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Archives: October 17, 2006

NYT: Iraq’s Christian Minority Flees as Extremist Threat Worsens

this is CRAZY -- Denver goes from 283 polling places to 55 vote centers???

Beware Empires in Decline (yes, that means the U.S.)

Just Knowing That Our Soldiers Are Dying Makes Us Responsible

Losing Faith in the President

Second U.S. lawmaker faces misconduct allegations

Britain: Court finds ITN journalist Terry Lloyd murdered by US forces

Don't mention the president: how Republicans hope to stay in power

Deserting the GOP

Nine Paradoxes of a Lost War

anyone ever turn a fridge upside down?

9 Mos In, Canada's Environment Minister Not Yet Briefed On Climate Change

A small anecdote exemplifying the rot in our culture

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, Oct 16

Federal prisons discriminate against aboriginals: ombudsman

CBC-TV picks up most of Gemini Awards


Thank You, Mr. Sinclair

McKenna advises Liberals to reconsider missile defence

Scott Ritter on "Target Iran: The Truth About the White House’s Plans for

CBC: Blair urges Canadians to support Afghan mission

CFRA: PM Urged to Get Involved in Buying Military Equipment

Toronto Star publisher, editor-in-chief replaced in shakeup

Earthquake in Russia ?

Steelworkers union intends to sue Giant Cement Holding (environmental)

Second U.S. lawmaker faces of misconduct allegations

In last debate, Ricketts attacks (Ben) Nelson (Ne) tie to Columbus firm

Doolittle Paid Lawyer to Talk to Agency

General Says Abu Ghraib Officer Lied

Bush inspired by Satan, God on my side: Ahmadinejad

British Airways Bans Crucifix

Sheik's lawyer gets nearly 2 1/2 years

Lawmaker denies helping daughter win contracts

More countries seeking nukes, IAEA warns

Abu Ghraib Officer Faces Hearing

Court Allows Mesaba Airlines To Smash Union Contracts

Ecuador: Pro-U.S. billionaire, leftist economist headed into runoff

AFL-CIO Mounts Voter Protection Operation In Six States

Warner Takes Issue With McGavick Remarks (re: Rumsfeld replacement)

)LA) Businesses prepare to fight living-wage ordinance

8 Pakistanis Freed From U.S. Detention

NYT: Skills Gap Hurts Technology Boom in India

Pentagon to resume forced anthrax vaccine program

Richest person in China is a Self-made Businesswoman

Coingate: Noe stole investment money right away

Page board said discussed other charges

Cheney: US troops 'winning friends in Iraq'

LAT: GOP on a Mission to Save Santorum

Iraqis Ask Why U.S. Forces Didn’t Intervene in Balad

A Secret in the Line of Succession --WaPo

Rare Meteorite Found In Kansas Field

Stem cells delay paralyzing disease

Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmers Go on Strike (should we boycott?)

Wal-Mart to Buy Chinese Retail Chain (AP)

U.S. detects signs N. Korea preparing for 2nd nuke

WP, pg1: FDA Is Set To Approve Milk, Meat From Cloned Animals

Ooooh, creepy!

Excuse me a moment....

Absentee ballot- should I mail it in or drive it over?

Anybody ride BMW Bikes?

GRRR!!! I have to tear myself away from you guys to get clean!!!

Man trouble: I crave a hero, and all of them are taken!

I guess I'm in deep doo doo now........

Coldplay. Screw them.

Okay, this new show with Alyson Hannigan...

Anybody else watching WifeSwap?

Meet my new friend Trent.

On the Effectiveness of Aluminum Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study

vanity, thy name is woman......mostly

Really an incredible story, and involving homemade Viagra yet.

Cheesesteaks at the grill this week!

Does Viagra really make you blind ?

Bush v. God

I'm making cinnamon sugar cookies!!

A Gentle Reminder: NO SEX THREADS

Raising a Stonehenge replica without heavy machinery (video)

Has anyone seen Noah? Because this rain isn't stopping

Alrighty It's night -night time for moi!!!!

Stupid ?: What's the difference between your ass and a hole in the ground?

Alrighty It's night -night time for moi!!!!

Wolverine fans...

People who say "gel" instead of "jail" and "dill" instead of "deal"

How many actual members of Al-Qaeda do you think the coallition has killed

Alton Brown has the record for Terminator 2 references in a cooking show.

DEFAMER: Michael Jackson's finally done it

Latest memo to the Bush-bots from the RNC:

Ok the Discover card commercial with the scissors...

ATTN YouTube DU'ers: New YouTube group for your entertainment

I want this t-shirt, it makes me giggle.

Does anyone else have trouble accepting criticism?

I got shot at last night

Lou Piniella to Cubs?

Have you seen the "Laughing Quadruplets" on YouTube yet?

Fresh- baked hot Apple Crisp.....who wants some???

I'm SO Not Having A Stroke!!

I had a 3rd phone interview today for a gig in NYC.

What did you have for dinner?

What are your favorite store-bought pickles?

I 'm not over losing Freddy Fender. Here's a nice pic of him,Augie, Doug &

You won't believe this.


My dear CaliforniaPeggy, will you lock this thread?

The Bears got cocky

Wherein I sing the praises of my new USB turntable.

who wants to join in my group hug?

Head for the hills! CaliforniaPeggy is a Lounge mod now!

Democratic Underground has new moderators!

Oi! It's the Love Calculator!!

Why do people have such hate for tofu?

HOLY COW, this is my first experience with vicoden

Here's a fun thing to do. Check your name...

The official "I love Canadians" thread

Whenever I need a good laugh - I go to

Carlos Delgado.

The Bears are gonna kick the Cardinals' ass tonite

Guys who grew up in the 70's, did you have to swim in the nude at school?

Stephanie Miller

Is anyone using a pre-paid cell phone?

Picture threads gee-sh!! how many do we need?..Maybe one more :o)

Has anyone else started attacking Christmas yet?

I really really really need a job

My mom died today

Aeroplane In A Bottle --- Finished This Morning (Pictures)


British Airways Bans Crucifix

Diet suggestions for avoiding gallstone problems

Any other CafePress shopkeepers here? I could use some support, fast.

I want to take this time to apologize on behaf of some ppl in my State.

Ken Macha "disconnected" from A's.

Leinart is 5 for 5 in first drive against Bears for 1st qtr TD!

Bears Win! Incredible!

O/T need to vent,...the state of customer service...

Astrologers, what do you see happening

Uh, oh....Mother Earth is shaking!

Mercury will be retrograde on election day.

Is Olbermann actually covering part of the NH speech?

Interesting posts reference John Kerry on "The Premise" blog

This is the Ohio where DUer wanted John Kerry to fight with NO proof?

Kerry at Patrick's fundraising in Boston with Clinton and Kennedy

Help with digital photo color correction???

For the weekday crowd

When did the Freeper Brigade take over the yahoo message boards

Barack Obama ROCKS!

GOP-run Instant messaging

Looking for: The Data on "reg church goers" over time...

RW'ers still make fun of Hillary Clinton over VRWC comments

Defending the indefensible: Number of Iraqis killed

Should hypocritical republican bigots be outed?

NATO states pressed again over more troops for Afghanistan

US and Iraqi insurgent group has begun negotiations

Scarborough is leading with Republican corruption.

Bombs, gun squads, burials ... one week in Iraq

MO Supreme Court Strikes Down (GOP) Photo ID/Poll Tax Law!

Here's a guy we can send to Iraq.

What Should I Do November 7th?

Leaders of the 'christian' Right to broadcast propaganda message

as long as

Ah, the deluded watching the delusional...

NAACP to monitor voting in several key states

The Fingernator

"Underground War Room on 'Warm Standby'" Cheyenne Mountain

Attack ads won't work this time...

Winner of 5 draft deferments Vice President Cheney thanks returning troops

Anybody watching the Talent /McCaskill debate on Cspan....

Falafel Boy - Worst Person in the World.

Weldon: They're All Out to Get Me

Delete thread

Come on. Why is anyone surprised the RW evangelicals deny Kuo

John Mark Karr on LARRY KING LIVE (blech)

When the Dems are the majority in January, does that mean

If Bush attacks Iran

"Nobody could have anticipated China could attack our satellites..."

So, if The Chimperor "cuts and runs" in Iraq right after the election,

My Fellow Americans

So after we retake the house..

Woo Hoo! Webb has a new ad out on the stock options Allen hid

Looking for a post

Bill O'Reilly: OB/GYN

Frodo Has Failed, Bush Has the Ring.

Gotta Get This Off My Chest

The South is rising again (against Bush!)

Scarborough: Guilty Old Party

Begging for a caption. Dec. 2003 meeting between gwb and James Baker.

Keith Olbermann's interview with John Ashcroft was disappointing.

The Paris News in PARIS, TEXAS endosed CHRIS BELL (D)

Casey is not a good debater at all!!!

Mark Foley comments on Israeli Prez Katsav's sex charges

Hey lets face it. Even if the Dems are a bunch of schmucks...

John Eliot on AAR 10-12

Oleilly's interview with Bush*t

PHOTO: One more desparate stab at "catapulting the propaganda".

Question Regarding Baseball Playoffs

Woman Sues Over Anti-Bush Car Sticker

CBS 3 Philly (Weldon)FBI also visited 2 Jacksonville FL

DU. Please read this GD Politics thread

Frank Rich Coming Up On The Daily Show Soon

Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil

Fun, fun, fun till Daddy took the Iraq war away

Tom Tancredo sang "Dixie" with white supremacists at speech

Larry King Live officially scraped THE bottom of the barrel tonight.

The Right-Wing Made Homosexuality an Issue

Staying the Course and the Definition of Insanity.

Head On Radio Monday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

I had an interesting post on my facebook group.

Let's have some fun - make up a Bush speech for 2006 and 2008

7 US Soldiers Killed In Iraq- 77 Iraqis Killed- War Grinds On

Now what the RW is saying about Iraq

Thank you, Madeleine Peyroux. We were there, in 2004

I think that I found out one thing at which Bush is good at

Pucker up George.

Give it up to Keith Olbermann

I don't give a f that "aid workers" don't like Madonna adoption

MT Governor Brian Schweitzer on The Colbert Report

Pictures of grit and determination: Tammy Duckworth

If you can stomach Bill (Softball) Olielly Faux has the video link up(Bush

The other Mike (Mike Webb) is now back on the air!

I feel sorry for the Iraqis

Pelosi should invite Hastert to a debate.

Specter's role in the passage of the detainee bill disputed

The Washington Post Puts Out A Hit Piece Against Lamont

Univ. S. Alabama Vanguard: "MSNBC Airs True American Patriot" (Olbermann)

If David Kuo's reason for getting into politics was helping the poor...

Blame Sally, how many of you have listened to this I find it sad but

Howard Dean and David Kuo on Tavis Smiley tonight

14 year Old Questioned for online Bush threats

Bush inspired by Satan, God on my side: Ahmadinejad

If Bush steals this election (again) what would you expect Dems to do?

FOX filthy scumbags are scrolling the name of the bumper sticker nurse

Glenn Beck is scared.

Iraq imagery reopens wounds of Vietnam

OK What happened to the Rapture?

Caption this O'Reilly and * pic

Why is the New York Times silent on massive Iraq death toll?

Blogactive to OUT a Republican Senator on Ed Schultz Tomorrow

Wetterling forges ahead of Michele Bachmann

Which dictatorship would you be LEAST disgusted with?

So, How Are You Feeling About The 2006 Election?

IT'S OFFICIAL: America now hates Bush!

If Bush were Lincoln

Why did Thom Hartman (?sp) have some wingnut from son, his school and him NOT saying the Pledge of Allegiance

In Connecticut, It's Now a Three-Way Race

Should the age of consent apply equally to gays and straights?

What do you think?

ATTN YouTube DU'ers: New YouTube group for your entertainment

Bwahaha! Video of a really pissed-off Lieberman

I guess the firestorm we witnessed the other evening in Iraq

North Korea Threatens Missle Attack On Guam and Hawaii

New polls: NY/CT/PA

Colbert nails Faux News.

Democratic Underground has new moderators!

Fundies are "disgusted" with Condi (Americablog)

"Tammy Duckworth Did Not Cut and Run, Mr. President"

YouTube video of the Ammo Dump fire...

Opposing "Outing" Is, In And Of Itself, Homophobic

How has Big Dog's image/influence changed since Dumbass took ofc?

question on where my donations should go

What's the difference between "sectarian violence" and "civil war"

Bush Military History Project #36 The Timeline, short version

Survey USA NM CD-1: Madrid(D) 53% Wilson(R) 45%

Here's a different kind of 2008 poll .......

Secret emails reveal that anti-union lawsuit was just a tactic by Co. GOP

In June, Kerry made the case for withdrawing from Iraq to the Senate

AP: Rivals Take Shots at Lieberman in Debate

Signs and Portents

NYT's Kakutani reviews Obama's new book, "The Audacity of Hope"

Guns on the Great Lakes

Swiftboating Ned Lamont...

SurveyUSA: Bilbray, Hayworth, Kline lose points to Ds, Madrid tops Wilson

Poop Hitting The Fan

Lamont-Lieberman debate rerun on C-Span1 NOW

Some Democrats Are Sending a More Conservative Immigration Message

If you had to chose between Lieberman and Schlesinger who would you pick?

Bush is a symptom of the "Republican Disease"

would you support this platform?

Howard Dean, David Kuo guests on Tavis Smiley tonight.

Photo: Bush bows his head during prayer at dinner with Muslim leaders

James Webb Hits Allen Hard (video)

"The most senseless show I've seen since Cats...."

NYT KRUGMAN: Election is Bush referendum. Vote straight ticket.

Sen. Brownback on Gene Burns show ,KGO free political propaganda!


To be honest i though Schlesinger won that debate Lamont was..

Santorum:"I have nothing, absolutely nothing against working women"

Mrs Edwards on Hairballz ........

WP: Sherrod Brown's wife Connie Schultz, Pulitzer-Prize-winning columnist

Democrats! Use VIDEO PHONES to Document GOP Election Fraud

If Bush steals this election (again) what would you expect Dems to do?

More confirmation of the Ohio GOP pullout

Gov. Mel Carnahan passed 6 years ago today

NYT editorial: Will Blackwell disqualify Strickland, declare himself Gov.?

GOP-TV - Best Soap Opera EVER!

LAT: Rasmussen poll shows CA Governor's race narrowed to 9 points

Oil Prices Keep Rising, Gasoline Prices Keep Dropping

Reflections on the Eve of Another Rigged Election

Ivins: Despair not an option in Iraq war

Ken Mehlman: In 39 primaries-the turnout (Dems) was below 30-year ave.

ALTERNET: Bush's Petro-Cronies almost lock in control of Iraq's OIL

John Stossel: Health Insurance Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

US schools in a lather over 'dirty dancing': report

Mexico: Government ultimatum against striking teachers

(European) courts are starting to accept the war against Iraq is a crime

The Iraq Study Group: a bipartisan conspiracy against the American & Iraqi

Doomsday Scenario? (GOP Election Prospects) --Kurtz, WaPo

Foley's Staff Left in Limbo (Layoffs In GopLand!) --WaPo

Now that torture is legal, what grounds are there for keeping Posada?

Gun Show Nation: Gun Culture and American Democracy

Girl infatuated with Cheney (NYT). Parents encouraging devil-worship?

It's Worse, And Better, Than We Thought: An Address to Democrats Abroad

Interesting Pictorial graphic of US population growth here:

Was Mark Foley Blackmailed to Secure His Vote on CAFTA?


"Can Pelosi and Bush Get Along?" - SF Chronicle (w/AEI concern trolls)

Iraq: Leave Or Be Forced Out

Crash and re-boot (Economist on voting in the US)

L.A. Palms Do Vanishing Act

Is Sugar Beet Ethanol economical?

Kansas Aquifer Going Dry

Need help. What would be best environmental charity to get involved with?

Iceland to Resume Commercial Whaling

EI Solutions Starts Construction of Large PV System for Google (1.6 MW)

Schwarzenegger Pushes Emission Markets (CO2 Cap & Trade)

Uranium Prices Continue Their Relentless Climb to $55.75/lb.

Researchers: Missing Whales Feared Dead (Puget Sound Orcas)

Evergreen Solar Announces $100 Million (PV) Module Supply Agreement

Japan brewer pursues 'Monster Cane' ethanol dream

New Reference on the Environment

New power line to connect Israel and Gaza

What Democrats Mean for Palestine

U.N. peacekeepers relish calm in Lebanon

The 2002 record of Palestinian child kills likely to stand.

Israel rejects Syrian offer on the Golan Heights

Israel threatens massive Gaza ground assault

Have you heard of this new weapon, the DIME? Horrible.

Now that torture is legal, what grounds are there for keeping Posada?

Help find me voter "complaint lines"

California Voter Suppression and Election Fraud Watch 2006

Florida activist, candidate charged with felony wiretapping

Vote Pad suing CA's SOS

Mark Crispin Miller - do NOT vote early, show up on Nov 7

New ER documentary out: Eternal Vigilance: Fight to Save Our Elections

British troops pull out of Afghan district

Iraq’s Christians Flee as Extremist Threat Worsens

Gov. Bush Campaigns for Foley's Old Seat

Casey bests Santorum for 1st time in raising of money

Shiite-vs.-Sunni violence turns into open warfare

Acquisition helps Wal-Mart grow in China

Iraq, Afghanistan Fail in U.S.-Compiled Democracy Rankings

Bush making torture legal, live at 9:35 a.m. EDT today.

Pentagon to resume anthrax inoculations

Builder's $8 million tops GOP donor list

Militia leader's arrest sets up test for Iraq PM

AP: Ohio Coin Dealer Lays Out Defense

Count failure mires Ecuador election

Criminals Have Infiltrated Al Mehdi Army, Says Iraq

Page board discussed others besides Foley

AP Source: Justice looking at new page case

Shootings, bombings kill 28 across Iraq

UnitedHealth to pay departing CEO $5.1M

British Airways Bans Crucifix

No walking away from Iraq - Blair

Reid used campaign money for bonuses

Steele tries to defy history in Maryland contest (Senate race) (no way!)

April trial for Florida teen's boot-camp death (Martin Lee Anderson)

FDA Links Manure to E. coli Outbreak

Cal joins Northeast global warming fight (Schwarzenegger and Pataki)

Rice's 'Mother-in-Law' Comment Raises Conservative Hackles

Internet user admits 'web-rage'

Bush approval sinks to 37% : Zogby

US population reaches 300 million

Two Task Force Lightning Soldiers die #2770 and # 2771

Discontent with GOP finds way into Texas

(Iraqi) Parliament asks government to close Azzaman (newspaper)

Voters in Competitive Races Back Democrats, Poll Says

(Reuters) "Values" voters fade as factor in U.S. campaign

Moul, Fortenberry debate Iraq policy (Ne)

An arrest warrant has been issued for Wesley Snipes following his indictme

Ohio polls (two): DeWine trailing in Sen. race

Guatemala apologizes to U.S. widow over murder

Commander: Mistakes Made in Afghanistan

Militia rampage in Iraq town

Venezuela's Chavez inaugurates train line amid re-election bid

Bush opposes three-way partition of Iraq: TV interview

Senator Larry Craig from Idaho was just outed as have gay encounters

Cocoa Farmers Strike in Ivory Coast, World's Largest Producer

Sixteen protesters arrested outside White House as Bush signs terror bill

(Iraq President) Talabani backs 'Iran-Syria plan'


STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 17

Bush to sign law authorizing harsh interrogation

Senate race is costliest ever (in Ne)

U.S. population hits 300 million mark

Blair denies claims British presence in Iraq fuels extremism

Republican disaffection seeping into Bush's solid GOP Texas

NATO first resisted idea of young auxiliary force (teenage troops)

State pushes to end judicial oversight of Florida Everglades

New Survey USA 50 State Poll on Bush: 37% overall

More than 3,000 Iraqi police sacked: ministry spokesman

(Baker) Iraq a 'helluva mess': former US secretary of state

Rep. Kolbe Is Subject of New Allegations Reviewed by Page Board

US Reviews War Plan on N. Korea

Kenneth Lay's Conviction Erased From Record

Muslims in America Enjoy Gift of Religious Freedom, President Says


Lieberman endorses Bush appointee for U.N. post

North Korea: U.N. resolution a 'declaration of war'

Note "warns" Calif. Hispanics on voting

Book: CIA Pilots Lived in Luxury Between Kidnappings

UK commander: Iraq war cost years in Afghanistan

Minn. Governor Locked in Dogfight

Group files complaint against church over Bachmann appearance

Nevadans to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana

FL (Democrat & election reform) activist charged with FELONY wiretapping

Florida Wal-Mart Workers Stage Protest (the store to cut workers’ hours)

Blair, Prodi voice concern over Muslim veils

Colorado Candidate's TV Ad Investigated (Beauprez - R)

Cheney: Iraqi Government Doing 'Remarkably Well'

Lieberman urges Dems to alter their ways

Saddam: Kurds dividing Iraq for Israeli benefit

Cracker Barrel May Face Another Lawsuit (Chris Rock's Mom)

53% of Voters Say They Back Va. Same-Sex Marriage Ban

NYT: As Talk Radio Wavers, Bush Moves to Firm Up Support

Clever Flash Animation: "Animator Vs. Animation"


I nominate this song for most blatant cowbell usage

We lost our power twice tonight. And we had 10+" of rain.

Mark Foley and John Mark Karr would make a cute couple

Lit up, got the munchies....and ate too much...

Wow, I was totally unaware for HOURS of this!

Which city has had the most movies set (but obviously not filmed) there?

The Jezebel Profile

"Oh, dear god,

Ooh! There's a new movie coming from the guys who did Shaun of the Dead!!!

DU Fantasy Football: I'M NUMBER 1!!

I must teach my Dad to use the keypad lock on his cellphone...

Da bears! Da Bears! Da Bears!

CONFESS!!!! Which one of you sent this into Post Secrets

'That damn marijuana'-Canadian troops battle 10 foot pot plants

I just read this on another site

On a wing and a prayer....Literally...WOW

Drunk Norwegian Breaks Into Prison

Won't be around for awhile, homies


I want to bring to your attention

My Goodness - Doonesbury sure got it right with this strip!

Is there anyplace it's NOT raining like hell?

Good morning, my lovelies

Digitally generated or altered talking animals in media

OMFG...Our Great Leader will be in this county tomorrow, and...

Congratulations malaise!! 10,000 posts

Breast Feeding In A Public Place

Doh! The Horror of It All (Simpson's Horror Episode Contest)

Sushi lovers check-in - what's your favorite?

Some Extraordinary Patti Smith

One Nation Under Siege

300,000,000 of us!

No, for the record, I am not Sniffa *rofl* (With Sunrise Pic!)

Why is breastfeeding in public okay, but urinating in public is not?

Carve your own cyber-pumpkin

Why is breastfeeding in public okay but picking your nose+eating it isn't

Favorite cranky and dismissive DU reply to a request for information?

Who will be the first to get a thread locked by CalPeggy?

Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers

Warren Beatty's REDS out on dvd Today!!

My basement has been taken over by crickets

Mike Tyson Wants To Box Women On World Tour

Name the most tacky, disgusting thing you have ever witnessed...

Today's Funny

I wish people would clean up their litter!!

Tyson nears return to ring; thinks about fighting women

Top Ten Signs You've Eaten Tainted Lettuce

Tell me the best place to get a free credit report

I'm outing all autosexual DU'ers!!

How about a bike race...

Jetlag Travel Presents: San Sombrèro

Who was Letterman's musical guest last night?

I ain't a lounge lizard, but I need help! Laptop advise from the experts!

I'm cold, and depressed, and feeling like I just can't be bothered

I'm outing heterosexual DUers!

All the rain left me with this (dial-up warning, photos)

Meet the newest member of my family!

I'm baking Campfire Girls!

Oh, by the way-I figured out 'Lost' (with polar bear explanation)

Fried Coke a big hit at US state fairs

I'm a liberal and I'm drinking a Coke. Deal with it.

My Bluegrass Band is Playing for (gasp) TRENT LOTT!

I was called a Libertarian.. That's cute

Turkey-Testicle Festival Allowed To Keep Name

I was called a Liberian.. That's cute

I was called a Librarian.. That's cute

I was called a Libertine...That's cute

What to do.....???

Your favorite sleeping position?

I'm outing Asexual DUers!!!!

I'm outing all homo sapiens DU'ers!!

A Republican candidate in New Mexico sent me a mailing...

I'm outing all 2% DU'ers!!

I am the hugest idiot!!

Hey, Saturday is "Sweetest Day." What are you going to do?

Wild Turkeys are stupid.

I'm outing all homogenized DU'ers!!

I'm reading DU, and drinking a Coke, at work. Deal with it.

GD is Smokin'!

I don't care what ___sexual you are.

Dog Saves Owner From Fire - Dies Trying To Save Family Cat

Hell's Angel gets feelings hurt and complains about it

I'm outing my belly button!

Color illusion

"The internet is for porn!" (cute, PG-rated video, not a sex thread)

Outie belly buttons you know?

Today in history 10-17

I'm baking brownies!

I'm biting outsexual DUers!

Definition Question:

Mike Tyson Considers Fighting Women

I'm Going Outside for a Smoke, Anyone Want to Join Me?

sci-fi collectible items

I just spent $1,963.45 on model airplane glue



A good omen, methinks.

I'm Not Outing Any DU'ers!!!

I'm outing myself!

Would you buy these for $15?

Useless Birthday Trivia

What's going on in GD today?

Hilarious things written in English by Americans

I had a cat that smoked.

Wesley Snipes charged with tax fraud

OK, here's a moment of stupid...

Check it out.. Scooby doo and Astro are looking for a roomate

are you gonna fry on earth with the pigboys?

Scariest cars for the season

Bush is coming to my city tomorrow.

Wesley Snipes faces 40 years in prison...

DU London Chapter

Cthulhu: tri-sexual?

I'll give a dollar to any DUer that goes into GD and types...

We seriously need a "flames" smiley.

Can I out bisexual vampires?

Who the FUCK is going to protect ME from SECOND HAND OLIVE GARDEN???

This is a second-hand sex thread

Crap!!! One of my cats just brought me a "present" -- a LIVE mouse!

"I think everyone should find something constructive to do."

Does anyone else click on "NT" posts sometimes?

I enjoy the cool mellow flavor of mace....

Happy birthday Clintmax & Aristus!!

Who wants to watch me take a leek?

if i was getting a nut check

Separated at Birth?

I don't wanna go to work!

***96,000 User Registrations!***

Today is my 7 Year Wedding Anniversary. Some pictures of that day >

I think Number of Locked Threads should be included in MILESTONES.

If Soylent Green is people what are......

CaliforniaPeggy is a moderator now.

Ripoff Warning: Please do not use

I need that Lounge magic

Would you buy this for $20?

I just spent $19.63 on model airplane paint

How will CaliforniaPeggy do it?

Sweet mama! Alton Brown does GRITS tonight!

I have a new bumper sticker "Cheney/Satan '08". I haven't put it on my

nooooo! Can't access Stephanie Miller's web or podcast!

What are the love songs that make you cry like a baby?

I think I'd rather have an Asian mail-order bride than a Russian one.

I am re closeting Gay duers!!

Man arrested for DUI on way to DUI court date

Hey! Where'd MrsG go?

French press coffee question.

"I think everyone should.....

An arrest warrant has been issued for Wesley Snipes following his indictme

my-4:42 ten-minute-lunch-break random-questions!

How come commemorative stamps don't commemorate anything

How long have you known for sure what your sexual orientation is?

Generic, store-brand food?

The Hors d'oeuvre of the Gods

Today's date: Oct. 17. The current temperature: 90F.

Do you think Matcom shares his Scotch with Remy?

Sell KFED's CD, win a pair of his old sneakers...BLEHHH!

Haruka3_2000 - what are you doing where you are?

Oh no! Something terrible has happened!

So, who wants to have the first thread locked by CalPeg?

What's for dinner?

Just got back from New Orleans

How long does it take to make an account here?

I'm outing bisexual DUers!

Well, when I screw up I do it up right.

Congratulations to Great Aunt Kathy! (Mrs. Venation)

What is/are your favorite wild animal(s)

A friend of mine keeps bugging me to go to a "Landmark" seminar

Kinda ashamed to say my frustration boiled over at school last night

Autumn in Carolina

My latest videogame! (dialup warning)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 10/17/06)

It's raining like hell here. Is it raining like hell there?

'Scuse me... *cough*

What was she Thinking??

relentless Russian earworm

How would you feel about a "Republican = Undemocratic" bumper sticker?

My favorite kitty died...

Underground Moderators have new democracy!

Nation States

Uh-oh regular Cracker Barrel patrons--- TROUBLE! lawsuit!

If you are NOT a vampire, say so here!

speaking of smoking..."Nevada to vote on legalizing marijuana"

Do you jaywalk? (poll)

Kids Lock Disabled Teen In Burning Woodshed (They Danced While It Burned)

how is it legal that a ticket i got on my bike affects my driving record?

I am about to go for a cigarette....

Can this possibly be true..

I'm going for a walk. Post something anti-ZombyWoof.

Today I was called, no less than three times, a 'Raging Lesbian'.

"Some say" that MrsGrumpy is really a Vikings fan!!!!


The Official "Canadian Artists Rock" Thread (not just a lame copycat)...

Periodic "Do you/ did you/ should you wear glasses?"

I think it's time to post a photo of yourself in the shower...

Interesting hockey photo...

I want to have the first CalPeggy lock! HERE! SEX THREAD!

Lou Piniella wants to sign Pay-Rod to the Cubbies

Ladies and Gentlemen--Our own billyskank--and a phone number

Congratulations MissHoneychurch!! 15,000 posts

Where I was last weekend

A question from Tuesday's child: How do you make yourself fall out of love

What should I be for Halloween?

What do you know of Constantine and his influence on the commission of the

Gay Friendly (Episcopal) Church Seeks New Bishop

Vit D may curb breast cancer progression

Supernova Radioisotopes Show Sun Was Born In Star Cluster

Apollo pics

Frank Rich: The Gay Old Party Comes Out

Awsome video about a kid with two fathers!

Texas cities rank high for gay

Cech faces a year out of football (Chelsea)

Just screwing around on the vid cam

Cosmic trigger wahoo

Effective Affirmative Prayer

BOOK READ DISCUSSION: "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" - Wrap-Up

Need home remedies for exzema. My son is suffering from

Nov 1: John Kerry with Bob Casey in Philly

The anti-Kerry forces are getting very desperate

Vote in this poll -- Kerry only got 19 votes out of nearly 500

Notes on Kerry blogger meeting upcoming

Kerry calls Bush Iraqi assurance `gigantic blunder'

Joementum endorses Bolton for UN post

Need help fighting right winger on Democrats & Small Business

SCOT LEHIGH - Kerry for president -- or Senate?

Here's a good

Anyone have a handy link to Woodward interview with Kerry?

Ted has a new 'road' post up on the blog.


Another signing statement (HS)

Please bring some love to the Boston Globe Forum!

Anyone feel like refuting the JK naysayers here?

We're ba-a-a-a-a-ack...

I'm Thinking About One of These

** QUESTION: Should people be allowed to change their contest entries? **

"The longest unprotected border in the world is no more" -- CBC's National

WP, 2005: Past Arguments Don't Square With Current Iran Policy

2,772 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of choice in Iraq

Online IMing the Pages - a song about Foley

Civil Rights Attorney is sentenced to Prison

Clearing up why we are in Iraq, I give you.....this

And the Hoppergrass makes the Hops

Great video of argument between Bernie Ward (D) and Chris Baker (R)

Torture Is Legal Now

Regardless of Election, Iran Will Be Attacked

OK need some reassurance from my fellow DUer's

McGavick (R-WA) proposes panel to advise Pres on Iraq war

Bush signs the torture bill into law today. (AP propaganda warning!)

I think KO missed an opening...

I'm going to go buy a North Korean flag tomorrow. In case we surrender...

Wtf is an "Organic threat to a region"?

Ford introduced its new product today. In our little town, no less.Idiots

Is U.S. Winning in Iraq? Tony Snow Says, "I Don't Know"

Washington Journal first segment on how you will vote in Nov.

It's official!

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 17 Oct 06

Taliban official warns of Ramazan attack on US

Stay in their faces for 22 more days - John Kerry

Those evil bastards at Time Warner Cable

More allegations says Dale Kildee

Why is everyone talking about prez choices in 08...

More on Curt Weldon and the Russian company

All Politicians are crooks.... ummmm...some questions to think about

Repukes and MSM spinning the "Tempting Faith" book.

Today is tomorrow. And the latest news on these stories?

Newt Gingrich's marital infidelity a "nothing-burger" - White House

Bush* is set to sign Bush* & Congressional Torture/Murder Bill.

Petro Express like 7-Eleven to stop selling CITGO

$200 million-a-year contract = `Army Strong' - New slogan

Olmert: "Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons."

Are others getting a lot of "connection reset by server" errors for DU?

When you treat Afghanistan like New Orleans

New Iraq strategy : "bringing back Saddam" (the Baker option)

Crucifixion Makes a Comeback in Ecuador

All hail the Amurrican Theocracy!

A list of Republican hypocrisies.

Michelle Malkin: America needs Fox News Channel more than ever!

Who can tell me about buying pills from Canada?

World Can't Wait - Protest the Torture Bill Today, Wear Orange

If Democrats Win Big Will Election Fraud be Considered?

The best argument yet against the UnFair Tax

SETI scientists find intelligent life on Earth

Desperate Reeps in TX: LYING to reg'd Reep voters on the phone...

Feds Planned to Pursue Weldon Case After Mid-terms

Bush signed death warrants for people who murdered one person

Houston builder's $8 million tops GOP donor list (Bob "Swiftboat" Perry)

Anyone a lip reader? Would like to know what Rove was saying


Congressional Page Scandal Widens-new allegations unrelated to Foley

G.I.'s, when you're being tortured, remember your commander in chief

Signing the torture bill now on CSPAN2 10/17 9:40A


Hillary Clinton, war-mongering torture whore.

Oh so terribly BUSTED checking out W's ass (LOL)

OMG! The Democrats are coming!(funny)

Media Bistro: O'Reilly goes to the White House for big Bush interview

Another day without Riverbend

I promise it won't hurt at all if you spend just a few minutes focusing on

Congressman Conyers:Campaigning in Michigan

In Moscow, Top Journalist Knifed to Death

Clinton "double talking" or misquoted in Iowa, regarding Bush's tax cuts.

Yard sign observations here in solidly blue CT

It looks like the OUTING announcement is one of the Idaho Repukes

CNN Poll: Support for Iraq War at lowest point ever

North Korea 2nd Test North Korea 2nd Test North Korea 2nd Test North Korea

Why Can't We Have A Contract For America?

* at Iftaar dinner at WH on CSPAN. A faith-based PR event, no doubt.

Can you spot the creature with horns in this photo?

22 days until The Reckoning

Nevadans, how's Carter doing there?

Are you as sick of religious fundamentalism as I am?

Can I change my screenname to "O. Hellno" ? PLEASE?

hey, what are the rules now for broadcasting campaign ads?

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

please unFreep this poll - on CT Senate race

Ceremonializing torture...


FDA ready to back marketing of food from cloned animals

So what happened to the Iraqi food poisoning story?

* signs Military Commissions Act of 2006 - pics

Eric Boehlert up on Sam Seder...9:36 AM, CDT...don't miss

How Many More Tortured In Our Name? - pics

Former F.D.A. Chief Is Charged With Conflict

America's Dumbest Congressmen - Winner: Katherine Harris.

Lieberman: "I see no reason not to be for Bolton."

Will Lieberman join the Republican party if he wins in CT?

Bush's longest Signing Statements (yet). The DOD Appropriations Act, &

Operation Return to Sender: Continued (More on others)

ABC's the Note: No network/AP exit polls for House races on Election Day

As I Watched First 5 Minutes Of Olbermann Last Night...

So, it was the Bush's plutonium, not Clinton's uranium in NK blast

NYT has House Dems with 213 to GOP 209 with 13 toss-ups

Billings Gazette: Which Senate candidate represents you on security?

Ammo Dump Blast - White Phosphorus?

Our Founding Fathers Are Spinning In Their Graves.

O’Reilly: ‘You Cannot Be Confrontational With The President of USA"

November 8, Prepare to go Mexican on 'em

Rest without peace , America. You deserve none

Why are our soldiers being sent where there's sectarian fighting in Iraq?

I'm not saying Jim Talent (R-MO) is necessarily Evil, but...

A rant (Mazes and Monsters, dems and repugs)

Wesley Snipes Indicted On Tax Charges In Florida

Pelosi Remains Critical on Signing of Torture and Detention Bill

BLECH!! The Torture pResident* Comes to NC Tomorrow!

Check out these Sticky Notes from Democracy for America

World Trade Center Museum will cost 60 million a yr. to operate

Caption *

Dear DUers, please consider my latest...

Who was the LA rep who switched from D to R right before the

Dahr Jamail: Excess Death in Iraq

White House Surrenders to the Possibility of Another NK Nuke Test

So the 911 Victims Died For the LEGALIZATION OF TORTURE?

My new ticket of the month

We Need An Overwhelming Nationwide Referendum

Colbert feminist three-way [VIDEO]

Reuters: Could an 'October surprise' shape U.S. election?

Zippy on Bush's "reading" and the two-year countdown!

Need a laugh? Don Young (R. Alaska) is an idiot...

TOM TOMORROW: Liberals say, cons hear (inspired by the Far Side)

Snowjob on CSPAN2 for daily sparring session...

Scott Ritter coming up on Thom Hartmann

Blogging all over the world

Recent events seem to me to indicate a "second coming" *

"pASSionate Amerika" doing victory lap over outing Jordan Edmund

What is it with Texas?

California: Suppression of Hispanic vote begins...

Venezuela, Guatemala at impasse in U.N. Council race

Is CNN's Glen Beck the new Rush or O'Reilly?

Ashcroft re: pre 9/11 warnings: "there was no evidence of domestic threat"

Beatin' Wimmen and Votin' Republican

To those who follow the nonviolent principles of Gandhi

Ammo Dump video

Letter by Dem's Wall Street Why Democrats Oppose Military Commission Act

Note to heterosexuals:being gay isn't what you "do in bed".

Bust but still beaming: US liberal radio

N Korea Test Was PLUTONIUM: Produced Under Bush I or Bush II - NOT Clinton

Rove aide’s all-too-quiet departure... (Susan Ralston)

Bush on Torture Bill: just another comma?

FEMA is busy painting stove knobs red

Wesley Snipes facing 50 years in Jail?


To mark today's Constitutional disaster

Just how far will a lame-duck Republican congress go?

Ok DUers, how many people have reached this point reading news today?

Reepers aiming TV ads on abortion and Iraq at African Americans

"9/11 fraudulent trading activity.”"

CSPAN Live ACLU forum on the executive Branch starting soon.

Two Polls Suggest Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-Pass The Buck) Is A Goner

California: Hispanics Get Letter Saying Its A CRIME For Immigrants To Vote

A SILVER BULLET - Faith-based fraud: Bush's Con-job on the Religious Right

OMFG, big chemical spill just down the road! Hazmat teams enroute

Received from The Nation magazine:

Will YOU hit the streets on the 8th...

Internet user admits 'web-rage'

Have you heard of the 72 hr. program? Do we have anything like it?

Utility drags feet on Michigan wind power project

W insults Pelosi & her 'San Francisco values'. Laugh it up clown boy

Screw torture! Pump Rita Cosby tapes into Gitmo!

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 - And Signing Statement?

What'll happen when Diebold delivers THIS one to the Republicans, too?

October Surprise thought...

Guy At Work Just Told Me O'Reilly Is A 'Fair-Minded Liberal' WTF???

Listening to the "Cockroach Conference Call"

Apparently , Sen. Mark Pryor did not read the Military Commissions

Religious Right Angry At Rice, But Not Kuo. Talk About "Blind Faith"

Florida Police Under Scrutiny for Shooting Cop-Killer 68 Times

Have you heard of this new weapon, the DIME? Horrible.

Where were you when America officially legalized torture?

What can we do about Saddam (October/November Surprise)?

I apologize

Universities in UK urged to spy on `Asian-looking` students

German gypsies in legal bid against Borat creator

Faux Gibson: On whos going to run in 2008

Bob Etheridge (D-NC) appears to be in a safe seat this time

In my Junk Mail folder: An email from George W. Bush

Netherlands TV interview with John Le Carre

Death of Habeas Corpus

Man, oh man.

Calling All Captions! Bush In A Roomful Of Stupid ...

Police investigate alleged attack on Jewish man

October 17th 2006 in Iraq

Caption the death of Habeas Corpus

Hiding the dead bodies in Iraq has become an art

Lieberman Urges Dems to Alter Their Ways

*snort* caption this picture!

Nikki Giovanni won't apologize for Ken Blackwell slam

VP:‘General Overall Situation’ In Iraq Is Going ‘Remarkably Well'

I'm not a single-issue voter, but if I were . . .

Anyone have the screenshots of Faux news: "Foley (D)"?

Mark Foley spotted in Austin, Texas

Sheehan attacks sink to incredible new low (C&L video)

How is Election Movie "Man of the Year" doing at Box Office? Anyone


Enough about smoking: what about those guys with the giant

My humble contribution to the death of Habeas Corpus

Caption the Bush Sycophants meeting with their Glorious Leader

Hastert: 'Democrats pamper terrorists'

Joe Lieberman Sells Out the Internet

It's funny how each election is bigger than the last....

No Wonder The GOPU Pulled Out Of Ohio

Brian Williams: And, Chip, let's talk about Harry Reid of Nevada

Assuming that the house and senate are rescued from the repulsives,

Outing is gay.

655,000 reasons to get out of Iraq now

A shifting wind, a change of guard. The strategy behind scapegoating Bush

I'm Going Outside for a Smoke, Anyone Want to Join Me?

Proof that Republicans prefer fantasy to reality - SANTORUM

Trainspotting, or "DUDE WTF"

Both "Outing" and saying "Opposing Outing is homophobic" are homophobic

Another rethug that will be voted out of house (New Mexico)

When was the phrase 'war on terror' first used?

Here's a funny Navy recruitment .mp3!

What's going on in GD today?

Biotech fuckups..

New Poll Suggest Ohio Senate Race May Be Over

Arch Diocese Of Miami Offers To Pay For Counseling For Foley

E-Voting Follies: Count failure mires Ecuador election

600 embedded reporters when U.S. invaded Iraq; only 11 there now

Tomorrow - I will out three Gay people here on DU.

Pro-Republican ads stretch the truth on Iraq to influence elections

Will Hilary rewrite the patriarchal Constitution?

North Korea - The Failure of Bush's Policy Realized - 2003

30 countries close to joining nuke club

I Have A Question About Outing And "Looking Gay"

What is Cunningham's secret? -Possible Breaches Of Nat'l Security

People now denying they are republicans....

This is scary....the vice chairman of the House Intelligence Sub-Committee

Torture supporting (Rpig) Senate Candidate is 3 blocks away. I'm going !

Steph was mocking her hate mail.

Ah...Mark Foley's healing process continues...

Lieberman Endorses John Bolton

Bush: Americans are against the Iraq war, because they want us to win

Born on the 31st of October

Blogactive: I have several more that I'll be outing

"Hung be the heavens with black, yield day to night"

So, did the gay Senator get outed yet?

So, where is Ken Lay's body?

Gotta DU This AOL Poll on Darth Cheney!

Katie Couric's ratings nose dive--Thanks, Rush!

Rightwing radio row should be broadcasting from Iraq

Russia warns US of "retaliatory measures" WAY TO GO GEORGE! THANKS!

Whay Hillary Clinton Can Not Win - Part #2

"Gun Rights" Movement is a White Male Political Power Play

Great Toon about the right wing commentators visiting Bush

Another outing poll -- just for those who support outing

So I guess we won't hear about the gay Senator from Schultz until

Poll: Foley scandal ranks low among election issues

Just who is this wingnut 'America's Majority' group running ads in my town

What does everyone think of AARP's "Don't Vote" ads?

Dobson: 'Congressman Told Me-Several More Repubs Will Be Outed Very Soon'

"I'm a smoker, I own guns and I don't mind, if a woman with a veil is work

Bush says that he is fighting the terrorists so are we the terrorists too.

Are there any new Connecticut polls after the debate?

WP: Bush's signing of un-American law sends, in his words, clear message

Scary..Cows cloned from dead tissue

Freeper PANIC ATTACK: Freeper SurveyUSA pollster reports GOP losing

MMFA: A question for Ken Mehlman

I enjoy the cool mellow flavor of mace....

CNN Equates "Reid Scandal" With That Of Foley

My Nightmare is almost over......

Food Not F*KD Up Enough? "FDA Is Set To Approve Milk, Meat From Clones"!

Argument clinic

You may already be eating clones...

SUSA poll - 4 states have positive opinions on Bush

What about pregnant smoking women who intend to carry the fetus full-term?

...but when the violence started, we didn’t see any sign of them...


MSM they are now turning to Snipes

My Presidential Picks for 2032

Favorite Progressive Author?

Roger STONE, master of disinformation: Repukes"driving yacht into tsunami"

My LTTE Printed In Today's Paper!

I Don't Really Care Whether A Repub/Democrat Is Gay

Bush plans to end program which aids victims of violence and abuse

So, did Foley Throw an Innocent Priest under the bus to save his ASS?

Blogactive, Mike Rogers, has video of Larry Craig denying being gay:

Penn AFL-CIO Criticizes Curt Weldon for False Comments About Labor Support

Larry Craig has a proven track record of being anti-gay

Violence weakening Karzai govt

Bush says his approach to national security works

RatFink Dobbs wants to know if you are mad enough or stupid enough...

Poll: Should the federal minimum wage be raised from $5.15 an hour?

It's somebody's fault that Ken Lay has evaded justice

Bush & Rove know something that we don't...

Wow... Both CNN and MSNBC Pimping The "Harry Reid Scandal" !!!

Bush's complete incompetence re: Pakistani nuke scientist

Who's lying? Towey or Kuo?

Cheney: ‘General Overall Situation’ In Iraq Is Going ‘Remarkably Well’

So where's asshat, rummy, dickhead and the rest?

Smoking nazis... go lock yourself in the garage with a running vehicle.

Let's All TRY To Understand Why Lay's Conviction Was Vacated

is there really a such thing as Weyrich's list?

Greetings from the Ministry of Silly Walks

National GOP Yanks Funding From Crawford, TX Candidate...

"menus decorated with the crescent moon"

Bush brings Chavez's assessment of him below the over-the-top level

Smokers and Non-Smokers!

Colorado SOS candidate swims with sharks to protect voters. Video here:

Unintentional Humor From the Federal Bureaucracy (restricting blogs)

House Intel Cmte Members Don't Know Difference Between Sunni and Shiite

VIDEO: My ironic tribute to the Iraq Occupation

Ed Schultz should change his radio voice.

RW Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and defender of Hastert is Gay?

Larry ‘Whozat’ Craig with the Singing Senators

By outing gay Republicans, are we working for the 'christian' Right?

This is a different kind of smoking thread, EX-smokers please tell

Israel-Turkey & Neocon nuclear agenda: Sibel movie interview pt4


i saw ken lay walking on the beach in costa rica today!

Trial program will tie doctors' pay to service quality

Is CNN saying that 299,999,999 people is good and 300,000,000 is bad

The OUTINGS: Where It's At And Where It's Headed (Real Live Witch Hunt!!!)

be afraid, be very afraid...Michelle Bachmann, "I am a fool for Christ."

OK, I just heard a selective service ad on the radio...

The missing $8.8 it being used today?

how ironic that a cancer thread is followed by a 'smoking nazi' thread n/

Reid Hitpieces- Fed To Solomon Via Barbara Comstock (DOJ Hack)

Outing Gays - A Fifth and Especially Bogus Poll

Imagine a Democratic president who met with, say, Keith Olbermann...

HAR HAR- CNN Poll: Chimp Approval drops 3 points in one week!

Al Gore vs. John Kerry: Both robbed, but who deserves 2nd chance?

Skinner, we need a smoker's lounge.

So when will they question the "Hastert Land Deal?"

JD "Schmuck" Hayworth is losing his grip on reelection

What is all this about?

US Congressman Reported On Kremlin's Payroll

Someone spies you lighting a butt 100 feet away..

Well, I'm screwed.

I think it's a disgrace the media is giving that nut John Mark Karr

PBS “Frontline” documentary, “The Lost Year in Iraq,” ...tonight

Can someone tell me how to post an .mp3 file?

Every Little Bit Helps

I just got a letter from the IRS, what do you guys think of this?

So did anyone ever get charged when the GOP staffers hacked Dem PCs?

Poor Sara Evans

Peter King (R-NY3): "Baghdad is like Manhattan" Mosul is like disneyland.

Faith-based push was political.

Christians persecuted in Iraq, Priest beheaded

DEM'Y NOW! Did you know Spain helped WH in Venez coup?

Helping them "over there" so we don't have to help them over here

New poll shows JD Hayworth (AZ-5) in a tight race!

Sadists in Suits ---pix--->>>

Announcement On Mike Malloy's Page About the New Show


Bush announces he's adopting Kim Jong-il

The Human Cost

Pollack:" Iraq May End Up Worse Off Than Under Saddam" Ya Think???

The Betrayal of America

Born again bushies can, will, & WANT to be bamboozled AGAIN.

May all beings be at ease.

TV is NOT The Truth, Even if You Think it Is

Demonstrators arrested outside of White House - story and pics

Rumors on the Internets: ICRC preparing War Crimes Charges against B*sh?

What is the point to voting if the election is already stolen?

“Be Careful What You Say”- Film - Based On Commentary By Greg Palast

Tony McSnowJob said something very, VERY Creepy at today's presser...

Katie Couric is a Ratings Disaster - I knew this was going to happen

TV Causes Autism (as reported on Slate). Oh please.

What's up with the "Reds" banner up top?

Fear of tyranny sweeping America....

letter to Italian press on Military Commissions Act of 2006 (Torture Bill)

JC Watts on CNN just now - the democrats are on the side of the terrorists

Newsday: Baker plan for Iraq sounds familiar (Kerry proposed it in 2004)

katherine harris Sure Looks Old - Turkey Neck & All


Demeaning Al Gore's Conviction

Beaks, Brains Found In Pet Food

If Clinton and Kerry were the only two options, who would you pick?

My Halloween Decorations!

abc news just gave the Soloman articles report on Harry Reid.!!

How about a Gore - Kerry ticket in 08?

"Someone" is sending letters to latinos, saying immigrants can't vote

Huge HALLOWEEN Naval Exercise: Next to Iran With UK, Canada, S. Korea

How many here are really hurting and broke and scared ?

Why are gay republicans being outed in the wake of the Foley scandal?

Mike Rogers (Blogactive) is now on Ed Shultz, outing gay Senator

Sign from New York

Are You Ashamed Of Any Fellow Liberals Who So Passionately Condone Outing?

Jim Wallis in Denver-- some pithy tales....

RE: Outing.Exposing Hypocrisy, is Exposing Hypocrisy, No Matter the Topic.

Contribute to help Pederson beat Frist's clone named Kyl please?

Bush will find things "UNACCEPTABLE"

Interview of Dr. Steven Miles author "Oath Betrayed:... " (Torture)

Are anti-smokers also against "outing" homosexuals?

I don't give a flying f*!

What party will you vote in November?

Fact of the matter is, Cigarette smoke stinks.

NYT review of tonight's PBS Frontline -- "The Lost Year in Iraq"

Okay, a second try: Hillary tries to "straddle" the torture issue.

Kenneth Lay's Conviction Erased From Record


Chertoff: Web Could Be Terror Training Camp

FDA Links Manure to E. coli Outbreak

Serious question about the fans of Hannity, Rush etc.

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent asks the crucial question about the war

Once upon a time there was a man named William Sipple

Why did Bush sign the torture bill now?

I'm a liberal and I smoke. Deal with it.

What brough on the revival of the SMOKING threads?

How about this for a Dem slogan or bumper sticker

FEINGOLD: "We will look back on this day as a stain on nation’s history"

DNC Should Provide Air Cover to "Bled and Crawled" Dems

Diversity Anyone? (Pic Heavy)

Forgive me Perry Como, though I know just what I do


Larry Craig R, Idaho to be outed at 3:30 mst

Senator Larry Craig from Idaho was just outed as have gay encounters

Hating America

'08 fantacy poll: If Edwards and Clark were the final two

Why is this election rights advocate wearing handcuffs????

My mom's cancer: Help!

(CNN) Iraq reality check: The cost in lives lost

Is outing Senator Craig playing into the right wing's hands?

A tribute to a guy from Alachua who tried to help Democracy.

I sent off my request for a CA absentee ballot today


Smoker vs non-smoker threads: a few thoughts

The Case for CLINTON '08.

I am sick to death of this Diebold focus. DUers need to get a clue!!!

"Outing" absolutely promotes homophobia, in my humble o.


Our Oct. surprise: isn't it about time for some new torture photos?

N. Korea says UNSC resolution regarded as declaration of war

Rate the Senate seats we take on Nov 7 from most satisfaction on down

A shifting wind, a change of guard. The strategy behind scapegoating Bush

Bush and the GOP's Campaign Schedule

Cleveland TV station suggest GOP shifting money from Dewine

WOW! U.S. warplanes killed Señor Taliban! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Bush ACTION photo: FEEL the RAW testosterone OOZING out of every PIXEL.

Now that torture is LEGAL photos should be fair game right?

Need a job? US Embassy in Iraq is hiring:

Required Listening for Every American!

Virginians (and friends) - Now is the time to volunteer for Webb and Moran

Bob Casey raised more money 3rd Qtr than Ricky Santorum

Joe-Mentum: Can Anything Be Done? This is Bad Stuff!

AP: Poll: DeWine Trailing in Ohio Sen. Race (Quinnipiac)

Glenn Greenwald: San Fran left-wing Pelosi Values v Conserv. Values Newt

Breaking: Bush Declares 40 Democratic Congressmen Enemy Combatants

Two Polls Suggest Reynolds Is A Goner

"On the Issues"--great site for quick info about political leaders...

"Taking Out the Trash" (it's time for Dems to Do It!) A Must Read!

2005: Florida's public school graduation rate 50th in US. Thanks, Jeb!

Santorum, Republicans Find Philadelphia Suburbs `Ground Zero'

What Do You Think the Fallout from North Korea Will Be?

Complain about no legal case to make in 2004 or help ENSURE the legal case

AP: Report: Cunningham helped contractors (to $70M)

Breaking OHIO Poll: Strickland(D) by 14, Brown(D) by 7

Curt Weldon blames former Schumer and Conyers Aide for Investigation

Iraq amputee vivid champion of Dems' hopes (Duckworth)

Bush signs US terror trial bill, shits behind couch


Had enough of Don Sherwood? Vote Chris Carney (video)

"Today's Tour Around the Mind of the Bush Follower" - Greenwald

I'm not from Connecticut so I don't vote for their candidates.

New allegations of improper conduct under discussion(besides Foley)

Citizen Democracy/Media!! (Activism Report!)

The dictator strikes again: Bush signing statements on HS and Def. bills

C SPAN has a good forum on now!

I have a question that has been bothering me for a while now.

Hillary to NY Daily News Ed Board: Sometimes torture is an acceptable tool

CBS affiliate bans local media from next CT Sen debate

Ban Ki-moon: Is he or isn't he a Moonie?

George Clooney declares his Presidential pick

Foley's rehab paid for by taxpayers

Calif. allows paper ballots for all!

Republicans pull plug on Chet Edwards' challenger

Northup (R-Ky) not advised Cheney in Louisville

The process perhaps used by the GOP to steal elections? (Chirolas)

If you've been looking for a powerful way to fight back, you just found it

1:30pm - Cheney coming up on Rush's show if you care to upchuck lunch

The election theft has hegun - Letter warns immigrant voters of jail time

HBO: 2 November -> Hacking Democracy

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Its National Character Counts Week!!

Funders of SBVT turn to smearing others in CO and NM

Ignore the polls and play to win!

Don't mention the president: how Republicans hope to stay in power

Pocket Veto? Is the Military Commissions Act already invalid?

Photo: Today's Bush Effigy Burning in Calcutta..."stop imposing US values"

Scott Kleeb Endorsed by Omaha World Herald!

Geoge Allen (R-Macaca) attacking Daily Kos donations to Webb

If we win Steve the anti - veteran Chairman well be gone

Photo: Bush smirks through torture bill signing while "Protecting America"

Why do the RW sites refuse to post about the deaths in Iraq?

A ray of hope in CA50?

Help needed for my Election Night Party

Ken Lay conviction erased

Against An Imperial Internet (Bill Moyers and Scott Fogdall)

Pelosi; Statement on Signing of Military Commission Bill

Cheney Tells Rush Iraq Is Going "Remarkably Well"

Anyone from California out there?????

US Citizen Sentenced to Death After US Military 'Demanded' It:

Political Scientists' Models Predict Democratic Takeover

Does it bother anyone that John kerry is a Bonesman?

Which close senate race would be the BIGGEST win for us?

Watch Samm Simpson's TV commercials here:

Florida, the land of disenfranchisement:

Tammy Duckworth mailing

Dobson et al: "We're not going to tell you how to vote tonight."

CONSTANT News 2 days before election? Hussein guilty-sentenced to hanging

Radar Online: Fools On The Hill (10 Dumbest Congressmen)

Do you really want our Democracy back or are you just saying so?

Harry Reid's "new ethic problems" & J. SOLOMON, AP writer.

Nevada Senate debate: Carter really pushing universal health care!

NYT/Reuters: Many still expect a White House "October surprise"

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