9-11-2001 had been 10-11-2006, it would still be Clinton's fault

The Clinton Blaming for North Korea has begun

Anyone remember the date of Sy Hersh's last appearance on The Daily Show?


I hope they were insurgents

If you think they are desperate now....

didn't christ matthews say that doro bush koch was going to be a

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 11 Oct 06

Found: a yummy little blog cataloging republican scandals

Al Gore presents today "his" movie to the French lawmakers

Gosh its hard keeping foley out of the headlines!

"Interesting" photos inside Mark Foley's Washington house:

AP Reporting The 655,000 Dead Iraqi Study is "Controversial"!

Fweepy thinks he's smart.

And another from the freepercreeper vault....

Anybody Hear Bill Schneider's Nightmare Scenario This Morning On CNN ???

anyone found a summary of Streisand's Bush skit.

Why fear N.Korea giving away nuke tech when Pakistan already did?

Juan Cole analyzes the John Hopkins/Lancet study (655,000 Dead in Iraq)

Wi. repug Candidate For Sec. Of State Runs On Sex W/Packers Kiss-and-tell

50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill

Digby - St John the annointed.

NYT: Data Suggests Vast Costs Loom in (Iraq War) Disability Claims

File under:"Looked good on paper"

Taliban ruler Mullah Omar has been making videos too

Radical Fringe Toon, Wed. 10/11... enjoy and please rate the toon

"The entity in the WH" --CSPAN caller

Lou Dobbs new book "Never, ever blame yourself for anything, buy my book."

Are there a lot of lesbians married to men?

Why is there a "Jesus Camp" banner here?

If I had one wish, it would be to write like James Wolcott

Quote of the Day (Mitch Hedberg)

US says Blacks supppressing white vote.

Political time can be marked BF and AF (before and after Foley)

Latest poll has Lamont edging closer

Philippines prepared for possible evacuation in South Korea

9-11 changed everything

Friday is the last day to Register to "Vote" in North Carolina.. !!!!!

Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary to Bill and Hillary

Bored? Tired of right wing radio?

Bush is in a real fix with N. Korea. He is liable to do something stupid

I'ts all Clintons fault, because he was for it before he was against it,

CNN: chimpy to have a chat with us 11:00 AM EST Today

Photographs that remind me of other photographs

600,000+ Iraqis dead, 100 Iraqis die daily,, IN OUR NAME,

Rumsfeld was involved in the nuclear reactor deal for N. Korea

A petition drive for ethics rules by the people for the people?

Fired Up

After 9/11 a man stood alone defending our liberty... WILL YOU STAND NOW?

650,000 killed in Iraq since the invasion?

republicans are definitely the MOST Hateful

Operation "Iraqi Freedom": 650K dead, 300K displaced, 1,000K left Iraq

Charge: US "Tortured" Padilla Entire Time He Was Held Without Charge

Should ask a JackAss Guy to get Waterboarded then Interview him

McCain blamed Clinton for "Gulag's in North Korea" that would make Stalin

Looking for credible info/timeline on US/North Korea relations

Democracy Now Don't miss Jeff Cohen about cable's right

Go U.S.A! we've killed half a million terrorists in Iraq!

What is the latest on the explosion in Baghdad? News block out?

I Would Just Like To Say Something About Hillary Clinton

FOCUS | William Rivers Pitt latest piece: The Loser

'Little Doubt That Court Is Concerned Admin's Policies = Potential Crimes'

THE SANDBOX - Garry Trudeau's (Doonesbury) blog for military, is up

An Inconvenient Truth DVD Release 11/21/06 --- DU Fundraiser?

Caption Chucklehead Numbnuts

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

How would the Xtian repubs react if hastert was outed as gay?

Juan Cole analyzes the John Hopkins/Lancet study (655,000 Dead in Iraq)

My take on the "Hastert as Sgt. Schultz" theme:

There they go again - Republic brings up Chappaquidick to respond on Foley

Bush to announce deficit cut in half...???? Huh?

Bush's Answer For Safer Schools? "A Higher Power" Than The Government

Bush Draws New Line In Sand On What He Will "Tolerate" From North Korea

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 6/2/06

2008 Election Poll - Lieberman vs. Jeb Bush

REALITY CHECK: Iraq Is 22 Times More Violent Than Washington DC

Trump called Iraq War a "catastrophe", troops need to come home "now"

If I failed to warn you about a graphic war image, would you be offended?

Revealed at last! It is all Mark Morford's fault!

"Child abuse 'widespread', UN says" - This reminds me of something...

Bush news conference: Osama being thawed out for show and tell?

Al Gore Wins Quill Book Prize

Doctor touts vasectomies for elephants

Noreen get ANOTHER photo of Johnny, what's going on?


North Korea Nuke Program Sidetracked?

Nuke-you-lar, nuke-you-lar, nuke-you-lar ... i'm drunk!

Voter interest highest in a decade: Improved turnout likely (good for Dems

MSNBC: U.S. Army to keep current Iraq troop level through 2010

Bush sounds like he's totally drunk...

The Executive Coloring Book-LOL!

I had steak last night, and I'm about to repeat it...

10/11/06 SLUT Club meet up .... Stephanie Miller is hunting neo cons

Studds? Chappaquidick? OK, let's talk Warren G. Harding!

It's Carry a big *stick*, stupid!

I propose a new epithet for Republican: Reeper

When is this poor excuse going to be asked about our financial

Evangelist prayed with Hastert yesterday. Then asked him to resign

"If we make a big enough mess, we'll get help."

My poor psyche!!!! Iraq is SOOOO tough on it!!!

Complimenting the men on their nice clothes again...

I read on the cover of a recent Business Week magazine yesterday...

"Don't believe me, listen to the enemy" ape quote

Josh Marshall give Dems a succinct talking point about North Korea

WP: Bush discusses school shootings for an hour without saying word "guns"

Ethics Panel Hears From Page Supervisor

bush has lost whats left of his feeble mind, who is he trying to hypnotize

When does the statute of limitations expire for the Clinton Blame Game


bush, "I'm gonna repeat the steaks"

How many times will the ape laugh today while speaking of war?

NYT: Union Disrupts Plan to Send Workers to India for Cheaper Medical Care

I created a huge deficit then I cut it in half...???

God..I hate this jackass

Prezzydent Dumbass to take Question in 15 there!

Bush Supporter "Bush Worse I've Ever Seen-Worse Than Jimmy Carter"

Far from the big city, the hidden toll of rural homelessness

Thom Hartmann will be C-Span Book TV: Sunday, Oct. 15

I got a phone call from Big Dog yesterday.

The King of "code words" just accused Democrats of

A parable about that son of a bitch in the White House...


What is going on about that munitions attack and fire in Baghdad ?after

Do The Guys At Harvard & Yale Feel Embarrassed When * Speaks?

Bush: Johns Hopkins> not credible, Hastert> credible

Bush is "Miked" - merely repeating what he is receiving in ear-piece

Bush is all talk about the school shootings. Cuts 'COPS in Schools'

We're at War, but I LUV tax cuts!!

how can anybody watch a Bush press conference and not come away

Coyote *...someone who stuffs a nation in the back of a semi

why does he keep saying, "I understand how it works" when he...

North Korea may very well be the October surprise!

Man o man the whitehouse press corps has to be Some kind of tough

WW2 Island hopping strategy: choosing not to fight wins in the end.

FUCK YOU George Bush!

Stop Republican election tampering

W Stands for Whiner-in-Chief

Anyone Going To The Sit-Out in WDC White House Nov8th

Bu$h said he cut the budget deficiet in HALF ... His program WORKS.!!! Bush's speech was supposed to HELP the Republicans?

Lame Duck Stew

LAT op-ed: North Korea Isn't Our Problem

Bush:"Abu Ghraib kind of eased us off the moral high ground"

Another day, another GOP candidate caught lying in his TV ad

We are 100,000 people shy of killing as many as Saddam.

Page Six continues to STALK Barbra and Keith

Wait just a fuckin minute. Now Iraq's only 'part' of his war on terror?

Another Foley Trip To The House Page Dorm in 2000

EPA Under Fire“They are afraid for their jobs if they say the wrong thing”

new video on strange injuries and new weapons in Gaza

OMG, this just in bush "I believe all diplomatic channels should...

CNN just anounced DEMS now lead polls re: Keeping America safe from terra!

BUSH News Conference Thread * * * * *

Is There Breaking news saying Troops levels will stay the same 2010

Abramoff's Touch of Disgrace and the War on Iraq

Bush has managed to turn conference into a full-blown campaign speech

Signing Statement Watch - Bush's Signing Statement Dictatorship

I hope DUers understand that this PC is about

This is nice that some US group is giving all Libyan kids a laptop.....

Why is it OK to go off to kill Iraqis in some peoples minds?

He's managed to cut the deficit in 1/2..WTF

GOP Leaders On The Same Page

Bush and Blair share tender moments at the Ranch

Just how independent is the Iraqi Government?

No TV here...can I listen on the internet anywhere?

Foley & Mariana's tourism connection ..(did he "tour" the Islands?)

Alright, what can I do to help?

Of herds and humans...

Gasoline on sale: $1.25 a gallon! This week only! Nation wide!

Notice how CNN no longer displays the STOCK TICKER when Chimps speaks?

Youth minister accused of sexual battery on girl in PSL (Florida)

Got it! October Surprise here! Am series! This is HUGH!!!1!

Foley Scandal Talking Point

Not A Single Question About the USS Eisenhower

Very Graphic Iraq video on youtube

NY Times: Evangelicals Blame Foley, Not Republican Party

The Leader of the Free World

Even FR Has Had It With Iraq

Flu expert warns of pandemic threat - Here we go again


Caption this * pic

Please watch this video of a guy getting waterboarded- if you can bare it.

Rep. Shays attacks Ted Kennedy: "Dennis Hastert didn't kill anybody"

Typical useless CNN poll

The Great Deception -- Deficits and Debt are NOT the same thing

Countdown Newsletter: 10/11/06 -- Urge to Vote AND Lewis Black!

Only Children

600,000 dead.

a bushmilhousegang 'on purpose' in the FBI

oh,boy-rummy speaking at 3PM ET

Okay, okay, Chavez is a despot

Olberman will ask the questions the press did not ask tonight...

Iraqis have to be asking "How come we get the Shock And Awe" anyway?

Foley Cruising in His BMW; Another Dorm Visit in 2000

so it was a mortar attack that hit the ammo dump

Bush tells Americans that a non-existent Islamic Empire will kill them

John Zogby:"credible methodology" used in Lancet study of 600k deaths

I found it! the George W. Bush MEMORIAL!!!

How long is this painful blather going to continue (Bush conference)

Imagine Bush Testifying Under Oath w/o Rove & Cheney to Advise Him

(VIDEO) Joe "Ladykiller" Scarborough: The Daily Show - real news?

Whiny - ass son of a bitch.

Editor&Publisher: Will Media Finally Count the Dead in Iraq?

Dennis, did you hear the call of the "world's most popular minister"?

McCain Bashing Clinton on NK Goes Back To McCain's "Keating 5" Days

Get Phil Angelides on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Ethics hearings on Foley should be on C-SPAN

I was just recruited by for their "call for change" campaign...

Do you think N. Korea will believe Bush when he says we won't invade them?

Why do the reporters go along with his "wardrobe small talk" bullshit?

Iraq Parliament passed a law allowing the formation of federal regions

ABC:Fordham will testify he alerted Hastert's COS of Foley's dorm incident

Bush can be buried in Arlington.

Poll: Just 31% Say We're Winning "War On Terror"

If you make videos for al-Qaeda, you might be a traitor.

1994 was the "Year of the Angry Voter." What is 2006?

new banner made for jebus camp...


Comedian Sean Hannity at it again.

Bush* is live on CSPAN

KKKarl: There are slime trails all over my town today from Rove's

STUNNING: 150,000 Returning Vets Filing Disability Claims-1 in 4

Reuters: The headless corpse of a Christian priest was found in Baghdad

please du this poll, RE: Mccain blames clinton for NK

Bush: Iraqis Are Willing To Tolerate This Level Of Violence (600,000+Dead)

Bush @ news conference: "If I might say, that is a beautiful suit."

Why is * fundraising during these dangerous times? No one ever

Bush Says U.S. Won't Attack North Korea

Bush* live on CSPAN - Gloating on his budget and deficit reductions

What would an appropriate George Bush memorial look like?

I was playing an online game last night

War Crimes Report Shows US Violations of International Law

Bush: Iraqis Are Willing To ‘Tolerate’ This ‘Level Of Violence’ (video)

Violence forces 1,000 Iraqis a day to flee homes-U.N.

What is it these Republicans who never served have against Democrats who


BREAKING: BushCo charging American with TREASON...1st in 50 years.

Woman Who Had Baby With 14-Year-Old Boy Gets Probation

Washington uses Enron accounting, deficit has actually increased!

Republicans have pulled their ads because they know they've already lost

Air America Phoenix (1480 KPHX) new schedule...possible Malloy clue?

McCain Blasts People 'Engaging In Finger-Pointing' After blaming Clinton

"The first duty of society is justice"

So are you going to get Doro Bush's book about Poppy?

Iraq deaths put at 655,000 - Someone is going to have to go The Hague

Let's ask Keith.

on CNN-John Zogby validated the John Hopkins study

Have they blamed the copter crash on Clinton yet?

AP out with exclusive: Reid got $1M in land sale

Why MSM exposing Lancet study NOW?

Why does Bush constantly remind the People that we're "at war"?

MSNBC reports airplance crash in NYC

CNN - Bush: N. Korea must face 'serious repercussions'

The United States of America!

The News is "terror-fying": Nukes, Planes, Treasonous Muslim-Americans

Please DU this poll regarding how you will vote in the November election.

Link to Lancet's Mortality after the 2003 Invasion of Iraq: A Cross

Did DU just really slow down?

bush and North Korea...Good Read...

pictures of denny`s new friend-----

I wish the news networks would report OTHER helicopter crashes

LTTE: Why didn't George Allen serve when he was of strong mind & body?

Prince of Darkness predicts a 21 seat Democratic pickup in House

Another Republican joins the fight against the Iraq War

Need some advice from people who fly a lot.

Does Keith Olbermann read us?

Does Rove have a corps of Freeper Kamikazes that he uses...

QUICK!! Get Smirky to an undisclosed location.

who wants to guess that it was one of Saddams drone planes

It was not a helicopter (re: CNN), but a two-engine aircraft.

The President spoke today.

What about when that kid flew a plane into a building in Tampa? Did NORAD

Breaking News Bush Issues Comments On NYC Plane Crash...

Any News Today Re: Ammo Dump Explosion? Did I Dream That?

President Bush to hold news conference

NASCAR and Confederate flag continue to go together for certain fans

Happy Anniversary to the Clintons and to Saturday Night Live

BREAKING: NORAD Scrambling Aircraft Over Major US Cities!

MS-NBC is doing a good job on NY plane crash.

I'd Like To See "Man Of The Year," But...

Your president will be speaking about the helicopter crash shortly.. will

John Lennon's killer denied parole again. Good.

Gee- W has made New Yorkers so much safer

So has Bush broken out his copy of 'My Pet Goat' yet?

Report: 5 States Use Dogs Inside Prisons

Turtle-creature found on Earth alive

How Soon Till The NYC APT Skyrise Collapses

Does Barbra Streisstend Live in Those Apt???

Brother of the Fist

*Puff* Thank God *puff* George Bush *puff,puff* is our president *puff*

Days like this make me want to push the snark off my keyboard

Another plane into a building is ...

LOL! Word of the Day, thanks to kestrel91316...

Here it comes.. Fighter planes being launched to fly over

John Kerry is on the offensive... will you help?

Chimpy speaks, plane goes "boom"

PHOTO: "10/11 changed everything!!"

Hastert "duped" by PR-Hungry evangelist

BREAKING-Aircraft Crashes Into Manhattan Building

2754 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

"The Guy James Show" will have a leading expert on Korea today

It was a Cirrus 20, a plane that really looks like a helicopter:

Congressional/Senatorial Maps

*Sniff......sniff* Is that desperation I smell?

If this was intentional, will a restriction of general aviation be next?

Cartoons to riot by?

2 confirmed dead. More feared dead.

Officials say 9-year-old threatened to stab classmates

When you have a 24/7 news channel,it's gonna cover news.

10/11/06 - OMG - Turn it UPSIDE DOWN!

Plane Fire Out in NY. Lots of Smoke.

If that was a terrorist attack today, then it was a retarded terrorist.

My God! In every one of today's pics, he's more undignified than ever...

A Winnebego has crashed near the Pentagon!

Condi: "No one could have imagined that a small plane...

MSNBC reporting this kind of plane has an "ejector seat"...

How Continually STUPID & IRRELEVANT Is The Media

CNN speculating that a member of the NY Yankees flying the plane.

Global Warming Seen Pushing up Insurance Costs

Bill Clinton Responsible for Plane Crash in NY

Poor Old Wolf Blitzer, He's Still Questioning A Plane Or Helicopter.

If the economy is booming, then explain this

"Vermont Congressman Leads Run for Senate" Bernie's going to win!

NORAD scrambling fighters over major cities. Breaking on CNN.

Here it is: Pilot disorientation in the clouds, like JFK Jr.

Latest Poll Results

NYC plane crash: Fox News reports

Nancy Skinner's ad with RFK, Jr. is now up on her site

University instructor likens Bush to Hitler.

Death Toll at 4 In NYC Crash

How long does it take to get a filed flight plan?

The plane crash in NYC

New York Yankees Pitcher attempted to purchase THIS plane...

Why is it "indecency" to walk naked, if you are alone?

CBS getting nervous about Couric ratings and Free Speech Segment

Days like this on DU make me want to barf on my keyboard.

Shouldn't the 20 yr. old freeper on with Randi sign up for duty?

MyDD: Republicans Are Not Losing Because of "Mistakes"

This is All Terrorism All The Time RE: Small Plane Crash

IDEA: Let FOX(D) News HAVE IT!!!

Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle confirmed dead - on board plane

weird "spooky" 9/11 stuff

Muslims offended by 5th Avenue Apple store

How will the Repubs blame Clinton for the helicopter crash?

Poll: Most say politics beat page safety {Actual Yahoo Headline}

Cafferty's Q's for Wednesday -- Bush ain't gonna like these!

Outing closeted Republicans - how do you feel about this

All you Michigan Democrats need your help.

Has anyone else here noticed several disrupter's posting today

Do these "officials" claiming "no indication of terrorism"

The timing of the Mark Foley Scandal: Good for Rethugs

Small Plane Accident, Let's Move On. What Do You Think, Another 24 Hours?

Manhattan plane crash an inside job?

New Poll: Lamont closing gap in CT!!!

Rep. McHenry (R-Idiot): "What Did Pelosi & Emanuel Know About This Plane?"

Must Read: US troops protect wanted Iraqi ex-minister

Which of these incumbent Senators do you hope loses the most?

Have they blamed Clinton, yet

I want to know why there is no more on the munitions fires at camp

Peter King, R-NY: "this shows how easy" a terrorist attack

Yankee Pitcher Piloted Doomed Plane

It was a K Rove coordinated effort today

how to check contractors status before hiring - is there a database?

Activists and Reporters imperiled in Russia

Harpers: 'Bush' and 'Blair' special (tender) relationship revealed

BREAKING: NORAD sending fighter aircraft over numerous major cities

Dumbya 's new word of the day: "Caliphate" (and ELEVEN "Stakes" are high)

Barret investigation of Cisneros, closed in Jan., still costing taxpayers

Ex-ATF Director Made Questionable Expenditures, Report Finds

Does DU Have Battered Spouse Syndrome with Tweety?

LOL it's an insult to Hitler to compare dubya to him

Ball Of Confusion (Mickey Z.)

WH: "Nothing more will come of Ralston resignation", Media: "Duh... OK".

Iraq: No troop reductions untill 2010

If (more like when) we win next month - can the US call

Joe Cirincione : McCain Covers Up For Bush’s Nuclear Failures

Tweety Is A Fucking IGNORANT, MORONIC Media WHORE!

Tweety has jumped the shark, hit the wall, shot his load, he is gone

503 Iraqis were killed today.

The Cost to you and us Veterans Disability claims Bush lies

OMFG. NORAD scrambled jets. Overreact and waste tax money much?

World News Trust Now Available In Chinese, Korean, Arabic, French...

Please read "Cobra II".

What If The Plane WAS Piloted By A Terrorist?

Bernard Kerik on msnbc now, puke

trans continental dirigible flights - 2010

Good Grief! I just saw that commercial of Tom Reynolds "apologizing"

Inhofe: Still a skeptic on Global warming

Repukes want it both ways regarding Clinton (Korea/ Bin Laden)


Bush caused the plane crash in NYC!

Some Good News

What's the most absurd thing you've heard Clinton get blamed for?

As an ALPA-trained airline accident investigator, I am blown away by this:


How many times can the MSM say the same thing AGAIN...and AGAIN?

Why aren't Clinton and Gore doing more campaigning for dems?

Baghdad Bush shrinks the numbers of dead expands them on economy.

Real life "Terminators" - No joke!

Bush (crime family) and McCain (Bush puppet/neocon) are liars!

Bush And Jesus

Iraq War

NBC: Tommy Franks wanted troop reduction in 2004

WOW! Ed Rollins just said Chappaquidic should not be used to deflect

Rank which GOP Senate Seats are most likely to change hands

Veteran GOP Consultant Convicted of Falsely Imprisoning Young Men

Cross post Brown/Doolittle debate tonight streaming live here at 7:30pct

Hannity tries to smear McGreevey with the Foley scandal

US grants N Korea nuclear funds

Great Article on Colbert: Stephen Colbert Has America by the Ballots

Lou Dobbs, Ben Affleck on Real Time w/Bill Maher Friday:

Two words. Thurman Munson.

Lou Dobbs on The Daily Show tonight

Breaking: MSNBC reports small plane has crashed in NYC's Upper East Side.

Viguerie on Rachel Maddow Show now

bush Re DEAD "whatever they guessed at is just not credible" GUESSED AT?

Enemy Witin

News and National Mood… from 9/11 to the 2006 Elections

msnbc poll

A laptop for every Libyan pupil.

HBO to Premier 'Hacking Democracy' Just Prior to November Election!

Hastert: "God gave me this position I don't deserve. I will resign."

Dona Nobis Pacem


Kerry Responds to ‘Campaigner in Chief’s’ Attacks on Kerry Iraq Plan

Pants fall down - story disappears. Why?

October 11th 2006 in Iraq

Big News in the UK : "Record Haul" of Explosives Recovered by Police

OReilly Lies about Books sales

Wisconsin GOP candidate touts sex with Green Bay Packers in campaign


My husband thought he heard something about Dr. Phil

Gunning down Women by Jackson Katz

Guess What's Still a Headline on ALMOST EVERY NEWS WEBSITE 2 WEEKS LATER?

Please DU this poll for Webb!

Will the building in NYC come crashing down like WTC?

U.S. : Attack Dogs Used Against Prisoners

GORE: Not Planning (Not Ruling Out) Presidential Bid-Says Process Is Toxic

Bush 'On The Move' in Iraq

Cafferty Just Reported the 655,000 IRAQI DEAD

This "Accident" CANNOT be a Terrorist Attack! Terror Attack BAD FOR BUSH!

You can have my giant crying eagle truck decal when you pry it from

Today is the aniversary of Robin Bush's death... now, watch this drive

McCain blames Clinton--do you agree? Please DU this AOL poll

Yee-Hah. Found at last--the Liberal Agenda...

Shut my RW mother up about Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick

bush is Nucking Futz!

Lou Dobbs just did his best to damage the Democratic chances next month

Concerning Randi

So, just how would the US defend against a small plane attack on

Do we really need cops with automatic weapons for security @ an accident?

Dean to Bush: "Stubbornness is not a foreign policy"

How many Republicans do you know voting for Democrats this year?

Jimmy Carter speaks out on North Korea re: NYTimes

Come to my house this weekend!

Who the hell says Korean "PENINSHOOLA"?

OLBERMANN Countdown SPECIAL on tonight! Be there, aloha!

Lidle's rookie card already a hit on eBay

Intellectual Roots of Neo-conservative Thinking

FAUX news does it again

Tucker: "I was in a plane crash"

The Republicans are heaving a huge collective sigh of relief.

Marines under attack, crying for their lives


Moyers "On America" Tonight. Don't Miss It

Please tell me someone asked bush for his death toll number...

2001 "Delta of Terrorism" document advised taking out Saddam

The Real "Axis of Evil" (through a 10 year old vegetarian's eyes)

here's how stupid king george is

Willie Nelson-"We Should Have Thrown Bastards Out Yrs Ago-LETS DO IT NOW!"

VIDEO: Death of a President

**BREAKING**: Plane owned by/piloted by Cory Lidle, NY Yankees

Candidate's book boasts of sex with Packer stars

Mike Malloy Update:hope to be back on the air by the end of October

NY High-rise fire OUT! How about a Cheer for the FDNY for the Great work?!

Let's ask Keith Olbermann to do an hour-long special on Habeas Corpus

Comparison of CNN, HLN, CNBC, CBC, BBC coverage within a 10 minute window

A Sad Day

Screw Bob Woodward

VIDEO: from The Daily Show last night @YouTube! More Foley Fun!

Bush brings faith to foreign aid...."I HAVE HAD IT!"

No more lectures from Rahm to Dean....take a look at these figures!

Streissand, The Way We Were =tells freeper off

Democrats Surge One Month Before Midterm Elections...Gallup

4 million killed in Korea, 2 million in Nam, 5,000 in Panama

The Bush style -- Come out strong, and then melt in a puddle of muddle

Luggage from the crashed plane fell from the plane onto the sidewalk!

If I put a DeLay sign in my yard, will my Reep neighbors vote for him?

WTF? Check out this poll

WTC: 2,752 IRAQ: 2,753

NC House Members Call For Investigation of NC Torture Taxis

Reporter: What does it say about the safety of NYC air space?

It's So Obvious Bush Is Being Prompted Via His Ear Bug --------->>>>

US Population Hits 300 Million, but Is It Sustainable?

Plane belongs to Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle

Give a little to help get rid of Sensenbrenner!

IMPORTANT: Understanding The Lancet/Hopkins Report

XP: Woohoo, a Chicana sister just took Jim Gilchrist apart

WH press briefing yest:Of 2 sources of NK bomb-fuel, Clinton shut off

Chris Shays To Kennedy: You're A Killer - "Hastert didn't kill anybody."


The NYC plane crash today is Clinton's fault!!!!!

Ohio Prosecutor Caught Walking Around Government Building Naked

LA RADIO AD: "vote early on a touch screen voting machine"

The Loser

2753 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Carnival of the Liberals #23: Illuminati Approved!

So, the campus crusade is bringing in a "scientist"

Olbermann's Ratings SOARED 69% Since He Took the Gloves OFF

I found a database for congressional travel & junkets..enjoy

If I were a republican, I'd vote for Bloomberg for President

I got your smaller deficit right here.

Catholic Church to Mom: Crawl Away and Die.

The Giant Flying Impeach Pig Over San Francisco.

George Orwell: Politics and the English Language

EAC Hides 'Voter Fraud' Report! GOP Fraud in TN! HBO's Diebold Hack Doc!

Got the crying towel letter from Tom Reynolds today...

McCain is just a complete ass.

Just heard a BRILLIANT idea re: gay marriage, that'll really irk righties

I flew in one of these planes a little more than a year ago.

Truthseeker Q: anyone have a substitution for the drug that is Malloy

Al Gore wants us to donate to the DCCC.

Death squads terrorise civilians in Baghdad

John McCain is a giant douche

Bush thinks we're using "code words"?

Why the Repugs will retain the House in '06...(Nothing to do with Diebold)

Ahh the true Green mentality-- let's make it worse to get it better,

Breaking News: Small Plane Crashes Into New York Building


Are there still people here who DON'T think the elections were stolen?

What's with the magic planecrash-resistant passports???


would you be in favor of waterboarding karl rove to get to the bottom...

Moyers on America: Is God Green? / End Mountaintop Removal Mining

Kelly denies role in cover-up (NY 19th) . . . under attack from Freepers

Bella Update VI - Operation return to the Constitution, PLEASE! Move On!

Buy Diebold Stock

When Bush signs the Torture Bill, it will appear here (Info/link)

pathetic attempt at political aikido w/r/t the Foley coverup

I met one of them the other day

Kerry blasts Bush NKorea policy at Boulder City campaign stop

Restore Checks and Balances. Vote Democratic

I have a question.

Kelly denies role in cover-up (NY 19th) . . . (referral post) . . .

After 9/11 a man stood alone defending our liberty... WILL YOU STAND NOW?

Callaghan/Capito debate at Martinsburg H.S. (WV) Wednesday evening

No Wonder

If the Fraternal Order of Police want a donation...just remember this

CNN Preempts Zahn for "Broken Govt" Specials 10/21 till Election

Ken Mehlem circulates pic of Albright : "clinking glasses with Mr. Kim."

Guess what? Bush raised taxes!

Poll: Americans not buying McCain's BS, majority believes he's posturing

The party of hypocrites

LOL "Fat Hastert" DUPED, and there may be PHOTOS or VIDEO, let's find em!

Rep. Tauscher (D-CA) is doing well on C-Span Outing Republican Congressmen.

McCain on CNN now blaming Clinton for N Korea threat

Anti-Democratic ad from David Zucker (Airplane)

Whiner Republicans: the world doesn't stop for election season.

Oh,boy.President Chucklenuts speaks in 30 minutes(1000 cen time)

Bush dusts off his 3 year old speech. ENOUGH already!!!

The Biggest Crime of the GOP is not Foley or Iraq -

MTSU (Tennessee) Poll Results

Bush's Crawford Congressman is a Democrat

Bush says we've cut the budget defficit in half? What Universe is he from?

More LIES!!!

Keep talking Dimson!

He talks so tough, doesn't he?

Hey, we can play the game, too

I can't wait to hear Keith Olbermann's comments on this

"In your mind, how could Clinton have let this happen?" LOL from Monday

McCain in a nutshell

I am TOTALLY unqualified to be President

Hastert duped into letting stranger inside his home

The Iraqi people are "willing to tolerate" this violence???

Former football groupie is GOP nominee for Secretary of State in Wisconsin

So do you think once the news conference ends

28 days left

This person is a SCUM, the dirtiest form of all existing mater on earth

"Stay The Course"? DSCC ad (cross-post from DailyKos)

Until Sunday, could Bush point to North Korea on the map?

This morning Bush said that if a plan isn't working, change tactics.

LAT: Democrats Take Aim at Red State Senate Seats


bush supporters will be proud of that 655,000 dead Iraqis on bush' watch

How does the "enemy" follow us here?

Neocon McCain, Bush and GOP hypocrisy on North Korea, Clinton policy

Freeper bigot wants to greet gays with baseball bat

Mike Fitzpatrick, how could you do it?

Any reports on the Ammo Depot Explosion in Irag

Why Vote Republican?


The Hill: Karl Rove raises $12M in the 2006 cycle

Dumb Racist Republican..... (OK I am only guessing he is a Repug...

Montanan's Tire of Burns shtick

Once again, I am so embarassed for that guy Bush....

Pelosi:Democrats have long fought for middle -income tax cuts

Why is the man who stole Ohio campaigning with a white supremacist?

DU this Clinton-bashing short by Airplane co-director David Zucker

Message from Murtha ( via Move On)

The liberal wack jobs at Johns-Hopkins just make shit up

Democrats seize on North Korea crisis as election issue

Bush's failed economic policies are mortgaging our children's future

Caption * today in the Rose Garden: pics

Katrina Foreign Policy

Steve Gilliard: MD Greens Helping Michael Steele

Mark and John opened their mouths - yawn

Anyone noticed Rep. McHenry

Sen. (Olympia) Snowe (R-ME) moderates war stance

Schweitzer (D-MT) says he could support Romney as president.

Bush administration’s talk of preventing spread WMD is just that — talk

Elections in the USA: Justice and Perversion

Voter Excitement Level Highest in Years

Tell me this isn't so...the October surprise from the rethugs...

Uh oh

Evangelist asks House Speaker Hastert to resign

Hartford Courant: Polls: Foley scandal not helping Democrats

2002: Bush waives requirement for North Korean weapons inspectors

LAT: Democrats Slam Schwarzenegger's "Tonight Show" Appearance

Rules of War by Sun Tzu Ignored

Lamont gives great speech, unveils Plan for Change!

with the american people

U.S. indicts American in al-Qaida video (press conf coming up?-)

TAKE IT BACK! great animation by truemajority, here's a link:

Bush: Iraqis Are Willing To ‘Tolerate’ This ‘Level Of Violence’

Response to my email from my freeper brother

George Orwell: Politics and the English Language

Can we stop with the pithy comments about Hastert's roommate situation?


Dems have had some great new pol strategists on TV lately

Ok, it's official, CNN is saying that this is not a terrorist attack

God how I hate our President. Why can't he pronounce 'nuclear'?

Did the U.S. provoke N. Korea intentionally?

N. Korean "nukes"....Planes crashing into buildings in NYC....

Choose between Democrats and Republicans, remember the lessons of history

Lamont Gains in New Poll

VIDEO: from The Daily Show last night @YouTube! More Foley Fun!

Will it be a 51-49 Democratic Senate?

I haven't served YET!!!

If you criticize Cheney, you can be arrested! Matthew Rothschild

10/11 -- it just doesn't have the same oomph does it?

From the Mark Warner Blog

I would like to know why there is no more news about the munitions

The Dirt continues

North Korea Threatens War Against U.S.

Pilot Info on the NY plane crash

Poll: Most Say Politics Beat Page Safety (AP)

McCain bails on Reynolds

Bush in a "State of Denial" over 655K dead Iraqis ("report not credible")

News Hounds: FOX News Airs Disgraceful Ad Rejected by GOP.

Just asking: Considering Lieberman's "Support" of Bush, how different


Senator Edwards is liveblogging on DailyKos right now!

Major chains refuse to play Bush death film (Reuters/Hollywood Reporter)

Must-Hear Song: 'Bone The Page'

Hastert's advice for teens:

Republicans make desperate call for investigation into "Berger papers"

Tom Oliphant coming up on Hardball to discuss W's press conference

Minneapolis offered choice of instant-runoff voting

Say we don't win the Senate and are one short 50R, 49 D, and 1 Ind.

Bush's Low Tide Line On North Korea - Revisited

In a tricky election...... How does this pan out????

October 11, 2006, 26 days out ..... how ya feelin'?

Hershey Altering Pension Plan, Closing It to Some New Hires

New Players on the Scene: A.Q. Khan and the Nuclear Black Market (2005)

Karl Rove's Office called Evangelical Leaders "Nuts" - Countdown

Photo: Rove attends to an urgent facial matter during Junior's speech

Kissinger 's First Loyalty is to Saudi Arabia...and It is Treason.

It's killing me. What is Rove's end game strategy?

Pelosi:On Bush remarks on his Failed National Security Policies

Bush 'On The Move' in Iraq

So is someone going to connect the dots?

Haskert, Foley, And A Better Reason To Vote Democratic (papau)

Please DU these polls for Granholm in MI

12 Steps to US Political Freedom

Orlando Sentinel: Democrats Ask Crist for Records of Foley Communcations

If I'm understanding what * said about North Korea today, he is blaming

So, I guess Bush HASN'T stopped planes from hitting buildings.

Ky. Democrat says Republicans who knew about Foley are "very liberal"

Here's an interesting question re: "Signing Statments"....

How Much Have Bush’s Tax Cuts Cost YOU? State by state info

There are fighter jets circling over my neighborhood.


Kerry WAS RIGHT - says John Nichols at The Nation!!!

Angelides demands equal time on Leno

John Edwards **live blogging** on Daily Kos now (Weds 6:25-approx 7:25pmET

Santorum launches site to appeal to youth

Reddest of Colorado Districts TIED!!- Denver Post

Bush: "Nobody's accused me of having a real sophisticated vocabulary"

Hey ... Republics ...... the guys in charge? They hate YOU, too!

A Call for Modern-Day Patriots by David M. Walker, Comptroller General

Murtha to Stump Vs. 'Coward' Name-Caller (Mean Jean Schmidt)

labor ruling could cripple Democrats

Sen Kerry responds to another dumb Bush remark

I just talked to Sherrod Brown's office. Keith Olberman is wrong..

Nobel Winning Economists: Minimum Wage Boost Will Help Economy

What will a Lieberman victory in Ct. mean?

What a disturbing press conference this morning.

Real Life "Terminators"!!! - No I'm not kidding!!

What's up with michael Savage?

Vote for Houston Janitor to be Woman of the Year at Glamour Magazine

John Kerry: Mistakes and Responsibilities

do we all agree that if Rove isn't successful in stealing enough

American youth are going after Foley and anti-youth members of Congress


Polls Show Democratic Takeover of Congress Within Reach

"Daily Show" Theme Comics: (Posted at hsher's Request)

The Second American Civil War