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Archives: October 23, 2006

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 265

"Red State Babylon" - James Wolcott (the myth of polarized America)

Seattle Times endorses GOP McGavick for Senate.

Stand or Fall in Baghdad: Capital Is Key

Prince George and the return of the Sheriff of Nottingham

9/11 Speech

Melanie Morgan’s lunacy: “I think we should have gone in and just blitzed

Celebrities Protest Malibu Gas Facility

Look at what the cargo ship dragged in

Al Gore, World Traveler For Truth

Extreme right-winger to join Israeli government

Israel admits it used phosphorus weapons

(ITA) Ciber's Procedures Assailed.

Election Protection Resources-Please Rate Up - Election Forum News 10.23

Indian community burgeoning in America

Tropical storm Paul, off Mexico’s west coast, strengthens to hurricane

WP: In Balad, Age-Old Ties Were 'Destroyed in a Second'

Triple fence along border would split Indian nation

US Official Retracts Iraq Remarks

US offers amnesty in secret talks (* pardoning troop-killers)

Reid Statement: President Bush Admits His Iraq Policy Has Failed

NYT: In Deregulation, Power Plants Turn Into Blue Chips

Israel suspends flu shots after four die

Al-Jazeera airs more sniper video

Gibbons' strategist regrets leaving candidate before incident (NV-R)

Official Sorry for 'Stupidity' Comment

Halliburton's 3Q Income Rises 22 Percent

As G.O.P. Mopes, Bush Adds the Title of Optimist in Chief

NYT: Connecticut Episcopal Bishop Will Bless Gay Unions

Obituary: Jane Wyatt, 96; Film Actress Also in 'Father Knows Best'

CNN/AP: Bush to shift message to healthy economy

Former delegate gets purported Diebold code

America may penalise Iraq if it fails to stop the violence

ABC: Electronic Voting Machines Could Skew Elections

CBS: Corrupt arms deals cost Iraq $800M

Anyone else here watch "Laguna Beach"?

Music search question.

I am soooo sorry ... Please forgive me....

Just trolling the locked posts

OK, when did food network stop airing the Japanese Iron Chef?

Dammit! Missed my plane to O-Town!

The Train Kept A-Rolling

kitty kartoons: TWO LUMPS: The Adventures of Ebenezer & Snooch

I’m so sorry, please forgive me

A visitor and a song. Goodnight all.

Funny how I've found myself in love with you.

Ahh Moby

The factual accuracy of the Wikipedia entry on nihilism is disputed.

Now this is a great new bunch.

ATHF Fans!! New episode coming up at 10:30 eastern!!

You'll never guess what song I actually heard on the radio today.

Doing all right...........

I need ideas for a theme song (I blame NewWaveChick for this)

Your sky all hung with jewels

The ghost in you...............

Akala - Bullshit

I'm going under,,,,,

Sunday night at youtube...just sit back and enjoy the show

ENTJs in the Haousse, bay-bee!!! Representin' tha MyersBriggs Killaz!

Some velvet morning when I'm straight.

Soak Up The Sun

Dreamgirls trailer

Define you Internet Connection

So how does a lazyass get back in shape?

Beat this tune.

Here are some spooky jokes!!!

Who's up for a KLT?

She was 21 when I left Galveston

How many Youtube threads does it take to get on your nerves?

Starry,starry night.

My six-year-old daughter just slipped me an adorable note

Youtube is the new devil.

I'm to me...

This is not a youtube thread

Beat this tuna.

There must be some kinda way outa here............

Layne Staley,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I got really drunk last night and had the hangover guilts.

I start working early voting tomorrow, no late nights for me for two weeks

I can't take much more of this college thing.

I once hid my lust for stardom

Run, don't walk! First use of the acronym 'GILF' in GD!!

A friends son ended it.

If anyone is willing... hugs please?

Unbelievable plane crash video

What's your current theme song?

$2 To The First Person Who Can Name This Artist.

Dear God. I am hemorrhaging BLOOD.

live and let live,,,why is that so hard to live by?

Fucking fuck, the scrollwheel on my mouse only goes up now.

Whaya want from the grocery store?

If your thread is just a youtube link, indicate that in the subject line

The total absence of African-Americans in "Flags of our Fathers"

Father 'misled' on Madonna adoption deal

Why did Janis Joplin have to die yet Brittney Spears


Those Chevy "This is our country" commercials bug the hell out of me

Final Update: I think I can call this "closure," or at least close enough:

My neighbor's a Republican.

A Halloween Wedding??

It's Sunday night, you got nothin' better to do...

Thank you for all of you kind words! Oneighty My father so much enjoyed DU

Who here has heard of deep fried dill pickles?

FINALLY, it's almost here, the Pill that stops your period altogether...

While I'm waiting to go to the airport AGAIN, pic post time!

US Bans Vegemite?!

Battlestar Galactica - Frak it, I'm posting spoilers, that was too good

New commentary looks at the Torah from a woman's point of view

Barnes & Noble has HIDDEN "Letter to an Xtian Nation"

Do you believe in original sin?

Experts question new DNA test for breast cancer risk

Israel suspends flu vaccinations after 4 die

Stem Cells May Help Treat Mental Illness

An Unwelcome Discovery (Scientific Fraud)

The woman who brings down *

GOTV Rally at S.C. State College Campus (video)

Hey Sen. McConnell: Still laughing over this one?

Is There Gonna Be A New Rule Set For GP & GDP For The Mid-Terms ???

How much we have regressed in six years

It's never been about your freedom to fart...

It's never been about your freedom to smoke...

Are there even any legal consequences for stealing elections?

Counter Poll: Who Are More Self Righteous: Anti-Smokers, Anti-Gun Owners,

Busholini deliberately merges "Terrorists" with Insurgency.

Bush to shift message to healthy economy

In unusual sentence, US man chooses Canada over jail

Run RW'ers, Run!

Doesn't it bother everyone that Bush is saying

Oooo, FERNANDEZ backpeddles on Shrub "arrogance" in Iraq

Canadian military won't be releasing specific numbers of wounded soldiers

Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers

What would Jesus sing?

Which of these people do you think sucks the most?

Did anyone watch Jack Cafferty's Broken Government on CNN?

Hey.... we've converted the Repubs!

Help! I Need polls that show that Iraqis think it is ok to kill troops

Bush to shift message to healthy economy (Get ready for the spin machine)

HAIG: NeoCon Strategy Was To Create Democracy With A Bayonet

How we treat our political enemies, says more about us, than it does them.

AP: Chavez claims victory of sorts at U.N.

Do you know people who last voted Repug, but this time will vote Dem?

"It's never been about your freedom to vote.

Myth/Fact: Five Key Myths in Bob Woodward's Book (from the whitehouse)

National Character Counts Week, 2006 (in the year of our lord)

HR 5122 - bush ain't got to tell congress jack if he don't want to?

"God and Politics" on Link TV, 10pmCT, Ch. 375/DirectTV. nt

Melanie Morgan: Nutcase

Ultimately a genuine leader is not of consensus but a molder of consensus.

New take on an oldie-but-goodie pic.

What would Jesus ride?

Andy Rooney: Bush needs to stand up and tell America he was wrong (video)

Must-See Video: The Iraq War in 8 Minutes

Melanie Morgan is such a peaceful, thoughful, gentle little soul

Attacks Kill 44 In Iraq As Ramadan Ends - AP

My letter to the editor re: Peak Oil, Climate Change and Debt crisis.

Jesus is here

Seriously. Does anybody believe in the 100 hours biz?

Why do some consider a radical, or even "hate", group?

Blair Gives Iraq 12 Months To Be Ready For Handover

Uh oh. Someone got the BFEE phone call.

Peter Werbe's begging for callers --- streaming

Prediction: In 500 years, people will think that

Nancy Pelosi: a GILF with brass ovaries

Scary Story - Night of the Living Democrats

Hey, you know what's awesome?

Talkin' Bout a Revolution

The Exodus: 1.6m Iraqis have fled their country since the war

Secondhand marijuana smoke

Harold Ford is kicking ass on CNN

Recalling Reagan in Berlin, Gorbachev Chides US for Building Wall

Does Matt PUDGE have any "in memoriam" thoughts?

Producer of religious movies funded by tax-free televangelist millions

Bush's Iraq comma

Terror Not Working? Bush* to shift message to healthy economy

"Does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave o'er the Land of the Free..."

LAT: Surfers, celebs protest massive floating gas terminal off Malibu

2,798 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

What's the plan for Iraq after Dems win?

This just in: President Bush's book reports!

HA HA bush unwittingly gives dems credit... :) (that's my take anyway)

Bush the idiot? (something happened across at YouTube)

Lion statues deemed too risqué for children's park in Glendale

My porch lights are on tonight

GOP look too happy (is something afoot?)

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about Nov. 7th and what we

Is it all about Bush for you?

I'll never forget Phil Gramm's grinning puss

Are election predictors ignoring a dozen more seats Dems may win?

Blue Island in a Red State - Ocracoke in NC...just got back from a week

Candidate proposes using textbooks as shields

GOP candidate linked to intimidating letter vows to stay in race (Nguyen)

Lieberman - "Independent Thinker" - This Modern World

What do you think is Bush's greatest weakness?

Several Iraqi battalions refused orders to go to Baghdad and went AWOL

After watching 60 Minutes, I have concluded that the GOP codeword

Talking Points Memo Is Tracking Polls For Us, Check It Out !!!

im now officially friendless

Is This Legal? Deputy Secretary Of Treasury & Lobbyists Real Estate Deal!

"Freedom is a muscle. If you don't use it, it atrophies." --Tim Robbins


Sign a Pledge to 'Bring the Troops Home.'

Post from oneighty's daughter in the Lounge

White House bracing for loss of Congress

I just LOVE Laura Flanders

PAUL KRUGMAN Tells Dems - "Don’t Make Nice"

Over-50s can cope with motherhood, says study

"Necessitous men are not free men."

My freeper brother in law says economy is great

University in Egypt embroiled in battle of the veil

Sixteen Candles for Soldiers Photos

Let me tell you that even though I don't know you...

I'd rather die behind the chemical shed...

Why the DEM-led Congress must restore the Fairness Doctrine Illustrated...

Why this month's casualties in Iraq are even worse than you think

Is It Vietnam Yet? By Cindy Sheehan and Gold Star Families For Peace

Wisc 8th Open seat- PAC money listings

California deadline for requesting Absentee Ballot: OCTOBER 31.

White House bracing for loss of Congress

Israel admits it used phosphorus weapons

Democrats Leading Many Pivotal Races

The Republican are full of shit - yet another reason why

Bush predicts republican pickups and wins in midterm election

Over 500 million stolen from Iraqi Government to fight insurgents

1 Issue Enough To Oust DeWine


NYT: Noah Feldman arguing midterms won't change much???

ABC Chicago news break said Obama is Running in 2008

Retrack Obama told Chicago ABC 7 NEWS he is thinking about it

I ran across an EXCELLENT site for elections/ballots

Political Backlash Builds Over High-Stakes Testing

ENOUGH about Obama (and other 2008 candidates) - focus on 2006

bushco has already lost the Iraq war. all that's left is the unnecessary

WP,pg1: Women's vote could tip race between 2 macho men in Virginia

2006 democratic House majority needs to ignore party agenda,...


what is the president smoking?

Michael J Fox ad a hit on YouTube

LMFAO: "Bush to shift campaign trail message from Iraq to healthy economy"

Were You Watching? I Think We Just Saw The October Surprise

ALL UNITS Check in....prepare "Plan B".... to meet in DC on Nov 11th

Hey Sen McConnell, still laughing about this one from June?

I saw a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker today

Is it Vietnam Yet? by Cindy Sheehan

MUST-READ HuffPo post on the new Michael J. Fox ad. Seriously, read this.

DU in its own state of denial

Fighting the good fight & I still got plenty for the Flying Monkey right

Diplomat apoligizes for 'stupidity' remark. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Two Republican senators call for direct talks with North Korea

HUGE! Bush Guts Posse Comitatus, Grabs National Guard!

Diebold Election Systems Inc. voting machines source code leaked again

Will the Greens sink Webb's campaign?

GOP dumping at least 200 thousand in they don't do that often.

Heath Shuler is running for Congress and is a democrat

No solution in sight for U.S. gun violence-It's an American way of death.

BBC admits: We are biased on religion and politics

Arrogance and Stupidity in Iraq

"The land of race-car ya-yas"

Officer struck by Bush's cousin dies (AP)

Sam Ervin on Watergate, a quote also applicable to bush

Sir Menzies Campbell: New strategy must come through UN

Global Solidarity vs. Homophobia: Interview with Doug Ireland

Friendly fire drowns out Bush's election message

"Use It Or Lose It: Full Frontal Assault" - step 2 from Bowers/

Bush's family profits from 'No Child' Act

The Lamont Litmus Test: Why Are So Many Democrats Failing It?

BRASCH: Sex, Lies and Family Values

"The Cleansing Effects of Investigations" - Glenn Greenwald

SEESHOLTZ: When Prostitution is Called 'A Marriage of Convenience'

"Blackwell & Hannity demonstrate the GOP's commitment to privacy" - GG

Fly on the wall: inside Baghdad ER

Six Flags Over Neo-Nuremberg (Rockstroh, Counterbias)

Republicans try scare tactic by Tim Harper... The Toronto Star

Bush nullification - FEMA 'signing statement' another outrage

A Nadir of U.S. Power


NK: Kim tested by rise of armed resistance

BBC: Hungary remembers 1956 uprising

LAT: Into the abyss of Baghdad (Reporter Returns a Year Later)

Corrode Your Conformity (Jason Miller)

Joe Lieberman's Slush Fund Problem --Matt Stoler, Huffingtonpost

NYT: Guardedly, Democrats Are Daring to Believe

Axis of Oil' Bush-Cheney-Exxon axis of oil,

Gulf Arab states are giving up on America

Flat-planels rule, old boob tube all but dead (AP/CNN)

Interesting info on 1-butanol, alternative to gasoline/ethanol

Treated sewage to restore New Orleans swamps (AFP)

WMO - UV-B Levels In Mumbai, Other Indian Cities Comparable To Antarctica

Climate change forces farming innovation

Rick Santorum Scores 100% On US Chamber's Environmental Scorecard

New EPA Study - No Mercury Falls On VT - Researchers Show Otherwise

1 In 20 Australian Farms Beyond Financial, Government Help

Global Forests Disappearing For A Pittance - World Bank Study - AFP

Newspaper Ad Campaign Assails Australia's Non-Policy On Climate

Pollution turns part of China's Yellow River red

McGavick Now Says His Superfund Lobby Job Was Really For The Environment

EU Emissions Trading Approching "Pointless", Given Bloated Emission Caps - ...

Europe's Largest Thermal/Solar Plant Will Go On Line (11 MW) - AFP

UK CO2 Emissions At Highest Levels Since 1997 - Independent

Seeking life in the desert, on the desert’s terms (oldie but goodie)

Haaretz: Poll: 81% of U.S. Jews believe Arabs want to destroy Israel

Kadima, Yisrael Beiteinu formally sign coalition deal

Rightists protest evacuation orders near home of GOC Central Command

Poll: 81% of U.S. Jews believe Arabs want to destroy Israel

Gore Vidal on Alex Jones show; Re: 9/11

I am amazed this topic is still not allowed in GD

Is something still a conspiracy theory when structural experts from MIT,

Will Jack Abramoff spill the beans on HAVA and stolen elections?

CALL NOW! Project Post - Cuyahoga County

Great Column in Denver Post re: bad voting machines in CO

If you haven't seen this video yet - Lou Dobbs 10/19, you must check it out!

Chicago Online Voter Registration Database Vulnerable to Hackers!

Losing Elections' Paper Trail: Crisis Waiting To Happen

WP: Pat Tillman's Brother Blasts Iraq War, Bush

AFP: Four US troops slain in Baghdad (#2790)

BBC: UN warns of Afghan food shortage

Panamanians back canal expansion

BBC: Enron's boss due to be sentenced

BBC: Israel admits phosphorus bombing (in lebanon)

Haaretz: Poll: 81% of U.S. Jews believe Arabs want to destroy Israel

US troops (5 more on SUN.) slain as Iraq marks end to bloody Ramadan

AP Bush to address economy over next 2 days (as our troops die)

Father 'misled' on Madonna adoption deal

Paraguay in a spin about Bush's alleged 100,000 acre hideaway

Halliburton’s 3Q earnings hit $611M, helped by energy services

BBC: Hungary remembers 1956 uprising

Blair gives Iraq 12 months to be ready for handover

Florida pivotal to national balance

(5) US troops slain as Iraq marks end to bloody Ramadan

U.S. forces break into Shiite militia offices south Iraq

Taliban leader warns of fierce fighting to come (Reuters)

Gitmo interrogations spark battle over tactics

MNF-W Marine killed in Al Anbar Province (#2800)

Top aide sits before page ethics panel

Iceland Breaks Ban on Commercial Whaling (kills first endangered fin)

Seymour Hersh called to say that He is looking/Ammo Dump

Outside money, mostly for GOP, floods Georgia congressional races

Police in Hungary battle protesters on anniversary of uprising

'Taliban plans to attack Europe'

Gore Vidal

Carbon trade 'to save' rainforest

Reuters: EXCLUSIVE-Iran expands nuclear centrifuge programme-diplomats

Venezuelan detained near U.S. embassy

U.S. says has set no deadlines for Iraq--"milestones" to gauge progress

Man killed by beer keg explosion

French police face ‘permanent intifada‘

Diebold Source Code Leaked, again!

NYT: Researchers See Privacy Pitfalls in No-Swipe Credit Cards

15 Police Recruits Killed in Iraq; U.S. Death Toll for October Hits 86

For those interested re: Skilling

Roles of gay staffers raise suspicions in Foley scandal

Attacks Kill 44 In Iraq As Ramadan Ends

Government Defends 1998 Anti-Porn Law

Iraqi officials 'stole millions'

GI listed as missing in Baghdad

Don't panic, Iraq tells U.S. and UK

Pig's head left at mosque site

'Simpsons' Halloween 'Horror' Could Hit GOP

Opponent Denies Calling Clinton Ugly

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 23

Hagel (R-Ne) says Ricketts win vital to GOP hold on Congress

Shiite against Shiite fighting a new US problem

Harris' chance to change minds

Net Neutrality' Would Be Democrats' Pet( grr hate the headline)

Turmoil in Hastert's Office as Key Staff Prepare to Testify

LAT: Senator Clinton Says Rival in 'Swampy Territory'

Romney's Friend Takes Responsibility for Report on LDS Meeting

MoD bans TV news access to warzones

Explosion at Pa. Coal Mine Kills 1

Bartlett: White House flexible on Iraq (comedic relief thread)

2 protesters climb ledge at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin)

Poll says Davis has caught up with Crist (FL)

TSA: Fines lurk for fliers ("money goes to U.S. Treasury General Fund")

Pro-Taleban militants in tax move

Republicans accuse (Dem challenger Chris) Carney of helping to start Iraq war

(CNN) Poll: Most Americans say no one winning in Iraq

BREAKING: Jeff Skilling Gets 24+ Years In Enron Sentence! (MSNBC)

U.S. forces caught in crossfire on streets of 'capital of death'

Kerry Slams Bush for Iraq 'Lies'

Breaking: - U.S. Soldier Missing In Baghdad - U.S. Military

Ford posts loss of $5.8 billion

Active-Duty Troops Launch Campaign to Press Congress to End U.S. Occupati

Opponent denies calling Clinton ugly

Shiite Militia Re-Emerges in South Iraq

Gonzales praises new U.S. military law (prisoners now have more rights)

Mihos pledges lay off up to 8,000 state workers (MA Gov candidate)

Iraq orders its forces to confront armed groups

Lamont files FEC complaint against Lieberman

WP: Independents Favor Democrats Over Republicans

Four Beaten in Manchester Mosque Attack

Iran: Ahmadinejad Calls For Demographic Revolution

Bush buries 'stay the course' slogan for Iraq

GOP senator says Iraq is near chaos (L. Graham)

Reuters: Upset U.S. dad pulls gun on son's football coach

YouTube built my hot rod...

Photoshop question

Anyone still awake.....

Signing off for now - I leave in 12 hours for my Grand Tour

Harrison Ford is 64...

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

So how do you East Coasters get up this early???

My home pc crashed last week.

Slippery fingers at the keyboard

OK...Dead Tired at the Philly Airport...

My thread is just a youtube link, as indicated in this subject line


The Magazine America Needs

Oww... turns out I'm not 18 anymore

I just have to say this...

Jagermeister Kills Man, Blinds Woman

I Love The Smell of Pine Tar In the Morning

Woohoo!!! My first YouTube video

Search engine question: I have two laptops at home. When I try

It's a dreary Monday morning...

Confession: I Was a Reluctant Debutante

Earworm anyone?

back from Holland

World War II Bomb Explodes on German Motorway

Hungover from my birthday party

Mark Foley for sale

Just in time for Halloween.

Got back from the Renaissance Fair tonight!

Some folks take this halloween business too far! LOL!

Found this in the FedBiz Ops mailings

How do you feel about college football games nearly every night?

So I finally watched the Project Runway finale - Uli was screwed!!

Lyrics in the middle of the night

Fried coke, fried PBJ&B, fried Twinkies, and Snuffer's Cheddar Fries

The last somewhat intact piece of my world just crapped out.

The Dixie Highway

Oh no!! OH NO!!!! It is comming!!!!!


Heads up NYers... and NY lovers: (link)

First...we had the dog-screwer. Now...there's a necrophiliac dog-screwer!

No one liked my kitty porn

Does This Bother You Too?

Have you seen this skittles commercial?

Why the FUCK did they have to invent Viagra!!!

who's up? it's monday #$%^*^ arrrrrrrrgh!!!!

Do you pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?

What does William Shatner and Michael Myers have in common?

Jane Wyatt, mother on "Father Knows Best" dies at 96

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb

Sirius 2-day free trial online- Uncensored, Commercial free music

If they manage to stop Madonna from adopting the kid

What's with all the pink ribbons?

My quickie-lunch-break random questions:

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty-four?

Ever participate in the Race for the Cure? (Komen, breast cancer)

I'm all signed up for Turkey classes!

Post a favorite quote or six.

Women are like apples

Happy Birthday to "Weird Al" Yankovic!!

I'm baaaaaack

"Friday Night Lights" has taken over

Gah! TWO Spiders were crawling around my entry way!!!

How Many MEN does it take to change a lightbulb?

Internet Connection Problems


This HAS to be the scariest picture I've ever seen on DU Homepage

It's Official: I will be a NVC Director on Election Day

2008 Presidential Nominees

How many freepers does it take to change a light bulb

2008 Presidential Monkees

FAUGH! Whut stynks? (nt)

car karma

Chickenhawk costume ideas?

Fucking dumb! And this guy calls himself a progressive?

Jane Wyatt from "Father Knows Best" dies at 96.

Goddamned Lounge

How did matcom miss this little gem?


how can you find someone's cell phone number?

Should the Ford CEO resign?

I'm more feline than LionessPriyanka

Okay, lounge. Try and keep it down in here. I'm going to take a nap.

What did RevAct's legs do today?

An embarrassing cardinals fan

The new Lounge juke box is here.

Modernism V. Postmodernism

Got more info on my friend's suicide today

The old Dino-bird is back!

I heard the Rs are planning to

World Series

I got nuthin'

HELP...model boat question

Did Haruka get eaten by the tarantula?

Pet owners - watch out for an insidious disease - thrombocytopenia.

45% of Americans are Stupid F*cks

Questions about flat screen tvs

"I was babysitting my daughter all weekend"

How to use the internet without a mouse?


I've been here five years this week

Hey Single Lonely Guys!!! Try Dance Lessons!!!

If you like colouring books and heavy metal bands that don't exist...

Boy, oh boy

EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! A TARANTULA just went behind my Warhol print.

Man killed by beer keg explosion

"Hulk Hogan Helped End The Cold War"

Can anybody tell my why Nicolette Larson had liver failure?

Call to action!! My good friend and many like her need help! She is handicapped

I am Butcher than Haruka...Ask Me Anything

I think my son should model for the Gap or Banana Republic

Anybody want some smilies? *dail up warning*

What I did Sunday (dial-up warning)


Haruka is the biggest WUSS of all time


Anybody see The Prestige?

199 pounds this morning!

2008 Presidential Nobodies

Happy birthday tafiti & Generic Brad!!

For the first time i feel really ashamed that my thread got locked

You might want to think about getting out of the Lounge...

Uh oh. Just when you thought smoking threads went by the wayside...


I so HATE my HOA & my fellow residents right now

Tao Stories: Obsessed

Referendum: shall we impeach the smoking threads?

R.I.P. Runaways' drummer Sandy West


Body image: How's yours?

In honor of Halloween, post a picture of something creepy

Some moving advice

Kid birthday parties: the difference between Girls and Boys

I talk like George Bush.

Question time!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 10/23/06)

Rant on Washington Post company policy on digital TV signals

Tallulah Bankhead

The Smoking Smilie Has to Go!

Even Steve Irwin was freaked out by spiders.

It's the Mark Foley action figure!

Which writer do you think is best with narrative pull?

DU weekend mechanics check in here!

Heartless site is pure fucking genius!

Offensive Statements

Connecticut Episcopal Bishop Will Bless Gay Unions

If all theological writing were by anonymous authors, would any have value?

the role that religion should/should not have in government

Study: Vegetables May Keep Brains Young

In prehistoric times, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and

Oh this some sort of gay ass you know what reference,

Speculation on Gay Marriage Ruling Swirls in New Jersey

Update: Minneapolis Bus company takes back stand on gay ads

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Endangers Us All

Barcelona fans - I give you highlights of the lion of

When you read this story about the new NBA balls, are you cynical?

Wanta baseball lesson? ... Try Kenny Rogers' last three starts

Ladies and Gentlemen, Earl Weaver and the funniest interiew ever

The Stars This Week - Oct. 23 - Oct. 29, 2006

GNN Users Interview Iraq War Combat Veteran: Part I

I hope Kerry's throwing some bucks to Clint Curtis race in Florida.

OT: Huge!

I love 2008 polls! There can never be enough 2008 polls!!!

John Kerry this poll.

Iraqi bloggers verifies what Kerry has been saying all along

Have at it!

On Iraq, another

Rassmann, John & B.D.

Good post at Huffington, referencing John Kerry's words in 1971.

Kerry stands for small biz, against lobbyists: SBIR eligibility expansion

We've received permission from SKINNER to post our contest in GD

Need help with Bush Appointees

1.6 million Iraqis have fled their country

We all need to remain active in the next couple of weeks!

How Do We Get Our Troops Out Of Iraq? First, ....

Cheney: Iraq war going "remarkably well"!

Wonder why Lieberworm is up in the polls, this may explain it

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 23 Oct 06 Not Approved

Can You Vote?

I think we should sell the White House.. It's "ours", isn't it?

More than half-billion dollars in Iraq aid stolen: report

Which would be more satisfying?

How can a Gawdly repub be sure he's voting straight repub now?

Bush at his best

My repub Bro can't even discuss Iraq now, his daughter is going there.

Yet more Dem candidates are running the Lie/Die ads, donate here

60 Minutes on Darfur: US & Sudan trade Osama intel, genocide continues

Google donates to repukes

Hysterical repubs about to blow a gasket.

HALLIBURTON profits up ****25%****

SOS to spiritual grownups

Time for some good old fashioned gerrymandering

Skilling sentenced today (Enron)

30% of Iraq rebuild money extorted by al-Qaeda?

Schroeder: Bush's religious talk worried him

More war crimes

Caption this * photo

Government Defends 1998 Anti-Porn Law:, ACLU suing

Need some help on research


Y Turks (AAR): Now is not the time for Obama-we need a fighter!

No truth-telling allowed.

Dubya's legacy, "*,X" needs a symbol for "lies"

PNACer Robert Kagan up on WJ CSPAN now.

Iraq Violence Leaves Six Soldiers, Four Marines Dead

How about we take away the war toys from the leaders of the world

How you know if someone's going to tell you complete crap

NEVER ABOUT STAY THE COURSE -- here come da spin

Into the abyss of Baghdad

WP: Political backlash builds over high-stakes testing

Pedophile Nation . . . by Ben Stein . . . (yup, that Ben Stein) . . .

GOP wingnut in Ariz. endorses reinstatement of "Operation Wetback"

dupe; please delete

Dear DUers. Antiwar candidate Herb Paine could use your help.


Why is Daschle everywhere now?

Hey bush twins, LOOK at Prince Harry & hang your heads in shame.

If you're going to diss someones looks, ya better look like Brad Pitt!

cspan caller: 'you never see repubs complain about voting machines'

Where are our bunkers?

CUT OFF THE FUNDING! A Plea to the Congress

Dupe. Pls. delete. nt

How Foley Skirted Rules To Pursue Relationships

Panamanians back canal expansion

Bush:"I hear disparate voices all over the place from the Democrats' side"

Pelosi does not want to be president.

Teenage girl murdered by brother in Turkish “honour killing”

Diane Farrell destroyed Chris Shays

If we do and I am hoping we will, survive the bush* misadministration,

LAMONT To File FORMAL FEC COMPLAINT Re: Lieberman's Slush Fund

"That bitch last night!" Repub coworkers in a tizzy

MO Republicans harass & attack Iraq vet with PTSD

Feingold on Steph NOW

Granny Bee – What Democracy?

RNC Running Ad In Tennessee Against Ford; Even Corker Calls It "Tacky"

Pundits Novak, Cook, Harwood, Broder Predict Democrats Will Regain House

West Point opens Islamic worship space. Freepers are pissed! The horror..

"Chatty Rat" Abramoff gets own desk at FBI!

Iraq imposes curfew in tense Shi'ite town

Some folks take this halloween business too far! LOL!

For Chris'sake stop celebrating. The election is 2 weeks away.

Bush is trying to lie his way out of the war, just as he lied his way in

These clowns want a country who has preemptively attacked us to have nukes

LIEberman Front Page News on NewsMax: "Soars With GOP Support"

How will impeachment affect the Democrats chances in '08?

Japan to aid Iraq oil output - Very helpful them Japanese

My last one is out of Iraq

U.S. teacher exiled to Canada after sexual abuse conviction

"When you have a Party of Lemons...."

60 Minutes last night: Bush is playing footsie with the Sudanese governmen

Norah: Deer Rescue...Madonna Baby...

My prediction for GD for the next two weeks:

BBC: Israel Admits using Phosphorus Bombs.........

Would you like to see President Bush impeached?

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

10/23/06 Stephanie Miller + Russ Feingold = Mama goes slut

war monger Robert Kagan talks trash on Wash. Journal

New ARG poll on CT Senate race

This video by Bill Maher is a CLASSIC!!!!

UK DU'ers I just read an article (British adults 'fear youngsters')

Rep. Alexander’s Office Sued for Harassment

We need Bush to serve out his term of office.

Neil Bush's firm scams america's schools

Rawstory: Barron's editor predicts GOP will retain Congress

Israel admits phosphorus bombing

If we win & pound on w for 2 yrs. we'll pay a price at the polls?

Rice sees North Korean penalties as easing way for UN sanctions against

TWO WEEKS TO GO: how long has it been since you last visited...

First...we had the dog-screwer. Now...there's a necrophiliac dog-screwer!

OMG! White house sets an IRAQ TIMETABLE!

Who benefits most from these 2008 prognostications?

Active troops ask congress to end Iraq occupation

Does The White House Publish the pres schedule....

New NBY 'Toon Today - The Final Heat

Deaths Halt Flu Vaccinations in Israel

Gore Vidal will be on the radio this morning

WP; A Set of Borders to Cross

booooo fricking hoooooo--skilling sentenced today

Is something still a conspiracy theory when structural experts from MIT,

Don't send Jeffrey Skilling to jail.

VIDEO: Hatch / Ashdown debate >>>

Senior State Dept. Official Says He "Misspoke" on U.S. Arrogance in Iraq

"Iraq was better than expected"- Halliburton's 3Q Income Rises 22%

Economy what's the truth?

Cheney Still Lying About Link Between Iraq And Al Qaeda

Broder Fact Checks Blunt's Desperate Hyperbole

Did Ken Mehlman Suggest U.S.-Led Coalition Cut And Run From Afghanistan?

Dutch army should take prostitutes abroad - mayor

RNC To Continue Running Ad DeWine Knows Makes False Claim About Brown

"Al-gebra is a problem for us," Gonzales said.

Lawsuit Intends to Force Bush Administration to Recognize Constitution

Election ad IDEA for

so-has anyone taken ABC to task Re:Stephanopoulis' interview ?

Cheney: the terrorists want to involve themselves in our electoral process

Terrorists involved in US voting process.

Big Brother Doesn’t Practice Fraternal Love

(VIDEO) Liebertrolls try to ruin Lamont commercial shoot

caption this * and Gonzo pic...

remember bush and cheney testifying, but not under oath?

One Thing is For Sure: bush's Iraq 'Democracy' is a FAILURE!!

Criminal, Corrupt, Crazy, Cold-hearted, Carnivorious, Craven...

Bushbots quaking in their boots about W being impeached

Gore Vidal will be on the radio today

George Lakoff on Thom Hartmann (coming up)

Caption the Debaters...

Do you like the LIE/DIE ad?

Top US general says Rumsfeld is inspired by God

Behind closed doors are Repubs saying "At least we've got our electronic voting

Is Press Taking Possible Voting Problems Seriously? (E&P: no)

Definitions of terrorism, are the Republicans guilty of it?

Stephen KinG Endorses MoveOn.OrG and Democrats!

Toddler, 2, dies from injuries inflicted by cop (mom's boyfriend)

We need a "scandal forum" to help us keep track of all the Republican scandals which

Do you think when the Dems win the majority in Nov, the Pubs

Regarding the pitiful showing(s) of Katherine Harris & Ken Blackwell

Mutated gene raises autism risk, study finds

The Big Muddy

Columnists/Essays You Respect, Either Side, for Students

Lieberman using a slush fund to fund his campaign? Lamont says yes

Heads up, Doonesbury fans

The expectation of U.S. troop withdrawal must be the linchpin of any plan,

Hilary's GOP challanger calls her 'Ugly' "I don't know why Bill married her...

I saw a huge ammo dump explosion nearly 40 years ago

Has anyone here heard any new info on the Ammo Dump disaster at

WP gossip column: Napa Nuptials for Ted Olson and His Lady

Hannity will be on CBS' "freespeech" tonight

Paraguay in a spin about Bush's alleged 100,000 acre hideaway

86 U.S. deaths in Iraq, worst month since November 2004

The US Hires Mercenaries to Guard "High Profile American Generals"?

Kansas GOP congressman Jim Ryun caught lying about Mark Foley

Antonin Scalia holds you and me in contempt

we have a new enemy in Iraq

Texans: Early voting begins TODAY

Caption this photo...errrummmmmphhh

Two weeks to go, is it going to drag or fly

Systematic fraud in US elections - Part 5

...the Iraqi army, camped on the edge of Amarah, was doing nothing...

Like being dictated to by Iraqi officials calling us panicked, defeatists?

John Spencer's wife is an ugly slag. PHOTO

"I am facing foreclosure..."

John Spencer looks like the Crypt Keeper

Two weeks to go! Has Big Dawg Clinton made any plans to stump w/ Lamont?

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister: "There is no option of cutting and running"

Hillary Clinton's GOP challenger calls her - get this - UGLY

Chris Bell (D): "Weak on Security, Will Raise Taxes; Too Liberal for TX"

two bush voting o'lielly watching ladies in my office voting for a Dem

City of Portland: document on life in Portland under TABOR (x-post from Maine)

one more thing you never have to worry about if you drive in a legal manner

No Hanity! It's the Republicans whose votes don't count!

Which branch of government is above the law?

How Many Here Feel Ted Kennedy is a DLC type Democrat?

Intereresting Kerry story about BD and Doonesbury

Correct me if I'm wrong: 'Insurgents' are

George Allen - Now a Lifetime Member NAACP - Please Caption

Anyone have a link John Laesch is on Air America right now

Tonight, the final CT Senate debate, plus Cruella is allowed out in public

Local GOP pundit "The GOP needs to change. Sayin that the Dems are worse won't work"

I want to see bush BEG for mercy from Speaker Pelosi.

NewsMax: "Lieberman Soars With GOP Support"

Port Authority in NY is completely shut down due to bomb scare

Racist GOPU Puts Comely Blondes In Anti-Ford Ads

Skilling sentenced to 24 years

Tony Blankley - intergalactic crime boss? (proof inside!)

Shelley Sekula Gibbs was singing!

WH Communications Director: More Aid Key to Iraq solution

2008 Presidential Straw Poll (with Gore)

Ford posts loss of $5.8 billion? Gee... I Wonder Why?

Israel must open up nuke program to IAEA inspection, says UAE

Has anyone in mainstream media called Bush on "We never said stay the.."

Christmas will be cancelled at 1am November 8, 2006

WaPo: "How Foley Skirted Rules to Pursue Relationships"

Bush admits it's all about who controls the Oil

Does anyone know where I can find TV ratings?

So, where IS that Presidential signing statement for the Torture Bill?

Love y'all - But concentrating on issues/races going on NOW is imperative

Presidential Poll (with David Duke)

Time for a new three word slogan for Iraq.

Shut the f---- k up ed henry...

Electronic voting can work!

Bush Admits There Is No Evidence Iraqi Insurgents trying to Influence

I know scary - Stephen King:

The totally insane justifications for continuing the war.

DEATH OF A PRESIDENT - UK DVD Release 30 October

Official (?) Randi Thread - Check in Goddess Lovers!

2008 poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111one

Finally, "the Troops" are getting tired of the Bullsh*t...

don't make "martial law" into "marshall law"

How many days of vacation has * taken?

Just saw the Bin Laden scare/fear clip for upcoming election and

New CNN Polls Show Ever More Bad news For Rethugs!

neocons are always defining democrats poorly

Oh, This is Hilarious....(Gamblin' Man Bill Bennett Bloviates and a surpris...

Just as we predicted, they find Osama in late Oct...he's in their ADS

Is Bush really buying land in South America?

NJ-Sen: Another excellent Menendez advertisement.

Even non-Americans know the truth about FauxNews

Ever Notice?

Jim Davis gaining on Charlie Crist! Help turn Florida Blue!!

Barack Obama, Please Hold Your Ambitions Until After Nov. 8

republican party is collapsing. GET OVER IT punks.

Ignacio Upton for Unitary Executive in '08!

What are the odds of a completely new Osama tape this week?

For those interested re: Skilling

*US Tax Dollars* ... Iraqi officials 'stole millions'

New Chris Smither CD is great . ( link )

600,000+ Dead Iraqis and this CNN general says we need to get tough

most emailed story on Yahoo

Gotcha! ABC's online impeachment poll is a disguised push poll.

Did a nuke go off in Iraq?

The Nuts and Bolts of Impeachment

Want a free ticket to see GW in Fort Bend Country, TX October 30?

It's time to start paying attention to undecideds.

Clinton-obsessed freeps at my local library and their stupid email addresses

Yes, we're nervous

I know scary - A special Halloween request from author Stephen King:

Does Democratic Underground need a name change?

Obama top story on tweety

Democrat neck and neck with Republican in Florida Gov race (new poll)

barbara bush, katherine harris, and dennis hastert (graphic)

Official RNC Poll: Republicans Fear-IMPEACHMENT-More Than Terror!

With Halloween around the corner, I wonder.......

Don't Laugh at Me

If you're lucky enough to make it to heaven,say hi to Jeffrey Dahmer for me

Snow: "what you have is not 'stay the course,' but, in fact, a study in constant motion"

Have you noticed this line spoken by members of both party's.....

Stephen King: End the Nightmare this weekend

We think we just voted here in Florida by "early voting"

The Repugnicans have nothing left.

If bush held open town meetings and you...

Need some help outing a "family values" Repuke candidate

FOR 1st TIME: Active Duty Troops Launch Campaign To END Occupation Of Iraq

GOPU Senator Says Iraq On Brink Of Chaos

The upside of America's instant gratification culture

Bill Bennet: "Survey after survey of powerhouse a clear liberal"

24 YEARS ---pix--->>>

Riots mar Hungary 1956 uprising commemoration

tweety: "did pelosi look scary on tv last night? like a lefty?"

Why Republicans Are So Disproportionately Involved in Bribery Scandals

MSNBC to cover Election 2006 from 9am throughout the day and night on Tuesday.

A Toe-Sucker's Guide To GOP Victory In November

Help with a Bushbot and the estate tax.

Where would you find more support for outlawing cigarettes?

Why are repubs listed first on every race on my Florida sample ballot?

The right to get an abortion...

I'm a democrat...

Should the Ford CEO resign?


Skilling sentenced to 24 years in prison

Gore Vidal

Man admits firebombing mosque

Referendum: shall we impeach the smoking threads?

Bad news for the British Poodle

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - MONDAY 10/23.... the [redacted]

anti-tobacco people: If I promise to never seek or accept medical treatment

For once, a positive story on the frontpage of The Independent

Mark Foley pantless action figure for sale on eBay

There's A Soldier Missing In Baghdad.

Are Insurgent Snipers Terrorists?

Going to build a high-tech fence on the Canadian border when we can find it

Iraq's Allawi Says $1.2 Billion in Army Funds Stolen and Wasted

So did anyone else see Sleazy H ( Sean hannity) on repuke free speech?

Which party do you think will control the House after the election?

How fun,..The Pocket O'Reilly

You'll love these, from the DU ad headers: Bush quote/ring tones!

Bush's references to his faith made German chancellor leery

Smirky goes to Nam. Seriously. Next month.

Stop the Republican War on Halloween

Why does everyone include Kucinich in their '08 polls?

Climate Extremes are coming

Children 'need sex education from age of 10'

Pelosi: NO IMPEACHMENT!! "Completely of the table....." (Video)

I Am FED UP With Illegal Immigrants!

If the Democrats gain congress, was teh election stolen?

To those with intellect: what would happen if Bush Dieold's the election?

Another Special Comment Tonight On Countdown

Is America ready for a black or female president?

H.A.V.A. needs new intials

Why I Sometimes Cheer on "Foreigners" over "Americans"

Complete animated evolution of humans: video

I tell you, our President is so tech savvy...

My 16yr old Teen just called me! AL GORE is at her HS in Berkeley RIGHT N...

Charlie C(h)rist 46% Jim Davis 44% For FL Governor

The real fear RE; the missing US soldier


How come Iraq & Afghanistan spending haven't hurt the economy like Vietnam did?

Sen. Graham says Iraq is near chaos---near?

What would GOP do if they had a Lieberman situation?

Which party do you think will control the Senate after the election?

Are Sweden's King and Queen trying to avoid shaking *'s hand? - pic


Schwarzenegger-bashing bumper stickers & more

Because it bears repeating : DU sentiment about impeachment

TONIGHT - Olbermann To Accuse Bush Of Terrorism/Scare Tactics

So now Bush and the GOP are the party of change

I'm curious, how do you vote? (method)

Is Obama your certain choice to vote for in the primaries for 08?


CNN should get someone else next time to deliver grim news....

Sailor Kills Marine After Lie About Rape

Murtha: "And they call ME unpatriotic!"

Soldier called back to duty on day before retirement

Schlesinger is pissed with the GOP and vows to fight

Arrogance and Stupidity in Iraq

Limbaugh says Michael J. Fox ad is worse than Spencer calling Hillary ugly.

Shadow's taxicab reports: The Institution of War

bush uses google to look at his ranch

NYT/AP: Pat Tillman's Brother Calls War Illegal

Latest GOP meme: "San Francisco values"

Do you know about 'Good Search'?

Vote No on California Prop. 90 -- an Costly Reich-Wing Scam!

Talk about the Pelosi affect

Proposal for a DU Obama group is posted in GDPolitics. If interested...

If you've never checked out Americablog, now's the time

Why all of the reports about the stealing of votes now?

We Are About To Hear A Lot About The "I" Word-"US v George W. Bush et al"

Michael J. fox does go off his medicine.

Israel admits using phosphorus bombs during war in Lebanon..

Pelosi & Impeachment - did everybody miss the memo...

From Eric Alterman element: Bushcronium

Poll question: 2008 Presidential Straw Poll (w/ Gore)

Creepy Cheney photo to caption

On July 4, 1776 American leaders traded their safety for the promise of mor...

Are there any 'Second Life' users here at DU???

Ammo Dump Explosion Camp Falcon - I spoke to the wife of Halliburton worker

Bush is way too confident of republicans retaining control.....

Call to action!! My good friend and many like her need help! She is handicapped

'Simpsons' Halloween 'Horror' Could Hit GOP

Impeachment Is Not For Punishment, Its to Protect The Nation


LMAO! Candidate in Alabama tries to give Katherine Harris a run for her mon...

REPORT: Bush Officials Were ‘Rooting’ For N Korea to Test Nuclear Weapon

Beyond Riverbend. Iraqi bloggers answer questions about the war.

Talladega soldier was eyeing retirement, politics


George W. Bush - Tells Father To STFU About November Elections

Shadow’s taxicab reports-Ice mortars, IED’s and dreams of guerrillas.

Do You Think Nancy Pelosi Is Correct About Opposing Impeachment For Bu$h

Bush Crime Family now owns land in Paraguay. Isn't that where the Nazis

LOL! Another classic Mr. Fish toon

Jim McTague on Fox news

Fox News Warns Viewers Of Upcoming Socialist Revolution

Minimum wage should be tied to Congressional pay raises

Al Gore in Berkeley today - pics

'7 Days @ Minimum Wage' - hosted by Roseanne Barr

"Stay The Course" Short Youtube Video Demonstrating Bush's Lie

Bush average poll ratings approach all time low

Nine people who have been right about almost everything in Iraq

Gore/Obama....08 just a thought with all this

OMG!! Tony Snow is SUCH A LIAR regarding * and stay the course!!!!

How To Stop Voting Machines (for reals)

2008 Presidential Straw Poll

Sooooo, if Pelosi is so " scary "

Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility

Caption Condi...

Why Are Church Marriages Legal, and Gay Marriages Not?

Hastert took Heroin bribes - Sibel Edmonds, Daniel Ellsberg

Are we fighting for arranged marriages between 50 YO men and 13 YO girls?

Why I love the British Press

GOPU Plays Race Card In Tennessee Race-Breaking

Check out this IM I just had with a FRIEND!!!! (re: Texas gubernatorial)

Environmental tobacco smoke

45% of Americans Support Making Cigarettes Illegal

Here's a letter of desperation from Satorum Ireceived this AM.


Update on Hoekstra/Forest Paris meeting: they're stovepiping MEK propaganda!

Damn You Obama

new poll indicates that Hillary bests McCain 51-44 nationally

Denver post column on defective voting machines

Is all this talk about a "change" in Iraq policy the October Surprise?

Paraguay in a spin about Bush's alleged 100,000 acre hideaway

(Human embryonic) stem cells might cause brain tumors, PER THE FREEPERS

Breaking News: Active duty troops demand

If the gop retains congress, was the election stolen?

66% of Americans think the election will be stolen!

Specter: 'We Have To Face The Fact' That Iraq Is A Civil War

WHAT??!!! MORE DUers say "shouldn't impeach" than the Newsweek Poll?!!

"Appeal for redress" web site- RE: soldiers addressing Congress for Iraq withdrawal!

Upset U.S. dad pulls gun on son's football coach

Vote Strategically this November

Want to see the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Bush's body language is stunning in this video.

Iraqi, arrested by US, relates an amazing dialogue with one Marine

Larisa Alexandrovna: A Treasonous BUSH Signals END Of American Democracy

Seymour Hersh called to say that He is looking/Ammo Dump

"Stay The Course" video: It's perfect!

"Democrats for Lieberman=Democrats for Nixon"

Wana Dubie -- he's serious, and he's fed up

The Ron Klein running against Clay Shaw in FLA is an old buddy

SIX troops (US) killed SUN.----& 2 on Sat! ---no headlines!

Mark Steyn-War Pig on Washington Journal

Donate against Net Neutrality opponent!

Some tidbits by William Rusher, conservative idiot extraordinaire

AP: Bartlett: White House Flexible on Iraq (denies "stay the course")

Desperate Republicans resort to dirty tactics

Now Bush is Saying They Were Never "Stay the Course?"

What's going on with IN-7?

How do the rethugs find these idiotic candidates? (HRC opponent)

The End of Maliki? Will a Coup Unravel Iraq?

Wow, this ad ROCKS. Why can't more Dems run ones like it?

Cheney, Meet the Press, 9/14/03: "Most" Iraqis greeted us as liberators

Rep.Tom Udall (D-NM) Speaks Out Against Warrantless Eavesdropping

Protecting our vote in Ohio, by Jerry Springer(Ohio's '04 Dem of the year)

What a Great picture of Ms. Harris :ROFL:

I figured out their October surprise:

6 years of absolute power, ALL they can run on is FEAR and SWIFTBOATING

Enter Barack Obama (James Kunstler)

Clinton foe: Whew - She Was Hideous Before the Work

The KKKing is DEAD, long live the king or business as usual in Repub camp?

What Ned Lamont and Connecticut Voters can give the rest of us

23 October - A sad day in American Military History

New Quinnipiac poll: Florida Governor's Race Now in a Dead Heat!

We Can't Just Withdraw (the fear card)

(FWIW) Allen caught breaking debate rules on footage then whines

Vermont ballot will say "Impeach Bush Now" on it!

Why OBAMA May Run: Timing

OMG!! Harold Ford Jr. supports universal health care!

Bartlett: ‘It’s Never Been A Stay The Course Strategy’ (video)

MP3: Destined for Destiny skit: Bush IM session with Foley

Another poll says we will win both the House and Senate

Another poll says we will win both the House and Senate

Iraq election "solidified sectarian and ethnic divisions"

The purpose of diplomacy is to recognize the culture of another and

President Chavez helps educate readers

CNN poll/quiz w/ opportunity to leave comments

You don't need to know the truth about george bush

Vets Group Proves GOP Does Not Support Troops

Check out this AOL poll....Go, Dems!

Are you aware that in 1996 Georgia..

Dan Bartlett's fatwa to Iraqis: "You must step up and take responsibility"

What will happen if the exit polls are way off from official results?

Why Obama shouldn't run

Question about committee chairs

This Modern World: The Independent Thinker

Ideas for 06 Election...

Pundits Novak, Cook, Harwood, Broder Predict Democrats Will Regain House

Will the Dems win both houses????

Polls Indicate Northup’s Grip on Ky. 3 Seat May Be Loosening

Minimum Wage, War Top Democrats' Plans

Serious question re: the Obama "experience" issue

AZ Sen, Kyl's Staffer Tied To Anti-Native American Group

Just checked out Bill Maher last night...

Barron's front page saying the gop will retain control

heh! On eve of election, Democrats call for "fair flat" tax

Another viral e-mail I want to start circulating... this one re:Frist

Jittery GOPers: The liberals are coming! ( Mehlman sweats in Florida)

Latest Poll Numbers From ARC

Newsweek: An adoring Howard Fineman experiences multiple Bush-gasms

Tinfoil Hat Day--Nov 8--if suspicious Republican wins have resulted.

ImpeachPAC Announces New Endorsements

Democrat Almost Catches Crist In Florida Gov Race

The NUMBER is now Two Thousand Eight Hundred Tony Snow


KOS pointed out that Riverbend posted on the 18th

Repubs turning around the poll numbrs.....

New National Journal House Rankings (PA-04 moved up 8 places!!)

hunting of 30 minke whales and nine endangered fin whales VIDEO

The stench that permeates from the GOP is enough to make you gag.

Is it true that Mrs. Scalito cried after the Skilling sentencing?

Obama is a bit like Kennedy

New RNC ad promotes terrorists

Opinion Research Corp Poll: Most Americans say NO ONE winning in Iraq

GOP pre-election schedules

I Just Voted Oregon Vote By Mail

Need Info. on Club for Growth for a LTTE

Lou Dobbs just said that Bush will sign the 700-mile fence law

O'Reilly: "This month, very bloody month for US troops." Bush: "Yeah."

Chairman Dean's schedule for this week

Lamont Complaint to Fed Elections Commission: Lieberman Disbursed $387K in "Petty Cash"

This President is a Servant to the Saudis

RNC's Web Ad 'Tax Man' (from "Airplane" / "Naked Gun" director)

African Americans Can't Trust Bush to Create Opportunity (DNC)

In CT-4, Green Candidate Leaves Race. Chris Shays's District

4846 Conservative Youtube Group Members

John Kerry at Lamont event - Bill Clinton at Deval Patrick event.

Check out this site--free ebooks...including all 215 PNAC papers

Bush Republicans Deny Mobility and Independence for Seniors and People With Disabilities

Why is the corporate news media pushing Obama for 2008?

Army in Place for Martial Law in US

Call to Action: Google-Bombing the Election

Why do people hate Hillary Clinton?

Important Minnesota Update - Congressional Races

Republican plan for Day after Election (crying fraud)

Hillary Clinton's opponent quoted as calling her UGLY

Folks they are gonig to steal this one again

What will you do if the GOP retains congress?

Troops who can't pay bills can't be deployed

someone please help out with polls.

Active-Duty Troops Demand Withdrawal from Iraq

Traveled weekend thru NC, SC, Georgia. GOP candidate signs have no symbol

Tony Mother-Effing-Snow: "No, he stopped using it." ("Stay The Course")

WSJ Editorial Predicts GOP Lawsuits a la Bush V. Gore

RNC To Continue Running Ad DeWine Knows Makes False Claim About Brown

RNC Running Ad In Tennessee Against Ford; Even Corker Calls It "Tacky"

Pelosi on "60 Mins": another missed opportunity

Am I the only one who thinks putting a woman or a black man in for our

Lamont has filed the FEC complaint against Lieberman.

C&L Audio: Limbaugh: Michael J. Fox either "off the meds or acting"

HOW does a 12000+ Dow Average put food on a working class table? HOW?

Best candidate for 2008?

Dixie Chicks have a movie coming out? A cool website too!

If you's like to participate in a DU Barack Obama Group, please post here.

To those with intellect: what would happen if Bush Dieold's the election?

Clark: Iraq in state of Civil War; Shrub is responsible for 9/11

GoogleBomb the Elections: Final Revision

"Purple Mountains"...something the Republicans need to be blue about.

Dean hit the right tone at CT Democratic rally....with Lamont and others.