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Rice’s Counselor Gives Advice Others May Not Want to Hear

Election 2006 – Electronic Voting Machines Are Already Failing

The Torture Election- Jonathan Schell

Cohen: How to Turn This Election Into a Progressive Mandate...

Lou Dobbs Special Report: DEMOCRACY AT RISK, Sunday pm

Germany shocked by photos of troops posing with skull

Former first son rides dad's coattails in Nevada Senate race (Jack/Jimmy Carter)

Clintons Office hit with envelope full of "White Powder" Crooks&Liars

Report: Halliburton unit exploited rules

Reports shed light on ties between Weldon, businesses (more!)

AP Seeks Action on Detained Photographer

State worker data said to be at risk in Florida (AG Crist accused of inaction)

Rice’s Counselor Gives Advice Others May Not Want to Hear

Michael J. Fox Tells ABC He Can 'Take Some Hits'

Democrats Get Late Donations From Business

NYT: Democrats Get Late Donations From Business

France deploys 4,000 police as youths torch buses

LAT: Iraqi Prime Minister Criticizes U.S. Policy

NYT: Furor Over Cheney Remark on Tactics for Terror Suspects

Records of freed slaves to go online

NYT: Los Angeles Abuse Cases Are Settled for $10 Million

Congressman facing ethics flap (Rep Tim Murphy (R-PA)

TIME: Criticism Mounts of U.S. Generals in Iraq

Investigators Say Speaker’s Aide Hindered Inquiry of Hill Security Contracts

Cheney says did not refer to water boarding

Democrats Get Late Donations From Business

U.S. Data Fluke Exaggerated Growth, Will Be Reversed

GOP consultant cuts ties with Wal-Mart in flap over RNC ad

Rove: Military Must Be Flexible in Iraq

ACLU Drops Patriot Act Challenge

Bloomberg Sends Troops to Help Lieberman

(Lynne) Cheney Lays Into CNN (For Broken Govt & Sniper Video)

GOP turns its aim on Kucinich to rally faithful

Ethics Report on Foley Not Expected Before Elections

Humiliating or Cute? Dial up Warning!

One beer down...

Sigh...another birthday come and gone

Gee. Only 270 posts to 20,000. That should take me....

Is The Singer James Blunt Just Annoying this think working, or does everyone have me on ignore?

Any skiiers out there?

Whats up.

Republicans, are you reading DU?

Which movie does not belong in the top 10?

Cheap, Easy Costumes You Can Make At Home

"It is not an option for people to disappear at the President's whim."

Great Haunt for people living in the DC Metro Area

KITTENS!!! (and goofy husband):

Watch Battlestar Galactica, if you can

Say what you will, but that Billy Ray Cyrus has a good set of pipes

Dare to love the Bard of Bakersfield!

LostinVA told me to drink plenty of hot fluids.

I've decided to love everything and everyone.(lame copycat)

Pre-employment drug testing... the hair test

37% of teens find text messaging while driving extremely distracting

Got three minutes? (No money req'd)

GD is a bad place. I'm watching "The Great Pumpkin" instead.

It's been too long since I watched Hahaha America


Are you my momma?

Feed me some hungry reggae. I'll love you twice.


free republic was just mentioned on Nightline

Well, that's it

Real apple cider!

If you had a horseshoe, a vat of coco butter, and an artificial heart...


I think my lid may have perfect itch...

You can all thank me later.

Is it just me or does "Wolfen" on AMC right now seem dubbed?

For Alien Spawn's 11th birthday, I got him uranium; you ever give weird stuff?

Just heard a hilarious line from Garrison Keillor...

New Sunset pics, tonight.........Pic heavy!

I think my id may be a perfect bitch

Rep. Kay Granger's Drink Recipes -- WTF? Seriously. What. The. Fuck?

How do I stop my cat from ruining my window screen?

I bought a gallon of ice cream in June

What the hell is Bill O'Reilly doing on Oprah?

Which "Peanuts" character are you?

For my friend GOPisEvil

Jackson Browne Lives In the Balance {Youtube}

She wouldn't have a Willie or a Sam.....

I'm going to Montana tomorrow.

Good news: Enroute to SoCal. Bad news: All those red States..

Howdy Lounge! Guess what!?

An open letter to chickenshit right wingers who quote my posts

I don't know how much longer I can take lying to my mother.

congrats, St. Louis!

anybody else love their chuck taylors?

Letterman is nailing O'Reilly

what lurks beyond page 20?

What is your favorite Elvis song?

Okay, Battlestar Gallactica Is Indeed The Best Show on TV

Know any composers?

Oh u4ic.... :o)

lady in the air

Forcing Consumers to pay for health cuts total Health care cost by 4 to 15%

These bacteria use radiated water as food

Has anybody read "Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence?"

Once upon a time, we had a great baseball team

"Teetering On A Good Edge" - Karen Bishop - October 27, 2006

Just another manifestation link.

Remain Uplifted . Intender's Bridge

OT: Typical

Raucous crowd at BCCC greets Kerry

Pretty decent factual biography of John Kerry.

GD post about Clint Curtis pulling AHEAD of Feeney in Florida.

May I rant here in the safety of our little group?

Democrats beat Republicans in fundraising

Sherrod Brown vs Mike Dewine on Cspan ... now 8pm EDT Fri ...eom

Total Information Lives Again

Anyone heard about the "white powdery substance" sent to Clinton's office

"You're not elected GWB er...Charlie Brown" is on

I sense Allen's childish mud-slinging is backfiring on him.

If only dihydrogen monoxide was a terrorist

Bush - The first President with weird fetishes?

I got my absentee ballot today and I'm voting NOW!

lynne cheney interview top story at Huffpo

Jonathan Turley just had a good discus. on kO about Cheney, water

Amnesty International, an important campaign... see here!

Chimpy appoints former EXXON pig to solve Energy Crisis???

We need to make something clear to liberal voters about McCain

KOs Stay the Course on now n/t

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: The Federal Office of Doublespeak

Progressive Law Blogs

If we manage to win the House in spite of the electronic voting machines...

UN humanitarian chief: Sectarian killing out of control in Iraq

Vermont Senate debate on CSPAN1 Now (Go Bernie!!)

Judge 'orders arrest of Pinochet'

ABC This Week:Sunday Exclusive: Fox's Fight

Hilarious blog over at Americablog

Bush Under Growing Pressure to Engage Syria

Rumsfeld re: Iraq> "Now we just sit back and enjoy the democracy that's there."

O'Lielly on Letterman sneak peak (mods: delete if dupe)

The senate will be decided by three races. Do whatever you can to help.

Dennis Miller WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

Flag of our Fathers

Did you get a mailing telling you about early voting?

Gov. Perdue's (GA-R) campaign manager charged with DUI

A great patterns to be seen

Return of the Body Count?

WP:This Time, Ballot Issues Could Rally Liberal Base

These are the Dems who didn't vote to give Bush the power to call for Martial Law.

Official in Abramoff Case Sentenced to 18 Months

24 officers die in Iraq fighting

Unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons, says Bush

Can I make a Paypal donation to dems?

Harold Ford coming up on Bill Maher HBO

The secret Whitehall telegram that reveals truth

This wife-beating control freak on 20/20 is seriously pissing me off

Borat on George Bush--

Dikembe Mutombo's Advice to Republicans:

Caught the Tavis Smiley show from the 26th. TERRIFFIC!

Is The IRS Politicizing Debt Collection?

Cindy Sheehan: Sit-Down for Change and Stand-Up for Peace

Imagine the Republics had planned for months to play the "sex card"...

VA Refuses to work with Vets with limited English proficiency

How will the "not sure" voters fall on election day?

Plugging a Democratic Contribution Site....

Ex-procurement chief gets 18 months in prison (Abramoff dealings)

U.S. Military Blocks Troops From Visiting Alternative News Websites...

Mitchell over the bully

Look what L&O is doing tonight!

Did Fox appear in a repulican ad?

Letterman to O'Reilly: "I don't even know how to get to your show."

Ben Cardin Missed An Opportunity (Misses Debate)

I have never worked for a campaign until this week

Russia gives USA ultimatum over WTO membership

Reports shed light on ties between Weldon, businesses

NYT editorial: Conserving That Compassion: Homophobia as campaign strategy

Is there a collection of polls as they come out? I'd like to have a place

Head On Radio: Friday Best of Mike Malloy Truthseekers Check-In!

Michael J Fox movie....Help me

Two teachers censored/blacklisted, Secret Service looking into teacher's threat to Bush

Download endless war ribbon bumper stickers here, compliments of

The cutest political commercial!

Here's Bill O'Rielly on Letterman's show.

Anyone watching Bill Maher, looks like a good show tonite

Maureen Dowd:‘Brothels, Sex Kittens, Pedophilia?’

VIDEO: 0lbermann eulogizes retired slogan 'stay the course'

Question for the military people:

John Gibson: Insurgents Want Democrats to Win on November 7

New York Du'ers - what about Alan Hevesi in the comptroller's race?

Dennis Miller takes his act on the low road

This just in from Harry Mitchell's endorsement by AZ now not so Repulsive!


I finally figured out why I am not terribly shocked at the torture stories.

The St. Louis Cardinals have won the World Series

Wow. Just Got A Hug From Cindy Sheehan.

I guess we should expect gasoline to go back up after the election?

Persian Gulf naval excercise, a warning to Iran?

Israel says efforts to stop Iran moving too slowly

NY Times: Lieberman's 'secret weapon' is NYC mayor Bloomberg

"Stupid democratic quotes"

When water torture is turned into "Sonderbehandlung"

Bill Maher tonight mentioned stolen elections ... twice

Michael Schiavo:My unreal night in Colorado - with radio link

Saddam's Verdict Date - It's worse than it sounds

How many have you taken off (from work) for this years election?

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen: It CAN Happen Here

My sweet mother forwarded me a hateful email chain letter.

GW Bush at 1974 superbowl party with Hunter Thompson

Here's a dose of just how disgusting Joementum is ...

You have to be in touch with reality in order to make it better.

Michael J. Fox Tells ABC He Can 'Take Some Hits'

Is Karl Rove Planning to Steal Election 2006

Marines pissed off at Felix...great post on RaisingKaine....

A pair of beautiful twins!

So true I don't know if to laugh or cry- Toles toon alternative sketch

Wonder why Hannity does not wear a wedding ring?

firedoglake: Math Tutors Needed -- to help some miscalculating Dems

Watching the abused woman on ABC 20/20

Letterman is KICKING O'Reilly's butt!!

MUST READ Article From NY Times 1944- "The Danger of American Fascism"

O'Lielly on Letterman (DAVE: "How does staying there, killing more Americans, make it right?")

BREAKING: Hastert Office BLOCKED Corruption Probe

Book TV Schedule: October 28th - 30th

***Excellent Research Tool: Congressional Travel Records***

Peter B. Collins says lots of big advertisers demand they not be on Air America shows?

It’s all about you

"Listening devices" found in Memphis homeland security office

Halloween is Coming! (Caption This Picture)

Read Lynne Cheney's Lesbian Love Story SISTERS Here ----->>>

"If I were raped today, I would not report it "

Bush Lied America into War.

Outrageous interview: "That rather understandable desire for air"

Let's put the time change to good use

Is there an individual, web site, blog or other source that has kept track of

Rumor has it they have already started the smear on Obama...

POLL shows Musgrave (Gay bashing hag-CO) losing to Paccione (45 / 42)

Minnesota voters, you can get a $50 refund of your campaign donation,

Check out this Bush poll.

Need an update on Kucinich's re-election poll results

***Excellent Research Tool: Congressional Travel Records***

My civic duty. One more time for good luck on 11/7/06.

Bloomberg Sends Troops to Help Lieberman

Freeps on the Clinton powder scare: "We're very good, We are not DU..."

Classy woman with nerve (the lady who put her hand over the

DU this poll:

A message to all the freepers who accuse Michael J. Fox of exploiting his illness

The Democrats, once again, have to be the adult...

Here is a repost of the googlebomb thread. We need to keep this up

WP: GOP Pullout in Ohio Could Have Ripple Effect

I think I just saw pigs flying!

Waterboarding Video Shown On Keith Olbermann's Countdown

Oct.S'prize? Police Ticket Woman For Her Bumper Stickers - Poll 2 DU

"A country ruled by faith"

THE cartoon that sums up the Iraq "strategery."

MLK : Anger becomes a transforming force...we need that to WIN!

Did anybody see O'Reilly on Letterman tonight?


I voted today for Jon Tester

Latest Tenn. poll numbers Ford 47% Corker 45%

Great article by Eleanor Clift about Ford race

Anyone have a liberal bloggers email blaster list?...

WP,pg1: This time, ballot initiatives could rally liberal, not GOP, base

Ga. Gov. bought 101 acres without disclosing it as required by state law.

Lynne Cheney:"This is complete distortion. He didn't say anything of the kind"

Your favorite & your best poll tracking sites here!

The four firefighters in California ..... and maybe the fifth, too .......

My favorite political commercial of the season

Maine Senate: Snowe(R) 74%, Bright(D) 14% WHY?!?

Jonathan Turley for SCOTUS

Melissa Hart(R-PA) Calls Cops on Seniors Delivering Donuts

Urgent: RNC "Swiftboats" Kucinich

Lieberman is hurting our party...dividing us.

Simpsons Halloween Special Critiques Iraq War: "The Day the Earth Was Stupid"

Brad Will - NY Documentary Filmmaker & Indymedia Reporter - Shot Dead In Mexico!

Maher Arar: "The Horrors of 'Extraordinary Rendition'"

Film imagining Bush's death raises questions...

Ethics Rules Send NIH Scientists Packing

MoD: war on two fronts leaves Army 'critically weakened'

"Dem Committees Outraise GOP Counterparts by $7.3M in 2 1/2 Wks" - Singer

"Democrats Push to Counter GOP in Turnout Race" - NYT

How Torture Begets More Torture - Darius Rejali


British troops hide from bombers

Gravel to Unveil Foreign Policy Agenda

Digby:Attack Of The Killer Morons

The Swift Boating of Michael J. Fox John Nichols

The White House was alive with piety.> A Country Ruled by Faith

Tea and kidnapping - behind the lines of a civil war

Envoy Blasted for Iraq Policy Comments (arrogance and stupidity) - AP

24-hour party Clintons

Republicans use "Marriage" Amendment in last-ditch campaign effort

What do you think

Wildcat Tests Japan's Environmental Will

The Big Question: What is the best solution to dispose of Britain's nuclear waste?

(Wood fuel) Pellet maker to locate in Athens (Maine)

Mars Hill (Maine wind) project a(n Aroostock) County windfall

Japan Hits Big Setbacks in Push for Energy

UK nuclear cleanup to cost $122 billion

Hunterston (UK) nuclear station's cracks 'a threat to safety'

Hinkley Point (UK nuke) power station 'may never open again' say campaigners

Energy prices will rise, say experts (problems at UK nuclear stations)

Solar Energy Gets Smarter (Manhattan)

New method for disposing of nuclear waste

New Recipe: How To Make A Mass Extinction

Breaking the Silence: Fmr. Israeli Soldier Tours U.S. to Expose Abuse of Palestinians....

Fisk: Evidence of nuclear-type weapons used in Southern Lebanon

Israel seeks image makeover

'UNIFIL won't disarm Hizbullah' - Russian defense minister

High radiation level found after Israeli bombing in Lebanon

Israel may allow PLO's Badr Brigade into Gaza

9/11 and American Empire Vol. II - a short review

9/11 only "make-believe," Iranian government official says

Is controlled demolition a lead?

Indymedia reporter killed in Oaxaca.

Diebold -- an Evil Company, or What?

Get Cell Phone text Alerts on Fraud Problems near you.

Pollworker Training LA Style

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Oct. 28, 2006

Midterm '06 Franklin Co OH Machine Allocation

Early voting; I know there are differing opinions out there, good vs. bad.

Voting while gay? Hacker says no.

10/28 News, Out of Whack Touchscreens, Laugh of the day

I just cried a lot

The smell of rotting elephant

Is This What They Call a "Sea Change?"

Diane Rehm on E-Voting (Monday)

Broward Co., FL: Votes for Democrats are registering for Republicans

Abbas: May Dissolve Hamas Government

High radiation level found after Israeli bombing in Lebanon

Brad Will - NY Documentary Filmmaker & Indymedia Reporter - Shot Dead In Mexico!

US forces raid Sadr’s bastion in kidnap hunt

RIP: Plastic pink lawn flamingos go way of dodo

NYT In Clean Politics, Flesh Is Pressed, Then Sanitized

U.S. digs for vote-machine links to Hugo Chávez

Reuters: U.S. strike kills 6 Iraqis, women, children-doctor

Lynn Cheney went on a Blistering rant with

Panel Urges Action vs. China on Trade

NYT/Reuters: Bush Tries to Shift Campaign Focus to Taxes

NYT/Reuters: Pentagon Expands War-Funding Push

WP: GOP Retains Cash Edge Over Resurgent Democrats

Taliban says no to peace talks with Kabul

Family killed as US forces battle to retake Iraqi town (Ramadi)

Iraq, China to revive Saddam-era oil deal as Baghdad seeks investment

Gunmen kidnap 11 Iraqi soldiers north of Baghdad

Aide: Al-Maliki a friend but not ‘America’s man’

NYT/Reuters: Wave of Alcohol Poisoning Kills Dozens Across Russia

Police: Ex-heavyweight Berbick dead

WMD team's funds sliced

Al-Sadr warns of sectarian violence

98 U.S. GIs killed in Iraq this month (one trooped killed Friday)

NY dept prohibits US firms from outsourcing teaching

Bush Campaigns for GOP As Midterms Near

Webb Doubles Allen's Fund-Raising

Calif. Vet Slams GOP Congressional Foe

Aide: Iraqi leader playing on U.S. angst (playing Chimpy like a chump!)

Webb: Democrats will provide Iraq remedy (radio address)

Reports: Seoul Eyes Suspected Nuke Site

Bush: It's About Taxes; Dem: It's Iraq

Housing slump sends chill through U.S.

Obama Gets Big Welcome at Texas Capitol

Republicans condone Hewlett Packard's prior misconduct and infringement of rights

Iraqi women's rights leader killed at home

'The Daily Show' Swinging Into Ohio

Iran, Syria discuss stabilizing Iraq / WaPo

Aide: Iraqi leader playing on U.S. angst Iraqi's know how to play the game)

CNN Poll: Americans don't want politicians constraining judges

Bush says tax cuts fueled strong economy

Laura Bush lends support to GOP leader in Foley scandal

Gerrymandering Makes Takeover Tough (Michigan)

Newsweek Poll: Too Little, Too Late? (Bush 37% - Dems Lead Scum 53% to 39%)

Mexico sends troops to violent Oaxaca

WP: Museums Refuse To Exhibit Ethiopia's Fragile 'Lucy' Fossil

Murder in Colombia prompts group to sue Nestlé units in Miami

Librarians making noise over printing chief's speech distribution (R)

Iraqi women's rights champion murdered (Kirkuk)

Airport screeners fail to see most test bombs

Ohio County Defies Blackwell, Will Begin Early Scanning of Absentee Ballots

NYT/AP: South African Author Nadine Gordimer Assaulted

U.S. seen balking at challenge by Islamist Web

Businesses Seek New Protection on Legal Front

Chalabi advises US on Iran

U.S. digs for vote-machine links to Hugo Chávez

Aging McGovern Still Campaigns for Peace

GAO chief warns economic disaster looms

Third Soldier Charged With Rape, Murder (14yr old Iraqi girl)

Do you believe in magic?

Remember the good old days when fans would pour out onto the field when their team won the W.S?

going to bed momentarily, but first: is it just grief, or have you ever . . .

Tilly and The Wall, they were on Letterman, remind me of Mamas and the Papas...

Electro Rock vs. TKO

Before I go to bed tonight, I want to leave you with this thought:

things you'll never hear a Republican say....

Ghost in Graveyard

What is the HTML code for drawing a line through your text?

Post a photo of something you father made. I'll go first

Question on "Copyright Rules" regarding commentaries on blogs.

Funny exchange with a Freeper

Three words:

The cold November rain....seems appropriate eh? Link to video

Hey Yankme and ReSux fans.....

Congratulations St. Louis Cardinals

Guess that TV show!

Anyone feel like invading an extreme right-wing forum?

Ok, who is up already this fine Saturday?

Old Superman serials on TCM now.

There is a company in California called

an owl, an ocean,a flower, an apologist, and a butterfly

the underhandedly elusive photon makes love to the sheriff about a pork chop.

Let's face it. The Cardinals are the best baseball team of this decade.


Drunks in the night

The orange slayed the rake!!!

I just discovered somethin' really cool

Progmom/Jessica on the air with jazz until 2pm. Post requests here...

UFO video from China

Creative Pumpkins...

RIP: Plastic pink lawn flamingos go way of dodo

Now that the World Series is over- will The Simpsons Halloween

Baby hair color starting dark brown-->dirty blonde-->light brown?

Stupidest promotion I've seen on MSNBC today.

Dallas Cowboys Coach 's Wife Finds RAT in McDonalds Salad in Southlake, TX

somewhere in America today, a Pug politician's latte was stirred...

Does anyone know anything about this WinAntiVirusePro program....

Saturday, October 28. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

odd text 2: † ‡ • ₤

I am drinking a He'Brew "the chosen beer" Genesis ale

Play Me

If only vmware ran directx faster...

I somehow managed to make a pot of coffee worse than the shit at work

YouTube: Springsteen: No Surrender (AI, '98)

Has anyone ever used a fax-to-email service?

Congratulations Oregonian!! 10,000 posts

Just heard this one:

Looking for screen-shot/picture of "Buffalo Bill" from Silence of the Lambs

Has anyone tried the HOODIA PATCH


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 10/28/06)

i don't ask much

Has anyone seen "Death of a President"?

sometimes you just need a laugh

In the interest of getting even my drinking organized,

I finally buckled down and cleaned up my email box

Can you name the 4 universities that have produced a US President...

Will the Ask the Administrators forum be re-introduced?

To Tim, on October 28th

The RetroLounge appreciation thread!!

odd text 3 (last one) ♠

I voted this afternoon.

Hot Damn!!

Which commercial aggrevates you the most?

Project Runway fans/old Lifter fans/Jeffrey's runway music

Please HELP Baby Jenis! It's his 1st Halloween and...

What is your favorite "no-hit-wonder" band?

So I decided to make a roast chicken today...

What do you do if the audio on some online videos is too low?

Parmasan Encrusted Pork Chops.....

A poem for Halloween

What are your favorite movies of all time?

Man, the wrecking crew really bollocksed up this job (pics).

Crows feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my first wedding anniversary...

Heading to the liquor store soon for "cold medicine." Need anything?

Blah. I'm going to bitch now.

Parmasean cheese - why won't it melt?

Halloween Candy Poll

Anyone know how much a brick costs?

Happy Birthday Reyd Reid Reed!!

Dixie Chicks on VH1's Storytellers tonight

Odd text 1: ð etc

Which students cheat the most? Surprise! MBA students.

Any Jericho fans in the Lounge?

Try doing this with a Beatles song.

Pics of my new RED hair

On Mythbusters, Adam is always right. Jamie is such a clown.


Who got sand in my bed?

I start work monday! I start work monday!

Boxer Trevor Berbick found dead.

the priest came to give my dad last rites this morning.

Hello from San Francisco - my first post in the US !!

Since the Lounge gets more traffic than almost anywhere else here---

Tequila question

What would you do in this situation?

You Get So Bitter Sometimes, It Just Makes Sense...

Best album of the early 90's?

Two more paintings. Others are invited to show their art in this thread.

Enough already with science and religion

What does "random" mean?

In your opinion, what is the probability that God exists?

Movie of light moving through a crystal

October Hubble and Spitzer pics (Dialup warning!)

Republicans use "Marriage" Amendment in last-ditch campaign effort

Studds’ spouse denied U.S. death benefits because he’s gay

USC Loses!

Joe Niekro dies of brain aneurysm.

RIP Trevor Berbick

Holy shit...tell me not to get too excited...

Oregon State upsets #3 USC, 33-31!

Please help...

Well, Fellas, I am going to post another strange dream I had.

Prayer Thread

OT: Poll indicates 38% get information from the Internet

Countdown to Victory

House seat

Folks arriving in Boston on 12/09, please check in here.

New JK blog post, x-posted to Kos and DU:

Update from Lamont's HQ posted at kos - nods to Kerry and Clark

Paris Hilton and a John Kerry tshirt

scanner pictures

I have this thing for Windmills & stray kittens (PIC HEAVY)

What is it with repubs and the health of people? From parkinsons to UHC....

"Qualified Aliens" Can Transport Explosives Around The USA?

Republicans on Iraq

Lynne Cheney on condoms: "the sheaths are really the best"

The stock market is going up because investors expect Democratic victory

"A Short History Of The Bush Administration"

It's funny how they are all Republican until they become Democrats

Awesome U2/Green Day video about Katrina...

Right-wing Republicans smear the name of Jesus and ravage the image of Christianity

Is Earthlink censoring/monitoring email?

Saw on channel 57 where armed (full auto weaponry) being used in Oaxaca Mexico

Anyone hear anything about Studs Terkel lately?

"Everyday a soldier dies - I am more proud that I spoke out."

It seems to me that politicians could save themselves a lot of

Just sent a note to CNN...

US Troop Casualties in Iraq Continue to Mount - 2810 KIA

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 28 Oct 06 VOTE!

AP: Iraq PM Says He's Not 'America's Man'

Iraq did not attack the USA but the Anthrax killer and Bin Ladin did and they

I have to admit that my first thought at the "Iran" nuke news of today was...

WTF is all this bullshit about Webb's books?? What about Lynne Cheney's lesbian novel????

The psychosis of Rush Limbaugh.

A couple of people have posted excerpts from Lynn Cheney's book

98 G.I.'s Stayed the Course this month.

This is Baghdad. What could be worse?

Okay folks. Justice Stevens is reportedly "very ill"... He is 86.

Non Sequitur - At home with the Cable News pundit...

So is it going to be a dictatorship or not?

If a legless vet protested the Iraq war would the repubs mock him?

A Time For Americans To Reflect And Contemplate

"Are you now, or have you ever been..."

If we don't get these war criminals out of the whitehouse soon

White House Is Trimming Army Budget for Next Year, Officials Say

Texas AG candidate has a great position on death penalty for child sex preds

IndyMedia Journalist Brad Will: Last Dispatch From Oaxaca

"Negative" beats "Positive" ?

IndyMedia Journalist Brad Will Photographed His Own Murder

We. Must. Win.

Criminals victims include their loved ones: The VP's Wife give a tour...

Choosing Courage over Fear

FAIR's Media Contact List - Tell them what you want them reporting

Did George W Bush really say all these things?......No, but I bet he

NY City, Why didn't you find remains 5 years ago???

My "mad as hell" LTTE....

Foreign fighters in Iraq (i.e. Al-Qaeda) are no more than 2% of the resistance..

Corporations Working Hard to Keep Chinese Slave Labor

Remember when Clinton talked about the tax cuts passed by Repubs?

NYT In Clean Politics, Flesh Is Pressed, Then Sanitized

Dear Service Members Around the World; GettingOutTheVote for you!!

U.S. Sentenced Japanese Soldier to 15 Years Hard Labor for Waterboarding

When is Bush going to use his new Martial Law powers?

rove did it again...attack the messenger Michael J. Fox

AP: 'The Daily Show' swinging into Ohio

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Democrats Surge in Poll of Rural Voters

Dallas Cowboys Coach 's Wife Finds RAT in McDonalds Salad in Southlake, TX

An incredibly disturbing video of a man beating his wife.

Happy Ides of October (Julian Calendar)

Look/listen to what I just found Christmas in Fallujah

Fisk: Evidence of nuclear-type weapons used in Southern Lebanon

(VIDEO) New Lamont ad: Card Game

Top U.S. Military Officer Recommends ‘We Remove All Troops From Baghdad’

C&L: Letterman vs. O’Reilly…Round Two…Fight! (Video)

Lynn Cheney went on a Blistering rant with

Thought Police in the Lecture Hall

MSNBC: "NEW Newsweek poll to be released in 8 minutes!"

Sailor's funeral on hold

Great new Lamont ad:

Larry Sabato Predicts Dems To Pick Up 21-26 House Seats

Hans Blix - Iraq better off under Saddam

Tampa VA Error led to Veteran's Death

Did Louis Sheldon and TVC members throw urine filled balloons at gay people?

Is it true that Halliburton built the Camrahn Bay Armny facilities in Vietnam

Your Vote At Risk

REPORT: Top U.S. Military Officer Recommends ‘We Remove All Troops From Baghdad’

Bush Is Right: Economy BOOMING! Really? "Housing Slump SLOWS Economy"

"More crooked than a Republican Senator"

Ex-pastor sentenced for having sex with teen

WaPo: This Time, Ballot Issues Could Rally Liberal Base

Bloomberg equates himself with Lincoln - really!

Will Somebody Please Ask the Pretzeldent

U.C. San Diego Physics Professor Warns of coming nuclear war

Environmentalism: common ground under progressives and traditionalists?

LOL, Caption This !!!

caption * - Maybe if I sit ril still that thar guy in the table will go away...

I received a threatening "spoof" email from ebay what should I do?

On CSPAN2 12:30pm - Moment of Crisis: Jimmy Carter, the Power of a Peacemaker...

What ever happened to the catch phrase:

Jim Webb Delivers Democratic Radio Address

'Stop the looters destroying history'

9/11 only "make-believe," Iranian government official says

We should have deployed the power of the United States on New Orleans, but we didn't.

Embryonic Stem Cells vs. War

It is all about oil. I used to write off all the people on our side...

Gerrymandering makes takeover tough

NO Foley Report Before Election

Email exchange with a fundie cool aid drinker.

Which day does the Osama video come out?

Katherine Harris already riggn' votes for early voters. Voter

Since when is it breaking news for the idiot in chief to campaign for his party?

Cheney wants to torture prisoners. He said so. He didn't mean a dunk in the pool.

I watched O"Reilly on Oprah's show tonight

CNN is in full spin mode for Bush and GOPs this ENTIRE morning.

Iraq: Media coverup of the Camp Falcon Explosion?

Con "Logic" applied to the real world.

Fecal Factories in the Heartland - Hogwash

Video: Peter King (R-Nuts) calls AARP and NAACP "radical organizations"

Airport screeners fail to see most test bombs

Thanks to DU--I learned a new word today.

We need a Right Wing Blacklist

Hey Fundies: Lynne Cheney suggests Ruth (from the Bible) was gay

Anyone have info on National Guard in the US?

RIP: Plastic pink lawn flamingos go way of dodo

Jim Robinson lectures the flock of monkeys on the finer points of being a FReeper

Selling Satan: Iraqi War Dead and the Collateral Damage to America's Soul...

More Here: OAXACA, Mexico - Vicente Fox announced Saturday he was sending federal police...

Candidate publishes sex scenes from opponent's novels

BushCo's Road To Hell Is Paved With Bad Intentions

Right wing advertising, let's go after their market.

Football in "blackface", no I'm not kidding!

10 stickers in my front window

Altenative rigged-vote theory

Learning Yiddish w/ George & Laura

Records of freed slaves to go online

Help! I lost some important please.

(VIDEO) Jesus General makes an ad for the RNC

Waste of Veterans Budget VA pays for Hazardous waste violations

Hey du?

C&L video: Letterman vs. O’Reilly…Round Two…Fight!

Sex Traffickers Target Women in Iraq...

Just saw Bush on the stump: "Blackmall us with their oil'-Iran with nukes

I need Bush quotes of him saying states should decide gay marriage!!

Blogactive asks Ken Mehlman: Who is "Phil Berg"?

Story, Pics and Video: Barack Obama at Vote Rally at USC

"You're paranoid." "Chicken Little." "Relax."

Can someone do some homework for me (re: Clinton's approval ratings)

Is Right Wing "Think Tank" an oxymoron?

'just like you put 'facts' in peoples heads" Dave L. to O'Lielly. cnn

Hot Damn!!

can i humbly beg your attention for 3 minutes, as these quotes speak for themselves?

"How Bush Rules" by Sidney Blumenthal on booktv 4PM est

O'Reilly LIES on Letterman...

youtube up of Letterman smackdown of o' lielly

We dropped 340 bombs on Afghanistan in June of this year

Are Indictments Against 2 GOP Politicians Being Held Back 'til 11/8?

TDS w Jon Stewart Swings into Ohio

Why now the sudden turn around on the troops coming home?

I just returned from early voting in Houston and I am jazzed!

How do we shut down the right wing think tanks?

We have the rural vote! Hot Damn - we have the rural vote!!!

Bush approval "bump": "too little, too late"

How many americans dead in Iraq?

MSNBC going "all politics, all day" from Monday through the election

breaking fox news alert: Bush speaking to troops (and Fox showing the

Saddam found GUILTY - US Warship attacked in Gulf!

cnnn showing Letterman OLielly and L. chenny clips saying they will

What's So Funny - please watch...

Two Retired Ex-GOP U.S. Generals Call for Democratic Takeover

Chuck Todd: Top Ten GOP-Held Seats All But Goners

This will make you laugh.

China to get Iraq's first billion plus dollar oil deal

What a hideous, sick asshole he is. How come he does not drown

Did Saddam behave any different when he waged war in Iran?

We threw america away

After Saddam Is Found Guilty......

RW Nut: Vote Republican or face God's wrath

Is "Real Clear Politics" a conservative site?

My exit strategy in Iraq...

Let me work

On talking the talk vs walking the walk: Karl Rove and George say

What's happening in Connecticut?

Heh, Cafferty read my email on the air again

Lisa Nova video on Rush Limbaugh

Fed's: We're here to confiscate your 150 year old dead seagull

The Attack on Iran -- or not -- post your prediction

Bush's last-minute desperation act... (post here)

This is OUTRAGREOUS. Please email CNN and complain....

Why Pelosi is WRONG

Eleanor Holmes Norton on Colbert

This freeper wants children to die.

The Dems do not have a plan to win in Irag, that is a reason to vote Repug

There is a blind lady...

Which DU forums do you regularly check into?

Housing slump sends chill through U.S.

American sex offender to serve parole in Canada.

A great, and pertinent, lyric from The Plastic People of the Universe...

Report Says Iraq Contractor Is Hiding Data From U.S.

Cheney photoshop requests

The Term For Head-n-........

Operation enduring chaos :

Britain should ban flag-burning extremists

Countdown to Victory

He Really Is A Fuckhead!

2006 for the GOP could be worse than how 1994 was for us

No way to delay that trouble comin' every day

CNN: Iraq's leader to U.S.: You don't own me

RW Death Squad murders man in Colombia

YouTube Takes Down Comedy Central Clips

LEAKED MEMO: Karen Hughes Thinks Small In Combating Iraq Insurgency

Rove: U.S. can't leave one of the world's largest oil reserves in terrorist hands

Bush & Blair: two leaders searching for a way out of Iraq, and finding none

It is not our imagination...Lisa Myers tonight on NBC news, talking to scum

Mr. Rogers talks to the US Senate. This is a wonderful video!

How Jesus Endorsed Bush's Invasion of Iraq...

Tax ? to debate Freeps before election -need HELP

"How Bad Is It !?!?" - WillyT's Version (Apologies To Al)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat 10/28 - gather round for scary campfire tales

Threat Level Orange

Sorry Wolf ,you're late, there can only be one leader of the pack

Shhhh... I've infiltrated FreeRepublic and

Cuban TV shows images of Fidel Castro

Is The Military Barred From.......

Don't Forget! Time changes back to Standard Time tonight!

Alzheimers Art, so sad

Sunday Talk Shows

NYT: Since 2000, many have turned to avoiding political talk, and self-selecting friends

I just Voted and called the Elections office No Paper Ballot

54 GOP House seats in Play. Dems need 15 for control

Is it just me, or does anybody else think they'll try to blame Dems

At my pappy's knee: the anniversary of my political awakening

Local Newspaper recognizes Democratic Candidate as the best

Seen on the streets of Oakton, Virginia today:

Some Malloy news (10/28)

Saddam is not on trial for the reasons we went to war against him?

Swoon! My heroes! Sending in the women to do their dirty work.

How do people here feel about "trick or treating"?

If you want to feel better about the United States...

Gillibrand's first newpaper endorsement (NY20)

Is "Hate" Too Strong A Term When It Come To People Still Voting Republican ???

VH1 Storytellers tonight @9pm ET-The Dixie Chicks:

A Strong And Beautiful Woman

Keep on Rockin in the Free World (Done with pictures)

People who hire undocumented and therefore illegal help...

MP3 of Cheney Interview with WDAY >>>

Cheney: I didn’t say anything, he did.

I'll see you on the other side

3 Arizona GOP mayors asked to quit

OMG, what a farce! US claims Chavez rigging electronic vote in US

Are there any countries that ban public opinion polling close to the election?

Video: Ann Coulter Gets Owned

NASA Satellite pictures of the California Wild fire (the Esperanza Fire)

If everybody acted and thought like Rush - YouTube

The good, the bad, and the ugly of potential '08 candidates

THANK YOU chat_noir, I'm openly sobbing right now....

Be ringside---Harold Ford and Corker tonight ... 10 EST.

VIDEO: My Roth 4 Congress Video

Battlestar Galacticons: The right's scary affinity for sci-fi foreign policy punditry

Freepers Praise bush on Stock market gain..My Response

GOP field op: "There's no volunteers. None. Zero"

Who watched Law and Order last night?

If you're far left, and having trouble holding your nose this year

Did Nacy Pelosi actually say she wanted to cut defense spending by a billion dollars?

Homeland Security chief suspended amid bugging flap

Lady Liberty's 120th Birthday today.

Quick Salon question- need help

Indymedia Reporter, Assassinated by Mexican gov agents

Bush: Democrats have no idea how to win in Iraq

Lynne Cheney's scarf on Wolf Blitzer's show.

Rage rage against the lying of the right

Battlestar Galactica once again metaphor for our political situation

Fight Terrorism & Lower the Cost of Health Care ... In Two Easy Steps

Of Benchmarks, Timetables & The Onus Brick Road...

Cindy Sheehan at Anti-War March in Hollywood, Pics and Story

MASSACRE IN OAXACA: Indymedia Video Journalist Killed

"Fears Be Damned, Get Out There and Vote."

America is headed for civil war.

Got to tell you today wounded made my day

O'Really on Oprah: Calls waterboarding dunking - audience claps

Did anyone else hear last weeks interview with Kurt Vonnegut on "The Infinite Mind?"

An Anthem for Our Time: Clinton got a blow job: LOL funny

Gunning down Gaeta: How Dems might execute those who helped

You guys rock!! My GOTV video made most discussed on YouTube!!!


Wow! Netroots has gotten safe-seat Dems to give over $4 MILLION so far...

I saw Death of a President Tonight-Made me uncomfortable

I'm about to start an hour of "Call for Change"

Does it make me a bad (Democrat, progressive, liberal)...

What Is The "Homosexual Agenda" To You?

MUST SEE TV!!!! Tomorrow, Sunday..Broken Government on EVOTING MACHINES!!!

Get out your cluesticks -- Cafferty needs a good knock in the head

If the eyes are the window to your soul, then what does W's say?

Georgie-Porgie, Puddin' N Pie...

GAO chief warns economic disaster looms

In which the Author narrates a weird idea association sequence he went through

I Just Voted PAPER BALLOT in Collin County, TX (Dallas Suburbs): NO PROBLEM!

American Mentality

Need help on Darfur

Police Chiefs Band Together Against the NRA

Green Day-U2 video: The Saints are Coming

WHAT is the PLAN if they STEAL it AGAIN?

*** Saturday TOONs: Halloween at the Cheney's ***

Is the executive branch currently attempting to install a dictatorship?

Pickles in PA campaigning with Ricky Santoruim. msnbc news

Lovely experience at the local repuke pub tonight.

shhh... do you hear THE SOUND OF SILENCE? w/ HEAVY graphics!

It bears repeating: VOTE D even if it is for a DINO. HERE'S WHY:

How 'Bout a Big Round of Applause for

Church sign: Give God what's right, not what's left

Bargaining Digest Weekly Oct 28, 2006

Will someone PLEASE tell Holy Joe that HE LOST!

How can we check election purges before the fact?

Recently seen the CNN International-Vote Nov. 2006 jingle?

Anyone else watching the Florida senatorial debate on C-Span?

The Republicans are rapidly reaching the point of complete implosion.

Republicans facing 'electoral hurricane' in face of centrist Democrat push

AP: Corruption Claims in R.I. Senate Race (Chafee is desperate)


Boston Globe: Roundly condemned, mudslinging ads thrive under shift in laws

The country's asking for some reality. I'm tired, your tired, we're

Ron Klein, a guy I went to College with, is beating Clay Shaw

"The Vote is Rigged" Perseverating Hurts DEMS Most...

People must accept responsibility for their votes

GOP Nelson: Phone-jamming; Ford ad; Wal-Mart's voter registration drive

Confusion reigns over voter ID suspension (Ohio)

GOP committeeman quits to back Democrat

Crist. Or Davis. The race remains too close to call.

Taliban says no to peace talks with Kabul

Restoring Voter Confidence

Bush`s Information Minister....America`s own Baghdad Bob.

Iraq, China to revive Saddam-era oil deal

Bush Radio: "If Democrats have their way on Election Day..."

Federal officials are investigating Smartmatic connection to Hugo Chavez

The Week in Political Cartoons

Samm Simpson ad just on CNN in Tampa Bay area. Anyone

Pat Buchanan said rumor is MORE is coming in the Foley scandal

In order to provide balanced reporting, what will CNN do next week..

Overheard, two voters discussing Harold Ford Jr......

Homophobia - GOP Political Strategy - Nice NYT Editorial

Can't log on to

I want McCaskill, Ford, Testor, and Brown to win--BUT I really

Calif. vet slams GOP congressional foe

OR (R) House Speaker Covered Up Sex Assault by Brother in Law

Letter writing campaign: Allen dragging sister upstairs by hair....

I absolutely hate Harold Ford, but I'd vote for him anyway... THIS time.

From 5PM-6PM tonight...

Safavian cried like a scared little bitch as he was sentenced...

Attention, DU lawyers! My husband's campaign needs some advice!

Voters Bill of Rights

Why have they dragged that witch, Lynn Cheney, out from beneath her rock?

Help Out The Dixie Chicks!

Story, Pics and Video: Barack Obama at Vote Rally at USC

If we don't have primaries anymore, who gets to pick our candidates?

Bono: 'We can do a better job in Iraq'

In Clean Politics, Flesh Is Pressed, Then Sanitized - this is why I like Bill Richardson for Prez

If Bush lied America into war, if our troops thought they were going off to fight

Video: Olbermann on "Stay the Course"

Wes Clark Ad for Lamont (refers to the possible re-election of Lieberman a "mistake")

Rasmussen has brandnew polling data on terrorism and races

Let's help King George with his Iraq time-table oops benchmarks.

Falwell: It’s Time for Christians to Get Out the Vote

U.S. Looks For Ties Between Chavez, Voting Machines....Sure, Why Not!

The local News reported today - the GOP is "changing focus" to Georgia election...

CNN "Bwahhaha" headline: "Iraq's leader to U.S.: You don't own me"

If the Republicans are gonna spring an October Surprise....

Top U.S. Military Officer says we must leave Baghdad, Now!

Why I think Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to talk about impeachment.

Shame on you for treating your own constituents (senior citizens) like criminals

TV Newser: MSNBC: "Nothing But Politics" Thru 11/7

Days Before the Elections, Bush Announces New Job Training Program

GOP ads warn of 'homosexual agenda' from S.F.

fitzgerald is slicing and dicing...just wait till scooter is on the stand

St. Pete Times: FL GOP gerrymandering vulnerable to Democratic tidal wave

Andrew Sullivan: vote Dem or "it's going to be scarier and scarier"

Help Fight Back Against Desperate GOP Fundraising!

Letterman spanks O'Reilly, video here

"Fox and Friends" hosts: Lynne Cheney "turned the tables on Wolf Blitzer"

Businesses Seek Protection From Litigation (with the encouragement of the Bush administration)

VIDEO: Mudcat Saunders (Webb advisor) on Tucker

Hughes suggests scholarship, media fund and publishing project to counter insurgency

Janitor Justice? (PBS)


Early Voting - Record turn outs reported

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Fox, Murtha, Dean, MD Sen. debate...:

Is there any empirical evidence that ANY tenet of "conservatism"

What's it like now in close-race districts?

Former Rep. (Democrat who was the House minority whip) Urges Guards to Organize

Zeigler City Council supports Peabody miners' right to form unions free from

Steel Company: $2500 Fine Too Much For Killing A Worker

Government Accountability Office: "Disaster Looms" in our "STRONG" Economy

In states where anti-gay marriage amendments have passed...

I have a question: What in the hell is this "homosexual agenda" to which the Repukes refer?

Good MyDD article on the WHY of Lamont-Lieberman. (Bloomberg, Clinton)

I am concerned I heard Bobby Kennedy wrong...need help.

Allen attacking Webb on NJ equal rights ruling

The Macaca MOVIE! "Gods & Generals," with references to "darkies"

Control of Senate hinges on 4 races: How many will we win?

Hey, Indiana DUers!!!! Bush implying now that a MAN is the only...

NEW POLL: MD SEN - Cardin up by 5 (50 / 45)

Dem Mike Beebe on Tuesday said he supports reinstating a ban on gay

Twilight of the Republic

Is the Tenn. senate debate going to be shown on C-SPAN

C&L Video: "Letterman vs. O’Reilly…Round Two…Fight!"

With a heart beating big in my chest and a tear at the corner of my eye .....


Are you a 'gut' liberal, a 'heart' liberal, a 'head' liberal, or a ..........

Caption the Faces of Laura (pics)


How reliable are the news reports that FL. GOP candidate Crist is gay?

RFK: "Our beloved country is now the most despised on the face of the earth"

Congresswoman(R) Calls Cops on "Unruly", Donut Bearing Seniors

I like negative ads

Corporate giving shifts to Democrats

I read that Barack Obama is pretty much non-religious.

7 Days @ Minimum Wage: ‘On the Borderline of Homelessness’

Lynn Cheney to Blitzer: "we inherited a recession"

Cindy Sheehan at Anti-War March in Hollywood, Pics and Story

Out of nowhere, Democrat puts GOP congresswoman to the test

Boy, the the rethugs desperate! Just got push-polled here in

MSNBC analyst: Bush approval jump (4% in 3 weeks) is 'too little, too late'

“I’d vote for a yellow dog if it ran on the Democratic ticket.”

Maryland DU'ers. O'Malley Rally!

Walt Whitman on Franklin Pierce

Raucous crowd greet Kerry and Murphy at rally

Hannity Has Blogger Ejected from Aircraft Carrier--Exclusive Story

Why is lieberman's illegal slush fund scandal being ignored?

Wes Clark's ad for Lamont.

How many yard signs do you have in your lawn?

'Mountain Values' give Democrat ex-football star a winning edge

GM telephoned me about my emails to them re: Sean Hannity and their Caddie Promotion on his show

how are you helping the cause today?

Dead Elephant.Org--instant bumper-strip campaign

Why Don't Democrats Fully Support The Bill Of Rights?

A CONFESSION from a FORMER fan of GW Bush...

Did I just learn that Saddam do NOT kill all those Kurds according to the senate intelligence

Move-on, Kerry, Obama

Why not have the Vice President Deny that he Beats his Wife while he's at it?

Biden backs Lamont but won't campaign against Lieberman