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Archives: October 16, 2006

My local paper endorsed Mike McGavick

Proud Poppy ... but W follies mar legacy, ex-Prez's aides gripe

Gorbachev: Nukes Could Keep Spreading

Great read: Campaign 2006: The Issues, the Stakes, the Prospects

Hamas: Fatah Acting As U.S. Stooge

"My Name Is Rachel Corrie" Makes It to Off-Broadway (Boston Globe Review)

TruthIsAll: Election Defense Through Awareness: Election Forum News 10.16

Chicago/Cook County to Start Early Voting with Illegal Sequoia Machines

Dozens of police contain Caledonia rally

Canada will enforce N. Korea sanctions: MacKay

Hill Times: Ambrose not yet briefed on science of climate change: critics

Muslims' anger as London Olympics clash with Ramadan

In Menendez, unions see a blue-collar guy

Negative ads plentiful in fight for control of Congress

Aid Is a Bumper Crop for Farmers

U.S. Trade Deficit With China Keeps Growing

Soldier Called Back To Duty On Day Before Retirement

Violence empties schools in Iraq

Scalia Defends Positions in TV Debate

Kleeb and Smith go toe-to-toe (race for Congress Ne.)

IBM Moving Procurement HQ To China

Press Secretary Raising Money, and Eyebrows

Sunni party leader warns of break-up of Iraq

Specter's Role in Passage Of Detainee Bill Disputed

Mehlman denies role in ousting of official

S. Koreans say U.S. basis for nuclear test

NYT: U.S. Firing Plans for Great Lakes Raise Concerns: Arms on the waters

NYT: In Final Weeks, G.O.P. Focuses on Best Bets (Repugs panicking!)

Associate of Abramoff had 12 meetings with Bush staff

Iraq Will Wait To Disarm Militias

can someone just shoot this guy?

Does anyone know of a free recorder for streaming radio ?

One year, two years.

Incident at Dead Pig Pond

Life's good

"What I mean is men hired him to do things, things he wasn't very proud of

Does it ever bother you? The copycat threads sometimes replayed on DU?

Does it ever bother you? The wild threads sometimes displayed on DU?


Welp... my pool buddy canceled. Who's got the bottle opener?

I like Yu-Gi-Oh! So there!!!!


I get a big lump in my throat when i watch "Extreme Makeover, Home edition

Neil Young : Long Walk Home Video

How To Make a Naughty Girl Out Of a Girl

Oh God! I just tried Strawberry flavored Bacardi.....

OK...a little DU empathy for a nurse whose been tending to the sick

I just ate a fly.

We're renting a car from Enterprise on Friday...Anything I should know?

What is the meaning of life?

Tell your doctor if you have difficulty swallowing or shortness of breath

There's a new van in my life;-)

I think "fireworks" has entered the Lounge Lexicon

Sports announcers :eyes:

Venture Bros. fans - what is Dr. Girlfriend's big secret?

Moustaches Are Stupid!

Post here if you have a buzz

how can I tell this gin has gone bad?

Has anyone else posted about "The Beastly Bombing"?

Interesting art sculpture exhibit in Russia

We are flying British Air first class to London. Anything we need to know?

Women who tell me their husbands make the "political" decisions, ie voting

Today's my birthday!!! Who wants to party with me???

Questions a Wife Can Ask to Tear Her House Down

need to come up with seven examples of death in entertainment

How To Make A Lady Out Of A Girl

I will regret this tomorrow but I am so fucking sad!

Do you have a horror story about customer service or warranty service?

Free Concert/Recording Plug -- LA

You know, there is such a thing as too much beer

Does it ever bother you? The copycat threads sometimes displayed on DU?

Sex and Drugs and Marzipan

Taurus DUers!!! Check in here.

Dues - it ever bother you? The fund drives sometimes displayed on DU?

I do not understand professional sports.(football)

Leo's check in here

christ, i got arrested today

Weekend-END Pic THREAD!!! YAY!

Are we Virgos too well-behaved to call attention to ourselves?

has anyone here entertained communal lifestyle..

Favorite fad from the past?

I have voted - ask me anything!

before the deluge

I think it's time to post a photo of yourself in bed...

Earthquake's effect on the Mauna Kea telescopes?

Am I right in thinking that, as their schedules are ACTUALLY done...

For all those who doubted the Tigers!!!!

Who will the Saints play in the Super Bowl?

Hard night on GD

Good story on GDP that will probably need help soon .

What path should I choose?

Displease a Lobbyist, Get Fired

dupe; please delete

LETTER TO AL FRANKEN: Iraq, oil, & self-censorship

David Kuo calls for evangelicals to "Fast from politics" - any effect?

Democratic Voter Turnout Machine - Go Vote Early

An Open Post to the Conservative Christians lurking out there

Living with War

What to give Dick or Karl if they come knocking October 31st

He's too weak !!! We need a strong, aggressive Democratic Party.

Maybe this is a new one ?! For a good and needed Sunday laugh

Soldier charged over arsenal - Had 33 pounds of C-4 on the plane

Michele Bachmann Hurls Again at Living Word Christian Center

If anyone cares: Andrew Sullivan on Q&A on CSpan

Does anybody know how often Amazon updates it sales figures?

The Truth on how Bush claims he supports the troops facts here

Iraq reconciliation conference on hold as 83 die in weekend of violence

British army chief may lose job for ‘interfering in politics’

Conservatism is dead and Ann Coulter is its corpse.

Tennessee Democrat Ford Questions `Sanity' of U.S. Iraq Policy

Bush: "655,000 Iraqis didn't die! The report is not true!...

organize in home Halloween parties for your kids and the neighborhood,don't

Anybody watching Night of Too Many Stars ?

Have I said lately how much I love Howard Dean?

CBGB Brings Down the Curtain With Nostalgia and One Last Night of Rock

Please support a boycott against Heart of America restaurants

Italy hands over UN Lebanon naval force to Germany

Freddy Fender has passed on at age 69.

Mahoney up by 7 percent in Foley's district, 11 percent undecided

What should DU give its 100,000th member?

I am in awe of the power that is Bill Clinton

GOP Super Villains?

Local charity benefits. Are they popular in your community?

Interesting art sculpture exhibit in Russia

Did Chris Wallace ever interview Rice today?

U.S. nun among 4 new saints

Do you suppose we gave all 655,000 dead Iraqis dignified Muslim burials?

Are their ANY Dem congressional seats in jeopardy of going Republican?

Hastert's Team Mentality to Be Tested as Foley Scandal Unfolds

Cruel Freeper hoax: Anti-War Mom gets mail with "Deceased" on it

The deployment of aircraft carriers could mean one of four things:

Ney may get time off sentence

FEMA At Work

Hillary Clinton has raised $49 million for campaign

Bush uses California as an ATM: $52B shortfall in federal taxes v. return

Outstanding Net Neutrality

I love Tom Toles

Last three battleground states up for grabs

National GOP pulls out of Ohio

So I just got back from the late show of Man of the Year.

OK, so I'm spoiled, but...

A 3 Week Truce. Purely Voluntary. Any takers?

If you could send an envelope or small box to shrubsie with one nonharmful

What scares me about Hillary running is a "No-Issue" campaign in 08

Will gas prices go up after the Election?

10 days to get electric to 350,000 in Buffalo? Are we a 3rd world country?

I'm Running for Office in 2012

Chicago/Cook County to Start Early Voting with Illegal Sequoia Machines

Scalia, ACLU head face off in TV debate

The Bush Family Buys Land In PARAGUAY?

Fossil proves that right wing nuts have been with us for millenia

Member of Baker Iraq panel: Recommendation will not be "Stay the course"

Dems 50, GOP 49. 1tie. Like these senate numbers!


TESTING SOMETHING: Can you see this picture?

Is Air America sufering from Real Networks Syndrome?

"Have you ever seen a White House with such a bunker mentality?"


TIME: Excerpt from David Kuo's "Tempting Faith": A Christian Betrayed

RW'ers using Evangelicals? It's not exactly breaking news.

JD Hayworth's opponent needs help!

Anyone heard of any strange activity going on in Washington right now?

Sentence Today for Lawyer Convicted in Terror Case - NYT

Krugman: The main reason to elect Dems: Subpoena Power

the tide is turning. My fundie sister is voting D for ks AG and Gov. She

David Kuo ("Tempting Faith") has malignant brain tumor...

Ten Top Documentaries you can watch Online

Did Diebold Stop Dean?

What Liberals Say vs. What Conservatives Hear (Tom Tomorrow)

This Is A One-Letter Election: D or R - That's All That Matters (Krugman)

Bush buys land in Paraguay.... Why? Any thoughts?

Beautiful, scathing, heartwarming, sad...article by Republican leaving

Have anybody seen "The Marine"

"Tempting Faith" story on 60 Minutes now (David Kuo's book)

Happy Ides of October!

Help the Jersey Girls open a new 911 investigation!

60 Minutes Expose on Duke Case

Our Constitutional Crisis and the Importance of this November’s Elections

In Menendez, unions see a blue-collar guy

Union fights to keep Community Heatlh Center operating - children at risk

Fed prison staff cuts blamed on Congress dangerous place to work

Anyone else recieve recorded anti-gay marriage calls from the Repukes?

Bin Laden!

It's 6:15 in America...

OK...So here's the plan:

FL-24 Clint Curtis (D): Hey Florida! How's he doing?

From Greatwildbeast, an interesting contribution in the form of...

A modest proposal re: lobbyists, PACs and campaign contributions

If the GOP wants to blame someone on November 8th...

Republican Money Can't Stave Off New Peril in Senate

So when will accuracy in media tell us...

We are probably going to need 7 senate pickups, not 6

War at Forefront in Minn. Debate

Tom Hartman on CSpan 2 NOW, repeat, Screwed

Gotta Love that Andy Rooney. He noted that we should have stopped


How can **we** work toward getting the sponsorship names off the backs ...

There's a womens' insurgency in this year's politics

Is it naive to believe it's possible to replace W with a Dem before 07?

The Veterans Disability Commission report will be catastrophe for Replugs

Great quote re: AWOL

Need another really good reason to vote Democrat in November?

NYT: GOP abandons DeWine in Ohio to focus on Mo., Tenn., Va. Senate races

Hell has frozen over??? The Tide is Turning ...Fundy sister is voting D

Vote for Pederson in this poll. Its been freeped! This is an

"find somebody and look them dead in the eye and say... this is not right"

Having Fun: Howdy Doody Campaign

Rove thinks Tony Snow's talks are "like Mick Jagger at a rock concert"

(VA-Sen) WaPo: Webb down by 2

So the GOP is running attack ads against Zack Space....

Ann Lamont, wife of CT Senatorial candidate: "We're not in this to lose."

How many DU'ers have seen Man of the Year? Robbin Williams Movie

How much irony can you stand? Bush declares "National Character Week"!

!?!?!?!?MN megachurch endorses opponent of dem candidate Wetterling

Jesus Rode A Donkey, Not An Elephant

"Why Our Shift?" - Johnson County (KS) Sun endorses Dems for 1st time

The Socially Conservative Liberal Agenda

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 264

Howard Fineman: It Takes a Sex Scandal

!?!?!?!?! OH anti-gay laws protect guys who beat live-in girlfriends

"Scott Ritter 'Target Iran: The Truth About the WH's Plans for Regime Chg"

National Review (Larry Kudlow): Mr. Hastert, Move Out of the Way

The Entropy Economy (Kunstler)

Republicans hoping for a "Big Event" aka terrorist hit to save the Day

Hitchens: Foley Loaded

RParsley (OH theocracy movement): "US founded to defeat Islam"

did Juan Cole's blog vs US Iraq policy cost him a position at Yale??


goood grief -- CO Group: God, Moses Oppose State Minimum Wage Increase

If you haven't seen this already-a must see: Iraq for Sale/LINK

Nukes: Iran and North Korea are not the problem (Mickey Z.)

Who's Running Afghan Policy?....(...No one...)

UK Guardian:Comment is Free blogs have midterms special section

LAT: Europe Raising Its Voice Over Radical Islam


Irag in bloodbath while US politians reach for Nov 7 (recent DU posts)

Peshmerga forces take over security of Kurdistan in agreement with govt.

U.S. seen retreating from democracy push

The Treason Puzzle --WaPo Editorial

Consumer unease with U.S. health care grows

Great take on the upcoming election by Paul Krugman...

To Predict Losers In a Power Shift, Follow the Money -Wa Po

Sweden's Forsmark "Chernobyl" has no effect on dropping nuke "phase-out."

First direct evidence that human activity is linked to Antarctic Ice Shelf

Faith And Science Find Common Ground With An Inconvenient Truth

Camry hybrid debuts in Ky.

SunPower boosts solar panel output

Over 784,000 viewers: America is learning the truth about the I/P conflict

Rachel Corrie The Play, At Last

Anti-Bush comic book

"Cheney Says He Masterminded 9/11, But the Spinners Refuse to Be Spun"

Voter Verification Website?

voter ID/electronic voting in Ohio

On Stealing America (election film) and the End of Freedom TOMORROW X-Post

winning hearts and minds on the access issue - how?

Election Official Confidential: a scoop from Ohio

Missouri Circuit Court Ruling Upheld--Photo IDs Unconstitutional!

Avi Rubin was on AAR a few minutes ago...

Missouri offering "optional" paper ballots, NOT provisionals

New,never-used Diebold technology to count Cuyahoga County 11/06

What are we going to do about all the lost votes this Nov?

Alberta school-fees fight puts brakes on car deal Canada's New Bush-Style Politics

(UK) Universities urged to spy on Muslims (The Guardian)

Bush’s Press Secretary Is Raising Money, and Some Eyebrows --NYTimes

Maryland underdog runs from GOP agenda (CS Monitor)

Sri Lanka convoy blast 'kills 67'

Saddam verdict is expected on Nov. 5

Dubai rulers reject slavery case (young camel jockeys)

Militants claim to have established Islamic state in Iraq

(UnitedHealth) McGuire leaving over stock options

Pombo pushes for lower oil fees (to be paid by oil cos. to the U.S.)

AP: China inspects North Korean cargo

Peshmerga forces take over security of Kurdistan in agreement with govt.

U.S. seen retreating from democracy push

Police recommend rape charges against (Likud) Israeli President

Bush Buys Land in Northern Paraguay

Illinois Soldier Who Survived 3 Iraq Tours Dies From Cancer

Iraq cancels peace talks after scores more die (The Guardian )

North Caucasus Police Violently Break Up Rally for Slain Russian Reporter

Soldier from Stryker brigade killed (5th from Brigade Tour Extended)

One in 10 Indonesia Muslims back violent jihad: poll

Bush Buys Land in Northern Paraguay ...

Sunnis Flee Fighting That Has Killed 91

Bush to Iraqi leader: We support you (no plans to withdraw troops)

CNN: FBI raids home of congressman's daughter

Lou Piniella named as new Chicago Cubs manager

(Oliver) Stone, Par return to 9/11 trenches (Teams with PT911 Nowrasteh)

CentCom states they want to stop Bloggers mis-information

Sadr orders militia not to evict Iraqis from their homes

AP: Partial Results: Ecuador to Hold Runoff

(Harry) Reid to amend his $1.1M land deal ethics report

Group demands Iraq war crime investigation

Crawford charged for lying about stocks(former bush FDA chief)

Saddam to be Sentenced -- Nov 5th

Mo. High Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law

Breaking: U.S. says air samples confirm NK conducted nuclear test.

Allies of Bush's Father Ask Baker to Push for Iraq Change

NAACP to monitor elections in ten states

FBI Agents Raid Homes of Rep. Curt Weldon's Daughter, Close Friend

Web can be training ground for terrorists!

Russian Tass news agency says business chief murdered

Death Toll Surges in Iraq Killings (10 US troops/3days)

GOP Strategists Says Democrats Likely to Take House

Democrats favored when economy uncertain

LAT: 'Stay the Course' in Iraq? No Way, U.S. Panel Says

Report Suggests GOP Shifting Money From DeWine Campaign

1st Evidence That Human Activity Is Linked To Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse

Court official: Saddam verdict, sentence if guilty, to be announced Nov. 5

Poll: Support for Iraq war at all-time low

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 16

Convicted Lawyer Faces Prison Sentence

NYT: A Power-Grid Report Suggests Some Dark Days Ahead

China Erects Fence Along N. Korea Border

Video shows apparent shooting on Tibetans by China (Reuters)

World’s Largest Carbon Sequestration Project Approved (Norway)

NAACP to Monitor Elections in 10 States

U.N. still at impasse on Guatemala-Venezuela vote

Russian News Agency Director Killed in Knife Attack

Iowa native named deputy White House press secretary

Tata, Indian Outsourcers Boosted by Boom

AP: Schwarzenegger pushes emission markets

Ashcroft criticized for book on 9/11 panel

Nurse sues over ticket for anti-Bush bumper sticker

Engineering services: Big outsourcing opportunity (India)

Rove associate backs group sponsoring ad attacking Lamont

Mike Malloy back on the air with new progressive network

Foley's rehab paid for by taxpayers

Agents raid homes of Rep. Curt Weldon’s daughter, close friend

Illinois Soldier Who Survived 3 Iraq Tours Dies From Cancer

Reid to Reimburse Campaign for Donations

US group wants medical tourists barred (India)

CNN: Coalition death toll in Iraq reaches 3,000

CNN/AP: U.N.: North Korea faces hungry winter

Chavez blasts U.S. over U.N. seat battle

Iraqi forces concern U.S. commander

Hillary Clinton supports selective torture of terror suspects

FT: Wikipedia founder plans rival -- with editors

Britons used as Saddam's 'human shields' demand inquiry (Gulf War 1)

Judge to sentence civil rights attorney to jail for "providing info to

Guatemala shocks Venezuela in U.N. vote

I need a hug.

How's your matcom knowledge?

How's your sitcom knowledge?

Anyone here like Borax? I can't stand it.

My mom and dad are Aries

Well, looks like we will have some flooding in the Houston area tonight

I lost my DU cherry ( I talked to my first Duer over the phone saturday)

Funny thing about listening to "A Love Supreme"...

Anyone else here who can't eat much soy?

Where is MrsGrumpy?

a coyote, a thunderstorm,a flower,an uppity woman,and a butterfly


Good riddance to bad hummus

Just figured out how to do video on my camera. and my nephew with his cake

Ugh, flat tires suck

Fundamentally Weird - Special Edition

Principal Resigns After Shooting Kittens

Monday morning question: Who is so crazy to be awake

Convertible Sports Car Turns Into A Boat With Push Of A Button

Samba Pa Ti

Anybody here know about babee tendee stuff?

DU is about to pass the 100,000 registrations mark! Today? Tomorrow?

Cancerians unite! Our star sign sucks more than anybody else's!

We are riding Greyhound to Sulphur, LA. Anything we need to know?

Street Preachers Launch City Invasions 'For Christ'

I'm standing in Virtual Line and my wait time has been 15 minutes

How long are you willing to wait "on hold" when you call a corporation?

Does it ever bother you? The kittycat threads sometimes displayed on DU?

Compose a limerick

I have 2,964 unread messages

You just gave 2 weeks notice at a job you disliked...

Who knew that lunch would be so hazardous?

Wal-Mart Vs. The RIAA

Happy Ether Day!

LCD and plasma panel TVs suck!

AAAAAAHAHAHAHA!! New Weird Al video!

Okay, normally I'm against making fun of people for their appearance...

Did opihimoimoi ever turn up??

Just got a Louisiana wide Amber Alert on the radio.

Musical treat tonight on "Studio 60". Sting sings "Fields of Gold" and

My Stepfathers Friend's Daughter Just Posted A Bulletin Promoting Adult

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 10/16/06)

What should I do to become more of a Lady?

Workplace crashes

First CBGBs, now Madame Wongs is gone....

Eternal optimist or glutton for punishment?

Wow, there's actually a National Boss' Day?

"The Departed", Scorsese's new film is absolutely brilliant. A veritable

Lockdown DRILL At School Forces Students To Use Trashcan As Toilet

How 'bout dem SAINTS?!

Is there any way to get this kid to stop growing? 8" and 10 lbs in a year

Congratulations sendero!! 15,000 posts


I'm playing 1966-74 era Beach Boys right now

Today is Dictionary Day!

Chocoholics check in here! New find at Costco!

"Quit Complaining About YOUR Job!"

Does anybody know if there's a Hilton in India?

Did you know that the month of October is...

Someone please talk me out of going back to men!

This is it

When you were a kid, did you have a "Green Machine"?

Which Queen Song Would Make The Best Campaign Song?

Sweet....! I won $725 at work yesterday!

Oh no! spammers are getting literate

What are those bouncy balls you ride called?

Funny Cat Video

(For us older DU'ers) Your first color TV?

Anybody else put cocaine on their Corn Flakes?

The potato gun- a Midwest thing, or not?

Anyone here sell blood for cash?

Anyone else find it harder to tolerate so-called political ambivalence?

Tommy Carcetti Wins Baltimore Mayoral Primary

Speaking of potato guns...

Ugh...I feel like total crap.


My buddy found an empty Hefty trash bag box beside his girlfriend's bed

Anybody else watch Oprah today?

Shocking display of a celebrity admitting he's a Republican

Being sick has its perks...

Does anybody have a few gold bricks they can lend me?

Your Favorite Euphemism for Vomiting (my favorite poll revisited)

I May Need An Ark

my buddy found an empty potato chip wrapper beside his girlfriend's bed

Gawd, why do girls fall for loser guys? (Dr. Phil)

Emailed Job Application is CRAP! Is This a Test of my Word Skills?

Husker's Daily Primal Scream...

Shasta?! Who names their girl after a obscure lame carbonated soda

what's a good cheap, wireless internet service that i can get?

It's possible to use "Hide Thread" on your own thread!

Suckin' on a chili dog, outside the Tastee Freez

digital photography career - worth the money?

Do you feel your identity as an American has been changed?

Workplace crushes

Very telling- the evolution of beauty...

I want to buy a Chevy truck. (watch the video)

Ughh...parenthood law: Your kid's illnesses are your illnesses.

Lock this thread!

I've never noticed that before.

It just dawned upon me that the first game of the World Series is Saturday

Kelly Brooke "launches" a range of lingerie

Why Does Jenny Craig Hire Celeb Spokespeople?

Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like ...

I love to goof on obtuse people, and then sit back and enjoy the show.

Work hours : Sleep hours - ratio theory

Fellas, what do you do with ear hair?

I've been called an adult child. Who wants to buy me?

I don't have any kids to sell

Can we discuss Tiger Woods wife for a minute?

Ernie & Bert doing drugs (EVIL VIDEO)

Robb, I'm starting a "men wounded by love" club, want VP?

Supergroups - do they work?

Customer service appreciation e-mail I sent.

We got a white supremacist newspaper in our driveway Saturday and today

Do you know why Contrarians don't post apology threads?

Let's just pretend The Stones, Beatles and Beach Boys cut an album

ATTENTION: I have formed a plan. A scheme. A course of action.

Do you know why Sagittarians don't post astrology threads?

Favorite "I Just Got Dumped" songs?

Should Robb go for blood?

Can someone tell me what my Strategic Vision is?

Stupid question: What's the difference between a coat & a jacket?

Virgos, Capricorns, and Tauruses, check in!

some naan leftover - anyone want it?

Leo's check in.

So do you use Geico? Do you like it?

Happy birthday mutley_r_us & ceile!!

toothache from hell and my son's wedding is this weekend.

What's the most appalling thing you've ever seen done to food?

Anyone know of any cool free e-birthday cards?

What can you tell me about an LCD hi def TV?

DIY Rorschach test

Favorite hobbit euphemism for death.

The game with my ex has switched to hardball.

Anyone here like Borat? I can't stand him.


Oops I forgot to tell you guys

Today's my birthday.

Ken Macha was fired as the A's coach...

Have you ever cheated or have you ever been cheated on?

So, I dropped the Non-girlfriend off at the airport last night

DU This poll please! KTNV Las Vegas - Traffic Reporter

The Ann Richards avatars are kind of freaking me out.

Day 2 with no MrG...and I'm ready to sell the kids...

Nineteen rape convictions in the U.K. last year out of 14,449 allegations?

Congratulations SeattleGirl!! 20,000 posts

Dammit, I want my TARDIS!

I am going to start driving cab again

Why am I watching Star Trek The Next Generation?

My buddy found a condom wrapper beside his girlfriend's bed

Oh sweet Jesus. Armed robbery at church bingo game.

Why I sometimes lose faith in humanity

GOP Raises Religion in Court Race, Calling Democrat an Atheist

I ate gnocchi for the first time on Friday

Yesterday, I attended my first Unitarian Universalist Service.

Flying Spaghetti Monster photographed by large telescope

The Spirituality Of An Inconvenient Truth


Livermore scientists team with Russia to discover element 118

SCEC Fairness For All Families Campaign

Benefit for new documentary film on Islam and homosexuality (S.F.)

Post-Foley anti-gay spin a resounding failure

This why I love Jon Carroll: 10/16 column

Offensive DFA E-mail Message

Reggie Bush as Wide Receiver

Stroke out Seahawks game..anyone else?

Lamar Thomas fired over Orange Bowl brawl remarks

31 players suspended after Miami-Fla.International game--Coker gone?

Lou Piniella named as new Chicago Cubs manager

The Stars This Week - Oct. 16 - Oct. 22, 2006

The Power of Predictions.

"Re-Inventing Ourselves" - Karen Bishop - October 16, 2006

Journeys inside an MRI machine

Revelation 2012: The Word of God is DNA

So..umm...yeah. Things are not going the way I thought.

Intelligence Officers

Should I join the American Legion?

New Elizabeth Edwards book is a veiled hit piece of the Kerrys

Oooooh - Ezra Klein on Kerry

Have you seen

Any reports on the Iraq for Sale viewings hosted by JK?

Can you all explain something to me, please?

Please rec and comment on etherapy's diary on dkos

Kerry appearance: Portsmouth, NH 10/21/06

Crooks and Liars

HBO: Hacking Democracy

JK YouTube videos: Please uprate

No path. No focal point. No composition Just nature doing it's thing.

"My Name Is Rachel Corrie" Makes It to Off-Broadway (Boston Globe Review)

Clinton Hoped Bush Would 'Consumate' His North Korea Deal (TIMELINE)

Katherine Harris x's 50!!! Voter "cleansing" off of registration DB's

Oh my goodness . . .

I wonder what scares the bushmonsters.

Fox News' Douglas Kennedy...

(TOON) Rowson: Lifting Tony's Veil

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 16 Oct 06

NASA astrobiologist discusses CO2 mass exinction on Art Bell tonight

C&L VIDEO: David Kuo Interview on 60 Minutes ("Tempting Faith")

2,765 U.S. troops exist as cannon fodder for the far right

Vote GOP because…

AP: Death Toll Surges in Iraq Killings

GOP abandoning Ohio (Leaving Blackwell to take care of it maybe?)

Voter Verification Website?

George Soros Donates To Wesley Clark

We have to do more than just vote.

LOL! FR Murtha Hatin' Demonstration Draws SEVEN Freepers!

I FOUND IT!!!!!(Voter Verification Website), USE THIS

Excerpts from "State of Denial"

Evergreen Solar jumps 13.3 pct

Court may give Saddam verdict on November 5

France to withdraw Afghan forces

First case re: habeus corpus filed for detainees? NPR report

NATO gets no offers of extra Afghanistan troops

ACLU annual convention on CSPAN2 now...

There will be a bloodbath in Iraq if we leave.

S. Korean Survey: US MOST Responsible For N. Korea's Nuclear Test

Economics: The Sound of Aunt Edna's Knitting

Brilliance at the HuffPo

Walking down the street carrying my Lamont lawn sign

No more war candidates-give peace a vote!

UnitedHealth CEO Resigns Over Stock Questions

Iraq Study Group: Stay the Course is Not Working..(phased withdrawal)

Stephanie Miller??????????????

Anyone else notice that CNN cut an hour from

Nomination for BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice" award.

SCALIA To ACLU: Abortion Rights NOT Constitutional

On Rumsfeld: "That's not a smile, that's a rictus" VIDEO

American Jewish Committee responds to Katherine Harris

Anybody in Philly catch the Casey/Santorum radio debate this morning?

In Final Weeks, G.O.P. Focuses on Best Bets -Good article that

Saddam verdict on November 5.

Looking for link on Laura Bush and the killing of her ex-boyfriend...

Question concerning Lieberman-Lamont race

Have YOU ever been blamed for what's going on in Iraq?


CSPAN alert: Lamont/Lieberman debate on cspan1 at 1pm today

Dutch MPs demand ban on drinking water profits


bush has dishonored his nation & his party, why doesn't HE resign?

So GWBush policy is to make enemies of all who have no nukes

CIA rendition plane in Madrid one day after terrorist attack on 3/11/04

The GOP Firewall strategy is going up in flames ..Americablog

Suggestion for DU devs

Ailing Houston boy a symbol of health-care crisis

UK reporter describes the day the fire was lit in Fallujah

CSPAN alert: Lamont/Lieberman debate on cspan1 at 1pm today

Ron Kovic of Born on the 4th of July fame....great article!

"Iraqis are dying like fish in a poisoned lake."

New Bush Comic: Reason #147...

Remember remember the 5th of November! (Saddam trial verdict)

Paramount Hires Path to 9/11 Writer For Movie On ‘The Hunt For Osama'

10/16/06 SLUT Club, Stephanie Loves Us Totally; Mama goes fox hunting

Fights TOUGHER, BETTER: Rightwing media or left-leaning media?

"Reagan repealed the Great Society...."

Official: Saddam verdict to be read on Nov. 5

Karl Rove still thinks the GOP is going to win in November

"This is just a symptom of the empty prosperity of our times" . . .

Truly vile hate mail from anonymous freeper wishes NYC to be nuked

Is Air America going off the air? I thought they were in chapter 11 and

WH presser now on CSPAN2

Interior Blocks Blogs (and Abramoff Got State Dept official fired)

Habeas Corpus entry in Wikipedia has a picture of Olbermann

Cut & Run is the only sensible thing to do & w proves it with his insults

Yahoo message boards. A good indication of how low this country has sunk.

New Progressive Liberal Radio Network Formed (Ala Air America Radio)

I'd really like to hear some discussion on this stuation

Cut and Run THE War On Terror, and Win It

Why Aren't Democrats (Or Even ... Republicans) Demanding Ney Resign?

Voter Fraud and Intimidation, CSPAN now, 1pmCT.

Study finding "Darfur-on-the-Euphrates" sinks out of sight in the press

Condi press conference NOW on C-Span2 (link) 10/16/06 ~2PM

Everyone here Votes, right? Any NON-voters in the crowd?

"We need to take care of the middle class and the poor ..."

Two world construction industry factoids...

The Hastert Rule: "a majority of the majority"

Did opihimoimoi ever turn up??

Christine LaSala and the NYC 9/11 SCAM

Navy looks to develop high-energy laser weapon


Just come across a folk song, which seems eerily prophetic

Lt Cmdr Swift On Detainee Bill: 'It Will NOT Match Constitutional Muster'

can someone give me a AAR stream link??

Watch out when Bush is "confident" about having an election go his way

Feds raid home of Curt Weldon's daughter

Buffalo's snowstorm: global climate change in action.

Gee,William McGuire donated a lot of money to the Republicans.

Anti-Bush comic book

Okla. top conservationist terminated after recommending transparency

No mention of Fed's Weldon search at WP, CNN, MSNBC as of now.

objectively speaking who do you think won the CT Senate debate?


Judge clears Bully game release

Intrade- 70% Chance of Dems Retaking House-30% Chance Of Retaking Senate

WHY is our government continuing to deal with Manucher Ghorbanifar?

Radical Fringe Toon - Monday 10/16

I wish the pollsters would ask if people are afraid of Bush.

Rummy re: Iraq: "It's winnable and doable"

Why Are They Polling Negron V Mahoney?

How long before the Hawaii quake is blamed on the Clenis?

A review of Bill O'Reilly's new book. Must read....

Who is the QUACK who keeps saying that Bush is 'fit for duty'?

Scott Ritter is on DemocracyNow today

Why the slogan "fighting them over there or fighting them here" is

New Gallup Poll Shows Bush Sinking To 37% Approval

October 16th 2006 In Iraq

Harry gives 'em ethics!!! whhoooo-hoooo

Right Wing Military .com put out the truth

MYTH of "polls skewed toward dems" Real Clear Politics Archives debunks it

Randi discussing AAR's finances/bankruptcy

Snow on Iraq.."president’s made it obvious we’re going to win"

GW & Britney: Both all washed up! Make them dance, here:

John Kerry e-mail, makes me feel good.

COMING UP: Scott Ritter discusses the October Surprise on the Randi Show

"The Republicans are for God, Country and family...

So is Rove going to make "The Death Penalty" this years hot button issue?

CentCom states they want to stop Bloggers mis-information

Are there anymore scandals on the horizon ...

Reading "State of Denial" - SCARY!

Friday the 13th -- Oct 13, 2006 and Oct 13, 1307

Latest CNN Poll: 56% Want Ds in Congress; 40% Want Rs

The Return of Mike Malloy. And Kathy, of course.

Does anyone have a link for a list of all the Republican scandals?

Sen. Obama proposes vet's health care plan to honor Rep.Lane Evans

Coin Dealer Goes on Trial in Ohio

Getting Ready to Call Independent Voters for final leg of MO GOTV!

2769 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Zeitgeist Checklist, GOP Collapse Edition

Al Gore Sends French Assembly President 'Reeling from Shock

David Kuo: Now an Additon to the Axis of Evil...per right wing fundie

What's your first thought when you hear "American Enterprise Institute"?

Scott Ritter Coming Up on Randi's Show for a Whole Hour

Is living in Hawaii really that great?

Healthcare in America...

Kenny and the Sex Slaves! LA Times: Melhman fired man over sex slaves?

This Am, the United States once again said that No Korea

Competitive Era Fails to Shrink Electric Bills

Influential security analyst: Iraq in civil war

What percentage of citizens could name their Congressperson?

Country Music Awards: Night before the Election

I was doing a news search and came upon this "article"

(in case you missed it) Friday on Cavuto -WORST QUOTE EVER

McGraw bucks conservative country image

The "sanctity of marriage"? What a JOKE!!!

November Surprise? Saddam verdict to be read Nov 5th.

October/November Suprise: Saddam Verdict Is Expected on Nov. 5

How to “answer” on Iraq by Orin Hatch

GOP Slogans for 2006 Election

Great comic says it all.

I just saw the Shrub commercial

Klobuchar Fails To Fact-Check Kennedy On Woeful Job Growth Under Bush

Paying for yearly online access to newspapers is bullshit. I don't care

Two "must read" Iraq books....

Is US aid to Macedonia and Romania tied to prisoner rendition?

Ritter on Rhodes, talking about MEK... tune in!!

Gerrymandering in the name of racial equality totally perverts the house

What are the most common words used by Republicans?

2771 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Retired AF Gen: increase in Iraq violence intended to influence November

Set your faces to stunned. Focus on the Family replies to Kuo.

Perspective .... on the 655,000 dead Iraqis ....


Will "Big Dawg" Clinton be stumping CT with Lamont?

CNN HN...Ad bashing Clinton...

2768 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

POLL: Cnn, Dems lead 56-40% among LIKELY voters

Cindy Sheehan: Playing the Numbers Game

How much is enough? A call for the largest tax increase in history.

Former Bush FDA Chief charged with making false statements

Dubai grinds toward (US) port BinLaden Family?

Venezuela and Guatemala tie in U.N. Council vote

YouTube video of the World Can't Wait Atlanta Protest and March!

WP: "Nightmarish" succession scenario: Hastert has a secret list

I wonder if RW'ers know about one of Soros' OTHER business partners

Conventional wisdom: Repubs will "out-perform their polls"

What is with the REDS banner and the link which goes to another

"Stay the course" is working. Insurgents want talks with US ....

Wingnut Myspace bulletin I saw...words fail me

Larry King interviewing John Karr tonight? Evidence of societal collapse?

What kind of person would actually vote to keep Republicans in power?

How does the GOP get people to vote against their best interests?

"Cheney Says He Masterminded 9/11, But the Spinners Refuse to Be Spun"

Air Force Two checklist: TVs set to Fox

Don't you love political ads that say politicians'll take away your choice

Is the economy good in the south?

Economic sanctions on people who can survive by eating grass?

How To Perserve Evidence Against Corrupt Repubs From Nov 8 till Jan 07

How to make money off of war!!

Omaha World Herald (NE) endorses dem for first time in 3rd dist

How many of these don't apply anymore?

WP: White House marks 6th anniversary of USS Cole attack, but not 1st-5th

Frank Gaffney on Dobbs spewing his typical islamofacist BS

Why do dems keep APOLOGIZING? Hillary apologizes to McCain!

David Kuo on CNN now: 3:33 CDT

Power crunch spotlights deregulation turmoil

So what are bush's poll numbers? A legit organization or a GOP front????

Heads of State - thought you might find this amusing

I love Boston Legal's portrayal of Nancy Grace

5 Senate debates on CSPAN1 starting at 8pm EDT

No honor among thieves. Grover Norquist stole from Jack Abramoff.

RNCC Gets Nasty in CT

Scalia Lashes Out At Judicial Activism

Indians are the Palestinians of Virginia

Caption the 2 Stooges

Weldon taking page from Hastert; blames CREW for his troubles

Wolfie discussing Weldon now n/t

"New political video from JIB-JAB! Hilarious!"

Conservatives Rally Against Bush Aide-Turned-Critic

Why don't we give the Iraqis a timetable, but keep it secret?

Faux NK could nuke us in ten years

repub guv asking for FBI investigation into candidate

Quote David Kuo on CNN: "WH is reacting so passionately now,

US Leaving UK allies in Afghanistan Without Crucial Air Support

Learn Yiddish with George and Laura...

A recent post by a DUer about *'s screwups made me think of the old joke:

abc evening news to do segment of lactk of health care in America-next.

How can I contact Bill Clinton?

The stock market does not believe the republicans will lose control

Well, the freepers share their feelings about Kuo.

Are we under a freeper attack?

For Friggin Chrissakes, The Teacher NEVER Demanded To Not Work With Men!

CBS doing story on Bush/gas prices. citing poll results that

Carlson claims that Harry Reid has admitted to violating federal law ...

My 7-year-old antiwar activist.

Jihad Unspun reports "dozens" of US dead in Base Falcon attack.

Earthquake in Russia ?

Fun evening helps military families : Spooky photo alert!

BFEE "Fixer" Baker on Tweety calling for bi-partisanship...

Will you vote Novemeber 7?

2772 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

What conservatives say vs. what they mean

Very tiny ray of sunshine in CT Senate race

Do you think that Bush is mentally ill?

The ultimate hypocrisy in the church: Color of the Cross

Lamont-Schlesinger-LIEber debate - please write, call, email on it

Our fly-boy pResident doesn't know planes

Reichwingers voting to delete Andy Stephenson's Wiki article!

Frank Rich and John Ashcroft on Olbermann tonight.

Karl Rove's Kool-Aid Acid Test for Republican Voters in November.

FYI: Frank Rick on Jon Stewart's TDS tonight:

Have you noticed that Foley really kicked Woodward out of the spotlight

What is the chance of Dem's taking both houses?

A good friend who works at Walmart said they're selling

Christian Newswire HEADLINE: "David Kuo: An Addition to the Axis of Evil"

How has the GOP made you a better person?

Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil

Help! My wife has a huge right-wing inclination that I cannot stand.

The Stephanie Miller appreciation thread!

Foley's Phony Rehab Includes Cruising Bars in Austin TX?!!

Fox News "Liberal" Blasts liberals as "nuts", "intolerant", kisses GOP ass

Scoop/Charles Shaw: NOLA Lost - 72 hours in America’s other Ground Zero…

Raw Story: CENTCOM contacts blogger critical of War on Terror

NY Magazine: Righties worry Rupert Murdoch is moving left

Tony Snow says George Buxh is so smart......

Bush Disapproval Rating At 61 Percent, An All-Time High:Poll

Gas a buck lower, Idiot Son approval lowest level ever. LOL

Help me respond to RW friend so he will get it..... "Remember When"

How will the death of a former

A little muckraking on Jerry Falwell

Has Anyone Seen "Venezuela Bolivariana"?

Ned Lamont's Concession Speech (A Speech I Never Want to Hear)

LSD Mystery: In 2002, Justice Dept. OK'd Dosing Detainees

Dixie Chicks Interview on New Zealand TV

Has everyone DU'd this AOL poll on the Tempting Faith

If it comes to a shooting war ...

What Would Happen If Bush Declared Himself Dictator Of America?

Need your help-DU this poll

Susan Estrich (sp?) says the only Dem who can take the 08 nom. from HC ...

The Fall Of Air America and A Bold Prediction For The Future

I Just Came Back From A War Darryl Worley (Whores himself again)

Having issues getting to

Go forth with the bayonet!

Evangelicals Going Green

For your entertainment : Cosmic Trigger October17, 2006

Anyone finding it harder to tolerate so-called political ambivalence?

Was it right or a good idea to out gay GOP staffers?

Just Knowing That Our Soldiers Are Dying Makes Us Responsible

WP: "Bush in a Snit"

Saw something sad today in the grocery store...

Video: Vermont Candidate SLAMS Joe Lieberman!!

Big downturn seen for some home markets

Stephen Colbert Has America by the Ballots - New York Mag

getting oil changed in huge service on faux...I boldly walked

Cindy Sheehan: Playing the Numbers Game

Larisa Alexandrovna; Sr Congressman Met With Front Man For Arms Dealer

Outing a homosexual for ANY REASON, regardless of who they are, is WRONG

Seven US Troops Killed Today in Iraq

America's Dumbest Congressmen

Now On Tweety: L Hamilton (DINO-Whitewash) & J Baker III (The Fixer)

Imus is really gettin under my skin, lately!

Planespotting: Nerds with binoculars bust the CIA's torture taxis

People Who Should Not Be Teachers.

Schwarzenegger Had Sex With 16 Year Old Girl, Hush Money Paid

Scientific empirical evidence now available to prove that supply side

condi Rice - is she close to cracking up?

O'Lielly: Women could never be in danger during pregnancy.

Still Kickin' and getting better.

A huge 3 cheers to the freeway blogger on the 134 in Glendale, CA

They call us "Elitists"

Bella Update - Freedom on Bond

"Imagine if you will. . ."

The Bush "Teardown" Gains Steam - This is Powerful Stuff - AOL - Time

Hey, O'Reilly, 16 years ago my darling wife suffered an ectopic pregtnancy

On "Stealing America" (the film) & Freedom's End on Tues. 10/17 at 915 EST

Sibel Edmonds' Corrupt Boss is STILL the key to National Security

Chris Wallace Ignores 20,000 Emails Demanding He Ask Rice About The U.S.S.

The Republican Handbook

Tomorrow - a U.S. Senator will be outed on Ed Schultz.

So after Nov. There is a chance I won't be able to smoke in my own home

The problem with the fascist/nazi comparison is how hysterical it sounds

"I Don't Wanna Grow Up"; a song in pictures/repost

Nurse sues over ticket for anti-Bush bumper sticker


Battle over veil heats up in U.K. Teachers aide refuses to remove veil.

Nurse sues over ticket for anti-Bush bumper sticker

TOONS: Is Iraq A Bloody Success? ... Let Freedom Rain! --->>>

Sixteen Candles for Soldiers : This Saturday!!

The Caged Virgin: A Muslim Woman's Cry for Reason

Excellent Buzzflash editorials

SF Fundraiser with Hackett Tomorrow....if you missed this at Kos.

Please vote for Pederson in this Debate Poll! Stop the Freepers!

anyone else having trouble with Steph Miller stream?

Voter registration databases in jeporady

Religious Liberties threatened by Gay Marriage

Five US Deaths in Iraq in Two days (with pics of Coffins) (Lat. Amer paper

Enjoy this print ad from a Republican nominee for Congress

Just say no John.

More Conservative (non) compassion for troops and their families

Some really pretty maps here, and reason for optimism

Even Esquire Magazine Calls for a Democratic Senate

WA PO: "Beefy" & Bearlike" Hastert wakes up wanting to help the GOP

Romantic interlude: Ned and Ann Lamont dance at their wedding...

NYT graphic: Top Senate, HR races by Dem and GOP spending, in millions

Watch Ned Lamont kick-ass live at 1pm EST today

New Bush Comic: Reason #147...

Does Ned Lamont still have a chance to win a Senate seat in Connecticut?

Progress Report: The Home Stretch

Seven US troops killed in Iraq

Photos: Bush protests, Moscow-style

Wonder why Racist Felix Allen is still viable?...

When I hear a rumble overhead in Arlington...

Maryland underdog runs from GOP agenda (CS Monitor)

Bush tells Iraq PM: Ignore deadline talk

(ad) Moses vs. Colorado minimum wage bill

The logic behind Rice's grin

Social conservatives say gay marriage threatens religious freedom

Gary Hart - The courage of our convictions - a manifesto for democrats

AP: Top La. Aide Set to Testify in Page Case

Wait, there are Santorum fans in England?

US aircraft carrier, guided-missile carrier head to the Straits of Hormuz

Saddam Verdict, Nov. 5th. Midterms, Nov. 7th. Amazing coincidence.

Bill O'Reilly warns professors that they could end up like Sami Al-Arian

Shlesinger is going to siphon votes from Lieberman after this debate

What Floridians should know about Charlie Crist

DU this poll!

Good Article on Harry Reid issue-There was no sale and so no issue

Paranoia Strikes Deep

Feds Raid House of Weldon Daughter

Louisiana Democratic Party endorses Jefferson's opponent

Pelosi;on the One-Year Anniversary of Iraqi Constitution

About that "Bush declares himself dictator" question,......

In the year 2525

If we win the House, possibly the Senate, we

Tweety, Tweety, Tweety: Hastert "has the look, a kind of nice cuddly look"

For Hastert and Reynolds, Twelve Excuses and Counting

Church Lady Ahmadinejad: Bush inspired by...oh, I dunno...SATAN???

The dirt continues - Harry Reid again

"Sometimes you have to do more with less"

Watch Lamont Lieberman debate LIVE NOW at 1:15PM EST at link below!

Iraq will wait to disarm militias. WTF?

Mike Malloy to return to the airwaves--- Yeah!

Is there any government agency or program

Rivals Take Shots at Lieberman in Debate

Let's dream a little. If we win the House and Senate...

Iraq now in 'serious civil war': expert

Craig Schelske: Another Good, Christian, Family Values Republican

Nancy Skinner on Daily Kos

Party switchers: If control of congress changes, watch a few...jump ship

Stay in their faces for 22 more days. (watch Kerry NH speech here):

Newt Gingrich: The republicans can turn this around

"Iraqi PM seems to nothing about it" the bloodletting in Iraq, abc new now

the echo chamber - how it works and how to monkeywrench it

Tucker Carlson allows Obama Shill on their to spew Campaign Stuff!

What's The Deal With This Insurgent Group In Iraq Wanting To Talk?.....

Newspaper Endorsements: Nelson 10, Harris 0

Patrick Leahy: "Rubber stamp congress refuses to say no."

What do you think defines a win for Democrats on Nov 7th?

SC First Congressional District now in play!!!

Photo: Condi exudes confidence and joy from every effing PORE.

what did you do to get Dems elected today? check in here.

Former President Bill Clinton raises money for Baldacci, party (Maine)

Bushco worked in support of sexual slavery as a favor to Abramoff

Experience or Message more important in '08?

Election Predictions puts up Ad Space (if your interested in advertising)

Dam My Brother Veterans are dumb

HELLPPPP what to stream???

"Dean Won't Bite On Bush" (Philadelphia visit; asked about impeachment)

Has Patrick Murphy's PA GOP Congressional opponent scored with an Iraq ad?

Gore/Kerry ?? Has It Ever Worked?

Bill Frist: Taliban Appeaser

President 2008: Bloomberg or Clinton?

Ashcroft on CNN and Dumb as a brick

James Baker and Lee Hamilton to host HGTV series?

Don't quit when the polls close -- Hold a Vigil for Democracy!

Republican political strategy "smear democrats with financial scandals."


Tony Snow, 10-year-old

Gore-Obama 2008

Parties pour money into state legislature races; redistricting at stake

Ned Lamont's Concession Speech

One thing Pelosi/Reid/Dean should do.....

Political nor'easter bearing down on GOP from New England to Pennsylvania

Senate challengers raise campaign money

I have been seriously involved with Democratic Politics since 1976...

I figure Bush just "bought" Tom Reynolds seat for him..

Al Franken and the Wellstone legacy

Kerry's actions to count every vote: 2004 through 2006 election

Lieberman won't say if he thinks nation better off with Dems in control

Paccione's winning energy

Billionaire Soros Gives Financial Boost to General Clark

Ezra Klein finally takes fingers out of ears and LISTENS to John Kerry

Reid Goes Beyond Ethics Requirements

Democrats lose Florida (GOP kicks ass)

NEW GOP campaign slogan: "I don't know if we're winning in Iraq"

Surprising discussion with Christian fundamentalists

MSNBC: "Nearly all Americans can appreciate" Schwarzenegger's comeback

Here's one for us: Hillary/Edwards for '08! Could you go with this one?

87% of Iraq's oil will go to 4 multi-national oil companies

NEVER FORGET One Tin Soldier by COVEN, with graphics

"It's a ship of fools. We're on the edge of a disaster."--WES CLARK

Country singer Tim McGraw: "It's innate in me to be a Democrat."

Just had a thought on the Oct. Surprise

Which of these actions makes Obama a corporate sell-out?