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Archives: October 21, 2006

Human species 'may split in two'

National Journal: Terrorist Profiling, Version 2.0

Who Is 'Any Person' in Tribunal Law?

'No evidence was taken; no trial was conducted'- US forces death sentence

9-11-06 -- an attempted suicide bombing in IA NOT reported in M$M

'Fundamentalism is the treatment for the burdens of sanity' -- Dr SAkhtar

Iraqi Shiites in Favor of Mahdi Militia

Consider St. Lucia for the Security Council’s Latin American Seat

Graham predicts Supreme Court will uphold military tribunal law

'Something is not right with the boys' -- SRobinson at Orcinus

After Pat’s Birthday - By Kevin Tillman

Saying no to torture (Economist)

Approval of Republicans at Record Low - Reuters

The genteel revolt that is remaking US policy on Iraq

NYT:Many Iraqis Look to Gunmen as Protectors

Time to leave Iraq

Water Scarcity And Biofuel

Climate change 'will cause refugee crisis'

Protesters stage 'die-in' to challenge climate change skeptics

Carter Book Slaps Israel With ‘Apartheid’ Tag,

Arab Israelis are crossing a line

Art of resistance

Hastert linked to 9/11?

Abramoff to do time in Maryland

Finally--a prediction we can trust!

HELP WANTED: Project Post Cuyahoga - ACT NOW!

Are there enough voting machines for November elections?

did poll worker training today. i see a big problem.

Arizona Mail-In and Early Vote Ballot Envelopes Show Party

Can anyone tell me about e-slate machines?

Calif. GOP Candidate Vows To Stay In Race (denies approving letters)

Gallaudet alumni pitch in at protest

Murder Mystery Takes Another Twist(Iraq war hero dismembers girlfriend)

Iraq PM Blocks Civilian Death Toll Release

NYT: Elizabeth Edwards Apologizes to Clinton

Allen faces questions on Iraq war stance

Borger: The genteel revolt that is remaking US policy on Iraq

Calif. Republican asks Pentagon to remove embedded CNN reporters

Weldon labels Democrats 'un-American' in debate with opponent

Ford Jr. shows up at Corker event uninvited (VIDEO)

NY: TV stations reject sex hotline ad in congressional campaign (w/ video)

Pressure builds for policy shift, but Bush shows no signs of budging

(Hundreds of) Loud, angry voices greet Bush

I Just Got Posh Polled

I just got Bush polled

Thank fuck all the piano's acoustic--The power keeps flickering here.

Today was the boss' last day

You know Youtube is cool when you can get "Reminiscing" live.

i've thrown away the pics, cards and stuffed animals,

Let's start a HIT LIST!

Women of DU - It's Friday!

Is it you bother bad grammar? Or isn't it?

Is SO teric?

My son got Dan Petry's autograph today!!

Is Fran Fine?

I "read" a cool book recently...

Song for Ohio Dems this election

I got some really good head

Why is it that so many gates've got they glimmers on that barnburner?

I'm oddly obsessed with the movie "Doom"

Where is my post?

my son made fun of a chinese girl at school....

Great rock song with a false ending?

Does anyone else have bellybutton lint?

does IP freely...


Dear Debt Adviser, I am considering divorce.

Did everyone see the "message in a bottle" story on CBS news?

Ladies (and gay men?): Which SATC character are you most like?

Decades Rock Live: Pretenders & Friends on VH1 Classic 8pm EDT

New reality TV show : "The Monastery"

Just in case anyone missed me...I'm not dead,

This is Great. If you hate being called by salesmen, you'll love this.

Some stupid beeyoch keeps calling my cell

A 22 second youtube.

OMG this is hugh!!!!!1111 IM SERIES!!1111

I just got word, I've been accepted to PhD project conference!

Any "WKRP in Cincinnati" Fans Here?

WOO HOO!!! Steel Magnolias is on Lifetime!

Did anyone see the Oprah show yesterday about "keeping secrets"?

If you ask me, beer should be served in edible glasses made out

Advise needed - last night in Toronto

Look closely at this photo...

Am I the last person to see this?

About to finish my MA. What I've learned/discovered.

12 separate classes of high school kids do not know who Keith Richards is

"Politicians are like diapers.....

East Coast & West Coast teams in the World Series Suck. Period.

Got a full-spectrum lamp today

Found, on the tag of a size 4 (girl) dress, fresh from the dryer:

"You can't go play with your friends if you have no pants on!"

Beck is a Scientologist

A Post Of Mine Today In GD Inspired Another DU'er To Go SHOOT SOMETHING!

DU vibes please. She's here to get her crap.

"Mr. Sensative pony-tail guy...."

Paula Dean is doing her butter show on the Food Channel.

Family secrets. Know any?

Tell me about a really great cookbook.

Most improbable singing voice?

Give a shout out to Redstone, on the chance he might come by some time

OMG! "Wife Swap" on Fox is hilarious tonight!

The Great Donut Debate?

Tech-ie Question.

A PSA regarding cold meds..... Beware.

My boss threatened to fire me again today - any advice?

Lord....that was the best episode of Battlestar Galactica.....EVER

pray for president bush: a glimpse into a fundie freeper fantasy

Jesus Camp" youth pastor directly linked to fascist brand of Christians

Could a plant help treat Alzheimer's?

SoulForce...Take a look and tell me what you think.

"Energy Out, Energy In" - Karen Bishop - October 20, 2006

I don't know about you guys, but

Three more signing statements in 2 days

Credit where it's due-lessons learned?

Kos poll

Has anyone heard about this?

JK visits Orangeburg, SC. Very nice story in local paper

Ken Mehlman Speach from this morning? Any have a link?

Debt keeps troops from duty abroad

Al Qaeda has killed more Americans under Republican leadership

If you live in Phoenix you should get down to the fair...

Iraq PM Blocks Civilian Death Toll Release - Genocide going on

GOP: Vote Republican because we still have not caught Osama.

republican party of fear and failure

c-span2 now NY republican dinner - reynolds/rove there

RW'ers want to give States the right to suppress your Rights

Why don't Truth In Advertising laws apply to political ads?

Simpsons Pitch Tent in Anti-War Camp

Well. Seems that Curt Weldon has assembled a "hit list"

E-voting Technology Faces Critical Test

"Votes For Sale" on PBS here, on NOW. Check your local listings

Lamont & lieberman debate on CSPAN now (channel 9)

Simpson's to unleash October surprise on Nov. 5th

Heh, poor Larry Summers is not doing to bad

Help! Missed most of KO, what was the story about Osama loves repugs?

New FAKE PROMO site, lotsa fun!!!

Great Magazine Covers

Not a fan of Scarborough, but....

Fruitless v. Humiliating--A View of the War

Did anybody watch the Tester/Burns debate tonight?

New Tennessee Republican ad so "tacky" even candidate is embarrassed

I just watched the Michael J Fox ad for Claire McCaskill...

LaHood Admits He Was ‘Playing Politics’ (Intel Staffer Suspension)

I voted for Harold Ford today

A refreshing political TV ad in the mist of all the negative

Enemy Of The State

Blackwell is such an asshole, anyone watching the debate ?

FYI - CNN replaying Lou Dobb's "War on the Middle Class"

Terra losing effectiveness... GOP develops new "fright" issue:

The GOP as Terrorists?

CNN is actually polling "Hillary Rodham Clinton" or "Hillary Clinton"

Asian soybean rust now in 15 U.S. states

So I guess Americans are just naturally the most criminal on earth.

E-voting Push Started With HAVA

Head On Radio Friday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

AAAAAaaaaahhhhh !!!!

Iraq mayhem triggers hunt for exit strategy in US and UK

Don't tell me we're not taking to the streets.

November 5th - National Scare a Republican Day

Any west coasters watching Maher?

Pollution Shortens Life Expectancy Worldwide

The genteel revolt that is remaking US policy on Iraq

Pat Tillman's Legacy - What Have We Become?

A question about political signs

Another Keith Olbermann Special Comment Monday: on the Repug "scare ad"!

Barney Frank is Killing tonite.,,,,

**HAH** Rush the lush said that any Republicans who...

UC Workers, Allies Arrested at Protest for Custodian Wages

Calif. Republican asks Pentagon to remove embedded CNN reporters

Hastert alerted to Foley matter, two say

A bumper sticker that made me laugh!!!

The Great Donut Debate?

Have we heard from Phil Parlock? Isn't it time for him to make an

Hilarious! Corker to Ford - "you crashed my PR"

Yet another debate i watched tonight--Blackwell--terrible

My political ad in reply to the Republican party.

Can the Dems 'run the table'? Pat Buchanan.

Police: Man Exposed Self To 1-Year-Olds At Day Care

The Party of Fear

The Police State Is Closer Than You Think

Note to politicos... STOP apologizing

Defend CNN from right-wing spin re: Iraq footage!

You're damn right I'd rather see Saddam back in power...

The Graph... Check Out The Current Daily Rate...

I missed Malloy on Springers show ... was he good? Did he talk about AAR

Lets play pretend for a moment (damned sad.....)


Simpson's Halloween Promo, DU style...

Any suggestions for this letter to the Albuquerque Journal?

I'm getting another LTTE published!

Jimmy Kimmel just showed the new Republican ad!

DU, let's give three cheers to the RNC, they made us a new ad!!!

The Clintons Get Their Village

Why are the Reukes pushing for Hillary to be the Democratic

Has anyone heard of 'bridge jumpers' in San Fran? 20/20

Republican rhetoric, record don't match

The poll showing Lieberman ahead 17% is BIASED. Here's proof:

Six children in one family: Should that be considered child abuse?

David Brooks always makes me puke

Abortion Ban Closer In Nicaragua - BBC

who needs a good laugh?

Fred Phelps and friends to be at funeral of my student...


Bush: I WON'T change strategy in Iraq ("It's tough! It's tough!)

Simpson's Episode “Operation Enduring Occupation"

NYT: Man Accused of Having Relations With Dog

Alabama GOP Chair Employs Strange Gay-Bashing Campaign Tactic

GOP Sex Scandal Scorecard and THE LIST from Mike Rogers' - rec pls.

Bushler is Coming to MY TOWN on My Birthday! Oh happy day!

How would Iowa State Chickenhawks support the war? STRATEGY!!

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent: The Week The War Unravelled

Snow Job Looks Like an Ass - AGAIN!

Pelosi will be the first woman President of the United States.

Lieberman's Independent Bid May Boost Connecticut Republicans

Help, DU! I want to write about the Demonization of the ACLU.

Bill Maher was great! Franks was on fire, Moore was a moomoo...

Malloy: Rand Beers quit Shrub and went to work for Kerry

I moved into a house previously owned by a Freeper. You can't believe

Check out synopsis of HBO documentary "Hacking Democracy"


Troops with PTSD being sent back into combat. This is Bad

Feds Probe Jane Harman's Relationship with AIPAC

Nothing to fear but fear reply to the RNC

BREAKING on HuffPo - another congressman involved with a page

Pope turns to atheists to help restore values

Can you imagine the members of the Bush Administration having OTHER jobs?

Hugo Chávez's book club (via Tavis Smiley)

'Iraq War Hero' Dismembers/Cooks Girlfriend, Kills Self (note found)

DU YouTube Group getting freeped

Ban metal bats lawmakers say

Hey, Rove is on CSPAN 2 now! 8:30pmCT!!

Fitrakis: OHIO VOTER PURGE - Investigation Continues - LETTERS FOUND

Sibel Edmonds movie/director interview, part 6: 911 and FBI Incompetence

Joe LIEberman - You Sir, Are NO BARACK OBAMA!!

Anybody wanna know what we did with PTSD cases in Vietnam?

I mentioned Cheney..she said "Who?"

Apple Mac mini vs. PC

"Jesus Camp" is a MUST SEE documentary!

MO Senate: MUST-SEE Michael J. Fox ad for Claire McCaskill


Maryland: FBI investigating theft of Diebold Software

It bears repeating: VOTE D even if it is for a DINO. HERE'S WHY:

Book TV Schedule: October 21st - 23rd

Foley scandal no excuse to tear holes in Republicans' `big tent'

Minor distraction from the political news of the day...

Next to Bush's blunders, who is most responsible for the mess we're in?

Sidney Blumenthal interview (LA City Beat 10/19)

Blue-collar Democrats return to their roots

"Missing Topic" on the 50 ways to leave your party??? why mods?

Charlie Crist robo calls pandering to the Christian right-hears footsteps?

pray for president bush

Church to probe priest who fondled Foley (Toronto star headline!)

Clinton, Spencer Hold Debate in New York

Have you noticed? Cut & run has now become talking tough to Iraq gov.

Lieberman: Enabler of GOP racism

gee, I'm so hostile

Noe's ex-bookkeeper testifies

Get Busy, Call All Your Friends-Tell Them Know How Important Their Vote Is

Sizing Up The UpComing 2006 Erection

Interview with Dennis Loo, Co-Editor of "Impeach the President"

What the Dems. should do with that new "terror" commercial...

GREAT ad for Joe Sestak

WaPo's Tom Ricks and Tom Burn(s?) on Iraq tonight on Charlie Rose.

Dems need to play their Osama card.

The best ad Ive seen thus far. Must see.

Time to use the rest of the internets to spread our message

MoDo's deja vu "earth tones" - she does her hit job on Obama

Church Politicking Controversy Continues In Kansas

Step outside in a few minutes...take a break....see a meteor shower!

Bush Cheney '06

Test to identify your voting habits

I look to the well-reasoned, the gritty thinkers of the DU...

CT-SEN: things to remember about polls

Laesch Endorsed by Randi Rhodes

NYC Mayor Giuliani linked to NAMBLA

We Can't Make It Here Anymore ...

Florida Republican uses Dan Marino's name for false endorsement

Bush slipped on stage and later said "We're in a titanic ..."

Time to bring out the Declaration of Independence. Time to re-sign

The Dixiecrats

Who will you vote for this November?

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself.. my reply to the RNC.

Anyone watching Barack Obama on Keith Olbermann?

GOP terrorism ad sparks Democratic furor

OMG, you have to see this Claire McCaskill ad


What Joe Lieberman is doing is hurting other candidates...

A Major Event By William Rivers Pitt

After Pat's Birthday by Kevin Tilliman

George W. Bush is Not Our President and I Refuse to Treat Him As Such

How Iraq came home to haunt America

War heroine leads Democrat charge

New reality TV phenomenon is ... philanthropy

The truth about Ahmadinejad - Iran - and the "Devil" Bush

WP: Maximum Bliss at the Pound: Deluxe Comfort at D.C. Shelter

Kuttner, Boston Globe: "Bush on Display"

Pastor Bush

Jonathan Turley: 109th Congress just can't resist


Pundit Armstrong Williams settles case over promoting education reforms

If it's October, it must be Osama

Justice Kennedy Holds Key to High Court

TV As The Cause of Autism Study

Campus Crusade for Christ -- 'Winning Iraqi orphans and poor children '

Iraq: Leave Or Be Forced Out

Spreading the Broadband Revolution

A Paleolithic Mindset: The 21st century is leaving the U.S. in the dust

How about Majority Rule on Issues!

KBHutchinson -- 'I voted for war b/c I was clueless and so was W'


A polite but firm rebuff for Rice

NYT: "truth predictor" software is in the works

I don't have the best headlines - and I don't ask a lot of

Colbert King: The Real 'New Iraq'

Green chimney could save the planet

Lil' Normie Coleman Wants To Eliminate State, Local Action On Climate

Australian Farmers Commit Suicide as Hope Evaporates

More energy policy gridlock seen in next (DEM) Congress

Question answered about solar panels in snowy areas

Sun 21 sails with the sun to prove a solar point (solar boat)

World’s first train powered by a (H2) fuel cell (Japan)

TXU Named As Target Of Energy Market Manipulation Probe

Power Execs Foresee Carbon Emission Caps

Despite Federal Resistance, Cities Continue To Embrace Kyoto Goals

Summer Warmest On Record For Britain - October Unseasonably Hot - BBC

Corps Of Engineers Plans To Ease Development In Coastal MS Wetlands

Tourist Cancellations Begin In Wake Of Iceland Whaling Decision - AFP

Quebec Falls for a Scam - Econoco Inc.

Firestorms Of 2003, 2005 May Be Preview As Australia's Drying Continues

Report: FBI, Justice Dept. probe AIPAC

Twilight Zone / Loss upon loss (Gideon Levy)

Israel has no intention of attacking Iran-Peres

Anyone know about electrical cables and fire?

BYU Scholar, Sept. 11 Theorist, Resigns

This may be a stupid question but I would like to know

It's Finally Starting To Happen. This Will Not Stay Hidden Like JFK Murder

how to safeguard voter registration lists in your local precinct(s)

Constitutional Amendment: Hand Counted Paper Ballots or FASCISM FOREVER

Registration forms' late delivery makes 1,100 ineligible to vote

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. October 21, 2006

ABC Poll: Is Your Vote Safe? Tell them what you think!

Take back America

Republican running for Blackwell's job a crook too of course

The Delacroy Parable, aka Man of the Year movie review

G&M: Bloc to force election if fiscal imbalance not settled

Suspecting Leak, Chairman Suspends Panel Staffer (Dem)

U.S. Jails Man Once Tortured by Taliban

New reality TV phenomenon is ... philanthropy

Senator wants Justice Department to appeal Lay decision

AP: Marine To Plead Guilty In Iraq Killing

Calif. candidate's office, home raided

A polite but firm rebuff for Rice

Bush: I won't change strategy in Iraq ("consulted" w/ Abizaid for1/2 hr)

Krazy Katie Harris; *Harris: Despite polls, I'll win*

Accused Priest Flees From Law in U.S. and Mexico

National groups don't plan to buy more TV time for McGavick, Cantwell

Iraq mayhem triggers hunt for exit strategy in US and UK

Condi has secured nothing in Korea , because her head is in Iran!

Clinton acknowledges she's thought of '08 run

Bush plots Iraq strategy with top generals (cnn)

WP/AP: Future Forecast: Extreme Weather

Reuters: Iraq Shi'ite militias clash with police again

Bomber kills Iraqi shoppers despite Mecca peace call

Justices discuss judges' independence

Iraq province loses 9,000 to sectarian killing (31,500 fled)

Mistake fractures district's voting method (FL)

U.S. skinhead violence on the rise: watchdog group

U.S. jailed man once tortured by Taliban

Dunkin' Donuts raids Krispy Kreme turf

Calif. to transfer inmates out of state

Shock jocks blamed over Sydney riots

Russia warns against Iran regime change

Homosexuality pamphlet pulled from church shelves

Gunmen stage parades in Iraqi towns

Party calls for new goals for Iraq, withdrawal of U.S. troops

MND-B Soldier killed by roadside bomb #2788

Iran: Ahmadinejad Says He Will Take 'Decisive Step' Against Israel

Holy Moley: I Think We Just Surrendered in Iraq. (Not a Joke)

Iraqi forces clash, Bush talks of changing tactics (not strategy)

Iraq death rate estimates defended by researchers

BYU Scholar, Sept. 11 Theorist, Resigns

Bloody battle for Amarah a glimpse of future

Ricketts questions (Ben D-Ne.) Nelson's ties to company (violating ethics

U.S. encourages Iraqi government to take more responsibility (new plan)

US Marine agrees to lesser charges in Iraq murder

Report: Jetliner had near-miss just after take-off from Tampa

Recovery Seen for Some GOP Hopefuls

US in secret truce talks with insurgency chiefs

Iraqi Shiite Militias Clash Near Babylon

78 U.S. Troops Killed In October In Iraq (so far deadliest month in 06')

Dems holding leads in many pivotal races

GOP bastions under siege here (in the 'land of Hyde")--

ABC: Fish Used to Fight Terrorism

Priest Named by Foley Is Barred From All Religious Duties

Angelides Urges Gov. to Release Tapes

AP: Russia Minister: No Punishment for Iran

TIME: Feds Probe Top Democrat Jane Harman's Relationship with AIPAC

Are the Faithful Losing Faith? (in GOP, according to new Newsweek poll)

Envoy: U.S. Showed 'Stupidity' in Iraq

Newsweek (via Kos): 51% of Americans support impeachment

Turmoil at College for Deaf Reflects Broader Debate

Rosalynn Carter campaigns for son

3 Marines killed in Al Anbar Province #2779 # 2780 & # 2781

Immigrants Flocking to GOP Districts (at 2X the rate of Dem districts)

AP: Atheist Gifts Pontifical School in Will

Gov. Draws Ire For Concentration Camp Joke (Mike Huckabee)

Pat Tillman's Brother Kevin Speaks Out Against The War

Registration forms' late delivery makes 1,100 ineligible to vote

Whalers Bloody Iceland's Waters and International Reputation With First Wh

Blackwell's attack on foe getting personal (absolutely pathetic)

Iraq death rate estimates defended by researchers

The United States will hand Iraq a new timetable on security role

Where Does Oprah's Poop Go?

Have you gotten your Nutty Buddy?

It's time for the yahoo post of the day!

I'm a happy drunk! I love you all (except johnnie) I have to go pack

It's time for the craigslist post of the day!

Most horrible joke in the world..

Can we enter the word 'frak' into the dictionary as a synonym for

If y'all want to take a break from politics for a bit, Paula Deen...recipe

Will someone please lower my blood pressure before I explode?

whats the most progressive city in america....

High school cheerleaders handcuffed

Quick...fill me in

Are these cats fighing or just playing?

h-h-ho, that existentialism i tell'ya i just don't get it so i ask my...

My letter to the editor (California Assembly race)

Just a heads up...Orionid Meteor Shower this morning.

Look what we found in the bathroom at the redneck Chinese/Karaoke Bar!

What do you think is going thru his mind right at this moment?

There aren't enough pills in the world...

Congratulations babylonsister!! 30,000 posts

Halloween Comes Early!!!

"dusty bible, dirty lives"

it's like bart simpson said,

Ok who's awake at this ungodly hour?

Bush's Actual State of the Union Address--the version they want hidden!

So I'm doing a RAID...

Everyone has gone home

I am so tired

It's time for the fundie website of the day!


Nevermind ( you guys are too stinken modest) :o)

Just watched "Invasion of the Body Snatchers,"

My ship sails tomorrow. Bermuda here I come!

Anybody, here, ever try Sugar Ban?

Its real simple--(another poll brought to you courtesy of wh)

Calling HypnoToad

Show us a picture of you flippin' the bird!!

Okay NOW I'm confused

Are these cats fighing or just playing?

celery + gravity = art - the effects of celery on loose elastic...

I live in Misery

Hit it, Run!

could someone see if something isn't working just for me or any1?

Dubya's Haloween Costume

What a fool I was

Du..Make me feel better...I am miserable and cranky

"You can't go play with your friends if you have pants on!"

COOL! 2 different myspace accounts have the same picture on them!

A question for DU social workers

Hey Texas....

Microsoft Windows is insecure...


Any moving advice?

Something ain't right with my Credit Card...Wtf?

Happy birthday wishes to..........

How DARE Cookie Monster(tm) be made to eat fruits and vegetables?!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 10/21/06)

DU... Make me feel worse

Should I cook my hamburgers and crinkle fries

I could listen to "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" for days...

October 21, 1:37 p.m. — 87 degrees!

Do you like Grape Nuts cereal?

Happy Diwali, major Hindu festival of lights!

I think we're gonna lose.

BWAHAHAHA!!! Some Hummer drive just got told off in front of my house.

Let's make up a good drinking game for Saturday

Beckham To Be Knighted?

Google Earth has new free tool - Sketchup

Thank goodness that's over.

I had a very interesting job interview on Thursday

i ain't put too much unjuns in the sauce paulie

Rorschach test

I need help with rules (mod input appreciated)

Back from a DU hiatus, anyone care?

The start of the week is sucking

They had one of these monstrosities in the homecoming parade today

Our Vacation....Day ONE!

Anyone need a dance partner?

I just cleaned out my car...I feel so much better now

Note to my neighbors: closing the window might be a good idea

How is the weather where you are at?

yay, a new badge!

I have the hiccups.

How bad does a fish have to smell before it's considered inedible?

Happiness is solving sudoku with your kid

Soldier Blog

What's your personal indulgence?

I was just flashed in my front yard by a naked man, no this isn't a sex

oneighty's family asked me to thank you all

Stuff out, check! Paying me back...

Should dogs be allowed to vote?

The Domestic Diva strikes again!

Is croquet supposed to be a sexy sport? I don't get it.

Any good travel / airfare websites you know about?

As a father with a daughter and an administrator

Airlines that have bereavement fares? Any experience here?

Female positive films. Name some

My Grandma is dying and my dad is a flaming asshole.

it ain't rock-n-roll if ya ears ain't bleeding

WTF is a "Democrate"????

Phone interview went well...

Dear God. I am hemorrhaging money.

Gaydar test.........Do you have it or not..... post results

Either I've grown 5 inches since last fall, or this skirt shrunk!

Heather Mills has proof that Mccartney attacked her

Congratulations Random_Australian!! 10,000 posts

Happy 16th Birthday Ava!!!

What should I do now?

Okay so this morning, there I was minding my own business. . .

I am addicted to books

A Testament to Change: Early Scraps of the Bible

New Exhibit shows that the modern day 'Bible' can not be trusted..

I Pass 3 Vans Full- Labeled (in Spanish) First Assembly Of God

Were the founding fathers Christians?

I'm Medical Mystery Woman!

Sucking Up: Why Monkeys Groom the Boss

Irish poll: 2/3 support for same-sex marriage!

We refuse to work for homosexuals

Not sure if this is accurate

Peculiar dream (found God)

Another interesting website commenting on

SC - Kerry ignites Democratic faithful

OT: Iraq timetable

Sen. Kerry to be on ABC's "This Week" tomorrow:

this article on JK fundraising needs an LTE

OT - for the French speaking out there

And it begins again

My Katrina Country gallery is up

Diebold Code Sent In Anonymous Package

Notice how B*sh has exercised his "unitary executive" power to ensure...

If he wanted, Foley could still roam House floor

Never thought I'd say this but, "Weinstein Bros, the Eagles" You suck

U.S. Jails Man Once Tortured by Taliban

The Big Lie needs the support of the Little Lie - Chavez and Chomsky

This Month in National Geographic

DU This Poll: City Vehicle Stickers W/Pic Of Cross, Gun & Soldier

Standing up and standing down

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Saturday 10/20.... (with fan mail)

The Dream Foundation

(VIDEO) Something for US DU'ers: The late Robin Cooks resignation speech

I don't have the best headlines - and I don't ask a lot of

2 recent explosions at US military posts?????

Handy dandy little voter's guide courtesy of NOW


Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 21 Oct 06

Just rented "American Dreamz"-big thumbs up!!

What kind of person treats torture and stripping people of rights as an

"The greatest risk to the market" is a democrat takeover of congress

What ever happened to that N. Korean ship?

Bernie destroying a freeper caller

New Rules: October 20, 2006

Oh Big Box Mart

Dubya's Haloween Costume

What is so cool through all this

Just saw a bit on CNN about Indian women acting as surrogate

Schwarzenegger To Outsource California's Inmates

The Saturday Cartoons

GOP bastions under siege in Illinois

GI who deserted says he is ready to take responsibility for his actions

It's Finally Starting To Happen. This Will Not Stay Hidden Like JFK Murder

internet and voters

Republicans give back hard-earned Hispanic gains

So Dem voters have been purged in 4 states, according to Hartman

Talkin' about these Internets and their power in elections...

Baker Group: Iraq Solution? "Super-Bases" in the Desert!

Never met Bush. Never Met Any One Who Has Met Bush.

So George Allen is a cowboy. Let's see, a cow is feminine and ...

Lying is legal, so says the Pentagon!

Bambi's mother's problem solved...

Are you tired of the pre-recorded political messages?

Rice says no big push to change Iraq strategy

Armed Madhouse Remix Contest

BBC Newsnight video: US 101st Airborne's Tense Marriaqe with Iraqi Forces

How does invading and occupying a Muslim country decrease terrorism?

bush Already Has his Mind Made up BEFORE His Big Iraq Meeting Today

He's Not Drunk So Stop Saying That! ---pix--->>>

Bush Finds Vietnam War Parallel in Iraq - Didn't the US lose that one too?

New Exhibit shows that the modern day 'Bible' can not be trusted..

Pssst.. Nancy Pelosi was on a city street within 20 feet of a gay person

Why do people compare Bush to a chimpanzee?

Vote for the new 7 wonders of the world (official)

Gunmen stage parades in Iraqi towns

OPEC to cut production....oil prices STILL go down???? WTF?

If politicians want to say 'let the voters decide" re: gay marriage,

'We have liberated Amara from the British. Basra next'

Putin warns Georgia risks bloodshed in breakaway areas

John McCain is an idiot!

has anyone seen those ads telling people not to vote ?

Is Sean Hannity admitting that GOP will steal Nov. 7 election?

It took Bush & Co 1 1/2 hours this moring to devise a new

Russia's FM says aid to Iraq pointless because of lack of security

So Maybe I'm Changing My Opinion of Paul Bremer

Even the Pope is playing Bush and the Republics terrorism card

We ain't seen NOTHIN' yet.

If it's just money the neocons want, let's pay em' & stop the murders.

Iraq - what are the "militias?" I thought the bad guys were

Putin’s Flippant Comments on Israeli Scandal Are Heard

Create your own "What does Congress do all day?" TV Ad.

U.N. Says Number of Ocean "Dead Zones" Rising Fast

It appears a second Iraq city may be going down

Impeach George W FraWd , DICK, Rummy, Gonzo and SLEEZY NOW!

Courage to Resist

So will Jeffrey Skilling have a heart attack this

Taxes, the convenient target for Republicans.

gee doesn't this new GOP ad seem to be politicizing a person...

A laugh for your Saturday afternoon

Bush says Iraq attacks are propaganda - I thought we attacked them?

As a father of a daughter and an administrator in

How Long Would Torturing Continue Were It Not Secret?

what is the nearest escape route from the u.s.a to paraguay?

Is this Repub campaign ad PROOF that Democratic phones are being tapped?

just before bush was poised to sign the death of habeas corpus,

Sex scandals dominate midterm elections

Latest Helen Thomas Podcast

More Bad News For THE GOPU

Buying a Pizza Shop with a tax cut?

Is This '94? - National Journal

Have you ever been accused of “hiding behind the Constitution”? Want to?

I just got a call from Lt Gov candidate Tom McClintock

Shut Up, Dead Soldiers. . .You're Making Bush Look Bad (cartoon)

MSNBC - 3 More US Troops KIlled in Iraq

U.S. jailed man once tortured by Taliban

Has Walmart done something pro-gay?

Did Daddy send in James Baker to bail out Jr.?

Cinci Graffiti: HABEAS CORPUS RIP 1215-2005 on I-71 Tunnel (noted on blog)

Watch Frontline's "The Lost Year in Iraq" online

"Why Air America Matters" -- letter from Thom Hartmann


Calif. (Republican) candidate's office, home raided

Are there ANY items on the GOP Platform that DON'T involve fear?

Take a look at this bunch of fundie kooks!

Mike Tyson wearing Republican t-shirt in boxing ring.

Isn't It Wonderful to Witness the GOP's Great Unraveling?

Republican's bin Laden Ad Sparks Furor (also, vote in poll)

A week after has Opi checked in?

Everyone should send e-mail to this chickenhawk.

Xbox 360 game alludes to Senator Ted Stevens

Consortium News: Giving Osama What He Really Wants

It just sunk in. The Republican congress leaders have done what Catholic

Pentagon told Committee Mental Health Care Broken

Is Phil English (R-PA 03) one of the House's sexual predators to be outed?

will lieberman really matter in the senate?

Thom Harmann up on Book TV

Ford shows up to Corker event

Senate Race Calculator/Map: Fun and Interesting

This is How the GOP is Thought of Around the World and Here...

Judge rules in favor of "Spamhaus Project" spam-tracking website

This is the deadliest month for US troops since Nov. 05

Right leaning Rasmussen has Bush back down to 40%

Cafferty's Broken Government repeat

Funny Mark Foley video

Carter Book Slaps Israel With ‘Apartheid’ Tag,

Who knows anything about Ameriprise? Blue company yes?

What did YOU do for National Character Counts Week?

Iraq mayhem triggers hunt for exit strategy in US & UK: Guardian

Ford Jr. shows up at Corker event

Sen Hutchison-If I'd Known Then What I Know Now-Would've Voted NO To Iraq

GOP teams up with Osama bin Laden in media campaign

The Polar Express theory of the Iraq war makes a comeback

Dems holding leads in many pivotal races

What are they dying for? From a soldier

What are home prices... in Iraq?

"Anybody can be bought". Really?

GOP bogeymen-Osama, Saddam, and now....THE SAN FRANCISCO LIBERAL!

UpDate on DOD sending troops back to Iraq with Mental Problems

Cheney: we can't withdraw every time "several" Americans get killed

Did Hastert receive suitcases full of cash?

'Don't dream about full exits. The military is in Iraq for the LONG HAUL'

Why It's Taking So Long for the Iraqi Army to "Stand Up"

Latest poll has Hayworth up only by 3%. Anyone from AZ here?

Missed an election-related event on CSPAN? They're all at this new site

self delete - duplicate

The question that you should ask a GOPer.

YouTube Video of Bush as Chaplin in "The Great Dictator..."

Pope warns scientists not to risk fate of Icarus

POLL: Dems lead 55%-37%, Newsweek generic ballot WOOOOOOH

We've been in Iraq longer than it took to defeat Nazi Germany.

RNCC pathetically desperate - NY 24th Open Seat

HELP: Does anyone remember a PBS show called "The 90's"?

On CNN right now - a big segment on voting and its integrity

Time for a break from the mind-crush? See a meteor shower! The Orionids.

Pelosi's magic potion to cure "rule by signing statement". . .

Luxury Tax. Time to revisit the notion?

Justice Alito's Wife Campaigns for Tom Kean Jr. (NJ Repub Senate)

Uh-oh, I was afraid this might happen

Condi has secured nothing in Korea , because her head is in Iran!

Bush* radio address: 'Terrorists are trying to influence election'

I joked that I was running in '08 and E. Edwards called me and said that

A Cautionary Note.

Carolyn gave $10 to the DNC because it is better to light a single candle

The wealthiest person you know and their political affiliation

Republic senator says Bush's phony WMD intelligence made her do it

Sr. US Diplomat: "There Was Arrogance & Stupidity From US In Iraq"

On being "ethical" at all costs.

78 died for lies THIS MONTH you worthless, heartless warpig scum.

NYT editorial: New Bush space policy "jingoistic," "belligerent"

Replace debates with waterboarding of candidates

Tucker's still IN? Rita twisting in the wind. Page Six obsessed with KO

THIS is how much "compassionate conservatives" respect the military

Fox: Republicans Call For CNN Embeds Removed From Iraq

NYT: BUSH Admin To Present NEW TIMETABLE For Security To Iraq

U.S. Plan for New Nuclear Weapons Advances...

New Book: "Schroeder: Bush's faith raised suspicion "

Newsweek Poll - Over 1/2 Americans Say - WE SHOULD IMPEACH Bush

Is this the bad news coming for republicans DAMN !!!

Freepers are Google bombing Michael Moore?

Hooray for my county!

Bob Dylan - The Times they are A-changing' U -Tube

Boy do I need a shower,,, ran into a Blackwater employee at a Roanoke mall

Crazy? Desperate? GOP mailings

Where was all of this togetherness for the past five years...

Armstrong Williams has to pay $34K for not pushing enough propaganda

McCain misses fundraiser for Republic involved with over friendly Foley

A Finishing School Behind Bars

Stratergizin' (photo)

George Allen Becomes a LIfetime Member of the NAACP

Calif. Republican asks Pentagon to remove embedded CNN reporters...

NYT:U.S. to Hand Iraq a New Timetable on Security Role

FYI - Elizabeth Edwards in on with Russert right now

When bush makes a speech do you get tired of hearing this shit about..

Ellsberg: Hastert got suitcases of Al Qaeda heroin cash, should be in jail

Is There A Good Chance Of Seeing The Aurora Tonight?

Bob Brinker (Money Talk) Just said their are no grounds for impeaching *

What happened with the English plane bombers?

Suddenly, lots of noise against the Iraq war

Holy Moley: I Think We Just Surrendered in Iraq. (Not a Joke)

Swift-boating Harold Ford: GOP Aims Sleazy Blonde-Bimbo TV Ad At Ford

Elizabeth Edwards on Russert now. Again at 10 EST

Barron's Magazine declares 'GOP Will Hang On!'

Is this the people that we are dealing with???

Our Constitution keeps our country thriving, Lynne Cheney tells students

Caption this Animated Bush Picture from

SeanShannity Comments....

This restaurant near me

Need a link to the Michael J. Fox video that just came out re:

2,788 dead U.S. troops in W's war of Choice

Katherine Harris: Despite polls, I'll win!!

Wrecker-in-Chief ~ On October 17th, George W. Bush, signed into law...

Hummer 2

My neighbor, in the military, has never been to Iraq and is not going.

Why not split Iraq into three countries?

"Liberals like to solve problems by throwing money at things"

Whoo-hooo! I'm getting Current TV!

Falwell: NBC Finally Determines Not to Show Madonna on the Cross

Sunday Talk Shows

Blue dog, green dog, yellow dog

Weller refers another "boy toy" incident to House - Blogs play role

Dems up in polls. Dow rising.

CNN's "This Week At War" has been Good/But Switched to SOUL STORY!

"Elizabeth Edwards Apologizes to Clinton" GOOD FOR HER!

if Iran was attacked what about iraq

Never mind the "collateral damage" general? Thats exactly right

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling! Run for Your Lives!!!

Let's define "liberalism" ...

Do I owe Rita Cosby and Tucker Carlson an apology?

UN news: "Life for Christians in Iraq has turned into a horror movie"

The Saddest Photo on Yahoo for Me Today....

If It Can Happen in Kansas, Maybe We'll See A Change

Conservative Ohio Paper "UNENDORSES" Blackwell-Says Conduct is UnChristian

I "adopted" a single mother and her kids.

Reluctant Redneck - Straight (YouTube) Talk on Habeus Corpus

I dare you to click this.

Malloy: Right Wing Management at Air America

Did you know about the Pelosi 100 HOUR PROMISE ?

Do we pick fights in DU too easily?

Real Time last night rocked. Maher, Barney Franks and Jason

Counting the Vote: the Most Obvious Solution

Possibly the dumbest post ever in FreeptardRepubicHairs history.....

In Virginia, absentee ballots must be filled in with a #2 pencil

Why isn't Olbermann beating "Girl Eating Bugs?" Can we fix this?

What Halloween costume would scare the crap out of Republicans?

You might not agree.... but Marijuana is dangerous....

Poll shows Hillary Rodham Clinton beating McCain 51 percent to 44 percent


An Open Letter to Bush from an Important Man -- All Read

A Picture is worth a thousand words

"A Motherlode of Remains", (WTC)

Charlie Chaplin Speaks - must see video

Delay said Sara Evans epitome of family values...she admits cheating

Campaign Ad Linking Democrat to 'Sex' Call May Backfire on GOP

Republican Laments Lack of "Big" National Security "Event"

Pelosi Poll Needs our Help!!!

A U.S. Fortress Rises in Baghdad:

Video: Rep. Sue Kelly to John Hall: "You have no shame!"

Ya Gotta Admit... At Least George Bush Had A Plan To Get Out Of Vietnam !!

*** Saturday TOONs: November Elections ***

Separation Of Oil And State...

Cat Stevens - Peace Train U-Tube

Ctr For Constitutional Rights Promises To Challenge Military Commision Act

The Woman Who Would Be Speaker - Pelosi Set to Seize Opportunity...

Man Accused of Having Relations With Dog

Powerful Republicans Among Lieberman's Campaign Donors - Boston Globe

The Party of Fiscal Responsibility

Seig Heil! - Show Me Your Papers - DHS Proposes Travel Restrictions

With Guarded Cheer, Democrats Dare to Believe This Is Their Time

New Abortion Bumpersticker!

TN, MO, VA, if we win them we take back the Senate. Need DU

Who rationalizes the most--Cig smokers, gun owners or drinkers?

Don't you just love it?????

In Our Own Hands

Iraq : the real story : stunning video on "The Guardian"

Candy Crowley on the "Broken Democrats", just now on CNN

A Few of George's Favorite Things

Daniel Ellsberg, Harper's Magazine - The Next War

Q: Why are ANY Democrats voting for Lieberman???

The best Anti-Swiftboat ad this year

Newsweek Says 55% of U.S. Public Plans to Vote for Democrats

Is the Bush--Moon power fascist power nexus retreating

Another End To This World - 2012 Bullshit

In a G.O.P. Stronghold, 3 Districts in Indiana Are Now Battlegrounds

My liberal litmus test

Beauty Junkies Why Now?

JFK Assassination video, startling evidence you may have not seen

Bargaining Digest Weekly Oct 21, 2006

So now the RNC is going to show "Daisy" campaign ads

More Men in Hoods: They’re Everywhere

Virginia contests must be a first priority for verifying this election!!

Politics 101: Don’t Reinforce Your Opponents’ Lies - Sirota

AP: Rice confident of U.N. action on Iran (with "momentum" on N. Korea)

AOL Poll on Iraq War

From the "Politics is Local" File

AFP: Rice doubts North Korea nuclear pledge, sees 'escalation'

So who believes all the polls?

WP: Pelosi would award chairmanships by rank, but give conservatives voice

WP: Helping Democrats Bridge the "God Gap"

Seriously though, WHY does this continue to be news???

Vote Hacking and More

Tan D. Nguyen (R-Immigrant-Hater)'s office, home raided...

Blackwell campaign is REALLY getting desperate.

another--he was for it before he was against it kinda guy. (WA repug)

Dana Milbank interviews Ken Blackwell(R-OH GOV) MUST SEE!!...

A coup in the air (US may need quick exit from Iraq)

No more guessing; Il Dunce has no plans of retreating from Iraq

Video: Flashback to Howard Dean's visit in Madison

Bush Radio: The "sophisticated propaganda strategy" (of the terrorists)

Crooks & Liars: Medics Beg For Help as Iraqis Die Needlessly

30 bullet-riddled bodies (guess some Iraqi body counts are getting out-

Extra-special, lovey-dovey photos of Condi and Russian Foreign Minister

WP,pg1: Nancy Pelosi: The Woman Who Would Be Speaker

Several polls show Gillibrand in the lead (NY20)

Mistress Condi: Penalizing North Korea clears the way for punishing Iran

Bush won't leave Iraq, even if "Laura & Barney are my only supporters"

Indiana GOP's 'safe' seats up for grabs

Where can I find the interview between Kris Welch and...

Have You Noticed Last Week The TV Pukes Were All Saying Dems Would Win

Question on voting strategy...early or on 11/7/2006?

Bush and these generals meeting for political reasons?

Vote Republican: Or you're gonna DIE!!!

Hotline: "Arguably unfair to Sen. John Kerry..."

George Allen joins the NAACP

Which of the following will happen on Election Day?

Thom Hartmann coming up on Book TV

Hey Ya'll.... I got some family values... Always abide by them...

Newsweek Poll: Reason for Concern

"Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were in the front seat."

Any of you media types! Can you tell me why no one is pushing the

Unfrickin believable! Rice Prods Moscow on Press Freedoms!!!

Mike Malloy on NOW!

Sunday's TV News Shows (Kerry, Obama, Reed, Levin, among others)

Pelosi: If I weren't effective, they wouldn't try to take me down

Did I hear this right? Did Diane Farrell give the Dem rebuttal to

Between 10,000 to 20,000 Muslims in American Military.

Rep. Phil English (R-PA 3rd) sued by opponent for defamation!!!

Who is your choice in the U.S. Senate race in Virginia? (newspaper poll)

The death toll in Iraq will soon reach 2,800

GOP Urges Democrats to Boycott Murtha Appearance

Are there any decent (paper trailed) Diebold machines?

Some analysts say the only way Israel could launch a successful strike

nbc evening news -saying 3 more Troops were killed today.

Latest Al Qaeda Propaganda POSTER ! (1.5 MB image warning)

The tide really is turning in England.

Iraq strategy checked every day;(Jr.) rebuffs attack videos (German press)

Zogby Interactive polls are TRASH that should not be considered at all

Things Republicans believe

Bush is "Embracing the Feingold Plan" (Take The High Road, DUers!)

What's with the usage 'GOPU' lately ?

A sniper's eye view of Iraq or, soldiers are sitting ducks:

as you sow so shall you reap

R.I.'s Chafee, opponent meet in debate

‘Stickler Recess Appointment Disregards Workers’ (mine) Safety’

NYT to endorse Mejias over Peter F*cking King

Raising Kaine: Loud and Angry Voices (Thank you Richmond, VA!)

Cheney: "If you look at the general, overall situation,

CT's largest paper to endorse all Dem Congressional candidates

"Investigative Reporter Greg Palast on the Real Reasons for Blackout 2003"

This Week In GOP Scandals

CNN poll: "Hillary Rodham Clinton" beats McCain for '08, 51% to 44%...

Elizabeth Edwards Apologizes to Clinton

Christain right and rise of US fascism. Your opinions,please

Watch devastating Michael Fox ad for Claire McCaskill

Bush Paraguay Land Grab Incites Unease......What's up with this?

Artur Davis (D-AL): "Jo Bonner (R-AL) is a friend of mine."

Dems for Joe...Al From, Will Marshall, Leon Panetta, Lanny Davis, et al

Yay! Bell (TX) accepts Kerry's helping hand (!!)

Bush's Paraguay Land Grab - Hideout or Water Raid?

Seven Days at Minimum Wage: ‘Breaking My Back for $35’

I just got a Jim Webb sign...

open for advice about my voting history

OMFG! This us HUGH! Photo: Junior meets with his Generals at W.H. today

"both parties are the same"...

E&P: NYT Sunday preview: Even if Democrats win, they can't change Bush

THIS WILL MAKE YOU SMILE and show ex-Republican voters a new "way"

What happens if exit polls and final voting results are hugely disparate

GOP Candidate: Kids Can Use Textbooks as Protection From School Gunmen

What did Joe buy with $387K worth of illegal petty cash?

In Our Own Hands

Wow, the CNN is covering the diebold machines

2 of Schwarzenegger's operatives are Rove prodigies

Are Democrats also running against the Fear of Hell and Satan?

Any chances of Senatorial defectors?

More Bad News for Lamont -- Second Poll Shows Him Way Down

Do you know anyone in Missouri?

Why no one will say when US troops will withdraw from Iraq

DU this: Blacks Against Blackwell present: Sometimes you feel like a nut

But Not In Vain