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Archives: October 15, 2006

Britain 'held hostage' by US policy

Dannatt's Army: Understrength. Overstretched. And fully behind

Spiritual Felo De Se: Fealty to a Moral Abomination (Jason Miller)

X-Post: Restraints Fray as Nuclear Age Grows Globally

Israelis versus Palestinians: The Scorecard Since the Second Intifada.

Re dubbed Flight 93 by 9-11 TRUTHer

Breathtaking : Police telling Federal Reserve employees return to WTC bldg

Problems with The Alameda County (CA) (Sequoia) Report

Rep. Hoyer Asks for Clear Guidelines For Contested Elections

Channeling TIA: Here's why the GOP can steal the election

Softwood duties going to U.S. charities, Habitat for Humanity

Cabinet split over new rights for gays (Tony BLair)

breaking news huge brawl at college football game

Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story (NY Times/CBS News Poll)

WP: White House Upbeat About GOP Prospects (Repugs panicking)

D.C. group plans ads to slam (Sue) Kelly

Al-Qaida in Iraq: 'Insurgent Tape' Fake

White House denies allegations it snubbed Foley for being gay

AP: Fox Fires Baseball Broadcaster Steve Lyons for Insensitive Comment

Iraqi ministry fires 3,000 accused of abuses; will change top leaders

Restraints Fray as Nuclear Age Grows Globally

Television journalist shot dead in Baghdad

Feds want to know: Did Mitt check tunnel?

2 Ordered Not to Discuss Gitmo Claims

NYT: It’s Official: To Be Married Means to Be Outnumbered

US Pot advocate charged

LAT: Abramoff, White House(Mehlman) Tied to Firing of Official

WP: Allen and Webb in Virtual Tie, Post Poll Says

On Tuesday, I'm going to fire a shot in the War on Christmas

Had I the Power to Poll:

I thought the DU Gallery was lost for ever.

A History of violence (movie)

What's your favourite Leibstandarte Division tune?

Sunrise, morning after Green Corn ceremony

Clubhouse for Christ

Nobody loves me, Everybody hates me

I don't need any hugs! And you know why?

Boards of Canada

OK, I swa an amazing thing.

Great Ad-Libs in Music History left eye....


who says a picture thread has to be faces....

(What's the Story) Morning Glory is a really good album....

Sing Along~Its Spooky cos it Halloween

Cat Head Theater

Why are Onion Rings so expensive?

"A History of Violence" starts on Cinemax tonight.

I found this old picture of my Tabby cat today....

I need....

Are hops (beer) really related to mari-juana?

This is a joke waiting to happen

What is the term for your grandmother's sister's son's granddaughter?

HBO's Rome

More adventures in photography...

The world's most expensive bottled water - US$40 a bottle

New Scary Idiocy from the Fundies

Question about anxiety disorders / therapists

Let me eat CAKE!

Someone give me the name of a band to listen to.

Why is my life so backward?

Minn. Principal Who Shot Kittens Resigns (on school grounds)

Pixie-Bob or British Shorthair?

Anybody else put sugar in their spaghetti sauce?

Am I the only one who likes Marilyn Manson?

steve lyons fired

Someone please tell Trachsel this isn't batting practice.

Oh NOOOOO! OU's RB star Adrian Peterson out for season

breaking news huge brawl at college football game

Sports broadcasters you'd most like to see sent to another planet...

New Matthew message from October 13, 2006

UpDate on "Blue Water Navy" Agent Orange Claims

Well look who signed this!

On DKos: John Kerry Throws Down the Gauntlet in NH

OT: Romney Under Investigation by the Feds

Bee Series

"Behold the Internet of Tomorrow"

Amusing Hate Mail... Lesson? Freepers need to watch sentence structure.

At what number did it stop being collatoral damage?

Feds want to know: Did Mitt check tunnel?

2760 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Please Help: Which Good Iraq/Political Books am I Missing?

Minn. Principal Who Shot Kittens Resigns (on school grounds)

The IRONY A photo essay?

1.6 million refugees have fled Iraq; 40,000 a month to Syria alone.

Surprise! Bush to begin carpet bombing North Korea!

Good Idea for a Good Tee Shirt.


Iraq: Divide and Rule, 'Ethnic Cleansing Works'

LA Times endorses Arnold Schwarzenegger!

It's time to say sorry for Iraq's agony

Big pharma is fighting back about Canadian drugs being allowed.

I would have expected the Vatican to come out against the genocide in Iraq

(VIDEO) Bill Maher's Monologue and New Rules

I have DSL service from a local phone company

Soldier killed in Iraq had feared returning to `hell on earth'

Picture Caption Time

Cruel joke on a GI's anti-war mom?

all elected alcoholics have 48 hours to enter rehab or you cant get out

Was Moon behind timing of NK nuke test to sway vote on next UN chief

If any Repukes use THE LATE Gerry Studds as a talking point tomorrow...

Foley's 'red flags' didn't raise enough eyebrows

Bush Is A Selfish WarMonger.....N.Korea

April of this year: Iraqi casualties are DOWN!!!

WP: "Faith Night" at the ballfield

Great HuffPost entry by Cenk Uyger (The Young Turks)

DU - WTF is going on with the GOP?

NYT: Expecting U.S. Help, Sent To Guantanamo

Sunday Talk Shows

Anybody remember "Behold a Pale Horse"? (US prison camps)

America is finally revolting against the Republicans ::Guardian

Fox sportscaster says Hispanic colleague stole his wallet, gets fired

Has anyone ever heard of Communities United? I received a

Has there been any freeper response

LAT: Revealed! Data theft from federal agencies since '03 affects millions

US Christian leader 'shocked' at Iraq death-toll study statistics

TIGERS WIN !!! 6-3 !!!!

Question for Admins/Mods on Election Day

Age fifty+: How well are you set for retirement?

Fundy Halloween "Outreach" program: " 'IN YOUR FACE' HELL HOUSE!"

What were the totals for the military vote in 2004?

Edwards: Bush Iraq policy 'proactive stupidity'

A Christian Halloween

Bush and Rove the only Rupugs left who think the the GOP will win

Is it just me, or do others here now avoid signing up for Websites which

voter verification website?

Breaking: Mitt Romney (R) Under Federal Investigation

President Eisenhower, born Oct 14, 1890

Use this nickname for members of Bush's party from now on

Arms race on the American Great Lakes

Looks like Ken Mehlman had someone fired in behalf of Abramoff.

Just saw this billboard in central Texas (Hwy 281, near Blanco)

"He knew all about it. He didn't think of the kids or anyone but himself."

florida turnpike victims' identitites released by police.

I say we organize this now

Obituary in our local paper today

Ehrlich, O'Malley Swap Scorn in TV Debates

California second in Army recruiting

FBI probing Rep. Weldon, his daughter

In New Hampshire: "It was as if Kerry 2006 was channeling Dean 2003..."

Murtha Campaigns Against Rival Ohio Rep.

Foley scandal a local issue for Reynolds

Who thinks this PA corruption crap will hurt

Britain forced to scour world for helicopters for Afghan: US says NO

Romney Under Investigation by the Feds

The most evil ........ ?

Sunday Brickthrowers MUSTACHE ALERT!

OH BOY!! i smell a rat coming there to CONFIDENT again

Bush keeps revising war justification

US Coal Mine Deaths Reach 40 this year!

"Shoot me first, please...."

Will Rove see outcome "on the wall" & suggest Bush risk special forces

I thought so. They have told candidates not to talk about leaving Iraq.

700 unionists ring bells to knock out Santorum (Bush's brother hides)

Haster 52% Laesch 42% Hastert could lose!

Some thoughts on "centrism".

We are never going to get the so called "establishment"

Bob Woodward points out one of BushCo's favorite rhetorical devices

Brave enough to find out if Bush has been tellin us the TRUTH??

CWA VP speaks on Iraq war (Nam Vet rips W a new one)

In PA, Questions About War Erode a Traditional Republican Advantage

WaPost: "WH 'inexplicably upbeat' about GOP prospects" (the fix is in)

Tony Snow: "A number of black leaders" say Allen "is not a bigot. Period."

What will be the headlines when the civilian deaths in Iraq reaches 1 mil?

Granholm surges to solid lead in Michigan governor's race...

Tom Reynolds campaign pulling out all stops..

Army “Big Brother” Unit Targets Bloggers

Sign the Petition for Emergency Paper Ballots-and check out who's signed!

I think the Puggies are right--the Dems are playing politics.



I went to a viewing of "Iraq for Sale" today. We need people to show

Kerry Throws Down the Gauntlet in NH

christian proselytizing through the military--on OUR dime

Chicago Tribune Engineering Democratic Comeback

America is finally revolting against the Republicans

Reflections from a Former Anti-Abortion Activist --Alternet

Kansas --Daily KOS

Gore's movie gets raves in Berlin, yawns in Bangkok

Is there anything Bush can do right: Arbitrator: Supermax Prison Understaf

Confessions of a 'Defeatocrat' by John Murtha

A beginner’s guide to creating a ‘crisis’

Two myths that keep the world poor

NY Daily News (Mort Zuckerman): A Mountain of Mistakes

Expecting U.S. Help, Sent to Guantánamo

Hitchens: Could our fave sot be coming around? You be the judge.

The Deathwatch for Cheap Oil

Pesky ranch scrub could be next Texas tea (mesquite -> ethanol)

Home wind turbines turn fashionable in Britain

Calif. Growers Fear Biotech Rice Threat

Turkey to build a CANDU reactor by 2015.

President Clinton: Why I Support (California) Proposition 87

Bangladesh Nobel laureate vows to make poverty history

Police recommend charging Katsav with rape and eavesdropping

The Great Experiment: Israel's starvation of the Palestinians.

Rachel Corrie Has Her Say as New York Premiere of Controversial Play Opens

Firms seek share of Lebanon rebuilding

Soldiers suspected of looting homes during operation

Interim war findings expected to focus blame on four generals

PM: Efforts to meet with Abbas fail over prisoner swap terms

Olmert: Efforts to meet with Abbas stall (AP)

Samm Simpson needs your help!

TIA? Probably a stupid question

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 10/14/06 - HBO Hacking Democracy

Good news from the Open Voting Consortium !!

Channeling TIA: Here's why the GOP can steal the election(Xpost)

Need feedback on this rush antiBlackwell site & hopefully some copy help

Full text of HR 6200 (Paper Ballot Act of 20__); it's short and sweet

The Taliban hates roads

Expecting U.S. Help, Sent to Guantánamo

Foley's 'red flags' didn't raise enough eyebrows

Reuters: Italian journalist kidnapped in Afghanistan: reports

FoxNews Does It Again: Beltway Boys Min. 23: Corker (D-TN)!! Screenshot

AP: 26 Sunnis Killed in Sectarian Violence

(British coroner rules) Journalist was killed by US troops

Reuters: Afghan delegate among six killed in fresh violence

Weldon: Latest to Enrich himself at public trough

Ricketts gives $2 million more (Senate race Ne vs Ben Nelson)

Revenge attacks grip town north of Baghdad (31 killed)

Rep. Murtha Blasts GOP for Name-Calling

46 Iraq Sunnis killed in revenge rampage (5 US troops killed Sat.)

Esch urges national health care benefits (Dem Ne vs Lee Terry)

Paratrooper in line for first Afghan VC

Iraq Qaeda wants own Islamic state for Sunnis

Most can't bank on big tax cut

Doubts over Iraq drive a volatile U.S. campaign

GOP losing interest in Ohio

Call of the West: Rein In the Judges

ISRAEL: Police Reccomend Rape Charges for Pres. Moshe Katsav

Musicians Team Up with Artists to Fight Drunk Driving

British boss fighting US extradition --Observer

Australian ex-army chief says Iraq war boosted militants

"For first time, unmarried households reign in US"

Spain hails Syria's stance on Lebanon

Dozens dead in Iraq 'revenge' attack

Pakistan army denies coup reports

Poll: Foley seat leaning toward Dem

19 LUKoil Licenses Are Under Threat

Politicians caught on Internet candid cameras

Three soldiers die in bloody month for U.S. in Iraq

Chile's Bachelet visits site of her own torture

WWII bombs spark mass evacuation

British General Who Called for Iraq Pullout Wins Support of Papers, Public

Ban Ki-Moon: Rice Should Talk with North Korea

Saddam says victory at hand against U.S. occupation

WP: Iraq Violence Spreads to Oil City of Kirkuk

$5 million available immediately for storm cleanup(FEMA Reynolds District)

AIDS Activist Jeff Getty Dead at 49

2 GOP senators urge new Iraq strategy

AP Minn. Senate hopefuls clash on Iraq

Dose of Trouble for Flu-Shot Season (record supply, but distribution lags)

(UK) Universities urged to spy on Muslims

Iraq delays reconciliation conference

Wal-Mart Workers Seek Millions More After Big Win, Wal-Mart To Appeal

BP blast in 2005 could have been stopped (killed 15 workers & injured 180)

Mont. Senator in Fight of Political Life

Fewer reporters embedded in Iraq (lowest number since the invasion)

Oil bonanza boosts Arab gross domestic product above $1 trillion

Poll: Incumbent leads Michigan gov. race

(Bill) Clinton says Republican extremists divided country

AP: GOP Chief Denies Helping Abramoff

6.5 earthquake on Oahu...another on Maui -CNN

Israel police recommend president be charged with rape

NYT: U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 52 So Far This Month

Kerry says he deserves 2nd chance in '08

Unions In Three Nations To File NAFTA Labor Violations Charges Against U.S

Gangstas don't go to college!!


If you don't think this is SUBLIME....well...then...

*Mods Please Delete this Dupe*

Let me drink a Fat Tire from Colorado! Hot stuff!

Am I the only one who likes Marilyn Monroe?

Public Service Announcement: 'Scrubs' is a perfectly awesome show,

A horse, a sunset, some flowers, a queen, and a butterfly

Halloween music help needed

I am watch a movie on IFC called "May", it is beyond creepy.

I Think God Wants Me to Lead a Populist Movement

Do you, in everyday life, care that some things you or others say are

Crazy ass computer question (cooling freaks)

Am I the only one who likes Marilyn Monroe?

Sunday Morning...brings the dawn in...

Hey! ....I have muscles I never knew existed

I am watching Thom Hartmann on book tv.....

Dirty picture thread!

Sponge-Bob or the Pixies

Surely you can't be serious?

"There's a difference between 'working hard' and 'working hard;'

aaargh. I am at a sales pitch! for babies

They don't give a damn about any trumpet playin' band

Thank god it's finally raining

For those that get the newspaper delivered,

The Pope just proclaimed four new saints and I didn't make the cut...AGAIN

Waaaah! I can't find SHOUT Color-Catcher anymore!

How would you interpret this....


Latest Puppy and kitty pic!!!!!

Type the first word that comes to your mind.

Well, I can stand up today as long as I'm careful about it.

Funniest cat pics EVarrr!

Bought a Surf Van yesterday.

OMG! 6.5 Earthquake, aftershocks hit Hawaii, knocking out...

I Need a pic of the Grim Reaper for a report...( Competition with Sis)

MrG is leaving me... for three days of classes...

Album cover wars

Note to self, don't ever party with mom and her friend.

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to...

DU Jews: Question here

I'm hungover and surrounded by pillows on my couch - who wants to talk?

What is it with women and CANDLES?

A woman up the street from me was attacked by a bear.


Grrr! Why do you DU people hate my cartoons????

Your pick for Great Song, Boring Video

Making soup again today and damn!


Greetings from Canada

Little girl in store to her mother: "I hate you!" (I guess mom said "No".)

Help with my "I Miss America" Halloween costume

Should I go to work for some OT or should I stay home?

Gwyneth Paltrow is annoying

Ahhh the joys of being a Dolphin's fan . . .

Which is the most accurate description of meowification?

What is the term for your father'sbrother's nephew's cousin's ex-roommate?

Post your Hors d'oeuvre recipes here!!!

Why is it so hard to find Achiote paste in California?

TOON: David Kuo's book and Karl Rove


Am I the only one who likes Shirley Manson ? (lame copycat)

Well, I'm back, and I'm sick...

You guys were so helpful last week with the pot roast, what should I make

what is it about woment and bathroom rugs?

There's a new man in my life ;)

Totally bonkers people in DU this afternoon

Human v. robot

Just listened to Sting's newest CD.

Does it ever bother you? The gullibility sometimes displayed on DU?

I can not believe what my pets just did!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poetry Thread Sun 10/15/2006

Can I post some lyrics w/out this thread turning into a Christian bash?

**Pic thread...from Whoa_Nelly's CA DU meetup** pic heavy...

I'm prepping for a colonoscopy! Tell me everything!

On a lighter note (pun) has anyone bought the Killers' new album?

Does it ever bother you. The tacky jokes sometimes displayed on DU?

TV preachers - who's the weirdest?

"White Light/White Heat" - your opinion

Fashion Victim!!!

anyone here have an original CSS design for your DU journal?

Mistakes were made

Now that I've got my digital camera back, the world's cutest cat

Why does Lou Reed hate "Loaded" so much?

I have found my new favorite poet...

Anyone use a full-spectrum light for seasonal depression?

List the first and last recorded music you bought.

Graywarrior appreciation thread!

Favourite kind of Tea?

dammit i need an energy drink

Let's talk litter boxes

I'm feeling down. Please post a link to the funniest video on youtube

TOP CHEF: you are on notice (hostess insults "junk food" staples)

Gemini's check in here

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see or hear the word..

The Lesbian Mafia Went Apple Picking *pics*

Where are my fellow Aries???

Has anybody seen the German film "DOWNFALL"?

Kim Comes a Callin'.....

What should I be for Halloween!?

What is the significance of the Latin Mass?

Clue to flaws in autistic brain

Bacterium found with only 182 genes!

NEW photo of Saturn - AMAZING!!!

Foley, pedophilia, homophobia

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for October 15: Hail, King Kramnik

The Passing of Peter Norman- The Silver Medalist With The White Skin

Will Oakland trade Randy Moss by Tuesdays deadline?

I posted pics of Arlington East in General Discussion a while ago.

Kerry's interview on FOX: the best and the less good.

Just watched JK on Road to the White House

Gary Hart - The courage of our convictions - a manifesto for democrats

Kerry to speak at South Carolina State University


Kerry on Fox New Sunday (Video)

Here's an interesting take on the near future

Has anyone put up the Reps are liars part of Kerry's speech at YouTube?

OT: Deval Patrick rally

Hillary's shill on dKos put up an attack Kerry diary

It's a small world story --- Yes I know who Sally Mann is :)

Okay, 1 or 2

Here's some of my Path rejects

A long way from GOP control, and the real world...

SUBMISSION THREAD for the October Photo Contest. Theme: PATHS/PATHWAYS

COMMENT THREAD for the October photo contest. Theme: PATHS/PATHWAYS

Breathtaking : Police telling Federal Reserve employees return to WTC bldg

2,760 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice against the Iraqis

Confessions of a 'Defeatocrat' by John Murtha

Corporate Jets Face an Image Problem

Leftist reformer favored as Ecuadoreans vote

Birthday Card I Got...

Does Iran Hold Key To Republicans' Fortunes In Midterm Elections?

I know how we bring in the young hip-hop vote.

If nothing else, the Ohio elections of 2006 will establish....

The answer to everything has been Why do you hate America/Amerika. .

What to tell the religious right about diff between Dems and GOP values

Four roadside bombs shake Baghdad Sunday morning

Much of Iraq Still In Ruin As U.S. Builders Leave

2 ordered not to discuss Gitmo claims

America is TIRED of living with CORRUPT Republicans, .....

The irony - married couples now a minority

Did everybody email Chris Wallace that question for Rice?

Gulf of Mexico this morning

It's Liberty Sunday!

Russian energy: Europe's pride, US's envy

Anti-gay, anti-recycling rabbi Lapin perped fraud,say senate investigators

46 Sunnis Die in Iraq Revenge Killings

Al Qaeda leader in secret CIA jail: report

If you wish for your Representative to have any clout for your state

Little Jennifer On C-Spin Says "Democrat" Primary

44,000 wounded, sick, & hurt in Iraq .... 30,000 air transported

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 15 Oct 06

"Media is hyping GOP (Foley Page) scandal too much"

Anyone watch Andrew Sullivan on Reliable Sources?

Happy thought, Pres Pelosi declares

Guilty Until Confirmed Guilty - NYT Edit Blasts New Law

Do Republicans ever tell the truth about anything?

anyone watching the Senate Minn. race debate on MTP

Current GOP slide is promising, but are we sure 11/7 will reflect?

The US Occupation of Iraq: Casualties Not Counted

One man still locked up from 9/11 sweeps

Jonah Goldberg - it is a joy watching this 'mouth' trip over his tongue...

Veterans For America's Paul Sullivan on CNN-DVA-NO PLAN for returning Vets

I just watched Jimmy Swaggart tell his viewers that the Bible is a lie

Amy Klobuchar Is Kicking Ass on MTP

Will North Korea Test Affect Doomsday Clock? Hides Unfavorable Poll Results About Bush & Iraq

You were naive enough to believe that WE elected Congress? HA!

Will another OBL tape magically surface days before the election?

A freeper explains why they'll lose in Nov.

Book mentioned on Hartmann - Magnificent Dunderheads

Insurgent group wants to negotiate peace with US?

Howard Dean coming up on CNN Late Edition- 11:58AM

Bolton just lied on CNN. He said we've sat down with the NK for talks.

Essential Viewing! Weds Oct 18 Local PBS Station:THE NET AT RISK.

S. Koreans Say U.S. Responsible For NK Nuclear Test

(PICS) Arlington East on Cape Cod National seashore (DIALUP WARNING)

First Question For Mehlman.....Mark Foley....

Depleted Uranium video links-7 from youtube

"at least five the number of U.S. troops who died on Saturday."

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

Gitmo WhistleBlowers Silenced By Military

depleted uranium court case waiting for decision

"We(Republicans) might not always be in the majority...." Remember???

Much of Iraq still in ruin as U.S. builders leave

Anyone else watching Thom Hartmann on C-Span 2 Booknotes?

Question about law firms in Florida.

Kerry On Fox -- Transcript

We'll Be Watching You......Ben Bernake

Andrew Sullivan - is it time to suggest to Andrew that he has been...

Did anybody else just see Thom Hartmann on Book TV?

what the hell is it with republican politicians and young kids?

US grants N Korea nuclear funds

Republicans roll out the Borg! Run for your lives!

Signing Statement Watch - Bush's Signing Statement Dictatorship

How Long Til We Stop A North Korean Ship & Cause a Major Incident?


Am I the only one here

Elections Directions

Do you watch sports to escape?

I've decided not to accept Mark Foley's coming out without proof

74% of Britons back army chief on pulling out of Iraq-poll

Diebold does it again (forwarded)

Democrats' suit: No Foley notices at polling sites

Going to a voting machine "run-through" What should I look for?

George Allen plummets in polls

Even Huffington says that Foley is a Democrat

Political Mislabeling collection

Billboards, Posters Offer Baghdad Hope

Repubs Hagel & Warner Can Read The Handwriting On The Wall .....

'what can Bush do when the world hates us" question from Tweety now on

Iraq 'sectarian spree' kills 83 in 2 days! (must not say civil war)

David Horsey Toon: Evangelicals betrayed by Rove (LOL)

Gore & Obama or Clinton & Obama,is it possible? Which is better?

Another kind of immigrant -Jaguars

2016...check out THIS presidential ticket!!!

Live free or Diebold

Is Ney Cooperating, Naming Repub Names, To Cut His Prison Sentence?

Insurgents want negotiations with US

Mehlman on CNN Now.... n/t

Under Investigation: R-Weldon, R-Romney, Who is Next?? Parade Continues...

Flavor of the Month: Why Smart People Fall for Fads

Very complete NYTimes election guide:

Stark question: Was it McCain or Kerry who led on Vietnam normalization?

The "contract with america" won the elections for

Does anybody know if Bank of America recently changed its contract

Watch Ford Slam Corker on attacking his father's record

Barack Obama is on the cover of Time Magazine

2763 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

OK, I was playing around on my computer

US Death Toll Reach 50 for October in Iraq

How to get the media to start reporting on election/vote fraud issues?

Obama Featured On George Clooney Tribute, Very Nice!

OMG Bolton is a TOTAL Embarrassment and Danger to this Country

October 15th in Iraq

What possible 'new strategy' could help Iraq when its 'drifting sideways'?

HELP>>> daughter needs some printed quotes that prove bush wanted Iraq

Unpublished essay by Anna Politkovskaya: On our side, or not on our side.

"Calif. Growers Fear Biotech Rice Threat"

do Conservative's "beautiful minds" allow them to live longer ?

France to withdraw Afghan forces?

Is Ralph Reed still a player?

I have a question here about these Touch Screen machines

Please God please, keep FEMA OUT of Hawaii--

On Crooks and Liars: "How I sold one copy of Bill O’Reilly’s new book"

Inside the Hero Factory

thom hartmann on c-span2 tonight 10:30 ET. EXCELLENT show!!

Will Bush IMPLODE before or after Nov 7?

CNN reporting earthquake of 6.0 in Hawaii.

Coalition Death Toll in Iraq Hits 3000

VIDEO!! The Chris Wallace - Rice Interview. Did he ask the question?!

Let the Freeps know: RW hero Douglas MacArthur is to blame for North Korea

VIDEO-LIVE NOW Hawaii 6.5 earthquake coverage from KITV 4 Honolulu

Call for Change: MoveOn.Org

After killing 600,000 Iraqis we look stupid putting Saddam on trial

Write your own Bush speech. "Some people say we cannot win in Iraq!"

Time to think out of the box re N. Korea. If Kim Jong-Il is such a fan of

PHOTO: N. Korea nuke. Buffalo in the dark. Bush takes a "mini-vacation"...

"Blunder and kill republicans" LTTE

I think I'm going to just give up and vote Republican from now on

Buying judges

Washington Post Poll -Senator Macaca -49% Jim Webb -47%

To Those Who Would Steal The Election -2006

My letter to William Pitt.

A simple, focused plan

I just saw Charlie Rangel speak.

If anyone has a video of Big Dog's speech in Iowa today that

Wow! Check out this stem-cell research ad. This should blanket the anti-

2765 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

From Deval Patrick -- standing up to unbelievably dirty tactics in Mass!

Hundreds protest proposed LNG port Environmental concerns expressed over p

Transiting through Bush's America: it ISN'T safe

nbc evening news "53 US troops this month so far in Irag"-doing a good

Would you vote for Bill Clinton if he ran for 2008?

Ballot Proposals affecting animals in 6 states-Via the Humane Society

mtp replay on now. msnbc kennedy (r) mn gets slammed to the mat

Live streaming of the aftermath of the Hawaii earthquake.

"Rep. Murtha Blasts GOP for Name-Calling"

New Book: "Mission Unaccomplished: TomDispatch Interviews w/ Dissenters"

"AIDS Activist Jeff Getty Dies at 49"

Clooney to Depp: "Hey man, you're f*cking great."

Has our dipshit president said anything about our American's in Hawaii

DAILY SHOW TOON: Tempting Faith

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Scaarrry White House Endorsement)

"Brother, can you spare a jail cell?"

"Republican is a Nice Way of Saying ..." (fill in the blank)

A few days ago someone posted "FOX NEWS IN HISTORY"

ON BUSH's WATCH: *Caution: Graphic*

Veterans care a concealed cost of war-VA Lies about info

Poll: Is Bush delivering on his promises to conservative Christians?

Evangelist says he had permission to visit Hastert, denies contrary spin

LA Times: Iraq war takes girl's thumb, nose, mother (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Darn that Liberal Media! Commander who says we need to withdraw is ignored

NOVAK: Tom Reynolds On List Of Repubs "Sure To Lose Seat On Nov 7"

The neo-fascist William F. Buckley again supports Lieberman

Kerry speech on CSPAN1 now, a Dem finally learns how to say the L word

EVERYTHING that is wrong is OUR fault

The Freepers discover the importance of habeas corpus

McConnell king of nasty politics - 4-part series in Lex Herald Leader

Joe Lieberman In No Man's Land [Indifferent on House majority]

THE EMERGING DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY: Voters’ Allegiance-Ripe for the Picking

Clinton says Republican extremists divided country

Does anyone here NOT think that Bush has an enemies list?

A glamour girl's guide to 'kicking cancer's butt'

UK once had 35,000 troops in Iraq. 8000 are there now. Hell, they have left

Glenn Beck, tonight at 7p.m.: "How To Survive A Nuclear Attack" WTF?

"Theocracy House"

TOON: in one sense, it is Clinton's fault N. Korea got A bomb...

Hang on good people of Hawaii--FEMA is on its way!

Anyone dared to peek into FreepLand regarding "Tempting Faith?"

White House Upbeat About GOP Prospects

House of Representatives or House of Prostitutes?

Watch Armstrong Williams try to pronounce Kim Jong Il

*** Sunday TOONs: Foley and MidTerms ***

Your thoughts on Gordon Brown?


Radical Fringe Toon for SUNDAY 10/15 - Elephant flu epidemic?

July 10, 2001.....August 6, 2001 Connect the dots...

Internet Gambling Ban Angers Americans

What Democrat scares Republicans the most?

Dean On Blitzer: Be Tough on Defense but Be Smart

Chime in: GOP/Diebold etc conspiring to steal the election in Nov?

I'm concerned about FEMA going to Hawaii!!

"WH Upbeat About GOP Prospect" Bush/Rove KNOW they have it in the bag!

Do you know that Bush can't spell "banana?"

What was Condi thinking with swearing in Dybul with his partner...

Two Republicans running in Central Texas: Welch and Fleece.

Dean says Republican party has become the "big-brother" party.

159 year mandatory term for woman

Video Shows Limbaugh Unwittingly Stating Murtha's Positions On Iraq

The GOP web of deceit:

Escape To Paraguay? Rumors Of Bush Land Deal

A Diebold Truck With A Bush Sticker!

Kauai and word yet of their current situation.

Poet Nikki Giovanni Slams Ohio's Secy of State Ken Blackwell

No Terrorists in Hawaii, only a 6.7 Earthquake this morning

My MIL Says Oct Snow In Buffalo Was A TOTAL DISASTER

"The Greatest Economic turn-around in American History"

FoxNews Does It Again: Beltway Boys Min. 23: Corker (D-TN)!! Screenshot

Check out a TIME quote of the day on Bush's upcoming visit to Vietnam

Anyone who thinks Lamont is toast should see this new ad "18 Years"

Earthquake (D), devastates Hawaii.

NYC janitors have the 9/11 cough and nobody cares - they did cleanup

Lieberman REFUSES To Support A Democratic Win In November

Stop Mitch McConnell and stop the corrupt money machine:

Your opinion: Would Air America do better if Al Franken was replaced?

Bambi and Thumper do exist

Chris Matthews says Americans want bi-partisanship.

Bush's Bloody Legacy-this week's military obits

Only 16% Believe "Official Story" of 9/11 - New York Times/CBS Poll

Oh shit, I know why Rove and Bush think they're going to win.....

"Bill Maher, you're not the boss of me and I don't have to chose!" Pletka

There were other incidents in Iraq, including people she may have killed...

Fox News: Hawaiian earthquake, Clinton's Fault

"Lawyer to Radicals May Face Prison Term"

Election - examine this quote from Card - last 72 hours before -

I'm Voting For America

Has Chris Wallace Interviewed Rice Yet? and he did ask that question?

Do We Bomb Iran Now To Teach North Korea A Lesson?

Republican Phobias (In Pictures)

The aftermath of the devastation in Western New York

Mark Crispin Miller on C-Span today....

whoo hoo! I think Lieberman just blew it! Please Recommend!

Want to End Abortion? Vote Democratic!

Fox mislabelling candidates commentary

FBI reportedly probing Rep. Weldon(R)

Hitler killed 20 million people.....war chimp: not even a million (yet)..

What say DU, does McAuliffe deserve 2nd chance securing election process?

Letter To McCain From A Vietnam Vet

Poppy "Dying Inside" - Bush JR Has Repudiated Everything Bush Sr Stood For

"Gay marriage and stem cells don't affect our daily lives"

Stick a ribbon on your SUV - ENJOY!

Ned Lamont should run this commercial a million times a day

Nashville TN: Newspaper Endorses Harold Ford Jr.

Just got home from my first trip to NYC (I live in Ohio)...

". . . . atheists are coming out of the closet -- and organizing."

Says It All

Diet products Boost appetite

EEK! Condoleezza Rice going to Asia to solve the North Korea situation!

George & Laura "Really Angry"At Andy Card "For Telling Truth"

What say you DU? Kerry Says He Deserves 2nd Chance in '08

Muslims' anger as London Olympics clash with Ramadan

GM Microbes Invade North America

Let's Look To Sweden For A Solution

Bush family escape plan?

Another example of Compassionate Conservatism:

Is Obama the most exciting/appealing Dem since Bobby Kennedy?

Has Long Time DU'er "Opi" posted in with this terrible Earthquake?

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Malloy joins Nova M Radio on October 30!

Jim Wallis in Denver, this coming Tuesday!

Kerry won. Bush lost. DNC failed to secure votes. RNC stole 5million votes

Going over the Heads of the MSM...

60 minutes, tonight: Duke students defend themselves against rape charges

Why I Would Support Senator Kerry in '08, Were He to Decide to Run Again

Recent smiles by Bush imply the electronic machine fix for GOP wins is

Having fun with racist Freepers:

Suppose your child's 2nd grade teacher wore a face veil in school,

Sink the BFEE: Foley gives us Congress. Condi sends 'em to prison.

Bargaining Digest Weekly Oct 14, 2006

Channeling TIA: Here's why the GOP can steal the election(Xpost)

Don't we owe it to the Iraqi people to work with the those who

AP: Burns Struggling to Retain Mont. Voters

GOP All but Cedes the Race to Feinstein

Shays Blasts National GOP: "NRCC has crossed the line"

Does anyone know if Bartcop is still a supporter of General Clark?

NY-29: Notes from the Trail, by Eric Massa

La Cage Au Foley

A new line of attack to use now against Republican incumbents

How to frame the war (GOP edition)

Need a big can of Lysol for my TV

New Swift Liars: Americans for Honesty on Issues

Mitt Romney, GOP rising star, catches Thatcher vote

What time will Condi be on fox, and will Chris ask her THE question? nt

Complete break down of VA. senate race Allen loosing steam

Minnesota senate race on MTP

Who's the most entrenched Repub that's going down next month?

MSNBC: "Playing For A Win: Rove Maneuvers for GOP Victory In November"

Faux reports GOP refuses to buy ads for Santorum

Doubts over Iraq drive a volatile U.S. campaign

White House Upbeat About GOP Prospects

Revolt of the coalition Generals -- Australia: Iraq war boosted militants

Condoleeza *yaawwnn* Rice on Face the Nation.

LA demos turn down William Jefferson and pick some one new. Yeah

Confessions of a 'Defeatocrat' by John Murtha

That Bush & Rove put on a good front means nothing.

Bush**/Rove: "Whenever we feel afraid..."

I wouldn't put this past Rove

Rove and Bush upbeat...

Republican vs. Democratic fundraising

Why PDA continues to Support Jim McGovern's HR 4232

Latest polls, where have they gone?

see/hear what Condi said about "mother-in-law"

The 'last ditch' Republic strategy for the midterms?

Prop 42 (CO). I thought this commercial was a joke.

From "Destined For Destiny"...Bush's Top 10 Names for "The Iraqi Thing"

Bill Clinton: Entire U.S. government under control of GOP extreme Right

Cute videos of Rick Santorum (1) linking Iraq to 9/11 & (2) throwing a fit

Bush Military History Project #35

GOP Chief Denies Helping Abramoff

Conservative Indy Star endorses dems in 2 of the 3 hot races

Newsweek: Rolling With Pelosi

One proud Poppy ... but W follies mar legacy, ex-Prez's aides gripe

22 days left until election --today's action-- contact your friends

Photo:Condi "walks past White House guests"...and effing IGNORES them...

WWKD? What Will Karl Do?

Who's extreme?

What "Flips" A State - Candidates, Or Grass Roots Efforts?

Yosemite Bolton on with the U-boat sub-commander right now

Cry me a river ALERT: Junior & Pickles ANGRY at Card for telling truth

Crist calls Davis 'my congressman' _ but he's not (FL Gov race)

The presience of the great Helen Thomas.

EXTRA-SPECIAL POST for those who love photo ops with Bush holding babies

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert succeded where AAR Management failed.


Exposed: Talent on the Minimum Wage and Overtime

Kerry's speech rocked the house: NH Dem. Party Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Why The Recent Pre-Election Smiles By Bush? (Chirolas)

C&L Vid: Brit Hume, Bill Kristol Want Unilateral Action on N. Korea, Iran

New Poll shows Mejias within 2 POINTS of Peter King!

So everyone is worried because Rove & Bush are so cheerful...

Brit Hume and Bill Kristol predict Democratic takeover of House

Are we on the verge of a dramatic shift in political allegiance?

Is THIS supposed to be the "October" surprise?

Kerry on Fox New Sunday (Video): Bush “Living in a World of Make-Believe"

Does anyone else ever feel we'd rather wallow in self-righteous defeat...

Here in Northern Wisconsin we have our blaze orange ready for November.

I need feedback on this rush antiBlackwell web site job, especially dialup

don't forget 60 Minutes tonight: Bush/WH blowing off the Christians as nut

It's too late to fret over Diebold but we can still DO something about it!

For those who missed it - Bill Maher's rant.

It's time to end this Clinton/Bush regimes

Iowa Poll: Culver takes 7-point lead over Nussle

David Brooks: Bush looks at option of "replacing" ENTIRE Iraqi government

The people who sold out America

Secret Service grills American teen over myspace page

If we win back the house you can thank a Pennsylvanian!!!


Time Magazine has Obama as the next Democratic President.

My van was shot by a freeper update.

"Dismay" and "disdain" toward The Decider from former Poppy aides

Who are the most progressive governors of red states?

Lt. Cmdr. Swift on c-span at 9:30 EDT.

Some Bible quotes on poverty that Conservatives should head.

Dean says McCain is pandering to the right wing base of the GOP

Kentucky paper prints massive expose of GOP Senator Mitch McConnell

John Edwards discovers the common touch

Kerry's statements on Iraq make the case against Bush

Well Gas will go up after November 7th

(Sen.) Clinton Does Damage Control After "Adviser" Slams McCain

Yet another rep sex scandal

Bush & Rove Got Happy Feet, Victory Is Theirs!