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Archives: October 27, 2006

THE C.I.A.’S TRAVEL AGENT (Boeing arranges torture flights)

Schell: The Torture Election

"Bush's Policy Quagmire" - Blumenthal (chickens coming home to roost dept.)

Republicans running against themselves -- Blazing saddles and desperation!

"NRCC to go into debt; will DCCC follow suit?" - Singer (DCCC spending conservatively)

BAE goes big on 'green' weapons (BBC)

Radioactive waste 'to be buried' (BBC)

FBI: It's up to the U.S. Justice Department to indict UBL for 9/11

Easy Guide To Stealing Elections - something to send to your representatives?

How to steal an election by hacking the vote

Can anyone here help with this DUer's question

Judge blocks Ohio ID rule for absentees

Olbmermann hinted he's concerned about secret vote counting tonight.

remember this?

Karl Rove Announces Plans to Steal Election

CA 11 Vote Fraud Watch

43 dead throughout Iraq today

Rove base strategy , hearing the smug traitor say " The Math "

G.O.P. Tries to Use Marriage Ruling to Rally Base

Fox: I Wasn't Off Meds in Political Ads (AP update)

Change Proposed for Indian Trust Land

Largest Gay Organization fired employee who posted Foley emails

Panel: Journalists Must Fight for Access (govt secrecy up)

Afghan president appoints team after 60 said killed

Republicans fear powerful N.Y. Democrats

Survey: Democrats taking Ohio Senate race ( 57% - 37% )

NYT: Dissent Grows Over Silent Treatment for ‘Axis of Evil’ Nations

"In Bush-league disguise, robber steals SS check"

I.R.S. Going Slow Before Election

Amnesty International Response to Cheney's 'No-Brainer' Comment

Palm Beach County, FL Commissioner Masilotti resigns as feds investigate

Judge Blocks Ohio ID Rule for Absentees

WP:The Year Of Playing Dirtier (Negative Ads Get Positively Surreal)

Lamont Gets Help From Obama

NYT: G.O.P. Tries to Use Marriage Ruling to Rally Base

Confession that formed base of Iraq war was acquired under torture: journalist

Cowboys coach rats out McDonald's over rodent in salad

'The Google' lets homesick president keep an eye on the ranch

CNN: Laura Bush: My husband never misled about Iraq

Don't use your cruise control in the rain

Henceforth, all my communications will be in DavidGates&Breadese

I am an honorary kebisan...Ask me anything :o)

I'm RetroLounge, and I am Gay...

HypnoSong of the week/month/year/aeon

I got mad at Wilbur, so I

How have you changed?

Blacks, conservatives and one hippie...........

Has anybody ever noticed....

Official Election 2006 musical score:

For the first time, my DU profile feels right.

These bots are made for walkin'

Any fans of Freelance Hellraiser's "Stroke of Genie-us"?

It's a Johnny Cash kind of evening - "Hurt" youtube link and lyrics

Somebody has to say it: 'Kitty Threads' could lose the Senate for us!

What is the greatest song of 1984?

Use your cruise control in the rain.

Can you say Ten and Oooooh baby!

Serious question about harassment

I'm burnt out from arguing in GD!

Googling Agent Mike! Google call for Agent Mike!

Project X-Enema USE CODE ONLY! (Agent MIke is lurking....)

Could Agent Mike be amongst us?

The missing person post reminded me of something I want to share

Having a good time with kid's boners (pic)

Republicans responsible for e coli in spinach

Girls/women: what is with grinding your bums into men's fronts?

Rabrrrrrr's History Lesson: No Watergate without leeks

When things are all fucked up and messy... ever find

I have lots of really cool news!

Will you Marry me??

If we lose the senate it will be all your cat's fault!!

Since we all basically agree on cats. Here's a KITTY PIC THREAD!

Why Do You Like Flour?

Why Do You Like Flowers?

Attention please:

Goddamn, this cat is crazy-sexy.

deleted. bad link

Will the owner of the Gay Agenda please report to the front office?

Can someone please post the Gay Agenda again please?

Okay, okay, but I HAD to

World Series: What a ballgame!

What is all of this talk about being gay?

I have a plate that now is classical music.

i've seen everything. how disgusting is a "combat terrorism playset"?


How do I become gay like RetroLounge?

Ok, dropped a Rolo on the floor and can't find it.

Oasis on VH1 /Behind The Music/, part 1

Anyone want to rub some vapo-rub on my. . . .

Tech support horror stories...

My cousin is the only person to be fired from a construction job due to appearance.


Scientific testing of difference between gay men and straight men

Sp ike now has a soul, which means I'm going to cry through this episode.

Okay..Which one of you STOLE the Gay Agenda?

I don't believe it...Cards ahead 3-1 in World Series

G'nite guys.

I fucking wanna live with this guy

Did anybody see Michael J. Fox on the CBS nightly news?

I'm in LBN for two seconds, read the cleric's comment about women = meat

Anybody want to rub some Vap-o-rub on my chest?

If a tree falls in the forest and there are no live beings around within 100 miles

These Pictures are incredible....We could never get away with ....

It's impossible to watch a ball game and not favor one club

The older I get, the less tolerant I am of stupidity.

I feel so gay tonight.


Challenge!!! turn me back straight!!! betcha can't

Why do incompetent people get promoted??

Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow!

One thing I really love about DU

Sorry miss_american_pie.. you turned me down so I'm Marrying Retro!

Monty Python Silly Walk Generator!! Make your own silly walk!

If I recruit 10 more people by this Saturday to become Gay, I win a free toaster!

A Terrific Prank

We're back from Maui

Replace any word in a movie title with "Gay Agenda"

Hi DU Lounge...I'm Superstitious

For straight DUers~~~

I cant stand game shows

Grrr... I have bursitis on my knee and I can't run.

Did Jesus render the Old Testament obsolete?

Spacecraft go to film Sun in 3D (BBC, NASA)

Nasa to decide Hubble's fate (BBC)

Bee fossil, DNA generate a buzz (BBC)

Colorado's Domestic Partnerships and the illogical argument against it.

HRC fired employee who leaked Foley emails!

Scientific testing of difference between gay men and straight men

Cowboys coach rats out McDonald's over rodent in salad

Declaration of Independence spell

OT: This is the

Dear Senator Kerry, Small Consolation To Be Sure, But...

If the Death Penalty is such a deterrent

I said hello to Bob Casey today...

43 dead throughout Iraq today

The Independent's frontpage on bloggers jailed for truth-telling

Doesn't the big explosion of gay discussion render the naysayers correct?

Rove base strategy , hearing the smug traitor say " The Math "

Anyone have a link to the bestiality in Scooter Libby's book?

Since dobson, etc. are so aghast at gay marriage

I love Fox news

Science disproves vampires, can it also disprove homophobic conspiracy theory?

Love that MSNBC Decision 2006 skit with the donkey and the elephant

Matt Lauer IS glib.. re: MJ Fox

(VIDEO) Bill Maher: Impeach Bush

Trandahl Names Kolbe as a 'Problem' With Page Program, Source Says

This pic of * is real creepy.

Gotta Scorecard For Ya !!!

Top 5 Reasons why you CAN consider the 'christian' Right to be the American Taliban

This Is My America

Mind Games, Part 1-- by Raw Story

Once again a RW "Smear merchant" is carrying the GOP'S water

Joe Scarborough Pitching for Vegas Bunnies /HOT Sex for CNBC!

Here's What Senator John McCain has to say about Webb's "Lost Soldiers"

Review of Lost Soldier by James Webb...Book endorsed by MCCAIN!!

Anyone have links to the lesbian scenes in Lynn Cheney's book?


Tower of Babel' translator made {uh, sort of -- work in progress } (BBC)

OK, Enough Whining And Sniveling... GET UP, AND KICK HIS ASS !!!

Amnesty International: Cheney "sets a new human rights low"

Worst Person in the World

FCC rejects complaint about Schwarzenegger on 'Tonight Show'

'Stability First': Newspeak for rape of Iraq

Fiction doesn't trump foley's child molestation,

When will we actually know all the results of the mid-terms?

Rummy at today's Pentagon briefing: arrogant, condescending, and grossly

Human Rights Watch: "Vice President Cheney needs to get a better lawyer"

re: Webb quote flap -- Cultural context

Schmidt goes crying to Jabba The Hastert over "cowards" ad

Exxon posts $10.5b profit, 2nd highest quarterly profit ever for a U.S. company

New David Horsey TOON: Making things perfectly clear...

THE SECURE FENCE ACT OF 2006- 700 MILES, 2-6 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$

News the day after.....

Does Allen have relatives in PA?

Coming up on Keith: Rove has his own electoral map

Fox Poll: Bin Laden Edging Foley as Most Tasteless Halloween Mask

Arnie the Jerkenator

Predictions for Nov 7: Dems will take both House and Senate

L.A. hospitals dump patients on Skid Row

Water Warriors

Anyone else notice a marked increase in "defeatest-type" posts?

Guess who's in my avatar.

I'll bet that Keith O wanted to make Matt Lauer the "Worst Person of the

"So Goes the Nation"

Did Jesus render the Old Testament obsolete?

UN initiates arms trade agreement (BBC)

I LOVE Sean Hannity, and if you don't WAKE UP LIBERAL FOOLS!

So the Repubs are gonna spend a bunch of money in NJ Senate race?

Words fail me.

You know why the Michael J. Fox ad worked?

Nicaragua Snubs US Election Warning

Is it time for a new Dixie Chicks avatar?

Laura Bush: My husband never misled nobody about Iraq

Nicaragua Snubs US Election Warning

finally! dem campaign lit mailing addresses republican corruption and scandals!

CNN - Broken Gov'ment - anyone watching?

Nixon and Lieberman: The similarities are uncanny!

Drudge is smearing Webb on his site right now: underage sex scenes in novels


HELP ! Can someone help me with a response?

FOX In CBS Exclusive: I Was OVER-MEDICATED In Stem CEll AD


Imagine the stuff the Tenn. GOP is doing off-the-air

Who will save the Republicans from Hurricane Midterma?

MLB and "God Bless America"

Another Pa. House Repub in trouble: Melissa Hart

Head On Radio Thursday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Jim Webb's Fictional Excerpt Is NOT ABOUT SEX OR INCEST

Ford should have taken a page from Sherrod Brown

DU'r Ava has done a new ad. 46 VERY powerful seconds.....

Yo! Alan Simpson - Got Something For You

FReeper thread pulled because it showed Dems winning the House

The Tigers Can Kiss My ASS!!

"I Don't Care If I Vote For Happy The Clown"-So Long As Its Not These Clowns

2 threads

You Tube: Back From Iraq

looking for a piece malloy read on his show once about religion

This rove "I've got the plan to win" bluster is laughable.

"You can fool some of the people all the time"

The Trolls are Trick Or Treating Early This Year !!!!!

Has anyone heard of this? "Force Transformation" link...

Look what Jim Hightower found.

Karl Rove Is Still Smiling. Make Karl Cry.

Stop surfing the DU and start making phone calls!

Another disturbing bumper sticker

Absorbing Gay Pain & Praise, Clinton Says She's Evolved

Interested in the legal history of enemy combatants and military courts?

What are "San Francisco values", anyways?

Poll: Most feel civil liberties not harmed by war on terror

Starbucks, the coffee beans and the copyright

Letterman just said that Billdo is on the show tomorrow, and he calls him a name.

Lots of concerned people on DU tonight

Rummy wants you to "just back off," okay?

It is ironic that Drudge posted about a penis in the mouth.......

POLL roundup for October 26, 2006 - Dems WIDEN lead in 4 new generic ballot polls

Please DU this right wing site on gay marriage

A Postage Stamp I Can Support!

Listen to this Commentary.......

here, get your mind off politics for a minute....

Joseph Goebbels has a MySpace page. Who knew?

Never too old to become an American - pic

Why should I fight for your rights?

Bill Clinton left a voice mail message on my phone today.....

The power of genes-awesome

Vote for Corker , he's whiter...

Why is Rove saying the GOP will keep the House and Senate?

Rove Was Tipped Off Re: Timing of the N. Jersey's Gay Marriage Ruling

Republicans will lose as long as Democrats don't concede any moral ground

Blacks, Gays, Hispanics...OH MY! (Or - who put that lock on my closet door?)

Poll: Middle Class Favoring Democrats


School boots 3 girls in 'Underpants'

I have $50 to donate, to who?

Gays, Impeachment and the Secret Service.

Military is blocking left-leaning sites - allowing conservative sites!

Proof that the election was stolen

Hey, Texans supporting Kinky Friedman...look at this poll.

It would be a defeatist position to ignore Diebold this election

We're now ranked #53 in the Freedom of Press Index tied w/Botswana & Tonga

a question about the secret service from a know nothing foreigner


Yet another Burqa thread. Your opinion?

My new GOTV VIDEO: Please help me rate it up! VIDEO LINK

Why is Privatized Social Security bad?

Hitler, Bush-Men of God? (video)

My letter to Jesus and some of his Followers about being gay and elections

The Day I Outsmarted Homeland Security

Excerpt from very touching Chomsky interview

*** Thursday's TOONs: Rush is a Porcine Doofuss ***



Outrageous smear by Drudge against Jim Webb -- DEBUNKED!

EVERY DU-er should see this - Michael J. Fox on CBS News.

Secret Service Agent Tells All: the pretzel brand, the SS nickname, the earpiece...

The real swiftboating has begun anew.

Obama: "Please join me in supporting Ned Lamont"

Repug desperation showing in television ads in my state? Yours?

Washingtonpost poll survey has Webb ahead by two points

You've got to read this to believe it.

Hastert: "Things are looking pretty good" for GOP ("strong economy")

what's up with the Foley / Predatorgate hearings?

GOP hypocrisy: a case study in moral confusion, racism and torture

Arianna has a very good point on the Ford vs. Croker race

TOON: The U.S.-Mexico border fence

42,853 hits on YouTube on Ford ad DAMN


GOP: Waxman would be in charge of "Investigations Central"

OK, so I volunteered to help on Election Day...just got this email

EP Update: Dems Gain 20 in House, 5 in Senate

Repuke scribe at NRO concedes 11 House seats lost and many more in play

I work for an organization that

(Minnesota/Oberstar) - Rod Grams doesn't live in MN08...

We can't "measure the drapes" just yet.

I think we can...

Bush to Iraqis: Clean up my mess or I'm out of here!

Election day question

GOP Drops TV Plans for Ohio Senator

Allen must be really scared


For anyone who thinks young voters are disengaged from the election...

So what is YOUR take on James Webb's book? Some pretty awful stuff.

Virginia 10th - Judy Feder pulls even with Frank Wolf!


The Ten Worst Congressmen (per Rolling Stone)

How much emphasis have the Dems put on raising the minimum wage

I'm glad that next week is that last full week before the election.

The war crimes confessions growing louder

Seems to me that the racist ad against Ford should work in TN. Likewise

Ben Harper: Better Way

Kolbe... (my rare rant against a small handful of fellow leftists)

See the add Mean Jean doesn't want the voters to see

too lazy to leave the house to volunteer?

Could Limbaugh be sabotaging Missouri and Talent on purpose?

republicans freaking out evident in subtle ways

What's next for Rush?

Jonathan Alter said the Dem's are getting out POLLED!! WHAT

I LOVE this idea for a Dem political ad!

A DU Tale

GOP pulling DeWine ads

You may already have this site saved for Election Night:

TX-4th Court of Appeals Candidate covers up for pedophile!

Can one vote make a difference?

Fox to Couric: "If I didn't take medication I wouldn't be able to speak"

Disillusionment, voter suppression may diminish black voter turnout

Who to call on Election Day if fraud or disenfranchised

NBC Refuses ads for Dixie Chicks movie

The Bottled Water Lie .... (depleting natural resources)

Wolcott-Red State Babylon

AZ Republic Dem endorsement calls Hayworth a "bully"

As Long As Citizens Remain Ignorant, Gov'ts Will Blunder Into War

Daniel Ellsberg: The Next War

We have turned Iraq into the most hellish place on Earth (UK)

WP: From China to Berlin, Fences Have Failed to Exclude or Contain

Asian Workers Trafficked to Build U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Former first son rides dad's coattails in Nevada Senate race (Jack/Jimmy Carter)

Saddam Hussein verdict postponed - 2 days before U.S.Election?

Attacking the Myths (as a result of trauma) - by Roxane Silver

Ethics on the Brain

The GOP Father --p m carpenter's commentary

The secret Whitehall telegram that reveals truth behind controversial Saudi arms deal

OK--Here is my considered election prediction:

Maliki`s Mistake (Anti-Democrat propaganda from Investor's Business Daily)

Election cliffhanger: Will it all work?

Republicans and Battlestar Galactica

Economy weakest in three years

Paul Krugman:The Arithmetic of Failure


Enron's Skilling Sentenced; Bush Walks By Greg Palast

What color is your hypocrisy? (Remember Mehlman's Apology to NAACP)

In Michigan, a Sale the GOP Can't Close --Dionne, WaPo

Why Bush Thinks We're Winning --Froomkin, WaPo


Analysis: Bad reviews for Iraq policy

"Last Call" - Bowers (TODAY is the day to donate & get safe dems to do the same)

Everyone knows Rush Limbaugh's just faking

Anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe?

Dear condi: Office of Foreign Service letter (Protest Hughes office pick)


Marxism of the Right

US Naval War Games Off the Iranian Coastline:

Real Timetables for Iraq | NYT Editorial

Independent: Climate change: US economist's grim warning to Blair's Cabinet

BUT REMEMBER!... there's NO price-gouging (repeat after me)

Biocrude? Algae-to-oil project aims to deliver

The majority of Finns support building a sixth nuclear reactor.

Investors looking at East Texas for biomass sites

From Polluted Past to Solar Energy Champs (Brockton MA PV system)

Beyond corn: Ethanol's next generation (Chicago Trib)

I desperately need some help with some research.

Worried about pump corrosion, BP puts ethanol product on hold.

Yamaha Motor Develops (H2) Fuel Cell Scooter

Water district installs solar energy system (274 kW PV Cucamonga Valley, CA)

Solar power: cheap energy source for Africa

The End of Suburbia on YouTube

In praise of the Lebanon war

Abbas: May Dissolve Hamas Government

'Hamas doesn't want to destroy Israel' (EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana)

Peres tells Solana: Israel will not ease pressure on Hamas

Anti-Semitism. Is it rising, declining, or transforming to anti-Zionism?

Israel denies German ship clash

One in three Israelis willing to see Rabin killer pardoned

A Question for The Secret Service...


Cheney shoots Hayden in the foot over wiretapping

A phone call on 10-26-06 to NSTB regarding flight AA77 . . .

Brunner for Ohio Secretary of State

I think I figured out Rove's Math

It's time to bring the Republicans on board. We need to steal an election.

Gallup: Only 1 in 4 Americans Very Confident Votes Will Be Counted Accurately

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. Oct. 27, 2006 -

Election cliffhanger: Will it all work?

How to steal an election by hacking the vote

Who is Robert W. Bauer, Esq. and why does he hate Democracy?

What if the telephone and cable lines were disconnected at polling sites?

Some GD Posts of Possible Interest to the Election Reform Forum...

NATO secretary-general to meet with Bush

UN initiates arms trade agreement

Army funding short under budget plan

Bomb blast kills 14 Afghan civilians: official

Iraq's Mosul bans vehicles after threats to police

Author of blog exposing Foley e-mails fired by gay rights group

Women under attack in Iraq, Afghanistan

G.O.P. Moves Fast to Reignite Issue of Gay Marriage (Bush helps them)

Diebold Quietly Repaired Voting Machines

Poll: Middle Class Voters Abandoning GOP

Crist ad blitz links opponent to Castro

Bush is campaigner-in-chief in countdown to US vote

Strike hurts bank operations, market trade (India)

Boston Globe: Clergy warned on partisan preaching

WSJ: On Overseas Trips, Congress's Rules Are Often Ignored...Lewis's European Tour

Judge rules Earle can keep (Tom DeLay investigation) invoices secret

Chevron 3Q profit soars to $5 billion

email MSNBC about Jim Webb's "sex" book

CNN: Sexual passages become issue in Virginia Senate race

Kaine: State buildings to be smoke-free (Virginia)

NYT: S.E.C. Facing Wide Review of Practices

Wis. governor race focuses on stem cells (MJF was here also).

SEC Brings Fewer Enforcement Cases

11 in O.C. charged with voter registration fraud

NYT/Reuters: Priest in Foley Abuse Claims Hits Back at Accusers

Seoul dodges the dragon but feels the heat

U.S. evangelical support for Iraq war slipping (down 13% in a month)

Nicaragua passes ban on all abortions

White House denies Cheney hailed 'water boarding'

Gay marriage ruling energizes GOP campaigns

(UN expert:) US law 'violates' international treaties

Warships deploy around S. Arabia oil facilities

Taliban accuse NATO of genocide, vow more attacks

Israel denies German ship clash

Bush Afghan drug policy slammed

Torture tars the West's intelligence services: (Richard) Clarke

Sadr threatens rogue commanders of his Iraqi militia

Allen Labels Webb Writing 'Demeaning to Women' (AP focuses on "smear" not salaciousness)

Ex-Bush aide Safavian apologizes at sentencing

President Bush visits Michigan; raises $700,000 (calls candidate by wrong name)

(Pentagon:) Al-Qaeda in bid to 'influence US poll'

IG: Halliburton subsidiary abused rules

MNF Iraq: Task Force Lightning Soldier dies

LAT: FCC: Tonight Show "Not Motivated By Partisan Purposes"

German ship (Israeli clash) = two incidents, one with a surveillance ship...

(David) Safavian's sentencing set for Friday

U.S. seeks missing soldier in tense Iraqi slum

Iraqi PM, U.S. envoy back timetable (ONE more troop KILLED)

AP: (US) Man's Transfer to Iraq Death Row Delayed

AP: Philly Leaders Object to Voting Monitors

Arlen Spector Cuts and Runs from Michael J. Fox and Science

Central Figure Emerges in Gibbons "Cover-Up" (Nevada Gov. R-Candidate)

(UN humanitarian chief) Egeland: Killings out of control in Iraq

Safavian (Bush Admin GSA Chief of Staff) sentenced to 18 months in jail (Abramoff scandal)

BBC: Judge 'orders arrest of Pinochet'

Egeland: Killings Out of Control in Iraq

Gallup: Only 1 in 4 Americans Very Confident Votes Will Be Counted Accurately

Halliburton's KB&R abused regulations, report says

Las Vegas appealing judge's ruling on feeding homeless at parks

Webb on sex passage recital: 'It's smear after smear'

U.S. wants sex offender back

Lamont Challenges Lieberman To Fourth Debate, JOE DECLINES!!!

U.N. Expert Criticizes U.S. Terror Law

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 27

No longer constrained, Greenspan shares a piece of his mind

AP: Bush: U.S. Doesn't Torture Prisoners (AP actually uses the word torture!)

Iraq PM meets US envoy, commits to "timelines"

Rural Voters Lean Left in New Poll

Indian, U.S. Navies Conduct Exercises

McCain: Send 20,000 more troops to Iraq

White House denies Cheney OK'd torture

CAMPAIGN 2006: Iraq vet targets Porter (R) vote (porter voted for vet health cuts)

Home builders throw in price cuts, incentives

Clinton suggests Rumsfeld replacement (Baker, Powell)

Warships deploy around Arab oil facilities

Pelosi On Bush Jabs: 'Couldn't Care Less'

GOP yanks TV support of DeWine

Anglican leader backs wearing of veils

Nearly 1.5 Million Back-Office U.S. Jobs Seen Moving Abroad

West is turning on Islam, scholar warns

Swiss Find Evidence of CIA Spy Attempt (mostly Arabs targetted)

AP: Court: Foley Voters May See Name List

Cheney says U.S. will win war on terror

Economy weakest in 3 years

Australian cleric refuses to quit over "meat" sermon

Experts Identify Products That Cause Greatest Environmental Damage

Police investigating white powder found in Bill Clinton's office

NBC Censors Anti-Bush Dixie Chicks Ad

Nancy & Ronnie Reagan promote drug use

Okay, where is my computer-crashing "ghost story" thread for Halloween?

My cat has good taste.

I've decided not to sleep tonight


What are you reading right now?

I hate to say it, but Toxic Avenger 2 isn't a very good movie.

Sorry, dupe. Please ignore.

School boots 3 girls in 'Underpants'

If your Husband goes into the forest 100 miles away from his

Murder Trial Juror Booted for Invoking Numerology

Dilbert bashes stupid internet posters. (That's the other guys, right? Right?)

Great Dear Abby about why Parental Notification isn't the solution

Domain Name Bidders: Goes Up For Auction

Anyone here ever use Reddi-wip?

Good morning DU!

My undergrad son is getting published! Ask me anything

Aughh! I have laryngitis!

So I bought a mac and now I drink tea

Who wants some candy?

How often does this happen to you?

At the risk of posting a cartoon that may already have been posted . . .

have a laugh for a Friday

Anybody been to a Haunted House lately?

Alright, who has got MrsGrumpy?

$1,100 for new shocks? Is that right?

Something funny going on at Limewire

Bad Album Cover Fans - if you love them, help get one of them elected to the House

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 10/27/06)

Isn't that matcom's dog????

Well, the T-ball coach who paid his player to bean a disabled kid

Ack! I'm procrastinating.

Last call for alcohol. Last call for your freedom of speech.

Time for tactical change. ..

Holy crap, when I drink whiskey, I speak better Gaelic.

Anyone here use Red Stripe?

Rewriting history? - the invention of the wave

I need a link to the oberman film of the pelican eating a pigeon....

Need a new smiley for Repub

I loves me some honey!

Dallas Cowboys Coach Claims Dead Rat In McDonald's Salad

Today I woke up to the sound of an angry Wookie

Favorite Rush

Cat on Valium update

Woman Ticketed For Anti-GOP Bumpersticker (Campaigning Illegally) WTF?

CARTOON: Why the press doesn't report the good news.

I'm so embarassed....

Okay, I bought two big bags of Holloween Candy tonight....

i know the lounge hates my newbie ways

Sleepy cat video

Baby panda scares his mother

Tao Stories #2 ~*~*~ Concentration

shit!! i over slept!! Good Morning

Liam Gallagher: 'Chaplin and Doherty Are Posh Lightweights'


Prank calls to C-span

crappiest myspace page ever?

Aimee Mann has made a Christmas album. Cool! (no pun intended)

Casserole recipes, Please!

There is only one issue with getting sent home early...

How much can you bench press?

Anyone watch Star Trek on SpikeTV?

Red skies at night, Red skies at night....ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhh.

Twice a year, the sun aligns with

My new advertising campaign

Freeper goes off the deep end


Magenta or Columbia?

Switch to GuyCo

Quick, I need that moran picture.

You're so vain/ you probably think this song is about you...

does anyone else hate doing dishes?

Check your smoke detectors. And your CO detectors (added)

If you're gay, you CAN be cured.

Anyone here ever hear of "Second Life"?

'It's worse than that! He's dead, Jim! Dead, Jim! Dead, Jim!'

Some duped by Borat want to sue filmmakers

Who here watches Heroes?

LOL! Cat Head Theater (Hamlet) :

French advertisement with English subtitles: "Mom said I could."

Who here likes to

Blender's "Flithliest Lyrics Of All Time" List

dammit. my cell phone died.

Anybody see the new GEICO Caveman commercial?

Bush sucks

Has anyone seen movie 'Flags of our Fathers' yet?


My voice has dropped an octave. Ask me anything.

there is such a thing as a 'youtube community'. (this is a youtube thread)

Contemplations from the Cheap Beer Zone

"To ensure quality, all Kids’ Burgers are cooked to well done."


NIXON'S BAAAACK!!! (Post your Halloween costume)

A great Teddy R. Birthday quote

Ah, an extra hour of sleep this weekend.

Emergency Stopoff point if you are returning from GD.

Congratulations opihimoimoi!! 25,000 posts

So, I was on The Internets, doing The Google, when I hit a glitch ...

Has anyone seen "Marie Antoinette"?

Name this cat

I'm officially a lawyer now!

Greatest video game EVAH!!!


A box of Tastykake Pumpkin Pies was on my porch when I got home

Cat threads, dog threads ... Octopus thread! (pic heavy)

Great Pumpkin on at 8 ET.

Is this a beautiful cat or what?

I figured out my costume for the big party tonight

I'm making a rock-climbing cake!

I'm 11 posts from 17,000

Check out me & my fat cat, Sweetsy Bell.

Just took my dog to the vet

20 Minutes to go...

One of my best friends found her neighbor beaten to death this morning

What have you listened to today?

SciFi is mynew favorite cable channel (after cspan of course)

Is the Bar Open yet????

Diet / Exercise~ yuck

Anybody recognize this person?


You know that feeling -

Anyone in atlanta?

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

ladies, what cut of meat are you?

What's for dinner?

Friday, October 27. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Maintaining our perspective in a world of neocon lies...

Who could get this thread locked

Shoes - why the hell do we women do it

Be honest......

Dick Clark plans to rock in another new year

Does anyone remember the post


Ford to discontinue the Taurus. Now I will never get to

My "please ingore" thread has one vote.

Streisand's "Shut the Fuck Up"...the Dance Mix

I drank waaaaaaaay too much last night.

Florence Elizabeth Saunders, February 19, 1917 - October 27, 2006

Happy Birthday MrScorpio!!

Pls join me in wishing Shine Girl a happy 10th birthday!!

I think my kid may have perfect pitch...


Siglines/ Sig Pics you like

Favorite season?

Looks like my Mom is going to need Brain surgery...

Friday Bowie Blogging (warning: thread may contain YouTube links)

I sold my car

Meneken Really Needs Your Vote!!!

"Early Morning Rain"

Now THIS is a by-god MAN'S beer opener!

So....What are you going to be for Halloween?

Got back from my lunch interview a short while ago...

Where's Yogi? (Photos -DIALUP WARNING)

I've decided to hate everything and everyone.

How much before or after your due date were you born?

My eternal thanks to

I am in the mood to cook something for dinner-- I need suggestions/recipes

Recommend a "NON-MAINSTREAM" movie...

What are you reading?

Bollywood Has Thee Cutest Dance Moves...

10 questions

Thought of the Day.

The FReepers take on our visit from Agent Mike

You know you've been in Finland too long when...

If Free Republic had avatars.... what would be the most popular images?

My hometown has the oldest known living Dogwood tree. Does

ATTN: November/December babies!!

My problem with Islam.

How do Atheists view marriage: Religious rite or civil right?

Which is most unethical?

HONcode Toolbar: search engine and checker of the accreditation status

Curry may keep elderly minds sharp

Study Finds Little Evidence to Support U.S. Flu Vaccine Policy

NASA MODIS Satilite pictures of the California Wild fires!

The Sound of the "Big Bang"

Mom spanked the gay out of me

A gay rights organization is auctioning off a Hummer

Homophobes to Get Out Hate Vote in Pre-Election Bus Tour

Clinton Says She's 'Evolved' On Gay Marriage

Here is the chart for when the polls close on Election Day

Phony Patient Care Group in Ohio

Commentary: Barack Obama/John Kerry is the Best Presidential Ticket for Democrats in 2008

We still have a BIG MSM problem

So, it's that time of the election cycle when I stop reading

Claire, Harold, Bob and Jim need us and we need them.

What the Lamont race tells us about the Kool Kids Netroots

Sestak gives props to Kerry for JK's early support

I sent an email to Oprah about Keith O and sent another about Kerry

Ma Folk: It must be the Apocalypse, The Herald endorsed Teddy K

Running for President: Consider it carefully.

Coverage of Murphy rally in PA paper

Poster in GD lays it out re Honesty in Politics

John Kerry on Cheney’s “N0-Brainer” Torture Statement

Ok - now who would make the better president?

Can you explain a couple of concepts to me, please?

John Kerry on Rumsfeld’s Attacks on the “Mischievous” Media

Good news! Just a wonderful endorsement of Webb in my paper


Northwest Autumn 2006 (EXTREME DIAL-UP WARNING)

Maintaining our perspective in a world of neocon lies...

Doot, Doot, Doot...

Official DU Photo Group Snaparoo 2007

2,809 U.S. troops dead in Iraq while he yucks it up at a candy store

Climate Change: US Economist's Grim Warning to Blair's Cabinet

What's the Difference Between a Secret Service Agent & the FBI & CIA?

Bush's celebration of National Character Counts Week....

MCA and Hamdi v. Rumsfeld; no trial necessary to detain

Big black cloud

Ex-officials question IRS delay in Katrina back-tax collection

A chip in the brain to control bodily movement?

Who here on DU doesn't know someone who wouldn't benefit from

It's all about "us" and "them."

Arkansas Election Error Stems From Programmers

Gee... Thanks For The Condom...

It's the Top Ten Most Wanted Criminal of the Day!

Was listening to Randi the other day

Michael Petrelis Files: Top Reasons to Vote GOP....

Just askin'


Non Sequitur----It's Bill Clinton's Fault ---- ROFLMA ....

republican gropes woman, apologises, blames alcohol.

Should Dem's be putting out an illegal immigration advertisement?

UN initiates arms trade agreement

Rumsfeld tells war critics to 'back off' ...

We ate salad and drank tea together...

Bush Among Friends - putting lipstick on a cartoon pig

AOL poll: Big Names Jump Into Missouri Stem Cell Fight

The religious right movement should be dead for all time

U.S. military ventures into Sadr City, kills 10 Iraqis

NO ONE who has a chronic disease EXPLOITS IT

The Architects of War: Where Are They Now?

Mr Brian Lamb, who pays your salary?

Are we witnessing the results of a 50 state strategy? Are they pulling

Women under attack in Iraq, Afghanistan

I made a shirt out of boredom and anger...

Brian Lamb Just Ripped A C-Span Caller A New One

Poll:Was Michael J. Fox exaggerating his Parkinson's disease symptoms for political effect?

Paul Krugman: The Arithmetic of Failure

Radical Fringe TOON - Friday 10/27

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 27 Oct 06

A note about the Allen campaign's desperation

Latest "Setting the record straight" bullshit on maliki

Polls still looking good for Democrats. * job approval down 6 points

question-did Clinton have "setting the record straight" on HIS website?

I love real Americans! We just need more of them.

So the Red Cross

How is your Dem mojo working?

UN expert sees US interrogation law setting standard

Attention Marc Maron Fans! Tune in to Jerry Springer's show

How Webb Must Respond: FACT, NOT FICTION (thereisnospoon at kos)

Email reading facts on the Michael J. Fox ad

Emails this morning from the RNC

Viguerie Rips "big-spending, high-deficit, morally-deficient Republican Party"

Are all these poll numbers correct?! Email I just received

Is this country more divided now or during the Civil War?

They are so desperate they are bringing up the Gay Issue again

Russia, Italy present new diesel submarine at Euronaval

Russia to offer Argentina modern weapons, aid in personnel training

Republicans falling like flys in Florida.....

Anyone Else See Stephen Hadly on Lehrer last nite? It was the

Sally Satel slanderer of PTSD Veterans getting facetime on CSPAN

My Flag

Goebbels pays tribute to the propagandists of the BFEE on his myspace

Digby: Stem cell research held hostage by a tiny clique of religious extremists

"Are You Raising a Future Voter?

Three vote fraud questions

Dilbert bashes stupid internet posters. (That's the other guys, right? Right?)

Rice gets a taste of tough love

I just marked my absentee PAPER ballot

ROFL! Luckovich: Limbaugh Suffers From "Big Fat Idiot Disease"!

Could it be that the weapon of Ridicule has been successfully used against the phrase...

It's about the oil, people.....

Watched Olbermann last night--Rove seems so confident--it's scary!

Michael J Fox (Pic heavy)

Raw Story: Mind Games, Part 1

Cabal News is still claiming Rush apologized to MJ Fox.

"Unfortunate" October Surprise (economy, death, and hatred)!!

Hatch / Ashdown debate videos

Early-voting and the sacrosanct "Election Day".

The best defense is. . .plain stupidity?

Bush was right.....

ISO: Video feed of Rush Limpballs making fun of MJF

Justice Clarence Thomas Compliments ACLU (surprise!)

The Blue Revolution

How long has Hannity been a host on ABC radio?

Anyone have the Imus quote about Rush?

ACTION ALERT: Specter must condemn GOP attacks on Michael Fox.

Senator George Allen under Federal investigation?

Dupe. Please delete.

Looks Like Dave Lettermen is NOT ready to make nice with Bill O'reilly

Is it Legal to videotape your use of voting machine to cast your vote?

Is there a pill I can take?

Andy's Election

Greenspan gets wars mixed up calls Iraq, Vietnam

GOP Set To UnLock The Vault Of Vote Machine That Even Knows Your Beer (NY Daily News)

Do you think we'll win 2 of these three: TN, VA, MO

Suffering from Atrocity Fatigue? Ask your Doctor about Damitol.

My problem with Islam.

Vista system may need more memory, Dell CEO says

Chevron's Profits Just Came in - 5 billion

My take is if it wasn't about the oil we wouldn't have gone there in the first place.

TPM and Wonkette banned by the military ?

Am I the only person on DU not worried about the election outcome?

foley's lawyer said mark would be in rehab one month. Is time up?

Email from "Team Dennis (Kucinich)

Worst Congress Ever: Rolling Stone Writer Matt Taibbi on Dem. Now!

KarmaBites tells Page Six we (Keith's fans) are his worst enemy

Letterman to O'Reilly: "...just the way you put artificial facts in your head!"

Is there a good website to determine if a charity is worthy?

Rebutting the Repug Pelosi’s 100-Hour "Tax and Spend Spree"

US general: Iraqis not wired to embrace unity

Some Halloween weirdness for you to break up the day


Whose got dick ch4ney's water-board no-brainer transcript?

WAL-MART to fire consultant for his role in producing ad with Rove protege

delete double thread

I hope the GOP's "energize the base" strategy works to energize...

Great NYT review of Dixie Chicks documentary, "Shut Up & Sing"

The Ohio GOP Are Desperate Mean-Spirited Thugs

Remember when we didn't know who'd be the presidential candidate

Memory Expert in CIA leak case FORGOT meeting the Prosecutor!

The Cardinals won and suppan blew on the mound

"'Privacy' policy under attack": KS students challenge military recruitment rules

Bush Bashing Jack-o-lantern contest!

Does Loyalty override Honesty?

Nobel winner Joseph Stiglitz will be on the radio today

Conservative columnist on Bush meeting: "there was no one whispering in his ear"

‘Catch a Fire’ is incendiary - waterboarding, Prisoners are held indefinitely...

Has anyone here donated to The Michael J. Fox Foundation?

(Youth football) Fans apologize for Afro wigs, blackface

Russia dismisses fears of Iran's arms-grade uranium

Sen. Mary Landrieu stumps in CT with Lieberman

Web Site Offers To 'Fix' Elections - For A Price

Brown-DeWine debate in an hour

Republik-cons campaign message has been boiled down to this:

Highland Park, MI residents have water shut off....VIDEO

Drug suspects may be tied to Fla. Deaths

Here's a tribute to Rush Limbaugh

If you like polls, here are some new polls

Once again, Anu Garg's Word.A.Day offers a beautiful daily quote:

Breaking:UK issues maritime warning in the Persian Gulf

I hope there's a hell, or a least a Twilight Zone

Mommy, what if a white man and a black woman love each other very much?

Secret deal in Corker lawsuit raises questions

New Dictionary Entry... (R): abbr. "Disgraced Former"

Happy Birthday, Matt Drudge, from the crazies.

Greg Palast: Cut and Run - It's Fun!

Thus, talking about a certain movie

my local talk radio is talking of Drudge, and Allen and Webb and fiction

Civil Unions are special rights


White House denies Cheney OK'd torture

WP, Froomkin: Bush thinks we're winning Iraq because the only way to lose is to leave

Heads Up

Report: Iran has begun enriching uranium, is this justification for bushes* war

And, now for a noon-day break....

Activism: Something new I thought of doing . . .

Carlyle Group reportedly among possible bidders for Tribune Co.

The Appeal to "Value Voters"

Hey Rumsfeld! FUCK YOU!

Michelle Malkin defends Webb, calls attacks on fiction "pathetic"

MSNBC to show Waterboarding - up next - 10:51a.m. EST

BBC - Housing slump batters US economy

Times Of India: Jimmy Carter - Iraq Invasion A "Terrible Mistake" By Bush

A Question for The Secret Service...

Jesus' General: Bob Corker ain't miscegenated

ALERT!!! ALERT!!! Alert in the Persian Gulf!

GOP Smears Al Franken - with Doctored Photo, Fabricated Quote

CNN Webpage Headline:White House denies Cheney hailed 'water boarding'

How did you like Rummy telling us to 'back off' and 'relax' yesterday?

Exiled U.S. sex offender arrested at border

Snow Job on CSpan1 now

White House denies Cheney OK'd torture

LAT editorial: Right approach on gay marriage

Our cowardly press: NBC's tough David Gregory v. stenographic David Gregory

I knew I liked this kid for a reason...

How to steal an election by hacking the vote

Dear Rush, I've been getting these pains around my rectum lately

Making torture official (Register-Guard Editorial)

Hot off the press....LETTERMAN BASHES O'LEILLY!!

Just saw bush & cheney both say, "We don't Torture". fucking liars

SNOW Re Cheney' Waterboarding Admission: "IT'S JUST A DUNK IN THE WATER"

Why is Mary Matalin allowed to ramble unopporsed? Where is the "balance"

Copy of Bill Frist letter sent to freepers

Bush: 'This country doesn't torture. We're not going to torture'

Bush flubs name of the one candidate who dares be seen with him

Aaron Russo put "Freedom to Fascism" on Google Video

Rush = "oxymoron"

Webb responds to Macaca's smear - he was describing what he saw in Bangkok

I got push polled.

The climate crisis is Al Gore's focus, not political games

Just talked to Thom Hartmann and Rep. Bernie Sanders. Gave

Titillating Passages From The GOP Library

Germans documented American torture in 2001. UPDATED

O`Lielly on Oprah today

Did Sam Seder call the Michael Savage show yesterday?

Hey, when did Limbaugh get religion anyway?

Somewhere out there - video -- WATCH.. good one

Kerry's statement on Rumsfeld, "lost even GREATER touch with reality"

Insightful analysis from Toronto

Saddam's Verdict Will Be On The Last News Cycle Day Before Elections (Nov. 5th)

VA-Pilot endorses: James Webb for U.S. Senate

New, less subtle attack ad from Bob Corker (hilarious satire)

Body parts strewn all over Iraq and MSM chatters about a novel?


How we can avoid doing Rove's bidding (re: Webb Novels)

WH Backpedals on Cheney "No-Brainer" Torture Comment...

The Google, The Yahoo and The Alta Vista catch Bush on "stay the course"

No posts on POTUS killing, also, no posts on violent revolution

"They Keep On Dying And The Band Plays On"

Another example of Dean's 50 State Strategy: Nebraska

CAPTION Snarly McTraitor...

Here's What I'm Handing Out For Trick-or-Treat:

Google is changing the way I work


Niger Delta bears brunt after 50 years of oil spills...

The Three Stooges and Shemp

Time for a Smile

The People are GOP FATIGUED....they are Weary Leery of the LIE

CT-Sen: Everybody can help Lamont with simple GOTV tool!!!

Has anyone else here received an email

A last plea for a few bucks for my Congressional candidate (with TV ad)

Camille Paglia is a dingbat...

Bush: Man-woman marriage 'must be defended'

Here's the montage of Bush Administration lies I'd like to see in a DNC ad

Amnesty to Cheney: "The America we believe in does not torture people."

19th CD (NY) added to Dems' 'Red to Blue' list . . .

Clear Channel In Trouble...

Need A Break? AMC Is Showing Monsterfest This Week

Watch O'Leilly on Oprah today

Why Do Conservatives Think They Can Make Diagnoses Via Televison?

Caption this pic of *

Senator Bill Frist: "Our Country Can't Afford A Democratic Victory"

Why New Jersey's gay marriage ruling won't cause a backlash.

Is There A Good Site Where I Can Find Where a Candidate Gets Their $ From?

Iraq by the Numbers

Call For Change: It's Too Close NOT to Call

November 8

I'm a liberal, unforgivable

Hasn't waterboarding been defined as torture by some international

GOP Blowout -- Everything on Sale

MSNBC is creaming Webb over the "graphic sex" in the novels.

"Worst of the lot is Dick Cheney...."

Dennis Kucinich on with Randi

1 out of every 150 people listen to rush...big deal..

For those who oppose stem cell research on religious grounds...

Boise set for historic vote on public 10 Commandments display

I am confused about "women against Webb"

Maliki and U.S. Ambassador coordinate their lies

Ex-Bush aide Safavian sentenced to 18 months

email MSNBC about Jim Webb's "sex" book

One thing ya gotta admit about ol' Gen'ral Custer...

President arrested for torture and detentions

Mr. Limbaugh, why don't you really say sorry? Be responsible...

Why religion is a dangerous tool in a war on terror

Note to self: don't try to give the facts to a rabid right winger

My Flag ~ by Amy Branham

Arizona Republic kicks the JD Hayworth habit, endorses Mitchell

Just got back from "Shut Up and Sing." Can I marry a Dixie Chick?

Pelosi: Our Troops and Every American Deserve More than President Bush's Failed Iraq Policy

Iraq has showed all insurgents how to do it - Taliban handpick their targets...

Rush L. says: "I went over to DU-they are Emploding"-asking Why weren't

"IG: Halliburton Subsidiary Abused Rules"....No Kidding? I'm so SHOCKED!

**THANK YOU** and megadittos to RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!!111

A Democrat with Balls, Democrat Patrick Murphy called the incumbent "a liar and a coward"

WHY is every newscast saying "Limbaugh later apologized for his comments"??

Bush is the (fill in the blank)-in-chief

CNN's Bob Mathews the king of torture

A phone call on 10-26-06 to NSTB regarding flight AA77 . . .

David Letterman to smack down Bill O'Reilly tonight

Letterman continues to face down O'Reilly and show him no respect.

Please be careful about the stock market next week.

Claire, Harold, Bob and Jim need us and we need them.

Sen. Dorgan: Cheney's "no-brainer" illustrates the issue with Military Comm Act

So if Cheney were captured, 'waterboarding' him would be OK???

Two for Dixie Chicks Fans...

Cheney believes torture is Good For America

Remember when Bush 41 sent troops to Somalia..... poll: Do you think Cheney was talking about waterboarding?

Great UTube Video About Video Recording Polls Movement.

If Waterboarding Isn't Torture, Why The Fuck Did The Khymer Rouge Use It?

Corporate Media Power -- A Solution?

Medicare D true to GOP form: Pay More for Less Benefits in 2nd year (2007)

Former White House official(Safavian) wept as he asked for leniency

So, whats the news on our droping bombs on IRAN>? any word?

Is Rush faking being a big dick? MUST READ, LMAO!

Does anybody know anything about Pigboy Limbaugh's upbringing?

F*** YOU!! Mehlman...

More Breaking: Large explosion destroys another

New "stay the course" ad -- special Joe Lieberman addition. It's a good one.

I desperately need help with some research.

Who thinks we need to sacrifice more of our soldiers' lives in Iraq?

Remember how Bill Maher got FIRED for his words?

Transcript: Snow says 'dunk in water' is 'dunk in water'; Snow spars w/press...

What happens if a lesbian and a gay guy want to get married?

Jack Cafferty's 4 pm question. what does it mean

Lynn Chaney is going to blast Webb's books on CNN

Do you want to read what "Bring The Troops Home" sounds and looks like?

I Just Gave to The Tester For US Senate Campaign....

What if the answer to Iraq is installing another Sadam (or reinstalling Sadam himself)?

Is the increase in spending for TV ads by Repukes

Dubai ALREADY SOLD those 22 US Ports? To Whom?

Here's a depiction of a water-boarding by the SS, from the movie, Jacob the Liar VIDEO >>>>

It’s Time for Christians to Get Out the Vote

DU Book Club: Sisters by Lynne Cheney!

"Dunk In The Water"! A Carnaval Attraction! For A Dollar You Get 3 Balls

Scenes we'd like to see

If Limpballs Was Not a Famous Right Wing Shill He Would Be in Jail!

Join the DU pool at Predict06 -- make your predictions about Election 2006

ROTFLMAO! "Ten Good Reasons to Vote GOP "

Safavian gets 18 months

CIA interrogation of KSM described, waterboarding, threatened harm to children

Get your Presidential SIgning Statement on the Ports Security Bill Here:

A Good Article By Jonathan Chait

Who here really believes "Wild Pigs " started the E-coil epidemic ?

Re: Abortion. The Supreme Court has legalized it, how come states are able to outlaw

Did anyone see that short CNN report on Steele for Senate in Maryland?

Democratic National Committee Launches Web Ad On "Stay The Course" Rhetoric

Oh, brother. Bomb threat to bus in Glendale, CA

A Message from MoveOn

The Eisenhower Carrier Group in Iranian Waters Really Really Scares Me

Did George Allen (R-VA) Beat His Ex-Wife?

The CNN lynn Cheney interview shows what's wrong with the media

How Jim Webb Won the Navy Cross

Reuters: Chavez says Fidel Castro travels, health improving

Boo Hooo...Bwaaaaa! I don't want to go to jail.


Question for Baseball folks.

Limbaugh to FDR: Get off your FAKING LIBERAL ASS AND WALK!

Free Hugs

Pinochet indicted on charges of homicide, kidnapping, and torture

Bush Reserves Right To Repeat Katrina Failures

lynne cheney on wolf - "aren't you going to talk about my book?'

ACTION ALERT - Contact Oprah and ask that she do a townhall show with Keith Olbermann

What Is The Matter With Open Secrets.Org?

Tucker Carlson said literature flap is "dumb" and critics "don't get out enough"

GOP has hit a new low in WV

The path to peace in the post Cold War era...

J.C. Watts has sold whatever soul God may have given him.

1 in 12 killed or seriously wounded

ABC News: The Note says that Harold Ford must be 5% ahead in polls to win

The Dumbass had an interview w/ O'Reilly last week, for "later broadcast"

lynne cheney/blitzer transcript

Oh MY! FauxNews getting ready to show the DNC "Stay the Course" ad!

This is much bigger than Rummy shaking hands with Saddam.

What did VP Cheney mean when he said it was a no-brainer to dunk terrorists in water?

Schwarzenegger has contributed $21.7 million to his political causes

Is there any kind of video on the Letterman and O'Reilly smackdown?

Hardball now: Mentions Scooter's bestiality, Allen's sealed divorce records.

Fuck you, rush.

Are U.S. Corporations Going to “Win” the Iraq War? -

"I've become concerned about Bush's mental state...."

Lynn Cheney's Anger Management Problem - will the right treat her like Hillary?

South Korea: Condom sales spike in shadow of N. Korea missile threat

Memory Expert For Libby In CIA Leak Case Forgot That Fitzgerald Cross-Examined Her Before

The neocon's "Jail for Judges"

Anyone hear of Zaba people Search data base?

How many Republicans do you need to perpetrate election fraud?

My Evolution on Same Sex Marriage, and Politics

A realistic look at our situation re: Election 2006

Cost to buy Congress? $2.6 billion

Coming Up Next On CNN: Lynne Cheney Unedited Intervew-Warn The Kids.

Testosterone Tumbling in American Males

Prediction: if Ds take House but not Senate:

Clear Channel all but confirms buyout talks

Cheney's No-Brainer: Waterboarding can KILL the victim. They don't let him die

Sheriff's office 'taking lots of calls' with arson tips (Reward now at $400,000)

poll workers and watchers, please-

Police investigating white powder found in Bill Clinton's office

uh..1-a-and-a-2-ah...ALL TOGETHER NOW!...Waaaaaaah! Waaaaaah!

A question about military commissions

So. Dubya. How's that Mars initiative comin' along?

KERRY: "Is WH That Was For Torture Before It Was Against It-For It Again?"

don't think I'm not represented by my representative

Pythons Prophetic (Again)....

Guy in the next cube

What is the LAMEST Bush Administration Catch Phrase?

wolf is chewing on lynne cheney

Border fence? I demand a WALL

I hate that Randi is an hour less than her old time slot.

October suprise: US navy is in the Middle East to protect Saudi Arabia

Question to Virginians:

Where is the Saddam Conviction and Death sentence?

When will Gas Prices go back up?

I'd just like to add my two cents re: the gay rights flamewars of today

God F'ing Damn it! Bush is murdering the finest, most loyal Americans.

A little experiment I'd like to try re: marriage = 1 man 1 woman bumper sticker

My new bumper stickers...

Did you see the FL. voter on Lou Dobbs? He voted for Nelson and CRUELLA

Conservative Washington Times Blogger Slams Allen's "Lolita Smear"

In honor of Michael J Fox: FOXY LADY (by Hendrix) parody w/ GRAPHICS


Oldie but goodie: Rush Limbaugh sings "I'm a Nazi"

Check this out: New Poll Finds Middle Class Abandoning GOP


"I admires George Bush but not as much as his father Barbara."

BREAKING:Hastert Office Blocked Corruption Probe

I hope you've been reading Dan Froomkin lately. He's been on fire.

Gays/Lesbians as the Booga-Booga of the week (a rant)

who remembers when Sensenbrenner turned off the CSPAN mics?

Is there any way to tell if your computer has been accessed

I just gave $250 at Kos's Actblue page.

Press gaggle: "so 'dunk in the water' means what, we have a pool now at Guantanamo"

Tonight's Show: Letterman v. O'Reilly (ThinkProgress; New York Post)

It's starting folks. More troops are about to die. October Surprise?

Bill Clinton telling it like it is, damn good speech

Are absentee ballots the key to stealing the '06 elections?

Well, Ms Allyson on the Most is defending waterboarding?

Photoshop idea-- any classy PS gurus out there?

Hah, hah, hah... CNN won't air commercials for Death of a President...

Oh NO! {insert issue (D) here} just made us lose every race everywhere!

Can't find computer forum. Have virus(?) Need help.

Halliburton withheld financial information illegally

The Dixie Chicks Ad NBC Doesn’t Want You To See

First read Noonan's major dissing of GWB. Then read Greenwald.

Touch-Screens Failing Already as Election Meltdown Begins in Earnest...

Republican attacks on Barney Frank intensify

I hear some four-divorces drug addict is talking about DU on the radio

Bill O'Reilly is on Oprah today!

Help remove Arnold Schwarzenegger--take 30 sec to google bomb

Germany's former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder on Iraq and Bush:

Bush "Knows More (ABOUT TORTURE) Than He Lets On"-Ron Suskind

Dear Abby letter dramatically argues against "parental notification"

How I know Cheney did confess to water boarding

Laura more popular & likable than her husband. Isn't Everyone?

If the Bush Regime isn't held accountable - What will...

Bilbray Being Investigated By Grand Jury

If they steal this election, can genocide be far behind?

MSNBC: Voting machines repaired without telling Maryland

Petition to build a 700 mile long fence around rush limbaugh's ass.

Please DU this poll regarding amending the Constitution in Indiana.

Could Someone Explain the Fence? Bush signed it but it has no funding?

Inspired by Will Pitt-- Change your Avatar Image to Andy Stephenson for the election

Diane Rehm rips Limbaugh a new one.

I can't believe this is happening

"Vote Miscount is Already Happening in MO"

Electronic Voting Machines Never Make Mistakes

Snow:"You think Dick Cheney's going to slip up on something like this?"

I'm concerned and troubled

The Battle For America (short video clip)

I am BEGGING all current Democratic campaigns to read this post

Here is a great Halloween Mask to scare the kiddies....

How YOU can get out the vote from home...

What do you think? Is it really "for the children"?

Honesty in Politics

Better presidential agenda - Bush (6yrs in WH) or Ava (just turned 6)

Arlen Specter owes Michael J. Fox a public statement of support NOW

Currently... It's 3.9 Per Day...

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Josh Marshall hints Allen campaign's Webb novel ploy is a decoy

Who is your LEAST favorite U.S. Supreme Court justice? (poll needs DU-ing)

Blue Jean Dye Kills Cancer Cells

I have never met a straight couple that got divorced because a gay couple moved next door.

Confession That Formed Base of Iraq War was Acquired Under Torture...

Send your good vibes to Justice Stevens

Bush broke the Scottish police officer's leg at the '05 Gleneagles G-8 Summit

Christian Newswire: Michael J Fox wants to "kill children & harvest their little bodies"

Hey! Rush Trolls DU! HEY RUSH!!! Lookie lookie!

Saw a map of Bush's "fence." It looks like flippers on a pinball machine.

Interview of the Vice President by Scott Hennen, WDAY at Radio Day at the White House

"We're sitting this election out."

A special message for lurking Freepers, Govt Agents and whoever

International cease fire. Maybe the people of the world

*** Friday TOONs: Rush is Still a BFI, What Can I Say? ***

Please: You do not need a camcorder, a digital camera will do

What is up with the constant Obama media frenzy now? A useful distraction

Herald Tribune: Florida House Republicans, On the High Road to Massacre?

New IE 7 browser has a NEW flaw (second since official release)

Gut Check: How Will We Do In The 2006 Election?


Wearing Beautiful Caskets

Proposed initiative: Strip clergy of the power to officiate legal marriage

VIDEO: Lynne Cheney Unhinged On CNN

Life, conditions, and hope on the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Reservation of SD

Can we stop with the RIDICULOUS "gays versus blacks" threads?

Forget the gay marriage amendment. How about this idea for an amendment:

Bill Maher's Lineup for Tonight



DU Public Service Announcement: Don't Forget To Fall Back 1 Hour Sunday

Peggy Noonan: "Fire Congress Because We Can't Fire Bush"

I think some of you have the wrong idea about this Secret Service thing.

How I can tell that Karl Rove is Using Election Fraud......

What Is a "Lynne Cheney Democrat," Anyway?

A Msg from TruthIsAll on his health. Good news.

Buzz in Virginia-Something "Not Very Nice" About Sen. Allen

Bush Moves Toward Martial Law

Jack read my e-mail on CNN!!!!!!!!

Requisite films to watch in the days before Nov. 7


Now That I'm at Liberty, Here's More of the Halliburton Story

Dick: If they float, are they a tuhrist, a witch, or both?

Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady Lyrics PARODY w/graphics and article

US warned of ballot box chaos as elections near

Hillary raids the war chest in drive for landslide

One upon a time, there was a gay hooker in the White House

Attention, friends of Alaska

John Kerry on Rumsfeld’s Attacks on the “Mischievous” Media

Wal-mart to fire consultant for role in producing ad w/Rove protege!

Just for economic reasons alone we should be perusing Stem Cell

MJFox cut a stem cell ad for Gov Doyal in WI also. WI pub. radio is

Bible-thumpers backing off of Bush on Iraq

Clinton campaign speech in MA for Deval Patrick.

Wall Street Journal attacks Gore, global warming fight

Rove's former political director produced RNC's "Harold, call me" ad

Poll: Middle Class Voters Abandoning GOP

Term Limits

please stop calling bush our commander in chief....

King Karl Midas Finding Everything He Touches No Longer Turns to Gold

Rove Protege Behind Racy Tennessee Ad

Lou Dobbs poll last night.

Poll: Middle class voters abandoning GOP

McCain may take down Allen over Book: Can a few honorable men face-off this slime

Bush uses signing statement to ignore Congressional mandate on FEMA

CNET: The worst political Web sites

ONLY Bill O'Reilly can bring you: "The TRUTH about Fox & Limbaugh"

Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot endorses James Webb

Ohio May Elect a Democratic Governor for First Time Since 1986

BREAKING!!!! Webb being called a pedophile

Photo: Junior stumbles off of Marine One in a stupor...situation normal

Allen, may take down Webb and McCain over book

Striking image from last night MSNBC

Front Page of Plain Dealer today GOP Drops Dewine Ad's

British odds maker bets on Dems taking both Houses

Is There Any Additional Information On The Ammo Dump Explosion......

O'Reilly and Letterman mix it up - TONIGHT

social conservatives want

Swiftboated Murtha, now D. Kucinich.

Our RWers now are soul mates of "leftist" Nicaragua

Jim Webb Defends Content of His Novels

Join us, America.

Pelosi:In Bush Economy Millions of Americans Are Not Making It

bush=devil? nah, satan has better taste

Anyone Have Arbitron Ratings For Progressive vs Right-wing media?

Where's the "Snow job" thread?. . . n/t

Mark Foley and the Bush Administration - Perversions of Power

Republican Porn - Scooter Style

Sad innocence on DU


Jim Webb discusses his books this morning on WTOP

Cat Killer Frist sends email warning, "Our Country Can't Afford A Democrat Victory"

A look at the other handiwork of Rove proteges (now caught in controversy)

Tony Snow on Dick "no brainer" Cheney: He doesn't support water boarding

re: Webb (One hero, not two mutineers...)

From Whitewater to Blackwater.

Breaking on MSNBC: US naval forces put on heightened state of

NYT Page A1 - Donna Brazile addresses a "notion" re: the black vote

"If you knew (candidate's) wife had an abortion..."

agenda if dem's take both houses

$6 billion a month, 3,000 American soldiers, 600,000 Iraqi civilians dead. Gay marriage, anyone?

I've seen it all now,Santorum running ads touting working with Hillary

Heard ALLEN reads xx?? porn mags and watches flics in which girls are butchered? Is that true?

Schmidt angry to see 'cowards' speech in TV ad

Great Republican works of Fiction (ie - a bunch of hypocrites)

Call For Change: It's Too Close NOT to Call

256 hours left until Election Day!

Huge Cash Edge Rove Boasted Of Fails To Materialize (Dems Raise More in Oct.)

Today's FEEL-GOOD photo: "Supporters cheer as President Bush speaks"

"The Lord hears the prayer of the righteous" -- RIGHTEOUS FOLK NEEDED! URGENT!

GOP drops plans to run DeWine ads in Ohio --

If you haven't seen it -- you'll like it! Bill Clinton campaign speech.

Corker 47% Ford 46% looks like the ad hasn't hurt or helped either

Safavian Sentenced To 18 Months

The Republican candidate for Governor of Wisconsin, Mark Green

Coleen Rowley - FBI Whistleblower Needs Support!

Randi just said the Ford ad is still running in selected areas in Tenn.

Sen Bob Kerrey is crapping all over bush on Franken's show

Chimp was in Michigan thoughts....

Santorum scaling back TV ads

"Democrats are lying to sick people" - limbaugh

Webb's adviser, Jarding, Just smacked down Allen on Hardball

Randi is smacking down the GOP on there false ads..

We here at DU owe special thanks to Rush "The Oxy-Moron" Limbaugh...

Democrats don't need Dixie

Even if we win this time around, it will me the same crap in 2 years

Freepers praised Webb in '05

POLL: MT SEN - Tester up by three (51 / 48)

How Now, Grown Dow? (Slate) {Why stock market rally isn't such good news}

Open letter in the paper today from an American

Madison WI NewsPaper Endorses Bryan Kennedy

(NY 24) A sampling of the NRCC's direct mails.

Republican Mudslinging On An Industrial Scale!

MSNBC breaking: Police investigate suspicious substance...

My Congressman (Barney Frank) scares GOPhers

McCain adviser produced the Ford ad...supervised Tobin during NH phone jamming.

Election night: 7pm EST...Dems may be half way there!

Court: Voters May See List of Candidates (Fla)

heres one..........

hope you havent eaten before seeing this portrati of shrub as jesus

Karl Rove's Strategy is to Frustrate Voter Turnout (Surprise!)

House Dems launch TV ad against lawmaker (KS-02)

Snow:Cheney denying comments were specifically referring to practice known as "water boarding"

Ohio State Issue Misprinted On Some Ballots

Post your upset special for election night...give the candidate..

Do you know Victoria Wells Wulsin? (Running aginst Jean Schmidt)

For those who support parental notification

Peggy Noonan Disses Bush - Is There Progress Through Loss?

LOL *must read* Allen thinks 'Amazing Grace' was written for him

Lynne Cheney on lesbian characters in her book: "This is a lie"

Rural battleground shifts toward Democrats

Allen's Webb novel gambit is beginning to show signs of backfiring...

The Right To Vote is MEANINGLESS Without The Right To Representation

Is anyone keeping a list of the corrupt republicans? nm

DeWine hits rock bottom in debate

Fitzgerald Shows Libby's Memory Expert to be Forgetful - Sliced and Diced!

Who cares if NBC won't run the trailer. Here's a link to it:

We're Coming For You, Bush! (Halloween Edition)

Limbaugh and the GOP are having a Nutty!

What kind of democracy disarms militias?

Clinton: "I have evolved on gay marriage"

Rush’s major smack down on GREAT interactive show

The Congressman Taylor sex rumors you never heard about.

Supporting gay rights is not a problem, and it does not keep Dems from being elected

Check out Wolcott yesterday. WOW!

AOL Poll on Fox Piece vs. Limbaugh (went too far?)

Thanks to whomever suggested sending mail back with

The Premise asks, "Where is netroots 'leadership' for Lamont NOW?"

Early on in 2003...Dean stated his goals of changing the party.

Seriously, why didn' tthe right-wing just ignore the Fox ad?

Maher or Dave tonight?

Grand Jury investigation of Brian Bilbray (CA -50th) confirmed!

DCCC doing 3 to 1 matching on contributions?

Matt Lauer should be ashamed of himself

Kerry: "Republicans think they've served because they played with G.I. dolls"

Do you want to help remove Rolling Stone's 3rd worst

DCCC Unveils Unprecedented Fourth Wave of Red to Blue Candidates

If the Democratic Party adopts a geographic strategy, i.e. forgetting Dixie…

John Kerry on Cheney’s “N0-Brainer” Torture Statement

Strategies to Protect the Vote on Nov. 7