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Archives: October 25, 2006

U.S. generals call for Democratic takeover

Administrative costs high in Iraq

WP: Radio Hosts Get Closer to the White House -- if Only Physically (Kurtz)

Keeping an eye on the machines that count Minnesotans' votes

Blue Collar Democrats Return to Their Roots.

Truffaut: The Mess

Losing on the Home Front, Part I

worldchanging....another world is here

OH: New Groups Challenge Blackwell & Sue Over Ohio Exit Polling Directive

OH: Suit filed against Voter ID Law

CA: My daughter is voting for the first time and has not received

Potential problems loom in election voting (yahoo news/reuters)

Michael J. Fox Plunges Into Election

Global Pharmaceutical Outsourcing (To Exceed 30 Bil by 2011)

Company cries foul over ad by Ricketts (R-Ne)

Study: Customers don't want data handled by outside vendors

Humans living far beyond planet's means: WWF Study

Colombia’s Student Movement Resists

Identity thieves hit customers at TD Ameritrade, E-Trade

Lamont Compares Lieberman to Nixon

Bush Bonuses Go To Already Well-Paid Teachers

NYT/AP: Researchers Warn About Coral Reef Deaths won't provide search details

U.S. soldier kidnapped on family visit in Baghdad

US official: Britain seeks Iraq pullout in a year

GOP hopefuls repudiate Bush plan on Iraq (Rats Jump Sinking Ship)

Idle Contractors Add Millions to Iraq Rebuilding (NYT)

WP: The GOP Leans on A Proven Strategy

NYT: GOP Congressman Renzi From Arizona Is the Focus of an Inquiry

Former Employee Says Jim Gibbons (NV-Gov) Knew of Her Illegal Status

NYT: Iraqi Realities Undermine the Pentagon’s Predictions

NJ marriage equality decision expected TOMORROW

Drug raid yields Los Alamos documents

MND-B Soldier dies from wounds following IED attack # 2803

Part of Canada anti-terrorism law tossed

Britain Bars ITV Embedded Reporters

One of FBI's 'Most Wanted Terrorists' confirmed dead

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Would Win New War but It Would Be Dirtier: General Pace

Santorum TV spots on hiatus; strategic new buys in works

U.S. generals call for Democratic takeover

Lamont Compares Sen. Lieberman to Nixon

Political Fantasy Game

96,295 of you missed my AWESOME insult of Haruka last night

6 pm on the West Coast: Time to CUT 'N' RUN

Worst Halloween costumes EVarrr

Did they model this after Hastert?

Best version of 'When I Grow Too Old Too Dream'

SAW 3: Eww. Did I see what I thought I saw? (WARNING - GROSS)

Fraggle Rock is going to be a movie!!!!

This is why I love CSI Miami

All of us need to be nicer

Here's a strange question I hope someone can help me with.

I just want to go to bed and wake up tomorrow...

Funny thing on the Dan Patrick Show

OMG!!! Has it been that long!!??

Is there a new DU Click?

The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show?

So, how many of you DUers are going as "V" this halloween?

My skidders still wet from this mornings commute.


*computer question*

Okay everybody, check your PMs!

HypnoToad does not love me anymore!

Techies: Why is there a delay in streaming audio?

Is it wrong I want "King Without a Crown" played at my wedding?

Check out this cool astronomy picture...

Opinions sought on Clark Howard.

Simple, popular hors d'oeuvre - cream cheese/green chili wrap

Limbaugh’s False Smears on Michael J. Fox

It is time

Emmitt ROCKS the Mambo!

I just posted my first LBN thread ever and...

Oooh... Moral dilemma!

I demand...

Anyone else watching Joan Rivers' comedy special??

Best puke smilie yet!

The End is Nigh!

I. Am. Sick.

Picture thread anyone??? How about showing off your beautiful elves :)

Had you been around during World War Z, what would your survival chances be?

Another loss. We've lost another good democrat. A friend of my family.

Who still has their gag reflex?

Shit. I'm obsessed with classical mythology art

I demand a glomp thread

A question, please, about slang

yo momma smell like...

Are HD DVD's Worth the price?

Does anybody here use a Blackberry or Sidekick or anything like that?

Cooking with Feminists-- A YouTube Presentation.

Need ideas for girlfriend's 30th birthday

Ireland! Must go there!

I'm always late. How about showing off your beautiful selves :)

Does anyone watch the show " A Haunting" on Thursday's on Discovery?

Any Lance Parkertip fans here? He was one of my heroes as a child.

Generation X...WTF? What is it? From a date or just not a Boomer?

Question about Smoking and GD


Ya damned hippie!!!

****congratulations Truebrit71sbruv with 627 posts******

I demand a hug thread

How would the world change if all religion AND belief in God(s) ceased?


I don't know, what do you think?

You know, for no east or west coast teams, this is a pretty good WS

Mercury Retrograde - October 28 - November 17, 2006

Just got an email from votevets asking for help for a fellow vet....


Official Thread - CNN Candy Crowley presents "Two Left Feet"

The OFFICIAL ooooh! Kieth is on!

What pisses me off about the Republicans the most

The Official Wish Kurt Vonnegut Dies Thread.

enron e-mails are now public domain

Hey Candy Crowley at CNN - here are a couple of suggestions for

"Texas Candidate Wrote Racy Romance Novel" PORNO...or not? You tell me.

Dying in the slow lane.

NV GOP gubernatorial candidate: "Worst Person in the World"

We'll stand down.. uh, stay the.. uh... Mission acc-... uh, Mushroom cloud...uh

Concerning gerrymandering...?

VEEP ALERT: NeoCon Darth Cheney on Faux NOW

Parkinson Foundation Debunks Limbaugh’s False Smears on Michael J. Fox

ABC and NBC news showed Rump Leakage (Limbaugh) for the pig he is


What a Disgusting POS Report...Delete the Whole Damned Post...

U.S. would win new war but it would be "dirtier" - Pace

I was right (U.S. says more GIs may be needed in Iraq)

Even Jonah Fricking Goldberg Is Jumping Off The Sinking Iraq Ship!

US general already asked for more Iraqi troops. Most went AWOL

Keith Olbermann Trivia - Free DVD To Winner!

Re Mid-Term Elections, Remember This Yoda Quote

Anyone catch Gephardt and Armey and Charlie Cook on CSPAN today?

DUers, speak up - are there too many "wusses" in the Democratic Party?

Daniel Ellsberg article - The Next War in Harpers

So much hate and ignorance in this country, I lose all hope

Joe Klein's worthless too.

Lets all make a pact on Rush Limbaugh

Congressional Candidates, including sitting Senators and

The Worcester Wreath Co. of Harrington, Maine

Why did Bill Maher sit there and have this

Laura Bush campaigning for Gard/Taylor/Sodrel...HOW MUCH is this shit costing us??

Scarborough sucks!

You, me and John Kerry tried to tell that fat headed IDIOT W. to...

DU this poll on MJF and Limpballs

Texas R. Hall-R Loses Majority- G. Melancon-D opponent is only 7 Pts Away

Just had an ugly conversation while playing solitaire..

stephanie miller on larry king

Mark your calendars for November the 15th


IMHO, Jim Davis slapped Crist around pretty good; kept saying

Limbaugh/Fox furor and race card slime in Tenn.: GOP exposed, with nationwide effects to come!

Spanish Chevy commercial on Fox during World Series. Yikes!

John Boehner: "WE are the underdog."

I will kiss your ass if....

The "October Surprise" is the media's sudden obsession w/ Obama / Clinton

Study: Customers don't want data handled by outside vendors

How much longer will our system be broken

Bottom line is---- you don't fuck with Marty McFly!

Spencer jokes about Hillary being a lesbian

The Big, Ugly Picture - we are so, so screwed....

Do you favor rolling back all of Bush's tax cuts?

What happened to the DU media blaster that

Dan Rather on with Tavis Smiley tonight - PBS

FYI: TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight-James Baker:

The Pissypants Presidency will be the butt of jokes for rest of his life!

Breaking-Fed Investigation Into Shady Land Deal By Rep Renzi (R-AZ)

Joe Joe Joe..

Dear Scarborough-

Hell House

Bush team defends US Iraq plans (except this slipped out):

pickles in Green Bay--support John Guard, Repug!! been on the news

"BREAKING NEWS" for the Fear Factor crowd -- Al Qaida operative killed

More troops means more targets for snipers in Iraq

Cubin apologizes to her public, but not to her victim.

How To Dismantle Republicans" Attack their Sources of "Money/Wealth".....

Alabama Candidate Campaigns on Cleavage

oLIElly, Eeeew, I Feel Dirty For Just Saying It

The Bible Indicts George W. Bush (with photos!)

S*P sticks it to the fundies

Larry Johnson:The Shame of General Casey

BREAKING: Dow Jones hits record high! WooHoo!

Lets Talk About Saddam's Guilt & How Much Fun It Will Be To Kill Him...

GOP voter-intimidation candidate: "Innocent people can be persecuted."

‘A lot of nervousness’ about British deal in Afghan: US envoy

General Weighs 2nd Troop Shift to Calm Baghdad

Campaign Contribution Limits for a Sitting Senator or Congressperson

Iraq was the single, most blundering appeasement of terrorist violence, ever

They're getting desperate

You people are a very bad influence....

CNN to pose question about "DEM wuss factor," but what about "Repuke nazi factor"?

Harold Ford: "I like football. I like girls. I have no problems with that."

Iraq was better than expected. I think the results are very good.

Abramoff Figure Argues for No Jail Time

I think Bush has this guy Ayman Al-Zawahiri who was making all the videos

NRCC/NRSC target/defense list

NRCC Surprise Ad buy

Here's An Idea For the First 100 hrs .....

Which Faction Is Stupid?

My parents DON'T live in a gerrymandered district

Was Rush the Worst Person in the World yesterday?

So when Congress comes back in November...

Joe Scarborough is such a pile of shit

Stephanie Miller

Just a question. Is there video online of Maher on Scarborough???

This Liberty Mutual commercial brings tears to my eyes

Mehlman Explains "Bimbo" Ad


Report: Germany Suspected US Prison Abuse Early in Balkans--DeutscheWelle

Tennessee Ad ignites internal GOP squabbling

Seriously: How Do We Get Rid of Limbaugh?

One more time, is Bush calculating or bumbling?

NPR describes bizarre new addiction.

Harold Ford -- "Kicking the Dog"

Santorum: If I Don't Win - Terrorism Will Be Worse Threat Than Nazis Were

Marine's Dad Asks BushCo Some Great Questions!

Dick Mountjoy. A Porno Star?

Sickening Video of Pigboy Limbaugh mocking Fox's illness

Molly Ivins: It’s Good to Be the Richest of the Rich

John Gibson has lost his mind

Dem candidate now only 5 POINTS behind in Texas governor's race!

I'll give even up odds on a wager: *co will "capture" (or thaw out or

Going to see "Iraq For Sale" tomorrow with a friend. It is being put on

The price of gasoline

Chilly School Won't Turn On Heat

Blackwell had pedophile on the payroll

When did CNN become the Conservative News Network?

Are Democrats sitting on large war chests allowed to

Garrison Keillor does it again!

The "October Surprise" is everyone here freaking out about the October surprise

The "family values" repukes strike again. Porno? My oh my!

Why don't WE say it? If Republicans win, it's a victory for al Quaeda

Being disenfranchised sucks, and I'm only kind of disenfranchised

C&L VIDEO: Arianna Huffington's CBS 'Free Speech' Segment - "Fearmongering" (Transcript Also)

3000 killed on 9/11...17,000+ die EACH YEAR due to drunk drivers-

Do you call it the "main stream media" or the "corporate media"

"There is THEIR math. . .Then there is THE math"

When Rush loss his hearing from oxy abuse, didn't he wallow in the

Vermont is going to elect a socialist to the senate - how cool is that?

A challenge to fellow DUers: Donate to ActBlue tonight!

Will Democrats pick up 15 seats in just THREE states? OH-PA-NY?

The Colbert Report is about to replay Randy Newman's interview AND!!!

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Paul Wellstone's death

Harold Ford... anyone else disturbed by his comments?

Latino and black voters may be reassessing ties to GOP..

I'm not in favor of mixed marriage.

Vote in this poll - Ford/Corker

Head On Radio Tuesday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Great David Horsey TOON: W on job growth

Is the Democratic Party falling for another lie? Are we that stupid?

*** Tuesday TOONs: Barack ***

Police Round Up Sex Offenders To Protect Trick-or-Treaters

Yeah this is what I'm talking about.

DU Hams, MARS, CAP, CB .... check in.

october 24 is united nations day

Wow! Did you hear that in KO?

Some see low-profile Rep. Terry (R-Ne) gaining influence

Davis-Crist debate on NOW for Florida Gov

There still trying to vilify Pelosi

Wave of Change Expected on Election Day W Post

Harold Ford - new Evangelist??????

ALL Senate Democrats better on Veterans issues than ANY Senate Repubs

Congressional Candidates, including sitting Senators and

Control of U.S. Senate down to wire in two pivotal races

Stephie & Big Ed on Larry King now

Is it possible that Kyl, Hutchison, or Ensign could lose also?

Maverick Senator -- who could this be referring to ? Who is it ? WHO ? {Slo...

AZ Sen- Kyl 47 Pederson 41 Undecided 9

Hot off the press - new Webb ad with Governor Warner - pls donate

I think that the biggest surprise of election night will be that Lieberman loses.

AP: Envoy Says Not All Is Bad in Iraq (cites satellite dishes, cell phones)

MO Sen- Talent 48 McCaskill 45% Undecided 5 +/-4

Private schools and politicans

Are Dems being set up for the blame?

Bill Maher is wiping the floor with Scarborough on MSNBC tonight

Latest "Rolling Stone" issue is a must read.

More Polls!!!!!!!!

NYT endorsement: Democrat Diane Farrell over Rep. Shays in CT 4th Dist.

Michael J. Fox Plunges Into Election

Interactive Map of Senate, House and Governor Races

Have you guys checked out

Is Vote Suppression Rove's October Surprise? (papau)

1-888-DEM-VOTE is the DNC hotline. Be sure your state parties have it.

So ... new meme: Pelosi will be the most liberal Speaker is history

Grass-Roots Group of Troops Petitions Congress for Pullout From Iraq

VA-Sen - Jim Webb's Diary on Kos

Conversation with John Kerry

Deval Patrick - The Real Deal


JD Hayworth (R-AZ) - it just gets deeper and deeper

AmericaBlog (Video): Breaking scandal in Nevada involving, of course, a Republican

I have got to get this off my chest. How many of the Duer's who are

Selling Satan: Iraqi War Dead and the Collateral Damage to America's Soul

Why War Fails (H Zinn)

'If you don't drop this, Chrissy, they will kill you, your baby, and

Limbaugh's Cruelty

Soc. Sec. Enters Elections; Bush Remarks Please Democrats, Perplex Republicans

US Falls 9 places in Press Freedom Index

High-flying lifestyle of the CIA's rendition men

American Gov't Moving To Take Control Of The World-Wide Economy (Mogambo)

Schröder on Iraq: "The Mother of all Misjudgements"

Coast Guard Target Practice on the Great Lakes?

When It Comes to Politics, Charlie Cook Has the Prophecy Market Cornered

Marc Sandalow: Bush Stays the Course

"How Much Do Democrats Have to Win By to Actually Win?" - Bowers

Loud and Clear (RW Radio Press Briefing) --Kurtz WaPo

Election 2006 – Desperate Republicans Set New Campaign Lows with Attacks


We have turned Iraq into the most hellish place on Earth

Fearing a Dem Victory,Drugmakers Fund Key Races (Santorum)

How Democrats Might Blow It By Robert Parry


Selling Racism... Pat Buchanan's latest book is a white nationalist screed


Republican Who Failed Ten Commandments Test Spiraling Fast

Oliver North, back in Nicaragua, takes on Ortega again

Curb sought on counsel to detainees (Boston Globe)

NRCC & NRSC Target/Defense Lists - mydd (races GOP is nervous about)

Sonoma Mountain Village Now Complete with 1.14 (MW) Photovoltaic Array

Dishing out power with a solar engine

A Very Lost Manatee Is Chilly in Memphis

Ethanol Boosting Systems to come out with Direct Injection

Black cloud reappears over Cairo

Australia to Build Largest Solar Plant (154 MW)

Global warming: Here come the lawyers

Drought In Africa: Ethiopia's Bitter Harvest

Energy Return on Investment (EROI) For Wind Energy (Oil Drum)

World silent as fascists join Israel government

Israeli jets clash with German ship near Lebanon

Israeli jets clash with German ship near Lebanon

A mere 5 Laborites openly reject Lieberman as gov't partner

I had this link saved....

Absentee votes may(will) delay Ohio results

Hoyer's Letter on Post Election Contests-PLS READ

Autorank/TIA: Election Fraud 2006 – Quantifying Risk - Where & How Much

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 10/25/06 Freedom To Do Something!

What really needs to happen on election day


Texas Candidate Wrote Racy Romance Novel

WP: Radio Hosts Get Closer to the White House -- if Only Physically (Kurtz)

WP: Halliburton Cited For Iraq Overhead: Costs in Oil Contract Extreme

Gore touts Wash Democrats, promotes global warming agenda

Wounded vet faces murder charges

German Jewish leader: neo-Nazi attacks just like in Hitler era

Clark clobbers Bill O!

Oliver North, back in Nicaragua, takes on Ortega again

NATO, Afghan Police Seize Pot, Opium

LA Times employees evacuated

Taiwan MP in 'tear gas' protest (in parliament)

Suit calls Ohio's voter ID law a mess, asks court to void it

Iraq PM bristles over U.S. raid on Shi'ite militia ("lack of coordination")

(General) Pace: N. Korea conflict would require ‘brute force’

US, Iraqi forces launch raid against Al-Sadr City

Nelson leads Harris better than 2-to-1

Iraqis better off under Saddam, says former weapons inspector (Hans Blix)

(Ion) Sancho to star in HBO documentary

AP: Howard: Pulling Iraq Troops a Defeat

BBC: 'Don't squeeze N Korea' - Putin

Jihadis turn from Iraq to Afghanistan

Bush to hold 10:30 a.m. news conference on Iraq

Iraqi PM distances himself from U.S.

Breaking CNN: The only way we lose in Iraq is if we leave before the job is done

Hannity: Michael J. Fox Can Be Criticized for Stem Cell Ad

LAT: Schwarzenegger is blunt to Bush: Sends tart letter on pollution

Nicaragua's Ortega rallies former foes

SEIU President to Join with Rep. Green, State Elected Officials to Support ...

CIA tried to silence EU on torture flights

Cheney Knows Some Call Him Darth Vader

CEO gets retirement benefit without retiring

WP: Report Warns of Potential Voting Problems in 10 States

NYT/AP: Frist to GOP Hopefuls: Don't Stress Iraq

Curb sought on counsel to detainees

Santorum Ad Shows Casey's Face Next To Mushroom Cloud

Patient-dumping on Skid Row investigated

New Jersey Court Ruling - Gay Marriage vs. Civil Unions

More troops means more targets for snipers in Iraq

Bush, Republicans turn to talk shows for help

AP Some cities will vote on Iraq withdrawal (WI, IL, etc)

Oil prices climb nearly $2 a barrel ... after Bush speech because he knows the Dems are taking over

Iraqi Shiites ethnic cleansing Sunnis

Bush 'not satisfied' but says U.S. is 'absolutely' winning

AWB Again Cuts Australia Wheat Crop

Aid to Colombia will stay the same despite rights allegations

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 25

NAACP Complains About GOP Tenn. Ad

Republicans losing ground with US women

Israeli jets clash with German ship near Lebanon

CNN Poll: Americans for more border cops, not a fence

Venezuela pulls out of UNSC race

News groups challenge Ohio's revised exit polling directive

Oil prices climb more than $2 a barrel

Sept existing home sales fall 6th straight month

Iraq's prime minister pledges militia crackdown

Military members' war protest gaining steam

Report: Gold in Pinochet's name in Hong Kong bank

weird reversal

AP Paper shows German soldiers desecrating skull

NJ must EITHER enact civil unions OR allow gays to marry

New Jersey Supreme Court rules legislature must grant marriage rights or ci...

UMass Worcester Registered Nurses set to strike tomorrow 6am

Israeli jets clash with German ship near Lebanon

Rice Says 'Axis of Evil' Proven Right

Probe of Harman's AIPAC Ties Confirmed

Ohio court rules on publicly funded charter schools

Absentee votes may delay results (OH)

Gore scoffs at Reichert's stance on global warming (Gore campaigns for WA Dems)

NYT/AP: Second Florida Altar Boy Accuses Foley Priest

Bush blasts Democrats

Iraqi tribes dragged into sectarian strife

LTA: Democrats' Senate hopes lie with rural voters, poll finds (Webb now ah...

Judge rules no circumcision for 9-year old boy

Bush warns Iraqis that patience has limits

LAT: White powder found in envelope at L.A. Times

Poll shows Webb ahead of Allen

Labor Role Critical In "Dead Heat" New Mexico Congressional Race

Mayor Admits First WTC Cleanup Was Fast

Giuliani hires Rove aide as fund-raiser

US, Iraqi forces raid Sadr City (Maliki is NOT amused)

AP: Judge: Indiana Can Block Automated Calls (9th CD race)

We're winning in Iraq, says defiant Bush, as US angers Iraqi PM

Clear Channel Considers Sale, Hires Goldman Sachs

Local group (which includes Jack Welch) may buy Boston Globe

Webb wins Wilder backing in tight Va. Senate race

Macabre Photos Disgrace German Military

Health costs bedeviling Americans, survey shows

CNN, NPR will not promote Bush assassination movie (Reuters)

U.S. troops (200) on active duty call for Iraq withdrawal

NJ Supreme Court rules equal rights for commited gay relationships (edited)

More Bogus Election Forms Found (St Louis)

Florida killer scheduled to die Wednesday (Danny Rolling)

Christians confront torture ("Who would Jesus torture?")

Ireland considering immigration deal with U.S

Iraq propaganda program legal: Pentagon report

Robert Kennedy Jr.: 'We Have A Negligent Press In This Country'

Stem Cell Oponents to Air Celebrity Ad

AP: Former Iran Leader Wanted in Argentina (1994 bombing)

The End of the World

Ann Coulter! Ann Coulter! Ann Coulter!

Show us a picture of your favorite room in your house...

As recorded by Louis Armstrong:

I don't give a shit

So, when Bush is out of office, what kind of party will you throw?

Oh shit

Early morning serenade

Is there an Americana rocker more perfect than The Boss?

Congratulations Robeson!! 10,000 posts


There's something your eye: Rub

This is NO GOOD dammit, Clintmax's employer needs to UNDERSTAND

Good Night!

So, what is it with huge/multiple American flags on cars?

"Kurt Cobain topples Elvis as highest-paid dead celebrity"

Advice needed: gotta stage an 'intervention' type thing.

Toddler Gets Stuck In Vending Machine Trying To Get Sponge Bob

Sarah Michelle Gellar is the best Scream Queen ever

Nov. 7th: "Police Squad! The Complete Series" finally on DVD

B movies can make you puke, right?

I did the happy dance earlier!

New Video Service Teaches You How To Brush Your Teeth, Take A Shower

I love you

Any VA DUers going to the Highland Games on Saturday?

Ignore. Posted already.

"You don't always die from tobacco." Who else has seen this commercial?

What do people think they're going to accomplish

Who here has Bellsouth DSL?

I'm sick, but it ain't all bad

Moderator Rocks!!!

Folks who actually are Democrats, which surprised you

Boy Seeking Toy Gets Trapped In Machine

High School Principal Allowed To Keep Job After Giving Student Wedgie

Parrot joke

So WTF is wrong with pine tar?

one year old twins (darling babies)

How do you make Mark Foley spend all his money 1 quarter at a time?

Used-book-store regulars: whatcha found worth talkin' 'bout this week?

I'm kicking myself right now

Lenny Kravitz....

The sun's shining and when the boys left for school this morning


Best BitTorrent software for Windows?

After 12 years, my fundie brother, 3X a week to church, dimson lover,.

Hey Bunny! wryter2000 has something to tell you.

Can someone please send me an internet?

I tried Lima, Ohio again the other night after a 40+ year boycott.

I tried Lima, Peru the other night after a 40+ year boycott

Alright, someone post that they tried Adriana Lima after a 40 year boycott

Jersey Girls check in!!!

I tried lima beans again the other night after a 40+ year boycott.

Starting a new diet today.

Ewww - why did I get lunch from KFC?

I tried Jose Lima again the other night after a 40+ year boycott

7-Eleven Pulls Drink Named 'Cocaine'

So, I had my first boxing lesson last night

Cops Want Stores To Stop Selling Eggs On Halloween

Mr. kt and I found the dumbest invention ever. The Fish Toilet.

December 29, 2006

The Power of Love

billyskank earwormed the hell out of me!

will my apartment building let me poke around in the network interface device

I feel like swimming in Hershey's syrup and

Why all the hate for NASCAR?

Things you don't necessarily hate, but don't necessarily like either.

Halloween happenings

Need a RevCheesehead and KitchenWitch fix!

I'm soooo anxious right now. *crosses fingers*

Damn it! I finally did it!

In the mood?

I got coffee brewing who's up

Rock on, Jersey, Rock on!

Lostinva is very, very happy about two things

Scott Admas (Dilbert) gets his voice back

Lounge, this may be my last post for a while.

Am I a dog?

At the grocery clerk calls another clerk "DOUCHEBAG!"

I LOVE Lynnesin

Tonight's Cards starting pitcher is a righty in more ways than one

I want a Sugar Mamma... (lame copycat)

I want a Sugar Daddy...

I am crying

I tried Lima, Ohio again the other night after a 40+ year boycott

Firefox gives props to Colbert...

What should you be doing right now?

Choose one!


Ever buy a pair of shoes that you absolutely hate

Who abused Pete Townshend when he was a kid? nt

Goddamn! I don't give a fuck about the Tigers OR the Cards anymore

I just got an e-mail from Madeleine K. Albright.

I got a job!!!

Anyone care to explain low-rise beans to me?

Where is the Halloween Orgy this year?

10-Percent Tip Teaches Waitress Valuable Lesson

Woman Hurt When Shopping Cart Falls On Her Head From Top Of Flag Pole

Question for those who are prone to addictive behavior:

I need a good meatball or chicken wing crock pot recipe!

My cell phone got run over by a car this morning. It's completely ruined.

In just two weeks, I will leave the NY area

Quantity or Quality?

Oasis lads join uppercrust company

Vampires a Mathematical Impossibility, Scientist Says

Things that will never ever happen:

Guy takes picture of himself every day for 8 years, makes video out of it

Two More Months!

Children of MS....A question

Trailer for the Day of the Dead Remake

Who won't kiss Tyra's ass enough tonight on ANTM?

Elmo doll used to hide meth shipment

B vitamins can make you puke, right?

The Rise of the Dove Bar

How have I lived this long without seeing a shrimp running on a treadmill?

The Rise of the Dive Bar

Post your favourite Hallowe'en candy!!

Christmas Arrives on Halloween

My 4 year old grandson said the 'F' word.

Need kitties pix for brain bleach. Working on horrid case.

I SPIT on Weird Al!

I just voted!!

"Holding on to anger is like holding on to a hot coal...."

Is the new itunes working okay yet?

Has anyone here ever downloaded tv episodes and is it ok to do this.

Bacon for dinner is Mrs Greens way of telling me she loves me!

A friend needs those fabulous DU vibes...

Aaaaaaaaaa aaaaahhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Lovely....I've got a sinus infection and pink eye.

Deer Chases Boy, Uses Him as Human Salt Lick

Today in history 10-25

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 10/25/06)

Do you brush or floss your teeth first?

Geez, I don't know what I'm gonna do with these 10 Tastykake Pumpkin Pies

Supermodel Naomi Campbell arrested in London (yes, again)

What is the best time of the year to visit Ireland?

What can I use to double as fake miniature trees?

The 86 Rules of Boozing

Khash chimes in on Michael J. Fox

Dad teaching daughter to drive dies in crash

Name your top 10 Star Trek The Next Generation stories!

Okay, we basically won on gay marriage today in NJ.

Shower: Morning? Or Evening?

I wanted to share these very wise words with all of you.........

I've given up on my HT poem

My daughter put herself in rehab yesterday

I now have a 30 days past due bill reported to my credit all because...

What is wrong with my cat?

You Like Coffee? THIS Coffee Costs $103.90 A POUND (4 Cents Per Bean)

I for one will WELCOME our newly married gay overlords

Anyone care to explain low-rise jeans to me?

If you're going to apologize, apologize. Don't try to rationalize the shit that

Bus/Train/Subway Commuters, I Need Your Help...

LeftyMom's Rules of Single Motherhood #1

So the Tigers were gonna sweep, eh?

After 25 years I have quit smoking!

December 29, 2006

So I'm curious - straight married couples - how many of you are heading...

Well, winter's coming so,

anybody like the Go-Betweens

Wow! I put a K&N air filter in my vehicle and they really work!

'Sexsomniacs' Puzzle Medical Researchers

Smokers only SVP!

My niece went missing three years ago today

Remember long hair before short hair came into style?

What original phrase do you use in your family?

Cardinals pitcher makes ad opposing stem cell research.

I Swear I didn't Photoshop this Image

How about a dog pic thread?


Mouse in the house

Happy Ides of October (Julian Calendar)

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral - It could have been written yesterday.

3 years here, 3 whole years and I just hide my 1st thread

Wanna write a 50,000 word novel in 30 Days??? Nanowrimo...

How well do you know the Bible?

Not even Halloween and it's starting already.

Reagan was faking "mental clarity" all through his presidency

I am alive and well and kicking! The hip replacement went great

For archaeology buffs, a chance to begin at the beginning (AP/CNN)

"Queen" Guitarist Brian May Launches Astronomy Book

Amazon River Reversed Twice, Study Indicates --WaPo

Conservatives Attack Wal-Mart for Backing Homosexual Agenda


Do Ballot Initiatives Help Get Out the Vote? (gay marriage ban)

One of Scottland's best-loved comedians jumped by teen thugs in possible gay-bashing

I've had it with the term "breeder" on these boards.


Right-wing ad featuring Cards' starting pitcher starts tonight

20 years ago today (25 October 1986)

Let me say right now, win or lose I'm proud of my Tigers!

A fun, patriotic visualization opportunity for the '06 elections:

What freedom feels like

DUer brook needs your prayers and white light.

"The Secret" To Be On Larry King

Look Five Years Younger by Eating Vegetables

Anyone have an idea about how to find a list of the current Network Directors

I just love this pic

Obama and Kerry Join Forces! Lastest E-mail from Friends of JK

This just broke: $1 million more!

beachmom, see this??? Andrew Sullivan: Vote Dem or Abstain

Any other MA folks get a Kerry robocall?

Video of Sen Kerry

Guys, I'm going to have to take a break

John Kerry introducing Patrick at Perkins (video)

An excellent interview of Tom Schaller about the Southern Strategy

Please rec and comment my diary -- contains BlueMass interview as rebuttal

OMG this is bad. Germans were involved with the torture.

Another excellent diary about '06, but uses Kerry quotes nicely

Oops. Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Kerry's event with Menendez at Seton Hall was cancelled by univ.

U.S. generals call for Democratic takeover

today's best shot from here

My Little Soccer player

This is not a Fall Contest help-me-pick thread (big ol' dial-up warning)

Seagulls at dawn

Only indigenous crops can end poverty

2wks till the election and Iraq is king. That's some heavy lifting . . .

Shocking! Who could have guessed Paris is rude!?!

The upside of terror by Garrison Keillor

2,804 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of choice in Iraq

A dedication tonight for the troops we have lost

Israeli prime minister may be investigated for corruption

Media Allowing Liberals To Have a Voice Again...CBS freeSpeech

caller challenging Bernie re: Limbaugh - Now - "Hannity's an a-hole"

Glenn Beck is now going to be on CNN?

NYT Dumps Shays; Endorses Farrell!

Please help my thread.

Chimp: "One of the things I've used on the Google is to pull up maps"

"A RW Talk show Host Mocks a Disabled Man"

Audio clip of Rush idiocy.

I think Republicans would feel better if they used the N-word openly:

New Jersey Supreme Court to Announce Gay Marriage Ruling Tomorrow

When your opponent won't debate you, here's what to do :-)

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 25 Oct 06

Reuters: Iraqi PM says will deal with illegal militias (again)

Jim Webb's name cut off ballot!!!


oops==dupe, please delete, thanks mods


Troubled Oil Begins to Surface

american blackout.

Surpirsingly,CNN showing active duty marines speaking out

how many people make their decisions based on the tax implications?

Something about this General Casey that doesn't instill confidence in me of

Had Enough? Vote Democratic!

I can't find info about the battleships steaming to Iran, is it real?

today's cartoon with bush as Ozymandius is great

Defining moments

Docs "Smeared With Blood" Prove US Torturing Suspects Weeks After 9/11

The suspense is killing me. In two weeks we find out if we still

With torture the norm and waterboarding ok, what next

NYT, McClatchy Expose Conditions of Iraqi Troops

Cheney: "Well, that's just Cheney. He's the Darth Vader of the administration"

GOP digging it's own grave...

Bush Admin: Seeking To Restrict Talks Between Gitmo Inmates & Their Lawyers

I have two word that could undo the GOP empire: SIBEL EDMONDS

23 years ago Ronald Reagan invaded Grenada and saved Christmas

"Everything Done to Preserve the Christian image-Bush as Pastor-in-Chief." ...

(VIDEO) CTBob's minidocumentary on the last CT Senate debate

Bush Bonuses Go To Already Well-Paid Teachers

Cedar Rapids Gazette says Your Votes are Safe!

Worrisome news at Electoral-Vote: Latest polls have R's retain Senate

Is the Bush Press Conference meant to

Authorities In New Mexico-Stumble On Classified Los Alamos Docs During Drug Raid

Hastert: "Who knew about the sexually explicit messages... when did they know it?"

Had Enough?

Video: O'Reilly Spars With Wesley Clark & Gets Spanked Repeatedly

German paper shows soldiers desecrating skull

The diminishing returns of increased complexity

Clark clobbers Bill O!

Putin urges caution in dealing with North Korea

Defiant Maliki - "No One Has The Right To Impose A Timetable"

Send more troops? A totally idiotic idea.

Embracing the subtle upside of terror

**Chimp Live Press Conference @ 10:30AM EST- "Iraq announcement"

GM roars past forecasts

Cheney: Baghdad is no Gettysburg

"Joint U.S.-Iraqi plot underway to oust PM Maliki"??

Pederson closing in on KYL in Arizona?

GOPU-A Vote For Harold Ford Is A Vote For Interracial Sex


Where can I find the racist ad being used against Ford in Tennessee

Steven King is a Progressive. How cool is that?

New Slogan for the NeoCons

more disinformation and diversions from the truth by bush at 10:30

A brand new repub scandal brewing

Southern Poverty Law Center: Electing Extremism...Right Wing Radicals

Anyone else currently posting in the cesspool?

Ok, I've had it. Can Arwa Damon of CNN please (mini-rant)

SO, Bush is going to pre-empt the "active duty soldiers" press conference

What "liberal" radio personalities were at the white house yesterday?

I wonder how Laura feels about walking on human remains on 911

Funny Michael Jackson parody cartoon on Foley and Hastert

Anyone watching the "President of Iraq" presser now?

Smirk: "Some developments in Iraq were NOT encouraging ..."

Which GOP Senate candidate do you most strongly desire to be defeated?

How does Rush "GOP Shill" Limbaugh *dare* accuse anyone of being a shill?!

Can someone please tell me if it's true...

DU this NJ gay marriage poll!

Is Craig Crawford one of the most annoying commentators on TV?

New MSNBC poll. Vote on whether ads have gone too far

Sam Seder's show on AAR is quite interesting

Odds that Bush will seek to increase troop levels AFTER the election

Bush* news conference this am 10:30. TODAY. EST

Clark on Fox: The Bravest and Best Move the Dems Made?

Bush Official Press Conference Thread #1

Stay the Course Dems

Nixon Era Champion of Peace Calls Again For Iraq Withdrawal

If the Iraqis or insurgents are killing soldiers due to our election...

Stay the course? When did I ever say Stay the course?

Hades heats over: GONZO disappointed in U.S.'s image problem

so why is Bush "flip-flopping" on Iraq?

After 12 years, my fundie brother, 3X a week to church, dimson lover,.

Caucus with CNN...are you the second coming of Reagan? Take the quiz.

looking back at late 02 and early 03, I don't remember any mention

official press conference thread #2

Yesterday I heard the Secretary of State for Iraq talk about the "Americans

They don't even care about other Americans,so their concern for Iraq is BS..

crackhead just said he doesn't talk about hypotheticals re: iraq civil war

"PLAN FOR VICTORY" my ass. There is no winner in this war and

War is fucking video game to this guy

Hey Bush

if this is the war, that bush says that it is, why aren't we covering...

I Want Someone To Ask him About Blix's "Better Under Saddam" Quote!!!

Were the attacks upon the WTC and the Pentagon a declaration of war?

Embryonic Stem Cell Challenge

2 Things the Election is About According to King George:

Bush: "I will continue to make explanations."

Lot's of right wing media promotion going on here again.

The NewsHour: Amb. Peter Galbraith on Iraq options last night: Already broken up.

Man, I hope this press conference is dissected and broadcast. Bush is weak

Mutually Assured Dysfunction: David Frum and the American Enterprise Instit...

A casualty list of the Falcon Base with hundreds of names is up

"The Hell with Red/Blue; People Want Out of Iraq and Solutions"...

Maybe he should stop GRINNING like a snake when he talks about war

Opie and Anthony are poking fun at Republican attack ads right now

Im Stirring the PUKE NEST Already today.......

WaPo: "No Evidence of Wrongdoing" in CA Dem Probe...

A stark and catastrophic reminder of the vision of George W. Bush

Iraqi Realities Undermine the Pentagon’s Predicti

Joe Redneck just got on CSPAN but I can never get through

The ONLY thing Bush has changed is that he's not using STAY THE COURSE

How would you characterize this photo of Drunkie?

1 out of 8 MSNBC voters are scum...

Bush Sez: Tax Cuts 4 The Rich > Lives of US Soldiers

Who's your (flat) daddy?

CNN embedded reporter says they have been asking for more troops

Afghanistan needs food, not guns Ottawa told - Kids are starving

* Loves Campaigning --Under Dark of Night, Priv Away From Press, etc

Government Agency Issues Grim Report On Iraq, Warns Of ‘Descent Into Hell’

what does this photo of bush from this morning tell us?

(VIDEO) DNC web ad on Shrub's "STay The Course" Flip-Flop

Please support my candidacy

A Totally UNSUBSTATIAL political Bullshit Newsconference has just ended.

CNN just cut away from Iraqi Prime Minister rejecting "benchmarks"

Make some calls

Has anyone seen Helen thomas lately?Bush never calls on her

Permanent US bases in another Muslim country got us 9/11 didn't it?

Talking about Iraq.

Maliki's outreach to Iran is part of the Bush Plan, right?

I.E. Rush -- Is there ANYTHING these creeps won't stoop to?

Where the hell is the press conference with the soldiers ?

Let’s Challenge TV’s Lockout of Progressives...

One thing that ALWAYS pisses me off about these * press conferences

Report Card for the Department of Homeland Security

Crazy Candy

Self delete, double post.

Founder of Project Censored will be on the radio today

What's a "HYPERTHETICAL"? Do you think he means hypothetical? n/t

Reach Out & Teach: Voting God's Politics

TPM Election Central: GOP Pollster has "given up" on 2006

CNN: Record drop for home prices (prices sink 2.2 percent.)

(VIDEO) Help Jean Schmidt's challenger air her ad using the "cowards" clip

* speaks, man at New York Stock Exchange reacts - pic

self delete....dupe

Oh Here's A Really Great Idea For The Troops -- Don't Sleep!!

Is it legal for political parties to send out absentee ballots?

Rush Limbaugh spins for the repukes, and spins stax of wax too!

James Dobson (Focus on the Family) supports Don Sherwood (R-Pa) who cheated...

USA CEO repeatedly says:"The way we're runnin' this war..." Sound flippant?

(VIDEO) Prepare for the Iraq-themed Simpsons Halloween episode with this intro

The Vindication of Sibel Edmonds - FBI Reveals Investigation Continues

Cavuto lets Snow peddle false stock market performance stats

VotetrustUSA: State by state "what to watch out for" in Election 2006

UN Weapons Inspector HANS BLIX: "Iraq Invasion a PURE FAILURE"

Take a look at this diary from Daily Kos

Did the press conf related to Active Service members happen yet? -the

Does anyone else have trouble with Crooks and Liars?

Is Michael J. Fox appearing on Boston Legal "in bad taste"?

Need help countering a RWer argument about embryonic stem cell research

If we achieve "victory" in Iraq, will the war on terror be over?

Watch listen and Laugh!!!

After Pat's Birthday

WP - BREAKING NEWS: Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice to Deploy to Iraq

Doesn't the MSM have to give equal time to opponents?

Hunting Hugo: The US and Venezuela's Vast Oil Reserves

Anti-gay protest targets soldier's funeral

Anti-Choice Terrorist is Least Competent Person


Don't read it!

My RW Brother in law "* blaming democrats isn't selling well down here"

U.S. bankruptcies appear to be rising

I just read 'the myth of the ticking bomb" in the progressive

Democrats united on plan for Iraq!

Frequent robo calls in WI touting absentee voting?

Scared of Osama? RNC Ad Says Yes, Though Bush Historically Has Said No

Bush's recent actions and words leave me frustrated and nervous

When does a prank become a dirty trick?

Thom Hartman, "Are we being governed by people with the

Is the Soldier's press conference on TV anywhere?

Care to caption?

Helen Thomas now on Thom Hartmann

Damning & Brilliant-VIDEO-Clips of Bush Saying: "STAY THE COURSE"

exit polling banned?

Lauer & Brian Williams Grasping At Straws To Prop Up *

ABC will "work hard these two weeks to regain the trust of conservatives"

New Yorker wins Magazine Cover of the Year for Katrina cover

Making sure that Bush doesn't happen again

At some point, do all the dirty ads rebound on the Republicans?


Are we now at "Stay the Run", or "Cut the Course"?

Doesn't it have to be at least an almost-IMMEDIATE withdrawl from Iraq in order

Rapture Ready wackos are speculating on the rapture prediction: Dems: 228 - Repubs: 205 (2 ties)

OK, Hillary hold-outs: Now you have Dick Cheney on your side


Halliburton Cited For Iraq Overhead-Costs in Oil Contract Called Extreme

Rush: "I will bigly, hugely admit that I was wrong"

Who early voted? I just did!

Frist: Shaddup about Iraq, will ya!

WITW Is Ron Reagan Jr?

O'Reilly: The Left-Wing Press and the Terrorists in Iraq Have Something in ...

Voter chaos predicted at US polls

Gold Star Mother on The Guy James Show today

Alex Jones on Thom Hartmann? This should be interesting.

waterboard limbaugh......

Rush Limbaugh compares Michael J. Fox to Daffy Duck

Does any one have any info about the worker who stole info at ..

Bush's Way Backward

The Note's Mark Halperin Pretends Not to Be Conservative, Blasts Lib Bias

The GOP and their RACIST Agenda (Forget the 'Homosexual' Agenda)

Dixie Chicks on Oprah today

Rummy Approved Torture Which Botched Prosecution Of 20th Hijacker

UMass Worcester RN's set to strike tomorrow 6am

How many of you have seen the "Bush as potted plant" ad?

Damn. My post count is now roughly equal to US troop deaths in Iraq

CNN - Soldier Interview

Suppose a Muslim member of your local school board,

Breaking CNN: The only way we lose in Iraq is if we leave before the job is done

The Limpballs Backlash

Alert: President Bush Presser @ 10:30

Who else is tired of these pre-recorded political ads on your phone??

Grass-Roots Group of Troops Petitions Congress for Pullout From Iraq

"Bush acknowledges U.S. concern on Iraq"

Sirius Satellite Radio is FREE for two days!

I've already voted absentee, but I've been thinking about some things...

If the Dems win control, what kind of House of Representatives do you think we'll have?

Penicillin, Polio- MMR- Hep A& B-Strep-Tetanus-Rabies-Yellow Fever VACCINES

Would you donate to a E.F.W.R.F.

press conference thread #3

Q: What's George Bush's position on Roe v. Wade?

About Bush's Stupid "Benchmarks"

MSNBC MJ Fox ad seems to be in fast forward mode

NJ must EITHER enact civil unions OR allow gays to marry

I am NOT a fan of Obama's

More than 200 active duty US armed service members

From 'mission accomplished' to mission impossible

Orwell rolls in his grave! Amazing documentary about how US media system works

Does this hint at a Kerry/Obama Ticket?

Does Hastert think the Dems withheld knowledge of Foley relationship with pages?

Cheney Finally FINALLY Admits He Was Wrong On "Last Throes"

Opinion time

Bill Maher on Scarborough

Santorum used to be Pro-Choice and his Wife lived with an Abortion Doctor

ABC News Political Director Tells O'Reilly: Media Has A Liberal Bias...

CSPAN3 showing a Senate session from 2002 later. Not sure why

If you suspect there's a problem with your vote-toll free #.

Great. "Iraqi Leader Disavows U.S. Timetable." Just great.

I don't think ABC "Bush being fed lines" rumor is true...

Bush: "I'm not the scheduler of news conferences."

Tinfoil alert....(exhuberent uptick in Dow)

I Voted!

Garden State Equality's Official Statement on Gay Marriage Ruling

weird reversal

What Happened To The bu$h Cousin, A Judge, Who Killed Someone While Drunk?

Daily Show Video Archives: Mid-term Election Rock!

Republican campaigning for Democrat in Texas

Are other Blues States putting Stem Cell Research on the ballot?

The Daisy ad back in 1964 - was it accurate?

Bush is STUPID! The Child Tax Credit is $1,000. He keeps saying it's $500.

After 25 years I have quit smoking!

FEINGOLD: 'Bush's Head-In-Sand Approach Is Undermining Nat'l Security'

In WISCONSIN....the answer is NO!!

Rightwing nutball actors and athletes oppose stem-cell research in ad...

Imagine waking up the day after the elections...

What's In A Name? (NJ same-sex marriage)

Jack Cafferty's questions for today:

What's that Dick? I can't hear you ---pix--->>>

CNN : Navy Seaman Jonathan Hutto - Appeal for Redress

Menendez just lost NJ. Goddamn it...gays I love ya', but couldn't you have waited.

Are we all clear on the differences between 'benchmarks' and 'timetables'?

if we all vanished tomorrow

42-56 million American jobs subject to outsourcing

Dixie Chicks on Oprah now

Great NSA animated cartoon by Walt Handelsman!

When Do We Switch The Mantra........

March 6, 2003 Bush News Conference on Iraq. A Reminder

Limpballs: "I will apologize if I'm ever right"

One way or another we're going to regain something.

(VIDEO) Bill Maher sticks up for Democrats on his trip to Scarborough Country


A song for Bush** and Rummy

RUSH: " I Will Apologize If I Am Wrong"

2,804. Stay WHAT Course?

Smokers only SVP!

When Dems do it it's called Flip Flopping. When R's do it it's Adjusting

under the radar news---- meth lab bust-los alamos secret papers

Which mid-term elections are actually vulnerable to theft via e-voting?

My little pledge


Outright Racism-TN Woman Threatened For Harold Ford Bumper Sticker

When High School Graduates Attack

Baghdad's "field hospital for the civil war"

The little box on Busholini's back could be a receiver.

Ohio Supreme Court rules charter schools constitutional

Harold Ford, the "Jungle Bunny"

Is anyone else signing the Appeal for Redress from the War in Iraq?

Republican Logic - Outsourcing for Everyone!

Haven't we heard this12 to 18 months to ..

A Message From Al Gore

Caption this * and Condi pic

Gregory To Bush: Why Are You Playing Political Games 2 Wks Before Election?

Let's help our neighborhood repuke politicians. Complete the statement . . .

Biden did well with Tweety just now on post-presser blatherfest

A Message From Barak Obama

Hi Randi n/t

so...if we attack Iran on halloween...

Geno’s(Philadelphia): Where’s the beef (from)?

"Simpsons" episode parodies Iraq war

Tweety is MAD AS HELL about Limpball's Michael J. Fox remarks! Tune in!

New Bush Comic: Pretend You Don't Know Me.

When will the stupid shit stop!!!!

What Was The Point Of Today's News Conference? There Was No News.

Official (?) Randi Thread - Goddess lovers, check in!

All Bush/GOP has left to say "but we cut your taxes"

WND Columnist: Get a Tattoo, You're Charles Manson

In certain states, racism works in elections.

Did the Clinton WH ever exclude RWers from media events?

A vote for a republican is a vote for .............

Republicans don't care about suffering of victims of Parkinson's disease

October Surprise: NJ Chief Justice is a Republican...

Radical Fringe TOON - Wed. 10/25 -- GOPer TERROR

DUer SoCalDem's most excellent 2003 'toon on BartCop today.

Dean says the president is adapting his rhetoric as polls drop

We have become a nation of people who hide....

Hey if anyone here is in charge of election stuff at your local Dem HQ

New Mexico's 1st CD debate on CSPAN2 now

Michael Ware (CNN): "I would like to ask President Bush

Bush: "...the mastermind of the September the 11th attacks is in our custody"

Who Needs Al Jazeera? GOP Attack Ads Are Better!

So Crist Says He Doesn't Have Sex With Men... Is That Spin Perhaps ???

Bush: "the american people will decide this election' (with the help of Di...

Strange...Los Alamos & Oak Ridge Nat'l Labs have been on one of my websites several times today..

No Matter which Way this Election Goes...Work Take Back our States!

Lou Dobbs: "It's a toss-up"

Another rubber stamp Repub jumps ship....

I am deeply worried about the military intervention in politics...

"We all had the same (war) intelligence".. a counter spin to it

From macaca to jungle drum ads, the GOP is showing who they are

Study: Israelis and U.S. Jews no longer seen as one nation

I beleive if we capture the both houses--- it's our second chance.

Will Democrats win back a chamber of congress this election?

Claire McCaskill was terrific on Tucker's show.

Absentee ballot question about being counted

Freepers are at it again, don't they have better things to do?

Smirky says we're "measuring the drapes" (heh, heh)

In light of talks about English Only and Spanish I HAVE to share this story

Next up on The Rush Limbaugh Show - Barack Obama Posing as Black

Do you think Bush will benefit from Dem control of congress?

We should thank Mr. Limpballs for exposing the true underbelly of the GOP.

Dumb Question but here goes, Why doesn't DRUDGE have the Crist scandal up

I had this article bookmarked...

Republican can kiss Gubernatorial bid goodbye ...

Gore Pimp-Smacks Reichert on Global Warming

Got some dollars burning a hole in your pocket?

Meanist Rethug Attack Ad You've Seen Running in your State Against Dems!

Florida Baptists (very) Quietly Rallying Behind Charlie Crist

Did Rush apologize? Because I did NOT hear it

It's down to the last weeks!

Danny Rolling--- R.I.H

What do Americans Want?

Rush attacks Michael J. Fox: What ever happened to compassionate conservatism?

What!? There's nothing racist about a burning cross.

OK, I wonder if Frist will want to view the video of MJ Fox to make

VIDEO: Matthews Labels Bush/Cheney/Rove - RACISTS!

Rosa Rosales is kicking Dobbs' ass on CNN right now!!!!

I swear to God, there are so many Republican

More people have been killed by this than any other thing in the history

U.S. generals call for Democratic takeover

And This Just In, From GOP Bizzaro World...

BUSH:"Reconciliation Difficult In A Country Tortured & Divided By A Tyrant"

Hey, it's time for Iraq to get their act together.

CBS Bush's speech was listened to by a family that lost a son in Iraq

Watch This Blowhard Respnse to MJFox....

Think about this when you go to the polls.... (vid)

Is this true? A video exists that shows Limbaugh mocking Fox?

FBI is cautioning former Pages from talking 2 female reporter from ABC News

Hello Virginai..Who Else Got Cut Off

Tonight (10/25) on Countdown w/Keith Olbermann

Opponents react to Michael J. Fox stem-cell ad

Breaking: Harold Ford Jr. Pulls Back Even After Nasty Ads

Does anyone know if the Soldiers Press Conference

After you watch Olbermann, flip over to Larry King and watch the Dixie Chicks

Webb Moves Up...Ford Moves Down...Polls, Polls, Polls...


DU this Cincinnati poll about Bill Clinton

Any recent news on Anthrax threats in the US?

'If you don't drop this, Chrissy, they will kill you, your baby, and

Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Let's list all the positive things Republicans have done for humanity.

Ever read the Reichstag Fire Decree (Germany 1933)?


caption our pResident

NYT: Venezuelan’s Diatribe at U.N. May Have Backfired

AOL Poll: The Implosion of Bush on AOL, Always the AOL :)

BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh faked hearing impairment

Michael J Fox talks about why he filmed the commercial

We're Dyin' here...

Carnival of the Liberals #24 is here

Wow! Did anyone else catch the Dixie Chicks on Oprah?!?!

(PHOTO) I guess she's faking it too, huh Rush?

Was Limbaugh faking impotence?

Reuters: War on poverty slips from election agenda

Some of us have their heads in the sand (or somewhere else)

i'd like to run into rush in a dark alley (hey rush, read this fatso)

MURTHA: 'Bush Backed Himself Into A Corner-Demonized Alternative Policy'

Another Condi pic - caption please!

In the McCarthy era, what celebs today would name names?

This fucker knows something...

Danforth undecided on Senate race


Fired White House chef unhappy with Bushes; dedicates book to Mrs. Clinton

Sibel Edmonds Vindicated? FBI Investigation Continues!

caption this * pic...

If Lou Dobbs would quit worrying about the nasty Brown Skinned people

Patricia Heaton is really pissing me right off.

Halliburton Cited for Iraq Overhead

Has anyone read "Confessions of a Crap Artist"?

Could the House Majority Flip Back and Forth Several Times in the 110th Congress?

How the Bush Family Makes a Killing from George’s Presidency

so one year later, Bush is following Kerrys plan

Ultra right wing Fourth Circuit Rules Against Blackwater in Wrongful Death Suit

NV R Gov candidate: Undocumented nanny hid in basement, sexual

Kill The Brown People!!!!!!!

PLEASE READ: How to HACK/STOP electronic voting machines.

HELLO! Boy on Boy kissing in Rockstar's game Bully.

When did disabilities become funny & the object of ridicule?

Corker ad : "Canada can take care of North Korea; they're not busy"

Child Labor Is Back: Children Again Sewing Clothing For Wal-Mart,

Republicans seem just fine with the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq

Osama Bin Laden's fondest wish is coming true

It's started. Where do we report voter irregularities in Florida?

Serious question - Is Rita Cosby's voice getting worse?

PLEASE DU this poll about gay rights in New Jersey!!!

Car keeps our eyes on the toll (U.S. Iraq War Dead - Rolling Memorial)

Noam Chomsky says most Americans dont care about stolen elections!

CNN-BREAKING: NJ Supreme Court-Gay Couples Same Rights As Heterosexuals

bush is on live now, explaining why he isn't "staying the course"

US seeks to restrict communication between lawyers and inmates at Gitmo

Historic Find: Nazi Film Footage Found in Church

Flipping through the channels, I came across Tucker Carlson discussing

I think the Senate is going to be tough--but not impossible

Ohmygod! David Gregory smackdown!

Limbaugh on Michael J. Fox: ‘I Take Back None of What I Said’

If you watched or Tivoed today's Bush press conference on ABC, post here:

Any of you here recall parents/grandparents mentioning the Dust Bowl days?

IMPORTANT!!!! DU this poll

U.S. generals call for Democratic takeover

Any General Hospital fans? (Re: Lulu's abortion and the far right)

Democrats don't NEED a plan for Iraq. Just leave the hell hole immediately

Report finds sex always on men's minds

DUers: have you gotten your flu shot this year?

New Jersey gives gays same rights as married couples

Knocking on RW doors . . . . And learning a few things about them:

Right Wing Hollywood made a commercial to counter Michael J. Fox's.....

Webb up 47-44 over Allen in new LA Times Poll

*** Wednesday TOONs: Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Drug Addict ***

If Spanish became the dominant language in the US, so what?

Update: Frisco art teacher reaches settlement with district (museum trip)

At Rainbow Bridge.

Joe Lieberman - all your sins remembered

What have you sent the GOP in the prepaid envelopes that come with $ begging letters?

Why is it so important to have gay unions called marriage?

Michael Ware Appreciation Thread

CNN - NOW, Active duty soldiers speaking about Iraq war.

Can you support the death penalty and be a progressive?

Autorank/TIA: Election Fraud 2006 – Quantifying Risk - Where & How Much

What is it about Rush Limbaugh that makes him successful?

Who are these people coming out against stem...

Nat'l Archives Under Direct Orders From Bush To Keep Abramoff Docs Private

"Stay the Course"? New Dem ad slams * ... hard!


Warrantless wiretaps are WORTHLESS.


Kossack Reports ABC News Picked Up Earpiece Transmissions to Bush Today

RNC Dropping "Daughter Wants Black Man" Bomb on Ford. Do Dems have response?

WHO here is watching * on ABC - did you hear the audio feed * is repeating from?

Can I put Refused or Return to Sender on R campaign literature?

TOON: Disposable talking points

I was listening to the nut Michael Savage last night and....

Reporting plagiarism in a local RW rag...

I can't believe some DUers are upset over the NJ SC decision!

US Falls To 53rd In Freedom Of The Press

election chaos already started in Fl's early voting

What would you do if someone tried to stop you from voting at the polls?

My unpopular positions

FDR’s Warning of the Tyranny of Economic Royalists in the U.S.

Bob Corker is a RACIST!

My wife's poem about her parkinson's (and again, screw you limbaugh)

Stunning waitress accuses NV R Gov candidate of sex assault on TV!


"Leave all the girl-children behind."

Why Pelosi is Wrong About Impeachment-Forget Her "Pledge" She Took an Oath!

GORE ON 2008: 'We'll give it some thought'

Halliburton Watch to Update Nigerian Bribery Timeline

I have to tell you something.

Giving Gens X and Y a Bad Name: Or, Waiting for the World to Change

California Faculty Association delegates authorize job action vote....

Get these little stickers and spread them around. Great Idea!

Coleen Rowley Debate

Where is that campaign video that contends racist comments about

10-25 Hollywood event! Hanson mock debate w. Hollingsworth!

Texas candidate (R) wrote racy romance novel

Media Allowing Liberals To Have a Voice Again...CBS freeSpeech

Freeper 2000: "Death of Conservatism" (Kristol)

"Blood, Death, and Depravity."

Paper or vapor?

White House courts conservative base with "proven strategy"

WP,pg1: GOP Leans on A Proven Strategy, Courting Conservative Base

Harold Ford on Super Bowl/Playboy party: "I like football and I like girls"

It's 6am EST- Osama Bin Thawed Yet?

Why is your candidate better than who has been there?

This Ford ad seems aimed at "Kid from Deliverance"-style racists

John Gibson: "If Democrats who hate Bush win, the insurgents win"

Democrats Lead on Economy, Immigration, Energy in Swing States

AP: Scandal limiting Hastert campaigning

Bush faces calamity as swing voters flock to the Democrats

Midterms in 13 days. "Iraqis could take over in a year." REMARKABLE!

'...and aides say his folksy style has helped endear him to Middle America.'

Jim Davis new ad in Fl Governor's race: "Sorry Charlie!" Watch it now!

In spite of Bush visit, Don "Some Like it Rough" Sherwood down by 12

Early Voting - Big turnouts reported across the US

Which is more crass?

Republican Party's Liberal Senator in Danger

WaPo: "...Charlie Cook Has the Prophecy Market Cornered"

So relieved to know Bush has no ties to Big OIL

Skewed negativity

An excellent letter in the NY Times..

W is going to be gone in two years. YES!!!

Just got an e-mail invite to a town hall with John Kerry and Ned today!

Saving Democracy With Web 2.0

We are fighting in Iraq to keep Spain free? George W bush

Liar in Chief thread

One hell of a good Stem Cell ad: Cong. Chocola(R) toasted IN-2

A Vision for the Future- Support My Candidacy

Remember long hair before short hair came into style?

Did wife of Nevada Gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons commit perjury?

WOW! Hannity & Colmes EXCLUSIVE! Cheney on Iraq & Economy!

Biden now on MSNBC: "The president seems confused"

John Finestein (sports reporter) said this morning that Rush Limbaugh

Five worst Members of Congress - YOU DECIDE (senate/house only)

Matthews on MSNBC pounding on how we're never leaving Iraq

RCP Blames the Steelers for bad Repub poll numbers (WTF?)

Santorum: If I lose, it sets the stage for terrorism worse than the Nazis

Ohio deserves better than "Mean Jean" Schmidt (Hag - OH)! (excellent Wuslin ad)

From: President Bill Clinton

Today's neo-cons and "Young Republicans" are so tough, they make the French

Gore slams GOP Congress at WA DCCC fundraiser

What right wing jerk will step on their pencil dick today


Being a Republican means never having to say you're sorry...

"Christian" Blackwell gets desperate, nasty (Swift-Boating)

Frist to GOP candidates: Focus on Bush Tax Cuts & gas prices, not Iraq

Eeeeek. Washington Post endorses Governor Ehrlich for re-election.

RW celebrity and sports stars response to the Michael J. Fox ad

Has anyone else pointed out that bush...

re: the midterm elections, I feel like that kid on the Disney commercial

The tension is unbearable...

$2,600,000,000 spent in this election cycle

Bush, LIVE: "It's not an artificial timetable, it's a plan for victory..."

ABC aiming to "regain the trust of conservatives"?!?

WP: Deval Patrick: A Long Way From Home

Who else thinks that all the Crass RNC attack ads

Hey Bunny! wryter2000 has something to tell you.

Democrats! Show yourselves, with pride!

Lest We Forget.... Four Years Ago On This Day... My Birthday

Candy "Crawley"s" hit piece on the Dem's

September 2006 Bush approval map. A sight for sore eyes.

Mark Warner & Tim Kaine to support Jim Webb at 10/28 GOTV in Annandale, VA

Dems: Use it or lose it? Email challenge from TrueMajority

Script Never Dies

Great craigslist Repuke joke post

Conservatives Waging War On Youtube

Have you seen these GREAT New Pro-Stem Cell ads at YouTube?!?

Dan Froomkin: An Insufficient Explanation...

Bush on the election: "They haven't scored the touchdown"

MSNBC Is REALLY Roughing Up * After His Presser

Scared of Osama? RNC Ad Says Yes, Though Bush Historically Has Said No

BOSSHOG rules that gays can marry and serve openly in the military

Friday November 3rd: Bin Laden tape unveiled. America's reaction?

Rationalizing the occupation, Rove's AEI says U.S. broke Iraq, must fix it

"...when I think civil war, I think Antietam, Gettysburg." says Cheney on NPR

Kennedy, Leahy Blast Bush's Iraq Wake-Up Call

Has anyone here got anymore info. of the Camp Falcon explosions

NO CONCESSIONS -- will Dem candidates pledge? NO CONCESSIONS

Charlie Crist (R FL) outed. Promises appointments to partners.

Pelosi: Bush Has Failed to Formulate a Comprehensive Counterterrorism Plan

Analysts say Jim Davis (FL) gains momentum amid anti-GOP backlash

I got a fundraising letter from Sen. Obama, for I see

I Heard That TWEETY Is Pissed About The TN Ad... Going To Rip

Sheila Jackson Lee: * should call Congress back in session, RE: Iraq

On *'s new appreciation for books;too many pages, too little comprehension

Michael J. Fox coming to Arlington, VA in support of Webb!

Limbaugh likened Michael J. Fox to "Jersey Girls," (all new from OxyRush)

Hans Blix:The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was a "pure failure"

New Bush Comic: Pretend You Don't Know Me.

NYT headline irks me:"Bush Expresses Concern on Iraq Situation"

What would (an actor who's played) Jesus do? Attack the stem cell ad.

anti-Chocola stem cell ad

Loudoun Times Mirror Endorses Webb, citing his "courage [and] integrity"

Why are these people so stupid as to believe that bush is the only one who can protect them which...

Strategy to prevent vote fraud: CONYERS, Promise Hearings on FRAUD!

If you are a PROGRESSIVE...A New "Think Tank Lobby" for "50 State Strategy!"

Bush WARNS freedom-lovin' eye-racky people: "patience has limits"

It's not Dems' votes I'm worried about. It's Republicans' votes.

Where's the outrage on the Iraq timetable lie

Are they kidding Harold Ford is a LIBERAL

ABC used to have some integrity

A Friendly Reminder (Olbermann enclosed)

70 Percent Making Minimum Wage Are Adults with Families

Joe Biden talked about "benchmarks" for Iraq withdrawal MONTHS ago.

Harley Shaiken: NLRB Decisions Could Polarize Economy, Mute Democracy

Response ad to Fox: "Caviezel's intro seemed either garbled or in Aramaic."

Tweety: "I like the guy (Michael J. Fox), but I don't like that ad"...

Halperin on Rachel Maddow now. She played his O'Reilly clip. in Alabama

Dow’s Up. Everyone Must Be Happy, Right?

Best Ad you've seen running in your State for Dem Candidate!

Mike Hatch New Ad - ANOTHER STINGER! (Minnesota Gov)

If the polls stay true

Poll medians and averages for decisive US Senate races.

Virginia is actually better than it looks(reasoning inside)

A stem cell ad as good as the Fox one

Bush's Iraq Explanations

Pelosi: Bush Still in Denial About Failure of Iraq Policy

The world needs America to be America.

Pillsbury Rove-boy meltdown On NPR: "I'm entitled to "THE" math!"

Patricia Heaton and the anti-stem cell ad

George W. Bush's shifting tactics in the Iraq War, October 25, 2006

Corker (Racist -TN) Radio Ad Has Tom-Tom Drums During Mentions Of Ford

What's Joe Lieberman hiding? (Update on the lieberman petty cash scandal)

How will you respond to the GOP's final push theme of...

Stephen King - Nothing I write is as scary as the GOP

Texas Governor: Bell(D) pulls ahead of third party candidates.

To the 10,000 new DNC donors last week...a message from Governor Dean.

Dixie Chicks on Oprah RIGHT NOW!

Love Letter to Democrats

Want to see REAL giving till it Hurts? Read this about Eric Massa:

CNN horrible description of Dems: "embracing their inner defeatists"

WP: Limbaugh apologizes to Michael J. Fox, and opens new line of attack

Is the moderate middle finally as fed up by GOP Dorks as we are?

The Next Katharine Harris?

Barack Obama joins John Kerry to "Take back the Senate"

Santorum touts gun stand - Touring PA with LaPierre

Assuming we win in November, what will Bush's response sound like?

Cheney FINALLY Admits He Was Wrong On "Last Throes"

Report by At least 10 states ripe for voting problems

VFW, NRA endorse Lampson (DeLay's replacement)

Swinging along Historic trends and the 2006 election

Imus rips Rush for attacks on Michael J. Fox

Newshounds: General Wesley Clark Flattens Culture Warrior O'Reilly

Forget the pledge: Why Pelosi is wrong on impeachment....

Paul Wellstone - still missed after four years

Election Fraud SMOKING GUN in Florida: Does Your State Have One?

This just broke: $1 million more Kerry and Kennedy!

Are Racists in America ready for an African American President?

with 72 hours in this; I better post my HALLOWEEN TREAT before they spin

FactCheck: Talent For Deception (MO Senate!).